New Life of Hell Part 4: Gleeful Torture

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Title: New Life of Hell Part 4: Gleeful Torture

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Mila Kunis, Sarah Hyland, Lea Michele

Codes: M+F+, celeb, rape, oral, anal, bond, tort, viol

Summary: Mila and Sarah are joined in the barn.

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Leader for giving me some ideas for this installment of the story. He will also be helping with future chapter as well.

This chapter does not feature as much blood as previous chapters but some is there. If you are offended by blood and violence, than this is NOT the story for you. Basically if you read parts 1 and 2, you know generally the idea of the story. If you only read part 3, this is NOT the same kind of story. I apologize for the long disclaimer (not really).

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – [email protected]

Mila and Sarah were fast asleep in each other’s arms, despite the physical pain they had endured. It was only a few hours ago that Sarah stared death in the face at the hands of their four captors. After losing her virginity in the brutal rape, she found a brief moment of joy as her friend gave her a proper lesson in how amazing sex can feel. For the first time, she enjoyed an orgasm at the hands of another person…and she loved it.

The brief moment of heaven that the girls experienced was quickly brought to a halt as noise began stirring outside the barn doors. They girls woke up and looked over towards the entrance. Sarah had a moment of excitement, believing that they had been found. Mila knew better. She thought the same thing the day before but it turned out being the van bringing Sarah in to hell. The younger girl looked over at her friend with a smile but it quickly went away when the look on Mila’s face was that of horror.

The doors flung open and the sunlight that the girls missed shined behind the disgusting van as it pulled in. There was no noise from inside the vehicle, unlike when Sarah had been brought in. The doors flung open and out came Nate and Hank pulling a girl out. She was covered in dirt and mud to the point that neither Sarah nor Mila could identify her.

The guys carried her over closer to the girls and dropped her down. Mila looked at her and was able to identify her as Lea Michele, another of the co-stars for the movie she was supposed to be filming at this moment. Tommy and Kevin approached the girls and stopped at Lea’s side.

“You two, crawl your asses over here,” he said as they obeyed. “Do either of you know her?”

Mila raised her hand and he pointed to her.

“Lea Michele, from ‘Glee’,” she said in a monotone voice.

“This bitch is from that gay-ass show?” Nate called out before turning to Tommy. “Why are all these actress bitches showing up in Scarborough?”

“We are supposed to be filming a movie,” Mila squeaked out.

“When?” Kevin asked.

“Now,” Mila said.

“Explains the road closings,” Hank said.

“Oh well, the movie would have sucked anyway,” Kevin said before looking back at the girls. “You see how dirty she is? She tried to run away in an open field. This dumb cunt got another dosing and will be awake soon. You two bitches are to clean her up nice. Get to licking.”

Mila bent down and started to lick the drying mud off of Lea’s skin while Sarah stared up at the man.

“Licking?” she asked.

“Yes licking, now start licking or I’ll finish what we started before we left. Do you want your friend to bury your dead ass after licking Lea clean?”

Sarah immediately joined Mila in licking the dirt off of the unconscious girl. She felt like vomiting but could not afford upsetting the men again now that her life was directly threatened. The guys went over to do more drugs as the girls tended to Lea, stopping only to pick rocks and grass out of their mouth. They looked at each other with sad eyes once Lea’s legs were washed up to the bottom of her short black shorts. The smell of crack smoke filled the barn as they worked her arms. The loud sounds of men laughing spread throughout the room as they licked around the edge of her red tank top. They slowly tongued around her neck, actually letting smiles out when their eyes met. Her face was the only thing left but before they could get to it, the girl awoke.

Lea’s eyes opened and saw the two girls with dirt and grass around their mouths and instantly rose to her feet. She screamed which caught the men’s attention. They looked on as she ran to the giant doors of the barn, desperately trying to break the chains and padlock. When that did not work, she started pounding on the door, crying out for help. The four men started laughing which caught Mila’s attention.

Mila and Sarah had looked on. Sarah was hoping maybe, just maybe she could get out. Mila however, just like before, knew better. She saw the men laughing, which concerned her. The only thing that seemed to make them happy is torturing women, so she knew that which every second of Lea trying to escape was just another extra power they would put in their torture.

Not wanting anything more than she was already going to get, Mila jumped up and ran, limping due to her injured foot, towards Lea. She grabbed her by the shoulder and slammed her against the wall of the barn.

“Knock it the fuck off!” Mila screamed.

“Mila?” Lea asked, looking her body up and down.

“Shut the fuck up, get back over there and let us finish cleaning you right now!”

