Under Control – Part 3: We Are Talented

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This work is entirely fictional and does not in any way represent the activities of the persons described in it.


Jennifer was sitting in her flat, watching TV. She had turned the entertainment industry upside down with her recent appearance in a porn movie where she had lesbian sex on more than one occasion. Suddenly she was the name on everyone’s lips. Everyone wanted her in their new films, porno or otherwise, TV series or chat show. She was literally drowning in new offers. Of course, it wasn’t at her discretion completely, because she was now under the spell of a magical snake that she knew nothing of. It was strongly telepathic and could control anyone under its spell over a great distance. It was this snake though that had resurrected her career.

During quiet times, the snake let Jennifer act as normal, although he liked to suppress her knowledge of what she’d done. As far as she knew, she’d made the latest blockbuster and was expecting several nominations for it. Jennifer was sitting watching the TV, when a relatively unknown woman appeared on it. She was apparently scheduled to work on a TV show, however got dropped at the last minute. Jennifer sat up as the story progressed.

The young woman was pretty and quietly spoken, although she had an unusual accent. Noticing how attractive she was, Jennifer looked at her curvy, toned body and chestnut hair. She felt mildly aroused but also slightly sad. This woman had been let down and now her big break was no more than a shattered dream.

Her master slithered in, sensing her feelings towards this woman. He rose up, and looked at the TV from the same height as Jennifer. She glanced at his huge 20 foot body.

“You feel for this woman, don’t you?” hissed the snake.

“Yes Master, she looks so sad. But she’s so beautiful, she should be the most successful woman on the planet.”

“Well if you think so, I’m sure we could use your celebrity to help. We’ll need to do something more extreme I feel, in order to give this woman the same level of success as you have now, don’t want a copy cat. However, I can’t see a problem in that. Why don’t you pick up the phone and we’ll see if we can track her down.”

Jennifer did as she was told and spoke to her new PA, who was the girl who’d pleasured her when her new master arrived. “Emily, get me Cheryl Cole on the phone.”


The doorbell went and Jennifer sat still it as her master slithered from view. He wanted a little chase although the odds were heavily stacked in their favour. Jennifer soon followed her master. Cheryl Cole was surprised when the door opened. A blonde haired girl answered it wearing a red bra and panties which pushed up her surgically enhanced tits. Before Cheryl could speak, the girl spoke. “Hi, my name is Emily. Jennifer is expecting you. Follow me please.” Cheryl followed, behind the girls high heeled steps and entered the living room which was reasonably well lit, and looked over a brilliant night skyline. “Jennifer will join you shortly. If there’s anything you need, just call.”

“Eh, thanks,” said Cheryl almost unable to speak. She was completely in awe of the girls ease with her own body. It was powerful. She’d just worn jeans, jacket and a t-shirt. Her chestnut hair looked alright but she ruffled it to add some volume. She sat down on the couch and waited for Jennifer to enter the room.

Cheryl suddenly became aware of a woman enter from a dark doorway. Jennifer stopped and stood in the doorway wearing a black negligee which had very fine shoulder straps. The dress proudly lifted her big round boobs and displayed them for Cheryl to see. Cheryl couldn’t quite see Jennifer’s nipples because of a darker fabric which covered the lower breast areas. The dress extended all the way down to her thighs but was see through, giving Cheryl a view of Jen’s small lacy black panties. Her long round legs extended down to strappy black high heels which added 4 inches in height. She looked stunning. “Hey… Cheryl is it?”

“Eh yeah… it is. Eh, this is all very nice but eh I’m not sure this is what I thought it would be,” said Cheryl when she came round.

“Relax” said Jennifer. “This is just how I go about now.”

“Even still, I think I better go,” said Cheryl as she started to get up.

“No please stay,” said Jennifer. “I just want to help you.” She could sense her master, was about to appear, but Cheryl sat down again.

“I’m sorry… I’m just nervous. I didn’t expect all this.”

“Don’t worry, I’m just trying to get you relaxed. Let go of all your preconceptions and I can help you get any part you want. You’ll be as famous as me by the time we’re through.” Jennifer sat down beside Cheryl, adopting a much friendlier demeanour rather than the aggressively sexual one.

“Yeah, you did say you could do that on the phone.”

“And I can. You just need to stick with me.”

“I’m not sure I can do what you’ve done with your film. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched it several times and it’s amazing. I’ve even… you know… flown solo with it, but I want everyone to regret leaving me out.”

“Hmmm well I’ve decided my next film is going to be made by me. And I do the casting and story. It won’t be the same but it’s going to be huge. All I want is for you to be in it with me.”

