The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination – Part One: “And So The Conversation Turned…”

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Well, how’s this for a Christmas surprise? Yes indeed, your eyes are not deceiving you, it is indeed a new chapter of The Harem for the first time in more than two years, just in time for Santa to make his run around the world.And indeed it’s a bit of a holiday miracle that this even got done.

Now you might have a lot of questions going right now, especially, “KMB, where the heck have you been the last two years?” Indeed, sometimes it felt like waiting for Harem was like Waiting for Godot because it never, ever got there no matter how long you waited. And this frustrated no one more than me. Believe me, if I had my way there would have been several chapters released over the last few years not nothing at all. But work and real life and the Mets, Jets and Knicks (yes KMB is a glutton for punishment) too often gotten in the way and things did not go according to plan. But we are here right now and it is time to celebrate Christmas the Harem way and you do know how they love to party in Malibu.

There may also be a big question looming and that’s,”What the heck is going on with the Harem girls go to Las Vegas story?” Well that story is still very much in production and will return soon. 2013 is going to be a big year for the girls of Malibu and I feel more confident than ever that we will see multiple chapters released this coming year. So you will find what’s going on with Emma Watson and the MAW Device and the girls partying their asses off in Las Vegas. All of that is coming soon. But just in time for Christmas you are getting a new holiday themed Harem all about the quest for the perfect Christmas party and all the hot lesbian sex that goes on along the way. There’s drama. There’s tears. There’s anger. There’s a hell of a lot of fucking too.  And this story is but part one of two.

Yes indeed there is more to come in this chapter than just what you see here. This is all but prelude. Granted it’s nearly 400 pages of prelude with lots and lots of sex, but the actual party itself is not seen until the second chapter which I am immediately beginning production on. And hopefully you will all see that very, very soon. Because as you can see from this chapter there are a lot of pieces put into play on the big chess board of life and there’s quite a bit that’s left to happen. There’s a lot going on here and we’re all going to find out soon just what exactly it’s all going to mean.  It also bears noting that this story skips ahead on the Harem timeline a bit so if you’re wondering when the heck Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus got into the fun when you read it here, you haven’t missed any of those scenes, I just haven’t written them yet.

But you’re anxious to actually get to the reading so I will now cut to the chase and do some quick housekeeping matters. First, please please please send me feedback. Since I don’t get paid for this and these stories leave me pretty empty as a human being by the time they’re done I could sure use feedback about these stories and what you think of them. Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] to let me know what you think. Kind feedback is always much appreciated.

And now, the disclaimers: This is absolutely 1,000% a work of fiction. While this story references real people and real events it is entirely a work of make believe. This is fictional and is not meant to reflect any claims of truthfulness about any of the people involved. Second, this story is meant for adults only. So anyone under the age of 18 please click back now. This is seriously XXX rated stuff here and is not meant to be viewed by anyone under the legal age. Thank you for your cooperation on this.

Finally some thank yous. As always thank you to KayJay for unflagging support and for 313 for being such a cheerleader for this series. Sorry we didn’t have time to proofread this sucker, but hopefully there are only a few errors in here that need to be marked off. Thank you as well to the constant ideas of ATM defilment given to me by Cosmo Kramer as well as the razzing of VoodooJoe and TRL for insisting I will never get to their favorite celebrities before they hit the age of mandatory retirement. And of course, special thanks goes out to the person who always tells me I’m awesome even when I’m not and who never stops encouraging me even when I don’t deserve it. She knows who she is.

Annnnnnd that’s it folks. Merry Christmas to one and all and Happy New Year to everyone. Enjoy the return of The Harem!

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

Part One: “And So The Conversation Turned…”


As the sun shone into her eyes through the door windows leading out to the back, Sarah Michelle Gellar couldn’t help but stir. She didn’t want to, but the sun was insistent and as much as she tried to swat it away with her hands like it was an annoying insect, she couldn’t do it. The sun won and Sarah soon found herself waking up. It was then that she noticed a few things were not right at all.

She was completely naked and while this itself was not particularly unusual, it was more than a little strange that she was sleeping on the floor. She’d apparently passed out on the rug and the sunlight that had woken her up was streaming in not from her bedroom window but from the doors that led out to the pool. She was nowhere near her own bed and she couldn’t remember why she was there. She never slept on the floor and even if she did she certainly wouldn’t have done it in the middle of the house.

“What the…” Sarah began to ask and before she could even get the words out of her mouth she had to stop. Her head was throbbing and she found herself rubbing her temples as she tried to shake off the grogginess.

When she stood up off the floor she was immediately hit by a wave of dizziness and she grabbed onto a nearby couch to steady herself. While that passed quickly, the sense of dread inside her did not. She smacked her lips when she noticed they were dry and appeared to be coated with a residue of some kind. And when she did that she recognized a faint taste that made her eyes widen. That couldn’t be…not it couldn’t.  How?  What the hell had happened last night?

And even scarier than what she thought she tasted on her lips was the fact that she couldn’t remember anything about the night before. It was coming back in little snippets but there was no coherent picture in her mind. She’d never, ever blacked out before and she had no idea what could possibly have caused it. What had she done? What had she drunk?

Sarah was still groggy as she tried to walk and the more she tried to remember what had happened the harder it was to picture things. She remembered that last night had been their Christmas party, but there was nothing she could remember that allowed her to figure out why what was supposed to have been a completely normal and festive party had resulted in her waking up naked on the floor with a throbbing head and no memories.

Her journey through the mansion provided no answers either, just more questions. She walked slowly given her headache and when she got further into the house she was shocked by what she saw. People were passed out everywhere. She saw Stacy sleeping on top of the dining room table, naked to the world with her bare ass sticking up. Sarah nearly tripped on Jewel as she was knocked out cold on the floor just like she’d been with her arm draped around a very naked Alyssa Milano and a strap on still lodged in the brunette’s pussy from behind. Sarah’s eyes nearly bugged out when she saw Jessica Alba trapped between two people she didn’t even recognize. None of them appeared to have any clothing on and one of them was decidedly not female.

The more she looked the more disturbing it got. There were sleeping bodies everywhere. No one was stirring; not even a mouse but Sarah did not see any humor in that. Because it wasn’t just her housemates and friends she saw naked and out cold. It was people she didn’t even recognize. There were people she considered more acquaintances than friends and flat out strangers. And it wasn’t just women. There were naked men too.

“Holy shit…” Sarah managed to mutter, her voice hoarse in a way she recognized as being from screaming too much. She noticed now that her bare body, which she hadn’t even thought to cover up as she remained in a bit of a daze, was a mess. She was sticky and had grime from exertion all over her. She badly needed a shower but she needed to figure out first what had happened.

And it appeared she wasn’t the only one getting up. She heard a sound of someone moaning and she turned around to find someone hanging over the arms of a chair. The woman was totally naked and her feet were on the floor as the rest of her body was slung over the chair, her ass sticking out. Sarah would have recognized that ass and those legs anywhere and she immediately went over to help up her friend.

“Sarah? What the hell’s going on?” Jennifer Aniston asked with the same confused look on her face that Sarah knew was on hers.

“I don’t know,” Sarah said in a whisper. “I can’t remember a thing.”

“I can’t either and…oh God, we’re naked,” Jennifer said as things started to dawn on her.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Sarah sighed while helping Jennifer up. “But I think we’ve got bigger problems.”

“Where is everyone?” Jennifer asked looking around for something to cover herself up but finding nothing but bare, passed out bodies everywhere, some of which she didn’t even recognize.

“I have no idea,” Sarah said. “I think we’re the only ones up right now.”

The two began walking together, sharing the feeling that as weird as all of this was and as exposed as they literally were, at least they were in their home and nothing appeared to have been stolen.

“We should wake everyone up soon and see if they have any idea what…” Jennifer started to say before she stopped herself and gasped, her hands flying right to her mouth and covering it in shock.

“What?” Sarah asked before she saw it too. “Oh my God!”

The room that had been lovingly transformed into Christmas central had, in a word, been trashed. Tables were overturned. Food and drink was spilled. The place was a wreck. Naked bodies were strewn everywhere in positions that suggested nothing but lascivious activity had occurred and that people had been in the middle of it when they had finally passed out.

Aside from the mansion’s Christmas tree, which still stood proudly strong and tall in the room, the place looked like a sex bomb had gone off and Jennifer and Sarah shared a sense of horror over it. And Jennifer started to feel something more. It was a nagging feeling…oh God…it was guilt. She couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow she was responsible for this.

“Sarah,” Jennifer declared in a whisper. “I think I ruined Christmas.”

And the same feeling struck Sarah as well. There was a nagging feeling of guilt in her that somehow she had played a hand in the chaos that was now their home.

“I think WE ruined Christmas,” Sarah replied.

And then another thought struck them both and, as they turned and faced each other, it both jumped out of their mouths.

“Love’s going to kill us,” they said simultaneously.


Jennifer Love Hewitt was a woman on a mission.

Eleven months out of the year, her home was the epicenter of some of the most delightful and pleasurable sinfulness that a mansion full of beautiful, uninhibited women could possibly devise. Within the walls of the mansion, nothing was taboo and every desire was explored wickedly and thoroughly.  The Malibu mansion that was her home was a glorious menagerie of stunning women, kissable lips, soft, succulent tits, tight, but accommodating asses and, always, warm, wet and willing pussies.

But during December it turned into something more and she was the person making it happen. Because Love’s mission (and she absolutely chose to accept it) was to make her home into a shrine to the holiday season that would make Santa himself stand up and take notice.

It was, quite literally, a winter wonderland in the mansion and Love was responsible for it right down to the last detail.  It was no secret that Christmas was her favorite time of the year and she had shown it in every one of her actions over the last few weeks.

Nearly as soon as the turkey was carved and the cranberry sauce emerged from its can in that solid, processed shape for Thanksgiving dinners all over the country last month, Love had been springing into action.  She had a mansion to do nothing less than transform a den of glorious inequity and she took that responsibility very, very seriously.

For the past few weeks, Love had been the general of decorating and her housemates had been her troops.  She had a vision to bring to life and a goal of taking last year’s decorations and outdoing them without crossing the line into something gauche and over the top.  It was a difficult needle to thread, but Love was nothing if not absolutely committed to it.  It might have been hard work, but it was also something she loved to do.

And while Love knew that her consuming passion for the Christmas spirit wasn’t entirely shared by everyone she lived with, she wasn’t about to let any of her housemates turn into grinches.  She simply wouldn’t allow it.  She was going to make sure they had visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads even if it killed her and especially even if she heard some familiar teasing laughter from behind as she was bent down on her knees to make sure the Christmas tree had exactly the right amount of water.

“Are you two going to help or are you just going to stare?” Love asked without even turning around.  She recognized the sound of their snickers.

“Oh, we’re definitely going to stare,” Sarah Michelle Gellar teased.

“Yeah, because when you say ‘help’ all I can think of is helping myself to a view,” Rose McGowan added with a laugh as she and Sarah took in the vision before them.

What they were gawking at had nothing to do with the meticulously and impressively decorated tree that was the centerpiece of a room that had been transformed into looking like it belonged at the North Pole.  Instead the two were far more interested in the way Love was bent over to water the tree and how it caused her jeans to fall just enough for her pink thong to peek out

“Looks like we’ve got ourselves a whale tail sighting,” Rose laughed, teasing her friend affectionately.

“Humph,” Love grumbled, though not in any true annoyance, as she emerged out from under the tree and straightened up. “Well I hope you enjoyed that view, because unless you two start behaving then that’s the most you’re going to see of my ass until after New Year’s.  Santa is not the only one keeping a list.  I’m remembering who is helping and who isn’t and everyone who ends up on the naughty list isn’t going to get…”

“Your Christmas cookie?” Sarah interrupted, getting immature but pleased laughter from her and Rose and even earning a smile from Love, who followed that up with a playful whack of Sarah’s arm.

“You’re not helping your case,” Love shot back.  “No treats for anyone this year unless you’re on the nice list.”

“But I thought you loved naughty girls,” Rose couldn’t help but point out as she pressed herself to Love.  Sarah followed suit and Love was then sandwiched between them, trying not to show pleasure as she felt Rose’s full breasts push into her back through their clothes and Sarah’s delicate hands softly caress her stomach and then down over her thighs in her jeans.  “You’re not exactly complaining when we’re bad the other 11 months of the year.”

“Welllllll…that’s different…” Love replied, unable to stop herself from cracking a smile from this most welcomed of touches.  Even with all their clothes on, her friends always knew how to make her feel good.

“Different how?  During Christmas time are we not allowed to touch you here?” Sarah teased before placing her hands on Love’s large tits through the sweatshirt she was wearing.

“Or here?” Rose ginned, getting her hands on Love’s ass through her tight blue jeans.

Even though she told herself she was supposed to be annoyed at them, Love couldn’t stop from moaning.  As much as she wanted to focus on making the mansion perfect for Christmas, right then Love found herself thinking a lot less about decorating and a lot more about how quickly they could all get their clothes off and all the ways they could make each other come.

“You two are soooooo bad,” Love moaned, tilting her head back as she leaned against Rose, letting the brunette get an even better grip of her ass while Sarah leaned in closer and not only lovingly massaged her breasts with more eagerness, but gave Love’s waiting lips a warm kiss too.

“Are you just figuring that out now, sweetie?” Rose laughed, naughtily snapping the waistband of Love’s exposed thong.  “And you love us when we’re bad.”

“Mmmmmm damn right I do,” Love smiled, unable to even pretend to be mad at her friends.

“So does this mean we still get presents from you?” Sarah asked devilishly while letting one of her hands stray from Love’s chest down to her jeans where she caressed her crotch and discovered that there was a distinct heat there that Sarah knew full well would soon turn into dampness.

“Ooooooooh!” Love groaned, feeling as though Sarah could get anything she wanted if she just didn’t stop doing what she was doing.  “Mmmmmmm gawwwwwd of course!”

“See bad girls can be just as fun as nice girls,” Rose pointed out.  “And isn’t this helping?  We might not be putting up the tinsel but we can help you out in ways that are a lot more fun, Love.  Wouldn’t you agree?”

Love would have certainly agreed with Rose, but she didn’t have the chance because Rose kissed her right on the lips before she could get a word out.  And Sarah wasn’t about to be left out of that.  She leaned in and started to kiss Love too, interjecting herself into her lip lock with Rose and turning it into a three-way mess of soft lips and wet tongues.

Despite knowing she had a mission that was still unfinished; Love was sandwiched between her two gorgeous housemates and utterly content to be there.  She kissed them both back and let her own hands get busy, reaching around to both Sarah and Rose to hold them close to her while also fondling their asses through their jeans.

But as much as she enjoyed this, Love wasn’t about to allow herself to become completely distracted.

“Mmmmm I love when you help me like this,” Love cooed, feeling her panties get damp from the way she was being touched and from how firm Sarah and Rose’s asses felt under her own hands.  “But you also have to help me in other ways.  Please?  C’mon you two.  I’m almost done.”

“Awwwww spoilsport,” Rose affectionately grumbled before giving Love’s ass a playful smack through her jeans.  “I thought we had you there.”

“Mmmmm well, you can definitely have me like that,” Love promised.  “But first we have to finish decorating.  I just need one or two things before it’s perfect.”

That got silent sighs from both Sarah and Rose.  They certainly indulged Love’s decorating madness during Christmastime and her holiday spirit was infectious, even to them, but for weeks she had been looking for that one little touch to make the house perfect and that one item turned into another and another and another.  When Love wasn’t searching all over the area for her “perfect touches” she was urging the rest of them to help by journeying seemingly all over the state to help her.

All of them loved how into Christmas Love got.  It was part of what made her who she was.  But at the same time there had to be some limits.

“You’ve been saying you just need one or two more things for the past two weeks, Love,” Sarah pointed out.  “Sweetie, it’s gorgeous.  It looks perfect to me. You did an amazing job decorating the mansion.  It’s time for you to relax.  Let me and Rose help you with that.  I think it’s time for you to start getting some presents from us.”

Sarah’s offer was mighty tempting to Love and it showed.  So Rose was quick to pounce on the growing mood as well.  She didn’t have the overabundance of Christmas spirit that her friend did, but even with that in mind she was very impressed with the job transforming the mansion into Santa’s Workshop under Love’s direction.  They had all worked on it and the effort had paid off.

“Yeah, you did an awesome decorating job here,” Rose said.  “I half expect to see Rudolph walking through here any second now all nose aglow.  In fact it’s too sweet.   We need to dirty this place up a little.  You know being nice makes me want to be naughty even more than usual, so how about we properly declare this project done by fucking right here.”

“Right here?” Love asked, looking over her shoulder at the large, opulently decorated Christmas tree as if it was standing there in judgment and looking for any excuse to move her off Santa’s nice list and permanently onto the naughty one.  But that thought didn’t fill her with the strident need to be pure at Christmastime.  In fact it turned her on.

“Oh yeah, right here on the floor in front of your big Christmas tree,” Rose smirked, seeing in Love’s eyes that she liked the idea.  “You’ve been such a good girl lately that you must be going crazy on the inside.  So let’s forget about being nice and be naughty instead, right here where all the presents are set out. Let’s fuck right in front of your tree.  Right by the chimney the fat dude is going to be sliding down.  Let me and Sarah stuff your stocking.”

The idea was a seductive one to Love, so much that she let Rose’s bad joke pass.  Being a whirling dervish of Christmas spirit and being as nice and sweet as the pure driven show did fill Love with a strong desire to be very bad to compensate and do the kind of dirty things to her girlfriends that they all specialized at.  Having behaved so much lately did make the idea of wanton naughtiness with such gorgeous women all the more appealing.  But she was still able to resist.

“That sounds wonderful,” Love said.  “I want to do that.  I REALLY want it.   But it’s really just a few things I need.  I promise!  One or two items I can go pick up downtown and there’s a couple more presents I want to get too.  I thought of something perfect for Jessica and Jennifer.  Jen’s seemed so down the past few weeks, I really want to cheer her up.”

Her resistance to their temptation unbroken, the two hit the pause button on their seduction efforts and at the reminder of their housemate’s mood, Sarah and Rose nodded knowingly.  They had lost their debate with Love…for now.  As easy as it was to get her into their fun the other 11 months of the year, this time they knew they weren’t going to get her to crack.

“Ok but you owe us now,” Sarah said.  “And your idea, Rose, sounds like the perfect way to collect.  Mmmm I have to admit that seeing this room all nice and pristine makes me want to get really frisky in it.”

“You’re not the only one,” Rose added.  “I think we all feel that way.  I know every time I walk by this room I want to rip off my clothes and roll around naked in winter wonderland.  So Sarah’s right, you owe us a chance to naughty this room up.”

“Mmmmm I kind of like it too,” Love said, a naughty smile tugging at her lips.  “And you can definitely collect any time you want…just not now. But I promise we can have fun here.  Right by the tree.  We can get a fire going and get good and warm by getting everyone’s clothes off kissing and rubbing up against each other.  Mmmmm we can all give each other some fun presents then.”

“That’s a promise now,” Sarah agreed with a smile of her own, this present making her more eager to do some unwrapping then any of the packages currently under the tree.  “So you’d better not even think of not delivering.  And not just us three.  Everyone in the mansion is invited.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Love giggled back. As much as she loved the idea of just having Sarah and Rose ravishing her willing body or even just the one of them, the prospect of having all her housemates putting the cap on their hard work decorating by having themselves a slutty little orgy right under the Christmas tree was simply too good.

“Me either,” Rose added.  “It wouldn’t be Christmas without all of us getting our fuck on.  Besides, Santa seems like he could use the thrill.  Imagine him coming down the chimney and finding all of us with our faces buried between each other’s legs.”

Sarah laughed at the absurd image but Love’s eyes lit up just a little bit at the sound of what Rose said and her housemate picked up on it.

“Oooooh you naughty girl!  All this goody goody Christmas stuff really has left you hard up for it,” Rose laughed.  “You’d probably invite Santa to join in, wouldn’t you?  Yeah, you totally would you Christmas perv.  You’d have him bringing that jelly belly of his into the pile so you could taste his candy cane and his sugar plums.”

“Shaddup,” Love laughed as she gave Rose the same whack in the arm that Sarah had earned before.  “I’m not THAT bad.  I wouldn’t fuck Santa Claus.  Mmmmm unless YOU were the one in the suit, Rose.”

That got Sarah chiming in as well, the idea of Rose role playing like that with Love too much fun to resist.

“Oooooooh yes!  You totally have to do that Rose!” Sarah enthusiastically urged.  “We’d get you in the Santa suit and stuff a pillow under to give you a belly and underneath those red pants you’d have Mr. Snappy underneath to give Love what she’s been dying for.  Make her Bad Santa dreams come true Rose!”

“Ummmmm no way,” Rose replied, shaking her head over the mere idea of her playing that kind of dress up game.  “As much as I love the idea of hearing Love scream out ‘Fuck me Santa!’ it’s not going to happen with me wearing the suit.  There are limits as to how far I’ll go during dress up time.  Sexy nurse is good.  Warrior princess is better.  I’ll even do slave girl for all of you.  But I am not dressing up as Santa.”

“Awwwww c’monnnnn…” Love playfully pleaded, quite liking the idea of Rose all dressed up to give her Mr. Snappy right where it belonged…in her pussy and then up her ass.  “Maybe I can convince you?”

“It would take a Christmas miracle,” Rose laughed back.  “And this isn’t going to be one of those things where you beg and plead me and I say no only to end up doing it just because I knew it will make you happy.  Like I said, I have my limits. Besides I can find other ways to wish you a Merry Christmas that don’t involve me dressing up like an obese gift giver who gets his jollies sliding down chimneys.”

“Well you’re either a Grinch or a Scrooge, Rose.  I haven’t decided which one yet,” Love teased.  “You’re being mean by not giving me what I most want for Christmas this year.”

“Yeah right, you hadn’t even thought of it until Sarah said it like 30 seconds ago, so don’t pretend this is some long unfulfilled fantasy of yours, Love,” Rose correctly pointed out.  “And it’s just the suit I don’t to wear.  Mmmmm I like the idea of getting you in here and putting on Mr. Snappy to make you my holly jolly slut.”

“Ooooooh!  Well maybe you’re not a Grinch after all,” Love said, smiling.  “Mmmm I wouldn’t have wanted you wearing that suit for long, anyway.  A big Santa belly is nowhere near as sexy as seeing these bounce when you fuck me.”

Now it as Rose’s turn to moan as Love reached up and grabbed her tits through her shirt.  Loving as always the feel of her housemate’s incredibly round and full breasts, Love gave Rose’s chest a sexy fondle before she was warned to put on the brakes before she lost the option to be able to do so.

“Mmmmm if you keep doing that you little Christmas perv, then you’re going to be getting your present early and I won’t be taking no for an answer,” Rose seductively warned, her nipples hardening up so nicely from Love’s sensual touch.

“I’ll be good,” Love said, taking her hands away, even though neither she nor Rose really wanted her to.  “We can do all of this later, especially the Mr. Snappy part.”

“Just don’t hog Snappy,” Sarah chimed in, licking her lips in anticipation of the sight of Rose’s gorgeous breasts bouncing as she thrust her strap on into Love when she took her missionary style and then turned her over to fuck her from behind so Love could tongue fuck another one of their friends.  “All of us are going to want a ride.  It’s been too long since I got to feel it in me!”

“Oh yeah, you’re definitely past due for a fucking Sarah,” Rose smirked sexily.  “Snappy misses your hot fuck holes.  And you’d better believe everyone is gonna get a chance to feel him in them.  Especially Jen.  I’ll fuck the smile right onto her face and she’ll thank me for it!”

All of them had noticed that their friend had been down the past few weeks.  It wasn’t anything they were particularly concerned about, but at the same time it felt wrong for someone to be gloomy at Christmas.  The idea of cheering Jennifer up appealed to everyone in the mansion, especially because they were confident they knew the most fun ways to cheer someone up.

“She could definitely use a fucking like that,” Love said, her mind now drifting far away from holiday decorations and more toward all the dirty positions she and her housemates could get themselves into.  “Mmmmmm and I’d love to lick her pussy while you’re giving it to her, especially if you’re giving it to her ass!”

“Ooooooh count me in on getting a good seat for that,” Sarah naughtily replied.  “Especially if I get to suck Jen’s ass off Mr. Snappy,”

“Oh my, who’s the Christmas perv now?” Rose said, quite liking the sound of that term of endearment and making the mental note to make sure and use it whenever she could between now and New Year’s.  “Nasty girl.”

“Yeah, well who’s the one who made me nasty?” Sarah asked, smiling all the way.

“Hey!  You two are the ones who broke into my trailer and blew my fucking mind,” Rose shot back with a smile of her own, remembering that day fondly, as she often did. “Don’t blame me if you can’t handle the consequences of your own actions.”

That reminder got laughter from all three of them.  But when Rose looked over at the clock on the mantelpiece and saw what time it was, she saw that as much as she liked teasing the time away with her friends, there was something better she could be doing.

“Shit, I didn’t think it was getting so late,” Rose said.  “I gotta go.  I promised Lyssa I’d meet her over at Holly’s.”

“Heyyyyy you’re not getting out of helping that easily,” Love chided.

“You can handle it without me, I have total faith in you Love,” Rose said.  “Besides, speaking of girls that need some cheering up, I think Holly certainly qualifies.  Me and Lyssa have something that will definitely get the smile back on her face.”

“Well give her a big hug for me,” Sarah said, feeling sympathy for the domestic situation for the woman she’d known since they were kids.  “I’ll help you out Love.  Whatever you need.”

“Give her a hug for me too,” Love added, not wanting to keep Rose from her friend and former co-star at a time of need.  She didn’t really need Rose’s help for what she needed to do here.  She and Sarah could handle this part easily.

“Oh I’ll give her a lot more than that,” Rose said with a wink.  “What’s good for cheering Jen up is going to be more than good enough for Holly.  Maybe I’ll even bring her back as a present for all of us to enjoy.  Tah tah ladies.”

And with that Rose was gone, leaving Sarah and Love behind with a very specific task in the brunette’s mind.

“Well Rose is going to be sorry she missed this,” Love said, walking over to the box she’d just taken out of storage in the mansion and set down by the couch near the fireplace.  “You get to be here for the most fun part of decorating. It’s the only part more fun than putting the star on top of the tree.”

What Love was talking about quickly became clear when she opened the box and pulled out a red Christmas stocking in each hand.  She had specifically left this part for last because it was the most meaningful of all to her and she happily saw that Sarah shared her feelings.

“Oooooh count me in on that!” Sarah said as Love pulled all the stockings out of the box and then the hammer and nails.  “I love how all of these look together.”

“Me too,” Love smiled.  “It’s the best part of the holiday.  Nice and old fashioned.”

It definitely was an old tradition, but it was one Love was happy to keep.  As long back as she could remember, she could recall the sight of Christmas stocking up by the fireplace.  No matter where they lived her mom made sure that her and her brother’s stockings were and, especially now that her mother was gone, Love had taken it upon herself to keep the tradition alive here at the mansion and to get her housemates involved too.

And while most of the decorations she had filled the mansion with were purchased from all over, this touch had the feeling of being homemade.  Love had bought the stockings at a Christmas store years ago, but she had decorated them herself.  On each of the fuzzy red stockings with the white trim, Love had written the name of one of her housemates.  The stockings were personalized for each of them and all of them played along, making sure that on Christmas morning, the stockings were all filled with little trinkets and treats to go along with the presents under the tree.

Sarah and Love took the tools and the stockings and walked over to the fireplace and began hanging them up on the mantelpiece.  The wood was dotted with holes from previous nails in it and they tried to get the nails as closely aligned with the old holes again, but they didn’t obsess over that.  Instead they were far more concerned about making it look as good as possible and in that respect it was mission accomplished after just a little while of hammering gently.

“It looks really good, don’t you think Love?” Sarah said as she admired the row of red and white Christmas stockings along the mantelpiece once they were done.  There were ones up for Rose, Jennifer, Jewel, Alyssa, Jessica, Stacy and, of course, the two of them.  The fancy script Love had taken care to write everyone’s name in on them was just the nice extra touch it needed and the stockings all lined up made quite an impressive sight.

“It’s beautiful,” Love said, smiling brightly.  “I’m just glad everyone’s going to be here this year.  It’s going to make it extra special.”

“Yeah I can’t remember the last time we were all here for Christmas,” Sarah said.  “It feels good that we’re all together.”

Sarah then turned to Love and placed a warm, tender kiss on her lips.  It wasn’t meant to be overly sexual.  It was just a soft show of affection and one Love definitely enjoyed.

“What was that for?” Love asked, smiling even more now.

“I’m just happy we’re all going to be here together,” Sarah said.  Love was dedicated to making this a magical time for all of them and Sarah didn’t want her to think that her efforts were being taken for granted.

The seemingly simple act of spending Christmas together was usually either said than done.  All of them had busy careers and sometimes that meant Christmas was spent on some set across the country or in Canada instead of home in Malibu.  Usually there was at least one of them who was somewhere else and sometimes they didn’t even do Christmas at the mansion.  Two years ago Christina and Britney had taken all of them to a private tropical island to spend the holiday in a more tropical atmosphere than December in California could provide.  Then last year they had all gone skiing together.

Those times were fun.  On Christina’s island clothing had definitely been optional if not outright discouraged and there had been endless opportunities for them to rub lotion on each other and more. And when they had been skiing, there were great ways for all of them to keep each other warm and toasty by the fireplace.  But while those times had been a lot of fun, they weren’t the same as spending Christmas all together in their home. This year it was all coming together and Love couldn’t have been happier about it.  This Christmas she wanted things to be perfect.

But it wasn’t just Love who felt that way.  It meant a lot to Sarah too.  She didn’t like to dwell on it, but she thought sometimes about all the fun and special events like spending Christmas with her friends that she had missed out on after she had left them to be married to Freddy.  So she definitely treasured moments like this when they could all be together and she tried to use them to make up for what she had missed.

She hadn’t wanted to tease Love too much before about being so into Christmas.  If her friend was into it, then Sarah was too.  She wanted Love to be happy and if acting like Martha Stewart on a sugar high from Christmas cookies was going to do it, then Sarah was going to support her.  Besides, the house really did look phenomenal.  There just appeared to be one thing missing and Sarah couldn’t help but tweak her friend over it.

“So Love,” Sarah said, barely suppressing her smile.  “I couldn’t help but not see any Menorahs around.  You ignoring me and my people? I mean it’s not just me either.  What about our friends?  What about Aly?  And Scarlett?  And especially Natalie.”

Even though she was joking, Love took the fear of inadvertently insulting one of her friends very seriously.  She literally gasped in horror when Sarah pointed out to her that the house was bereft of any mentions of Chanukah.

“Oh God!  Sarah! I’m so sorry!” Love declared, her voice full of obvious guilt.  “We can fix that.  It won’t take anything.  I know just where I can get some stuff to add it into the mix.  Jeez, I can’t believe I forgot that.”

She seemed so upset about it that Sarah took her off the hook right away.  She had only wanted to have a little fun.  She hadn’t wanted Love to feel bad about things.  After all she was only half-Jewish and that half wasn’t even that strong.  The extent of Sarah’s commitment to a dual faith childhood was being able to lord over her classmates that she got Christmas AND Chanukah presents each December when they didn’t.  Besides, under the traditional definition of Judaism she was only technically Jewish if her mother was and since that half of her came from her father it really hadn’t been that important a part of her life.  So there were a million reasons why she was only playing around.

“Relax, I’m just teasing,” Sarah said, getting a sigh of relief from Love.  “I can’t remember the last time I lit a Chanukah candle.  Sorry Love.  I couldn’t help it.”

“Ohhhh you are so getting onto the naughty list for that,” Love chided but with affection.  “If you really wanted one, I could go get a Menorah.  I really do know where to get one.”

“Nahhhh you don’t need to, not for me at least,” Sarah said.  “But I was thinking there was something else we could do though.”

“What?” Love asked, suddenly intrigued.  She liked the idea of a holiday plan, especially if it didn’t come from her.  Getting this place in suitable shape for Christmas was something she enjoyed, but it was also hard work.  She didn’t mind having the chance to enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor for a change.

“Well, you did such a great job decorating the house that we should show it off a little,” Sarah said.  “I was thinking we could have a party here.  Like a real Christmas party.  Not just a toss off our clothes and have fun party.  A real party with our friends and maybe even a few people we’re not mmmm close to.”

“That could be fun,” Love replied as she mulled over the idea in her mind and couldn’t think of a reason off the top of her head not to do it.  “You know, I hadn’t even thought about that.  I was just doing all of this for us.  I wanted all of us to have a great Christmas.”

“We will, Love,” Sarah assured her friend.  “But we should be showing all your hard work off.  It’ll be fun.  We can have a bunch of people over and get together for a nice, normal Christmas party.  And then after…”

“Yeah?  What happens after?” Love inquired, hoping that it was what she thought Sarah was leading to.

“We can have our special friends stay and we can have all that fun right by the Christmas tree that we were talking about with Rose,” Sarah said with a wicked twinkle in her eye. “It can be the best of both worlds.  A nice little holiday party and then we can all go and get ourselves put on the naughty list.”

“I like the sound of that,” Love replied.  “Mmmmm I like it a lot.  It’ll be just like one of Lauren’s parties.”

Lauren Graham was famous for having an infamous Christmas party every year at her home.  But her events were hardly in the spirit of the holiday.  Instead they were wild, debauched orgies that lasted days.  Every desire and every fetish were catered to.  There were girls with girls.  Girls with boys.  And even a few extremes that had shocked even the seemingly uninhibited minds of her guests from Malibu.  Lauren’s parties were always wild and always fun, but Sarah had her mind on something a lot simpler.

“Not quite as elaborate as that,” Sarah said.  “I don’t even know how she coordinates those things. Besides those are just big orgies. I want it to be a real party at first. We can show everyone how nicely you decorated this place. I just want it to be us and some friends.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing with an endless guest list.  It’ll just be a chance for us to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and then later in the night we can have our more private party.”

“I like that idea even better,” Love said, resting her head on Sarah’s shoulder as they both stared at the row of stockings hung on the mantelpiece.  “Mmmmm yeah I REALLY like that.  We have some people come over and then we have our friends for the special after-party.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” Sarah replied.  “I want it to be just us and our special friends and if we happen to make some new special friends while we’re doing it… mmmmmm well so much the better.  After all, isn’t Christmastime supposed to be about sharing?  And all of us are really good at sharing this.”

Sarah and Love shared a giggle over that vision of spreading holiday cheer to some girls who had yet to see the sexy side of their mansion and that laughter quickly turned into a kiss.  It wasn’t a long, lingering kiss like they often shared, but it was just as good.  It was a loving touch of soft lips coming together over a shared vision.

Not only would all of them be spending this most special of holidays together but they would be able to do it in a way that would hopefully create new memories for them to all treasure and also bring in some new sexy friends to their ever growing circle of lust.

“This definitely sounds like my kind of party,” Love declared after the kiss ended, enjoying very much both the idea of showing off her meticulous decorating and then what would come later when all the clothes would come off and it would be nothing but sexy, bare girl bodies rubbing and kissing and touching and making each other come and come and come until the sun was up in the sky for the next day.

“What party?  Who’s having a party?” Stacy Keibler asked as she strode into the room and inadvertently interrupted the conversation.  She had just been passing by when she had heard Love and Sarah’s voices and she had wanted to see what they were up to.  Plus she always liked having an excuse to check out the tree in all its ornament, lights and tinsel covered glory.

Her ears had perked up when she had heard the “p-word” because while she might have still been the new girl around there, Stacy had learned long ago that there were no parties that could ever compare to mansion parties.

“We are.  A very special Christmas party right here at the mansion,” Sarah explained to her housemate.  Sarah definitely wanted Stacy to be there with them for the event but at the same time she couldn’t help but poke a little fun at her.

“Of course you might not be able to make it…what with your super busy schedule all of a sudden…all those movie premieres to go to and all those award ceremonies,” Sarah teased.  “I’m not sure if your boyfriend will let you just hang out with the girls anymore.”

Even Love couldn’t resist piling on the leggy blonde.

“Stacy probably won’t even be around for Christmas,” Love said.  “She’s probably zipping off to his villa in Italy again.  Now that she’s super famous she doesn’t have time for her old friends anymore.  All she cares about his her boyfriend.”

Stacy knew they weren’t being serious and she had no problem with some affectionate teasing.  But at the same time she wasn’t going to let her housemates entertain for even a second that she didn’t have her priorities straight…or at least not as straight as the world assumed she was.

“I’ll show you what I care about,” Stacy declared before pulling Love to her for a passionate kiss.  Unlike the tender smooch Love had just shared with Sarah, the kiss she got from Stacy was full of purpose.  She kissed Love with an obvious desire that made her kiss right back and after a few hot moments of their tongues touching, Stacy pulled away to give the same kind of kiss to Sarah.

“Mmmmmmm,” Sarah moaned happily as she tongue kissed the owner of the best legs in the mansion.

“Still think I don’t want to hang out with the girls?” Stacy grinned when she pulled away, confident that she had shown her housemates that, famous boyfriend or not, she still knew what was most important.

“Well that was pretty convincing, but I think we’re going to need to get a lot more of that to be totally sure,” Sarah grinned.

“Anywhere and anytime,” Stacy promised with a sexy smile of her own before she leaned in for another kiss on Sarah’s lovely lips.

“Oh my my, what would George do if he caught you doing this?” Sarah laughed after the kiss.  “For such a smart guy, he sure is clueless about what a naughty girl you really are, Stacy.”

For more than a year now Stacy had been dating George Clooney.  It certainly hadn’t been a relationship she had been looking for.  It had kind of just happened and before she had known it, she had found herself thrust into the pages of the tabloids.  Her years in WWE and all the movies and TV shows she had done couldn’t compare to the fame she was experiencing now and while on the one hand it was frustrating to have “George Clooney’s girlfriend” as her identity in some circles, it had also made her a lot more in demand as an actress and her fees for appearances had gone through the roof since she and George had first been spotted together.

Stacy had no illusions about what she was in the middle of.  It was fun, pure and simple.  She and George weren’t getting married.  They were seeing each other and having a good time and both of them were more than ok with that arrangement.  He was who he was and she had no interest in anything more.  So while they were dating they also made sure to lead separate lives and for Stacy that meant keeping some secrets, especially about the special kind of friendship she had with her housemates.

“What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him,” Stacy said, and not for the first time.  “Besides I know he’s fucking other girls on the side, so if he can do it, why can’t I?”

“I like that attitude,” Love said even as her mind conjured up some other dirty thoughts.  “Of course, I’m on record as saying that if you ever wanted to tell him about us and have him come over to see it with his own eyes, I would totally be ok with that.”

“I’m sure you would be,” Stacy laughed.  Of all the girls there, Love was still the one who had the biggest boy crazy side and she was never very good at hiding it.

“Love would be more than ok with it,” Sarah snickered.  “Careful Stacy, she’s going to want you to bring George over for Christmas with a big red bow on his cock for her to untie.”

Love blushed at the accusation, but she didn’t exactly deny it either.

“Welllllll I wouldn’t go that far,” Love sheepishly admitted.  “Maybe sometime…you know, if Stacy was there to help me…and the rest of you got in on it.”

Love would never tell Jennifer but one of her regrets was that before she and Brad Pitt had split, she had never brought him over to the mansion for some fun.  Love certainly didn’t mind enjoying a good cock now and then and the idea of sharing Jennifer’s husband with her had been a hot fantasy of hers ever since she, Sarah and Rose had snuck into Jennifer’s limo all those years ago.  But while it had obviously never happened, Love still had that little flicker of a flame inside her brain for a fantasy like that.

“I don’t know if George deserves that big a present for Christmas,” Stacy laughed.  “I’ll have to think about whether or not he’s been a good enough boy for that.  And he would have to be REALLY good to get something like that.”

Stacy didn’t say it, but the idea had passed through her brain as well.  The fantasy of bringing home a hunky guy for her and her girlfriends to ravish had led her to drain the batteries in her toys on more than one occasion, but she wasn’t sure if this was the right situation for it.  What she and George had was still so casual that Stacy wasn’t sure an admission of her lust for other women and a trip to the mansion wouldn’t end up destroying it before she was ready to walk away on her terms.  She was having fun with him and knew it would end someday, but she didn’t want it to happen because of that.

At first Stacy had kept her relationship with him a secret from her housemates.  She hadn’t known how they would react to her even casually dating a man.  She hadn’t wanted them to doubt her commitment to being with them and being a part of the unique lifestyle that went on at the mansion.  But ultimately she had had to come clean when things had started getting a little more serious between her and George and fortunately they had all been more than understanding.

Aside from their teasing and jokes, which Stacy definitely didn’t mind, they hadn’t given her a hard time about dating a man.  All of them had agreed that there had to be special exceptions to the all-girl fun now and then and someone like George certainly qualified.  All the girls, even Rose, had admitted that if they had been in Stacy’s shoes they would have done the same thing and that as much fun as they had fucking each other, chances to be with guys like George or Ryan Gosling or Jon Hamm were too good to ever pass up.

“Well then we’ll just have to comfort ourselves by only playing with you instead,” Sarah said, helping herself to a feel of Stacy’s ass through her pants.  The exquisitely round, tight cheeks were always a source of lustful admiration around the mansion and today was no exception.

“Mmmmmmm well that sounds like exactly how I want to spend my Christmas,” Stacy moaned, marveling once again in her head how she let girls get away with things she would never let a guy do to her.  Not just anyone could grab her ass like that without getting a hard slap to the face, but Sarah or Love or just about any hot girl could touch it, spank it or do anything they wanted to it as long as it felt good.  The rules that Stacy had for guys, even George, didn’t apply to her girlfriends.

“So I guess that means we can count you in for our Christmas party,” Love said before explaining to Stacy what she and Sarah had devised.

“Totally,” Stacy said with a smile.  “I think it will give me the perfect chance to prove to all of you once and for all that no guy is going to keep me from wanting you girls the most!”

“Think about if there’s anyone you might want to invite,” Sarah said.  “It’s nothing too elaborate.  The first part of the party is for anyone but the later part is for more ‘special’ friends.”

“Mmmmm friends like George for instance,” Love couldn’t help but say, getting laughs from Sarah and Stacy.

Stacy couldn’t see herself making that particular fantasy come true for Love this Christmas, but at the same time she began thinking about just how she could make this a special and fun night for her housemates…and for herself.


Elsewhere in the mansion, not everyone’s thoughts were on party planning and decorating.  They were focused instead on the carnal pleasures of the flesh and all the pleasure that brought them.  That was what was clearly on the overheated minds of Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson as they collapsed onto Jessica’s bed, their naked bodies pressing together and big smiles capping off their bodies as they glistened with the kind of perspiration that could only come from passionate lovemaking.

“Mmmmmm fuckkkkk that was just what I needed,” Jessica cooed, her body still tingling from the orgasm that had just exploded inside her.

“Me too,” Scarlett groaned, feeling absolutely wonderful from head to toe as she lay her sweaty body down upon Jessica’s sheets and spooned herself against the woman who had just made her come with such addictive intensity.  “That was fucking amazing Jess.”

“Thanks, but you did a lot of the work too so I should also be thanking you,” Jessica smiled, snuggling her naked, sweaty body into Scarlett’s, loving the way her large breasts pressed into her back.

There was a split in how to properly describe what had just been done.  Many called it scissoring.  Others preferred the more gentle, but less descriptive term of tribbing.  But whatever the best name for it was, what really mattered was how good it felt.  After starting out with lots of kissing and touching while helping each other out of all their clothing and then some very passionate licking so they could both get the taste of each other on their tongues, Scarlett and Jessica had settled into a position of mutual pleasure as they had rubbed their soaked pussies together and fucked against each other until they had both come, leading to the sweaty, satisfied mess they were right then as they lay against each other.

“We definitely have to do this more often,” Jessica said.  “Mmmm that was so good Scarlett!  Natalie is a hell of a lucky girl if she gets to feel that every night.”

“Well actually that’s one of the reasons I came over here today,” Scarlett replied.
“I wanted to talk about Natalie.”

“Wait, so you’re saying you didn’t come over here just to use me for sex?  You actually want to talk too?  I’m so insulted, Scarlett!” Jessica laughed.  “All this time I thought you were using me for my body.”

“Yeah well get over it,” Scarlett grinned back before Jessica turned around so they were face to face, a position that allowed them to immediately start kissing again.

Jessica shivered with delight as Scarlett’s tongue invaded her mouth.  Scarlett had her tongue piercing in that day and Jessica adored how it felt.  She didn’t know why Scarlett had it in that day, typically she didn’t, but she was so glad that she did.  Jessica loved the way that tongue stud felt against her clit and she hoped she would feel it again today and soon.

Jessica rubbed her tongue against Scarlett’s as they made out and felt her pussy tremble with pleasure from the sensations it created and she moaned in response while reaching up to cup Scarlett’s tits, rubbing the large, fleshy mounds while Scarlett did the same to her comparatively smaller, but so perfectly full and tan tits.  They kissed and fondled each other’s sweaty chests with an eagerness for the other as they enjoyed this rare time with one another.

The two actresses hadn’t known each other very well until Scarlett had come along to the mansion one night with Kirsten and Eliza.  And since around the mansion having a mutual love for pussy was an excellent ice breaker, it had led to a friendship between the two.  They weren’t BFFs by any stretch and this was one of the few times they had actually hooked up with each other on a one on one basis, but they certainly enjoyed each other’s company and more than enjoyed the pleasure they could feel when they were together.

But while the sex she got to have with gorgeous women like Jessica was an excellent incentive to come to the mansion, and was actually the main reason she had taken a personal trip to do this instead of calling or e-mailing or texting, Scarlett had really come here for reasons other than seeking orgasms.  She did want to talk and because of that she reluctantly broke the make out session with Jessica before it got too deep and she became completely distracted.

“Wow you must really want to talk,” Jessica marveled.  It wasn’t ego to note that women usually didn’t stop kissing her unless they really had to.  It was fact based on too many encounters with the fairer sex for her to even keep count anymore.  “What’s up Scarlett?  Nothing serious, is it?”

“Nahhhh not serious but kind of important,” Scarlett said, eager to get through the talking as quickly as possible and get back to the fucking, but also knowing she had to do this.

Emotional stuff was so not her forte.  Even among the men she was with she was notorious for not being the type to want to cuddle.  Scarlett was all about the sex and, as far as she was concerned, the other stuff was far less important.  But that attitude was changing for her and that was why she now needed some assistance from her friends at the mansion.

“It’s not a big deal or anything, but I kind of need some help with Natalie,” Scarlett said. “I feel like…ummmm…well…I feel like we’re getting…you know…closer.  Me and her.  We’re spending so much time together these days and I love that, but also it brings all this extra pressure this time of year and…geez…I don’t even know how to say this…”

Jessica didn’t often see someone like Scarlett at a loss for words.  So she was extra intrigued by where this was all going.

“What is it Scarlett?” Jessica urged.

“Well I have no fucking idea what to get her for Chanukah,” Scarlett admitted, hating to admit that she was helpless in any way, even though it sounded as silly when she said it as it had in her head when she had been rehearsing what to say.

“Wow…that’s definitely not what I was expecting you to say,” Jessica laughed, relieved it wasn’t anything serious.

“I just see you guys all the time and you’re all so close and you give each other these awesome and really special gifts for Christmas and I don’t have any clue how to do that,” Scarlett said.  “I wanted to know how you girls do it.  You’ve got this special thing going on here.  I can see it.  Natalie definitely can see it.  I want to know how I can be more like you all here at the mansion.  How do you know what to get someone so that it’s special and they can see how much you…you know…care?”

Jessica might not have known Scarlett as well as she knew some of the other girls who were frequent mansion visitors but this was not her first chance to see up close that she was not particularly adept when it came to emotional stuff.  It reminded Jessica a little bit of past boyfriends but at least Scarlett knew well enough to seek some help instead of just guessing their way through a time of year when well-thought out and meaningful gifts meant more than just slapping down a credit card and buying the most expensive thing you could.

“You girls are all so good at this stuff,” Scarlett said again.  “I need help.  I want to make Chanukah special for Nat.  This holiday is important to her and I want to give her something she’s always going to remember.”

“Awwww Scarlett’s getting sappy,” Jessica teased, earning her tanned ass a sexy smack from Scarlett’s skilled hand.  Jessica playfully yelped and moaned from the spanking, her ass cheek stinging in a way she quite enjoyed.

“Shut up, I am NOT getting sappy,” Scarlett laughed.  “I just want it to be special for her and I don’t know what to give her.”

Chanukah wasn’t a really huge deal for Scarlett personally.  She was Jewish too, but that stuff wasn’t as big a part of her life as it was for Natalie.  Scarlett was just as happy to celebrate Christmas as she was to mark the festival of lights, but if it was important to Natalie, it was important to her.  Still this so wasn’t her forte and, alas, Jessica didn’t consider it to be hers either.

“I don’t know how much help I can be,” Jessica admitted.  “I’m a ‘When all else fails, get them gift cards’ kind of girl.”

“Me too,” Scarlett sighed.  “I wish I didn’t suck at this so much.  I really like Natalie and I can’t just get her gift cards.  She deserves something more.”

“Well you could give her a lot of what you just gave me,” Jessica suggested with a smile while rubbing herself into Scarlett some more and continuing to enjoy the afterglow of their orgasms.  “Mmmmm that’s a very special gift.”

“Oh I know I can do that,” Scarlett replied, relishing memories of all the screaming orgasms she’d fucked Natalie too while eagerly awaiting the chance to do it again.  That was one place she knew her talents definitely lay.  “But she can have sex with me any time.  This should be something special.  I want to give her something more.  A lot more.  Chanukah isn’t simple like Christmas is.  It’s not just one day of gifts.”

“Oh yeah, eight crazy nights and all that,” Jessica said.  “I remember the song.”

“I just wish I knew what to do,” Scarlett groaned in frustration, sitting up in the bed and clutching a sheet to her ample bosom, depriving Jessica of the view she loved.  “I hate the pressure of this time of year.  I just want to enjoy the season and I’m too worried that all my gifts will suck to really do it.”

“I’m not the best one to talk to about this,” Jessica replied.  “Love and Jen are much better at stuff like this.  Their gifts are always awesome.  But you’re the one of us here that knows Natalie best.  What do you usually talk about?  I’m sure she’s given you a lot of clues as to what she wants.”

“I’m sure she has, but I’m not exactly the best listener,” Scarlett admitted.  “Ughhhh I suck!  All I can focus on when I’m with Natalie is sex!  I’m like a guy!  A clueless, jerky guy!”

“Well a guy with really nice boobs,” Jessica said, trying to make Scarlett feel better.  And the remark did at least get a smile from her.

“Well I do have that going for me,” Scarlett smirked.  “Natalie does like them.”

“And so do I,” Jessica wickedly said, tugging down the bed sheet from Scarlett’s body and baring her breasts once more.  “Don’t get too worried Scarlett.  Natalie will love whatever you give her.  I’m sure of it.  And if all else fails, like I said, you can just give her one of the orgasms you just gave me and you’ll definitely be giving her just what she wants. I mean who wouldn’t want eight nights of that?”

And though she didn’t really intend it to, Jessica’s words made the proverbial light bulb go off over Scarlett’s head.

“Wait!  Maybe that’s it!” Scarlett declared, suddenly enthused, sitting up in bed and unintentionally causing her large chest to enticingly jiggle.

“What’d you think of?” Jessica asked, trying to focus on the conversation when all she wanted to do was drool over Scarlett’s tits.

“Well Natalie and I do talk about sex a lot,” Scarlett explained.  “We tell each other our fantasies and all that.  I could give her eight nights of pleasure.  I could make eight of her fantasies come true.  Mmmmm I could give her eight nights she’ll never forget.”

“Oooooh Natalie will love that!” Jessica said, feeling a little jealous that she wasn’t the one getting an awesome present like that.  “It’s definitely a very personal gift.”

“It’s a good use of my ‘talents,’ then I guess,” Scarlett teased, knocking her own lack of creativity when it came to gifts and the way Jessica was openly leering at her tits.  “I know I’m great at fucking and I know Natalie loves what I do to her.  This could really be great!  Thanks Jessica!”

Jessica wasn’t sure how much assistance she had really provided, but since Scarlett sealed her thank you with a kiss, she didn’t resist the praise.  She just kissed Scarlett back and invited her pierced tongue into her mouth once more.  They began to make out and Jessica got her hands right where she most wanted them…all over Scarlett’s bare chest.

“Mmmmm if you give these to Natalie as a present she’s going to have the best Chanukah ever,” Jessica giggled in between tongue kisses.

“Oh I will,” Scarlett smiled back, her imagination finally humming as she thought back to every sexy conversation she had ever had with Natalie and what intelligence that could provide her about what eight fun gifts she could give to her friend as an erotic surprise.  And the best part about these gifts was that she would be receiving something too as she gave.  “Mmmmm Nat is going to get everything I have and more.  I’m going to need some help from you girls though.  Think you want to volunteer for that Jess?”

“Happy to help,” Jessica immediately answered, already picturing a threesome with her, Scarlett and Natalie.  She’d been with the both of them but never at the same time when it was just the three of them and that was something she definitely wanted to change.  “What do you need me to do?”

“Well I think we’re going to need some new toys for Natalie,” Scarlett said wickedly, her tone and grin making it abundantly clear that she wasn’t talking about action figures.  “Do you know of a good place to get some?  I want to be really creative about it.”

“As a matter of fact, I know the perfect place,” Jessica replied, deciding right then and there it was the perfect time to introduce Scarlett to her friends Maria and Alyssia.


The day wasn’t just one to discuss holiday plans and gift giving though.  It was also a work day and just because many of the girls at the mansion considered it a day off, it didn’t mean that the rest of the world was able to avoid going into the office.  In fact, it was quite the busy morning already at Desire Records, where serious business was being conducted.  The owners of the label were known for their hands on approach to management and right then a private meeting they were conducting was reaching a very intense point.

Meetings at the record label were legendarily thorough, sometimes lasting all day as every fine point was explored.  And while this one had only begun a short while ago, it was already looking like the kind of meeting that wouldn’t be ending any time soon.  Because everyone involved was very serious about business…especially when that business was pleasure.

“Ooooooh yessssssssssssssss mmmmm you like that baby?  Like that tongue in your pretty pink hole?” Christina Aguilera hissed, licking her own lips as she spoke and tasting delicious pussy juice all over them.  “Mmmmmm you like getting your hot slutty cunt licked?  You know I want to hear you tell me how much you fucking like it!”

And not only did Britney Spears know this, but she was extremely eager to give her girlfriend what she wanted.  Because as much as Christina loved hearing it, Britney loved saying it even more, especially when she was in the position she was in right then, completely naked and writhing on the hard oak of the conference table while her pussy was being worked over by another woman’s amazing tongue.

“Mmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkk!  Yesssssssssss I love getting my hot slut cunt licked!” Britney cooed as the hot tongue devilishly worked her over, licking her hot spots with an experienced skill, teasing her soaked, pink folds and making her ache for more attention to her clit, just the way she liked it.  “Oooooooh fuck yesssssssssss!  Eat me you little whore!  Mmmmm fucking eat my wet, juicy pussy!  Taste how you made it all drippy!  Lick that juicy right out my wet little cunny!  Oooooooh gawwwwwwwwwd fuckkkk Chrissy!  It feels so gooooooood!”

“I know it does baby,” Christina purred rubbing her hands over Britney’s big tits, loving how they jiggled from the way she was fucking herself against that sexy tongue.  “Oooooh you’re such a fucking slut for it Britney and I love it!  I love seeing you get fucked! I love seeing my slutty Britney getting her dirty wet pussy licked!”

Britney groaned loudly, her pleasure sounds rolling right out of her mouth before she was silenced by another hot kiss from Christina. They didn’t bother with niceties. Britney and Christina immediately began rubbing their tongues together, Britney cooing as she tasted her own wetness on Christina’s tongue. That was always something she loved. Tasting herself all over another girl’s tongue turned her on each and every time, especially when it was Christina’s tongue. And through their kiss, Britney kept moaning as her pussy kept on getting licked by a very horny and eager tongue.

While there were so many times each day when Britney would find herself nude and writhing from what Christina’s tongue could do to her, right then it wasn’t Christina’s turn to fuck Britney but both of them were still enjoying what was happening. Britney got to enjoy it because that hot tongue was fucking her spread pussy, lapping up her juices and making her clitoris throb with the need to experience orgasm.  And Christina was enjoying it because of the thrill of being a voyeur. She loved seeing Britney get fucked just like she knew Britney loved seeing her get it on with other women. They were perfectly matched in that regard and Christina’s pussy was dripping right then as she watched the fully dressed girl between Britney’s legs pleasure her naked girlfriend.

Christina was completely naked too and she moaned with bliss as she felt the hot juices drip right out of her bald cunt and onto her thigh. She loved getting so turned on she could literally feel those juices trickling past her labia and onto her flesh and she knew the more turned on she got, the more wetness she felt. Feeling it tickle her thigh was nice, but Christina wanted to feel it down her leg too. She wanted to be so wet that she could get her dirty juices down to her toes.  Having just come a few minutes before, Christina’s orgasm hadn’t satisfied her. It had left her craving more so she was especially eager for it as she watched Britney be pleasured and enjoyed knowing the nasty truth of what was going on behind the scenes.

Britney had recently had the money truck drive up and drop off an epic wad of cash into her bank account for the privilege of being a judge on Fox’s heavily hyped X Factor singing competition show. It hadn’t really popped the ratings up to where Fox wanted them to be, but Christina had a suspicion that people, especially in that key male 18-35 demographic, would be crawling over themselves to watch the show if they knew what was going on after the cameras stopped rolling.

But they didn’t know. They didn’t get to see what she saw. They didn’t get to be there right then in the conference room as a completely naked Britney Spears lay back on the heavy table with her feet on the hard wood and her knees bent so she could sling her legs open and invite in the adorable young woman into the folds of her pink cunt. They didn’t get to see the fully dressed brunette leaning over onto the table and feasting on Britney’s pussy like she was desperate for her cum. They didn’t get to see that woman’s gorgeous young face all sticky and shiny with Britney’s juices smeared all over them.

They didn’t get to see Demi Lovato going down on Britney Spears. And most of all they didn’t get to see it while pleasuring themselves which is just what Christina was doing.

As Britney had her fellow X Factor judge go down on her, Christina had her own hand fused to her pussy, feverishly rubbing the pierced lips of her labia to keep herself in a state of heat. She loved what she was seeing. She loved seeing Demi eagerly tonguing Britney. The girl’s pretty face looked so perfect pressed between Britney’s legs, her tongue licking away like the little lesbian slut she really was. No one had any idea this was what being on the X Factor was all about but Christina knew because she had seen this show so many times and had happily starred in it too.

“Yessssssssss that’s it you horny little bitch, eat my Britney’s pussy,” Christina lustfully urged as she pulled away from kissing her girlfriend to move down toward Demi. “You look so hot burying that pretty face in her wet cunt!  Fuck her! Fuck her like you fucked me!  Tongue fuck that dripping little hole and make her come!  Mmmmm show us what a cum hungry little lezzie slut you really are Demi!”

As she said this, Christina kept one hand pressed between her legs, coating her fingers with her girly essence as she slid them right into her tight folds and rubbed her clitty stud, making herself moan in bliss from touching her own piercing.  But she also put her free hand to use by caressing Demi’s ass through the dress she was wearing. Demi moaned as Christina’s hand made contact with her butt and she pushed her body out, jutting her ass up in the air more while still keeping her tongue hard at work on Britney’s pussy.

Christina smiled at Demi’s eagerness. She loved how horny the girl always was for some backdoor play. Sometimes it even rivaled her own craving for anal sex. And Christina had every intention of giving Demi what she wanted, but only if she made Britney come first.

Demi’s face was already sticky with Christina’s cum and now she was after Britney’s, pursuing it with cum thirsty licks and wet smacks of her lips against the girl’s splayed sex. To repay Demi for that, Christina used her free hand to lift up the bottom of her dress and started groping the younger girl’s ass through the tight leggings she had on underneath while all the while drooling at the way they clung to Demi’s thick butt cheeks.

Christina went back and forth, sometimes several times a day even, on whether she was more of a tit girl or an ass girl. She loved them both but having Demi’s spectacular backside there to be played with definitely had Christina drooling. Demi was a total package as far as Christina was concerned but the juicy roundness of her rump was just spectacular and Christina didn’t shy away from getting handsy with it. She even took her hand away from her pussy to be able to grab it with both hands, rubbing her cheeks through her leggings and making Demi moan as she felt Christina’s wet fingers touching her backside.

“You have such an amazing butt, Demi,” Christina moaned as she fondled the girl without any inhibition, something she might have done whether or not Demi wanted her to considering just how into the girl’s backside she was.

But Demi definitely wanted her to. Christina’s touch was most welcome and Demi stuck her ass up in the air even more to urge her to grab onto it more, something she would have encouraged verbally if her mouth hadn’t been otherwise occupied with Britney’s pussy.

“Oh yeah you like that, don’t ya? You like when big, bad sluts like me grab this sexy young butt? Mmmmm fuckkkk yeah Demi, show me how much you love me getting nasty with your hot ass!” Christina groaned, darting her eyes back and forth between Demi’s curves in her tight leggings and the way the brunette was making Britney moan and writhe on the table, her eyes looking like they were about to roll right back in her head as her mouth contorted again and again in wild ecstasy.  “You’re such a little fucking slut Demi! Good thing you ran out on Disney. If you were there you’d be fucking every hot piece of ass you could and we know Disney never wants its good little girls to fuck!”

Christina, Britney and Demi all knew the pressures of being a face on the Disney Channel. In fact Demi knew it all too well. But she had come out stronger on the other side and she knew Christina was right. Leaving the house of the mouse had been difficult but it had also liberated her. She could be who she was. She could do what she wanted. She could fuck who she wanted to fuck. No one could ever judge her again. No one could ever try and stifle her true nature. She could be a real woman and not some commodity. And she could do just what she was doing then without a care in the world except how badly she needed to come and how much she needed to get naked.

“Ooooooooooh yessssssss I am a slut!  I’d fuck every hot girl I could if I was still there!” Demi cooed as she paused thrusting her tongue into Britney’s drooling cunt for just a moment. “I’d do them all! If I was there now I’d be fucking every girl in the cast! Ughhh I’d let those sexy dykes in the crew paw at me and make me their fucking whore! Mmmm I’d lap away at the pussies of the hot little bitches in PR! I’d fuck any hot pussy I could get my mouth on!  I’d be a total fucking slut there now!”

“So would I mmmmm I’d make that place my own personal candy store,” Christina said, licking her lips, knowing full well that Disney had been very lucky she had been a kid when she had been on the show, because had she gone through puberty while there and discovered the pure joy of being a complete nymphomaniac then she would have wrecked that place. “And I’d have started with you Demi!”

Christina brought her hand down hard on Demi’s ass, spanking her through her leggings and making her yelp with pleasure as her flesh stung from the smack. Demi felt so dirty then…so dirty and so completely free and wonderful. Even though Christina and Britney were both stark naked and she had all of her clothes on, Demi felt like she was the one who was exposed. The naked girls had all the control and she had none. And she couldn’t have been happier. It was such a turn on to be manhandled by girls like Britney and Christina. They gave her just what she wanted in the wild, nasty way she wanted it.

“Ughhh yessssss smack it!” Demi lustfully grunted before burying her tongue back into Britney. “Smack my bubble butt! I know I’ve got a hot fucking ass! Mmmm fuckk I’m such a nasty girl Christina! I go online and search out the pervy sites and read all about how guys want to fuck me mmmm and how they love my tits and my thick booty! I read about how they want to fuck my ass and cum all over my slutty face and I get so fucking wet knowing they all are getting hard for me but they can never have me cause I only love fucking girls! Ughhh yessss smack my ass Christina! Smack my ass for being a tease and giving dirty boys big fucking hard ons when all they can do is jerk them off cause I’d never fuck them!”

“Yeahhh bitch, you are nasty!  Mmmm just the way I like it!” Christina laughed, giving Demi another hard smack through her clothes, striking her juicy ass cheeks and making her growl with desire and tongue fuck Britney harder. “You get all those horny boys hard but you only get wet for hot sluts like me and Brit!  Now eat that fucking pussy! Make my Britney come and I might get your clothes off!  Mmmm might!”

Christina emphasized that last word, making sure Demi knew that her pleasure was secondary to theirs and loving how it convinced her to start tonguing Britney harder. Britney cried out blissfully from Demi’s tonguing and Christina stared lovingly at Britney’s big, bouncing tits as she lay back and fucked Demi’s face, her legs bent and spread open lewdly and that pretty young things face fused to her cunt like her life depended on it. Demi was a total submissive slut and a deeply perverted girl and to say she had fit in perfectly with them here at Desire Records had been putting it mildly.

Of course Christina had always known that Demi was a little fucking sex freak. The first time she had met the girl her gaydar had nearly exploded and that had just been from seeing those gorgeous eyes and the smoldering lusts barely hidden behind them. Demi hadn’t even made a move on her that night and it had been too public an event for Christina to try anything either. But she had just known. It might as well have been printed on her dress that she was a total horny lez. But lesbianism was one thing. Freakiness was another and Christina had also sensed that immediately.

Like a predator finding the perfect piece of prey in the jungle, Christina had immediately sniffed out Demi’s wild side. She had recognized her as a kindred spirit. Demi was a prize to be taken and she had wanted to take her. Britney had completely agreed too. They had seen Demi right away and known she would be into anything they could throw at her. She was made to be fucked. She knew it. They knew it. And it had just been a matter of time before it had happened.

As part of her huge contract with X Factor, Britney had had veto power over the second female judge was going to be and she had made it clear that she would be the one doing the picking. Of course what the producers hadn’t known was how Britney and Christina had considered each and every one of the candidates for the job by how much they wanted to fuck them. Because Christina had been hungry to get a taste of some hot pussy too thanks to being on The Voice with its all-male panel. Christina had certainly made use of her fellow judges, but she had craved cunt too and Britney joining X Factor had been the perfect chance to get it.

So they had considered all the possible candidates based solely on their tits and asses and their beliefs about how good they’d be at eating pussy. That had been the main consideration for Britney and Christina and when Demi’s name had come up they knew they had found their girl. She had fit all the qualifications of having a hot body and the idea of fucking her had made both of their cunts damp. But before Britney had given the go-ahead to her hiring, she and Christina had made damn sure to “test” her first.

And, just as they’d suspected, Demi had been very, very willing to be seduced. She had been nervous when she’d first arrived at their home that night because she hadn’t wanted to blow a big chance like this for a big payday and exposure for her own music, but Demi had also had another reason for her nerves. She’d heard all the rumors about Britney. She’d heard that she and Christina acted like insatiable nymphos in the middle of a Roman bacchanalia at their record label. She’d heard how much they loved girls. She’d heard how they fucked like no other. But she hadn’t wanted to believe any of it for fear of being let down.

After all, Demi had heard some pretty crazy rumors about herself over the years so she had learned a long time ago never to make assumptions about women she didn’t know. Demi had been afraid she’d give up her own arousal too obviously. She hadn’t wanted Britney to know how the idea of fucking her turned her on. She hadn’t wanted her to know that just the sight of her that first night at Britney’s home had made her moist. She had wanted all the rumors to be true so badly. She had wanted Britney to rip her clothes off and fuck her like she’d never been fucked before. She wanted Britney to see she’d be a good judge of talent by making it clear what a good little pussy licker she was. She wanted Britney to want her just like she lusted after her hot blonde body and Demi had known she would have been do disappointed if she had found out Britney was straight.

Fortunately, Demi had found out that Britney was anything but straight in the most emphatic manner and that the reality was far better than the rumors. Demi had been told by her agent that this was just supposed to be a casual, friendly and, most of all, professional meeting with her and Britney. But it had been anything but and Demi had loved it. Britney had been handsy from the moment she had met her at the door, hugging her like she was her long lost friend and not a virtual stranger. Britney had been so friendly to her, holding her hand as she’d shown her around the place, telling her how pretty she looked and not missing a single chance to brush her hand against her body.

It hadn’t taken long for that friendly touching to turn into something more. They had barely even talked about the show before getting to more intimate topics. Britney had kept telling Demi how much she loved her body and how sexy she was and teasing her about how the paparazzi had caught her on vacation in a bikini while mentioning how good she looked barely dressed. Demi had naturally loved hearing the compliments, especially coming from someone as sexy as Britney and every time the blonde had told her how good she looked, with her hot, young body so firm and tight compared to her after having two kids and all her wild times, Demi had tried to laugh it off, telling Britney how she was the one who was super hot and how her body could never compare to hers.

Demi had confessed how she had always wanted big boobs like Britney had and she could still remember now the thrill that had gone right up her spine when the blonde pop icon had lifted up her top to show off that she wasn’t wearing a bra while confessing that her breasts were fake so Demi didn’t have to be envious. But Demi hadn’t cared that they were fake. She had just cared how big and beautiful they were. Seeing Britney flash her like that had left her mouth dry and her heart pounding as she had wondered if she had fallen into some kind of wonderful dream, especially when Britney had reached over to feel up her chest like it was the most natural thing in the world to touch the boobs of a girl she barely knew.

Even now, thinking about it made Demi feel all warm and happy inside. It had been such a sweet, natural seduction and one she had been totally into. Britney had invited her to feel her tits too, telling her to feel what a good job her doctor had done with her implants and how they’d even gotten a little bigger naturally thanks to having her two kids. And with trembling hands she’d felt those infamous breasts, the two of them sitting across from each other on the couch touching each other’s tits and thinking about anything but the show.

It had been then that Britney had softly touched her lips to hers for first time and asked Demi if she liked it  She told her how she liked girls and how she had thought Demi had liked girls too. She asked her if it was true and if she wanted to take off some more clothes with her and really get to know each other. Of course Demi had and she was effusive in telling Britney so, which had only led to more kissing and lots of touching and when the clothes had started coming off and Christina had walked in on them with a big smile on her face and nothing else, Demi had known she was right where she had wanted to be. She loved how they had totally set her up and how Britney had been so sweet and gentle with her while Christina made things nasty and wild, the two of them combining to blow her mind and make all her wild lesbian fantasies about the two of them come true.

That first night had been so amazing. Demi had never thought she would ever feel anything hotter than having her face buried in Britney’s pussy while Christina took her from behind with a strap on, filling her pussy up with fake cock and making her come all over it. But they had only gotten hotter and nastier since then. Demi adored when Britney and Christina teamed up on her like this. Being their little fuckslut thrilled her like only one other fantasy could and whenever one of them called or texted her, Demi felt herself get instantly wet because she knew it was a booty call.

She would gladly have done X Factor for free just for the chance to be naked with these two gorgeous sex queens. Britney and Christina had such luscious, amazing bodies. As someone who had struggled to be tiny for so long, Demi admired how they embraced their curves and it inspired her to embrace her own. Demi had learned to love her natural, thicker self and a lot of that was because of the way Britney and Christina and other girls like them loved themselves. Bur beyond admiring them, Demi lusted for them and all the dirty things they could do for her.

She had let them totally seduce her that first night and the pleasure hadn’t stopped since. Demi still remembered how it felt to have both of them sucking on her tits, her firm globes in their mouths as they both sucked on her nipples and left their saliva dripping all over her bare chest. And then when they had given her the same dual treatment, but to her pussy, Demi had howled out how much she’d wanted them all along and how wet she’d been for this and how she was so glad all the rumors about them had been true. She’d eagerly pledged to be their dirty little slut that night and let them fuck her whenever they wanted and she would never forget how she had nearly passed out from ecstasy as she’d come from Britney sucking her cunt and Christina working her finger and her tongue into her ass at the same time.

Since that night, not only had Demi been an enthusiastic judge on the show, but a sex partner as well. She loved how even with it pretty much being an open secret that Britney and Christina were fucking, the cover story was still that they were rivals, especially with their shows on competing networks. Even with their wild reputations already known, it still would have blown minds to have the judge on The Voice and the judge on X Factor fucking each other and Demi loved being a part of their threesomes. They both made her feel so good. She could never get enough of fucking them and when they called her, she damn well answered and got her ass over to them as quickly as she could.

She had gotten their call this morning and she had barely paused to throw clothes on before she had gotten to Desire Records for this very important “business meeting.” Of course Demi knew that had she simply shown up naked or with nothing on under a long coat it would have only made things hotter. But she just wasn’t that bold. She wanted to be though. She wanted to be wild and slutty and completely uninhibited. If Britney and Christina had told her to run naked through the lobby or flash the busy street outside she would have. God, she would have done any dirty thing they said because of how it made her feel to be a nasty slut for them.

It made her feel so free and happy to be like this and she proved it with every horny lick of Britney’s cunt. Feeling that soaked, sticky muff all hot and tight in her face was heaven to Demi. She had never been into guys. She had faked it for so long and it had all been a lie, mostly to herself. This was what she wanted. She wanted pussy. She wanted hot girls like Britney. She wanted them so bad. And she took it, dragging her tongue over Britney’s flared, spread lips over and over again to taste her drooling juices and then plunging inside to stiffly tongue fuck her and stimulate her clitoris as the whole time Christina told her how dirty and nasty she was and how hot it was to see her fucking Britney. All of it turned on Demi and she felt like she could absolutely soak her leggings with her own wanton lust.

And Demi wasn’t the only one who was soaked. Even though she wasn’t touching herself anymore, Christina could feel her wetness dripping down and she moaned out as goosebumps of pleasure popped up on her thigh from that liquid arousal tickling her own already heated flesh.

“Mmmmmm you like that Britney? Is she fucking you good?” Christina asked teasingly. All she had to do was look at the ecstasy on her girlfriend’s face to get an answer. “Is she licking that tight little fuckhole of yours good like I do? Mmmm is she going to make your slutty kitty cream?”


Demi would happily have given Britney anything she had if it meant getting her to come right then. Hearing Britney cry out for her while her tongue was licking such a tasty treat was pure pleasure to her too. Demi loved how she could lose herself in sex. She had never embraced the whole “virgin” aura that so many of her contemporaries had. She had known from a young age that she loved sex. She had first felt a girl go down on her when she was barely a teenager and it had felt so awesome that she had known right then and there that nothing that good could ever truly be wrong or sinful no matter how much people tried to make it seem so. How anyone could ever deny themselves the pleasure of sex was beyond her. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world to have an orgasm.

But recognizing at a young age that she was a sexual creature and not being afraid to express that had only earned her the fear of being bullied and the cruel taunts of the other people in her age group who had called her a slut and a whore and a dyke. It had made her hide away who she was and try to pretend to be someone she wasn’t. And that had been so painful and had led to her self-destructive ways. But now all that was behind her. Demi had re-embraced her sexuality thanks to therapy like this and she had never been happier. There was only one thing keeping her life from being complete, but that wasn’t there right then. Britney Spears’ wet pussy was and that was what Demi concentrated on.

Demi thrust her tongue harder into Britney, working over right in the most sensitive areas of her pussy as the blonde screamed in delight. Demi moaned blissfully at the heat and wetness from Britney’s cunt right in her face. It made her so turned on to know how much Britney liked this and as Britney’s pussy clamped on her tongue, making it such a wonderfully tight squeeze, Demi just worked harder, wanting nothing more than to get Britney’s cum out of her pussy and into her tummy.

And Demi’s arousal was hardly being cooled thanks to Christina’s wicked actions. With Britney sprawled out naked on the hardwood table that had been home to so much naughtiness that they had had to have it refinished three times to get rid of all the cum stains, Demi was bent over in the chair she was in her knees on. This stuck her butt up in the air as her face was pressed to Britney’s crotch and Christina took full advantage, smacking Demi’s ass with one hand and rubbing between her legs with the other.

“Mmmmmm you’re so fucking wet you little slut,” Christina huskily purred while pressing her hand to Demi’s young lovebox through the leggings she had on. With the bottom of Demi’s dress pulled up around her waist, it was so easy for Christina to caress the girl’s intimate areas and feel the heat and wetness through the dark fabric of her black leggings. “Mmmmm I’ll bet I can make you come Demi!  I’ll bet I can make you come and soak these fucking leggings and make them sticky with pussy cream!  Mmmm and then you’d just keep on wearing them all day with your crotch soaked from that horny little cunt of yours! Everyone smelling the sex on you and knowing you just got off like a whore, soaking your clothes and wearing them so they can smell your wet twat and know you’re still horny for more! You want that Demi? Want me to rub you so good you soak these leggings with cunt cream?”

Demi did want that. It sounded so wonderfully nasty. Christina made everything sound dirty and hot and Demi was sure she could talk her right into letting this happen. But Demi wanted something else even more and she wasn’t shy about letting it be known.

“Noooooo!” Demi moaned out, her voice muffled by Britney’s pussy before she turned her sticky face up from it and let herself be clearer. “I don’t want to waste it!  Mmmm how could I just want to soak my clothes when I could be soaking your face instead, Christina? I want to come all over you! Just like you did to me! Just like Britney is going to do! I want to paint your face with my slutty girl cum! You always make me come so hard and I need this! I haven’t come in days and I want it to be on your hot tongue Christina!”

Demi wasn’t sure how Christina was going to take it her request. Sometimes the girl was accommodating. And sometimes Christina just went for what she wanted without worrying about the consequences. She could be positively angelic or stubbornly bitchy during sex and the truth was both sides turned Demi on tremendously. She just didn’t know which one she was going to get at any given moment with Christina but the answer came after a moment’s consideration when a big smile stretched across Christina’s sexy face.

“Mmmmm good answer Demi,” Christina said, licking her lips like she could taste her cum already. “REALLY good answer! Mmmm I haven’t had any girl cum on my face since I had my breakfast this morning and I’m hungry for it all over again!”

Christina didn’t elaborate, leaving Demi to wonder who she had eaten for breakfast. Had it been Britney? Had it been some other sexy girl? Knowing what she knew about Christina, the possibilities seemed endless and Demi’s mind whirled with sexy thoughts until she found herself distracted by Christina pulling down her leggings and cooing over what she found.

“Oh fuck yeah! No panties? Mmmmm you dirty little ho!” Christina laughed. “I fucking love it! No wonder you felt so wet! Walking around commando under your leggings? That’s dirty Demi! But I can make you dirtier!”

And she proved, as she always did, that she was as good as her word. Christina pulled Demi’s leggings down her body just past the round curves of her ass. She exposed the bare, succulent butt cheeks underneath her clothes and left her leggings bunched up there so she could immediately attack her waiting slit with her tongue. Just like she had felt, Demi’s nether lips were coated with dewy desire and Christina’s tongue darted out to taste it, sliding up her pink labia with a thirsty energy that cleaned off her leaking arousal and replaced it with a fresh glaze made up of equal parts horniness and saliva.

“Ohhhhhhhhmygodddddddddd!” Demi cried out in joy from that wonderful tongue bathing her pussy lips. All of her clothes were essentially off but she didn’t care because she was naked where it counted and Christina was rewarding her for it. “Oooooh yessssssss! Lick my naughty wet pussy Christina!  Mmmm fuckkk I was such a dirty girl by not putting my panties on this morning! Show me what dirty girls get around here! Show me they get their pretty pussies licked! Mmmmm gawwwwwwd you girls are sooooo good at licking meeeeeee!”

Demi forced herself to be quiet for the moment by burying her tongue back into Britney’s sticky hole.  She didn’t want to neglect Britney when she could taste just how close the naked pop icon was to orgasm.  And, selfishly, Demi also knew that the better she did with Britney, the nicer Christina would be to her.  She badly wanted to come. She really hadn’t had an orgasm in days. She was most definitely between girlfriends right then and she hadn’t even had any time to play with her toys or her shower massager or even her fingers. So she needed this badly and when she had gotten the text from Britney for this mid-morning booty call, Demi had bolted out the door.

She had thought about wearing panties but had decided against it, knowing they would only be getting in the way and that it would turn Christina and Britney on to know that the former Disney star was wandering around LA without any underwear on under her dress. She had also thought about ditching the leggings too and being completely commando under her dress, but it had been cold that morning and the twin fears of being chilly and, more importantly, accidently giving the paparazzi what would literally be a money show inhibited her.

But she had been at least a little bold by leaving her panties at home and it was paying off now as Christina tongued her from behind, tasting the wetness dripping from her slit and making her moan and squirm inside the prison of the rest of her clothes while she remained bent over on her knees in the comfortable chair inside the conference room. Demi cried out pussy muffled sounds of pleasure as she arched her ass up even more to press herself closer to Christina’s face while thrusting her tongue into Britney’s yummy love box with extra enthusiasm.

And as she did this, she kept total eye contact with Britney, locking their gazes on each other while she drank in the sight of Britney squeezing her famous tits and pushing them up so she could tongue her own flesh. Seeing those big, juicy mounds being fondled so roughly by Britney because of how good she was making her feel turned Demi on even more and she urged her lover on.

“Oh Britney!  Mmmm I love seeing you play with those sexy boobs!” Demi groaned, licking even as she talked and gulping down tasty girl juice while pushing out her words. “Come for me baby! Mmmm come for dirty little Demi! Come all over my sweet Disney slut face while your girlfriend fucks me! Mmmm come for your little fuckslut!  I want it! I want to swallow your cum and gulp it down like a nasty girl!  Please Britney! Give me what I want!”

“Mmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss I’ll give!  I’ll give you what you fucking want you dirty girl,” Britney lustfully grunted, bucking herself up and down to fuck Demi’s happy face. “Oooooh don’t stop Demi! Lick me!  Mmmm lick my slutty pussy! Ooooooooh fuckkkk I’m so fucking juicy for you baby! Make me feel like a nasty slut Demi! Make me come in front of Christina! Make my pussy burst against your sweet face!  Ooooooh and keep looking at me! Mmmmm stare at me while I play with my big tits for you baby!  Mmmm stare at me Demi!  That’s so fucking hot! I love your eyes!”

Britney wasn’t the first person who had praised Demi’s eyes and the brunette didn’t hesitate to give her the full power of her stare. She knew full well how sexy her eyes could be. Sometimes she went back and forth, depending on how confident she felt, about whether her eyes or her butt were her best feature. Since the first time she had ever stared up at another girl from between her legs while going down on her, Demi had been hearing what sexy eyes she had and she made sure to give Britney the sexiest gaze she could manage as she fed off her pussy, wrapping her lips right around her clitoris and slurping on the swollen bud as Britney howled with need.


“Mmmm I already know you’re a dirty fucking whore Britney,” Christina cackled as she pulled up from Demi’s wet snatch for a moment to blow her girlfriend a kiss. “And you know I am too! That’s why I fucking love you baby!  Mmmm we’re both dirty fucking cunt sluts who can’t get enough! Now come all over Demi’s face, baby! Get it nice and creamy so I can lick it all off!”

Demi loved so many things about playing with Britney and Christina. She loved how they fucked her and made her come. She loved all the tricks she learned from them about how to pleasure women. She loved how insatiable they were and how being with them was turning her into a total nympho too. But she also loved how connected they were. There was such chemistry between them that even when they were being nasty and slutty with each other, Demi could feel their love. God, she wanted that in her own life so badly. She needed someone like Britney and Christina had with each other and to see them like that told Demi it was possible that that kind of happiness could definitely happen for her too. That filled her with joy and lust and she gave some of that joy to Britney.

While continuing to suck on her clit, Demi pushed two of her fingers right into the pop icon. Britney’s pussy was tight, but it was also so very greedy and Demi hissed with her own pleasure as she felt those soaked folds wrap around her fingers, trapping them in Britney’s honeypot and making clear how welcome they were. Demi began passionately finger fucking Britney, making dirty squelching sounds with her thrusting digits while still slurping on her clit, making Britney cry out even more.


That only made Demi go after Britney harder. She worked her fingers in with more fury, thrusting them in faster as Britney’s folds sensually wrapped them with orgasmic passion, making sure that juice ran down her fingers and her hand and onto her wrist as she grunted while finger fucking Britney. She stopped sucking on her clit but only so she could tongue her again instead, making her tongue go just as enthusiastically into her pussy as her fingers were, double fucking Britney at the same time.

Keeping her fingers inside the girl kept her pussy from clamping down too much against her tongue as she went wild with it, pleasuring Britney with horny thrusts and licks that centered right on her clit. With tongue and fingers working in unleashed tandem, Demi was able to make Britney keep her promise and come right where she wanted her to, right where Christina already had, right against the face that covered so many magazines.


Britney kept on screaming and babbling and exclaiming her orgasmic ecstasy in ways that were by now extremely familiar to all the women working at Desire Records, all of whom knew full well the differences in sounds between Britney and Christina’s orgasms, especially because of all the times they had fucked their bosses themselves. All those happy sounds just provided more enhancement to both Demi and Christina’s pleasure as Demi continued feasting on the creaming cunt pressed to her face while Christina tongued her from behind, squeezing her round ass cheeks as she spread her open to thrust in her tongue, licking Demi just like Demi was fucking Britney.

Demi was quickly dripping right into Christina’s mouth from the skillful way her oh so experienced tongue stimulated her pussy. She had been wet ever since she had gotten the text to come over and getting Christina off and then Britney with all her clothes on like she was some little piece of fuck meat to the super famous pop stars had only made her want it more. She had been soaked by the time Christina had pulled down her leggings and now that she was being worked over by that amazing nympho tongue of Christina’s, Demi was dripping.

She loved everything about the way that tongue was taking her as she finally just closed her eyes and let the pleasure start to caress her like a warm waves of the ocean gently touching her body. Demi still kept her own tongue licking at Britney now to taste the last bits of her wonderfully creamy girl cum, but she slowed down her own pace as Britney cycled down from her orgasm. She licked slower now, taking a more tender tactic as she tasted those last few droplets of cum and left Britney writhing and moaning on the table.

Now Demi wanted to focus on her own pleasure…and what sweet pleasure it was. Christina was so good at eating pussy. Demi knew she was good herself, but she also knew she wasn’t at Christina’s level. Self-improvement was something Demi definitely believed in, though, so she believed she could get to be as good as Christina was with lots of practice like this. Even as she enjoyed the pleasure she was feeling, Demi noted to herself where Christina was licking and how she was doing it to teach herself how to be that good too. Because maybe if she could be as good at eating pussy as Christina was, she could get her own dream girl the way Christina had gotten Britney.

“Mmmmmmm oooooooooooh yeahhhh mmmm Christina! Ohhh gawd this is just what I need!” Demi dreamily moaned, her eyes still closed as she felt nothing but sensual pleasure from her lover’s tongue. “Mmmmm I’ve been dying to be licked lately and no one does it like you!  Mmmmm lick me Christina! Ughhh do what all those horny guys want to do but can’t! Fuck my slutty, sexy body!”

Christina badly wanted to fuck Demi. But even more she couldn’t resist being a bit of a devilish tease, especially when Britney fully pulled away from Demi’s face, leaving the former Disney Channel star with her skin glazed with girl cum.

“Think you’re hot, huh?” Christina smirked with a horny giggle as she brought down both of her hands at once onto Demi’s ass, spanking both of her cheeks with a playful smack that still stung.

“Owwwww!” Demi whined, but with pleasure and not pain in her voice. She could see that Christina was playing a game and while she didn’t know which one yet, she still went right along with it. “Mmmhmmm I know I’m hot!”

“Cocky girl mmmmm good thing it’s true,” Christina giggled before giving Demi’s ass another smack, this one harder than the first as Demi’s yelp turned into something more resembling a purr. “You are hot Demi! Don’t hide that you’re hot! You shouldn’t be wearing those big dresses that cover up this sexy bod of yours. You should be dressing like me mmm flaunting those assets of yours!  Ooooh especially this one!”

As she said that, Christina grabbed a firm hold of Demi’s ass, squeezing her Latina cheeks and making the brunette wantonly moan.

“Ughhh yesssssssss! Mmmmm whatever you want Chrissy,” Demi moaned. “I’ll dress slutty! I’ll show off my butt more!”

“Oh you think I dress like a slut?” Christina teased, pulling her hands away to give Demi’s ass another spanking. “Think I dress like a whore? Think I’m showing my big ass of too much?”

“Ooooooh that’s not what I meant…” Demi whimpered, this third spanking harder than the first two combined. But even though it stung, it still felt really good. Christina was an expert in spanking girls and Demi also knew that Christina loved to take it just as much as she loved to dish it out.  “You look really, really hot Christina!”

“Goddamn right I do,” Christina smirked, pulling away from Demi’s smarting ass and walking around so the girl could see her. “I make you wet, don’t I, Demi? Seeing this body gets your little cunt all nice and juicy, huh?”

“Oh yesssssssssssssss!” Demi immediately replied, letting her eyes linger all over Christina’s nudity. She drank in the sight of Christina’s big tits, her right nipple pierced with a gold ring through it and stared at every one of her delicious curves. But Demi mostly stared right between Christina’s thighs at her bald pussy, nary a hair in place as her already licked lips glistened with a fresh arousal that made the smaller gold ring through her labia twinkle. “Your body gets me so wet Christina!”

“What about my ass?” Christina asked seductively while turning around and jutting her backside out, feeding off the horny girl’s compliments like they were manna from heaven. “You like this big, thick booty, Demi?”

Christina gave her ass a shake as she said it, showing off all of her curves and loving how she heard twin moans from Demi and Britney.

“Oooooh I love it!” Britney eagerly interrupted, pausing her own orgasmic afterglow.

“I know you love it Britney,” Christina smiled. “You love fucking my fat ass Brit. Oooooh driving a big, thick strap on right up my booty to make my butt cheeks shake! I fucking love when you do that! But I want Demi to love it too. She’s the one who thinks she’s so hot. She thinks she’s got a great ass. What about my ass, Demi? What about this big fucking butt of mine?”

“It’s so sexy!” Demi moaned, feeling her lips moisten like drooling was inevitable. Demi definitely appreciated a great butt on a girl and Christina had so much ass to offer. Her womanly curves were so arousing and Demi, who had fought so hard against her own feelings of insecurity that she had to be a stick figure to be sexy, loved everything that she saw. Christina owned her curves and it Demi was totally turned on by that. “You have a great ass Christina! Mmmm your big, sexy ass makes me so fucking wet! I love looking at that ass and thinking about sticking my pretty face in it so I can tongue fuck your little hole and show you what a little slut I can be!”

“You know just what a girl wants to hear, don’t you?” Christina laughed. “Now get over here Demi. Mmmm momma wants to pay you back for being such a nice little whore for her.”

Christina didn’t have to tell her twice and Demi was off her knees and out of that chair in a flash. She needed to steady herself for a moment as feeling came back into her legs after kneeling for so long and with her leggings pulled down past her ass, it constricted her movement a little bit. But she was not to be denied and she got over to Christina where the busty blonde greeted her with a big kiss. And while that happened, Demi showed off just how much she liked Christina’s ass by reaching down to grab at her meaty cheeks, pawing them while they rubbed their tongues together.

That provided plenty of incentive for Britney to get moving and she pulled herself off the table and moved the short distance to where Christina and Demi were standing. She pressed her naked body up against Demi and brushed her dark hair away so she could start kissing her neck. That made Demi moan and she began grinding herself back up against Britney, pressing her uncovered ass into her crotch and making an even louder sound of pleasure as she felt Britney’s wetness against her, knowing that her saliva and Britney’s juices were now getting her butt wet.

But Britney didn’t just stand there and enjoy the feel of that young ass rubbing into her still horny pussy. It felt awkward for her and Christina to be so naked while Demi had her clothes on. So while Christina and Demi kissed, Britney reached up for the girl’s leggings to take care of what her girlfriend started. While keeping Demi’s dress up around her waist, Britney pulled down her leggings and left Demi completely bare assed. Doing this necessitated Britney getting down on her own knees and, while still holding up the dress, she lovingly placed kisses on each of Demi’s cheeks, pressing her soft lips right to the flesh that was still a little flushed from Christina’s spankings.

That made Demi moan even harder while she made out with Christina, her hands squeezing the pop superstar’s ass and loving how it felt to have the blonde’s fake D cups pressing into her smaller, but all natural chest. And those moans only grew when Britney stood up and took her dress with her. Britney clutched onto it from the bottom and as she stood up began pulling it over Demi’s head. Christina helped with this too, the two of them working as a team to get Demi’s dress off. It meant that Christina and Demi had to stop kissing but that was a sacrifice they were both willing to make as they stripped her down.

Tossing her no longer needed dress to the floor, Christina and Britney both pushed Demi onto the table so the smiling girl could look up at them as they stood before her, lust in their eyes as they looked all over her barely covered her body. Thanks to her boots being on, Demi’s leggings hadn’t been able to come off all the way and she still had her bra on, but both of those were easily disposed of as Britney and Christina wordlessly made sure Demi was just as bare as they were.

As Demi giggled in anticipation of finally being naked, Christina leaned in to kiss her while reaching around back for the clasp of her bra. While they resumed their kissing, their lips smacking together wetly and repeatedly, Christina pulled off Demi’s bra and bared her breasts. Christina’s hands went right for Demi’s round chest and caressed it with sensual heat as Demi’s hands got busy too, feeling up Christina’s naked tits right back as she loved how they always completely overwhelmed her small hands with their impressive size.

But while Christina and Demi kissed and lustfully played with each other’s boobs, Britney was active too. Demi had on sexy heeled black boots that went up to her knees and Britney unzipped them quickly while wondering where it was Demi had gotten them so she could buy herself a pair too. But the boots were quickly forgotten as Britney got them off and pulled Demi’s leggings completely off at last. Now she was naked like them and Britney didn’t hesitate. As her own pussy continued to tingle from what Demi had done to it, she dove face first into the girl’s crotch and started licking.

“Ahhhhhhhh!  Yessssssss!  Yessssssssssssss!  Oh Britney!  Mmmm give it to me baby!  Ughhhh lick my little pussy!” Demi squealed as Britney’s tongue attacked. “Fuck me! Just like I fucked you! Ughhh yesssssssssss I need this!  I need it so fucking bad!”

Britney didn’t have to be told how horny Demi was for this. She could tell just from how she tasted all over her tongue. Demi always had a such a sweet little pussy and today her taste was especially rich with all her pent up arousal after days without an orgasm. Britney always loved tasting girls who were already nice and juicy for her. There was nothing like pushing your tongue into a pussy and having it be instantly coated with the yummiest of flavors. Demi was definitely all kinds of squishy for her as she began licking and Britney moaned while tonguing harder as her sweet juices soaked her taste buds and made her shiver with desire from how yummy she was. Britney reached down between her legs and started playing with her own cunt as she feasted on Demi, lapping away at her young twat just like Demi had done to her moments before.

Feeling that tongue shoving into her pinkness had Demi bucking with pleasure on the hard oak table in no time. She had been fucked by these two sluts here before and she loved being able to see the bruises on her butt the next day in the mirror as she remembered how hard she had come and how she had banged her ass so hard into the wood that she had left a mark. It was like getting a hickey except in a far more intimate place and Demi savored having that sexy secret.

