Random Sex IV: Return of the Random

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The following is completely fictional. Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. Contents of this story are merely creative license, not unlike a TV show or movie that uses real people in fictional settings and situations. However, if you do have video or pictures of events similar to the ones described below, feel free to forward them to me for closer examination. Feedback, comments, praise, criticism, death threats, nude photos, etc. can be sent to voodoojoe2000 at yahoo dot com (come on, you can assemble that into an actual e-mail address).

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Celebs of choice in this story are Hayley Williams, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, JoJo Levesque, and Demi Lovato. The codes are (FF, MF, cons, oral, rim, anal). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

Random Sex IV: Return of the Random

By voodoojoe


“I’m such a lightweight,” Taylor swift said as she stared at the small amount of liquid left in the bottom of the bottle in her hand. “Two hard lemonades and I’m ready for bed.”

“Better make room for a third because if we don’t finish these off they’ll still be sitting there when you come back from touring,” Hayley Williams said, setting another bottle in front of Taylor. “Or maybe I’ll send one of the guys over here to drink it while you’re gone and you don’t want them loose in your house with no supervision.”

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to get me drunk so you could take advantage of me,” Taylor said, grabbing the full bottle.

“You got me,” Hayley said, holding up her hands. “I came over here tonight to get you drunk and jump your bones. Though if that was my goal in life, I’m sure taking my sweet time about it.”

“What do you mean?” Taylor asked as she twisted the cap off her bottle.

“If I was going to try to have sex with you, you’d think I would’ve done it when we were trying on bathing suits in the same dressing room,” Hayley said. “But since you obviously want it so much, come here, baby.”

“Get away,” Taylor giggled as Hayley puckered her lips, held out her arms, and rushed towards her.

“Give me some sugar, babe,” Hayley said, grabbing Taylor and pushing her down on the couch.

Without thinking, Taylor lifted her head and pressed her lips to Hayley’s. Even though she was just playing along and didn’t mean anything by it, Taylor still felt the electricity in the kiss. She felt a jolt of energy in her lips that quickly spread and dispersed throughout her body.

Pulling back in surprise she looked at Hayley and saw the same mix of shock and excitement in her friend’s eyes that she was feeling at the moment. Whether it was the alcohol, or something deeper inside her, Taylor wasn’t sure, but before she knew what she was doing she was kissing Hayley again. It still wasn’t a sloppy, passionate kiss but it was definitely more intense than the first one and it wasn’t long until they had to break it so they could catch their breath.

Taylor considered herself a very organized person. She wasn’t the type that organized her day down to the minute or anything, but she liked knowing what she was going to be doing next. At the moment though, she had no idea what was going to happen and it excited her.

For Hayley’s part, she was even more confused than Taylor. She’d grown up in a very religious environment and even the thought of kissing another girl was frowned upon. And yet, all she could think about was the way Taylor’s lips had felt. Despite her upbringing, or maybe even a little because of it, she really wanted to kiss Taylor again, but wasn’t sure if she’d be able to control herself if she did.

Curiosity getting the best of her, Hayley leaned down and pressed her lips to Taylor’s. Her eyes closed and she pressed her body against Taylor as she surrendered herself to the kiss.

Parting her lips, Taylor slid her tongue between them and probed against Hayley’s until the orange haired girl opened her mouth. As their tongues touched Taylor felt a tremor run through her body and moaned into Hayley’s mouth.

Putting a hand on Taylor’s side, Hayley nervously inched it upwards. Nibbling on Taylor’s lower lip, Hayley slid her hand between them, squeezing Taylor’s breast in her palm through the blonde’s dress. When Taylor broke the kiss, Hayley feared that she’d pushed it too far and the exciting new experience would end far earlier than she wanted.

Instead, Taylor took a moment to catch her breath before resuming the kiss. Reaching down, she slipped a hand under the hem of Hayley’s shirt. As they kissed Taylor’s fingers rubbed the bare skin of Hayley’s lower belly just above the waist of her pants.

“Are we really doing this, Tay?” Hayley asked between kisses, using Taylor’s nickname, sensing that they were approaching a point of no return.

“I don’t know,” said Taylor, her head swimming with excitement and her body on fire at the feel of Hayley’s touch.

Not wanting to think too much about what they were doing for fear it would make her second guess her actions, Hayley chose to act instead of think. Lifting up off of Taylor she reached down and grabbed the hem of her shirt. Lifting it up to expose the green bra she had on underneath she tossed it to the floor and leaned down to kiss Taylor some more.

The sight of Hayley’s bra made Taylor’s heart skip a beat. It wasn’t the bra she’d ever seen having spent time in locker rooms and stuff in school and she’d never thought of a girl in that way before but Hayley’s kiss had woken something inside her. Suddenly she looked up Hayley’s body with different eyes than she had even a few minutes ago.

″I want to see them,″ Taylor whispered, blushing slightly at the admission.

″These?″ Hayley asked, pointing at her breasts with one hand while the other was on the couch next to Taylor’s shoulder.

″Yeah,″ Taylor said, swallowing hard as her hands shook from nervousness.

″Anything for you, Tay,″ Hayley said, straightening up on top of Taylor.

Locking eyes with Taylor Hayley reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Clutching the bra to her chest with one hand Hayley slid the strap down her free arms one at a time, switching hands to make sure the bra stayed in place until she was ready for the big reveal.

