Selena Gomez Trilogy Part 3

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Disclaimer: The following story you are about to read is not true and never happened I’m sure the celebs don’t act like this in reality if you are under 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please any fan requests send to I would like to thank DarklordZ for his help on this project now on with the story.

With the tour nearly over the band finally got a taste if the rockstar lifestyle starting with hotel room upgrades. Where we each had our own suites taking up all six of the top floors in the hotel, the extra bonuses came from having a big pool in each of our rooms with black glass bottoms, and calling the front desk for a massage girl when I wanted one. I was waiting for the massage girl to come up when there was a knock on the door. I wrapped the towel around my naked body to open the door to find that it was Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez in robes.

“What are you guys doing here? I was just about to call for a massage then head towards the beach to meet up with you two.” I said

“Selena knows about us.” Demi told me.

“Yeah, I figured something was up after our last tour stop and you two seem to have gotten rather cozy around each other.” Selena said

“Oh really, did you tell Demi about you and me?” I asked Selena

“No…” she said before pausing.

“Wait, when did you fuck him? I’ve been putting out most of the tour.” Demi said

“Um….before the tour while he was in the hospital, I gave him a blowjob on his bed during one of my visits then a few days after he was released, I fucked him on the couch at my house.” Selena said

“Wow, why did you stop?” Demi asked

“We had to keep it a secret, which was why she kept dumping me on you.” I said

“But then you both clicked and started fucking on the tour right under my nose.” Selena said

“We wanted to include you in a threesome.” Demi said

“Well…I still don’t know what a threesome is.” Selena said in a cute pose, biting the tip of her finger.

“I shall teach you and Demi what a threesome is.” I said, as Selens took off her robe.

Demi pulled my towel off freeing my 12 inch cock while she used her free hand to pull her bikini top off showing off her very impressive boobs she had clearly hit a growth spurt since our last tryst and damn was she stacked I almost drooled at the busty minxes assets.

“I need this big thing again Sel it’s been a while.” Demi purred

“Come and get it.” I said

I opened Demi’s robe letting her boobs out massaging them she got into it rubbing her ass on my leg making my erection grow while petting my face.

“I want you inside me again so bad.” she cooed

“I can tell.” I said

Demi wasn’t wearing anything under her robe as I pulled it off her she looked soaked between her legs there was no mistake what she wanted.

“Just start fucking me I can’t wait.” she moaned

“You asked for it.” I said

I picked Demi up by her waist and set her on my shoulders to make eating her out easier as I licked away with my rough tongue dragging across her clit making her shudder.

“Oh shit Sel you are so missing out if he hasn’t done this to you yet.” Demi moaned

“Looks like your having plenty of fun for both of us.” she said

I had worked my way up to Demi’s abs bringing her off my shoulders and slowly sliding down my body till she was stretched out on my dick which was driving her crazy.

“Come on baby make me scream for it like last time.” Demi moaned

“Oh I’m sure you will.” I said

Selena just watched as I pounded Demi’s pussy I could tell by the look on her face Selena was trying to figure out how her friend could take my girth and not be split in half.

“Shove it in my ass you hung fucker.” Demi said

“Will do.” I said

I pulled out rather quickly before stuffing my dick in her ass making Demi’s anal ring strain slightly causing her to arch her back.

“This is an intense feeling Selena I’ve never felt so full.” Demi moaned

“I’m gonna cum.” I said

I erupted what felt like buckets of cum into her ass it kept flowing as I pulled out spraying everything up to Demi’s hair on her back in thick spunk.

I saw Selena had on a purple/white bikini that was very small for her petite frame. She untied her bikini top to free her small perky tits. Selena threw her top down onto the floor and began taking her bikini bottom off.Once she had her bikini bottoms off showing that near perfect ass my thick cock was throbbing.

“Oh yeah, can’t wait to have this down my throat again.” Selena said lightly jerking it while she was going down onto her knees.

“Wow, You can deepthroat that dick Selena?” Demi asked.

Right after Demi asked, Selena popped open her mouth and took my cock into her mouth. She slowly lowered her head down, taking 6 inches into her mouth.

“She really can go to town on it.” I moaned before forcing her to take the last 6 inches.

“You two look so hot together.” Demi said

Demi crawled on the bed and lifted one leg over me, as her cunt was right next to me. Demi lay back on the bed still watching Selena gag on my member. After a few minutes, I lifted Selena’s head up for air.

My entire cock was covered in her saliva before Selena mounted over it, moving one hand to hold onto it as she was guiding herself down onto my cock. Selena moaned lightly as the head of the member entered entered her tight teen pussy. Selena moved her hand away from my shaft before placing them onto my chest.


“You got it.” I told her as I grabbed her tits and started thrusting hard into her cunt.

I went all out on Selena’s pussy ramming her hard enough to make Demi nearly bounce off the bed.

“AHHH….that feels so good I’m gonna cum soon.” Selena moaned

“MAKE HER SCREAM YOUR NAME!!!” Demi yelled as she was fingering her cunt as hard as I was pounding into her friend.

