New Life of Hell Part 5b: Breaking the Bitch

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Title: New Life of Hell Part 5b: Breaking the Bitch

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Lea Michele

Codes: M+F, rape, oral, anal, viol, ws, tort, bond

Summary: Lea gets taught a(nother) lesson

Disclaimer: This chapter occurs during the same time as Part 5a. Once again, if you have read previous chapters of this story (unless you only read part 3) then you know generally what to expect. Thanks to Leader for helping develop the plot.

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – [email protected]

Tommy drove his van away from the barn, following Kevin and John. He was traveling west with Nate as the unconscious body of Lea Michele lay tied up on the floor behind them. She had made a run for freedom as they pulled this van in and received a knockout shot from Nate to stop her.

Ever since arriving to the men, Lea had done nothing but cause trouble. She shouted at the men and angrily demanded her release while Mila and Sarah looked on. Even Mila had gotten fed up with her bitching and lost her cool towards her. Not even a brutal raping could calm her down. The two men knew that on this trip, they had to do their best to break her like they had broken the other girls.

After an hour, Lea awoke from her knocked out state and instantly started screaming.

“Let me go!” she screamed. “Untie me you fuckers!”

Nate jumped out of the passenger seat and moved over to the girl. He placed one boot on her stomach and stepped on her, putting all of his weight onto her. She screamed out as she felt her stomach being crushed by the tall black man. He stepped off of her and pressed his other foot against the side of her face. He pushed her head hard and caused her pain in the neck.

“You wanna say something now cunt!?” he yelled down to her. She looked up at him silently with tears in her eyes. “That’s what I thought,” he said before spitting on her breasts and returning to his seat.

“Fucking nigger,” she whispered to herself.

“What was that!?” he yelled as he jumped down on her. “What did you fucking call me!?”

Nate lifted his hand up and used her chest as a punching bag. Shot after shot to her perky chest resulted in multiple cries of pain and suffering. He punched her repeatedly for about two minutes before stopping. Once he was done, she held her bruised breasts and cried hysterically as she felt intense pain.

“You wanna call me a nigger again!?” he shouted. She lightly shook her head and mouthed ‘no’. “That’s what I thought.”

Lea closed her eyes and continued to cry as her breasts throbbed in pain. She spent several minutes doing this until she felt something hit her. When she looked up, she realized that Nate had been standing over her and tugging on his long cock. It did not take long for her to learn that it was his warm cum that was raining down on her head. She caught a shot in the eye and cried louder. By the time he was finished, she had cum in eyes, hair, ears, mouth and on her forehead. She felt something else hit her back as he hawked a large loogie on her.

“Bitch,” he said as he pulled his pants back up and took his seat.

After several hours, the men were in need a fuel stop and pulled over at the first gas station they saw. The sun was setting over their destination as Lea was able to peek out the vehicle. Both men exited the van and started filling the van with gas before heading into the building to use the bathroom.

Thinking she was alone, Lea started kicking at the door. She was trying desperately to escape. For several minutes, she kicked until luck came her way and the door flung open. She had her wrists and ankles tied and had to waddle her way out of the van. She was too blinded with hope to realize that there would be no way to get away from the vehicle before the men came out.  Her mind did not go in that direction and she rolled out onto the dirt below.

“Well, well, well,” Tommy said as he stood behind the door. “Going somewhere?”

“Please dude, can you just let me go?” she asked, looking up at him with a nervous smile.

Tommy stepped down on her hair and spit on her face.

“You need to learn something real quick…you are NEVER going anywhere!” he said as he unzipped his pants and exposed his six inch cock to her. “Nate made me wait here to watch over you but I really have to piss. And never call me ‘dude’ again!”

Before Lea could respond, a solid golden stream flowed from his cock and splashed all over her body. For over a minute, she closed her eyes and gagged as she felt his warm piss coat her tanned body from head to toe. When he was done, he bent down and wiped the remains from the tip of his cock in her black hair. He grabbed her by the wet hair and dragged her back into the van, locking it before getting back in the driver’s seat.

Once Nate got back in the van, Tommy told him what happened which caused the black man to start laughing uncontrollably.

“You like that you little cunt?” he shouted back to her before the van started back on the road.

The men traveled for several hours as the evening turned to night. The long travel was becoming very boring and the men needed something to pass the time. Knowing that they were way ahead of schedule, they pulled over in another truck stop for something to eat. Before they exited the van, Tommy placed a chloroform rag over Lea’s mouth to make sure that she did not cause trouble. He remained over her for several seconds.