When Hayley finally pulled the bra away Taylor licked her lips and suddenly had a desire to touch them. Outside of her own boobs she’d never really touched any before and as her hands cupped Hayley’s Taylor found it amazing how similar they felt to her own, yet so much better.

″Now I want to see yours, Tay,″ Hayley said, holding Taylor’s hands against her chest.

″Okay,″ Taylor said nervously.

Lifting her shoulders off the couch Taylor reached underneath and unzipped her dress. With goosebumps forming on her arms Taylor pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders. When her breasts were almost free of the cups of her dress Taylor paused and took a deep breath to steel her nerves before pulling them down for Hayley to see.

″Can I touch them?″ Hayley asked, her hand reaching towards Taylor’s chest even before Taylor could answer.

″Please,″ Taylor moaned, her mouth going dry as she waited for Hayley’s hands to make contact with her sensitive flesh.

″I want to take the rest of your dress off,″ Hayley suggested, wanting to keep going before either of them could come to their senses and stop it.

As Hayley slid down Taylor’s body she grabbed hold of the dress and pulled. When it reached Taylor’s waist she lifted her butt off the couch so Hayley could slide it down her legs, leaving her in only a pair of silky pink panties.

″These too,″ Hayley said, hooking her fingers in the waistband of Taylor’s panties.

When Hayley started to peel her panties down Taylor instinctively moved to cover her pussy. She caught herself though and forced herself to move her hands to her sides as Hayley pulled her panties down over her feet.

Dropping the panties to the floor Hayley was mesmerized by the sight of the small patch of light brown pubic hair at the top of Taylor’s pussy. Her gaze must have made Taylor a little self-conscious because she once more moved her hands to cover herself.

″Don’t do that,″ Hayley said hoarsely. ″You look beautiful.″

″Can I see you?″ Taylor asked, once more forcing herself to move her hands to her side.

″I guess,″ Hayley said, her hands moving to the button on her jeans.

Hayley could feel Taylor’s eyes on her as she pulled down the zipper on her pants. Pushing her pants down over her hips Hayley bent over to push her pants down past her knees and to her ankles so she could step out of them. When she lifted her head she saw Taylor licking her lips with her eyes  directed at the way Hayley’s breasts were hanging from her chest while bent forward.

Since Taylor seemed to like staring at her chest Hayley stayed bent over as she hooked the waist of her own panties and started to push them down. When she got them down to her knees she let them drop and stepped out of them as she straightened back up.

″Wow,″ Taylor said, noticing that Hayley’s pussy was shaved completely. She’d seen shaved pussies before, obviously, but never when she was paying so much attention. Suddenly all she could think about was touching it and feeling the skin above it.

Giggling at the combination of surprise, nerves, and lust on Taylor’s face Hayley moved back towards the couch. She had a pretty good idea that she a pretty similar look on her face as she faced down something that she’d never done but wanted nothing more than to continue with.

Hoping her little bout of giggles hadn’t ruined the mood Hayley leaned over Taylor and went in for a kiss. Her fears were laid to rest though when Taylor took a little initiative and grabbed the back of her head to pull her in the rest of the way.

More than a little unsure about what to do next, Hayley blindly reached out a hand until she felt it land on Taylor’s rib cage. Part of her wanted to move the hand up to feel one of Taylor’s boobs again but the other part of her wanted to move it lower and explore some new territory.

Her quandary was solved however when Taylor’s hand grabbed hers and pushed it lower. Taking the hint Hayley let her hand skim over Taylor taut belly as she headed for wetter pastures.

Breaking the kiss Hayley moved down Taylor’s body along the same course her hand had followed, planting kisses along the way. When she got down to Taylor’s waist she picked up one of Taylor’s legs and draped it over her shoulder though she really didn’t have much idea what she was doing. The only frame of reference she had for something like this was when she’d been able to get her ex-boyfriends to go down on her, and only one of them had been willing to do it for less selfish reasons than you-do-me-I’ll-do-you. Not surprisingly, he was the only one of them was particularly competent at it.

Lifting her head to look down her body Taylor sucked in a lungful of air in anticipation as Hayley studied her pussy up close. As little experience as Hayley had in receiving oral sex, Taylor had even less. She’d only been with a couple guys period and only one of them had bothered to venture south of the equator.

“Lick it,” Taylor begged, unable to take it any more as Hayley sat there with her face mere inches from her pussy.

Trying to emulate the things her boyfriends had tried on her Hayley started at the bottom of Taylor’s slit and ran her tongue all the way to the top. She’d tasted herself before several times, on her own fingers as well as on her boyfriend’s cock after he’d fucked her, so she wasn’t completely surprised to find that she liked the taste of Taylor. If anything, she was surprised how much Taylor tasted the same as she did, except almost completely different.

When Hayley’s tongue made contact with her clit Taylor’s mind shot into orbit. It was better than anything she’d ever felt and she lifted her hips to press her pussy against Hayley’s face.

Encouraged by Taylor’s reaction Hayley shifted her focus to Taylor’s clit. Snaking her tongue out she flicked it against Taylor’s sensitive bud and felt a swell of pride when Taylor reacted by grabbing the back of Hayley’s head and holding it against her pussy.

