The Syco After Party

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Disclaimer: The events described in this story did not happen, will not happen and could not happen.  It is a fantasy and is to be read as such.

Simon Cowell has organised a party for all the Britains Got Talent and X Factor celebrities, and it’s all going very well – Frankie Cocozza is chatting to his former X Factor mentor, Gary Barlow, saying:

“Plenty of talent in here tonight, Gary – I’m spoilt for choice!”

Smiling, Gary responds,

“You never give up, do you?”

Frankie smiles back,

“Course not!  There are some girls in here tonight, I’d really like to add to my collection!”

Inquisitive, Gary asks,

“Which of these girls have you shagged then?”

Frankie looks around the room,

“Alex Burke, Amelia Lilly, Diana Vickers, and Little Mix.”

Blinking, Gary asks,

“Which members of Little Mix?”

Smirking, Frankie responds,

“All of ‘em! I never got my real target though – Kelly Rowland!”

Gary laughs,

“No – she’s not available, just pretends to be!”

Still smirking, Frankie says,

“Go on then Gary – which of these girls should I bang tonight, eh?

Gary licks his lips,

“Alesha Dixon!”

Nodding and smiling, Frankie moves away,

“I’ll present you with Alesha’s knickers at breakfast!”

Gary looks at Amanda Holden, who says,

“Bet he doesn’t! She can’t stand him!”

Gary laughs,

“I know! He’s not to know that though, is he?”

Frankie sidles over to Alesha, the girl clad in a lovely little black dress, and he slips a glass of champagne into her hand, and whispers in her ear,

“You look lonely, babe?”

She scowls,

“Not lonely enough to speak to you – anyway, I was chatting with Leona Lewis til she went to get something to eat!”

Smiling, Frankie coos,

“And aren’t you eating, babe? I’m sure you could manage a mouthful with me!”

She looks at him with disgust,

“You really are full of yourself, aren’t you?”

Smugly, he responds,

“By the end of this party, some lucky girl’s gonna be full of me, too!  Could be you!”

Alesha opens her eyes wide,

“You’re having a laugh!  I can’t stand the sight of you!”

But Frankie isn’t deterred, and he slips his arm around Alesha’s waist, leans down and kisses her lips,

“Don’t look then! Just lay back and enjoy my sleek young cock!”

A frowning Alesha wants to slap him, but she realises she actually returned that kiss, and when Frankies mouth descends onto hers again, she parts her lips, allowing his tongue into her mouth, and offers no resistance as his right hand slides inside her dress, and finds the cheeks of her ass.  As Frankie coolly moves his head back, Alesha murmurs,

“That was nice – but I still don’t like you, so the answer’s ‘NO’ Get it?”

Frankie’s response is to press his crotch against Alesha’s belly, his erect penis pushing against her, and now he has both arms around her as he kisses her again, feeling pleased with himself as her feels her melting into his arms,

“I don’t think you mean that, do you?”

Alesha’s finding this arrogant teenager harder to resist, and she realises her hand’s now on his ass, and she’s the one who instigates the next kiss, her free hand moving onto Frankie’s hardened cock, her eyes shining as she responds,

“I don’t like you – but I guess you can have me! What’s your room number?”

Frankie smiles,

“Nah, I’ll bang you in yours – you’ve probably got a better room than me, and I’d quite like to see your wardrobe.  You’re always so sexily dressed, and I’ve always promised myself I’d strip you off some time!”

Alesha moistens her lips, whispers her room number to Frankie, and says,

“Give it fifteen minutes!”

Frankie kisses Alesha again, runs his fingers up and down her thigh, grinning as his fingers probe her stocking tops, and he says,

”Don’t start without me!”

After watching Alesha leave the room, Frankie wanders over to Gary Barlow, who has been watching, and whispers,

“Got her!  I’ll present her to you in the morning – stripped and fucked!”

Gary just shakes his head,

“You utter bastard!  She hates you!”

Frankie laughs,

“Yeah, I know! Sad innit?  But she needs a good fuck, and she knows I’ll give it to her!  By the way, Gar, d’you reckon she’ll spit or swallow?”

Barlow just gapes,

“D’you honestly think Alesha Dixon’s gonna give you a blowjob?”

Frankie smirks,

“She’ll do what I tell her!  The girl’s a slut Gary!  She’s got three holes, an’ I’m gonna come in all of them!”

By the time Frankie’s finished showing off, and he’s pawed Amanda Holden thoroughly, half an hour passes before her goes to Alesha’s room, and he pushes the door open, shuts it, and moves towards her as she rises from her chair, garbs her and kisses her feverishly, his fingers working over and inside her dress, the garment quickly removed and slipping to the floor.  Once she comes up for air, Alesha pants,

“You arrogant bastard! You kept me waiting!”

Frankie just grins,

“I knew you would though! You’re gagging for it, arncha?”

Frankie then carefully unclips Alesha’s basque, her firm tits now becoming available to him, and he rubs them fairly gently, then tweaks her right nipple, making her yelp, and slides his hands down to her knickers, the prize he’s promised to Gary Barlow, and swiftly whips them off, then runs his fingers over her thatched mound, slipping his index finger inside her and wiggling it a little, Alesha gasping as he says,

“Mmm – damp!”

He sits Alesha on the bed, stands back and strips down to his briefs, then says to her,

“Come on, then!  Inspect the merchandise!”

Alesha gets up and moves towards Frankie, kisses his mouth and runs her hands down to the waistband, inserting the fingers of both hands, but she feels Frankies hands on her shoulders as he pushes her to her knees, her hands tugging his pants down as she drops, and his big, hard cock springs out, smacking her cheek, surprising her, and she protests,

“Hang on – let’s remember who’s the star!”

Frankie answers by turning around, placing his infamous tattooed ass in Alesha’s face, and pushing her backwards, squashing her head between his ass and the bed, demanding roughly,

“Fuck off!  Kiss my ass!”