She wanted this so bad. Her pussy was absolutely sodden with need and she badly wanted to get off. Britney’s tongue was just the incredible feeling she craved. Britney was so good at licking. Demi had felt it that first night when she’d creamed her famous face with her girly cum thanks to Britney blowing her mind with how good she was at eating pussy and she’d felt it each and every time they’d hooked up since. Now she wanted to feel it again and as Britney’s tongue worked her tight vagina over, Demi was positive she would soon be coming like a rocket, especially from the way Christina was tending to her nipples, licking all over them and making them throb. Her dark berry nipples were being enveloped by Christina’s soft lips and it enhanced everything Britney was doing to her.

“Ughhh ohhhhhhhh mmmm!” Demi grunted as she happily took her turn to be the one naked and licked on this hard oak conference table where the label’s most pressing business took place. “Make me come Britney! Oooooh your tongue is so good! Lick my pussy! Please! Mmmmm make me come all over you! I want to come all over your tongue Britney!”

“Heyyyyy I thought you wanted to come all over MY tongue!” Christina teased as she pulled up from Demi’s wet tits with a naughty smile on her face. “What gives Demi? You like Britney’s tongue more than me?”

Demi stammered a bit even though she knew Christina was just playing with her. She didn’t want to do anything to make Britney stop. After waiting days for fun just like this and bringing the two blondes to orgasm, Demi couldn’t wait any longer. But as soon as she found her voice again, Demi knew just what to say.

“Oooooh I love you both!” Demi groaned while Britney just kept on licking, working her tongue into her wetness with the skill and preciseness that had come from fucking so many girls for so long. “I just need to come! I’ll come on your face, Christina! I’ll come on Britney’s! Mmmm I’ll definitely come on you both! I just need to fucking come!”

Christina softly laughed over how worked up the young brunette was and she leaned back down to give each of Demi’s dark pink nipples a kiss, pressing her lips right up to her wide, half dollar size areolas and giving them both a soft smooch that left them even wetter with her saliva. Then she pulled away to bend over so she was right next to Britney while her girlfriend ate Demi out. She whispered in Britney’s ear as she continued to lick and while Demi couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, the expression “Don’t forget the lube” certainly caught her ear and made her certain that whatever they were planning, she was going to like it.

Though disappointed she had to stop licking Demi, Britney’s smile showed off just how much she liked Christina’s idea and she straightened herself up before scampering off naked to get what Christina wanted. And when she did that, Christina turned up the heat by crawling up onto the strong oak table and giving Demi a very simple and sexy command.

“Get on all your knees and stick that sexy ass of yours up in the air,” Christina instructed. “And then reach around back and spread yourself for me sweetie. Mmmm I wanna see those sweet cheeks nice and spread open.”

“Oooooh so nasty!” Demi sighed while immediately doing it. She loved having her limits pushed by sexy deviants like Christina. She had spent so many years denying her own nasty side and her love of sex, thinking she was dirty and wrong for liking what she liked. Christina encouraged her to be true to herself and her lusts and it felt so liberating to be bad like this.

Demi did exactly as she was told, getting on her knees on the table and bending over, jutting her bare ass out and then reaching around back to grab at her own ass. She took a hold of her round butt cheeks and lewdly spread them open showing off a soaked labia glistening with horniness and the remnants of Britney and Christina’s wet tongues as well as a far tighter hole. It was a lascivious sight and Christina immediately took advantage by kneeling behind Demi on the table and sticking her face right into the younger brunette.

“Ohhhhhhhhmygawwwwwwwwwwwd!” Demi groaned when her pussy was penetrated by Christina’s tongue. “Oooooooh yessssssss! Nasty girl!  Mmmm eat me out Christina! Ughhh my pussy needs this! Oooooh! Mmmmm that tongue feels so good! Eat my fucking pussy like you do to all those other sluts here! Make me come hard and be as slutty as them! Yesssssssss!”

With Demi spreading open her own ass cheeks for her, Christina was able to use her a hands to a more stimulating use. She took one hand to reach under Demi and rub the lips of her slick, sensitive labia as she continued tongue fucking her from behind. And, while she did that, Christina used her other hand to rub herself, playing with her piercing and making herself freshly juicy while her tongue thrust into the tight, creamy pinkness of her younger friend’s snatch.

Demi had her own hands gripped to her butt cheeks to spread them open and did such a good job keeping herself splayed that Christina was able to get her face right where she wanted. She pressed her nose right into Demi’s ass crack as she tongued her, covering her face in sex and loving it. Christina began rubbing herself harder as Demi moaned and cooed from the way her tongue was lapping at her folds now, tasting the dripping juices and savoring the wicked sweetness of her essence. Christina was sure she could make herself come as she worked Demi over and her fingers were quickly getting sticky with her own wetness.

“Mmmm you taste so fucking good baby,” Christina moaned while licking. “Ooooh you’ve got such a sweet little pussy! Mmmm fucking Disney girl cunt! We taste the sweetest, don’t we? You know it’s true! You know Disney pussy tastes sweetest because we had to be good little virgins for so fucking long and all that sugar built up in our snatches! But now we can let go! Now we can be the fucking sluts we were meant to be!”

“YESSSSSSSSSS!” Demi cried as Christina’s tongue targeted her clitoris, licking it expertly and making her shake on the table. It felt so good to have such a sensitive spot tongued and Christina knew just what she was doing. “UGHHH FUCKKK!  OOOOOH GIVE IT TO ME CHRISTINA!  YESSSS YESSS TONGUE FUCK MY SWEET LITTLE PUSSY!  OOOH GODDAMN YESSSS! MMM DISNEY GIRLS ARE SWEETER! FUCK YES WE ARE! OOOOOH NOW LICK MY SUGARY LITTLE PUSSY AND TASTE MY DISNEY SLUT JUICE! OOOOOH FUCKKK YOU’RE SO GOOD AT THIS!”

And hearing that once again made Christina’s devilish side reemerge as she got more evil than ever. She went right up to the subject she knew Demi didn’t want to touch and began grinding up against it.

“Ooooooh am I?” Christina teased as she pulled her tongue away from Demi but kept rubbing her pussy. “Am I as good as you know who?”

“Ughhh gawwwwd nooooo Christina…don’t go there,” Demi pleaded even as she continued to moan from the way Christina’s fingers were stimulating her cunt lips.

But Christina was in no mind to grant her that wish, not when it was more fun to push her.

“What? I’m just asking you a question,” Christina evilly pressed. “Am I as good as Selena? Do I lick your little tight Disney box as good as her young tongue did? Do I make you come as hard as slutty Selena Gomez does when she sucks your hot cunt and makes you cream all over her cute mouth?”

“Nooooo!  Oooooh you bitch mmmm don’t make me think about her,” Demi whined, but Christina had her hooked and she reeled the brunette in.

“I want you to think about her,” Christina grinned. “Mmmm I want you to think about fucking her and sucking her pussy and tonguing her little twat until she comes for you! I want you to think about fucking her so good she turns into a slutty lez like you Demi! I want you to fuck Selena Gomez so good she turns from straight into a dyke! Make her like you Demi! Make her into a hot little lezzy fuck slut for me and Christina to play with! Don’t you want that? Don’t you want to fuck her?”


“Mmmmhmmm I know baby…I know,” Christina said in a far more gentle tone. “Mmmmm I know you want her. And she’s gonna be yours. She wants it too. I can see it in her eyes. Mmmm you just have to make her realize she wants it.”

Christina then stopped playing around and got back to stimulating Demi’s pussy. She rubbed her harder with her fingers, rubbing her tender, young lips as she licked her with more tenderness. She knew what Demi wanted. She knew she was afraid to get it. And Christina, despite her wicked playfulness, wanted to help her get it. She wanted to encourage her and get her not to be afraid. She wanted Demi to have the kind of happiness she had with Britney.  Selfishly, Christina also wanted sexy Selena to be a pussy craving slut too, but that would only be a sexy bonus.

But Christina let it drop for now and instead let her tongue work Demi over. She hungrily tongue fucked her from behind, her face once again pressed right into her as Demi kept her own butt cheeks spread open. Demi looked so sexy gripping her own round cheeks and opening them for Christina’s lewd intentions and she rewarded her for it by licking away at the sweetness of her cunt as every lick made Demi cry out more.

Demi’s head was spinning now, just like Christina had wanted it to. Her brain was overheating with erotic images. Ughhh she wasn’t even thinking of Christina licking her anymore. She was fantasizing it was Selena! Their one night of passion all those years ago being repeated again and again and again as Selena proved to her that she wasn’t straight and that she loved her as much as Demi did. She wanted that more than anything. If Santa was going to bring her anything for Christmas that was what she wanted!

“Fuck meeeee!  Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Demi kept repeating and even though it was Christina doing the actual act, she was saying it to Selena. “Ooooooh mmmmm so good! So fucking goddamn goooooood! Give it to me! Make me come and OOOOOOH FUCKKKK HOLY SHIT! OHHHHHHHH YESSS CHRISTINA YESSSSSSSSS!”

Demi’s erotic fantasy of Selena was shattered in the best possible way when Christina emphatically reminded her who it was licking her when she pushed that tongue right into her asshole and began rimming her. Demi totally hadn’t been expecting it but she got it and she loved it.

“OOOOOOOH!!!  Mmmmm Christina yesssssssss!” Demi squealed. “Tongue my ass! Mmmmm fuckkk yessss you know I love that! You know I love feeling your tongue up my booty!”

“Mmmmhmmm! But that’s not the only thing you love up your booty is it?” Christina smiled. “Mmmm you love a lot more than just my hot, girly tongue!”

Demi didn’t say anything back. She was so overcome with pleasure from Christina’s tongue invading her asshole that all she could do was gurgle out her sounds and grip her ass even tighter to spread it open just that much more to give Christina even better access. She did manage to nod her head and that was when she saw the full extent of the plan. Christina had timed her rim job to begin just as Britney walked back into the conference room, no longer completely naked but with a strap on now around her waist. Now she was no longer thinking about her sexy friend and crush at all. Now all Demi could think about was what Britney was about to do to her.

“Gawwwwwwwwwd,” Demi whimpered when she saw that jutting strap on, the flesh colored dildo fashioned exactly like a real cock right down to the fake balls. But her whimper wasn’t of fear, it was of nothing but desire.

“Mmmmm I knew you’d like that nasty girl,” Christina moaned before she pulled up from her face being nestled between Demi’s juicy butt cheeks to hovering above her. “You were so nice to my ass that I want to be even nicer to yours.”

And Christina showed off just how nice by leaning down and letting a long, wet strand of saliva drip out of her mouth into Demi’s waiting butthole. It tickled Demi’s crack a little before getting right where Christina wanted to go and as Demi moaned from the dirty sensations that saliva on her asshole created, Christina let more spit drip out of her mouth, falling onto the younger girl as Demi kept her cheeks spread open, leaving her tight ring very vulnerable to something just like this.

“Yeah Chrissy! Get that asshole nice and wet for me!” Britney moaned as she spread lube all over her toy, moving her hand up and down the plastic shaft like she was jacking off. “Mmmmm make her sexy butt ready for me to fuck! I wanna fuck her right in front of you! I’m gonna fuck Demi’s ass just like I fuck yours!”

“Yessssssssss please yesssssssss! Fuck me!  Fuck my ass!” Demi begged. “Do it Britney! I love it up my butt! Mmmm and you girls always fuck me there so good!  Mmmm do it please! Fuck my naughty ass!”

Christina moved around again so she could better get her tongue extended once more to lick at Demi’s self-spread asshole. She had rubbed her saliva around her tight puckered hole with her fingers but now she really got into it, tonguing Demi’s sexy starfish to spread the saliva and make her wet and ready for it. And Christina’s tongue made Demi relax even more, something the girl needed. Even though Demi was far from a backdoor virgin, she, like any woman, needed special attention before she could take it up her ass. And that was what she got as Christina rimmed her hole and Britney began tonguing her pussy again, the both of them taking her from behind as she remained kneeling and bent over on the table with her soon to be fucked ass up in the air.

“Gawwwwwd fuckkkk oooooooh this is sooo nasty!” Demi panted. “Lick  me you dirty sluts! Ughhhh I love feeling your hot, skanky tongues on my pussy and my ass! Make me take it Britney! Make me take your big, fake cock up my butt so I can be as slutty as you!”

“Ooooh yeah? You sure Demi? You sure a cute little thing can handle my big dick?” Britney giggled, showing Christina wasn’t the only one who could tease.

“Oh yessss I can take it! I can take it up my ass! I can be a dirty fucking butt slut like you and Christina!” Demi groaned, speaking from experience, not just from her own times taking it but from seeing Christina and Britney share a double ended dildo as they went ass to ass and also from the times she wore a strap on and took their sexy butts, making them into insatiable anal whores for her just like she loved to be for them. “Mmmmmm fuck me Britney! Fuck my juicy bubble butt that everyone likes to stare at when we’re doing the show!”

“You asked for it baby,” Britney grinned as she straightened up, licking her lips free of Demi’s tasty juice before sliding the strap on between her curvy buns. The pale strap on looked so sexy between Demi’s tan butt cheeks and Britney sensually sawed it between them for a few moments before taking the lubed up toy and pressing it to her waiting hole. “Mmmm I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good!”

“OHHHHHHH! OHHHHHH OHHHHH OHHHHHHHH!” Demi cried out when Britney penetrated her ass. She went gently, but not slowly. She eased the head of the strap on into Demi’s asshole but didn’t hold back on pushing into her, going steadily up her ass as Demi happily accommodated her, loving the feel of being taken like this and feeling that plastic enter her tightest of holes. “YESSSSSSSS OOOOH YESSSS FUCK MY ASS WITH THAT BIG COCK! OOOOH PLEAAAASE!  MMM FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME! FUCK MY SLUTTY BUTT, BRITNEY!”

The intensity of anal sex always made Demi go wild and today was no exception as Britney took her from behind. Demi was still bent over on the table, keeping her ass cheeks spread and not letting go. In fact she gripped to them tighter, holding onto her own flesh for dear life as Britney fucked her. The feeling of a fake cock up her ass was like nothing else when it came to sex. Demi had never taken a real cock up her butt before, but she knew it could never feel as good as a strap on or a dildo. Being fucked like this by another woman and feeling so naughty and submissive was one of the best feelings for her and she enjoyed everything Britney was doing to her.

And since she was so vocal about enjoying it, Britney didn’t shy away from giving it to her younger lover. She’d taken Demi’s ass before and she knew how hard she got off on it and she also knew just what pace to take. Some girls needed to have it more gentle at first, but not Demi. She liked it deep and she liked it hard. Her ass was tight, but very welcoming of the penetration and the way Demi was reaching back to spread open her cheeks, making herself looser made it so much easier for Britney to really thrust into her, filling her ass up with the cock shaped plastic.


“Mmmmm yessss dirty little lezzie, I love fucking you like this,” Britney grunted, giving Demi’s jiggling ass a smack while she thrust into her. “You’re so hot Demi! Mmmm I love being a nasty lesbian with you! Mmmm when I’m fucking girls like you I never even wanna think about boys!”

“Damn right you don’t,” Christina giggled as she lay back on the table with her legs spread and her fingers plunging into her cunt as she watched Britney assfuck Demi, the sight of Britney’s full tits shaking as her body thrust into Demi’s providing a total turn on for her. “Mmmm no boys for Britney! Only sweet, sweet lesbian pussy for her mmm and for you Demi! That’s how you’re gonna make Selena yours, baby! You’re gonna get her hooked on lezzie cunt and she’ll never want boy cock again!”

That thought sent Demi into a series of happy, frantic moans and grunts as she backed her ass up against Britney’s thrusts, inviting more of her flesh colored strap on up her Latina ass. Christina loved seeing that as she fingered herself and watched Britney and Demi fuck for her like insatiable lesbian whores. Christina was a huge hypocrite of course for demanding Britney be a lez when she still loved getting real cocks up her horny holes when the mood struck her, but if Britney didn’t have a problem with it, then Christina sure didn’t. She could by a hypocrite all she wanted, Christina supposed, as long as she was a hot, horny hypocrite.

Christina could feel the wetness oozing out of her cunt as she fingered herself roughly. She wasn’t treating her own pussy kindly at all and she loved it. Christina slapped her wetness and rubbed her pussy lips roughly as she took the fingers she had just buried knuckle deep inside herself and brought them up to her mouth to suck on them. Christina moaned wantonly as she slurped her own slut juice off her fingers and then shoved them right back into her twat, keeping both hands at play while she watched the show.

What she was seeing was so hot. Christina loved seeing Britney in action like this, grunting and moaning as she assfucked Demi. Britney was standing at the edge of the conference room table while she fucked the younger girl and her body was getting that yummy glaze of sex sweat that Christina badly wanted to lick off her. She wanted to get over there and run her tongue all over Britney while she thrust into Demi, tasting her sweat and her perfume and then getting behind her and burying her face into her butt to tongue fuck her tight, fuckable holes, going back and forth from Britney’s pussy to her asshole with wet licks and making her come while she made Demi come.

But Christina stayed right where she was, fingering herself wildly as she took her pussy soaked fingers and pushed two of them right up her own asshole. She wasn’t gentle there either. She wanted to take her tight ring roughly and the pain of stretching her own hole like that with no preparation only enhanced her pleasure, making it so wonderfully overwhelming as she fingered both her cunt and her ass while watching the show. She was too enraptured by the sight of Britney fucking Demi to move even an inch right then.

“Give it to her Britney!” Christina hissed. “Fuck that yummy ass! Fuck her nice and rough like she likes it!  Ughhh do her like I like it too! Fuck her cute Disney ass like you take my big, fat booty baby! Make her an assfucked slut for us!”

That was bliss to Demi and she didn’t keep quiet about it.

“Ahhhhhhh! Ohhhh fuckkkkk!” Demi panted, her screams temporarily quieted for a moment as she tried to keep up with the sensations of ecstasy rocking through her body, her breaths coming in big gulps and her words frantic.  She was tossing her head to the side as she whimpered and cried in pleasure, her hands still on her own ass, keeping herself nice and spread open for Britney’s strap on. “Ughhhhh I already am your assfucked slut! Give it to me Britney!  Ooooooh watch me come Christina! Watch me come from your girlfriend fucking my naughty ass! Fuck me like a dirty lez Britney! Make me never forget how good girls fuck so I’ll never look at another guy again!   Ohhhhhhhh!  Ohhhhhh fuckkkk! Yeahhhh you sluts know how much I love it up my fucking ass! I’m your assfucked slut Britney!  You two Christina!  Ughhh take my ass like you fucking own it!”

“Oh we do own it,” Christina laughed while moaning wildly from her own touch. “Mmmmm but we might let Selena borrow it if she asks nicely.”

“Ughhhhhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwwwwd! Stop Christina!” Demi moaned even though the look in her eyes and the smile on her face showed she didn’t really mind the teasing at all.

“Mmmm imagine how good it’d feel to have Selena fucking your ass,” Christina purred, moving forward on the table and taking her fingers out of her cunt to push them into Demi’s mouth, the brunette immediately sucking on them without hesitation. “Think about it Demi. Think about her wearing that strap on and drilling your hot ass from behind. Oooh or maybe you’d rather be on your back, looking up at her as she fucks you, seeing her cute titties bouncing mmmm and seeing in her eyes how much she loves fucking you!”

“Ooooooooooh!” Demi whimpered as Britney continued fucking her doggie style and Christina filled her brain with forbidden visions. She was becoming overcome with pleasure and she could barely force any sounds out of her mouth other than cries of sexual bliss.

“Yeahhh you like that, don’t you baby? Seeing in her eyes that she loves fucking you and that she only wants you and not Justin,” Christina moaned while fingering Demi’s mouth with her pussy coated fingers. “Selena seeing what a nasty girl you are and knowing she shouldn’t be wasting her time with boys when she can have you.”

And, as if to prove what a nasty girl she could be, Christina removed her pussy covered fingers from Demi’s mouth and replaced them with the two that had just been up her ass. Demi’s eyes widened with dirty desire when she realized what Christina was doing but she didn’t hesitate. She sucked them right into her mouth and tasted them, letting her tongue taste Christina’s ass all over those fingers as Britney stood behind her filling her up.

“Oh yessss dirty girl, suck my ass off my fingers mmmm Selena will love how nasty you are when she fucks you,” Christina continued, knowing it was turning Demi on even more. “Or maybe you’d rather fuck her? Mmmmm maybe you want to shove a strap on into her prissy little princess cunt and make her nice and loose.  Maybe you want to take her ass and fuck her better than any boy ever could so she’ll only want to be a lez from now on!”

Demi could take no more. Everything Christina was telling her increased the pleasure of Britney fucking her ass and her voice exploded out of her mouth.


Demi had said too much. She hadn’t meant to bring up the “L-word” which most certainly was not “lesbian.” But she had lost all self-control.  She was a slave to her lusts. She was under their total control and her pussy and her heart were in total agreement on what she wanted. She didn’t care if Britney and Christina knew what she felt for Selena went beyond sex. She just wanted to come. She wanted them to fuck her ass until she came. She wanted Selena there so they could all rip off her clothes and make her join in. She wanted to blow Selena’s mind with sex to make her realize that what they had shared before hadn’t been a mistake and that they belonged together. She wanted it all and picturing it happening was getting her off.


“Yessss! Come for me! Come from me taking your hot ass Demi!” Britney groaned, the nub rubbing into her clitoris making it so very pleasurable as she took Demi, their naked bodies slapping together as their bare flesh got sweaty and shiny. “You’re so hot and you made me come so good! Come from my cock up your ass! Mmmm be nasty for us Demi!”

Demi would have most assuredly answered how much she loved being nasty for them but her mouth was busy by then actually being nasty. As Britney had continued to fuck Demi, Christina had gotten on her back and scooted herself under the brunette girl.  Demi had accommodated her by shifting her position and getting into a 69 with Christina with Britney’s cock stuffed up her ass. Christina had gone right for Demi’s pussy, licking the juices that had been dripping out of her onto the hardwood table and Demi had reacted with similar immediacy, pressing her face back between Christina’s thighs and fusing her mouth to the flared, juicy lips of her cunt.

Britney kept on thrusting into Demi’s ass, stuffing inches into her from behind and getting Demi to scream with pussy muzzled ecstasy into Christina’s crotch. And Christina was doing some screaming too, howling her pleasure into Demi’s pussy as they fed off each other’s wetness and brought each other nothing but bliss. Even with her own body being driven wild by the sexual adrenaline of being fucked and getting closer and closer to orgasm with every thrust up her ass, Demi didn’t skimp on attention to Christina. She sucked her clit right into her mouth and made the pierced singer cry out even more while burrowing her tongue into Demi’s needy, dripping pink.

Christina was flat on her back now, loving how she could feel the wetness that had dripped out of Demi get into her hair as she lay on top of it. It was so nasty and the girl tasted so fucking good that she wanted to be soaked from head to toe in her essence. Mussing up her hair with it was a good thing, not anything to be annoyed over. She wanted it wet and nasty and messy. Sex was always best that way. So Christina fused her mouth to Demi like the younger girl was doing to her both of them getting their tongues drenched in girl cum.

It all gave quite a view to Britney as she watched her girlfriend and Demi 69. It was so hot to see their faces in each other’s pussies and Britney couldn’t wait to kiss them both and taste the juices that would be all over their pretty mouths. She didn’t want to go too hard into Demi’s ass, but she couldn’t help but pick up her pace a little with her thrusts, smacking her hips into Demi’s round, Latina butt cheeks while she fucked her. Britney was inspired by how turned on she was to see Christina and Demi fuck to fuck Demi harder and that was just the little push she needed. Britney’s hard thrusts up her ass and Christina’s amazing tongue made Demi release in orgasm just like she had been dying to for days.


This release had been so long coming for Demi that she felt tears come from her eyes over the pleasure. Ughhh fuckkk she had no control over herself and she loved it. She really was a slut…a wanton, insatiable lesbian slut and she didn’t want to be anything else. Coming like this was heaven for her. No negativity could ever bring her down when she had something as wonderful as this in her life. She screamed her pleasure right into Christina’s crotch, muffling her own mouth with that bald pink muffin and burying her tongue into it hard and aggressively while she got off. Tasting Christina as she came from Britney fucking her only made it better, especially since Christina just kept on licking her.

Christina was just as happy as Demi was then as her orgasm rushed inside her. She not only had Demi’s tongue shoving into her twat with uneven, but still amazing licks, but she was tasting all that sweet, rich cream from Demi’s orgasm. Christina loved the taste of girl. She could be quite the wild cum slut no matter which gender was getting off, but there was nothing like tasting a girl’s orgasm and Demi had so much to feed her. Christina licked up as much as she could and let the rest just soak her face. She wanted it making her sticky and messy. She knew Britney would love seeing her like that.

Christina didn’t even want to wait for her second orgasm to hit before she treated her girlfriend to that site either. Christina pulled out from under Demi as soon as she had drained the last dribbles of her orgasm out and scooted her naked body off the table and toward Britney. Britney was giving Demi’s ass a few last thrusts, much slower and gentler now as Christina came up to her and watched Britney’s eyes light up when she saw how cummy her face was. The two blondes immediately kissed, with Britney letting Christina push her tongue right into her mouth so she could suck it.

Britney relished the taste of Demi’s cum all over Christina’s tongue and wanted even more of it. She kissed it off her girlfriend’s lips and then began dragging her tongue over Christina’s face, tasting more of Demi’s essence before they began kissing again, their lips pressing together repeatedly as the girlfriends got lost in each other. They were so into their kissing and gentle caresses of each other’s naked bodies that they didn’t even notice as Demi eased herself slowly off Britney’s strap on and, totally of her own volition, indulged in a taboo lust.

Britney’s flesh colored strap on was jutting out and there for the tasting and that was what Demi did. She didn’t have to be told to do it or even encouraged. Just like she had done when she had eagerly sucked Christina’s fingers into her mouth, Demi remained bent over and took Britney’s cock past her lips.  She moaned in dirty delight as she tasted her own well fucked ass on it, wrapping her lips around it and sucking it, taking it down her throat while feeling wonderfully slutty about it.

“Oooooh fuck look at her go!” Britney giggled when she finally noticed Demi now bent over in front of her going ass to mouth on her strap on. “Mmmmm you’re so dirty Demi!”

“Mmmmmhmmmm I’m fucking nasty,” Demi confidently moaned, her eyes dreamy with desire and her asshole gaping. Now that she wasn’t holding onto her own ass anymore, Demi felt the way her cheeks tingled from the rough grip she’d given them and how her ass was now loose and raw from being fucked so hard. To feel all of that as she sucked Britney’s toy back into her mouth was making the afterglow of her orgasm even better, especially as she heard Christina moan into Britney’s ear.

“Mmmmm I know what I want to get that nasty girl for Christmas,” Christina said. “We gotta get Selena in on this!”


Just a few short feet away from the conference room where the debauchery between Christina, Britney and Demi was ongoing, Fluffy stood stoically as always. The sounds of female ecstasy that rang around his ears from inside the room as the girls continued to fuck were nothing new to him. He had heard and he had seen the wildest of action, never, ever letting it distract him from his sworn duty to protect. What would have turned the strongest of men into drooling messes with erections about to burst through their pants had no impact on him. He was a wall, unfeeling and unrelenting. No one could get past him. No one would ever get past him.

He had sworn to the bodyguard’s code to protect Christina and with that came protecting Britney as well. It was not easy. The two seemed to delight in getting themselves in trouble and putting themselves in dangerous situations. They had no fear and no inhibitions and no filters or off switches either. That left Fluffy in charge of cleaning up their messes and keeping them out of trouble from the paparazzi, outraged citizens and sometimes even the police. Fluffy had managed to protect them from so many public nudity citations that without him, the two pop stars would have had arrest records of Lohan-ian proportions.

While others might have thought the responsibility to protect two beautiful and frequently naked pop stars that seemed eager to jump into lesbian orgies at any given second was a dream job, Fluffy knew it was anything but. Taking care of Christina and Britney felt like a 24 hour responsibility with no time off the clock. What was fun and sexy to those two was work for Fluffy, keeping them out of harm and keeping up with them was a task better suited for Hercules himself and constantly being vigilant to protect them from exposure, scandal or worse left him exhausted. And he could never show it. Showing a weakness like that or even hinting at how what he was forced to witness impacted him could show a vulnerability to someone dedicated to coming after Christina or Britney and Fluffy always had to be on guard for that.

He didn’t question his duty. This was the job he was hired to do and he did it well. He was sworn by the bodyguard’s code to do it and if that meant being on constant vigilance to protect two lesbian sluts then he would do it and never relent.

The sounds of wanton pleasure from the other room actually provided some comfort for him because he knew as long as those sounds were being made there was no danger. Fluffy could only hear the noises of the sex. He had no idea that right then Demi was flat on her back on the conference room table with Christina grinding her ass into her face and telling her to jam her tongue into her while Britney slid a toy into her girlfriend’s cunt to fuck her while she was having her ass rimmed. The sounds that would have caused many others to orgasm in their pants where they stood was merely a sign to Fluffy that all was well.

And through it all he remained stoic and unmoving. If anyone was going to access this private room they were going to have to go through him and that would be how it would always be for as long as he remained in Christina’s employment. A bodyguard was sworn to protect and if that meant seeing everything about hers and Britney’s wild lives without “seeing” the obvious then so be it.

But even as he stood there, betraying no emotion as he guarded the door, arms folded over his chest and ready to pounce at any potential threat, Fluffy was plagued by a concern that he had never felt before. To do this job properly there had to be absolute confidence and never any fear. He could never doubt himself or his decisions for a moment because as soon as he started questioning his decisions then he had lost his edge. Yet right then, as he tried his best to be the wall guarding the superstars indulging in depravity behind the closed door, Fluffy felt doubt…doubt about himself. And that was only exacerbated by the figure that emerged stealthily from the shadows like she always did.

No one could ever sneak up on Fluffy, except her and that was a big part of the problem. He had never seen her coming and he never knew what she was going to do next.

“Hey Fluffy,” Gwen Stefani said as she pressed herself to her secret lover, indulging herself in a hug by wrapping her arms around his large, muscular body for a moment. She was more subdued in her approach though, both because she feared discovery of her illicit relationship by a loose lipped Desire Records staff member or, worse, Christina herself and because she knew Fluffy was upset.

When Fluffy grunted back a hello, Gwen fear that he was still not over what had happened was confirmed. Fluffy might not have been the most verbose person she had ever been with, but he still was always kinder and more expressive than this usually.

“You’re mad at me,” Gwen sighed, pulling her arms away from him and stating what she knew was true.

Fluffy, who was even more concerned about protecting secrecy about them as Gwen was, looked around quickly to make sure no one was coming before turning to Gwen so he could at least look her in the eye as they talked about something he knew had no place being talked about here, despite the wild sex going on just a few feet from him behind closed doors.

“I’m not mad…” Fluffy said, trying to put into words what he felt, which was never easy for him. “It’s just…well I wasn’t expecting it and…it’s just…it’s not something I thought you were going to do.”

“But you liked it baby, I know you did,” Gwen pointed out. “I just wanted to make you feel good.”

“Look, can we talk about this later?” Fluffy asked, worried that someone would see or hear them. Both he and Gwen knew well that a hot tempered woman like Christina would not react well to the revelation of their relationship. That was why secrecy was so important.

“When later?” Gwen pressed, unwilling and unable to let this simply lay there as an issue.

Things had been awkward between her and Fluffy since the night before and the idea that Fluffy was mad at her for something she had done was making Gwen crazy. She hadn’t meant to anger him. She had acted impetuously. She knew that. It hadn’t been something she had planned. But once she had started she had been unable to stop and the fact that she knew Fluffy had enjoyed it even though it had freaked him out made it all worse. She wished she had been able to help herself but she also wished Fluffy wasn’t so stubborn and upset about what had happened.

“Later, later,” Fluffy firmly insisted, making clear from the tone in his voice that this discussion was over. “Definitely not now.”

“We need to talk about this Fluffy,” Gwen said. “I don’t want it to be weird between us.”

“It’s only going to be weird if you keep making it weird,” Fluffy shot back, feeling a fresh wave of embarrassment to go along with the concern he had about being overheard. “Now I’ve got work to do right now.”

But his tone only served to upset Gwen now and she pulled back visibly annoyed.

“Fine, whatever,” Gwen snapped before walking away. “I guess we’ll talk about this whenever you decide to stop being a stubborn jerk about it. We can talk as soon as you have that stick up your ass pulled out. Give me a call then.”

Gwen had had it with uncommunicative men who kept their emotions close to the vest. She had thought she could always live with that with Fluffy because of how he made her feel in the bedroom, and in the shower and in dark corners of the office or whatever buildings they were in, but if he was going to be so stubborn about this and not talk about it and act like she had gone over the line when she knew she hadn’t, then she could be damn stubborn about it too.

And when Fluffy didn’t say anything as she walked away, returning back to his wall state while guarding the door, Gwen only got angrier. She stormed away and made damn sure Fluffy knew how mad she was from the way she walked.  But at the same time she made her anger apparent, Gwen felt guilty and confused. She was mad at herself since she knew her actions had triggered this fight but also confused about how Fluffy could be so upset about what she’d done.

Most of all Gwen just wanted to make things better and right away too. She didn’t want to fight with Fluffy. She needed him. And to fight at Christmastime over something so inconsequential just seemed wrong. So even as she was visibly annoyed by all this, all Gwen wanted to do was fix it and her mind was already whirling as she continued to walk away angry.


Some of the best gifts were the ones that allowed a person to both give and receive through them.

That was definitely a thought going through Kirsten Dunst’s mind as she considered which purchases to make.  For while this was in many ways a gift she was giving to herself, it was also one she could happily share with the woman she loved.  Because purchases like this might have been something she enjoyed doing for herself, it also always gave Eliza Dushku the excuse to absolutely ravish her and Kirsten knew her sexy wife loved to do that.

At least that was the excuse Kirsten said to herself as she shamelessly shopped for lingerie for her own body while it seemed that everyone else was out looking for gifts for others.  In her mind she justified this by believing she wasn’t being selfish by doing this.  She was just making herself look beautiful for her wife and Kirsten had no doubt that Eliza would love seeing her barely dressed in sexy underwear, especially since it would be so easy to “unwrap” her from it and get them both the present of some very passionate lovemaking.

Kirsten was absolutely obsessed with sexy lingerie.  She had what seemed like dressers full of bras and panties designed to arouse and that was only part of her collection.  She adored it all, from corsets to merry widows to sheer silk kimonos that felt like pure heaven against her bare skin.  She loved the way a good piece lingerie clung to her ass and pushed her boobs up to make them look absolutely huge.  She loved the softness of the material on her body.  She loved how confident it made her feel to see herself in the mirror and know she looked sexy.  And most of all, Kirsten loved the look in Eliza’s eyes when she showed her off something new and naughty.

While Eliza herself was not so much into wearing fancy lingerie, preferring to get right down to the naked part, she had never shied away from letting Kirsten know how good she looked all dolled up.  And what she didn’t say with words, Eliza could also say with actions as Kirsten was always able to judge a reaction to how effective her lingerie was by how much Eliza caressed her body through it before taking it off her.  Sometimes a particularly sexy piece could inspire Eliza to play with her for what felt like an hour before they actually got to the sex and that, of course, drove Kirsten wild with desire.

So it wasn’t as though her shopping today was entirely for selfish reasons.  Kirsten knew Eliza would get just as much a kick out of this as she would.  Plus it wasn’t like she was only shopping for herself either.  Kirsten knew every contour of Eliza’s body by heart now and she knew exactly what kind of lingerie would perfectly fit her gorgeous wife.  So she wasn’t just going to get items for her own body.  Kirsten wanted Eliza to play a little dress up too.  Eliza might not have shared Kirsten’s particular fetish for sexy underwear, the blonde still believed she could get her to see the light.

Kirsten had already seen several items she had set aside, ones that would highlight the most amazing parts of Eliza’s body.  She couldn’t wait to see her wife’s tight ass in the black French embroidered lace panties she had found that were cut low to expose nearly all of a woman’s cheeks while still leaving the key part of her body tantalizingly covered.  And Kirsten was already feeling damp with anticipation over being able to make out with Eliza and feel their warm, wet tongues lovingly touching while the bra she had gotten her pushed Eliza’s breasts up to give her a huge amount of cleavage she could kiss and caress and even naughtily drool over so her wife could feel the warm trickle of her desire filled saliva trickle between her perfect tits.

There were also other sexy items that Kirsten had grabbed just for Eliza, but right then her concentration was mostly on herself.  Even though this was a festive time of year for bright, happy colors, Kirsten had been feeling the color black more than ever lately and she couldn’t wait to see how this looked on herself.  Standing naked in the dressing room, Kirsten got a look at herself in the full length mirror as she pulled up the tiny g-string panties up her legs and then slipped the babydoll down over her head.

And when she looked at herself in the mirror, Kirsten smiled happily when she saw that it looked even better on her body than she had imagined it would when she first saw this on display.

“Oooooooh!  Yay!” Kirsten laughed in triumph, happy to see her own expectations surpassed as she gave a playful twirl for the mirror, checking herself out all over.  She loved the way the sheer babydoll looked on her.  It was extremely revealing, but also playful.  Kirsten liked to think that suited her personality to a T and Eliza had never given her any reason to doubt that.

Turning around Kirsten’s smile grew as she saw in the mirror how the tiny black g-string panties so tantalizingly bared the alabaster cheeks of her ass.  Eliza had always made no secret how much she loved Kirsten’s ass and she was sure her wife was going to enjoy the way she looked in the g-string, the milky skin on the curves of her cheeks so well exposed while at the same time denying access to the most intimate parts of her body.  Kirsten couldn’t wait to see Eliza’s face when she first showed it off to her.

The babydoll, while delicately decorated with flower and leaf designs embroidered into it, was completely sheer and as she turned around once more, Kirsten admired the way the black material gave her bare breasts an extra sheen of sexiness.  With no bra on, her tits were completely visible through the babydoll’s lightweight material and her pink mounds looked amazing underneath it.

“So hot,” Kirsten said, feeling a touch embarrassed to be admiring her own reflection so blatantly, but knowing as well that, dressed like this, she should be stared at. She was hot in her naughty outfit and looking sexy like this made her feel sexy, which was something Kirsten enjoyed a lot.  The lingerie was at the same time delicate and dangerously sexy and Kirsten knew Eliza’s jaw would drop when she got a look at her in it.

“How are you doing in there?” an accented voice asked from the other side of the dressing room door.

At any other store, Kirsten probably would have answered with a “fine, thank you” and that would have been that.  But this was a special place for her and Kirsten most definitely appreciated the hands-on attention she got here.  So her answer was far more inviting.

“Come in and see for yourself,” Kirsten said, sliding open the latch on the door while eagerly anticipating giving a little fashion show.

“Oh my.  You look absolutely beautiful,” the woman said when she came in and drank in the sight of Kirsten Dunst’s gorgeous body nearly completely exposed in the sheer lingerie.

“Thank you,” Kirsten smiled over the compliment, happy to know it wasn’t just her eyes that were seeing good things in the mirror.  It was now being independently confirmed and when it came to lingerie, this was an opinion Kirsten definitely trusted.  Alena owned the store and had given Kirsten some very personal help over the years finding the perfect pieces for her body.

“I mean it,” Alena said in her accented English.  “Eliza will love this.  She will rip it right off you when she sees it because she will not be able to control herself.”

“I hope so,” Kirsten said, wanting exactly that reaction from her wife.  “Just not the ripping part.  I don’t want to ruin this.  It’s so nice. I love how it looks.  I want to be able to wear it again and again and again.”

“Then you will have to be firm with her and maybe spank her if she is not a good girl and rips off your panties again like she always does when she is bad,” Alena purred, remembering Kirsten’s frequent grumblings over having to replace her panties because Eliza got too aggressive and tore them right off her to get at what was underneath.

“Mmmmmm I like the sound of that,” Kirsten replied, picturing giving Eliza’s bare ass a sexy swat to make her behave.  Eliza was usually the one in their relationship who doled out the spankings, which Kirsten loved, but every now and then they both enjoyed it when Kirsten turned the tables.

Kirsten couldn’t help but moan when Alena looked her over so lustfully.  She obviously loved what she saw and if Alena felt that way, then Kirsten knew with Eliza it would only be more so.

“You are such a beautiful girl and this is perfect for your skin tone,” Alena said, running her hands over the sheer material and focusing in on the pale globes of Kirsten’s ass through the babydoll and the tiny panties and then turning her around to enjoy even more how the sheer black material perfectly contrasted with the blonde’s small, pink areolas and perky nipples. “Eliza will become a wild woman when she sees you like this.  You are going to have to discipline her a little to get her to behave.  And she will like it when you are dressed like this.”

“I know she will,” Kirsten said, loving the states from the store owner and lingerie expert and wishing that she could get some “discipline” too from the older woman.

Kirsten had visited Alena’s store many times before their relationship had become more than one of customer to owner.  She loved the small, intimate store and its high end selection.  It was expensive to shop there, but it was totally worth it.  Alena always had such beautiful, unusual stock in. It was so much better than just going to a Victoria’s Secret.  And the fact that Alena was such a beautiful woman certainly helped matters.

Alena was old enough to be her mother, something that turned Kirsten on when they were together.  She had been a model during her heyday, coming over from Russia to the United States when there was still a forbidden taste to any beautiful woman sneaking out from behind the iron curtain.  Her body reminded Kirsten of Susan Sarandon’s, with large breasts and a natural sensuality that age only highlighted.  Alena didn’t do anything to hide her age.  She embraced it and that gave her a sexy confidence in herself that Kirsten couldn’t help but respond to.

Even when she’d just been a customer of the store, Kirsten had been able to tell that Alena wanted her.  At first she hadn’t given in, preferring to keep things professional between then, albeit with a bit of a flirtatious vibe, but the sexy red-haired Russian woman had been too much for Kirsten to resist.  One day, Alena had shown her a particularly fancy corset that Kirsten had loved and had brought her into the dressing room to show her how best to wear it.  Alena had been very handsy that day, grabbing at her tits and her ass and all over her thighs to show her how best to highlight her body in it and Kirsten had been so turned on by it that she had made the first move.

At that point, Kirsten had never told Alena about her love of women or her relationship with Eliza.  As far as Alena had known, she had been totally straight.  But Kirsten had shown her how welcome her touch had been by kissing her right in the dressing room and encouraging Alena to get her hands all over her body and show her just how sexy she looked in her corset.  It had been an intense and wonderful experience and Alena had shown Kirsten tricks she had never known thanks to her years of experience in bringing women pleasure.

Kirsten had very much enjoyed everything the older woman had done to her that day but she had felt a little guilty about it too.  She and Eliza had a very special relationship, but when they played with other women, they liked to do it together.  So she had confessed what she had done to her wife and apologized for letting herself be seduced like that.

Fortunately Eliza hadn’t been mad and had loved hearing about the sexy older woman mauling her little Kiki in the dressing room.  It had turned her on so much that Eliza had joined Kirsten on her next shopping trip and let Alena give the very same kind of special customer service to her.

Ever since then Kirsten had been a very loyal customer of Alena’s store and Alena returned the favor for her continued business by often closing the store just for Kirsten and letting her shop in peace.  Kirsten appreciated that a lot and loved showing Alena just how much but before Kirsten could even start to think about doing that, her cell phone began to ring.  Her phone was in her jeans pocket and her jeans were on the floor so Kirsten had to bend over to get it.  That gave Alena an absolutely wonderful view of Kirsten’s ass since bending over pulled the babydoll up and showed off almost every bit of her in the g-string.

Alena admired the view for a moment, but then slinked out of the dressing room without saying another word when Kirsten took the call.

“Hey sweetie,” Kirsten said, seeing it was Eliza calling her.

“Hey Kiki.  What are you up to right now?” Eliza asked.

“Just doing some shopping,” Kirsten replied.  “I should be home in like an hour or so.”

“I’ll bet you are,” Eliza said.  “You’re not exactly shopping for Christmas gifts, though.  Naughty girl.  I’ll bet you’re at Alena’s, aren’t you?”

“Mmmmmm maybe,” Kirsten responded coyly.  “And if I was, it would be a Christmas gift for you too because you’d get to see me in it.”

“Wanna send me a pic of what you’re buying?  Give me a little preview of how sexy my Kiki looks?” Eliza asked.

“I want to surprise you,” Kirsten said, denying the request because she wanted the first time Eliza saw her in this outfit to be when she was in bed with her.  “It looks really good.  Oooh my tits look sooooo sexy in it mmmmm and I know you’re going to love how it makes my ass look!”

“Oooooh tease,” Eliza replied, hungering for a sneak preview.  “No fair Kiki.  You can’t tell me how good your ass looks and not show me.”

“But isn’t it more fun to not get your presents until Christmas?  Doesn’t the anticipation make it better?” Kirsten asked playfully, picturing breaking out this new outfit for a very special Christmas Eve with her wife where they both got themselves firmly on the naughty list.  “I just want you to want it more.”

“Mmmmm I couldn’t want it any more already,” Eliza noted.  “Is this what you’re going to get me for Christmas baby, your sexy body in your naughty lingerie all dolled up and ready to be fucked?”

“Ooooooh that’s one gift,” Kirsten said. “But there’s more.  A lot more.”

The two were never shy about gift giving at Christmas time and while most of their presents were the regular kind of gifts that couples always exchanged, they tried to always make one of their gifts for each other very special and very sexy.  That could be a new game for them to play with each other, a new toy to play it with, a fantasy one could make true for the other or new friends for them to play with together, like the time Kirsten had brought home Scarlett Johansson and Hayden Panettiere for them to both enjoy.

That had been a legendary Christmas for the both of them and Kirsten had been so proud of herself for making it happen. This year she had a similar gift in mind for Eliza, but she wasn’t sure if she could bring it all together in time.  So she only coyly hinted around it.

“Well I have something for you too,” Eliza mysteriously replied.  “And I know it’s something my naughty little wifey has been dreaming about lately in her dirty mind.  But that’s not the reason I called.  Clear off your calendar because the girls are having a party at the mansion.”

“A regular party?  Or one of THEIR kind of parties?” Kirsten asked, definitely eager for the latter option.

“What do you think?” Eliza asked, just as eager as her wife was for some naughty fun at the mansion.

“Mmmmmm I hope you already said we’re coming then,” Kirsten replied.

“You bet your ass I did,” Eliza replied.  “Maybe you can wear whatever you’re buying right now.”

“Oh no…this one is just for me and you,” Kirsten said, taking one last twirl in front of the mirror with excitement over how sure she was that Eliza was going to like it.

“Romantic!  I like it,” Eliza laughed.  “Ok, baby.  Get home soon.”

“It won’t be long,” Kirsten said.  “I’m almost done here.  Love you.”

“Love you,” Eliza replied before hanging up and leaving Kirsten to herself in the dressing room thinking about her next move.

There was no doubt she was going to buy this, but what else should she get?  She had found those sexy pieces for Eliza but should she get anything else?  Kirsten smiled as she decided a few new bras wouldn’t hurt.  After all she was here and she had liked the look of a bunch of the ones she had seen on display.  Maybe she could get Alena to bring some in and help her try them on.

But Kirsten never got the chance to think about that any further. The door to the dressing room was now unlatched, something Kirsten had completely forgotten about. She was reminded emphatically though when the door was suddenly shoved open forcefully.

Kirsten’s initial assumption was that it had to be Alena again, but she was quickly dissuaded of that illusion when she was suddenly grabbed from behind.  Before she had a chance to do anything, one hand was around her neck ready to squeeze and another was clamped to her mouth to keep her from screaming.

Kirsten’s eyes went wide with panic and her heart immediately started thumping in her chest as terror filled her.  She had no idea what was happening and began to struggle but the hand around her neck kept her in place and the one over her mouth kept her cries from being anything but muzzled sounds that could barely be heard.

“Well, well, well, don’t we look like the pretty bitch today?” a woman said from behind Kirsten as she held her aggressively, loving the way the shorter girl was squirming with fear.  “All dolled up like a little tart, huh?  Is that what you are Kirsten?  A fucking whore?  You dress up like this before you walk your street corner?”

Kirsten was starting to panic even more now.  She was in deep trouble and had no idea what to do.  She always carried pepper spray in  her purse in case something like this happened, but her purse was on the floor more than five feet away from her and she had no chance of being able to reach it with this taller, stronger woman holding her like this.  Kirsten wasn’t a weak girl, but everything about this other woman made it clear that she was stronger, meaner and not to be fucked with.  She couldn’t see much of the woman since she had a hoodie pulled up over her head and sunglasses on and Kirsten struggled even more, trying to kick back with her legs.

That was to no avail, though.  The other woman held on tightly and with the full length mirror right in front of her, Kirsten could see her own terror, adding humiliation to this. Not knowing or understanding what was happening only made the fear more intense and as she tried to pull herself away, Kirsten also tried to scream for help.  But the hand clamped to her mouth made those sounds inaudible.

“Oooooh yessssss mmmmm scream for me, I fucking love it,” the woman laughed, relishing the panic in the sexy actress as she held her tightly.  “That Russian broad’s not going to hear you.  No one’s going to hear you Kirsten.  You’re mine now.  All mine.  I love pretty little things like you and I’ve been waiting to do this to you for the longest fucking time, Kiki.”

Kirsten blinked noticeably when she heard the pet name her loved ones had for her used on her like a weapon.  It didn’t sound soft and loving to be called Kiki like when Eliza said it.  It sounded mean and taunting now from this other woman’s mouth.  Hearing it that way made Kirsten’s heart thump even harder in fear, but at the same time she also stopped struggling so violently and the woman, in return, eased up on clamping her mouth shut.

“Wh…what are you going to do to me?” a terrified Kirsten asked, the woman’s hand still around her neck, gripping it like she could snap it at any moment.

“What the fuck do you think I’m going to do to you Kirsten?” the woman spat out.   “Your sweet little cunt is mine now, bitch.  I know all about how much you love giving that pretty little twat of yours up to other women, especially your precious Eliza.  Well now your fucking dyke hole is mine and I’m going to fucking take it!   Feel this Kirsten?  Feel my hand around your pretty neck?  Well if you even think about calling for help, I’m going to fucking break it, you understand?  Nod if you understand, cunt!”

Kirsten meekly nodded, breathing heavily and the sound of her heart pumping in her chest almost as loud as the sharp, terrified breaths she was making.

“Please…don’t hurt me,” Kirsten pleaded.  “I’ll…I’ll give you anything…anything you want…I have money…please don’t hurt me!”

“I don’t want your fucking money!” the woman sneered.  “All I fucking want is right here!”

The woman aggressively reached behind Kirsten’s legs and grabbed at her pussy through her panties.  Kirsten gasped when the woman rubbed at her through the sheer panties, her heart beating even faster now.

“No!  Please!  Not that!” Kirsten cried, a little louder than before.  “Don’t!  Don’t hurt me!”

“If you’re a good little cunt and do as you’re told I won’t hurt you,” the woman promised evilly.  “Mmmmm but if you’re bad not only am I going to squeeze this pretty neck of yours until it snaps, but I’m going to go see your sexy wife and fuck her dyke cunt even worse than I’m going to fuck yours!  Think about it Kirsten!  Think about your wife screaming for her Kiki for help as I take her fuckholes over and over again!  Think about me fucking her even harder and meaner than I’m going to fuck you!”

“Please no!  Please don’t hurt Eliza!  I’ll give you anything you want!  Please just let me go!” Kirsten pleaded, her heart pumping terrified adrenaline through her veins.  “Don’t do this!  Please!  Don’t fuck me!”

“I don’t care what you want, you spoiled Hollywood twat,” the woman spat back.  “I only care what I want and I want this!”

The woman rubbed Kirsten’s pussy through her panties even harder now and as she did she adjusted her arm so her hand wasn’t around Kirsten’s neck anymore. Now she wrapped her entire arm around Kirsten’s vulnerable neck, putting her in a sleeper hold that made her feel even more helpless.  Her purse with her pepper spray might as well have been a mile away from her and Kirsten began to feel that she might have to give this psycho what she wanted.

The rough palming of her pussy through her panties continued for a few more seconds before the woman pulled her hand upward and began squeezing Kirsten’s breasts through the babydoll.  There was nothing gentle about the touch. It was mean and aggressive.  It made Kirsten feel like her tender chest was being mauled through the lingerie and she tensed up from it, which only made the woman relish what she was doing more.

“Mmmmmm such nice titties!  No wonder that cunt Eliza loves fucking you so much!  You’ve been hiding these big titties under all those baggy clothes you wear Kirsten!” the woman practically cackled as she pawed at Kirsten’s breasts.  “Oooooooh and what’s this?  Are your nipples getting hard?  Are you fucking getting turned on by this you filthy little whore?”

“No!” Kirsten insisted.  “I’m…I’m not!  I hate this!  I hate you!  Let me go you crazy bitch!”

“Mmmmm no you don’t hate it! You love it!” the woman insisted.  “You’re such a fucking little dyke that you can’t help but love getting mauled by another woman!  You love it because deep down you know you’re nothing but a little piece of fuck meat that’s meant to be used over and over again by women!  I can feel your nipples start to fucking throb!  See for yourself Kirsten!  Look at these fucking lesbo tits of yours and how hard your nipples are for me!”

The woman released Kirsten from the choke hold long enough for her to yank the babydoll over the blonde’s head.  She tossed it onto the floor, leaving Kirsten in nothing but her g-string panties and baring her breasts.  Kirsten found herself staring at her own topless reflection as the woman grabbed both of her tits from behind, squeezing them roughly and making her wince and groan.  But as the woman began concentrating more on her nipples, rubbing her palms into them and then pinching them with her fingers, another reaction escaped Kirsten’s lips.

“Did you just moan?” the woman demanded, hearing the unmistakable sound from the helpless actress.

“No!” Kirsten lied.  “I didn’t!  Please!  Please let me go!  Don’t do this to me!”

“Fucking liar,” the woman shot back, giving Kirsten’s bare tits two smacks, one on each breast that left her wincing again and clearly moaning at the same time.  “Ooooooh you fucking whore!  You’re into this, aren’t you?  How can you be such a fucking slut that you’ll get turned on from this?  I’ll bet that cunt of yours is just oozing dyke juice into these slutty panties, isn’t it?”

“No!” Kirsten cried as the woman continued to squeeze her tits from behind, forcing her to watch it in the mirror and feel the utter loss of control and complete humiliation of this.  “I didn’t moan!  Don’t touch me anymore!  Let me go!  I’m not a slut!  I don’t like this!”

“Well let’s just find out about that,” the woman sneered, moving one hand back to wrap around Kirsten’s neck to keep her from getting away as the other hand moved aggressively down Kirsten’s body until it reached her panties.  This time the woman didn’t content herself with rubbing Kirsten’s sex through the g-string.  This time she pushed under it, sliding her hand into her panties and delighting in what she found.

“Ooooooh you whore!” the woman groaned in pleasure.  “Your cunt is fucking soaked!  You’re getting off on this!  You fucking dyke whore!  Your twat is dripping onto my fingers!”

“No!  No it’s not!” Kirsten lied again, making her claim even as she could clearly feel the wetness dripping from her pussy as the woman roughly rubbed her finger tips against the soft lips of her labia, dragging them against her slit and making her shiver in ecstasy even as she insisted she wasn’t.  “Stop it!  Don’t touch me there!  I’m a good girl!  I’m not a whore!”

“You are a whore,” the woman breathed hotly into her ear, keeping her hand wrapped around Kirsten’s neck like she could squeeze at any second while she rubbed against her pussy.  “You’re a nasty fucking dyke whore Kirsten!  How many people know that?  How many people know you’re a fucking rug munching slut Kirsten?  How many people know you’re really a filthy lesbo bitch?  Do mommy and daddy know their little girl isn’t straight?  That she loves licking box and sticking her sweet little tongue up other women’s fuckholes?  Do they know how much their innocent little Kiki loves to lick up dyke cunt and get girl cum squirted all over her tongue?”

“Nooooo!  Don’t talk like that!  Please stop!” Kirsten helplessly pleaded, little tears forming in her eyes as her face burned bright red like a tomato.  While her fingers assaulted her pussy, the woman’s words assaulted her brain and forced her to picture the shame her parents would feel if they knew what a whore she really was.  Her closest loved ones knew she was a lesbian and that she loved Eliza but they didn’t know how dirty she could really be.  They didn’t know all her secrets and having that thrown in her face while her pussy was being touched against her will made everything more intense.

“Mmmmm they must have no idea what a hardcore dyke you really are Kirsten,” the woman laughed, pushing her fingers in deeper and roughly fucking Kirsten’s pink folds.  “They have no idea you’re a filthy queer pussy licker!  They don’t know all those fucking dyke holes you love to bury your tongue in and how you love to lick pussy and ass like a little bitch!  They don’t know what a fucking lesbo cunt slut you are and how you’ll spread these pretty legs for any bitch with a pretty face and a hot set of tits!  Mommy and daddy would be so embarrassed if they knew their baby was a fucking dyke!  You’re not even some cute little lipstick lezzie are you, Kiki?  You’re a filthy fucking dyke!  Say it!”

“No…no…I won’t…I’m not…stop it!” Kirsten managed to grunt out as her body seemed to wrench control away from her mind.  The woman’s hand around her neck filled her with fear, but her fingers being shoved into her pussy filled her with something else, something she couldn’t stop.  Something she didn’t want to stop.  “I’m not a dyke!  I’m not a slut!  I’m a good girl!”

“You’re not good!  You’re fucking filthy Kirsten!” the woman insisted, whispering her humiliating words right into the woman’s ear as Kirsten gasped and moaned from her invading fingers roughly penetrating her pussy and rubbing against her clitoris.  “I can feel how filthy you really are!  I can feel your cunt drip onto my fingers!  You love this, don’t you?  You love feeling my fingers stuffing your dirty dyke fuckhole!  You’re a nasty fucking whore Kirsten!  And you know it too!  You love feeling my fingers inside you, rubbing against your clit!  Feel it Kirsten!  Feel my fingers buried inside you!  Feel me fucking your dyke cunt and tell me you know I’m going to make you come!”

“No!  No!  You’re not!  I won’t come!  I hate this!” Kirsten lied even as her pussy got wetter than ever from the woman’s rough touch.  She couldn’t think straight anymore.  She could only react to what she was feeling.  Her clit was throbbing with desire and her pussy was dripping onto this woman’s fingers as she soaked the panties she hadn’t even bought yet.

Kirsten wasn’t even struggling anymore.  She was writhing against the woman as she was held in place by the arm wrapped around her neck. Kirsten moaned with every rough thrust of her fingers into her pussy and instead of trying to break away from the hold around her neck, she was now lewdly grinding her ass back into the woman.  Her ass cheeks were nearly completely exposed in her g-string and Kirsten cooed from the rough denim feel of the woman’s jeans against her bare skin.  She was getting off on being forced and humiliated and that only made the embarrassment feel more vivid for her.

As she endured this, Kirsten stared at her own topless reflection. Her tiny nipples were swollen and poking straight out and she could see the way sweat from terror and arousal was starting to trickle down her neck and onto her chest while the woman held her tight, like she could still effortlessly snap her neck if she misbehaved. Her mouth was open in ecstasy and Kirsten heard the sounds of pleasure escaping her own mouth like little whimpers of lust that she didn’t even think about making.  They just happened of their own accord as she rubbed herself into the woman taking advantage of her.

She couldn’t believe this was happening.  She couldn’t even begin to fathom how good this was making her feel.  The woman’s hand was making her panties bulge out from the rough finger fucking she was doling out and Kirsten felt her whole body tense up and tingle in all the right places.  As much as she insisted that she wasn’t going to have an orgasm from this, Kirsten knew she would.  She knew it was going to be big and she knew it was going to be intense.

“Even Eliza doesn’t know what a fucked up whore you really are Kirsten,” the woman accused.  “Does she know you get off on being taken like this in a dressing room Kirsten?  Does she know her little Kiki’s dyke cunt gets soaking fucking wet when strange women finger it?  Does she know how to make your filthy little lesbian twat ooze fuck juice like I do?  Mmmmmm does she know how much her pretty little wifey loves going out and getting herself raped?”

“Ughhhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwwwwwwd noooooooo!” Kirsten cried, the rough words cutting through her and making her quiver with humiliation and desire all at the same time.  “Don’t say that!  Ughhhhh! She doesn’t know how filthy I really am!  She doesn’t know what a fucked up whore her Kiki is?  Ughhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Fuckkkkkk!”

“Tell me!  Tell me what a filthy little dyke pussy you have Kirsten!” the woman commanded, gripping tighter around her neck to make sure she knew she was serious.  “Tell me you’re such a dirty whore that you get off on this!”

Kirsten couldn’t control herself.  It made her eyes sting with tears to give this woman what she wanted but she couldn’t stop herself.

“Ughhhhh ohhhhhhh fuck! I’m a dyke!  A fucking filthy little dyke!” Kirsten cried in complete humiliation, her pussy feeling like it could explode in orgasm any second from the way the woman’s fingers were expertly stimulating her clitoris. “I’m a nasty whore!  Mommy and daddy don’t know I’m a fucked up queer bitch who fucks strange girls and gets off on it!  Eliza doesn’t even know what a whore I can be!  Ughhhhhh she doesn’t know how much I love this!  Mmmm she doesn’t know how much I love being fucking raped like this!”

“Ohhhh Kirsten dear, I’m not really raping you,” the woman taunted, finger fucking the actress harder, thrusting her fingers into her cunt and rubbing against her swollen clitoris as each motion of her wrist made a distinct wet squishing sound.  “How can I be when you’re so into it you little whore?  You can’t rape the willing, can you?  I’m not raping you!  I’m fucking you!  I’m fucking your nasty dyke twat just how you like it!”

“Yessssss!  Ughhhh I’m such a whore!” Kirsten whimpered, her brain swimming in pleasure from everything that was happening.  “Fuck me!  Fuck my queer bitch cunt!  Fuck my dirty dyke fuck hole!  Ughhhhh make my nasty little cunny drip down my leg from being such a filthy whore that gets off on being fucked like this!”

The next sounds out of Kirsten’s mouth were indecipherable noises of ecstasy.  She gasped.  She moaned.  She whimpered. She completely and utterly surrendered to this.  She couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror anymore.  She just closed her eyes and felt the pleasure wash over her.  There was nothing gentle about this.  Even when Eliza got rough in bed with her it was nothing like this.  This was terrifying and nasty and so very wonderful.

“Gonna come for me?  Gonna come like a fucking cunt bitch?” the woman demanded.  “Do it you slut!  Soak my fingers in that girly cream like the whore you are!  Come like a fucking dyke whore who gets off on being mauled by strangers!”

“Ohhhhhh!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  UGHHHHH OOOOOOOOH!  YESSSSSSSSS!” Kirsten cried, grinding herself harder into the woman and, even though she didn’t dare say it, wishing she would jam her rough, unlubed fingers up her ass too.  “Gonna come!  Gonna fucking come!”

“Do it!” the woman commanded.  “Fucking cream my fingers with dyke juice!  Do it you little lesbian bitch!  Come for me you queer whore!  Come from me fucking you like even your wife can’t!”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Kirsten exclaimed as she humiliating words and expert manipulation of her clitoris pushed her over the edge.

She didn’t get a chance to make any more noise though before the woman clamped her hand back over Kirsten’s mouth.  She held tight to her mouth, making Kirsten scream into it over and over again as she came, her saliva flying out against her palm while at the same time Kirsten’s cunt creamed her fingers.  Kirsten’s body twitched in ecstasy, her tight, pale ass grinding into her crotch while she finger fucked the last tremor of orgasm out of her.  And only when she was done, did the woman pull her hand away from Kirsten’s mouth.

Kirsten gasped from a lack of breath when her mouth was finally released, but before she could do anything else, the woman pulled her hand out of Kirsten’s panties and shoved the cum covered fingers into her mouth.  And Kirsten didn’t even have to be told what to do.  She just submissively began licking and sucking her own cum off them.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhhh suck that dyke cum right off my fingers, you little bitch,” the woman moaned, her own pussy drooling from treating beautiful Kirsten Dunst like this.  “You love the taste of lesbo pussy, even your own, don’t you Kirsten?”

“Yesssssssss,” Kirsten groaned, utterly humiliated and not even attempting to deny her true nature anymore. “I love tasting pussy!  Mmmmm I love sucking my queer slut dyke juices off your yummy fingers!  Mmmmm I’m such a fucking whore!”

“Oh yes you are,” the woman grinned.  “And since you love licking muffins so much, get on your fucking knees.  I’ve got something even sweeter than your dyke slut cunt to taste!”

Kirsten hesitated at the sound of that, but the woman wasn’t playing games.  She shoved Kirsten down onto her knees, making her yelp as she was pushed down to the floor of the dressing room.  Before she could react any further, the woman popped open her jeans and exposed a dripping wet pussy.  She had no panties on underneath and it was obvious how much what she had done had turned her on.  Her pussy lips were glistening and the tiny curls of her dirty blonde bush were soaked with her desire.  She lowered her jeans down to her knees and pushed her wetness into Kirsten’s face.

“Don’t fucking stare at it! Eat it!” the woman hissed, putting her hand on the back of Kirsten’s head and shoving her into her crotch.  “Eat my fucking cunt you whore!  Jam that dyke tongue into my fuckbox!  Lick me like you lick your wife!  Lick me like you do all those other fucking whores you lap at with your slut tongue!  Mmmmm fucking eat the cunt of the woman who just finger banged your lesbian pussy into submission!”

Kirsten couldn’t think.  All she could do was react and act like the whore she was.  This woman was right.  She was a slut.  She was a dirty bitch.  She was a filthy little lesbian licking the pussies of women she didn’t even know.  She wasn’t a good girl.  She was a dirty piece of dyke trash.  She deserved this.  She was a slut who was good for nothing but licking pussy.

Kirsten’s tongue went wild on the woman’s pussy.  She was so wet and tasty.  Her juices were sweet for such a mean woman and Kirsten craved them.  She lashed at the woman’s pussy with an exuberance she never could have imagined when she had been so suddenly grabbed by her.

That had only been a few minutes before but it felt like a lifetime.  Kirsten didn’t care now how she had been treated.  She didn’t care she was kneeling in tiny panties in the dressing room of a lingerie store.  She didn’t care about anything but eating this pussy and making this woman come.

“Ohhhh that’s it!  Mmmmmm fuck yeahhhhh! Right there Kirsten!  Right fucking there!  Lick that fucking wet pussy!” the woman groaned, yanking her hoodie off over her head and exposing she had no shirt or bra on underneath it.  She had come looking for action and she had found it.  “No wonder Eliza keeps your worthless ass around!  You lick pussy like a fucking dyke alright! Mmmmmm that’s good!  Ooooooh taste my juicy cunt Kirsten!  Lick up a real woman’s pussy!  Lick it you dirty cunt lapper!”

Every mean thing the woman called her made Kirsten lick her harder.  She felt so dirty doing this.  She really was a nasty bitch.  She was kneeling down in the store, her ass in her tiny g-string making such a lewd site in the mirror she was sure.  She was a filthy little slut and she knew it.  The woman’s hand was holding her down firmly by the back of her head, keeping her in place and making sure she didn’t move away from her cunt, but even if her hand hadn’t been there, Kirsten wouldn’t have moved an inch to get away.  She wanted to eat this pussy.  She wanted to swallow her cum.  She didn’t care how roughly she had been treated before by this woman.  She only wanted to bring her pleasure now.

Kirsten’s tongue moved like it had a mind of its own.  Her brain had long ago checked out and Kirsten was going on pure instinct.  She lapped away at the woman’s dripping pussy, staring upward to admire what nice, firm tits she had, their roundness enhanced by two bouts of motherhood.  They were bigger than Kirsten had imagined they would be and it turned her on even more to see the now topless woman squeezing them and tossing her head back in ecstasy from what her tongue was doing to her.  Kirsten’s mind was soaked in filth now and she even found herself perversely wondering if the woman was still lactating because if she was she would gladly drink the milk from her mommy tits like a good slut should.

Even though she’d just come, Kirsten’s pussy was freshly soaking the panties she had on.  She had probably completely ruined them before she had even bought them because her dirty pussy was so slutty and wet, but she didn’t care.  She was too much of a whore to care about anything but licking pussy.

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkkk mmmmm yeahhhhhhh eat that cunt!” the woman continued to urge, her harsh tone mellowing from her moans of pleasure.  “Taste how wet and juicy I got from violating your dirty dyke hole!  Mmmmm fuck I nearly came from fingering you, you filthy fucking bitch.  Push me over Kirsten!  Fuck me until I come!  Fuck me until I smear my pussy all over your pretty queer slut face!”

Everything this woman was saying to her humiliated her in the most amazing of ways.  Kirsten wanted to feel filthy and slutty.  It was so hot to be treated like this.  It was so much rougher than Eliza ever got and it made her wild with lust.  She licked at the woman’s pussy with abandon, lapping away at the drooling pink folds and gulping down her juices like they were honey.  And when she knew the woman was ready for it she began thrusting her tongue into her, fucking her hard with it and making her grunt and cry out from pleasure.

“Ohhhhh filthy girl!  That’s how you fuck me!” the woman cried.  “Give it to me Kirsten!  Fucking jam that tongue into my pussy! I fucking want it to bad!  Taste how fucking wet my cunt is!  Jam it in!  Lick those juices you little queer!  Gulp those yummy lezzie juices down!  All those fucking morons out there think little Kiki likes boys and wants a big penis inside her!  Mmmmm but she really only loves queer cunt in her face!  Show me how much you love it Kirsten!  Fucking make me come!”

That was all Kirsten wanted.  She was focused only on this woman’s orgasm.  Even with the woman holding her in place by the back of her head, Kirsten held onto her right back.  She reached up and squeezed the firm cheeks of her ass.  Even after two kids her body was in phenomenal shape, just as Kirsten had always fantasized it would be.  She gripped the tight, soft butt cheeks and buried her face in the woman’s drooling crotch, bathing her folds with her tongue to lick them clean and then thrusting her tongue into her once more to work her right close to the edge.

Kirsten roughly jammed her tongue into the woman over and over again, going even faster when she showed how close she was by grinding herself into Kirsten’s face, rubbing her pussy all over her skin and letting her juices start to drip down her chin onto her neck.  Everything Kirsten was doing to her was getting her off and, feeling that, Kirsten went for the kill.  Just like the woman had expertly worked her clit with her fingers, Kirsten returned the favor with her mouth.  Her licking had made the woman’s clit engorged with need and Kirsten fastened her lips to it, sucking on it passionately and making pleasure shoot right through the woman’s body.


Just as Kirsten had wanted, the woman exploded in her face.  Her pussy had been so close before she had even gotten down on her knees and Kirsten had expertly worked the orgasm right out of her.  Her pussy lips clamped down tightly but Kirsten kept slurping on her clit like a slut, sucking the cum right out of her as she convulsed and smeared her pussy into Kirsten’s face, her juices making them drip down and even going past her neck now and onto her sweaty tits.


Now it was Kirsten’s turn to silence the woman but she didn’t do it roughly with her hand like the woman had done to her.  Instead, Kirsten stood straight up, threw her arms around the taller woman and passionately kissed her, feeding her creamy juices right back to her and emphatically putting an end to the illusion they had indulged in from the first moment the woman had grabbed Kirsten so suddenly.

The kiss lingered as they both indulged in the taste of the cum all over Kirsten’s lips and tongue.  They had never kissed before this moment so they made sure it lasted.  They wetly rubbed their lips together in mutual desire and let their tongues sensually massage each other.  Kirsten reached up to feel the woman’s soft, round MILF tits and the woman helped herself to another touch of Kirsten’s chest.  But this time she wasn’t rough.  She was gentle and sexy in her caresses of Kirsten’s breasts, seeing very much why Eliza had fallen in love with this woman.

And when they finally broke their kiss apart, the woman had only one question on her mind.

“So was it everything you imagined it would be?” Ali Larter asked, pulling off her sunglasses and smiling in the afterglow of the orgasm Kirsten had just licked her too.

“It was better…” Kirsten moaned, her heart still thumping and her brain soaked in adrenaline from what she had just experienced.  “I…I…can’t even describe what it felt like.  I didn’t see it coming.  I didn’t know what you were doing at first. I…I…gawwwwd…”

Kirsten smothered Ali’s lips in another passionate kiss.  It had been her darkest, most twisted fantasy and it had just come to vivid life in a way that she had never imagine it could.  It had been beyond all her expectations.  And even though she knew she owed Ali huge for making it so amazing, she also knew there was someone else she had to thank for it without Ali even having to say what she said next.

“It was all Eliza’s idea,” Ali said, happy that it had worked out so well and relieved that something so risky hadn’t blown up in their faces.  “She told me that you really wanted it and that she thought it would be perfect if I was the one to do it to you.”

“Mmmmmm she knows me all too well,” Kirsten sighed in post-orgasmic bliss.

Her fantasies had been taking a bit of a dark turn lately and Eliza had always been willing to make them come to life because she knew Kirsten wanted it.  Kirsten always felt so loved with her wife and when they were with their sexy friends at the mansion.  And with so much love in her life, Kirsten had begun to wonder what it would be like to not have it and instead be treated without care and without any sense of tenderness or affection.  Kirsten knew she wasn’t the only woman to ever have a “rape fantasy” but at the same time it wasn’t easy for her to communicate why she felt that way and how she wanted it to happen.

She had been shy about telling Eliza how rough she wanted it…how she wanted it to hurt a little…how she wanted to feel frightened and violated and have that give way to incredible ecstasy.  But when she had finally confessed her desire to her wife one night, Eliza had been only too happy to play along.  So they had started a game they played sometimes where Eliza would leap out of the shadows and tackle Kirsten on the bed and “force” her.  Sometimes they would even take it up a notch where Eliza would tie Kirsten up and pretend to be a burglar.  But even though she had loved it, Kirsten had wanted a little more.

She loved role play and as actresses they were both very good at it, but Kirsten just couldn’t shut her mind off to the reality that this was her wife doing it to her and that she loved her and would never hurt her.  Kirsten wanted danger.  She wanted to feel terrified and have it turn into pleasure.  It was a little weird and she knew it, but Eliza had understood where she was coming from and had promised to take care of it for her.  But until now, Kirsten hadn’t known what her wife was planning.

When Ali had first barged into the dressing room and grabbed her, Kirsten had been truly scared.  She hadn’t known what was happening and had been legitimately fearful that she was really about to be assaulted or worse.  But as soon as Ali has called her “Kiki”, she had realized it was a game and a few moments later she had recognized her supposed attacker as Ali Larter, Eliza’s former co-star whom Kirsten had openly lusted after for years without any chance to fuck her like Eliza had when they had filmed Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back together.

Kiki was not only the pet name Eliza used for her, it was also their safety word when they played their game.  Whenever Kirsten had had enough or if Eliza feared she was going too far, they used that name and broke the illusion. Ali calling her that had let her know, at least in the back of her mind, that this was safe and that she wasn’t really being raped.

But at the same time since it had been a stranger doing it to her and not Eliza, Kirsten had still felt the exhilaration of pure terror and the humiliation of being made to feel nasty and slutty.  It had been like a really intense roller coaster where you knew deep down you’d be ok at the end, but during the ride you screamed and screamed and the fear was fun.  Kirsten never wanted this to happen for real, but for a wild fantasy it had been a dirty dream come true.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going too far with all the name calling,” Ali admitted as she and Kirsten briefly paused their kisses.  “I’ve never really done anything like this before.  I wanted to make sure you liked it.  Eliza told me you had a little bit of a crush on me.”

“I did…mmmm I still do,” Kirsten assured the other woman with another warm kiss to her lips.  “I loved what you did and how you did it Ali.  That was so fucking hot!  I liked how mean you were and how rough you got.  Mmmm you can even go further if you ever want to do it again.  Mmmm you can twist my nipples and slap my tits some more and ooooh work some fingers up my ass too!”

“Wow you are a naughty girl,” Ali playfully teased.  “No wonder Eliza is so crazy about you.  I wasn’t sure how this was all going to go down when she explained to me what your fantasy was and when to do it.  I’m so glad you liked it.  Mmmmm and boy did you make me come Kirsten!  You can lick me anytime you like.”

“I’ll definitely take you up on that,” Kirsten said, seeing the full picture now.  Alena had obviously been in on it too and since she had closed the store to other customers it had been the perfect chance for Ali to strike.  Eliza’s phone call before must have been to confirm she was there. “I hope we can see each other again Ali.  Mmmm and have Eliza join us.”

“Now that would be MY fantasy come true,” Ali smiled as she began to get dressed.  She pulled her jeans up and slid her hoodie back on, putting her sunglasses away since she certainly didn’t need to even attempt a disguise now.  “I can’t wait to do this again under different circumstances, Kirsten.  I can be really mean.  Mmmm but I can also be really, really nice too.”

“I can’t wait to find out,” Kirsten sighed, wishing this didn’t have to end now. She gave Ali another satisfied kiss and sadly watched as the blonde pulled away after it was over.

“I wish I could linger, but I’ve got to get back to my real life,” Ali sighed back.  “I have a mommy and me class in an hour.  I don’t know how I’m going to get into the right frame of mind for that after all this, but it’s going to be interesting to see.”

And so with another kiss and a promise that they would talk soon, Ali was gone just as suddenly as she had arrived, leaving Kirsten happily flustered as she stood in the dressing room in ruined panties with a pussy that was still dripping wet.  She had no desire to move quite yet or snap completely back to reality, but when her cell phone rang and she saw who it was, she knew she had to answer it.

“Did you like your special Christmas present, baby?” Eliza teased on the other end.

“Mmmmmm you are so going to get it from me,” Kirsten moaned back, showing just how much she liked it.  “And I know just how to pay you back for it…”


Back at Desire Records, the soft sounds of Demi Lovato singing to herself still came through over the sound of hot, rushing water and it provided a bit of a soundtrack as Christina sat down at her desk in her office, still completely naked. She had gotten out of the shower a short time ago but after drying off she hadn’t done a thing to cover herself as she sat back on her desk, with a very satisfied smile on her face and her legs up on top of the desk.

And she wasn’t the only one smiling, either. Britney was smiling too because she got to stare at Christina’s legs as they parted open a little bit, providing her with a glorious view. Just seeing even a teasing glimpse of Christina’s pussy like that made Britney want to climb up on the desk, yank those legs open and press her face right to her girlfriend’s bald sex to give her another licking. All the fun they’d had with Demi had only left Britney hungry for more and Christina’s pussy was always what she wanted to feast upon.

Demi was in the shower cleaning off after all their fun and Christina and Britney were spending their time indulging in the post-sex pleasure while relaxing a bit too in the process. While Christina remained stark naked, as she loved to be whenever possible, Britney had more modestly slipped on some sweatpants and a t-shirt. But seeing Christina like that made her want to get bare again, something she was sure Christina would be able to talk her into doing with little muss or fuss.

Christina seemed to be deep in thought as she sat down at the desk, leaning her chair back. She was smiling but, as Britney watched, her expression turned into one more resembling a frown. She then pulled her legs down, sat up and got up from the chair, walking right into the walk in closet she had installed in the office.

The office Christina and Britney both had for themselves at their label were less like the professional places of business one might expect and more like second bedrooms, minus the beds, but with couches that had certainly done the trick when needed for those complex negotiations that could only be handled by personal contact. The offices included private bathrooms for the both of them complete with showers and closets for outfits they stored there as well as more private, intimate items that were kept on hand for workday needs.

Wondering what was going on, Britney followed Christina into the closet and found her girlfriend staring at herself in the full length mirror there, turning around and jutting her butt out a bit so she could better study it. Before Britney could ask what was wrong, Christina answered it for her in the form of a question.

“Babe, do you think I’m getting chubby?” Christina asked as she studied her bare form in the reflection.

“What?  That’s ridiculous.  You look amazing, Chrissy,” Britney immediately answered, walking over to Christina and hugging her from behind. The idea of Christina ever doubting herself seemed alien to Britney and she wanted to quickly end those doubts.  Fortunately those words were just what Christina needed.

“Mmmmmm I love hearing you say that,” Christina purred happily, softly rubbing her bare ass into Britney.  “You always make me feel so sexy.”

“Babe, you are sexy,” Britney assured her, giving Christina’s neck a kiss while feeling fresh dampness start to grow between her legs from the sensations Christina’s bottom rubbing into her inspired.  “Don’t listen to anyone else.  Listen to me.  Listen to your Britney.”

Christina smiled and did just that by tilting her head and giving Britney something to kiss besides her neck.  The two pop icons pressed their lips together in a heated and loving kiss.  There was a lot of passion in their kiss, but it wasn’t too aggressive.  Instead it was tender and emotional, while at the same time filled with lust.  Christina moaned and closed her eyes as she and Britney tongue kissed and her focus drifted far, far away from the haters.

Once it had been Christina who had shielded Britney from all the criticism and all the cracks about her weight.  But now the roles were reversed and Britney was just as passionate about making sure that the mean spirited words others spit out never hurt the woman she loved.  Because while it couldn’t be denied that Christina didn’t have the same lean pixie look she did when she was a teenager telling everyone what a girl wants, to Britney’s mind there was just more of her girlfriend to love and having a curvier body to play with every night turned her on tremendously.

The obvious lust Britney had for Christina’s curves always soothed away her worries about her own body image issues.  She radiated confidence 99% of the time but in those dark moments when she doubted herself, Britney always made her feel better.  If Britney was going to be so horny for her more rubenesque then Christina was going to be just as horny to share it with her.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhh you love my big ass, don’t you baby?” Christina purred, rubbing her bottom into Britney while wishing her girlfriend was sitting down so she could give her a proper lapdance and really grind into her through her shorts.  “Did you like seeing me rub it in Demi’s face? Did you like seeing her cute little face get in there and lick me out? Mmmm did it turn you on when I had her lick my pussy from behind and stick those naughty fingers of hers up my asshole to make me come?”

“You know it did,” Britney replied lustfully, feeling herself start to salivate from the way Christina was pushing back into her while making her recall the memories of just a short time past.  “It always turns me on seeing you play with other hot girls like Demi. I love how you look. I love that you’ve got a nice, big juicy butt for me to play with.  Mmmm just like you play with mine!  It’s more for me to kiss mmmm and lick mmmmm and spank!”

Britney proved that by giving Christina’s naked backside a playful slap that made both of them moan.  Britney’s hands held Christina by her hips and they kissed passionately while rubbing into each other, Christina’s smooth butt cheeks rubbing into the soft cotton of Britney’s sweats and making them both wish she wasn’t wearing them at all so they could both be naked.  As she always did, Britney was making Christina forget all about any confidence issues she might have and instead fill her brain with filthy thoughts of the pleasure they could bring each other.

“Mmmmmm yessss spank it!” Christina hissed in between kisses while continuing to grind her bare ass into her girlfriend.  “Mmm and then lick it and dick it baby!  Just like you did to Demi! It was so hot seeing you fuck her like that and make her come all over my face! But I need more! I’m need you to work your strap on up my thick ass and fuck me like the whore I am!  Oooooh then I’m so gonna do it to you too Brit!  Know why?  Cause we’re both big ass whores!”

“Mmmmhmmmm totally,” Britney dreamily replied.  “Oh babe, you’re making me want to get out our double ender and go ass to ass with you while Demi watches and plays with herself!  Mmmmmm fuck, that’s making me wet!  I want to feel our big butts slapping together as we make each other come over and over again.  I love your big, sexy butt Chrissy.  I love every fucking inch of you.  Mmmm and you know I especially love these!”

Taking her hands off Christina’s hips, Britney instead brought them up to where she loved to play.  She got both of her hands on Christina’s naked tits and squeezed the large mounds.

“Fuckkkkkk yessssss!” Christina groaned in happy submission as Britney palmed her D-cup breasts from behind.  “You like those baby?  Like those big, fat tits of mine?  You like squeezing my titties and getting me to shove them in your face so you can motorboat them like the fucking slut you are baby?  Like getting my big MILF tits in your slutty face?”

“Oooooooh yesssss sooooo much!” Britney enthusiastically replied.  “Your titties are so hot Chrissy!  Mmmm you know how wet you make my little whore pussy with them! I love seeing you show them off in your tiny dresses where your big boobs are practically spilling out mmmmm and I love them even more when they’re naked for me just like now!”

“Yeahhh fucking squeeze them!” Christina hissed happily, loving the view in the mirror of her own naked body and how Britney’s hands were reaching around front to grab at her chest.  “Mmmmmm I love showing them off and making you wet, Britney!  Get your hot hands all over my titties!  Ughhhh all those assholes making fun of my body are just jealous cause you get to squeeze my big tits and they only get to jack off thinking about it!”

“Oooooh and they’re such great tits too!” Britney cooed, relishing the feel of the large mounds in her hand as she rubbed into Christina’s nipples with her palms and delighted in the way her girlfriend had her right nipple pierced with a gold ring through it, just like she did.  “I love feeling you up, Chrissy.  It makes me want to get naked and rub my pussy into your big tits until I get my juices all over them and you can stick them in my slutty face to lick clean!”

“Mmmmm naughty,” Christina groaned, easily envisioning doing that to Britney and then some.  “You want that Britney?  Wanna rub that slutty lezzie pussy of yours all over my fat tits and get them creamy and cummy so mommy can feed you her sticky titties?”

“Gawwwwd more than anything,” Britney replied, both sets of her lips now drooling for Christina.

“Even more than what you were saying before?  About breaking out the double ender and fucking each other?” Christina teased, knowing there were endless ways for her and Britney to make each other come.  “Mmmmm that made me so hot Britney.  Thinking about us slapping our sweet asses together as we fuck each other with that toy and Demi watches us and calls us both sluts.  Mmmmm both ends buried inside our asses as we make each other come over and over again!   Fucking each other like the nasty whores we are as our butts smack together all sweaty and hot, making that naughty sound I know you love!”

“Mmmmm I do!  I fucking love it!” Britney sighed, remembering the way flesh on flesh sounded, especially when it was all sweaty from fucking, just like it had when she had taken Demi only a short time before.  It made her cunt drip to hear the slutty sounds of hot girl bodies smacking together, especially when it was her and Christina and especially when they got their double dildo out so they could fuck each other in doggie position and go ass to ass.  “Mmmmm gawwwd let’s do it now!  Right here in the office baby.  I’ll get the toy and ughhhh I’m not gonna even need any lube cause you’ve gotten my pussy so fucking wet!  We just gotta stick it in there and it’ll get the plastic all creamy for my butt!  We don’t even have to wait for Demi! She can come out of the shower and find us like that! All nasty and slutty!”

But even though it went against every instinct in her body and seemed in direct contradiction of everything that made her Xtina, the wild sex hedonist who could never, EVER get enough, Christina did something right then that took Britney completely by surprise.  She put the brakes on.

“Well you’re just gonna have to keep those thoughts in your dirty mind till I get back, Brit Brit,” Christina declared devilishly as she wiggled her naked body away from her lover’s/

“Ughhhh tease!” Britney gasped in frustration, her pussy was practically panting with horniness now and Christina had just done the worst thing you could possibly do.

“You know it baby,” Christina grinned. “But I think you like it when I tease because it gives you an excuse to grab me and spank me and make me pay for being such a little bitch.”

“Welllllll maybe a little bit,” Britney smiled even as she felt a renewed sense of sadness knowing that, for the next few days at least, Christina and her sexy body were going to be out of her grasp.  So she tried to change the subject and get her mind off that.

“So did you mean what you said about Demi and Selena?” Britney said, trying not to think right then about how good Christina looked naked and how much she was going to miss her.

“Of course,” Christina said. “That’s what Rose taught me. Never make a promise about sex that you can’t keep. If your little fuck friend Demi wants Selena to be her slut then we need to make it happen.”

“But how?” Britney wondered. Selena Gomez was someone they had all been drooling over for so long but lately she had been surrounded by a wall named Bieber that had left her all but untouchable.

“How? How else?” Christina said with a chuckle and a shake of her head. “With effort and with pussy. We can seduce that little bitch and get her right into Demi’s loving arms. There’s no woman who can’t be seduced into being with another hot girl. I refuse to believe otherwise. Besides, you think Jessica doubted herself when she got into your panties for the first time? Or when Rose dragged me off into that bathroom and gave my whore pussy the girl on girl fucking it needed? Fuck no. They just went for it. And we’ll go for it with Selena. Demi will totally help us. I know it.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Britney said with a smile, loving how Christina’s mind worked and how her confidence had been completely restored with just a few loving words. “But how do we lure her in? She keeps turning us down for meetings. And whenever we see her at parties she’s always got Justin around. Every  time we think they’re breaking up they get right back together again.”

“We’ll think of something,” Christina predicted. “We always do. But we’ll talk about it after I get back, ok? Then we can really put a plan into action and make it happen.”

“I’d rather you didn’t go at all,” Britney said sadly and not for the first time. She was trying not to think about this but Christina kept reminding her.

“Ughhh don’t start with me and that again Britney,” Christina groaned in annoyance while grabbing some jeans out of the closet and wiggling them on without bothering to get panties on first. “I have to go.  You whining about it all the time isn’t going to change that.”

“But you don’t really have to go,” Britney insisted.  “You’re just acting like you do.  What are they going to do?  Fire you?  You’re the reason the show is such a hit.  And besides you’re not even doing the next season. They can’t do anything to you. Don’t go Chrissy.  Stay here with me. Stay here with the boys.  Don’t miss out on Christmas.”

With the new season of The Voice almost at an end and NBC’s continued relevance seemingly resting entirely in its hands, Christina was set to do a series of media appearances to promote the living hell out of it.  That meant zipping off to New York and Britney had not been shy about hiding her displeasure over it.

“Britney, I am not missing out on Christmas,” Christina said.  “I’ll be back on Christmas Day I promise.”

“But not Christmas Eve,” Britney sighed.  “That’s my favorite night of the year.  Please Chrissy.  Don’t go.  Stay here with us.  Make it a magical Christmas with our boys.  Don’t go.  I’m going to miss you so much.  I hate being apart from you this time of year.”

Christina knew Britney meant well, but she didn’t have time for sap or sentimentality about the magic of Christmas.  She had a show to promote and haters to shut the fuck up.  She had her own album to work on and in 2013 she was damn well going to blow everyone away with her hot body and hotter attitude. She was going to start with this little press tour and when her next album came out she was going make sure people remembered she was a superstar and deserved to be treated like one.

“Sweetie, I won’t be gone long,” Christina said, walking back up to her girlfriend and caressing her cheek with her hand.  “It’ll just be a few days.  I promise I’ll be back on Christmas Day.   I swear it.”

“I know you will,” Britney replied, recognizing that it was hopeless to get Christina to stay.  “I just wish you were going to be here on Christmas Eve.  Me and the boys are going to have so much fun and I want you there with us.  They’re at the age when Christmas is the best.  They still get excited for Santa.  You don’t want to miss all that fun stuff.”

Britney and Christina had formed quite an unconventional family living there with Britney’s two sons and Christina’s one.  And while there was nothing typical about it, it worked for them completely.  Christina knew exactly what Britney was talking about.  She had seen the excitement in their boys’ eyes when the Christmas tree was set up and the way they were eying their presents like they wanted to rip the packages open in excitement.  Christina always thought to herself it was how she looked when she saw a hot girl she wanted to tear the clothes off.  But it was so much more innocent and wholesome and it was something she wanted to be a part of.  She just couldn’t.  Not this year.  Not when this show was so important to getting her career fully on track again.

“You’ll be fine without me,” Christina insisted.  “I’m actually jealous of how much fun you’re going to have getting those kids ready for Santa, but I have to do this Britney.  I can’t miss it.”

“I’m just going to miss you so much though,” Britney sighed.  “I won’t have anyone to cuddle with by the fire.  I won’t have anyone to kiss under the mistletoe.”

“You can cuddle and kiss with Demi or any of the girls at the mansion or hell any of those hot bitches we know how to make into yummy fucksluts for us,” Christina pointed out.

“Yeah, but it won’t be the same,” Britney replied without adding the obvious. She liked those girls. She loved a lot of them, in fact. But she was in love with Christina.

“I’ll be back on Christmas Day, I promise you Britney,” Christina said again.  “And we will kiss and cuddle and a whole hell of a lot more.  Ok?”

“Ok,” Britney relented, not wanting to make Christina feel too guilty about leaving.  “But you’d better keep your promise Chrissy.”

“I always do, Britney,” Christina insisted.  “I always do. And after I keep my promise to you, we’re going to keep the one to Demi.”


It had been a hard time lately for Holly Marie Combs.  No one wanted to be a two time divorcee.  Hell she hadn’t wanted to be a one-time divorcee.  And this time it was particularly difficult for her to have her marriage end when they had kids involved. Her divorce was more than a year old now and while she knew it was the right thing to have done it didn’t make days like this any easier.

Last year she had been the one who had the kids for the holidays but this year they were going to be with their father. That meant spending Christmas away from the people she loved most in the world and that left her with an empty feeling inside that had left Holly dreading what was supposed to be one of the happiest times of the year. Christmas without her kids just wasn’t going to feel like Christmas.

It was at times like this that she was especially glad she had the close friends she did.  Rose had meant it before when she had told Sarah that she and Alyssa were going to give Holly some much needed comfort and support during this difficult time.  And their help meant the world to Holly.  To her, Alyssa and Rose weren’t just former co-stars and real friends, they were also sisters.  It hadn’t just been roles they played. In real life, they gave her shoulders to cry on, opportunities to vent her emotions and unyielding support during the hard times.

Of course they also gave her a little something more that made them a lot more than like sisters to her.  What they gave her was exactly the kind of comfort she needed most right then and it was something they were particularly good at.

“Oooooooooooooooh!  Yesssssssssssssss!  Yessssssssssssss!  Oooooh Lyssa baby yessssssssssssss!” Holly cooed as she nakedly writhed on bed, her eyes closed and her mouth wide open as feelings of ecstasy flowed through her.  “Fuck me baby! Oh yesssssssssss!  Mmmmmm you know just what I need Lyssa!  Eat my pussy!  Mmmmm make it good just like that!”

“Come for me Holly,” Alyssa said, her words muffled by Holly’s pink pussy in her face, but her meaning crystal clear.  “I want to drink down your yummy cum, sweetie!  Come all over my face!  Fuck my tongue Holly! Mmmmm I want you to come so fucking bad for me!”

Holly lay back on the bed and rolled her head back and forth on the soft pillow, grateful beyond mere words that she had friends who could make her feel this good.  Because it wasn’t just Alyssa that was bringing her pleasure.  It was someone else who always knew how to make her troubles go away by fucking her into ecstasy.

“Suck it Holly,” Rose urged naughtily while smacking Holly’s face with the shaft of eight inches of black plastic, inspiring the writhing brunette to open her mouth again and let her lover slide Mr. Snappy into it.  “Mmmmmm make it nice and wet so I can fuck you good, baby!  That’s it!  Ooooooh yesssssss get that slutty spit all over it so I can fuck you nice and deep and make you forget about everything else!”

Holly wanted that so badly.  She wanted Rose to take Mr. Snappy and fuck her pussy and her ass with her favorite toy until she couldn’t think straight anymore.  This was just what she needed.  She knew it wasn’t literally possible to fuck your problems away, but she also knew that it she could definitely forget about them and swim for a few hours in a sea of orgasmic ecstasy.  She knew a lot of girls who could make her feel good like that, but none of them could ever make it as amazing as Rose and Alyssa.