Moving a hand to Taylor’s snatch Hayley ran an index finger along Taylor’s slit while she continued to flick Taylor’s clit with her tongue. As Hayley pushed the finger into her Taylor moaned and hunched her hips against Hayley’s tongue and finger.

“Sooo good,” Taylor moaned, her eye fluttering shut as Hayley slowly finger fucked her.

Deciding to take it up another notch Hayley trapped Taylor’s clit between her lips and softly massaged the nub. As expected Taylor moaned loudly and jerked around on the couch in response.

“Again,” Taylor moaned, her brain starting to lose the ability to focus on anything but the pleasure Hayley was bringing to her.

Taking Taylor’s direction Hayley continued to gently massage her clit with her lips, occasionally sucking on it as well, pushing Taylor another step closer to her peak. She also slipped a second finger into Taylor’s hole, stretching her out a bit more.

“Almost,” Taylor gasped, feeling her climax right around the corner.

Deciding it was time to pull out her trump card Hayley pulled her mouth off of Taylor’s clit. Instead she replaced it with her free hand, rubbing the clit with her thumb while she fucked Taylor’s pussy with two fingers. Meanwhile she moved her head down and located Taylor’s anus winking at her from between her butt cheeks.

The ex boyfriend that had been good at eating pussy had also loved to eat something else. It had shocked Hayley the first time he’d tried to lick her asshole, and even disgusted her a bit at first, but when he kept going she’d gone nuts over it.

But Hayley had never had to guts to return the favor, until now. If this was going to be a one time thing never to be repeated then she figured she might as well try everything.

“Oh my god,” Taylor hissed, taken completely by surprise when she felt the feathery touches against her previously untouched asshole. “What are you doing?”

Not bothering to answer Hayley kept up her soft rimming of Taylor’s butt. If Taylor wanted her to stop, she’d stop, but she was really enjoying the naughtiness of tossing Taylor’s salad. It didn’t taste nearly as bad as she’d feared, and in fact the juices leaking out of Taylor’s pussy were masking and providing most of the taste.

“I’m, oh god, coming,” Taylor warned, the amazing feeling of Hayley’s tongue on her asshole pushing her over the edge. Her pussy clamped down on Hayley’s fingers and she shook as her orgasm shot through her, radiating out from where Hayley’s fingers and tongue were working their magic.

Hayley kept right on going, continuing to lick and finger Taylor right up until Taylor’s climax ended and she went limp on the couch. Finally disengaging from Taylor Hayley sat back on her heels. As she looked at her blond friend laying on the couch looking so beautiful in a post-orgasmic stupor Hayley started licking Taylor’s essence off her fingers.

“That was, I mean, uh, wow,” Taylor stammered, her brain still too fried to form a coherent thought.

“It was pretty good for me too,” Hayley said, moving to kiss Taylor.

“Mmmm,” Taylor moaned, feeling so naughty tasting herself on Hayley’s lips and tongue.

“You like tasting yourself?” Hayley asked, bringing one of her fingers that was still soaked in Taylor’s juices to Taylor’s mouth.

“Mmmhmmm,” Taylor grunted, sucking the finger into her mouth. It tasted so much better than she would’ve imagined and suddenly she wanted nothing more than to see what Hayley tasted like. “Can I, you know, do you?”

“Come on,” Hayley said, standing up and holding her hand to help Taylor to her feet. “Let’s go to bed where you can do anything you want to me.”

“Sounds awesome,” Taylor said, wrapping her arms around Hayley and pulling her friend into a nice big, warm, naked hug before leading Hayley to the bedroom.

Castles Made Of Sand Fall Into The Sea, Eventually

“Selena’s in town, you should give her a call,” my mom said when I came in from mowing the lawn for her. She was standing at the counter in the kitchen cutting up potatoes for a salad to take to a barbecue later.

“She knows where I am if she wants to talk to me,” I said, grabbing a glass from the cupboard. Moving to the fridge I dug out a few ice cubes and filled it with water.

“What happened was years ago, can’t you forgive her by now?” mom asked, picking up another potato to slice.

“It’s easier to avoid her,” I sighed.

I’d been in love with Selena Gomez since even before I decided that maybe girls weren’t infested with cooties after all. She’d lived a couple houses down from me growing up and we’d done almost everything together.

Then even after she moved to LA to become a star we’d kept in contact. She came back every few months to visit friends and family in the area and when we were sixteen we’d discovered that we both had crushes on each other and developed a bit of a relationship. It was a long distance relationship, but it was still a relationship as far as I was concerned.

But after almost a year of the long distance thing I’d gone to LA to visit her like I had a couple times earlier. Except this time when I knocked on the door she’d answered it in a t-shirt that barely came down past her ass. Normally I would’ve been over the moon over such a situation, except she had no idea I was coming.

Turns out she’d been dating another guy for a couple months and I’d happened to show up while she’d been in the middle of pleasing her new boyfriend. Before she could explain further I’d turned around and walked away. I caught a flight home and had barely talked to her in the nearly three years since. Just like that I’d not only lost a girlfriend but also a lifelong friend.

Before that point I’d been looking into colleges in California to be closer to her, but after that I’d wound up at the University of Texas. It was much closer to home, but the main selling point for me was that it was far away from the woman that I had thought would never be capable of crushing me the way she did.

