The Saturdays End of Tour Party

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Staring: Frankie Sandford (aged 22), Mollie King (aged 24), Una Healy (aged 30), Rochelle Wiseman (aged 22), Vanessa White (aged 22)

Disclaimer: As always this is not true and never happened. I don’t know any member of The Saturdays and they likely do not act in this way, although it would be good if they did. This story is completely fictional and made up. Fantasy is legal.

I’d long been a fan of the girl band The Saturdays. Although not that big abroad, in the UK their pop songs were frequently bothering the charts, and although the music itself wasn’t to my tastes (mainly because i was over the age 14) i was always pleased to see them on TV. The girls were gorgeous.

Frankie Sandford was definitely my favorite. The 22 year old was an old hand on the British pop scene having been in a cheesy pop band when she was 13, and although she was definitely cute and i could see potential, she was far too young to have any effect on my cock. But since coming of age she had turned into my opinion of girl-next-door perfection. Her gorgeous face, trademark short hair, small but firm tits, awesome arse and unbelievably tight tummy regularly had cum squirting from my cock. A TV appearance never passed without me watching, cock in hand.

Even without Frankie the girls were still worth a wank, they had something for everyone. Blonde lovers had Mollie, a slightly posh 24 year old with a smoking hot body and legs that went on forever. Una ticked the Irish box and, although sligtly older, didn’t look out of place in a skin tight dress and sky high heels. Vanessa was the curvy one with the best voice, and Rochelle looked like she could suck cock for England. Personally i didn’t particularly like to two black girls, Vanessa and Rochelle. Nothing against them personally, they just weren’t really my type. But Frankie, Mollie and Una made them worth looking out for in magazines and on TV.

All of this is just to introduce you to the girls i had the pleasure of bumping into and having an unforgettable night, purely by accident. But what an amazing accident to have. It all happened a couple of weeks ago. It was a saturday night, and like all saturday nights in London i was out with some freinds. Having some drinks, moving from club to club, and checking out the girls in each bar, hopefully finding a hot filthy slut to go home with.

With it being London, there are often celebs out. 9 times out of 10 you don’t even see them, they dart straight to the VIP areas which are usually in a completely separate part of the club. Even when you do catch a glimpse it is usually the back of their head as they disappear out of view. Me and my freinds were in such a bar, although this VIP area wasn’t completely seperate. It was in a raised section, meaning whoever was in there could enjoy the atmosphere and see the whole club without being pestered by people. The entrance was blocked by 4 doormen, roughly twice the size and weight of an average guy.

We’d been in the bar loads of times before, and never really paid much attention to the VIP area, and neither did we this time. We were drinking, dancing and attempting to chat up girls. Just like any other night really. It was getting toward the end of the night, and i’d been unsuccessful in getting a girl to take home.

“There’s always next time” a mate said with a smile as we started getting our stuff together. I had a tap on the shoulder and turned round to see a huge black guy, dressed in a black suit and black shirt. Here we go i thought, expecting to have to chose between fighting or running.

“We’ve got some people in the VIP section who wanted me to invite you to their after-party” he said.

“…..OK…….” i said a little taken aback. “Who is it?”

“Here’s all the details you need” he replied and handed me a card, before disappearing back to the VIP area.

I looked at the card, it didnt say anything about who’s party it was. Just a time and a place.

Me and my freind made our way out of the club. “Who was that guy?” my mate asked.

“Fuck knows, he just invited me to the VIP afterparty.”

“Who’s party?”

“I dont know that either” i replied, “Ive just got a time and place.”

“Are you going to go?” he asked grabbing the card.

“I might as well, its in Wembley so its kind of near home anyway. You wanna come? Im sure i can blag you in as a plus one” i asked.

“Nah mate, you’re alright, I got to work tomorrow morning and im already going to be knackered as it is. You go though, have fun, let me know who it is when i see you next week” he replied.

“OK no worries mate, see you later, safe journey home.” i said as we made our seperate ways.

I knew exactly where the place was as it wasn’t far from my place, and i had a bit of time so went to get a bite to eat. I arrived at the address a few minutes after the time said and knocked on the door. A bouncer opened the door and looked at me.

“Er…..hi i got an invite to this after party thing.” i said, not sure what to expect.

“Straight up the stairs, first door on the left.” he said.

“Don’t you need to check my name or anything first?” i asked.

“There’s only a few people invited, and i know what they all look like, and you’re one of them.” he said.