“That sounds good,” replied Cheryl. “I’ll show you how well I can act.”

“Well let me show you something. It’ll help you.”

Jennifer got up and headed out the room, Cheryl psyched herself up. She wanted to be super famous and she was happy Jennifer was taking her under her wing. She removed her jacket and sat back, trying to push her tits out to at least let Jennifer notice how sexy they were. Jennifer soon returned, holding a massive snake, which had dark green patches interrupted by lighter green. It was easily 20 foot long. Cheryl wasn’t scared of snakes and so was happy to let Jennifer come close to her. Jennifer fed the snake to Cheryl.

“Oh wow! He’s beautiful,” squealed Cheryl as it moved over her shoulders.

“He’s my life,” said Jennifer in all seriousness as Cheryl looked up at the half naked star. She then focused on the snake as its head appeared in her eye line. She was instantly hooked on his gaze and a soft voice penetrated her head.

“Cheryl, you now are now under my command. You cannot resist. You are completely under my spell, just like Jennifer. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” she said in her Geordie accent.

“Good, I can sense how much you want this and I am here to make it happen. First off…” The reptile flicked his tongue out causing Cheryl’s tits to swell inside her t-shirt, causing the fabric to stretch to almost breaking point. Maybe to 36E.

“Oh thank you Master, these feel incredible.”

“Oh Master, when will I get to play with them? They look fantastic,” chirped Jennifer.

“Soon Jennifer. For now go and get Emily and we’ll set up. Cheryl, get changed into something more comfortable and more revealing. We have a film to shoot.”


Cheryl entered the room looking stunning. She wore a simple bra and panties combination in black with black high heels. There were pink hearts around the edges of her underwear giving a pleasing colour to the set. Her huge tits stood out especially nicely. She looked at the room in front of her. Three chairs had been placed in front of a huge space on the floor. Cameras surrounded the area with Emily and Jennifer standing in the middle. Both girls were still dressed enticingly.

“We’re going to have a talent show!” said Jennifer excitedly. “And you’re going to be the judge! We’ll show everyone what a good judge Cheryl Cole is.” Cheryl smiled at the pair and took her seat in the middle chair. She expected the other girls to join her.

“That’s not quite how it’s going to work Cheryl,” hissed the snake reading her thoughts. “We’ve got two bodies here to represent the other two judges.” At that moment, two large rottweilers walked through and sat obediently on the chairs next to Cheryl. Cheryl was impressed by their size as they towered over her on the chair next to her. “These judges are dogs compared to you Cheryl…”

“Thank you Master.”

The snake was in control of everything. He had the girls position themselves as he wanted, none knew there lines but hadn’t realised this was the case. He would be directly feeding them the information as they spoke it.  He also had control of the dogs, as they sat and watched everything silently.

“Begin…” hissed the snake.

Jennifer and Emily ran on to the stage excitedly, their breasts bouncing around in their bras wildly. They stood in front of the judges holding hands.

“Well hello there girls, what are your names?”



“Hey Jennifer and Emily. I’m Cheryl. You look very nice tonight. What do you want to show us tonight?” she said in her Geordie accent, as deadly serious as if doing the real thing. She looked intensely at the pair.

“We’re here to do a lesbian show,” said Emily.

“You want to be pornstars?” said Cheryl, not taken aback. “What makes you think you can do that?”

“Well we’re both a great fuck and super hot,” replied Jennifer laughing.

“Well I see one part of that is true. Why don’t you get started?”

The girls looked at each other and smiled. Emily and Jennifer began to kiss slowly, reaching for each others tongues. Their hands initially rested on the lower back area but as this kiss speeded up the hands began to rub up and down. Emily was desperate to get Jennifer naked. She slid her hands under the star’s lingerie and began to bring them up the American’s smooth toned body. Jennifer kissed back hard at the suggestion before slowly breaking off the kiss to let the young woman slowly lift the lingerie over her head. Her glorious round tits were freed and jiggled slightly upon release. She looked down on them with a mischievous look on her face. Emily threw the dress to the side in abandon. She used her arms to squeeze her own jugs together as she looked playfully at the topless star. Her cleavage was too much for Jen to resist.