Sitting in my room I had my phone in my hand. As I always seemed to when thoughts of Selena entered my head I found myself staring at the picture of her on my phone. I’d had a ton of pictures of her at the time but only one managed to survive the purge. And even though I knew I should get rid of it, for a multitude of reasons, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

The picture was of Selena with her shirt off that she’d sent me at one point. It didn’t have her face in the picture, just from her waist to her collarbone, but all anyone had to see was the mole in her cleavage to know it was her. Every time I looked at it I felt melancholy as good memories of her mixed with ones of how it felt to have her stick a knife in my stomach and after a few minutes I inevitably had to turn my phone off to get myself out of the funk.

* * * * *

Walking through the house talking to people I hadn’t seen in a while, I was having a pretty good time at the barbecue. When I walked out the back door I turned and there she was. My first instinct was duck back into the house and hide but it was too late, she’d already seen me.

“Hi,” Selena said when she caught up with me.

“Hey,” I said coolly.

“It’s been a while,” Selena said, trying to make small talk.

“Not long enough,” I muttered under my breath, but still loud enough for her to hear.

“Why are you being like this?” Selena asked, clearly hurt by my attitude. “I thought we were friends.”

“We haven’t been friends in three years,” I said. “A friend would’ve told me she wanted to date other people instead of waiting for me to find out in the most painful way possible. I know I’m being an asshole and a whiny little bitch about it, but I can’t help it. You absolutely destroyed me and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to truly get over it.”

She opened her mouth as if to say something but then closed it again. When she didn’t respond I turned and walked off, leaving her standing there staring at me with a stunned look on her face.

* * * * *

I was sitting in bed watching tv and surfing the net on my laptop when I jumped at the sound of tapping on my window. Muttering to myself I pulled the cord and opened the blinds. When I saw Selena on the side of the glass I muttered some more before sliding the window open.

“Can we talk?” Selena asked.

“Want to me to go open the door?” I sighed, knowing that I wasn’t going to get rid of her. Even worse as far as I was concerned, part of me didn’t want to get rid of her.

“No need to wake up your mom,” Selena said, putting her hands on the window sill. She was wearing a tank top and it rode up a little, showing a little sliver of lower belly as she lifted herself up so she could crawl through the open window.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” I asked as she sat down in the chair at my desk.

“After what you said this afternoon I decided I had to tell you something,” she said, taking a deep breath that made her chest heave so alarmingly nicely under her tank top.

“I was just mad, I didn’t mean to be so harsh,” I said, figuring she was going to unload on me for being a dick.

“No, you were right,” Selena said. “I screwed up and totally handled things wrong. But I didn’t cheat on you.”

“Then why was there a naked guy in your house? And you weren’t exactly fully clothed either,” I said, trying to keep my voice down.

“He was just a friend,” Selena said, eyes downcast. “Your mom told me you were coming and I set it up so you’d find us like that.”

“And you expect me to believe that?” I asked, shocked at the absurdity of what she was telling me.

“No, but it’s the truth,” Selena said, lifting her head to look me in the eye.

“Then what was all that crap about dating him for a couple months and how you didn’t want to hurt me?” I demanded, not sure whether I wanted to believe her or not. Or if it changed anything if I did believe her.

“I don’t know, you were talking about coming all the way to LA for college to be with me and I guess I kinda freak out. If you’d gone to USC for me and we’d broken up or something, I didn’t want you to hate me forever. Instead I made it even worse and now you won’t even talk to me and I really miss my friend,” Selena said, her eyes misting up.

“I’m still your friend,” I said, suddenly hating myself for making her cry even though I’d had very little to do with it.

“Promise?” Selena asked, wiping her eyes.

“I don’t know that we’ll ever be as close as we were, but I’ll always be your friend,” I said, kneeling in front of her and giving her a hug.

“Good, because I need you in my life, even if it’s little more than answering the phone when I call,” Selena said, resting her head on my shoulder.

“I’ll always be here for you,” I said, stroking her hair.

With her pressed against me I was keenly aware of the swell of her breasts against my chest. Her scent was also filling my nostrils and she smelled even better than I remembered. For a moment all I could think of was how her body had felt underneath me and the salty taste of her sweaty skin.

“Make love to me,” Selena said, as if reading my thoughts.

“I can’t,” I said, breaking the hug. Every cell in my body was aching to do what she, but I knew that I gave in she’d go back to LA and I’d be right back where I was almost three years ago.

“Just a kiss then?” Selena asked, looking up at me with those brown eyes that had long ago conquered me and turned me to their will.

Without even thinking I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. That was all it took to make the small show of willpower I’d put up crumble like a cookie in milk. My arms wrapped around her and I spun her around to push her down on the bed.

My hands went for Selena’s tank top while hers went for my belt. When she had my belt undone she lifted her hands so I could lift her top over her head. She hadn’t worn a bra so with the kiss broken I took a moment to stare at her bare tits and marveled at how they looked even better than they had the last I’d seen them.

Snapping me out of my reverie Selena grabbed my shirt and started to push it up my body. Lifting my hands I let her pull it the rest of the way off before I went for the button on her cut off denim shorts.

After unzipping her shorts I grabbed the waist of both her shorts and panties and tugged them both down together. My mouth started to water when her shaved pussy came into view as I pulled her shorts down past her ass.