“Well thank you for the warm welcome” i said sarcastically as i walked past him and up the stairs. As i approached the door to my left i heard music and laughing so opened it up. Immediately in front of me was a table with every drink i could imagine on there. I picked up a bottle of beer and made my way round the corner to the party. As turned i was greeted with some ambient lighting and a dozen or so people mingling and chatting.

As I scanned the room I immediately recognized some faces. Around the room talking to various people i saw each member of The Saturdays. I guess now I knew whose after-party it was. I couldn’t believe my luck. I counted the people in the room, there was the 5 members of the band plus 1 other girl, and 5 guys plus me. Even with my poor maths skills i realised there was 1 girl for every guy. And the other girl was gorgeous, i guessed one of the bands backing dancers or something. Even taking out the 2 members of The Saturdays i wasn’t keen on, i liked the odds.

Just as i was wondering where i would start, Mollie spotted me standing alone and came over toward me. She looked amazing dressed in a all-in-one white dress with black buttons going all the way down the front, and black details on the sleeves. The skirt was unbelievably short, im pretty sure if she’d bent over i would have been able to see her arse. Along with the dress she had on long black socks that finished mid way up her thigh, and sky high heels, the same sort of fuck-me shoes the girls always wore for their music videos.

“Hey, im Mollie” she said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek, “Welcome to our afterparty!”

“Well thanks for inviting me, Im Marc by the way” i replied, desperately trying not to sound nervous at talking to by far the fittest girl id ever spoken to.

“Nice to meet you Marc. Do you know the rest of the girls?” she asked.

“I know who is who within your band, but i’ve never met them. And i dont know who she is” i said pointing to the one girl i didn’t recognize.

“Oh that’s Jess, one of our dancers, she’s actually leaving in a sec so i wouldn’t worry about her.”

“Oh right OK. So do you often invite guys like me to your after parties? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased for the invite. But its a bit out of the blue, I’ve never met any of you girls, and i get an invite to your party.” i said without trying to sound ungrateful.

“Ha! Well its our end of tour party. We’ve just finished our UK arena tour and we always have a special party at the end of it. And occassionally if one of us see a guy that we would like to invite in a club or wherever, then we get our security to give them the details. Loads of them don’t turn up because they only get vague details. But im glad you decided to come along, i can guarantee you a good time!” Mollie said with a wink and a smile.

“Haha! Thats a bold claim,” i laughed. “So who was it that wanted to invite me then?” i asked.

She smiled and took a sip of her drink.

“You’re hot enough for anyone to have picked you. But it was Frankie who pointed you out to security, so strictly speaking you’re hers tonight!” Mollie laughed.

I laughed along, trying to cover up my sheer joy that Frankie Sandford had herself picked me out for a special invite to her end of tour after party.

“Actually i’ll go get her, you probably want to meet her before it all starts” Mollie said as she walked over to Frankie who was talking to another guy.

“Before what starts?” i asked confused. But she was already gone. She reached Frankie and said something before pointing to me.

Frankie smiled at me and started walking over. My cock nearly burst out of my pants she was so hot. As i looked her up and down i saw that like Mollie she was wearing sky high heels which showed off her incredible legs. She wore the smallest black denim shorts i have ever seen, i didn’t even need to see her from behind to know her arse looked amazing. Working up she had on a crop top to show off her tight, taught stomach. Perfectly tanned and with a diamond belly button piercing, it was probably my favorite part of her body. Her hot pink crop top covered her perky little tits, though i could see a very slight hint of a nipple poking through. As she got closer i looked her in the eye, and she gave me a smile that nearly made me cum in my pants there and then.

“Be cool” i thought to myself.

“Hey thanks for coming, its Marc isn’t it” she said as she put a hand on my arm and leaned in for a kiss on the cheek, which i gladly gave. “Im Frankie”

“Thanks for inviting me, although i was saying to Mollie, i was quite surprised to get an invite considering i don’t know any of you girls.” i said.

“None of you guys here know us though, thats the way we like it for the end of tour party. Makes the whole thing easier” she said.

“OK im confused. Makes what easier? And Mollie said something about meeting you before “it all starts” whatever that means?”, now i was completely confused.

“Relax,” Frankie said as she leaned in and kissed me straight on the lips. I looked at her shocked, the girl i’d spent the majority of the last year wanking over had just kissed me on the lips. “Our tour manager will explain all…”

And with that i heard a microphone crackle as one of the guys stood up in front of everyone.

