Jailbait: Chapter 8: Philadelphia

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Disclaimer – This story is entirely fictional and does not reflect any of the celebrities involved in its’ true personalities or sexual nature. I don’t make any money from these stories and their sole purpose is entertainment, so enjoy! Also, scientists have recently discovered that individuals under the age of 18 show an increased risk of contracting masturbation-induced blindness, therefore anyone under the age of 18 SHOULD NOT READ THIS!!!!

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And as always, I hope you enjoy reading this work of complete fiction as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Squad Leader

Author’s Note: Just a quick recap since it’s been a while since I wrote Chapter 7.


Hayden finally made up her mind, choosing Emma to be her girlfriend/playmate. The decision ultimately ended her unhealthy but oh so fun sexscapades with her “frenemy” Hilary and ruined any chances of picking up with a cross country travelling Kristen Bell where they left off (and got off) on the beach in San Diego. Thankfully though, all was not lost for Ms. Bell. Though she was the victim of some very poor timing she was able to find solace in the arms (and tongue) of a member of the ‘Jailbait’ touring crew by the name of Eliza.

And while Hayden and Emma’s bond did indeed grow much stronger after working their way through all of their tribulations and infidelities no relationship is perfect. Girls being girls and this story being what it is (that is to say a work of stroke fiction) they decided to allow one another one “free pass” so that they could indulge in their Sapphic infidelities with the blessing of their partner and thus without all of the nagging guilt. Great plan right? No chance of anything going wrong there.

Well as I said, no plan or relationship is ever perfect and that was never more apparent than it was in Memphis when a bit of innocent flirting between Emma and her bandmate Selena made Hayden more than a little bit jealous. I believe her exact quote to Emma was “Don’t ever ask me to use your free one with Selena.” To me that seems a lot like your parents telling you not to buy a certain CD or watch a certain television show when you were a kid in that it makes you want to do it even more. The question is, will Emma be able to resist the temptation of Selena or not? We’ll soon see faithful reader we shall soon see. *Wink Wink*

As for the fortunes of the band, when last we checked, ‘Jailbait’ was the number one band in the country. However, simply being number one doesn’t automatically grant you carte blanche. Wayne Leshand, the VP of Lightning Records reminded the band’s manager Steve O’Reilly (but you can call him Steve-O) of that when he threatened to pull the plug on the whole ‘Jailbait’ project if he couldn’t get the girls’ spending and hard partying ways under control by the time they got to New York for the final gig on the tour.

Oh yeah and then there is the little matter of Steve-O receiving a call from his old ‘Tourists’ band mate Jay letting him know that there was strong interest in reforming the band. Will the intriguing offer be enough to make Steve-O leave the girls and go back to his real passion of making music that only the guy in your Economics class who goes, “Yeah I liked their first album but after that they sold out,” listens to? The only thing for certain in this chapter is that there will be plenty of hot celebs fucking!

So grab the tissues and the lotion faithful readers and find out what happens in Jailbait Chapter 8: Philadelphia…


“You’re right Jay.” I said into the phone as he spoke excitedly at what seemed to be a million miles an hour. “No, no you’re right, it’s for the best. Leshand’s gonna pull the plug anyway.”

I knew in my mind that I’d made the right decision for my career but for some reason my heart seemed to disagree. I should be happier I thought. I mean isn’t making “real” music as opposed to this bubble gum pop that I’d been churning out over the past few months what I really wanted to do?

Fucking A it was what I wanted to do! But still…

Maybe it wasn’t about the music at all. Could it be that Steve O’Reilly, Mr. BadAss himself, The Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Pimp Daddy from Pensacola was getting soft in his old age? Or could it be that I actually care about these girls?

Yeah yeah, I hear what you’re saying but I don’t mean I care about them in a parental sort of way. I mean hell I’d already fucked one-quarter of the current lineup and half of the original lineup and spent the majority of my solo nights cranking one out to thoughts of what it’d be like to tap Hayden’s sweet ass. Or Emma’s or Hilary’s for that matter, so no definitely not in a parental sense. But lust aside yes it was true, I did care about the girls and I really wanted to see their careers blossom because bubble gum pop or not, they all had real talent. Not only that but they were all lovely and charming young women (yes Hilary too in her own way) who I’d gotten to know and whose youth and exuberance had seemed to energize even an old fossil like me.

But ultimately I kept coming back to the realization that leaving the girls and rejoining my band ‘The Tourists’ was my only real choice. As long as Wayne Leshand was in charge of things I knew he would make it his mission not only to fire me but also to humiliate me in doing so.

And so as Jay chattered on about ideas for songs that he had and gigs we already had lined up and how awesome it was going to be to get the band back together I just sighed and slumped my shoulders.

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t even hear Hayden and Emma slip into the room behind me.

“Okay Jay,” I mumbled once he finally ceased his stream of consciousness talking long enough for me to slip a word in. “Just do me a favor man and don’t mention this to anyone until I’ve had a chance to tell the girls. I think especially Lacey should hear it from me first.”

Jay agreed not to say a word and I slowly hung up the phone and absentmindedly took in the image of a bowl of fruit painted many years ago by some down on his luck artist and now destined to hang in its frame on a wall in Room 234 of the Western Philadelphia Inn.

“Had a chance to tell us what?” came Hayden’s voice from behind me.

I wheeled around to find her and Emma looking intently at me as though the words might slide across my forehead in bright red letters like one of those marquees that you see in Time Square.

“I….uh….what’s that?” I asked, trying to stall for time but the girls weren’t buying it.

“Come on Steve-O,” Emma implored. “We clearly heard you say that you have to tell us something and from the sound of your voice it seems important.”

“Fine.” I replied flatly. “Just promise me you won’t tell the others until I get a chance to first…especially Lacey.”

“We promise.” they said in chorus as they exchanged worried glances.

“I…I got an offer to reform my old band.” I said quickly as though pulling off a Band- Aid.

“The Tourists?” Hayden gasped as she rushed over to hug me. “Steve-O that’s awesome!”

But as she looked over at Emma, Hayden could see her friend’s brow start to furrow and the realization of what this news meant seemed to sink in.

“Oh…so you’re…leaving us?” Hayden looked up at me and squeaked.

“Yeah kiddo, it looks that way.” I sighed but then I added quickly. “But listen, I’m still going to keep in touch with you girls and I’m sure your new manager will be great. Maybe not as cool or as “devil may care” handsome as me but I’m guessing he or she will have a lot more of an idea of how to manage a band than I ever did.”

“But we don’t want some douche bag telling us what to do. We want you!” Emma whined.

“Listen girls,” I said hoping to postpone this conversation to a point when the whole band was there and I’d only have to have it once. “Let’s just talk about this later okay? Aren’t you late for that meet and greet with the fan that won the contest anyway?”

“Oh shit!” Hayden replied, slapping her forehead. “I totally spaced on that! What am I supposed to do anyway?”

“It’s not a big deal,” I assured her. “Just head on up to Suite 917. John Metzenbaum our PR guy is up there and he has it all set up. This kid Ryan won an essay contest about why he loves the band and he apparently went on and on about how much he especially loves you Hayden.”

“Like stalker love?” she asked sarcastically.

“No nothing like that,” I assured her. “He’s a normal kid. In fact he brought his girlfriend with him. Anyway, they’ve got lunch set up in the suite up there so you two can just go meet with them and maybe sign some autographs or something and then John is going to give them front row tickets and backstage passes for the show tonight. It should be a really cool experience for him.”

“Fine I’ll go,” Hayden grumbled as she rolled her eyes and grabbed Emma by the hand and tugged her along. “But if I’m going then you’re coming with me.”

Emma just grinned and followed along behind her girlfriend pausing only briefly to look back at me with a sad little smile. I returned the look and watched as they exited the room.

SUITE 917:

When they entered the suite, Emma and Hayden saw about ten people in the main room and a small buffet table set up in the kitchen. John, the PR guy that Steve-O had mentioned walked over with a big smile on his face and his hands spread out wide looking like some sort of a game show host/crazy uncle hybrid.

“There are two of my favorite girls!” he said loudly as he came over and kissed Emma and Hayden on both cheeks in turn. “And how are we this morning ladies?”

“We’re…just fine,” Hayden replied, slightly stunned at John’s overly enthusiastic welcome. “Who are all of these people?”

“Oh just a few members of the press,” John answered as the flashbulbs started going off. “We wanted to do a story about how wonderfully ‘Jailbait’ treats their fans!”

“Oh…I see,” Hayden mumbled, clearly not happy with having to get into “media mode” this early in the afternoon.

“We’ll be fine,” Emma assured her in a voice low enough to where no one but Hayden could hear her. “Let’s just put on a smile and get this over with.”

And with that the girls smiled brightly and made their way into the small group of reporters. They politely answered all of the usual questions for a bit but not long after they’d started John stood up and cleared his throat loudly.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” he said with the air of a magician presenting his latest and greatest trick. “It is my very great pleasure to present the winner of our “Get Into Jail Free” essay contest Mr. Ryan Dinsmore and his guest Ms. Victoria Justice!”

The girls and the members of the media all clapped politely as the young couple entered the room, faces red from all of the attention being focused squarely on them. Ryan was a handsome young man of around 18, tall and with the kind of chiseled jaw that would make most teen girls melt but Hayden wasn’t most girls and it wasn’t Ryan who had caught her attention…it was Victoria.

Hayden could hardly keep herself from mentally undressing the pretty brunette. She had such beautiful eyes and long flowing hair, high cheekbones and beautiful pouty lips. And that body! Oh dear Lord that body was tight! Tall and thin but with womanly curves shown off by those hip hugging jeans and a lacy white top which showed off a tantalizingly small bit of her flat stomach whenever she raised her arms more than a few inches. To Hayden it was like someone had brought a delicious steak into a cage with a hungry lioness and she could already feel her knees weakening and her pulse racing.

Emma too had noticed how attractive Victoria and Ryan were and as she leaned over to say something about it to Hayden she could see the burning lust in her girlfriend’s eyes and felt slightly stung by it.

Emma knew that lustful feelings like that were perfectly normal and something that she herself had all the time. It was nothing to get upset about and yet with Steve-O’s news still fresh in her mind and having her girlfriend drooling over this sexy teenage girl, Emma was feeling particularly abandoned and more than a little bit annoyed with Hayden. But she didn’t have very much time to dwell on her feelings as John was ushering over Ryan and Victoria towards them.

“Oh my God I can’t believe this is real!” Ryan exclaimed as he reached Emma and extended his shaking hand. “I’m so nervous.”

“Oh don’t be nervous,” Emma assured him warmly. “It’s Hayden and I who should be nervous to meet such a big fan!”

She smiled warmly and shook both Ryan and Victoria’s hand quickly before stepping aside for Hayden to do the same. But as Ryan held out his hand, Hayden dismissively waved it away and extended her arms for an embrace. She hugged him tightly for several seconds and then gave the young man the thrill of a lifetime as she planted a big wet kiss on his cheek.

And as she pulled away, Hayden looked over at Victoria in mock surprise and exclaimed, “Ooops we don’t want to make the girlfriend jealous!”

She swept Victoria up in a big hug as well and planted a kiss on each smooth cheek, not noticing that Emma’s face had turned pink when she did so.

To everyone else in the room this was merely a bit of playful banter but Emma knew better and saw it for what it was, a carefully orchestrated plan by Hayden just to steal those two pecks on the cheek. Hayden was being totally phony and those kisses to Victoria seemed to last just a split second too long for Emma’s liking. And just how low was Hayden’s hand on Victoria’s back during that hug anyway?

Jealousy burning hot inside of her, Emma managed to force a fake smile and ask some polite questions.

“So what made you become such a big fan of the band?” she asked.

“Well it’s like I wrote in my essay,” Ryan began. “I loved the music from the start but when I saw the press conference where Hilary told everyone that she was waiting until she was married to have sex that was what sealed it. You see Victoria and I have vowed to keep our virginity until we get married and so that was something that really hit home for me.”

“That and he is madly in love with Hayden Panettiere!” Victoria jokingly added as Ryan’s face turned scarlet and the reporters howled with laughter. “He talks about her all of the time. How beautiful and talented she is and how she sings like an angel. He’s just darn lucky that I know he loves me.”

Ryan put an arm around Victoria’s shoulders and pulled her close for a quick peck on the lips while Hayden made an “Aw that’s so sweet” face that made Emma’s stomach churn.

“Well don’t worry Victoria you’ve got nothing to worry about,” Hayden assured her. “I promise I’ll never try to steal your man from you…cross my heart.”

Emma simply rolled her eyes but no one noticed.

And with that the girls set about signing autographs and eating lunch with Ryan and Victoria for the next half-an-hour or so. Emma didn’t talk much during lunch, letting Hayden just chat their ears off…especially Victoria’s. She talked seemingly nonstop with the pretty brunette, barely even noticing that Ryan or Emma were there it seemed. Finally when one of the newspaper reporters asked to interview the two guests of honor, Hayden pulled Emma into the kitchen by herself.

“I want to use my free pass,” Hayden whispered, rocking on the balls of her feet and clapping her hands together eagerly.