As she raised her legs off the bed I took her sandals off her feet before pulling her shorts the rest of the way off. Dropping them to the floor I kicked of my own shoes. Unbuttoning my pants I got them down to my knees before Selena grabbed the front of my boxers.

“Quit wasting time,” Selena said as she pulled me towards her by fly in the my underwear.

“What are you trying to do, kill me?” I gasped as she pulled me off balance and nearly crashed down on top of her.

“No, but I’m really horny. I need you inside me immediately,” Selena giggled, pushing my boxers down over my hips.

While she fiddled with my boxers I stepped on the cuffs of my jeans so I could lift my legs and step out of them. By the time she got my boxers down to my knees I’d gotten out of my jeans and with a shimmy of my hips was all it took to drop my shorts to my ankles as well.

Stepping out of my boxers I climbed onto the bed on top of Selena. True to her words, her hands immediately went to my cock. Before I’d even settled into place she was already guiding me towards her snatch.

Feeling the head of my cock press against her hole I pushed forward, burying half of it inside her in one lunge that caused both of us to moan in delight. She was so wet from anticipation that after locking eyes with her I gave another shove and slammed the rest of my cock into her with little trouble.

With my cock buried to the hilt I took a moment to indulge in the feeling of having her pussy wrapped around me once more. Selena wasn’t quite as willing to wait as I was though because she whimpered pleadingly and pressed her hips against mine in an effort to spur me into action.

“Still impatient as ever, I see,” I said, rotating my hips to grind my pelvis against her clit while still keeping my cock fully seated in her.

“Come onnnn,” Selena whined, desperately trying to get me to move.

“You also haven’t gotten any less cute when you’re being impatient,” I said, leaning down to kiss her.

“And you still like to torture me,” Selena groaned as I gave her a very small stroke.

“I’ve got three years of payback to mete out,” I said, smirking as I slowly withdrew about half of my cock and then held it there just long enough to get another whinny of disapproval before slamming it back home.

“Uhh, yeah,” Selena gasped as I finally started to give her what she so desperately wanted.

Putting my weight on my elbows I built up a slow rhythm. I could feel Selena’s nipples dig into chest as I pressed my chest to hers. With our faces mere inches apart I watched intently as looks of pleasure and frustration alternated on her face between strokes that weren’t quite as hard or quick as she wanted.

“More,” Selena demanded, trying to use her legs to pull me into her with more force.

“I could go slower,” I offered, causing her to narrow her eyes and scowl at me for tormenting her. “Or you could get on your hands and knees and let me fuck you doggystyle.”

“Will you actually fuck me and not torture me?” Selena asked even though we both already knew the answers. She loved getting it from behind and I liked watching her butt cheeks bounce off my pelvis enough that it wouldn’t take long before I gave in and gave her the hard fucking she so desired.

“Though maybe I like this enough to stay like this,” I said, continuing my slow stroking when she didn’t immediately answer.

“Fine, you win,” Selena said, unclenching her legs from around my waist. “Fuck me like a doggy. Just make me come, dammit.”

“I love hearing you talk dirty,” I said, smirking as she rolled over onto her hands and knees. Selena tried to swear as little as possible, but if she got worked up enough the naughty words would roll out of her mouth at a good enough clip to make the saltiest of sailors proud.

“Come on, asshole, fuck me,” Selena hissed, sticking her ass up in the air and exhibiting the next step in her frustration, name calling.

Sidling up behind her I grabbed hold of my cock. Rubbing it against her pussy I held it there for a moment until Selena looked back over her shoulder. Just when she started opening her mouth to say something I lunged forward, slamming into her in one thrust.

“Oh fuck,” Selena gasped, her head drooping as I immediately pulled back and pushed back in with enough power to cause her butt cheeks to ripple from the force.

Gripping her hips I used the leverage to pull her back to meet each of my thrusts. Between that and her own pushing we were creating enough force to generate a rather loud smack sound each time our bodies met. It was loud enough that it made me thankful that my mom’s room was on the other side of the house and wasn’t in danger of being woken up unless we got really loud.

As I hammered away at her I could sense that we were both rushing headlong towards our respective climaxes. I thought for a moment about getting there first and leaving her hanging as a form of payback, but decided that would just be too cruel no matter what she’d done to me in the past.

“Sooo fucking good,” Selena moaned, her breasts swaying underneath her with her movements.

“Are you going to come all over my cock?” I asked her, slipping one hand underneath her to play with her clit.

“Oh fucking shit,” Selena gasped at the sudden extra stimulation.

Shortening my strokes so I could keep playing with her clit I extended my other arm out and cupped one of her breasts with my hand. Sensing that she was close I used my hand on her chest to help pull her up until her back was pressed against my chest. That gave me access to both of her breasts, though only one at a time since I only had one hand free to play with them.

“Sooo close,” Selena panted, turning her head and grabbing my hair to pull me in for a kiss.

While our lips were still pressed together Selena let out a cry of pleasure that was muffled by my mouth. Her pussy clenched around my cock and she shook with delight as her orgasm shot through her.

“Where do you want me to come?” I asked her. Before she’d always made me wear a condom but since she’d been in such a hurry I wasn’t sure if that meant she was on the pill or if she’d just been so horny that she hadn’t stopped to think about it.

“Come inside me,” Selena moaned as the last vestiges of her climax washed over her.