“Hello Gentlemen, and welcome to The Saturdays End of Tour party!” he started, and all 5 members of the band cheered and clapped. “Now, i know a lot of you have been asking questions and are suprised to be invited, so let me just explain a few things. Each of you is currently standing next to the member of the band that chose you. Each girl will at the end of the tour pick one guy to invite to the end of tour party, so congratulations being picked!”

I looked around the room. Mollie had picked a guy of average build, just under 6 feet tall with short dark hair. Una had gone for a stocky guy, he looked like he had pretty big arms and stood just over 6 feet tall. Vanessa had picked a slightly shorter black guy of average build. And next to Rochelle was a heavily built black guy who looked like he could crush a man with his bare hands.

The guy on the microphone continued. “Okay then let me explain whats going to happen. The Saturdays End of Tour Party isn’t really a party, its basically a fuck-fest. The girls get so starved of cock while they are on tour that this is their way of ending the drought. I mean don’t get me wrong guys, the girls have fun on tour. One suitcase that is taken everywhere contains the girls sex toys, and I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve walked in on 2 of them eating each other out. But the complications of a tour and not wanting to create problems in the group with some girls wanting to bring guys onto the tour bus and others not wanting to. Its just easier to do it all together in one room at the end of the tour”

“AND WAY MORE FUN!” shouted Una, which all of the girls laughed and cheered at.

“And doing it like this means people can move around however they like, for you guys it means you are probably going to fuck a few members of The Saturdays tonight.” the tour manager finished.

There was silence from everyone in the room as me and every other guy in the rooms couldn’t quite believe our ears. Were we really being told we could spend the next few hours fucking the girl band The Saturdays? I looked at Frankie who gave me a smile and a wink.

“I assume by your silence that you are all delighted, Gentlemen. Me and Jess are going to leave you to it. If you’d all like to go through to the next room with the girls you will find everything you need for a fun night. Goodnight!” the tour manager said. And with that, he and the backing dancer left the room.

A moment of silence descended on the room, it was broken by Rochelle….

“LETS GO FUCK!!!!!!!” she screamed.

Each girl grabbed the hand of their guy and led them into the next room. It was a circular room with 5 beds spaced evenly apart. In front of each bed was a pole that went from floor to ceiling. In the middle of the room was a table with every sex toy imaginable; butt-plugs of various sizes, double ended dildos and vibrators of every size. Also on the table was 5 tubes of lube, blindfolds, handcuffs, whips, ball-gags, paddles, and some items i had no idea what they were for.

The girls knew what they were doing as they each made their way to a particular bed and sat their man down on the end. Then they each made there way to the pole in front of their men, it looked like we were all going to get a warm up for what was to come. And sure enough each girl began to pole dance as some music started to play.

I was still in shock. Here i was, at a sex party, which was weird enough in itself. But more so because it was with The Saturdays, and my favorite wanking material was about to pole dance for me.

Frankie grabbed hold of the pole with one hand and slowly walked around it whilst looking me in the eye and giving me another gorgeous smile. Her hips were swaying in time with the music as she circled round before stopping with her back to me, her arse look incredible in her little denim shorts. She bent right over and pushed her bum out and gave me a little wiggle. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tight arse as i felt my cock harden in my pants.

Frankie turned around and walked towards me sat on the end of the bed. She put her arms on my shoulders and straddled my lap, she felt my hard cock press against her arse as she sat down.

“Mmmmmm… glad to see you’ve appreciated my dancing ” she said with a smile. “You do know this isn’t any normal lap dance don’t you? In this one, touching is aloud….” she said, grinding her arse into my cock.

With that she kissed me deeply, opening her mouth as our tongues probed each other. We kissed like this for at least a minute or so, with Frankie continuing to grind my dick, and my hands roaming all over her body. I pulled her up so my favorite part of her body was right in front of me, her amazing stomach. I rubbed both of my hands slowly over her perfect flat midriff up toward her tits. I slid my hands under her little crop top to discover she wasn’t wearing a bra. Frankie only had small boobs, my hours of wanking over her had led me to think they were about a B cup and on feeling them i guessed i was about right. Unlike many guys i actually preferred smaller boobs, especially when they are in perfect proportion to a petite body. And you can’t get more petite and perfectly proportioned than Frankie.

I gently massaged her tits while i kissed every inch of her stomach, and i could feel her nipples harden.