Lea wiped the brown spit from her face that came from the angry woman’s mouth.

“Why should I?” She asked trying to get back to the door. Mila slammed her against the wall again.

“Because those guys will kill you if you don’t. Sarah disobeyed them and they almost killed her last night. You being brought here is the only reason she is still fucking alive!” Lea looked over and recognized Sarah who was as dirty as Mila. “They mentioned a girl dying before I got here. I don’t know if they killed her but I would bet everything that they did. Get over there and let us finish our job or I’ll kill you myself!”

Neither the guys nor Sarah nor Lea had ever seen Mila as angry as she was now. Lea remained still as Mila, who was breathing heavy with a bright red face, stared at her with angry eyes. She looked over and saw the scared defeat of Sarah before sighing and walking back towards her.

Lea lay on the ground as Sarah quickly lapped at her face, wiping the last bits of dirt. Mila joined her shortly after to go over her body again to make sure she was ready for the men. Suddenly, she heard Sarah yelp and a loud shock sound. She looked on saw a taser in Kevin’s hand while her young friend rubbed at her ass cheek.

“We got ourselves a new toy, girls! I think this will keep you two in line,” he bent down and held it to Sarah’s nose, shocking her again. “Especially you, Sarah.” He reached forward and gave Mila a shock to the nipple which caused her to squeal. “Okay you two, back the fuck up. Lea, you have two options: you take those slutty little clothes off yourself or I tear them to shreds with my bare hands.”

Lea looked over at the naked girls staring at her. She saw the innocent, nervous look on Sarah’s face and the still angry look on Mila’s. She stared up at Kevin and started pulling her tank top off over her head. She tossed it aside and unhooked her B-cup bra, letting her perky breasts free, causing a wolf whistle from Nate in the background. She tried to cover them with her hands.

“Hands down! You have something else to remove anyway bitch,” Kevin sternly said.

“But I didn’t shave, man,” she said.

Kevin held the taser to her chest and gave her nipple a long shock, causing her to scream.

“First off, do not EVER call me “man” again. Second, I don’t care if you have a forest down there you WILL take you shorts off or I’ll grab a pair of scissors and cut through them,” he bent down and got face to face with her. “And I’m high on crack right now, I might slip and jab the blade into your leg or pussy…and I won’t shed a fucking tear if I do.” He laughed and slapped her in the face.

Lea was scared to disobey him but was still not comfortable. She swallowed and slowly pulled her bottoms down, exposing her pussy to the men. There was a very light patch of hair above her opening.

“That’s what you were bitching about? Those two bitches have more than that,” Tommy shouted out.

Sarah looked down at her unshaven pussy and started to cover it but Mila grabbed her hand and whispered, “They know what it looks like already.”

Lea was starting to cry as her shorts brushed past her feet. She looked around for her shows but remember that they were lost when she tried running away earlier. She started to cover her pussy but remembered to keep her hands away.

“Hold out your hands,” Kevin commanded.

Lea obeyed and stuck her hands forward. Kevin pulled the rings that sat on her fingers.

“These will buy us some pretty good shit,” he said as the last one was removed.

“You can’t sell those,” Lea screamed.

Kevin punched her hard in the shoulder, causing a heavy whimper.

“How about you keep your mouth shut,” he said laughing. “Go over to them,” he said pointing to Mila and Sarah who were kneeling on their mattress. “They did such a good job cleaning the mud off of you, smart move running by the way,” Kevin chuckled. “You should repay the favor. They have a lot of dirt and grass on their mouths. Clean it off of them.” Lea reached her hand out and was slapped in the back of the head. “With your tongue, not your hand.”

Lea looked back at him with a disgusted face before turning back to Sarah, who gave her a nervous smile. Slowly, her tongue exited her mouth and drew itself towards the young girl’s face. They both closed their eyes as the tongue touched a blade of grass. She gagged at first but slowly cleaned her face. She did the same to Mila, leaving all three girls clean (for the most part).

“Ready guys?” Tommy asked as all the men started unzipping their pants.

Mila sighed and Sarah gulped but Lea screamed and again ran for the door. Without missing a beat, Kevin pressed the taser to her neck as she ran by and dropped like a sack of potatoes, knocked out instantly.

“She has to make things so difficult,” he said as he zipped his pants back up.

“What should we do?” Hank asked.

Kevin looked around and saw the chains hanging on the wall. He then looked up and saw a thick beam going from one end of the barn to another.