Wincing, it doesn’t take Alesha much time to realise she has no choice, and she starts kissing the teenager’s tattooed buttocks, as he snaps roughly,

“You’re name’s going on that list of girls I’ve shagged – very soon!”

Alesha says nothing, but a tear dribbles down her cheek as she kisses away, then she gasps as he moves away, and turns around, her face still level with his crotch as she kneels before him, and he sneers,

“Now you can suck my cock!  But lick my balls first, eh?”

Alesha’s feeling a little frightened at the change in the boy’s manner, so she meekly obeys him, running her tongue over his scrotum, lapping away like a thirsty cat, then she draws her tongue up the underside of his hard prick, back down, then up again, repeating the move a few times, before her lips are over the bellend of it.  Alesha actually kisses the tip, then parts her lips, and slowly, so slowly starts sucking Frankie’s cock, until she notices he’s holding his mobile phone, pointing it at her, and she withdraws her head,

“Are you filming this, you shit?”

The teenager grins his smug grin,

“Yeah!  It’s kind of insurance!  If you don’t what I tell you, It’ll go on youtube  – if you do, I’ll probably delete it (after I’ve sent a copy to Gary Barlow)!”

Alesha’s eyes are wide open,

“What’s he got to do with it?”

Frankie laughs at her,

“I’m fucking you for a bet!  C’mon, I coulda pulled Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh or Leona Lewis, but I’m knobbing you instead, so be grateful and suck my fucking cock!”

Stunned, horrified and humiliated, Alesha slides her tongue back onto Frankie’s cock, then takes it back into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down rhythmically, sucking for all she’s worth, which at this point in time seems to be not much, until Frankie eases her back, strokes her face gently, and says,

“Nice! Now I’m gonna start fucking you – spread ‘em nice and wide!”

Alesha hauls herself onto the bed and starts to open her thighs, awaiting the inevitable mounting, but Frankie grabs her ankles and pulls her towards him, grinning,

“Not on the bed!  On the mat!”

Alesha’s backside hits the floor with a bump, and Frankie pushes her ankles apart, opening her legs nicely, and Frankie grins to see that the woman’s pussy is nicely damp, and he laughs,

“You really are ready for this arncha?”

Alesha is really rather enjoying the domination, and grins back,

“I’m always ready for a man with a nice big hard cock – even if he is an arrogant young bastard!”

Frankie smiles broadly and climbs between Alesha’s legs, pushing her thighs further apart, running his fingers up and down them, then settling them over her pussy, working his right middle finger around inside her, then he climbs aboard properly, his hard cock primed and ready for entry, as Alesha murmurs,

“Come on! Do me!”

Frankie needs no second invitation, and he plunges into Alesha, her eyes springing wide open, a gasp leaving her pouting lips, which he kisses firmly, then he starts working his hips to and fro, slowly at first, speeding up, then slowing down again, Alesha panting, thrusting her own crotch at his her hands on his ass, enjoying herself, feeling her orgasm coming, squealing gently as she shudders with pleasure, then she feels Frankie’s cock pulsate and shoot spunk into her, the teenager staying inside her, even continuing to pump her and grinning,

“That’s you fucked once, anyway!”

Alesha grins back,

“As soon as you’re ready boy, you can give me another one!”

Frankie climbs of the lovely singer and gets onto the bed, lies on his back and says,

“C’mon then!  Ride me! Oh hang on!”

Alesha can’t believe it – he’s had his cameraphone running throughout, and she gets up slowly, Frankie’s semen leaking down her inner thigh, and she gets onto her knees, sees that the teenager’s penis is already looking interested again, so she kisses it, licks it gently, tasting the combined lovejuices on his shaft, then she’s fully down on him again, sucking his cock, but this time not waiting for him to push her head back – she decides when he’s hard enough and she gets onto the bed, her lovely legs straddling him, and she slides herself down onto that hard cock, sighing as she feels it returning into her vagina, and now she rides the teenager, her face and body slick with sweat, her thighs and cunt slick with jizz, but she gets a result, laughing that familiar cackling laugh as she feels his second load of spunk ejaculate inside her body, and she flops forwards, licks his mouth like a cat, then kisses him, and Frankie pulls her in closer, his fingers running over her smooth asscheeks, and he finally speaks,

“I’ve gotta say, Alesha – you’re a bloody good shag!”

She blinks and grins,

“I guess that’s a compliment is it?”

Idly playing with the woman’s boobs, Frankie rolls her off him and onto her back, rolls her nipples between his fingers, before responding,

“Yeah!  And you’re a fucking great cocksucker!  I must remember to tell my mates!  Or I can just show them the film!”

Alesha smiles, her arms above her head as he plays with her tits, and she responds,

“I hope you don’t!  But not as much as I hope you’re gonna fuck me again in a few minutes!”

She’s noticed that the teenager’s manhood is again starting to increase in size, and she’s clearly impressed, then she starts to stroke it gently, whispering,

“You really are a stud, aren’t you?”

Frankie just grins,

“You better believe it!  Now get of the bed and kneel down!”

Alesha does as she’s told, and waits on her knees, ready to suck his cock again, which has become nice and hard thanks to her attention, but this time he gets around behind her rests his hands on her shoulders, and says,

“Go on – get on all fours!  I’m gonna fuck you doggy-style!”

Alesha wets her lips with her tongue and does as she’s told, parting her legs to accommodate him, and she doesn’t have a long wait until he’s plunging his cock into her vagina again, and she loves it as he starts to fuck her and snaps,

“Cmon – bark!”

Alesha winces at this, but starts to yap like a dog, the teenager laughing,

“If you’re gonna get fucked like a dog, you gotta behave like a dog!  C’mon!  Make proper doggy noises!”