“What…with who?” Emma asked incredulously though she already knew the answer.

“With Victoria of course.” she replied.

“And just how do you think you’re going to manage that one?” Emma asked.

“Well I’ll need your help.” Hayden answered, so focused on coming up with a plan that she was oblivious to the hurt and anger on Emma’s face.

She relayed her idea to Emma who just sighed.

“Honestly Hayden! Even if you get her alone there is no way she’s going to sleep with you,” Emma insisted. “You heard them, they’re in love and they’re waiting until marriage to have sex!”

“Just let me worry about that part baby!” Hayden assured her with a cute little wink. But Emma did not smile back.

“Why are you being like this Emma?” Hayden asked, finally seeming to notice Emma’s rather chilly response. “I thought we agreed to let each other have a free pass?”

“We did,” Emma replied sulkily. “I just didn’t think that you’d want to use yours on the first pretty girl you saw. Aren’t you happy with me?”

“Don’t be silly baby, of course I am,” she assured her. “I just want to have a little bit of fun. Besides you have to admit it, she’s really, really sexy!!!”

Emma couldn’t disagree with Hayden there but she wasn’t about to give her the satisfaction of admitting it.

“Fine,” she finally relented. “I’ll help you out with this but then I get to have a fling too.”

“Yeah yeah fine,” Hayden assured her impatiently. “Do whatever you want to, you have my blessing.”

“Anything?” Emma repeated.

“YES, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU DO EMMA, NOW GO!” Hayden said exasperatedly though it came out a little bit more forcefully than she had meant it. And as soon as the words had escaped her lips Hayden saw Emma’s hurt expression and wished there was a way to unsay them.

“Emma I’m sorry I didn’t mean…” she began to apologize but just then several people entered the kitchen area.

Emma walked past Hayden to exit the kitchen area and whispered, “Have fun” expressionlessly as she went to set the plan to clear the room in motion. She said something quickly to John and a few minutes later he called the room to attention again.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he began.”After speaking with Ms. Watson we’ve decided that as an added bonus we would like to give Mr. Dinsmore and Ms. Justice a full tour of the arena next door and let them meet the rest of the band. And we’d like to invite all of you to come with us!”

“Hmmm Hmmm,” Hayden coughed to get the attention of the buzzing room. “Actually, Victoria if you’d like to stay up here with me while they go on the tour you can tell me all about Ryan so I can finish one last surprise for him…I’m going to write a song for him!”

“Oh that’s so cool!” Victoria gasped as she turned towards Ryan. “You don’t mind if I stay do you baby?”

“Are you kidding me?” he exclaimed. “Hayden Panettiere writing a song about me? That is so amazing! Of course I don’t mind if you stay babe. Just don’t tell her anything too embarrassing about me!”

“Don’t worry Ryan I’ll take great care of your lady!” Hayden assured him with a wink; and something about the warmth of her smile convinced him that no truer words had ever been spoken.

The whole group shuffled out of the doorway behind John with Emma at the rear of the pack. She took one last glance back to wave goodbye but Hayden hadn’t even looked up. And so with a frown she pulled the door shut behind her and left the two ladies alone.

“Why don’t we sit down over here on the couch and you can tell me all about Ryan?” Hayden suggested helpfully as she tilted her head towards the plush white couch.

“Okay sure.” Victoria agreed as she plopped down.

She couldn’t believe how sweet and down to Earth Hayden was, especially for someone so young and famous. And though it did strike her as odd that Hayden had chosen to sit right next to her even though the couch was huge, Victoria simply chalked it up to being a Hollywood thing.

“So how long have you two been dating?” Hayden asked warmly. She had her elbow propped up on the back of the couch and her eyes were boring right through Victoria with a laser-like stare and an attentiveness that seemed to suggest that the story of Ryan and Victoria was the most interesting tale she’d ever heard.

“It’ll be two years next month,” Victoria answered; a big smile spreading across her pretty face like it did every time she mentioned Ryan’s name. “He’s just great. I remember this one time when we went to…”

But as she spoke, Hayden’s attention seemed suddenly drawn towards something else entirely. She gently reached her hand out and stroked Victoria’s long brown hair back from her ear causing the teen to involuntarily tense up.

“I just adore those earrings,” Hayden exclaimed which seemed to relax her pretty young friend once more.

“Oh…I…thanks,” Victoria stammered.

It was strange but she had an odd feeling that Hayden had actually wanted to kiss her just then rather than admire her jewelry. But that was such an absurd thought that it surely had to be her imagination. And yet…Hayden’s stare was so intense…surely THAT wasn’t her imagination was it?

“Two years, wow!” Hayden remarked, casually returning the conversation back to its original topic as though there had been no interruption. “I guess you two kind of get bored with each other sometimes huh?”

“No, I wouldn’t say that,” Victoria remarked honestly. “I mean every once in a while we get on each other’s nerves but every couple does that right?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” Hayden agreed but it was robotic somehow, almost as though she wasn’t really listening to what Victoria was actually saying but instead thinking about something else altogether. “So how did you two meet?”

“We met in high school,” Victoria replied, unable to look for very long into those beautiful hungry eyes. “I got really lucky to get one of the good ones.”

“No doubt about that, Ryan is a hottie!” Hayden agreed. “But he is one lucky guy as well. I mean you are absolutely beautiful!”

“Aw…thanks,” Victoria blushed, once again feeling that intense laser-like gaze taking her in. “You’re very pretty too. I can see now why Ryan is so in love with you.”

Victoria was just trying to be nice and she meant the comment in an innocent way but when she looked up Hayden was smiling ear to ear. Victoria couldn’t understand why her face felt so hot all of a sudden and her skin was so electric and tingly.

“Um…so…anyway,” Victoria continued as she fidgeted with her hands. Had the air in here been this thick and uncomfortable the whole time? “So he asked me to a school dance one day and we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

“But you two haven’t had sex or anything?” Hayden blurted. “That’s got to be tough.”

“It’s uh…it is…I mean we’ve done some stuff,” Victoria admitted as she blushed furiously. She suddenly felt very much like a naïve child. “I mean yeah it’s tough sometimes but we both agree it’s for the best.”

“Well I think it’s very honorable,” Hayden insisted, sensing Victoria’s discomfort. “And I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“Thank you,” Victoria replied warmly, chancing a glance upward and locking eyes for a few intense and disorienting moments that felt like hours with Hayden.

“Still you’ve got to wonder…” Hayden began but stopped abruptly.

“What?” Victoria asked.

“Oh nothing,” Hayden assured her. “Forget I even mentioned it.”

“Come on Hayden,” she implored. “What were you going to say?”

“I was just thinking that you’d have to wonder what would happen if either one of you wasn’t any good at it?” Hayden remarked casually.

“Good at what?” Victoria asked innocently.

“You know…sex,” she replied and seeing the worried look on Victoria’s face she quickly added. “I’m just saying that it might be like buying a car without taking it for a test drive first.”

“Well it’s not like we haven’t done…other stuff,” Victoria replied defensively, but still she looked worried.

“So you’ve kissed and stuff, maybe gone a little bit further?” Hayden asked her.

“Yeah pretty much,” Victoria mumbled quietly, once again fidgeting with her hands as she bowed her head. “I mean, he’d tell me if I was a bad kisser wouldn’t he?”

“Hey,” Hayden said softly, lifting Victoria’s chin with her fingers until they locked eyes again. “I’m sure you’re a great kisser. With lips as sexy as yours I think you would have to be.”

“I know it’s just…” Victoria started to say but suddenly Hayden was leaning in with her eyes closed and her lips puckered and before Victoria could finish her sentence their soft wet lips were pressing into one another.

For a moment she seemed stunned into inaction, but Hayden’s kiss was so soft yet intense and the wetness of her lips was so inviting that Victoria almost had no choice but to welcome it and to softly kiss her back. Their lips smacked together softly for several long seconds and Victoria felt Hayden’s hand slip around the small of her back and pull her in tighter.

Finally after several intense seconds; was it ten? Was it a thousand? Hayden pulled back and their lips separated with a soft pop of suction and Victoria gasped.

A thousand thoughts ran through her mind at once running the gamut from slapping Hayden and running from the room to telling her off to wondering what Ryan would think, but the one that was the most powerful and overriding was a desire to feel that kiss once again. It was like nothing Victoria had ever experienced. So soft and moist and sexy. That hot breath from Hayden, that intense stare. Did it make her a lesbian for enjoying it so much?

“That uh…what are you…what was that?” Victoria finally said when at last she was able to form a coherent thought.

“I knew you were a good kisser!” Hayden grinned mischievously.  “Did you like it?”

“I…that’s not the point,” Victoria started to say but just as suddenly Hayden had swooped in once again, this time pinning her up against the arm of the couch and kissing her more intensely than before.

Victoria desperately wanted to resist and to shove the little blonde off of her but instead she found herself once again not only receiving Hayden’s advances but kissing her back.

She clenched her hand around one of Hayden’s smooth thighs and Victoria couldn’t help but notice how cute the pair of panties was that Hayden wore as the aggressive singer’s short skirt rode up when she climbed on top of her prey.

Their salty wet lips smacked together loudly as their breathing grew more and more heavy and loud and soon Victoria felt Hayden’s serpent like tongue forcing its way into her hot mouth.

“Mmmm, ooooohhhhhh!!!” she moaned involuntarily as she caressed Hayden’s tongue with her own and they swirled around together in each other’s hot mouths.

Victoria felt deep down that this was so wrong but she was wrapped up in lust and felt like she could go on making out with Hayden forever. She and Ryan had a strict “outside the clothes” policy so she was no stranger to long kissing sessions but this was so hot and different from when Ryan kissed her. It was softer and sexier and as twisted as it may have seemed in her mind it felt good and right.

“You’re so sexy!” Hayden whispered breathlessly as she finally came up for air making Victoria smile. Hayden now had her pinned on the couch, completely straddling her body as she bent down to kiss the sexy brunette.

But as she slipped her hands down and started to slide them underneath of Victoria’s shirt, the teen suddenly tensed up and pushed Hayden away.

“Wait a minute!!! STOP!!!” Victoria hissed as she looked at Hayden and the reality of what she had been doing…what she’d almost done… kicked in. She was CHEATING on her boyfriend with a famous singer…a FEMALE famous singer! Holy shit this was bad!

“Aw come on Victoria!” Hayden implored her. She knew she had probably pushed it too fast and was desperately hoping that she hadn’t blown her chance with the skinny brunette. “Didn’t you like kissing me?”

“Obviously I did,” Victoria said, putting her hand to her forehead as though it would stop her mind from buzzing. “But it was wrong Hayden! I…I don’t know what I was thinking!”

“It wasn’t wrong!” Hayden insisted, chancing moving a few inches closer to Victoria. “It was fun and hot and amazing and we don’t have to stop there! I can do other things with you that’ll make you feel soooo good baby, things that Ryan could never do with you. He’ll never have to know about it, it’ll be our little secret! Don’t you want to play with me? Come on, I know you do!”

Victoria’s head was whirling. She did indeed want to feel that pleasure just like she wanted to go further with Ryan on many occasions. But she couldn’t just give into this sinful pleasure could she? Didn’t she have to stop things? It seemed so much easier to stop things when she was with Ryan but the difference here was that Ryan never put much pressure on her to go further and Hayden it seemed was pulling out all of the stops. Could she resist much longer?

“I…maybe…I don’t know,” Victoria groaned. She was really trying hard to get the image of Hayden’s naked body out of her mind but she couldn’t seem to shake it.

“I bet you do know,” Hayden insisted, taking Victoria’s hand in her own and kissing it. “C’mon Victoria. Let me lick your body all over and taste that sweet pussy. I know you wonder how good it’s got to feel. I know you think about it all of the time when you touch yourself and I know you’ve got to be just soaking wet thinking about it right now.”

“I…that’s none of your business,” Victoria huffed, pulling her hand away and crossing her arms as Hayden grinned. “It’s just so…wrong.”

“What’s wrong with feeling good?” Hayden asked and Victoria was really struggling to find the flaws in her logic.

“It’s just…Ryan is so in love with you, you’re like his hero,” she finally said. “And we’re in love with each other in real life.”

“But I’m not interested in Ryan,” Hayden assured her. “I’m interested in you.”

“Duh,” Victoria said shortly as she tried but failed not to smile. Hayden really did make her feel sexy but she didn’t want to add any more fuel to the fire.

“Besides,” Hayden went on. “It’s not like I can actually fuck you. I don’t have a dick or anything so you can still save that for Ryan. But we can do plenty of other fun stuff.”

Her last sentence hung in the air for what seemed like hours and Victoria seemed truly torn. But just when it seemed as though she was going to give in to the little blonde’s advances she tightened up her expression and frowned.

“I…I’m sorry I can’t,” Victoria said sternly with an air of finality that even Hayden could not ignore.

“I’m sorry you feel that way,” Hayden said resignedly. “I guess I’ll take you down to the arena where you can catch up with the rest of the group.”

“Thank you,” Victoria said stiffly, standing up and purposely avoiding Hayden’s gaze who was still sitting on the couch and staring at the floor.