With her permission I gave her a couple extra thrusts before I drove all the way into her one last time. Gritting my teeth to hold it off just a little longer I finally gave in and let the first jet erupt out of my cock and into her pussy.

“Oh god,” Selena moaned, feeling my hot come basting her insides.

After several spurts I finally settled down to little more than a couple random twitches of my cock. With my orgasm done my legs started to turn to jello and we both fell forward. Luckily I managed to put a hand out in front of me to catch my weight before I crushed her underneath me.

“I really needed that,” Selena said, pointing at a towel I’d used after my shower in the morning and draped over edge of the clothes hamper when I was done with it.

Realizing what she wanted, I moved off of her and grabbed the towel. When I tossed it to her, she moved it to her crotch to catch some of our juices as it threatened to leak out of her and onto my bed.

“So, how many women have gotten to enjoy what I just enjoyed since our last time together?” Selena asked as I moved back down on the bed behind her.

“All you get is ‘more than one and less than a hundred’ as an answer to that,” I said as she snuggled back against me. “And I assume there have been others since me, but I really don’t want to know how many.”

“A couple,” Selena admitted. “But none of them were you. I really am sorry.”

“Yeah, you’re a tough act to follow yourself,” I said, chuckling. “But as much as I’d like to, we can’t be together. I can’t go back to the long distance thing and you’re in no position to move back here, not that I’d let you do it for me any more than you were willing to let me move to LA for you. Though I do think I’d find a better way of telling you not to move to be with me.”

“I know you’re joking, but it still makes me feel really bad,” Selena said, pouting a bit. “How about while I’m in town for the next couple days I try to make it up to you? We can find a nice hotel with lots of fun things to do, and then spend the whole time in the room breaking only long enough order room service. By the time we check out they’ll need to air the room out for a week to remove the smell of sex. Sound good?”

“Weekend of doing nothing but having sex with you? That sounds like something I can handle,” I said. “Just remember, it’s purely as friends having copious amounts of great sex.”

“Of course,” Selena said. “And if you wanted to sometime, you could come visit me. You know, purely as friends having copious amounts of great sex.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said, draping an arm over her. “Is anyone going to miss you in the morning or can you stay?”

“I left a note in case anyone checked on me while I was out,” Selena said, placing her hand over mine and holding to her stomach. “Besides, I’m not leaving for anything right now.”

Hot Tub Slut Machine

“This feels great,” JoJo Levesque said as she slipped into the hot tub.

“No kidding,” Demi Lovato said, trying not to stare at JoJo’s tits in her bikini top.

“I should celebrate finishing songs like this more often,” JoJo said, putting her arms on the side of the tub and leaning her head back.

Several months ago JoJo had broached the idea of recording a duet with Demi. Demi of course had loved the idea, and for more than mere musical reasons, but it had taken a while for them to find the time in their schedules to actually make it happen.

Finally after months things had fallen into place. They’d picked a song, discovered they’d both be in town at the same time, and most importantly, both had a couple days free that they could use to work on their duet and at least see if it was ever going to work.

Thus they found themselves relaxing in a hot tub outside Demi’s house. After spending a couple days locked away in the studio Demi had put into the basement of her home they’d finally put the finishing touches on their duet.

Earlier Demi had suggested JoJo bring a bikini in case they decided to take a soak in the hot tub to celebrate. However, Demi was being far from honest with her motives. In reality Demi wanted JoJo to be very relaxed and wearing very little when she revealed her true intentions.

You see, she had a tradition of celebrating a new song by having wild sex with girls that went all the way back to her first album when she’d finally gotten up the nerve to put a move on her best friend, Selena Gomez. After that they’d spent many a night during the recording of that album holed up in a room doing everything to each other they could think of.

But even after she and Selena had their falling out Demi still kept up the tradition of taking a girl to bed after a night of recording. Sometimes it was a friend that she had an arrangement with, but sometimes when she was feeling adventurous she’d set out to seduce a new girl, and at the moment she was feeling very adventurous.

“Yeah, I love just sitting out here when I have down time,” Demi said, trying to be discreet as she eyeballed JoJo’s tits floating on the surface of the water.

“I totally need to get one of these for my place,” JoJo said, taking note of Demi’s interest.

Having been in the industry since she was in her early teens, JoJo had been put in touch with her sexuality earlier than most women. And so she’d learned long ago to recognize the signs of someone trying to check her out.

The attention had surprised JoJo at first. The first time she’d noticed Demi quickly look away after being caught staring at her chest or ass JoJo had wondered if maybe it was more of a curiosity but when Demi had suggested the hot tub, it became obvious what her intentions were.

Fortunately for both of them, JoJo had learned to appreciate the sapphic arts years ago. While she considered herself straight, she’d gone to bed with several women over the years and even had a couple that she used as booty calls when she was feeling horny because she’d found that girls tended to be a little safer than guys for that kind of thing. At the moment though, she was trying to decide whether she should let Demi seduce her or if she should turn the tables and make the first move.

“I love your tattoo,” Demi said, pointing at the outline of the state Massachusetts JoJo had tattooed on her side just below and off the side of her breast.

“Yours looks cool too,” JoJo said, pointing at the one Demi had on her own side.

“Thanks,” Demi said, feeling encouraged that JoJo had complimented a tattoo in such an intimate area rather than one of the ones on her hands or forearms. “I really like the on your hip as well.”