She hates to admit it to herself, but Alesha’s enjoying this humiliation, and she starts to pant with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, the teenager enjoying watching their reflections, and he laughs aloud as Alesha makes a throaty barking sound when he comes, his fingernails scraping down her back, the girl arching it with pleasure, before he slaps her firmly on the ass, and says,

“I need a shower!”

He stalks off to the bathroom, leaving Alesha unsure what to do next, so she just rolls up on the floor, and when he returns, wrapped in a robe, she asks him,

“What would you like of me next, master?”

Frankie clearly likes the thought of being her master, and he rolls his foot over her body, wondering if her should kick her, but instead he just tells her,

“Get in the shower! You look like a wet dog and you stink like a wet dog!”

Alesha crawls off to the bathroom, and has her shower, and when she returns she sees that Frankie has fallen asleep on her bed.  She smiles and clambers in next to him, the teenager’s arms wrapping around her, and she decides to let her fingers probe his crotch again, pleased to find that his prick’s beginning to wake up, and she licks his ear, whispering gently,

“Time for this fella to come out to play again?”

Frankie’s soon wide awake, ruffles Alesha’s hair, and grins,

“He might enjoy another little suck, first!”

Alesha doesn’t hesitate for a second, and she soon has her lips back on the teenager’s penis, her mouth again accepting his entire cock, and she starts to suck him again until he decides she can stop, and her rolls over on top of her, slides her so that her back’s flat on the bed, with her legs dangling, then he spreads those succulent thighs and enters her again, this time from a kneeling position, Alesha again feeling the full benefit of the teenager’s knob as he pushes it into her and gives her another sound seeing-to, a fourth helping of semen squirting into Alesha’s slightly bruised vagina, and she groans as her tells her,

“Go down on me and clean me up!”

Again Alesha obeys the teenager’s command, and she licks, kisses, sucks and slurps around Frankie’s crotch, removing as much of their combined sex as she can, pleasantly surprised to feel his cock hardening once more. then he pulls her away, kisses her lips and winces,

“Yuck!  Go clean your teeth, cocksucker!”

Alesha doesn’t like Frankie’s tone of voice, but she is enjoying the way he’s dominating her so she goes to the bathroom and scrubs her teeth, taking her time, so that when she returns, Frankie is once more fully erect, and she cackles,

“Can’t get enough of me, can you?”

Frankie grips Alesha by the wrist and pushes her against the wall, the back of her head bumping against the hard surface, and she offers no resistance as her kisses her neck, fondles her smooth belly, and pushes his penis into her again, shagging her really hard up against the wall, Alesha’s arms draped over him as he gives it to her, the girl now feeling pretty damned tired, her body aching from the teenager’s attentions.

After he’s shot another load, Frankie pulls away, grinning as Alesha slides to the floor, then he clambers onto the bed, and tells her,

“You stay there til I tell you!  I’ve got the energy to fuck you again, but I’m running outa cum, so I need a little rest!

So while Frankie has a little nap on her bed, Alesha curls up on the floor, and catches some sleep too, stirring after what seems like no time at all when she feels him kick her in the ass to wake her up, not a hard kick, but it hurts a little, and she yelps,

“Hey!  Steady on!  Using me as a sex toy’s one thing – but I won’t be a punchbag!”

Frankie uses his foot to push Alesha onto her back, responding,

“Nah!  You’re more of a shagbag!”

He pulls Alesha up by the hair, turns her face towards his crotch, then pushes his prick into her mouth and down her throat, thrusting to and fro, and effectively fucking her face, Alesha not sure what to do, but deciding to suck, the teenager just whamming his crotch into her pretty features, finally shooting a stream of thick spunk into her mouth, withdrawing his penis, then telling her,

“Swallow, slag!”

Feeling used, and knowing she’s been used, Alesha obediently swallows Frankie’s cum, and she knees before him, seeming to await instructions – she doesn’t have to wait long.

“You got any Vaseline or something like that, slag?”

Alesha winces, but nods,

“I have a jar of it – why?”

Frankie grins,


Alesha’s mouth opens wide,

“No! Please! You can fuck me again, or I’ll blow you! But not my ass! “

Frankie just catches hold of Alesha’s hair and pulls her towards him, before snapping,

“Get the Vaseline, cocksucker!! Quick!”

He pushes her backwards, so that she lays on her back for a few seconds, before disappearing to the bathroom, returning with the jelly, which she hands to Frankie, pleading,

“Look! I really don’t want your cock up my ass, OK? If you’ve got any more spunk left in your balls, use it to shag me again, yeah?  Please!”

Frankie takes the jar, then hauls Alesha across his thighs as her sits on the edge of the bed, then he starts to spank her ass, and spank it hard, adding,

“When you want me to stop, just let me know when you’ve changed your mind!”

Now, Alesha actually enjoys being spanked, but this is beginning to hurt, and finally she gasps,

“OK! OK! I give!”

Frankie continues to smack the palm of his hand down on Alesha’s buttcheeks, frowning,

“So what do you want, cocksucker?  You need to ask me nicely!”

Alesha really doesn’t want to be getting off on this dominance by the teenager, but she is, and she lets Frankie give her a few more hefty whacks before responding,

“OK! Please Frankie! I beg you! Stop spanking me, and shove that lovely big prick of yours straight up my ass! Give it me hard, big boy!”

This is exactly the sort of thing Frankie wants to hear, and he smiles his smug smile before unscrewing the lid of the Vaseline, then applying it liberally to Alesha Dixon’s anus, reaming it around her asshole, wipes his fingers casually on her thigh, then slides her off his lap, and back onto her knees, before, without bothering to speak to Alesha, he bens her over the foot of the bed, prising her legs further apart, kneading the flesh of her ass to part her cheeks, tickling her vagina at the same time, then, with Alesha cackling her famous dirty laugh, he rams his cock into her anus just as hard as he can, and Alesha’s squealing with pain and pleasure as the teenager roughly sodomises her, and she’s actually biting the bedcovers by the time he comes, both their bodies soaked in sweat by now.

