Under Control – Part 2: A New Career Direction

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This work is entirely fictional and does not in any way represent the activities of the persons described in it.

Jennifer was really excited about her new movie role, much more excited than she’d been about anything for a while. She sat in her dressing room, looking at herself in the mirror. In the background, she could see her master, the snake, appear from behind her shoulder. She looked him in the eyes as he did so, and he returned the favour.

“I want you to enjoy yourself out there. You look stunning Jennifer, remember that,” said the snake.

“Yes Master, I feel stunning.”

“Good, then you are ready to go.”

With that Jennifer got up and made her way over to the door. She opened it slowly and walked out on to the set. She passed several cameramen and women, who all looked at the superstar admiringly. She passed the make-up artists who she’d chatted to earlier. She passed the lighting and sound guys. Eventually she passed the director.

“I can’t believe someone like you is doing a role like this,” said the director excitedly.

“Believe me, I want to do this,” replied Jennifer, giving him a smile as she made her way on to the set. It was set up in a school classroom sort of a way, single desks which already had pupils sitting at them. Jennifer was playing their teacher.

“Naughty School Teachers scene one! Cameras rolling and… ACTION!!!” yelled the director. The camera focused on two school girls. One had just handed something to the other.

“Erica! What are you doing? Stop it right now!” shouted Jennifer at the young woman sat a couple of rows back. She was giggling at a note sat in front of her. The class focused on the angry teacher as she rose from her chair. She was wearing glasses and straight blonde hair which comfortably rested just above her shoulders. She wore a long sleeved lilac shirt which barely fitted her. Her round tits were visibly straining her shirt which was buttoned up almost all the way up. She wore a grey skirt which stopped just above the knee. She was wearing black tights and black high heels which clicked on the floor as she strode over towards the girl.

The girl looked up at her teacher. She had stopped laughing. “Yes Miss Aniston?” She had wavy brown blonde hair with a cute face and smile. She was wearing a white shirt which was also straining to hold her large cleavage inside the cloth. It was unbuttoned apart from a few in the lower chest and stomach area. You could see her black bra easily. A red tie hung down the middle. She wore a very short black skirt which showed off her sexy tanned legs. She also wore black high heels.

“Let me see that note.” spoke Jennifer with authority.

“But Miss Aniston!”

“Now Erica!” The girl slowly handed the note over, looking down at the desk as she did so. Jennifer looked at it.

“This is so boring. You think Miss Aniston needs a good fuck?”

“Who wrote this!?!?” demanded Jennifer, speaking angrily. “Tell me now Erica!” The girl remained silent, her head bowed down staring at her desk. “Well if you want to play this game then you’ll be staying back for detention until you tell me who did this.”

“Miss! You can’t do that!” Erica looked up at Jennifer instantly.

“Yes I can and I have. The rest of you back to work!” Jennifer turned and made her way back to her desk and sat down. At that moment the bell went and the rest of her class got up and shuffled out quickly en masse. Erica sat in her seat indignantly as Miss Aniston looked at her.

“Come, sit at the front.” Erica stroppily got up and moved to the front chair just beside the teacher’s desk. She slouched in her chair, fiddling with her hair. “Tell me who wrote that disgusting note Erica.”

“It’s not disgusting. It’s true!” retorted Erica still defiant. “You’d be more relaxed if you got some every now and then.”

“That’s none of your business!” said Jennifer. “You are my pupil and you will respect me.” She could hear her master’s voice in her head commanding her to do the role well.

“You’re lessons are so boring. You suck the fun out of everything. Even the way you dress is boring.”

Jennifer played her part well, standing up as she answered back. “Just because I don’t dress like a slut like you doesn’t mean I’m boring.”

“Well I can get a shag anytime I want. Look at this body! Why should I hide it?” Jennifer had to back down. She was after all a teacher and she couldn’t overtly stare at her pupil’s stunning body but she wanted to win. Jennifer lifted her head from looked up her pupils long legs. She then looked at her shirt, open enough to see her flat stomach. She then looked at her big round tits, they were amazing. She then looked at her face, which conveyed a smirk of triumph. Erica got up to leave, feeling that she’d won.  She was stopped in her tracks by an eventual reply from Jennifer.

“You don’t think anyone wants this body?” Erica turned round having taken steps to the door. She was surprised to see Miss Aniston standing with her shirt open revealing her own beautiful boobs that had been enlarged by her snake master. They were held up by a black lacy bra. “I’m just saying you don’t need to dress like a whore to be sexy. Now you’re not leaving until you tell me who wrote the note,” continued the teacher, having proved her point. Erica stood and stared. Next Miss Aniston dropped her skirt showing she was wearing some lacy black panties and some thigh high stockings. “Now that good fucking I need?”