While Alyssa lapped away at her pussy, her pretty face buried between her thighs so her mouth could work its wonders, Holly bobbed her own mouth up and down Rose’s strap on.  It made her feel so nasty to have Mr. Snappy sliding down her throat and knowing she was making it wet so it could fuck her all the dirty ways she liked it and Holly relished those feelings.  She hadn’t felt like this in so long and she couldn’t remember the last time she had been this wet.

“Mmmmm good girl!” Rose groaned, running her fingers through Holly’s hair like she was her pet.  “Suck it baby!  Suck the big, long cock that asshole could never give you!  Mmmmm he could never compete with Mr. Snappy, could he?  He could never fuck you as good as we could.  He could never make you feel like a real woman.”

“Mmmmm fuck no,” Holly moaned, pulling her mouth off the saliva coated strap on to egg her friend on.  Sure she was over the actual divorce by now, but the pain was lingering, especially without her kids around and this was a great way for her to work out that resentment towards her ex.  “His tiny dick could never fuck me like you can Rose!  Ooooh he could never make me come like you and Lyssa can!  His real cock never felt as good as your fake one mmmm and he could never eat pussy like you can!  Mmmmm gawwwd Lyssa!  Oooooh more!  Mmmmmm make my pussy wetter than he ever could!  He always wanted me to suck his dick, but he never ate me out! And even when we did he never made it good like you can!  Fuck me Alyssa!  Mmmmm make me a naughty slut for your tongue like you always can!”

“Yes!  Fill my mouth with slutty wet cum!” Alyssa cooed, her tongue making Holly quiver with every lick.  “I’m so fucking hungry for you Holly!  Give me that cream I want!  You know how much I love licking your hot pussy, baby.  Mmmmm let me taste you like he never did.  He didn’t deserve a pussy this tight and tasty!  Only we do!  We’re going to treat you right!”

Seeing their friend be hurt was making both Rose and Alyssa quite anti-men at the moment and they delighted in working their friend into a lesbian frenzy.  They had been fucking her before she had even met her husband and had been very eager to do it a lot more ever since Holly had gone back on the market again.

And right then Alyssa was most focused on licking the first orgasm of the day right out of Holly.  She and Rose had essentially invited themselves over that day, promising Holly supportive shoulders to lean on.  As soon as they had arrived, though, their true intentions had emerged as they had practically dragged Holly to her bedroom, pulling her clothes off along the way, so they could heal her broken heart the best way they knew how.

Hearing Holly cry out her pleasure was pure pleasure to Alyssa’s ears, especially since she could peer up and see her friend’s soft, sexy tits jiggling naturally from her writhing on the bed.  Holly’s legs were slung over Alyssa’s shoulders and were rubbing into her back, urging her to lick and eat her more, something Alyssa certainly complied with.  Holly had so much pent up girl juice and Alyssa wanted to eat out every drop of it.  She desperately wanted to make Holly feel good and the fact that her pussy was as sweet as ever and her juices were like honey on her tongue was just a hot bonus Alyssa knew was more than a just reward for her efforts.

“Mmmmm you’re so tight baby,” Alyssa hotly informed a moaning, cooing Holly.  “This pussy hasn’t gotten fucked right in so long, has it baby?  Well we’re going to take care of that!  Mmmm we’re going to make you come and come and come until you won’t even remember that loser’s name!”

Alyssa got back to licking after that, her tongue teasing Holly in all her hot spots.  As much as she loved sex with Rose, Holly believed that no one knew her pussy as well as Alyssa did.  She knew just where she loved to be licked and where she needed the tongue action to be slow and sensual and where she needed it to be rough and passionate.  One of Alyssa’s hand softly caressed Holly’s warm. soft thigh and the other was right on her pussy, spreading her folds open so her tongue could better dive in with horny lashes against her pinkness.  And after she had bathed Holly’s pussy folds enough to work her into a frenzy, Alyssa pressed her face in further, her nose nestled right up into the brunette’s dark bush of girl fur, and started thrusting her tongue inside her friend.


Rose wasn’t about to be ignored though.  While her focus, just as Alyssa’s, was entirely on Holly’s pleasure, at the same she wanted the horny woman to remember there were two women on the bed with her, not just one.

“Don’t forget about me baby,” Rose said, giving Holly plenty of incentive to remember her by gently smacking her pretty, moaning face with Mr. Snappy.  “Don’t forget that after Alyssa leaves that sexy little pussy of yours all wet and creamy with your cum dripping out of those pink lips, I’m going to shove this thing inside you and make sure you’re not too tight anymore!  Like that baby?  Like thinking how Mr. Snappy is going to fuck you deep and hard and make that pretty pussy all nice and loose?”

“Yessssssssss!” Holly lustfully agreed, her voice husky with desire for both of her amazing friends.  “Fuck my pussy Rose!  Fuck it hard and deep with Mr. Snappy!  My pussy is tight because he couldn’t fuck it as good as you can!  Fuck me and make my pussy loose like a dirty little slut’s!  But don’t stop there baby!  I want to feel you in my ass too!  He always wanted to fuck me there but he never deserved it!  Not like you do!  I fucking need you deep up my ass Rose!  Give me all of Mr. Snappy right in my slutty fucking ass!”

Rose grinned in response and shoved her toy into Holly’s mouth again for a little extra wetness.  She had come in with every intention of making sure Mr. Snappy was up Holly’s tight ass again, just like it regularly had when they were such slutty sisters on Charmed.  But to hear Holly begging for it when she was usually so reserved and had to be coaxed to her peak naughtiness filled Rose with extra incentive to give her friend the fucking she needed.

The strap on around Rose’s waist was the only thing any of them had on.  Holly was completely naked and so was Alyssa, her spectacular bare ass pushed up a little in the air and offering Rose a little reminder that Holly’s wasn’t the only ass she wanted to fuck today.  But Alyssa could wait.  Rose wanted to concentrate totally on Holly right then.

She watched Holly suck on Mr. Snappy for a few hot moments, swallowing the hard, fake inches into her wet mouth before she slowly pulled it away from her, leaving it glistening with girl saliva.  Rose then leaned in and tenderly kissed Holly’s lips, which Holly returned without a second thought.  And when Holly’s mouth opened, Rose sucked her tongue right into her own mouth, sensually pleasuring her lover as her hands reached down and caressed her tits, fondling the perfectly proportioned mounds on her chest and feeling how wet they still were from when she had kissed and licked all over Holly’s nipples and areolas before.

Holly had loved every touch of Rose’s mouth to her tits.  Women like Rose made her feel like she could somehow come just from having her breasts played with.  Rose’s gentle, but naughty lickings all over her tits and particularly on her nipples and sensitive, dark areolas, had left Holly’s flesh covered in saliva and she had thoroughly enjoyed feeling it dry on her skin.  Rose had left her nipples rock hard and poking out, all swollen and wet, reminding her that when it came to pleasurable breast play, there was nothing like another woman.  What her ex-husband had been clumsy and lazy at most of the time, her girlfriends turned into an erotic art form.

“Come for Lyssa, baby,” Rose said, sensually kissing Holly again while using both hands to fondle her breasts.  “Rub that hot MILFy pussy right into her face and soak her with your cream so you can taste it all over her when she kisses you!  Mmmm let her make that pussy all juicy and slippery with cum so I can get Mr. Snappy right into you and make you feel what that tiny little pecker never could!  I’m going to give you a real fucking but first you have to come for Alyssa!  You have to come all over that sexy face!  Mmmmm and if you do that, you don’t just get to feel me fuck you, Holly.  You also get a very special surprise too!”

“A surprise?  What?  Tell me!” Holly perked up out of the desire filled haze Alyssa was licking her into.

“If we do that then it won’t be a surprise,” Alyssa devilishly declared.  She had been keeping a close eye on the time and she was confident that if everything went according to plan it wouldn’t be much longer until the surprise arrived.

But Alyssa didn’t want Holly too focused on that surprise yet.  She wanted her very much in the here and now and she got her there by adjusting her tonguing.  After giving Holly’s splayed slit another long lick down the length of her flared, soaked labia lips, Alyssa brought her tongue somewhere even naughtier.  With Holly lying on her back and her legs still draped over her shoulders, rubbing into her bare back, it was so easy for Alyssa to drag her tongue lower than Holly’s pussy and tickle the puckered rosebud of her asshole with it.

“OHMYGOD!” Holly loudly gasped in giddy delight.  “Mmmmm yessssss oooooh you nasty girl!  Mmmm you know I like that!  Ooooooh lick that tiny, tight asshole of mine Lyssa!  Ughhhh yesssssss!  Mmmmmm no one’s licked me down there in so long!  Not since the last time you did it you dirty, sexy thing!  Mmmmm fuck that feels goooood!”

Holly writhed even more from the way Alyssa’s tongue tip tantalizingly rubbed against her asshole, getting it wet with her saliva and then spreading it around.  She could feel her whole body relax from the wonderful sensations the wicked sex act was bringing her and she moaned carnally when she reflexively loosened her asshole for her friend, letting her push her tongue into her tightest of holes leave her trembling with pleasure.

Rose smirked at the sight of sexy Holly Marie Combs completely naked and not even remotely as reserved as she always tried to be.  Lesbian sex always brought out the wild side of Holly and they all knew that this time, more than ever, a good girl on girl licking was precisely what she needed to experience.

“See, you should have been coming to us for loving instead of wasting time on silly boys,” Rose teased, giving Holly’s bare tits another sensual squeeze before kissing her moaning lips once again.

“Ooooh I’ll never make that mistake again,” Holly cooed, smiling more than she had in months from the way Alyssa’s tongue bathed her asshole.  The forbidden act filled Holly’s brain with delirious dirtiness the way it always did when she was licked down there.  Alyssa was the first person, not just the first girl, who had ever been allowed to play with her ass and she always knew how to make the pleasure so exquisite.

Rose was a little jealous that Alyssa got to toss Holly’s salad before she did, but with Mr. Snappy strapped on around her waist, she knew she could do something to Holly’s sweet ass that Alyssa’s tongue never could.   Plus Alyssa’s ass licking left Holly’s pussy very vulnerable and Rose seized on the opportunity.  Alyssa had her fingers rubbing Holly’s slit as her tongue flicked against her asshole and wormed its way inside to thoroughly rim her, but Rose had no doubt Holly would agree that while fingers were nice, a horny tongue was even better.

Leaving behind Holly’s kissable lips and suckable tits, Rose moved her hungry mouth down to her friend’s waiting crotch as it glistened with juicy wetness.  Holly’s bush was in need of a trim and Rose was sure they could do that later, but for now it looked really sexy to see those dark curls matted with girly arousal.  She pressed her face into them just like Alyssa had before, breathing in the stimulating aroma of Holly’s wet, juicy cunt and loving how her fur was damp against her skin.  But Rose didn’t just indulge her sense of feel and smell.  Not when what she most loved to do was taste.  While Alyssa licked Holly’s asshole, it was Rose that unleashed her tongue on the needy woman’s pussy.


Alyssa gave Rose a little glare for swooping in and stealing Holly’s pussy from her, but that didn’t last.  She knew she only had herself to blame for that.  Holly’s ass had just been too tempting for her to resist tasting it and that had left her pussy vulnerable to Rose stealing it.  She would have done the same thing if it had been Rose who had left a pussy this tasty unlicked.  So Alyssa knew she couldn’t hold it against her.  Instead she did something different.  She pulled her tongue away from Holly’s asshole and replaced it with one of her slim fingers.  And as she penetrated Holly’s tight ring with her digit, Alyssa started sucking on Holly’s cunt lips at the same time Rose was licking her.

While they were playful rivals a lot of the time, Alyssa and Rose actually made a perfect team.  They knew each other’s moves cold and because of that they also knew how to perfectly split up the work so they were giving Holly the maximum pleasure while avoiding repeating what the other was doing.  Rose concentrated on Holly’s clit, licking it with steady, quick flicks of her tongue that provided constant stimulation.  And as Rose did that, Alyssa kissed and licked the soft vaginal lips of her horny friend, working over the sensitive nerves there and making Holly’s brain buzz and her body tingle with bliss.

The close contact of their two faces between Holly’s legs gave Rose and Alyssa plenty of chances to rub their tongues together and kiss while sharing Holly’s sweet juices.  And though it was plenty tempting for the two of them to start making out and indulge in the raging lust they always felt for each other, especially when they were competing, Rose and Alyssa kept their attention on Holly.  They licked and sucked and fingered and did everything they knew their friend liked, getting just the reaction from her they were going for.


Having two mouths on one pussy was not an unfamiliar feeling for any of them.  As co-stars they often put the “power of three” to good use by having two team up on one.  They had all felt it and they all loved it.  Today it was Holly’s turn again to experience that pleasure and, just like always it drove her absolutely wild.  Alyssa and Rose didn’t even need Holly to tell them how close she was to orgasm.  They could taste it.

“Come for us baby,” Rose moaned, her tongue coated in Holly’s sweet, womanly juices.  “Come all over our faces!  Mmmmm me and Lyssa!  Soak us with that girl cream we love licking right out of you!  We know you need this.  Mmmmm we can see how bad you want to come.  Do it Holly!  Come for your girlfriends like your husband never could get you to do!”

Right then her ex was the furthest thing from her mind.  Holly was in heaven thanks to her sexy friends and was in no rush to leave it by thinking about men.  Women were all she needed and these two women in particular.  Holly rubbed her bare ass roughly into her bed, tussling up her sheets as trembles of pleasure shot through her from head to toe.  She couldn’t believe she had gone this long without a woman’s touch and it seemed like Rose and Alyssa were trying to make up for it with one fell swoop, something Holly definitely wanted them to do.

“Fuck yesssssssssss!  Ohhhhhhhhhh my God!  Ohhhhhhh God…Ohhhhhhhhhh my fucking God!” Holly kept crying out, the combined efforts of her friends driving her into a delirious bliss.  She didn’t even think about moving her hands.  They did it seemingly of their own accord as she stopped grabbing at the bedsheets and instead moved to the backs of Alyssa’s and Rose’s heads, holding them down to her pussy and making sure they didn’t move an inch until she was satisfied.

From all the times her friends had pleasured her through the years, Holly knew this wasn’t necessary.  There was no way Rose and Alyssa were going to leave her pussy undrained, but she did it anyway.  She pushed down aggressively on the back of Alyssa’s dark hair, shoving her face deeper into her crotch while at the same time pushing down on Rose’s head, inspiring her to part her lips and start suckling wantonly on her clitoris.  And even though all of them knew she didn’t have to do it, Rose and Alyssa didn’t mind the extra urging from Holly.  They saw it as quite a compliment.  It just made it more obvious how much she needed them and how much she loved this, especially as she kept calling out their names and telling them to give her more.


Not only did she have Rose’s mouth working over her clit as both she and Alyssa spread her open with their fingers, forcing the bulging bud to poke out like even one centimeter was too far a distance from Rose’s tongue, but she also had Alyssa working her over too.  Alyssa’s mouth was latched to her pussy lips as they were kept splayed open, lewdly slurping on them and stimulating her right along with Rose’s tongue on her clitoris.  But there was even more.  Holly couldn’t forget about the feel of Alyssa’s finger sliding in and out of her ass.

Since it was only a finger and she had taken a lot more, it would have been easy to let that pleasure get lost in the shuffle of two hot mouths on her pussy.  But Holly didn’t let that happen.  She loved how Alyssa was finger fucking her ass, her slim, sexy finger going in and pulling out sensually and steadily, creating a naughty sawing motion that not only got her ready and relaxed for something much bigger, but stimulating the sensitive nerves of her asshole quite effectively

To have all of that going on at once combine with how much Holly had pent up arousal for something like this, gave her little ability to be able to hold back.  And she didn’t want to hold back either.  She had been holding back for too long, too often denying herself this carnal pleasures with other women, and Holly didn’t want that to happen any longer.  She needed this too much.  So when she felt her orgasm start to trigger inside her, Holly pushed it forward with much enthusiasm.

Except for the pure unquestioning love of her children, Holly loved this feeling more than anything else in the world, especially when it was her friends doing it to her.  The fact that she knew Rose and Alyssa so well and had been so intimate with them and felt such a strong connection to them made her orgasm stronger as it pulsed through her and left her shaking in ecstasy.


Holly rocked on the bed in orgasmic release, bouncing her ass onto the mattress as her soft tits shook from the explosions of ecstasy inside her.  She hadn’t felt like this in so long and the release of all the stifled pleasure she had been denied was like a huge weight lifted off her. She felt free and sexy and so absolutely wonderful.  She kept shaking on the bed while screaming out to heaven and praising her amazing friends.  Holly’s hips bucked in passionate thrusts against Rose and Alyssa’s faces as they kept sucking and licking and fingering her and making everything feel like bliss.

And when the last tremors of her orgasm were making her shiver with happiness, Alyssa and Rose pulled up and away from Holly’s pussy and ass to scoot on up to her and flank her on the bed.  She had Alyssa on the left and Rose on the right, their naked bodies rubbing together with sweaty sensuality as they started kissing tenderly, all of them sharing the creamy cum from Holly’s release.  Rose and Alyssa fed the orgasm right back to Holly and she eagerly gulped down her own essence, savoring this moment and wishing she had done this months ago.

“Mmmmmm you guys really are the best friends a girl could have,” Holly moaned happily, smacking her lips from her own yummy taste as her hands moved down Alyssa and Rose’s sexy backs to fondle the gorgeous cheeks of their perfect asses.  “Thank you so much!  Mmmmm that was amazing!”

“I’m insulted you could even think we were capable of anything less than amazing,” Rose teased.

“And don’t act like this is ending now, Holly,” Alyssa reminded her.  “After all, we still have a surprise for you.”

“Ooooooooh I love surprises,” Holly moaned, smiling happily from her orgasmic afterglow and eager for lots more.  “Is my surprise something fun?  Mmmm fun like these?”

As she asked that last question, Holly’s hands devilishly moved down the toned cheeks of Alyssa and Rose’s asses so she could brush her finger tips against their wet slits from behind.  That had both of them moaning instantly and moving in for another kiss with their friend.  Holly wasn’t usually this aggressive with them and it was further proof of how badly she needed this.

The three naked women shared kisses on the bed, Rose and Alyssa both taking turns sliding their tongues into Holly’s very willing mouth and then all three of them kissing at once, wet lips and tongues rubbing together as their moans grew.  Holly continued rubbing the slits of her sexy on-screen sisters, fondling the lips of the pussies she loved licking while they kissed her and felt up her tits.  And as she rubbed them, Holly could feel Mr. Snappy poking into her, reminding her that it was still strapped tightly around Rose’s waist and that her friend had every intention of fucking her hard with it.

“It’s not a fucking fruit cake, I’ll tell you that much,” Rose laughed before she began moaning again when Holly took her hand off her cunt lips and instead began stroking the shaft of Mr. Snappy, treating her favorite toy like it was a real cock she could jack off.  “Mmmm you didn’t think we would bring you a boring present like that, did you?”

“Can I have a hint at least?” Holly inquired, her hands all over the softness of Alyssa’s labia and the hardness of Rose’s strap on.  “Mmmmm I want my Christmas present now!”

“Oh you’ll get it soon,” Alyssa promised, but before she could say anything more the doorbell rang.

If they had rehearsed it, it wouldn’t have worked out any better, but this was not planned.  If it had been, the surprise would have arrived earlier.  Still the timing was especially perfect now.

“She’s here!” Alyssa smiled brightly jumping out of the bed and starting off to answer Holly’s front door.

“Wait…you’re not wearing anything!” Holly couldn’t help but remind her uninhibited friend as Alyssa nakedly ran out of the room.

“That’s the point,” Alyssa laughed back.  “Why waste time getting dressed when I’m going to be taking it off again a minute later.”

“But what if it’s the gardener or UPS or something?” Holly said, remembering that she had ordered a lot of gifts for her kids and friends that year online and was expecting delivery.

“Well then they’re going to get quite a tip then when they see me like this,” Alyssa replied without a care in the world as her voice carried back up to Holly’s bedroom.  It was a moot point anyway.  Alyssa was already streaking down the stairs without a stitch on her sexy body and while she did consider the fact that this might not have been her surprise arriving, she felt the odds were in her favor.

Besides if it was some delivery man dropping off packages for Holly, Alyssa wasn’t adverse to giving him a thrill. When she was feeling particularly uninhibited and more than a little devilish she liked answering the door completely naked and flashing whoever was there.  It was a thrill for her to give them a show by exposing herself like that and if that happened here she wasn’t going to mind it a bit.

But her gut told her that wasn’t going to happen and that was confirmed when she peeked out to see who was at the door and confirmed it was exactly who she was expecting. That only made Alyssa more eager to open the door and give a naked show and she broke into a wide smile when she saw the look of utter shock on the face of the beautiful blonde girl on the other side.  She hadn’t been expecting it and the look of her surprised face was almost as alluring to Alyssa as it was to see those gorgeous features contorted in orgasm…almost.

“Ummmmm…wow!” Kaley Cuoco stammered out when she suddenly found herself face to face with a completely nude Alyssa Milano.

“You gonna come in or just stare all day?” Alyssa teased, enjoying being able to knock the blonde girl right out of her comfort zone before she had even set foot inside the house.

“Mmmmmm I kind of want to stare,” Kaley smiled back, showing that she still loved the look of Alyssa’s naked body just as much, if not more, than the first time she saw it.  “But I suppose if I stood outside and stared all day, I’d never get around to actually fucking you.”

Kaley couldn’t believe that Alyssa was standing there so boldly naked, but she told herself she shouldn’t have been surprised.  Her former co-star had never been shy and that was one of the things she had liked most about her…that and her body of course.  Kaley couldn’t stop from staring, her eyes lingering on the tanned flesh of Alyssa’s large tits and the way her nipples were rock hard and looking so suckable that she wanted to lean in right then and there and taste them.  And of course Kaley’s eyes drifted down to the woman’s pussy, her own body tingling as she saw Alyssa’s sex shaved completely bald and how it was glistening with juice already from whatever she had been doing inside the house.

“Then let’s get you inside right now,” Alyssa declared with a laugh, pulling the younger woman in by the hand and closing the door behind them.

Kaley didn’t resist a bit.  She just let Alyssa yank her inside and, as soon as she heard the door click shut behind them, she showed her own uninhibited side.  Kaley placed her hand on Alyssa’s shoulder and, when the brunette turned around, Kaley wrapped her arms around her nude body and brought her in for a kiss.  It had been a while since they had done this but time apart hadn’t made Kaley want Alyssa any less.  It had only increased the desire she felt for her and, given how much Kaley’s sexy body turned Alyssa on, the feeling was most definitely mutual.

Alyssa kissed Kaley back with the same wanton desire that the blonde kissed her with.  Their lips rubbed together in a soft reunion they both welcomed and it took only a few sexy seconds of that before Kaley opened her mouth and Alyssa took advantage, slowly slithering her tongue past those lips so she could rub it against Kaley’s tongue and make her moan with need.

Alyssa noted that the kissing was starting to make Kaley’s nipples visibly strain against her shirt and, without any pause, she reached her hands up and began to gently rub the mounds of her breast flesh through her clothes, feeling up the blonde’s beautiful tits and knowing that it wouldn’t be long at all until she once again saw them naked for her along with the rest of Kaley’s beautiful body.

“Ohhhhhhhh!  Mmmmm yesssssss!” Kaley hissed while they passionately made out right in Holly’s foyer, the feel of those soft, experienced hands on her chest making her long for much, much more naughty touching.  “It’s been too long since we did this!”

Kaley could feel her heart thumping in her chest just from the kisses and she loved how the adrenaline was already starting to flow, the little hairs on the back of her neck standing up.  She loved men and she had a boyfriend, but nothing could ever make her as excited as sex with another woman.  Not only could women lick her with skill that men just couldn’t match, but the forbidden nature of it always appealed to her.  It was breaking such a huge taboo for her to indulge in any kind of lesbian lust and even though she considered herself mostly straight, Kaley couldn’t get enough of that naughty feeling that she was doing something wrong and wicked.

She had never told any of her boyfriends that she liked girls too and her current man had no idea that she was here or what she was planning to do as part of this very special Charmed reunion.  It was her dirty little secret and she loved it.  Her boyfriend had no clue that she loved the feel of a tasty pussy in her face all juicy and hot to be licked and he definitely had no idea how wet her own sex was getting just from kissing Alyssa’s amazing lips and being able to check out her perfect nude body.

“Mmmmm you’re still a great kisser,” Alyssa moaned, pulling away from Kaley and both of them smiling big.  “Have you been practicing?  Any other girls get to taste those sweet lips?”

“No,” Kaley admitted, shifting a little on her feet and showing just how antsy she was for this to happen just like Alyssa and Rose had promised it would.  “I haven’t been with another girl in so long.  Not since the last time we hooked up.”

“That was more than a year ago,” Alyssa marveled with a little shake of her head.  “I didn’t think you had the will power to last that long Kaley.  Mmmmm that little pussy of yours must be dying for some girl love.”

“It is!” Kaley readily admitted, shifting on her feet again as she felt the growing dampness in her panties under her skirt.  “Mmmmm I haven’t fucked a girl in so long, Lyssa.  I was so happy when you called.  I really need this.”

“Ooooh I’d better check and make sure you’re not lying,” Alyssa teased before reaching under Kaley’s skirt.

Like grabbing at Kaley’s tits, Alyssa didn’t wait for permission to fondle an intimate part of her body.  She just did it and the younger woman reacted with an eager moan, tensing up with a rush of pleasure when Alyssa boldly reached under the pink skirt she was wearing and caressed her pussy lips through her panties.

“Mmmmmmm this sexy little pussy really is dying for it, isn’t it?” Alyssa grinned, feeling the dampness that was starting to soak her friend’s panties.  “Oooooh and it feels so nice and warm and wet.  I’ve missed playing with your pussy Kaley.  Mmmm and I can definitely feel how much you missed my tongue.”

“Yesssssssssss oooooh fuck yes I’ve missed your hot tongue!” Kaley groaned, her nipples getting rock hard under her shirt and bra from Alyssa’s naughty touch and the prospect of working off all her pent up lesbian lust in a tangle of hot, naked girl bodies with her and Rose and Holly, just like they used to.  “Mmmmm your tongue and Rose’s and Holly’s!  I want you all!  I need this Lyssa!  Ughhh I’ve only been with men for so long now.  I need a girl!  I need women to fuck me!”

“And that’s just what you’re going to get,” Alyssa carnally promised before giving Kaley another wet kiss.  “Let’s get upstairs.  I’m sure those horny sluts haven’t exactly waited for us to get back up.  And Holly doesn’t even know you’re coming.  You’re a surprise for her.”

“Mmmmmm I love the sound of that,” Kaley smiled. “If I’d known I would have stuck some bows on my nipples.”

“Well once Holly sees you’re here, she won’t want anything between her and those hot tits of yours, honey,” Alyssa said, gently running her fingers through the soft blonde hair on Kaley’s head and marveling once again at the all-American beauty of her former co-star.  Kaley was the girl next door that people dreamed of having and it was always such a thrill to be able to tap into her naughty side.

Kaley moaned at the thought of Holly’s warm, soft lips kissing all over her tits.  She loved all three of her sexy Charmed co-stars, but Holly had always been particularly sexy to her. She had a sweetness that Rose and Alyssa, for all their hotness, just couldn’t quite reach.  Kaley loved that Holly was considered the underrated of the three.  It was like she knew something that the rest of the world didn’t, that Holly Marie Combs might have acted like she could easily have been a soccer mom in any suburb in the country, but deep down she could be as naughty as the hottest of porn stars.

Kaley loved that Holly was a true MILF.  She seemed like just the kind of woman that dirty term of endearment was created for.  She was all natural with no hint of pretension.  What you saw was what you got with Holly and Kaley loved what she saw.  She wanted to be there for Holly in her time of need just like Rose and Alyssa did and this idea definitely seemed like the best way to do it.

“Let’s get upstairs,” Kaley said.  “I don’t think I can wait a second longer.”

“Then follow me,” Alyssa said.  And even though Kaley already knew the way to Holly’s bedroom, Alyssa took the liberty of guiding her there.  She took Kaley by the hand and led her upstairs, something that the blonde didn’t mind because it gave her a chance to stare right at Alyssa’s ass while they walked together.

Each of her co-stars had something Kaley wildly lusted for on their bodies.  For Holly it was her soft, beautiful face.  For Rose it was those perfectly round tits.  And for Alyssa it was definitely her ass.  Kaley loved to touch and kiss and even lick those tight, ideally plump cheeks.  They had the perfect amount of jiggle, giving her ass a sexy thickness that Kaley wished her own booty had.  They looked so tight and tan that Kaley always envied, wishing she had the boldness Alyssa did to just tan naked, either in a booth or under the warm sun in her backyard.

Alyssa’s ass was the kind of enticement that Kaley would have followed anywhere, but their journey was not a far one.  It was right up the stairs and back to Kaley’s bedroom where asses were also very much on the minds of Rose and Holly judging from the screams of utter ecstasy coming from Holly’s happy mouth.  She and Rose hadn’t waited at all and all Kaley and Alyssa could do was watch from the doorway and witness Holly on her hands and knees positioned doggie style so Rose could fuck her ass with Mr. Snappy.

“You like baby?” Rose demanded, giving Holly’s bare butt cheek a smack while continuing to thrust into her.  “Like feeling this big cock up your ass?  Mmmmmm I can feel the heat off your wet cunt Holly!  I can feel how its making you drip to have me stuff your tight ass with my big toy!  Tell me you like it!  Tell me with your mouth what your naughty little twat it already telling me!”


“Mmmmmm fuck yeah you nasty slut, tell me how much you love my big cock inside you!” Rose groaned, her own satisfaction growing at the sounds of pleasure coming from her lover.  The sounds of someone surrendering their inhibitions to her favorite toy and indulging in the ecstasy she knew only she could give them was something that never grew old to Rose. “Your ass is so fucking hot Holly!  Mmmm I’m going to make these sweet mommy cheeks of yours bounce while I’m fucking you hard!  I’m going to make you feel like you’re my nasty little whore baby!  A nasty whore getting her pretty, tight ass fucked!”

Holly was clawing at her bedsheets again, digging her nails into them so much that she was close to ripping right through them.  Every dirty thing Rose said made her feel nastier and nastier, especially since every teasing phrase seemed to be punctuated by a hard thrust up her bottom.  This was so raunchy and made Holly feel like the slut Rose kept telling her she was.  And she loved it.  She loved every inch of plastic being pushed up her ass.  She loved the way Rose would go back and forth from pulling on her long, dark hair and slapping her butt cheeks while fucking her.  She loved the sounds of their bodies smacking together and the way being fucked like this was making her get all sweaty from her exertion.

Holly didn’t make a big deal about it, but the truth was she loved anal sex.  Pussy sex was wonderful and she couldn’t get enough of it.  But there was just something so deliriously dirty about being fucked up her ass.  It was one of those things for her that just felt so wrong that it had to be right, especially because she always combined it with the taboo of having lesbian sex.  She didn’t always let it happen when she was with other girls. She saved it for those special occasions when she was super turned on and today was definitely one of those occasions.

She had never let a man put himself inside her butt, as much as all her lovers had begged.  But with the right kind of girls, Holly would give up her ass to them like a debauched whore and they always made it feel so incredible.  She had never told girls like Rose and Alyssa how much she enjoyed it when they fucked her ass, but she had the feeling they already knew because of how enthusiastic her reactions were when they did it.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhh more Rose!  Give me more!” Holly begged while Rose took her from behind, shoving that strap on up her ass like no one else could.  “Fuck my slut ass!   Take that curvy MILF butt of mine like you always do!  I never let him fuck my ass even though he begged for it but you can have it any time you like!  Mmmmm fuckkkk yesssssssss ughhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss fuck me deep Rose!  Fill up my whole fucking ass with that big, fat toy!  OOOOOOOOOOH YESSS BABY YESSSSSSSSSS!  UGHHHHH FUCKKKKK YEAHHHH JUST LIKE THAT!  OOOOOH MAKE ME FUCKING FEEL IT!!!”

Rose thrust harder into Holly’s ass just as she was begged to.  She knew Holly’s ass so well from all the times she had fucked it after joining the Charmed cast that even though she hadn’t done this in a long time to her on-screen sister, it was a snap to fall right back into her sexy pattern with her.

Rose knew just how to take Holly and exactly what her limits were.  She didn’t push her past what she could take on and didn’t try to coax her out of her comfort zone.  This wasn’t about stretching limits.  It was about making Holly feel good and Rose respected that.  So while it seemed like she was fucking her hard and without any inhibition, and it certainly felt that way to Holly, Rose was really holding back and not giving it to her friend the way she would have given it to some of her more experienced friends who were true anal sluts.

Being able to fuck Holly’s ass was a treat for Rose and she savored it.  Holly wasn’t always up for fun the way Alyssa was and getting her to be naughty enough to give up her ass always took some work.  But none of that work had been necessary today.  Holly was blatant in her need to be defiled by sexy women and while Rose held back in fucking her ass, she didn’t hold back in giving Holly’s sex soaked brain the extra stimulation it needed to send her whole body into a horny fever.

“Yeahhh no man is worthy of this ass,” Rose laughed, using both of her hands to smack Holly’s softly giggling butt cheeks while slapping into her from behind.  “Mmmm naughty Holly, giving up her ass to another woman when her tiny dicked hubby couldn’t get any of that love!  I’ll bet you were dreaming of this every time he put that pencil thin cock of his inside you.  I’ll bet you dreamed of being treated like a real woman and getting yourself fucked hard by me!  You know only girls know how to fuck you right Holly and there’s no girl like me!  Only I can stuff your sexy cunt how you like it!  Only I know how to make that pretty pussy of yours come like a waterfall from fucking your ass!  No wonder you dumped his lame ass, he could never compete with me and how good I can fuck you!”


Alyssa and Kaley watched this with their own desire growing to nearly unbearable levels.  Kaley’s pussy was soaking her panties completely now under her skirt and she found herself getting uncontrollably horny at the sight of Rose fucking Holly’s ass.  God, she wanted her own booty to get fucked like that so badly.  Rose was so amazing at fucking.  She could make her feel things no man ever could and Kaley knew full well from experience that Alyssa was just as good at using a strap on as Rose was.  She had only been with her boyfriend for so long now and Kaley was craving a woman’s touch like never before.  So she literally took matters into her own hand by grabbing at Alyssa’s bare body.

With Alyssa standing in front of her in the doorway, it was so easy for Kaley to reach around and grab Alyssa’s big tits.  She felt the firm mounds in her hand and carnally massaged them, while turning up the heat even more by swiping her tongue against Alyssa’s neck and grinding herself into her, making sure the older woman could feel the heat coming from her cunt as she rubbed her skirt clad body into her naked ass.

“Mmmmm get your strap on and fuck me like that, Lyssa,” Kaley breathlessly moaned into her friend’s ear.  “I haven’t been fucking nasty in so long and I’m dying for it.  Rip my clothes off and slam that strap on up my tight ass so you can make it loose again like you and Rose always used to when we hooked up!”

“Oooooh you nasty girl,” Alyssa groaned, her pussy oozing juice at the prospect of doing that.  “What would your boyfriend say if he saw that?  What if he saw his sweet girlfriend lezzing it out with me and giving up her perfect little ass for my strap on? Mmmm what would he say if he saw you coming harder from a girl licking your pussy than you ever do for him?”

“Mmmm gawwwd I don’t care what he’d say, I just need to fucking come from a woman doing me like the slut I am,” Kaley panted, so lost in her pent up desires for women that she set everything aside, even the supposed love of her life.  “You know me Lyssa.  I can’t be good.  Mmmm my mommy and daddy wanted me to be a good little conservative girl, but I can’t be.  I’m a bad girl!  I can’t help it!  I’m a nasty slut deep down and I know it!  Mmmm you know it too Lyssa.  All three of you do.  That’s why you have to fuck me like I need it!  Treat me like a bad girl!”

“Your wish is my command,” Alyssa grinned after hearing the passionately horny words coming from the younger woman.  “I’ve been dying to hear you say that, Kaley.  I’ve missed you baby.  I want to fuck you so good, just like we used to!”

Alyssa turned around, taking away her view of Rose defiling Holly’s hot ass but instead replacing it with the vision of a visibly horny Kaley Cuoco, breathing heavily as her arousal burned inside her, aching to emerge from the restraints of her inhibitions.  Kaley’s round chest was heaving sensually, moving up and down under her shirt and bra with a steady, sexy pattern.  Her nipples were now blatantly sticking up under her clothes, forming irresistible pokies that Alyssa ran her fingers over before moving her lips in to smother Kaley’s in a kiss.

Kaley moaned as Alyssa’s sexy fingers played with her erect nipples through her pink shirt and those sounds grew even more intense when Alyssa kissed her.  Kaley happily let Alyssa’s tongue invade her mouth again and she wantonly rubbed it against it with her own pussy starved tongue.  It felt so good to be doing this again.  She hadn’t even kissed a woman in so long and the more she did it, the more she became desperate to do so much more than fuck.

Kaley suddenly broke the kiss, but only so she could reach down and whip her pink shirt over her head, exposing a cream colored bra that hefted her already full tits up into a sexy display of cleavage that had Alyssa drooling even more for her body.  Kaley was about to follow that action up by reaching for her skirt too, but Alyssa beat her to it, kissing her once more while grabbing the zipper and pulling it down so that the skirt fell right down Kaley’s long legs and puddled around her feet.  And, while she passionately kissed Alyssa back and returned her hands to her friend’s amazing tits, Kaley stepped out of her own shoes, leaving herself in just her bra and her absolutely soaked panties.

“Want to get in bed with those two?” Alyssa whispered to Kaley, their overheating bodies rubbing together.

“You don’t even have to ask,” Kaley replied.  “I fucking need this.”

Turning around, Alyssa grabbed Kaley’s hand and left her clothes and shoes behind while leading the underwear clad blonde toward the bed.  Rose and Holly hadn’t paused their fucking long enough to even notice they were there, but Alyssa changed that by clearing her throat and directing her words toward the woman being happily sodomized on the bed.

“Snap out of it for a sec, Holly,” Alyssa said.  “Look who I brought for you.  Merry Christmas baby.”

Turning her head, Holly let out a happy moan of pure carnality at the sight of Kaley stripped down to her bra and panties with visibly hard nipples and a sizeable wet spot in her cute crotch.  She hadn’t been expecting this but she immediately adopted the feeling of “the more the merrier.”

“Mmmmm fuck yessssssssss!” Holly groaned, Rose still thrusting away at her ass.  “Oooooh that’s just what I wanted!  Mmmm another naughty girl to fuck!  Get in here Kaley.  Bring that pussy to mommy so I can taste it again!  Mmmmm fuck my face while Rose fucks my ass!”

Those words were heaven to Kaley’s ears and she didn’t hesitate to respond by pushing her panties down her long legs.  She didn’t even kiss Holly, she just crawled onto the bed without a word and slung her stems open, exposing the glistening lips of her aroused cunt as juice dribbled right out of her pussy and down onto her thighs.  She was so keyed up for this that she couldn’t even think of what to say.  She just needed Holly’s tongue, more than she had ever needed it before.  And the actress obliged, plunging her face between the blonde’s creamy thighs and dragging her tongue right up her soaked slit before starting to work her over with horny licks that had Kaley squealing in seconds.

“Ooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssssss mmmmm fuck yeah Holly!” Kaley cried, Holly’s hot tongue inspiring her to find some words.  “Lick me with that sexy mommy tongue!  Ooooooh yesssssssssssssss mmmmm God that feels goooood!  I’ve only had dick in there for so long!  Gimmie that hot tongue Holly!  Make me feel why I love fucking girls so much!  Ughhhhh yesssssss make me feel like a nasty bi slut and not the good straight girl my boyfriend thinks I am!”

Kaley lay back on the bed and indulged in the delicious eroticism of being licked by a woman, right near the same spot Holly had just been lying in as Rose and Alyssa had fed off her pussy.  Holly’s tongue made her feel like she was floating after only a few wanton licks, a condition that was much helped by Alyssa sliding her naked body against hers and kissing her while reaching for her bra.  Kaley had purposely worn one of her bras that had the clasp in the front just for something like this and Alyssa took full advantage, snapping it open and pulling it off to expose the creamy skin of Kaley’s C-cup rack.

And as soon as those impossibly pink nipples of hers were bared in all their erect glory, Alyssa swooped down on them, caressing their luscious fullness with her hands while flicking her tongue on one nipple and then the other, teasing them with wet circling lips that covered her pink points and areolas and making Kaley quiver into a happy mess of aroused girl flesh.

Feeling Alyssa’s mouth and hands on her tits and Holly’s tongue on her pussy, lapping away with horny licks was just the kind of thing Kaley had fantasized about that morning in the shower with the massager pressed between her legs.  Alyssa had called her earlier that day to tell her the plan to treat Holly to a day of passion and she had been soaked for it ever since.

Kaley’s pussy had gotten even wetter from the first second she had heard Holly refer to herself as “mommy.”  For her that had been like waiving a red flag in front of a bull.  Kaley didn’t just think of Holly as a gorgeous woman with a secret naughty side.  She loved that Holly just exuded being a mom.  She was always so practical and concerned for others and combining that nature with her body had given Kaley so many hot MILF fantasies about her that she practically couldn’t make it through an hour of watching Holly play Lucy Hale’s mom on Pretty Little Liars without creaming her panties.

So now she was dripping into Holly’s mouth as the older woman lapped at her pussy while taking Rose’s cock up her ass.  It gave Kaley an amazing view to be able to see Holly’s hot ass up in the air and Rose thrusting into it from behind, Rose’s perfect, big tits shaking with each push up Holly’s butt and to have all of that combined with Alyssa’s magic mouth and tongue on her tits made Kaley feel like she was the one getting the sexy Christmas treat and not Holly.

“Mmmmmm wowwwwww ooooooh Holly!  That feels wonderful!” Kaley whimpered, her whole body shivering happily from the two mouths on her hot spots.  “Mmmm I’ve needed this for so long!  I’ve been acting straight for too goddamn long!  Make me into a lez again!  Make me only want to fuck girls!  Ughhhh yesssssssssssss!  Oooooh yessss make me remember that girls eat pussy better than boys ever could!”

Alyssa’s call that morning and the invitation to come by Holly’s for some fun had come at exactly the right time for Kaley.  She had been so horny for girls lately.  Her boyfriend hadn’t been enough for her.  She had needed something softer and wetter.  She had been craving pussy and since she had denied herself for so long, the cravings were as strong as they’d ever been.

Lately she had caught herself staring too much at other girls at the gym and scoping out sexy butts and yummy tits on women she saw on the street.  There was a part of her soul that would never be completely satisfied with cock and that part needed a fix of being a lesbian.  Fortunately she could think of no better female lovers to give her what she needed than the three women she was with.

Sure she’d end up going back to her boyfriend after all this was over and pretend she was totally straight.  But deep down she would always crave this and for now she was going to indulge every naughty urge her body demanded.  For this afternoon she was a lesbian and she was going to enjoy every lick and every drop of sweet girl cum on her tongue.

Loving being able to look down and see Holly’s face pressed between her thighs, Kaley pulled Alyssa up from her tits, not to make her stop, but so she could passionately kiss her once again. Kaley held Alyssa to her with a hand to the back of her head and they eagerly tongue kissed, while at the same time Alyssa brought her hands back to the tits she had just been licking, rubbing into them with her smooth, soft palms and spreading around the saliva she had just left coating Kaley’s nipples and areolas.

Looking up from Kaley’s pussy as she lapped at it, teasing the folds of her tender, tight sex with warm, loving lashes of her tongue, that was the view Holly got and it was quite a treat for her eyes.  To see Alyssa and Kaley both with their eyes closed and indulging in their lusts for each other with passionate kisses enhanced the intense pleasure she was getting from Rose’s hard pushes up her ass.  Holly’s butt cheeks stung from the spankings she had been given by Rose, but she felt nothing but ecstasy from those thrusts.  Seeing Alyssa and Kaley kissing like that made her pussy drip even more, her juices starting to trickle down her leg as she remained in all fours.

Holly had loved hearing what Kaley had just said.  She loved hearing about how she had denied herself the touch of another woman for so long and couldn’t hold back any longer.  That was how she felt too.  She had tried to be married.  She had tried to be the good wife.  She had tried to stay faithful.  But there was too much desire inside her.

Desire for this.  Desire for her friends.  Desire for the intense sex only they could bring her.  She completely understood where Kaley was coming from and that only made her hornier for her former blonde co-star.  Holly licked harder at her young pussy, focusing on her pleasure even as Rose fucked her hard, shoving Mr. Snappy up her ass and making her feel sensations she had long craved on lonely nights after unsatisfying sex.

Mr. Snappy wasn’t going to go soft before she was finished.  Mr. Snappy wasn’t going to roll over and go to sleep.  Mr. Snappy was going to give her what she craved.  Mr. Snappy was going to fuck her until she couldn’t walk straight.  And it wasn’t just the toy that was going to give all this to her, it was its wicked, wild mistress.  Mr. Snappy was just a tool that Rose was an expert in using.  She was the one doing all this to her.  Not some man with a big cock.  A beautiful, sexy woman with luscious tits, a tight, juicy ass and a pussy that Holly longed to lick dry just like she was going to do to Kaley.

Right then Holly didn’t think she would ever need men again at all.  She just needed women like Rose and Alyssa and all their naughty mansion friends.  She wanted Kaley to feel the same way.  She wanted to lick her so good she wouldn’t even go back to her boyfriend.  Men were such jerks and they didn’t deserve a tight young body like Kaley’s.  Only horny girls like herself deserved it.

With that in mind, Holly was voracious in licking Kaley’s tight little cunt.  The girl’s pussy lips were shaved completely smooth and she had only the thinnest of landing strips to tickle her face as Holly buried herself in her former co-star’s crotch.  Even though she should have been completely distracted by the big, fake cock being shoved up her ass, Holly compelled herself to pay attention to Kaley.  She licked those bald pussy lips to lap up the drooling juices from her hot, tight cunt and used her hands to force Kaley’s legs open some more so she could start to push in past the seal of her labia and into the honey pot she had spent a year licking whenever she could during that final season of Charmed.

Kaley’s pussy had always been so delicious and their time apart had only made it sweeter to Holly’s tastebuds.  It was so unlike Holly to not even kiss Kaley when she had crawled into bed with her but by that point her brain was soaked in sex and she was far more interested in the lips below her waist.  Now she had them and Holly wasn’t letting them go.  She thrust her tongue into the blonde like Rose was thrusting her toy into her ass and whenever she needed to stop so she could gasp and cry happy sounds from Rose’s assfucking, Holly would kiss all over Kaley’s pussy lips and suckle on them wantonly, making sure they were both stimulated from wicked, lesbian sex.

“OHHHHH FUCK YES HOLLY!  OOOOOOOH YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME COME!” Kaley cried, her full, firm tits playfully smacking Alyssa in the face now that the brunette had moved back down to her jiggling chest to kiss and lick some more.  “OH GOD PLEASE DON’T STOP HOLLY!  OOOOOH I HAVEN’T FELT THIS GOOD IN SO LONG!  MMMMM EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY!  OOOOOOH YESSSSSSS!  OHHHHH GAWWD FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE AND EAT THAT BI SLUT HOLE OF MINE!  FUCKKKK YESSSS I’M SUCH A NASTY GIRL!”

Holly felt pretty nasty herself.  She was eating out a girl with a boyfriend while secretly hoping she would leave him and his useless cock behind to join her in a man bashing lifestyle filled with girl on girl sex.  And while she was doing that, her ass was being nailed from behind.

Holly grunted and moaned and took every inch Rose was giving her with Mr. Snappy.  Each lick she took against Kaley’s pussy was punctuated by a happy cry of anal sex delight.  Rose’s cock felt so good in her ass and Holly felt like she was going to come too, just like Kaley was.  She could taste the girl’s closeness and it made her pursue it with more urgency.  Holly wanted to lick the cum right out of Kaley and she didn’t want to wait for it.

“Come for me Kaley!” Holly urged her lover.  “I want to feel you come in my mouth and get it all over my face!  Come all over me and make my lips sticky with your cream just like I did to Lyssa and Rose right before you got here!  Oooooh I know how bad you need this, baby.  I felt the same way.  Mmmm you need a hot girl licking this sexy little pussy.  You need to feel a woman’s tongue.  So did I!  Ughhhhh gawwwwd yessssssss mmmm fuck me Rose!  Fuck me while I eat this slut’s pussy!  Oooooooh come for me Kaley!  Come for me as I come all over Mr. Snappy!”

In all her sexy pleas to Kaley over how much she wanted her wet pussy, Holly hadn’t meant to ignore Rose.  The feel of Mr. Snappy filling up better than any man ever could and having it go into the hole all men were forbidden from was utter ecstasy for Holly and even though her mouth was full of Kaley’s pussy she wanted to make sure she knew that.

“Oooooh fuck yeah!  Do me Rose!  Fuck me hard!  Fuck me like I never let my husband do!” Holly cried, her voice passionately ragged from the intense pleasure she was feeling.  “He always wanted to fuck my ass but I never let him!  Mmmm fuck yesss that was only for you and your friends!”

“Mmmmm goddamn right it was only for me,” Rose laughed, slapping Holly’s bare bottom with both hands, making her pale cheeks turn flush before fading back.  “His lame dick could never fuck like me and Mr. Snappy!  Mmmm that’s why I get this sexy prize!  He got the good little wifey who did missionary position sex and sucked his cock once a year on his birthday!  I get the sexy slut that’s a pussy licking whore and gives up her ass for my toy!  I get the real Holly!  I get to fuck the slut that you really are, baby.”

“Yesssssssssssssss OOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSS!” Holly screamed, pulling her juice coated face up from Kaley’s cunt as Rose thrust harder and deeper into her ass, grabbing onto her soft, MILF cheeks to spread them open while she forced more of Mr. Snappy inside.  “YESSSSSS!  THIS IS THE REAL HOLLY!  I’M A FUCKING SLUT FOR YOU GIRLS AND I LOVE IT!  FUCK MY ASS!  MAKE ME INTO YOUR WHORE ROSE!  MMMMM GAWWD I ONLY GIVE UP MY ASS TO YOU GIRLS CAUSE NO ONE CAN FUCK IT BETTER!  YESSSSSSSSS TAKE IT DEEP ROSE!  STUFF ME FULL OF YOUR FAKE COCK AND MAKE ME COME!  UGHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS!”

Kaley badly wanted to reach down and push Holly’s face back to her pussy so she could feel her incredible mouth again.  But she wasn’t so horny that she lost all her sense of decorum.  She could see from Holly’s face how much ecstasy she was in from Rose’s fucking and all the times she had eagerly taken Mr. Snappy inside her pussy or ass while she was eating another girl out had shown her first-hand how difficult it was to multitask while Rose was fucking you.  So instead, Kaley reached down with one hand and spread her puffy little pink pussy lips open to expose how dripping wet her folds were to try and tempt Holly back in.

“Make me come too,” Kaley whined. “You’ve made me so fucking wet Holly.  Mmmm please get me off!  I fucking need this so bad!  I haven’t come hard in so long!   Please make me come Holly!”

Holly welcomed those sexy pleadings and leaned in again to lick at Kaley’s juicy pussy some more, taking advantage of her fingers spreading herself open wider to burrow her tongue in deeper and lick against Kaley’s hard clit.  But that didn’t last long.  Just when Holly got into a steady rhythm with her licking again, lashing her tongue over Kaley’s clit to make her writhe on the bed in bliss, Rose deviously pushed harder into Holly’s ass, breaking her concentration and making her roar out wildly.

“FUCKKKKK!” Holly cried, her whole body shivering with intense ecstasy from feeling her asshole get stretched by the plastic invading her ass.  “OHHHHH ROSE!  YESSSSS!  GIVE IT TO ME!  MAKE ME COME!  FUCK MY ASS HARD!  MAKE ME YOUR NASTY ASSFUCKED BITCH ROSE!  OOOOOOH FUCK THE TIGHT ASS PRUDE RIGHT OUT OF ME!  UGHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWD!  YESSSSSSS!  SO GOOD ROSE!  OOOOH YOU’RE SO GOOD!”

Rose rewarded Holly’s rapturous words of praise by giving her a little extra.  She didn’t give her more of Mr. Snappy.  She had a little more than 2/3 of her toy shoved into Holly’s ass right then and wasn’t sure she could take more.  Instead she put one of her hands to use. While thrusting hard into Holly and slapping their sexy flesh together, she also reached under her and began rubbing her pussy.  Holly cried in new ecstasy when Rose’s fingers roamed over her labia and those sounds got even hotter and louder when Rose pushed inside to stimulate her clit.


“And don’t you ever forget it,” Rose laughed, rubbing and thrusting with the full intention of convincing her friend to spend a lot more time at the mansion from now on.  “Be the nasty girl for me that you really are Holly!  Come for me!  Come from my toy up your ass!  Mmmm then you can show me what a slut you really are by sucking your own sweet ass right off of Mr. Snappy!  A dirty girl like you needs to do some clean up, doesn’t she?”

Holly whimpered in erotic surrender to the idea.  She had never done anything like that before, but she had seen Rose get other girls to do it, even Alyssa.  The thought of tasting her own ass off a cock that had just fucked her might have seemed gross and wrong at any other time, but not today.  Today everything Rose said sounded amazing and she nodded her head in acceptance of this new carnal command.

“Yesssssssssss make the dirty girl suck her own ass off your cock!” Holly heatedly hissed, her orgasmic release coming close as she felt her brain buzzing.  Having just come before made her even more susceptible to coming again and Rose knew just how to take her and give her what she needed.  “Mmmmmm make me nasty Rose!  Ughhhh yessssss oooooooooooooh fuckkk I’m gonna come!  Fuck me till I come Rose!  OHHHHH YESSSSSS POUND MY ASS YOU HOT SLUTTY BITCH!  OHHHH FUCK YES ROSE!”

But Holly wasn’t the only one nearing her orgasm.  Kaley had been disappointed, but understanding when Rose’s poundings had distracted Holly again, but she hadn’t been left wanting for long.  Not with Alyssa nearby, ready to swoop in.  And swoop in she had.  Alyssa had been fondling and kissing all over Kaley’s tits but she left those round, pink mounds of all natural girl flesh behind the second she saw she had an opening at her pussy.  Her tongue had slid right into Kaley’s waiting cunt and she’d started licking up Holly’s drool and Kaley’s juices mixed together.

It had only taken a few seconds of Alyssa tasting her dripping honeypot for Kaley to not only get to where she’d been with Holly but move well beyond it.  Kaley had Alyssa’s full concentration and the taste of Holly’s orgasm before had only made Alyssa more cum hungry.  She didn’t have to be told how good Kaley’s pussy tasted and she went after it like it was ice cream, licking with a famished passion that had Kaley close to edge in no time.


She had so much pent up lust that Kaley was actually a little surprised she hadn’t come earlier.  She needed this so badly.  It had been such a huge ache in her to not have had girl sex for so long and now her friend was making it all better and then some.  Her pussy had been so keyed up for this that part of Kaley had thought she would come when she and Alyssa had first kissed downstairs. And now, with that amazing tongue inside her, licking all the places she liked to be licked how she liked them to be licked, Kaley knew she wouldn’t last much longer and she loved it.  She couldn’t wait to come.  She wanted to cream her girly essence all over Alyssa’s gorgeous face to show her how much she wanted her and how good this all felt.

Both Holly and Kaley were lost in pleasure as Rose and Alyssa fucked them.  They both had different methods and were attacking different hot spots, but the results for the skilled women were exactly the same.  They knew exactly what they were doing and they did it so very well.  They licked and thrust and dicked and sucked until their lovers could take no more.  It was only that Rose had been at Holly’s ass longer that she was the one who came first.

“YESSSSSSSSS!  OHHHHHHHH GAWWWWD!  OOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKK!!!” Holly howled as she came, the feel of Rose’s fingers rubbing her swollen clitoris right after she had been licked making the sensations of being fucked up the ass even more amazing.  “AHHHHHHHH!  UGHHHH OHHHH MY GODDDD!  COMING FROM ANOTHER GIRL FUCKING MY ASS!  YESSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOH YESSSSSSS UGHHHH FUCK ME ROSE!  MAKE THE REAL HOLLY COME LIKE THE FUCKING DIRTY WHORE SHE IS!”

Holly’s cum soaked Rose’s fingers and she shoved them up her harder as she came, making each thrust of her hand squish into Holly’s cunt while at the same time her body smacked into Holly’s round, soft butt cheeks from the continued assfucking.  Rose didn’t stop or even let up until every last scream of release had escaped Holly’s body.  She fucked with her fingers and her strap on and when Holly finally gasped out the last of her orgasm and slumped forward, Rose slowly eased out of her ass.

After delicately removing Mr. Snappy from Holly’s ass, Rose looked down at how she had the signs of her friend’s orgasm all over her.  The sticky treat on her fingers was something she gave to herself as she brought them up to her own mouth and began sucking them clean.  But as she enjoyed licking the taste of Holly’s cum from her fingers, Rose put Mr. Snappy to use by moving herself over to Holly and smacking it playfully against her sweaty, exhausted face.

“Mmmmm do it nasty girl,” Rose moaned, smacking her friend again, this time softly on the lips while licking the last drops of girl off her fingers.  “Taste that sweet ass!  Do it while your butthole is nice and gaping!”

Holly could definitely feel her hole stretched and loose from what Rose had done to it and she was in no frame of mind to resist anything she was told, especially this.  Without a word, she opened her mouth and let Rose slide Mr. Snappy in for her to taste.  She would never have done this before, but now she reveled in the naughtiness of it, wrapping her lips around the cock that had just been up her ass and starting to suck on it, bobbing her warm, wet lips up and down the black plastic shaft and giving an extra nasty sight for Kaley to gawk at while Alyssa’s tongue pushed her over the edge.

Holly couldn’t see Kaley staring at her, but she could feel her hot gaze and it turned her on even more.  God, she was being such a total whore today and she loved it!  She had never done anything so dirty before and it made her pussy freshly wet to taste her own ass all over her friend’s fake dick.  The nastiness soaked her brain and Holly couldn’t help but reach for her own tired pussy and caress it while she felt that thick toy violate her pretty mouth like it just had her ass.

Being able to taste herself like this sent shivers of delight through Holly’s naked body.  She had never been so bad.  God, Mr. Snappy had just been shoved right up her horny ass and now she was tasting it…tasting her own dirty, slutty ass on it.  Holly couldn’t believe how hot this was making her.  She worked her lips up and down the toy and took it deep in her mouth as Rose ran her fingers through her hair and called her filthy names that right then sounded like the sweetest compliments to Holly’s ears.

She was so nasty to do this and Holly loved how she was acting.  She was out of control and doing all the things she had resisted indulging in before and it felt so good.  She was tasting her own well fucked ass at the same time she could still feel her butthole tingling as it closed up from what Rose had done to it.  She had totally gone over the edge and Holly had never felt happier as she enjoyed the taste of her own ass, wrapping her lips around Mr. Snappy and licking around the shaft that had just been so deep inside her most forbidden hole.

Kaley had never gone ass to mouth before either, but suddenly all she wanted was to come all over Alyssa’s face, turn over, spread her butt cheeks open so Rose could fuck her little rosebud next and then slurp on Mr. Snappy so she could taste her own ass.  Seeing Holly be so nasty made her want to be even nastier and her pussy got even wetter from Alyssa’s tongue.  Her body began to tense up in anticipation of release and Kaley squealed in giddiness.  This had been a long time coming for her and as good as this felt, Kaley knew that this was only starting and soon she’d be feeling even better.

“OHHHHHH GOD I’M COMING TOO!” Kaley exalted as she rubbed her dripping pussy lewdly against Alyssa, wanting her mouth on her kitty so badly as she felt those soft, wonderful lips wrap around her buzzer.  “YESSS FUCK ME ALYSSA!  OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSS SUCK ON THAT CLIT!  OOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKKKKKKK!”

Alyssa was starving for Kaley’s cream.  She had been feeling particularly hungry for the taste of cum when she had woken up that morning and after tongue fucking Jewel in the shower and then having a double helping of Sarah and Jessica for breakfast, she wanted Kaley’s juices to mix in her belly along with Holly’s. And after that, Alyssa had every intention of peeling Mr. Snappy off Rose and tonguing her too.

So, with all that in mind she didn’t let up a bit on Kaley’s clit,  she lapped at it harder, lavishing attention on it while Kaley cried for more until she got just the present she had been looking for and Kaley’s cunt erupted against her face and fed her the sticky, creamy treat she had wanted.


And as Kaley screamed out her orgasm, Holly was feeling pretty in love right then too…in love not just with Rose and Mr. Snappy but with Alyssa and her hot tongue and Kaley and her tasty pussy too.  She loved them all and she knew they loved her right back.  That made the wildness of their sex even better.  So when she pulled her mouth off of Mr. Snappy and snuggled up against Rose, their naked bodies rubbing together as they began to kiss, Holly knew this wasn’t just a raunchy sex kiss where they both could taste her ass on her tongue.  It was something so much more.

This had been such a difficult time for her lately, but things were looking up for her and at just the right time too. This was what she needed for Christmas and she was sure there was a lot more coming today and every day after for as long as she needed them.  She had thought this before and she thought it right then again…

She really did have the best friends in the world.


Jennifer Aniston let out a soft sigh as she sat in her room, leafing through a book but not really reading it.  Her thoughts were a million miles away from what she was staring at and she wasn’t happy about it at all.  This was no time of year to feel like this, yet it seemed like clockwork that whenever the calendar turned to December, it brought along fresh gloom for her.  She did everything she could to try and fight it off, but it seemed the more she struggled against it, the more insistent it became that she spend her Christmas in some kind of a funk.

This year it was worse than ever.  She couldn’t help it even though she desperately tried to.  She tried to think about how lucky she was.  She lived in a beautiful beachfront mansion with an ocean view just outside her window.  She had more money than she could ever dream of.  Her career was going better than ever and she lived with the most beautiful women in the world who she could fuck any time she liked.  She had more sex in a day than some people had in a year and any fantasy she could ever feverishly dream of could come true with just a simple request to one of her insatiable housemates.

But she still felt empty inside at a time when people were most supposed to be happy.  And the fact that this was happening at Christmas made Jennifer feel worse about her own depression.  She knew she wasn’t the only one who got the blues at Christmas time.  Her problem wasn’t overly special and a lot of people had it far worse, but knowing that and truly believing it were two different things.

And unlike some other people who wanted to spread their misery to those closest to them because they believed if they couldn’t be happy then no one could at Christmastime, that was the last thing Jennifer wanted.  She wanted her friends to have a wonderful Christmas filled with magic and good times and a happy new year to cap it all off.  She didn’t want them to know how down she was because she feared they would worry about her and it would bring them down too.  She just wanted to get through this alone and hope that with a new year a new optimism would emerge as well.

She didn’t know how likely that would be though and Jennifer was well aware about why she felt that way.  She might have had so much of what she had dreamed about.  She had wealth.  She had fame.  She was a honest to goodness movie star.  But what she didn’t have was the family she had always figured she would.  She was 43 now. In February she would be 44.  Soon would come 45.  Then 50.  When she was a teenager she figured by the age of 40 she would be married and have had at least two or three kids.  But instead there was no husband and there were certainly no kids.

Everything she had was temporary.  The fame.  The wealth.  They could be gone in no time.  But family was everlasting and because that notion was weighing heavily on her, Jennifer had been thinking lately that maybe she actually had nothing at all.  She had never figured that by this time in her life she would be alone.  She had always dreamed of a big family and the idea that every one of her dreams had come true except that one left her feeling empty.  Christmas only exacerbated that.

She had been trying not to let her friends see how much this was weighing on her.  It didn’t feel right for her to ruin their Christmas with her problems.  She just hoped she was doing a good job of hiding it.  It seemed like she was.  No one had questioned her about her mood or seemed to notice how down she was.  And that was just how she wanted it, but Jennifer knew she couldn’t fool her friends for too much longer.  They knew her too well for her to be able to pull it off.

Jennifer just didn’t have the Christmas spirit that year.  She felt like Charlie Brown futilely throwing up his arms and asking, “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?” But she didn’t have a Linus on hand to say “Lights please…” and make it all better.  And besides, it wasn’t like a bible verse was going to make things suddenly seem great.  It was like there was no one out there who could truly understand what she was feeling.

She needed to find a way to cheer herself up.  She had definitely put a smile on her face that morning when she had come back from her run on the beach to find Alyssa and Sarah buck naked in the kitchen with Sarah laying back on the counter and Alyssa’s face between her thighs, lapping away at her wetness.  Seeing that had gotten Jennifer instantly damp and she had not only reached over to fondle Alyssa’s jutting ass, but she had allowed Sarah and Alyssa to pull off her t-shirt and running shorts and practically tear her sports bra and panties off so she could be as naked as them.

The two of them had licked and fucked away her blues that morning, but it had only been a temporary reprieve.  But it had been at least a chance to get her mind off her troubles.  She needed a lot more of that and Jennifer was sure she could get it.  Her housemates were always eager to play.  So she had that in her back pocket, but she needed more.  She couldn’t rely entirely on the temporary highs of sex to get her through the holidays.  That would only cover about 90% of the time.

She needed something more.  Something to get her to a happy place.  Something to make everything seem better.  Something that wasn’t quite legal in the state of California.

Getting out of bed, Jennifer walked over to her dresser and pulled open her top drawer and opened up the special box she kept in there.  But with a groan she discovered that not only was her stash low, it was practically non-existent.  How had she let herself get this low?  Sure it had been a while since she had smoked any weed, but she hadn’t felt she had slacked off this much.  Little smoking breaks sounded like exactly what she would need to artificially create some happiness for the next few days and here she was with nothing to smoke up.

Fortunately there was a solution readily at hand.  After all, what was the point of having a trio of pot dealing neighbors if you didn’t patronize their business once in a while?

Deciding that going out and buying enough pot to get her through the New Year’s Day bowl games was the most prudent course of action, Jennifer closed her dresser again and reached for her purse.  She grabbed out the cash she had on her and stuffed it in the pocket of her jeans, wondering how much it would get her of the good stuff.  She was confident if it wasn’t enough a deal could be worked out.  After all they were neighbors and it was Christmastime.

She left her room but after getting down the stairs, her quick path out the door was delayed when she saw Love walking down the hallway toward the media room with a box of decorations to turn it into another part of her winter wonderland.  Jennifer hoped that she would be able to sneak past her without her noticing, but there was no such luck as her friend turned and saw her.

“Hey Jen!” Love said brightly.  “Just the person I was looking for.  I think I need to do a few more touch ups in the media room so we can make it more Christmasy.  I’ve got a bunch of movies all set to get us in the holiday spirit and I want the room to really set the mood.  Think I can talk you into helping me set everything up?”

“I’m sure you can.” Jennifer replied, positive that her sexy housemate could talk her into just about anything.  “But I was just going to run out down to the beach for a bit.”

“Didn’t you already go running this morning?” Love inquired, concerned about what was going on with her friend and confident in her belief that no one should be sad at Christmas time.

“It’s not for running,” Jennifer admitted, a little shy around the friend who barely ever drank wine.  “Ummmm I just needed a little…something….you know?”

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Love said, catching on.  “Awwww Jen, that stuff’s no good for you.  If you need cheering up, there are better ways to do it.”

“Who says I need cheering up?  I’m fine!” Jennifer shot back defensively, her shields going up.  But her words came out with a bit more bite than she wanted them to.

“I didn’t mean it like it was a bad thing,” Love frowned, eager to avoid conflict, especially at this time of year.  “It’s just that you’ve looked like you’ve been a little down lately, that’s all.  We’ve all noticed it.  We want to make sure you’re ok.”

“Dammit,” Jennifer muttered under her breath once it became clear that she had not been as good at hiding her blues as she had hoped.  “Look Love, it’s no big deal.  The holidays just sometimes leave me a little bit in the dumps.  It’s nothing you should be worried about.  It happens to a lot of people.  I’ll be fine.”

“Well I do worry,” Love said, setting down the box and heading closer to her housemate so they could talk more.  “You’re not yourself Jen.  You haven’t been for the last few weeks.  Something’s obviously on your mind.  Talk to me.  You always talk to us when we need help.  Let me do that for you.  Tell me what’s bothering you, sweetie.”

“Nothing’s bothering me,” Jennifer insisted.  “I’m fine.  It’s nothing.”

“It’s obviously something,” Love replied.  “I know when something’s wrong with you so don’t tell me it’s nothing.”

This was the last thing Jennifer wanted.  She didn’t want to be poked and prodded and be asked every five minutes if she was doing ok.  She just wanted to be left alone about it.  She couldn’t hold her tongue on it either and unfortunately her words once again came out harsher than she had intended.

“God damn it Love, I said nothing’s wrong!  Ok?” Jennifer snapped.  “Jesus, I don’t need you to be my fucking mother.  I said nothing’s wrong and I meant it.  Can’t you just let it be and not stick your nose into it?”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Jennifer regretted them, especially when she saw the impact they had on Love’s sweet face.  Angry words were about as rare in the mansion as men were and Love’s expression showed they had definitely hit home.

“Sorry,” Love mumbled, backing away.  “I didn’t mean to pry.  I’ll leave you alone.”

Even though her words hadn’t been over the top hurtful, Jennifer still felt like a total cunt for saying them to Love when her friend was just trying to help.  Her annoyance at her housemate immediately faded and Jennifer burst out with an apology.

“Oh my God, Love, I’m so sorry,” Jennifer said, grabbing Love’s hand as she started to turn around to pick up the box again.  “I didn’t mean it.  I’m really sorry, honey.”

“It’s ok,” Love said, accepting the apology without a second thought as she felt Jennifer’s warm hand squeeze hers affectionately.  “I’m sorry too.  I know I go over the top this time of year.  But I just want everyone to be happy.  I shouldn’t have been prying like that.  You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.  I just can see that you’ve really been down lately and I’m worried.”

“Don’t be worried,” Jennifer said tenderly to her housemate, before giving Love a soft kiss to her lips to let her know everything was ok.  “I didn’t mean to be a bitch there.  I know you’re just trying to help.  I’m fine.  Really.  I am.”

“Ok,” Love said, accepting those words too in the interest of not starting a fight, but not believing them either.  “Go down to the beach Jen.  But if you ever need to talk to me, you know you can, right?”

“I do and I really appreciate it, Love,” Jennifer replied. “And if I ever need to I will.  I promise.”

“If you say so,” Love said, doubting that.  That doubt showed on her face and Jennifer could tell she was still a little hurt from being snapped at.  Popping a hole in her friend’s Christmas spirit was the last thing Jennifer wanted to do.

“C’mere,” Jennifer said, bringing Love in for a warm hug.  “You know I love you, right?”

“Of course I know that,” Love said, hugging back even though it felt strange that it was Jennifer who was now comforting her when she wanted to be the one doing it to her. “You know I feel the same way about you, don’t you?  And that you can tell me anything.  It doesn’t even have to be me.  Anyone here can talk to you if you need us.  We all love you Jen.”

Jennifer had no doubts about that.  But still, she felt that if she did start to confide that they wouldn’t understand and, worse, they would be hurt by it.

“I’ll be back in a little bit and then I’ll help you decorate, ok?” Jennifer offered.

“More than ok,” Love replied.  “You know where to find me.”

Jennifer and Love broke their hug and went along in their separate directions, neither of them convinced that the other truly understood where they were coming from.  But for now this would have to do.  Love picked up her box and headed off to the media room while Jennifer went over to the coat closet and pulled out her jacket.  It had been unseasonably cold lately and not just “OMG! L.A. is 60 degrees, what are we gonna do?” cold.  It was cold by East Coast standards almost.

But even with the weather in that condition, Jennifer was headed out.  Her conversation with Love had her more certain than ever that if she was going to get through the holidays without cracking she was going to need a lot of weed.  Love was clearly not going to be deterred in her effort to find out what was wrong and try to fix it.  Jennifer knew this because she also knew that if the positions were reversed, she would be doing the same thing to try and help her friends.  And once the truth emerged, Jennifer wasn’t sure how her housemates would take it.

The truth was Jennifer did have a secret.  One that would make the tabloids explode with jizz all over the newsstands if they ever found out.  It was a secret so big that it almost exceeded the secret that she was actually living with a bunch of beautiful, sex crazed women and having lesbian sex with them each and every day.

She was seeing Brad.

It wasn’t like she was sleeping with her ex-husband or anything.  There was nothing sexual going on between them.  But the idea that she and her famous former hubby were even making any kind of social contact with each other would have sent the blogosphere into a frenzy that would have dominated the gossip discussion for weeks, if not months.  And not only was Jennifer dead set on keeping that from happening, she didn’t want her friends to even know that she and Brad were talking and seeing each other on a semi-regular basis.

They had run into each other so randomly, locking eyes in a Starbucks in downtown L.A. and feeling instantly like they were the sole residents of Planet Awkward.  Neither had known what to say to each other and the only comfort Jennifer had taken from it was that Brad had looked like he felt the exact same way she did.  The only thing that would have made it worse was if a swarm of paparazzi had swooped in and taken pictures of this accidental meeting and turned it into gossip mill fodder that they were having an affair.

Fortunately that hadn’t happened.  They had managed to mumble hellos at each other and share a little small talk as they had waited on line but that had been it.  Jennifer had been left wondering how she could ever feel so awkward around the man she had once been more comfortable with than any other.  But the cheating on both sides, the divorce and all the distance since then had left a divide between them that Jennifer had expected would never be closed.  So no one was more surprised than her when a bridge had started to be built.

It had been Brad who had reached out first.  Before he had left he had told Jennifer he would call her, but she had never expected he would actually do it.  So when a few days later he did exactly as he had promised, Jennifer had been shocked.  And that initial gobsmack of surprise had been followed by something even crazier, they had actually started talking.

They had barely spoken since the divorce.  Every now and then they would find themselves in contact over this and that and Jennifer would ask how his family was and he would tell her he had seen her latest movie and really loved it.  But it would never go beyond that superficial level.  So when they actually begin talking, Jennifer felt that Brad was just as surprised as she was.

They had always had true chemistry.  As she talked to him and he made her laugh and showed how clever and sweet he could be, Jennifer remembered why she had once considered him the love of her life.  Of course that ship had sailed.  Jennifer didn’t harbor any illusions that she was going to get back together with Brad and even if she had, she knew it would have been the worst thing she could do.  Having been cheated on and had her happy life shattered, Jennifer would never do that to someone else, even Angelina Jolie.  Especially since kids were involved.

But even though Jennifer hadn’t seen any romantic future between them, they had talked and talked and talked.  They would call each other every so often and their conversations were getting deeper.  They hadn’t talked like this since they’d been married and in the last stretch of their life together, they hadn’t talked like it at all.  It had been going on for weeks now and Jennifer honestly had no idea what she was doing with it.

She hadn’t told her housemates for the same reason she was sure Brad hadn’t told Angelina.  They would freak if they knew.  Jennifer was sure that half her friends would have some illusion that she and Brad could reunite and the others would be mad at her for even putting herself out like this.  But whatever their reaction was, Jennifer knew it wouldn’t be subtle and she didn’t want to deal with it.

So she kept it secret and she didn’t usually keep secrets from her housemates.  Jennifer knew it was part of the reason she felt like she had such a heavy weight on herself, but it was also something more.  What she was feeling was a direct result of her renewed contact with Brad, not through any direct fault of his own, but because of how seeing him reminded her of what she didn’t have.

Brad was supposed to be the relationship that lasted forever.  They were supposed to have lots of kids together and be a big, happy family.  Now she was north of 40 with no kids, no husband and none of the life she had assumed she would have until the night she got into her limo and found Sarah, Love and Rose waiting for her there.  That night had changed everything and, as she walked down to the beach, Jennifer found herself thinking, and not for the first time either, what her life would have been like if they had never come for her or if she had held firm to the no she had given them when they had tried to seduce her.

Would she and Brad still be together?  Would they have two kids or three by now?  Would they have the life she had dreamed for them?  Or would they have inevitably split anyway the moment Angelina had set her sights on him?  Jennifer knew there was no way to tell for sure and every time she had that thought she immediately pushed it out of her mind.  But it had kept returning again and again and Jennifer just couldn’t shake it.  Would her life have been different if she had never started making love to women?

Jennifer had seen enough Christmas specials to know that was a dangerous question to be asking this time of year.  She had no wish for any guardian angel to suddenly show up and show her what life would have been like if she had never met her girlfriends.  And besides, it wasn’t like she regretted her life.  These girls were important to her.  She didn’t want any kind of do over.  But at the same time, decisions didn’t exist in a bubble.  Had she sacrificed the idea of ever having a family of her own to be with her friends?

That was weighing more heavily on her than anything as she walked down to the beach and that only made her more eager to be able to smoke away her troubles.  The boys had been running through an awfully bad stretch of luck lately with their homes.  First their shack had exploded.  Then they had had to abandon their boat.  Now they had relocated themselves on the beach or more accurately below the beach as Jennifer had found out quite dramatically one day when suddenly a periscope had emerged from the sand.

She knew just where to find them though and she walked over to the third dune to the left and brushed the sand away to expose the control panel she knew was there.  She was impatient to get this over with, but security was security she told herself as she opened her eyes wide and pressed them up to the panel.

“Retinal scan commencing…” the robotic voice declared as Jennifer winced from the harmless, but still nerves inducing laser scanned her eyes.

“Access approved…welcome Jennifer…” the computer said as the sand fell away from the dune and exposed the elevator that she quickly ducked into and zipped down below in.

Sure this was all slightly insane and she knew it.  But in the end was it any crazier than a mansion full of beautiful female celebrities who had constant lesbian sex with one another?  Jennifer didn’t think so, but she did find herself sometimes questioning it, just like now when she arrived down below the beach to her neighbor’s underground lair and found Waldo and Franklin dressed in red robes trimming a tree.

“Good Life Day to you Jennifer!” Waldo enthusiastically declared as she walked inside.

“Good what now?” Jennifer asked, instantly confused.

“Life Day!” Franklin answered.  “It’s the traditional celebration on the planet Kashyyyk to honor its diverse ecosystem and all the forms of life that make their home there.  It’s really quite a party.”

“We’re skipping Christmas this year,” Waldo explained.  “It’s become far too commercialized.  So instead we are embracing Life Day.”

“Now traditionally Life Day is celebrated every three years, but under modern interpretation, it’s been going on every year,” Franklin said. “Now, there are those who might tell you that Life Day is supposed to be held in November close to Thanksgiving, but we pay them no mind.  Everyone who can read the wookie traditions must understand that the proper time to celebrate Life Day is around Christmas.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jennifer asked incredulously.  “Life Day?  Kashyyyk?  I never heard of this stuff.”

“Of course you haven’t, only the really cool have heard about it,” Waldo said.  “And wookies of course.  All wookies know about this.”

“Wookies?” Jennifer repeated before it finally dawned on her.  “Oh lord, this isn’t a Star Wars thing is it?”

And when she got enthusiastic nods from Waldo and Delbert she just sighed and shook her head.

“Well good Life Day to you guys too,” Jennifer said.  “May it be merry and full of life and furry and whatever you want it to be.  But I actually came for another reason?  Ummmm who should I see about making a little purchase?”

“Go find Delbert,” Waldo replied.  “He’s got the stuff.  Oh and feel free to invite your friends over to dinner tonight.  We’re having roast bantha to celebrate Life Day!”

“I’ll make sure and tell them,” Jennifer lied.  “Enjoy your Life Day.  See you guys later.”

With visions of wookies in her head, Jennifer made her way away from the Life Day celebration and deeper into the bowels of their underground lair.  And she quickly found what she was looking for as she found Delbert sitting in a chair and dressed in a Santa suit minus the beard and the belly with Tara Reid in his lap, holding mistletoe over his head and kissing him.

“Now remember Del, you don’t eat mistletoe,” Tara said.  “It’s just a way to show someone at Christmastime you love them by giving them lots of kisses.”

“But it’s so tasty,” Delbert sighed. “Of course these are tasty too. Mmmm much, much tastier.”

Delbert then kissed Tara’s lips again, confirming their deliciousness.

“Mmmmm now you’re getting it,” Tara smiled.  “And as soon as I get 12 kisses for all of the days of Christmas, I’m going to tell you what I want Santa to bring me.  Mmmmm it’s a very big package.”

And in case she was being too subtle, Tara took things to a place that went far beyond kissing by reaching between Delbert’s legs and grabbing his crotch through his Santa suit.  Feeling this was going to get out of hand quickly and that she was going to see things she couldn’t unsee, Jennifer cleared her throat and made a show out of making it obvious she was standing there.

“Hey guys…ummmm sorry to interrupt,” Jennifer said, feeling awkward just standing there.  But her interruption didn’t seem the be minded a bit.

“Hi Jennifer,” Delbert said, giving her a friendly wave.  And Tara reacted even more happily.  She jumped off Delbert’s lap and ran over, giving Jennifer a big hug that the older woman wasn’t quite expecting.  It did feel good though because of the way Tara’s warm body rubbed up against her, especially her large and infamous breasts.  The hug threatened to turn into something more, though, when Jennifer looked up and saw that Tara was now holding the mistletoe over her head.

“You know the rules about mistletoe, don’t you Jen?” Tara asked mischievously.  “We have to kiss.  It’s like the law.”

“Well I don’t think it’s like an iron clad rule or anything…mpppphhhh…” Jennifer began to say before Tara silenced her by kissing her right on the lips.  And it wasn’t a chaste kiss either.  It was a wet smooch against her lips with plenty of naughty intention.

Instinctively Jennifer felt very strange about kissing Delbert’s girlfriend right in front of him, especially when it was such a purposeful kiss.  That didn’t seem quite right.  But Tara, when all was said and done, was also an amazing kisser, and Jennifer couldn’t help but respond to her.  She had initially felt the urge to push Tara off her, but the softness of her lips overwhelmed Jennifer’s common sense and she began kissing her back, noticing a definite stirring in her pussy that she knew was going to soon turn into dampness against her panties.

She and Tara had kissed before.  In fact they had done a lot more than kiss.  Tara was one of those girls who skipped on through the mansion every now and then.  They weren’t regulars.  But they sure as hell weren’t strangers either.  Jennifer had been one of many who had enjoyed Tara’s notorious party girl body and she knew full well that in bed Tara could be an absolutely wild pleasure demoness that could make her pussy cream with ease.

Erotic memories of how good Tara’s tongue and fingers could feel and how much fun it was to fuck her right back with either a thick strap on or a loving tongue filled Jennifer’s brain and, despite herself, she kissed her back with a growing passion, the tips of their tongues starting to rub together.

When Tara reached down and grabbed her ass through her jeans, though, Jennifer managed to regain some control and put the brakes on.  She gently eased herself away from Tara, leaving the mistletoe holding blonde with a disappointed look on her face.

“Didn’t you like it?” Tara asked, worried she had suddenly turned into a bad kisser.  She hadn’t kissed another girl in a long time and since she hadn’t been to the mansion lately she worried she had lost her touch.

“No!  I mean yes!  I mean of course I liked it,” Jennifer replied, a little flustered.  “I just don’t think we should do that in front of Delbert.”

“Why?  He doesn’t mind?” Tara said, waving her hand toward Delbert and letting Jennifer take notice that he still had the same friendly smile on his face as before, not betraying any sign that seeing his girlfriend passionately kiss another woman had affected him at all.

Tara then leaned in and whispered into Jennifer’s ear.

“I want him to see,” Tara confided.  “I want him to see me kiss another girl.  I want him to see me fuck one too!  I want that to be my Christmas present to him.  I want him to see how much I love pussy and how much I love his cock!  Mmmmm wanna help me give him his present?”

Jennifer’s eyes went wide at the offer.  Now that was well beyond awkward and a path Jennifer had no intention of going down.

“Ummmm…thanks…but I’ll pass,” Jennifer said, trying to put on a friendly smile so she didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.  She definitely wouldn’t have minded the idea of some one on one time with Tara.  And the idea of a threesome with a girl and another man wasn’t something she was automatically opposed to either.  But this particular threesome was not a good idea at all to her.

“Mmmmm are you sure?” Tara whispered.  “You have to see how big his dick is Jen.  It’s fucking huge.  I’ll bet he can make you feel so good with it.”

“Wow…ummm I actually never needed to know that, but thanks for telling me, Tara,” Jennifer replied, wondering if it was actually a huge mistake that she had come here.

She had to get the conversation off of sex and get it there quickly.  So she stepped away from the horny party girl and instead turned her attention to Delbert.

“So the guys said you were the one with all the stuff?” Jennifer said.  “I was hoping to buy some from you.”

“No problem,” Delbert said, hopping out of his seat and going over to the box on a shelf.  He opened it and pulled out a big bag that made Jennifer’s eyes light up.

“Whoa,” Jennifer marveled.  She could tell just from looking at it that it was going to be good.  It practically was surrounded by an aura of awesome and since she was completely sober, Jennifer was pretty confident that she wasn’t seeing things yet.  “What is that?”

“It’s called Santos L. Halper,” Delbert declared, blissfully unaware or uncaring that Jennifer had just turned down a chance to get into his Santa suit.  “It’s really powerful stuff.  It guarantees for a happy holidays for all.”

“I’ll take it,” Jennifer said without a second thought, wondering if Delbert meant “holidays” or “holidaze” but deciding that both sounded very good to her.

“How much do you want?” Delbert asked.

“As much as you can sell me,” Jennifer replied.  “It’s going to be a rough few days, I think.”

A price and amount were then quickly negotiated and Jennifer pocketed her bag, leaving Delbert with a lot less than what he had had a few moments before.  And once that was finished, Jennifer couldn’t help but ask something she had wondered since she had come in.

“What’s with the Santa suit?” Jennifer asked.  “I thought you guys were celebrating some Star Wars holiday.”

“Life Day!” Delbert said excitedly.  “But of course we are.  I am a strict observer of many of the fine traditions of the planet Kashyyyk and its noble wookie inhabitants.  But Tara got me the suit and it really fits nicely.  It’s my new favorite thing in the world.  Plus it will make it more fun when we go to the orphanage later and deliver all of these!”

Delbert walked over to a tarp covered area on the floor and whipped it off, revealing another site that made Jennifer’s eyes go even wider than when she had seen the bag of Santos L. Halper.

“Oooooooooh!  Hugamals!” Jennifer squealed in delight.  “Oh my God!  Where did you get all of these?”

Hugamals, a name created thanks to the corporate consolidation of the word “animal” with the word “hug,” were absolutely the hot item of the holiday season.  The stuffed animals of unparalleled cuteness had hit the market in a set of 15 adorable zoo creatures and had already surpassed Beanie Babies and Tickle Me Elmo and were quickly encroaching on Cabbage Patch Kids territory.  People were hunting for them like it was a blood sport and Jennifer’s neighbors had themselves the mother lode here.  It was no joke that people would probably kill for them.

The designed backstory behind the Hugamels was that they were animals in a zoo that had closed and were forced to journey across the country looking for a new home where they could all be together was considered socially conscious and combining that with the fact that the animals were utterly and undeniably cute had made them damn near irresistible to all.  Jennifer and Tara were no exceptions.

“Look, they have the elephant,” Tara excitedly chattered as she and Jennifer went through the pile of dozens of stuffed animals, which multiple pieces of the whole set on hand.  “That’s like the hardest one to find.  Plus the lions.  And the hippo.  They have everything!”

“I love them!” Jennifer declared with giddy zeal as if she was seven-years-old again, her depression suddenly gone as she hugged the stuffed tiger.  “I love them!  I love them!  I love them! I seriously want to never stop hugging this!”

“You know, there’s a rumor the toy company put in mind control chips in all of the Hugamals to make you unable to resist collecting each and every one of them, but we haven’t proven that yet,” Delbert said.

“Mind control what?” Jennifer asked in confusion before adding the stuffed giraffe with its awesomely long neck to her hug with the tiger.  “Oooooooh these are SOOOOOO cute!”

Tara and Jennifer began rolling around in the pile of stuffed animals giddily laughing as they hugged the soft, friendly toys, oblivious to anything else before Delbert began putting the tarp back over them.

“We’ve been hoarding them for months,” Delbert explained.  “We could see the rush coming and we bought heavy, like in futures trading.  Now while everyone is hunting everywhere to find them we can give them all to the orphans.  I think it sends a very positive Life Day message.”

Jennifer got up and tried to compose herself as the tarp as pulled over the toys.  Her main thought right then was “Don’t give them to the orphans!  Give them to me!” but she managed to restrain herself.  After all, what Delbert was describing sounded like a wonderful gift for kids in need of some holiday cheer.  Plus the more she was away from the toys, the less she could feel their overpowering cuteness.  Maybe there was something to that mind control chip idea.

“Well I should be getting back,” Jennifer said, stealing one last glimpse at the tarp and sort of wishing she could crawl back under there for a few hours.  Exposure to the Hugamals would probably do her more good than what she had just purchased.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay?” Delbert offered.  “I was going to have the next rehearsal for my cat chorus.”

“Your what?” Jennifer asked, believing she must have heard him wrong.

“My cat chorus,” Delbert said, whistling a signal that was followed by a dozen cats walking into the room with paws lightly hitting the floor.  “We’re going to celebrate the 12 days of Catsmas.”

“Ok…I’m going to regret asking this, but what’s Catsmas?” Jennifer asked.

“A holiday for cats, of course,” Delbert said as the cats assumed position under his direction and began to meow out a pitch perfect version of We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

And as this happen, Tara sidled up to Jennifer and rubbed into her from behind, making sure she could feel her breasts pressing into her.

“He’s good with kitties,” Tara informed her sensually as she whispered into her ear.  “He always makes my pussy purr.”

“You know… I’m gonna get going now,” Jennifer declared in response, her weirdness meter hitting its peak for the day.  “Merry Catsmas to one and all. And Happy Life Day and all that and whatever other holidays you’re celebrating.  I’m out of here.”


The first person who declared “Tis the season…” probably had no idea all that phrase would one day cover.

And there were a lot of things that fell into that broadly covering expression at this time of year.  From good holiday cheer, to people wearing Santa hats in public, to putting fake reindeer antlers on the sides of a car to people who would gladly knife you in the back just to be able to steal your parking spot at the mall.  There was a lot that was good about the holidays and a lot Jewel wished would just disappear.

The bad parts included having that stupid Lexus jingle stuck in her head all the time from the non-stop commercials.  She hadn’t even been aware that there was a jingle for it until this year and now she had it practically spilling out of her ears.  She really hated that and the only thing that annoyed her now was the continuing commercial pressure for people demanding men by women diamonds, as if a woman would only accept that she was loved if she got some sparkling trinket.  Considering how bloody and corrupt the entire diamond industry was, Jewel thought that the best gift to give people was anything but diamonds.  But then again she had always been the type to believe that love was best expressed through behavior and not sparkling trinkets and overpriced cars.

So it was definitely the season for her to be annoyed by crass commercialism.  But it was also another kind of season.  When it came to the spirit of giving, especially giving to strangers, Jewel had to admit she was a complete and utter sap.  She loved being able to donate her time and her money this time of year to helping people out even if she didn’t know them and never would.  In fact she even preferred it that way.  The best kinds of gifts were of the purest sense of giving and that was to strangers since you expected nothing in return for your own kindness.

And beyond all the awful, crass commercialism, there were plenty of opportunities to give back, especially if you could sing and your name still had some fame value to it, which she was happy see hers still very much did.   She had pretty much been “Have guitar, will travel” the past few weeks and she was happy to do it.  She knew it wasn’t bragging to admit she had the perfect voice for Christmas music, especially the stripped down kind that could easily be played with a simple acoustic guitar.  She didn’t go over the top with her voice and her songs were usually about giving anyway.  So she was in especially heavy demand this time of year and Jewel was pleased to help out wherever she could.

There had been a lot of charity concerts recently and she was at another one this morning.  And while part of her wished she was still asleep under her warm, comfortable blankets at the mansion, Jewel was eager to once again give of herself today.  She told her agent to book her for as many of these concerts as possible as long as they were legitimate and the money was actually going to help in a tangible way and not just pay administrator salaries.

It gave her a warm, fuzzy feeling that she absolutely loved to be able to play these kinds of events and Jewel supposed in a way it was kind of like giving a gift to herself to get that kind of feeling this time of year, but it wasn’t too selfish since so many other people were being helped by the events she was at.

Of course there was another reason this particular concert had her excited to be giving, even when part of her wished she was still at home under her covers.  And that reason had nothing to do with charity or giving.  If the angel on Jewel’s shoulder was telling her all about the importance of donating her time and wealth to help those in need, the devil was whispering lascivious things in her ear about a certain girl’s perky, pink tits, her impossibly tight ass, her deliciously sweet pussy and her innocent face, especially when it was covered in girl cream.

And since she had a while before she was scheduled to go on, Jewel decided it was time to indulge her horny devil side.  Besides, with all the helping she was doing, it was only right that she help herself a little.  And that was something she definitely knew how to do and exactly how to do it.

This was going to be an outdoor concert and even though it was still Los Angeles it was chilly outside.  Of course it was nothing compared to Alaska, but to all these people who never really experienced a real cold snap, Jewel felt like they considered it akin to being at the North Pole.  So while it was unusual for weather to be down in the mid 40’s in L.A., Jewel saw it as an advantage.  She knew it was the perfect way to get where she needed to be because it allowed her to use a weapon she knew her target would be utterly unable to resist.

So she grabbed two piping hot cups of it, Jewel walked over to the trailer for the concert’s featured act.  The trailer was nothing compared to the huge set ups Jewel was sure this girl had during her multi-million dollar world tours, but for a place to change clothes and have hair and makeup done, it was perfect and for Jewel it was also ideal place for her to lay the groundwork to getting this girl out of here and back to Malibu.

With the two cups in her hand, Jewel was at a bit of a disadvantage, but she rectified that by tapping her foot against the door to knock.

“Who is it?” a voice pleasantly, but cautiously asked from the other side.  It was friendly and sweet, but still wary against some intruding reporter or paparazzi.

“It’s Jewel…and I brought cocoa,” the Alaskan princess replied.

Immediately, Jewel heard the excited scampering of feet and the door was flung open as quickly as possible.

“You brought cocoa?” Taylor Swift excitedly beamed, reacting just as Jewel knew she would.  “Well why didn’t you say so?  Come on in!”

Seeing Taylor again excited Jewel too and the cocoa had nothing to do with it.  In her mind the only thing she was focused on wasn’t chocolate, but the far more delicious sweetness between Taylor’s legs.  Jewel loved knowing what so few lucky others knew, that Taylor’s pussy was just as sweet as her personality.  It had been far too long since she had tasted it and she couldn’t wait to snack on it again.

Taylor could see that truth in Jewel’s eyes and she felt a tingle go up her spine as she took the cup of cocoa that was offered to her.  It was a feeling of nerves, but also a little something more.  What had happened in that day in the spa and then everything afterwards had been nothing Taylor had ever imagined she would ever be mixed up in.  It had been wild.  It had been head spinning.  To be frank it had been super slutty.  It had been like nothing she had ever experienced or thought she would.