By the time Frankie has showered, and Alesha has followed him, the sun is up, and Frankie tells her,

“I better get going – I’ve got an interview at one of the lags mags later this morning!”

Alesha gapes at him,

“What? For a job?”

He laughs,

“Nah! They wanna do an article about all the girls I’ve had, all that kinda stuff!  It gives some guys a hardon to read about who I’ve had, and what they’re like!”

Still gaping, Alesha stutters,

“You’ll n . n . name the g.g.g.girls you’ve shagged?”

Pulling on his clothes, Frankie grins,

“Yep!  Specially you!  Guys’ll really wanna know what you’re like in the sack!”

A tear runs down Alesha’s face,

“And – what will you say?”

Frankie wipes the tear away and kisses Alesha’s lips,

“I’ll say you’re a great cocksucker an’ a bloody good shag!  Oh – and as dirty as hell!”

Alesha touches the teenager’s crotch,

“You mean it, don’t you?”

Grinning even wider, Frankie responds,

“Sure!  Tell you what – you still here tonight?”

Alesha nods slowly,

“I’m here for a few days yet!”

Licking his lips, Frankie fondles Alesha’s breasts, squeezes a nipple, and promises her,

“I’ll come back tonight then, tell you all about it!  Then I’ll fuck the ass off you again!”

To be continued ………

Author:                         Nobbem’ard

Celebrity:          Samia Ghadie, Frankie Cocozza

Story Codes:    mmf, oral, cons

Disclaimer:        The events described in this story did not happen, will not happen and could not happen.  It is a fantasy and is to be read as such.

Frankie Cocozza at the Lads Mag

Now, I’m a busy guy – a journalist with deadlines to meet, and I wasn’t happy to find that Frankie Cocozza was late for his interview.  Why did I always get stuck with the assholes?  One of the other guys was getting a laugh in another room doing a photoshoot with Coronation Street’s Samia Ghadie, a shoot I’d love to have seen.  Still, my intercom sounded, and I heard the girl downstairs say,

“Frankie Cocozza’s here!”

I snapped back,


I heard her laughing,

“Mmm Hm!  He looks knackered though!  I guess he’s been up all night shagging some bimbo!”

I replied,

“OK – sorry!  Send the guy through!”

A few seconds later, Frankie, looking a little weary, I have to say, shuffled through the door, and sat down.  I smile at him,

“Rough night?”

He grinned, rubbed his crotch, and said,

“Nah!  A great night with a certain well known lady!  I’ll tell you all about her later!”

The interview progressed, with Frankie boasting about the girls he’s had, giving me chapter and verse on most of them – some of it too graphic, but most of it very much useable, like how he shagged Roxanne Pallett in the back of a taxi while the driver watched them, how Mollie King gave him a blowjob while he chatted to her bandmate Rochelle Wiseman on the phone, how he stripped Myleene Klass five times, made her put her kit back on, then stripped her again before shafting her – was it six times or seven, I can’t remember, and how he and a mate had bedded the Tointon sisters, Kara and Hannah, side by side, swapped them and roasted them.  I was beginning to lose interest, wondering if he was telling lies, when he said,

“Then, of course, there was last night!”

I gazed at him,

“OK – spill!”

Grinning broadly, he continued,

“Well I was at the Syco party, and Simon Cowell bet me I couldn’t kop off with Alesha Dixon!”

I laughed,

“Which you couldn’t, obviously!”

As an answer, Frankie calmly pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket, slid it across the desk, and smiled,

“Press ‘Play’ Mr Nkawa! You’ll see!”

So I picked up the phone, switched on the video player and watched in amazement!  Alesha Dixon, naked as the day she was born, was down on her knees, sucking this bastard’s cock like a two buck hooker!  I just sat there, with my cock growing, while I watch a girl I’ve fancied for ever doing the business, then, I could see him as he pushed her onto her back, spread her gorgeous legs and, well, fucked her!  Suddenly, I realised this Cocozza guy possibly could have any girl he wanted, and I looked at him as he grinned,

“I’d say I don’t believe what I’m seeing!  But it’s there!”

He laughed,

“I tell you what!  I’ve banged a few girls in my time, especially since I was on X Factor!  But Alesha Dixon is just amazing!  She has to be an A star cocksucker – she just can’t get enough!  Takes the whole thing down her throat, licks your balls – she just loves it, and when I came in her mouth, she swallowed, mate!  No hesitation!  And she is a great shag!  Well you saw that, didn’t you?  After I’d fucked her, she mounted me and rode me – I know how a racehorse feels now, cos she rode me like a jockey, then after she sucked me again for a bit, I did her doggy-style – now that was fun!  We needed a rest for a bit, got ourselves cleaned up, then I banged her nice and gently on the bed, really took care of her this time, made her come over and over, and she was just loving it, didn’t want it to end!  After a bit more caressing of the knob by Alesha’s lips, I had her again, kind of half-sitting, half kneeling as I did her.  She just couldn’t leave my cock alone by now, kept sucking and licking, made me hard again – crazy!  So I put her up against the bedroom wall and had my way with her there, and that she really loved, squealing and panting, begging me never to stop.  I had to rest again, just to build up another reserve of spunk, and that’s when she gave me the blowjob – I shot my muck straight down her throat, and I knew I only had enough left for one more, so after I’d spanked her for being a very naughty girl, I gave it to her up the ass, and I know that hurt her, but she wants me again, I know, so I’m going back tonight!”

As he spoke, I saw his eyes glazing, and I knew he was reliving every moment – lucky sod!  Then he said,

“So there you go!  Can you use that?”

I stared at him,

“I hope so!  You’re certainly enjoying yourself, huh?”

He laughed,

“This is living the dream!”

We shook hands, and I started to show him out, but as we passed the room where Samia Ghadie was being photographed, he paused,

“Hey! What’s going on in there?”