Hayden had blown her opportunity and she knew it. But damn Victoria was so fucking sexy! Why wouldn’t she just let herself have this pleasure?

“It’s just too bad,” Hayden frowned. “We could have had so much fun. I would have fucked your little brains out and no one would have ever had to find out about it. I know you want this as much as I do even if you won’t admit it to me or yourself.”

Victoria finally chanced a glance back at Hayden but Hayden wasn’t looking back at her. The pretty singer was right and Victoria had to admit that to herself. She did want it. She wanted it really badly. And once again she found herself picturing both of them without any clothes on, their bodies glistening with sweat rubbing and licking and fucking one another senseless and something took hold of her.

Victoria moved over to where Hayden was sitting with the quickness of a cat and pounced on top of her. She knew that there was no turning back this time but she no longer cared. Victoria was hornier than she had ever been in her life and she wanted Hayden.

She kissed the pint-sized blonde with reckless abandon, greedily plunging her tongue inside of the singer’s mouth before she could say anything.

“Look what’s gotten into you,” Hayden grinned when Victoria finally took a brief second to catch her breath.

“Just shut up and kiss me!” Victoria demanded, an order that Hayden was only too happy to obey. She grabbed the front of Victoria’s shirt and pulled her down closer with one hand as the other hand explored the small of her back.

“I couldn’t help it Hayden,” Victoria finally admitted. “You’re just so hot and sexy and you’re such a good kisser!”

“Oh I knew you wanted this!” Hayden grinned as she helped lift Victoria’s shirt off over her head. “You can only deny yourself for so long before you start to go crazy.”

She ran her hands along Victoria’s smooth teen back, which was covered only by her bra and kissed her softly once again, tongue plunging upward into Victoria’s awaiting mouth.

“Oh Hayden you’re so beautiful!” Victoria whispered as she planted wet kisses on the side of Hayden’s face and down her neck. “I could kiss you forever.”

Hayden giggled softly at this and her hands gently worked their way up to the clasp on Victoria’s bra. But she waited to unclasp it until Victoria stopped kissing her and looked at her.

“Are you ready for this?” Hayden asked softly, knowing that Victoria hadn’t gone this far before with anyone and wanting to be sensitive about it.

Victoria stared back down into Hayden’s beautiful face and slowly nodded her head. And as she felt Hayden’s fingers unclasp the bra and slide it off, Victoria had never felt so free and uninhibited.

Hayden slid her body down slightly on the couch beneath Victoria’s and grabbed her naked back with both hands as she wrapped her lips around one of the teen’s small but firm breasts.

“Mmmmm Hayden that feels good baby!” she moaned as Hayden licked and suckled on both of her hard nipples in turn. As she did so Hayden also started rubbing Victoria’s horny pussy from outside of her jeans, driving the young brunette absolutely wild with pleasure.

“That…uh…OOOOOHHHHH!!!” Victoria moaned. She backed up slightly, not used to such focus on her private areas but Hayden was relentless, sitting up as well and backing Victoria up into the arm of the couch once more.

“Don’t deny yourself!” she whispered as she started rubbing Victoria’s denim clad coochie even faster and kissing her neck. “Let me make you feel good baby!”

But even though she was enjoying herself immensely, everything was moving so fast for Victoria that she felt she had to do something to slow Hayden down.

“I…I want to see your tits!” she blurted out, causing Hayden to chuckle.

Hayden momentarily took her hand away from Victoria’s pussy long enough to unbutton her shirt and gave the teen a chance to catch her breath. But it was only a momentary respite as soon Hayden’s shirt and bra were cast to the side and both women were topless.

“Do you like what you see?” Hayden asked with a grin, her small breasts seeming to hang tantalizingly close to Victoria’s face.

“Uh huh,” Victoria meekly replied before she gave a tentative flick of her tongue across one of Hayden’s sensitive nipples.

“Come on Victoria,” Hayden cooed. “I’ll give you a better feel than that honey.”

And with that she slid her body down and started rubbing her bare breasts up against Victoria’s, their hardened little nipples brushing up against each other with an almost electric charge. Victoria looked so sexy lying there with her eyes closed in ecstasy as Hayden rubbed up against her that Hayden had to go for the real prize once again.

She kissed Victoria softly on the lips while her hands worked their way down to the front of the teen’s jeans. But Hayden wasn’t satisfied this time with a little bit of outside the clothes rubbing. She watched with devious pleasure the moment when her fingers grasped the button of the jeans and Victoria’s eyes popped wide open in surprise. But the taut brunette barely had time to register what was happening as the button from the oh so tight jeans was popped and the flaps of denim burst forth like those old gag snakes from a can. And just as suddenly those nimble fingers had a hold of the zipper and lowered it all the way down, down to the land of no turning back, down to the land of carnal pleasure and hot lesbian fucking.

Victoria desperately wanted to make some sounds of protest but Hayden’s tongue filled her mouth like a wine cork and she slid her hand down the front of Victoria’s pants. Not inside of her panties just yet but Hayden was now boldly going where no man (or woman) had been before. She traced the outline of Victoria’s smooth pussy lips with her fingers and found that the cotton material of the panties was indeed wet to the touch just as she had suspected it would be.

“Wait wait wait wait wait!” Victoria pleaded, grabbing Hayden’s wrist as she reluctantly broke their kiss. As badly as she wanted this, Victoria was still having trouble letting go completely.

“What’s the matter gorgeous?” Hayden asked innocently. But she knew what the hesitation was because she had been there herself not so long ago when Stephanie Romanav from the record label had taken her virginity. And on the one hand she knew that it was slightly impolite to tease the teen. But on the other hand… seeing the hesitation in Victoria was simply delicious, especially when she thought about the pleasure that would soon follow when she finally let go.

“But shouldn’t we…” Victoria started to say, not yet releasing Hayden’s wrist.

“Get these clothes off completely?” Hayden finished for her with a naughty smile.

“I was going to say shouldn’t we slow down?” Victoria replied meekly. “Or stop before we go too far?”

“Is that what you really want?” Hayden asked, delicately rubbing Victoria’s panty covered twat with her fingers with the little range of motion she could manage. “Or do you want me to show you what I can really do to you and how good I can make you feel?”

“I…I…OOOOOOHHHHH!!!” she cooed, involuntarily arching her back up towards Hayden at the touch of her fingers. “It’s just, what if somebody comes in?”

“Nobody’s going to come in,” Hayden assured her although she wasn’t 100 percent sure of that herself.

“You trust me right?” Hayden asked sincerely as she looked directly into Victoria’s eyes.

Victoria weakly nodded her head yes but it was the willingness with which she received Hayden’s kiss that really told the blonde that she did indeed trust her.

“Then just let go and have fun baby,” Hayden whispered with another soft kiss and seconds later she felt Victoria’s fingers loosen slightly around her wrist.

“Mmmmm I’m going to do such naughty things to your baby!” Hayden cooed as she started rubbing Victoria’s pussy once again. “I’m going to make that sexy body of yours feel so damn good! Just tell me that’s what you want and I’ll do it!”

“I…ohhhhh…that’s what I want Hayden!” Victoria moaned.

And with that she arched her back and craned her head back as Hayden lovingly kissed her neck and at last slid her fingers inside of the elastic band of her panties and down over her aching pussy.

“OHHHHHH FUCK!!! OHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Victoria cried out as Hayden massaged her tender twat with the palm of her hand.

Still worried that Ryan or someone else may burst into the room at any moment, Victoria bit her bottom lip in an effort to be less noisy but the sensation of being touched like this by someone else for the first time was sensory overload and she couldn’t help but moan loudly.

“I think these jeans are just in the way don’t you?” Hayden teased. Victoria blushed but said nothing.

“Should I take them off of you?” Hayden asked. She wanted to hear the little hottie say it.

“Yes,” she whispered hoarsely. “Take them off.”

Hayden quickly slid off of the couch and knelt before Victoria tossing her shoes quickly aside before grabbing the denim near her ankles and tugging the pretty brunette’s pants off. She looked up and couldn’t help but admire the young toned body now sprawled out on the couch in front of her clad only in a pair of white panties.

As for Victoria, her pussy was absolutely on fire with excitement and the air seemed electrically charged. It was so strange to feel so vulnerable on the one hand and yet completely empowered in another sense. She felt Hayden press her hands down on her thighs and make little pairs of legs with her fingers that walked their way slowly up to the sides of her hips. And then with a devilish smile she hooked her fingers under the waistband of her underwear and slowly peeled Victoria’s panties off, leaving her nude in front of a lover for the first time in her young life.

“Are you nervous baby?” Hayden asked, knowing full well what the answer was.

“Yes, a little bit,” Victoria shyly admitted.

“Well don’t be because I’m going to take good care of you sweetheart.” Hayden assured her.

She pulled Victoria down slightly to where she was flat on her back on the couch and then from her knees, Hayden lifted one of the teen’s shapely legs and began lovingly kissing and caressing her thigh.

“MMMMM, Hayden that feels amazing!” Victoria gushed as Hayden planted little kisses along her inner thigh.

“That’s just the teasing part,” Hayden grinned. “Just wait for the main act.”

Slowly the kisses grew closer and closer to Victoria’s twat and as Hayden’s lips circled all around it she ran her fingers gently along the length of the pretty brunette’s slit.

“Oooooohhhhhh!!!” she gulped as Hayden’s fingers slipped further down and lovingly teased her asshole. “You are bad!”

But Hayden wasn’t even listening as the moment she had been waiting for when she would taste the teen’s sweet honey pot had at last arrived. She hungrily worked her tongue along the length of Victoria’s smooth pussy lips as the young brunette shivered and let out a loud wail of pleasure. Then Hayden spread the soft pink lips apart with her fingers and worked her tongue further inside of the sweet flesh, slurping up all of the wetness that she could.

“UNNNNNGGGGGHHHH!!!” Victoria wailed gutturally as she clenched down on the couch cushions and raised her pussy up closer to Hayden’s greedy mouth. “Oh my God Hayden that feels so fucking good baby!!! Eat my fucking pussy girl!!! Eat it up!!!”

Hayden had every intention of following those orders, hungrily slurping away at the tasty teen twat like there was no tomorrow. She chanced slipping one of her fingers inside of the tight virgin hole and Victoria cried out appreciatively.


Hayden couldn’t help but grin to herself about Victoria’s fast transformation from goody two shoes to pussy loving lesbian slut but if it was this easy, how would the horny teenager react when she got around to her clit? Only one way to find out Hayden supposed and with that she gently flicked her tongue out over the never before touched love button.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFFFF…FFFFFF…FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!” she shrieked as Hayden’s tongue and fingers worked their magic. “YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!”

Victoria’s fingers were now entangled in Hayden’s pretty blonde hair as she held the athletic blonde’s face down against her pussy like she were trying to drown her in it and let out her high pitched shrieks of pleasure.

“Yeah you love that don’t you Victoria?” Hayden teased as she started sucking on her clit with loud slurping noises. “I knew you were a pussy loving slut the moment I saw you! But you wanted to act like some sweet and innocent little girl didn’t you?”

“Oooooohhhhhh I do love it, I do!!!” Victoria gasped, feeling sexual pleasure like she had never known before.

“Do you want to come baby?” Hayden cooed. “You want to let me make you come so that you’re my girl forever?”

“Yessssssss!!!” she hissed. “Please let me come Hayden!!! Mmmmmm, I’ll do anything, just please make me come!!! Please don’t stop!!!”

And with all of the begging and pleading out of the way, Hayden set about bringing young Victoria to her first orgasm, rhythmically slipping her fingers in and out of the tight twat like pistons in an engine and all the while slurping and licking her swollen clit.

Victoria, having never felt an orgasm before, at first thought that she was going to explode as the pressure in her abdomen started to build towards a fever pitch.

“FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!!!” she screamed as she instinctively tried to back away from Hayden’s hungry mouth. But the singer wouldn’t let her get away, following close and slurping now even harder at her clit.

“Do it Victoria!!!” she coaxed. “Come for me you filthy little slut!!! Come for your girl Hayden!!!”


And for the first time in her young life, sweet release washed over her body. Her chest turned bright red and tears of pleasure leaked from her eyes. Her legs shook and wave after wave after wave of pleasure ran through her nerve endings as the love juice flowed from her like water.

“Mmmmmmm I love that sweet girl cum!!!” Hayden cooed as she softly lapped up Victoria’s pussy juice and watched her young lover’s chest heave.

“Hayden that was…that was…” Victoria tried to express herself eloquently but her teenage vocabulary wouldn’t allow her to come up with a better word than awesome and so she just left it as a fill in the blank. But Hayden knew exactly where she was coming from and nothing more needed to be said.

“I told you didn’t I?” she grinned as she hopped up onto the couch and into Victoria’s embrace, softly kissing her young lover.

“Do you think that I could…” Victoria started to ask, red faced with excitement and embarrassment.

“Could what?” Hayden smiled, hoping that the two were thinking along the same lines.

“Could I…do that to you?” the sexy teen nervously inquired.

“Of course you can baby,” Hayden assured her before planting another long sexy kiss on her lips to make sure Victoria knew how much she loved that idea.