“Lets get you out of these clothes” Frankie said as she started undressing me. I looked around as my clothes were being stripped from me. Una and Rochelle were fast workers, both already had their guys naked and were on their knees in front of them sucking their dicks. Mollie i could see was leaning back against the pole and had lifted her skirt up, pulled her thong to one side and was rubbing her cunt whilst her guy was in front of her wanking his dick. Vanessa i could see had her guys head burried between her massive tits.

Frankie had got me down to my boxer shorts before finally pulling them down to reveal my cock. She gasped as it sprung up to its full length.

“Lengths ladies!” she shouted at the top of her voice.

“7 inches” came the Irish accent of Una’s reply.

“6 over here” said Vanessa.

“Mines got 8 inches” said Rochelle.

“7 inches” shouted Mollie.

“9 inches for me” said Frankie, “Looks like I’m the lucky one tonight!”

She walked over to the table in the middle and picked up a pair of hand-cuffs before returning and cuffing me to the bed.

“I don’t want you stroking that massive cock while I’m dancing for you, its my job to make you cum, not yours” she reasoned. And who was i to argue.

She moved back and watched as my cock twitched to every move of her body. She peeled off her crop top to reveal her beautiful little tits, and walked over to me, offering her nipples for me to suck, which i gratefully accepted. As i sucked on her nipples i heard a guy moan and looked over to see Una take a load of cum all over her face. She then walked over to Mollie, who was still fingering herself while her guy watched, and kissed her passionately passing cum between them. Mollie then proceeded to lick the cum off Una’s face and swallow it down.

“Thank you baby” Una said to Mollie as she walked back to her guy, probably to try and get him up to go again.

My mouth had worked on both Frankies tits and she pulled back, both nipples rock hard. She pulled down her denim shorts and kicked them off revealing a tiny pink thong. She turned and faced away from me before bending over and pulling her thong down, revealing to me her bald tight pussy poking between her legs. As she turned around and faced me i could feel my cock leaking pre-cum, i knew i would explode within the first couple of minutes being in Frankies mouth.

She walked over to me and liften one leg and rested it on my shoulder, grabbing my head she shoved her hairless pussy into my mouth. I savoured the taste of Frankie as i plunged my tongue into her as deep as i could. I licked the length of her slit before finding her clit with my tongue, and began gently flicking it with the tip. After only a minute or so her pussy started getting wetter, and i went back to tongue fucking her to get a taste of her juice.

“Yeah baby, eat my cunt.” Frankie moaned as she pulled my head into her even further. “Don’t waste a drop.”

As i continued eating the sweetest pussy i’d ever tasted, i heard another guy cum although i had no idea where from as i was more interested in tasting Frankie.

She then removed her leg and bent down to kiss me tasting her own pussy juice. “Wow i do taste amazing!” she said, “But now i think its time you gave me a drink….” she teased with a smile.

Frankie got on her knees and parted my legs. By now my cock was leaking a lot of pre-cum, and Frankie grabbed the base of my dick and scooped it all up as she licked the length of my shaft and put her lips around the head. She swallowed the pre-cum down before slowly sucking my cock. She went down as deep as she could but could only fit 5-6inches in before i felt it hit the back of her throat. To my surprise though she continued to force me in, and it wasnt long before her nose was pressed aganst my stomach. It seemed she was an expert deep-throater and quite liked being gagged.

Her delicate hands cupped and massaged my balls, and within a few minutes i knew i was going to cum. Frankie sensed it too.

“Cum down my throat so i can swallow it” she said and continued deepthroating.

I watched her as my cum boiled up and a torrent shot straight down her throat. What felt like a river flowed straight down her throat and Frankie expertly swallowed it all.

“Take it Frankie, swallow his hot cum you filthy slut!” i heard Vanessa shout as her guy was pounding her from behind.

“She’s such a cum-whore!” Rochelle chipped in as she rode her guy.

Frankie took my cock out her mouth before licking the head to make sure she had every drop.

“Yum yum!” she said with a smile.

She undid my handcuffs and put them back on the table.

“I’ll give you a couple of minutes to recover big boy, then you’re going to fuck me like a cheap whore.” she teased.

I took a moment to survey the scene in front of me. Vanessa was currently getting hammered from behind by her guy and from the look on her face, wasn’t far from cumming. Una had got her guy hard again and was now enjoying a 69 with him. Rochelle was riding her guy while he groped her tits roughly. Mollie was on her back with her legs pushed right back behind her head as her guy pounded into her.