“Nate, grab those chains and a ladder.” He pointed up to the beam. “Throw the long ones over that beam. Tie each end to her arms and legs. If she wants to run, we have to make it so she can’t. We’re going to have ourselves a nice little sex piñata!”

Mila and Sarah watched on as the men set up the chains to the right position. Sarah yawned and rested her head against Mila’s shoulder, feeling closer to her after the night before.

“This is why you will NEVER disobey them, right?” Mila said.

“I got that when they dropped me on my head, I just keep messing up.” Sarah responded.

“Don’t worry, you will get better,” Mila said, resting her head against her friend’s.

“Okay, that’s perfect,” Kevin called out to Nate. “Tommy, Hank…bring the dumb bitch over here.”

The guys drug Lea’s body over to Kevin and helped him fasten her in her restraint. By the time she was up in it, she regained consciousness. She hung perfectly parallel to the ground with her openings at the perfect height for entry from the guys.

“Let me down!” She screamed.

All four guys simultaneously hawked back and spit a loogie at her face. She gagged as she saw the spit drip from her face to the ground. When she looked back up, Nate’s ten inch black cock sat inches away from her face.

“Open up,” he said. “And god help you I feel teeth.”


Before she could say ‘no’, his massive meat slid between her lips and shot directly down her throat. She tried to scream but her voice was muffled by the meat that was held inside her. He pulled her head close against his body, holding her in a deep throat position for many seconds. She attempted to flail her limbs around to no avail. Finally, he let go and she had a coughing fit.

As Lea was coughing she did not notice Tommy behind her. She stopped instantly when she felt a tongue press against her tight ass hole. Suddenly, another warm tongue pressed against her clit. Hank had crawled under her suspended body and was attacking her cunt. Kevin wrapped her hand around his seven inches, held it tight and fucked it like it was her pussy. Nate reinserted himself into her mouth.

Mila and Sarah continued to watch on, still pressed against each other. Sarah tried to hide her eyes behind Mila, but was caught by Kevin and ordered to look forward. She was still so new to sex that the seeing Lea being violated caused a single tear to roll down her cheek.

Lea could not stop the tears (many more than one) from flowing as she was continually choked by the large black cock in her throat. The other men continued their respective acts for a few minutes before Tommy and Hank stopped. She was unaware as to why but was quickly informed when she simultaneously felt two warm cocks press against each opening.

With the attention her pussy had gotten, she had gotten unwantedly wet which gave for easy entry for Hank. Unfortunately though, the only lubrication for her ass was the saliva around the outside of the hole. Her ass itself was dry and so was Tommy’s cock. She heard him spit on himself to give himself some relief but there was not going to be any relief for her.

Even with Nate’s cock jammed in her throat, her screams of pain were loud and clear as the two cocks behind slid into her holes, one easily and one not so much. All three of her openings, along with her hand, were being violently violated and she could do nothing about it except cry and struggle to scream. She was sweating profusely as her body swayed with each thrust from Tommy and Hank.

Sarah closed her eyes and tried to imagine she was somewhere else as Lea’s screams got high in pitch. Mila watched on with a sad look on her face.

“Mila, you better keep her in line and get her to open her fucking eyes,” Kevin shouted out.

The whole time he was fucking Lea’s hand, Kevin stared directly at the two brunettes kneeling on the mattress a few feet away. He gave Sarah an evil smile when she opened her eyes. He lifted one of his hands and slapped Lea across the back of the neck hard, causing her to stop screaming for a second. The girls thought he had knocked her out but she soon continued crying.

The only sounds that filled the room were those of Lea crying and the wet cocks sloshing their way in and out of each hole. Kevin started jerking himself off harder with her hand until he let go and tapped Nate on the shoulder. He got out of his way as the group leader stood in front of the crying girl. She looked up just in time to see his thick white cream shoot from his cock onto her forehead. She closed her eyes and whimpered with each warm splash she felt.

Once Kevin finished finishing, he whispered something to Nate before he started inside her mouth again. Kevin whispered the same thing to the other two men. Neither Lea nor Mila nor Sarah heard what he said but they knew it would be good. He walked over to the table and rummaged through the drawers. He pulled out a small box and walked over and moved Nate out of the way again. He held the box in front of Lea’s eyes and opened it.

“Please don’t,” she said softly through a shaking voice.

Kevin pulled out a thick needle and held in front of her face. Her eyes followed the sharp instrument as he pressed it against her cheek lightly and slid it down her skin. She felt the tip press against her chin, then her neck, then her chest until it stopped at her breasts. She closed her eyes and said “no” repeatedly as he pressed it against the side of her nipple. She screamed her loudest as the needle went through one side of her areola and came out of the other. Her painful cries were quickly shut down by Nate’s cock.