But it had also been absolutely wonderful.   She had thought about what had been done to her and what she had done right back every single day since it had happened and as much as she had turned it over into her mind and thought about how she had been so completely seduced into doing something she never normally would have, she couldn’t deny two things.

She had liked what had happened to her and she wanted it to happen again.

So as happy as she was to see Jewel, Taylor also immediately sensed that the older woman was here not entirely with platonic intentions. She wasn’t quite sure how that made her feel.  Just seeing Jewel there as they began chatting about how their Christmases were going and if they had done their shopping and how Taylor was trying to make handmade gifts for her family this year, including knitting a scarf for her mom, excited her and the more she stared at Jewel the more excited she got.  Taylor tried to play it cool as she sipped her cocoa and yammered on about the holidays, but, as she did that, deep down she was remembering just how good Jewel looked naked and how big and sexy her boobs were and how naughty it had been to taste her.

Knowing that she didn’t have much time before they were inevitably interrupted, Jewel cut to the chase after a little bit more small talk.  Taylor was a genuinely friendly girl and Jewel was fully aware that if she got started, she could talk your ear off.  She loved the younger girl’s company but she didn’t have time for that today.

“So Taylor…I was wondering if I could ask you something?” Jewel began, noting that the girl immediately stiffened up in a reflexive surge of nerves from imagining what it was Jewel might ask her.

“Ummmm ok…” Taylor replied.  They had never really talked about what had happened that day and today of all days Taylor hadn’t been expecting to have this conversation.

What was Jewel going to ask her to do?  Was she going to want to kiss her?  Or touch her?  Or even have sex with her?  Right here in the trailer!  Oh God, that was crazy! And Taylor immediately recognized that part of her actually wanted Jewel to ask that.  Since that day she had been denying herself the pleasure she had first experienced from all those wonderful female hands and tongues and it hadn’t been easy…not at all.

Jewel detected Taylor’s obvious discomfort, so she couldn’t help but have a little fun by…asking her a completely innocent question instead of the far more loaded ones she was thinking about.

“We’re having a Christmas party at the mansion,” Jewel said.  “Want to come?  We’ve got this great tree and the place is all decorated up.  It’s really pretty.  We’d love for you to come!”

Breathing a sigh of relief that the request wasn’t naughtier while at the same time feeling a flash of disappointment for the same reason, Taylor immediately accepted without thinking.  The truth was the words “Christmas” and “party” were two of her favorites and combining the two into one event was like catnip to her.

“Oh!  I’d love to!” Taylor said without even pausing to think of the potential consequences of going right into the lionesses’ den.   “I love Christmas parties!  I mean I am seriously in love with them!  It’s like we’re going steady!  Oooooh we can bake cookies for it and I can bring my guitar!  I have all these great cookie recipes I make with my family every year!  Oh and you know what would be a really fun party activity?  Snow globes!  Have you ever made snow globes, Jewel?  There’s these stores you can get all the materials from and you can make snow globes with anything you want in them.  It’s so much fun!  It’s like the perfect Christmas thing too and…”

That was all Taylor was able to say before Jewel silenced her with a tender kiss right against her lips.  And once her lips touched Taylor’s, Jewel lingered there, softly smooching the younger girl and feeling herself get damp when the initially tense Taylor relaxed and started kissing her back.  Jewel opened her lips and Taylor took her cue, pushing her tongue into Jewel’s mouth without a second thought.  The two women started rubbing their tongues together but just as Taylor started to moan, her eyes closed and her heart thumping in her chest, Jewel pulled away, leaving the girl aching for more.

“But we’re not just going to have Christmas cookies and look at the tree, Taylor,” Jewel smiled.  “If you want, there’s going to be some very fun games there.  Games I know you love to play.  Games that are going to be so much more fun than making snow globes.”

Jewel didn’t have to say anything more.  Taylor knew exactly what she was talking about.  Jewel’s kiss had left her throat dry and her heart thumping so fast Taylor felt like it wanted to leap out of her chest.  Her head was spinning and she liked it.  She liked it a lot.

“So, you still want to come to our party, Taylor?” Jewel asked, knowing the kiss had had the exact effect she had wanted it to.

And even though it made her palms sweaty and her pulse race just to think about it again, Taylor answered without hesitation.

“More than ever,” Taylor said, her voice nearly a whisper, but a smile curling her sexy lips upward.


Meanwhile, Taylor and Jewel weren’t the only ones at the concert who were thinking sexy thoughts.  But instead of indulging them, one woman was desperately trying to keep those thoughts at bay.  And right then she was doing an extremely poor job of it.

Kelly Clarkson’s mind was in the gutter and even though she tried to pull it out of there and get it in a far more appropriate place, it was like it wasn’t listening to her at all.

She was trying to focus on anything else…the weather…the puke color of the ugly carpeting in the trailer…the national debt…anything but the thoughts about what she wanted to do to the sexy blonde woman she was close enough to touch.  Oh God, she was so close enough to touch.  Close enough to grab at her tight little ass and give her cheeks a naughty smack before she tongue kissed her and got herself in position to grab at those impossibly perky breasts of hers.

Kelly’s cheeks burned with embarrassment as those thoughts filled her brain.  The more she tried to get her mind out of the gutter, the more it insisted on doing the backstroke in it.  She had never felt this way before.  Sure there had been other girls she had wanted to play with.  Ever since Christina Aguilera had shown her emphatically how amazing women could be in bed, Kelly had checked out other girls and wondered wantonly about how their sexy tits and yummy asses would look naked and pressed to her own nude body.  So while the thoughts themselves weren’t new, they had never felt as inappropriate as they did now.

She felt so bad thinking those kinds of thoughts about her friend.  Usually she was able to hold them at bay and channel that energy either into her work or, far better, into going wild when she was able to hook up with a sexy girl and find herself some real release.  But today those thoughts were almost overpowering.  She couldn’t even look at her friend without thinking of forcing open her long legs and giving her the first girl on girl pussy licking of her life so she could soak her face with yummy, sticky girl cum before they went on stage.

Just thinking that sent a chill up Kelly’s spine.  She was embarrassed over her dirty thoughts about her innocent friend, but at the same time she couldn’t stop them.  The whole time her friend had been going on about this and that, Kelly had barely been listening.  Instead she had been wondering about what her pussy tasted like and all the ways she could make her come all over her tongue and even if she would mind if she turned her around and used her fingers and her tongue on her cute, perky ass.  And while each and every one of those thought turned her on, they also made her face burn a rosy red and it was noticed by the girl she was trying actively not to fantasize about.

“You ok Kel?” Carrie Underwood inquired, registering that not only did Kelly’s face look as flushed as if she had just had a few too many cups of spiked egg nog, but she had been unusually quiet too.

“Fine…I’m fine,” Kelly managed to sputter out, taking a second to even register that Carrie was talking to her.

“You sure?  You look kind of sick.  Are you coming down with something?” Carrie asked, concerned.  “This is the worst time of year to get sick.  Christmas with a cold totally sucks.”

“No, it’s definitely not a cold,” Kelly replied.  “I think I just might need some air or something.”

Kelly did feel a little sick though.  But not sick with illness.  She felt terrible about what she was thinking.  Not only was Carrie not the kind of girl who would ever mess around with another woman, Kelly was sure about that, but she was happily married.  Kelly wasn’t sure where stealing a man’s wife and having lesbian sex with her ranked on the list of bad things to do at Christmastime but she was reasonably certain Santa wouldn’t look kindly upon it.

Normally Kelly had no problems with fantasies.  In her mind she could do anything and get away with it.  That was a very healthy outlet because it let her not only avoid consequences, it also kept her from doing anything foolish.  And making a move on Carrie Underwood would have been very, very foolish.  Not only would it not have been reciprocated, but Kelly was certain it would cost her a friendship and friends were the most important thing in the world to her besides family.

Friends meant even more to her than lovers.  She had fantasized about Carrie before.  How could she not when her body was that smoking and her personality was so sweet and kind and perfect for a little bit of corruption?  But never when she was standing five feet away from her.

“Yeah I definitely need some air,” Kelly said after once again finding herself wondering about how Carrie’s small, perfect tits would taste when she sucked on her nipples.

“Lemme get one of the windows for you,” Carrie said, unintentionally making it worse for Kelly by bending over to push one of the trailer’s windows open and giving her a great view of the firm cheeks of her ass in the process.  “At least I think these things are going to open.  Cheap ass trailers.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain since this is a charity concert and they’re using the money for the kids and not on us, but I kind of feel this trailer is well beyond its last legs.”

“Yeah it’s pretty crummy,” Kelly replied without much thought to it as she instead concentrated on Carrie’s butt, which was anything but crummy.  In fact it looked absolutely perfect to Kelly as the girl leaned over and grunted while pushing the window open to let some air in.  Right then all Kelly wanted was to lean over too so she could lift up Carrie’s skirt, yank her panties down and show her all the things she could do with her tongue to make her feel good.

Kelly again tried to push the thoughts down, but she just couldn’t do it.  Carrie was just way too sexy and, besides, this was all her fault…in a way.  Kelly hadn’t been thinking like this until she had seen more of Carrie than she had ever seen before.

Since accommodations for the concert were being kept inexpensive, everyone had been sharing the trailers as makeshift dressing rooms and for hair and makeup.  Kelly had gotten her work done early and had been ready to go on when she had first encountered Carrie.  Their paths on American Idol had bonded them years before and Carrie had often turned to Kelly for advice and, now that Carrie was the superstar she was, vice versa.  So they were friends from all they had in common and they had both been very happy to see each other.

Carrie had been very eager to hang out that day, so when she had been called into the trailer for her turn, she had asked Kelly to come along with her.  That had been just fine with Kelly and there hadn’t been anything sexy about it.  Before today, she had noticed how good looking her friend was and had even entertained a wicked thought or two about her and how she could show her how good girl on girl sex was like Christina had showed her. But she had never really ever considered acting on them.

So when she had entered into the trailer with Carrie she hadn’t expected to start feeling anything crazy.  But she had also hadn’t figured Carrie would get naked right in front of her.

Kelly’s eyes had nearly started to bug out when Carrie had peeled off her sweatshirt and top and jeans right in front of her and stripped down to her bra and panties.  And when Carrie had stripped off that bra and stood in front of her proudly topless without a hint of shame, her perky, pink tints looking so absolutely scrumptious as her panties hugged her adorably tiny, toned ass cheeks like they never wanted to let her go, Kelly was shocked she hadn’t started openly drooling.

She wasn’t exactly Miss Modesty herself, given her predilection for walking around naked at home, but Kelly hadn’t expected Carrie to do that.  She had just stood there nearly naked in only her tiny panties chatting on and on about everything and Kelly had barely been able to register her words because of how captivated she was by her sexy, lean body.  She had assumed Carrie would go into her bathroom to change, but instead she had just stripped off her clothes right in front of her and the hair and makeup girls and then slid right into the nice skirt and holiday sweater she had on now.

Since everyone there was a woman, Carrie had taken an “It’s just us girls” attitude toward her nudity but it had been anything but business as ordinary for Kelly. She just hoped she had done a good job hiding the impact it had made on her to see her friend out of her clothes.  Now it was just them in the trailer and what had been idle thoughts before today were quickly turning into an obsession for Kelly.  God, she didn’t even want to perform today.  She just wanted to stay in this crappy trailer with Carrie and make out with her for hours on end and peel her clothes off and get the both of them naked so she could show her all about the pleasure of a woman’s touch.

Carrie was totally oblivious to that, however, and she just kept innocently talking.  Kelly tried her best to keep up her end of the conversation and purify her thoughts, but it was so difficult.  She was almost relieved when a text message suddenly arrived.

“You mind?” Kelly asked politely, looking to her phone and then Carrie.  She might have been horny as hell right then, but she could still have some manners and not interrupt Carrie mid-sentence by checking her text.

“Oh yeah, go right ahead,” Carrie answered.  “Don’t mind me.  I’m just prattling on.  I do that when I get lonely.  I’m just glad to have someone to talk to, Kel.”

What Carrie said to Kelly didn’t really register on her, though.  She was too busy checking the message with extra interest because it had come from Elisha Cuthbert.  And while hearing from Elisha only made her think even more of hot, sweaty, naughty girl sex, Kelly was grateful for the distraction.  At least if she was thinking about Elisha’s gorgeously round tits then she wouldn’t be thinking about doing something to Carrie that she would regret.

And when she read the text she had been sent, Kelly’s face visibly lit up.  Suddenly the perfect outlet for all her horniness was out there.

“Just got invited to Xmas party at mansion tomorrow night,” Elisha’s text said.  “Want to be my plus 1?”

Kelly didn’t even have to think.  She texted almost as quickly as the words could form in her brain.

“Bet your ass,” Kelly texted back.  “Try and keep me away.”

“Good news?” Carrie asked, watching Kelly smile as she texted away.

“Huh?” Kelly replied, looking up once the message was sent.  Tomorrow seemed like an absolute eternity away, but at least it gave her something to look forward to.

“The text, was it good news?  Your face totally lit up when you got it,” Carrie noted.

“Oh it’s nothing…just a party some friends are holding tomorrow,” Kelly said, already salivating over the sexy girl flesh she knew she was going to be there.  Mansion parties were always such a blast.  And the best part was she knew that once it was over she could get things back to normal and only think of Carrie as a friend.

“Oooooh sounds like fun,” Carrie replied.  “It must be a great party.  Your face made it look like you just got handed a golden ticket to the chocolate factory.”

“I guess I kind of have,” Kelly couldn’t help but chuckle, keeping things coy though.  She didn’t want Carrie to find out too much about her extracurricular activities.

But the response couldn’t help but leave Carrie very intrigued.  She knew it was rude to pry and it wasn’t exactly good manners to leech onto someone, but she couldn’t stop herself.  This wasn’t exactly a holly, jolly time for her and a party sounded too good to pass up.

“I wish I had an invitation that made me smile like that,” Carrie said, hating that she was doing this, but not being able to stop herself.  Loneliness could make you do crazy things.  She knew that better than anyone.  “Hell I’d settle for any invitation right now.”

“Oh come on, you must be turning down invitations left and right,” Kelly laughed, trying to play it cool while not getting the not so subtle hints Carrie was dropping yet.  “You’re a superstar.  You’re so much fun to be around and if you haven’t noticed you’re smoking hot.  So don’t tell me you don’t have any invites this time of year.”

“Yeah but they’re all soooooo boring,” Carrie sighed.  “It’s all industry bullshit.  All my family is back in Oklahoma.  They’re having their parties but I’m out here.  You’re pretty much like the only real person I know out here Kelly.  The only one I really trust to be straight with me, anyway.”

“What about Mike?” Kelly asked, not liking the idea of her friend being alone at Christmastime but also starting to get a little nervous about the direction this was headed down.  At least if her husband was around she wouldn’t feel guilty over the idea of Carrie not having anyone around.

“Because of the lockout he’s in Russia playing out there to keep in shape,” Carrie sighed.  “Ughhh it’s driving me crazy! It’s not like we see each other much during the season anyway, but this is so much worse. I mean I love him and all but…damn it can be lonely when he’s gone.  I wish I was going to the party you were going to Kelly.  Whatever made you smile like that, I could use some of it.  Actually make that a lot of it.”

Kelly hadn’t been expecting this and now she was getting nervous.  What the hell was she going to do now?  Telling her she couldn’t come would hurt her feelings.  And telling her the truth of what was going to happen at this party would freak Carrie out.

Plus the worst part was deep down Kelly wanted Carrie to come with her.  She remembered how she had been lured to the mansion the first time.  She had simply comforted a tear soaked Christina and had had no idea what she was getting into.  But had Christina ever changed that once she got her to that lesbian playground in Malibu.

What could she say?  How could she wiggle off this hook?  On the one hand her friend was clearly desperate for company.  On the other, Kelly didn’t know if this was the company she needed.  What could she do?  She wanted her to come.  She wanted Carrie to see what she had seen.  And she wanted Carrie to be seduced the way she had.

Those thoughts in her brain were zooming like a runaway train in her brain.  Her common sense said one thing and other parts of her body said the exact opposite in a far louder fashion.  And because of that, Kelly’s lips seemed to move of their own volition and she didn’t even recognize her own voice saying the words she said next until they were already floating past her ears.

“You can come with me…if you want…” Kelly blurted out, her libido bitchslapping her common sense into compliance.

“Can I?  Really?” Carrie replied happily, so eager to have something to look forward to other than a big, empty house and spending time with superficial L.A. “friends.”  “I mean I don’t mean to be inviting myself.  I know I totally am, but I…well I just really appreciate this Kelly.  I’ve been going crazy these last weeks with nothing to do.  I could really use something fun and relaxing.  You sure you don’t mind?  You think your friends will mind if I suddenly showed up with you?”

Kelly knew they wouldn’t mind.  Hell, they would throw confetti over at the mansion if they knew she was bringing Carrie Underwood with her.  God, what had she been thinking?  How could she do something so stupid?   Her gut had blurted it out and now she was instantly regretting her own words and the fix they had gotten her into.

“Oh I’m sure you’ll be very welcome there,” Kelly said with quite an understatement as she began to seriously consider if she had just made a serious mistake.


The last thing Natalie Portman was focused on right then was any holiday. Her thoughts were instead completely locked on her upcoming movie shoot and preparing for it. Natalie prided herself on being prepared as an actress and it didn’t matter if it was for her Black Swan or Your Highness. She was going to be prepared and she was going to be that character when the director yelled, “Action!” That was how she approached every part and there were not going to be any distractions.

She was entirely focused on work right now and that meant not allowing any distractions. Well maybe one distraction…make that two…two, beautiful big distractions that were straining against a shirt that was so tantalizingly tight…two luscious, double D distractions that Natalie was doing everything in her power to ignore and naturally failing miserably at.

“Everything ok?” Kat Dennings innocently inquired of her co-star.

“Yeah…fine…fine…everything’s fine,” Natalie immediately replied, her voice a little far off as she had to try and steer her thoughts away from how badly she wanted to reach under Kat’s shirt and get her hands on the objects of her fascination.

“You seem a little distracted,” Kat noted, arching an eyebrow a little bit as if she knew exactly what was on Natalie’s mind but wasn’t going to embarrass her friend by calling her on it.

“No, really I’m good, I’m just listening for the tea kettle,” Natalie lied.  “Oh!  There it is now!  Be right back!”

Never in her life had Natalie been more relieved to hear the familiar whistle of her tea kettle letting her know the water was boiling.  It wasn’t quite being saved by the bell but it was damn close and Natalie bolted off the couch and headed toward her kitchen, breathing a sigh of relief as she did it.  Maybe now she could get a hold of herself before she did or said something stupid.  She was supposed to be focusing on her work but how could she when all she was thinking about were Kat Dennings’ tits.

In her defense it was kind of hard not to think about them.  They were always just…there.  Not acknowledging them or their largeness would have been like ignoring an elephant in the room but Natalie still knew she had to get a hold of herself. She was acting like someone with no control over their libido…or even worse…like some horny guy. Natalie had hung around with Kat more than enough times to see how men regarded her and she didn’t like it. She knew that Kat got annoyed by it too but was resigned to the fate her natural wonders had cursed her with. So Natalie felt bad that now she was doing the same thing to her friend that sleazy guys did…thinking of her as nothing more than a pair of big boobs.

As a friend, it was an inappropriate thing to do and as a feminist it was downright disgraceful. Natalie reminded herself of all of this as she went into the kitchen to make the tea for the both of them.  Kat was a beautiful, smart, sophisticated and talented woman.  She was so much more than the size of her rack and Natalie was ashamed of herself for doing that.  She was no better than those idiot guys who talked to Kat and couldn’t be bothered to look her in the eye because their gaze was frozen on her chest. But at the same time, Natalie could understand why.

How could she not stare? How could she not be so close to boobs so magnificent and not want to see them naked and touch them and mmmmmm get her tongue out to lick all over those pretty, tiny nipples of Kat’s?  How could she not want to feel them pressed to her face? How could she not want those big, beautiful tits in her mouth for her to suck on and oooooooh yessssss rubbing right up against her pussy so she could feel what it was like to have Kat’s nipples touching her swollen clit and making her so wet that she would cover those magnificent jugs in her juices?

Natalie froze for a moment, gripping onto the counter as she once again tried to get a hold of herself.  What the fuck was wrong with her?  Kat was her friend!  How could she be thinking about her like that?  She wasn’t some sleazy cock and cum for brains man who could only think about sex, why was she acting like one?  But Natalie knew the answer to that without even having to ask herself that question. She was horny and Kat was just stunning.

From the moment she had first met her at rehearsals for Thor, Natalie had felt those little tingles inside her over Kat.  Not only did she have a beautiful, soft face and lips that were made for kissing, but she had wonderful attitude to spare. Kat said how she felt and did what she wanted and didn’t care about the role she was supposed to play as a woman. Natalie loved women who defied convention. She believed she was one of them but she could never be as brassy as Kat was.

Kat was a no bullshit kind of woman who spoke her mind and wasn’t afraid of anything.  Natalie found that absolutely irresistible and she was drawn to Kat for many of the reasons she was drawn to Scarlett. But Natalie knew beyond fearless attitudes, there was something else Kat and Scarlett had in common and she blushed as she tried to pour the tea but found herself once again distracted by the reality that she was totally hot for big tits.

Natalie loved sex with women in all forms and shapes. That was one of the reasons Natalie loved being with girls so much. There was the tenderness. There was the softness. There was the taboo nature of it. And there was the pleasure…pleasure that no man could make her feel.  But there was also the variety. Women were all different in so many wonderful ways and Natalie blushed again, but also smiled, as she thought about how she had been with enough of them by now to have had the chance to sample all those delicious flavors of women.

But as much as she enjoyed all the different ways a woman’s body could be sexy no matter the type, Natalie had to admit that lately she was drawn to women with big boobs and the bustier the better.  She reasoned that a lot of it had to do with how close she and Scarlett had gotten.  They were so much more than just friends with benefits these days and Natalie liked that on many levels, the most primal being that it meant she could play with Scarlett’s big tits as much as she wanted to. And her lustful gazes weren’t just on Scarlett’s breasts.

Whenever she was at the mansion there were so many gorgeous women there with big, beautiful boobs to play with. Natalie loved the feel of Rose’s big, pale tits in her face, those pink nipples just begging to be licked.  Alyssa had gorgeous full mounds for her to get her small hands on. And Natalie liked them even bigger and with busty girls like Jewel and Love there and always eager to have her play with their boobs, there was so much fun to be had. And the things she did to Britney and Christina and their huge racks…mmmmm just remembering how it felt to be sandwiched between them in big boob heaven made a sexy chill travel up her spine.

Part of Natalie couldn’t believe that she could ever be so shallow as to be totally into big boobs as a feature on a woman. But another part of her liked it. It made her feel wild and uninhibited to be so blatantly lustful for big tits.  Natalie wasn’t quite captain of the itty bitty titty squad, but she certainly wasn’t working with a whole lot in the chest area and that just made her want those big, fat tits of her friends even more.  She loved how they felt in her hands and in her face and in her mouth and rubbing against her perky chest and so much more. She had totally turned into a tit girl and it made Natalie feel shallow but also turned on all at the same time.

So it was not easy at all for her to focus on work when she had Kat’s hooters so close to her and her libido only thinking about getting the both of them naked so she could see those tits in the flesh. Natalie was ashamed to remember how after meeting Kat she had gone online to check out her stolen topless pictures. It was a total invasion of privacy and she hated herself for doing it, especially since Natalie knew full well how embarrassing it was to have pictures of your boobs splashed all over the Internet, but she hasn’t been able to help it and she still remembered how good it had felt to look at those pictures and touch herself while dreaming of the dirty things she and Kat could do to each other.

The only problem was of course that Natalie had never gotten any kind of read that Kat was interested in being with another woman, much less interested in being with her. They were friends and nothing more and Natalie was a firm believer in keeping things professional on the set with no romantic messes. She had seen too many on set hook ups blow up to the detriment of the production to allow herself to be in that position and even if that meant waiting until way after they had done The Other Boleyn Girl to allow herself the pleasure of being with Scarlett, Natalie was prepared to make that sacrifice.

She had first felt those wonderful sparks of attraction for Kat when they had done Thor together. But, not wanting to mix business with pleasure, she hadn’t made a move on her. And now that they were filming the sequel, Natalie felt even more of a draw toward Kat but still she told herself to be strong and be professional. It was so difficult though when every time Natalie saw Kat all she wanted was to rip her shirt off and bury her face in her boobs.

The only thing that Natalie clung to as a life preserver in the flood of her fantasies was her assumption that even if she tried to make a move, Kat wouldn’t be into it. After all, she knew Kat had a boyfriend. But even that wasn’t doing the trick much anymore, not when Natalie felt her pussy get moist every time she saw cleavage from Kat and envisioned showing her how good women could be and that she didn’t need a man in her life at all…just like she’d been shown.

To say this had been an awkward afternoon for her had been an understatement.  She and Kat were working together to get ready for new scenes for Thor: The Dark World, the sequel to the first summer superhero smash.  Natalie was once again playing Jane Foster, Thor’s human love interest and Kat was playing Darcy, Jane’s friend and lab assistant.  Neither of them were under any pretense that they were the reasons that people would be packing the theaters on opening weekend to see the movie, but they liked working for Marvel and the gigs were relatively easy and paid relatively well. There was nothing more they could argue.

Since most of their scenes were with each other, Natalie and Kat had been going over their lines, rehearsing and trying to strengthen their characters by workshopping some ideas with each other that they planned to bring to the producers to try and beef up the script a little.  It had been a pretty productive day, that was when Natalie could tear her eyes away from Kat’s body and focus on her character instead.

It was just that it was so hard to think about being Jane Foster when all she wanted was to get Kat’s clothes off so they could get wild and slutty right there on the couch.  Natalie had been so wickedly horny lately and being around Kat’s temptingly curvy body so much wasn’t helping at all.  She had been fantasizing like crazy about her…about Scarlett…about Love…about Britney and Christina…about all her big boobed friends…all of them together in one big pile of naked girl flesh where they would all gang up on her slim, tiny body and fuck her until she passed out.  She had even had a few fantasies about women she wasn’t particularly proud about getting wet over, but she hadn’t been able to help it and Kat was still the star of her desires.

So if she could just get through today and focus on the business of her being Jane and Kat being Darcy and nothing else, Natalie knew she could make it a smooth set for all of them.  That was what she told herself and she almost kind of sort of actually believed it.

“What’s going on with that tea in there?  Did you go all the way to China to get it?” Kat called out playfully.

“I’m coming right out,” Natalie replied, knowing that her time of hiding in the kitchen was at an end.  She quickly put together a tray of the two tea cups and some honey and some milk to take out for her and Kat while they worked and when she carried it out she found the busty brunette lounging on the couch with a smile on her face and not a care in the world, seemingly oblivious to the way the tight button down shirt she was wearing’s open buttons tantalizingly teased Natalie with the promise of boundless cleavage.

“So I was thinking about how we can beef up Darcy’s part a little,” Kat said as Natalie put the tray down on the coffee table and sat down next to her on the couch again.

“How’s that?” Natalie asked, thinking that if they were thinking about the script she wouldn’t be able to be thinking about anything else.

“Darcy definitely needs a love interest,” Kat suggested.  “She needs someone so we can see she’s out there getting laid.  After all, there’s no reason someone as hot as Darcy isn’t out there getting fucked. She’s hot. She’s lonely. She’s bored.  She needs something to do. If we give her someone to fuck in the movie people are going to understand who she is a lot better.”

“Hmmmm not a bad idea, though I probably wouldn’t say that so crudely,” Natalie teased. “After all if Jane has Thor then Darcy should probably have someone too. Got an idea who she should be hooking up with?”

“Oh I absolutely do,” Kat said, acting coyly as a mischievous smile tugged at her sexy lips.

“Well are you going to tell me or do you want me to guess?” Natalie asked.

And tell her Kat did.

“Jane,” Kat declared simply. “Darcy should be fucking Jane.”

And before Natalie had any chance to react to that very unexpected suggestion, Kat hammered home her point by closing the short distance between them by leaning in and pressing her lips right to Natalie’s in a very, very surprising kiss.

Natalie’s eyes went wide the moment she felt Kat’s lips to hers and her first instinct was to push the other woman off her. But she didn’t even have the chance to fully get her hands up to do so before that instinct faded into a haze of lust.  Kat’s lips on hers were a dream come true and Natalie just let it happen.  The initial shock of being so suddenly kissed like this muted her reaction at first but, after a few moments of those soft, wonderful lips pressed against her, Natalie started kissing back.

It was the last thing in the world she had expected to happen but it was just what Natalie wanted. Kat’s lips felt absolutely wonderful and Natalie kissed them back with a growing enthusiasm.  At first it was just their lips touching sensually, smacking together as one kiss turned into another and then another and then another. And Natalie just let it happen, allowing Kat to be the aggressor and enjoying every moment of it.  She felt her body tingle in all the right places as she brought her hand up to Kat’s face and gently caressed its softness, savoring the feel of her skin.

They kissed each other with aroused tenderness, their lips getting all the action and their tongues never entering into the fray. But that was all they needed to do at first. They kissed each other repeatedly as Natalie gently touched Kat’s face and Natalie let her own hand caress Kat’s leg through her jean, moving up eagerly toward her thigh but not going for the prize quite yet.

And when the need for oxygen finally forced them apart from their kisses, Kat had a big smile on her face, especially when she saw how flustered she had left her friend.

“Mmmmmm I knew you’d be a great kisser,” Kat said with a sexy little smirk of triumph.  “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

Natalie returned that naughty smile with a happy sigh.  Her head was spinning.  She had finally found something to distract herself from Kat’s chest and it was something she had never expected to do it. But right then all she was thinking about was Kat’s lips and how they had left hers tingling and wanting so very much more.

“Wha…what’s going on?” Natalie finally managed to say, her voice a confused moan “What are you doing, Kat?”

It was in her nature to question things. She had always been inquisitive and she never accepted even the best of things without wondering why. So she couldn’t help but ask now.

“I’m just giving you what you want.” Kat said simply, reaching over to run her fingers through Natalie’s dark hair before doing what the woman had just done to her and caressing the softness of her face with a tender touch. “It’s what we both want Nat. I figured it was time to stop beating around the bush and start getting our faces in it.”

Even when she was being sensual and seductive, Kat couldn’t help but be a little crude and Natalie giggled back, finding the joke so much more amusing thanks to her nervous, but very aroused state.  It was stunning to her that this was happening but she sure as hell didn’t want to stop it.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Natalie admitted with a smile.  “I never thought…”

“Shhhhhhh don’t think,” Kat said, playfully pressing her finger to Natalie’s lips to silence her.  “You always think too much Natalie.  This isn’t a time for thinking.  This is a time for acting mmmmm and getting naked.”

Bur before that happened, Kat leaned in for something more first. She pulled her finger away and instead pressed her lips back to Natalie’s, which was right where she felt they belonged.  And Natalie didn’t hesitate.  She closed her eyes and kissed her friend back, savoring the moment and the sensations of those soft, wonderful lips kissing her.  This was so crazy and so unexpected. Everything in Natalie’s brain was telling her to ask why but for once she was able to ignore it and just enjoy the moment.

Their lips softly pressed together again and again as their kisses began to deepen. This time it was Natalie who showed some aggression as she opened her mouth fully and let her tongue naughtily emerge to lick against Kat’s pillowy lips and make her intentions clear. Naturally Kat didn’t fight that. She opened her own mouth and let Natalie’s tongue begin to explore. And while Natalie’s tongue began to slowly work its way into her mouth, Kat did some exploring of her own by caressing Natalie’s body in a way she’d been wanting to do for years.

Kat caressed Natalie’s stomach, lifting up her shirt just enough to get at some skin. She moaned into their kiss when she felt that Natalie’s body was even softer than she imagined. Her skin felt so nice and Kat wanted all of it so badly.  It was actually hard for her to take it like this when all she really wanted to do was rip off Natalie’s clothes and take her hard and nasty right on her nice, comfortable couch. But even if she hadn’t been filled in on Natalie Seduction 101, Kat would have been able to sense that this was how her friend liked it so she held back and instead made Natalie happily sigh as she touched her gently and let their tongues rub into one another with a sensual exchange of saliva.

Natalie felt little goosebumps forming on her skin from the way Kat was touching her and that was nothing compared to how it felt between her legs. Her pussy was getting hot and moist at an accelerated speed and Natalie could already start to feel it getting into her panties.  She knew just kissing Kat would make her soaking wet in just a few more minutes and the way she was touching her made her start to tingle with anticipation of their clothes coming off.  This was a such a fantasy come true for her and Natalie felt compelled to make sure Kat knew it.

“Ooooooh mmmmmmm yesssss kiss me…oooooh Kat…” Natalie purred, their tea starting to get cold but everything else between them heating up ever so nicely.  “Mmmmm I want this.  Ooooooh I want this so bad! Mmmmm how did you know?”

Natalie couldn’t stop herself from asking that question.  She just had to get an answer to it and her inquisitive nature could only be turned off so much.  As soon as the words were out of her mouth, though, she began kissing Kat again without even waiting for an answer. Her brain wanted an answer and her heart wanted more kissing.  And she wanted it both at the same time.

But she couldn’t get both and for then kissing won out.  They resumed smooching with a growing urgency, their mouths both open and their tongues rubbing into each other.  Natalie again let herself take the lead and found herself liking it a lot as she pressed herself into Kat.  Her friend got the message in no time and lay back on the couch, letting Natalie lie on top of her, her small, lithe body rubbing into Kat’s juicy curves.  And as she did this, Natalie reached over to feel Kat’s leg and trace her hand upward toward her thighs.  She could feel the teasing signs of warmth from between Kat’s legs and Natalie badly wanted to just jam her hand under Kat’s jeans to feel that hot pussy and get it soaking wet with her fingers.

Natalie felt like she could lose all control like this and that turned her on so much.  Kissing Kat and sensually touching her was turning her on like crazy and she couldn’t get enough of the feel of those oh so kissable lips.  Mmmmm gawwwd what would they feel like on her tits ooooh and on her pussy?  The thought of Kat sucking her clit with those lips made pleasure shoot up her spine like an electrical charge and for an excited giggle to sneak out of Natalie’s lips as she smiled broadly.

That broke their kiss again and Kat took the opportunity to reassert herself by giving her friend a teasing piece of the information she craved.

“How did I know?  Do you think I’m blind?” Kat teased.  “Did you think I never noticed how you were staring at these babies?”

Kat said this as she playfully grabbed her own tits, pushing them up to create even more milky white cleavage.  She laughed as she saw how Natalie’s eyes widened from showing more of her boobs and how the girl’s smile grew.

“Oooooh you dirty girl,” Kat smirked as Natalie adorably blushed.  “Mmmmm dirty little Natalie thinking she was sneaking peaks at my rack when I knew all the time that you were drooling over the girls.  I saw you staring.  You think I can’t pick up on some horny guy who can’t take his eyes off my tits?  You’re no better Nat.  Always staring like a pervy creep…wanting to see my titties naked and stick your face in them.  Is that what you want Nat?  To motorboat my huge tits?”

Natalie didn’t say a word.  She just kept on blushing and smiling, sucking on her bottom lip with anticipation. Her throat was dry and she couldn’t speak but her face was screaming out yes and that gave Kat all the answer she needed.

“Ooooooooh you are a dirty girl!  Well the good news Nat, is you’re no creepy guy so you can stare all you want,” Kat replied.  “Mmmm I liked catching you staring. It turned me on to know that little princess Natalie Portman wasn’t as straight as everyone thought. I liked knowing you were checking out my tits.  I like knowing that deep down you’re just as much of a fucking perv as I am.  Mmmmm so how about it Nat?  Want to see more?  Want me to get this shirt off?”

Kat began toying with the buttons of her shirt, popping them open in a tantalizing way.  She was wearing a button men’s shirt like something she had grabbed out of her boyfriend’s closet and the first few buttons had been left undone, giving a teasing hint of the generous, all natural curves underneath. Now Kat was showing more and more, unbuttoning her shirt in front of Natalie one button at a time and showing off her cleavage and the black bra she was wearing.

Natalie still couldn’t force herself to speak.  She was too shocked that this was actually happening and that all her dirty thoughts about Kat didn’t have to be something she kept pent up inside until the next chance she got to play with her favorite vibrator.  The sight of Kat unbuttoning her shirt had robbed her of speech and all she could do was nod her head in agreement that she very much wanted to see more.  But that wasn’t nearly good enough for Kat, who was having a lot of fun teasing her normally composed friend.

“Say it…say you want it,” Kat smiled.  “I want to hear you say it.”

And to show she wasn’t bluffing, Kat did the unthinkable by rebuttoning one and then another button in her shirt, closing off the view of her silk bra and leaving Natalie aghast at the idea she might rebutton all of the shirt.

“I want it!” Natalie immediately blurted.  “I want it sooooo bad.”

“What?  What do you want?” Kat teased, relishing making Natalie squirm.

“Your tits…” Natalie cooed, knowing what her friend wanted to hear and happy to have found her voice to be able to tell her.  “I want your big fucking tits, Kat!”

“Ooooooh it’s so hot to hear you say that,” Kat moaned, her pussy tingling as sweet Natalie talked dirty for her.  “Tell me what you want to do to my big tits Natalie!”

“Mmmmmmm I want them naked,” Natalie admitted, her voice full of eager lust as Kat egged her on by undoing those buttons again and then going lower, showing off more of her bra.  “Take your shirt off mmmm gawwwd and your bra too Kat!  I can’t believe this is happening but I want those huge tits so bad!  I’ve been going crazy over those tits!  I want them naked so I can kiss them and suck them and lick them!  Mmmmmm I want you to rub them in my face so I can feel those big fucking boobs smacking into me!  Ooooh I want to get so nasty with your big tits Kat!  You’re right!  I have been staring at you!  I didn’t know you knew!”

“I always know when someone’s staring at the twins,” Kat laughed.  “I just never expected you to be the one drooling over my titties like a fucking perv Nat.  Good thing I like pervy girls.  They make my pussy so wet!  Will you be pervy for me Nat?  Will you make my pussy all creamy and hot?  Will you show me what a fucking perv you can be for my huge titties?”

“Yesssssssssss!” Natalie immediately agreed as Kat finished unbuttoning her shirt, leaving it totally open on her chest, her bra exposed and the deep valley of pale, juicy cleavage looking like one of the most beautiful things Natalie had ever laid her eyes on.  “Mmmmm gawd I can be a perv, Kat.  I can be so fucking dirty!”

And Natalie proved it by whipping her own shirt over her head without delay, exposing not only her bra but that her nipples had been getting hard and were now nicely poking out against the material.  She liked what Kat was saying.  She liked it a lot.  She had been called a lot of things in her life but a perv hadn’t been one of them and the idea of surprising her friend with how dirty she could really be was a total turn on.

“Mmmmmm I like,” Kat said, drinking in the view of Natalie’s perky rack in her violet bra, the Victoria’s Secret garment giving her B cups a little extra heft.  “You’ve got some nice titties there Natalie.”

“They’re not big like yours, but I like them,” Natalie smiled.

“I like them too,” Kat replied.  “Show me more.  Take your bra off.”

“You first,” Natalie challenged, feeling aggressive again.  “I’ve been dying to see your boobs for so long Kat. Mmmm I didn’t mean to stare at them.  I just couldn’t help it. I never thought you would show them to me. I never thought you would be into girls too.”

“I never thought you would be into girls either,” Kat admitted.  “It looks like we both have secrets.”

“Not anymore,” Natalie observed, giddy over this mutual revelation of lust.  “Mmmm now get that bra off Kat.  Show me those big tits. Mmmm let me get a look at them before I get over there and just rip your clothes off.”

“Oooooh naughty…I like it,” Kat smiled. “I wish you’d threatened to rip my clothes off years ago Natalie.  Just think how much fun you could have been having with these…”

But Natalie couldn’t think about that.  She couldn’t think about anything except how hot this was as Kat slid her open shirt off her shoulders and reached around back to unclasp her bra.  She tugged it right off, baring her large chest to Natalie, causing her to feel like her heart was beating extra fast.  She couldn’t believe her fantasy was coming true so easily.  Kat’s tits were so big and beautiful and the forbidden sight of them over a computer screen was nothing compared to how they looked in the flesh.  Her areolas were so wide and pink and she had the tiniest, cutest nipples Natalie had ever seen.

“So are you just gonna stare?” Kat asked, smiling even more as she saw how her friend seemed on the verge of literally drooling over the sight of her topless.  “Or are you going to do something about this?”

Natalie didn’t reply with words. Instead she answered with action by leaning in and caressing those soft, large mounds with her small hands.  She touched them delicately at first, pressing her lips to Kat’s once more in a fresh kiss but with an eagerness that grew with each moment she had them in her grasp. God, they were just as sexy as she had imagined they would be. Feeling the soft, warm skin on Kat’s body made Natalie’s arousal grow and soon her caressing turned into massaging.

Kat moaned from Natalie’s hands on her chest and the two resumed tongue kissing while she let herself be explored. Kat had been hoping things would be this easy and so far everything was working like clockwork.  Natalie’s hands felt amazing on her tits. She clearly knew just what she was doing. This was no clumsy groping or mauling.  It was the seductive touch of another woman who knew exactly how to make another woman feel good.  And the idea that Natalie had such an experienced touch made Kat’s head spin in delight and her pussy moisten even more under her jeans and panties.

“Ohhhh Nat,” Kat sighed, enjoying how Natalie’s warm hands felt, especially the way her soft palms were stimulating her nipples.  “Mmmmm baby you’re making me feel good!”

“I can make you feel even better,” Natalie promised with a smile before she took her hands off and instead started tonguing her friend’s chest.  She started with her left breast, circling her tongue all over Kat’s areola and then zeroing in on the nipple, flicking the tiny little erect nub with her tongue before she pulled back and gave her breast a wet kiss. Natalie then did the same to the right breast, pleasuring it with her tongue and getting the hard nipple wet before kissing it.

“Fuckkkkkkk!” Kat groaned lustfully. “Ooooh you are a naughty girl Natalie!   Mmmmm I had no idea you could be this fucking good!  You’ve definitely done this before!  Mmmm you know just how to suck my nipples!  Make them fucking hard Nat! Make it so can cut fucking glass with my nips!  Ughhhh yeahhhh mmmmmm Natalie that feels so good baby!  Fuck yessss mmmm show me how bad you want my big fucking titties!  Ohhhh I never thought you were going to be this good!”

“I’m only getting started,” Natalie promised, enjoying being in this position quite a bit. Not only did she have Kat’s breasts literally within her grasp, but she was shocking her friend with what kind of a girl she really was. Only a select lucky few got to see the “real Natalie” and know what a dirty slut she could be for other women and Natalie was very happy to add Kat to that list. “I’m gonna get you naked Kat and show you every dirty thing I know how to do.”

It was a little easier said than done to get Kat naked while she was so fixated on her tits, but Natalie was willing to give it the old college try.  She kept her lips around Kat’s nipple, sucking sensually on the tiny, erect bud as she used one hand to caress all over the large, pale mound of gorgeous girl flesh.  Natalie let her hand softly graze over every inch of Kat’s breast, tenderly massaging it while she tasted her perfect pink nipple.  And as she did that she also used her free hand to reach down for Kat’s jeans.

It was a bit of a fumble since her face was pressed to Kat’s tit, which left her more or less operating blindly. But Natalie managed to get what she wanted when she popped open the top of Kat’s jeans.  She didn’t try pulling them off yet, but she did take advantage of Kat lying back on the couch with her on top by sliding her hand inside.  Natalie boldly pushed right under Kat’s panties and went right for her prize by touching the heated wetness of her friend’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhmygoddddddd!” Kat groaned in joy.  “Oooooh dirty little girl! You didn’t even ask if that was ok!  You just fucking did it, didn’t you?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m sorry Kat,” Natalie teased, playing innocent as her fingers toyed with Kat’s slit, lovingly exploring the slick lips of her cunt while she continued to lick and kiss her tits.  “Can I please touch you?  Can I please rub this wet pussy of yours?  Mmmmm can I please get you all turned on like your big tits got me turned on?”

“Fuck yes!” Kat immediately answered, not really caring at all if Natalie asked for permission. She could do whatever she wanted as long as it felt as good as this.  “Mmmm rub that fucking cunt, Natalie!  Oooooh you can slide your fingers right into it baby!  I’m getting so fucking juicy for you Nat!  I can’t wait to see how juicy you got baby!  I can’t wait to see how wet your pussy got from by big fat titties in your face!  Ooooh tell me how much you fucking like them Natalie!  Tell me how bad you want my huge fucking rack!”

“Your tits drive me crazy Kat!” Natalie replied without hesitation, delighting in the wetness coating her fingers from her pussy play with her newest lover.  “Ughhhhh I’ve been getting wet over them since the first day we met!  Big boobs make my pussy sooooo wet and yours are the biggest fucking tits I’ve ever had!  Mmmmm they feel and taste so good!  I love your big tits Kat!  Ughhh I get so fucking horny when I see big boobs like yours!  I just want to rip my clothes off and spread my legs open like I’m some dirty fucking slut so you can rub those giant tits in my wet pussy and get my girly juice all over them mmmmmm yessss ughhhhh I fingered myself so many times thinking about you rubbing your tits in my pussy and making me come on them and then shoving them right in my face again so I can lick my dirty sex juice off you!”

“Ooooooooooooooh nasty!” Kat cried out, her voice a sexy squeal when Natalie added the exclamation point to that by sliding her fingers right into her pussy, just like she’d asked.  “Mmmmmm fuck yes you dirty girl!  Finger fuck that slutty hole of mine!  I had no idea you were as big a perv as I am Nat!  Oooooh I’ll rub my titties all over that cunt of yours!  Mmmm I’ll make them all wet and juicy with your cum and then you can lick off every drop!”

Kat intended to be just as good as her word, but right then she was unable to do it. She filed it away, though, as a promise for later and instead she did something she’d wanted to do for a while by reaching for Natalie’s bra clasp so she could get her friend topless too.  Natalie didn’t help at all, but since she was busy going from breast to breast and sucking and licking her nipples with exquisite skill as she finger fucked her pussy and rubbed wickedly against her clit, Kat didn’t do anything to change that.  Instead she undid the clasp and yanked the bra off, exposing her friend’s chest to her horny eyes.

“Get up here,” Kat moaned, licking her lips at the sight of those hard, dark nipples.  Natalie’s tits looked deliciously bite size and Kat was dying for a taste of them.  “Don’t stop fingering that pussy, Nat but I need those tits.  Mmmm you’re not the only girl who loves tasting yummy tits.  Get your cute little rack in my face.”

Natalie was right where she wanted to be right then with her face buried in Kat’s chest, the softness of her boobs pressing into her excited face as she licked one nipple and then the other, going back and forth with her tongue and her lips to stimulate her friend. Part of her wanted to ignore Kat’s request and stay right where she was, worshipping her big, beautiful tits.  This was her dream come true, to have them pressed to her face so she could show Kat what a slutty girl she really was and how much her tits turned her on. But at the same time, Natalie’s topless body was aching for attention and the wetter Kat’s pussy got from her fingers working it over under her jeans and panties, the wetter Natalie’s got too.

So Natalie couldn’t ignore her own needs and after saying goodbye for now to her friend’s chest by playfully dragging her tongue between her tits, leaving a wet saliva trail there, she moved up so her own boobs were in Kat’s face.  Natalie knew her chest couldn’t compare to her friend’s, but she was used to that. Generally whenever she played with other girls she had the smallest tits there, but she didn’t mind. Natalie liked her small tits and she loved when girls knew just how to play with them.

And it only took a moment of wet kisses to her nipples for Natalie to see that Kat definitely knew her way around a woman’s body. While keeping her hand buried between Kat’s legs, making her jeans bulge out as she fingered the wet stickiness of her hot pussy, Natalie tossed her head back and groaned, arching her chest forward to press her tits into Kat’s face.

“Ughhhhhhh yesssssssss mmmmmmm that’s so hot,” Natalie groaned lustfully as the lips she had just been kissing latched around one of her swollen nipples and sucked on it.  “Mmmmm Kat!  Ooooooh you have been with girls before!  Mmmmm yessssssss that feels so good!  Suck my small titties baby!  Mmmm show me you like then as much as I like your big tits!”

“I’d never lie about being with another girl,” Kat smiled before slurping some more on Natalie’s succulent chest, a little saliva dripping out of her mouth and onto the firm curve of Natalie’s breast.  “Mmmmm I can’t believe you thought I was straight.  I thought you would have picked up that I was down for anything. I love cock. I love cunt. I love it all.  Mmmmm and I love these yummy tits of yours Nat.  Mmmm feed me baby.  Feed me your hot perky titties!”

Natalie smiled with giddy energy as she moaned again and again while doing to Kat what she desperately wanted her friend to do to her. She pressed her bare breasts in Kat’s face and playfully rubbed them into her, giving Kat plenty of chance to moan and drool over her exposed flesh. Natalie knew she didn’t have the cup size to really pull this off, but she did it anyway and it felt so good to have her boobs smacking Kat’s pretty face, especially as Kat salivated over her erect nipples, kissing and licking whichever one was being mashed against her face and even naughtily nipping at them with her teeth.

“Oooooooh!” Natalie squealed when she felt Kat’s teeth on her nipple. It didn’t hurt, but it was a naughty little twist that she liked.  “Ohhhh fuck yeahhhh!  Mmmmm bite on them Kat!  Bite my naughty little tits! Ooooh yessss that’s making me so wet!”

Kat did just as she was told and happily so.  She loved the way Natalie was making her motorboat her perky rack and those rock hard nipples were too tasty to pass up. This naughty side of Natalie was something to behold and Kat couldn’t believe she’d never seen it earlier. She never did anything to hide her own desire to get naked with anyone she was attracted to, no matter what they had between their legs, but Natalie had hidden her own lesbian lusts quite effectively.

As Natalie continued to moan and coo with desire, Kat nibbled on her nipples making them swell up even more. Kat knew just how to do this to give pleasure, not pain and it was something she was very experienced in. After all Natalie, despite their differences in height, had essentially the same kind of tight, lean body her friend and co-star Beth Behrs did and Kat was very intimate with every inch of her.  Kat had been fucking Beth since they had started on the show and she and Natalie seemed to like the same things, which made this a very easy conquest for Kat.

After all, she had gotten into Beth’s panties after their first rehearsal and practically had her as a trained love slave by now. So getting Natalie to come was going to be easy. But Kat was just as impressed with Natalie’s skills as she was her own. She had never expected this girl to be so hot and so experienced. Even though she had already been filled in on a lot of details about Natalie’s secrets, she had still never expected the claims about her to match up with reality. So, as Natalie’s fingers continued to play with her pussy and stroke her clit like she was a vagina virtuoso, Kat was very happy to be proven wrong.

“Mmmmmmm Natalie!  Ooooooh Nat!  You’re going to make me come all over your fingers if you keep that up!” Kat moaned through a mouthful of Natalie’s breast.  “Mmmmm baby don’t stop!  Play with that juicy wet cunt of mine!  Mmmm show me how nasty you are!  Show me what a perverted little slut you can be!”

“I’ll show you!” Natalie groaned, loving having her boobs sucked and bit as she plunged her fingers even harder into Kat’s pussy. “Mmmm I’m not some sweet little girl Kat!  Oooooh I mean I am, but you’re going to have to taste my pussy to find out!  But I’m not the nice girl they think I am!  I’m a fucking slut just like you!  I’m going to make you come like I make all my hot girlfriends come!”

Natalie giggled at her own joke about being sweet tasting as endorphins flowed in her blood stream. Her head was spinning and she loved it. She couldn’t get over that this was happening and that it all felt so good. The wet tightness of Kat’s pussy felt amazing clenching around her fingers and it was making Natalie’s own arousal soak her panties.  Their clothes weren’t even all the way off and Natalie could feel that Kat was getting close to coming just like she promised.  She knew she wasn’t far behind at all and she hadn’t been even touched yet between her legs.  All that made Natalie eagerly anticipate what could and no doubt would happen as soon as they got the rest of their clothes off and their pants and panties joined their shirts and bras on the floor.

And Natalie wasn’t the only one who felt that way either. Natalie had such an amazing body and right then Kat was aching with eagerness to see all of it.  She wanted to touch it. She wanted to taste it. She wanted to fuck it. She wanted to make Natalie hers, even if it was just for an afternoon. And she didn’t want to wait for it either. As Natalie continued pressing her tits in her face while finger fucking her, Kat got her own hands involved and reached around to grab two healthy clumps of Natalie’s firm ass through her jeans.

“Mmmmmm such a nice butt!” Kat groaned happily as she squeezed the tight, small cheeks of her friend’s backside. “Oooooh Natalie, how are you not out there getting this hot ass fucked every goddamn night!”

“Who’s to say I’m not?” Natalie mischievously teased. “Mmmm I love it up the ass, Kat!  If you’re good enough to me, maybe I’ll let you do it too!”

Natalie was talking boldly but she couldn’t help it. The truth was she was still a little shy about anal sex, but so many of her fantasies lately had involved hot, raunchy backdoor play, with tongues and toys and lots and lots of orgasms. Because it wasn’t just big boobs that had been filling her pervy daydreams lately, it was juicy, yummy asses and the idea of letting Kat fuck her ass and maybe getting a chance to do her gorgeous butt right back was making Natalie’s pussy want to melt right through her panties and jeans.  Being with Kat like this was making Natalie speak without thinking and go purely on carnal lust and it was so much fun to just turn off her brain and let her pussy do the thinking for once.

“Oh yeah?  Gonna let me fuck this tight ass of yours, Nat?” Kat eagerly replied while pausing every now and then to flick her tongue against both of Natalie’s nipples and circle wetly all around her areolas.  “Mmmmm gonna let me bury my fucking nasty tongue up your butt?  Gonna let me get that pretty little hole of yours nice and wet for me to shove some fingers into you?  Gonna let me finger bang that asshole while I’m licking your slutty wet twat until you come all over my face?”

“Yesssssssssssss!” Natalie cried out, unable to contain her excitement over the idea of being taken like that by Kat, especially when her friend gave her ass a swat with her hand through her jeans, which only made her finger fuck her harder in response.  “So nasty!  Mmmm I want you to fuck me nasty Kat!  Fuck me and make me come!  Make me feel like a slut!”

“Well you are a slut!” a third voice suddenly chimed in angrily.  “A dirty little cheating slut!”

As lost as she was in the haze of the pleasure she was giving to Kat and receiving right back from her, Natalie recognized that famously smoky voice anywhere.

“Scarlett!” Natalie gasped, shocked that she was suddenly there. She hadn’t been expecting her and while she didn’t pull herself off from on top of Kat, Natalie did get her breasts away from the other woman’s face.

Being interrupted made Natalie’s heart beat faster from the surprise and when she looked over at her friend and saw Scarlett with her arms crossed over her chest sternly and hurt in her eyes, her heart sank. Scarlett was mad at her!  Why?  What was happening?

“You little fucking cheater!” Scarlett snapped, making it quite clear that she was upset over what she was seeing. “I can’t leave for a few fucking hours without you finding some big tit slut to fuck?”

“Hey!” Kat shot back. “Check the attitude, bitch. Treat me with some respect or get the fuck out of here. Natalie and I were right in the middle of something.”

“Fuck you!” Scarlett heatedly replied. “I’ll give you fucking attitude if I want to!  You’re the whore here with her shirt off and her fat tits covered in slobber!  If I leave it’s because I want to leave!  Because I’m not going to just stand around and be with a cheater!”

But Scarlett leaving was the last thing Natalie wanted. She jumped off Kat’s body and zipped over to Scarlett, not pausing to cover herself or try and gain any composure. She was shocked that Scarlett was so upset and wanted to quickly calm the situation so she didn’t care that she was topless. It wasn’t anything Scarlett hadn’t seen before.

“No!  Wait!  Don’t go Scarlett!” Natalie pleaded. “What’s wrong?  Why are you acting this way?”

“What’s wrong?  What’s wrong?” Scarlett demanded. “I go away for just a bit and you fucking replace me? I can’t even go away for a morning without coming back and finding your face buried in some slut’s cleavage?  I thought we had something Natalie…”

“But…but…we do…but…” Natalie stammered, completely taken aback by this.  Scarlett and she were together a lot. More often than not lately they had been waking up in each other’s beds. But did Scarlett think they had something exclusive?  This was all so crazy.  Scarlett had never acted jealous like this before.

“But what Natalie?” Scarlett snapped. “You have some excuse to why you were fingering another girl and getting your tits sucked?  You’re worse than any fucking guy I’ve ever been with! At least they’d make up some kind of stupid story. You can’t even try and justify what you’re doing with this big titted bimbo!”

“Bimbo? I will slap your whore makeup right off your face! Then we’ll see who the bimbo is!” Kat said, standing up from the couch with anger in her eyes, her sudden movement making her bare chest jiggle with every step as she got right up in Scarlett’s face.  “You’d better shut your stupid bitch mouth, Scarlett, and get the fuck out of here so Natalie and I can get back to what we were doing!”

“Ughhh whatever, get out my face, cow,” Scarlett snottily replied as she pushed her hand up in front of Kat’s face. “This is between me and Natalie.  So what about it Nat?  Can’t you fucking control yourself?  What’s this slut got that I don’t?   Bigger tits than me?   My rack not enough for you?  Gotta get your greedy slut self some double D’s?”

Natalie didn’t know what to say.  She had never seen this side of Scarlett before.  They had been with lots of other girls, sometimes together and sometimes apart.  Scarlett had never acted so angry and jealous before. Natalie opened her mouth like she was going to say something but before she could, Scarlett again shocked her into silence by whipping her shirt over her head and snapping off her bra with a furious speed, baring her breasts to her and making Natalie’s eyes go wide when she got a look at her friend’s nipples now featuring silver bars through them.

“These not enough for you Natalie?” Scarlett sneered as she grabbed her breasts and thrust them up into Natalie’s face, making it even harder for her to take her eyes off the silver piercings.  “Are you such a fucking whore for big tits that you can’t even go into the afternoon without them? You need to get some fucking busty tramp in here to fuck around with?  My big tits not enough?  Ughhh it makes me sick that you’re even lowering yourself to hook up with some sitcom slut who couldn’t even hack it in movies.”

“Oh that’s fucking it,” Kat said, slapping her hand down on Scarlett’s shoulder and pulling her toward her so she was facing her now and not Natalie. “I am going to shut you the fuck up you fucking cunt!”

“Yeah? How you going to do that bitch?” Scarlett challenged.

And Kat showed her a second later when she grabbed Scarlett by the hips, yanked her close and then kissed her right on the lips.

Natalie gasped over this turn in events and that was followed by a second gasp when Scarlett didn’t resist a bit to Kat’s sudden aggressive move and melted right into it, kissing Kat back while reaching up to softly run her hands over the large breasts she had just been mocking.  That was when the shock finally subsided and Natalie’s Harvard educated brain realized what should have been obvious from the start.

She had been had.

“Wait…” Natalie said, putting the pieces together in her mind and suddenly seeing that Scarlett’s anger was not nearly as sincere as she had been led to believe.

“Mmmmmm my best performance ever, wouldn’t you agree?” Scarlett chuckled as she broke the kiss and turned to Natalie with a very satisfied grin on her face.  “I so had you going there, Nat.”

“You bitch!” Natalie laughed, so relieved to have been fooled by it all being an act but still annoyed enough that she gave Scarlett a playful shove.  “I thought you were really pissed.”

“Now how could I be pissed when you were doing exactly what I’ve been wanting to do to Kat too,” Scarlett teased.  “I guess I am a pretty good actress if your big brain couldn’t figure out what I was doing.”

“I think I was pretty good too,” Kat said, making sure Natalie knew that she was in on it too.  “After all I had you thinking 20 minutes ago that I wasn’t into girls and then making you think that I had no idea you were into girls. Damn, I should be winning Emmys for this!”

“Ughhh I hate you both,” Natalie exclaimed but it was clear from the smile on her face that those words were insincere. “I can’t believe you pulled that on me!”

“Awwww don’t be sore,” Scarlett said, laughing as she hugged her annoyed, but relieved friend. “Mmmm it was all in good fun. I just wanted to give you a thrill and make it extra exciting for you.”

“You nearly gave me a goddamn heart attack,” Natalie said, hugging Scarlett back even though she was still a little mad at her for playing with her like that. “How could you do that?”

“Acting!” Scarlett declared with a big smile and a Lovitz-like theatrical flourish. “And hey, you’re the one who told me once how hot you thought it was for be caught doing something bad and have it turn into a threesome.  So you can’t be mad at me now, especially since I can make it up to you.”

“Oh yeah?   How are you going to do that?” Natalie asked, getting less annoyed by the second, especially with Scarlett’s tantalizing offer out there.

“Mmmmm lots of this,” Scarlett replied before giving Natalie a more tender, loving kiss than she and Kat had just shared.  She wrapped her arms around Natalie’s waist and pulled the shorter girl to her, pressing her lips to hers and sensually kissing her, letting her soft lips rub into Natalie’s.

And as annoyed/relieved/confused/aroused as Natalie might have been as emotions churned into one stew inside her, she could never resist a soft, romantic kiss. She kissed Scarlett right back, finding her wonderful lips as irresistible as ever. And when Scarlett’s tongue slipped into her mouth and Natalie felt that naughty tongue stud she curled her toes and completely gave in.  She loved how naughty it felt when Scarlett’s pierced tongue would come out to play and the mess of emotions inside her once again began turning to all arousal.

“That better?” Scarlett playfully asked, pulling away from their wet, tender kiss with a smile on her face.

“Mmmm a little…but I’m going to need a lot more before I forgive you,” Natalie smiled back. “That was a mean prank Scarlett. I thought you were really pissed!”

“I’m not, I never could be at you,” Scarlett replied giving her lover a tender caress of the face before treating Natalie to another sexy, soft smooch.

“You two are so cute together,” Kat smirked, not wanting to become forgotten. “But save all that stuff for later. Right now my pussy is fucking soaked and it needs some attention.”

“Then get over here then and let me give it some,” Natalie declared, feeling her confidence come right back now that she knew this was all a play act and that her twosome with Kat was about to become an extremely hot threesome. “I think I was doing a pretty damn good job before.”

“Oh you were….see?” Kat said as she pushed her pants down off her legs and stepped right out of them leaving her in nothing but black panties that had a visibly soaked crotch. They clung right to Kat’s mound, giving Natalie and Scarlett a sight to behold that went far beyond camel toe. Her panties clung to her cunt lips and Kat’s arousal was as clear as day.

“Mmmmm yum,” Scarlett moaned, her eyes lighting up over how horny Kat was.

“Mmmmm damn right yum,” Natalie replied. “Here Scarlett, taste.”

Natalie pushed the fingers that had been buried inside Kat’s pussy just a few moments before right into her friend’s mouth.  Scarlett immediately moaned and began wetly sucking them, wrapping her famous lips around Natalie’s fingers and savoring the taste of Kat’s pussy on them.  And as she did that, Kat came up to Natalie and began kissing her again while letting her hands reach over for her breasts, to play with the firm, wet tits she had just been sucking and licking.

“Ooooooh that is yummy,” Scarlett sighed with lust when Natalie pulled her fingers out.  “You taste just as sweet as Anna said you would.”

“Anna?” Natalie asked, wondering who Scarlett could mean.

“Faris,” Kat answered with a sly smile.  “Mmmmm doing The House Bunny with her was a lot of fun.”

“Oooooooh!” Natalie replied as her mind fixated on the vision of Kat’s huge boobs in Anna’s pretty face as well as the implied idea that Scarlett had been with her too. “You’ll have to tell me all about that.”

“Oh I will, but first there’s a lot of clothes that still have to come off,” Kat declared, a sentiment that Natalie and Scarlett absolutely agreed with, especially when Kat rubbed both of her hands against the crotches of their pants, Natalie was already soaked and Scarlett was getting very damp, very quickly. It was clear that it was beyond time for the real fun to start.

“Mmmmm I still can’t believe you fooled me like that.  I owe you some payback for that,” Natalie groaned as Kat and Scarlett targeted her for pleasuring. While Scarlett’s studded tongue licked Natalie’s nipples, Kat took care of Natalie’s jeans, unbuttoning them and yanking them down her legs.

“Pay me back when we’re all naked and I have my mouth on your pussy,” Scarlett carnally suggested as Natalie stepped out of her no longer needed jeans and stood there in nothing but her visibly wet panties.  “I can think of a few dozen ways I can make it up to you.”

What Scarlett didn’t tell Natalie was this was just one part of what she intended to be an eight day campaign of making her fantasies come true.  The plan she had come up with in between fuck sessions with Jessica that morning was quickly coming together and she couldn’t have been more pleased with how it was going. It had actually been hard for her to act like she was betrayed and angry when she had walked in on Kat and Natalie topless because it had been such a turn on to see the both of them half naked with Natalie’s hand shoved into Kat’s crotch to bring her pleasure like Scarlett already knew full well Natalie’s fingers could do.

When she had seen that and recognized the look of bliss on Kat’s face as one she had undoubtedly shown many times when it had been her pussy Natalie had been playing with, Scarlett had been tempted to skip the whole “scorned lover” bit and just tear off her clothes to join in. But she had managed to hide her own arousal just long enough to get Natalie with her little trick. And while she could tell Natalie was still annoyed over it, Scarlett also knew that she had enjoyed the thrill. After all, Natalie had told her that she had fantasized about being “caught” like that and have it turn into something even hotter. So Scarlett was just doing what she intended to be doing a lot over the next few days…making Natalie’s fantasies come true.

And the extra benefit of this was this was a fantasy of her own too. Who wouldn’t want to fuck Kat Dennings? Natalie wasn’t the only one turned on there by Kat’s huge tits and juicy ass. Scarlett’s own pussy craved the curvy brunette and she couldn’t wait to get nasty with both her and Natalie.  Taking them both was going to be a heavenly threesome for Scarlett and her pussy was getting more and more damp, especially when Kat moved over from relieving Natalie of her pants to going to her body.

“Mmmmmm now for you,” Kat hungrily declared as she remained on her knees and pulled down Scarlett’s pants, something the blonde eagerly helped her with. “Mmmmm I need both of these fucking pussies and I need them now.”

And in seconds Kat had both Natalie and Scarlett down to nothing but their panties, just like she was.  Kat was close to salivating as she got an up close look at the gorgeous asses and soaked panties of the two hotties and she wondered if she could come just from the anticipation of her own hot fantasy coming true.  Kat had been in on Scarlett’s plan from the beginning. She hadn’t even been set to go through lines today with Natalie but when Scarlett called her and suggested this whole “caught” scenario she jumped right at it.

She’s never been with Scarlett before so the chance to get her AND Natalie all at once made Kat’s proudly bisexual pussy purr.  Scarlett had known she had been bi for months now and Kat was kind of surprised Natalie had never picked up on it. But Kat had always wanted her to find out, especially when Scarlett had put the move on her and told her how hot it would be to get her in bed with her and Natalie. Kat certainly had agreed and the plan had been to save this threesome for Natalie’s birthday or something, but Scarlett had called her that morning to say they were accelerating the schedule to today.

Kat had not had any problem with that and now she was extra happy Scarlett had called her because she couldn’t wait another second for all three of them to be naked and fucking. And neither could the two other women involved in this. Natalie and Scarlett quickly helped Kat up to her knees and as soon as she was up Scarlett gave her another deep kiss that left Kat’s lips tingling. All this time she had admired Scarlett’s magnificent lips, wondering how good it would feel to kiss them and now she knew it was even better than she had imagined. And Natalie was quite the kisser too. Her experience with girls was obvious and when Scarlett pulled away and Natalie strained up a little bit so their faces could meet and their kissing could resume, Kat welcomed it eagerly.

And soon it was a three way kiss between them.  Their wet lips and tongues rubbed together in a disorganized but sexy fashion that showed clearly just how eager they all were to play.  The tips of their wet tongues all touched and then Scarlett sucked Kat’s tongue into her mouth, letting her explore before Kat pulled away and let Natalie do the same to her. Then it was Natalie and Scarlett rubbing their horny lips and tongues together only for Kat to dive back in again to get them both once more while her hands caressed the curves of their oh so feminine backsides through their panties.

“Mmmm you’re both so fucking hot,” Kat groaned.  “Fuckkk I’m gonna soak my panties before we even get down to it.  It turns me on so much to know you two are fucking! I want a taste of your pussies!  Both of you!  Mmmm Nat, you want my big fucking rack?  I want your wet, tight pussy even more!  Mmm you too Scarlett!  Ughh I want both of you soaking my tongue and my face with your cum!”

“Ooooooh I love hearing you talk like that, Kat,” Natalie cooed.  “I want it all too!  I want your tits!  I want your pussy!  Mmmmm I want your yummy, juicy ass too!  I want all of your sexy body!”

“You’ve got it!” Kat groaned before she and Scarlett began kissing furiously again, their big tits bumping into each other as their lips mashed together and parted soon for their tongues to play once more. “Mmmm you’ve got my whole slutty body if you want it Nat!”

And Natalie did want it. She wanted all of Kat but still she craved her all-natural double-D’s most.  So as Kat and Scarlett kissed passionately, Natalie squeezed between them and grabbed onto Kat’s tits, massaging them eagerly with her hands. There was just so much breast flesh for her to play with and she groped it with the enthusiasm of a horny boy getting at his first set of boobs but with the softness of her small, experienced hands. She knew just how to play with another woman’s breasts and the stimulation of her nipples was sending little tremors of pleasure from Kat’s brain right to her pussy.

Natalie was getting plenty of stimulation too from having her palms pressed right to Kat’s tits, feeling those rock hard nipples rubbing up against her hands. But the backs of her hands were being rubbed into too. Because Kat and Scarlett were still kissing so wickedly, sharing saliva as their lips and tongues smacked again and again while they made out, Natalie’s hands were sandwiched between those two sets of big boobs, Scarlett’s big C’s on one end and Kat’s big D’s on the other. Natalie loved how that felt on her hot hands, especially when Scarlett’s pierced nipples rubbing into her. But she also knew how she could make it feel even better for her.

Pulling her hands away from in between those bountiful boobs, Natalie smiled eagerly and pressed her face into them instead.  She was the shortest of all three of them so it was plenty easy for her to do what her horny pussy commanded her to do and bury her face into Kat’s tits again, using their natural softness as a pillow as she pressed her head in between them licking and groping and in all senses worshipping her brunette friend’s chest.  Her dark hair rubbed against the pale tits of her friend and Natalie burrowed into her bountiful breasts wanting all of her and dying to feel those breasts against her face.

It made quite a site and Scarlett was half tempted to grab her camera phone and snap a photo of Natalie going tit crazy for Kat, especially when Kat began playfully rubbing herself into Natalie’s face, forcing Natalie to motorboat her. But, remembering her own previous bad luck, with cell phone nudes, Scarlett restrained herself and instead decided to do something far more fun.  She moved over a few steps so she was pressed into Kat again and making her right breast rub into Kat’s left one, bringing them boob to boob.  And when she did that, Scarlett grabbed Natalie’s face and pushed her into her chest.

“Mmmm this what you want Nat?  This what’s making your pussy so wet lately?  You want all these big tits in your face?” Scarlett groaned as Natalie cooed in delight and began licking her breast flesh.  “You want my fucking hot titties in your face along with Kat’s?  Mmmmm this making you turned on baby to have all these tits here for you to suck and lick and drool on like a fucking slut?”

“Yessssssssssssssss!” Natalie moaned wantonly, her voice muffled by all the breasts in her face.  “Mmmmmm fuckkkkk oooooooooooooh ooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss I want it! I want your big boobs!  Mmmmm Scarlett you know I love your tits!  Oooooh and Kat gawwwd your huge boobs make me so fucking wet!  I love it!  I’m such a slut for big tits!  Ughhh yessss rub them into me!  Mmmm smack the tit loving slut with your big boobs!”

That was just what Scarlett and Kat did, pressing both of their bare chests to Natalie’s happy face, rubbing their tits into her and moaning as they felt her grope and lick and kiss and drool and motorboat them both.  She was no longer anywhere close to being the composed Oscar winning actress and genius she was praised to be. Now Natalie was just a tit crazed slut and right then it was all she wanted to be.  She grunted and cooed and let saliva roll out of her mouth onto those big jugs of her friends, going from Scarlett to Kat back to Scarlett and then Kat again burying her face in their breasts and letting them rub their soft, natural curves into her face as her panties got soaked with lustful desire.

“Mmmmm gawwwd fuckkkkk I see why you like this little slut so much,” Kat groaned, teasing Natalie as the wild girl suckled on her nipple like she wanted to draw life from it. “Mmmmm she knows just how to treat a girl right!  And I think so do you Scarlett!”

“Damn right I do,” Scarlett assured Kat before kissing her once more, her tongue sliding into her mouth and rubbing into hers, making Kat moan again as she enjoyed feeling that tongue piercing just as much as Natalie had.

“Ughhh gawwd I need to be fucked,” Kat groaned when the wet kiss broke off, hers and Scarlett’s saliva dripping from each other’s lips. “I really, REALLY can’t fucking take one more minute of waiting!”

Natalie was so happy right where she was between Scarlett and Kat’s chests in what she now considered to be tit heaven. But she was sure Kat desperately needed attention below the waist because she sure as hell did. So she pulled away from her happy place and prepared to find a place she could be even happier.

“You won’t have to wait any more,” Natalie said smiling as she became an accommodating hostess to her guest. “Get on that couch again Kat so I can take care of you.”

Kat was about to walk backwards the few steps it would have taken to get back on Natalie’s couch but she never got that chance.  Natalie aggressively pushed her down and Kat laughed eagerly as she landed on her ass on the comfortable couch cushions loving how both Natalie and Scarlett’s eyes lit up when they saw how falling backwards and landing with a soft thump made her boobs bounce. Kat didn’t always enjoy having such large breasts, but times like this where she could turn hot girls on with them were definitely a plus.

Before Kat could invite her friends to join her, they beat her to the punch by essentially pouncing on her.  Scarlett dove in for more kissing, giving Kat a tender, but horny smooch that let their soft, wet lips rub together for a few hot moments before Kat once again felt the silver pierced tongue worming into her mouth where it was most welcome. And as Kat and Scarlett made out, following up that one wet kiss with another and another and another, Natalie instead busied herself with peeling Kat’s panties off.

As soon as she got in between her friend’s legs, the scent of Kat’s arousal nearly drove Natalie wild. Giggling as she pictured herself going completely bonkers with sex and just ripping Kat’s panties off to bury her face in her soaking wet crotch and wondering how that would look to Kat and Scarlett, Natalie steadied herself. She still had a little bit of her composure left and even though the scent of an aroused woman usually made her blood boil with lust and adrenaline and Kat’s scent was particularly tempting thanks to how wet she was, Natalie didn’t rip those panties off or just yank them to the side. Instead she took the time to peel them off, pulling them down Kat’s legs to expose the delights underneath.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhh so wet,” Natalie groaned, feeling so wonderfully dirty as she eyed Kat’s glistening labia and the way the furry but neat dark curls of her bush had gotten all wet too. Natalie knew her own pussy had to look just as horny and she moaned again as she wickedly ran her fingers through Kat’s fur, petting her bush a little and loving how damp those small, dark hairs were. She loved how Kat wasn’t shaved. It looked more natural and special to her, especially so many girls at the mansion and, especially, Scarlett, were shaved bare. This was a naughty change of pace and Natalie liked it.

And as she felt the irresistible urge to find out how those naughty little curls would feel pressed against her face as she lapped away at Kat’s tasty pussy, Natalie indulged her lusts.  She didn’t pause for niceties. Just like she had when she had gone for Kat’s cleavage, Natalie buried her face between the brunette’s thighs, pressing her mouth right up to her wetness and dragged her tongue over the soaked lips of her labia, cooing when she felt the juice coat her hungry tongue.

“Ooooooooooh fuck yeah Natalie!” Kat squealed out in delight. “Mmmmmm tongue that naughty cunt of mine!  Mmmmm fuck yesssssss lick it!  Oooooh lick up all those juices!”

Kat pressed her head back against the couch and moaned out the pleasure she felt from Natalie’s tongue lavishing love against her slit.  She didn’t dive in right away. Instead she bathed her smooth, wet slit, licking up all the juices from it until she wasn’t wet and shiny on her pink lips from her own arousal anymore, but from Natalie’s saliva.  Kat loved that. She adored feeling that eager tongue licking her so thoroughly, cleaning off her wet slit as more juices drooled out past her horny cunt lips, especially because it reminded her of someone she loved to play with,

“Mmmmmm oh my God yessssss!  Oooooh you lick my pussy just like Beth does,” Kat groaned, referring to her blonde co-star with lustful reverence. “Mmmmm she’s sooooo hungry for my fucking cunt and you’re just as naughty as she is Natalie!”

“You’ll have to introduce us then,” Natalie giggled, loving the idea of that leggy blonde spread open for her. “Mmmmm I want to see if she tastes as good as you do.”

Natalie’s taste buds were already dancing with delight thanks to Kat’s sweet, tangy flavor. She tasted wonderful and Natalie craved more. She gave her tongue a pause, though, and instead moved in to press her lips to Kat’s labia, suckling on her horny slit and draining that fresh girl juice right out of her and into her waiting mouth. Scarlett always said she loved when Natalie did that and Kat seemed to love it just as much.

“OH FUCK!  MMMMMM YESSSSSSSSSS!” Kat cried out as the sudden wave of pleasure hit her from Natalie’s mouth on her. “FUCKKKKK!  Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss!  Don’t stop doing that Natalie!  Don’t stop sucking on my pussy!  Oooooooh!  Yeahhhhhh I didn’t know you were going to be so fucking dirty!  Ooooooh Scarlett!  She’s even better than you said she was!”

“Mmmmmm yeahhh she’s a nasty little girl,” Scarlett grinned, loving the site of her gorgeous friend’s face buried between Kat’s deliciously thick thighs, the soft curls of her bush pressed to Natalie’s delicate face and her eyes filled with lust from what she was doing. “She fucks me so good Kat!  Mmmm and now you’re going to get to come all over that pretty face too!”

Kat moaned out a happy, but indecipherable response and Scarlett increased her pleasure by leaning over just enough to press her own tits in Kat’s face. Kat didn’t have to be told what to do and she grabbed onto the movie star’s chest, squeezing the soft, full mounds of natural girl flesh and guiding Scarlett’s naughtily pierced nipple right to her mouth.  Scarlett hissed in pleasure when Kat began sucking on her nipple, working the erect nub and the silver bar through it between her lips and lovingly clamping down on it.

“Oooooh yessssss mmmm I see you like big tits too!” Scarlett moaned as Kat showed she knew just how to stimulate another woman. “Mmmm Nat’s been checking out your rack for so long and so have I!  Now show me you like mine too!  Work those big titties into your mouth!”

Kat did love big tits. She loved big asses too. And big cocks. She loved it all. Big…small…medium…it didn’t matter to her as long as the sex was good.  She had been with lovers who outdid even her chest and she had been with girls barely passing an A cup. She just liked it hot and nasty and both Scarlett and Natalie were certainly promising that. One thing she hadn’t done, though, was ever be with a girl with pierced nipples and the bars through Scarlett’s nubs were proving to be an irresistible turn on for her.

As Natalie sucked on her cunt and drove her wild with wet slurps of her mouth draining the juices right out of her and leaving her gasping and moaning into Scarlett’s chest, Kat went from nipple to nipple, working them over with her lips and even her teeth and loving how Scarlett would toss her head back in delight and groan whenever she gave the metal in her nipples a wet suckling. Scarlett’s tits in her face were the only thing keeping Kat from screaming out over what Natalie was doing to her pussy and even they couldn’t contain her when Natalie pulled her mouth off her, spread those well sucked labia lips open with her fingers and dove back in to thrust her tongue inside.


Natalie gleefully attacked Kat’s wetness. Every woman’s sex was different but the basics of anatomy and sexuality didn’t change from girl to girl. Knowing where to lick and how to lick it was something Natalie had developed into a finely honed skill from all her experience and now Kat was seeing just how good she could be. It hadn’t taken her long to find Kat’s most sensitive areas of her pussy and once she did, Kat made no secret about how much she loved it.  Her repeated cries for more were reflexively followed by Kat wrapping her naked legs around Natalie’s bare back to pinch her on and by her clamping down on the back of her head to make sure she didn’t move an inch.

Kat was rough and passionate in her forcefulness and Natalie liked it. She liked knowing she was doing a good job and she liked it when things got a little intense like that. She didn’t mind being held down to a wet pussy as tasty as this. She didn’t mind Kat grabbing onto her hair. And she didn’t mind feeling those legs wrap around her back and hold her down like she was trapped. It made Natalie feel very sexy and submissive and that only turned her on more as she craved the sensation she only truly got from sex with other women where she felt like everything that was tightly wound and inhibited about her would melt away in a pure surrender to sex itself.

As Kat continued to cry out and beg for more, thrusting her hips as she ground her bare ass into the couch with one motion and rubbed her dripping wet pussy into Natalie’s face with another, Scarlett was left unstimulated. The more she saw Kat practically thrashing nakedly on the couch, her bare tits bouncing around as she fucked herself against Natalie’s face, the more Scarlett knew she wasn’t going to get her tits sucked again until Kat had come. But she didn’t mind that. In fact she was happy it had happened because it allowed her to ignore her own needs and instead focus on Natalie.

Seeing Natalie kneeling down on her own floor, her ass pushed up in the air as her face was held down in Kat’s crotch was an erotic vision to Scarlett. The only downside to it was that Natalie still had her panties on and she couldn’t get a great view of those tight, toned buns that always drove Scarlett crazy with lust. Fortunately there was something she could easily do about that.

Pausing only to wiggle out of her own panties to leave herself completely naked and exposed, her freshly shaved pussy glistening with her arousal, Scarlett walked away from Kat and toward Natalie. Her friend was too busy tongue fucking Kat’s needy pussy as the busty brunette humped against her face to take notice of her but that was just fine for Scarlett. It gave her a bit of an element of surprise, which was something she relished as she pounced on her lover and grabbed onto the sweet cheeks of Natalie’s ass while kissing the sexy flesh through her panties.

“Mmmmmm such a cute butt,” Scarlett groaned as she massaged Natalie’s backside, the touch pleasing Natalie and causing her to arch her ass up higher into Scarlett’s grasp while she fed off Kat’s wetness. “I got so wet hearing you say how you wanted Kat to fuck your ass! Mmmmm how you wanted her to lick your pretty little hole and get it all nice and wet and then slide her fingers up your ass and fuck you!  Just like I do!  You like that Nat?  Like when I’m sucking on your pussy and I jam my fingers up your ass to make you come all over my tongue?”

“Yessssssssssssssssss oooooh fuck yessssssssss! You know I do!” Natalie groaned, managing to spit out her words in between tongue lashes of Kat’s pussy, her panties getting even wetter from Scarlett squeezing her butt and talking nasty to her. “You fuck my ass so good Scarlett!  Mmmm you know I let you do nasty things to me that no guy ever got to do!”

Scarlett did know that and she loved it. Natalie still needed a little coaxing to give up her booty…or at least comparatively more convincing than she herself did… but then again Scarlett had been told by her girlfriends that she was an “anal whore” and she took that as a sincere compliment. But despite the convincing it sometimes took to get Natalie into letting her ass be fucked, Scarlett knew full well how much the girl liked it. Natalie could come so hard from being fucked there and Scarlett loved being the one to do it.

And since Natalie seemed very much in the mood for some backdoor play, Scarlett knew it wouldn’t be long before she was having some fun in that tight little hole. But at the same time, Scarlett couldn’t help but want something more than fucking Natalie up the ass.  She wanted to do something new and trade places with her so her little pixie sex goddess of a friend could be the one fucking her juicy ass and taking her hard and deep with a strap on.  She’d never been fucked by Natalie before and that was something that not only was Scarlett eager to experience, but another fantasy she knew her friend had that had so far been unfulfilled.

That was a surprise for later though and Scarlett didn’t want to tip her hand to Natalie about what she was planning.  So instead she moved the topic of conversation off anal and toward something she knew Natalie never needed convincing to give up to another hot girl.  With her friend’s panties still on and clinging to her sweaty body, Scarlett kept her hands gripping and massaging Natalie’s ass and began kissing her through her underwear until she got to the crotch of them.  She placed a wanton kiss onto Natalie’s slit through her panties and then dragged her tongue over those tasty lips, savoring the way Natalie’s juices had soaked the garment and how they always made her taste buds dance.

She could never get enough of Natalie’s tasty little cookie, no matter how many times she licked it.  And she could never get enough either of the way Natalie reacted to being tasted.  She always got off from a good tonguing like it was the greatest thing in the world, which Scarlett supposed it was in some ways. And she loved to tongue Natalie’s little pink box. Her pussy was so tight and tasty and licking her through her underwear just wasn’t going to cut it. She had Natalie whimpering with desire in between lapping away at Kat’s wetness and rubbing her ass into her face to force more of her crotch against Scarlett’s tongue and the pierced blonde knew that was just the state to get her friend in. She was ready to boil over and waiting any longer was unnecessary.

So, as Natalie continued to moan and back her ass up against Scarlett’s face while bending over to keep her mouth where it so badly wanted to be between Kat’s thighs, the blonde stopped groping Natalie’s butt and instead yanked her panties down. It was the last piece of clothing any of them had on and Scarlett didn’t take it slow or make any seductive game about removing them.  She just yanked and tugged the tight panties away from Natalie’s toned body and exposed first the gorgeous round curve of her irresistibly cute butt cheeks and then what she wanted even more in her juicy, pink slit.

Scarlett didn’t waste time. She got those panties off as quickly as she could, pulling them away from Natalie’s ass and down her bent legs. That required Natalie to get off her knees a bit and she managed to do that in a way for Scarlett to get those panties off her while her happily trapped face never had to move an inch away from Kat’s pussy.  That left Natalie completely naked and, even though she had seen her friend that way far too many times to keep track, Scarlett couldn’t help but admire it. The truth was her friend’s beauty still took her breath away.

“God Natalie…mmmmmm baby, your pussy it’s just…mmmmm it’s just fucking perfect,” Scarlett groaned, staring right at the drooling pink lips of her smooth slit and the way the little drops of sexual moisture clung so tantalizingly to them, just waiting to be licked. “You have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen Nat!”

And Scarlett meant what she said. She knew every inch of Natalie’s vagina by now. But it still excited her like she was seeing it and tasting it for the first time.  She loved everything about it. It tasted so good. It was always so delightfully snug for her. And it always looked amazing. It was no surprise that someone like Natalie would have an immaculate pussy and Scarlett adored it. She loved the way her pink lips were always seductively smooth, giving her so much tasty, bald girl flesh to lick. She loved how Natalie’s little brown landing strip kept her from being completely bare between her legs. She loved how neat Natalie kept it, like there was never a hair out of place. Her cute little patch of fur made such a naughty contrast with her pinkness and Scarlett loved how it felt rubbing into her face when she buried her tongue into her friend.

The sight of that juicy little, tight pussy was so hypnotic to Scarlett that she almost forgot to do what she wanted and actually lick it, but Natalie’s pussy muffled moans and thrusts backwards, her butt swaying temptingly to coax Scarlett into her cunt snapped her out of it.  And she dove right in, placing her hands back on Natalie’s small ass cheeks to spread her open from behind as her pierced tongue shot into those pink folds and began licking away at the delicious juiciness.

Natalie immediately groaned her pleasure right into the wet, delicious muzzle of Kat’s pussy.  She didn’t stop licking her and she tried not to slow down at all either, but at the same time Natalie felt those chills of ecstasy roll through her naked body and it made her squeeze her eyes closed reflexively to take it all in. She might have been in big boob heaven before, but this had to be the real heaven because with an amazing tongue inside her and a wet pussy in her face, Natalie felt completely sandwiched by sex. What else could that be but heaven?

It wasn’t the first time that Natalie had gotten herself licked by Scarlett when she wore her tongue stud, but it was something that was just rare enough that whenever she felt it, it was like a whole new rush of pleasure. It felt so naughty to have that metal licking over such a sensitive part of it and the best part was that Scarlett knew just how to use it. She knew to make her tongue stud an enhancement to the pleasure, not the sole source of the pleasure herself. Scarlett used her whole tongue to work over her pussy with eager, passionate licks that had Natalie dripping into her mouth in no time. And with every lick Scarlett took, it made Natalie moan even louder and more passionately into Kat’s crotch.

But through it all, Natalie willed herself to keep licking.  She loved how Kat tasted too much to allow herself to slow down.  She had wanted this for so long. Her fantasy was coming true and as much as she wanted to savor the pleasure of every lick Scarlett erotically took against her pussy, Natalie tried to push her own needs to the back burner so she could focus on Kat. After all, as with all fantasies, Natalie didn’t know if she would ever have the chance to do this again so she made sure to get everything out of it. Plus after lusting after Kat for so long, the last thing Natalie wanted to do was have her friend think she was bad in bed.

The truth was there was no danger of that, of course.  Kat was in ecstasy from Natalie’s tongue.  It had been a while since she and Beth had closed out a long night on the set by getting into each other’s panties and since Beth was her most reliable hookup for on the down low lesbian naughtiness, that had left Kat without any pussy on her life. Tasting her own cunt juice after fucking herself with a dildo or a vibrator just wasn’t the same as having a warm, juicy pussy pressed to her face to feast on and there was no way even the most powerful toy could ever match what a hot tongue could do to her.

And Natalie’s tongue went beyond hot. Kat adored seeing that adorable face pressed right against her crotch. Knowing it was Natalie doing such nasty things to her pussy and that the supposedly restrained, inhibited actress was really anything but made it even better for her. Kat’s pussy had needed a licking so badly and Natalie was giving her everything she liked and more.  It was leaving her panting on the couch to have that tongue burrowing into such sensitive and needy parts of her pinkness and the way that Natalie was expertly making her clit throb with stimulating licks had her rolling her head onto the cushions as she gasped and moaned and felt herself being licked right into ecstasy.

“Yessssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmm fucking goddamnit Nat!  Oooooooh you know all the hot spots, don’t you baby?” Kat grunted as she got her antsy hands to work by grabbing onto her own chest and squeezing her double D’s.  “Mmmmm fucking eat that cunt!  Ughhhhh yessssssssss mmmmmm dirty girl!  Ooooh how can such a cute little thing like you be such a nasty fucking pussy licker?  Mmmm yeahhhh show me what a fucking perv you really are Natalie!  Make me cum and suck that cum right out of my twat!”

“Ughhhhh gawwwd you talk sooooo nasty,” Natalie groaned, pausing her licking for only a moment and squealing with delight when Scarlett took advantage and doubled up on her tonguing, thrusting into her with giddy list and working her clit over with steady licks.

“Does that offend you Natalie?” Kat teased while squeezing her own tits and grinding herself into Natalie’s face, loving how the cushions underneath her felt against her bare ass whenever she moved. “Does it make that pretty face blush when I say dirty words?”

“Mmmmmmm noooooooo it turns me on!” Natalie cooed, her pussy juices dripping out of her snatch and being quickly lapped up by Scarlett’s hungry tongue.  “I love hearing you fucking swear you horny slut!  Mmmmm show me what a hot bitch you are Kat while I show you that I’m a dirty pervy little pussy licking whore!  Mmmmm I can be so nasty too!  I’ll prove it when I suck your twat dry!  Squeeze those big tits!  Mmmm it makes me so wet to see you playing with them!”

“Oh I’ll play with them…I’ll do any nasty thing you want if you keep on lapping away at that cunt of mine!” Kat promised and immediately delivered by pushing her big tits up so she could swipe her tongue against her own flesh. “Mmmmm you like that Nat?  Like seeing me lick my own fat titties?”

“Yessssssssssssssssssssss!” Natalie hissed, her eyes lighting up when she saw Kat’s tongue tasting her own skin. “Mmmmm ohhhhhhhhh fuck that’s hot!”

“I can also do this too baby,” Kat purred before pushing her breasts up even more and letting her tongue taste not just the flesh of her curvy mounds but also the pink areolas and stiff nipples that capped off her impressive chest. “You like?”

“Oh yes!  I like!  I like so much!” Natalie groaned before she could no longer take another moment of not licking away at Kat’s pussy.  Seeing Kat’s hot tongue licking her own nipples turned her on too much for her not to want to soak her lips and tongue with pussy cream and Natalie buried her face back into Kat, thrusting her tongue in passionately and working her over with quick, but steady licks.

Natalie groaned and gave out muffled cries of delight as Scarlett continued licking. And the more Scarlett tongue fucked her pussy, the more Natalie tried to give it to Kat even harder and better.  She barely left herself any ability to breath as she fused her mouth back to Kat’s cunt lips and nestled her nose in the soaked curls of Kat’s bush, the scent of her arousal all sweet and alluring and delightfully musky at once driving her to even greater heights of horniness.


Kat was of two minds. Part of her was desperate to come and as quickly as possible. But another part never wanted Natalie to stop what she was doing. It had been far too long since she had been taken by a mouth like Natalie’s. As good as Beth was, she was still inexperienced and couldn’t match Natalie’s wicked pleasures.  This was one of the best pussy lickings she had gotten in…God…it felt like fucking years! Natalie was a voracious beast between her legs right then as she slurped away at her pinkness, alternating sucking with licking and making everything into ecstasy. How could she not want to experience this again and again and again? If orgasm meant stopping, how could she want that even if it resulted in a blast of pure bliss rushing through her body like a shot of adrenaline to the heart.

But Natalie wasn’t torn a bit. Right then all she wanted was for Kat to come. Scarlett could have stopped licking her and she wouldn’t have cared. She just wanted to feel Kat’s cream coat her tongue. She wanted to taste its rich sweetness as she gulped it down. She wanted to feel that hot pussy blasting against her face. She wanted it to be nasty and sticky and she wanted to feel herself soaked in her friend’s essence. Natalie slurped and suckled away at Kat’s tender lips before reaching up to rub against her labia with her fingers and spread open so she could give the same treatment to her pink folds.  When she slid her fingers into Kat too to do it that got an even louder reaction from the busty brunette and Natalie rubbed those digits up against her lips to give her extra stimulation as she began sucking on her clit.

“Come for me Kat!” Natalie urged in between wrapping her lips around her clitoris. “Come all over me! I can show you how nasty I am by swallowing your cum! Give it to me Kat!  I need your cum so bad!  Mmmmm get it all over my slutty face and make me gulp it down!”

And Scarlett didn’t hold back either in encouraging Scarlett.  She had a great view of the show as she could look up from behind Natalie’s ass to see Kat writhing and jiggling on the couch while grinding herself into Natalie’s sweet face and squeezing her tits from the pleasure of it all. Kat looked so gorgeous like that, completely naked and her body glistening with a glaze of sex perspiration and Scarlett couldn’t wait to see how good she looked when she came.  And there was also, of course, some selfish reasons too. When Kat came that meant Scarlett could have Natalie focusing on her and that would make it much easier for her to get some of the pleasure her own pussy was craving right then.