“Mmmmmm, you’re such a good kisser Hayden,” Victoria gushed. “It’s just that I…I’ve never, you know…done this before. And you’re so good at everything I just don’t want to mess things up.”

“Listen baby it’s not exactly defusing a bomb or anything,” Hayden said with a smile as she tried to put the teen’s mind at ease. “You’re just eating my pussy and I’m sure you’re going to be amazing! I’ll tell you what I like and what I don’t.”

“You will huh?” Victoria smiled, pushing Hayden onto her back and pouncing on top of her now that she had been emboldened by the captain of the muff diving squad’s rousing pep talk. “In that case let me show you what I can do!”

“Ooooooohhhh kitty’s a little frisky!” Hayden smiled as Victoria started planting soft kisses down her chest and stomach and teasingly flicked her tongue out over the tight-bodied blonde’s pierced navel.

“Turn around!” Victoria ordered and as Hayden flipped over onto her stomach she grinned at how odd these new demands sounded coming from the meek Victoria. “I want to see that pretty butt of yours up close!”

Hayden did as she was told and soon she felt Victoria’s hands snake around her waist as they yanked the little mini-skirt she was wearing down. Hayden’s ass was indeed a magnificent thing to behold, now clad only in a tiny thong and Victoria almost couldn’t help herself as she bent down to softly kiss those beautiful buns.

“Mmmmmmm you dirty girl,” Hayden grinned, biting down on her fist as though that would contain her burning lust and excitement. “Now spank me baby! Slap that ass!”

Victoria had wanted to do just that but had held back so as not to be thought of as a weirdo by her new friend. But now that Hayden had not only given her the okay but also had asked for it she gave each ass cheek a firm swat.

Victoria was like a child with a shiny new toy, touching and rubbing and kissing every bit of Hayden’s amazing body everywhere she could but now she was finally ready. It was time for her first taste of sweet pussy.

“Turn back over!” she ordered and Hayden obediently flipped back over onto her back and watched as Victoria tentatively slid her hand down the front of Hayden’s panties and began to rub her pussy in the same way that Hayden had done for her earlier.

“That’s it baby!” Hayden cooed eagerly as Victoria’s fingers slipped inside her eager wet snatch. “Finger fuck that pussy baby! Mmmmmm that’s sooooo fucking good!!!”

If Victoria still had any doubts about her skills as a lover watching how Hayden’s body reacted to her touch quickly erased them. Back arched and breath heavy, the little blonde’s moaning just kept getting louder and louder with each move.

Hayden looked absolutely angelic as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back and as Victoria kept rubbing her pussy she leaned in and starting kissing the singer once more.

“Mmmmm that’s right baby! Right there!!!” the little blonde moaned as she wrapped her hands around Victoria’s neck. “Now play with my clit sweetheart!!!”

Victoria could see that she would have been able to make Hayden come using just her hand but she didn’t want to get her off for the first time without tasting her pussy so she abruptly pulled her hand free and moved down Hayden’s body to get closer.

“Come on you rotten teaser!” Hayden pleaded as she felt Victoria kissing her pussy from outside her panties. “Get these things off of me and tongue fuck me like you really want to you nasty lesbo slut!!!”

“Now now,” Victoria smiled. “That kind of talk will only make me tease you more!”

She found that she absolutely loved having this kind of control and watching Hayden squirm was sheer ecstasy.

“I’m sorry,” Hayden panted. “Please eat my pussy Victoria!!! Pretty please with sugar on top slip that hot little teen tongue into my cunt!!! Is that better my sweet flower?”

“Ooooohhhhhh sweet flower!” she grinned. “I do like the sound of that. And good girls always get what they want so now I’m going to give you what you want.”

She hooked both sides of the thong in her fingers and quickly yanked it down as the cool air washed over a now completely naked Hayden’s body.

“Such a pretty pussy, Ryan would be so jealous if he could see what I was doing right now!” Victoria remarked as she lovingly admired Hayden’s shaved cunt and mimicked her by kissing the insides of the pretty blonde’s thighs.

“Mmmmm thank you baby!” Hayden smiled. “But let’s not talk about Ryan right now. I want you to take what you want sweetheart! Take that first taste of pussy that you’ve been craving!!!”

And Victoria did just that, diving in fervently and attacking Hayden’s slit with her tongue. She may have been licking an ice cream cone or sucking on a Jolly Rancher the way she hungrily licked and slurped away, all the while sending shockwaves of intense pleasure throughout Hayden’s taut body.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!” Hayden cried out as Victoria’s tongue bathed her clit for the first time. “Oh baby you are so fucking good at this!!!”

“Mmmmmmm, uh huhhhhhh!!!” Victoria moaned, the sound muffled by Hayden’s sweet pussy filling her mouth.

Having no other guide than her experience from earlier Victoria mimicked Hayden almost move for move as she slipped her fingers inside of Hayden’s tight hole and kept lapping away.

“Mmmmmmm that’s it baby, more fingers though!!!” Hayden instructed as she looked down between her legs and saw how eagerly and hungrily Victoria was eating her out. “And lick my clitty more baby!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHH…JUST LIKE THAT!!!”

“Is this how you like it Hayden you nasty slut?” Victoria teased. “You like watching this virgin teenager eat your pussy do you?”


Hayden was already on the verge of climaxing and Victoria knew it so she started really working furiously on the tight-bodied singer’s clit and pistoning her fingers even faster.

“Are you gonna come Hayden, are you gonna come for me baby?” Victoria coaxed as she licked and sucked away. “Please come for me Hayden so I can lick it all up baby! Get that pussy juice all over my pretty face and fingers!”


And with that last loud shrieking wail of pleasure, Hayden’s body tightened up and released in one big spasm of pleasure and she climaxed. And just like she wanted it, Victoria who was so pleased with herself at getting Hayden off started lapping up the pussy juice as it ran down her chin and fingers.

“Oh baby that was so good!!!” Hayden exclaimed, unable to wipe the big smile from her face. “Oh my God that was unbelievable!!!”

The virginal teen had done it. She had given Hayden one of the best orgasms of her life and it was her very first time eating pussy. Talk about a future All Star!

“So I did good?” she asked nervously and the cute and innocent look on her face made Hayden want to pounce again.

“Uh yeah!” she said simply, pulling Victoria up to her face once more to kiss her.

The sweet taste of her own pussy all over Victoria’s tongue was very arousing to Hayden and if the teen thought that their play date was over already she was very mistaken.

“Let me show you something else baby,” Hayden suggested once they had reluctantly pulled their lips apart for the necessity of oxygen.

“Oooooohhhhh more fun!” Victoria smiled with a little clap. “I’m yours Hayden, anything you want me to do I’ll do baby.”

Hayden grinned mischievously at the thought of all the wicked things that she could have Victoria do but there was only so much time before the group returned and so they’d have to put most of those ideas on hold for the time being. She did feel however that they had time for one last little treat and so she decided to allow herself one last extravagance.

“Lay down on your back baby and spread those pretty legs open for me.” Hayden instructed. “I want to show you some more sexy things we can do.”

“Like this?” Victoria asked as she laid back and spread her legs apart like she was told.

“That’s perfect sweetie!” Hayden gushed, taking a minute to soak in the delicious image of Victoria’s naked body sprawled out in front of her.

She then crawled up between Victoria’s legs and on top of her, pressing her light frame down against the teen’s as she started to slowly grind her pussy into Victoria’s from the missionary position.

“Ooooooohhhhh that feels amazing!” Victoria cooed as Hayden’s pussy lips rubbed up even tighter against her own, their clits rubbing softly together with a delicious friction.

“I thought you’d like that!” Hayden whispered, pressing her lips down into Victoria’s but never stopping her grinding.

“I love feeling your pussy rubbing against mine!” Victoria moaned as Hayden started to perspire slightly.

The room wasn’t quite oppressively hot but after all of the activities of the afternoon it was quite toasty and the two girls fucking on the couch weren’t helping lower the temperature at all.

“Mmmmmm that’s it baby, grind that hot little pussy into mine!” Hayden moaned as the sweat started to bead up on her brow and she felt a little trickle running down her back. It was almost like doing pushups in a sauna at this point.

“Ohhhhh fuck Hayden that’s so good baby!!! That’s so fucking good!!!” Victoria started to moan as Hayden grinded faster and faster against her body. “Harder baby!!! RUB THAT FUCKING CUNT INTO ME HARDER!!!”

There was a thin layer of perspiration from both girls providing lubricant as their stomachs and breasts slid up and down against one another’s and the only sounds that could be heard when they weren’t dirty talking was the smacking of their lips and the heavy breathing.

Hayden’s arms were starting to burn from propping herself up and so she sat up and lifted one of Victoria’s legs into the air before wrapping her own legs around it and hugging the raised leg like a flag pole. After that she merely hugged that leg tight and started grinding her pussy into the teen’s once again, this time as hard as she could.

“OOOOOOHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHHH HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!” Victoria wailed, feeling Hayden’s pussy lips sliding up and down against her own. And even as she looked up at Hayden’s perfectly naked body and wished that this moment could last forever, Victoria could feel her second climax approaching.

“HAYDEN BABY I THINK I’M GONNA COME AGAIN SOON!!! I…OHHHHHHH!!!” she cried out as the relentless singer grinded away.

“Me too baby!!!” Hayden gasped. She too was on the verge of climax as the sweat rolled down her back like rain. “Just go with it Victoria, just…OHHHHH FUCK!!! Just let the pleasure roll through that sexy body baby!!!”

“OHHHHH SHIT HAYDEN!!! OH MY GOD YESSSSSSS!!!!” Victoria screamed, the pressure building in her abdomen like a backed up fire hose. “I’M COMING FOR YOU HAYDEN!!! I’M COMMINGGG!!! I…OHHHHHH HAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYDDDDEEEEENNNNNNN!!!”

And as Victoria’s body tingled with the pleasure of her orgasm so too did Hayden’s, the two sexy young women’s bodies climaxing in a symphonic like crescendo of ecstasy.

They both shuddered once they were done and collapsed onto the couch in a heap, utterly spent and unable to speak. But after a few minutes, Victoria managed to crawl over into Hayden’s arms and nestled herself up to her lesbian sensei.

“Thank you.” she whispered sincerely as she gazed into Hayden’s eyes and softly kissed her on the lips.

“You’re welcome baby!” Hayden grinned.

Hayden was very happy to have opened Victoria’s eyes to the pleasures of lesbian sex but once Victoria had buried her head against Hayden’s bosom and was no longer looking at her the little blonde couldn’t help but frown. In her quest to deflower this young woman, Hayden had been absolutely rude to Emma and now a nagging sense of guilt hung over her. Millions of thoughts about how to make it up to her girlfriend seemed to dance around in Hayden’s mind but nothing seemed to click.

Finally though, Victoria sat up and spoke, snapping Hayden out of her trance like state.

“I guess we should get dressed before everyone gets back huh?” she said as she started to gather her clothes up off of the floor.

“Yeah I guess so,” Hayden replied absentmindedly.

“So will I ever see you again after tonight’s show?” Victoria asked.

“Any time we’re in town I’ll leave you two tickets,” Hayden promised her.

“What about backstage passes so we can…you know…have more fun?” she pressed.

“Hmmmm,” Hayden said, putting her finger to her lips like she was considering her options but really she was just teasing. “How about I leave tickets for both of you and a backstage pass for just you?”

“Ooooohhhh I like the sound of that,” Victoria giggled. “I’ll just have to think of an excuse to ditch Ryan after the show between now and the next time you’re in town.”

“There’s just one little thing,” Hayden replied, taking a deep breath. “I kinda sorta already have a girlfriend.”

She spent the next few minutes explaining about Emma and the free pass half-expecting Victoria to slap her or to yell at her but the teen did neither of those things.

She merely said, “Well your girlfriend is super sexy too so I’m sure the two of us could find a way to make it up to her don’t you?”

Now that, Hayden thought was the perfect “I’m sorry” gift. After all, nothing says “I love you” like a lesbian three-way.


Meanwhile as Hayden was doing her good deed for the day by introducing young Ms. Justice to the joys of lesbian lust, John was making himself useful by giving her boyfriend Ryan and the rest of the media entourage the grand tour of the arena. Emma however was no longer with the tour.

She had taken the first opportunity she could to ditch the group, leaving them with Hilary and her sister Haylie who were busy going over their choreographed dance steps for the evening’s performance and she was now sulkily wandering the hotel corridors, with no particular destination in mind.

Emma wandered the corridors like that for what felt like hours, turning the afternoon’s events over and over in her mind until finally she walked past a mirror and snapped out of her trance. The little Brit looked herself over in the mirror several times before sighing loudly. She had decided to surprise Hayden that morning by wearing the short little plaid skirt that her girlfriend loved for her to wear so much and had even gone through the trouble of putting her hair up in a ponytail because of Hayden’s schoolgirl fetish but now she just felt silly. Sure Hayden had seemed excited and ready to jump her bones that morning but once little Ms. Victoria wandered into the room had Hayden even given her a second glance? Hell no! Emma was old news now or at least that was the way Hayden had made her feel.