“You coming?” Nate yelled out.

“Hold on,” Tommy said. “Of all the things we have done since we started all of this, we never got to fuck an unconscious girl.”

“I get what you’re saying,” Nate said as he started untying the rope holding Lea’s wrists together.

Tommy untied her ankle ropes and spread her legs wide. Both men quickly undressed and started fondling Lea’s motionless body. Tommy placed his six inch cock at the opening of her pussy and roughly slid it in while Nate slapped her face with his ten inch member.

Tommy slammed hard against her body and loved the fact that she could not fight back. Both men watched as her bruised breasts flew back and forth with each thrust. Nate got in position and shoved all ten inches down her throat. He fucked her face as hard as Tommy was going at her crotch.

“Choke on it bitch,” Nate yelled out as he forced all of his weight down on her face.

The van rocked hard as both men put as much force as they possibly could into raping her lifeless body. Tommy pulled out of her and lifted her bottom up, giving him access to her round ass. He twisted her body in what would have been an uncomfortable position. Her ass stuck up in the air while her shoulders remained pinned on the ground as the shorter man forced his cock deep into her bowels.

It was a good thing that Lea was asleep or else she would be screaming through Nate’s cock at this point. Never mind the pain she would feel in her ass, but the way her body was contorted would surely cause excruciating pain in her back.

Tommy fucked her very tight asshole for a very short amount of time before he unloaded buckets and buckets of cum in to her intestines. He collapsed on to her body as Nate continued viciously fucking the girl’s face. Once Tommy, got out of the way, Nate slid down her body and quickly inserted his cock into her pussy. All ten inches went in very easily and he started fucking her as hard as he did to her head.

Tommy got dressed and watched on as her body took the abuse from the black man’s large cock. The sounds of her slobber and pussy juices splashing together around Nate’s member filled the van. Nate repeatedly slapped her breasts and called her a worthless cunt as he abused her. When the time came to release his semen, he pulled her hips hard into his and filled her womb with his seed. He looked at her face and laughed as he continued cumming for what seemed like hours. He loved that she was totally unaware of her body milking him dry.

When he finally finished, he pulled out of her and watched as his thick cream leak out of her hole. He spit reached a finger down and collected some before reaching over and rubbing it into her teeth.

Nate redressed and exited the van with Tommy. When they stepped out they noticed three big truckers standing in front of them.

“Seems like you boys have been having a little fun in there,” one of the men said. He looked into the van and saw Lea’s unconscious body. “She alive?”

“Yes, she tried to escape and got a nice chloroform treat as a result,” Tommy said.

The truckers looked at each other and whispered before turning their attention back to the two men.

“Can we take a turn with her?” he asked.

“All three of you?” Nate asked.

“There are about five other guys inside that would love a piece of that ass too,” one of the other truckers said.

“We can pay you,” the third man said.

“$150 each and you can take her inside for an hour,” Tommy said. “Just make sure she’s still alive when you’re done. We can’t afford to let this valuable bitch die.”

“Valuable?” the first trucker asked.

“You hear the news about the three actresses missing?” Nate asked. “That’s one of them.”

“Oh damn, you guys bagged yourself a good one,” one of the men said as inspected her inside the van. “You have a deal. Bring her on inside.”

“Hold on, we want one thing from you guys,” Tommy said as he reached into the van and pulled out a jar. “She has been a real bitch the entire ride and we want her to be embarrassed. We want all of you guys to cum in this and we will force her chug all of it at once.”

“Deal!” The men all shook hands before Tommy and Nate dragged her knocked out body out of the van and into the building. One of the truckers flipped the sign on the front of the door to “closed” and shut off the lights as Lea was carried to the back room. Once they all entered the room, Tommy spoke up.

“If anyone needs to piss, your toilet is here. Before we clean her, let’s dirty her up.”

Eight streams of golden piss landed on the woman as each man laughed. Once the last drop fell on her, Nate filled a bucket full of ice cold water. He stood over Lea and poured the whole thing on her to clean the urine residue off of her. There were four poles sticking out of the ground around her so the men tied her four limbs to them to prevent her from fighting back or attempting an escape.

Lea slowly awoke with a bright light hanging above her. Once her eyes focused, she tried to move but was unable to. She violently shook her limbs, trying to break free but had no success. She screamed for help loudly but heard no response. Suddenly, she saw a short old man standing over her with a big smile on his face.