“Yes!  Soak her face Kat!  She’s wanted this for so fucking long,” Scarlett insisted while dragging her tongue over her own lips to taste the essence of Natalie all over them. “She’s been aching to fuck you but she never thought you’d be into it! Show her how into it you are! Come all over that pretty fucking face of hers! Mmmmmm get it good and juicy so I can kiss your cum right off her lips!”

Scarlett plunged her face back into Natalie’s slit from behind as her friend remained bent over pleasuring Kat, but before she did she indulged herself in a look at just how much hers and Natalie’s dirty words had turned the usually unfazed Kat on. In arranging all of this with Kat, Scarlett had given some teasing glimpses into how naughty she and Natalie could be together, but now she was experiencing the real thing and it was having quite an effect on her. Scarlett loved seeing that and she couldn’t wait to get her own chance to show Kat just what she could do with her tongue.


Kat felt her orgasm getting close and by now she was totally off the idea of fighting it. After all there was a better way to keep feeling this pleasure than to subdue her own release and that was to keep on fucking Natalie and Scarlett. Kat was already picturing how much fun this threesome could become if she were to call Beth over and get her lovely, lean body right into their pussy licking frenzy. And thinking that just made Kat realize that something was missing.  She was getting all she needed from Natalie’s tongue hitting her G-spot like she had her whole pussy already mapped out but she also craved something more. Her lips were lonely.

“Mmmmm Scarlett bring that pussy of yours to me,” Kat groaned out in between gasps of pleasure from Natalie’s tonguing.  “I want to lick you while your little girlfriend is licking me!”

Kat especially loved two things about being with women.  She loved the way their tongues felt against her pussy and she loved the taste of their wet pink cunts. So when she could get both at the same time, she was all for it. She was a huge fan of threesomes for especially that reason. Threesomes were one of her favorite pastimes, whether it was her, another girl and a very lucky guy or she was the lucky girl in between two hot guys. But all-girl threesomes were her favorite because she could be licked and lick all at the same time.

Now with her orgasm rushing towards her like an unstoppable wave, Kat was aching for a taste of pussy, specifically Scarlett’s pussy.  After all it was Scarlett who had brought all of this together and Kat had been lusting after her for a while too, especially since she had been approached by her and had been brought into the loop over what naughty girls she and Natalie were. Plus as much as Kat wanted to taste Natalie, she didn’t want to take the girl’s attention away from her licking even a bit. So Scarlett’s pussy sounded extra tasty right about then.

“Greedy girl, want my pussy in your face while Natalie is getting you off?” Scarlett purred with her sexy voice on full seduction mode.  “Ooooh whatever can we do about this?”

Kat’s invitation certainly sounded good to Scarlett, but as much as she wanted to get licked, she didn’t want to stop licking Natalie either. Her lips were once again coated with Natalie’s essence and she eagerly licked it off, loving the chance to get even more of it on her tongue to feed her eager taste buds. Natalie was particularly juicy that day and it was clear how much fucking Kat was turning her on. Scarlett didn’t want to give up that taste, not when she could tell Natalie was getting close too.

Fortunately with such a spacious living room, there was a solution easily at hand.

“Get your ass off that couch and get down on the floor with us and I’ll give you all the pussy you can lick,” Scarlett offered and Kat quickly saw the benefits of that.

“Mmmmmm a little triangle action, huh?” Kat smirked. “I can get into that shit!  I can get into it real good.”

Pushing Natalie away from her pussy, Kat moaned when she saw just how sticky she’d gotten the Oscar winner’s face.  Natalie pouted a bit when she was denied more licking, even if it was just for a moment, but Kat managed to turn that frown upside down when she slid her naked body right off the couch and got face to face with her newest lover.  She pulled Natalie right to her and kissed her messy face, savoring the taste of her own cunt all over the girl’s lips. Natalie kissed her right back, taking full advantage of a fresh chance to grope Kat’s tits again by once more bringing her hands up to her chest, and she passionately shared the juices she had just licked out of her friend.

And when the kiss broke apart it was only so Kat could lie on her back and once again push down on Natalie’s head. Natalie eagerly turned submissive when she felt that hand pressing on the back of her head and just let her friend do it. She couldn’t wait to get back to licking and it showed by how she moaned when Kat pushed her down her body and right back to her waiting cunt.  As that happened, Scarlett moved the coffee table out of the way, still with the untouched and now ice cold tea cups on them, so she could get back into the action too.

Natalie had only barely registered what was happening between Scarlett and Kat’s position negotiations. She was just happy to be able to go with the flow. So the change in who was where didn’t faze her a bit as long as she kept getting to lick at Kat.  With Kat pressing down on her head, Natalie dove back into her pink prize and lapped away at the juice that had coated her slit in her time away. Once that was easily done, Natalie slid her hungry tongue back into Kat’s soaked cunt, thrusting into her with horny licks and lapping against the pulsing clit she loved tasting.

“UGHHHH YEAHHHH MMMMM FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED YOU HORNY GIRL!” Kat happily screamed out when the pleasure returned to her.  “EAT MY PUSSY!  FUCKING MAKE ME COME!”

The table safely out of the way to avoid any banging or bumping of legs into it. Scarlett returned to the fun. She sauntered nakedly over to Kat whose eyes showed how much she saw as she got her first really good look at all of Scarlett’s nude curves, especially the way her big, bare breasts were capped off by the naughty silver metal bars through her nipples and the glistening of her pink, smooth cunt lips.

“Ooooooh a bald beaver huh?” Kat laughed, loving the sight of it and craving its taste more than ever. “Mmmmm yum!  I love shaved girls!  Get over here Scarlett!  Get that pretty pink shaved cunt of yours in your face while your pretty girlfriend eats out my hairy twat!  Mmmm feed me baby!  Feed me your fucking pussy!”

Kat got just what she wanted and she didn’t hesitate to go for it. As soon as Scarlett lay down on the floor and curved her body toward Kat so her wet crotch was right in her face, the brunette grabbed onto Scarlett’s soft, scrumptious ass cheeks and pulled her right to her waiting tongue. She immediately started licking, sighing with pussy happy contentment when she found out Scarlett tasted just as good as she imagined she did and began burrowing her tongue into her while Natalie lapped away with precise action at her hot spots.

And when Kat did this, Scarlett did in kind by burying her face back into Natalie. The three women were completely naked on the floor with Kat on her back, pressing down on Natalie’s head with one hand and slapping her own tits with the other. As Kat lay back with her legs now spread wide instead of pinching her down, Natalie was on her stomach with her face pressed down into that sexy nest of curls and her mouth fused to the delicious wetness that Kat was feeding her. And while Natalie was tongue deep in pussy, Scarlett was on her side, pressing her face down to Natalie’s crotch while bending her body to make sure her vagina was right where Kat wanted it to be to work her tongue into it and lick away at her girl juice.

There wasn’t a tongue that wasn’t feasting and a pussy that wasn’t being licked as the girls formed a twisted triangle on the carpeted floor of Natalie’s living room.  All three of the girls moaned wantonly while they tongued each other and felt both the pleasure of stimulating someone else and the pleasure of being stimulated. Wet tongues buried into wetter pussies and hot female hands groped and grabbed at sexy, soft flesh as thighs were caressed and asses squeezed.  Scarlett, Natalie and Kat were totally lost in their triangle of lust as they were all fucking and being fucked simultaneously.

Scarlett cried out her pleasure into the muzzle of Natalie’s soaked muffin as she ground her cunt against Kat’s face, loving how enthusiastically the brunette went after her. Scarlett had assumed Kat would be good at this, but now she was finding out just how good and it made her ache to soak the girl’s tongue in her girly jizz.  Kat’s tongue was expertly working over her sensitive folds and making her clit swell but Scarlett also knew she had the most catching up to do too for her own orgasm. Natalie was so close to coming and Kat was even closer. Scarlett knew she’d be coming last, but she didn’t mind. How could she when she had Natalie’s pussy in her face?

Now that all three of them were on the floor, Natalie’s stomach and tits were pressed into the carpeting, but below the waist she was curved up to the side so Scarlett could go face first between her thighs.  Scarlett had been licking Natalie from behind before and while she had loved taking her slit like that with her tongue and feeling those tight, toned butt cheeks rubbing into her face while she did it, nothing was better than this. Scarlett could feel the full blast of heat coming from Natalie against her skin as she tongued her expertly, sucking on her wetness and then tonguing it to make her friend scream with joy while she let that lightly furred pussy tickle her face and smear juices all over her famous lips.

Scarlett loved getting cum on her face. She had always gotten a perverse thrill over a guy shooting his load onto her skin and her lips but there was nothing better than sweet, sticky girl honey on her.  Natalie’s cum was always welcome on her skin and Scarlett knew that it was only going to take a little more focused licking and clit sucking to get it. But of all of them, it was clearly Kat who was closest to coming, especially now that she had what she wanted with Scarlett’s pussy against her mouth while Natalie’s tongue worked her over with cum famished licks and well-practiced slurps of her clit.

Kat tried her best to keep licking away at Scarlett but it was so challenging when she was frequently left gasping and crying out from Natalie’s mouth and tongue. Fuck that girl could eat pussy! Kat was having her mind happily blown from how well Natalie was doing and she wasn’t shy about letting her know it.


“Ooooooh anything?” Natalie giggled in between licks, her cover girl face shiny once more with a fresh glaze of Kat’s juices all over her lips and dribbling down her chin from how her newest lover was now grinding into her face.   She loved how that promise sounded and her mind whirled with erotic possibilities.

“Oh yeahhhhhh anything!” Kat repeated, quite enjoying the look in Natalie’s eyes like she had just been told she was going to get a unicorn. “I’ll do any fucking nasty thing you want Natalie!  Mmmm you can live out every dirty fantasy you’ve had about my big tits!  Mmmm you can’t take your eyes off these big, round titties can you?  All naked and jiggling for you as you fuck me?  You like that Nat? Seeing my fat tits bounce as you fuck my cunt? Knowing I’ll give you anything you want if you keep on fucking me!”

“Ohmygodyessssss!” Natalie groaned as four words came out in one babble of pleasure thanks to Scarlett’s tongue diving into her pleasure center and Kat promising her the chance for all her dirty dreams to come true. “I love those big, fat tits so much Kat! I fucking love big boobs! I get so jealous because all I have is my small tits!  Jealous and so fucking turned on! Squeeze those big tits for me!  Mmmmm gawwwwwd squeeze your huge titties and make me even more jealous as I fuck your pussy!  Mmmm get nasty with me Kat! Get nasty and fuck my face while I’m fucking you with my tongue!”

Kat smiled and let out a sensual purr of lust as she grabbed her bare breasts and playfully squeezed them for Natalie.  With breasts like hers, they were frequently the star of her shows between the sheets, but Natalie was more into them than even her boyfriend was. Seeing composed, classy Natalie Portman go tit crazy was a serious turn on for Kat and she gave the girl what she wanted even if it meant ignoring Scarlett. The hands that she’d been using to massage the blonde’s wonderfully plump ass cheeks were now squeezing her own tits and Kat played with them eagerly while thrusting her hips up to grind her pussy into Natalie’s face, fucking her while she tongued her.

Doing that shut Natalie right up and she happily went back to working her mouth all over Kat’s pussy. She sucked feverishly on Kat’s clit, wrapping her lips around it and trapping it between them so she could feel it pulse as the wetness dripped right into her happy mouth.  Natalie felt so wonderfully dirty then getting Kat’s warm, sticky juices all over her lips and onto her chin and she badly wanted to finish her off and get the cream. She stared up at Kat in erotic joy, loving just how sexy her friend looked lying back on the carpet, completely naked with her big tits in her hand and her body undulating from the pleasure rushing through her.

Seeing that made the feel of Scarlett’s mouth on her pussy even better.  Natalie felt so good right then with that wicked tongue thrusting into her and making her feel dirty pleasures from Scarlett’s piercing against her clit while at the same time she was fused onto Kat’s bud. She was a total slut right then and she couldn’t have been happier.  She pinched her lips down a little tighter against Kat’s clitoris, snugly sucking on it and making her friend howl.


Natalie had been planning to focus right on Kat’s clit to make her come and the fact that she so obviously enjoyed it just made Natalie give her more attention there.  She rubbed her soft hands against Kat’s warm thighs while she sucked on her, allowing herself to keep a good feel for her body while pressing her face to Kat’s soaked crotch. God, she tasted so good! She had such a rich, yummy taste and Natalie couldn’t get enough of it. She sucked like she was starving for it, keeping her lips on her clit as it throbbed with pleasure while massaging Kat’s thighs and even playfully tickling the sensitive flesh a little, letting Kat know just how much she loved going down on her and how much she wanted her to come.

That was a message Kat certainly received and as she kept those pretty, practiced lips clamped around her clit, Kat could do nothing but just lie back on the floor, quake with ecstasy and let the orgasm rush through her. Just as she had demanded, Natalie was literally sucking the cum right out of her and Kat was in ecstasy from it.


That was all the coherent words that Kat was able to shout out before she had her mouth muzzled by Scarlett’s pussy once more.  Scarlett timed it so she’d be able to silence the bellowing brunette the best possible way because all her experience with girls had made it clear that the moment of orgasm also came with a delightful spike in energy that could be very pleasurable, kind of like a surfer grabbing a wave at just the right second.

And Scarlett was right on. Kat’s body shook with pleasure and the energy and adrenaline shot through her like an electric current from the orgasm Natalie was giving her. And having that wet, bald pussy in her face made Kat want to channel it right into her newest lover’s pleasure.  She not only shot her hands once again to the back of Scarlett’s ass, but she dug her nails into her sexily thick cheeks, grabbing her with a forcefulness that made Scarlett hiss in pleasure from the sharp little pain as Kat’s tongue pushed right back into her cunt with no politeness, just wild, horny energy.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhh!  Oh fuck yeahhhhhhhh!” Scarlett grunted out, pausing her own licking for just a hot moment from the pleasure Kat brought her. “Fuck me Kat! Yessss show me how much you love coming all over that pretty face!  Jam your tongue into me while you’re coming! Oh yessssssssssss mmmm fuck your hands on my ass feel so goddamn good!  Squeeze that fucking butt while you tongue fuck my pussy!  Give it to me Kat!”

Kat’s tonguing was sloppy, which was to be expected since she was in the middle of her orgasm still and her body was pulsing with energy, but it felt so good to Scarlett. She knew that Kat would be better once she calmed down but for now she enjoyed riding this spike of adrenaline in the woman’s body by grinding her pussy into her face and feeling her tongue stiffly shove into her, thrusting right past her slit and rubbing up against her clitoris. It made Scarlett grunt and moan while rubbing her wetness all over Kat’s face, loving how she could hear her scream in ecstasy while she was muzzling her with her pussy.

“Mmmm fuckkkkk! Come hard for her Kat! Come all over Natalie’s nasty girl fucking face!” Scarlett hissed before getting back to her own tonguing of Natalie’s drooling box. “She makes me come so fucking hard all the time! Cream your hot cunt all over her pretty mouth and soak her tongue! Ohhhhhhh yessssssssss mmmm fuckkk yessssss I love feeling your fucking tongue buried inside me while you’re coming!  Do it you horny bitch!  Ughhhh yesssssssssss tongue fuck me!  Fuck me while you’re fucking her and creaming her face!”

Scarlett pressed her lips right back to Natalie’s pussy as soon as the last syllable had left her lips. She sucked her friend’s clit right between her famous lips and made Natalie squeal with pleasure just like she had done countless times before. Scarlett knew Natalie’s pussy almost as well as she knew her own by now and she knew just what her friend liked and how she liked it as she tenderly suckled her clitoris while, at the same time, sliding two fingers right into her to fuck her.

When she did that Natalie felt a most welcomed surge of pleasure shoot right up her spine as she felt herself tended to on both ends once again. Feeling those soft, wonderful lips around her super sensitive clit was always a trip to heaven for Natalie and to feel it at the same time Scarlett’s fingers roughly shoved into her to fuck her for being such a dirty girl was something that never failed to make her buzzer go off. And when you added that to the way Kat was still fucking her face, feeding her pussy cream as she shook and screamed right into Scarlett and Natalie was getting everything she wanted all at the same time.

And right then she most wanted what Kat had…an intense orgasm. Feeling the woman come against her face and tongue, the tight pink folds of her pussy clamping down on her thrusts and soaking her for her troubles was making Natalie want to come more than ever. Her own pussy felt like it was could explode from just a few more sucks and finger thrusts from Scarlett just from how much she loved the taste of Kat’s cum while she gulped it down.

As for Kat she was having a lot of trouble forming any kind of coherent thought other than her intense craving for more.  She hadn’t come like this in so long.  Natalie’s mouth was making her want to stop being bi and become a total lez instead.  It felt so amazing.  She never wanted this orgasm to stop and the part of her brain that knew it had to had been quickly fried by how good it felt.  Through it all Natalie had been sucking on her clit, draining out every last drop of her cum as Kat’s body had shook and thrust herself harder against her face, covering Natalie in her cum and rubbing it all over her fair skin.

Each jolt of pleasure quaking through her naked body felt better than the last one and when she finally felt herself be totally drained, Kat pulled away, her body flushed and sweaty and her mind completely blown. She rolled over naked on the floor laughing with a giddy glee, not believing how good it had felt as she ended up flat on her back again rubbing her hands all over her naked body and loving how everything still tingled.  The only thing she could compare this to was the few times she had dropped some ecstasy but while that had been chemical this was an all-natural high and she wanted more of it.

“Mmmmmmm ohhhhhh myyyyyy Godddddd…” Kat laughed happily, rubbing herself all over and shaking her head like she couldn’t believe she had just come so good. “Mmmm wow you girls sure know how to fuck!  Goddamn Scarlett!  You said you and Natalie were going to be good…but I didn’t know you really meant fucking awesome!”

“You sound surprised,” Natalie giggled before being overcome with a series of passionate gasps and moans as Scarlett continued to tongue her pussy. “Didn’t think a cute thing like me could make that bad girl pervy pussy of yours come like that?”

“Oh baby you have no idea…” Kat moaned back. “Mmmm you blew my fucking mind Nat!  Ughhh gawwwd I don’t think I’ll be able to move for a month but I need some more!  Mmmm I’ve gotta have you do that to me again!”

“If you want that then you’d better get over here and join back in,” Natalie moaned, eager to be close once more to Kat’s sexy nude body, especially because of how good Scarlett was making her feel. “Oh baby!  Yessssssssss!  Ooooooh Scarlett!  Right there!  Oooooh yesss get those yummy lips of yours right on my clitty! Right there an…YESSSSSSS!  MMMMMM!  RIGHT THERE!  OOOOOOOOOOOH SCARLETTTTTT!”

As tired as she was after her orgasm, Kat couldn’t resist Natalie’s invitation. Their triangle had turned into just Natalie and Scarlett now and it was quite an erotic vision to be able to look over and see Natalie now sitting up on the carpet, her back pressed right against the couch and her legs slung open wide for a completely naked Scarlett to get inside her thighs. That gave Kat a view of not only gorgeous Natalie’s face contorting in ecstasy as she closed her eyes and moaned over and over again from Scarlett’s plump lips on her clit, but of Scarlett’s bare ass and slit. Kat moaned with lust over the sight of Scarlett’s wonderfully round ass and especially from the way she could see the wet lips of her cunt from behind.

That reminded Kat that Scarlett wasn’t just wet from arousal but from the way she had just been slobbering into her pussy and it made Kat reflexively lick her own lips to taste Scarlett’s flavor all over them. She had tasted so good and Kat was definitely hungry for more.  She thought about just crawling right over to her and pressing her tongue right into that tasty bald cunt of Scarlett’s while she fed off Natalie, but Kat stopped before she started. Natalie, as she tossed her head back and practically mewed from what Scarlett was doing to her, looked like she was ready to come and Kat wanted to help with that. After all, she had made a kinky promise to Natalie.

The heat of the show she was witnessing was making Kat’s tiredness quickly dissipate. She was like a guy in the respect that after an orgasm like that what she mostly had wanted to do was curl up on the floor and get herself a nap. But seeing Natalie and Scarlett keep going at it had filled her with the desire to do something else entirely, especially with Natalie’s enticing invitation still out there.

Kat didn’t say a word.  She just moved her naked body over closer to her friends and lightly brushed her hand over Scarlett’s bare ass while she did it, making her a silent promise that she’d be coming back to pleasure her real soon. But now she wanted to concentrate on Natalie and she did that by pressing her lips to the smaller girl’s face and kissing her with a tender passion that turned both of them on. Kat could taste herself all over Natalie’s lips and when they opened their mouths to tongue kiss, she got even more of her own naughty flavor.  It was just the further enticement Kat needed and she kissed Natalie even harder, a gesture Natalie eagerly returned as she happily tasted Scarlett’s juices on Kat’s lips and tongue.

While they kissed, this time it was Kat who showed her lust for boobs by placing her hands on Natalie’s bare chest. She loved how her small breasts fit perfectly in her palms, giving her just enough to naughtily massage while they kiss and it was clear from her moaning sounds just how much Natalie liked it too.  She sounded her pleasure right into their kiss, both from what Scarlett’s lips were doing to her clit and what Kat’s hands were doing to her tits as she sensually rubbed her palms into her sensitive nipples and stimulated them.

“It turns me on so much that you’re into my tits,” Kat moaned to Natalie when they broke their kissing for breath. “So many people just stare at them. Not too many know what to do with them. But you know, don’t you Natalie?”

“Yessssss ooooooh yesssssssss I do know,” Natalie groaned, Scarlett’s mouth making her shiver with ecstasy as she sat back and enjoyed every bit of her blonde friend’s girl sex skills. “I love big tits so much!  I love touching them and tasting them and licking them and sucking them and feeling them in my face!”

“And your face isn’t the only place you said you wanted to feel them,” Kat coyly reminded Natalie. “Now let’s see what we can do about that.”

Doing what Kat was planning meant having to move Scarlett away from Natalie’s pussy and she supposed that the blonde was going to mind that, but Kat was willing to risk annoying Scarlett to do this. After all, Natalie had been perfectly clear about what she had wanted and Kat actually liked doing things like this. She didn’t do it too often, but when she did, it always felt nice and dirty.

“Lemme at that pussy, Scarlett,” Kat urged as she moved away from Natalie’s face and went lower down her body.

At first Scarlett refused and just kept on sucking on Natalie’s clit, but Kat was insistent.  Seeing Scarlett’s beautiful face fused between Natalie’s spread thighs only made Kat want this more.

“Please Scarlett, let me play with that tight little pussy of hers,” Kat purred in full seductive voice. “I can make it worth your while if you do.”

Kat proved this by letting one of her hands caress Scarlett’s left breast, fondling it’s naked fullness and paying particularly close attention to the blonde’s pierced nipple. And as she playfully toyed with the silver barbell through it Scarlett began to moan while feeding off of Natalie. Kat then increased those sounds of pleasure by reaching with her other hand between Scarlett’s legs to play with the slick, bald lips of her labia, rubbing the freshly shaved lips and spreading her juices around.

“Mmmmm wouldn’t you like me to do more of this?” Kat asked while touching Scarlett’s hot spots. “Please let me at Natalie’s pussy and I’ll do anything you want.”

Kat did everything but widen her eyes to puppy dog proportions and bat her lashes to get what she wanted. But what she was doing was enough incentive for Scarlett. It took a lot to get her to stop licking a pussy as tasty as Natalie’s, but Kat’s promises got close enough. So Scarlett pulled away from Natalie and gave Kat a juicy kiss, giving her a sweet preview of just what she’d be licking by feeding her the flavor of her friend’s pussy.

“Ok Kat, I suppose you deserve a turn,” Scarlett said, driving a hard bargain. “But if you don’t get Natalie coming and soon then I’m going to just swoop back in and finish the job whether you want me to or not.”

“Sounds like a fair deal,” Kat replied, smacking her lips with enjoyment. It was her first taste of Natalie’s pussy and she loved it. “But I won’t need your help because I know just how to make this little slut come.”

Natalie giggled as she just sat back with her legs spread and her pussy soaking wet as her two friends “negotiated” over who was going to be able to make her come. Sure they were treating her like a piece of meat and she never would have ever let a man get away with doing that, but Natalie right then only cared about having her orgasm. She felt so close to it, like she was nearing her edge and that all it would take was one really good, erotic push to make her happily topple off into a pool of ecstasy. Scarlett and Kat each wanted to be the one to make her come and Natalie liked listening in on that kind of conversation.

“Yessss make the little slut come,” Natalie groaned in agreement while rubbing her fingers against the wet, licked lips of her cunt before bringing them up so she could lick them off and taste herself. “I don’t care who does it!  Just someone do it!”

“Oh baby you’re going to come so good, just like I did,” Kat said, taking her turn between Natalie’s legs by positioning her naked body in all fours in front of her. “Mmmm I know just what you need to come like a dirty girl!”

And Kat seemingly proved it by swiping her tongue over Natalie’s splayed labia. Natalie quivered and cooed when she felt that quick lick be immediately followed up by another one and this one was far slower and more sensual, dragging upward toward the neat little patch of curls hovering above her pussy.  Kat licked her like that several more times, giving her slow, steady laps with her tongue, sliding up her pussy lips as they lay lewdly spread open for her, treating her taste buds to the girl flavor that dripped right onto them. Kat kept doing this, licking slowly but steadily, rubbing her hot tongue right up against her open cunt and making sure she dragged it directly against her bulging clitoris.

“OHHHHHHHH!  Mmmmmm yeahhhhh!  Ohhhh Kat!” Natalie groaned in bliss, rubbing her hands into her own bare breasts as she felt that naughty tongue. “Mmmmm fuckkk yessss!  I need more!  Oooooh that feels good!  Gimmie some more so I can come!”

But Kat wasn’t just intending to lick Natalie’s pussy.  Her tongue certainly craved her flavor and she was sure she would get a lot of it that day before their clothes went back on, but she had promised to do something naughty to Natalie and she wanted to deliver.  So after a few more licks, Kat pulled her mouth away from her pussy and instead leaned in to start showering kisses all over Natalie’s stomach.

Natalie giggled at first over the tickling sensation these wet, soft kisses provided her on her tummy, but the laughter soon stopped when the full scope of what Kat was up to became clear.

“Yessssssssssss!” Natalie happily exclaimed when Kat began rubbing her bare breasts right into her pussy.  “Mmmmmm fuckkkk that’s so naughty Kat!  Ughhh gawwwwwd yesssss do it like you said you would!  Rub those big tits right into my little pussy! Mmmm yeahhhhhhhhh make me come so I can soak those big, yummy boobs with my girl cream!”

“Mmmmm yeah that’s just what I want too!” Kat said with a moan of her own while feeling the wetness from Natalie’s horny cunt coat her breast flesh.  She started off with her left breast, grinding her large mound into Natalie’s spread pussy and pushing her hard nipple right into her folds, making Natalie shriek and laugh in delight when she felt it push in and rub against her clit.  “Come all over my tits Nat!  Mmmmm I know you love these fucking big jugs of mine so now you get to come all over them!  Soak them good naughty bitch!  Make my titties sticky with your cum!”

Scarlett actually felt a surge of jealousy as she watched Natalie writhe in ecstasy and spread her legs open even wider to feel more of Kat’s breasts against her pussy. She didn’t usually take a back seat to any girl’s rack, but Kat’s D’s outdid her and Scarlett didn’t like the idea of Natalie liking Kat’s breasts more than hers. She knew it was silly. After all, she had been the one who had arranged all this and the whole purpose was to make Natalie feel good, but still Scarlett couldn’t easily push the idea out of her head that she should be jealous over seeing Natalie go gaga for Kat’s breasts like this.

But she managed to get that feeling under control by focusing on how good both naked women looked. Natalie with her legs spread open as much as she could get them as she sat back on the floor leaning against the couch and Kat kneeling in front of her, bent over into Natalie so she could kiss her stomach and rub her big tits right into her waiting cunt. Natalie looked so happy as she felt those breasts rubbing into her. She was moaning wildly while she rubbed herself into them, grinding her own pussy into Kat’s chest while the busty brunette switched from one breast to the other, making sure they both slid up against Natalie’s wetness and stimulated her.

Natalie looked so sexy like that, her mouth open and her eyes closed from the pleasure, her own firm breasts bouncing just a bit as she moved to keep her pussy rubbing up against Kat. And Scarlett thought Kat looked amazing too, her just orgasmed pussy still wet and juicy as fresh arousal coated her slit. Scarlett eyed that tight little fuckbox from behind and licked her lips at the thought of tasting it for herself. She loved seeing it all wet and puffy from how it had just come, especially since, as she rubbed herself into Natalie, Kat was slowly swaying her ass back and forth, making Scarlett drool over the sight of those gorgeously thick, round cheeks. Kat’s ass looked so very spankable and most certainly fuckable and Scarlett smiled at the thought of channeling her jealousy into being able to do both.

The size of Kat’s tits made her ass underrated by comparison and Scarlett dreamed of doing some very naughty things to her while Natalie watched and enjoyed herself at the show. But Scarlett resisted her own temptation to just press her face to those hot ass cheeks and dive in between them. Kat’s pleasure had already been addressed. Now it was Natalie’s turn and Scarlett knew just how to remind her friend that it wasn’t just Kat’s boobs that could make her feel good.

Scarlett didn’t warn Natalie about her intentions. She just moved her body so she could get lower on her friend. Scarlett crawled nakedly so she was down by Natalie’s pretty feet and that gave her an even better view of Kat’s slowly swaying ass and the yummy holes she was so lewdly displaying as she bent over on her knees to titfuck Natalie. But Scarlett was more focused on Natalie’s yummy parts. The way Kat was bent over effectively blocked Natalie’s pussy from her but that was ok with Scarlett because she had naughtier plans for Natalie.

As Natalie sat back with her legs slung open widely it left her very, very vulnerable and Scarlett took full advantage. She pressed her face between her friend’s spread legs, scooting under where Kat was hovering and gave Natalie a few naughty licks against her body, teasing her inner thighs and the tops of her legs. But that was only a little tease to make sure Natalie knew she was there and the real lewd intensions of Scarlett were revealed when her tongue darted over Natalie’s little asshole and wetly licked it.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH!” Natalie cried out as her nude body shivered with erotic delight. “Ohhhh Scarlett!  Mmmmmm yesssss you dirty girl!  Ooooooh fuckkkkk don’t stop!”

“Oh I’m the dirty girl?” Scarlett playfully teased in between licks. “Mmmm you’re the one getting off on having big tits rubbed into your pussy and my hot tongue on your cute little butthole, Nat. Who’s the dirty girl now?”

“UGHHHH I AMMMMMM!” Natalie enthusiastically agreed when Scarlett began rimming her with more intensity, putting her hands on her to spread her open more and licking away at her puckered little ring while at the same time Kat ground her breast into her, rubbing her rock hard nipple right against Natalie’s sensitive clit.  “YEAHHHHH!  I’M SO FUCKING DIRTY!  OOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS MMMM FUCK ME LIKE THE DIRTY GIRL I AM!  UGHHHH YESSSSSSS LICK MY FUCKING ASS SCARLETT!  OOOOOH I LOVE WHEN YOU GET YOUR TONGUE UP MY BUTT!  FUCKKKKK!  OOOOOH YESSSSS LICK MY TINY HOLE WHILE KAT RUBS HER TITS INTO ME!  UGHHH I’M GONNA COMMMME!”

“That’s it baby, fucking come for us,” Kat groaned, wishing she had eyes in the back of her head so she could see Scarlett tonguing Natalie’s asshole. She bet it was scorching fucking hot.  “Soak my tits!  I want to feel your cum dripping off them!  Do it baby!  Come hard while we’re getting nasty with you!”

Natalie nodded her head as she continued to moan and cry out her pleasure, words coming out as nothing but happy screams. She felt so nasty right then and it made everything so amazing. She was such a dirty girl and she loved it. To feel those big tits rubbing into her and have Scarlett’s hot tongue going into her forbidden hole was the ultimate in combined taboo pleasures for Natalie. As Kat’s erect nipple rubbed right up against her clit and drove her wild with big boob lust, Scarlett’s tongue licked her asshole, wetly stimulating it and then taking advantage of her spread open state by pushing in to fuck her. It was such an intense feeling of dirty pleasure for Natalie and she couldn’t wait to come from it.


Natalie had never felt Scarlett’s tongue piercing in her ass before and it was such a wild sensation to feel her friend drag it over her sensitive, wrinkled ring and then get even dirtier by pushing it inside her to fuck her with it.  Anal pleasure was something Natalie didn’t always indulge in. She had never let a guy fuck her ass before. She had barely ever let a guy even lick her there. She had always thought it was too freaky a sex act. But then her girlfriends had shown her how good it had felt and how it was the good kind of dirty. Natalie still got wet at the memory of how she had let Rose McGowan fuck her virgin ass in front of all the other girls at the mansion pool and while she loved pussy sex the best still, she knew she could come super hard from being fucked in the ass too.

It just had to be a girl who knew what she was doing and Scarlett always knew what she was doing. Natalie always felt such a dirty rush over giving her ass up to Scarlett, whether it was her tongue, her fingers or something much bigger. And to have Kat see this now, to have her being there to hear and see how much she loved Scarlett eating her asshole after she had already promised to give that hole up to Kat made Natalie feel so naughty and slutty and totally good.


Scarlett was grinning from ear to ear over the sounds of Natalie’s pleasures. She loved taking her gorgeous friend like this. It was plenty naughty for her too to thrust her tongue into Natalie’s tight asshole. She loved feeling that tight ring snugly try to trap her tongue in and she loved how she could make Natalie shiver and coo from working her tongue into her. She was very glad she had left her piercing in that day after already using it to blow Jessica Alba’s mind. If Natalie liked it so much maybe she should use it wear it more often.

As Natalie kept crying out, Scarlett kept tonguing her and Kat kept rubbing into her. It was just what Natalie needed and she didn’t hold back. To feel that swollen nipple against her even more swollen clit at the same time her tight asshole was penetrated by a warm, wet, skilled female tongue that was so wickedly enhanced by that metal tongue stud was completely face meltingly awesome to Natalie and she couldn’t stop the wave of orgasm from crashing out.


Both Kat and Scarlett happily reacted to Natalie’s orgasm with moans and cries of their own. Scarlett loved the way Natalie’s asshole constricted right around her tongue, almost pushing her out with its tightness and forcing her to adapt by instead increasing her friend’s orgasmic pleasure by rapidly tonguing her hole with wet, fast tongue flicks. And Kat couldn’t get enough of the way Natalie’s hot, creamy juices soaked her tits.  She rubbed them both into her as she came, going from breast to breast to make sure that both of her nipples and areolas were coated with naughty girl cream.

And it was but a moment after Natalie let out her last cry of release that Kat was up in her face, pressing her tits to her mouth and giving Natalie every chance to taste her own orgasm. Unsurprisingly, it was an opportunity Natalie emphatically seized, pressing her face to her new lover’s chest and sucking on her nipples like she was one seriously hungry baby. But instead of drawing milk, Natalie wanted her own girl cum and she got it, sucking and licking Kat’s tits to taste it all.

“Oooooh yeah Nat!  Suck your cum off those big tits! Make sure you clean them off good like you do to me whenever you come all over my tits!” Scarlett said, making it clear to Kat that this was not a new thing for them. She still felt a little bit jealous but she was doing a good job of stifling that and, as the only one there who hadn’t come yet, she was intensely turned on. So, as Kat fed Natalie her sticky, cum covered rack, Scarlett got back up onto her knees and pressed herself right to Kat’s face, kissing her on the lips and moaning when Kat immediately returned the kiss.

Kat and Scarlett kissed several times, rubbing their lips together and when Kat opened her mouth, Scarlett aggressively pushed her tongue into it, moaning with naughty joy when she felt how enthusiastically Kat sucked on it and rubbed her own tongue against her piercing. Kat knew just where that tongue had been and she savored it, sucking and rubbing against it while she and Scarlett kissed and loving the taste of Natalie’s hot ass all over it.  She kissed Scarlett back hard and Scarlett responded in kind, allowing the two of them to make out with an urgent passion while Natalie continued sucking on Kat’s pussy coated breasts, feeding off her nipples and enjoying the taste of her own cum.

But Scarlett needed a lot more than just a good kiss and she made sure Kat knew it.

“You owe me now,” Scarlett reminded the brunette. “And you’d better deliver. You got Natalie’s cum so now you need to get mine too. Make me come Kat!”

“I think I can handle that,” Kat said, pulling away and leaving Natalie moaning and gasping as her post-orgasmic bliss still tingled inside her. “In fact I know I can.”

“Then prove it,” Scarlett said, getting her naked body off her knees and sitting down on the couch where all the fun had started. She wasn’t shy in the slightest around Kat, slinging her legs open and leaving no doubt what she wanted by pawing at her own wet pussy. “Get over here and fuck me!”

Kat didn’t hesitate to comply. She was already on the floor and horny for more pussy so she crawled over toward Scarlett, giving the blonde a great view of her swaying tits naked and covered in Natalie’s cum and saliva. Kat watched Scarlett rub herself, loving the sight of how wet and smooth her pussy was and got right back to doing what she had been doing before by brushing Scarlett’s hand out of the way and starting to lick. She went right after Scarlett with cum hungry licks that were much appreciated.

“Mmmmmm ughhhh yessssssssss!  That’s it Kat! Mmmm you were making me so wet before! Now fucking finish me off!” Scarlett groaned.  “Fuck me!  Get your tongue in my pussy and fuck me you big titted bitch!  Ooooooh yessssssss mmmm lick that pink baby!  Show me what a fucking slut are you!”

“Yeahhh I’m a slut! I’m fucking starving for pussy!” Kat gleefully replied while she lashed at Scarlett’s soaked quim with her tongue. “Mmmmm gimmie that pussy Scarlett!  I got Natalie’s cum and now I’m gonna get yours!  Natalie soaked my titties but I want you to soak my face!  Mmmmm make it sticky and cummy!”

“Ooooooh fuckkkk you are nasty!  And I love it!” Scarlett groaned as she pressed down on the back of Kat’s head, shoving her deeper into her bald crotch and keeping her there so Kat’s big mouth could be put to better use.  “Fuck me slut!  Ooooooh yessssssssss fuckkkk I got so fucking juicy seeing you and Natalie come off!  Now it’s my fucking turn!  Oh goddamnit yessss!  Give it to me Kat! I fucking need this!”

Kat could taste that hot, creamy need all over her tongue as she licked away at Scarlett. Fuck, she was wet! Her pussy was so juicy and Kat loved tasting how smooth she was. She lashed her tongue over the bald lips of her labia and relished the feel of Scarlett’s hand on her head “forcing” her down right where she wanted to be as Scarlett’s freshly shaved girl flesh rubbed against her face. Kat went back and forth with her own pussy. Right then she had herself a nice bush but sometimes she went as bald as Scarlett and feeling that completely bare pussy against her face was making her want to break out the razor when she got home.

Scarlett tasted so good! Kat loved her flavor against her tongue. She needed this…not as badly as Scarlett obviously did…but she still needed to have her tongue soaked in delicious girl juice. She had loved being able to get Natalie off by rubbing her tits into her cunt but there was nothing like tasting an orgasm. She wanted Scarlett coming all over her face and tongue. She wanted to feel that sweet, hot explosion and she wanted to feel it soon. So Kat didn’t hold back. She worked Scarlett’s twat over with every bit of her skill, lashing against her most sensitive folds and working the tip of her tongue right against her clit.

Whatever tiredness Kat had felt after her own orgasm was gone now and replaced by fresh lustful energy. And Natalie had recovered even quicker. Coming like she had left her wanting more and she got it when she got up onto her couch and sat her naked body right next to Scarlett’s. She immediately moved her face toward Scarlett’s and their lips met a second later in a wet kiss. Natalie could still taste a bit of her ass on Scarlett’s famous lips and it made her blush with excitement as it reminded her what a bad girl she’d been and how much she’d liked it.

But Natalie didn’t focus too much on that, not when there was literally something shiny to attract her attention.

“Mmmmm where did these come from?” Natalie asked as she pressed her small hands to her friend’s large rack.

“My boobs? I was born with ‘em baby,” Scarlett playfully teased while moaning happily from Kat’s tongue in her box and Natalie’s warm hands on her tits..

“Ughhhh that’s not what I meant,” Natalie sighed, annoyed at herself for walking into such an easy one. “I meant these…”

And this time Natalie left no doubt by rubbing her fingers against the metal barbells through Scarlett’s nipples, exploring them with an eager tongue and loving how they felt.

“Mmmmm you like them baby? Like my slutty pierced nipples?” Scarlett groaned from the way Natalie was touching her sensitive tips as they throbbed with excitement. “Mmmmm I used to have those fucking things in all time, but I hadn’t worn them in years. I put them back in today for you.  I wanted to be extra kinky for you! I wanted you to see my big tits all pierced like a dirty little whore’s!”

“I love them,” Natalie marveled, so surprised to see this new little secret about her friend. She had seen Scarlett’s tongue and nose piercing before but this was the first time she had ever seen her nipples like this and it was so hot. She’d been with pierced girls before but Britney and Christina both had rings through their nipples not the silver barbells Scarlett did and they just looked so naughty. Natalie couldn’t help herself and pressed her face down to Scarlett’s chest so she could stick her tongue out and start licking her pierced nipples.

“Ooooooooh fuckkkk!  Yes Nat!  Mmmm I know how much you fucking love big tits!” Scarlett hissed at the most welcome feel of Natalie’s tongue on her piercings. “That’s why I got Kat here for you to fuck! Mmmm but I want you focused on my tits baby!  Lick them!  Fucking rub your tongue against those pierced nipples!  Show me how much you love my slutty tits!”

Scarlett had always enjoyed the feeling of erotic piercings even though she’d always been too chicken to do what Christina had done and gotten her clit and her labia pierced. But as she’d gotten more famous she’d phased the nipple piercings out, sure that the tight dresses and tops she wore would make it too obvious she had them and inspire people to ask some unwanted questions about what she was into. So she had pretty much stopped wearing them, only slipping them in every now and then to make sure the holes didn’t close up and for special occasions. And this was something Scarlett considered a special occasion.

“You know I love your tits the best, baby,” Natalie assured her blonde friend, as if she could read Scarlett’s jealousy. “And I’m going to show you just how much.”

Natalie proved this by circling her tongue all around Scarlett’s nipples, squeezing the full mounds of her tits with her hands as she moved her mouth from piercing to piercing. She licked all over them, going up and down the silver barbells and all over Scarlett’s areolas before slurping on each nipple wetly and tugging on them with her lips, stimulating the pierced flesh and making Scarlett hiss happily along with her continuing moans from what Kat was doing.

But that wasn’t the only thing Natalie was planning. She loved Scarlett’s tits. The piercings were so sexy. And her friend’s C cups were just what her boob-craving brain right then wanted, but even more than that Natalie wanted Scarlett to get off. After all if she had planned all of this then she definitely deserved to have fun and a lot of it. Natalie knew she could probably help Scarlett get off by playing with her tits as Kat went down on her, but she wanted to make it even better so she pulled away from the objects of her desire and instead sank back down to the floor.

Once there, Natalie pressed herself right against Kat, rubbing their naked bodies together as Scarlett held Kat down to her pussy. Natalie felt a fresh wave or arousal come over her at the sight of Scarlett grinding herself into Kat’s very willing tongue and Natalie let her hand caress over the fullness of Kat’s butt cheek before she leaned in for a taste herself. As Kat tongued Scarlett’s cunt, Natalie got her lips to work by sucking on her friend’s spread labia, giving her two mouths at once and making Scarlett very, very happy.


Without even thinking about it, Scarlett plunged her second hand down to now press on Natalie’s head. Now both of her hands were on the backs of the heads of the girls between her legs as she slung herself open more, inviting both of their wet, skilled mouths to her spread open cunt. As she did this she began fucking their faces more earnestly, making her bare, pierced tits bounce as she cried out in erotic pleasure.

“OHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK!  OHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS!  FUCKKKKKK!” Scarlett cried, a smile crossing her face as her mouth contorted from the screams she was shooting out as the pleasure overtook her.

She knew it wouldn’t be long now until she came and Scarlett also knew this was just the beginning. After all, this was only the first part of eight nights of carnal pleasure she was planning for Natalie.  And if there were going to be fringe benefits for the giving like this then Scarlett could tell these were going to be eight crazy nights for her too and she couldn’t wait!


Amid a row of undressing attractive female bodies, Sarah found herself fixated for once on what she had just heard and not what she could see.

“Are you serious? I can’t believe you did that!” Sarah gasped, half in shock and half in erotic fasciation over what she had just been told.

“Ummmm are you just meeting me for the first time?” Eliza replied with a wicked smile on her face. “Besides, Kirsten loved it.”

“It just seemed kind of mean to surprise her like that,” Jessica added, joining in on the conversation as they changed out of their clothes and into things far more gym-appropriate. “How’d you like it if she did something like that to you?”

“I’d love it, wouldn’t you?” Eliza challenged as she undid her bra and gave everyone around her a tantalizing glimpse of her bare breasts before she pulled a sports bra onto her chest and covered that up with a t-shirt. “And don’t act all high and mighty Jess. I can see your nipples. You liked it.”

Jessica blushed and crossed her arms over her chest, hiding her blue bra and the obvious effect Eliza’s story had had on her.  Eliza laughed over this and so did Sarah, which earned her some criticism too.

“Oh and don’t pretend like you didn’t love it too, Sarah,” Eliza noted. “You’re probably just mad because I didn’t tell you about it before so you could hold Kirsten down while Ali had her way with her.”

“Wellllll I wouldn’t go that far,” Sarah said back slyly while also indicating there was some truth to what Eliza was saying. “It did sound kind of hot.”

“Kind of hot? Kiki owes me big now for a present like that,” Eliza laughed.

“Maybe she’ll surprise you like you did to her, get someone to grab you when you least expect it,” Jessica suggested, stripping off her underwear as she got into her workout clothes too, the somewhat busy locker room they were standing in not doing anything to cool off their conversation.

“Yeah right, I wish she would,” Eliza said while closing her locker with her personal items inside. “But there’s no way she has the guts to do it. That’s just not Kirsten.”

Eliza would have said more but she found that Jessica and Sarah weren’t really focused on her any more. They were looking beyond her and when she turned around she immediately saw why. Their eyes were locked right on Stacy as the leggy blonde stood without her pants, bending over just enough to slide her thong right off her body. Stacy, without any idea she was being gawked at so openly by her friends, then stood there bare assed for all of them to see as she placed her panties in her locker, pulled out a more appropriate pair of underwear from her beg and pulled them up her long legs before finishing her workout ensemble with a pair of shorts that didn’t hug the curve of her ass nearly as much as her friends would have liked.

The sight of Stacy’s ass naked was nothing any of them hadn’t seen before but it was still something they enjoyed and they didn’t shy away from checking it out even though they were essentially in a public setting. It was a safe one, but it was still public.

“What?” Stacy asked when she turned around and saw a half dressed Jessica, a fully dressed Eliza and a completely naked Sarah all staring at her in their row of lockers.

“Nothing,” Sarah said, playing innocently as she resumed getting dressed to go work out by getting her clothes out of her bag.

“Ughhhh pervs,” Stacy said, while shaking her head. “Can’t a girl get naked around you without all of you looking like you want to jump her?”

But as she said that, Stacy smiled, giving her friends all the sign they needed to know that not only did she not mind being stared at but she also liked the idea of them all jumping her right then and there. And had they been in the mansion gym right then, they might well have done it. But this was not the mansion and while flirtiness and a little provocative talk was ok in this situation, there had to be limits there and they knew it. After all, they were in a real gym and that meant restraint.

There were a lot of advantages to having a gym at home, especially privacy. There was no one around to bother you. You could work out however you liked. You could even pull a page out of the ancient Greeks and exercise naked if you liked. But that was also the disadvantage. A lot of the girls at the mansion did like exercising naked. And a lot of times they did a lot more than exercise naked in there, which only led to a problem developing. As more and more fucking went on in the mansion’s gym, a lot less exercising happened there, which, the girls had noted, kind of defeated the purpose of even having a gym in the first place.

Soon enough the girls had looked around at the unused equipment getting out of date and wondered what the point of all of it was. It was harder to get motivated at home than it was at a real gym. They didn’t have the help of personal trainers at home since if they had them come to the mansion there was a real possibility they would see something they shouldn’t see. And the truth was they were able to work out better at gyms because they were less focused on fucking each other and more focused on actually exercising.

It wasn’t as though the mansion gym didn’t get any use at all anymore, but once this place had opened it had presented itself as a far more practical option. Here they could get the top equipment they needed. They could get physical trainers to help them. They could actually exercise. And they could do it all with the privacy they needed.

The gym they were at, conventionally named Cali Fitness, was one that specialized to a very specific customer base, one that that the girls qualified for on two levels. First the gym was women only, meaning they didn’t have to worry about pervy guys checking out their asses while they used the treadmills or stretched. And they didn’t have to worry about some guy sneaking a camera phone around and getting the kind of pictures that paid them well but only humiliated the subjects of them. And second, the gym was one that was designed for celebrities.

While Cali Fitness couldn’t straight out say that if you weren’t rich and famous you weren’t going to get a membership there, it was something that was understood. Since they were already skirting the country’s discrimination laws by making the place for women only, the gym owners would have been asking for trouble if they’d done something as blatant as placed a “check here if you’re a celebrity” box on the membership application. Instead they let the fees charged for membership do it. Not just anyone could work out there. You had to have a big enough bank account to afford it and that weeded out the non-celebrities pretty easily.

So the gym was pretty much only for the famous women who could afford it and that had made it perfect for the girls. They never had to worry about paparazzi sneaking in. The staff at the gym had the kind of non-disclosure agreements in place that made breaking them a very unwise decision So not only could women get a great work out there they could do so while believing they would get it with privacy in place, unafraid that their intimate details would end up on TMZ or on the front page of the Enquirer.

It was the perfect place for them to work out in a challenging way for their bodies while also giving them a chance to be in a relaxed atmosphere. That was why they felt so comfortable flirting in the locker room as they changed. That was why they felt they could, subtly, leer at each other’s naked bodies. That was why Eliza hadn’t been afraid to tell Sarah, Jessica and Stacy about what she had done to Kirsten and how much she had liked her little role play scenario with Ali Larter. They could be cool there as long as they didn’t make it too obvious. It was a fine line, but one they didn’t mind dancing around it as long as they were having some fun while doing it.

There were other women passing by and coming in and out of the showers and changing their clothes, but it wasn’t a peak hour at the gym. So they had the whole row to themselves as they finished getting dressed.

“Any word from Alyssa and Rose?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, just got a text from Lyssa,” Jessica replied as she checked her phone. “She said they were running a little bit late from Holly’s but they’d be here soon.”

“Luckies,” Sarah sighed, wishing she’d been at Holly’s house that day to give the woman some much needed comfort. “Well tell them we’re starting without them. They can meet us out on the floor.”

Some of the mansion’s residents were workout fiends. Others were definitely not. Sarah was definitely someone who needed a solid routine of exercise to feel she was at her peak and having them sign up at a place like this had been her idea. She had also organized some of her more gym-inclined housemates to come along with her. Jessica, Stacy and Alyssa were very eager participants along with her in this and Rose, more often than not, could be dragged along too. Plus there were close friends in their inner circle like Maria Menounos, Gwen Stefani and Reese Witherspoon who tended to tag along on their trips to the gym. Eliza was a regular with them and a lot of times she had Kirsten with her. But today it was just the four of them with Alyssa and Rose seemingly on the way.

But given that this place catered to the rich and famous, not to mention the supremely attractive, there was always a high probability they would run into women they knew there. And that wasn’t just their friends or acquaintances, but also other women they knew very intimately.

“Hey check it out,” Eliza said as she gave Sarah an elbow to get her attention. “Looks like those two want to get it on right here.”

Sarah turned around and smiled over what she saw.

“Awwwww, young love,” Sarah giggled. “Looks like someone wants to give you and Kirsten a run for cutest couple these days.”

“Over my dead body,” Eliza laughed. “Mmmm but they do look like they’d be fun to have over for a double date.”

And Sarah had to agree as she and her friend checked out a totally unaware Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale as they giggled and got flirty with their eyes and their gentle touches with their hands. To most observers their behavior would raise a few eyebrows, but could still be written off as close, but platonic female friends. But the trained eyes of Sarah and Eliza they would have seen all the signs of them being more than friends even if  they didn’t already fully know how close Ashley and Vanessa were from their trips to the mansion.

Right then, the two girls were across from them in another row of lockers. They had no idea they were being stared at as they playfully messed each other’s wet hair. They were clad only in towels having just come from the showers after their workout. There was nothing outwardly romantic about what they were doing but it was clear they were close because in their eyes it was easy to see that they didn’t see anyone else there but them.

“What are you staring at? Ohhhhh…” Stacy said as she caught a look at the two barely clad beauties. “Jeez, what is it with you two and the staring today? Put your eyes back in your heads!”

“Like you’re not staring too,” Sarah teased. “Who can resist those two hotties?”

“Oh we definitely need to invite them over for the party,” Jessica added as she joined in the sexy stares in Ashley and Vanessa’s direction.

“Ooooh good idea!” Sarah said before declaring that staring time was over as she waved the couple over.  “Hey guys!”

That snapped Vanessa and Ashley out of their “I only have eyes for you” mood and they both smiled when they saw who was staring at them.

“Hey!” Vanessa said brightly as she and Ashley walked over. They resisted the temptation to hold hands as they did it but it was difficult for them both. It was still hard for them to hide how they felt for each other and that was something Eliza recognized from her own life when she was just starting things out with Kirsten. “I didn’t know you girls worked out here too.”

“It’s the place to be,” Sarah smiled back. “Of course it’s not as much as home…”

Ashley blushed when Sarah said that, especially when she winked knowingly at her. It made her think of how Love had invited her and Vanessa over for a workout and how Sarah had caught all three of them naked in the gym with Vanessa lying on the floor with Love between her legs and Ashley riding her face. Ashley had been the first to see Sarah walk in and she still remembered vividly how just the sight of Sarah pulling her shirt off to join in with them made her come all over Vanessa’s tongue.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhh we can’t get away with that stuff here,” Ashley said with a sexy smile even as her cute cheeks turned red.

“We could try, but I don’t think we’d get very far,” Jessica replied, not admitting that one of her hottest fantasies was to get it on in a place like this. She didn’t have the guts to ever try it, but the thought of potentially being caught as she snuck to a corner of the gym to do something naughty when it looked like no one else was around was a total turn on for her.

“Well we’d never have to worry about getting caught in Malibu,” Sarah said. “So we were thinking, we’re having a little party on Friday night. It’s  Christmas party. You guys should definitely come.”

“We’d love to,” Vanessa immediately accepted, not even sure what her calendar looked like. But if she and Ashley had other commitments she was sure they could push them off. After all, this was about having priorities. “Is this a party, though or a ‘party’?”

Vanessa had to ask not only because it would shape how she approached it in terms of her level of excitement but also because it would give her the information she needed about how to dress or, if necessary, not dress for the event.

“A little of both,” Sarah explained. “It’ll be nice and normal first and then if people want to stay behind, well…”

Sarah didn’t want to say too much more in a setting like this and she didn’t need to. Ashley and Vanessa knew exactly what she was getting at.

“We’ll be there!” Ashley agreed.

“Awesome.” Jessica smiled. “It’s going to be a lot of fun and…”

That was all Jessica got out before she was interrupted. Another girl walked right up and interjected herself into things by talking to Vanessa.

“Hey V, you seen my blue scrungie?” the girl asked. “I can’t find where I left it.”

She was a lean girl, younger than Ashley and Vanessa but facially she and Vanessa had an obvious resemblance. The major difference was the girl had blonde hair and Vanessa was a brunette and it was seemed obvious the younger girl had bleached her hair. But one sure way to tell was unavailable since you couldn’t tell if her carpet matched her drapes since she was completely shaved between her legs, something that was blatantly obvious because the girl had strode right up to everyone stark naked and didn’t appear to be in any hurry to put anything on.

“Oh my God Stella!” Vanessa gasped. “Put some clothes on!”

“Why?” the girl shrugged. “It’s a locker room. Duh. Everyone’s naked here. Besides I don’t think your friends mind.  And I know Ashley sure doesn’t mind.”

Stella said this was it was obvious that the four girls had been taken completely by surprise by the naked teenager coming up to them so suddenly. Even though Sarah, Stacy, Jessica and Eliza all had a lot of experience with naked women, this one left them a little flustered as this girl flaunted her body around with not a care in the world. None of them had ever seen her before today and it was quite an introduction. Ashley obviously knew her, though, and she responded to the girl’s mention of her by blushing again, this time in real embarrassment as she averted her gaze away from the blonde’s nude body and toward the floor.

“Ohmygawd, you’re embarrassing me!” Vanessa hissed under her breath. “At least put a towel on or something.”

“Where’s my scrungie?” the girl said, completely ignoring her pleas to get dressed.

“Ughh I put it in my bag,” Vanessa groaned, feeling totally embarrassed in front of her friends by her sister flashing every inch of her body to them. “You dropped it before so I picked it up and stuck it in there so it didn’t get forgotten while we were in the shower.”

“Thanks,” the girl said. But instead of going to get her longed for scrungie, she just stood there naked like she was waiting for something to happen.

“Well?” the girl finally spoke up a few awkward seconds later. “Aren’t you going to introduce me?”

“Ughh you can be such a brat,” Vanessa muttered before turning back toward her friends. “This is my little sister Stella. Stella, this is Sarah, Eliza, Jessica and Stacy.”

After a few “hi Stella”s and “nice to meet you’s” in which they tried not to look too much at the nude body of Vanessa’s younger sisters, Stella just kept her sexy smirk on her face. Sarah felt like the girl was checking her and the others out and it was mighty difficult not to do the same. Stella had a gorgeous young body that she wasn’t shy about showing off at all. Her firm little pink breasts and totally shaved peach were difficult not to stare at, especially from the way Stella flaunted herself. And the fact that Sarah couldn’t immediately tell how old Stella was gave it an additional taboo thrill that both embarrassed and aroused her.

“So how do you know my sister?” Stella asked. “Mmmm wait, I’ll bet I can guess. You all have something in common, don’t you?”

“Oh my God, Stella! Get your scrungie, get some clothes on and get ready to go! I’m so taking you home right now!” Vanessa said insistently, not wanting this to go any further. “Go!”

“Fine…fine…whatever, bossy,” Stella said as she walked away, making quite sure that everyone got a chance to see her tight, young butt cheeks in their naked glory as she walked away. “Hope I see you all again soon. C’mon Ashley. Help me find my scrungie! I can’t ever find anything in V’s bag.”

Ashley looked to Vanessa like she wasn’t sure whether to stay or follow the naked teenager. She tried to get any kind of sign from her girlfriend what she should do. If she said no, Ashley would stay, but if she said yes she’d go with her. It was really awkward for Ashley as she looked back at the brunette since she didn’t want to make Stella any more suspicious about them than she clearly already was.  So when Vanessa just shrugged like she didn’t care, Ashley went after Stella.

With the naked teenager leading the way, Ashley clung tightly to her towel while trying not to stare at Stella’s long, lovely legs and bare butt and think about how cute those tiny, tight cheeks were and how much she looked just like her beautiful big sister. And while that happened, Vanessa turned her attention back to her friends.

“Sorry about that,” Vanessa sighed. “Stella’s great, but sometimes she gets like that and…well…she can be kind of bratty.”

Vanessa had thought about using another “b-word” but at the last moment decided against it. Stella was a handful but Vanessa was mature enough to recognize she had been one at that age too and in many ways she still was one today. She loved her sister even when she pulled stunts like that to drive her crazy so using that word to describe her seemed wrong even if she was thinking it.

That got some knowing nods from the girls. None of them had sisters. Sarah and Stacy were only children and Jessica and Eliza both had brothers, so none of them quite knew what it was like for Vanessa to have a sister like that. But they all lived with other women so they could at least sympathize and feeling that began shifting their thoughts back from Vanessa and away from how good Stella looked naked.

“Ummmm how old is she?” Jessica couldn’t help but ask.

“16 and she acts like she knows shit,” Vanessa sighed with a roll of her eyes. She could see the look on the faces of her friends and she knew it was because of Stella flaunting herself like that. She didn’t like it, but she also told herself to keep calm. Getting pissed about this was just what Stella wanted her to do and she wasn’t about to let her little sister pull the strings on her. “She’s always pulling stunts like that. She knows it makes me mad and that’s why she does it. She acts all innocent about it too.”

“Ohhhhhhh,” Jessica replied, feeling a little guilty for thinking what she was thinking about a 16-year-old, but not guilty enough to stop thinking about if Stella fucked like Vanessa did and if her pussy tasted just as sweet.

“So…a party, right?” Vanessa asked, eager to change the subject away from her bratty sister and back toward what fun she and Ashley could have at the mansion.

“Yeah…party,” Sarah replied, the sight of that tight, flawless jailbait ass burned into her mind, but Vanessa’s words getting her snap out of her haze. “I mean, yes. Totally! You have to come. You and Ashley. You’re both invited. We’ve got the house decorated all nice. Love’s been working like crazy to get it perfect and it’s going to be a real Christmas party. You’re invited to that and we hope you stay for the after party too.”

“We will,” Vanessa smiled, happy to have the focus on her and not her spotlight stealing baby sister. “We’ll be there for both parties. I can’t wait!”

“Me neither,” Sarah said. “It’s going to be a blast.”

“Ok, well I’d better get dressed and make sure Stella’s not flashing everyone anymore,” Vanessa said. “See you guys on Friday.”

“We’ll be waiting,” Stacy replied, thinking the same thing that her three friends were thinking but not daring to say it as she wondered how Vanessa would react if they asked her to bring Stella with her and Ashley.

Vanessa gave the girls another bright smile and then walked away. Once she was out of sight, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, glad that awkwardness was over and hoping they hadn’t been too obvious over the impact Stella had made on them. In the history of first impressions, Stella’s had been quite a doozy and they had all been taken by it.

“Jesus, 16?” Eliza marveled. “Holy fuck, that girl is going to be unstoppable before she can even vote.”

“Oh my God, and did you see the way she was looking at us?” Sarah replied. “She wanted us to eyefuck her. She knows! She totally knows what we do at the mansion.”

“Maybe Vanessa told her?” Stacy suggested it.

“I don’t know, looked like Vanessa was kind of holding the card about her and Ashley a little close when it came to Stella,” Sarah surmised. “But jeez…that girl is gonna break hearts.”

“She’s gonna do a lot more than that,” Jessica said, her mind already wrapping around being in the middle of a Hudgens sister sandwich and calculating what she would have to do to make that happen.

“Ok, we’d better get out there and get some fucking sweat going or else I’m going to find that little teen hottie and drag her back for me and Kirsten,” Eliza said.

“Not if we get her first,” Sarah said, a sly smile tugging her face as she referred to her housemates. She couldn’t believe she was thinking that way about that young a girl, but Stella’s behavior had proved that, much like her big sister, she had it and she wasn’t shy about flaunting it. “But you’re right. We’d better get out there. I need to work through some frustration now.”

On that she was not alone and soon the four of them were out on the floor doing their thing. The charged moments they had with Stella had left them a little amped up and they were using it to channel into their workouts. The mid-day crowd at the gym was fairly sparse with only a few other women out on the floor. Others were in the ongoing classes but this gave all of them plenty of room to move around and do their thing without bumping into each other. With the help of some of the personal trainers, Sarah had taken the lead in coming up with programs for her and her friends based on each of their needs and they were going through their regular workouts as they tried to shut sex out of their minds and focus on exercise.

Of course this was easier said than done with their blood flowing as it was while they worked out. And, as she ran on the treadmill, Sarah couldn’t help but think of the little bit of irony here. She had wanted to come to the gym today specifically to get away for a bit from the overly Christmas-y mood in the mansion and now her head was thinking such dirty things about Stella’s cute teen ass and how nice it would be to bend her over and take her with a strap on that she actually missed the far more wholesome environment Love had set up in their home.

So Sarah decided what was best to do was sweat her way out of this. She took her workouts seriously and didn’t want anything to distract her, even wonderful, dreamy girl sex. As she ran, Sarah continued to think about getting Stella’s nude body right against hers. Stella’s tight little ass had looked so spankable and Sarah had an inkling that the teen not only was no virgin but that she probably enjoyed a good smack on her bottom too. Sarah wondered if Stella had ever been with a girl. How would she taste all over her tongue? How hard would she come if she was the first woman to ever go down on her?

All of this played through Sarah’s mind as she lost any battle to try and concentrate on her workout. The more she got her blood flowing, the more perverted she got as she imagined tonguing Stella’s tight little 16-year-old hole and pushing her fingers up her little asshole at the same time, making that little brat squeal and cry out in delight as she came all over her tongue. And by the time Sarah pictured in her mind how wonderfully dirty it would be to take her Stella cum covered lips and kiss Vanessa with them, she knew she had to stop herself. She was going way too far and it wasn’t helping anything. Now not only was she thinking about an underage girl, but the sister of her friend. That wasn’t cool.

Besides it was distracting her from her workout. Sarah liked to run a little first to get her body warmed up, but she decided she was already plenty warm thanks to the flesh show she’d gotten in the locker room. So Sarah in frustration ended her time on the treadmill early and jumped off before even cooling down first.

“Whoa careful there,” Eliza said from the treadmill next to her. “You want to twist an ankle or something? What’s bothering you?”

“You know…” Sarah said, wiping down the machine as she kicked herself for letting some teenager distract her when she knew better.

“Oh yeah…that,” Eliza replied with a little smile, not telling Sarah that right before she’d been thinking how nice it would be to have Stella naked with that cute ass in the air and her pretty teen face between Kirsten’s thighs, licking her pussy while she got behind her and took a strap on to her while making her fuck her wife.

“I gotta get my head back in the game,” Sarah said.

“Well then whatever you do, don’t look over to your left,” Eliza teased, unable to help herself. “Hottie in shorts over there and she’s legal too!”

As mad as she was for letting inappropriate sex thoughts cloud her brain, Sarah couldn’t help herself. Eliza telling her that was just like saying to someone “Don’t look down.” Doing the opposite of what they told you was the first thing you did so Sarah looked over and instantly felt her brain melt into lust over what she saw.

“Whoa,” Sarah said, trying not to be too obvious she was staring as Eliza snickered over her reaction.

It was another irony right in front of Sarah. This place was designed to keep beautiful women away from the leering eyes of men. That was one of the reasons Sarah liked coming here. But now she was the one staring. It wasn’t as if this was the first time they had used a trip to the gym to scout out potential visitors to the mansion, but it felt especially blatant today to Sarah and she tore her gaze away before she became too obvious about eye fucking the woman’s gorgeous rear end as she worked out. Those tight shorts around her ass were such a delicious tease that it was hard for Sarah to take her eyes off it.

She couldn’t help but stare as they hugged her round, full cheeks. That girl definitely had curves and, if nothing else, the sight of her body had Sarah forgetting all about Stella. Sarah was so fixated on her ass that she couldn’t even look at the girl’s face which was quite visible as well since the woman was staring at herself in the mirror as she held 20 pound dumbbells in each hand, working on toning her arms as she studied her reflection. And it quickly dawned on Sarah that the reflection would also show that she was staring so she managed to avert her gaze before the young woman turned her head to the woman standing next to her.

“My form is all fucked,” Jennifer Lawrence groaned in annoyance as she watched her arms and didn’t like what she saw.

“You just need to get into a rhythm,” Jennifer’s personal trainer said as she took the weights from her and began demonstrating to her how best to use them and what technique was most effective for her muscles. “Now you do it. Watch yourself in the mirror. See how you’re doing it. Then you’ll be able to do it on your own.”

Sarah let out a little sigh of relief as she realized she hadn’t been spotted by the Hunger Games star. She had seen Jennifer working out here before. They’d talked a bunch of times too. They were even getting to be pretty friendly with one another. So this obviously wasn’t the first time Sarah had noticed how good looking Jennifer was. But this was the first time she had really noticed and the sight of her curvy, sexy ass in those tight shorts really made an impression on her. Sarah didn’t know what was making her so horny today but after Stella, she was weaker than ever to the temptations of a body like Jennifer’s.

But before Sarah could stare anymore at the beautiful Oscar nominee as she worked out with her trainer in front of the mirror, she found herself interrupted by someone coming up to her and providing a very welcome distraction.

“Hey! Sorry we’re late,” Alyssa said, a little breathlessly as she felt like she had already gotten her warm up in from rushing in, tearing her clothes off in the locker room, changing and then getting out to the floor to try and catch up with her friends.

“Thank God you’re here,” Sarah replied with relief, happy to have someone to get her to focus and not encourage her deviant fantasies like Eliza was doing. “I need to get my brain straight. No one motivates me like you, Lyssa.”

“Why? What’s distracting you?” Alyssa asked before glancing over to her left and seeing exactly what Sarah had seen. And just like her housemate, the sight of Jennifer Lawrence’s ass in tight gym shorts. “Ohhhh hey now!”

“Stop it! You’re supposed to get me to focus, not encourage me to be distracted, unlike certain other people here,” Sarah said, shooting a glare at Eliza as she continued to run on the treadmill, quite at peace with her own fantasies.

And when she saw Sarah’s annoyed stare, Eliza responded by bringing her hand to her face, spreading her fingers open into a V and flicking her tongue in between them to tease Sarah some more.

“Ughhhh so crude,” Sarah replied, acting mad even though she was smiling over Eliza’s lewd gesture. She definitely wouldn’t have minded going over and getting her tongue in Jennifer’s “V” and it was clear Eliza and Alyssa felt the same way.

“Where are Jessica and Stacy?” Alyssa asked.

“Stretching in yoga,” Sarah replied. “Where’s Rose?”

“She’s…” Alyssa began, turning around and finding Rose unexpectedly not there. “What the hell? She was just there a minute ago? She was following me out of the locker room? Where the fuck did she go?”

“Whatever, she can catch up later,” Sarah said. “Let’s get going before I’ve wasted the whole day here. I need to get a workout in before we go back to the Polar Express back home.”

“Music to my ears,” Alyssa said, happy to be able to squeeze in a workout today too. What she had done with Holly and Kaley just before had certainly been excellent cardio, but there was nothing like real exercise. “Want to start with…”

But before Alyssa could say anything more, she found herself being interrupted as a shy “hey” was directed her way and she turned around to find a smiling but visibly nervous blonde girl standing in front of her.

“Hi Alyssa…ummmmm I saw you standing over there and I just wanted to…ummm…well…I just wanted to say Merry Christmas,” the girl blurted out before looking mortified that she had said anything at all.

Alyssa at first thought this was just a fan coming up to her and she felt a little swell of the ego over it. She couldn’t help still getting a rush from people recognizing her and wanting to say hi and tell her they were big fans. And while that was what it seemed this teenager wanted, Alyssa quickly realized she had seen her before. This girl was a celebrity in her own rights and Alyssa’s mind began whirling as she tried frantically to remember her name before this all became awkward.

Aghhhh what was her name? Alyssa screamed inside her brain. She had seen her before. She knew she had. What was that movie where she cursed all the time and killed people? Kick Ass! That was it! Alyssa had hated the movie but this girl had certainly made an impression on her. Fuck, what was her name? How could she be forgetting it now? Seconds ticked away and seemed like minutes as she tried to remember. She’d been in that Johnny Depp movie she’d seen over the summer. Her name…her name…it started with a C. Courtney?  No, that’ wasn’t it. Cerie? No…but it sounded like that. Ughhh it was on the tip of her fucking tongue…

“Chloe!” Alyssa suddenly spit out, relieved to have remembered her name but at the same time embarrassed she had said it like that, her brain and lips moving as one before she managed to compose herself and not seem like she was a total spazz. “Oh hi Chloe! Merry Christmas to you too!”

Chloe Moretz’s face visibly brightened when Alyssa said her name. She had to stifle an excited giggle when that happened and instead she just started talking

“I’ve seen you working out here a bunch of times and I’m ummm…I’m just a really big fan,” Chloe said, kneading her hands nervously as she talked to Alyssa. “I’ve like grown up watching Charmed. My DVR is like full of the reruns even though I have them all on DVD anyway! You’re just really, really awesome Alyssa and I just wanted to say hi because I see you here a lot and I never say anything and I wanted to make sure I talked to you in case I didn’t see you again until after Christmas and New Year’s. Because really your show was so much fun and I just think you’re a great actress and I can’t wait to see your new show too! It sounds really hot! I need like a new Desperate Housewives kind of show on to watch! I gotta get my soap fix and your show sounds like so much fun!”

Chloe was on the verge of flat out babbling and she knew it. She felt so stupid there but she couldn’t think of what to say so the words just all spilled out in a mess from her mouth. Everything she said she wished she could just grab it and shove it back into her mouth so she could replace it with something much cooler. She didn’t want Alyssa to think she was some kind of babbling little bimbo. She wanted her to think she was smart and mature and interesting. But instead Chloe felt like she sounded like she was some little idiot who was on the verge of giggling and playing with her hair in front of a gorgeous, composed person like Alyssa. She was a real woman and Chloe was terrified she was sounding like a little kid.

“Oh it is fun,” Alyssa smiled as she thought about her new show Mistresses where she was one of those “other women” and she wasn’t only starring, but producing to boot. “It’s definitely going to be sexy and fun. I can’t wait for it to get on the air. I just hope people like it as much as I do. I’m a fan of yours too Chloe! I loved you in Dark Shadows! And Kick Ass? Whoa…that was, pretty wild!”

“Really?” Chloe gasped, her smile suddenly dazzling as her eyes looked like she wanted to explode through the ceiling at the compliment. “We’re doing the sequel right now! It’s going to be even crazier than the first one! Jim Carrey is in it!”

“Jim Carrey? Wow…” Alyssa replied thinking that she might actually go see it now. The violence in the first movie had been way too over the top for her, but Chloe had certainly impressed. Alyssa was just glad she had remembered the girl’s name. “Well you were great in the first one and I’m sure you’ll be even better in the second. You’re a great young actress. I really flipped for Hugo! You were so good!”

“Ohmygod that’s like my favorite movie I’ve done!” Chloe answered enthusiastically.

She couldn’t believe Alyssa liked her movies. Chloe felt she was a good actress. She believed in herself. But to hear someone else compliment her was such a huge validation, especially when it was someone like Alyssa. Chloe was in heaven as she talked to the older woman. She just wanted to skip around the gym now out of pure happiness. Alyssa knew who she was! She was a fan! She’d seen her movies! This was so wild! In Chloe’s mind right then working in a Best Picture nominated film directed by Martin Scorsese was secondary to Alyssa telling her she liked it.

“It really is a great movie,” Sarah interjected. She’d been amusing herself watching Chloe fawn all over Alyssa but she couldn’t stay silent any longer. She really, really loved that movie. “I’m Sarah by the way. I’m a big fan of yours too.”

“Oh God, you must think I’m a bitch,” Chloe gasped, feeling really stupid then for not even noticing Sarah Michelle Gellar standing next to Alyssa. “I didn’t even say hi.”

“Well we’re saying hi now,” Sarah smiled. She didn’t mind being ignored. Chloe seemed really sweet and genuinely impressed with meeting Alyssa. Sarah did feel a tiny little tug of jealousy that the gifted teen actress was such a visible fan of Alyssa’s and hadn’t even said a word to her, but she didn’t really mind. Life was too short for petty stuff like that and it was kind of fun to see the actress everyone raved about for being so composed for her age rave like she was a starstruck teen.

“Yes we are,” Chloe smiled back before once again turning her attention to Alyssa. “Are you guys working out together? I kind of am just here doing my thing. I mean I’ve got some friends with me and my friend Ariel didn’t think I had the guts to actually go up and talk to you Alyssa and she even bet me like 20 bucks that I wouldn’t so I guess she owes me now. But we’re kind of just like hanging out here and trying to figure out what to do. You two seem like you really know though. Do you have some kind of routine here? We’re trying to figure out what the best kind of exercise is and it would be really cool if you could like give us some pointers. Oh and you know we could totally hang out after too. If you want we could go back to my house and I can show you the 70 mm print of Hugo that Marty gave all of us. You really have to see it like that!”

And now it was Chloe’s turn to be interrupted when she was tapped on the shoulder.

“Hey Chloe,” a brunette girl said. “That thing you said to tell you about when you started to do it, you’re doing it.”

“Ughhh God sorry,” Chloe mumbled, mortified that she hadn’t been able to keep herself from looking like a total dork in front of a woman she badly wanted to impress.

“Don’t be sorry,” Alyssa said. “I’d love to give you and your friends some pointers.”

“Really?” Chloe said, looking up again and smiling big once more. “Because that would be really awesome and we could…”

“Chloe, you’re about to start doing it again,” the brunette said, seeing all the warning signs.

But Sarah and Alyssa weren’t really listening to Chloe’s almost babble that time. They were too focused on her friend. They hadn’t known that Chloe’s friend Ariel was THIS Ariel but now they certainly did. They didn’t want to make a big deal about it but it was so difficult to act nonchalant when the girl Chloe was talking to had been all over the tabloids lately for a family scandal totally not of her own making. As actresses who had grown up in Hollywood and seen their share of stage mom drama and seen how others they knew had their lives torn apart by dysfunctional families, they certainly sympathized with the girl even as they tried not to make too big a deal about this.

“Sorry about Chloe, she just gets excited,” Ariel Winter said as Chloe looked like she wanted to have the gym floor swallow her up. “I’m Ariel. I’m a big fan of you guys too.”

“We’re big fans of yours too,” Alyssa said. “Modern Family is one of my favorite shows. Ummmm how are things?”

Alyssa and Sarah both had that look on their faces and Ariel sighed when she saw it. She had been getting a lot of those lately. To her it was the “Hey, we’re sorry your life sucks” face and she knew that the women meant well and that they really felt bad for her. She just didn’t want anyone feeling bad for her. She didn’t need it. She was fine.

“It’s ok,” Ariel replied. “You know all that tabloid shit. It’s a total exaggeration. It’s not really as crazy as it sounds. I just want to put it all behind me and get done with 2012. 2013 has to be better, right?”

“Definitely,” Sarah agreed. “It’s going to be a great year. All those bullshit websites get bored real easy and they move onto the next scandal. When me and Freddie split up they were all over us and then by the next week they didn’t give a damn. You’ll be fine.”

“Thanks,” Ariel said, appreciating the kind words even though she knew she didn’t need them. “Look, I’m going to take the chatterbox back so you two can get to your workout. But if you want to stop on by and give us some tips, I know Chloe would love it.”

“I really would!” Chloe gushed sincerely before Ariel gave her a little elbow in the ribs and got her to turn it off before she really got started. “I mean if you have time…”

“We do and we will,” Alyssa promised. “Catch up with you two later, ok?”

“More than ok,” Chloe said before turning toward Ariel and whispering in her ear. “Locker room! Now!”

And as if to emphasize the urgency, Chloe grabbed Ariel’s hand and pulled the younger girl with her as they headed back to the locker room area.

“Wait! What about Ava?” Ariel protested meekly, knowing that once Chloe set her mind to something she got it.

“Oh she’s busy drooling over Declan,” Chloe shrugged. “Forget her.”

And with a turn of her head as she was yanked away, Ariel confirmed that indeed their sex kitten of a friend was flirting up a storm with one of the gym’s personal trainers. She watched, a little enviously, as Ava worked her teenage body to full advantage in her tight gym shorts and belly button baring t-shirt as she let the muscular 20-something trainer place his hands on her to show her proper positioning on the machine and giggled seductively while whipping back her hair in just that proper way to let the older man know he had her full youthful attention and not because of his fitness expertise.

So Ariel just let Chloe pull her into the locker room where her friend took advantage of the more private setting to full exclaim her glee.

“She knows who I am!” Chloe squealed like she had just won an Oscar, a $10 million dollar franchise deal and a puppy at once. “She knows my name! She said she’s a fan!”

“First  off, of course she’s s fan, you’re amazing,” Ariel said sensibly. “Second, of course she knows who you are, you’re like way more famous than she is right now. She should know who you are. She’s lucky you know who she is!”

“Ughhh don’t be mean!” Chloe chastised, giving Ariel a whack in the arm as punishment. “Alyssa is awesome. I don’t care who else knows it. I know it. She’s beautiful and talented and sexy and beautiful and she’s a totally underrated actress and she has her own production company and…”

“And loves animals and she’s super cool and blah blah blah, I get it Chloe,” Ariel sighed, having heard this many times before. “She’s like the living embodiment of Aphrodite.”

“Well  whether she is or not, you still owe me $20,” Chloe smirked. “You didn’t think I could do it and I did. So suck on that little miss doubter.”

“Maybe I just thought you needed some incentive,” Ariel pointed out. “After all you’ve been talking nonstop about Alyssa Milano as long as I can remember. It’s about time you finally said hi to her. So, aren’t you glad I doubted you? I gave you that little push you needed to actually do something about it.”

“Well maybe I owe you something too then,” Chloe said as she hugged her friend, so happy that she had finally been able to muster the courage to open her mouth to Alyssa and introduce herself to her while recognizing that her friend had indeed played a part in that. “Thanks for coming over to help me too. I was on the verge of totally spazzing out.”

“What do you mean on the verge of?” Ariel teased. “You were this close to snapping your gum and twirling your hair and babbling like some beach bimbo flirting with a lifeguard. I thought you were going to start talking like the girl in American Pie and going ‘And this one time, at band camp…”

“I was sooooo not!” Chloe laughed, too happy to be annoyed by her friend’s teasing. “And besides even if I was, I might have gotten to the flute part and really gotten Alyssa to pay attention to me.”

“Ughhhh TMI,” Ariel groaned with a roll of her eyes. “Whatever you want to do with your flute and Alyssa is fine with me. Just leave me out of it.”

“Awwwwww she wouldn’t even want to anyway,” Chloe shrugged. “I’m just glad I finally got a chance to talk to her.”

Ariel turned her head before Chloe could say anything more. She detected a sound. Was someone sick in the locker room? Or was it…no, it couldn’t be! Could it?

“Do you hear moaning?” Ariel asked.

“I don’t think so,” Chloe said, straining her ears and not really recognizing anything over the sounds of the showers and the chatter from the women who were in the locker room with them.

But the attention of the two girls suddenly was very much on a sound that was definitely not moaning and very recognizable.

“Ariel?  Are you in here?  Ariel?” a voice called out.

“Oh shit what now?” Ariel muttered before speaking up so the voice calling her would stop sounding the alarm. “We’re over here Shanelle.”

“What’s going on?” Shanelle Gray demanded when she found the two teenagers in an empty row of lockers.

“What do you mean what’s going on? We’re just talking,” Ariel said, wondering what bug had gotten up her big sister’s ass now.

“Talking, huh? Yeah, right. What were you talking about with those girls out there before?” Shanelle asked as if she expected an answer without delay.

“What girls?” Ariel asked, very confused about what her sister was so upset about. “Sarah and Alyssa?”

“Yes! Those girls!” Shanelle shot back. “What were you talking about with them?”

“Nothing!” Ariel insisted. “Chloe wanted to talk to Alyssa and I was helping her. What’s your deal Shanelle? I can talk to whoever I want!”

But Shanelle wasn’t having any of that and she made it clear.

“You can’t talk to them! I want you to stay away from those girls!” Shanelle told her teenage sister. “They’re bad girls!”

“Bad girls? What are you, like 70? Are you going to start complaining about the music we kids listen to today or the way we dress?” Ariel couldn’t help but laugh. “You can’t tell me who to talk to! Besides, they were totally nice.”

“They are not nice!” Shanelle insisted. “Stay away from them! Do not let them talk you into anything! Especially do not let them tell you to come to Malibu! If they ever tell you to come to Malibu you get away from them as fast as you can!”

“Malibu? What the hell are you talking about? I’m not going to Malibu,” Ariel replied having no earthly idea what the hell her sister was talking about. “Did you get hit in the head with a barbell out there or something?”

“I mean it Ariel!” Shanelle said, placing her hands firmly on the teenager’s shoulders and gripping down so she couldn’t get away and had to keep looking at her in the eye. “Stay away from those girls! Stay away from them and their friends! Trust me. You do not want what they’re going to try and give you!”

“What? What are you talking about?” Ariel asked. Did she think they were going to offer her candy and throw her in the back of a van or something? Try to get her to drink wine coolers laced with roofies? Make her smoke weed? What the hell was her sister’s problem? She had seen Shanelle freak out before, especially with how stressful things had been lately, but never like this. “You can’t tell me what to do! You’re not mom!”

“Well in this case you’d better listen to me like I am mom! You do not want to be around those girls! If you want to stay living with me then you do not talk to them anymore! Just stay the hell away from them!” Shanelle said once more in case Ariel had in any way misinterpreted her message before storming out of the locker room as quickly as she had come in.

“What the hell?” Ariel said, so unsettled by what had just happened that she had to sit down on the bench in the row of lockers they were in.

Chloe looked very uncomfortable. She felt terrible that she had gotten Ariel into trouble with her sister and badly wanted to comfort her, especially when she saw Ariel rub her hand against her eye, no doubt wiping a tear away. But before she could try and do that, someone else took the task for her.

“You ok?” Sarah Hyland said as she sat down next to Ariel on the bench and put her arm around the teen, hugging her supportively.

“What the fuck is her problem?” Ariel muttered, more than a little emotional over Shanelle’s veiled threat to toss her out of the house. “She thinks she can tell me who to talk to and act like she’s doing me a favor by letting me live with her? I don’t fucking need that! I can live just fine on my own! I don’t need mom and I don’t need her! Fuck them both!”

“You don’t mean that about Shanelle,” Sarah said keeping both arms now around her young co-star. “She’s just looking out for you.”

“By ordering me around and telling me who I can and can’t talk to? That’s just like mom did!” Ariel replied bitterly. “I’m 14! I can make my own damn choices! I’m not some little kid that she can make go to bed without any dinner! I’m a woman!”

“I know you are and she knows that too,” Sarah assured her. “She’s just trying to keep you safe.”

“From what? Evil TV stars?” Ariel asked, still confused more than anything about what it was about Sarah and Alyssa that had so freaked her big sister out. “I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”

Things with her and Shanelle were definitely not typical and Ariel didn’t think that was a big deal. After all, unconventional was essentially conventional these days, especially in Hollywood. After all the drama surrounding their mother, who had tried to run every detail of her life and her career and had been physically and mentally abusive to her, Ariel had thought she’d found safe haven with her sister. She and Shanelle had a huge age gap between them. Her older sister was 20 years older than her and was married with two kids. But they loved each other and Ariel knew Shanelle looked out for her with good intentions. This just seemed so crazy. What was her problem?

“I know you weren’t and Shanelle knows that too,” Sarah said. “She’s just being a little overprotective. I’m sure she realizes that too. She probably feels really bad about snapping at you. She just wants what’s best for you.”

“What does that mean?” Arielle asked. But if Sarah had any answers she didn’t give them. In fact she was downright coy about it.

“Sometimes big sisters know things that little sisters don’t,” Sarah said simply.

“What does that mean?” Ariel challenged.

“It just means that sometimes things don’t always seem obvious, but there’s a good reason behind them,” Sarah replied mysteriously. “You can trust Shanelle. She doesn’t want to see you get hurt. That’s all. You trust herm right? You trust me, right?”

“I do,” Ariel admitted. “I trust both of you.”

Ariel did trust Sarah. She trusted her a lot. They played sisters on Modern Family and they were like sisters off screen too. And while their characters were always fighting on the show, off screen they were very close. Sarah had been there for Ariel through all the drama with her mom. She had supported her when TMZ was following her every second. She had protected her and sheltered her and been a real friend to her. She had acted like a big sister to her to the point where Ariel pretty much thought of Sarah and Shanelle as both her sisters. And it certainly helped that dynamic that throughout all of this Sarah and Shanelle had become very good friends. In fact they had all come to the gym together that day so Ariel could meet up with her friends and they could get a workout in the process.

“She only wants what’s best for you and so do I,” Sarah said, giving Ariel another hug before getting off the bench. “You ok? Wanna go back out there?”

“Yeah we’ll be out there again in a minute,” Ariel said, wiping away one last tear before getting up. Chloe hadn’t said anything but it was clear she was happy that things had been smoothed over.

“Ok see you out there and…” Sarah began before suddenly stopping. “Hey…do you guys hear moaning?”

“You hear it too!” Ariel gratefully replied. “I thought I was the only one!”

“Wanna go see who’s moaning?” Chloe mischievously asked, her curiosity obvious.

“Ummmm no thanks,” Sarah replied, a bit nervously as she once again heard a sound she was positive was female pleasure moaning. “They may not believe in privacy but I still do. You coming Ariel?”

Ariel felt a bit torn. On the one hand she was pretty curious about who was making the moaning noise and what was happening to create it. Chloe’s enthusiasm to see was kind of infectious and she was more than a little curious about it now. But Ariel also realized that the last thing she needed was Sarah telling Shanelle that she was perving out over someone’s moans. So she decided to let this mystery go unsolved.

“You coming Chloe?” Sarah asked her friend’s friend when Ariel walked toward her.

“Hmmmm no, but I think she is,” Chloe giggled over the pleasure sounds.

“Ughhh gross,” Sarah rolled her eyes even as she laughed a little. “Well don’t get in trouble or anything.”

“Me? Never!” Chloe said, still giddy over her talk with Alyssa as she mocked drawing a halo over her head. “I’m an angel!”

“Sure you are,” Sarah smirked. “C’mon Ariel. Let’s get out there before Shanelle calls the police to go find you or something.”

The two co-stars then left Chloe behind for now and walked back out of the locker room area and onto the gym floor where people were continuing their workouts, including Shanelle who was working off her annoyance over catching Alyssa and Sarah chatting up her sister on the chest press machine. Meanwhile, Alyssa and Sarah had no idea their conversation had been such a source of aggravation and continued along their own way with one question hanging over their heads.

“Ughhh where the fuck is Rose?” Alyssa asked. “I swear she was right behind me. I swear if she ditched us again she is out of the group.”

Sarah and Alyssa had been the main organizers of these fitness outings with Alyssa totally buying Sarah’s vision that sex alone wasn’t the only exercise they should be getting. The two of them were the more dedicated of the mansion residents and that meant not all of their friends were quite as committed as they were. Rose didn’t mind a real workout. But her attention definitely wandered during these trips to the gym and there had been more than a few occasions where she had ended up ditching her friends for more fun pursuits than exercise sometimes when they were right in the middle of the workout.

“Just forget Rose,” Sarah urged. “We need to focus on us.”

But Alyssa was annoyed now and she couldn’t focus, not before she found out where her wayward friend had gone off to.

“I gotta find her first,” Alyssa insisted. “Sorry Sarah.”

“Ughh I am so not getting in a good workout today,” Sarah groaned in frustration as she watched Alyssa head off to the locker room in search of Rose. At this rate she should have gone with Stacy and Jessica to yoga. They were at least burning calories in there. All she was doing was wasting time. But, as she once again caught glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence’s yummy body in workout clothes as she worked with her trainer, Sarah decided that at least there was a sexy silver lining to this cloud.

Had she stayed, Alyssa no doubt would have wanted to get a glimpse of Jennifer too as the young woman worked out on the gym floor. But right then she was after Rose. She wasn’t really mad. She was just annoyed at her friend. Rose had promised to work out with them that day. And it was about keeping your commitments. It was about giving your word and holding true to it. It was about the principle of the thing. Alyssa was well accustomed by now to the way Rose did her own thing and she knew she was guilty of it too sometimes. But she had promised and Alyssa was going to hold her to that promise.

She decided to start looking for Rose where she had last seen her, in the locker room and when she entered the area and started looking around she quickly heard it. No it wasn’t the sound of the shower or the sounds of idle chit chat. It was the same thing that Sarah, Ariel and Chloe had heard. And she didn’t just recognize the sound of female moaning. Alyssa recognized the source of it too.

“Rose,” Alyssa said, knowing the sound of those moans anywhere. She had heard them more than enough times to be sure of it. “You little slut!”

And instead of leaving her friend and housemate to whatever pleasure she had found for herself, Alyssa knew she had to find out what was happening. At the very least she knew she would get a treat for her eyes and if she had a chance to bust Rose’s chops while getting it then so much the better. So Alyssa followed the sounds of the moaning. It wasn’t overly loud but it was distinctive. If you didn’t know what you were listening for you might not even have noticed it. But Alyssa’s ears were well tuned to the sounds of feminine pleasure and it led her right to where Rose was.

It didn’t take her long to track her down. The moans were an excellent trail of bread crumbs for her to follow and she quickly found Rose at the very end of the locker room, in the final row right near the emergency exit. It was as isolated a place as there could really be in here but at the same time it was hardly a place to hide. So Alyssa definitely got herself an eyeful when she found Rose in a compromising position with her workout outfit still on…at least half on.

Rose had her hands pressed to the lockers and her ass jutting out, both of her round, full butt cheeks completely exposed as her spandex pants were left around her ankles along with her panties. Rose’s head was turned so she could look over her shoulder and encourage the girl who was pleasuring her. With the girl’s head between Rose’s juicy ass cheeks as her hands squeezed and spread the pale flesh, Alyssa couldn’t see her face but she didn’t need to. The girl’s infamous haircut gave away her identity without any further investigation.

“Yeahhhhhhhh! Mmmm fucking shove that tongue into me!” Rose groaned, as quietly as she could but still without any real interest in truly muffling herself. “Lick that ass! Ohhhhh yessssssss! Mmmm you fucking dirty little whore! Bury that tongue up my ass! Ooooh that’s it baby girl! Show me how you’ve been practicing! Show me how good you’re getting!  Ughhh fuckk yeahh make me wanna come! Make it so I’ll finger my fucking cunt as you eat my ass! Make me so fucking wet I’ll shoot my cum right out of my pussy and cream these lockers with it! Make me leave my fucking mark here!”

The lewd urgings of Rose only got the younger girl working her tongue harder. She had her hands fused to Rose’s bare ass, squeezing her buns with her small palms and even digging her nails into her flesh, which Alyssa knew full well Rose got off on. The girl was still fully dressed in her workout clothes and her focus only on Rose’s pleasure as she pressed her face into her spread butt cheeks and tongued her lewdly.

“Ughhh yeahhhhhh ooooooooh that it girly! That’s how you lick ass!” Rose groaned. “Mmmm you dirty little slut! You’re getting better each and every time you fuck me like a good little lesbo bitch! Mmmm that hunky fiancé of yours has no idea his little girlfriend is such a whore, does he? You would have thought that dyke haircut of yours would have tipped him off but he’s too fucking clueless isn’t he? He doesn’t know you love cunt! He doesn’t know you sneak away to toss my fucking salad! He doesn’t know what a dirty little slut you really are!”

“Ohhhh yeahhhh he doesn’t have a damn clue!” Miley Cyrus enthusiastically declared, smiling with giddiness as she pulled up from Rose’s ass. “He doesn’t know I’m a fucking dyke! He doesn’t know his little Miley loves pussy! He doesn’t know how fucking soaked my cunt gets thinking of licking your ass Rose! He doesn’t know how you and your friends fuck me better than he ever could! He knows I’m a little slut but he doesn’t know I’m THIS much of a fucking whore!”