Half of her wanted to go back upstairs to Suite 917, bust down the door Terminator style and give Hayden a piece of her mind but Emma knew just how psycho that would look. Rather than coming off as justifiably angry she knew that she would probably just end up making a teary-eyed scene that would lead to several more days of bickering with her girlfriend. Besides, Emma doubted that Hayden would even be able to get into the little virgin’s pants anyway so what was the point in getting all worked up over it?

Emma hated feeling like this and so she finally made up her mind to quit stressing about it and to head back up to the hotel room that she and Hayden were sharing. But she had only made it a few steps when she heard a wolf whistle from behind her and turned around to find Selena standing there.

“Where do you think you’re going Legs?” Selena cooed in the little flirtatious way that she always did when talking to Emma.

“Oh hey Selena,” Emma replied, hoping to sound much more cheerful than she felt. “I was just heading back up to my room.”

“Aw, that’s too bad,” the pretty teen smiled. “Because if you go back to your room then you won’t get to hang out with me.”

“I…maybe some other time,” Emma answered. “Now’s not really a good time.”

“Aw, what’s the matter girlfriend?”

“I…it’s just…” Emma stammered. She wasn’t really eager to get into the way Hayden had been so dismissive of her earlier but to say nothing would seem even more suspicious and so Emma decided to tell Selena about Steve-O’s imminent departure.

“Oh my gosh!” Selena gasped once Emma had recounted the story. “Does Lacey know he’s leaving yet?”

“I don’t think so,” Emma answered.

“Well come on Emma,” Selena insisted as she took Emma’s hand. “Let’s go see if we can talk some sense into him!”

Resistance was futile and Emma knew it and so she allowed Selena to lead her down the hallway towards Steve-O’s hotel room.

“Do you think he’s in there?” Emma asked after they had knocked several times and gotten no reply.

“It doesn’t matter if he is or not because I just so happen to have a key,” Selena grinned as she fished the key out of her front pocket. “Lacey gave it to me just in case I wanted to drop by later and…uh…go over some song stuff.”

Selena’s face had gone beet red but Emma just laughed.

“Don’t worry Selena,” she assured her as they slid the key into the slot and stepped inside. “I got the full Lacey treatment too when I first joined the band back before I hooked up with Hayden.”

It didn’t appear that Steve or Lacey were around and so they decided to wait for him on the couch.

“Hmmmm so Lacey’s gotten to sleep with you and Hayden has too,” Selena flirtatiously commented. “At this rate it looks like Hilary and I will be the only members of the band not to get to taste that beautiful ass you dirty little whore!”

She had only said it in a kidding manner (if dirty little whore could be considered a term of endearment then that was what Selena meant it to be) but this time it was Emma’s face that had gone bright red, giving her away.

All of the memories of Lacey in the hotel room and Hayden in the movie theatre, not to mention getting double teamed by the Duff sisters came flooding back to Emma, making her pussy tingle with excitement. And though she said nothing, her silence spoke volumes and the sexy British girl couldn’t help but grin as the realization spread across Selena’s face.

“Are you serious?” Selena gasped as Emma grinned and sheepishly shook her head yes. “Hilary too?”

“And Haylie.” Emma added with a cringe. “At the same time.”

“You’re joking!” Selena squealed, unable to contain her mixture of excitement and surprise. “Geez, when I called you a dirty little whore I was just kidding you but holy cow!”

“Oh shut up!” Emma laughed, playfully pushing Selena. “It was just a little bit of fun, not a big deal.”

“I know it wasn’t a big deal,” Selena said hastily, not wanting to sound judgmental or anything.

She glanced around the room secretively and then slid closer to Emma before whispering “But I wasn’t joking about the two of us you know. You know how fucking hot I think you are.”

Already Selena’s fingernails were lightly grazing Emma’s smooth thighs and worming their way up underneath of her short skirt, sending cold chills throughout Emma’s entire body. Selena’s fingers felt good on Emma’s bare skin…really good. And suddenly her throat seemed to be very dry.

“I just love your sexy legs Emma!” Selena whispered huskily into her friend’s ear, her hot lips grazing the skin of Emma’s ear as she did so. “They’re so soft and smooth and perfect.”

“Selena, I don’t know if this is such a great idea.” Emma protested.

Bad mood or not, Emma didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize her relationship with Hayden and sleeping with Selena was the only thing she had asked her not to do. But then again, she reasoned, didn’t Hayden say that Emma could do whatever she wanted tonight and that she really didn’t care?

“Why, are you scared your little girlfriend is going to find out?” Selena teased. “Or don’t you think I’m sexy enough?”

The sexy little brunette was getting really aggressive now, pressing her taut teenage body right up against Emma’s and kissing her neck and Emma found her resolve quickly weakening.

“It’s not…of course I think you’re sexy Selena,” Emma babbled, moaning a little bit despite her best efforts not to. “And Hayden isn’t the boss of me. I can do whatever I want to do! And even if she was my boss, Hayden told me I could do whatever I wanted to today and that she wouldn’t care!”

“Then do it!” Selena hissed, plunging her hand further up Emma’s skirt and rubbing her pussy. “Let me fuck you Emma! C’mon, you know how sexy I think you are! Please let me do it baby!”

Emma wanted so badly to be strong and to resist this one temptation, the one thing that Hayden didn’t want her to do and yet…she couldn’t deny the fact that it felt really good to hear Selena lavish her with praise and compliments on this day when she felt so unwanted.

“I…Selena…wait,” she tried to say but Selena didn’t pause.

“Oh come on Emma I’ll do anything you want to do, let’s just have a little bit of fun!” Selena promised. She could feel Emma’s resistance faltering and knew that she needed just a little bit of a push. And then finally, Emma turned her head towards Selena, looked her right in the eyes, saw the burning lust in them and made up her mind.

“Tell me I’m beautiful!” Emma demanded.

“Oh you’re soooo beautiful!”

“Tell me I’m sexy again!”

“Emma you are so fucking sexy baby!!!”

“Tell me you want me!”

“You know I want you!” Selena gushed, finally pressing her full hot lips passionately into Emma’s and kissing her in a way that would have made the old 1950’s movie stars proud.

“Mmmmmmm…oooohhhhh!!!” Emma moaned as their lips smacked together loudly in the otherwise quiet hotel room. “Yessssssss, rub that fucking pussy Selena!!!”

Emma’s pussy was already soaking wet, a fact that Selena found out as she slid her hand down the front of Emma’s panties.

“I…OHHHH…” the little Brit gasped at the feel of Selena’s little fingers exploring the delicate pink folds of her snatch.

“Is this what you like baby?” Selena asked in between kisses as she started to rub Emma’s sensitive clit with her thumb. “Do you like it when I touch your little clitty?”

“MMMMMMMM, you know that’s what I like you little tease!” Emma moaned as she arched her back in synchronicity with Selena’s rubbing. “Rub that clit baby! Show me what a dirty little girl you are!”

“God you turn me on so much Emma!” Selena gushed, kissing her neck and practically bathing it in drool. “I need to taste that fucking pussy right now!”

“Then taste it baby! Lick it all fucking up!” Emma moaned as she lay down on her back and spread her legs wide open, giving Selena a perfect view of her gorgeous cunt. “Get those fucking panties off of me now!!! I need to feel that tongue inside of me!!!”

Selena wasted no more time, reaching underneath of Emma’s body and peeling the panties up over her smooth sexy legs before tossing them to the floor.

“Mmmmmm, I’ve wanted to taste you for so long!” Selena moaned, smiling like The Cheshire Cat as she hovered just inches above Emma’s glistening honey pot.

It was dueling urges here for Selena. On the one hand there was the desire to savor the moment and drag it out for as long as possible and on the other hand there was the animal urge to just gobble Emma up. But luckily for Emma, Selena’s hesitation didn’t last long and she couldn’t resist the allure of that picture perfect pussy.

Selena dove right in, wrapping her hands around each of Emma’s legs before oh so slowly bathing her slit from bottom to top with her warm tongue.

“UUUUUUYYYYUUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!” Emma squealed as that first hot lick reached her clit, sending waves of pleasure up her spine. But just like a Tootsie Pop, one lick is never enough and soon Selena was lapping away furiously, covering every centimeter of Emma’s smoothly shaven cunt with her snakelike tongue.

In and out of her tight love hole she worked her lips and tongue, turning Emma into a thrashing heap on the couch. Selena had really gotten good at eating pussy during her time with the band and Emma reluctantly had to admit that she may even rival Hayden in that department after now sampling both.

“FUCK…OH FUCKING FUCK SELENA!!!” Emma moaned when she felt the teen start rolling her clit between her thumb and finger and circling it with her tongue. “EAT THAT PUSSY BABY!!! LICK THAT FUCKING CLIT GIRL!!! MMMMMM…OHHHHH…THAT’S IT!!! RIGHT FUCKING THERE!!!”

Emma was really getting into it now and Selena guessed that the pretty drummer wouldn’t mind a little bit of “extra stimulation” and craftily worked her hand towards her pretty backside.

“Selena what are you…HOLY FUCK!!!” Emma gasped as the cute little Latina eased her middle finger into Emma’s tight sphincter. “Oh shit you nasty little freak!!! FUCK THAT ASS GIRL!!!”

“Mmmmm, I just KNEW you’d be into it!” Selena giggled triumphantly as she continued slurping away at Emma’s pussy. “Dirty little sluts like you always love it up the butt!”

“Oh I do baby,” Emma cooed as Selena’s finger slid rhythmically in and out of her anus in time with her licking. “I love being fucked in the ass!!! I’m a dirty dirty girl and I love having my little pussy licked by you!!!”

“OOOOOHHHHH I bet you do you little whore!” Selena teased. “I bet a slut like you just loves getting off with something up her ass!”

“FUCK MY ASS SELENA!!! EAT THAT FUCKING PUSSY BABY!!!” Emma wailed. Her pretty pussy was covered in wetness from her own arousal and from Selena’s tongue and lips and she desperately wanted to get off.

“Squish squish squish,” came the sounds of tongue licking pussy and finger fucking ass as Emma felt her climax approaching.


“Do it Emma!!!” Selena encouraged her. “Come for me baby!!! You’re so fucking sexy and I want to feel that hot pussy juice on my tongue when I get you off!!! Let me fuck you till you come!!!”

“I…I…OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed loudly, pressing her hands down hard into the couch as her orgasm was upon her. “OHHHHHHHH SELENA FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK MMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

And with a loud whimper Emma felt her abdomen tighten and release and her chest turn red as the sweet climax filled her tight and toned body with pleasure sensations.

“Ohhhhhh shit! Ohhhhhhh shit!!!” Emma kept repeating as Selena continued sliding the finger out of her ass and softly licked her spent cunt. “That was unbelievable Selena!!! Why did we wait so long to do that?”

“You tell me beautiful.” Selena grinned as she crawled up into Emma’s arms and kissed her sweetly on the lips. “But don’t worry baby, we’re going to make up for lost time tonight! This party is just getting started sexy girl! I’m going to do… hey what was that noise?”

Emma broke off the kiss and sat up sharply as she too heard someone talking right outside the door. In a flash she stood up and pulled her panties back on just as the door opened up and Steve-O entered the room hanging up his cell phone.


“Finally a chance to relax for five minutes!” I thought to myself as I strolled back up the hallway towards my room. Meeting after meeting this morning had done their job in grinding down my will to do anything.

But like any good jinx, the words had no sooner than run through my mind then my phone rang and I saw that it was Wayne Leshand calling.

“Fucking fantastic!” I mumbled, rolling my eyes and looking forward to listening to whatever this blithering idiot had to bitch about today.

Ordinarily with me leaving the band I would have gone into “Operation I Don’t Give a Fuck” and not bothered to answer but I figured I owed it to the girls to soldier through these last two shows and if it had something to do with tonight’s performance then I really did need to answer.

Unfortunately for me it was the usual veiled threats from Wayne that awaited me and I let him finish his rant before I began.

“You know Wayne I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said the other day and I think you’re right,” I began, savoring this moment. “I’m not the right guy at all to manage Jailbait and I quit!”

“You what?” he snorted. “You can’t quit O’Reilly! I’ll have your head for this! That’s it, I’m flying out to New York tomorrow for the last show and you’d better have changed your tune by then!”

“Or what?” I laughed. “You’ll fire me? Wayne listen to me very carefully, you can take all of your bullshit and shove it up your ass because I am done!”

And with that I stepped inside of my hotel room and snapped my phone shut only to find Emma and Selena waiting there on opposite ends of my couch looking like the cats that had just eaten the canary.

“Emma, Selena how’s it…” I started to say but I guess they had had one too many Red Bulls because they were jumpy as hell.

“Nothing!” they blurted out in unison, interrupting my question before I’d even had a chance to ask it.

“O…kay!” I replied suspiciously, trying to fight back a grin.

I decided to just go ahead and play dumb. Whatever they were up to was none of my concern any more. After all, I was leaving in a few days anyway so let them have their little secrets I supposed. But as a guy who had gotten into his fair share of trouble over the years there was no doubt in my mind that these girls were up to something.