“This one?” JoJo asked, standing up in the water to show off her tattoo.

“Yeah,” Demi said, trying not to drool as she stared at JoJo’s body with water dripping off of it. “That’s a really cute bikini too.”

“I just bought it the other day and when you suggested I bring a bikini I decided this would be a good time to try it out,” JoJo said, turning around to give Demi a good look at the whole thing.

Unable to stop herself Demi reached out and ran her finger along the edge of JoJo’s bikini bottoms. When JoJo merely turned her head and smiled at her Demi moved her hand higher until she could hook her fingers in the waist of the bottoms.

“It’s about time,” JoJo said as Demi started to pull her bikini down over her hips, exposing her ass to her hungry view. “You’ve been wanting to do this all day, haven’t you?”

“Even longer than that,” Demi said as JoJo lifted one leg at a time to step out of her bikini bottoms.

Several years ago while they were still hooking up it was almost like foreplay for Demi and Selena to watch videos or look at pictures of  JoJo. They both thought she was amazingly hot and after a certain amount of time ogling her they inevitably got so turned on that one of them would pretty much attack the other. In fact, they even had the occasional contest to see which one could hold longest before the sight of JoJo’s tits and ass forced them to start ripping clothes off the other.

“Bend over,” Demi said, pushing on JoJo’s lower back until she bent over and grabbed the rail of the hot tub. “You’ve got such a great ass. I just love it.”

“Oh yeah?” JoJo asked, looking back to where Demi was taking her time in fondling and rubbing her butt cheeks. “Any fantasies of it you’d like to make come true?”

“A couple,” Demi said, leaning in and licking up a few stray drops of water that had been clinging to JoJo’s cheeks. When JoJo moaned Demi gave her ass a few more kisses and licks.

“You want to fuck my ass, don’t you?” JoJo moaned as Demi used her hands to pull her cheeks apart.

“So much,” Demi said as she flicked her tongue against JoJo’s crinkled anus

“Too bad you don’t have a dildo out here,” JoJo said, grunting as Demi gave her a rim job that was quickly blowing her mind.

“But I do,” Demi said, sitting up and leaning over the edge of the tub so she could reach down and open up a little storage area built into the side. Most people used it to store chemicals to take care of the water, which Demi did, but she also kept a couple dildos and a vinyl harness in there as well for when she was, well, entertaining.

“Wow,” JoJo said, looking over her shoulder at the chunks of plastic in Demi’s hand.

“If you don’t want to, I fuck your pussy instead,” Demi said, untying the strings on the side of her bikini bottoms so they could fall off into the water.

“It’s your fantasy, you do whatever you want to me,” JoJo said, licking her lips as Demi sat on the edge of the tub so she could slip her feet through the straps of the harness.

“I want to fuck your ass,” Demi confirmed, standing up in the water so she could pull the harness up her legs.

“Then do it,” JoJo hissed, feeling like she was going to burst from the anticipation.

“I don’t have any lube out here because it makes a mess of the water,” Demi said, stepping up behind JoJo.

“The water should be enough,” JoJo gasped as Demi ran a thumb down her ass crack to rub at her back door. “Just fuck my ass.”

Realizing that JoJo was into it as much as she was, it put Demi’s mind at ease. Making sure to dip her fingers in the water to get them wet Demi pressed one of them against JoJo’s asshole. When the tip entered her JoJo moaned and pushed her ass back, taking more of the invading finger into her anus.

After moving her finger from side to side to stretch out JoJo’s butthole Demi slid it out. She dipped her hand in the water again before pushing two fingers against JoJo’s back door this time. When JoJo just grunted and pushed back some more Demi knew she was as ready as she was going to get and straightened up behind her.

“Ready to get your ass fucked?” Demi asked, grabbing the shaft of her toy and guiding it between JoJo’s butt cheeks.

“So ready,” JoJo moaned, leaning her upper body forward against the edge of the tub as she reached back to spread her cheeks for Demi.

Pressing the tip of the dildo against JoJo’s asshole Demi gently pushed. At first nothing happened but after a second or two JoJo forced herself to relax and slowly her anus started to open under Demi’s insistent pressure.

“Oh fuck,” JoJo gasped when the head of the fake cock slipped inside her. It had been a couple months since she’d had a good ass fucking and the strong combination of pleasure and pain at the initial penetration caught her by surprise a little.

Not being a stranger to anal, either giving or receiving, Demi knew all too well to give JoJo a moment or two to adjust to stretching that came from having a dick in her ass. But when JoJo let go of her butt cheeks and put her hands on the edge of the hot tub Demi decided to give her a little more of the toy.

“Oh god,” JoJo moaned, using her hands on the tub railing to push her body back against Demi.

With that cue Demi grabbed hold of JoJo’s hips and used them to pull her back as she pushed forward. With each push Demi worked another little bit into JoJo’s ass before pulling back and pushing again.

“How much is left?” JoJo asked, feeling like she had a foot of cock already buried in her ass. It wasn’t the biggest dick she’d ever been sodomized with but it was close and certainly the biggest she’d taken in a long time.

“Not much,” Demi said, losing patience and slamming the last inch or so into JoJo’s rectum until she felt JoJo’s butt cheeks against her pelvis.

“Shit,” JoJo hissed, her eyes going wide as she felt the whole thing stretching her shit pipe.