I explained to him that it was a room with special glass, so that an observer would always be able to see if any of our photographers were getting over familiar with a girl during a shoot, and also sometimes that we used it to photograph a girl through the glass to get pics she didn’t know about.  I didn’t tell him that we’d done the odd porn show, taking a willing glamour girl and fucking her til she couldn’t walk.

Frankie was gazing at Samia, blowing kisses,

“She can’t see us at all, can she?”

I smiled at his excitement,

“No – she just thinks she’s waiting for the car to come and collect her!”

I could see that Frankie had an erection, and he smiled,

“I bet I can shag her!”

I gawped at him,

“Aw – c’mon!  You haven’t met her, and she’ll be going soon!”

He laughed,

“I’d better move fast then! How do I get into that room?”

I showed him down to the door, and he grinned,

“Cheers mate! Oh! You can watch if you like!”

I was intending to do just that, and arrived in front of the glass just in time to see Frankie deep in conversation with Samia, a little grin flickering across her face.  As I watched, Frankie leant down towards her, stroked her cheek, then kissed her throat, meeting absolutely no resistance from her, and then I watched as he kissed her lips, simultaneously unbuttoning the top of her blouse.  Samia’s fingers were already starting to home in on Frankie’s jeans zipper as he finished undoing her top, and expertly unclipped her bra, Samia’s pert little breasts revealing themselves.  Frankie was just playing with Samia now, fondling her tits, kissing the nipples, then I saw her arching her back as he reached around behind her to unzip her short little skirt, pulling her to her feet now, the girl kicking off her shoes so that her skirts slipped easily down her legs and she stepped out of it, now wearing just her knickers, it being a warm day.  I knew those knickers were about to come down, and Frankie slid them off so easily and sweetly, Samia probably didn’t even feel it – I looked at the clock, and he’d stripped the pretty actress just 8 minutes after meeting her!  Samia wasn’t hanging around either, and she was already probing inside his pants, prising his fairly big cock out, and stroking it gently, and while she did that, he took off his T Shirt, and he was grinning up at me when Samia’s head descended into his crotch, got her lips round his cock and started sucking it.  Again I looked at the clock – 14 minutes sine he’d met her!  Easing Samia away, he glanced up at me again, lifted her onto the leather couch where she opened her thighs for him, sighing as he positioned himself on top of her, then I watched her mouth gape open as he slid his cock inside her, her hands soon caressing his back, nothing rough, nothing hurried, and Frankie was just fucking Samia Ghadie so efficiently, so expertly, speeding up, slowing down, then speeding up again – I could hear her squealing with the pleasure of it all, then I saw him shudder, and I knew it was over, even though Samia was still gripping him, her hands on his back, her thighs hanging on tight, and her ankles wrapped behind his knees.  Then – it was over!  Frankie just got up, gave Samia a kiss and a cuddle, dressed and sauntered out of the room, leaving her spreadeagled on the couch, not sure what to do next.  I looked at the clock again – 33 minutes had passed sine Frankie first met Samia, and for the final 18 or 19 of those minutes he’d been fucking her!

My door opened, and Frankie came back in, grinning from ear to ear,

“Thanks for the intro – I enjoyed that!”

I just gaped,

“I have never seen anything like that in my life!”

He laughed and pulled Samia’s knickers out of his pocket,

“Why don’t you give her knickers back to her?  She’ll probably let you fuck her too!”

I looked doubtful,

“I wouldn’t think so – I’ve never seen her with a black man!”

He laughed, again,

“You’ve got a pulse and a cock – that’s all Samia Ghadie wants!  Now go get her!”

Without feeling all that confident, I entered the room to see Samia now partly dressed, looking for something – her knickers probably, which I held between my right thumb and forefinger,

“You looking for these?”

Samia jumped, and the blouse she’d started to replace fell to the floor, leaving her naked before me.  She really is a lovely looking girl, and was clearly still so turned on by the way Frankie had shagged her that she didn’t hesitate – just ambled towards me, kissed me, which could have been nicer if her mouth hadn’t tasted of Frankie Cocozza’s prick, then she said,

“Let’s get your kit off, shall we?”

I couldn’t believe this – Samia Ghadie was stripping me, then, when she had me naked, she started playing with my cock.  Now, it isn’t the longest in the world, but it’s very thick in the girth, and Samia looked suitably impressed, then as I sat down on the couch, she knelt in front of me, kissed my cock for a while, then went down on me with no ceremony or hesitation, her mouth filling quickly with it, and I could feel her gently sucking it as she bobbed her head up and down, then she sat back, got on my lap with her legs around my waist, and kissed my mouth again, whispering,

“I guess you prefer the taste of your own cock to his, eh?”

I was finding it difficult to speak as Samia eased herself into position, ready to ride me, and she shuddered a little as I plunged my prick into her, gripping her ass and enjoying it as the little minx gyrated and thrusted, her back arching, a thin sliver of saliva dribbling from her lips, which I licked off, and when I finally shot my spunk inside her, Samia was gasping and panting, her body quivering until my erection slowly subsided, and my flaccid cock slid out of her.

After Samia got off me, I wasn’t sure what to do, but I said to her quietly,

“That was fantastic!  But I guess you know that!”

She smiled at me,

“Yeah! I’m alright, aren’t I!  You able to get it up again?”

I goggled at her, and my prick started to respond at the thought of it,

“I . um . I guess so!”

Samia stroked it for me, and said,

“Now just relax and enjoy!”

Suddenly Samia was on her knees in front of me, and she was licking my cock up and down, then wrapped her tongue around it as far as she could, then I felt the gentle rub of her tongue all the way up and down, then she was on my scrotum, licking my balls, and I started to whimper with pleasure, telling her,

“Oh, Samia!  I’m worried, I’ll come in your mouth if you start to suck me!”