“So what brings you two lovely ladies here this evening?” I asked as I grabbed a beer from the minibar and sat down between them on the couch. “We do have a show in less than 3 hours, shouldn’t you be getting ready?”

“We came here because Emma told me about you leaving us.” Selena answered. “And I thought maybe we could talk some sense into you.”

“You told her?” I asked, sighing loudly as I looked at Emma.

It wasn’t like I was angry or anything I just really didn’t want to have this talk 50 million times.

“We…I…I know you said not to tell anyone but I couldn’t help it Steve-O,” Emma admitted shamefully. “I really don’t want you to go and neither does Selena.”

“I know that Emma and I appreciate it,” I assured her warmly as I propped my arms up around both of them. “But I’m sorry girls that ship has sailed.”

I recounted my conversation with Wayne from minutes earlier and both girls seemed to realize that it truly was out of my hands now.

“Well I’m definitely going to miss you big guy!” Selena pouted, nuzzling her face up to my shoulder and patting me lightly on the chest. Emma didn’t say anything but she too had snuggled up close against my other shoulder.

Now trust me when I tell you that a man could definitely find himself in some much worse places than I was right then. I’m pretty sure that I hadn’t smiled this enthusiastically since the first time I heard ‘Nevermind.’ I had the beautiful and sexy Emma pressed up against me on one side and the sultry Selena squeezed in on the other. And despite my attempts to remain the consummate professional and to not ruin this tender moment, I am only a man after all and so my mind began to drift down that dark path towards fantasy land where all of my thoughts seemed to involve sex of every conceivable manner.

I squeezed Emma’s shoulders reassuringly with my arm but as I looked down at her my eyes were immediately drawn to those smooth, milky white thighs, barely covered by the little skirt she wore and I couldn’t help but imagine those legs wrapped around my waist as I fucked her silly.

“Okay baseball, think about baseball,” I told myself in a desperate attempt to drive the dirty images from my mind. “Fuck me I need to jerk off and take a cold shower.”

But I wasn’t the only one thinking dirty thoughts it seemed. Young Selena it appeared was thinking along the same lines as I was (actually when was the horny teen not thinking along those lines?) and it wasn’t long before I felt her hand starting to softly rub my chest. But as she did so, it wasn’t me who she was looking at. She and Emma had their eyes locked in a laser like stare down with one another and it suddenly occurred to me just exactly what I might have walked in on and why they were acting so squirrelly.

Emma wasn’t rubbing my chest like Selena was but she was watching her little friend’s movements with great interest, kind of like a cat waiting for a mouse to scamper by.

No one dared to speak for several long minutes but the tension in the air was palpable. And before I knew it I felt Selena’s hand start to inch downward as Emma watched.

I felt my cock twitch with excitement at the prospect of the fun I could have with these two girls but I didn’t want to get my hopes up just yet. After all, Emma was Hayden’s girlfriend and I wasn’t sure if she was even into men. I did know that she was excited though as I could hear her breath growing heavy and jagged.

“What are you doing Selena?” I asked, even though I knew the answer when I felt those nimble little fingers unsnap the button on my jeans and start to unzip my fly.

“You’re a smart guy Steve-O,” she grinned. “You figure it out!”

My dick was already mostly hard as she pulled the denim flaps back out of the way and plunged her tiny hand down inside of the slot of my boxer shorts. But when she grasped my shaft in her hand like a vise and pulled it out it instantly swelled to its full rigid glory.

“So, what do you think Emma?” Selena grinned as she began to gently stroke my cock with her hand. “Should we give Steve-O here a going away present that he’ll never forget?”

“I…I don’t know Selena,” Emma murmured bashfully. “It’s been a while since I’ve had any cock.”

“Aw did you hear that Steve-O?” Selena teased, playfully mimicking Emma’s British accent. “It’s been a while since she’s had any cock!”

Emma’s face turned bright red but I took it as a good sign that she didn’t snap back and hadn’t stormed out of the room just yet.

“No time like the present to give it another shot,” I suggested helpfully with a shrug, after all helping someone work through a problem was the least I could do.

Besides, I thought, even if Emma decided to bail, just fucking Selena by herself was a pretty good consolation prize.

“Mmmmmmm!!!” the little Latina moaned as she gave my shaft a long sexy lick from my ball sack up to the head and then looked at Emma invitingly. “This cock is so yummy Emma, you don’t know what you’re missing! Don’t you want to come and share it with me baby?”

Emma still looked hesitant though. I knew she wasn’t a virgin but I had no idea of all of the confusion running through her mind. Wanting to give in to the debauchery but also trying to stay true to Hayden, surely there was a way to justify it all?

“Come on Emma, you told me yourself that Hayden said you could do whatever you wanted to.” Selena continued with her hard sell. “Let’s just have a little bit of fun this one time. I won’t tell if you don’t tell.”

She still looked a bit reluctant but I could see that Emma’s resolve was faltering and that she wanted to give in. Selena saw it too and she gently took Emma’s hand and brought it over to my rock hard cock.

“I…are you sure?” Emma gasped, in her one last weak attempt to resist.

“I’m definitely sure,” Selena gushed warmly as she wrapped Emma’s hand around my throbbing penis. “Let’s do it together!”

“I…okay fine.” Emma smiled unsurely as she grasped my member and began to gently stroke it. “We can have a little bit of fun but let’s not get too carried away.”

“Of course not sweetie, we won’t go too far!” Selena assured her with an impish grin but as Emma slowly lowered her head down towards my cock Selena looked up at me and winked.

I started to grin at what a bad girl Selena had turned into, but those thoughts were quickly driven from my mind for the moment as I felt Emma’s tongue sliding slowly up one side of my shaft and Selena’s mimicking it on the other side.

“God, look at how sexy you are Emma!” Selena cooed when they reached the top of my shaft and kissed one another right above the head of my penis. “I could watch you suck that big fucking cock forever baby!”

“Oooooohhhhhh is that what you like?” Emma answered sexily as she started running her fingernails lightly over my balls. “You want me to put Steve-O’s big fucking cock in my mouth and slurp it all up for you?”

“Oh baby yes!” Selena moaned. Both she and Emma had their hands all over my dick now and were stroking me in unison. “Suck that fucking dick baby! Put on a sexy fucking show for me!”

Now I have to admit that I don’t normally blow my load over just a BJ but this was no normal head job and it took every ounce of self-control not to burst forth like a geyser when Emma smiled widely and finally popped the head of my cock into her hot mouth.

“OHHHHH FUCK BABY THAT’S IT!” I moaned as I pushed down softly on the back of her head and she worked several more inches down her throat. And all the while she was blowing me, Selena was encouragingly stroking away on my shaft. “FUCK YOU’RE GOOD AT THIS EMMA!!!”

“Yeah she is!” Selena chirped encouragingly as Emma sucked on the cock like a woman possessed. It was almost as though she were playing the bagpipes the way she massaged my scrotum and stroked my shaft as she bobbed up and down, coating my dick with her saliva.

“Mmmmm so yubby!” She moaned as the cock filled her mouth and she jacked me off furiously.

“Let me taste it too baby!” Selena begged, greed swimming in her eyes.

Emma reluctantly popped my rod out of her mouth but it quickly found refuge in Selena’s hungry mouth.

“Oh shit that’s so fucking good!” I groaned, shifting a little bit on the couch as these hot babes slobbered on my knob.

“Is she as good as me Steve-O?” Emma asked in a teasing way.

“I…uh…let me try you again so I can say for sure,” I replied diplomatically and the girls switched off once again.

“OHHHHH FUCK GIRLS!!!” I cried out as Emma slurped with all of her might expertly on my cock. “You’re both fucking amazing!!! I think I’m going to lose it here soon!!!”

“Do it Steve-O!” Selena yelled, a frenzied look in her eyes. “I want to see you jizz all over Emma’s pretty fucking face! Cover that mouth in cum so I can lick it all up! You want that too don’t you Emma?”

“MMMMM HMMMMMMM!!!” she tried to reply but the sound was muffled from the dick crammed down her throat.

Emma was really squeezing my balls now as my cock glided in and out of her mouth and Selena’s stroking seemed to grow more frantic by the second. I knew it wouldn’t be long before Mt. Steve-O blew its top and I had to warn them!

“YEAH GIRL FUCKING SUCK THAT COCK BABY!!! SUCK IT JUST LIKE THAT EMMA!!!” I coaxed as my sack started to tighten with what I knew was the impending explosion. “HERE IT COMES GIRLS, GET READY!!! I…OHHHHHH FUCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!

Emma pulled her head up just in the nick of time as an eruption of thick cum blasted forth from the head of my cock like lava from a volcano. The first jet of cum shot forth like a laser and painted a straight line right down the middle of Emma’s pretty face, the majority of it splattering on her lips. The second blast shot right into her now open mouth and the last bit came to rest all over Selena’s and Emma’s hands.

“Mmmmmm so yummy!!!” Selena grinned as she licked the jizz from her hand and looked up at Emma’s beautiful cum splattered face. A big glob of the white cum was dripping down from Emma’s lip but Selena quickly swooped in and caught it in her mouth as she glided in for a yummy, cummy kiss.

“You are so kinky Selena!” Emma grinned as their lips smacked together and the cum swirled in between their slippery tongues. “I fucking love it!”

“Mmmmmm, give me that fucking goo!” Selena laughed as Emma let a big glob of it slip off of her tongue and into Selena’s mouth like a mother bird feeding her baby.

Watching Selena acting so dirty and depraved was really turning Emma on and now the little Brit wanted more. She had gone this far with Selena already so what would be the harm in sneaking a little taste of that pussy, Emma thought.

“You’re so fucking hot Selena!” Emma gushed breathlessly as they continued kissing. “I need to taste that sweet fucking pussy right now!”

“Oooohhhhh I like the sound of that!” Selena cooed as she and Emma tumbled to the floor in front of me.

I started to get up and join the fray but Emma held out her hand to stop me.

“Just a second big boy!” she said. “We’ve got a little bit of unfinished business here first. You can jump back in here in a minute but for now how about you just sit back and enjoy the show?

“Yes ma’am,” I laughed as I plopped back down and watched from the couch. My dick was already hard again and the action that was unfolding in front of me was going to make sure it stayed that way.

“Now let’s get these fucking clothes off baby!” Emma insisted as she peeled her shirt off over her head and dispatched of her bra just as easily. “I want to see your sexy ass naked!”

I was once again struck by what a magnificent body Emma had as she hovered topless for a few moments over top of Selena. She had those perfect tits, not too big and not too small and her nipples were jutting out like little party hats with her arousal. And as she dropped the skirt from around her waist and peeled off the little pair of panties she was wearing I marveled once again at that ass. She had those shapely womanly hips and just enough of a booty to make any man do a double take but at the same time she had that tight 20 year old body that was just built for pleasure.

Not that Selena was any kind of slouch at all. She too quickly undressed, unzipping her tight hip- hugging jeans and pushing them down and whipping her shirt off at what must have been a new land speed record. And if I told you that I was surprised that she wasn’t wearing underwear of any kind I’d be flat out lying. She had gone from innocent teen to raging sex kitten under Lacey’s careful watch and I could see my girlfriend’s fingerprints all over the neat little landing strip of pubic hair that Selena sported.

“Yeah, you want to fuck me don’t you Emma?” Selena teased, lying on her back in the nude with her legs spread open wide as she played with her pussy. “You want to come taste my hot teen pussy so bad don’t you?”

“You know that’s what I want you little fucking brat!” Emma replied as she knelt down in front of Selena’s legs. “Now keep those pretty legs spread open for me and let me eat that hot little cunt!!!”

“But I thought you weren’t sure about this?” Selena continued to tease. “We could always stop if you wanted to!”

“Ohhhhh you are so gonna get it!” Emma warned her, grabbing Selena’s knees and spreading her long legs apart. “I’m going to have you begging me to keep making you come over and over!!!”

“Promises promises!” the little teen grinned.

The time for talking was over though and Emma slid her hands down the insides of Selena’s legs and licked her lips in sweet anticipation before lowering her face down towards Selena’s waiting vagina. She then lovingly kissed the flesh all around Selena’s wet pussy and playfully gave her a soft little bite on the inner thigh before at last darting her tongue out and inside of Selena’s love slot.

“Ohhhhhhh!!!” Selena groaned, arching her back instantly at the feel of Emma’s expert tongue.

It was some of the hottest shit I’d ever seen and from my vantage point on the couch I could see everything perfectly as I massaged my swollen cock in anticipation. But as much as I wanted to jump back into the fray I could see that Selena and Emma were getting on quite well without me.

Selena had both of her hands wrapped up in Emma’s long curly hair, pressing her face down into her muff as she arched her back and seemed to balance on just her head and shoulders. All I could hear was the squishing sounds of Emma eating Selena’s pussy and Selena’s moaning and heavy breathing but it was really turning me on.

“Oh baby I’ve wanted to taste this sweet pussy for so long now!” Emma whispered in between licks.

“I’ve wanted you too Emma!” Selena cooed before yelping slightly when Emma bathed her clitoris with her tongue. “I…MMMMMMMM FUCK BABY!!!”