Meanwhile behind her, she felt Tommy pulled out of her ass, giving her an intense relief until she felt a warm splash against her gaping hole. He ejected a large load onto her ass. As he finished, Hank slid out from under her and came in the exact same spot. After both loads landed, she had a large glob of cum that dripped down her thigh. Before it reached her pussy, Nate pulled out of her mouth and shot his load onto her face on top Kevin’s drying cum. She continued to scream as she simultaneously felt the fourth load hit her and a needle go through her other nipple.

Once Nate’s cock shot its last drop, all four men stepped back and stared at her. Cum was dripping from her face, leaving a long drip from her chin half way down to the floor. Around back, the large glob at her asshole had dripped down off of her pussy, also half way to the floor. Small droplets of blood fell from her breasts to the concrete below.

“You two!” Kevin yelled out to Mila and Sarah. “You cleaned her once, you clean her again.”

The girls quickly crawled over to Lea’s sobbing, suspended body. Mila took the back while Sarah took the front. Mila crawled under her to catch the dripping strand. She raised her head up until her lips pressed against her pussy. She thoroughly licked her taint clean, continuing to move up until she found the large glob around her hole. She flattened her tongue and took the entire glob in with one quick lap. She softly massaged the hole until it was fully clean.

Meanwhile, Sarah also worked her way from the bottom up. She caught the drip and moved up until she was sucking on Lea’s chin. She whispered, “I’m sorry” as her tongue worked around the crying girl’s lips. She took the quick opportunity to lick Lea’s tongue, which caused her to smile for a second. Sarah closed her eyes and ran her tongue from Lea’s top lip all the way up to her hairline, catching every bet of semen that was in her path.

Both girls backed up when they were finished and allowed the guys to inspect her. As they looked her over, the phone rang. Mila and Sarah looked at each other, fearing that Selena Gomez (the other co-star of the movie) had been captured by John.

“Hello?” Kevin asked. “What!?” He threw the phone on the ground and turned on the small television in the room. He switched it to the national news channel.

“Again, reports say that actresses Mila Kunis, Sarah Hyland and Lea Michele have gone missing near Scarborough, Ontario,” The news woman said. “Mila was last heard from two days ago by her agent while Sarah last had contact yesterday morning, supposedly on her way to pick Mila up. Lea was last heard from calling her boyfriend early last night. Her cell phone was found in front of city hall. Police are asking anyone with inform-“ Kevin shut the television off and picked the phone back up.

“What do we do John? Ok, get over here as quick as possible.” He turned the phone off.

“What are we going to do?” Nate asked.

“We are packing up and heading west. You know that farm that my Uncle takes care of? There’s a barn just like this there, we can keep these cunts there.”

“That’s near Vancouver, it will take a week to get there!” Tommy said.

“That’s why we need to get on the road. We have that van and the one behind the barn. John is bringing his. We cannot travel with the girls together.” Kevin explained. “John and I will take Mila in his van. Lea seems to be a problem so Nate, you and Tommy take her. Hank, take Sarah. We have plenty of money and I’ve made the trip before, we will need to make six stops for gas. We should all be there in six days.”

“What if you don’t get there first?” Tommy asked.

“Doesn’t matter, my Uncle knows what we do, he will let everyone stay.” He looked over at the girls. He pulled the guys aside and talked to them so the girls could not hear them. “If you get the opportunity to make some money by renting out the bitches for a quick fuck you can…except you Hank, I want you to train Sarah to be a better fuck. Teach her how to suck and swallow properly. I don’t care if it’s you, a tool or some trucker. We only have one rule, make sure the people that fuck them don’t say a word. We all got a gun but only use it if the coast is clear and you absolutely need to.” He looked at Nate and Tommy. “Make sure you keep Lea in line. Do whatever it takes but make sure she stays alive.”

The guys let Lea free before they started gathering things and loading them into the van. They opened the door to get the other van but Lea made a beeline for the door. Nate hit her with an uppercut, knocking her to the ground.

“This bitch doesn’t learn,” he said as he drug her body back to Mila and Sarah.

The men continued loading the vans when John pulled up with his. They quickly finished loading the vehicles before approaching the girls. Kevin chloroformed Lea and dragged her into one of the vans. The other two girls kissed each other on the cheek before willingly entering their respective vehicle. They each looked out the back door and said goodbye to their house of torture as the vans pulled out and sent the girls on their way. They wondered what would happen on their journey to western Canada.

To be continued…

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