The lovely actress, ran her tongue to the tip of my cock, kissed it, pushing back my foreskin with her lips, before saying,

“That’s the general idea, big boy!

She then opened her mouth wide, and went down on me so expertly, her lips sliding up and down my thick shaft as she sucked away with incredible enthusiasm, and I was just loving it, groaning with pleasure, trying to prolong this fantastic experience, but every time I looked down at Samia’s gorgeous face bobbing to and fro on my cock, I started to leak a little semen, until I couldn’t stand it any more, my hands automatically it seemed holding onto her head as I shot my muck, Samia making a gurgling sound as my spunk hit the back of her throat, and I held her there until she swallowed the lot, then let go of her head, allowing her to slowly withdraw, then I lifted her up and sat her on my lap, ran my hands over her body, stroking her tits, the girl enjoying this and arching her back, parting her thighs as my right hand slid into her damp crotch, and she actually giggled as I finger fucked her as hard and quickly as I could, making her orgasm twice before she slumped into me and we kissed, after which she said,

“I have to go! But I want you again! Soon!”

I liked what I was hearing,

“And Frankie?”

She shook her head,

“He’s a bastard!  He just used me!  You were different!  You really wanted me – and it showed!”

Samia slid off me, wiped her crotch with her knickers which she lobbed into a bin, then put the rest of her clothes on, as did I, and I watched her leave, the girl limping slightly, I’m pleased to say!

When I got back to my office, Frankie Cocozza was waiting,

“Hey!  You did the business!”

I was still grinning,

“Uh Huh!  And she wants more!”

He nodded,

“Good! Good! Now, I’ve been looking through next months schedule – I see Gemma Atkinson’s due in!”

I looked at him,

“And ….?”

He licked his lips,

“And I want her!”

What could I do?  I told him when the interview would take place, and arranged a hotel suite for him to entertain her.

To be continued ….

Author:                         Nobbem’ard

Celebrity:          Alesha Dixon, Frankie Cocozza

Story Codes:    mf, oral, humil mmf

Disclaimer:        The events described in this story did not happen, will not happen and could not happen.  It is a fantasy and is to be read as such.

Alesha Dixon – The Hotel Suite

Following her exhausting exploits with Frankie Cocozza after the Syco Party, Alesha has caught up on her sleep, eaten in her room thanks to room service provided by a couple of very fit young waiters, and generally prepared for his return, making sure she looks her best in black basque and stockings, no knickers, and a silky little black dress, revealing plenty of flesh.

Her hotel door is ajar when Frankie arrives, and he grins to himself as her enters, sees her stretched out on the bed, but just stands in the doorway, hands on hips, and laughs,

“Get over here!”

Delighted that he seems to want to be the dominant partner again, Alesha hesitates,

“It’s more comfortable her, Frankie!”

He shows mock displeasure,

“You get your black ass over here, sister – or I’ll make you sorry!”

Alesha saunters over to the teenager, runs her hands over him, kisses his lips, and whispers throatily,

“Fuck me!”

Frankie strokes Alesha’s face, the cups her chin, snapping,

“You get on your knees and do your job, first!  Then we’ll see about fucking you!”

Alesha leans back, allowing Frankie to pull his T shirt off, and she then kisses his chest and stomach while unfastening his jeans, which slide to the floor, the she drops to her knees to tug down his pants, using her teeth to tug them past his hard penis, which flips into her face, so she kisses it and licks it briefly, before pulling his pants down and letting him step out of them.

Frankie’s cock tastes different this afternoon, somehow, but Alesha still licks the entire shaft, kisses and licks his balls, then pushes back his foreskin with her tongue, caressing his bell end and kissing it, then down she goes, and she’s grunting and straining as she sucks Frankie’s cock, the teenager watching her almost with disinterest, then he pulls her away, and grins,

“I’m gonna lay on the bed, now!”

Alesha stays on her knees while Frankie wanders over to the bed, and he just relaxes there, yawns slightly, and says with a sigh,

“C’mon then! Strip off!”

Alesha gets to her feet – she hadn’t expected this,

“I thought you’d ….”

He snaps,


Alesha really is crestfallen,

“I thought you’d want to strip me…”

“Well you thought wrong! I’ve already stripped one tart today, then fucked her – so don’t give me a hard time!”

Alesha’s jaw drops open,

“You had sex with another woman when you knew I was waiting for you?”

He shrugs,

“Well, Samia was there, she was available – so I banged her!  No big deal!”

Alesha shakes her head,

“You really are a piece of work!”

He’s still grinning, and it dawns on her,

“So that was Samia Ghadie’s cunt I could taste on your prick?”

Again he shrugs,

“I guess so?  Was it nice?”

Alesha is less than happy, but damn it, she wants Frankie even more now, and when he snaps,

“So c’mon! Like I told you before! Strip!”

Just like an obedient puppy dog, Alesha does as she is told, unclipping her dress which falls to the floor, then her basque, freeing her stocking at the same time, and she stands there awkwardly, before Frankie tells her,

“Come here! Let’s loosen you up!”

Alesha saunters over to the bed, where Frankie hungrily pulls her down on top of him, their lips and tongues entwining, their hands roaming each other’s body, and soon Frankie has turned Alesha onto her back, and she spreads her thighs nice and wide for him, helping his lengthy prick inside her, the she raises her legs, her knees and shins against Frankie’s chest as he gives her a good hard shagging, Alesha moaning and groaning as his cock plunges to and fro, gasping when he succeeds in making her come, the pair of them shuddering when he does, and Alesha just absorbs his semen, the thick fluid warm inside her womb, and she’s sorry when he pulls his half erect cock back out of her, saying,

“I’ll save that for later!  Any food about?”