Emma was really burying her tongue deep inside of Selena’s delicate flower now, squeezing the sides of her thighs with her hands as she lapped away at the insides of the pretty teen’s sugar walls.

“That’s it baby, lick that fucking clit!!!” she moaned as Emma traced lazy circles around her sensitive spot. “Cram that pretty fucking face down between my legs!!!”

“Mmmmm…uh huh!!!” Emma nodded as she slurped hard.

From the looks of things I knew it would only me a few more moments tops before Selena was coming hard and sure enough, as though on cue I heard her breathing start to grow deep and jagged.

“Ohhhh shit Emma…Oh shit, oh fuck, OHHHHHH FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK!!!” she gasped more frantically with every passing second as Emma relentlessly worked her pussy over. “OHHH BABY MAKE ME COME!!! PLEASE MAKE ME COME EMMAAAAAA!!!”

“Fuck yesss!!! Come for me Selena!!!” Emma coaxed. “I want to lap up that sweet pussy juice baby!!! GO AHEAD AND DO IT!!!”

“I…UNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHH…I…I,” she tried to say but already her orgasm was overpowering her ability to speak and she could only scream. “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!”

“Mmmmm that’s it baby!” Emma cooed as she felt Selena’s pussy clinch up a bit and then relaxed, the warm nectar of her orgasm flowing freely. “Oooooohhhh I love that sweet pussy juice Selena! It’s as sweet as honey, just like you!”

Selena giggled in delight at Emma’s corny compliments, just wanting to bask in the afterglow of a mind-blowing orgasm but Emma wasn’t about to let her rest. She grabbed Selena’s hands and pulled her up, wrapping her hand around the little teen’s naked waist and pulling her in tight to kiss her again.

“I just can’t get enough of those sexy lips!” Emma gushed as their nude bodies pressed up against one another’s and their little breasts rubbed together. “Mmmmmm, I could kiss you for hours and hours!”

“I know what you mean!” Selena agreed, tasting her own pussy juices on Emma’s lips and tongue. “But then what would poor Steve-O here do?”

“I was starting to think you girls had forgotten about me.” I joked, my cock standing up straight like a flagpole as I sat on the couch.

The girls both laughed at my joke as clearly they had gotten a bit carried away with each other.

“Ooooohhhh look at Steve-O’s big cock Emma!” Selena whispered sexily to the little Brit as she nuzzled her earlobes. “Don’t you want to feel that big fucking thing inside of your tight little pussy baby?”

“I…I do but…” Emma started to say but she looked nervous.

“What’s the matter Emma?” Selena asked, planting reassuring kisses all over her neck and breasts.

“It’s just…been a while,” Emma admitted bashfully. “I haven’t been with a man in a long time.”

“Hmmmm, well we won’t rush you into it,” Selena assured her. “How about if Steve-O fucks me first and I get you all warmed up for him, would that be okay?”

“I guess that’d be okay,” Emma agreed, her voice barely more than a whisper.

“Then lay down for me baby and let me get you nice and wet for that big fucking dick!” Selena instructed her.

I watched as Emma lowered herself gently down onto the floor and spread her legs again.

“That’s it baby!” Selena moaned as she knelt down and covered Emma’s slit with her eager tongue. She was licking Emma’s pussy nice and gently, wanting to arouse her but not drive her over the orgasm cliff just yet. “Mmmm baby you’re so nice and wet already! That big cock is going to slide into you nice and easy!”

Meanwhile I had the perfect view of Selena’s ass bent over right in front of me as she tended to Emma. Having experienced that hot teen pussy on more than one occasion and knowing how good it was I wasn’t going to wait for a written invitation and so I slid down off of the couch and eased up behind her.

I grabbed Selena by the hips and eased my prick inside of her tight cunt, feeling her shudder and gasp as I filled her up. Slowly at first I started pumping my cock in and out of that tight teen pussy rhythmically, listening to her muffled moans of joy.

“Oh fuck Steve-O that’s so good!” she whimpered in between licks. I had a rough grip on both of her pretty little butt cheeks as I pumped away and felt the tight wetness engulf my rod. “Emma’s just going to love it once you’re fucking her like this!”

“Ooooohhhh I can’t wait for you to feel this Emma!” Selena cooed. “Steve-O’s gonna make that tight little cunt of yours feel so good baby!”

“Mmmmmmmm…AHHHHHHHH!!!” was all that Emma could manage as a reply, arching her back as Selena’s expert tongue danced across her swollen clit.

“Now let me taste that sweet sweet ass baby!” Selena commanded, playfully swatting Emma’s tush. Emma always loved it when Hayden would lick her asshole and so she immediately rolled over onto her stomach to give Selena a better angle at it. Meanwhile I was still working Selena’s tight cunt like a jackhammer and now I could start to feel the beads of sweat dripping off of my brow.

Selena too was starting to perspire and I could see the beads of sweat forming on her back as she slid her body back against my prick rhythmically.

I loved fucking the hot little teen like this but as tight as Selena’s teen cunt was I knew of one hole that would be even tighter.

Knowing Selena like I did I knew that she was always up for a bit of backdoor loving and decided to go for it. I eased my prick out of her tight pussy gently and slapped it softly against her asshole while she tended to Emma.

“Ohh you dirty boy!” Selena giggled as I teasingly circled her anus with the head of my cock, waiting for her reaction.

“What do you think Emma?” Selena asked. “Should I let Steve-O fuck my little ass as a going away present?”

“Oh my God yes!” Emma gasped. “That would be so sexy to see you getting buttfucked Selena!”

“I guess it’s a yes then!” Selena laughed.

I had the answer I was hoping for and so I slowly eased a couple of inches of my throbbing cock inside of Selena’s asshole. I heard her gasp loudly as I slid inside of her and felt her anus clench up slightly around this new intruder before relaxing again and accepting more of me.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH SHIT!!! FUCK!!! DAMN!!!” Selena squeaked as my cock drilled into her backside in rhythm with her moans. “FUCK THAT ASS STEVE-OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!”

But as I settled into my rhythm Selena’s loud moaning subsided somewhat and she turned her attention back towards Emma.

I watched as Selena lowered her face down towards Emma’s pretty butt and gently spread the little Brit’s ass cheeks apart with her hands, exposing her brown eye.

“Please don’t tease me anymore Selena!” Emma begged as Selena massaged her ass. “Lick my fucking ass you nasty little slut!”

“I knew that’s what you’d be into!” Selena replied triumphantly as her suspicions were confirmed. “You’re a little anal loving princess aren’t you?”

“I DO LOVE IT!!!” Emma moaned. “I like having my ass licked by nasty little girls like you and Hayden so much!”

Selena grinned as she finally ended Emma’s torment by slowly circling her asshole with her tongue for several minutes before bathing it completely.

“MMMMMMMM YESSSSSSS!!!” Emma hissed as Selena lovingly tongued her asshole for what felt like hours. “Lick that fucking asshole baby!!! Fuck my slutty ass with your pretty mouth!!!”

“I…ooooohhhh…fuck yes I will!” Selena responded as my nuts slapped against her backside with every thrust into her ass. “I want to taste every inch of your sexy body!”

And as she stiffened her tongue and probed it inside of Emma’s asshole, Selena also kept rubbing Emma’s clit, making sure to keep her wet for what was to come next.

“I could eat that pretty ass all day!” Selena gushed. “But I think it’s time that Steve-O got to fuck that hot pussy don’t you?”

“I…um…okay,” Emma mumbled nervously. Again it had been quite some time since Emma had had sex with a man and so while she was excited and horny she was also a bit hesitant.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll be right here with you.” Selena assured her.

“I know,” Emma smiled, feeling a bit silly and virginal. “It’s okay Selena, I want this.”

I slowed down and pulled out of Selena’s tight ass with a soft pop as I readied myself for the gorgeous English woman. But as I made to wipe my prick off with a nearby towel Emma stopped me.

“Let me get that for you Steve-O,” she smiled, grabbing my cock firmly in one hand before wrapping her pretty lips around my prick once more.

“Ooooohhhh Emma you’re so nasty!” Selena cooed as Emma greedily slurped the pussy and ass coating off of my prick. “You really are a little freak aren’t you?”

“Mmmmm hmmmmm!” Emma moaned, cramming nearly all of my 10 inch cock down her throat and licking my shaft clean with her expert tongue.

“I just want to taste every yummy bit of you!” she moaned as she took my cock out of her mouth, wrapped her hand around the small of Selena’s back and French kissed her. “You’re so fucking sexy I need it all!”

“And I need you too Steve-O!” Emma continued, grabbing my cock in her hands as she lay down on her back and spread her legs. “Come and fuck me now big boy! Slide that big fucking dick inside of me like I know you want to and show me how a man fucks!”

She definitely hit the nail on the head with that statement I thought as I crawled over towards her beautiful milky white body. I looked down at the angelic form below me and admired the smooth shaven pussy, glistening and perfect.

“I think I got her nice and warmed up for you big guy!” Selena joked as she lay down next to Emma to watch the festivities.

I’d been fantasizing about this moment for so long that it seemed surreal when I lifted Emma’s porcelain skinned legs onto my shoulders and at last thrust my cock into the soft, pink, warm folds of flesh between her legs.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!” she cooed as I slipped my cock even deeper inside. Emma’s moans were so sexy and it felt so good the way her warm, tight pussy covered my dick that I didn’t think I’d be able to last more than three seconds before I blew my load.

Fortunately for me I was able to quickly dip into some previously unknown reservoir of will power that I possessed and settled myself down as I started to get into a rhythm.

“Mmmmmmm fuck yes Steve-O!!!” Emma cried out as my cock rocked in and out of her suction like pussy. “That feels so fucking good!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!”

“Ooooohhh, I think baby likes it!” Selena grinned, kissing and nuzzling Emma’s neck and breasts as she pinched one of the pale beauty’s rock hard nipples.

“Ohhhhhhh, I do, I do!!!” Emma replied. “I love feeling that big hard cock plowing into my fucking pussy like that!!!”

Emma turned her head and now she was frantically kissing Selena again as the friction of our lovemaking began to build.

“Damn Emma that pussy’s so tight!” I groaned, now hammering and hammering relentlessly, burying all ten inches of my cock inside of her as the sweat poured off my brow.

I was moaning, Emma was moaning, Selena was encouraging. It was just one big wall of sex sounds filling the room now as my sweat dripped down onto Emma’s flat and sexy stomach below me.

“Fuck baby I’m gonna come soon!” I gasped as my balls started to ache in anticipation of the hot liquid explosion they were soon to create.

“Fucking come all over me then!” Emma begged. “You came on my pretty face now shoot that sticky cum all over my sexy body Steve-O!”

“Yeah do it Steve-O!” Selena joined in, a frenzied look on her pretty face. “I want to lick all of that hot jizz up off of Emma’s body!”

“Slap Slap Slap!” came the sounds of our fucking as my heart raced and I pounded unmercifully on that sweet peach. My muscles were sore and sweat was rolling down my back but still I did not stop. And then finally as Emma wailed in ecstasy I knew it was time to unload!

At the last possible second I pulled my cock out from Emma’s oh so inviting cunt and watched as a thick white blast of semen erupted from the head and coated Emma’s stomach and chest. Two more waves launched forward and landed with a splat before I slumped backwards and lovingly kissed and massaged Emma’s smooth legs.

Selena wasted no time at all, crawling down from the top over Emma’s face until she reached the trail of cum on her stomach. She then gave Emma’s stomach a long deep lick down to her belly button, scooping up all of the thick white semen in the process.

“Mmmmm, so yummy!” Selena moaned, scooping up the remainder of the cum on her fingers before licking them clean. But before she could even finish what she was saying, Selena felt Emma’s hands wrap around her back and pull her body down into a 69.

I watched as Emma immediately jammed her tongue upward into Selena’s hot slit and had the favor returned in kind by the sexy British girl.

“Fuck that pussy tastes so good!” Emma moaned as she frantically licked Selena’s hot snatch. “I want to just bury my tongue in that fucking hole forever!”

“OOOOHHHHHH EMMAAAAA!!!” Selena cried out as she hungrily slurped on her friend’s clit. “EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY YOU DIRTY WHORE!!! OHHHHHHH FUCK!!!”

“Mmmmm that’s not all I want to eat!” Emma slyly remarked before pulling down hard on Selena’s lower back and running her snakelike tongue over the little Latina’s asshole.

“Emma you’re so fucking dirty baby, I love it!!!” Selena gushed as Emma’s tongue plunged down inside of her ass. “Tongue fuck that asshole you filthy lesbo slut!!! That’s it baby!!!”

Watching these two fuck each other with such demented zeal was really turning me on and I felt my cock twitch yet again in anticipation.

“Yeah you like having my tongue inside your slutty asshole don’t you Selena?” Emma teased. She was not only working her tongue inside and all around Selena’s asshole but also playing with the young woman’s clit as well. “I bet you think about shit like this all the time when you’re playing with that pretty little pussy late at night don’t you?”


“Then show me how much you fucking love it!” Emma insisted. “Fucking come for me so that I know you’re not just acting like you like it!”