Frankie walked over to Rochelle and stood up on the bed in front of her. She lent back a little and pushed her hips forward, bringing her pussy directly in front of Rochelle’s face. She didn’t need inviting twice and immediately began licking Frankie’s slit whilst riding her guys big cock.

“Eat my pussy baby” Frankie ordered her bandmate.

Mollie decided it was time for a change of positions and got on her hands and knees to get fucked doggie style. As her guy lined up behind her she called me over.

“Hey Marc, get over here. Let me see if i can get you hard again for Frankie” she said.

I got off the bed and walked over to her. She immediately took my soft cock into her mouth and began sucking it, before letting out a gasp as her man entered her. Whilst she wasn’t quite as good as Frankie she was still blowing me like a pro and i knew it wouldnt be long til i was rock hard again.

I heard the guy fucking Rochelle say he was about to cum. She pushed her hips down on him as he shot his load deep inside her and filled her up. She climbed off him and Frankie immediately squatted down on the bed. Rochelle stood up and straddled Frankies face before parting her pussy lips and letting the mixture of the guys cum and hers fall into Frankies open mouth who then swallowed it down. Rochelle looked at me open mouthed with my cock in Mollies mouth.

“I told you she was a cum-whore. She can’t get enough of it!” Rochelle said.

Frankie got up and gave Rochelle a kiss on the lips before making her way back over to me.

“Good sucking Mollie, you got him hard again!” Frankie said. “Time for you to fuck my other holes” she said as she dragged me away.

Just then i heard Vanessa and Mollies guys say they were going to blow. Mollie wanted hers to cum inside her, where as Vanessa’s guy pulled out and came all over her big juicy tits.

Frankie pushed me onto the bed and turned around back to the table with the sex toys. She picked herself up a small butt plug.

“Frankie get me a strap on please baby” Rochelle asked, “Im going to fuck Mollie while our guys get hard again.”

“What size? There’s a few to choose from” Frankie asked.

“The biggest one there is!” Mollie interupted with a laugh.

“Well you asked for it…” Frankie teased and threw a 12 inch monster strap-on cock to Rochelle.

She then walked over to me and turned her back to me and bent over, parting her peachy arse cheeks. She then licked her finger and rubbed it over her puckered arsehole, lubing it up a little with her saliva. She placed the butt plug next to her hole as i heard her gasp as it entered her. With it fully inserted she turned around to face me.

“Thats to loosen it up a little for you later, my arse is so fucking tight, i dont want you cumming as soon as you get in there.” Frankie said as she went to straddle me.

I looked up at her face as she gave me a gorgeous smile and positioned the tip of my cock so it was touching the lips of her bald pussy. With one smooth movement she slid herself down on my full length til i was completely burried inside her.

She took a deep breath. “Fuck you have a big cock, it feels fucking huge inside me” she said.

“Ill take it slow” i said concerned. The last thing i wanted to do was hurt her.

“No you fucking won’t!” Frankie started, “I said you’re going to fuck me like a cheap whore, and thats exactly what you’re going to do. As hard and fast as you want, don’t worry about hurting me, i like a bit of pain” she said with a smirk. And with that she started riding me hard.

I grabbed hold of her hips as she ground herself down on me. Her pussy felt so tight and was gripping my cock like a vice, if this was how tight her pussy was i couldn’t even imagine as to how tight her arse was. Frankie lent forward and dangled her small tits in my face and i wasted no time on sucking each nipple one by one. As i felt her nipples go hard i nibbled ever so lightly on them, and Frankie squeeled in delight.

I took another moment to look around. Una was getting fucked hard, pinned up against the wall standing up as her guy ploughed into her. Vanessa was on her back with her legs high in the air as her guy licked her arse, and by the looks of things she was absolutley loving it. I had a superb side-on view of Rochelle who had now begun fucking Mollie with a 12 inch strap-on. Mollie was on her hands and knees, Rochelle was fucking her from behind and had grabbed hold of a fistful of Mollies golden blonde hair and was yanking her head back, pulling her deeper onto the strap-on dildo. Their 2 guys were watching open mouthed to the side as they stroked their cocks, desperately trying to get hard so they could join in.

“Take it Mollie, you fucking slut. You love big cock don’t you?” Rochelle teased.

Mollie didn’t answer, and had a slight grimace at being fucked so hard with such a big dildo.