“MMMMmmm titties,” cooed Jen. She moved over to Emily and unhooked her bra as she kissed the blonde haired assistant again. As she slid her hand under the loose bra, she fondled Emily’s round boob. Her hand ran over the erect nipple. The bra didn’t last too much longer as it fell down her arms and hit the floor. The pair fell to the floor as Jennifer took Emily’s breast into her mouth. She kissed the flesh as she tongued the nipple. Jen couldn’t get enough, hungrily eating away at Emily. Emily moaned in passion as she felt how good the star was. The she star was determined to heighten her lovers pleasure. As she continued with her oral assault on her assistants tits, she moved a free hand down to her now soaking wet panties and began to rub through them. Emily couldn’t breathe as she felt the smooth hand of her lover slowly stroke her clit.

“Oh fuck yes!” she moaned as she looked over at Cheryl.

The Geordie star had her legs open wide. She fondled her new tits through the fabric of her bra and stroked her own pussy. “You girls are definitely through, I’ve never seen anything so hot. Suck those titties!”

“Well we’re… just getting… started!” breathed Jennifer in between kisses. She buried her head deep into the large cleavage as she loosened Emily’s panties. Emily lifted her butt off the ground allowing Jen to remove the blonde haired girls panties and instead of returning to the chest, Jen dived straight in for Emily’s pussy. She started at the clit, flicking her tongue up and down, savouring the taste of Emily’s juices. Emily responded by driving her hips down on to the busy tongue and increasing the frequency and severity of her moans.

“She likes that. Keep doing that,” commanded Cheryl as she continued to masturbate sensually. One breast was now free from its cup, poking out over the top.

“Mmmm fuck yes!” Jennifer started to speed up. She was teasing Emily by just penetrating her pussy lips. It was driving Emily wild. The assistant squeezed her own mounds with each flick of Jennifer’s tongue, adding to the pleasure she felt. Jennifer’s hands pulled the young woman’s pelvis onto her mouth as for the first time she stuck her tongue into the girl’s pussy. She ran her tongue along the smooth pussy walls of her young lover and with every millimetre of movement she could feel the girl’s lustful response. Emily’s back arched as her muscles rippled with pleasure. She squeezed her long legs round Jennifer’s head as she begged her to finish her off. Of course, Jen was determined to oblige.

Emily was barely able to open her eyes long enough to see the Cheryl Cole’s hot body. She just saw enough to capture the image in her mind of the stunning star. Without realising, Cheryl had reached for her fellow judges cocks, and was now stroking the long shafts slowly, one in each hand. Her gaze never moved from the lesbian show in front of her, just like the dogs. She did like the feeling though of the long hard rods in the palms of her hands.

Emily was about to orgasm. “Yes! Oh Yes! Keep fucking going. Eat my pussy!” Jen drove her tongue in deep and reached one hand round to stimulate the clit. This pushed Emily into ecstasy as she flooded Jen’s mouth with pussy juice. Wave after wave of precious pleasure streaked through her body from her pussy and boobs. She groped at her boobs as best she could, feeling the joy tingle through her finger tips. Jen kept probing as Emily rode the fucking for every last drop. As the orgasm settled, Jen peered up from between Emily’s legs and smiled.

“Awww you taste good!”

“Mmmm I bet she does,” said Cheryl, still stroking dog cock. “It’s definitely three yeses from us. I mean look how hard you got my fellow judges here and look how wet I am!”

“You’re not wrong there!” exclaimed Jennifer as she got up. “We should take care of that!” she smiled as she dragged an animal judge off the chair. “Come and experience all I have to offer!” Jennifer lay down on the floor where Emily had vacated, leaving the stage for her more illustrious companions. She spat in her hands and rubbed her tits with the saliva and pussy juice creating a smooth channel for a titty fuck. The dog hypnotically knew where to put his dick as Jennifer squeezed her tits round the hard shaft.”Fuck them hard, really hard. They’re so hot for you and Cheryl!”

Cheryl had her own plans as she knelt in front of her remaining judge. “I’ll show you what you’re missing now I’m not on the show,” she said slyly as she slid the 16 inch cock slowly into her mouth. It would barely fit but she was determined to devour as much as she could. The dog began to push slowly at her mouth, helping her take the long hard rod into her mouth. She opened up her throat, accepting more of the cock into oral orifice. Cheryl picked up the pace as easily accommodated around a foot of the thick animal dick inside her. She looked up to see Emily holding a camera capturing her facial expressions as well as her bouncing tits as she worked the shaft fast. Cheryl grabbed her tits, pushing them to the camera as she gave an expert blowjob.