“Please sir, help me out,” she begged as the man continued staring at her.

“You ain’t going anywhere little lady,” he said before spitting on the ground next to her head.

“Disgusting fucker!” she screamed.

Suddenly, she saw seven other men surround her. All of them looked older, four of them much bigger than the first man and all not wearing anything below the waist. Once her eyes focused on their bare lower bodies, she closed her eyes and yelled.


Nate and Tommy approached her and knelt down next to her. They each pressed a knee to a side of her head and slowly squeezed her skull between them. She cried out in pain as her head felt like it would be crushed any minute. Once the men pulled back, she opened her eyes and stared forward as Nate spoke.

“Say hello to our eight friends,” he said. “They heard about how much of a raging cunt you have been and they volunteered to help you break that.”

Without even knowing it, Lea felt one of the men shove his cock into her pussy and start fucking her like his life depended on it. She tried to scream but her mouth was filled with the old man’s cock. This went off as a signal to the other men as they all kneeled down and started slapping various areas of her body with their cocks. She started to choke as the old man’s eight inch cock jammed down her and was held in place for several seconds. Just as she felt as if she would pass out, he removed himself and let her breathe.

The younger man in her pussy held onto her hips and slammed roughly into her to the point that his cock felt numb. She felt the hand of another man slip under her and rubbed his wet finger around her asshole. The man fucking her stooped for a second to allow the largest trucker to slip under her and insert is small cock into her asshole. He lifted her up and slowly lowered her onto it until it got all the way in.

“Take it out!” she yelled before receiving a slap to the face from one of the men.

“Take your punishment and shut the fuck up,” he said.

The old man went back to fucking her throat while the taller man resumed raping her pussy. She did not know what hurt more; the ass fucking, the pussy fucking or the throat fucking. Either way, the actress was in severe pain.

For several minutes, the three men raped her holes while the other five men slapped her chest and stomach with their rock hard cocks. Suddenly, the man under her slipped out and walked over to the jar sitting on the floor. Lea was too busy struggling to breathe to see him expel a large amount of his warm cum into the jar. Once he finished, he walked back to her as the old man in her throat backed off. Once he stuck his withering member into her mouth, she knew exactly what he had done. She tried to force it out of her mouth with her tongue but was only met by the taste of fresh semen surrounding the tip.

While she cleaned him, another trucker took his place underneath her and easily fit his thick cock into her ass. The left over lubrication made it easy despite how small the original man’s cock was. The new guy was the one that stretched her ass hole as wide as possible.

Just as he entered, the man in her pussy pulled out and ran to the jar. Before he reached it, his place was quickly taken by another man. His cock was the same size as the first, so it felt no different to Lea who was now back to sucking the old man.

After several minutes, the old man took his turn to run to the jar to give his contribution. She expected another man to insert his cock in her mouth but to her surprise, nobody stepped up. Normally, the victim would take this a relief and keep quiet until everything ended…but Lea was not a normal victim.

“You are all going to pay! Just wait until I get a hold of a phone, you are all going to rot in prison!” she yelled as he lower half continued to be pounded by two men.

Without any words being spoke, Tommy grabbed Lea by the hair and pulled until a small chunk was left in his hand. He proceeded to shove the ball of her hair down her throat. Before she could spit it up, the sixth trucker forced his thick seven inches into her mouth, forcing the hairball down into her throat to a point where she had no choice but to swallow. She tried to cough but had no ability to.

One of the two remaining truckers crawled on top her and sat down on her stomach. He was a very heavy man so it caused a lot more pain to her. He stuck his average sized cock between her bruised breasts, squeezed them around it and started violently fucking her chest. As this was going on, the last remaining trucker slipped his cock in her hand, similarly to how Kevin had done when she first arrived at the barn, and jerked himself off with her hand.

Lea was being fucked five ways and felt more humiliated than at any point in her life…and to make it worse, she was powerless. She could not kick at the man fucking her pussy, she could not move enough to crush the cock underneath her or buck the man off of her chest, she knew that biting down on the cock in her mouth would probably result in her death and she could not squeeze the dick in her hand hard enough to hurt him. The only thing going through her mind was questioning the jar. She had no idea why the men were ejaculating inside a jar and not inside her.