“Oooooh you know I love that,” Rose panted, her nipples getting visibly hard when she turned her body, showing that even under her pink top and sports bra her she was sporting some serious pokies. “Dirty little bitch! Sneaking around on that slab of Aussie beef to be a little dyke with me! I love what a little lesbian whore you are Miley! Mmmm and I know you love it too!”

“Yessssssssssss! I love it so fucking much!” Miley hissed, her little Tennessee twang getting stronger with her arousal as she talked dirty. “Tell me what I am Rose! Tell me I’m your lesbian bitch! Tell me I’m a nasty girl fucking whore! Call me a dirty dyke because I fucking am! I’m a goddamn lesbian whore and I’m going to hell with the rest of you!”

Miley’s eyes visibly lit up as she gave her own little accounting of being “out and proud” or at least as out as any closeted celebrity ever was. Miley wasn’t even convinced she totally was a lez since she still got nice and creamy for her fiancé’s dick and had her fair share of cock fantasies too. But she sure loved being called a lesbian. Being told she was a dyke and a slut and a lesbo whore always got her off and after years of church teaching her lesbians went to hell she was more than happy to jump into the flames if she could be with women like Rose.

“Oh baby it’ll never be hell as long as there’s hot pussy and tight ass there,” Rose laughed. “Mmmm but I’m gonna give that redneck ass of yours a hell of a spanking if you don’t get back in there! If you’re gonna get my asshole wet with your slutty spit then you’d better tongue it more and make me fucking come! Do it you fucking dyke!”

“Yesssssssssssss tell your little lipstick lesbo bitch what to do!” Miley’s southern voice purred before she complied with Rose’s horny commands and pressed her face back between those toned, curved buns. She dragged her tongue down Rose’s pale crack and let her saliva drool out like a river trickling down onto not just Rose’s asshole but her pussy waiting below as well. “Mmmm I wanna make you fucking come Rose!”

As she watched this, Alyssa was actually torn about what to do. This was fucking hot. Alyssa had been with Miley before. Hell she’d been with Rose and Miley before and she knew full well just how incredible a fuck the former Disney star could be with the reckless abandon that she threw herself into sex with. Miley didn’t look like she had limits and was positively fearless about getting herself off, something that made her perfect for all of them to play with. The sight of that cute face with that new buzzcut that left Miley with only a short head of bleached blonde hair buried in Rose’s ass was scorching hot.

Alyssa could feel her own nipples getting erect under her clothes and she felt an intense craving to just slide her hand right into her pants and touch herself. She could feel her pussy getting moist from seeing Miley enthusiastically tongue Rose’s asshole, those yummy cheeks spread open which also gave Alyssa a great view of Rose’s glistening slit. And Alyssa didn’t even realize her hand had acted until she felt her fingers graze over her own pussy lips. She smiled when she saw she had acted unconsciously and reached under her pants and panties to play with her pussy. But doing that also snapped her back to reality.

As hot as this show was, Alyssa also knew this wasn’t the place for it. This gym didn’t have many rules but she was pretty sure that having lesbian sex in the locker room was one of them. If they got caught like this, that meant Rose might get kicked out of the gym and if she had to go, Alyssa knew she was going to have to go too along with Sarah, Jessica and Stacy and that would be the end of their workout group. So while part of Alyssa wanted to get behind Miley, yank down her shorts and get at the girl’s no longer teenage pussy while she kept on tonguing Rose, there was too much at risk to let this continue.

“Busted!” Alyssa declared, barely finding the will to pull her hand away from her pussy before saying it. “What the hell are you doing Rose?”

“What does it look like I’m doing Alyssa?” Rose shot back as Miley just kept on going. “Mmmm fuckkk it’s called getting a rim job! Oooooh and this little dyke tongue is just what my ass needs after I got all sweaty butt fucking Holly and Kaley with Mr. Snappy! Mmmmm yeahhhh lick it Miley! Taste that sex sweat! I already had my fucking workout today! Now either join in or buzz off Lyssa!”

“You’re going to get us in trouble,” Alyssa pointed out even though she badly wanted to take option A and rip her own clothes off.

“You weren’t so moral when you were running around Holly’s house naked and tasting Snappy after I buried it up Kaley’s blondie ass!” Rose laughed. “Don’t act responsible now Lyssa. We both know you can’t pull it off! You want this slut’s tongue as bad as I do!”

They were talking about her like she wasn’t even there and Miley loved it. Her pussy was drooling into her panties over the idea of being a little sex toy to be passed around from hot girl to hot girl. Whenever she got the mansion she wanted as many women to fuck her as possible, preferably in one big group where she could be treated like slut meat for them all to feast on. That was bliss to her. She wanted to be the center of attention in a huge lesbian orgy with pussy in her face and wet cunts for her to jam her fingers into and tongues lapping at her pussy and her ass at the same time. That was why she got such a thrill out of doing this here with Rose. She was glad Alyssa caught them. She wanted more women to catch them. She wanted them to like what they saw and join right in.

But Miley didn’t say any of this because she kept on rimming Rose’s tight little asshole. The dirtiness of knowing Rose’s hole was sweaty from her fucking other girls made her even hornier and Miley just wished she’d been there too so she could suck off Mr. Snappy and taste Kaley Cuoco’s ass all over it and then bury her face in that sexy butt so she could taste how loose Rose’s fucking had left her.

“Mmmm fuck you’re right,” Alyssa said, knowing it was useless to argue with Rose about this when she did badly want to get in on this. Miley licked pussy like a horny demoness and it was such a blast to come all over her adorable face. “But I’m right too! We’re going to get caught! We’re going to get in trouble and we’re going to get banned! And if I have to stop coming here I am not going to be a very pleasant person for you to be around Rose! So pull your panties up, get dressed and get out there with me and Sarah!”

“Sarah’s here too?” Miley asked eagerly. “Mmmmm yum send her in too! I’ll lick that yummy pussy of hers any day!”

“Settle down Miley,” Alyssa said even as her brain was picturing Miley’s young face buried in Sarah’s twat and her perfect little ass in the air ready for some strap on fucking. “We’re all going to get busted so you have to stop!”

“I dunno Lyssa,” Rose said, at least relenting enough by pulling away from Miley’s tongue and turning toward Alyssa, which only gave the woman more to look at since Rose made no attempt to hide her bottomless state. “Denying me an orgasm? How can you make that up to me?”

“Well what would you want?” Alyssa asked, thinking they could probably work out a fair bargain, especially with the sly smile Rose had on her face.

“Hmmmm what do I want?” Rose said, stroking her chin as if she were thinking it over. “You know, come to think of it, I fucked Holly’s ass today. I fucked Kaley’s ass today. But wasn’t there a third woman over there today? Oh yeah, it was you Alyssa!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh, so is this what you want Rose? Will this make you behave?” Alyssa asked playfully, unable to resist teasing by turning around and bending over to jut her ass out while reaching behind herself to yank her pants and panties down just long enough to flash Rose and Miley her bare ass. “If I let you fuck this when we get home will you be a good girl?”

“Oh baby if you let me at that fucking ass of yours I’ll be the virgin fucking Mary while I’m here,” Rose blasphemously promised.

“Then get dressed and behave,” Alyssa said, following her own advice and pulling her pants back up. “We’re in public Rose! You can’t fuck in here! Save it till we get home!”

“What about me?” Miley pouted, still on her knees.

“What about you?” Alyssa teased. “Mmmm c’mere sweetie.”

Alyssa helped Miley off her knees and immediately kissed the younger woman. It was a passionate kiss and Miley immediately reciprocated by throwing her arms around Alyssa and kissing her while letting her taste Rose’s ass all over her tongue. Ever since Britney Spears had brought her into this wild world of celebrity lesbian sex, Miley hadn’t been able to get enough of it and there wasn’t any chance she was going to cool off about it any time soon.

“Can I come over to the mansion too?” Miley asked hopefully once the kiss ended.

“Of course,” Alyssa asked. “If Rose is going to fuck my ass then you’d better get me ready for it first by doing to me what you were just doing to her.”

“Ohhh yessssssss!” Miley immediately agreed. “I’ll do you like that Alyssa! I’ll lick all your friends’ asses! I’ll do anything you girls want!”

“We know you will,” Rose said after pulling up her panties and pants and covering her nudity. “That’s why we keep you around.”

And with this bargain struck, Alyssa finally got what she wanted and removed Rose from the locker room and out to the gym floor with Miley in tow as an extra bonus.

That left nothing but silence in the immediate area and that was when the blonde teenager who had been spying on everything finally exhaled. Satisfied that no one could catch her snooping now, Chloe Moretz finally emerged from behind the lockers in the opposite row from where Rose and Miley had been. She had come to find out the source of the moaning and ended up finding out something so much more. Alyssa was a lesbian? Being able to see Rose and Miley be naughty had been one thing. But to find out that Alyssa was into it too blew Chloe’s mind.

She had to sit down on the bench and breathe because her head was spinning and there was no way she could organize her thoughts. What she had just found out was insane. It was absolutely crazy. It was so wild that it couldn’t possibly be real. But Chloe knew full well that it was because she had literally pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. And not only was it totally crazy, Chloe thought to herself as she began to smile again with new realization and new hope, but it was also the best thing she had ever seen in her whole life.

By the time Alyssa got back out to the gym floor she saw that Sarah had abandoned all attempts to work out and had instead started focusing on something softer and prettier. Sarah had stopped staring at Jennifer Lawrence and instead had started talking to her. And while Sarah was keeping the conversation strictly above board, Alyssa definitely detected the flirty vibe in her friend’s behavior as she overheard what she was saying.

“It’s going to be a great party,” Sarah said, while resisting the temptation to run her fingers over Jennifer’s toned arm to give her more of a direct sign that she wanted to be whole lot more than just a friendly acquaintance with her. “You should definitely come.”

“I don’t know…it sounds fun,” Jennifer said, a bit reluctantly but also with visible interest. “Most of the parties I’ve been to have been duds this year. One more won’t kill me, right?”

“Oh I can promise you this party will not be a dud,” Sarah said, stating a truth that even she didn’t begin to realize the magnitude of. “I promise you it’s going to be a blast. You should see how our place is decorated.”

“I suppose…” Jennifer said, acting like she wanted to say “yes” but not quite voicing the magic word yet. “I’ll have to let you know. I want to come, but…well my schedule.”

“Sure, sure, sure,” Sarah said at least happy that her first attempt to lure Jennifer out of the gym and to the mansion had not been met with a wall of resistance. “You have my number so just let me know.”

Alyssa couldn’t help but smile as she listened in on all of this. She knew how badly Sarah wanted to get Jennifer into their fun and she didn’t blame her. Jennifer had a body that they all wanted to see naked. But it was still fun to see Sarah try to play it cool and act like there was nothing unusual about the invitation she was extending to her. She couldn’t help but overhear something else though and this was something a lot less flirtatious. It was the sound of angry exertion and strong punches and when Alyssa turned her head to see who was responsible for it she was a bit surprised to see her friend Heather Locklear attempting what appeared to be nothing less than a full out assault on a punching bag.

As Alyssa watched, Heather was all hard kicks and angry jabs on the bag to the point that the well-muscled black man next to her was even taken aback.

“Whoa whoa whoa slow down, Heather,” the trainer advised his client. “What’d this thing ever do to you?”

“Sorry Kurt,” Heather said with a blush as she pulled away from assaulting the bag. “I just have a lot going on right now. There’s a lot on my mind and I guess I took it out on the bag. It’s not personal.”

“I would hope not,” Kurt replied. “Because if it starts to get personal between you and inanimate objects then you need to take a bit of a step back.”

Spoken like someone who has never had a favorite sex toy, Alyssa thought to herself as she grinned from her private joke. But at the same time she could see that something was clearly bothering Heather. It was all over her face. Alyssa had never seen her friend in a state like this and it concerned her.

“I’ll go get you some water and you cool down a bit, ok?” Kurt instructed.

“Ok Kurt,” Heather agreed. “I’ll be ok. I promise,”

And when the trainer walked away, Alyssa took the opportunity to sidle up to her friend as Heather breathed hard and glared into the group of people working out on the floor, anger flaring in her eyes once again as something in particular caught her attention.

“Hey there, so what? That bag say something about your mother?” Alyssa teased, trying to break the ice.

“Lyssa!” Heather said in surprise, not expecting to see her friend there but looking extremely happy to see her. “I’m so glad it’s you. I’ve been dying to call you for weeks.”

“My phone’s working fine,” Alyssa pointed out. “Anytime you want to call. What’s going on? I haven’t seen you in months.  Are you ok? You were hitting the bag pretty hard. I think you scared off your trainer.”

“It’s nothing,” Heather claimed even though it clearly was from the look in her eyes and that only made Alyssa want to inquire further. Something was bothering her friend. “I just wanted to catch up.”

“It’s more than that,” Alyssa replied in concern. “What’s wrong? I know something’s wrong. Are you ok? Is it a guy problem? Girl problem?”

“Girl problem,” Heather sighed. “But not in the way you think.”

Alyssa was about to ask what Heather meant before the answer presented itself. Anger made itself very visible in the blonde woman’s eyes and she was staring straight out daggers out of them. And when Alyssa turned to see what Heather was staring at with such an “if looks could kill” expression she saw that it was indeed a girl problem. But it was a girl problem that Alyssa had no experience dealing with. It was a 15-year-old girl problem. And the problem seemed to be very leached onto Heather’s daughter Ava.

“What the fuck is he doing with her?” Heather muttered, not expecting an answer as she stared at the way the trainer was pressing up against her daughter, the teenage blonde giggling flirtatiously with even more blatant overtones than when Ariel and Chloe had last checked in on their friend.

Alyssa frowned when she looked over. She could tell exactly what was upsetting her friend and she didn’t like it either. As a trainer in the gym, Declan was known very well for his fitness knowledge and ability but even more so for getting very hands on with some extremely willing clients. The buzz around the locker room was that the Irish native who had come to Hollywood dreaming of being the next Liam Neeson or Colin Ferrell was packing with porn star proportions and he knew how to use it. There wasn’t a cougar at the gym who didn’t want to be on Declan’s client list and his reputation as a lothario was infamous So she could certainly understand exactly why Heather didn’t want him anywhere near her daughter.

But before Alyssa could say anything, Heather stormed away directly toward the older man getting far too close for comfort to her 15-year-old daughter. Declan seemed to be showing Ava proper positioning for her body but the way she was now rubbing up against him and the expression on his face made Heather furious.

“Excuse me!” Heather heatedly interjected herself. “What the hell is going on here? Get your hands off of her!”

“Mom!” Ava cried in annoyance when she and Declan were interrupted.

“It’s nothing, just showing her a few stretches,” Declan insisted in his accented voice. It was easy to see why girl would completely fall for him but Heather was not about to let this go even an inch furious.

“Your damn right it’s nothing and it’s going to stop right this instant,” Heather insisted. “Or would you rather I called the manager over here and explain to him what your hands were doing on a 15-year-old girl?”

“Mom! Stop! You’re embarrassing me!” Ava groaned as Declan’s eyes went wide and he stepped away.

“You’re 15?” Declan stammered out as the look on his face and Ava’s ashamed blush showed that this was one detail she had not cared to share with her crush.

“Only for 10 more months,” Ava lamely offered as Declan continued to back away.

“I’m sorry…I…I…I didn’t know…” Declan said before he beat a hasty trail out of there while he still had a job and a clean arrest record.

“Mom! What the hell?” Ava protested. “Now he’s never going to talk to me again!”

“Good!” Heather shot back. “I don’t want him anywhere near you.”

“Oh my God you’re ruining my life, mom!” Ava cried out in teenage drama queen mode.
“We weren’t doing anything wrong!”

“Oh I saw what you were doing and it’s not appropriate young lady,” Heather chastised. “Now don’t you dare make a scene here. We can talk about this at home.”

“Ughhh whatever…I’m catching a ride home with Chloe,” Ava snapped as she stormed away. “I’m going over to dad’s! You totally embarrassed me in front of the coolest guy here! I hate you!”

“When you see your father tell him his check is fucking late again,” Heather angrily said, more of her own frustration than for Ava or anyone else to hear her. Figuring that if she went after her daughter she could only make things worse and that if she went with Chloe over to her father’s at least she’d be safe, Heather then turned back to Alyssa and shot her a look of despair.

“God, I can’t do anything right with her anymore,” Heather sighed sadly. “She makes me feel like I’m smothering her every time I try to protect her and when I don’t do anything and try to let her make her own mistakes I see her come home crying and I think I’m an absentee mother!”

“It’s ok.” Alyssa said, giving her friend a hug. “I think that’s just part of being a teenager. Remember what we put our moms through.”

“Ughhh don’t remind me,” Heather replied. “But there’s more…it’s just…”

“What? What’s wrong?” Alyssa asked when Heather didn’t follow that up with anything more.

“No…never mind…I can’t…” Heather said, clamming up. “Forget it Alyssa.”

“No, something’s really wrong,” Alyssa pushed. “I can see it in your eyes. What’s wrong?”

“Oh God, Alyssa, I need help,” Heather said, surprising her friend when she turned to her with tears in her eyes. “Can you come over to my place? I need to talk to someone and I can’t do it here.”

“Sure, sure whatever you want,” Alyssa agreed. “When?”

“Like 3 o clock?” Heather suggested.  If Ava was going over to sulk at her father’s then she would have the place all for and Alyssa and maybe, just maybe she could get this off her chest before it killed her.

“I’ll be there,” Alyssa promised. “Whatever it is we can figure it out. You can tell me anything.”

Don’t be so sure of that, Heather thought to herself because she couldn’t figure anything out herself anymore.


Heather wasn’t the only one with problems right then. As she drove with no clear direction in mind other than to go somewhere, Gwen Stefani couldn’t stop focusing on her problem with Fluffy. It was plaguing her like a nagging bug bite she wanted to scratch. Part of her knew, like a bite, this fight would heal soon and be forgotten. But that didn’t make the immediate any easier. She just wanted to scratch it and make the itching stop now. And as she drove around she couldn’t stop thinking about Fluffy’s stubbornness, her own impetuousness and how badly she wanted this fixed now. The thought of spending Christmas on bad terms with Fluffy was awful to her, especially since this was such a stupid thing to be fighting about.

She needed to talk to someone, but who? Usually at times like this she went right to Jennifer Aniston. They’d been each other’s consolers many times and she knew all too well about her and Fluffy’s secret rendezvous. But Gwen knew Jen was having a tough time of things lately and this seemed too still to burden her with. It wasn’t like she could go to Christina or Britney. They could never know about Fluffy and her. But who?

Gwen lacked direction right then, both literally as she drove and more figuratively as she tried to figure out what to do to make things right. She needed someone to talk to. Someone she could trust. Someone who knew Fluff. And then all of a sudden she figured it out! How could she have not thought of her right away?

Gwen quickly dialed her on her phone and nervously tapped the steering wheel as she waited for her to pick up. It took a few rings but then she got the answer when a slightly breathless voice picked up on the other end.

“Hello? Gwen?” the woman’s voice asked.

“Hey, can I come over?” Gwen asked. “I really need to talk to someone.”

“Of course,” Michelle Branch replied. “I’ve got some company over, but I know you like them.”

A short time later, Gwen was pulling up Michelle’s driveway. She hadn’t given much thought to what the woman was talking about with having “company over” because she was much too preoccupied with her own issues, but after ringing the bell and having Michelle answer it in just a robe during the early afternoon, the full picture immediately dawned on her.

“Ohhhhhh…you said you had ‘company,’” Gwen said when she saw Michelle and her slightly flushed face and a robe she was certain covered her naked body. “I didn’t get it. I’ll come back.”

“What? Don’t be silly,” Michelle insisted. “Come in. We’re glad to have you here. Besides you like this kind of company. And anyways, you said you needed to talk.”

For Michelle sex was fun…a LOT of fun. But friendship meant more than anything and Gwen was someone that she felt she had an unbreakable bond. After all she not only knew all about Gwen and Fluffy but Gwen knew all about her and Fluffy and the daughter they had. The parentage of her daughter was an open secret, but it wasn’t like she and Fluffy were together. It was just…complicated. But a lot of things were complicated and she and Fluffy made it work somehow and because of the connection they all shared, Michelle wanted to be there for Gwen.

“Well yeah, but not if you’re in the middle of something,” Gwen said, feeling guilty that she was interrupting Michelle’s fun.

“Just get in here already,” Michelle replied with a friendly smile. “Let’s talk. Besides I have something you’re going to want to see upstairs.”

“Where’s Owen?” Gwen asked, figuring that Michelle’s daughter wasn’t home given her the singer’s state of undress but also wanting to confirm it.

“At school, so this is some serious ‘me time’,” Michelle said while taking Gwen upstairs. “We have a few hours before she gets back.”

There was nothing in the world more important to Michelle than her daughter, but that didn’t mean she didn’t treasure this time alone when she could be here with her friends and do something about the lusts that built up inside her when they weren’t around. Owen was becoming older and much more aware and that meant less fun time for Michelle. She wasn’t ashamed of who she was and had explained a long time ago how she was different than the other moms. Owen knew all about her being a lesbian and what it meant and with so many same sex couples with kids these days it was hardly a big deal for the child. But that didn’t mean Michelle advertised her sex life or exposed her daughter to anything too adult. Being a parent came before having fun.

That was why these precious hours were so important and why Michelle took full advantage of them whenever she could. But even with that in mind, if Gwen needed help, Michelle was going to be there for her. However, that didn’t mean she couldn’t have some fun while doing it too and she was very eager to show Gwen what was going on in her bedroom.  Before they even got to the door, Gwen could hear the moaning and it brought a smile to her face to hear those sexy sounds of female sexual pleasure despite her own worries.

And even better than those sounds were the women making them. Gwen and Michelle walked right in to find the two locked in a 69 on the bed, their faces pressed to each other’s crotches as they rocked back and forth on the bed. Even though she couldn’t see either of their faces, Gwen recognized them instantly since she already knew their sexy, naked bodies intimately.

“Oh wow, mmmmm this is some fun ‘me time.’” Gwen giggled as she watched Avril Lavigne and Joanna “JoJo” Levesque lick away at each other’s cunts, their moans of pleasure muffled but not contained while they fucked.

“Mmmhmm,” Michelle confirmed. “We were going at it hot and heavy before you called. Mmmm and we were hoping that you would want to join in with us.”

Gwen had certainly been with JoJo and Avril before and she’d fucked Michelle more times than she could remember. She knew how good all three of them looked naked and she knew how amazing they all were as lovers. And that wasn’t the only thing they had in common. All three of them had been with Fluffy. Despite being a very happy lesbian, Michelle succumbed to the pleasures of Fluffy’s cock from time to time. Avril was always up for a good fucking, especially with Fluffy because she wasn’t supposed to have him and that just made her want him more. And JoJo had once caught Gwen and her secret lover before, leading to the first of several spirited threesomes they had enjoyed together.

But seeing them there and thinking about the hot sex they had all shared with Fluffy just served to remind Gwen about her problems with him and how sex had gotten her into that trouble. She thought about how now she was being punished for being adventurous and how Fluffy had freaked out about it and how he was too stubborn to admit he had liked it and how she wished she had never done it in the first place and suddenly the 69 on the bed didn’t look so appealing anymore. So Gwen just fell down onto the bed, face first into a pillow which she grabbed with her hands and screamed into it, her frustration boiling over.

“Ok…that’s kinda weird,” Avril said quizzically when she turned her head from being on top of JoJo in their 69. “You ok there Gwen? Cause we’re kinda in the middle of something here.”

“Be nice Avril,” Michelle said, taking advantage of Avril being on top by spanking her girlfriend’s bare ass to make her message clear. “Gwen says she needs to talk.”

“Can’t we fuck first?” Avril pouted. “C’mon Gwen. It’s been ages since I licked your pussy and I know you can’t get enough of eating me out.  Oooooh you can call Fluffy over and really make this a party!”

That just got an even louder scream of frustration into the pillow from Gwen.

“Ummmm ok, wasn’t expecting that reaction,” Avril said as she slid her naked body off of JoJo’s. And even though Gwen’s problem was concerning all of them, Michelle couldn’t help herself and she leaned in to kiss both Avril and JoJo on the lips to taste their sweet cum. But she made that brief so she could turn her attention to Gwen.

“What’s wrong?” Michelle asked, sitting down on the bed next to her older friend as Gwen lay face down with the pillow over her face.

“Ughhh I totally fucked up,” Gwen groaned after finally pulling the pillow away. “Things were going so well with me and Fluffy and I totally messed it up?”

“You?” JoJo asked. “How could you mess things up? What did you ask for too much sex? Did you offer to suck his cock too many times? Did you beg him to come on your face too many times? Did you bring him too many other hot girls to fuck while he fucked you too? You do everything for him! Fluffy is lucky to have you, Gwen. Believe me, I know.”

JoJo was speaking from her own observations of the illicit couple. She wished she had felt one half the emotion and devotion for any of her boyfriends that Gwen did for Fluffy. There was nothing insincere or forced about any of their interactions. Gwen was consumed with lust for him and not in a “I’m going to stalk you 24/7 and try and read your thoughts” way but more of a “I will do anything you want because making you feel good makes me feel good” way. JoJo had been with Fluffy enough times to have a bit of a sense why Gwen felt that way, but still she had never felt any kind of connection like Gwen had with Fluffy and she couldn’t conceive of them ever fighting.

“I know you’re joking, JoJo, but you’re kind of right,” Gwen sighed. “I took it too far last night and he’s mad at me. I was just trying to make him feel good but now he thinks I’m a slut.”

“Ummm you are a slut,” Avril laughed. “We all are! And so is he! Fluffy’s fucked all of us! We’re all totally sluts! That’s why we’re all so good with each other. How can he possibly mind anything you’d do to him?”

Gwen couldn’t help but laugh. In her way, Avril was right. Though she was sure that Fluffy would probably take exception to being referred to as a slut, she still made a good point. They were all people who pushed each other’s sexual boundaries and liked it. Why should she feel bad about doing that here especially when she knew Fluffy had liked it.

“Tell us what happened,” Michelle urged. “Was this what you two were getting so into last night? I could hear the shouting.”

Fluffy lived here with her so he could be as big a part of Owen’s life as possible. And since Gwen and Fluffy needed to meet in secret, this was a perfect place for them to hook up. That’s where they’d been the night before and Gwen felt terrible that Michelle had overheard them.

“Ughhh I didn’t want to wake anyone up,” Gwen said in embarrassment. “We were trying not to make too much noise.”

“You didn’t,” Michelle assured her before she offered up a confession. “Ummmm I kind of listen to you two sometimes.”

“What?” Gwen asked, shocked by the admission. Judging from the look on Avril’s face it took her by surprise too. “You listen to us?”

“Wow, what a sneaky little perv you are,” Avril teased.

“Welllll sometimes when I haven’t had any time to myself I listen in when you two are having fun,” Michelle admitted. “I like hearing you two fuck. It makes me wet. Ummm I listen in on you through the door and I play with myself. Sorry Gwen.”

“Wow,” Gwen replied, not expecting that from Michelle. “Ummm it’s ok Michelle. Just next time, let us know. You can always join in.”

“So what happened last night?” JoJo asked. Her pussy was still wet from not having come yet from Avril’s tongue and as long as she was lying there in the bed totally naked she figured she had might as well hear a sexy story.

“Well, I was ummm riding Fluffy,” Gwen said, deciding to entertain her friends a little with the details by letting them picture her naked and sweaty bouncing up and down on Fluffy’s dark dick as it filled up her white pussy. “He was fucking me so good mmmmm I love that position. I get to look him right in the eye as I ride his cock and his hands and squeeze my ass and spank me mmmm or he can feel up my tits and ooooh pinch my nipples. So umm he was fucking me and I came so good. You know when you come really hard and it kind of fries your brain a little? That’s kind of what happened to me last night.”

“What did you do?” JoJo asked, her pussy getting even wetter as she heard the story.

“Well I came all over his cock and I started to do what I always do, I started sucking him off,” Gwen explained, feeling her own pussy moisten over thinking about how much she liked tasting her own cum on Fluffy’s cock. Whether he’d come or not, she always took him into her mouth after she’d had an orgasm to taste herself. “And I just went so wild on his cock. Mmmm I started sucking him down my throat. Ughh I even started choking on it and it felt so good to have that big, fat cock shoved in my mouth with my cum all over it. I could feel myself tearing up and it made me even more woozy and horny. So then I licked his cock. I tasted the last of my cum and my own saliva all over it and I went lower. Mmmm I started licking his balls and sucking on them. He loves that.”

“We know,” Michelle, Avril and JoJo all said at almost the same time based on their shared knowledge of Gwen’s lover.

“Mmmmm he was moaning like crazy and I was stroking him off as I sucked his balls,” Gwen relayed, getting wetter the more she shared. “I got them all wet with my saliva and even licked them off. Mmmm he was going wild as I licked his balls, tasting his sweat and my cum and his cock was throbbing in my hand and then my tongue just slipped at first and I started licking accidently that…what do they call that area under the balls?”

“The taint,” JoJo replied, getting three quizzical looks in response to her having that word at immediate disposal. “What? I know male anatomy. Sue me.”

Instead Gwen kept on with her story.

“I didn’t mean to start licking him there, my tongue just slipped but he really moaned loudly when I did it and it was clear how much he liked it,” Gwen said, knowing all three women were intently listening to her and liking what they heard. “So I started licking them there on purpose now. I dragged my tongue over it. I’d never done that before and Fluffy’s cock got even harder in my hand. I had no idea he was so sensitive down there but he really, really liked it and ummm…gawwd…”

“What? Then what?” Avril urged. She had a pretty good idea where Gwen was going with this but she still wanted to hear Gwen say it.

“I couldn’t help myself,” Gwen admitted. “My brain was still all soaked in haze from my orgasm and Fluffy was moaning so much from what I was doing that I just started licking lower. My tongue licked his asshole and ooooh he moaned louder than ever. I touched it lightly first but then when he got even harder in my hand I really started to do it. I licked all over it and then I pushed my tongue inside. I’d never done that to a guy before but I started licking him there like I lick girls. I started licking his ass and fucking it with my tongue and all he was doing was moaning from it and then he just came all over my hand. I wasn’t even stroking him. I was just holding his dick and he came so hard. He shot all over from what I was doing.”

“Whoa…that’s wild,” Michelle said with a bit of a moan in her voice. She hadn’t heard that part of the night but she could picture it in her mind and it just seemed so wrong but so hot all at the same time.

“It was,” Gwen agreed. “I licked all over his tight little asshole and he came so fucking hard. My hand got soaked from his load and he even got some in my hair from it”

“That’s fucking nasty,” Avril laughed. “I love it. But then what happened? Why is Fluffy mad at you?”

“Well after he came and I think it dawned on him what had just happened and he got really mad at me like I had done something bad,” Gwen sighed. “He told me I shouldn’t have done it and I should have asked him first and he wasn’t into stuff like that.”

“Guys can be so repressed about things like that,” JoJo said. “I think they think it makes them gay to like it.”

“Have you ever done it? To a guy I mean,” Gwen asked. She’d felt Avril and JoJo’s tongues in her ass before but never Michelle’s so she knew their experiences.

“No,” Michelle said. “But then again there are a lot of things I haven’t done to guys.”

“I haven’t either,” Avril said. “I never even thought about doing it. I guess it never occurred to me because I assumed they would freak out like Fluffy did.”

But one of the three girls had gone further than the other two.

“I’ve done it,” JoJo admitted. “I like it. It’s nasty and fun. Mmmm I love licking a guy’s asshole. It means he’s up for anything and he’ll be extra fun in bed. Of course you don’t do it with just any guy. He has to be into it. Most guys aren’t. They think it’s gay.”

“Well I know Fluffy liked it damn it,” Gwen said, sulking over his reaction. “He came so hard. And then he wigged out on me? He’s definitely not gay so what’s his deal?”

“He just didn’t want to admit he liked it,” JoJo said. “It takes a special guy to admit he likes it. I mean not everyone does but a lot of them do but they’re afraid to admit it because they think you’ll think less of them if they ask you do it. Me, I think it’s hot. I like doing it when the guy wants me too.”

“I guess he shouldn’t be upset about it,” Avril said. “I mean he’s tossed your salad, Gwen. Why can’t you toss his?”

“I just wish I could make him understand that it’s nothing to get upset over,” Gwen said, agreeing with Avril even if she didn’t specifically say so. “I want him to make him feel good. If he likes it, I’ll do it for him. And he shouldn’t get mad at me for it.”

“I’m sure he’ll see it your way,” Michelle assured Gwen. “It’s just new to him probably. Guys think they can only like certain things. I guess that’s kind of the only way it’s easier for us to be women. They like when we try new things but they never try anything themselves.”

“Yeah it’s not like you’re coming out there with a strap on and telling him to bend over for you?” Avril laughed. “You’re not, are you?”

“Oh God no,” Gwen laughed back. “I think if I did that he’d run away and we’d never see him again.”

“Yeah, even I’ve never done that,” JoJo said with a smile.

“So yeah, you just need to make Fluffy relax and everything will be fine,” Michelle said. “Once he takes a little time and gets used to it and realizes it’s ok and it felt good, he won’t be mad anymore. He just needs to cool down. I mean the first time I fucked Fluffy, it was the first time I had been with a guy and after it happened at first I was freaked out and wondering if I was like the worst lesbian in the world or something but the more I thought about it, the more I realized we like what we like and sometimes we like different things we’re not expecting. After all, sex can be boring if it’s just the same thing over and over again.”

“You’re right, Michelle,” Gwen said. “I just need to let him cool off. But it’s so hard to not want to try and fix this right away.”

“Mmmm well maybe, Gwen, we can do something to get your mind off it,” Michelle said. “I only have a few hours left before Owen gets home, we should make the most of it.”

As she said that, Michelle stood up and undid the sash of her robe, pushing it off her body and confirming she was naked underneath. Her nipples were already hard and Gwen also got a sign of her friend’s horniness when she couldn’t help but let her gaze travel to between her legs.

“Want to see if we can make you feel better?” Michelle asked, getting a big smile from Gwen in return.

“I’d like to see what you can do about that,” Gwen accepted as she stood up and peeled off her shirt too to show off her bra.

And indeed, the three women knew just Gwen needed to feel good again.


Back at the gym. Alyssa was the last woman standing. Out of all of them, even Sarah, she’d been the most committed to getting a workout in and she’d managed to do it, even if it meant staying behind after the rest of them had gone on home. And Alyssa felt really good about that. She felt as if she’d really gotten her body going that day in her workout and, as a smile tugged at her lips, she knew it was a good thing because Rose seemed hell bent on stretching her out in some fun positions. So it was fortunate she was feeling flexible after her workout.

She hadn’t skimped on her routine that day and it had been tough, but she’d managed to push herself to do it. Rose’s promise of a good ass fucking actually had served as a bit of an enticement. It had been a while since she had gotten her ass stuffed with Mr. Snappy and Alyssa knew as much as she loved to turn the tables on her foxy friend, there was no one who fucked quite like Rose did. The feel of having her ass fucked by her and her trusty strap on was a feeling of ecstatic surrender like no other and Alyssa couldn’t wait for it. She’d pushed herself in her workout by saying the more she did now the more she’d be able to enjoy Rose’s fucking as a reward.

She was going to be sore in the morning for sure from both strenuous activities, but Alyssa was sure it would be worth it. Plus it looked like she had made a new friend that say. She had been a little surprised to see someone like Chloe so star struck around her. She didn’t usually get the attention of girls that age, but those endless reruns of Charmed on cable seemed to be good for something more than just those regular royalty checks she got. She’d managed to take a little time to help out Chloe and her friend Ariel a little and she’d felt good about it too. Maybe she had a future as a personal trainer if this whole acting thing didn’t work out. After all, she did have a workout tape out there somewhere even though she was ridiculously young when she had done it and probably the only copies of it left were owned by weird Japanese businessmen.

But Alyssa didn’t want to think too much about that. Wondering where those tapes were those days would only serve to creep her out and she pushed it out of her mind as she dropped her towel and stepped under the shower head in the locker room. The hot water quickly streamed down on her body and she moaned in relief as she felt the sweat and grime of her workout be washed away. She didn’t intend to linger in the shower, especially with Rose already heading back to the mansion and no doubt impatiently waiting for her, but she did take a moment to let the water coat her and wash away her exertions.

She had definitely worked up a good sweat that day and she needed this shower.  And she looked like she was all alone too, which she liked. Privacy was nice and with empty rows of showers around her, Alyssa chose one in the middle with plenty of room on each side. She just stood under the hot water, letting it soak her and caress her bare skin and letting her head empty out of all thoughts except how good it would feel to be clean.

But privacy was not to be as she suddenly heard a voice behind her.

“Mind if I join you?”

When she heard that Alyssa turned around and was presented with the surprising sight of a completely naked Chloe Moretz, her young body completely bare with not a smidgen of inhibition on her.

“Ummmm yeah sure,” Alyssa said, a little taken aback by Chloe’s boldness and her choice to shower right next to her with so many other available shower heads so close by.

“Thanks for helping me out before and, you know, being all cool with me babbling so much,” Chloe said, trying not to look too much as Alyssa’s gloriously naked body next to hers and hoping she was doing a good job of keeping hidden just how interested she was in it.

“Oh it’s no problem, I’m glad I could give you girls some tips,” Alyssa said. “Ummm where’s Ariel now?”

“Oh she went off with her sister and Sarah…Sarah Hyland I mean…not your Sarah,” Chloe explained. “I have a car service picking me up.”

“I’d give you a ride but I’m headed back to Malibu,” Alyssa said. “I don’t suppose you live out that way, do you?”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth Alyssa regretted saying them. Not because she would have minded saying them, but because where she was headed in Malibu was no place for a 15-year-old girl and Alyssa didn’t even want to hint at any kind of anything improper. But even as she thought that she couldn’t help but glance over at Chloe’s young body as she showered next to her and thought about how in a few years she’d be ready for the mansion before immediately shoving that thought aside as she remembered just how much older she was than Chloe.

“Ummm no sorry I don’t live out in Malibu,” Chloe said, biting her lip as she thought to herself “But I wish I did.”

What she had just found out about Alyssa and her living situation had blown her mind and she knew she had to do this. She couldn’t wait. She knew this was crazy. But she had to. After all, what she had just found out about Alyssa had been crazy too. Why not add a little more into it? What was the worst that could happen? Besides, heartbreak of course. But Chloe told herself to be brave.  She could do this. She had to do this.

“Thanks again for helping me with those tips out there,” Chloe said as Alyssa had her back turned to her in the shower, giving Chloe a view she had never expected to actually ever have with Alyssa’s bare ass so firm and sexy. The tan cheeks of her ass were shiny with the shower water and it made Chloe feel so nervous. But she didn’t mind her butterflies. She had gone too far to back away now. “I just wish there was something I could do to pay you back for being so nice to me.”

“Oh you don’t have to,” Alyssa said nonchalantly as she busied herself by washing her bare body as quickly as possible. She wanted to get back to Malibu and have her way with Rose so she could go see Heather next and get to the bottom of what was bothering her. “It’s Christmas after all. If we can’t be nice to each other then and do favors, what’s the point? I didn’t want to get on Santa’s naughty list, do you?”

“I think I’m already on his naughty list,” Chloe replied under her breath as she kept staring at Alyssa’s ass with a growing hunger in her young pussy.

“Huh? Did you say something Chloe? I didn’t hear you,” Alyssa said, not paying too much attention to the young girl.

“I said ummm…I said, if you wanted me to I could help you get at those hard to reach spots,” Chloe said, a little nervously but clearly as she tried to be seductive. She wanted this so badly and she didn’t want to blow it by being a total dork. She had to go for it. She had to do it now.

“Hah, thanks but I’ll manage,” Alyssa said, finding the request more than a little strange but not wanting to think too much of that. At the mansion that was a very common offer and Alyssa took the women asking her up on it extremely often. But she didn’t think Chloe could possibly mean the same thing. She was just making some kind of joke.

However that was an illusion that was shattered a moment later when Alyssa suddenly felt the teenager’s nude body press into her back.

“Are you sure?” Chloe purred into her ear. “I can be very helpful. And I have such nice hands. Don’t you want to feel them all over your body Alyssa?”

Alyssa froze in shock. This was the last thing in the world she had expected to happen and there was absolutely no mistaking Chloe’s intention. She could feel the girl’s firm breasts against her back and her nipples were stiffening. Alyssa had no idea how to respond to this so she just stood there like a statue for a moment until the feel of Chloe’s hands caressing her stomach snapped her to action.

“Chloe! What the hell?” Alyssa demanded, yanking herself away from the teenager and turning around to face her. “What are you doing?”

“You know…” Chloe said, trying not to let her fear overcome her now that she was so close to what she wanted more than anything. She was more nervous than ever now as she saw the anger in Alyssa’s eyes, but she had been expecting that and at the same time she found herself being calmed by everything else she saw. She had a clear view of full frontal heaven right then and Chloe let it be burned into her mind.

“Oh my God, Chloe,” Alyssa said, knowing exactly what the girl was trying to do and also knowing there was no true measure of how wrong it was. “We can’t.  You can’t. I can’t. What’s gotten into you?”

It was only then that Alyssa realized she was standing there totally naked in front of a girl who badly wanted to be with her. She was giving Chloe a hell of a mixed signal by telling her no while also giving her an unobstructed view of her tits and pussy so she grabbed her towel and covered herself. Chloe didn’t do the same though. She just stood there naked. She wasn’t consciously modeling herself, but she was letting Alyssa see her body, hoping so much the brunette would like what she saw.

“I want this Alyssa,” Chloe tried to explain, desperately hoping to find words that could convince Alyssa that this was no joke. This was serious to her. It was the most serious thing to her, in fact. “I want you. I…I…I don’t want to just be your friend. I want to be…ummm…I…oh God, I’ve had a crush on you forever! I want to be with you.  Ughhh…I gawd…I just want to fuck you!”

Hearing that word on the girl’s young lips froze Alyssa again, especially when she saw how confessing this was making Chloe’s puffy pink nipples stiffen up even more. Despite herself, Alyssa found herself checking out the teenager’s body with her firm, little breasts and the way there was a nice dusting of blonde fur over her pussy. But as soon as she acknowledged that, Alyssa chastised herself for even noticing it and she tore her gaze away.

“You need to get dressed!” Alyssa insisted, grabbing another towel and handing it to Chloe. “Cover up. This is wrong. I don’t know what you thought was going to happen here, Chloe but nothing is going on here. I’m…I’m not into this.”

It was as bald faced a lie as she had ever said, but Alyssa was scrambling here. She wanted to let Chloe down as gently as possible. She was a beautiful girl, but that was the problem right there. She was a girl and this was beyond inappropriate.

“I know that’s not true,” Chloe said, seeing exactly what Alyssa was doing. “I saw you before, with Rose and with Miley. I saw what you did. I saw you kiss Rose. I heard what you said. You don’t have to hide it Alyssa. You don’t have to be ashamed that you like girls. I like girls!”

Alyssa kept darting her eyes to make sure no one was coming. Chloe continued to stand there completely naked as she held the towel in her hand but didn’t do anything to cover her nudity with it. She didn’t want anyone to see this. It could be so easily misinterpreted if they did.

“Chloe you need to get dressed,” Alyssa once again said. “This can’t happen. This can’t ever happen.”

“Why not?” Chloe said as she relented and wrapped the towel around herself. “Don’t you think I’m pretty?”

“Oh God, Chloe, how can you even ask that?” Alyssa groaned. “Of course you’re pretty. You’re a beautiful young woman. But I’m…oh fuck, I’m old enough to be your mother.”

Alyssa didn’t want to admit it, but it was true. She was old enough to be this girl’s mother. She’d just turned 40 and…how could she even think about doing something like this with a 15 year old? Miley was one thing. There was a huge age difference there. But that girl was 20 now and there was a light year of difference between 15 and 20.

“I don’t care about that,” Chloe insisted. “Age doesn’t mean anything to me. I just know I’ve never seen a more beautiful woman than you Alyssa. You’re everything a woman should be. You’re so sexy. You’re so smart. You’re so talented. You’re amazing and I’ve wanted to be with you. I know this is crazy, but we can make it happen! I want you to take me. I want you to have me like you have Rose. Mmmmm fuck me like you want to fuck Miley!”

When she’d been standing there naked before, Chloe hadn’t been doing it to purposely taunt Alyssa with her body. She’d just been so focused on saying what she felt she needed to say to bother covering herself. But now she decided to be more obviously naughty as she opened her towel to show off her boobs and more.

“I want you Alyssa,” Chloe pleaded. “I’ve thought about this over and over again. It’s not wrong. You won’t be forcing me into anything. I want it so bad. I want you to fuck me. I never thought you would be into girls like I am but when I saw you kiss Rose I knew I had to do this. I had to let you know how I felt. It can be so amazing between us. I know I can make you feel good and you can make me feel better than anyone ever has before.”

“No Chloe!  No!” Alyssa said as firmly as possible without being mean to the girl. Her head was spinning from this. “This can’t ever happen. You’re too young. You don’t know what you’re asking.”

“I do know!” Chloe insisted. “Oh Alyssa you have no idea what I know.”

“We just can’t,” Alyssa said, realizing the more she stood there the more dangerous this was becoming. “This isn’t going to happen Chloe. We can never speak of this again. I’m going to pretend this didn’t happen and you should do the same. You’re a beautiful and talented and smart young woman Chloe and if you want to be with women that’s great. But it won’t be with me. You need to understand that.”

Not waiting a moment more of awkwardness, Alyssa walked away, letting those words be the final words. Any more time she spent here in the shower with Chloe could only lead to no good and Alyssa wasn’t about to take any chances,

But as firm as Alyssa had been, Chloe was not finished. She had come so far that turning back now was unacceptable. Her heart was thumping wildly in her chest. She had never, ever intended to act on her crush. Only the closest of her friends knew not only that she liked girls but that there was one woman in particular that made her turned on more than anyone. But she had never thought she would do anything about it until she had seen Alyssa with Rose and Miley. Chloe was convinced that was a sign and that she had to act. She couldn’t keep this a secret. Not when Alyssa liked girls too. Not when she had fantasized about this for so long.

Christmastime was a time when miracles happened, right? Chloe wasn’t deterred by Alyssa’s reaction. She had prepared herself for that. But she was not going to let it stop her. She knew Alyssa just needed to reconsider and she’d see things a different way. She’d see that fucking her would be the best thing in the world. She’d see that she was worthy of being in her bed. And since Chloe didn’t think Santa was going to bring her this miracle, she was going to have to do this herself. That was something she was totally prepared to do. She was young and she knew it, but Chloe knew how to get what she wanted to.

“I’m going to have you Alyssa,” Chloe whispered when the older woman was well out of earshot. “And it’s going to be the best thing ever. You’ll see I’m right.”


As the door closed behind her and she placed her keys down on little table in their foyer, Eliza Dushku made no secret of her presence.

“I’m home!” she declared loudly.  “Kiki?  Are you here?”

There was no reply to that, just a silent, empty house and Eliza sighed as she shrugged off her jacket and hung it up in the closet before heading upstairs for a much needed shower.  She had just come back from the gym and had to admit she was quite a mess.  She would have normally showered at the gym with the rest of her friends but she had been in such a rush to get home. Seeing all those hot bodies at the gym, from her friends’ when they all changed together to Jennifer Lawrence in her tight ass hugging shorts to nudity flaunting Stella Hudgens had left Eliza feeling more than a little horny.

She’d already been feeling worked up all day knowing her plan to surprise Kirsten had worked to utter perfection and now she was practically craving sex. She hadn’t wanted to shower at the gym because it had sounded far more appealing to her to shower at home, preferably with Kirsten in there with her so they could both get wet and soapy together.

And while others in her group had ended up distracted, she had managed to get herself quite a workout at the gym. Eliza had decided to start getting onto her New Year’s resolution a little early this year, especially because she was sure she was going to pig out a little over Christmas. So she had pushed herself today and was now confident that her workout had definitely earned her some guilt-free eating points.

As much as she disliked working out, and really who did like it, Eliza couldn’t argue with the results and she wanted 2013 to be a year of an even sexier Eliza Dushku.  And she was sure Kirsten would enjoy that, especially because they were never shy about complimenting and getting very hands on with each other’s toned bodies. Usually Kirsten went with her to the gym as part of their workout group with Sarah and Alyssa, but today she’d obviously gone out solo and, as she regarded the seemingly empty house, Eliza wished again that her wife was there.

Eliza hadn’t seen Kirsten’s car in the garage, but that didn’t necessarily mean she wasn’t there.   So as she walked up the stairs she called out again and was disappointed when she received no answer.

“Damn,” Eliza muttered out loud when was convinced her wife was definitely not in the house.  “Looks like I’ll be showering alone.”

And, as she slid out of her workout pants and yanked her tank top over her head, she couldn’t help but wish again that she wasn’t alone.  She was eager to show off her body today.  Her workout had left her sore and sweaty, but she wanted to get herself even sweatier and make herself sore in all the right places.  And her body looked good as a result. Eliza knew it and she couldn’t help but think back to Stella just standing around naked in the middle of the locker room with not a care in the world. Eliza was bold, but she wasn’t that bold and there was something admirable about that total lack of inhibition as well as the cluelessness of youth.

Seeing Stella like that had made Eliza think about pulling a similar trick by wandering around the locker room completely naked after her workout, letting all those girls see her firm tits and tight ass and how hot her body was all sweaty and toned.  She would have loved to show off. She would have loved to flaunt it. But she also wasn’t nearly as brave as Stella had been. The years since she had been a teenager has taught her just that much humility to keep her from being that kind of girl. Still, it had been nice to think about wandering around nude and making sure everyone could see what she had and how she knew just how to work it.

That was why working out in Malibu was so much more fun.  Not only was there no reason to be shy about being naked, especially in the shower or a post workout session in the sauna, but often the clothes came off during the actual workout itself.  For Eliza there was just something so exhilarating about exercising naked, especially with other girls getting nude and sweaty around her too.   It didn’t always lead to sex, which of course was the best kind of cardiovascular workout there was, but 99.9999% of the time it did and she and Kirsten had enjoyed using the mansion’s gym many, many times.  Those were the workouts she truly savored.

The truth was, working out tended to leave her worked up.  Exercising would get the endorphins flowing and her heart pumping and make her blood all hot inside.  After that, Eliza always craved a release. Working out at the mansion always made it easy to take care of that need, but today she sadly had no one to play with.  And, as she peeled off her panties and shucked off her sports bra, she thought about how unfortunate that was because her body was in plenty good shape to be ravished today.

Pausing only to throw her sweaty clothes in the hamper, a habit it had only taken a thousand reminders from Kirsten to get into, Eliza headed for the shower thinking that she was going to have to literally take matters into her own hands.  Some serious play time with her fingers and getting the shower massager between her legs would give her what she needed, but Eliza knew it would be even more fun with someone beautiful and feminine to play with instead.

Turning on the shower, Eliza moaned as the warm, soothing water coursed over her body.  She loved this shower.  She had the water set to the perfect stream and perfect temperature and it felt amazing flowing over her naked body, washing away the sweat from her workout.  She let it flow over her, caressing not just her body but her face as well, removing the grime and leaving her flesh glistening.  At first Eliza simply let the water cascade down onto her, cleaning her off, but when she started soaping herself up, that was when she got grabby on her own body.

Squirting out the shower gel, Eliza went right to her own breasts, sighing happily as the perfect warm water rained down on her.  She made her hands all soapy and caressed her tits, leaving a trail of little bubbles all over them.  She could feel it start to dribble down to her stomach and she started rubbing her hands all over her chest.  Ostensibly she was doing this to clean off her sweaty body, but of course she was doing it even more for pleasure, groaning with desire as she rubbed her hands into her tits and found herself unable to resist playing with her own nipples to make them stiffen up.

As the water flowed erotically over her nude body, Eliza stimulated her nipples, making her light pink nipples swell up into erect little nubs.  Ignoring her lower half for now, Eliza soaped up her tits, fondling her firm, full mounds and inspiring a series of moans out of her own eager mouth.  And as she did it, she again wished that her wife was there so they could have some fun.

Eliza wanted to see just what kind of an impact her “gift” had had on Kirsten. They had talked a few times since it had happened and the tone of Kirsten’s voice had been so sultry it had made Eliza damp just to hear it. Her wife had quite an insatiable side when properly inspired and Eliza was confident that pulling her sexy trick on her had tapped into a rich vein of horniness inside Kirsten.

And that was a huge relief because the truth was, despite all her expressed confidence, Eliza had been a little nervous about how her gift would be received.  After all it was a toss of the dice and it had been possible she would scare Kirsten for real and that it wouldn’t be the fun, dangerous surprise she had thought it would be.

But those fears had been instantly eased by the energized, insatiable Kirsten she had talked to today.  In some naughty texts her wife had sent her, not only had Kirsten practically demanded that Eliza spank her tonight for being such a dirty wife and having such nasty, kinky thoughts about letting another woman take advantage of her, she had followed that up by begging Eliza to use her strap on up her ass and fuck the hole that Ali hadn’t been able to get at in the dressing room.

Eliza was only too happy to comply with her sexy wife’s wishes and as soon as possible she couldn’t wait to fuck Kirsten’s ass hard and then share the taste of it with her as they both licked the dildo together as a couple.  Then they would passionately kiss and shared the naughty taste of Kirsten’s ass before staying up for hours more fucking each other in every position. Eliza could picture it all now and, as she soaped herself in the shower, Eliza could already envision waking up in the morning naked and with the taste of Kirsten’s juices still on her lips. She loved when that happened, especially when it was immediately followed by she and Kirsten making each other’s pussies their breakfasts.

It thrilled her that she had been able to make her wife’s fantasy come true and that Kirsten had enjoyed it as much as she had.  It had surprised Eliza a little at first that Kirsten could be capable of such a dark and depraved fantasy, but she liked it.  She was never adverse to a little bit of the rough stuff herself and she liked seeing the dirty side of her beautiful wife.  Plus after hearing all the fun they had once had as co-stars, Kirsten had been asking Eliza for some time if she could play with Ali Larter someday.  It had been the perfect way to fulfill two of Kirsten’s naughty dreams.

Eliza had felt Ali would be perfect to give Kirsten what she wanted nice and rough and she just wished she had been there to see it.  She hadn’t fucked Ali in so long and she would have loved getting in there to “rescue” Kirsten and give the sexy blonde a taste of her own mean medicine.  Maybe they could play that game when they all hooked up next time.  Eliza liked that thought a lot and pinched her own nipples as she pictured giving it raw and rough to Ali while Kirsten watched and joined in to turn the tables on her “attacker.”

Thinking of that had Eliza focusing her attention lower on her body and her soapy hands drifted down her stomach toward her rapidly heating pussy.  Eliza ran her slick, wet fingers over the sensitive lips of her slit and cooed at her own touch.  She definitely needed this and she closed her eyes and looked up to let the water flow right over her face like a waterfall while she worked her wet hand over her sex, rubbing her sensitive slit while keeping the other one over her soapy tits, rubbing a fresh squirt of gel onto her naked chest and making herself even more slick.

The shower was getting very hot and steamy and Eliza was quickly getting lost in her masturbatory thoughts of an Ali and Kirsten threesome when she heard the shower door open.  Eliza smiled at the sound and kept her eyes closed as she greeted the woman she was sure was there.

“Mmmmm I was hoping you were going to join me Kiki,” Eliza sighed happily.  “You can scrub my back.”

But the person who had entered the shower was not Kirsten Dunst and Eliza quickly realized that when she spoke.

“I’ll definitely take you up on that back scrubbing,” a familiar, feminine voice declared.  She came up behind Eliza and immediately pressed into her, softly caressing her ass while making sure she could feel her bare breasts poking into her wet back.

Eliza gasped in surprise and her eyes flew open.  With her back turned to the door, she had to turn around to confirm what she thought she recognized and when she whirled around and did just that she gasped again.

“Surprise!” a completely naked Summer Glau declared before throwing her arms around Eliza’s shoulders and yanking her in close so they could kiss.

Summer pressed her lips right to Eliza’s and, her brain in a complete state of shock at this sudden turn of events, the normally unflappable woman was unable to respond at first.  But the surprise quickly gave way to something else and when it melted, Eliza found herself kissing Summer right back.  They fell right into a sensual tenderness with their kisses, their nude bodies rubbing together as the shower water soaked their soft flesh.

Their lips tenderly touched over and over again and the kisses soon turned into something more as the tips of their tongues lightly flicked together, inspiring them to deepen their sexy smooches.  Eliza and Summer began French kissing each other, their desires running free.  They kissed like experienced lovers, keeping their mouths fused to each other and kissing over and over again, indicating a sexual familiarity that wasn’t really there.  Because before this day, Eliza Dushku had never kissed Summer Glau in her entire life, much less seen her completely naked.

And as much as she badly wanted to just keep on kissing her stunning co-star and enjoy feeling their naked bodies pressed together in the steam of the hot shower, Eliza couldn’t contain her curiosity and broke free from Summer’s delicious lips.

“What the hell is going on?” Eliza asked, completely mystified while still smiling and showing she quite enjoyed this rather stunning surprise.

“Why do you want to be asking questions?” Summer asked with a naughty twinkle in her eye.  “Wouldn’t you rather be doing what you should have been doing years ago?  Wouldn’t you rather be doing this?”

Summer then leaned in for another kiss, her arms still wrapped around Eliza’s shoulders to keep her close.  Eliza immediately surrendered to the kiss and as she and Summer wrestled each other’s tongues, she put her hands on the lovely girl’s bare back, caressing her as Summer’s nude body got just as soaked as hers was.  Eliza had been dreaming of kissing Summer from the moment she had lay eyes on her and she had to wonder if she was dreaming now.  Had she hit her head or something?  Was this some vivid flash forward to a drug she had never taken?  Summer Glau had never seemed like the type to do this and kissing her was making Eliza’s head spin in delight.

But she just couldn’t let her questions go.  Satisfied as the kisses continued and Summer’s perfect dark pink nipples swelled up and poked into her that she wasn’t dreaming, Eliza needed some answers.  As much as she wanted to just let go and enjoy every bit of this erotic surprise, she needed to know why it was happening.

“Ok…wait…wait…just cool it for a second,” Eliza said, pushing Summer off her and talking just as much to herself and her own raging libido as she was to her unexpected shower partner.  “What’s going on here?  What are you doing here Summer?  Why the hell are you kissing me?”

“I’m kissing you because you are one of the sexiest women I have ever met and I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first day I saw that hot ass of yours on set,” Summer grinned, being maddeningly vague and intensely enticing all at once.  “Is that a good enough reason?”

Summer had one of the most gorgeous smiles Eliza had ever viewed and her body, already dangerously hot when dry, was truly an erotic vision soaking wet.  Water rained down onto her in the shower, soaking her nude flesh and making her almost glow with sensuality.  Eliza drank in the sight of this goddess in all her glory, roaming her eyes up the long journey of her legs, noting with great interest that Summer’s pussy was completely shaved bare, and then going up her fit tummy to her small, perfect tits and hard, dark nipples and areolas all the way back to that flawless face and the lips Eliza had so enjoyed kissing.

“Awwwww fuck you’re so goddamn hot!” Eliza lustfully moaned, part of her thinking that nothing else mattered but how hot and naked Summer was.

“See, what else do you need?” Summer asked, her smile sparkling as she stepped toward Eliza, wickedly kissing her again and this time making sure their bare breasts wetly rubbed together, Eliza’s soapy flesh sliding up against her own.  “I’m hot.  You’re hot.  Let’s be hot together.”

But the more she was denied the answers, the more Eliza had to have them.

“No!  Tell me!” Eliza insisted, turning her head away and denying Summer her lips. “What the hell is going on here?  How did you get in here?  Why are you doing this?”

“Well let’s just say that you have someone in your life who owes you a little payback for a little trick you played on her,” Summer replied.  “You have yourself a naughty little wife there Eliza.  And she wanted to give you something you never had before.  She wanted me to make sure you know you aren’t the only one who can fulfill a fantasy.”

“Oh Kiki!  Mmmmm baby!” Eliza moaned even though her wife wasn’t there to hear it.  “But how?  I…I…just assumed you were straight and…”

“Well you totally assumed wrong,” Summer playfully shot back.  “I love girls.  I have for years.  You  totally should have made a move.  I would have loved it.  Mmmmm good thing your sweet little wife is a little more aggressive than you are.”

That got Eliza’s eyes to widen.  Kirsten had fucked Summer?  And she hadn’t told her?  What the hell was going on here?  Kirsten seducing girls without her?  That was supposed to be her job.  Had she ended up in some kind of alternate Bizarro universe?

“Mmmmmm oh you didn’t know?” Summer teased, playing innocent when she knew full well that Eliza had no idea what Kirsten had been up to behind her back.  “Maybe you don’t know your wife as well as you think you do.  Who knows what else she’s been getting into behind your back?”

“This is crazy,” Eliza said, the water soaking her but not feeling a drop, a giddy smile crossing her lips over this sudden wildness.  “When?  How?  I want details!”

“Uh uh…details later…this now,” Summer said, not willing to let a single second more go by without her getting closer to tasting Eliza’s pussy.  She passionately kissed Eliza again, pushing her former co-star back until she was pressed against the wall of the shower.

Summer was the aggressive one in their kissing.  That was the role Eliza was used to being in, but she just completely went with it, kissing Summer back and just trying to keep up with the lean sex goddess.  Eliza moaned wantonly as Summer brought her wet hands up to her chest to play with her tits, softly caressing the still soapy mounds of flesh and she completely melted into the other woman’s advances.

Suddenly the need for information didn’t matter nearly as much as the need to get Summer’s mouth on her cunt.  She kissed Summer back with more passion and heat and made good on the fantasy she’d been having ever since Joss had shown her the first episodes of Firefly.

Eliza moaned dreamily as she kissed Summer, her wet hands going up to fondle her firm little rack.  Summer’s skin was so soft under her hands, just like she had always imagined it would be.  Summer had such pristine beauty that seeing her had almost left Eliza tongue tied in many instances before and now that she could actually touch her, words were lost to Eliza.  She tongue kissed her with a growing urgency, her hands all over Summer’s beautiful tits while dreaming of below her waist where she could finally find out just what her hot pussy tasted like.

Summer kissed back with passionate delight.  She had been dreaming of this too and her pussy had been wet for Eliza before she had even gotten in the shower with her.  All through those Dollhouse episodes they had been in together she had hoped Eliza would make a move on her.  And, given the sexy woman’s reputation, Summer had practically expected it.  So when Eliza hadn’t done anything at all to try and lure her into bed, Summer had been disappointed and had even had wondered if she was hot enough for someone like her co-star.

Normally Summer didn’t need any boosts in the self-confidence department, but being this close to Eliza and seemingly not having the woman interested in getting sweaty between the sheets with her had thrown her for a bit of a loop.  But when she had met Kirsten recently, all had been explained and the idea of getting involved with these two sexy things and wiggling herself into their marriage bed had been too much of a turn on to even think about saying no to.

The truth was Kirsten had been planning this for a while.  She had known just how much her wife had lusted after Summer and she also knew just how much Eliza was kicking herself for not making a move.  Eliza usually needed no help going directly after what she wanted.  The fact that she had Kirsten in her life was proof of that, but there were two women who had intimidated the normally fearless Eliza Dushku into inaction.  Sarah Michelle Gellar had been one.  Summer Glau had been the other.

Both times it had been a mix of not wanting to combine business with pleasure, genuine intimidation by their beauty and a yellow streak over the idea that they might say no that had kept Eliza from going for it.

So it had been up to Kirsten to act.  And act she had in the decisive manner Eliza had lacked, setting in motion the events that now resulted in the two of them naked in the shower, kissing and exploring each other’s soaking wet bodies.  Kirsten had started it all by taking the initiative one day and calling Summer up out of the blue to ask her to lunch.

Summer hadn’t known Kirsten before then, but she had accepted without hesitation, leading to a very nice time for the both of them.  They had talked over lunch and gotten to know each other.  They could have become great friends and nothing more but Kirsten had wanted more and Summer had been happy to give it to her.

Throughout their lunch, Summer had been able to tell she and Kirsten had chemistry with each other and she had learned long ago not to deny chemistry when it was there.  For her it had never mattered if that chemistry was with a man or a woman.  If the feelings were there, the feelings were there.  Summer felt that everyone was naturally bisexual and she was simply someone who wasn’t afraid to act on her urges.  She had definitely felt a connection with the blonde so when Kirsten and she had decided to head back to her place for a drink, what had happened was very natural and very pleasurable.

Once they were in a more private setting, Kirsten had told Summer all about Eliza.  She told them about the love they had for each other and how, while they were married, they still very much loved to play.  Then she told Summer all about Eliza’s feelings for her, the way it had been hard for her not to drool every time she saw her and how she’d been too intimidated to do what she was doing now.  And when Kirsten had followed it up with a kiss, Summer had quickly responded with a sexy smooch back and that had been when the clothes had come off.  The drinks they had shared had lowered inhibitions, but they hadn’t even been necessary.  Both of them had felt the chemistry and acted on it.

Eliza had told herself that Summer wasn’t into girls to cover for her own failure to act, but Kirsten had boldly pushed on, hoping that if Summer wasn’t into girls then she could convince her to be.  Of course Summer had been happy to show Kirsten just how into girls she could be.  She knew it took a lot of courage to make such a leap and offer yourself up like Kirsten had when she had confessed to being a lesbian and wanting to touch her and kiss her.  Summer loved rewarding Kirsten for that and she did it many times that night, licking her pussy to multiple orgasms and agreeing without hesitation to her idea of them teaming up on Eliza.

Kirsten had wanted to surprise Eliza with a chance to be with Summer for some time.  She knew that not only would Eliza be surprised by Summer, she would be doubly surprised to hear how she had managed to get her into bed.  She had been planning this for an anniversary or a birthday or some special event, but when Eliza had sprung Ali on her, Kirsten had decided to move up her plan and turn it into a Christmas present.  This was her form of payback and Eliza was enjoying every second of it as she and Summer nakedly made out.

Eliza didn’t know any of that as she and Summer kissed, but she assumed in her mind that something close to that had to have happened to get Summer where she was now.  And by then she didn’t care.  She’d find out those details later.  Right then she just wanted to fuck Summer and her hands roamed all over her lean, tight body before resting on a very desirable part of her anatomy.

“Mmmmm this ass is so fucking tight,” Eliza groaned as she squeezed the shower soaked butt cheeks of her unexpected lover.  “I’ve been dreaming of fucking this ass!”

“Ooooooh naughty…but who said you could do that?  Maybe I’m not into it.  Maybe I’m a virgin!” Summer giggled, trying to play innocent but failing miserably as the look in her eyes showed she would love some attention to her ass from Eliza.  “Besides, I’m not the only one here with a great ass.  Mmmmm Kirsten told me all about the things you like.  She told me about your tight, hot ass and your beautiful, big tits!  I’ve wanted to see you naked for so long Eliza.  Kirsten made me so wet for you telling me how good you look out of your clothes and what a great fuck you are.”

“What else did she do to you?” Eliza moaned, her pussy starting to drip from Summer rubbing into her while they kissed.  Her back was still up against the shower wall and she had no desire to leave that position any time soon.  “How else did my naughty Kiki make you wet?”

“Mmmmm what do you want to hear?  Do you want me to tell you how she got me out of my clothes and how we fucked in my bed?” Summer purred, kissing Eliza’s neck as she shared details.  “Mmmmm do you want to hear how she got those beautiful, soft tits of hers in my face and had me kiss all over her pretty little pink nipples and told me to lick them and get them all hard just like she wanted me to do to you?  Do you want to hear how she made me lick her pussy to see if I was hot enough for you?  Do you want to hear how she tested me to make sure my tongue was good and my pussy was sweet enough?”

“Yessssssssssss!  Mmmm fuck yeahhhhh!  That’s just what I want to hear!” Eliza groaned, grinding herself into Summer as she held onto the woman’s tight, dancing toned ass.

“Does hearing about what a naughty, slutty wife you have turn you on Eliza?” Summer asked while reaching between Eliza’s legs to take her first touch of her former co-star’s pussy.  “Ooooooh it does! Mmmmm you’re so wet Eliza!  Hearing about me fucking Kirsten is making you drip!  I love it! Mmmmm I love turning you on by telling you about how I had your sexy wife rub those soft, yummy tits into my pussy and get them all juicy so I could lick them off.  I love doing that to girls.  Mmmmm and how I spread my legs and she got that pretty face between them so I could look down and see her licking my wet pussy as I came all over her!  Then we kissed and she told me how she wanted me to suck all my juices out of her mouth just like she was going to do to you after you went down on me and made me come!”

“FUCK!” Eliza cried over the hot mental image, especially since it was enhanced by Summer’s fingers sliding up into her cunt.  “Ooooooh you little bitch!  Mmmm that feels good!  I love hearing about you fucking my sexy, slutty wife behind my back! Using your hot body to get my Kiki to stray! Mmmm that’s so fucking hot!  It makes me want to fuck you even more!”

“Mmmm not yet…not till I fuck you first!” Summer insisted with her dazzling smile.  She kissed Eliza again as the shower continued to rain on them, soaking them completely from head to toe while the steam caressed their bare bodies.

Summer and Eliza wantonly kissed, fondling each other’s tits and loving how hard the other’s nipples were.  And when Summer bent down and began sucking Eliza’s rock hard nipples, teasing her tongue and lips against the erect, sensitive nubs, Eliza tossed her head back and moaned in pure joy.  Those sounds grew louder and more insistent as Summer focused on Eliza’s chest, kissing all over her breast flesh while continuing to massage them with both hands as she did it.

While Summer licked Eliza’s nipples, she stared up at her, using her gorgeous eyes to full effect by making Eliza want to melt into a puddle of desire and flow right down the shower drain.  Summer looked so sexy like that, using her tongue in slow, sensual licks all over her tits while soulfully staring up at her, that it made Eliza even hotter to feel her tongue far lower on her body.  She made that quite clear when she pushed insistently on Summer’s shoulders.

“Lick me!” Eliza groaned.  “Taste how wet my pussy is for you Summer!  Mmmm fuck me like you fucked my wife!”

“I’ve been waiting so long to hear you say that,” Summer grinned and, after giving each of Eliza’s glorious tits one last lick, she complied with the request.

As the shower water continued to soak them both, Summer sank to her knees and positioned herself right between Eliza’s thighs.  Beads of water from the shower trickled down Eliza’s skin and Summer playfully licked them up by dragging her tongue wantonly up Eliza’s thigh, making the woman groan even louder.  And as she did that, Summer admired the pussy she had craved for so long, loving the smooth, horny lips of her tight slit and the tiny little strip of dark fur leading to right where she longed for her tongue to be.  She breathed in the sexy musk of Eliza’s obvious arousal while devilishly licking her thighs and only when she began to hear the mighty Eliza Dushku whimpering with need did she zero in on her target.

“OHHHHHHH!” Eliza cried out in pleasure as Summer’s tongue tasted her wet slit.

The girl didn’t waste time.  She went right after Eliza’s pussy, rubbing her labia with her hand while sliding her tongue over her tasty lips, licking the juice right off it and then pushing inside.  It was aggressive without being too quick and Summer explored all over the tender flesh of her friend’s pussy, tasting everything she could as Eliza shivered in erotic delight and moaned out over and over again how much she loved it.

“Oooooh goddamn Summer!  Mmmmm fuck yesssss! Taste that little fucking pussy of mine!” Eliza huskily encouraged, squeezing her own tits while her essence dripped right into the woman’s mouth as she insistently probed her with her tongue.  “Ooooooh fuck yeah!  Mmmmm yeah gimmie that dirty little tongue of yours!  Ooooh I wish I’d known how much you loved pussy!”

“Mmmmm well now you know,” Summer giggled, while pulling up for a moment and instead pressing her finger between the lips of Eliza’s cunt and rubbing it up and down, making her lover jump with delight as her clit was stimulated.  “And this is such a tasty pussy for me to love!  So nice and tight!  Mmmm just like Kirsten said it would be!  She told me she can never get enough of licking this little, sexy pussy and now I can see why!  It’s such a yummy, tight hole!  Mmmmmmm!”

Summer started feeding off it again, removing her finger and replacing it with her tongue.  While Eliza groaned rapturously, Summer licked between her smooth, pink pussy lips.  She used her hand next to spread Eliza’s cunt open and give her tongue more room to operate as she continued to explore the sexy pink flower she was finally tasting after so many fantasies.  Tough, no bullshit girls like Eliza were always Summer’s favorites.  Many of the other women she’d sampled over the course of her years in Hollywood, women like Jewel Staite, Gina Torres, Morena Baccarin and of course Lena Headley, were just like her.

While she licked Eliza’s cunt, Summer had her other hand playing with her own.  She wasn’t looking to make herself come as she tasted Eliza, she just wanted to keep herself in a nice state of heat so when Eliza did get to licking her back she would be nice and juicy and ready for her.  Summer had barely been able to sleep last night because she had been so excited about doing this and all that excitement was being channeled into her licking.  She lapped her tongue against Eliza, working over her lips with steady, sensual licks and loving every cry for more she received as payment for her labors.

“Mmmmmm you little slut!  Is this how you fucked my wife?  Is this how you licked her tight little pussy?” Eliza groaned, adoring what Summer was doing to her.  “Ooooooh fuckkkkk!  Fuckkkkk!  Yessssssssssss!  Mmmmm that tongue is so fucking hot!  Lick that juicy cunt Summer!  Taste how fucking wet I am for you!  I’ve wanted to do this to you for so goddamn long!”

Eliza was in complete lust with Summer right then, but in even more love with her wife.  How Kirsten had pulled this off was a mystery to her, but Eliza just cared that she had.  She had gotten a huge thrill by making Kirsten’s filthy fantasy come true, but now she was getting an even bigger one by having the tables turned on her.  She hadn’t seen this coming and the surprise of it made it even hotter.   She had never expected to find Summer Glau between her legs today and it was truly a wet dream come true for her.

Eliza had her wet back pressed against the hard tile of the shower wall, the steam fogging up the glass completely as water was sprayed onto both of them.  Having sex in the shower was completely worth the extra payment for a higher hot water bill and right then Eliza didn’t care if they were in there all day.  Eliza’s hips involuntarily swayed just enough to push her pussy closer to Summer’s face, feeding the leggy brunette more of her juices and Summer responded by licking a little bit faster, sending a series of cries and moans spilling past Eliza’s open mouth.

Summer looked so gorgeous kneeling down in front of her, her back and hair getting soaked by being in direct line of the shower head’s hot spray, but Eliza also wanted to see what she had so enjoyed before.

“Look at me!” Eliza groaned.  “Lemme see those fucking eyes Summer!  Oh yes baby!  Mmmm gimmie that sexy stare!  Let me see how much you love tasting me!  I want to see it in your eyes you nasty girl!”

Without pausing her licks, Summer’s lips curled in a smile and she stared upward at Eliza, letting her see the full effect of her soft, brown eyes.  And when she saw Eliza tilt her head back against the wall from the pleasure she received from the view, Summer changed up a bit.  She rested her tongue and started kissing Eliza’s pussy instead.  Her hand was still spreading her friend’s sex open so Summer’s soft lips could touch right against Eliza’s sexy folds and her hardened clit, getting even more moans from her lover.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!  Ooooooh you nasty little thing!  Mmmmm fuck!  You’re going to make me come Summer!” Eliza groaned.  “Is this what you did to Kiki?  Did you fuck her pussy with your tongue?  Did you look up at her with those big brown eyes and kiss her sweet little cunt until she filled your mouth up with that yummy cream of hers?”

“You know I did,” Summer moaned back, her own fingers hitting a sensitive spot.  “I licked and kissed and tasted that pussy until she fed me her cream!  She knew how bad I wanted it!  I was wet for her as soon as she called and when she told me she wanted to fuck and get me into bed with you I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough!  You like that Eliza?  Like hearing how I fucked your slut wife?  Like hearing what bad girls we were?”


Summer didn’t stop then and she had no intention of stopping until Eliza had come for her.  In fact she might not even have wanted to stop then.  Eliza was so sexy.  Her pussy tasted amazing and being able to stare up at her naked and in ecstasy, her hands all over her wet tits and her body shining from the hot shower.  It was a sexy dream come to life and Summer had waited so long for this to move from fantasy or reality.  She loved everything that was happening now.  That wasn’t always the case with fantasies, but this one in particular was working out more than perfectly so far.

But while she didn’t want to stop, Summer did want to change things around.  If there was one thing she loved best about women, it was their asses.  And she needed to see Eliza’s badly.  She had seen a great view of it as she had spied on Eliza through the shower before walking in to join her but she needed a more up close and personal chance too.  So, after a few more licks against Eliza’s pussy in this position and one more kiss against her swollen clit, Summer made her feelings known.

“Turn around,” Summer moaned.  “Please Eliza.  Turn around so I can see all of you.”

“Mmmmm want a look at this?” Eliza asked, giving her ass a sexy sway as she pulled back from the wall just enough to be able to whirl around.  “I just got back from the gym and I definitely was working on my butt today.  I didn’t think I’d have the chance to show it off so quickly though.  What do you think Summer?  Like what you see?”

“Oh yes!” Summer moaned, the sight of Eliza’s tight, curved backside taking her breath away.  “I love it!  Oooooh that’s such a cute butt!”

Summer couldn’t help herself and she kissed both of Eliza’s cheeks before swiping her tongue against it, tasting the curve of her ass and loving it.

“Oooooh you naughty girl!” Eliza laughed.  “Mmmmm I had no idea you would be so frisky, Summer!”

“I’m going to make sure you learn just how naughty I can be,” Summer declared before immediately making good on that promise.

Eliza’s ass was a toned marvel to Summer.  It was tight and fit but with a curve that was all feminine.  Her cheeks had just enough fullness to them to drive her absolutely mad with desire and she proved how much she admired her friend’s backside by pressing her hands to it and spreading it open.  Eliza cooed from the touch to her ass but that was nothing compared to how she felt when Summer leaned in and let saliva drool down from her mouth and into Eliza’s butt crack.

“OHHHHHHH!  FUCK!  Oooooooh damn you’re naughty!” Eliza moaned in joy as she felt that warm saliva dribble down her crack to her tight little hole.  “Nasty girl!  Ooooooh I love that!”

“I knew you would,” Summer smiled, her eyes fixated completely on Eliza’s ass and how sexy her spit looked dripping between those tight cheeks as it journeyed to the naughtiest place  on a woman’s body.  “Your wife told me you love it while I was licking her pretty little rosebud like I’m going to lick yours!”

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!” Eliza cried as another erotic image seared itself into her brain.  She loved Kirsten’s ass and the thought of Summer’s perfect face buried between those sexy butt cheeks made her almost overheat.  And if that didn’t do it, she was sure Summer’s wicked ways would finish her off.

Letting another long strand of saliva drip out of her mouth and into Eliza’s butt crack, Summer rubbed her thumb against her lover’s asshole while sliding the side of her hand against the soaked, sensitive lips of her labia from behind.  Eliza lurched forward as this happened, her hands pressed against the shower wall as she pushed her ass out, as certain a sign that she loved what was happening as were the moans that spilled wildly out of her mouth.

“Mmmmm nasty girl!” Eliza huskily breathed out as Summer’s thumb and fingers worked over both her holes at once.  “Mmmmm goddamn Summer!  Do it you horny little slut!  Fuck my ass!  You gonna lick it baby?  Gonna lick that tight hole like you were licking my pussy?  C’mon Summer!  Make me feel like Kiki felt!”

Summer adored so much about what was happening here, especially how kinky Eliza and Kirsten were.  She couldn’t wait to get into a threesome where she could experience them both at once.  They were both so gorgeous and so free of inhibition and, as she could now tell personally, they both had such exquisite asses.

Summer loved a great butt on a girl.  Men had a lot of qualities that made her purr, but they had nothing that could compare to the curve and sexiness of a woman’s ass.  And Eliza’s ass had all the qualities that made her pussy tingle.  While continuing to rub Eliza’s pussy lips with her fingers, Summer did what she had been dying to do since she had seen that butt through the shower door and pressed the tip of her tongue against Eliza’s tight anus.  She tickled it at first with her wet tongue and then as Eliza naturally relaxed for her she pushed it inside to start rimming her.


“Mmmmmhmmmm your wife sure didn’t have any complaints when I did it to her,” Summer wickedly teased.  “Ooooooh you have such a tasty little hole here Eliza!  Mmmm it’s gonna be so much fun to play with!”

And play with it she did.  While continuing to rub into Eliza’s pussy with her delicate fingers, Summer’s naughty tongue explored her asshole.  There was so much of this sexy ass she wanted to play with.  She wanted to kiss all over her cheeks and spank them and make them jiggle and make Eliza moan from the delights her tongue could make her feel.  Kirsten’s asshole had been looser than Eliza’s was and with a naughty smile, Summer reckoned that it was probably because Eliza was usually the one who wore the strap on and gave Kirsten the ass fuckings she no doubt demanded.

Thinking how it was obvious who wore the pants suits in this relationship, Summer smiled devilishly and licked at Eliza’s asshole with eagerness.  She tasted so good back there and Summer dreamed of getting Eliza and Kirsten cheek to cheek so she could lick them both and compare.  Both had such great asses and Eliza’s was everything she had fantasized it would be and more.  When she wasn’t licking her hole, Summer was dragging her tongue upward, right in between Eliza’s tight butt cheeks, licking up her where her saliva had just dripped.

“Ohhhhhhhh!  Ohhhhhhhh!  Ughhhhhh!  Yessssssssss!  Mmmmm don’t you stop!  Fucking eat that butt!” Eliza grunted, her Massachusetts accent slipping back out as she moaned, making Summer wonder if she did her well enough she could get Eliza to say she was “wicked awesome” at rim jobs.  “You nasty little cunt!  Mmmm you ate my wife’s ass and now you’re doing me!  Fuck you’re good at this Summer!  Show me how nasty you are! Do my ass like you did my wife’s!  Work that tongue into that dirty little hole and lick it up!  UGHHHH!  YESSSSSSSSSSSS!  FUCKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSS!”

Eliza slapped her hands against the shower tiles as she exclaimed her pleasure from Summer thrusting her tongue up her ass.  As Summer did that, her fingers were still rubbing Eliza’s clit, making it bulge and swell more and more with each passing second.  This was unbelievably good and Eliza could feel her whole body gearing up for what she was coming so very soon. It had been so long since she had gotten her salad tossed like this and the fact that it was Summer Glau who was doing it to her made it extra special.

“OHHHH YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME COME SUMMER!  MMMM FUCK DON’T YOU DARE STOP!  OOOOOOOOOH FUCK ME!  YESSSSSSSSS FUCK ME LIKE YOU FUCKED THAT SLUTTY WIFE OF MINE!” Eliza screamed out, her brain starting to buzz and her breaths coming out as quick, passionate pants.  Her tits were pressed to the shower wall just like her hands now and Eliza got off on the way her nipples scraped against the hard tile.  It stimulated her sensitive buds and enhanced Summer’s rimming and rubbing of her hot spots.

Not only was she reveling in what Summer was doing to her, Eliza’s mind was filled with images of the gorgeous woman doing the same thing to Kirsten.  It made her so hot to know that her little Kiki had been bold and naughty and done this behind her back.  It made it naughtier for her to know that she was getting Summer after Kirsten had.  Usually she loved being there first, but just thinking of Kirsten testing Summer out for her and taking that surely tight and tasty pussy and feeling Summer’s wicked tongue in her pussy and her ass made Eliza as hot as the steamy water falling down onto them.


Knowing Eliza was about to come left Summer at a crossroads.  She was sure she could make Eliza come from rimming her while rubbing her clit.  And there was just something so wonderfully depraved about putting your tongue up a girl’s ass. But at the same time she wanted to taste Eliza’s pussy cream.  She really, REALLY wanted to taste it and if anything could get her to pull away from a hot girl ass it was that.

So Summer did that, taking a brief moment to catch her breath before continuing on with pleasuring Eliza.  When she did that, Eliza groaned in displeasure, Summer’s fingers and tongue not where she wanted them to be, but before she could even finish expressing that, her sounds of annoyance turned into ones of intense pleasure.  Not only did Summer start eating her pussy from behind, pressing her face right into her cunt, but her thumb slipped right into the hole she’d been licking, pushing in and penetrating her tight ass.


By then the word “stop” had been eliminated from Summer’s vocabulary.  She was going straight ahead and wasn’t going to let anything get in her way.  She lapped away at Eliza’s pussy from behind faster than she had before, pressing her mouth to her like she wanted to swallow her up.  And as she did that, her thumb, carefully, but fervidly fucked Eliza’s asshole.  The double assault had Eliza pressing her body into the shower wall like she wanted to start climbing it while at the same time jutting her ass out so she could get Summer’s perfect face into it.  It was intense and amazing and just what Eliza needed.  She had been so horny all day and this sexy surprise was the perfect cure for all of that.


It truly was the burst of creamy, delicious girl juice that Summer had been waiting for and she greedily feasted on it.  She kept her thumb pressed into Eliza’s ass to fuck her like she was milking more girl cum out of her by doing that and her tongue delighted in lapping up her newest lover’s essence.

“Mmmmm yummy!   Sooooo yummy!” Summer mumbled while licking, her tongue speeding up to try and catch all of Eliza’s cum.

Just like Kirsten had told her, Eliza could have very wet orgasms when properly inspired and Summer loved it.  She licked up as much as she could and let the rest dribble onto her chin, for what she hoped would be a sexy kiss to come.

And Summer’s wish came true just a few moments later.  After Eliza gasped out her last exclamation of release, she wiggled her butt off of the hook of Summer’s thumb and turned around.  This time it was Eliza who was the aggressor as she wrapped her arms around Summer’s shoulders and brought her in for a deep, passionate kiss.  Summer kissed back with dreamy surrender of her own, letting Eliza take the lead this time and opening her mouth for the sexy tongue she wanted to slide in.

That wish came true too and Summer and Eliza shared a series of tongue kisses in the shower before Eliza broke away with her own devilish smile crossing her lips.  She grabbed Summer by the wrist and lifted her hand up to her mouth, licking her lips over the sight of the thumb that had just been pushed up her ass.

“Don’t want the shower to wash this away, now do we?” Eliza smirked before she swallowed Summer’s thumb.

“Ooooooh now who’s the naughty girl?” Summer moaned as Eliza sucked on her thumb, tasting her own ass all over it and showing off that she had a pretty damn sexy stare of her own as she let her soulful eyes fill with lust so Summer could see just how much she liked doing this.

“Mmmmm I am and don’t you ever fucking forget it,” Eliza grinned, popping the wet thumb out of her mouth and slapping Summer’s wet ass for good measure.  “Now let’s get out of here and have some more fun before we drain all the hot water in California.”

Her hair soaked and her skin starting to prune, that sounded like a very good idea to Summer.  After Eliza shut off the water, the two of them emerged naked from the shower and grabbed some towels.  They dried each other off with giggles and moans, concentrating particularly on certain parts of their anatomy.  Both girls loved the feel of those fluffy towels against their bare bodies, especially when another girl was doing the drying, but Summer was very eager for a lot more.

She took the initiative and grabbed Eliza’s hand to try and drag her into the bedroom.  But Eliza put a stop to that before they even moved an inch.

“Where do you think you’re going?  I’m not done with you yet and we’re not leaving this bathroom until I am,” Eliza declared, flashing the sexy, carnal smile that Kirsten had warned Summer about.  Summer knew what this meant and she liked it.  Eliza was taking control and it made her pussy flutter with pleasure to see that look on her face.

Eliza pulled Summer to her and passionately kissed her on the lips, yanking her towel away in the process and leaving her standing naked in the bathroom.  Summer shivered a little from the air on her damp skin, but Eliza warmed her up extremely well, dropping her own towel so there could be flesh on flesh.  They rubbed their bare bodies together as their tongues sensually touched, Eliza exploring Summer’s mouth with more insistence now.

As they kissed, Eliza also let her hands get much more active than they’d been in the shower.  Before she’d been too surprised by Summer’s sudden presence to really get them into the fun.  She’d almost been afraid that if she’d tried to touch Summer she would disappear in a puff of smoke like she really had been a dream.  But her orgasm had cleared her head of crazy illusions and allowed her to get back to herself.  Now she was able to touch without reservation and she let her hands roam freely.

While Summer moaned deliciously in between their wet kisses, Eliza let her hands explore the damp flesh of her newest lover.  Summer’s perky tits particularly had the attention of Eliza’s lustful eyes and hands and she caressed them without inhibition.  Eliza had a perfect Summer Glau tit in each of her hands as she massaged them and made the girl pant into their kiss.  And when she pulled away with her own brand of devilish smile on her face, Eliza only did it so she could lean in and start kissing those tits like Summer had done to her in the shower.

“Oooooooh yessssssssssssss mmmmmmm play with my little titties,” Summer cooed, closing her eyes and letting the pleasure overtake her from those warm, experienced lips on her nipples.  “Mmmmm Kirsten told me so many sexy stories about how good you are and I need to feel it all for myself!  Mmmmm suck them Eliza!  Make me feel like I can come just from you playing with my nipples!”

Having that happen was actually a fantasy of her own and some girls had gotten her close to it, but Summer had always kept it from happening herself.  Every time she got close to coming from breast play, she would just shove them down to her pussy. She just couldn’t help it.  But still she hoped one day it could happen.

Leaning over to run her tongue all over the still shower damp flesh of Summer’s B cup tits, Eliza let her hands return the favor to her lover’s ass.  She grabbed onto the cheeks of her tiny, tight butt and squeezed them with wicked glee, digging her nails into her petite rear end as Summer both winced and moaned in pleasure.

“Mmmmmm nasty!  I like it!” Summer groaned, her nipples being expertly stimulated by Eliza’s mouth and her butt being wonderfully squeezed.  “I want you to want me Eliza!  Mmmmm I so wish you’d made a move on me.  I’m never good at reading other girls’ signals, but if you’d shown me you wanted it, I would have been all over you!  Mmmmm I’ve been fantasizing about you for so long!  Now I need you to fuck me!”

“Oh yeah?  Well let’s see if you’re ready for it or not,” Eliza smirked, pulling up and letting go of Summer’s ass so she could instead push her hand between her legs to feel the completely smooth girl flesh there.  “Mmmmmm my oh my, you are definitely ready for this Summer!  Ooooooh baby your pussy is so wet!”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Summer teased back affectionately.  “It’s been juicy ever since I saw that bare butt of yours in the shower.”

Eliza liked that Summer wasn’t about to turn into some kind of mouse after being such a lioness in the shower.  She liked locking claws with a woman who gave as good as she got and she really liked that Summer wasn’t making it easy for her.  It made it more fun to impose herself on her.

“Lay back,” Eliza said. “You may already know how wet that hot little cunt of yours is.  But you don’t know yet what I can do with it.”

“Lay back where?” Summer asked, wondering again if they should make their way to the bed.

“On the counter silly,” Eliza said.  “Lie back baby. You may think you’re naughty, but you’ve never had me before and I’m going to show you what naughty is all about.”

That promise sounded excellent to Summer so she did as she was told.  The bathroom had a long marble counter on it for the sink and there was enough room for her to lie back on it and extend her long legs enough that she could bend them at the knee.  It wasn’t the most comfortable position she could be in, but Summer had a feeling that it would more than do and that feeling was more than confirmed when Eliza leaned down on top of her and began licking her nipples once again.

“Ohhhh yessssssss!” Summer groaned, the hard marble against her back barely noticeable now that she had Eliza’s tongue stimulating her already stiff nipples.  “Mmmm you like how those titties taste Eliza?  I’m not as big as Kirsten but I know you’re going to love my little tits…just like you love Sarah’s!”

Eliza paused in mid-lick and looked up at Summer.  How much did this girl know?

“That’s right…I fucked Sarah too…” Summer said with her sexy, knowing smile, moaning as Eliza responded to her story by sucking on her nipples some more, wetly going from one breast to the other.  “Mmmmm don’t stop Eliza!  I fucked her!  We met at a party at Joss’ and I had to get into her hot panties!  Mmmm she was so into it too!  We ducked right out of there and got into my car and finger fucked each other right inside while everyone else was in the party and anyone could have found us!  Oooh then we went to my place and she fucked me so good!  I gave it right back to her and as I was sucking on those cute little tits of hers and working over her ass with my fingers she told me all about you and how she fucked you and all those other girls on Buffy! She told me about her mansion and all those sexy girls there!  It was so hot!”

“You really are a naughty little thing,” Eliza smiled when she pulled up from the girl’s chest, her pussy getting freshly wet as Summer revealed fucking not only her wife but her long standing crush.  “Now you’re going to get it extra good baby!”

Even though she wasn’t ready to leave Summer’s firm tits behind.  Eliza felt compelled to move much lower on Summer’s body.  Her nipples really were delicious.  But she was sure there was something that was going to tasted even better below her waist.  Summer had been so wet when she had touched her pussy and Eliza wanted to make it even wetter.

She tantalizingly kissed and licked her way downward.  Summer had such a lean, gorgeous body.  It truly was that of a dancer’s, all tight and long.  There didn’t appear to be a touch of flab anywhere on Summer and Eliza didn’t know if this was from a lot of time in the gym or just tremendous genetics, but she envied it.  Summer had such a stunning body and Eliza’s lust for it grew with every kiss and every drag of her tongue down her flat stomach and onto her legs.

At first Eliza bypassed Summer’s pussy completely.  She kissed down her thighs and continued onward to the tops of her legs.  That’s where she began playfully licking on Summer’s flesh, letting her know with the way she dragged her tongue over her legs that she could go for her pussy at any moment…but she wouldn’t…not until she heard what she needed to hear.

No one had to tell Summer what that was and she didn’t fight it.  She was too horny to even try and resist what Eliza wanted.

“Please…” Summer moaned, telling exactly what Eliza wanted to hear.

“Please what?” Eliza asked, taking another devilish lick against Summer’s leg, this time getting so close to her thigh that she could smell the enticing scent of the girl’s aroused cunt.

“Please fuck me…” Summer whimpered her hands tugging at the hard nipples Eliza’s tongue had left wet with saliva.  “Fuck me Eliza!  I let your wife lick this pussy and your friends have had it too but I’ve always wanted you the most!  Fuck me with that tongue that makes them all quiver for you!  Show me what a bad girl you really are Eliza!  Eat my pussy!  Please!”

“I love that magic word,” Eliza giggled before ending her teasing.  She didn’t want to make Summer have to beg any further, especially when she was so hungry for a taste.  It had been so warm and wet when she had touched Summer’s pussy before and she couldn’t wait to feel it against her tongue.

Summer helpfully spread her legs open, exposing the pinkness Eliza longed to be licking.  That smooth, hairless little cunt was too inviting a target for Eliza to delay even a second more and she dragged her tongue upward on Summer’s slit, cleaning off her juicy essence and treating her tastebuds to a delicious new flavor.