Jennifer was enjoying her titty fuck. The animal fucked hard at them now, its pace increased from before. She pushed them round the shaft, creating a brilliant fleshy seal. Periodically she’d see the tip of the penis appear from her tits as the animal’s long dick appeared through her cleavage. “You enjoying these titties? You love fucking them. I love when a dog fucks my tits!” Her animal lover appeared to respond to her dirty chat by increasing the vigour of his thrusts. This encouraged Jennifer who wanted to be fucked now. “Oh yeah, you want to feel my pussy now? You want to bang this star in front of the sexy Cheryl Cole?” The dog simply withdrew from the tit fuck and inserted his cock obediently between Jennifer’s now spread legs. “Oh yeah…”

Cheryl Cole needed fucked too. She was now naked apart from her black high heels. She was feeling so horny after rubbing herself that she got down on her hands and knees and presented herself doggy style. “Come on boy, put that large dick into me.” Under the snake’s control, the dog quietly jumped on the back of the star and started to fuck her. He was very far on after Cheryl’s skilled blowjob. Cheryl screamed with pleasure as the moist dick penetrated her pussy lips. “Mmmmmm fuck yeah!” She’d chosen this position to get a good view of Jennifer Aniston getting fucked too. She could see from her facial expressions how good she was feeling. She could see by how fast her tits were bouncing that she was getting fucked hard. She could feel her own bouncing off her chest wall and it felt fantastic. Her pussy was very wet and it wouldn’t be long before she came. “Mmmmmm Jennifer! I’m going to cum! Fuuuccckkkkk!” Waves of pleasure ripped through Cheryl Cole from her stuffed vagina. With each thrust Cheryl felt a new orgasm begin, the most exciting feeling she’d ever felt. She loved the feeling of the paws on her bare back as she struggled to remain upright. Her muscles felt so relaxed. Her tits tingled in pleasure. Her breathing became noisy, short and shallow. Sweat poured from her face. Gradually her orgasm subdued although the judge continued to pump her. She was now going to prepare for the money shot.

Jen was closing in on her orgasm, just a few more thrusts of the long dick into her pussy. She got such a rush of seeing the young sexy Cheryl Cole take a pounding from an animal. She squeezed her large melons as the first ripples of serious pleasure spread from her hot pussy. She could feel the dick deep up inside her and she could feel herself clamp down on it. Her hands massaged her breasts as they too felt amazing to her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the warm feeling that had spread through her body. She only opened them again once she had completely recovered. She opened them to find Cheryl Cole inches away from her face.

“Fuck. They’re good,” she squealed. “Wonder if their cum tastes as good?” At that moment the dogs withdrew from the girls and jumped up on the chairs once more, displaying their huge erections. “I think they want finished off!” The girls got up obediently and made their way over to the chairs. This time the girls swapped methods to excite their lovers, Cheryl choosing to hold her fun bags round the long shaft while Jen combined a handjob with a blowjob. She loved the taste of the cock which was now covered in her pussy juice. It had given her so much pleasure already she felt compelled to do the same.

Cheryl just hungered for hot salty cum. The star rubbed the shaft up and down with her tits while staring at the camera Emily was using. “You going to cum all over Cheryl? Show me what a fucking animal you really are?” With that a shot of pre cum spat out of the tip hitting Cheryl’s lips. She licked them.  “Mmmmm, tasty!” She picked up and soon the dog started to shoot it’s load all over the star. White sticky hot cum covered the star as she shot it all over her face and tits. She held the dick in one hand while stroking her tits with the other. Her hair became quickly matted to her chest as cum dribbled from her chin onto her shoulders and chest.

Jennifer Aniston was also enjoying the taste of cum. Her mouth had filled with cum as she gave the blow job and was now dripping out her mouth. Sensing the waste she allowed the rottweiler to take aim at her face and chest and was soon enjoying the feel of the hot cum sizzle on contact with her soft skin. “Fuck yes, give me that doggy cum!” she mumbled with a full mouth. She got a good covering over the top half of her body.

The girls stood up and moved over to each other. Emily took a close up of the cum covering their bodies before placing the camera down. “You ever tasted it sweetie?” she laughed. The girl shook her head. “Well knock yourself out!” She pushed the girls head to her chest to which she started licking. “I think you girls are definitely going to win! You really know how to please the judges!””

“Thanks guys! But I got the feeling it won’t be the last time we’ll be doing this together!”

The next morning

The girls all sat in the living room where they had made passionate love the night before. They had known they had a great evening together but didn’t quite appreciate the enormity of what they had created. Their snake master looked at them. “Girls, we may have just created the best movie of all time! When asked, you will say how great it was to film together and how pleased you are with the result!”

Emily left to call the editors. Cheryl Cole was about to leave blissfully happy that she was now one of the biggest superstars in America if not the world. She’d had her revenge.

The snake had one more message however for them all. “We will make more. Even bigger and more outrageous!”

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