Lea looked over and watched as Tommy came into the jar, followed by Nate. She could see that the jar was about a third of the way full with creamy white goo. She saw a man running to the jar to cum in that as well and realized that her right hand was now empty. The man jacking himself off with her released a large amount into the jar, pushing it over half way full with still four men to go.

The man inside her ass pulled her down hard on top of him several more times before it was his turn to head towards the jar. He did not have as much cum as the other man but he still deposited a decent amount. She lay there just waiting for the men in her throat and pussy to finish so she could get some relief. Unfortunately, she did not know that these two men were far from quick fuckers.

She lay still as the two fat men roughly abused her worn down body. It had been forty-five minutes since she awoke in the building and had been used and abused the entire time. She kept thinking the men were ready to finish but they would slow down to prevent their ending.

Finally, the man in her pussy pulled out and made his way towards the jar. Lea looked over and saw that the jar was about three quarters of the way full and she was very fearful of what she would have to do with it once the last man finished. The man started groaning and increasing his pace into her face as tears fell down to the ground below her. Suddenly, her choking was intensified as he unloaded deep in her throat. She tried to scream but was unsuccessful as the hair and cum in her throat caused her pain.

Lea was too busy earlier to know that the man had already made a contribution to the jar and had free range to cum in her. It explained why he lasted up to fifteen minutes in her before he came. When he pulled out, she saw a long trail of semen and long strands of hair connected the tip of his cock to her mouth. She almost vomited at the sight but was able to keep her sweet treat down. She was relieved that it was finally over…in her mind.

She heard footsteps approaching her so she looked up and saw Nate carrying the jar, a large wooden spoon and a funnel. He placed the jar next to her head and dropped the spoon into it. She did not notice that Tommy was down at her crotch with an electric razor. She almost jumped out of her skin when she felt the razor go over her crotch, shaving the small amount of pubic hair off of her and into the lid of the jar. When he was done, he walked over and dumped the pile of her pubes into the semen while Nate stirred it together. Lea knew what was coming.

All ten men took the opportunity to spit into the jar, only adding to the disgusting mixture. Once Nate had stirred it all the way, he scooped up a large amount and drew it closer to Lea’s mouth.

“Here comes the choo-choo train,” he laughed as the spoon approached her closed mouth. “I said here comes the fucking choo-choo train, bitch.”

Lea kept her mouth closed. Tommy dropped his knee on to her stomach, causing her to scream out loud and giving Nate the chance to shove the treat of semen, spit and public hair into her mouth. He quickly threw his hand over her mouth and forced her to swallow the disgusting concoction. The men all laughed at the face she made as it slipped down her throat.

“No more,” she said.

“Oh come on, I put a lot of work into this meal. You will eat it,” Nate said.

He took another spoonful and held it to her (again closed) mouth. When Tommy lifted his foot, she opened her mouth and had the spoon enter her mouth again. She tried swallowing it but she could not. Instead it leaked out of the corners of her mouth and dripped to the floor.

“I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this…well, not really,” Nate said as he grabbed the funnel and shoved it into her mouth, with the thin end past her tonsils. “Since you can’t eat your meal like a good girl, we have to do this the hard way.”

Before she could respond, he grabbed the jar and held it over the funnel which was being held down by Tommy and the old man. She screamed and begged him not to do it but he did. He tipped the jar forward and all thirty-something ounces of semen, spit and hair went directly into her throat. She closed her eyes tight and sobbed as the nasty elixir slipped down her throat and into her stomach. It took about a minute before the last drop entered the funnel.

The men pulled the funnel out and held her mouth closed for several minutes as she struggled to keep her composure and prevent herself from vomiting. She could feel each little hair brush against her esophagus as it slowly dripped into her stomach. It was by far the worst thing she had ever tasted in her life. The only good thing was that her tongue only touched the spoon fed sampled, so the taste was not the problem. Knowing exactly what was sliding its way into her body was the problem.

After five minutes, the guys walked away from her body and collected the money from the truckers while Lea had her head turned and felt the tears drop from her cheek to the ground below her. If she did not know any better, she would have thought there was an pond-sized puddle below her. Never had she felt so small and humiliated.

Nate and Tommy returned to her and started to untie her from the posts. They picked her up to her feet and led her back out to the van. Lea’s mind was not in any condition to attempt escape, so she walked with the men like an obedient dog (which is exactly what she felt like). She crawled into the back of the van and lied down on her stomach as the men boarded. She passed out from pain and exhaustion and slept for several hours while the men drove towards their destination.

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