“Mmmmmm Emma I LOOOOOVVVVEEE IT!!!” Selena gasped as Emma’s tongue relentlessly washed over her asshole. “I will come for you baby!!! I swear I will!!! I’LL…I’LL…I’M COOOOMMMMINNNGGGG!!!”

And I watched as Selena’s tiny body shuddered in climax and she collapsed down onto Emma in relief.

“Mmmmmm!” Emma cooed as she softly licked up the warm pussy juice now covering Selena’s sex.

Neither one of them said anything for several minutes and I watched them lying there in a naked heap, chests heaving and couldn’t help but marvel once again at how sexy they both were. I knew that we didn’t have a ton of time left before the show but my dick was rock hard once again and there was still one hole it hadn’t been inside yet.

I glanced down and happened to catch Selena’s eye and when I saw the wicked grin on her face I knew that we were on the same page.

She delicately rolled off of Emma and kissed the light skinned beauty gently on the forehead.

“So Emma are you ready to take Steve-O’s big fat cock up your ass?” She whispered, causing Emma to break out in a big blushing grin.

“I…I think so,” she replied meekly.

“Then hop up on your hands and knees baby,” Selena instructed.

Emma did as she was told and I quickly saddled up behind her in anticipation.

“Mmmmm doesn’t she look sexy Steve-O?” Selena cooed as she ran her fingertips delicately up and down Emma’s bare back. “I bet you just can’t wait to get your big fucking dick inside of that tight little hole and tear it up can you?”

“It’s like you read my mind Selena,” I quipped.

But to say that I couldn’t wait was like saying that Popeye kind of liked spinach, it was a gross understatement! In reality my dick was practically pulsating with excitement as I looked down at those sweet round butt cheeks and took in the magnificent vision that was her sweet pussy and asshole.

I knew that Emma had never been fucked in the ass other than by cocks of the plastic variety and also driven by the fact that I wanted to savor each and every moment of this journey into unexplored territory I was determined not to rush this. I gently placed my hands on each of her smooth ass cheeks and massaged them gently. Then I laid my cock vertically up the length of her butt crack and teasingly rubbed the shaft against her waiting asshole.

“Are you ready for this Emma?” I asked gently as I heard her moan and felt her body rocking slightly back towards my cock.

“Oooooohhhh I’m ready Steve-O!” she assured me. “I want to feel that big cock inside of my ass pounding me hard!”

Selena shot me a “where did that come from?” look and giggled but I was focused completely on the ass at hand. I rocked back a little bit and pointed the head of my cock right at Emma’s little brown eye before guiding the head inside.

“OHHHHHH SHIT!!!” Emma gasped as her sphincter tightened up around my cock and I plunged it several inches further into her anus.

I could feel her ass clench up and resist slightly at first but that only lasted a second or two. After that, her asshole loosened up and accepted my cock as the sexy teen idol moaned in pleasure.

“MMMMMMM GIVE IT TO ME STEVE-O!!!” she wailed as she rocked back and forth into my dick.

I could feel Emma’s legs shaking slightly at taking the girth of my penis into her ass and I knew she wanted the rest of it now too so I plunged further inside of her.

“OHHHHH HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!” Emma cried out once I finally had my cock fully inside of her ass. “FILL ME UP WITH THAT FUCKING THING!!! FUCK MY SLUTTY ASS STEVE-O!!! OHHHHHHHHH!!!”

I grabbed her tiny hips hard and pulled her body back into mine with each thrust as my nuts slapped against her skin. Meanwhile, Selena was still rubbing her back softly and whispering encouragingly about how sexy she looked.

“Mmmmmm Selena, rub my fucking clit while Steve-O fucks me!!!” Emma begged as I relentlessly plowed away.

Her ass was so tight and wonderful that I thought she might accidentally snap my dick right off but still it was a chance I was willing to take at the moment. Her sexy little moans filled the air with each powerful thrust and our bodies were both glistening with sweat as I pumped away.

And all the while I was filling up that delicious ass, Selena had her hand underneath of Emma’s body and was furiously rubbing her clit.

“OOOOHHHH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!” Emma screeched as my humping sped up to a fever pitch. “THAT’S SO FUCKING GOOD!!!”

“Yeah fuck her slutty little ass Steve-O!” Selena coaxed. “Fuck that dirty little whore so hard that she’ll never forget it!”

“Ohhhhhh fuck!!!” I leaned my head back and moaned, holding onto Emma’s hips for dear life like a rodeo rider. “That sexy fucking ass is so tight Emma!!!”


Emma’s face was blood red now and Selena’s hand was working Emma’s clit at a feverish pace. And as she cried out in pleasure my thrusts grew so intense that I thought that it could only be a matter of time before Emma came.

I felt her asshole start to clench up around my cock slightly again and listened as her moaning and screaming grew more and more shrill and readied myself for the explosion.

“UNNNNGGGGHHHH!!! OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!” Emma gasped as the pressure in her body built to a climax. “FUCK ME BABY!!! FUCK MY SLUTTY ASSHOLE!!! FUCK ME TILL I COME STEVE-O!!!”

“DO IT EMMA!!!” I commanded her. Listening to her about to come was so arousing and I too knew that I was going to climax soon as well. “COME FOR ME BABY!!! COME FOR ME WHILE I FUCK YOU IN THE ASS!!!”


I felt her body tighten up and relax as her orgasm swept through her like a typhoon through a small village and mine was right behind.


I wrenched my dick from her tight asshole just in the nick of time and shot a load of hot white spunk all over the tight orifice that my cock had just been inside. The jizz blasted out in two quick spurts but it looked like I had painted her pretty asshole with at least a gallon of cum and I watched as some of it ran down onto her pussy lips.

Selena meanwhile was on me in a second.

“Waste not want not!” she quipped as she wrapped her lips around the dick that had just been ten inches deep in Emma’s asshole and started slurping it clean.

“Mmmmm so yummy!” Selena moaned as she licked the taste of Emma’s asshole clean off of my shaft.

Emma started to turn around but Selena quickly stopped her.

“Ah ah ah!” she teased as she put her hands on Emma’s ass cheeks. “I want to taste all of that yummy cum and share it with you baby!”

She then spread Emma’s ass cheeks apart and proceeded to lick the semen from her completely covered ass.

“Mmmmm lick that fucking ass Selena!” Emma cooed as Selena flattened her tongue and blanketed her brown eye with it, scooping up all of the cum as she did so. I couldn’t help but think of the girl-on-girl kiss from “Cruel Intentions” as Selena finally pulled her tongue away and a little strand of cum kept it connected with Emma’s asshole for a few extra seconds before finally breaking and landing on Selena’s chin.

“Fuck Selena you are so nasty!” Emma giggled but rather than being grossed out she seemed incredibly turned on and I watched as the two girls joined in a long kiss once again and swapped the cum back and forth between them.

“You’re so fucking sexy Emma, why did we wait so long?” Selena gushed as she and Emma shared the taste of Emma’s ass and pussy juices and my cum in their pretty mouths.

Emma just smiled but said nothing. She knew the reason why they had waited so long was a certain 5’2” blonde girl named Hayden whom she was in love with. But now was certainly not the time to bring that up.


Meanwhile, just a few earlier that little 5’2” blonde was frantically searching the arena for Emma.

“Whoa slow down Hayden,” came Lacey’s laughing voice when Hayden practically bumped into her as she hurriedly rounded the corner.

“Oh I’m sorry about that Lacey,” Hayden quickly apologized. “I’m just…have you seen Emma?”

Hayden had been looking for her girlfriend unsuccessfully for the past hour and now she was starting to worry that she wouldn’t be able to catch up with her before the show that night. Hayden wanted to apologize for how she had acted earlier in the day with Victoria but she was worried. What if the reason she couldn’t find Emma was because Emma was mad at her and didn’t want to be found?

“I saw her earlier this afternoon,” Lacey offered. “But that was a while ago. I’m sure she’s around here somewhere.”

“Okay thanks,” Hayden mumbled. She wanted to sound light and casual but something in the way her voice dropped and her brow furrowed let Lacey know that something was wrong.

“I’ll bet Steve-O probably knows where she is!” Lacey added helpfully.

“Duh!” Hayden remarked, playfully slapping herself in the forehead. “Why didn’t I think of the obvious first? Thanks Lacey, you’re a lifesaver!”

“No problem.” Lacey assured her. “Come on, I’ll go with you!”

By the time they got to my room both girls were laughing quite heartily at a story Lacey was telling but their laughter quickly ceased when they entered the room and saw what was happening there.

“Oh shit, knock much!” I yelled as the two girls spilled into the room and found myself standing there naked and smoking a cigarette and a very naked Emma and Selena lying on the couch. Emma looked so peaceful as she rested her head comfortably in Selena’s lap and basked in the afterglow of our threesome. But I could see the fury in Hayden’s eyes and I knew that that peace was going to end in 3…2…1…

“What…THE…FUCK!!!” Hayden roared as Emma hurriedly jumped up.

I looked over hopefully at Lacey and started to say something but she just quickly shook her head no indicating that I shouldn’t speak. Our relationship being what it was, I knew that Lacey was okay with me having a bit of fun but she knew that getting into the middle of this argument between Hayden and Emma was not a good idea.


“You told me to do whatever I wanted to do,” Emma replied, her voice raw and emotional. “YOU SAID YOU DIDN’T CARE!”

“Yeah but you know how jealous she makes me!” Hayden shot back, almost pleadingly. “You did this just to hurt me!”

“Oh you’re one to talk!” Emma yelled angrily. “After the way you just jumped all over Miss Teen Virgin USA!”

“You know that didn’t mean anything to me!” Hayden insisted. “I told you that!”

“Yeah you told me that all right!” Emma replied. “But it sure didn’t feel like it meant nothing!”

They stood there fuming for a few silent moments as Emma put her clothes on silently and I thought for a minute that things might blow over but then Selena chimed in.

“Maybe you should appreciate how awesome and sexy your girlfriend is and not treat her like that and she wouldn’t do things like this!” Selena piped up.

“Why don’t you mind your own fucking business you little skank?” Hayden venomously shot back.

“She is not a skank!” Emma interjected hotly.

“Oh my God!” Hayden rolled her eyes.

And that was when things really started to spiral out of control.

It was clear that she was about to launch into a verbal tirade again when unfortunately for me, Lacey tried to play the role of peacemaker.

“Hayden come on,” Lacey pleaded. “It sounds like it was just a bit of harmless fun. It’s not like Emma wants to leave you for Selena or anything.”

“It’s none of your business Lacey!” Hayden snapped. “And aren’t you even a little pissed at Steve-O over this!”

“Not really,” Lacey calmly admitted. “He’s a grown man and we have a ‘unique’ relationship. We don’t have to be joined at the hip all of the time and we can have a little fun when we want to. Besides that I trust him.”

“Oh really!” Hayden fumed. I could see her anger starting to boil over at Lacey not siding with her but I had no idea what was about to happen.

“Well I wouldn’t trust him too completely Lacey! she sputtered. “He probably hasn’t even told you that he’s quitting as our manager to rejoin his old band yet has he?”

“That’s just stup…” Lacey started to say but she saw my shocked expression and quickly stopped.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Lacey yelled at me.

“Lace come on,” I tried to explain. “I just hadn’t gotten a chance…”

“Oh so you hadn’t gotten a chance to tell me yet but you told Hayden?” she yelled, close to tears now. “And you’re just going to what? Get up and leave without me?”

“I don’t know I haven’t thought it all through yet,” I replied, knowing how pathetic the words would sound to a pissed off lover.

“You know what don’t worry about it!” Lacey said abruptly. “Love sucks and you don’t owe me anything, I know that. So have a nice life asshole!”

And with that she stormed out of the room despite my protests. I slumped back down onto the couch and watched as Emma tentatively approached Hayden.

“Hayden I’m sorry,” she said softly. “But you hurt me too.”

Hayden looked up at Emma and I really thought it looked like they were going to kiss and make up but something seemed to stop her.

“Lacey’s right,” Hayden said calmly. “Love sucks. I’m sorry Emma we’re done!”

And she too strode out of the room as Emma burst into loud sobs on the couch and Selena tried to comfort her.

“My God what a fucking mess!” I thought as I looked around the room.


I suppose if this were a movie this would be the part where they played the montage with the sad song overlaid with clips of how miserable we all were. I could almost hear the opening notes of The Replacements song “Unsatisfied” now.

“Look me in the eye/Then tell me that I’m satisfied/Are you satisfied?”

A shot of me sitting at the hotel bar in the lobby doing shots of whiskey.

“And it goes so slowly/Everything I’ve ever wanted/Tell me what’s wrong”

Emma in her hotel room, eyes puffy and red from crying all night.

“Look me in the eye/Then tell me that I’m satisfied/Are you satisfied?”

Hayden sitting on top of a guitar amp, head in hands and vacantly staring down at her dangling feet.

Man I love Paul Westerberg’s guttural wailing! “I’m so/I’m so…unsatisfied!”

Lacey walking by herself down a cold Philadelphia street as the wind blows.



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