Alesha organises room service, not letting on that she has a visitor, and she wraps herself in a silk kimono, and greets the two waiters when they arrive, ignoring their randy glances, both of them spotting her erect nipples through the silk.  Frankie has seen just how much the two young men fancy Alesha, and he’s beginning to formulate a plan.  The thing is, lovely as Alesha is to look at, and superb as she is in the sack – he’s bored with her!  Frankie’s really a fuck ‘em and leave ‘em guy, so spending a second night with Alesha was not his plan.  However, he wants to have some fun with her first, so he comes out of his hiding place, and slides his hands over her, unfastening her kimono, which falls to the floor, their naked bodies again pressing into each other, and she murmurs,

“Against the wall, Frankie! Just like last night!”

He pushes Alesha back to the wall, then says,

“Not quite!”

and her turns her around, the girl now facing the wall, feeling her legs being opened, and she protests,

“No! Not my ass! Not yet!”

As a reply, Frankie shoves his prick solidly into her vagina from behind, and whispers in her ear,

“Oh, I’ve got plans for your ass, but let’s wear your cunt out first, shall we?”

He then starts thrusting feverishly, Alesha squeaking and whinnying as her gives her another good, solid seeing-to, almost lifting her off the ground when he thrusts hard enough, certainly she’s on tiptoes most of the time, and when he comes, she feels she’s been well laid by the teenager almost glad of the rest while he eats his sandwiches.

After he’s eaten, Frankie sits on the bed beside Alesha, and starts idly fondling her boobs again, her own fingers seeking out his expanding cock, and he lets her roll him onto his back now, her tongue expertly lapping his chest, down his belly, and onto that big prick of his again, gorging herself on his manhood, sucking rhythmically, her head slipping up and down, and then with a grunt and a jerk, Frankie unloads another gobbet of spunk, creaming Alesha’s teeth and tongue, then he turns her onto her back so it will drain down her throat as she swallows, and now he’s sitting up, with Alesha spread face up across his thighs, her eyes glistening, and he smiles,

“You really do know how to suck cock, Alesha – like you could give lessons!”

Alesha’s smiling back, then she slides further up his legs, so her back is now arched across his knees, her legs dangling one side, her head and shoulders the other – so what does Frankie do?  He presses her down, one hand on her shoulder, the other on her hip, with her back across his knee like a wrestler holding his victim in a backbreaker, and Alesha’s shouting,

“No Frankie!  Please!  That hurts!”

He laughs,

“I know, bitch! Now do you belong to me?”

Squealing, Alesha responds,

“Yes! I’m yours! You own me! Oh! Please stop!”

Still Frankie presses Alesha down, her back doubled,

“And you will do whatever I tell you?”

The girl’s in no position to argue,

“Yes! I’ll obey you!”

Slowly, Frankie lets Alesha go, and she slides to the floor, crying. He places hi foot on her belly, and rubs her, then snaps,

“Kiss my feet!”

Meekly, Alesha rolls onto her knees, and kisses Frankies toes – left foot, the right, her tears dribbling down her face, and Frankie says,

“That’s nice! My cock’s ready again!”

Alesha doesn’t hesitate – she just moves upwards, licking Frankies legs as she goes, then, when her damp face reaches his crotch, she just parts her lips and takes his cock back inside her mouth, and starts sucking him again, until her pushes her head back, and smiles,

“Get on the floor! On your back!”

Alesha again obeys and lays on the floor, opening her legs, ready to be fucked again, but that’s not what Frankie has in mind, and he straddles her belly, then slides his prick up between her tits, and starts thrusting his hips to and fro, really going for it, and soon squirting a fresh jet of spunk over Alesha’s face, and she licks it off her lips.

Frankie gets off Alesha and has himself a shower, then, when her returns, he tells her,

“Get yourself cleaned up! I want you to get those two room service guys back!”

Alesha has herself a shower, and returns, again wearing her kimono, and Frankie says,

“Get us some champagne!”

Alesha rings down, and especially asks for the two young waiters to bring the drink to her.  They soon appear, but this time Frankie isn’t hiding,

“Thanks guys! I hope Miss Dixon’s been tipping you well?”

They both nod,

“Of course!”

He continues,

“The thing is, she’s my slave girl, and she’ll do whatever I tell her! Won’t you Alesha?”

Alesha nods,

“Yes! Anything you say!”

Frankie opens the champagne, and pours himself a glass,

“See – I reckon you both fancy Miss Dixon, don’t you?”

The guys nod, and he continues,

“So it’s only fair she tips you properly, eh?”

The blond boy grins,

“What do you mean?”

Frankie yawns,

“Thing is, I’ve pretty much finished with Alesha now!  She’s a fox, but I like to put it about a bit, and two nights in a row with the same tart is boring.”

Alesha’s mouth is open, and she whispers,

“Bastard! You’ve used me like a cheap hooker, and now this!”

Frankie stands behind her, his erect penis firm between her asscheeks, and he reaches around to the sash on her kimono.  The black boy is frowning, but the blond kid is getting the picture, smiling at Frankie,

“And so we get?”

As an answer, Frankie whips the kimono off Alesha, revealing that lovely body,

“You get to fuck Alesha Dixon!  Who do you want first, slut?”

Alesha winces, but says hoarsely,

“I’ll take the blond boy first.”

The teenager can’t believe his luck as Alesha takes a step towards him and kisses him firmly on the mouth, and he makes a funny choking noise in his throat when she runs her hand down to his crotch, slipping her fingers inside, fondling his penis.  The kid’s not small, that’s for sure, and Alesha unfastens his trousers and drops them, then quickly removes his shirt, and suddenly he’s naked, and Alesha smiles to see he’s natural blonde, with a fuzz of blond hair around his prick, a prick she now rolls between her fingers, and starts to play with it, hearing Frankie snap,

“Come on slut! Suck him!”

Alesha’s just on autopilot now, and she drops down onto her knees, slips her tongue down the underside of the boy’s shaft, parts her lips, and his cock’s in her mouth, her head sliding back and forth, and he pants,

“Sweet Jesus! She’s sucking my dick!”