“Mmmm Miss Aniston,” said the pupil, losing her shirt. Next she freed her round tits from her bra, letting them wobble around as she moved. “I never knew you were such a naughty teacher.”

“Now come and let your teacher play with those titties.”  Erica duly obliged closing the gap and letting Jen fondle her breasts while they began to kiss. Jennifer liked the feeling of them, firm and big, a substantial handful. The pairs tongues entwined as lips parted and touched. Erica reached round and was able to release Jennifer’s melons from their prison in one surprisingly quick motion even with Jennifer’s help. The pair broke from their kiss realising the significance of Jennifer’s tits appearing on film. As commanded by her master, she rubbed and grabbed them for the camera, tweaking the nipples as she did so, pretending it was all for Erica,

“Those are so hot Miss Aniston. I wish I could fuck them,” said Erica, before bringing her head down to kiss and lick them. The pink nipples were hard in contrast to the soft skin, but Erica expertly devoured the whole right breast before moving on to the left.

“OH fuck that feels good!” moaned Jennifer as she collapsed back onto her teacher’s desk. “Suck these big fucking titties for teacher, yeah like that, keep going…” Jen continued to moan in true porn star fashion. All the time, she could hear her master influencing her thoughts, telling her to act this way. She leaned back and hooked her long sexy legs and high heels round Erica, forcing her tighter to her body. She could feel Erica’s hot body through her panties, tantalisingly close to her wet pussy. She was enjoying herself so much. “Now, be a good girl and go down on your teacher. Use your tongue to make your teacher really cum.”

Erica obliged, breaking from her oral assault on Jennifer’s chest to remove her black panties over her stocking and heels. Jennifer spread her long legs out wide, showing a clean shaven pussy. She reached down and gave it a little rub as she waited for Erica to undress. “Eat me Erica, eat my pussy hard!” Erica got on her knees allowing Jen to rest her thighs on the school girls shoulders. Erica hungrily got to work while Jennifer rubbed her tits with her hands for the camera, squeezing them, pushing them together and cupping them enticingly. “HHMMmm Fuck, that’s it Erica!”

“You taste so good Miss Aniston,” she said, working her tongue on the outer surface of Jennifer’s pussy. She ran her tongue up and down Jen’s clit, causing her to wriggle around on the desk and moan quietly. She speeded up slowly allowing Jen to slowly acclimatise to the pleasure before increasing the pace dramatically by pushing her tongue inside Jen’s wet hot cunt.

“Ahhh fuck, yes,” moaned Jen. She released her tits as she grabbed the table tightly. They jiggled slightly as she pushed her pelvis on to the waiting tongue. “Good girl, ahhh, that’s it. Fuck!!!” She was getting close, with Erica getting faster and harder. “MMMMmmm…. there…. right… there!” Her tits were bouncing hard now with the full of her and Erica’s thrusting. The schoolgirl’s tongue reached deeper and deeper as it ran round the warm walls of her tight box, each flick or twist of the tongue giving her more pleasure. Little shots of electricity pulsed from inside her as she hammered Erica’s tongue deeper inside herself. She could feel her heart racing below her large mounds as they banged her chest wall. “AAHhhh FuCCKKKKKK! FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!” she moaned loudly. Suddenly she felt a huge release of pleasure pound through her body from her pussy. She shut her eyes in bliss as her open mouth sucked air in. She squeezed her legs round Erica pulling her in close. In turn, Erica held the stars legs close to her as she lapped up Jen’s flowing juices. As her orgasm continued, she managed to squeeze her big tits for the camera, enhancing their size. Erica kept going prolonging Jen’s wild ride on her tongue but eventually the older woman settled and her bucking stopped.

“How was that, Miss Aniston?”

“Definitely an A+ for your oral exam,” said the teacher recovering. “But unless I find out who wrote that note, you’ll have to go ungraded on the practical.”

Erica giggled. “It was Gemma who wrote the note Miss Aniston.”

“Well, Gemma will be doing detention next time,” said the teacher.

“CUTTT!!!” screamed the director. Jennifer left the stage completely nude apart from her stockings and high heels and made her way back to her room. She could hear how delighted the director was with the scene already. “This is going to make millions!” he said. Jennifer smiled to herself.

When she got back to her room she found her master waiting for her.

“Good work Jennifer,” he hissed, his long body allowing him to meet her at eye level.

Entranced Jennifer answered “Yes Master, I can hardly wait for the rest of the movie.”

“The rest of the movie is just the beginning Jennifer.”

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