“I asked you a question slut. Answer me” demanded Rochelle of her Saturdays band mate.

“Yes, i fucking love big cock!” Mollie responded, her posh accent just made it sound even dirtier. All of the girls laughed when Mollie said it.

“More, talk filth for me baby!” Rochelle screamed as she pumped away at Mollie.

Mollie didn’t disappoint.

“Fuck me with that 12 inch cock baby, i can’t get enough of it stretching out my cunt. Fuck im such a dirty whore, i fucking love big cocks, love feeling them pump inside me and feel thier balls slap against my pussy as they tear me up from behind. I’ll take it in any hole, i don’t care as long as i get to swallow the load at the end.”

“Yeah that’s it, more!” yelled Rochelle as she slapped her band-mate hard on the arse and continued fucking her. All of the girls were laughing and cheering Mollie on, all getting off on the dirty talk.

“Use my hole Rochelle, fuck me harder with that massive strap-on dildo! You’re going to make me cum soon, i feel like such a cheap whore getting used like this but i love it. I am a nasty filthy slut who needs to have all her holes used and abused” Mollie continued.

Rochelle continued fucking her from behind, and at the same time expertly reached round to find Mollies hard little clit just poking out from its hood. As soon as she brushed it with her finger Mollie let out a loud moan.

“You know what i like to hear baby, ask Mummy nicely” Rochelle said to Mollie.

Mollie didn’t hesitate and knew exactly what Rochelle wanted to hear.

“Please make me cum Mummy, make your little slut cum all over your hand”

“Well since you asked so nicely, but i want you to cum in Mummy’s mouth, and remember to ask permission when you’re ready” Rochelle continued before pulling the strap-on out of Mollie and positioning herself underneath, Mollie was now pratically sat on her face. Rochelle still had her finger on Mollies clit and now began rubbing it, starting slowly but picking up pace, and combined it with an eager tongue fucking.

“Mmmm that feels amazing Mummy” Mollie said keeping up the role play, “Please can i cum?”

“Yes slut, in Mummy’s mouth and over my face” Rochelle said and opened her mouth and continued rubbing her clit.

“Thankyou Mummy” Mollie managed to say before having the loudest orgasm of the night so far. Her body spasmed as she squirted all over Rochelles face, getting about half her cum into her mouth. Rochelle didn’t swallow any of it though, rather held it in her mouth and slowly slid herself out from under Mollie. She moved up to a now smiling Mollie and kissed her full on the mouth, passing the cum between the 2 of them and swallowing it down.

“You like the taste of your cunt, my little whore?” Rochelle asked.

“I taste yummy Mummy” Mollie responded in her best childish voice.

All of the girls laughed and seemed to enjoy the little roleplay, and i got the feeling that was a roleplay scenario they had done many times before. The super hot show had got their guys hard again, and Rochelle grabbed hold of hers and dragged him back to the bed whilst Mollie began sucking her guy again.

I had changed positions a little and was now sitting up, Frankie still sat on my lap and riding me. I gave her tight arse a hard slap and she loved it. She leant back a little and supported herself with one hand while her other hand went to work on her clit. Like a pro she continued to ride my full length and rub her clit at the same time.

“You fucking filthy slut” i said to her as i watched her at work.

“Mmmm thats right, im a dirty whore” Frankie moaned, “Now why don’t you stick that big cock of yours where every whore loves it, fill my arse up.”

With that she sat up a little and removed the butt plug out of her hole and put in her mouth. Looking at me as she sucked it, she reached down and took my cock out of her pussy and moved it back to her arse. As the head of my cock pressed into her starfish, she closed her eyes. Despite the loosening that the butt plug had done it was still going to be a tight fit because she was so petite. Frankie lowered herself a little more and the head of my cock slid into her hole.

“Fuck….” Frankie moaned. Her arse was as tight as i expected, and I was desperately trying not to shoot my load straight away.

I watched as Frankie continued to rub her clit as she slowly lowered herself onto my dick, and soon every inch was inside her arse. She opened her eyes and looked at me with a smile, she then started slowly riding me, obviously enjoying the feeling of having her arse filled.

“Jesus Christ, you feel even bigger in my arse!” she said.

Just then I heard Vanessa’s guy. “I’m gonna cum” he said as he pulled his dick out of her pussy. Vanessa immediately squated on the floor and squeezed her big tits together as her guy wanked his cock in front of her. With a grunt he shot his load all over her tits as she stuck her tongue out to try to catch a few drops.