I pounded Selena’s pussy with everything I had feeling my orgasm build as I watched her body spasm and grip my shaft hard.


I unloaded quite a bit of cum before pulling out of Selena’s sore pussy, as Demi just laid there masteurbating on the bed. Selena got off me, crawled over to Demi, and did a face plant right in Demi’s pussy licking right away. She moved Demi’s hand away before taking her hand into her mouth as if it was my cock.

“Oh Selena…you’re such a great pussy licke. We really need to do this more often.” Demi moaned

While the 2 vixens were busy, I watched as Selena’s ass was swaying in a very inticing manner making me hard again so I grabbed onto her backside.

“What are you doing back there?” Selena asked

“I’m gonna fuck your ass!” I said

“Trust me…it feels so good Selena.” Demi said

“Well…I gues I could give it a try.” Selena said as she wasn’t sure about it.

I spat on my dick, easing it before entering her tight ass. I stopped for a few seconds, letting Selena get used to my cock in her butt, rubbing against her anal ring.

“UUUHHHNNN….” Selena groaned quite loudly

“Wow, I wish I had a camera for the look on your face Selena.” Demi said looking down at Selena’s face, as she had both hands around her head to make sure Selena kept pleasuring her down there.

“OH FUCK!!!” Selena screamed

I began relentlessly pounding hard into Selena’s ass while she licked Demi into a frenzy in the process, Demi tilted her head back with each lick Selena was giving to her.

“Ahhh fuck Money…unload those big balls into her ass. I want to see her reaction.” Demi moaned

I plastered Selena’s ass with my thick goo as her orgasm hit making her shudder while Demi had covered Selena’s face with her girl cream before she got up, bent over above Selena’s ass, and took my cock out to suck it.

“Ahhh yeah suck that dick…” I groaned

Demi was bobbing back and forth on my member as she had both hands on Selena’s ass, spreading her cheeks apart, exposing her gaping asshole. Demi took my dick out from her mouth and spat right in her friends butt before sticking my meatstick back inside, and taking it out again so she could suck it some more.

“Kinky.” Selena moaned

Selena moved one hand underneath Demi’s legs and started to finger her friends pussy.

“Oh, that cock inside my tight ass…” Selena moaned

I started to slowly pound inside her ass, feeling my cock was getting harder again slowly, so I decided to fuck her ass again once more to destroy it.

“Oh yeah, fuck her ass.” Demi moaned as she played with her own tits.

Demi bent down, took my cock out from Selena’s ass, and began sucking on my member again. Selena turned around and saw Demi sucking on my cock. She decided to watch for the moment. While she was watching, Selena moved her hand away from Demi’s pussy, moved it towards her own ass, and started to finger her own butt.

“Mmmm.” Demi groaned in appreciation.

Demi took my cock out from her mouth, and she began jerking my saliva-covered dick.Selena watched Demi jerking me off while continuing to finger her ass.

“You want this back inside your ass?” Demi asked

Demi looked down and moved my member down towards Selena’s asshole. She moved the head around her hole teasing Selena. She lightly moaned while Demi pushed my member back into Selena’s tight asshole.

“Yeah…ohhhhh Money.” Selena moaned

“Ahhh fuck yeah.” I moaned

I tilted my head upwards with each thrust into Selena’s tight asshole. I stopped for a second, taking my cock out of her ass halfway, before before spitting onto my own dick, and I resumed thrusting back into her ass.


“Ahhh fuck yeah Selena.” I cried out

“OH MONEY..FUCK….OW…MY ASS….FUCK IT RAW….”she screamed

Demi walked behind me, lowered herself down towards my ballsack, and began sucking on my balls. While Demi continued to suck on my ballsack, that didn’t stop me from thrusting into Selena’s ass.

“Ahhh shit.” I groaned

Iwas getting ready to pull out but both Demi and Selena kept me from doing so by wrapping their arms around each other to stop from pulling out I wanted to shoot onto Selena’s face and Demi’s tits but apparently, the two had a different idea instead.

“UHHH, HERE IT COMES!!!” I yelled

I shot my load all inside Selena’s ass, thrusting with each shot into her butt, I panted after I felt the last drop shooting out from inside. I lifted my legs above them before falling down onto the bed. Demi moved in underneath Selena, as she was pushing the cum out from her ass, dripping down right into Selena’s mouth.

“Mmmm yummy.” Selena moaned

Demi slurped drop after drop of cum dripping down before getting up to kiss Selena with a mouthful of sperm. The 2 swapped in between kisses before the 2 dropped down next to me. The 2 sighed before holding each others hand on my chest. I was staring up at the ceiling, smelling the atmosphere around. We stunk up the room with our hot enduring, passionate sex escapade. I moved my hands down towards their asses and started to massage them while they moved their hands all up and down my chest.

After a few rounds of massage the random body parts, we skinny-dipped in the pool for fun. Once the tour ended a few weeks later, I had enough money to pay off my medical bills with a big chunk in my pocket from sales of the album. After a small break, the band went back in the studio but the next tour wasn’t going to be near as fun for me without Selena or Demi in tow.

The End.

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