“I want to see your tits,” Demi said, holding still to give JoJo a moment to get used to it.

Before JoJo could answer Demi leaned forward so she could grab the strings of JoJo’s bikini top. Pulling on one of them the bow came loose and in no time it was hanging uselessly by the string around her neck while JoJo’s tits hung free.

“Go ahead,” JoJo said, putting everything out of her mind except the feel of the dildo in her ass.

As Demi slowly started to pull out JoJo moaned. By focusing her concentration on her ass she could feel every vein and groove on the shaft of the dildo as it slid past the ring of her anus. It felt so great that she closed her eyes and let the experience wash over her.

“Such a tight little ass,” Demi grunted, feeling the base of the toy press against her clit so deliciously from the tightness with each thrust she made into JoJo’s anal cavity.

“You like fucking my ass, huh?” JoJo asked, looking back at where Demi was drilling into her ass.

“I wish I could fuck this ass forever,” Demi responded, picking up a little speed as the dirty talk combined with the pressure on her clit to spur her on.

“Babe, you can fuck me any time you want,” JoJo said, reaching down to rub her clit with her finger. “My ass, my pussy, my tongue, anything you want. Mmm, but I’m betting you’d like to take that fake cock and stick it between my tits and fuck my titties, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh god yes,” Demi moaned, the image of titty fucking JoJo almost too much to take.

Gripping JoJo’s hips Demi started to pick up even more speed on her thrusts. She was on the verge of losing all control of herself from the images JoJo was planting in her head. They were just so hot that it was pushing all thoughts out of her mind and sharpening her focus to one thing: getting off.

“When you’re done fucking my ass, I want you to fuck my tits,” JoJo demanded, feeling her climax rushing towards her as Demi started to pound her ass relentlessly while she frigged her clit.

“Oh god, I’m gonna come,” Demi gasped, feeling the first small tremors hit her.

“Keep going,” JoJo hissed, feeling her own climax within reach.

As the quaking inside her intensified Demi tried to keep fucking JoJo but soon enough she was unable to do anything more than just slam her hips forward, burying the toy deep into JoJo’s ass. With a wail of pleasure Demi’s whole body tensed up and she bucked against JoJo out of nothing more than the spasming of her muscles.

Luckily that was enough for JoJo. With her fingers flying on her clit and her head turned to watch the ecstasy on Demi’s face, JoJo found her own release. While not as dramatic as Demi’s, her orgasm was no less intense as her asshole clamped down on the rod imbedded in her ass.

When both of them were done they slumped forward, Demi against JoJo’s back and pressing JoJo forward against the tub railing. When Demi started to come to she stood up and slowly extracted the toy from JoJo’s well used butthole, leaving it looking red and angry as it gaped open for a moment before slowly starting to close back up.

“Not yet,” JoJo said, turning around as Demi started to slip the harness down her legs. “You still owe me something.”

“What?” Demi asked, confused. But the confusion turned to even more arousal when JoJo grabbed the shaft of the dildo and pressed into the valley between her tits.

What made JoJo practically the perfect woman as far as Demi was concerned was that she had the type of body that could make a dead man cum as Mick Jagger might say. Her tits were absolutely amazing, and yet they somehow managed to get overlooked a bit because of that mouth watering ass she had been blessed with. Most amazingly though, she managed to have all that while still keeping the rest of her body taut and toned.

And now, on the heels of making one of her oldest, and still biggest, fantasies come true, it looked like she was about to have a second one come to life. As the two of them made eye contact JoJo pressed her tits together, wrapping the fake cock in a tunnel of flesh as she started to move her chest up and down on the toy.

“Fuck,” Demi gasped, for a moment wishing the cock was real so she could feel firsthand what it would feel like to have it slide between JoJo’s tits.

When the tip of the dildo popped out from between her tits JoJo had a naughty idea. She hadn’t done it in a long time and she figured that with Demi as keyed up as she was it might just get to her that much more.

Looking Demi in the eye JoJo opened her mouth and took the head of the cock between her lips. It took Demi a moment to really understand what was happening, but when she realized that not only was JoJo still fucking her dildo with her tits but she was also sucking her own ass juices off the head of the toy.

“Oh my fucking god,” Demi gasped, feeling a small orgasm hit her with that realization.

With her knees turning to jello Demi disengaged from JoJo and stumbled backward. Feeling the backs of her legs bump up against one of benches in the water she sat down to let her mind regain cognizance for a moment.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” JoJo asked, dropping to her knees in the middle of the hot tub, the water rising above her chest.

“Oh yeah,” Demi responded, nodding vigorously. “I’m not sure the song is quite right. We might have to spend a lot more time on it to make sure its perfect.”

“Yeah, we should hold off on releasing it until its flawless. That could be tomorrow, that could be never, but we should keep on working on it until then,” JoJo agreed. “And of course that will give us an excuse to do more of that in the meantime.”

“I don’t know if I can handle more of that, but I’m more than willing to try,” Demi said, pulling JoJo forward to kiss her.

“Keep that up and I’m going to think you want more right now,” JoJo purred when the kiss broke.

“Maybe not right now, but in the couple minutes it will take us to dry off and go up to my room? Definitely,” Demi said, reaching over the edge of the tub for their towels.

“You’re insatiable,” JoJo said, chuckling. “We’re going to get along very well.”

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