“YESSSSSSSSSS!” Summer happily cried when she finally felt that tongue.  “Ooooooooh!  Mmmmm yeahhhh!  More Eliza!  More!  Lick my tight little pussy!  Oh my God!  Oooooh that feels so fucking good!”

Summer cried out again and again as Eliza’s tongue attacked her needy cunt.  Just like Kirsten had promised her, Eliza was amazing at licking pussy.  She instinctively knew where to work her tongue and even though this was the first time she had been licked by her, Summer felt that Eliza already knew her pussy.  She knew where to lick and how long to lick it.  She was everything Kirsten had promised she’d be and more.

“Oooooooh yesssss fuck me!” Summer moaned as Eliza’s tongue dragged up her slit again and again, her whole body crackling with energy.  “Mmmm taste that pussy Eliza!  Kirsten loves my taste and I want you to love it too!  Mmmmmm God I’ve wanted to feel you lick me for so long Eliza!  Mmmm make my pussy drip right into your hot mouth!”

Eliza wanted that too.  Summer’s smooth cunt was delicious.  She had such yummy girl honey and she could easily see why Kirsten had enjoyed it so much.  Eliza loved how turned on it made her to think that she was somehow getting Kirsten’s sloppy seconds here.  She loved licking a pussy her wife had tasted first.  She wanted all the details still.  She wanted to know when they fucked and where and how many times and in what positions but all that could come later.  Right then she wanted to focus on getting all that sweet girl cum right out of Summer.

She licked and licked and licked, her experienced tongue driving Summer wild.  The naked woman writhed on the hard countertop, tensing up with pleasure and releasing it with long, happy moans.  Now it was Eliza’s turn to look up and give Summer a sexy stare while the woman fondled her perky little tits and contorted that gorgeous face in sexual ecstasy.  She gave Summer a full tongue bath, lapping up her dripping juices and gulping them down.  And then she spread open Summer’s long legs a little more and pressed her mouth right to her crotch, sucking on her pussy and sending her into near convulsions of pleasure.


Eliza wasn’t quite ready to make Summer come yet.  She knew she could easily suck the girl to orgasm right then and there by paying attention to her clit and nothing else.  Her pussy was so wonderfully tight and tasty and she loved the way Summer’s clit felt trapped between her lips, but Eliza wasn’t going to let her go that quickly.  She wanted to draw this out a little.  She wanted Summer to really experience just how good she was before she came.

So with a smile knowing she had the lovely woman right where she wanted her, Eliza pulled off her clit with a juicy smack of her lips and instead began rubbing Summer’s cunt.  She rubbed her soft hand to her even softer pussy lips as they lay splayed open and made sure to touch right against her sensitive clit.

“Oooooooh such a tight little pussy!  Mmmmm and so sensitive too!” Eliza laughed as she made Summer’s body jump and shiver on the hard marble.  “No wonder you tempted my wife into cheating.  Who can resist a sensitive pussy like this?”

“Mmmmm not just sensitive…so…so horny!” Summer whined, desperate for more of Eliza’s mouth.  “I need this Eliza!  Mmmm I haven’t been with a hot girl in so long!   Kirsten was the last girl I fucked!  It’s been weeks!  Oooooh I need this!  I need you Eliza!  Lick me!  Suck me! Ughhhh just fuck me!  Please make me come!”

It was so hot for Eliza to hear sexy Summer begging for her.  She loved hearing women beg her to fuck then, especially ones who had just had control over her. Summer’s gorgeously lean body kept writhing on the counter as Eliza rubbed her pussy and clit, using her hands as skillfully as Summer had used hers in the shower.  She was making her lover pant with desire and that was just where Eliza wanted her to be.  She stared up at Summer and saw how her quick gasps of breath were making her freshly fog up the big mirror behind her which was already dripping with condensation from the shower and causing her firm tits to shake up and down. The sight inspired Eliza to plunge her face back down to Summer’s pussy, renewing her attack with her tongue and licking up all those sweet, tangy juices.


Eliza loved having a reputation like that, but even more she liked being able to see the immediate results of her efforts like she was right then with Summer.  She kept her ballerina legs spread open as wide as she could without sending her toppling off the sink and leaned in to lick away at her honeypot.  She was such a tasty treat and the way her juices were dripping out now into her waiting mouth made it clear that it wouldn’t be long before Summer had her orgasm.

But before that happened, Eliza wanted to show Summer just what her mouth was capable of.  The girl was already dripping wet for her and Eliza could practically taste her orgasm. But she wanted more.  Summer couldn’t do the things she had done to her in the shower without getting it right back.

“Lift up baby,” Eliza instructed.  “Get those legs up in the air.”

“Mmmmmm like this?” Summer asked, happy to play along with whatever Eliza wanted as long as it led to more sex.  She moved herself closer to the edge of the counter and swung her legs around so they were right near her head.  Years of ballet and yoga made this almost effortless for Summer and Eliza was suitably impressed.

“Yeah…that’s fucking perfect,” Eliza moaned, marveling at Summer’s flexibility. The girl’s feet were now pressed up against the mirror, which was going to be a pain to clean later, but Eliza felt it would totally be worth it.  God, this girl was amazing!

Eliza showed Summer how perfect this position was by leaning back in and tonguing her pussy.  Summer cooed in delight as her sensitive folds were stimulated by the expert tongue.  She had her arms locked around her legs to keep herself in place, which restricted her movements a little, but it was a sacrifice she was more than willing to make as it kept her extremely spread open for Eliza’s tongue.   Eliza licked her pussy lips over and over again and when she plunged her tongue back inside that pinkness, Summer shrieked happily.

“Oooooooooooooh!  Yesssssssssssssss yessssssssssss make me come!  Mmmmm make that pussy come!” Summer wildly moaned, closing her eyes and letting the pleasure of being tongue fucked by Eliza Dushku overwhelm her.  “Show me how much you love pussy Eliza!  Oooooh eat me up!  Mmmmm ohhhh wowwww!  Yessssssssssssssss your tongue is so good!  Ooooooh yessssssssssssss mmmmmm baby yessssssssssssss!”

Summer’s breaths were coming out as even stronger gasps now and Eliza relished the reaction.  Her own pussy was drooling again and she felt the urge to touch it, but instead she kept her hands on Summer’s body, caressing her thighs and reaching down to grope her tight ass cheeks as she made her squirm and writhe with pleasure on the counter.  The girl was completely spread open for her and Eliza took full advantage, tongue fucking her cunt into a juicy mess of desire and making her clit bulge out before pulling away so she could lap her pussy coated tongue against Summer’s asshole.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  YESSSSSSSSSSS!  OOOOH NOW YOU’RE A DIRTY GIRLLLLLL!” Summer cried in joy when Eliza uninhibitedly began licking her ass, her wet tongue teasing her sensitive ring and making her ache to be fucked there.  “MMMMMM YESSSSSSSS!  BAD ELIZA!  PUTTING YOUR SEXY TONGUE IN SUCH A NAUGHTY HOLE!  MMMMMMM I LOVE IT!”

“Mmmmm I wanted to make sure you knew you’re not the only girl here who can give an awesome rim job,” Eliza naughtily replied.  “You’ve got such a yummy ass Summer!  I could eat this fucking thing up!”

And Eliza made good on her word by not just licking all over Summer’s tight asshole until her saliva made it almost as wet as her pussy, but by pushing her tongue into the forbidden hole.  Summer squealed erotically when Eliza pushed her tongue up her asshole and began fucking her.  It was so hot that Summer just had to move her arm off her left leg and reach down to use her hand to play with her pussy.  As Eliza tongue fucked her asshole, Summer rubbed her pussy lips with a wild fury that left her groaning uncontrollably.


Eliza grinned as she finally found a naughty act that Kirsten hadn’t gotten to first.  And as she thrust her tongue up her friend’s tightest of holes, she couldn’t help but see that Summer was getting even wetter for her.  Summer’s hand was quickly getting soaked as she rubbed her pussy and it seemed like the juices were about ready to burst out of her like a flood.  Eliza had to taste that and she brushed Summer’s hand away so she could resume tongue fucking her cunt, slamming into the tasty pink hole and letting those juices flow into her mouth.

That set off another series of loud, passionate moans and coos from Summer, punctuated by eager squeals of delight.  She was getting so noisy and even juicier and Eliza loved it.  She was so ready to come and Eliza was more than ready to give it to her, especially after a naughty impulse hit her.  With Summer’s naked body spread out on the counter near the sink there were all of hers and Kirsten’s little girly items up there with her.  At first, Eliza noticed them as she wondered if Summer’s long legs were going to knock them all off but soon she focused on something else entirely.

She dismissed the idea when it first popped into her head while she was tongue fucking Summer’s wet cunt and wondering how she could really get this girl off.  But it returned a second later and lingered.  And the more Eliza thought about it, the more she liked it.  After all hadn’t this been Kirsten’s doing? Hadn’t she set this up?  If this was Eliza’s payback for having Ali work over her wife, didn’t Kirsten deserve a retaliatory shot too?

So with all that in mind, Eliza, without pulling her face out of Summer’s sopping twat, reached over and grabbed Kirsten’s hairbrush.  With its wooden handle, it was perfect for what she was devilishly planning because she felt Summer deserved a naughty surprise too.  Eliza sucked on Summer’s pussy, sending the woman into sexy spasms again while preparing the brush.  She wrapped her hand around the bristled part of it, wincing a bit at first from it but quickly getting used to it and, while slurping on Summer’s wetness, pushed the wooden handle into her, penetrating her pussy with the brush.


“I told you I was going to show you what naughty was all about,” Eliza smirked as she fucked Summer’s pussy with Kirsten’s hairbrush.  “Mmmmmm Kiki is going to love brushing her beautiful blonde hair with her pussy soaked brush now.  Come for me Summer!  Come all over this brush!”

“Ohhhhhh I will!” Summer promised.  “You have no idea how much I will!  Ooooooh I have to tell you something Eliza…ughhhhh yessssssss ooooooh fuck meeeee!  I have to tell you about my orgasms…I…I…”

“Surprise me,” Eliza interrupted, cutting Summer off.  “I don’t want you talking.  Just coming.”

And to further that along, Eliza shoved her own tongue back up Summer’s ass.  She fucked the tight hole while working her over with the hair brush at the same time and it send Summer spiraling into her own ecstasy.  Summer never got a chance to finish her warning because, just as Eliza had intended, the double shocks of pleasure from the wooden brush handle in her pussy and the sexy woman’s tongue up her asshole robbed her of her coherence.  She just moaned and gasped and cried out again and again how much she loved it, bucking her hips up involuntarily and forcing more of the brush into her cunt and causing Eliza to respond by fucking her ass deeper and quicker with her tongue.

Eliza was feasting on her asshole and the hard brush handle was hitting her G-spot.  It was an amazing combination and Summer could do nothing to hold back from it.  The only thing she could do was muster just a few words before devolving back into sexy babbles and cries of release.


And as Summer came, Eliza suddenly realized what she was trying to warn her about.  Cum gushed from Summer’s cunt, flying out and soaking the brush that was shoved into her.  As she came she squirted out her orgasm, shooting her girly jizz in several streams that hit Eliza right in the face.

At first Eliza was shocked, but she quickly got into it as the cum squirted out of her newest lover.  She began to laugh as it showered her face just like the water had before and playfully stuck her tongue out to catch it as Summer unloaded the pent up orgasm inside of her.  Her squirt shot out and soaking Kirsten’s hair brush and Eliza’s face and even puddling a little on the marble counter.  And when Summer finally stopped convulsing, Eliza pulled the hairbrush out and began cleaning it off, sucking Summer’s squirted cum right off of it and then burying her face back in her messy cunt to bathe it off her with her tongue.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!” Summer cooed as her sensitive, freshly orgasmed pussy was gently licked by Eliza’s cum hungry tongue.  She licked up her squirt from her own body and when Eliza pulled up her face was covered in it, something she was quite happy about.

“Ohhhhh you nasty girl!  You didn’t tell me you were a squirter!” Eliza laughed, licking her lips to taste more of it.

“I tried to,” Summer weakly offered, her mind still very dreamy after her intense orgasm.  “You wouldn’t let me.  I guess it turned into another surprise.”

“Mmmmm I like this surprise,” Eliza admitted.  “Squirters are fucking hot.  I can squirt sometimes.  But I’ve got to REALLY be fucked good first!”

“I know…Kirsten told me after I came all over her face like I just did to you,” Summer smiled.

During their time together, Kirsten had told Summer that sometimes she and Eliza could get each other to squirt but they had to really work each other’s G-spots first, which was easier said than done.  Summer was clearly more adept at it since now she had squirted for, and all over, both halves of the happy couple.

“I was hoping to make you squirt too,” Summer said.  “I love seeing it fly out of another girl’s pussy from how hard she’s coming.  Mmmmmm it’s so hot!”

“Well that’s something we can work on later,” Eliza said, pulling herself up and leaning over Summer’s naked body so she could kiss the naked woman while she lay on the hard counter.

“Mmmmm I intend to,” Summer replied with a big smile after tasting her own squirt.

Eliza helped Summer off the counter and back onto her feet and they embraced each other, rubbing their naked bodies together while they kissed.  Eliza’s face was still a mess from Summer’s orgasm and she couldn’t help but notice that the brush was too.

“Oh God…Kiki is gonna kill me,” Eliza laughed.  “This is her favorite brush too.”

“Well I know how you can start to make it up to her,” Summer said, once again grabbing Eliza’s hand and pulling her toward the bedroom.

This time Eliza didn’t fight Summer’s insistence that they get toward the bed and let the woman drag her out of the bathroom.  And when she did she could finally see why Summer had been so eager the whole time to get her there.

“What took you two so long?” Kirsten asked with her sexiest smile as she lay naked on the bed.  “I’ve been waiting.”

Eliza smiled back and this time took the lead in pulling Summer onto the bed with her so they could nakedly crawl over to Kirsten.  They’d both had her and now it was time for them to share.  Both Kirsten and Eliza had given and they had most certainly received, but this was the best for both of them.  Now they could do it all at once and this was a present they both intended on playing with all day long.


After what had just happened between her and Chloe in the shower, it had taken a good long while for Alyssa to compose herself and her head was still spinning from the way the teenager had so boldly made a play for her. Alyssa was, to put it mildly, shocked and that was not a state she was in very often. She thought she had seen it all and done it all, but this had been a new one on her.

She still couldn’t believe it had happened. Chloe had seemed like a nice girl and Alyssa had liked talking to her. But to see Chloe’s true intentions had left Alyssa flustered and nothing normally ever flustered her. Of course there had been nothing about that situation which had been normal. To be approached by a 15-year-old-girl and propositioned like that, in public no less, it was nothing Alyssa had expected and nothing she had asked for.

She was just glad she had the maturity and the smarts to get out of a bad situation before it had gotten worse. If she’d been less morally minded then she might not have been able to resist. After all, it would have been willfully stupid of her to pretend that Chloe Moretz wasn’t a stunner. She had a gorgeous face, a sweet disposition, a beautiful smile and, as Alyssa had certainly seen, perfect, firm teen breasts and a cute butt that would clearly lead others to their doom someday. She was an amazing young woman. But that was the key word there…young.

Alyssa made no apologies for who she was and what she liked. She would never be ashamed of liking women, even young woman. She had no problem with gorgeous teen bodies or girls in their early 20’s. She loved their perky tits and their perfect asses and the tight youthfulness of their little, pink pussies. She even loved being a dirty older woman and corrupting them. She had relished every naughty thing she had ever taught sweet young Hayden Panettiere to help transform her into an insatiable slut for her and her friends. She felt no guilt over any of that and didn’t think she needed to.

But Chloe? That was different. The girl was 15! She was 40. The gulf between them was a fucking chasm of years and while Alyssa believed that age was a number and there was nothing wrong with an older woman and a younger girl just like there was no problem with a younger man and an older woman as long as everyone was going in with eyes open and everything was consensual, this was too big a gap. Chloe couldn’t even drive a car yet. And even beyond it being illegal, it just felt morally wrong.

How could Chloe know what she wanted? She was just a kid! And that didn’t mean she hadn’t figured out she was a lesbian. By the time she was 15 Alyssa had already experimented a little with some girls, but those were with girls her own age and she didn’t truly indulge in the pleasure of another woman’s touch until she was much older because she hadn’t yet figured out what she wanted. How could Chloe know now? Alyssa wasn’t about to help this girl make a mistake and rush into something before she was ready.

Of course Alyssa was not about to do anything illegal but she was more worried about Chloe making mistakes in her life and getting involved with people who wouldn’t resist her firm, young body and do things to her she wasn’t ready for. For as weird as things had gotten between them in the shower, Alyssa did like Chloe. She was a beautiful and talented teenager and she had seemed truly kind and nice. Even when she’d been completely inappropriate with her, Chloe had come across as sweet.

Alyssa was sure that someday she’d make someone very happy as a lover and a girlfriend. But she was not going to be that woman. She just hoped that Chloe had gotten the message that she was far too young and that nothing could ever happen between them.

What had happened had left her so upset that Alyssa had gone and done something that she never typically did which was head straight for the first wine bar she could find and get herself a drink. She had actually considered going to a real bar and getting something stronger, but fortunately it hadn’t come to that. She never drank during the day except on special circumstances and Alyssa believed this qualified.

She’d also done something else she never, ever did…stand up Rose.

Rose had been very specific about what she’d wanted from Alyssa but now her head was in no place to give it to her. And even if she had been mentally right for the kind of ass fucking that Rose had promised her, by now there wasn’t enough time for her to go back to the mansion and then get to Heather’s by three. So sex would have to wait, especially because she had just drank two glasses of wine to calm her nerves and she wasn’t about to do anything stupid like drive while tipsy. She was going to just wait here and sober up before heading for Heather’s.

She knew Rose was probably going to be pissed at her and would want to take it out on her with a revenge fuck later, but Alyssa was willing to pay that price. Plus Rose’s forms of sexual payback were definitely very pleasurable. So that at least was a punishment she could look forward to.

While she stared at her almost empty wine glass, Alyssa decided she at least owed Rose a phone call to explain she wasn’t coming. She wasn’t about to tell her why she wasn’t coming. Rose was one of the best people she knew, but she could be a terrible influence and for all Alyssa knew she could actually encourage her to let Chloe have what she wanted. And that was nothing Alyssa needed to hear. So she was going to leave the “why” out of it as she dialed Rose on her cell phone.

“Where the fuck are you, bitch?” Rose demanded as affectionately as you could ever sound when you said something like that as she picked up. “I’m waiting!”

“I’m not going to make it back home for a while,” Alyssa said. “I’ve gotta go to Heather’s.”

“Boo! You suck!” Rose replied with a bit of a shortness of breath that Alyssa couldn’t help but pick up on. She didn’t say anything though. She wanted this conversation to be as short as possible. “Well you know what this means, don’t you?”

“Payback is coming?” Alyssa asked, a smile forming on her lips as she found herself wondering what exquisite sexual tortures her friend was already no doubt coming up with for her.

“Bet your ass it’s coming and I do mean ‘ass’,” Rose laughed. “You’d better watch yourself Lyssa. You promised me something and now you owe me interest with it! And I am going to be coming to collect.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less,” Alyssa said.

“So what’s your pathetic excuse?” Rose asked. “I know you aren’t going to Heather’s until later. So what’s keeping you from being here now.”

“Gotta go! Talk later,” Alyssa declared, wanting to cut that questioning right off at the pass before she ended the call and went back to worrying if Chloe had gotten the message or not.

Back at the mansion, Rose stared incredulously at her phone,

“Bitch hung up on me,” Rose gasped. “Well she’s gonna get it even harder later. Serve her right to blow me off.  Good thing I found a slut substitute for her, though, right Miley?”

“Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss ughhhhh fuckkkk yesssss!” Miley grunted and groaned while her tight, young ass was being wonderfully filled and stretched. “Use me Rose! I’m your fucking substitute slut! Do everything you were going to do to Alyssa to me and do it even harder!  Fuck me! Fuck me like a whore!  Mmmmm make me fucking feel it!”

“Oh you’re gonna feel it! You’re gonna feel it so good you won’t be able to walk right for a week!” Rose laughed as she tossed her phone back onto the bed and began fucking Miley up the ass with more gusto, to the young woman’s utterly depraved delight.

“Yessssssssssssssss! Make me walk funny! Send me home to Liam with my ass all fucked up from how hard you did me!” Miley demanded enthusiastically, her words coming out as sharp, happy gasps from what Rose was doing to her. “Mmmmmm fuckkkkk yeahhhh make me your fucked up slut Rose!  You know I fucking get off on this! I would have let you do whatever you wanted to me in that locker room! I just wish Alyssa was here so I could eat her pussy while you buttfuck my dyke ass and have her see how much you love treating me like a dirty little skank!”

Throughout her whole conversation with Alyssa, Rose had been giving it to Miley with the young woman on the bed on all fours before her. Both Rose and Miley’s clothes were scattered all over the floor of Rose’s bedroom at the mansion and the only thing either of them had on was Mr. Snappy faithfully tight around Rose’s waist. She’d already taken her favorite toy and buried it deep in Holly and Kaley’s asses that day and now it was right at home inside Miley’s.

“Mmmmm yeahh you are my skank! My little queer fuck slut!” Rose laughed, enjoying how Miley got off on all her trash talk. “How’s it feel Miley? How’s my big toy feel jammed up your lesbo ass?”

“Feels soooooo fucking gooooooood!” Miley squealed in pleasure as Rose followed her questions up by spanking her firm, young cheeks, making them sting as her pink skin turned a flushed red. Rose left handprints on Miley’s bare ass from her slaps and they quickly faded even as the sting lingered. “Do me hard Rose! Spank me and fuck me! Take that little bitch ass of mine and make it fucking gape before I go home like a good little wife to be!”

“You gonna give Liam a big kiss when you get home?” Rose taunted while thrusting into the barely legal slut on her bed. “You going to give him a big smooch and let him taste my cunt on your lips after you ate me out and made me come? Bet a dirty little thing like you would love that, wouldn’t you Miley? You’d kiss him and make him taste pussy without him even knowing it. I’ll bet he never even goes down on you. He wouldn’t even know what pussy tastes like. That’s why you’ve gotta get over here to Malibu to beg for it!”

“Ughhhh fuckkkkk! Ooooooh yesssssssss deeper Rose! Deeper! Bury Snappy up my tight little ass!” Miley groaned, her accent making her horny words drawl the more excited she got. Rose bringing up her fiancé only turned her on more as she pictured him completely unaware of what a filthy girl she really was and how much being bad got her off. “Yeahhhh Liam never fucking licks me! But even if he did he’d never be as good as you and all your friends! I act like I still like his dick but I don’t! I only want pussy! I’m a fucking dirty lipstick lesbo bitch and I love it! Ughh I’m gonna marry his big cock but I’m only gonna get really fucked by you hot sluts! Yesssssssssss!”

Miley lost the ability to speak out coherent words as pleasure washed over her like an epic wave. All that came out was Southern tinged babble as Miley rocked on the bed on her hands and knees, taking Mr. Snappy doggie style up her ass and loving every thick inch of it. She adored being fucked by strap ons by her friends and especially Mr. Snappy. It gave it an extra level of kinkiness to her to have black plastic being shoved up her white, Southern butt. It made it feel extra wrong and Miley got off on that so hard.

It had taken no coaxing at all to get her on her knees in the gym locker room. All Rose had had to do was shoot her a horny wink and Miley had gotten moist. She loved this shit. She loved being nasty and not having any limits to her own sexuality. For too long she’d been raised to be the perfect little angel with a halo permanently affixed to her Hannah Montana wig. But ever since she had left the yoke of Disney she’d stopped being a commodity and this was her reclaiming herself as a person. And if that person happened to be a nymphomaniac, then so much the better.

This was who she was and she had no shame about it. Life was too short to hold back and Miley for too long had spent her life as others envisioned it for her. She had done it her daddy’s way. She had done it Disney’s way. She had done it her record label’s way. She had done it every way but Miley’s way and what was what she was doing now. She was going to live her life her way and she wanted to have fun. She wanted to flaunt her body. She wanted to get fucked. She was a sexual creature and she loved it. Sex felt good. It felt REALLY fucking good. Why should she deny herself that? She was going to get what she wanted and right then all she wanted was Mr. Snappy up her ass.

“That feel good Rose? My tight little ass feel nice and snug around your big cock?” Miley grunted as she remained bent over on the bed, feeling those inches wonderfully fucking her from behind. “You fuck me so good Rose!  You must love it when dirty little dykes like me beg you to buttfuck them! Mmmmm do it Rose! Fuck the straight right out me you sexy lesbian!  Ughhhh yessssssssssssssssss make my ass queer like you already made my cunt! Mmmm fuckkkk yeahhh turn all my holes lesbian Rose! I fucking love how you do it!”

With her years of experience, Rose knew that Miley didn’t really have a clue when it came to human sexuality and that labels like “gay” and “straight” were just that, labels. But she sure didn’t mind hearing her say those filthy words. Miley might have had a short blonde buzzcut that you expected to see at the Dinah Shore Weekend and she might have been going around town flaunting her tits and ass whenever possible, but she still had an angel’s face. Miley’s soft, innocent face was so pretty and to hear that dirty talk coming from those deceptively sweet lips always got Rose’s pussy dripping.

After all she’d done to Holly and Kaley before, Rose hadn’t even been feeling particularly horny at the gym. But seeing Miley in the locker room had reawakened Rose’s lusts and she’d gone for it. Seeing that tight, firm body in workout clothes that were so easy to pull right off to feast on the delicacies beneath had gotten Rose’s juices flowing and she’d given Miley a wink and the rest had been history. Rose had ditched Alyssa, gotten her tights down and let Miley go wild on her asshole with her tongue. It had felt amazing to have that little sexpot rimming her ass out and Rose was only sorry Alyssa had interrupted them before she had come.

But at least she’d been able to continue things back home and now Alyssa was missing out on something seriously fun. Miley had been so eager to come back to the mansion with them and get her clothes off ASAP. Rose had barely been able to keep up with the no longer teenage sexpot as she’d torn upstairs for the bedroom like she lived there and positioned herself on the bed to be properly ravished. Miley hadn’t even waited for Rose to undress her. She’d wiggled out of her own clothes as quickly as possible, leaving them all over the floor and lying there fingering her young pussy as she begged Rose to put on Mr. Snappy and fuck her like she needed it.

And that was a plea Rose never liked to turn down. As Miley had watched and plunged her fingers into her sticky, tight snatch, only pulling them out so she could lick her own juices off, Rose had gotten out Mr. Snappy and stripped off her own clothes to get it on while applying a new coating of lube first. But she had barely needed that lube because Miley’s cunt had been drenched when she had taken it. Rose hadn’t even had to lick her. The girl had gotten soaked all on her own and had taken the strap on like a champion as Rose had gotten on top of her and fucked her into bliss.

Rose had loved doing that to Miley, pressing her weight down on the younger girl while burying Mr. Snappy inside her pussy as Miley sucked on her big tits and reached down to squeeze the ass cheeks she’d been kissing and licking before. And with every thrust, Miley had begged for more. She’d told Rose how good it felt. She’d told her how she was her whore. She’d told her how she needed to be fucked by a woman because men just couldn’t keep up with her. Miley had told her in such filthy ways how wet she was and much she loved being fucked by her and it hadn’t taken long for Miley to cream Mr. Snappy with her girl cum while screaming out in orgasm.

But that hadn’t been enough for Rose and it certainly hadn’t been enough for Miley. Her cunt was still aching for more even after her orgasm and coming like that after having her pussy fucked made Miley all the more eager to have her ass taken even harder. So, after Rose had returned the favor and treated her to a rim job that had nearly made her come all by itself, Miley had gotten on all fours and offered up her young butt to the gorgeous pale sex goddess and her magnificent strap on. Now she had had just what she wanted and she couldn’t get enough of it. With her firm tits shaking, Miley remained on all fours and took every inch of Mr. Snappy that Rose could give her firm, fresh ass.

“You’re such a hot fuck Miley,” Rose said, moaning into the girl’s ear as she leaned down on her and nibbled her ear lobe while continuing to thrust away. “This ass is so fucking tight! I love what a filthy little bitch you are Miley! All those other girls your age at least pretend to be virgins but you don’t. You’re too fucking nasty for that! You can’t hide what a dirty slut you are and that’s what makes you so hot! I want you to come for me again Miley! Come like the bitch you are!”


They did indeed have an audience inside Rose’s room but all of them had already seen and experienced what a dirty girl Miley could be. They certainly didn’t need to be shown anything. They knew it and they loved it. That was one of the reasons why a completely naked Hayden Panettiere was so happily squirming in Sarah Michelle Gellar’s lap as they sat in Rose’s chair and watched the action on the bed. Hayden loved what she was seeing. The wild show in the bed turned her on and so did the fact that Sarah’s fingers were teasing her in a very naughty place.

“Do you want me to go inside you Hayden?” Sarah moaned sensually into the younger blonde’s ear as she writhed into her body. “Want me to get my fingers in your naughty little hole?”

“Yessssssssss! Oh yes pleaaaaase Sarah!” Hayden cooed as she rubbed herself into her friend’s naked body, the feel of Sarah’s rock hard nipples touching her bare back giving her an extra jolt of pleasure. “Finger me! You know how much I like that?”

“Where? Where do you want my fingers? Tell me!” Sarah urged, feeling very horny and devilish herself as Hayden’s tight, little body gave her an excellent outlet for all the frustration that had built up at the gym. “I want to hear you say it. I want to hear that pretty little voice of yours moan out like a bad girl for me!”

And Sarah’s pushes only made Hayden hotter for this. She loved being made to feel she was dirty. She loved when she felt like she was doing naughty, forbidden things. The girls at the mansion all knew how to push her buttons like experts and she could never get enough of them or how the ways they made her come. So she gave Sarah just the specific answer she was looking for.

“My ass!” Hayden moaned. “Ughhh put those fingers up my ass! Please! Fuck my ass Sarah! I love it so much! Please finger my ass! Make me feel them inside my tight, naughty hole! OOOOOOOOOH! YESSSS!!!”

Hayden’s cry of pleasure came when Sarah did just as requested and gently pushed a finger up Hayden’s tight asshole. Hayden felt a surge of ecstasy when she was penetrated there and when one wet finger loosened her up enough, Sarah pushed in a second one, making Hayden cry out again. Sarah had gotten her fingers wet from both her own pussy and Hayden’s and that given her plenty of all natural lube for her to ease them inside Hayden and start to finger fuck her, taking her asshole with two sexy digits and making Hayden’s body quiver even more than it had been before.

Because it wasn’t just being naked in Sarah’s lap that was turning her on and it was more than just the blonde’s fingers inside her that was blowing her mind. It was also that while she sat with Sarah she had her legs spread for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s tongue to go wild on her pussy. The fingers up her ass were just a wonderful topping for the main course of feeling her sexy friend eat her out and make her want to come all over her tongue and face. Love’s tongue was driving her wild with horny licks to her sensitive pussy and Hayden could feel herself already on the verge of exploding with joy.


Hayden was absolutely overwhelmed with pleasure right then and there wasn’t anywhere she wanted to be more than this. As Love pressed her gorgeous face down to her pussy and licked her with her incredible tongue, Hayden pressed lower body forward so she could rub into Love’s mouth while she leaned the upper part back into Sarah and let the blonde play with her two. Sarah kissed all over Hayden’s sensitive neck as she fingered the girl and let her free hand grope Hayden’s tits.

It was so much wonderful pleasure for Hayden and she turned and kissed Sarah right on the lips as it continued. She had been hoping for this all day and once again the reality of it was far better than her dreams ever could envision it. She had needed this. Only her girlfriends could give it to her and as Hayden quivered and moaned into her kisses with Sarah, she felt her body start to get ready to come. There had been so much pent up lust inside her the past few days and all the stresses of holiday shopping and fighting crowds and traffic and getting bad Christmas music stuck in her head and making sure she met all her family obligations had combined to make her hornier than ever.

She needed this more than ever today and her friends, as always, delivered as only they could. The tender pleasure of Love’s tongue lapping at her pussy was spiced up by the raunchiness of Sarah finger fucking her ass and Hayden felt as if she was getting sweet and spicy all at once because of it. It had her gasping and moaning with pleasure as the good feelings rushed through her and her eyes and ears were also treated to erotic delights because she was so close to where Rose was fucking Miley with wild abandon and the superstar youth was taking Mr. Snappy up her ass with even more enthusiasm than Hayden felt for the toy.

Hayden couldn’t believe Miley could ever be hornier than her, but there she was screaming and begging for more as she got it doggie style up the ass from Rose and seeing and hearing that turned her on even more. She had heard about what Miley had been doing to Rose at the gym and it had made her wet, but at the same time it had also made her feel a little jealous. Picturing Miley’s cute face pressed between Rose’s ass cheeks as she spread them open and buried her tongue inside her tightest hole made Hayden wish it had been her doing that. Eating ass was her thing around here. Did Rose like Miley better than her? Did Alyssa? Did all of these beautiful goddesses want Miley more?

Hayden knew she was silly to be jealous. Around here only pleasure mattered. But she had still felt it. Miley had been hanging around here so much lately. Had she replaced her? Was Miley the mansion’s flavor of the month and she just pushed to the back doomed to be left as a castoff on the Island of Misfit Toys? She hated feeling like that but it had nagged at her. Miley had been nothing but sweet to her and Hayden had messed around with her a bunch of times, but she was supposed to be “little freak” of the mansion, not the former Hannah Montana.

That was why it felt so good to have Sarah and Love treating her like this. Hayden was being pleasured so expertly by their tongue and their fingers that she was surprised she hadn’t come already. They weren’t focused on Miley. They only cared about getting her off and Hayden couldn’t hide how much that pleased her. She loved what they were doing and how they were doing it only to her. She wasn’t going to be forgotten. She was a part of this place and all the fun that went on in it and their actions showed that. It only made the pleasure sweeter for Hayden and she moaned and sighed and groaned out how good she felt with every wet lick from Love and every naughty push of Sarah’s fingers.

“Oooooooh gawwwwd don’t stop fucking meeeee!” Hayden said, her voice dripping off her tongue sensually as she encouraged her friends. “Fuck the little freak! Mmm you like hearing the bad girl moan, Sarah? You make me fucking moan so good!  I love being bad for you! I love feeling your fingers up my butt! Fuck that ass Sarah! Mmmm you can finger it harder! I wanna really fucking feel it while I feed love my pussy!”

And Love certainly enjoyed being fed like this. She had been so focused on Christmas decorations and getting presents for everyone she cared about and making everything so perfect that there hadn’t been time for anything like this. So Hayden wasn’t the only one who needed some tender loving care. Her own pussy was soaked as she tasted Hayden’s delicious wetness and the more she tasted the more turned on she got. Her tongue was soaked in Hayden’s essence and Love could feel her own drooling past her smooth pussy lips.

Both she and Sarah were completely naked as they played with Hayden’s bare body. And like Rose and Miley their clothes were scattered on the floor. They had made quite a mess in Rose’s room but none of them cared. The way this was going, none of them figured they would be needing clothes for quite a while. And that felt mighty liberating to Love. She had been a very good girl lately and was no doubt at the top of Santa’s “nice” list so she had the craving to be bad right then and Hayden’s delicious pussy was an excellent excuse to do bad things while making someone feel very good in the process.

“Mmmmmm gawwwd sweetie you taste so fucking good,” Love moaned as she licked her juice covered tongue over her lips to get more of Hayden’s flavor. “I want you to come so bad for me Hayden! Mmmm you were such a good girl about helping me before and now I want to help you! I want to help you come all over my face! I want you to get my face all creamy like you always do! Feed me this hot little pussy and let me get all of that cum from you!”

After saying that, Love dove her tongue right back into Hayden’s smooth, hairless pussy. She was just as shaved as she and Sarah were and it gave Hayden’s tight, pink folds an extra kinky edge to be hairless. Love adored the way a bald pussy tasted. But then again she also loved the furry muffins of friends like Rose. She just loved pussy and right then she loved Hayden’s the most as she pushed her tongue hard into the girl and made her squeal with pleasure and writhe in Sarah’s soft touch. It was so hot to stare up at that and see Sarah holding Hayden and playing with her beautiful boobs and kissing those amazing lips. Both of them looked so sexy to Love and she couldn’t help but play with her housemate while she was doing Hayden.

“Ooooooooh Love! Mmmmm yeahhh! I was hoping you were going to do that,” Sarah sighed rapturously when she suddenly felt her friend’s most welcome touch on her pussy lips. “Mmmmm yeahhh play with my pussy! Oooooh you’ve been denying me your hot touch lately, baby, but now you’re gonna get on the REALLY nice list if you keep doing that. Mmmm I think Santa loves bad girls like us.”

“Leave Santa out of it,” Love smiled in between licks of Hayden’s kitty. “Mmmm he’s busy right now making all those toys for good little girls like me who make their friends feel good!”

“Mmmmm maybe Santa will bring you a new strap on to fuck bad girls like me then,” Sarah snickered even as she moaned from Love’s continued sexy rubbing of her tender, wet labia. “You know what that song says Love. He sees when you’re awake and sees you when you’re asleep. So he must be seeing us when we fuck! Maybe Santa is watching us right now and jerking off seeing what a little slut you are and how good you’re making me and Hayden feel!”

If someone had told Sarah that Love truly did believe in Santa Claus she might have actually bought that. Love just had so much Christmas spirit that maybe she really did believe. But Sarah wouldn’t have minded if she did. Love was just so happy this time of year that Sarah wouldn’t have begrudged her any belief. And even though she loved teasing Love about it, she also encouraged her love of the season.

“Santa is not watching me fuck! You take that back Sarah!” Love gasped with faux outrage as she gave Sarah’s pussy lips a smack that made her friend hiss in pleasure.

“Oooooooh I hope he didn’t see you do that you naughty girl,” Sarah laughed. “Mmmm fuckkk that stings so nice on my hot cunt Love! Mmmmm that’s so bad what you did but it feels so good! And I know you really want Santa to be watching! You want him to see what a nice slut you are! You want him to see you eating Hayden out while you finger me and you’re sticking that sexy ass of yours up in the air. You’d love that, wouldn’t you Love? You don’t want to leave milk and cookies by the tree for him, you want to leave all of us fucking so he comes down the chimney and sees that big, beautiful butt of yours naked and in the air while you’re fucking me so he can grab his jelly belly and peel off that suit of his so he can get his big Christmas cock inside you!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Love groaned in blissful imagining of that dirty fantasy before catching herself. “I mean ewwwwww! No way Sarah! You stop that or else I’m taking my hand away!”

But Love didn’t take her hand away. Instead she stopped playing with Sarah’s slit and pushed her fingers inside her friend, penetrating her tightness and making Sarah quiver with pleasure. She did this while she continued to lick away at Hayden’s wetness, making it so she could pleasure both of them while Sarah persisted in filling her brain, not with visions of sugarplums of far nastier things jingling then bells.

“Ohhhhhhhh Love” Sarah moaned. “Mmmm yessss finger me while I’m fingering Hayden! Ughhh feel how wet I am! Slide those fingers right into that pussy! You’re such a hot slut baby and I love it! Finger fuck my bad little cunt with your Christmas spirit Love! Mmm do it while you think about Santa taking you doggie style and having his balls smack your hot ass while he’s doing you hard! Ughh I wanna hear you say it! I wanna hear you say ‘Fuck me Santa! Fuck me Santa! Fuck me Santa!’ Rose is right! You’re a fucking Christmas perv Love!”

“Goddamn right I’m right!” Rose laughed, overhearing the exchange between her housemates. “Mmmmmm you’re a total Christmas perv Love! You’d let Santa take your cunt and your ass and slide his cock right between those big titties of yours! Mmmm you’d even go ass to mouth on Santa, wouldn’t you?”

“I would nottttttt!” Love protested even as she laughed over the suggestion. “I am not a Christmas perv! I don’t want Santa to fuck me!”

“Ooooooh Santa can fuck me!” Miley chimed in with horny enthusiasm. “As long as he fucks like you do Rose I’ll take his Santa dick up my ass and suck it clean like a filthy little fucking elf! Mmmmm so nasty! Be my Santa Rose! Fuck me like I’m not gonna get off the naughty list unless I make you come! C’mon! Fuck me Santa! Fuck me Santa! Fuck me Santa! Fuck me Santa!”

The way Miley moaned as she urged Rose on sounded so hot to all of the women in the room. As sexy as Lauren Graham had been saying that in the movie, it was a hundred times hotter to hear Miley Cyrus cry it out in the heat of passion as she kept on taking Mr. Snappy up her ass like her body was made for fucking. Miley’s squeals and grunts and beggings of “more!” were raining down on all of their ears and it made all of them even wetter.

“Mmmmm yeahh Miley’s the Christmas perv, not me Sarah!” Love giggled as her pussy dripped from the wantonness of her friend’s vivid fantasy. She didn’t want to admit it, but if there was a Santa, she would have gone no holes off limits with him. That was how much she loved Christmas. But she wasn’t about to admit that and give her friends more ammunition to tease her with.

“Riiiiiight I believe you,” Sarah laughed back, clearly not buying Love’s lies for an even an instant. “Mmmmm I’d let him fuck me too, you know! I’d let him fuck my tight Jewish pussy and show him that Chanukah kicks Christmas’ ass!”

Sarah was having way too much fun with this and Love shot her a glare from between Hayden’s legs even though she was laughing over it too. She could handle this kind of teasing because it was all silly and sexy. But that didn’t mean Sarah didn’t need to be quiet.

“Hey Hayden, shut that big mouth of hers up,” Love grinned as she got back to licking. “Mmmmmm give her something to do other than be mean to me!”

“Gladly!” Hayden giggled before she took Sarah’s face in her hands and kissed the former slayer passionately. She cut off Sarah before she could do any more teasing by pushing her tongue into her mouth and Sarah gladly accepted. She eagerly shut up and instead focused on tongue kissing Hayden while driving her finger’s up the yummy blonde’s bubble butt, fucking her tight ring and making Hayden roll her eyes back in pleasure as she was fingered and licked simultaneously.

“Ooooooh that’s sooo much better,” Love smirked. “Shut that Grinch up Hayden! Mmmmm kiss the naughty right out of her. Now your pussy is gonna see how nice I can be!”

And Christmas perv or no, Love was as good as her word. She leaned in and sucked on Hayden’s clitoris, enveloping it with her lips and making the girl shriek with pleasure into Sarah’s kiss. Now she was getting it even harder from her two friends and Hayden’s naked body shivered in the chair as the pleasure filled her. Love responded by sucking even more on her needy clit, tenderly loving it and making it swell while she also tended to Sarah’s clit by pushing her fingers into her and rubbing against her bud, making her cry into her kisses with Hayden just as much as the younger blonde was.

Love expertly pleased them both, working over Sarah and Hayden and stimulating herself through the sounds of their sex cries. She loved getting women off and Hayden and Sarah were always people she loved to pleasure. Hayden was one of the favorite girls she had ever met since she had found her desires for women and there were few women as dear to her as Sarah. They started this together and every orgasm she got from her friend was a special one for Love.

“Ughhhh gawwwwd I’m gonna fucking come! Oooooh Love please please please make come!” Hayden cried, the feel of her warm, wonderful lips on her clitoris just what she needed.

“Yesssss come all over her, Hayden,” Sarah urged. “Mmmm she wants it so bad! Give her a present baby! Give her your yummy cum! Fuck that pretty face of Love’s!”

“Ooooooh YESSSSSSSSSS!” Hayden gasped as Love proved how much she wanted that by clamping her lips down around her clit. “MMMMM FUCKKK OHHHH YESSSSS MAKE ME COME LOVE! OOOOOH IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!”

This time it was Hayden’s turn to be quieted and Sarah did it in a way she knew the girl would love. She pulled her fingers out of the girl’s ass and slid them right into Hayden’s mouth, feeding the girl her own flavor.

“Mmmmmmmm fuckkkkk!” Hayden moaned as she immediately closed her eyes and started sucking Sarah’s fingers, savoring her own forbidden flavor.

“Oh yeah you dirty girl,” Sarah said while fucking her mouth. “Mmmmm suck your own ass off those fingers Hayden! You sexy little freak! No wonder you have that nickname! I can see how much you love tasting your own ass!”

“I do love it! I love it so fucking much!” Hayden beamed when she popped her mouth off Sarah’s wet fingers. “Oooooh stick them back in my butt Sarah! Finger my naughty freak ass with my spit all over your fingers! Ughhh I wanna feel my own spit being pushed up my ass while I come!”

“As you wish,” Sarah grinned while moaning out from Love’s expert fingers pinching and rubbing her clitoris. She took her saliva covered fingers and put them right back where they’d been, pushing them back up Hayden’s ass. Hayden grunted happily when her hole was penetrated again and it made her grind herself harder into Love’s face.

Hayden’s happy cries were nothing compared to the wild screams coming from the bed. With Miley involved it was like wild kingdom on there, especially as she got her ass fucked. Miley had learned long ago that when it came to sex, the words “off limits” were the worst words you could say. She loved getting her pussy licked and fucked. But there was something about getting her ass taken hard by someone who could do it right that lit her up like a pinball machine on tilt. Not everyone was good enough to get a prize like her ass, but when it was someone like Rose, the word “no” was not anywhere near Miley’s vocabulary.


Miley was even more enthusiastic thanks to the hard smacks Rose was delivering to her with the thrusts up her backside. Rose spanked Miley’s pale ass repeatedly and the handprints were no longer faded. Now her white flesh was flushed pink and oh so tender. The smacks to her ass stung and Miley loved it. It made her feel so filthy and she wanted Rose to spank her. She wanted her to fuck her. She wanted her to mark her territory so anyone lucky enough to see her butt over the next few days, even her fiancé would see it and know she got spanked by a real life lesbian.

“Fucking noisy little cunt,” Rose grunted with a big smile. “Ooooh do you ever shut the fuck up Miley? Mmmm I’ll have to give Sarah and Love and Hayden strap ons too to shove them into your mouth so you can be quiet for a second!”

“Awwwww fuckkk what makes you think I wouldn’t love that!” Miley yelped happily. “Mmmmm gawwwd I want all of you strapping on your fake lesbo dicks and fucking me! Double team me! No! Fucking TRIPLE team me! Stuff all of my naughty holes up and take me like a fucking hardcore slut! Ughhh jam my pussy and my ass while I’m choking on another fake cock! Ughhhh yeahhhh I’d fucking get off so good on that! Stretch out all my holes and send me home Liam with a big fucked smile on my face and a cunt so loose he can stick his fucking fist into me!”

“Holy shit you are a fucking dirty one,” Rose laughed. “Goddamn Miley! How’d you get so fucking freaky? You talk to that slab of Aussie beef that way? Does he like it or does he just grunt for you?”

“Ohhhhhh he doesn’t know I’m sooo bad!” Miley cried as her ass kept getting stuffed, Rose’s naked body smacking hers so wonderfully as flesh slapped into flesh. “Mmmmm he thinks I’m his loyal little girl but I’m not! I’ll fuck any hot slut with tits and ass! I’ll spread my legs for lesbian tongue and I’ll spread my butt too for hard fake cock like this! Fuck me up the ass Rose! Fuck my dirty queer ass and make me fucking come like he can’t!”

Rose had every intention of doing that and she proved it with her thrusts into the girl’s tight little backside. Miley had such a tight butt and Rose adored having the chance to fuck it, especially when she could get the slut doggie style and see her bare black shining with sex sweat and reach under her to feel those firm, bouncing B cup titties. Miley’s new haircut all buzzed and blonde had raised eyebrows from her fans but it had only turned her lovers on more as they thought it matched her insatiable hardcore attitude.

Love had been the first one to blurt out that it made Miley look like Belladonna the wild porn star she loved and, having seen more than a few of the recently retired icon’s movies, Rose had to agree. Miley had the attitude to match and that made it so much fun to fuck her. She looked like a porn star and acted like a porn star and Rose fucked her like a porn star. She took her ass hard and deep, just like Miley wanted it and brought her right to the edge of orgasm as Love and Sarah pushed Hayden over hers.

“Ooooooooh yesssss oooooh yessssss ooooooooooooooh FUCKKKK YESSSSSS!” Hayden screamed from Love’s mouth and Sarah’s fingers working her over at the same time. “OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK! GAHHHHH! I’M COMINGGGG OOOOOOOOH FUCKKKK YESSSSS MAKING ME COME SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!”

Love moaned in her own delight as she swallowed Hayden’s orgasm. She sucked away on her clit and gulped down her release while still keeping her fingers inside Sarah. Her own pussy was dying for attention but Love knew that would come soon enough. Right then she was completely focused on Hayden as she sucked away at her creaming pussy and swallowed every drop she could get at.

Hayden bounced and shook in Sarah’s lap as she came, her asshole contracting around the older woman’s fingers and snugly trapping them inside her. It was so good to come like this and she didn’t hold back as she screamed and thrashed her head around and let her blonde hair fall down on her face only to have it brushed away by Sarah so she could tenderly kiss her. Hayden groaned out even more in pleasure from those soft lips kissing her while she shook in orgasm and their tongues rubbed together wetly while Sarah groped at Hayden’s bare tits and Hayden did the same, fondling all over Sarah’s naked chest and taking particular joy in playing with Sarah’s hard, swollen nipples.

That kiss grew when Love rose up from her knees and leaned in to press her face between Sarah and Hayden’s. She fed both of them Hayden’s cum and they both went for it like they were starved for it. Sarah and Hayden both kissed Love’s lips and sucked her tongue and licked all over her face to get that sticky essence off her and as they did it they both got their hot hands on Love’s big tits, squeezing the bare mounds as Love groaned for them both.

Hayden wanted to pay her friends back for making her feel so good. She wanted to please them and make them come. She wanted to bend Sarah and Love both over and get them to stick their bare butts out so she could lick and tongue them both in their naughty holes. She knew they both knew how much she loved rimming girls and she was sure they’d give up their asses to her so she could prove to them she was still the mansion’s little freak. Hayden’s cummy pussy tingled for Sarah’s tight buns and the soft, juicy curves of Love’ round backside. Their asses were so different but both were so much fun to fuck.

Hayden wanted them both. But she wanted something even more,

She had heard Rose call Miley “freaky” and while it wasn’t like she was calling her “little freak,” it was still too close to comfort for Hayden. She had a title to defend here and she was going to make sure Rose saw there was no one like her around the mansion.

So she crawled away from Sarah and Love and went straight for the bed. But she didn’t go for Rose. As tempting as it had been to just get behind Rose as she fucked Miley, her full, round pale butt cheeks sticking out of the harness around her waist that kept Mr. Snappy in place. In fact the black harness on her pale skin only made Rose’s ass look more naked and Hayden had been drooling over it from afar. But as much as she had wanted to just cram her face between those sweet cheeks and give Rose a rim job Miley could never match, Hayden instead did something else.

As Miley remained on her hands and knees, bucking her ass back to meet Rose’s doggie style thrusts, Hayden instead decided to show there was more to her than just eating ass. She scooted her naked body under Miley’s and went right for her pussy. With not even a kiss much less a hello between them, Hayden got underneath her and jammed her tongue into the former Disney star’s twat.


Without Hayden to play with, Sarah and Love had turned right to each other and had gotten into it without delay. As soon as Hayden had nakedly scampered away, Sarah and Love had passionately begun making out and now they were on the floor together eagerly scissoring. Sarah and Love were grinding their wet cunts together for mutual pleasure, a position they knew all too well after all these years. They continued to kiss while rubbing their pussies and mixing their juices but they also kept their eyes on Rose fucking Miley, especially now that Hayden had her tongue in the mix.


“Yeahhh come for us, maybe that will finally shut you up mmm but it doesn’t I’m going to jam my cunt in your face and shut you up myself,” Rose declared while pumping into Miley, her round, pink tits shaking and her dark hair clinging to her sweaty forehead as she pounded the princess faced 20-year-old. “Fucking come Miley! Come from Mr. Snappy fucking your dyke ass better than real cock ever could!”


This got Hayden a faceful of Miley’s pussy cream and she happily swallowed it, eager to kiss Rose with those lips and then get her face right in the sex goddesses ass. She was going to fuck all of them. She was going after Rose first but Sarah and Love were right on her list next and Hayden wasn’t going to let any of them leave this room until she had drained their pussies dry.

If she had a wish this Christmas, it was to make damn sure her friends knew that no matter who was new and hot around here, she was still the dirtiest little freak they would ever play with. And Hayden had every intention of making that happen all through the holiday and beyond.


Unaware of the fun her friends were having in her absence, Alyssa tried to leave her own concerns in the distance as she sat down with Heather. Whatever was bothering her friend, Alyssa wanted to be able to help her and not be preoccupied with herself.

“Can I get you a drink?” Heather asked. Even though she’d had her own problems with booze and was currently very much on the wagon, she kept it in the house for entertaining purposes. Of course these days she had been tempted more than a few times to make use of it for herself but fortunately she had not succumbed.

“No thanks,” Alyssa said, thinking back to the two glasses of wine she’d had to calm herself down. “I’m good. I’m worried about you though. What’s wrong Heather?”

They were alone in the house and they sat down together on the couch, face to face. Alyssa took Heather’s hand in hers and held it, letting her know that she was ready to support her. Heather opened her mouth like she was about to explain, but looking in Alyssa’s face and seeing the level of trust she had in her just made Heather feel renewed shame and she clammed up.

“I can’t…I just can’t tell anyone this,” Heather sighed, her voice a mix of sadness and anger.

Heather and Alyssa were bonded as more than friends. Not only had they been close when they had been co-stars on Melrose Place but they had become far more than that one sexy day while Alyssa and Heather had been shopping for lingerie and Alyssa had been unable to help herself when she’d watched her friend try on a particularly sexy number she had intended to use to inspire her husband into romance. Alyssa had seduced Heather with her touch and her words that day and by now Heather’s husband was long gone and their special friendship remained. Alyssa had been there for Heather through all her troubles with drinking but now, at the most critical moment, Heather feared what she had to say would be too much even for her special friend.

“Heather, you can tell me anything,” Alyssa insisted, holding onto her friend’s hand. “I’m here for you.”

“Yeah right, as soon as I tell you, you won’t be here for me,” Heather said ruefully, ashamed of herself and positive that Alyssa would rightfully share her disgust.

“That’s impossible,” Alyssa said. “I’ll always be there for you Heather. No matter what.”

Heather badly wanted to believe her. She needed someone to talk to. But she couldn’t trust anyone with this. It was too big. It was too dirty. It was too depraved. It was too illegal. She had to say it to someone though. It was a secret so big it was growing inside her like a cancer. She could feel it. It was a rock inside her stomach. It was darkness over her soul. She couldn’t keep it all pent up inside herself. But she couldn’t bear what she knew Alyssa’s reaction would be.

“You’d hate me,” Heather replied softly.

“I never would,” Alyssa insisted. “You’re my friend Heather. I love you. I’d never turn my back on you. You can tell me anything. Anything at all. I’ll always help you.”

Heather so badly wanted to say. This secret and all the guilt it created was killing her. She could feel it. It was no exaggeration to say it either. She truly feared she could die of shame from this and she knew that if she did she would have deserved it. She couldn’t keep this pent up shame inside her. It was eating her alive.

“Do you promise?” Heather asked, looking Alyssa right in the eye and showing her in her gaze just how serious this was. “Do you promise that whatever I say you will not hate me? That you’ll help me? Because I need help Alyssa. I need it more than I’ve never needed it before.”

“Yes! I promise!” Alyssa agreed right away, getting very worried that something terrible had happened. “Whatever it is we can get through it Heather.”

“It’s about Ava,” Heather began to say, her eyes welling as she just began.

“Is she ok?” Alyssa said, her thoughts immediately going from her friend to her daughter. “Is it that guy at the gym? Did he hurt her? Is he sleeping with her? We can go to the police if he is.”

“No!” Heather blurted out quickly, her eyes showing she was terrified about any involvement of law enforcement. “It’s not that. It’s worse. It’s not Declan and Ava I’m worried about. It’s not any man. It’s me!”

“What?” Alyssa asked. “What are you talking about?”

And that was when Alyssa heard something more shocking than she ever could have imagined, something so out there that it took what happened between her and Chloe in the shower, ground it into dust and blew it away.

“Alyssa, I want to fuck her!” Heather confessed as she began crying, the same overcoming her even as it felt good to finally admit it to someone other than herself. “My own daughter! I want to have sex with her! I want to fuck my little girl!”

For the second time in just a few hours Alyssa felt like she could have been knocked over by a feather.

“What? Oh my God Heather!” Alyssa gasped in shock.

“I knew it! You hate me!” Heather cried, burying her face in her hands. “And I fucking deserve it too. I’m the worst goddamn mother in the world. I’m sick and twisted and I need help!”

“Shhhh…shhh…shhhh…it’s ok Heather,” Alyssa said, hugging her friend to stop her from sobbing while at the same time feeling absolutely and completely gobsmacked by what she had just heard. Her friend wanted to have sex with her daughter? It was the most insane thing she had ever heard. Ava was one of the most beautiful young women Alyssa had ever seen. But she was only 15 and…this was her mother! But she didn’t say any of that to Heather. It was clear her friend needed comfort, not judgment.

“No Alyssa! It can’t be ok,” Heather insisted. “I’m a sick fuck! I’m the worst kind of monster. I want to have sex with my own daughter! Did you see her today? She’s so fucking beautiful. She doesn’t even realize yet how beautiful she is and I can’t control myself around her! I’m losing my fucking mind Alyssa!”

“Have…have you done anything with her?” Alyssa asked, not wanting to know for salacious details, but worried that her friend had broken the law and crossed a line that was never supposed to even be approached, much less crossed.

“No! God no!” Heather answered, getting a sigh of relief from Heather. “I never could! I could never hurt her like that! But I want to, Lyssa. I want to so bad. It’s…it’s driving me crazy. I can’t stand it! I want her so badly. It makes me sick to think it but I get so wet when she’s around.”

Heather started to cry in shame and Alyssa held her close, hugging her and telling her that it would be alright. She didn’t know what to say though beyond that. She didn’t know how to make Heather feel better. The truth was she had seen incest. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson were frequent visitors to the mansion and they were not just there to play with other girls, but with each other as well. And seeing those sexy sisters fuck had turned Alyssa on. To see them shatter taboos by licking and fucking each other had made her so wet that she had joined in with them multiple times.

Of course there was a difference between sisters fucking and mother and her underage daughter. It was the ultimate in splitting hairs but there was a difference. She didn’t tell that to Heather though. She didn’t need to hear that. She just needed some kind of strength to get through this.

“I can’t help it,” Heather continued. “She has the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen and when I look at her it’s like I can’t stop thinking about kissing her and touching that sweet body and showing her…oh God…showing her all the things we do to each other. She wears these skimpy bikinis out by the pool and all the time I see her with her top off as she lies down under the sun. It drives me crazy and I can’t stop the feelings Alyssa. I caught her out by the pool a few times totally naked Alyssa, just lying on her stomach with nothing on and that ass…oh God…that ass…just being baked under the sun and I…I…it makes me want to completely lose control and…oh Alyssa you have no idea the things I’ve thought about doing. It’s so sick! It’s so fucking sick! I need help!”

“Shhhhh shhhh shhhh…” Alyssa said while hugging Heather tighter. She didn’t want to know any more details. “I’ll help you. I’ll get you through this.”

“How?” Heather asked, desperate for anything that could see her through this crisis. She so badly wanted to resist her disgusting urges but it was getting harder and harder every day. She would rather kill herself than hurt her daughter and the temptation was driving her insane. She couldn’t tell her shrink because she was worried she might turn her into the police. She didn’t know anyone else she could talk to about this. There was only Alyssa and Heather was totally dependent on her.

But Alyssa didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t like there was an incest resistance support group or anything. Wait! Maybe there could be one. They could make one up, just the two of them.

“Call me,” Alyssa said. “Day or night. I don’t care what time. I don’t care if I’m sleeping or off doing God knows what. Just call me. I’ll talk you off the ledge. I’ll be your security, Heather. Call me whenever the urge hits you and we’ll get through this. Each time I tell you what you already know about not doing this it will get easier and soon you won’t be thinking this way anymore.”

“Oh my God Alyssa, that’s just what I need,” Heather sighed in relief as she hugged Alyssa back. “Thank you! You have no idea what this means to me! I’ve been dying to talk to someone but I didn’t think they’d understand. I knew you would though. I knew you would help me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What you’re doing for me is above and beyond and I appreciate it more than you could ever know!”

“I’ll do anything to help you,” Alyssa said even as she worried that between this and Chloe maybe the world really was going crazy. Maybe the Mayans had just goofed on the date.


“Thanks for the ride back,” Sarah Hyland said as the car drove up to her front door.

“Hey, no problem,” Shanelle Workman replied. “It’s the least I could do.”

“Well actually, the least you could have done was leave me stranded at the gym,” Sarah pointed out with a smile. “So I really do appreciate this.”

Shanelle smiled at her friend’s joke, but she had important things on her mind and she didn’t hold back.

“Do you think I was too hard on her?” Shanelle asked, her voice full of regret.

“Ariel?” Sarah inquired and when Shanelle nodded her head, Sarah answered honestly. Anything else would have been a disservice to two women she cared a lot for. “Maybe a little. I think you left her really confused. She didn’t get what you were talking about at all.”

“I’m glad she doesn’t,” Shanelle sighed. “It means she’s not all grown up yet. It means I have a little time left with her. I just don’t’ want her growing up too fast, Sarah. I don’t want her making mistakes. I want her to be happy.”

“She is happy with you,” Sarah assured her friend. “Believe me, Shanelle, I can see the difference between when she was living with Crystal and now that she’s living with you. It’s night and day. You’re doing so much good for her.”

“I hope so,” Shanelle replied. “I don’t want to fuck things up with her. I don’t want her to grow up too fast. I want to protect her.”

“You will…and you are,” Sarah insisted. “You’re doing a great job. You’re a great mom and you’re a great big sister. Ariel is lucky to have you in her life. She loves you.”

“That bitch fucked up both of our lives so much and I just want Ariel to be safe from everything and not make the same mistakes I made,” Shanelle said, referring to their mother. But Sarah picked up on something else.

“You don’t think everything you’ve done has been a mistake, do you?” Sarah asked.

“Well not everything,” Shanelle smiled which Sarah liked to hear.

“Want to come inside?” Sarah asked. “I think I at least owe you a cup of coffee for the ride.”

“I was hoping you’d ask,” Shanelle replied, turning off the car and hopping out with Sarah before entering into the house the Modern Family starlet shared with her boyfriend.

But even as she tried to relax after a trying afternoon, Shanelle couldn’t help but replay the exchanges she and her young sister had at the gym and regret the things she said. She hadn’t wanted to see Ariel make mistakes and wander into things she wasn’t ready for at the age of 14. So she had overreacted. She had known she had overreacted even as she’d said all those things to her sister. She wished she could take it all back, but when she had seen Ariel hanging out with those girls she had freaked out with nightmare scenarios of her sister getting completely over her head and getting into real trouble flashing in her mind.

And of course there had been another reason for her freakout and Shanelle just hoped she hadn’t accidently said too much. But beyond worrying about that, Shanelle mostly focused on her sister’s reaction. She had left Ariel confused and upset and she hated that she had done that. She wanted her home to be one of love for Ariel and not of the fear that Crystal, whom Shanelle would never ever call “mom” since she had lost the right to that a long time ago, had created. And the thought of ever being anything like that woman in Ariel’s eyes made Shanelle feel full of regret.

“She didn’t speak to me the whole ride home,” Shanelle sighed. She’d dropped off Ariel at their house before bringing Sarah to her home, happy to have some time alone with her sister’s co-star.

“She’s just upset, she’ll get over it,” Sarah replied as she and Shanelle walked upstairs, bypassing the kitchen completely and heading right for Sarah’s bedroom instead. “Remember how moody we were as teenagers. And she’s been through a lot these past months. It just confused her to see you act like that. I’m sure by the time you get home she’ll be over it.”

“I hope,” Shanelle said, sitting down on the bed. She thought back how the whole drive home, Ariel had just stared out the window, not saying a word like she was really hurt by what had happened. That was the last thing Shanelle wanted.

“I’m sure of it,” Sarah insisted, throwing her gym back on the floor and ducking into the bathroom as Shanelle sat on the bed. “She loves you and she knows you love her. She’s just being a teenager.”

“I wish I could make her understand,” Shanelle said. “There’s so much I can’t tell her. I didn’t mean to frighten her. I just got upset and I ended up upsetting her. I feel like such a bitch for doing it.”

“Oh yeah? Don’t want Ariel to know why you’re so freaked out? Don’t want Ariel to end up in Malibu like you did?” Sarah asked from inside the bathroom.

“Oh be serious,” Shanelle replied in annoyance. “You know that’s the last thing in the world I want!”

“Oh yes, we can’t have Ariel find out her saintly big sister has secrets,” Sarah said. “We can’t let her know that you’re not the perfect wife and mommy you pretend to be. We can’t have her know what Shanelle does behind her husband’s back.”

Shanelle turned toward the bathroom to respond to all of that but before she could get the words out of her mouth the door opened again and Sarah reemerged and stood in the doorway completely naked. The vision of the gorgeous young woman bare from head to toe, her firm, little breasts so perky and perfect and the dark brown triangle of fur above her pussy pointing right down to heaven took Shanelle’s breath away like it always did.

“Something wrong?” Sarah asked innocently, batting her eyes as she stood stark naked in the doorway of her bathroom and enjoyed how flustered the sight of her body made the older woman.

“Nothing wrong at all,” Shanelle smiled, her troubles vanishing as her eyes feasted on the perfection of Sarah Hyland nude.

“I didn’t think so,” Sarah smiled as she walked from the doorway to the bed. She sat down next to her co-star’s big sister and kissed Shanelle right on the lips.

The tender kiss was immediately returned and it quickly deepened as they broke their lips apart and then reconnected them and Sarah pressed her bare body into Shanelle’s. Shanelle kissed Sarah back with a growing hunger, caressing her face first with her hand and then reaching lower, softly fondling Sarah’s firm breast, making the younger girl moan as her stiffening nipple was touched.

“You gonna protect Ariel from those big, bad Malibu lesbians?” Sarah teased.  “Gonna keep her locked in her room so she can’t get all naughty like her big sister does?”

“If I have to,” Shanelle grinned, reacting to her secret lover’s teasing by smacking her bare tits, slapping them and making them jiggle softly as Sarah moaned in pleasure from it. “She’s never going to find out what a dirty sister she has.”

“How dirty are you?” Sarah smirked as she pressed herself down on Shanelle, pushing the older girl down on the bed and lifting up her shirt, exposing the MILF’s full rack in her bra, her nipples starting to poke out against it.

“So fucking dirty,” Shanelle moaned while taking both of Sarah’s firm tits in her hands and squeezing them. “I’m cheating on my husband with this sexy slut of a girl!”

“She sounds hot…tell me about her,” Sarah grinned, playing along happily while starting to grind herself into her lover, making sure Shanelle could feel the growing heat of her pussy against her clothed crotch as she pressed down from on top of her on the bed.

“Ohhhh this little slut has the perkiest tits I’ve ever seen,” Shanelle teased while squeezing the young mounds of flesh on Sarah’s hot chest. “Mmmm her nipples get so fucking hard and she loves it when I bite on them because she’s such a dirty thing! Ooooh and her ass! She has the cutest butt! I can never resist that ass. How can I think of ever sleeping with my husband when all I want to do is get a strap on and fuck that ass of hers nice and hard?”

“Ohhhh she sounds so nasty,” Sarah groaned as her sensitive, small breasts were expertly fondled. “I’ll bet that whore loves it up her ass. She must get off so hard when beautiful, dirty MILFs fuck her ass. But I’ll bet a naughty girl like that loves it best when her pussy gets licked!”

“She totally does,” Shanelle smiled, loving this game as she stared up at her younger lover’s incredible body. “She’s a dirty cheater too. She’s fucking around on her boyfriend with a sexy older woman because he can’t get her off with his tongue like she can. He doesn’t eat her tight little pussy like a woman can. He can’t make her come but a woman can. A woman can lick that pretty little pussy of hers until it creams.”

“Yessssssssssssss make it fucking cream like he can’t,” Sarah hissed, getting wetter by the second. “She sounds like such a bad girl! I hope you spank her!”

“Oh I do,” Shanelle laughed, giving Sarah’s bare ass a swat while the girl continued to press down on her. “She’s a bad girl and she needs discipline. But mommy knows how to treat bad girls like her. Mommy knows what fucking sluts like her need. Mmmm and it’s the same thing that I need to. Because we’re both dirty, cheating sluts sneaking around to get pussy when we’ve got cocks waiting for us at home.”

Sarah cut off Shanelle from saying anything more by kissing her again, this time more passionately than ever as she reached for the button of Shanelle’s jeans. She popped those jeans open and kept on kissing her secret lover while slowly lowering the MILF’s pants down, exposing a pair of panties that were rapidly getting damp. Being able to sneak around and fuck the older sister of her co-star and friend was a complete thrill for Sarah but even without that forbidden extra edge, she still would have gone for it because Shanelle was so sexy and knew things to make her come that her boyfriend could only dream of.

As they shared kiss after kiss, Shanelle lifted herself up off the bed long enough to get at her own bra clasp, opening it, yanking garment away and exposing large, full breasts, a trait that Sarah had to admit she had certainly noticed ran in her lover’s family. Sarah pulled away from Shanelle’s mouth as soon as those tits were uncovered and began showering them with kisses, pressing her wet lips all over them and leaving Shanelle moaning on the bed as her hands went right for her favorite part of Sarah’s body and squeezed her tight ass cheeks.

Through the corner of her eye, Shanelle also glanced at the clock and began calculating how long she had to play with her secret lover before she had get home to be with her family. She’d had to curtail her playtime with Sarah lately to keep Crystal’s hired PI goons from figuring out her darkest secret while she was fighting for custody of her sister. But it had been so difficult and she had been unable to resist any longer. Seeing Sarah naked like that in the doorway had melted all her defenses and she just wanted to stay here and fuck her younger lover all night long even though she knew that was impossible.

The two women began kissing again, their lips and tongues rubbing together and their bare breasts touching in such an erotic manner that it made both of their pussies purr as they continued making out. This was Shanelle’s darkest secret, one she never, ever wanted to come to light. Because as much as she wanted to protect her little sister from all the traps that were out there for teenagers in Hollywood, it was this secret that she was most worried about.

Ariel could never find this out about her. And if it meant building a moat around that damn mansion to ever keep her sister from being lured there, Shanelle was ready to do it. She could never let her sister know the truth about her. It was too damaging. It was too dirty. She tried to focus on the pleasure of making love to Sarah, but even as she did, Shanelle couldn’t stop her thoughts from drifting away to this.

No matter what she had to do, she could never allow Ariel to find out the truth.


Walking back to the mansion, Jennifer did a lot of thinking.  There might have been a few too many Wookie holidays, singing cats and insatiably horny party girls there, but at least it had gotten her mind off her troubles.  Plus with all the weed she had just bought, Jennifer was confident that she would have plenty of chances to escape reality right through to New Year’s Day.  She didn’t want to be a drag on her friends’ holiday.  She still felt bad over snapping at Love earlier when her friend was just trying to help and she committed herself to making sure that didn’t happen again.

The Grinch role didn’t suit her at all and Jennifer sure didn’t want it.  Even if she was fighting off some misery, there was no sense spreading it around.  If that meant putting on a fake smile through Christmas, Jennifer was willing to do that if it would make things nicer for her friends.  Besides, at least she now had a large Ziploc bag of mood enhancement if she needed it and Jennifer had a feeling she was going to.

Coming back inside her home, Jennifer headed straight to the media room where she knew Love was.  Hiding in her room was only going to make her friends more certain something was wrong.  Plus Jennifer’s guilt over how she had acted before drove her right for her housemate.  And when she got to the media room, she saw that Love was by the TV setting down a stack of DVDs.  Love had also put Christmas music on and Jennifer couldn’t help but notice the appropriateness of Elvis Presley’s Blue Christmas playing.  But she pushed that thought aside and instead concentrated on her friend and her movies.

While many of the DVDs and Blu Rays Love owned were of a decidedly adult nature, she also had a rather large collection of far more innocent fare and that was what she was focused on now.  She wasn’t just doing this alone though.  Now she had some help as she and Jewel Kilcher consulted on her choices.

“I have every movie we could want for Christmas,” Love said as she set up the DVDs on the floor with their cases up like she was stocking shelves in one of the few remaining Blockbuster Videos.  “I have It’s A Wonderful Life.  A Christmas Story.  Miracle on 34th Street.  Charlie Brown Christmas.  Elf.  How The Grinch Stole Christmas…”

“Jim Carrey version or cartoon version?” Jewel interrupted.

“Ughhhh cartoon version of course,” Love replied.  “But I think I have the Jim Carrey version lying around somewhere.  I also have Nightmare Before Christmas for something more spooky.  I got Love Actually for something more romantic.  And of course…tah dah…best  Christmas movie ever…”

Love said this as she happily displayed her copy of Home Alone, following that up by playfully putting her hands on her face and doing her version of the famous Macaulay Culkin scream from the movie.

“Yeah that one’s ok, but this one is better,” Jewel said.  “We have to make sure we watch this one too.  Now this is the best Christmas movie over.”

“Yeah it’s pretty good,” Love undersold as she couldn’t help but laugh at the cover of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  “We’ll make sure and watch that one too.”

“Don’t forget about my favorite movie,” Jennifer said, announcing her presence by sitting down behind Love and wrapping her arms around her waist and kissing her neck softly, making the Christmas crazed woman smile happily as the far more tender and homey Nat King Cole version of The Christmas Song began to play in the background, replacing Elvis’ sadness.  “You put Scrooged in your pile, right Love?”

“I’d never forget it,” Love said, reaching over and pulling out the Bill Murray Christmas classic to display it with the rest.  “I know you love it.”

“Hey Jen,” Jewel said.  “We were just getting set for movie night.”

“Yeah tonight we’re going to start our Christmas marathon.” Love said.  “Christmas movies all night, every night.  I think we have a nice variety here so people don’t get sick of it.”

Movie nights at the mansion were a fairly democratic process, but not during the holidays.  Love took over with a firm directive that all movie choices would be decked with boughs of holly.  It was something that everyone understood was going to happen every year and they accepted it.  Besides Love did have a good selection of choices that seemed to offer something for everything.  There was enough salt in the mix to cut through all the sugar and keep things from getting far too sweet and saccharine.

“You going to join us Jen?” Jewel asked, a little pointedly, which made Jennifer wonder if Love had told everyone else her concerns about her mood.  But Jennifer didn’t even try and insist that she was fine or try to be left alone.  Instead she just smiled and went with the flow.

“Of course, I’d never miss it,” Jennifer promised, holding Love tight as a show that she was ready to join in any and all reindeer games at the mansion whether she truly felt the spirit of the season or not.


After her day of wild fun with Holly and Kaley and then getting Miley back to the mansion, it had been a far less carnal night in Malibu with everyone was curled up together in the media room watching Christmas movies for the rest of the night before crawling off to bed.  It was the perfect combination of naughty and nice and had Rose in a good mood when she woke up the next morning.  Never an early riser, Rose saw that it was already mid-morning by the time she crawled out of bed in search of a cup of coffee to get herself more woken up.

Yawning as a sign that the sleep hadn’t quite rested enough of her body after all her sexual exertions of the day before, Rose shook the sleep off and slipped out of her comfortable bed.  As typical in the mansion she had slept in the nude but the shiver in the late morning air made it clear that she was going to have to be a bit more modest today.  So she grabbed her robe out of the closet and pulled it tightly around herself.  It was definitely colder than usual these days and while December in California typically wasn’t the beach weather some people assumed it was, Rose still didn’t like this larger than usual chill.

So with her robe tightly cinched around her body, Rose journeyed forth from her room looking for a way to perk herself awake.  It had been a long night, but a fine night.  She never would have admitted it to anyone, but the snuggling together and watching fun movies with all her girlfriends had actually been even more fun than the sex.  That wasn’t anything she was going to publicly disclose though.  She had a reputation to protect around here after all.

Rose couldn’t have anyone know that she had enjoyed it just as much snuggling next to her friends on the couch with a blanket and popcorn as she had being in the shower with them and having Love and Jewel’s big soapy tits in her face while Jennifer did devilish things to her asshole with her tongue.  It certainly wouldn’t have been good for her reputation for her friends to find out that dozing off on the couch while pressed to Alyssa had been even more fun than creaming her face as the shower had soaked them both.  So Rose kept that secret to herself.

Movie night had definitely turned out nicely.  By the time they had dried themselves off from the shower, Sarah, Jessica and Stacy had come home and it had been a nice, quiet night for them all together.  No wild parties.  No orgies.  No sex even.  It had just been them watching movies together and enjoying each other’s company.  If that’s what this Christmas was going to be all about, Rose wasn’t going to have a problem with that at all.  She just wasn’t going to admit it.

It was clear she wasn’t the only one who felt that way either.  If Love had been Christmas crazy the day before, the fun night they had all spent together had inspired her to take it up to 11 as it were.  On her way to the kitchen, Rose walked by the room with the tree in it and saw Love going over all the ornaments to make sure they were all in place, checking the lights to make sure they were all working and then rearranging the tinsel to adjust it ever so slightly.

And as she did this, she proved that their group viewing the night before of The Nightmare Before Christmas had made quite an impact with her.  The soundtrack was playing in the room and Love was happily singing along.

“What’s this? There’s something very wrong,” Love sang along, her pretty voice making an excellent accompaniment to the actual soundtrack. “What’s this? There’s people singing songs. What’s this? The streets are lined with little creatures laughing, everybody seems so happy. Have I possibly gone daffy? What is this? What’s this? There’s children throwing snowballs instead of throwing heads. They’re busy building toys and absolutely no one’s dead. There’s frost on every window, oh, I can’t believe my eyes. And in my bones I feel the warmth. That’s coming from inside.”

And as much as Rose enjoyed a good Danny Elfman song as much as the next person, she definitely preferred Love’s voice.  So she watched Love sing for a few minutes while tinkering over every detail of the tree, loving how her friend seemed utterly and irresistibly cute in her Christmas crazy mode.  It made Rose want to come right in, kiss her and then drop her robe so she could do a few of those naughty things she had promised to do to Love right by her precious Christmas tree.

But Rose held back from being too naughty too quickly and instead came in to talk to her.  She’d had an idea in her head ever since her trip to Holly’s and Love was the perfect person for her to talk to about it.

“So I was thinking about our party,” Rose said, coming up behind Love and hugging her as a way of saying ‘good morning.’

“Mmmmmm thinking about what hors d’oeuvres we should serve?” Love teasingly asked, loving the feel of her housemate’s body pressed to hers, especially since she knew full well snacks were the last thing on Rose’s mind.

“In a way,” Rose naughtily replied.  “I had a thought yesterday while I was fucking Holly up the ass…”

“Oooooooh!” Love couldn’t help but moan, relishing the thought of seeing Rose stuffing Mr. Snappy hard up Holly Marie Combs’ sexy butt.  “Mmmmm tell me more.  Tell me what you were thinking as you fucked that hot, tight, yummy ass!”

Rose grinned as she once again marveled at Love’s complete ability to stop on a dime and reverse course in split seconds.  All it had taken was a hug and a few naughty words to get her to stop thinking only about Christmas and instead focus on something far sexier.  She blew a little gust of cool air against Love’s neck, making her shiver just like it always did and began to sexily moan into her ear.

“Well, as I was fucking that tight, delicious ass of Holly’s, she kept telling me and Lyssa how bad she needed this,” Rose informed Love as the girl squirmed happily in her arms.  “Mmmm it was like it was all she wanted for Christmas was to get fucked.  It was the same thing with Kaley.  She kept screaming out as she fucked our faces with that yummy, slutty pussy of hers that she needed us to fuck her and that she needed to be dirty and fuck other girls!  She and Holly were so sick of men that their hot pussies were dripping just thinking about getting a lesbian licking.”

“Mmmmmm I know the feeling,” Love groaned in response, grinding her ass into Rose and wishing that her housemate would bend her over and make good on those hot promises she had made the day before.

“Mmmmm we all do,” Rose said with a naughty glint in her eye.  “So how about we make some Christmas wishes come true?  How about we find ourselves some hot girls that really need some girl on girl fucking and give it to them.  Mmmmm we can seduce them and make them see that their men with their lame cocks that never stay hard long enough aren’t what they need for Christmas.  They need hot girl tongues in their pussies.  They need to learn to suck hot tits and flick their tongues against hard nipples.  Mmmmm they need to know how pussy tastes better than cock!”

“Ohhhhh that would be such an awesome gift,” Love laughed, loving it even as she knew it was a bit crazy.  Rose’s idea did sound incredible, but how could they pull that off?  Sure it wasn’t anything they hadn’t done before, but they had already seduced their sluttiest friends.  How could they find new girls in just a day?  But then a thought occurred to her.

“I thought you’d like it,” Rose said with a smile.  She knew it was crazy too.  They would have to find girls… girls who were horny and desperate enough to be fucked by women for the first time, but also not too scared to try it.  And then they had to successfully seduce those girls.  It would be quite a challenge.

Rose was as confident in her skills to turn any woman into a slut begging for a lesbian pussy licking after five minutes and begging to be fucked up the ass by Mr. Snappy in 10, but even she knew that was a tall order.  Women like that didn’t exactly grow on trees.  But even though she knew it would be impossible for all of them to pull it off, it sure would be fun to try.

Rose turned Love around so she could look at her in the eyes and she could see right away that her housemate felt the same exact way.  They had long odds ahead of them if they wanted to try and add this extra spice to their Christmas party, but even if they all failed it would still be an unbelievable thing to try.

“I think I know just how to get some numbers too,” Love said. “You know all about Damon’s little black book, don’t you?”

“Who doesn’t?” Rose replied. “I think every hot piece of ass in town is in that thing.”

Beyond sharing a home and a fun lifestyle, many of the girls in the mansion shared an agent, And not only did Damon have their best interests at heart, but he also had the names and numbers and vital statistics of beautiful women all over town. His “little black book” was infamous and also thought to be only legend. But Love knew better.

“What say we try and coax that book out of Damon’s hands and get those numbers for ourselves?” Love suggested, a smile crossing her lips that was far more naughty than nice.

“He’d never give it up,” Rose said, even as she smiled back, loving the idea.

“I can be very convincing though,” Love giggled.

“Oh I know you can,” Rose replied. “I’m surprised you haven’t tried convincing him in the past. Even I know he’s a hottie and I haven’t looked at a guy since…”

“Since that Christmas at Lauren’s?” Love teased, remembering oh so fondly her and Rose sharing a very lucky guy that night, something which Rose had insisted would never happen again.

“Oh don’t you even bring that up,” Rose shot back. “Never means never Love. So get your mind out of the gutter and instead on how you’re going to get that book for us.”

They didn’t have to say anything else.  They could see in each other’s gaze what the other was thinking.  There was agreement on both sides and they sealed it with a kiss.  And when their lips pulled apart, Rose was in the mood for something else.

“Did anyone make coffee?” she asked.

“There’s some in the kitchen still,” Love said.  “Jewel made some before she dashed out this morning.  It’s the good stuff too.”

“I could use some of the good stuff,” Rose said.  “Wanna come with?”

“I’ll go anywhere you want to go Rose, even if it’s just to the kitchen,” Love playfully replied.

The two of them then walked the relatively short distance from the media room to the mansion’s kitchen, holding hands both affectionately and in conspiracy along the way.  Love’s adoration of Christmas and Rose’s adoration of fucking sexy women who had never been with girls before had met at last and they both recognized it as the best kind of serendipity.  They couldn’t wait to tell the rest of their housemates about the extra twist to the party and they got their chance when they walked into the kitchen and found Sarah there, sipping some coffee for herself and watching TV.

When she saw Rose and Love walking in hand in hand with that certain look in their eyes, Sarah knew right away that something was up.  So she looked up from her program.

“Ok, what are you two up to?” Sarah asked, a smile tugging at her lips as she figured that whatever it was there was a good chance she was going to like it too.

“Who says we’re up to anything?” Love replied innocently, her Christmas dreams rapidly turning dirty as she started thinking about who she might want to bring by for their first trip to the mansion.

“Yeah, what’s with the suspicion Sarah?” Rose asked.  “Maybe I’ve just got the Christmas spirit.  Did you ever think about that?”

Sarah nearly choked and did a spit take on her coffee at the sound of that, but managed to restrain herself.

“Hmmmmm maybe it’s all the years I’ve known you that makes me just a tad suspicious,” Sarah managed to laugh back.  “So spill it, I can see you two are dying to tell me.”

“Well we…” Love began to say, before Rose caught a glimpse of what Sarah was watching and interrupted.

“Whoa…whoa…whoa…what the hell are you watching?” Rose asked, her eyes instantly captivated by what appeared to be one of those dumb tween shows.  But there was nothing kid friendly about what she was seeing.

“Oh, it’s that show on Nickelodeon,” Sarah replied.  “Victorious.   It’s got that girl Victoria Justice in it.  I feel kind of guilty about watching it, but it’s like it’s my guilty pleasure.  It’s really good Rose.  You should watch it sometime.”

“I watch it too,” Love said.  “This is a really cute show Rose. It’s even better than iCarly.”

But Rose wasn’t listening to either of her friends.  Instead she was watching the screen as three girls sang some Christmas song or something.  Rose wasn’t listening to their voices either, not when she was too captivated by the sight of their three nubile bodies in outfits that definitely didn’t seem appropriate for the audiences.  They were all dressed for the season, but in ways that had her desires inflamed and her thoughts far away from candy canes and snowmen.

Their outfits showed off their lovely legs and, more importantly, hinted so deliciously at the tight curves of their young asses.  The girl singing lead had shorts that were practically painted on her ass and the other two were in outfits that barely went past their buns.  Rose was enraptured by what she saw.

“Who are these girls?” Rose asked, no longer thinking about anything else but how much she wanted to bend all three of them over for spankings.  They were being such naughty girls at Christmastime and Rose badly wanted to  punish them and then fuck their little teen brains out for being so bad.  It was clearly what they deserved.

“That’s Victoria Justice in the center there,” Sarah explained, pointing to the girl singing lead.  “She’s the lead of the show.  That girl with the dark hair is Liz Gillies.  She plays Jade.  She’s like the bitch of the school, but she’s got a good heart deep down and all that.  And the red hair girl is Ariana Grande.  She’s Cat.  She’s Tori’s BFF.”

Sarah paused after that, looking back at Rose who was staring at the screen like she wanted to start licking it.

“Why do you ask?” Sarah asked, looking at her friend and feeling her own pussy start to get damp because of the look Rose was showing off.  Sarah had seen that look before and it always led to fun.

“Because I just figured out what I want for Christmas.” Rose replied.


An entire coast away, Christina Aguilera was beginning to wonder if she had made a big mistake when she hadn’t listened to Britney and instead had gotten on the plane to go to New York City.  Here she was in one of the world’s greatest cities at one of the best times of the year to be there and all she could think about was what she had left behind.

Her family and the woman she loved were thousands of miles away, but to Christina the distance felt even more extreme than that.  And the more she thought about them, the more she missed them, especially with it being as cold as it was here.  She was bundled up in her warmest, most stylish coat, but she was still freezing in it and she shivered a little bit while wishing Britney was there to warm her up.  Mmmm she wouldn’t have been cold then.

Closing her eyes and shutting out all the noise and excitement around her, Christina pictured Britney and her naked and getting each other all hot and sweaty with wet kisses and naughty caresses.  She pictured the two of them rubbing their bare bodies together to create warm friction and how wonderful it would feel to have their pussies grind together until they coated each other’s shaved pink girl flesh with naughty cream.

Christina was sorry she had rushed off yesterday and hadn’t stopped to fuck Britney one more time. Making Britney all wet and creamy for her and then not delivering the fucking she had teased had left Christina’s pussy sopping wet for the past two days.  On the plane she had snuck into the bathroom to work her little jackrabbit toy over her clit to make herself come over and over again, but that had done nothing to quench her need.  Last night in her suite she masturbated multiple times, using her fingers and the toys she had packed.  But she was still horny as hell.

Denying Britney had left her denying herself too and now Christina felt she was paying the price.  She was shooting interviews and promos outside of the Rockefeller Christmas tree for the season finale of The Voice and underneath her winter clothes her pussy was dripping. It was getting really bad too. She was so lonely and horny right then that part of her brain was thinking about just dropping the façade and asking the assembled media there to gangbang her.

Christina stifled a wicked smile as she thought about everyone getting naked right on one of the busiest streets in the cities so those sexy female entertainment reporters could grind their cunts into her face while their fat, greasy cameramen jammed their cocks right up her ass.  Oooooh that would be nasty and fun.  And it wouldn’t have to stop there…she could invite all these tourists to join in too.  She could lick some hot housewife pussy and have their husbands work their neglected cocks into her cunt and ass let everyone there bathe her in cum.

Thinking that was getting her even more hot and bothered under her clothes and Christina couldn’t help let her eyes roam over to her fellow Voice judges sharing the stage with her.  She had already had Blake Shelton’s and Adam Levine’s cocks inside her a bunch of times before and she remembered vividly how awesome it had felt to have them fucking her at the same time, Adam’s cock up her ass while she frantically rode Blake’s in her cunt while Britney watched their wicked devil’s threesome and made herself come from it over and over again.

She even looked over Cee-Lo and imagined the dirty things he could do to her.  He was a bit too much of a big boy for her, but Christina at that point cared more about the size of his cock than his belly.  It had been way too long since she had enjoyed any black cock and maybe she should go over to him and offer up her slutty mouth to warm his dick up on this cold, cold day.

As freezing as it was for these outdoor interviews, Christina’s pussy was on fire and she didn’t feel like anything was going to put it out.  She missed Britney and all the ways her girlfriend could get her off.  But she didn’t just miss the orgasms. She missed the snuggling.  She missed cuddling with her lover after sex.  She missed the way Britney understood her better than anyone ever had before.  It had only been a day since she had seen her, but it felt like a month at least.

That feeling wasn’t just about sex though.  She missed a lot more than naughty fun.  She missed her family too.  She missed her son.  She missed Britney’s boys, who were just as much hers these days too.  She missed being with them and being apart from them made her love them more than ever.

Christina’s thoughts weren’t all dirty ones that morning.  Being so close to the majestic Rockefeller Center tree and looking down at the famous ice below them as people happily skated on it, Christina wished she was down there.  These interviews were so boring.  She would much rather have been one of those happy families down on the ice.  She and Britney could have taken their boys down there and tied up their skates and shown them this famous landmark as they enjoyed the cold and warmed up with hot chocolate after.  She missed the hot times of being with Britney, but she also badly missed the innocent times together too.

She was starting to really regret coming out here or at least not bringing Britney and the boys with her.  That was what they should have done.  They should have brought the boys out here so she could share a New York City Christmas with them and Britney.  She could have shown them how magical the city was at this time of year.  They could have checked out all the sights and decorated windows.  Christina was already planning on raiding FAO Schwartz for presents for the boys, but wouldn’t it have been more fun if she had brought them there and seen their eyes widen in shocked glee at the huge toy store?  She even could have shown them where she had grown up in Staten Island.  Why hadn’t she thought of that before?

Part of her wanted to get on the phone right now and call Britney and tell her to scoop up the boys and get out here with her.  But she knew they were all set with plans back in California and for once Christina’s gut told her not to be selfish.  That just made her miss them more, though.  Christina didn’t usually get homesick, but she was now and she knew she needed a distraction.  And since her fantasies about gangbangs outside 30 Rock weren’t quite feasible, she needed something else to take the edge off.

She was starting to get seriously antsy and more than a little impatient as these interviews droned on.  It was fucking cold outside and the colder she got the more she knew she needed someone to warm her up.  She overheard a few people talking about some kind of blizzard coming in and how at least they’d be able to get a white Christmas, but Christina didn’t pay it any particular mind.  She was far too focused on getting someone to get their fuck on with her.

Christina searched her brain for ideas when all of a sudden an awesome one popped in like a Christmas light going off over her head.  She knew who was in New York City right now too.  And that person would be just what she needed to take the edge off and tide her over until she was able to ditch these media appearances for the new season and get herself home.

As soon as the cameras paused and everyone took a break to set up the next round, Christina pulled her phone out and madly started texting.  This was exactly what she needed.  She wouldn’t be homesick after this.  She was positive about that.


“Welcome to Carnal Knowledge!” the blonde girl behind the counter said with a bright smile when the bell above the door rang. “Ho ho ho and Merry Christmas! How can I be your ho ho ho today?”

“Anytime of the year you’re my favorite ho, Alyssia,” Jessica Alba said as she leaned in and placed a kiss right on the girl’s lips. The pierced beach bunny kissed right back and soon the two were on the verge of making out right in front of the store’s window display before a throat clearing got them to have some kind of discretion.

“Sorry,” Jessica blushed. It had been a long time since she had kissed Alyssia and this store had a nasty habit of making her lose control.

But the woman clearing her throat wasn’t doing it to get Jessica’s attention.

“Where’s my sugar Alyssia?” Reese Witherspoon asked playfully. “No love for lil ol me?”

“I always have love for you Reese,” Alyssia smiled as she leaned over placed her lips right on the Oscar winner’s and then noticed that “lil ol” Reese wasn’t so little anymore. “Whoa! Damn girl! You’re huge!”

And of course that was absolutely the wrong thing to say and her condition or not, Reese was not happy to hear it.

“Damn it Jess,” Reese groaned, her balloon of confidence popped in the second it took for those words to come out of Alyssia’s mouth. “I knew this was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have come here…not like this!”

“No Reese! I’m so sorry! I just wasn’t expecting you to be like that,” Alyssia said. “Please don’t go! I was surprised! Don’t pay any attention to me. Maria always says I have a big mouth. That’s why she says I need to use it more for licking her cunt and not flapping my gums.”

“It’s ok Reese, don’t bail on us now,” Jessica said. “You look beautiful. I told you so. You have to believe me.”

“You really do look beautiful,” Alyssia insisted. “I wasn’t expecting it, but you look amazing. I just didn’t know you were preggers.”

Reese sighed but decided there was really nothing she could do about this. After Jessica had done such a good job coaxing her out here she really wasn’t inclined to go home empty handed. She had come all this way and sitting in the car didn’t seem like a good idea either. But neither did lots of gawks at her eight and a half month pregnant belly either.

“Well I guess you know now,” Reese said before deciding to make the most of it. “Now you owe me two kisses. Two REAL kisses, Alyssia. One for me and one for the baby.”

And, after stepping out from behind the counter and revealing she was wearing a tiny, green “Santa’s little helper” costume that didn’t even cover all of the cheeks of her tight ass, Alyssia made good on that very suitable arrangement. She came right over to Reese and kissed her lovingly on the lips, not once, but twice. And as she did it she also caressed Reese’s stomach with a gentle touch, something Reese smiled from and visibly enjoyed.

