Lily (Heart) L.D.N.

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Disclaimer: This story is purely a fantasy, and does not represent the celebrities involved. Do not try this at home, you WILL end up in jail. If you are under 18, stop reading NOW.

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Lily Allen adored London. To her, the city was what being alive was all about, and she always seemed to find something new when she went on her travels, be it a forgotten little record shop or a hidden-away sex club. She loved the way she could make her own way around the city; Londoners were always too busy to pay much attention to her, something which always paid off when she was scouring sex shops for toys and DVDs. Lily could always find someone who’d fuck her without asking questions too. Today, she was going to blend her love of the London underground with her love of getting screwed.

Dressed in dark glasses, a black fedora, three-quarter length grey raincoat and – because she was too vain to go fully incognito – her trademark clumpy white trainers, and alighted a train at the Hammersmith underground tube station. The carriage was packed, and everyone inside was sweating on the boiling summer day. As always, the passengers are a cross-section of the London cultural melting pot, containing everything from Jamaican pensioners to stuffy businessmen to students to Indians. She squeezed herself between a mother with two wailing kids and a Chinese student with a huge rucksack as the train starts. As the tube set off, she began to nudge her way around the carriage, making fleeting contact with the inhabitants in all sorts off accidental-looking ways – brushing her hand against a man’s crotch here, slipping and running her elbow against a girl’s breasts there. After doing this for a few moments she reaches one end of the carriage. Cramped up against the door she unbuttoned the raincoat and began to shove her way back along. There isn’t the space for the coat to properly open, so she stretches and leans in a variety of contrived ways so she exposed her nipples and hairy bush to another random sample of overheated passengers, while every time she moved the waft of her overheated sex floated into the air. Good old British reserve means no-one cried out, either savouring a rare glimpse of something pleasant on the Hellish underground, or simply desensitised by the strange sights London had to offer.

Having reached her starting point again, Lily moved back down the carriage again, this time making more overt sexual moves. She cupped a black woman’s tits and slipped back into the crowd before the woman could turn, drops her hand down the shorts of the Chinese student and rubbed his cock for a second before disappearing, briefly parted her coat and ground her cunt on an arm-rest while a young girl watched wide-eyed, snatched a pen from a man doing the Times crossword and inserted into her anus. Still no-one says anything, either unable to believe what they had just seen or felt, or just savouring the moment and not wanting to break the spell. Lily continued her teasing until she was fairly certain she had done something to arouse almost everyone in the carriage. She could feel their sexual frustration grow – she had planted the desire to fuck in the whole lot of them, and knows they are all uncomfortably aware that relief was far away. Or so they think.

Suddenly the carriage juddered to a halt. As one, the passengers moan, their normal disappointment heightened by their horniness. However, the lights remain on – this is no power cut. This is the pay-off resulting from a blowjob she had given a conductor before embarking. She movesd to the middle of the carriage. Her fellow passengers, eager to see what this mysterious exhibitionists would do next, pressed away from her, somehow creating space in the packed carriage. Lily stood there for a second, savouring the sweat and pent-up sexual tension in the air. Then she whipped off her shades and shrugs the coat away, revealing her pale, sweaty body.

“COME ON, LONDON – FUCK ME!” She screams at the top of her voice.
If you’d asked Lily what had happened next she wouldn’t have know, as the horny passengers rise up in a tide of sexual desire and poured over her. A skinny teenager pounced on her dripping unshaved pussy and stuffed his four-inch hard-on into her haven. She rolled over on top of him and felt the tip of an umbrella penetrate her anus. Her head reared back as she gave a cry of pleasure, only to be enveloped under the skirt of a prim middle-aged businesswoman whose cunt was oozing through her sturdy Marks & Spencers knickers. She felt something splash on her back as she mashes her face into the sopping gusset, and then the umbrella was replaced by something more substantial, a decent-sized cock. The skinny teen didn’t last long before his inexperienced nuts emptied into Lily’s gash, and she pulled her head back out from under the enveloping skirt. The Chinese student was fucking her arse, and rolled her over so she was sitting on him, exposing her dribbling cunt. It wasn’t vacant for long, as an old Jamaican man jabbed his walking stick into her pink folds, while a heavyset Indian pulled his short, fat cock from his pants and began roughly fucking her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the mother staring at her, fascinated. The woman was on her knees, and her two boys had their trousers around their ankles, also transfixed by Lily as their mum tugged on their little cocks. Lily came just looking at it. The Indian was about to follow, and pulled out of her mouth, aiming his twitching dick at her face.
“Anywhere but my eyes, I want to see you all…” She begged. He nodded and his piss-hole twitched, sending watery spunk into her hair. She looked around again now her head was momentarily free. There were some lined up to have a go with her, and some people just masturbating – the young girl was sniffing at the arm rest with her eyes closed and one hand down her shorts. She could hear a couple of voices muttering about how disgraceful it was – probably the pair of geriatric old cows even Lily hadn’t wanted to touch, but no sign of anyone stopping things. Some of those waiting had decided not to delay for Lily to be free and were just fucking each other; the old Jamaican was screwing the businesswoman up against one of the doors, the need for his stick forgotten. A 10-year old girl was being buggered by a man who seemed to be her father, judging by the way an older woman was kneeling alongside her and rubbing her flat prepubescent chest while telling her what a good girl she was being for her daddy. Lily came again with pride – she’d inspired a father to take his own under-age daughter’s virginity, just like her daddy had done for her. The stick was gone from her cunt by then and the Chinese lad finished up her bum, and Lily found herself lifted up by the group… It was almost like crowd-surfing, except people kept pushing fingers and other objects into her exposed holes.

Soon she was back on the ground again, a big Rasta up her arse while a young girl licked her aching clit and a businessman screwed her mouth. From then on it was a daze – she remembered the little boys trying to fuck her while their mother held Lily’s silky lips open, but their pricks were just too small to stay in her slippery hole so she’d jerked them onto her perky tits instead while licking the mother’s creamy snatch. She’d cleaned the spunk out of the deflowered arsehole of the daughter as well, and a chubby black woman had lowered her baggy cunt over one of Lily’s trainers, fucking herself on the singer’s chunky trainer.

Then, after what felt like hours but had just been twenty sex-charged minutes, the train juddered forward again. Spent and a little embarrassed, the other passengers rapidly regressed from their animalistic sexual behaviour, trying not to catch each other’s eyes as penises were slipped back inside trousers, knickers pulled back up and spunk wiped off faces. Whatever primal desire they had shared had passed, though the 10-year old girl was complaining that she needed a poo and the two small boys were humping up against their mothers’ legs as she pleaded with them to stop, red-faced now they weren’t at the centre of a hotbed of taboo sex.

The doors hissed open, and Lily stood up. Her coat was long-gone, swiped by some souvenir hunter to wank over later, but she didn’t care, and strode off into the hubbub of the Goldhawk Road station. She was wearing nothing but her trainers and large quantities of spunk, matting her black hair, dripping from her stiff nipples and small tits, smeared into her dark jungle of pubes, oozing from her cunt and anus, running down her legs into her stained shoes. She has no ticket and no money for a taxi home, but she knew there were ways to pay her passage. She makes it up one flight of stairs before a black youth saw a gift which doesn’t come every day and pushes her into an alcove, roughly jamming his prick up her arse. It was going to be a long journey home for Lily, but she always liked travelling in London.

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