Once he had recovered I watched in amazement as he got his stuff and left, seemingly his own choice. At the same time Una was kicking her guy out, it appeared he’d gone soft and couldn’t get it up again.

“You guy’s had enough?” Rochelle asked.

“Mine has, said I’d completely drained him!” said Vanessa.

“Mine went soft, and I don’t do soft” Una said. Una then wondered over to me and Frankie and kissed her on the lips as she continued to ride me. “Mind if I join in?” she asked.

She moved behind Frankie so i couldn’t see her, but i soon felt her soft wet tongue. She began licking and sucking on my balls as my cock ploughed into her bandmates arsehole.

Vanessa too hadn’t had enough and went over to Rochelle, who was on her back with her legs on the shoulders of her guy as he fucked her. Firstly she lent forward and dangled her tits into Rochelles mouth who then cleaned off all the cum that had just been sprayed onto them. Once she was clean again she moved up and sat on Rochelles face, who eagerly plunged her tongue deep into her pussy.

This was an amzing sight, but the feeling I had was incredible. Frankie had built up quite a pace and I was now fucking her arse hard whilst Una licked and sucked my balls. Frankie then briefly took my cock out and spun around so she was facing away from me. Una took the opportunity to quickly suck my cock and taste her freinds arse but not for long. Frankie took hold of my dick and put it back in her arse before grabbing hold of Una by her hair and pulling her face into her pussy.

“Eat my cunt, whore!” she shouted, and Una responded. I couldn’t believe how filthy Frankies mouth was. “Thats it you dirty slut, eat my bald tight pussy while I get my arsehole stretched” she said. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold on, and it seemed the other 2 guys had reached their limit.

Rochelles guy had pulled his dick out and shot his load over her tummy, at the same time as Vanessa started cumming due to Rochelles tongue work on her clit. Mollie was on her knees in front of her guy, she had one hand furiously jerking the guy off into her open mouth, and the other hand reached around his back and had pushed a finger into his arse. I watched as he shot a huge load into Mollies mouth, so much so that it overflowed and dripped down onto her perky tits.

Just at that moment I felt Frankies ring tighten its grip on my cock in pulses as I felt her cum.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…….” she moaned and continued riding my dick and pulling Una’s face deeper into her pussy, “Im cummmmmmiiiinnnnggggggg……”.

Her arse squeezed my cock so tight and I bit my lip and concentrated so hard not to cum. Mollie and Rochelle’s guys sloped off, completed drained from the marathon session. This left me alone with the 5 Saturdays.

“We have a winner!” Frankie exclaimed, now coming down from her orgasm. She climbed off me and turned around to face me. She bent over exposing her gaping hole to Una who didn’t need asking twice and filled her arse with her tongue. Frankie kissed me hard before looking me in the eye.

“You need to cum don’t you big boy?” she said.

“Hell yeah” i responded.

“Well then stand up then”

So i stood up as all of the pop stars got down on their knees in front of me. I looked down as The Sturdays all looked up at me smiling. Frankie reached up and started jerking my dick as all of the girls watched. They then took it in turns to suck my cock for a few seconds before passing it to the person next to them. It didn’t take long til i was ready to blow, so I grabbed my cock and jerked it. All of the girls opened their mouths and I aimed at each of them as the torrent of sperm came. The first spurt i aimed at Frankies mouth and got a direct hit, i moved across and shot a rope into Mollies mouth, then across again to Rochelle, then Una and Vanessa. It was still coming so i continued jerking as I moved back along, this time aiming for their faces. None of the girls had swallowed and were holding it in their mouths. I couldn’t believe how much cum was shooting from my balls. By the time i had finished their faces were galzed in cum and each had a nice mouth full.

Frankie reached forward and expertly licked the last drop of cum from my balls. She then turned to face Mollie and pulled her close. They then began kissing and passed the cum in their mouths between them as they gradually swallowed the semen. Una, Rochelle and Vanessa managed a 3 way kiss and did exactly the same until all of my cum was in their tummies. They even cleaned off the cum that had been sprayed onto their faces.

I was exhausted, but had had an unbelievable night. As much as I wanted to try and go again I knew realistically I’d have no chance, so had to say my goodbyes. The girls seems insatiable though, even as I left I heard Vanessa say “Which one of you whores is going to come and fist me?”. It seems they were set for the night.

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