Her friends in Malibu had tried to talk her out of it but Reese had decided to give marriage another go. She hadn’t planned it but she had fallen in love and Jim seemed like the kind of person for her that Ryan hadn’t been. And while they had originally thought she was out of her mind, her friends had gone along with it and supported her. Now here she was with her third child on the way and Reese felt truly happy about herself and where she was. She had a husband she loved. She had two gorgeous children and a third one weeks away from entering the world.

She did have some secrets though. There were trips to stores like this that her husband didn’t know about and even bigger things her husband didn’t know about like Malibu, her close relationships with so many beautiful and insatiable women and that on the day of her wedding Sarah, Jessica, Love, Gwen and others had ravished her in her dress, leaving her to walk down the aisle without any panties on and a dripping wet pussy staining the lace. He had no idea and he never would if Reese had anything to say about it. She loved him but she needed this. Her life wasn’t complete without it.

This time it was Reese who was quickly succumbing to Alyssia’s kissing, enjoying the feel of the pierced lip against her and the studded tongue in her mouth. And this time Jessica did nothing to stop it. Unlike Reese had, she let it happen and, instead of cutting the kissing short, she turned her attention to the other woman who had joined them on this trip to their favorite store. She had something she was dying to know and she couldn’t hold out any longer.

“Soooooo are you going to tell us about what happened last night, or not?” Jessica teasingly asked.  She was very eager to hear all the dirty details, especially since she had ended up getting caught up in the planning of all of it.

“What?  Here?  Now?  Here?” Scarlett Johansson asked nervously, glancing around the store to make sure no one else could listen in on them.

“Relax, it’s just us in here now,” Jessica replied confidently even though she wasn’t as certain of being alone in the store as she let on.  She just couldn’t resist indulging her curiosity.  She loved hearing about an erotic experience, especially coming from someone as sexy as Scarlett.  “Besides, you’re not about to tell me that you’re not shy about all about coming to a sex shop with me to look at new toys but you are too shy to tell me what you did with Natalie last night?”

Scarlett laughed while also blushing a little, noting the irony in this situation.  She definitely wasn’t shy about eying the array of wild dildos and vibrators that filled the aisles but she still didn’t want to broadcast her own intimate secrets.  That was hardly brave.  In fact it was half cowardly.  She didn’t like holding back, but she had never been in a store like this before for real.  The few times she had been in a sex shop it had been a gag.  But now she was shopping here like she meant it. Of course it did help that Jessica was there with her.

“Well when you put it like that,” Scarlett said coyly, darting her eyes around the aisle again to make sure her sex life wasn’t been snooped on.  “It was amazing. Kat played her part perfectly. Natalie was totally shocked by it. We totally had her going. I charged in like the scorned lover and she bought it. That just made it more fun when we all got naked.”

“Oooooh I wish I’d been there too,” Jessica replied as Scarlett detailed her threesome the night before with Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings, her nipples starting to stiffen a little under her bra as she pictured Scarlett’s special Chanukah gift to Natalie.

Scarlett didn’t give every detail but she gave enough and Jessica hung on every word about all the positions they’d taken with each other and how many times they’d come before they’d all woken up the next morning in Natalie’s bed naked with Natalie in the middle, her happy head nestled between hers and Kat’s breasts.

The more Scarlett told her, the more Jessica longed to have been there, something that only increased when her friend started to share one more secret, only to stop suddenly and look around again.

“Are you sure no one’s listening?” Scarlett asked, not enjoying this paranoia.  If she’d been at the mansion or Jessica had come over to her place, she wouldn’t have hesitated to discuss every graphic detail.  But while Jessica seemed totally comfortable here, Scarlett didn’t share that feeling…at least not yet.  She couldn’t shake the idea that some stranger was going to burst in, overhear it all and have it up on TMZ before she could shut her mouth.

“Relax,” Jessica repeated.  “Look over there.  See, Reese is talking to Maria.  And look what they’re doing.”

Both Reese and Jessica were considered VIP customers at this store and with that came special privileges.  Scarlett could see that as Maria, the store’s owner, went over to the door and flipped the sign over to “closed” while locking the door, ensuring that no one else was about to walk in on them. She then walked over to Reese as she talked with Alyssia and cooed over the mother to be, pressing her hand to Reese’s stomach and showing that not even the toughest of women could be immune to baby fever.

Scarlett felt a naughty shiver run up her spine as she watched Reese give Maria a kiss right on the lips for doing that and how Maria responded by reaching down and grabbing Reese’s ass through the sweatpants she was wearing.  Reese had gone out suitably dressed for the occasion in a pair of faded Juicy sweatpants and with the lettering going across her butt cheeks, Scarlett couldn’t help but think about how appropriate that was to describe Reese’s sexy backside, especially now that she was pregnant. Reese had been very scarce around the mansion ever since she had started to show her baby bump and Scarlett had been very happy to see her come along.

“Feeling more at ease?” Jessica asked, feeling the same shiver Scarlett was as she watched Maria grope Reese. It had been so difficult for her to talk Reese into coming with them that day. Reese had been so worried about how she looked and being out of place with her baby so clearly only weeks away from arriving, but Jessica had managed to talk her into coming without revealing one secret she held from her friend…she loved how Reese looked like this. She looked sexier than ever with her pregnant belly. Jessica had never confessed anything like that and she continued to hold her tongue about it because she didn’t want to make things weird between her and Reese.

“Who said I was nervous in the first place?  I was just about to get to all the dirty details before you interrupted me,” Scarlett defended herself with a smile that showed she knew she was lying about her mood.  Seeing that door locked definitely relaxed her.  It made this very sexy store a private place and, after Reese and Jessica had filled her ears on the way over with naughty stories about the things that had happened on previous visits, that gave her a tingle in all the right places.

“Riiiiiiiight,” Jessica smirked.  “So get talking.  Spill all the details.  Leave nothing out.”

“Leave nothing out about what?” Reese asked when she walked back over to her two friends.  She had no idea what the background was on this expedition.  And given how she looked she at first had declined to come, but Jessica had been insistent and now she was glad she had. Maria and Alyssia had both put her more at ease and assured her even with a baby on board she was more than welcome here.

“What Scarlett did with Natalie last night,” Jessica said.  “She’s giving her eight nights of slutty presents for Chanukah.”

“Oooooh I like the sound of that,” Reese said.  “Sounds like fun for Natalie.  So what did you give her last night?”

Once again Scarlett described the threesome and, showing her growing relaxation, she went in more graphic detail the second time around by letting Reese know where tongues went and whose fingers were where and all the dirty things the three of them had done.

“She was about to tell me something more,” Jessica pointed out, loving hearing all those dirty details. “What was it Scarlett? What else did you do?”

Scarlett didn’t answer immediately.  Instead her eyes darted over to the side.  She was in exactly the right aisle for this and she saw just what she was looking for right on display.  She smiled wickedly and grabbed it, holding it out for Jessica and Reese to see what was in the package.

“You got her a butt plug?” Jessica asked quizzically.

“Not quite,” Scarlett sexily smirked back.  “But this looks a lot like my butt plug. Mmmmm I put mine inside myself earlier this morning and after Kat left it was just and me and Natalie just hanging out like it was normal.  I didn’t tell her I had it inside me and the whole morning I was just sitting there feeling it up my ass, loosening my hole and making my pussy so wet thinking about how dirty I was being.”

Reese and Jessica were now very interested in the story and it showed in their eyes.  They were hanging on every word and Scarlett wasn’t about to hold back.  If they wanted details then they were going to get all of them.

“I kept that plug up my ass all night long,” Scarlett said, her pussy starting to get moist as she remembered feeling it inside her tight hole, stretching it open while she had watched morning TV with Natalie, had some breakfast with her and acted like nothing was out of the ordinary.  “Mmmmm Natalie went to take her morning shower and I acted like I was going to head on back home.  But I didn’t.  She thought I had left but instead I waited for her to come out of the bathroom.  You should have seen the look on her face when she came out all damp and sweet smelling from the shower and saw me lying on her bed waiting for her, completely naked.  She was so surprised she dropped the towel that was around her body and that gave me what I wanted to see.”

“What happened next?” Jessica had to ask, wishing she had been there to see all this happen.

“She was surprised but she really liked it,” Scarlett said with a smile.  “I think she had been disappointed when I had told her I was going to leave, so I she liked the surprise.  But I had more to show her so I turned over and let her see my ass with that butt plug stuck inside me.  She didn’t get what was going on at first, but I told her I wanted her to fuck my ass and I showed her I had brought along a strap on for her to use on me.  Nat doesn’t have one of her own, so I let her borrow mine as her present.  Mmmmmm and she got to take my ass all morning long!”

“Now that’s a present I want too,” Reese giggled, getting a definite not of agreement from Jessica and a bigger smile from Scarlett as she imagined how awesome it would feel to have both of these sexy girls fucking her ass.  Scarlett definitely considered herself flexible in bed.  She could dish out a naughty fucking and she sure as hell could take one too.

Every other time that toy had come into play with her and Natalie, she’d been the one wearing it and giving it to her sexy friend’s petite, beautiful body.  Scarlett loved fucking Natalie like that, whether it was getting her on her back so she could stare into her amazing eyes and see her cute, perky tits bounce as she thrust into her or getting her doggie style and drooling over that beautiful little butt of Natalie’s or even getting both of them on their sides so they could feel their naked bodies rubbing together as Natalie took that cock in her naughty holes and moaned for more from her lover.

But lately Scarlett had been dreaming about being on the other end of the fucking.  She loved to dish it out, but she also loved to take it. And lately she had been fantasizing a lot about being on the receiving end of a fucking from Natalie Portman.  It had all started when she had found a particularly naughty piece of fan fiction that had filled her head with dirty thoughts she had started fantasizing about turning into reality.

One of Scarlett’s secrets was that she loved to read dirty stories. A good naughty porn story on the Internet could fill her brain with horny thoughts for days on end and this one had really gotten her going. While she’d read a lot of stories about herself on the Internet from all those pervs who loved to beat off thinking of her big tits, this one wasn’t about “Scarlett Johansson” persay, but rather about Natasha Romanoff, the character she had played in The Avengers.  And in this story her character wasn’t so tough and wasn’t so deadly because she was bending over and spreading her ass cheeks to be fucked by another woman.

It wasn’t just any other woman either. It had been Jane Foster, which was the character Natalie had played in Thor. Scarlett was sure that in the author’s dirtiest dreams he never could have imagined her reading his story and loving it as much as she had. The idea of her bending over so Natalie could fuck her hard up her ass was so hot and, while she’d read the story, she’d imagined Natalie spanking her thick cheeks and driving a strap on up her tightest of holes while she moaned like a dirty little sub slut for her. It had made Scarlett so wet that she had stripped naked and worked her pussy over with her fingers and even one of her favorite dildos while reading the nasty story, coming several times while she’d imagined acting it out with Natalie.

Scarlett had thought about sending a little thank you note to the author, some guy named MTL, for getting her off so good with his filthy scenario, but she thought better of it. Even if she had sent the note incognito it would have been asking for trouble because she’d already had enough problems with her dirty secrets being leaked on the Internet.

But even without a proper thank you, Scarlett had thoroughly enjoyed what he had written and since then she had been dreaming of turning that depraved fan fiction into reality. Maybe not to the extreme he had written about, some of the spanking in the story had made Scarlett wince as she had imagined it happening to her own ass, but definitely to the point where she had craved an ass fucking from her friend.

But there was the matter of talking Natalie into something she had never done before and that was what she was sharing now with Jessica and Reese. And the more she talked about it, the more comfortable she got even though she definitely wasn’t in private.

“Natalie had never used a strap on on me before,” Scarlett added, giving her story a little extra kink.  “I told her that I wanted her to do it to me right then.  I wanted her to get her clean, fresh body in the bed with me and fuck my naughty ass while I was still covered in the grime of all our fucking from the night before.  I told her I wanted her to pull out the butt plug from my hole and let me suck on it in front of her while she put on the strap on.”

“Did you?  Did you suck on it?” Reese asked, feeling less giggly and much more aroused at the vision of Scarlett Johansson sucking on a toy that had been right up her ass.

“Mmmmm fuck yeah I did, Reese,” Scarlett grinned, not feeling so shy anymore to be telling this in the middle of a store, especially when she had these two women in the palm of her hand.  “Natalie was so eager for it that I could see her hand tremble a little as she pulled the toy out of me.  Mmmmm I sucked it off right in front of her like a real slut and told her how wet and horny she always makes me and how I’ve been dreaming of her fucking my ass.  She knows how much I love it up my ass and she’s used her fingers and her naughty little tongue on me back there, but never a real hard toy before.  Mmmmm she looked so hot wearing that strap on.  She said she was afraid she looked goofy in it, but I thought it looked amazing. I knew this was one of her fantasies and I wanted to make it come true for her.  She’d been too shy to ask for it, so I gave her a little push.”

“How was it?” Jessica asked, cutting right to the chase as she considered the hotness of having Natalie fuck her ass too.  She had never really done anything that kinky with the Oscar winner before, but Scarlett was making it sound intensely appealing.

“Incredible,” Scarlett moaned, her nipples getting visibly erect as she spoke.  “She needed to get used to it at first but as soon as she did she gave it to me so good.  She took me doggie style at first and fucked me hard, slamming into my ass mmmm and when she got really into it she made me turn over and get on my back.  She said she wanted to see my tits bounce as she fucked my ass.  I loved how naughty she sounded when she told me to do that.  It was so hot.  Mmmm I came so hard from having her fuck my ass and the whole time she was doing me I was sucking on that butt plug and squeezing my tits and even pushing them up so I could flick my tongue against them.  That always drives Natalie wild.   And when she pulled out of my ass, I just sucked that toy without her having to say anything.  I don’t think she was expecting me to do it, but I just went for it.  I sucked that cock right out of my ass and mmmm fuck it tasted so hot!”

Reese and Jessica were visibly enraptured by Scarlett’s sexy story and they weren’t the only ones.

“Wow, that’s so wild,” Alyssia said with a chipper eagerness.  “Mmmm I know how naughty Reese and Jessica love to get, but I didn’t know you were that way Scarlett.  Naughty girl.  Now I want to get to know you even more!”

“So, Scarlett, this is Alyssia,” Jessica said, realizing that she had never formally introduced the two women. “She’s Maria’s…ummm…ummm…what are you anyway?  I don’t even know how to describe what you and Maria have going.”

“I’m whatever she needs me to be,” Alyssia replied with a smile.  “Girlfriend.  Employee.  Slam piece.  Whatever you want to call me, I’m that.  I can be anything you want me to be, Jessica.  Mmmmm you know that already.”

“I definitely do,” Jessica laughed, remembering all the wild times she has shared with the pierced beach bunny.

“This place is wild…” Scarlett marveled at how these women could all openly flirt with one another and no one would bat an eye.  This was her kind of store for sure.

“Oh this?  Mmmm this is nothing,” Alyssia said.  “This is just talk.  It’s when the talking stops that things really get wild.  And that’s when they get fun too.”

Alyssia then gave Scarlett a hint of just how wild things were going to get by kissing her right on the lips.  She didn’t care that they had only just met.  She boldly kissed Scarlett’s famous lips and when she pulled away it was only so she could again give similarly hot kisses to Reese and then to Jessica.  The blonde girl had left Scarlett’s lips tingling and she felt the heat of her libido, which had been nicely sparked by telling her sexy story, grow from seeing her openly give her friends sexual kisses.

“So what brings you all here today?” Alyssia asked, assuming her role once again as helpful store employee.  “Looking for anything in particular or just looking for me?”

“Mmmmm a little of both actually,” Jessica replied, knowing that Scarlett would enjoy fucking Maria and Alyssia just as much as she and Reese did.  “Scarlett was looking to get some new toys and we knew this was the perfect place to do it at.”

“Ooooooh I can’t wait to show you everything we’ve got here.” Alyssia enthusiastically replied.  “What kind of toys are you looking for?  It doesn’t sound like you need to spice up your time in the bedroom that much if you’re letting Natalie fuck you in the ass like that.”

Scarlett blushed from finding out she’d been overheard, but she kept on smiling.  Having someone like Alyssia know the truth didn’t seem so bad.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Alyssia urged the actress.  “I think it’s really hot that you’re fucking Natalie Portman.  Mmmmm don’t worry. Jessica and Reese can tell you how good I am at keeping secrets. And I have a few that they don’t even know about.”

That admission got Reese and Jessica raising their eyebrows, but even though they were dying to know they didn’t press it.  After all, if they got Alyssia to spill other secrets, how safe would theirs be?  So they stayed quiet as the subject shifted back to their shopping.

“If you’re looking just for fun ways to spice things up we’ve got all kinds of toys for that,” Alyssia said.  “If you really want to go wild though we can set you up with a sex swing or even help you build like a custom dungeon in your home.  And if you’re like going away for six months to shoot a movie and don’t want Natalie to miss you too much, you can always give her a hitachi!”

But that suggestion intimidated Scarlett a little.

“Oh no way…I’ve seen movies of those things,” Scarlett laughed.  “If  I got that for Natalie she wouldn’t need me anymore.  Those things are way too powerful.  She’d just be rubbing that thing against herself all night and wouldn’t even want to fuck.”

“Oh I doubt that,” Alyssia smiled.  “After all, toys are fun, but there’s no replacement for the real thing.  Mmmm and I’m sure Natalie will never get tired of fucking you Scarlett.”

Scarlett’s cheeks blushed again from the girl’s open flirting and a quick glance over to her friends showed that this behavior wasn’t surprising them at all.  Alyssia was probably like this with all the girls, but Scarlett still liked it.

“Well whatever you want to get Natalie, you can find it here,” Alyssia promised.  “And you can probably find lots of things to use on each other too.  Mmmmmm I know I’d love to see you three put on a demonstration of how good our toys are.  Ooooh and you can totally drag your other friend in with you too.”

That statement took everyone by surprise.

“Wait, what other friend?” Reese asked.

“Didn’t you guys all come in together?” a puzzled Alyssia replied.  “I assumed you were all like a foursome or something.”

“What are you talking about?” Jessica asked.

“There’s another girl in the next row,” Alyssia explained, honestly confused by all of this.  She had assumed they were together and that the girl was part of all the mansion fun.

“Oh my God!” Scarlett gasped, worried that this girl had heard everything she had just said and was about to blab it to the world.  Scarlett was totally comfortable with who she was and what she liked, but that didn’t mean she wanted total strangers to hear about it.

With all three of them worried about exposure, they immediately dropped what they were doing and rushed over to the next row. None of them wanted any gossip to emerge from this trip.  There were already enough wild rumors out there in the Hollywood grapevine about the mansion (many of which were actually true) and they didn’t want to add fuel to the fire.  Maybe they could bribe this girl, if she had actually heard something, to keep quiet, by giving her some autographs and pose for pictures or something.

When they got to the other row, they did indeed see another woman standing there, but she certainly didn’t look like the blackmailing type.  She was stiff as a board and frozen in place, like she was terrified of what was about to happen.  The look on her face showed that she knew she had overheard something she wasn’t supposed to and her attire showed someone who wasn’t exactly courting attention.  In fact she had dressed so clearly to try and not draw attention to herself that she had ended up drawing attention to herself as she stood there in a hoodie with the hood up over her head and pulled down in an attempt to hide her eyes.  Whoever she was, she certainly didn’t seem like she wanted to be discovered.

But those details didn’t concern Reese, Scarlett and Jessica right away.  Instead they went right to her, trying not to be too confrontational and causing the situation to worsen, but also wanting to make sure that certain secrets stayed secret.  Since it was, quite literally, her ass on the line here, Scarlett did most of the talking.  She tried with everything she had to stay calm about this and play it cool.  She knew the more frazzled she seemed, the more likely this was really going to blow up.

“Hey,” Scarlett said, not really paying attention to the girl herself as they came up to her, her focus only on her own concerns.  “So ummmm…you might have just overheard something back there and I was hoping you could really be cool about it.”

“Oh…uhhhh…I didn’t…didn’t hear anything,” the girl stammered back.  But it was clearly a lie.  She had heard everything.  It was obvious in her body language.  “It’s cool.  I didn’t hear anything.  I’m not going to say anything.  I’m just going to leave now.  No need to freak.  Ok.  Thanks.  Bye bye.”

The girl then turned to leave, her body still stiff as a board and her whole demeanor like she wanted to get the hell out of Dodge as quickly as possible.  She looked like she was about ready to bolt.  Scarlett feared it was so she could get right away to a more private place to email Perez Hilton, but Jessica saw it was something more.

Jessica had a hunch that this girl was really acting like this because she had a secret of her own.  She couldn’t be positive, but as much as the girl tried to hide her beautiful face with her hoodie she couldn’t quite pull it off and the little strands of red hair that peeked out only added more certainty to Jessica’s gut feeling.  Plus there wasn’t anything that girl could do about her ultra-distinctive voice short of inhaling helium before she spoke.

She was like 99% sure she knew why this girl was acting so strangely and it had nothing to do with what she had overheard Scarlett say.  And while she couldn’t be sure about that last 1%, Jessica decided making a guess was way better than not acting on it at all.  So when the girl turned and tried to leave, Jessica instead grabbed her shoulder.

“Emma?” Jessica inquired and the girl froze again before slumping her head in defeat.  Her biggest fear had come true.  She had been recognized.

Knowing it was useless to keep up the charade, she sighed, turned around so she could face the three celebrity women who had confronted her.  She then pulled down the hood and revealed her face, confirming Jessica’s suspicion that the woman who had overheard them was in fact Emma Stone.  And if Scarlett had been concerned about her secret being blabbed, Emma seemed like she was doubly so about her own presence here being broadcast.

“I don’t suppose you’re going to buy that I’m here researching for a role?” Emma asked, trying to break the ice with a little humor.

“Nope,” Jessica said, unable to stifle a smile over this unexpected event.  Scarlett breathed an audible sigh of relief.  Another celebrity was all the more likely to keep her confession private.  And Reese suddenly became very intrigued by this.  Emma Stone was one of the most beautiful young women she had ever seen and having her be at this store suddenly made her seem hotter than ever.  Her pregnancy might have temporarily taken her out of action, but it didn’t mean her desires were dead. Far from it. They were actually stronger than ever now.

“Shit,” Emma muttered, regretting her decision to come here.  She had just been trying to mind her own business, make a few purchases and get out of there without being seen.  But now her cover had been completely blown and by women she had never expected to be the ones to do it.  To suddenly have Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba confronting her was a sure sign that this day had taken a turn for the surreal and Emma didn’t like that.  She had wanted today to be nice and simple with no muss and definitely no fuss.

Emma was usually the very picture of grace and poise.   Even in the most awkward of times, she had the aura of being able to rise above it all and keep her composure. That was a part of what had made her a breakout star in the past few years.  She was clever and beautiful and rarely at a loss for words.  But now she felt anything but that.  Her throat was dry and her heart was starting to beat faster… and not in the good way either.

She was visibly flustered by being unmasked, so to speak, and all she could do was envision her promising career disappearing in the puff of smoke of a sex scandal.  She began nervously kneading her hands together and looking down at the floor like these women were going to come at her with the cruel justice of judgment from up high.  And she felt she only had herself to blame for this.  She could have done this a million different ways than this way, but she had been too stubborn to do the smart thing.

“Please don’t tell anyone about this,” Emma pleaded, looking for mercy from her fellow actresses.

“Tell anyone about what?” Reese asked coyly, teasing a little by acting as though she couldn’t imagine why Emma would be embarrassed about being here.

“That I’m…you know…here…at a place like this,” Emma replied nervously, so worried about being discovered that her usually razor sharp mind had missed the most obvious of reasons why none of the women there would even consider ratting her out.  “That I was shopping for…items…”

“Oh so you DON’T want us to tell the world that you were shopping for a vibrator?” Jessica asked, following Reese’s lead and making the redhead blush furiously.   “Or were you looking for something kinkier?  Mmmmm like maybe a whip or some handcuffs?  Or maybe something even hotter like nipple clamps or a leather hood.  I mean obviously you like hiding yourself when you’re shopping.  Maybe you like hiding your pretty face during sex when you’re whipping your boyfriend.”

“Stop…” Emma said, her voice far meeker than any of them had ever heard the confident young woman be before.  But even as she requested Jessica to stop teasing her, a little bit of a smile threatened to curl her lips and Jessica noticed it.  And when she did that she immediately began to wonder if it was because Emma really was into kinky games in the bedroom, or because she liked the sound of the sexually provocative things she was saying to her.  Both were hot ideas, but Jessica liked the possibility of the second one being true much more.

It was clear to all of them that Emma was really embarrassed about being caught at a store like this.  Before they had been the ones nervous about someone discovering this side of themselves, but now it was Emma’s turn and none of them wanted to make her suffer.  None of them said it out loud, but they knew they were all thinking the same thing.  There far more pleasant things to do to Emma Stone than make her simmer in her own juices of humiliation.  And having been the most nervous of them just a few minutes before, Scarlett was the one who let Emma off the hook.

“Relax Emma,” Scarlett assured her.  “We’re never going to say a word.  I mean after all, it’s not like we ended up in here after getting lost on our way to bible study.  We’re here for the same things you are.  Don’t be shy about it.  You don’t have to be afraid around us.”

“Yeah we promise we won’t bite,” Jessica said.  “Unless…”

She didn’t finish the last part of her sentence, but she didn’t need to.  The “unless you want us to…” was assumed.

Emma blushed again, which looked absolutely adorable in tandem with her red hair, but this time it was because she had missed the obvious.  Why hadn’t she realized right away that these women wouldn’t spill her secret?  After all she had heard their conversation and it sure seemed to her that whatever she was into was minor league compared to these girls.  If she had something to lose by being discovered here, they had a whole lot more.

“You’re safe with us,” Reese assured her.  “We won’t breathe a word about you being here.  Of course, that’s only if you promise not to say anything about us shopping here too.”

“I can keep a secret,” Emma replied, her smile tugging more obviously at her lips now.

“Can you?” Scarlett asked, moving a little bit closer to Emma so their bodies were tantalizingly close to touching.  “Did you overhear what I was saying Emma?  Did you hear what I was telling Reese and Jessica?”

Emma knew it was useless to pretend otherwise now.  Besides, she kind of liked where this was going.  It was starting to make her flustered and nervous again, but this time those were good feelings, the kind you got where you took a risk and didn’t know how it was going to work out, but you felt you needed to do it anyway because the rewards were potentially so dizzyingly high.

“I heard every word,” Emma admitted.  “Ummm it was…interesting…really, really interesting.  I didn’t mean to snoop on you guys.  I just couldn’t help but hear you.”

Emma explained to the three women how she had just been minding her own business, thinking she was going to be able to dart into this store incognito, find what she was looking for and get out as quickly as possible.  She hadn’t meant to listen to them when they were talking in the next row, completely unaware that she was there.  Emma didn’t have to be told how rude it was to listen in on others, but she hadn’t been able to help it.  When they had started talking so sexily, her interest had been piqued.  And while she had recognized the voices of the women, she hadn’t wanted to let herself believe that women like Scarlett, Jessica and Reese could be talking about something so slutty.

She had even peeked around the corner into the other row just once to confirm it was them.  Her jaw had nearly hit the floor when her voice recognition had proven to be accurate.  They hadn’t even been trying to hide their identities.  They had just been talking so openly about their sex lives and when Scarlett had started relaying all the filthy things she had done the night before with Natalie and Kat, Emma had found herself hanging on every word and ducking back to the other side of the row so no one would know she was there.

“You shouldn’t spy on people, Emma.  It’s rude,” Scarlett chastised even though she was no longer mad at all.  She had a very good idea how Emma could make this up to her.

“I’m so sorry,” Emma said, meaning it.  Even though she hadn’t been able to stop listening to the sexy story and was glad she had, she still knew it was wrong and being in this position had left her flustered and very apologetic.

Emma didn’t usually like feeling this meek.  She usually didn’t like being in situations she couldn’t control.  But she didn’t mind it so much this time.  There was nothing usual about what was happening here and it gave her a thrill.  Hearing that story had made quite an impact on her and now that she was sure these girls weren’t mad at her or about to go out there and out her as some kind of a sneaky perv, she was very eager to find out what was going to happen next.

Hearing Scarlett’s sexy confession about the night before and then what had happened this morning had gotten her so hot.  She couldn’t remember the last time just hearing someone talk about an erotic experience had aroused her so much.  Just being able to hear Scarlett’s sexy voice breathe out the dirty words describing her wild experiences had made her damp and she’d ended up closing her eyes and imagining how amazing Scarlett’s and Natalie’s and Kat’s naked bodies must have looked pressed together in sexy, sweaty passion.

The idea that Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson were in some kind of hot sexual relationship was alternately shocking and amazing all at once.  Emma couldn’t get over the idea that two beautiful, supposedly straight women could be having lesbian sex with one another.  Not only was it thrilling to know there was such a forbidden secret out there, but it also made her feel like she wasn’t alone.  There were other women out there who were feeling the same thing she was and they had acted on those feelings, whereas she hadn’t.  And then to add Jessica and Reese into it too only increased the thrill.  Emma couldn’t be sure what their story was, but it sure seemed like they liked girls too.

The fact that she was out shopping for sex toys wasn’t Emma’s only secret.  She had been fantasizing so long about what it would be like to make love to another woman that she couldn’t even remember when it had started.  She had just always had crushes on girls as well as boys.  But while she had acted on how she felt about men, she had always held back when it came to women.  Not acting on those fantasies had made her desire rage inside her like a volcano sometimes but, even though the more she held back the more she wanted it, she had never let go enough to actually do anything.

She had never even kissed a girl.  But she wanted to.  She was just…just…oh hell, there was no way to sugarcoat it.  She was afraid.  She was chicken.  She was everything she tried so hard not to be.  The truth was that even though she had a boyfriend, Emma worried that if she did try it with girls she would like it more than guys.

All her life she had fought for gay rights and equality.  If she saw someone being picked on or discriminated against because they were gay she was the first one up there to fight for what was right.  But when it came to the possibility she might herself be a lesbian, or at least had lesbian leanings, Emma shrank back and retreated to the nice safe world of comfortable heterosexuality, while all the while wanting and wondering and wishing.

She had envied Scarlett so much after hearing her story.  She had sounded so uninhibited and what she had described had been so erotic.  Emma didn’t know what she wanted more.  Hearing about that hot, heavy threesome had really turned her on and she loved the idea of tiny, sexy Natalie Portman behind Scarlett, shoving that fake dick up her sexy ass and fucking her like a slut.  Part of Emma wanted to be the one bent over like that so Natalie could fuck her ass too and another part of her wanted to be the one wearing the strap on and fucking Scarlett’s sexy ass hard while she begged for more and then pulling out so she could make her wrap those soft lips around her toy and suck her own ass right off it.  That had sounded so deliciously dirty and Emma had felt her pussy make her panties slick from hearing it.

Emma hadn’t come here looking for a thrill like this.  She hadn’t even really been thinking about girls a lot lately.  Her fantasies had always existed in the back of her mind, but she hadn’t let them come to the front recently.  She had just come for a toy. Nothing more.  She simply wanted to get a new vibrator so she could try and somehow let her body keep up with her dirty mind.  She hadn’t expected to find herself in the middle of this.

But Scarlett, Jessica and Reese didn’t know any of that.  They didn’t know Emma’s fantasies.  They didn’t know how deep down she had secretly kind of hoped that they would find her and rip off her clothes and fuck her three on one right there in the store.  They didn’t know how when they had confronted her she had been gripped both by fear that they were mad at her and that her fantasy might actually come true.  For all they knew, Emma was totally straight.  They had their suspicions, of course, but no proof, so they dipped their toes in the water instead of diving right in.

“What are you looking for today?” Reese asked gently.  “Shopping for a toy?  Or something more?”

“Just…just a toy,” Emma said, wishing these three gorgeous women would give her “something more” even though she was too scared to say it.  She had always thought Reese, Jessica and, especially, Scarlett were so sexy and now that she knew they had acted on the fantasies she had held back on, they seemed hotter than ever.

“I get lonely when my boyfriend is away,” Emma admitted, feeling that if Scarlett could spill some sexy secrets, so could she.  “I like toys.  I hate mail order though.  I hate using the Internet for it.  I wanted to come and get my own.”

“Well you came to the right place,” Jessica assured her.  “But what kind of toy do you want?”

Emma blushed before answering, but she still managed to admit it.

“A dildo…I…I  don’t like vibrators…too much noise…they make me lose sensitivity down there if I use them too much…but…well…I guess dildos do the trick for me,” Emma said, feeling a good tingle come up her spine in confessing this to her new friends.

But right then what she wanted most wasn’t a piece of plastic in her pussy, but rather their tongues.  Her fantasies had never been this strong and Emma knew why.  She had never been this close to actually doing anything about them before.  If they gave her any kind of sign that they wanted her to, Emma would have leapt right into their arms for a big kiss and a lot more.  She didn’t care which girl.  She wanted them all.

All three of them were reading that vibe from Emma and they definitely liked it.  There had been no definitive sign that she was into girls yet, but all three of them had taken risks before when they weren’t sure if the girl they wanted to seduce liked women.  This would nothing new for any of them.  And once again, given that it was her confession that had started all this, Scarlett took the lead.

“Is that what you’re looking to do Emma?” Scarlett purred, turning up the sexiness and making Emma want to melt into a puddle of her own juices.  “Are you going to buy yourself a brand new dildo and go home and fuck yourself with it dreaming of me and Natalie fucking?  Are you going to work that new toy into your pussy thinking of me and Nat 69ing on the bed and licking each other’s wet pink pussies?  Mmmm and are you going to make yourself come from thinking about her working that strap on right up my ass?”

Scarlett was really laying it out on the line, but Reese and Jessica just smiled.  They could see the effect this was having on Emma and they knew they had her.

“Oh God…” Emma gasped at such a lewd series of questions, her body tingling in all the right places now as she imagined stripping herself naked and working a hard hunk of plastic between her legs while picturing Natalie and Scarlett in lesbian bliss with each other.

“That’s not an answer Emma,” Scarlett grinned, relishing what she was doing to the usually confident young actress. “Is that what you’re going to do?  Or are you not even going to make it home?  Are you going to have to pull over on the side of the road and fuck yourself right there because your hot pussy can’t stand being neglected one more second while you’re thinking of how hot Natalie looked fucking my juicy ass with her big, hard cock?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk,” Emma groaned, the volcano inside herself that she had neglected since puberty really starting to spill out lava.  “Yesssssss!  Yes to all of it!  God that sounds so fucking hot Scarlett!”

Emma didn’t get a chance to say anything else before Scarlett closed the tiny gap between their bodies and kissed her right on the lips.  Emma’s eyes widened in shock over the first girl on girl kiss of her life but that lasted but a split second before she closed them and moaned while starting to kiss Scarlett back.  She had been waiting for an erotic moment like this all her life and the fact that she hadn’t expected it at all to happen to her today somehow made it better.  It was like a very sexy Christmas surprise.

Scarlett was surprised too.  She had kind of been expecting something sexy to happen here given how much Jessica and Reese had built this place up, but she hadn’t expected it to be with someone like Emma.  That only made it sweeter though.  She had been eying Emma Stone for a while now, admiring her body just as much as her skill as an actress and fantasizing about the chance to fuck her.  Now she had that chance and there was no way she was going to let it pass her by.

Emma didn’t even try and pretend she wasn’t totally into it.  She let Scarlett kiss her with a growing passion while she felt her soft fingers brush over her arms as they lay motionless at her side.  Keeping her eyes closed, Emma let the eroticism wash over her and finally took the plunge she had been dying to take for years.  Scarlett’s lips were even better to kiss than they were to admire on the cover of a magazine and Emma began kissing her back.  Their soft lips rubbed together and Emma swore she felt sparks from it.  It was everything she had wanted and more from her first kiss with a woman and the only thing that broke it up was Jessica clearing her throat for attention.

“Some friend you are Scarlett,” Jessica playfully chastised when the two women broke their kiss.  “Share her.  Reese and I want to taste too.  Don’t hog her all to yourself.”

If a man had treated her like that… kissing her and then trying to pass her onto his friends like a piece of meat… Emma would have never spoken to him again.  But the fact that this was women doing it to her somehow made it ok.  In fact it made it more than ok.  It made it really sexy to think about being passed around for Reese and Jessica to enjoy.  Her pussy was getting so moist and eager and she didn’t think she could stand waiting to experience the soft sensuality of a Sapphic kiss again.

“You can kiss me too,” Emma said, not giving Scarlett a chance to talk.  “Both of you.  I want you all.  Mmmmm I’ve wanted something like this for so fucking long.”

“Have you ever been with a girl, sweetie?” Jessica asked, immediately grabbing her chance by pressing her body right up against Emma’s, loving how warm and sexy she felt against her.

“No,” Emma admitted.  “I’ve wanted to try it for so long.  But I’ve been too scared to.”

“Mmmmm yum, that makes this even hotter,” Jessica said before pressing her lips to Emma’s.  “You don’t have to be scared.  We’re going to take real good care of you Emma.  We’re going to give you an experience you’ll never forget.”

Every time she was with a woman who had never experienced lesbian sex before, Jessica thought back to how Love had seduced her with gentle kisses and sensual caresses, overcoming her inhibitions and her fears until she’d been begging her to eat her pussy and make her come.  She wanted to do that here with Emma.  She wanted to make her overcome her nerves and indulge in erotic exploration so she’d be just as willing as she’d been to jump right into the swing of things at the mansion.

Emma moaned in bliss when Jessica kissed her.  Her technique was just as good as Scarlett’s, but different in a way that made Emma even more eager to experience everything these women could do to her.  And just when she was getting lost in the feel of Jessica’s velvety lips against hers, she pulled away and was immediately replaced by Reese.

At least Emma assumed it was Reese.  She was so lost in the moment that she didn’t even open her eyes.  She figured it was Reese kissing her and, if it was, it was just as amazing as Jessica and Scarlett.  All three of these women were driving her wild.  Emma couldn’t believe this was happening but she was enjoying every second of it.  For so long she had been too afraid to approach a woman she liked to tell her she was beautiful and that she wanted to kiss her. Now she had three beauties making her lips tingle.  Emma wanted to make out with all three of them.  God, she wanted to do everything with them.  The things they were making her feel just with their kisses made her want to have no limits on her body and have the three of them completely work her over.  She wanted them to make every dirty dream she ever had come true.

Emma had even forgotten they were still in the store.  As far as she was concerned they were far away on some deserted island where nothing mattered but the three of them and all the orgasms they could experience.  But the reality was they weren’t in a private location and that was emphatically pointed out when another voice spoke up.

“Well well well…I see you four are getting along nicely,” Maria grinned as the hungrily eyed her customers, dreaming of ravishing each and every one of their famous bodies.  “Alyssia said that there was some drama going on here, but I’m glad to see you settled everything.  Mmmmm this is the kind of show people would pay top dollar to see.  I should put you four out by the window and charge people to watch you four sluts go at each other.”

“Well they’d also get to see this,” Jessica giggled before throwing her arms around the older woman and passionately kissing her.  She had been tender with Emma, but she was anything but with Maria.  Jessica aggressively shoved her tongue right into the Latina’s mouth and was rewarded for it by Maria reaching down and grabbing her ass, squeezing her cheeks and causing Jessica to hiss in delight.

“They’d have to pay extra to see that,” Maria smirked, letting go of Jessica’s ass, but not before slapping both her hands down on her cheeks, turning her hiss into a yelp, but not lessening the pleasure even a bit.

“Ooooh wow…I see why you like coming to this store,” Emma moaned in marvel, her lips tingling from the kisses and her pussy getting wetter and wetter.  She couldn’t believe she was actually doing this but this all felt so good that if any of these women, even the sexy storeowner she hadn’t even formally met yet, wanted to have sex right on the floor in the middle of the aisles, she would have totally gone for it.  Her inhibitions and morals were in hiding and Emma liked that.

“I love turning shy little bitches into repeat customers,” Maria said, turning her attention to the redhead.  “How about I do that with you girly?  I can get you out of those clothes and bend you over the counter.  Mmmmm it’ll only take a few minutes for me to get you begging and howling for me to never stop.”

Jessica and Reese knew from experience that Maria was as good as her word.  After all she and Alyssia had made them customers for life after what they had done to then.  They had wanted Scarlett to experience the same ecstasy and now they were doubly eager to have Emma get it too, but only if they got at her first.  Her being here was a lovely surprise and Jessica knew she’d be the hit with all of her housemates if she could ever convince Emma to come back to the mansion with her.

“Ohhhh…ummm I don’t know if I’m ready for that,” Emma admitted quickly.  She didn’t want to be rude, but she also didn’t want to be a public spectacle either.  She wanted this.  She was as certain of that as that as she was that she needed to breathe.  But she also wanted a little bit of privacy and as hot as Maria was, the idea of losing her lesbian virginity to someone like Jessica or Scarlett or Reese or maybe even all three of them was what held the most allure to her. She definitely wasn’t ready for someone like Maria, who was so intimidating in her raw sexuality.

“Feeling shy, huh?” Alyssia inquired, coming up right behind Maria and submissively snuggling into her older lover.  “Don’t worry about that Emma.  Maria will fuck the shyness right out of you. One time she made me press my naked body against the glass in the front window while she nailed me from behind with a strap on.  Mmmm and you’d better believe I fucking squirted all over the glass from how good it was!”

“Shit…that’s hot,” Emma groaned, her nipples starting to swell up like ripe berries under her bra.  What must it have been like to be fucked so good that you squirted?  When she got really turned on, her pussy would get so wet, but she had never been turned on enough to actually squirt.

Hearing that story after just being kissed like she had was making Emma squirm in her clothes.  This was exciting her like nothing ever had and it seemed like all her dirtiest fantasies could come true at the most surprising of times and place.  Suddenly her hoodie and t-shirt felt like they were a thousand pounds on her and she badly wanted to rip them off.  The last shred of common sense she had left, though, convinced her not to do something so foolish.

“Now Alyssia, don’t shock the poor little newbie,” Maria chastised, but with a look in her eyes that showed she was very much up to something.  “You only lose your dyke cherry once, after all.  I think she wants it to be special.  And I know just how to make it special.  Reese, I know you know just where the dressing room is, don’t you?”

“I could never forget,” Reese replied, liking very much where this was going as she remembered her and Kate Hudson going in there and sharing a sybian.  This was certainly nothing she had planned for today, but she was so caught up in all that was happening that she hadn’t had any chance to put on the brakes of her own involvement

“I have some special surprises in there that I know you’re going to enjoy, especially Emma,” Maria said.  But before she could say anything more she was interrupted by Alyssia.

“But Maria, what about…” Alyssia started to say before she was interrupted right back by Maria, who silenced her slut by pressing her finger against her lips.

“Shhhhh chica, don’t you worry your little brain about that,” Maria said.  “That’s nothing anyone needs to worry about, understand?”

“Yes…” Alyssia replied, not questioning her boss and lover again.  Whatever Maria was planning was surely going to be awesome.

“So Reese, why don’t you take all your friends back there,” Maria suggested in a manner that showed it wasn’t a suggestion at all.  “Show them around.  I know you’re going to find some toys back there that you’re going to love playing with.”

“Wait, what’s the dressing room?” Scarlett asked, making Emma relieved she wasn’t the only one unclear about this.

“It’s a naughty VIP area where you can…test out the merchandise,” Reese grinned.  “C’mon I’ll show you the way.”

Reese grabbed Jessica by the hand and pulled her with her with Scarlett and Emma following from behind.  Maria and Alyssia stayed behind but that wasn’t even noticed by anyone else.  They were all busy hearing Reese talk about what she and Kate had done in that room and how not even the sybian could compare to how good each other’s tongues had felt.

Doing this now defied all common sense. In her condition, sex should have been the last thing on her mind, but Reese was finding everything far too difficult to resist. She hadn’t even meant to kiss Emma like she had. She had been intending to just sit back and watch her friends do the work and be a voyeur for once and not an active participant. But seeing Scarlett and then Jessica kiss Emma’s pretty lips had been too hot for her to resist and she had succumbed too, pressing her own mouth to Emma’s. Now she was getting more involved than ever, refusing to take all the chances she had to get herself out of this and feeling herself tingle in ways that she hadn’t felt in months as she told her friends about the wild things she’d done here.

Reese didn’t hold back on any of the details either and was happily sharing it all when they reached the room.  Feeling confident that she knew her way completely around this place, Reese pushed the door open and reached to flick on the lights.  That was when she noticed three things.  First, Maria had managed to expand the previously small room into one that could fit far more people. Second, the lights were already on and, third, the room was very much in use already.

Suddenly Alyssa’s questioning of Maria’s suggestion made total sense.  They had walked right into something and what they saw in the room had four jaws on the floor in no time. There was something going on here that would have caused even a man with the greatest of self-control to shoot his load right into his pants.  It was shocking.  It was nothing less than a feverishly horny fantasy come to life.  And it made the four of them think they might just faint and cream their panties all at the same time from it.

They saw three women in the middle of what could only be described as a porn fantasy come to life.  It was the most basic of fantasies… a classic that never seemed to grow tired.  It was stern teacher and horny schoolgirls.  It was as big a porno standard as the housewife not having money to tip the pizza guy and having to resort to other means, but it had never been done like this.  If this set up had ever been filmed, there wouldn’t have been a horny guy (or girl) alive wouldn’t have wanted to see it.

The “teacher” was dressed conservatively, but only in comparison to her “students.”  With glasses perched on the end of her nose, a long pointer stick in her hand, a button down black blouse open enough to show deep cleavage and a tight skirt that hugged the luscious cheeks of her ass, she was the very picture of a stern, but sexy authoritarian.  And the illusion that this was some kind of porn fantasy brought to vivid reality was perfectly completed by the fact that the woman playing teacher was one of the world’s most famous ex-porn stars.

At the mansion, when she wasn’t going gaga for Christmas, Love took great pleasure in adding to her collection of pornography and sharing the videos of her favorite actresses.  One girl she had always admired for her complete fearlessness in pushing her sexual boundaries was Sasha Grey.  There hadn’t seemed to be anything she wasn’t willing to try on camera and right then Jessica wished she could suddenly make her housemate appear because when she told Love that she had seen Sasha dressed up like a teacher ready to dole out some punishment to some slutty schoolgirls, she knew she would never believe her.

But what was most shocking wasn’t that Sasha seemed to have returned to her porno roots with a teacher costume right out of an adolescent fantasy, it was the students in this scenario.  Not just anyone could distract from a barely dressed porn star, but the sight of the two brunette women dressed as they were pulled that neat trick off with ease.  They were in plaid skirts that barely went past their hips, white button down tops that were tied up to expose their bellybuttons and flat stomachs and open enough to show even deeper valleys of cleavage than their “teacher.” And the illusion was completed by white stockings that went up their long, lovely legs to cover their knees.

It wasn’t even the outfits themselves that made the sight of the two barely dressed women so shockingly sexy.  It was who they were that had the jaws dropping.  As good as the slutty outfits looked on them, it was the fact that the costumes had Jordana Brewster and Emmanuelle Chriqui’s hot bodies filling them out that made what they had walked into so overpoweringly erotic.  Sasha seemed poised to deliver some serious discipline on Jordana and Emmanuelle and it left all of them wondering just what the hell they had walked into.

For Jessica, Reese and Scarlett it served as a stunning reminder that as kinky they thought they were, there was always someone out there who was just as naughty, if not naughtier.  They never would have guessed either of these women would be into this, but the reality was clear to them.  There were actually hot, celebrity women out there having lesbian fantasies that weren’t coming to the mansion to make them come true.  This discovery made them both flustered and aroused with more than a touch of amazed thrown in.

As for Emma, she couldn’t yet fully grasp how the Malibu mansion was supposed to be the center of the erotic universe so the significance of this discovery was largely lost on her.  Instead she just stared at what she thought was one of the hottest things she had ever seen in her life.  Her heart skipped a beat at the pure eroticism of what she was witnessing.  She recognized all of these women and the idea of beautiful Emmanuelle and Jordana at the mercy of this wicked porn star made her pussy quiver with excitement under her clothes.

Of course the unexpected interruption of four women walking into the room did not go undetected.  Jordana and Emmanuelle whirled around and gasped when they saw they had been discovered but Sasha took it in stride.  In fact she didn’t miss a beat.  She just took her pointer stick and slapped it against the desk, making a loud noise that had the two slutty schoolgirls looking back at her.

“Eyes on me you little whores,” Sasha commanded. “Class is just beginning!  Don’t you pay attention to them.  Pay attention to me.”

“But…but…” Jordana began to protest, very nervous about this sudden interruption.  She had been on edge about this from the beginning, not at all comfortable about doing this in a place like this and not somewhere far more private like a bedroom.  But Sasha had insisted and again the former porn star made sure it was clear she was in charge.

“I told you not to pay attention to them,” Sasha said, slamming the pointer down against the desk again.  “Focus on me Jordana.  You will pay attention in class.  Unless of course you no longer want this…”

And what “this” was soon became clear when Sasha reached down and lifted up Emmanuelle’s tiny schoolgirl skirt to expose her white panties, the cotton showing visible dampness.  Even though her nerves were also on edge because of this unexpected audience, Emmanuelle couldn’t help quivering in desire when Sasha exposed her wet panties, especially when the woman began rubbing her fingers against her labia through them.

Emmanuelle gasped and moaned, closing her eyes as she was so intimately touched.  Having an audience for this was nothing she had signed on for and she had been shocked as anyone to suddenly have Reese, Scarlett, Jessica and Emma watching them.  She had recognized them all immediately and it had turned this whole strange fantasy she was caught up in into the surreal.

But even though her reflexive shyness was triggered by these four famous women staring openly at her, Emmanuelle couldn’t even begin to try and make Sasha stop.  What she was doing felt far too wonderful and the end game of this was what she desired more than anything in the world. How could she want this to stop when she was so close? The prize was there for her to be taken and to stop now would have been agony for her.

“Oh my God,” Emmanuelle moaned as Sasha’s fingers skillfully caressed her slit through her panties, her touch causing her wetness to grow.  “Mmmmm yessssss ohhhhh Sasha!  Ughhhh don’t stop!”

“Like this, slut?” Sasha purred, her tongue erotically flicking out and licking Emmanuelle’s lovely neck.  “Like feeling me rub your hot little cunt?”

“Fuck yessssss!” Emmanuelle gasped, no longer caring who was watching.  She just didn’t want the pleasure to stop.  The nastiness was overwhelming her and causing her to forget her common sense.

“Wouldn’t you rather your friend was doing it?” Sasha continued, her seductive voice filling Emmanuelle’s mind and nipping any fear she might have had over this unexpected interruption right in the bud.  “Wouldn’t you rather have Jordana on her knees with her face between your legs?  Wouldn’t you rather have your friend rubbing your wet cunt and mmmmm tasting it?”

“Ooooooooh!  Yessssssssss!   More than anything!” Emmanuelle moaned, closing her eyes in lust over the prospect of her friend tasting her juices and licking up all of her pussy.  “I want her! I want her so fucking bad!”

Sasha smiled at Emmanuelle’s reaction, more than satisfied that the girl wasn’t about to back out now.  She then turned her attention to Jordana, noting that as nervous as she seemed, the girl had not been able to take her eyes off Emmanuelle’s body as she moaned and quivered from the fingers rubbing her hole through her panties.

“Hear that Jordana?” the teacher asked her student.  “Did you hear how bad Emmanuelle wants you?  Are you going to be too shy to give your friend what she wants?  Are you going to deny her what’s making her so fucking wet?  Did you come all this way just to run away like a scared kitten now?”

Jordana’s throat was dry.  Just the idea of doing something so raunchy as this and finally making her nastiest fantasies come true had put her nerves on edge and to suddenly have this audience only made her feel more self-conscious.  She feared being judged.  She feared her own desires leading her to humiliation. None of this scenario has been her idea, but it had aroused her to the point where she hadn’t been able to refuse it. Now she was worried it was about to completely blow up in her face.  But that didn’t mean she didn’t still want it and she managed to croak out a one word response to Sasha’s questions.

“No…” Jordana said softly.

“What was that?  Say it louder!” Sasha demanded.  “Say you want her!  Say you want to fuck your friend’s dirty little pussy!”

Jordana’s pussy got freshly damp over Sasha’s lewd command.  The porn icon knew just how to play with the most important erogenous zone she had…her mind.  Sasha knew what buttons to press.  She knew exactly how to talk to make Jordana and Emmanuelle both into quivering masses of girl jelly to be molded into the forms of hedonistic sluts.  Jordana found it all so irresistible and, despite her audience, gave up the fight and once again surrendered to the heat of her libido.

“I want her!  I want her so fucking bad!” Jordana cried, looking right at Sasha’s fingers rubbing Emmanuelle’s pussy through her panties and wishing it was her hand or her tongue doing that to her friend.  “I want…I want…”

“Say it,” Sasha pressed, giving Jordana a smack against her ass with the pointer stick.  It was hard enough to sting, but light enough not to hurt and by doing so Sasha made it clear there would be harsher punishment to come if she was not obeyed.

“I want her dirty little pussy!” Jordana cried, looking like a huge weight was lifted off her as she admitted it.  “Oh fuck I need it!  I need that pussy!”

“Yeahhh that’s it, say what you want and take it!” Sasha instructed, putting down the pointer stick so she could use her free hand to reach under Jordana’s skirt to caress her ass through her panties.  She felt up Jordana’s firm, tight cheeks while continuing to rub Emmanuelle’s slit.  “You’ve been stifling yourself for far too long.  It’s unhealthy.  Now you have to let it all out.  You have to take what you want.  Now get on your knees Jordana!”

“Yes teacher…” Jordana submissively replied like she was under the spell of her own arousal and Sasha’s wicked aura.

As Jordana kneeled down, Sasha lifted up Emmanuelle’s skirt and pulled her other hand away, not keeping any barrier between Jordana and her friend’s wet panties.  She used that hand then to press on the back of Jordana’s head, pushing her between Emmanuelle’s thighs until her nose was pressed right up against her crotch.

“Breathe it in,” Sasha instructed as Emmanuelle tossed her head back and moaned wantonly from her friend doing something so pervy to her. “Smell that glorious scent.  You know what that is, Jordana?  You recognize that smell?”

On the one hand, the answer to that was obvious.  But on the other hand, Jordana recognized that Sasha wanted a special answer.  She just didn’t know what it was.  So instead she remained silent, not sure how to answer, but knowing she would have given any answer she could think of to remain where she was.  Emmanuelle’s wetness was filling her nostrils with a scent that was driving her wild with lust and she was so close to being able to just stick her tongue out and finally taste pussy.

Seeing that Jordana was at a loss for words with her nose nestled in Emmanuelle’s wet crotch, Sasha took mercy on her and told her the answer.

“That’s wet lesbian cunt you’re smelling,” Sasha grinned, relishing having these two horny celebrities in the palm of her hand.  “Mmmmm you don’t get that sweet aroma from your husband, do you Jordana?  You only get it from burying your pretty face in a wet girl cunt!  Smell it Jordana!  It’s like fucking perfume, isn’t it?  Breathe in that wet twat!  I want you to bury your nose in that dirty fucking pussy!  Breathe it in and tell me how much you love it!”

“Ohhhh fuck I do love it!  Oooooh it smells so fucking good!” Jordana helplessly moaned, her brain soaked in sex and all thoughts of fidelity or heterosexuality completely blown away.  “Oh Emmanuelle!  Mmmmmm baby your pussy smells so good!  I want it!  Ohhhh fuck I’m so sorry I never did this to you before!  I want you!  I want your wet lesbian cunt!”

“Take it!” Emmanuelle cried, unable to stand one more second of not having her friend’s tongue in her pussy.  “Fuck me Jordana!  Fuck my cunt!  Ooooh I want you so bad baby!  I want you to eat my dirty little lesbian pussy! Mmmmm fuck me with your tongue so I can come all over your face and soak you with my juices!  Mmmmm I want to make you slutty like me so every time your husband is touching you, all you’re doing is thinking of my sweet lesbian pussy!”

Emmanuelle’s mouth spit out the wicked dirty talk like she was starring in one of Sasha’s movies.  Since she had been especially known for having a filthy mouth in her scenes, Sasha considered this a lesson learned so she leaned in and kissed her student right on the lips.  Emmanuelle responded by ferociously kissing back, sliding her tongue into the former porn star’s mouth and grinding herself against Jordana’s face as she felt Sasha suck on her tongue and then rub against it with her own.

Jordana’s senses were being completely overwhelmed by lust.  She had never experienced anything like this before and she loved how it was seizing control of her.  She couldn’t fight these feelings inside her.  She couldn’t be a loyal little wife anymore.  She couldn’t be a good straight girl, denying the feelings she had for her gorgeous friend.  She had to be a slut.  She had to be a whore.  She had to be a dirty little fucking lesbian cunt licker.

The smell of Emmanuelle’s aroused pussy was driving her mad in the best possible way.  She let the aroma of her wetness fill her nostrils and tickle her brain.  The scent was making her even hornier than Sasha and Emmanuelle’s filthy words had and she knew what she had to do.  Her friend needed her and Jordana wasn’t going to hold back.

Jordana let Emmanuelle rub her pussy into her face for a few hot moments more, the cotton of her panties getting soaked as it rubbed into her face, her nose and lips getting the most of it.  And when she felt those wet panties against her lips, Jordana was a goner.  She knew there was no way she could turn back now.

With a trembling hand, Jordana reached up for Emmanuelle’s panties and tugged them to the side.  This exposed the smooth, glistening lips of her aroused cunt, her neat little landing strip of dark fur providing even more enticement for Jordana.  This was the first time she had seen Emmanuelle’s pussy up close and the image of her pink lips soaked with a glaze of sex was seared into her mind.  Emmanuelle’s labia were completely smooth and swollen with arousal and Jordana didn’t hesitate.  She had hesitated long enough.  She pressed her face back into Emmanuelle’s crotch and started to lick, her tongue lashing against the drooling pink lips and tasting another woman’s pussy for the first time.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” Emmanuelle exclaimed, breaking away from Sasha’s kiss to express her immense pleasure at her ultimate fantasy coming true.  “Ohhhhh Jordy!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me baby!  Lick my pussy!  I’ve wanted you to do this to me from the moment I met you!  Yesssssssss lick it!  Lick your first pussy!  Ughhhhh fuck yes your tongue feels so good!”

“That’s it!  Fuck her face!” Sasha urged, reaching up to squeeze Emmanuelle’s big tits through her schoolgirl top.  “She’s your whore now!  Fuck her slutty bitch face with your wet cunt!  Make her into the dirty little cunt licking dyke you’ve always wanted her to be!  Don’t hold back Emmanuelle!  Remember what I taught you!”

Emmanuelle nodded her head before tossing it back again and moaning in wanton ecstasy.  She had waited so long for a day like this.  She had put herself completely in Sasha’s perverted hands to make it possible.  This was never how she had envisioned her first time with Jordana to be but it was still everything she had wanted and more.  She moaned over and over again while Sasha squeezed her tits and Jordana lapped at her pussy, attacking the tender, sodden lips of her cunt with hungry licks that made pleasure course through her veins.

Her friend’s tongue was so eager that it was hard to believe she had never done this before.  Emmanuelle felt her knees start to get weak from Jordana’s licking and she did just as her “teacher” told her, grinding her pussy into Jordana’s face and making sure she didn’t even have the chance to think about stopping her licking.  Her pussy needed Jordana’s tongue and she wasn’t shy about letting her know it, acting like she was in one of Sasha’s movies.

“Oooooooooooooooooh Jordy!  Goddamn it!  You’re so fucking good at this!” Emmanuelle groaned and gasped, while writhing under Sasha’s sexy grip.  “Mmmmm such a good little girl!  Fuck me!  Lick my pussy you horny bitch! Yesssssss show me you’re going to be my whore now!  Show me you’re not going to want your husband’s cock anymore!  Show me you’re only going to want my pussy!  You’re a slutty little dyke now Jordana!  Ughhh just like me!  Mmmmmm show me you’re going to be my good little pussy licking whore!”

Emmanuelle found herself kissed by Sasha again and she once again responded in kind, letting the former porn star shove her tongue into her mouth.  And as they tongue kissed, Sasha reached down and unbuttoned the few buttons of Emmanuelle’s shirt that weren’t already open.  She then untied the rest of the shirt allowing it to hang open on the girl’s large chest.  Emmanuelle hadn’t worn a bra underneath and her tits were now exposed.  Sasha roamed her hands all over the soft, C-cup mounds and then suddenly pulled off.

She was sure that Emmanuelle and Jordana could take it from here.  Now it was time for her to take care of the guests she hadn’t expected.

“My oh my,” Sasha said with a wolfish grin as she eyed in the four succulent morsels before her.  “So, what am I going to do with you sneaky little spies?”

Through it all, as Emmanuelle and Jordana had succumbed to their lust for each other’s bodies, Jessica, Scarlett, Reese and Emma had stayed completely silent.  What they had seen had been too intense…too arousing…too slutty for them to even say boo over it.  None of them were virgins but this was sex like they had never seen.  Even Jessica and Reese, with more mansion orgies than they could count under their belts, hadn’t been able to fathom the pure hotness of what they were seeing.

And now, as Sasha strode toward them, they could no longer be silent.

“We didn’t mean to spy,” Reese said, defending herself and her friends and wondering what Sasha had in store for them.  Love had shown her a few of her scenes once after the press had made such a big deal about Sasha showing up at some elementary school to read to kids and Reese had seen first-hand why she had raised so many eyebrows by being there.  Now she could see just how intense and erotic Sasha Grey could be in the flesh and the arousal between her thighs hadn’t abated a bit.  Reese felt a sexy shiver run up her spine. Deep down she knew she shouldn’t be here, but she couldn’t do anything to make her feet take her away.

“Yeah, Maria…she…well she just sent us in here,” Jessica explained, loving Sasha’s sultry walk, but also keeping her eyes locked on Jordana feasting on Emmanuelle’s wetness.  “She didn’t tell us you were in here with your…friends.”

“We can leave if you want us to,” Emma offered, immediately getting glares from Scarlett, Jessica and Reese.  The truth was she didn’t want to leave either.  But if she had been knocked out of her comfort zone by what they had done to her before with their kisses, seeing all this now had sent her careening into another solar system.

“Whoa…let’s not be hasty here,” Scarlett said. “Let’s not talk about leaving.  We’re sorry we interrupted your fun.  But it sure looks like we all want the same thing.  Maybe we can all have some fun together?”

“Well if you’re friends of Maria’s I suppose I don’t have to ask if you can keep up with the big girls,” Sasha said, folding her arms over her chest and evaluating the four famous women before her while Emmanuelle’s cries of passion continued in the background.  “But if we start, then we go all the way.  I have one rule and that’s no backing out.  If you don’t think you can handle it, then say it now and get out.  If you girls are going to stay then you’d better be up for anything.”

“That will not be a problem,” Jessica grinned, loving the way Sasha said “anything.”  It promised wildness and debauchery and was just what she was looking for.  While many of her friends had, she had never played with a porn star before and having it be Sasha felt like she was starting right at the top.  Love was going to be so jealous when she told her about this.

“Mmmmm of course it won’t,” Sasha said, concentrating her gaze on Jessica.  “You’re definitely a girl who goes for what she wants.  I can see it in your eyes.  I like that in a girl.  No shy bitches allowed in here.  You’re definitely someone who’s fucked a girl or two.”

Jessica wondered if she had her sexual experiences tattooed on her forehead or something, but she didn’t bother to deny it.  Sasha had read her perfectly and Jessica loved the heated look she was getting from the woman.

“Mmmmmm I can tell you’ve fucked more than one or two girls in your life,” Sasha said, looking over Scarlett.  “You can definitely stay.  You look like someone who’s going to fit right in.”

Scarlett wasn’t sure whether she was supposed to take that as an insult or a compliment, but either way, Sasha moved on quickly to Reese, looking her over and wondering about what she saw.

“Hmmmmm what about you, Oscar winner?” Sasha asked.  “You too stuck up to play in the mud and get dirty?  Too high and classy to fuck a sleazy porn slut like me?  I know all you stuck up bitches look down on me when I try to audition for movies.  You don’t think I can be a real actress, do you?  You’re just a snobby bitch, aren’t you Reese?”

“Hey!  Reese is fine,” Jessica interjected, defending her friend.  “She’s done more than…”

But before Jessica could finish, Sasha held up her hand to quiet her and Jessica obeyed.  There was no question who was in charge around here.

“Let her answer for herself,” Sasha said.  “If she’s not a snob, let her say it.”

And Reese did just that.  She might not have been some kind of porn star, but she didn’t need sex lessons from one either.  She had never condescended to Sasha before in her life and she wasn’t about to accept any shit from her either. Despite a thousand good reasons not to do it, numbers one through 999 being about her pregnant state, Reese couldn’t stop herself. She had been challenged and she wasn’t about to back away.

“I’ll show you how much of a stuck up bitch I am!” Reese declared, before grabbing Sasha and pulling her in for a kiss.  Reese aggressively pressed her lips to Sasha’s, kissing the former porn star at the same time she reached down and grabbed two clumps of her juicy ass through her short skirt.

When Reese pulled away, Sasha was left short of breath and very impressed.

“Mmmmmm good, I was hoping you were going to do that,” Sasha smiled, Reese’s saliva on her lips.  “I like that spirit.  I guess I won’t have to send you off to mommy and me or wherever you Hollywood MILF bitches go. You can stay, Reese.  But you…you have to go.”

“Me?” Emma gulped.  “Why?  Why can’t I stay?”

“Because you’re not ready for this,” Sasha said.  “I look in your eyes and you know what I see?  A virgin.  A scared little girl too nervous and inhibited to let go and be the slut she’s always wanted to be.  I’ll bet you’ve never even kissed a girl, have you Emma?”

“I have!” Emma insisted, not enjoying being challenged by Sasha while at the same time wanting to prove herself to the porn star.  She might not have been sure about herself, but she was never about to let anyone talk down to her. “I so have!  And I fucking loved it too!”

“When was that?  Five minutes ago?” Sasha scoffed. “You may be a big shot in the movies these days since you’re Spiderman’s bitch and all that, but this is my world.  And I don’t like scared little virgins!”

“I’m not scared…I’m not scared of anything!” Emma insisted, her voice rising and showing she was getting angry from what Sasha was saying.  “You don’t fucking know me at all.  You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to fuck a girl!  You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted to lick pussy!  You have no fucking idea how slutty I can get!  I’ll make you blush you fucking porn whore!”

“Mmmmm spirited…maybe I can work with you after all,” Sasha smirked.  “How about you get those clothes off though?  You’re not earning yourself any points by standing there dressed.”

“Gladly,” Emma said, Sasha’s condescension toward her pissing her off so much that she forgot to be nervous.  She just began tugging at her own clothes in frantic grabs at them.  She wasn’t focused on inhibitions or worried if she would change and totally become a lesbian if she experienced bliss from a woman’s touch.  She just didn’t want this…this…porn star thinking she couldn’t handle herself.  She had always left men wanting more and Emma knew she could do the same to a woman, even if that woman was Sasha Grey!

There was nothing graceful at all about Emma stripping.  She didn’t even try and make a show out of it.  She just did it.  Kicking off her shoes while at the same time yanking her hoodie over her face, Emma let everyone see just how hard her nipples were under her bra and t-shirt.  She had been horny before, but Sasha challenging her like this really had her blood boiling.

“C’mon faster…show me what you’ve got…” Sasha demanded as Emma reached for her jeans and shoved them down her body with a purpose.  “If you can’t handle it, then there’s the fucking door.  All the way Emma!”

“I’ll show you…I’ll show you every fucking thing and you’re going to fucking drool when you see my body,” Emma promised, tossing her jeans off and standing there in her bra and panties and socks for a quick moment before reaching back and unclasping her bra.  Right then she didn’t care at all about Jessica, Scarlett and Reese.  She was locked on Sasha as she threw her bra onto the floor and stood there topless, her perky rack completely exposed with rock hard nipples capping her firm breasts.

But even though she wasn’t paying attention to them, they were paying attention to Emma and loving what they were seeing.  She had such beautifully firm little breasts, a perfect size for her lean body.  Her pale skin looked so delicious all exposed and her pink nipples seemed ideal for licking.  She was a vision and their desire for her, which had already been strong, had only gotten stronger.

“Happy now?” Emma demanded, her hands on her hips.

“Nope,” Sasha replied.  “Panties too.  I want it all Emma.  Show me you’re ready to be like them.”

Sasha then pointed over to where Emmanuelle and Jordana were.  They had repositioned themselves so that Emmanuelle was lying on the desk on her back, her legs slung open and Jordana up off her knees so she could instead lean in and really work her pussy over with her cum thirsty tongue.  Emmanuelle was lost in ecstasy as she squeezed her own bare tits and massaged her swollen nipples while rubbing her pussy into Jordana’s face, a gesture that only made her new lover lick her harder.

Jordana bending over to eat Emmanuelle’s pussy had caused her tiny schoolgirl skirt to rise up, giving everyone a great view of her tight ass and the way her panties hugged her cheeks.  Her ass looked amazing like that and everyone wanted to be where they were, especially Emma.

“I’m ready,” Emma insisted.  “I’m more ready than you’ll ever know Sasha.  Look how wet my pussy is.  I’ll bet it’s even wetter than yours!”

Emma slid her panties down her legs and kicked them away, standing there naked except for her socks and not caring where her underwear landed.  She had a point to prove and she wasn’t going to need those panties for a while.  And when she did expose herself and how drenched her tight young cunt was, Emma showed she would have won that bet with Sasha.  While the former porn star was plenty wet, Emma’s pussy shone with arousal.  Her labia lips glistened with her horniness and at last she had found the confidence to show it off.

“Like it? Like what you see?  This body fucking hot enough for you?  Or are you too used to fucking drugged out porn skanks to remember what a real woman is like?” Emma demanded, her pulse racing as the timid thing she’d been before went away hiding and the real Emma Stone reemerged.

Sasha didn’t mind Emma’s cracks.  She liked hearing them.  It showed that the girl really was ready for this.  All she had needed was a little motivation.  And Sasha did like what she saw.  She liked it a lot.  Especially one very unique part of Emma.

“Hmmmmm firecrotch,” Sasha noted as she observed Emma’s neat red bush.  “I like it.  Nice touch.  Shows commitment.  I guess you are ready for this after all.”

Emma was left shaking her head.  Of all the things that could have swayed Sasha, it was her bush that had done it?   That was kind of random.  But she had to admit it was kind of distinctive.  It was a shade that perfectly matched the red of the hair on her head.  So essentially her carpet matched her drapes.  But that was where the unusual part was.  As some people, including Sasha it seemed, knew that she was not a natural redhead.  She was a blonde who had dyed her hair red to stand out more.

At first Emma hadn’t cared about matching up below and above the waist when it came to hair color, but she had noticed a distinct pattern with her boyfriends.  They would always be disappointed when they would get her naked and find a dirty blonde bush there instead of the puff of red fur they were hoping for.  It wasn’t a big deal to Emma, but it had been to them so she had tried to change things up.  At first she had tried shaving her pussy completely bald, but she hadn’t liked that look at all.  She hadn’t wanted to look like she was prepubescent down there.  So she had tried something more radical.  She had dyed her bush.

She kept it small enough that it wasn’t a huge chore, but it was still a challenge.  Of course it was definitely one worth going through when she saw the look of delight in a boyfriend’s face when she was red down below too.  And now that she could see Sasha liked it, she was doubly glad she had done it, a feeling that only multiplied when she turned around and saw the same look in Jessica, Reese and Scarlett.

“Well, you girls shouldn’t dawdle either,” Sasha said, turning her attention to the visitors who were still dressed.  “Let’s see it.  I know you’ve all seen me naked.  Let’s return the favor now.  Take it off girls.  Take it all off.”

Neither Jessica nor Scarlett needed Sasha to egg them on to get naked.  They had been waiting for this.  The sex cries spilling from Emmanuelle’s happy mouth as Jordana proved herself to be quite the natural pussy licker were enticement enough for all of them to get their clothes off.  In a flurry of motions, the two of them began stripping, darting their eyes between Jordana’s head buried between Emmanuelle’s thighs and the sight of Sasha coming up to Emma and kissing her while reaching up to fondle her firm tits.

Emma moaned in sensual bliss when the porn star kissed her.  All her anger was gone now and instead was left nothing but desire.  She was so happy that Sasha liked what she saw because Emma definitely liked her view too.  She hadn’t said this to anyone there yet, but she was well aware of Sasha’s movies and she wasn’t talking about the mainstream ones.  While she had never acted on her lesbian desires before today that hadn’t meant she had never seen women make love before.  Emma had a little stash of porn on her computer and Sasha was in a lot of them.

She had never seen any of the super hardcore stuff Sasha was particularly famous for, but she had definitely seen video evidence of what the brunette porn legend could do to another woman.  Emma badly wanted to experience that for herself and she kissed Sasha back passionately while all around her, her new friends undressed.

Jeans, sweats, tops, shirts and jackets hit the floor and were quickly followed by bras and panties.  Usually Jessica and Reese, enjoyed undressing slowly, but there was no time to waste today.  They just scattered their clothes on the floor along with their shoes and soon they were nude too, baring their bodies eagerly to Sasha and Emma. But one of them had not joined them in that state of undress and as her friends got naked, Reese got nervous, feeling insecure as she checked out the gorgeous bodies all around her.

“What’s wrong Reese?” Jessica asked, seeing that her friend was still dressed.

“You know…” Reese shyly replied. Usually she had no fear about undressing in front of other women, but today was not a normal day and her condition was definitely not “mansion ready.”

Jessica knew what Reese was getting at and she wasn’t surprised. After all, it had taken a hell of a lot of cajoling to even get Reese to come here today. But she didn’t want her friend to back out now, especially when Jessica’s pussy got juicy at the thought of seeing Reese pregnant and naked. She was dying with curiosity to see her like that and the extra kinkiness of it made her want sex with the beautiful blonde even more than she usually did. Reese had denied her friends her body for so long and that had only made Jessica crave it more.

“You look beautiful,” Jessica assured her nervous friend.

“Ughhh shut up, I do not,” Reese groaned. “Look at all of them Jess. And look at me. I look like a moose!”

Jessica had to laugh. If Reese looked like a moose then they had to be the most beautiful creatures in the animal kingdom because she thought her friend looked amazing. Reese was glowing with life inside her and Jessica couldn’t help but be fascinated by all her extra curves. The pregnancy had made her tits and her ass fill out to even sexier proportions and of course there was her big tummy, so sexy and full. Jessica had seen how Reese had liked it when Maria had touched it before and she hoped she could get her friend into this.

“Don’t laugh!” Reese snapped. “I can’t do this. I just want to watch.”

“Wait, did I hear the word ‘can’t?’” Sasha demanded. “I don’t like that fucking word. C’mon Reese. You were just starting to impress me. You kiss like you’re hot enough to fuck a woman. Prove that you are! Get naked! Your friends did it. You think your body is so special that we don’t deserve to see it? I thought you were this big, brave slut.”

“I am!” Reese insisted, finding it odd that she would actually be fighting for the right to be called ‘slut’ but not wanting to give Sasha an inch. “But not like this. Not while I’m all big and unsexy.”

“Unsexy?” Jessica blurted out, unable to hold back anymore. “Reese, you’re sexier than ever? You’re beautiful like this! I want you more than ever! Your body has been turning me on like crazy ever since you started to show!”

“It has?” Reese asked, starting to smile. No one had told her how beautiful she was in so long. This was not her first pregnancy so a lot of this was old hat to her. But she still got insecure about her body when she got big like this and her husband hadn’t touched her in more than a month. She didn’t know if he thought it would be bad for the baby or if he just thought pregnant women were a turn off, but it had been a long time since anyone had told her the nice things that Jessica just had.

“You really think I’m sexy like this?” Reese asked. She had considered herself beautiful in her pregnancy but not hearing anyone else say it for so long had made her start to doubt it.

“I absolutely do,” Jessica insisted. “You’re gorgeous like this Reese. So beautiful and full of life and it’s really naughty to think of you naked and seeing your big pregnant boobs.”

“Ooooooh! Dirty girl!” Reese couldn’t help but giggle. “Really? That turns you on?”

“Mmmmmhmmm,” Jessica confirmed, blushing a little bit as she said it. She had always had a thing for pregnant women but that had been a fantasy she had never been able to make good on. “If you’d come to the mansion anytime recently I would have told you that.”

“You really want to see me naked like this?” Reese asked, feeling her confidence in her own sexiness surge as she saw the lustful look in Jessica’s eyes and how Scarlett and Sasha and even Emma, in their silence, seemed to be saying the same things.

“I want to rip your clothes off and get that that big, beautiful preggers body of yours,” Jessica excitedly admitted. “You know how much you always turn me on Reese. Well when you’re like this, my pussy gets even wetter for you.”

“Oh wow…” Reese marveled, actually having trouble believing it but knowing Jessica was being sincere. Her hormones had been going crazy lately and she had been craving loving affection, but she had been afraid her friends would think she was gross.

“You think I’ve never fucked a knocked up slut before?” Sasha declared. “It’s fucking awesome. Now get out of those clothes Reese. Do it before I make you wait outside while the real women get their fuck on.”

“Ummmm ok,” Reese replied, feeling a new sense of giddiness. All of what was happening here had been turning her on, making her overcome her own reluctance about being here when she was so big and pregnant. And seeing how badly her friends wanted her naked, Reese succumbed to her lusts and went for it.

As Jessica drank in the site of it, Reese began taking off her clothes. Unlike her and Scarlett who had just tossed their clothes around, Reese peeled hers off and began neatly folding it into a pile, something that Jessica thought was very Reese. But she didn’t pay much attention to the pile. Instead she focused on the flesh show as Reese pulled off her baby bump covering top, pushed down her sweats and then went to her bra, unleashing two pregnancy enhanced breasts that took Jessica’s breath away.

“Oh God Reese,” Jessica moaned as she went right for her friend’s big rack, squeezing her enlarged breasts and making Reese moan. The pregnancy had filled her out and her nipples were bigger and her areolas widened. And even as she let one hand caress Reese’s beautiful breasts, Jessica let the other fondle her baby bump, touching her stomach as Reese’s sounds of pleasure grew and the blonde completed the strip show by getting off her panties, leaving herself completely nude.

“Now that’s much, much better. Everyone’s naked now and I suppose you three are hot enough to join in the fun,” Sasha replied with a twinkle in her eye that showed she was underselling it substantially as she eyed all the bare celebrity bodies before her.

Emma didn’t even try to undersell.  She was almost giddy at the sight of Scarlett, Jessica and Reese nude.  Their bodies looked so amazing and all she wanted to do was kiss and grab and caress and, of course, fuck.

“Wow!  I mean…just…wow!” Emma marveled at all of them, even Reese in all her motherly glory.  “You’re all so fucking hot!”

“So are you sweetie,” Jessica said, moving her naked self over to Emma and giving her a big kiss while letting her hands roam over her chest in a soft exploration.  She didn’t pause for niceties.  She just went for Emma’s small, yummy tits and began to caress them with her skilled, gentle touch.  Emma moaned from the touch and curled her toes in happiness while she and Jessica rubbed their tongues together.  This was such a fantasy come true and to have it happen so unexpectedly made it even better.

Emma’s pleasure increased when Scarlett came up behind her and let her hands gently fondle the pert cheeks of her ass.  Scarlett brushed her red hair out of the way and began kissing her neck, making Emma moan even louder and back up into Scarlett.  By doing this she felt Scarlett’s big tits press into her bare back as well as a dampness that she quickly realized was Scarlett’s wet pussy against her body.  That knowledge sent fresh shivers through Emma’s naked body as she was sandwiched by a just as nude Scarlett and Jessica.  This wasn’t what she had expected getting up today but right then she didn’t want to be anywhere else.

Scarlett and Jessica’s sandwiching of Emma left Sasha all to Reese and the actress gulped with erotic nerves from the way the former porn star was eyeing her. It turned her on to see that look in Sasha’s eye and Reese, finding her strength along with her confidence from Jessica’s encouragement to get undressed, tried to turn the table on her.

“So when are you going to get naked?” Reese asked, rubbing her nude body into Sasha’s dressed one, moaning from the contact into her bump.  “I love the naughty teacher look for you, but I’d like it even more to see you out of those clothes.  Movies are nice, but I want to see you in the flesh.”

“You need to work for that,” Sasha replied with the wicked little smirk she had displayed throughout her career, her eyes drinking in Reese’s nudity.  “I don’t give anything away for free.”

Reese knew just what to do, though, and it didn’t involve reaching for her wallet.  There was something far more hands on she could do right then there.  So, doing what so many who had watched her scenes over the years had dreamed of, Reese started undressing Sasha Grey.  She kissed the lean brunette woman while unbuttoning her blouse, the both of them eager to ravish each other’s bodies.  By now Reese was an expert in undressing another woman and her hands moved with ease down Sasha’s shirt, popping open each and every button until she could ease it right off her shoulders.

Unlike her students, Sasha had a bra on underneath her naughty teacher outfit.  It was a push up, giving her perky B cup tits an extra heft and creating the cleavage that had aroused everyone when they’d first caught site of her.  And while it looked lovely on Sasha’s chest, Reese was far more interested in getting it off her.  She kept on kissing Sasha while unclasping the bra and let it fall off her chest onto the floor.

As soon as she was topless, Sasha got her hands on Reese’s breasts, taking the initiative to start feeling up the Oscar winner before Reese could get at her first.  Reese hadn’t been expecting that but she definitely welcomed it and as Sasha fondled her big, fleshy tits, Reese did the same back to her, fondling the small, sexy chest and loving the feel of her warm flesh and already hard nipples.  Sasha caressed Reese’s naturally enhanced mounds, rubbing into her pink areolas and tiny nipples and the both of them moaned into each other’s mouths while they kissed.

Reese wasn’t about to content herself with just a topless Sasha Grey, though.  Not when she wanted the fully nude one.  She couldn’t help but think back to the last time she had made love to a porn star.  It had been right here at the store when she had made the acquaintance of the sexy Keri Windsor.  Sasha and Keri couldn’t have been more different, though.  While Keri had been busty and blonde, Sasha was brunette and petite.  And Keri’s movies had never gone to the extremes Sasha had.

Instead of intimidating her, though, Reese loved the idea of how experienced Sasha was with the wild side of sex.  She’d done some crazy naughty things in her life, including this, but not even lesbian orgies could compare to the interracial gangbangs and bondage and creampie scenes that Sasha had done.  Reese hadn’t even been able to watch those scenes much less do things like that in her own life.  If she had done something wild by fucking Fluffy back in Jamaica, then Sasha must have done the equivalent of fucking a hundred Fluffys.

But Reese liked that.  She liked knowing she was going to fuck someone who had gone to such extremes.  It allowed her a little taste of what it was like to go completely over the edge. And by getting her pregnant body naked and feeling herself get soaking wet from it, Reese knew she was going over the edge and liking it.

While they continued to kiss, Reese took her hands off Sasha’s tits and instead used them to unzip and pull off her short skirt.  That left Sasha in nothing but a black silk thong that didn’t do much to hide one of the most famous parts of her body.  Besides her filthy mouth and filthier mind, Sasha was best known in porn for her absolutely awe inspiring ass.  Sasha’s ass almost defied description.  It was plump and round but also the perfect size for her body.  Her butt cheeks were two soft, fleshy globes that seemed like they were divinely created to be spanked and groped.  It managed to somehow thread the nearly impossible task of being big and juicy on Sasha’s lean body without looking too huge.  Like her tits, Sasha’s ass was completely natural and her two thick, bubbly cheeks proved irresistible to Reese.

It was the kind of ass you just wanted to bury your face in between and Reese felt a surge of excitement knowing she was going to be able to do what so many had fantasized about.  She groped Sasha’s round butt cheeks and squeezed the thick, yummy flesh, rubbing her hands all over them while continuing to kiss her.

“Mmmmm you like that ass, naughty girl?” Sasha moaned when she and Reese broke for air.  “You like my big porno bubble butt?”

“Oh hell yeah!  What, was I being too subtle in how much I wanted to touch it?” Reese teased, making it more obvious by tugging down the woman’s panties.  “You’ve got a great ass Sasha.  Mmmmm it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.  I love touching it.  You’re so gorgeous.”

“So are you,” Sasha told the actress, happy to be out of all her clothes now.  “I’ve loved your body for so long Reese.  Mmmmm so cute and sexy, especially now!  I don’t know where the hell you girls came from and who made you into such hot little sluts, but I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together.”

Reese couldn’t have agreed more.  She was really antsy to have some real fun, especially with Emmanuelle shrieking in ecstasy from Jordana’s tongue.  Even though the room was bigger than it had been the last time she had been in there, it was still a pretty cozy space.  The desk took up most of the room and that put all of them in close proximity to it as Emmanuelle lay across it, her schoolgirl outfit pulled up and opened to reveal the naughtiest parts of her body while she lay back on the hard wood and fucked Jordana’s face with a horny zeal.

And for her part, Jordana seemed completely devoted to Emmanuelle’s pussy.  She was leaning over and keeping her face between those delicious tan thighs.  She adored Emmanuelle’s olive skin and hoped she would have the chance to kiss all over her exotic flesh before she had to return to the real world of being straight and married.  She had long wondered what it would be like to taste pussy and this was beyond her wildest expectations. But even more than having that wonderfully sweet tang on her tongue, Jordana loved that she was able to bring pleasure to her friend.

“Oh my God Jordy!  Oh my God!” Emmanuelle panted, her fingers tugging on her own swollen nipples as her friend fed off her pussy.  “Fuck me baby!  Oooooh my God you’re so good at this!  How could you have never done this before?  You’re too good at it baby!  Oh Jordy!  Mmmmm I fucking love you so much!  Don’t stop!  Please don’t ever stop eating that pussy!”

Emmanuelle was babbling from her ecstasy, but there was truth in what she said.  She was totally in love with Jordana.  She had been for years.  She had known it since the day they had met.  She was totally in love with this gorgeous woman.  What was happening right now had been her hottest fantasy for so long and it was everything she had hoped it would be.  Jordana’s tongue was making her feel incredible things and knowing it was someone that she loved that was licking away at her juicy, dripping pussy and making her clitoris throb gave everything an extra layer of sweet pleasure to Emmanuelle.


This was more than just lust for Emmanuelle.  This was honestly love.  She had been trying to squelch her feelings for her friend for so long, but they would never go away and would always come back stronger each and every time her sexy friend did something to enchant her with her beautiful face and sweet heart.  She had fucked so many women over the years, but she had never felt for any of them the way she felt for Jordana.

Jordana knew all of this.  She knew Emmanuelle was a lesbian. She knew she was in love with her.  And in many ways she had felt the same way.  But she was married and she had never acted on any of the feelings she had ever had for women.  She had always considered herself straight with maybe a little bi curiosity, but after eating Emmanuelle out, Jordana was beginning to reconsider that and instead believe she was not nearly as straight as she had once assumed.

She and Emmanuelle had been friends for years.  They had run into each other so many times in auditions going up against each other for the same parts.  It seemed that every time there was a call for a brunette woman of some undefined ethnicity, they would be amongst the ones considered.  But instead of developing a rivalry, they had instead created a friendship.  Jordana felt Emmanuelle was one of the best friends she had ever had, but she also knew that Emmanuelle had long wanted to be much more than just friends.

To those in her inner circle, Emmanuelle had never made any secret that she loved women.  Sure she had been out with a few boyfriends over the years but that had been all for show.  She came from strict parents and the Orthodox Jewish faith, especially with her Middle Eastern background, was not exactly super tolerant when it came to homosexuality.  But she was a lesbian.  She knew it.  Her friends knew it.  And her lovers sure as hell knew it because Emmanuelle loved to show just how big a lesbian she was by turning eating pussy into an art form.

She wasn’t bisexual.  She didn’t have girls on the side while dating men.  She was a 100% lesbian and happy to be that way.  Her parents might not have accepted who she was, but Emmanuelle had accepted herself and that was the important part.  Still there was something missing in her life.  Being happy with her life was just one part.  Having someone to share it with was another.

From the first moment she had met Jordana, Emmanuelle had fallen completely in love with her.  It had been one of those angels singing, running in slow motion moments and Emmanuelle had known it was love at first sight.  There was just something so intoxicating about Jordana.  She was exotically beautiful with a mix of American and Brazilian blood inside her and her perfect face was mixed with a jaw dropping body.  Emmanuelle loved every inch of Jordana’s body and those long legs, firm tits and exquisitely tight ass had been a regular part of her fantasies for years.

The only problem was that Jordana was straight…or at least acted straight.  She was married and seemed to be happily so to the outside world.  Of course, Emmanuelle knew better.  Jordana had cried on her shoulder enough times to know that things were not always perfect in that relationship.  But still Jordana had never seemed willing to give into her advances or even give any sign that she would ever do anything with a woman.  So Emmanuelle had decided a long time ago it was better to have Jordana in her life as a friend than not have her there at all.

Still Jordana knew how Emmanuelle felt about her.  One night when they had had too much to drink and Emmanuelle hadn’t been able to help herself had made that clear.  She had confessed her feelings to Jordana and tried to kiss her.  Things had been awkward for a few weeks after that, but Jordana had forgiven her and they had gone back to being friends.

But things had been different since then.  The idea that a woman like Emmanuelle could be in love with her had forced Jordana’s eyes open to at least consider the possibility that she could be in love right back with another woman…or at the very least want to sleep with one.

Jordana had had a few fantasies about women over the years.  She’d wondered what it would be like to kiss one and touch a soft, feminine body instead of a masculine one.  What would it be like to taste pussy instead of sucking cock?  But she had figured lots of women had curiosity like that.  It was pretty natural to think about exploring with another woman, wasn’t it?  So when Emmanuelle had confessed her true feelings it had shocked Jordana but also made her wonder what it would be like to actually do something sexually with another woman.

She had always loved Emmanuelle too, but as a friend only, and had never considered her as a lover until that night when Emmanuelle had confessed to her.  It had blown her mind to know her friend had not only wanted to fuck her, but also be her girlfriend.  It had been a lot to take in all at once and for a while Jordana had wondered if she could even be friends with Emmanuelle after that.  Fortunately she had come down from that high horse and come back to her friend, but since then her own mind had been opened and there had been times when she had actively fantasized about what it would be like to make love to Emmanuelle and be a lesbian, if only for one night.

Sasha had been the catalyst to what was happening now.  She and Emmanuelle had become friends when Sasha had guest starred on Entourage.  Emmanuelle hadn’t known what to make of her at first when the show brought in the notorious porn star.  But she had quickly found that the reputation had not matched the reality of the person.  Instead of being some wild hedonist who would be high on drugs all the time and giving out blowjobs to the crew, Sasha had ended up being a unique woman, a true intellectual with passionate opinions about art and music and philosophy and politics.

She was also a woman thoroughly committed to exploring her own sexuality in the truest form.  She wanted to experience everything to find out what she liked.  Sasha considered sexuality to be the truest form of human expression because lust brought people down to their most basic essence.  It allowed people to be not just physically naked, but emotionally as well.   She wanted to try everything.  She wanted to stretch boundaries.  She wanted to find out she really was.

That was why she had done porn.  She had done it for the money, sure and for a while the money had been really good.  But she had also done it because she wanted to live life in that porn star persona, if only for a few years.  She wanted to learn about herself through this journey.  And when it was over, she was able to leave on her terms, happy with what she had accomplished in her own life.  But just because she had shot her last scene, it didn’t mean she was going to stop exploring her sexuality.

Even though she had a husband and she truly loved him, Sasha still felt there were more erotic discoveries to be made in her life.  One of the things she wanted to do was help her friends.  She honestly believed that so much of what was wrong with humanity these days had to do with the restrictions people placed on themselves and their sexuality.  By denying themselves this most human of needs, they forced their emotions to come out in less healthy ways. So she hated when she saw her friends holding back and it hadn’t taken her long to see just how lovesick Emmanuelle was over Jordana.

Sasha had been able to tell right away that Emmanuelle was a lesbian. She prided herself on being able to read people and they had had some fun fooling around off the set.  But it hadn’t been anything serious.  Emmanuelle hadn’t felt about Sasha the way she felt about Jordana so Sasha had made it her mission to help her.  From the times she had met Jordana, Sasha had seen she was holding herself back and that she was cutting herself off from the possibilities of life.  Maybe Jordana really was straight or maybe she was just as much in love with Emmanuelle as the girl was with her. But she would never know if she didn’t journey out of her shell to find out.

Sasha wanted Jordana to find this out for herself.  And she had actually found the girl to be willing to indulge in this or at least explore it a little.  It turned out that this opportunity had come when Jordana’s fantasies were growing stronger and she was in a rough patch in her marriage. So it had turned out to be perfect timing.

It had been Sasha’s idea to try this whole set up.  For Jordana to truly be comfortable with exploring her sexuality she had felt that it was best to make it as big a fantasy as possible and get it far away from reality. The more it was some wild fantasy scenario, the more Jordana would be able to step out of herself and indulge in a desire she was afraid of.

Maria had been only too happy to loan the place out for one of her adult star friends and Sasha had put herself into it because not only did she want to fuck Emmanuelle again and experience Jordana for the first time, she believed that if she was there to guide them, they would be able to better deal with their complicated feelings for each other.

So while this wasn’t the most natural of settings for a first time, it worked because of the unique circumstances.  Sasha felt that if it had been just the two of them in a bed, Jordana would have been thinking of her husband and Emmanuelle would have been too worried about messing up their friendship.  This was way better. They could explore their fantasies safely and openly and if it led to something more, Sasha would have been very happy with that result.

So far every one of Sasha’s beliefs had come true.  The wild scenario was working for both of them.  Jordana felt as if she was living some kind of a crazy erotic dream.  It was like she had stepped out of herself completely and some other woman was doing these wild, sexy things, not some straightlaced Hollywood wife.  And for Emmanuelle, she didn’t care that she had had to dress up like a schoolgirl to make this happen or that she was doing it in front of a bunch of other girls.  She just cared that it was happening.  She had wanted this for so long and now Jordana was really eating her pussy.  This was no fantasy.  It was really happening to her.

“Ooooooh fuckkkk mmmmmm yesssssssssss I love you eating my pussy like a naughty little slut!” Emmanuelle cried, saying the word “slut” with as much love as could ever be associated with it.  Her chest was heaving and her words were being spit out passionately, a sign of how close she was getting to orgasm. “Fuck me Jordy!  Make me come!  Oh please!  Oh please!  Please make me fucking come all over that beautiful face!  I’ll treat you so good if you make me come!  I’ll eat your pussy like it’s never been eaten before!  I’ll fuck you with my mouth and swallow down your cum and make you never want to go back to your husband!  I’ll fuck you so good you’ll want to be a lesbian with me forever!”

Right then Jordana felt that it was quite possible that Emmanuelle could truly make her feel that way.  She had never experienced sex like this before.  No idle thoughts about being intimate with another woman could match the reality of what she was doing. All these years Emmanuelle had told her about how much better women were at sex and how much more of an emotional and fulfilling experience it was to make lesbian love than it was to be with a man.  And right then Jordana felt that maybe Emmanuelle had undersold it.

Eating pussy wasn’t just different than giving a