His fellow waiter is goggling,

“Unbelievable! Don’t come in her mouth, mate! You gotta fuck her!”

The boy is laughing, and he eases Alesha off his penis, then slides his hands under her armpits and hugs her, loving it as she kisses him again, and he moves her towards, then onto the bed, the singer laying on her back, smiling when the teenager gets on top of her, and parting her legs a little, letting him play with her tits for a while, then letting him prise her thighs apart, cackling as his finger enters her pussy, then sighing as he replaces it with his prick, and he just fucks her, Alesha getting a good straight forward shagging off the kid, and enjoying it, too, thrusting her own pelvis at him while he humps her, and she’s got her hands on his ass when he comes, pulling his body closer, pulling his cock as far into her as it will go.  Finally, the blond boy kisses her and dismounts, saying,

“That was the best! Wow!”

He now sits on a chair, as Frankie licks his lips,

“Go on, shagbag! Now the other kid!”

Alesha swings her long legs off the bed, and now she moves towards the black boy, but says to him,

“I won’t kiss you yet! My breath tastes of his cock!”

He responds,

“Doesn’t matter! We’re used to sharing!”

He grabs her and helps himself to a long kiss, his fingers stroking her, caressing her, turning her on, and suddenly she wants him, really wants him, her hands snatching at his trousers, and now she feels his penis, and her eyes open wide – God he’s massive! She looks at him with excitement in her face,

“How old are you?”

He grins,

“I’m nearly 16! Why?”

Alesha puffs out her cheeks,

“Because you’ve got one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen! Come here!”

She whips off the boy’s shirt, and kneels at his feet to pulls his pants off.  His pal’s seen it all before, but even Frankie has to remark,

“That is one big cock, son!  You could hurt a girl with that!  Not this dirty bitch, though! She could take a horse, I reckon!”

Ignoring this insult, Alesha gets to work kissing the black boy’s big penis from tip to balls, then she licks his scrotum feverishly, her tongue now lapping all the way back up and onto the tip of his prick, rolling the end of her tongue over the purple head, which she then kisses again and again, gradually opening her mouth, parting her wet, glossy lips, which she slides down his huge shaft, up and down, up and down, gradually taking more and more of it into her mouth, with Frankie Cocozza and the blond boy watching her as she manages to takes his entire cock in her mouth, the girl half choking because the tip of this kid’s cock is way down her throat, but she carries on sucking away, still nodding her head back and forth, half expecting a gush of spunk to erupt in her mouth and throat, but this guy has had plenty of girls even at his young age, and he gently eases her face off him when he’s ready, strokes her cheek, and smiles,

“Ok darling!  Time for my best friend here to enter your playground!”

The kid rolls Alesha onto her back on the floor, and she pants,

“C’mon! Do me hard!”

The boy grins,

“Oh – I will!  Trust me!”

He positions Alesha on her back, then catches hold of her left leg and pushes it up and back, her left knee touching her left boob, her foot in the air, leaving her right leg on the floor, her crotch wide open and inviting.  The kid accepts the invitation, and pushes his cock into Alesha’s dribbling vagina, slowly, easily, with the girl gasping and squealing, and he starts to speed up his pelvic thrusting, hammering his cock into her, Alesha now almost yelling with the pleasure and the pain, the boy’s penis just ramming in and out of her for what seems an eternity, until finally, with a body shaking grunt and a massive shudder from them both, her comes, his prick throbbing, pulsing, and jetting spunk into her exhausted body, then he slides out of her, slapping her thigh, and telling Frankie Cocozza,

“Thanks mate!  She’s great, isn’t she?”

Alesha’s aching all over now, and then she hears Frankie,

“Glad you enjoyed it! Now slut! I told you I had plans for your ass!”

Frankie hauls Alesha to her feet by her hair, then folds her over the dining table in the corner of her suite, roughly parts her asscheeks, and shoves his cock straight up her anus, Alesha crying openly, gripping the sides of the table as Frankie brutally shags her ass, knowing he’s hurting her, but not caring, and when he comes he draws his fingernails down her back, drawing blood, which is totally unnecessary!

Frankie wipes his cock in Alesha’s discarded kimono, then looks at the two waiters, saying,

“So you’re nearly 16!  How old are you?”

The blond haired boy looks sheepish,

“I’m 14 – we’re just working in the school holidays!”

Frankie laughs,

“Nice work, too!”

Alesha feels totally uncomfortable now, but stays spread across the table, and Frankie has an idea, looks at the two boys with their erections, and asks,

“Ever roasted a girl?”

They both shake their heads, and he laughs,

“Go on then! Now’s your chance!”

The two kids are obviously excited, and Alesha doesn’t even move while they decide who’s going where, and she closes her eyes briefly as she hears one of them walk around to face her, and when she opens her eyes she sees that it’s the blond kid’s cock ready for sucking, and she feels the black boy’s fingers spreading her thighs behind her, and he enters her first, his massive cock sliding back into her bruised vagina, and she starts shagging her straight away, then the blond boy pushes his prick into her mouth, and she’s sucking it as he holds her head steady, and Alesha has lost all sense of dignity now, the white boy coming in her mouth, holding her head steady while she swallows his jizz, the black boy still pumping away at her pussy, just humping and humping and humping her, finally shooting a warm jet of thick spunk inside her, his cock making a sucking noise as he pulls it back out of her.

Coolly and calmly the two young waiters dress and start to leave, then the black one turns around and asks Alesha,

“How long you staying here, beautiful?”

Alesha, who has now slid off the table, and is lying on the floor, opens her spunk-sticky mouth to reply,

“Two weeks!”

He laughs,

“Well, we’ll see you again tomorrow evening, then!  Oh!  It’s my night off, so I can fuck you over and over!”

They leave with Frankie, and Alesha breaks down in tears, crawls to the bathroom, and is violently and horribly sick into the toilet.

She faces two weeks of torture ………

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