Mind Fucking Hayden

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Disclaimer: This is total fantasy. Don’t think that you could ever duplicate the events of this story with a real person. It’s just pretend.

Author’s Note: This story plays off of an idea I used in “Mind Fucking Estella,” but is not an actual sequel per se. Anyway, if you liked that story, hopefully you’ll like this one. Feedback (good or bad) is appreciated and can be left on the message boards or sent to [email protected] Feedback left in the forum is particularly appreciated. Thank you.

Hayden Panettiere had returned to her New York hotel room after a long day. She enjoyed her work, helping promote the message of the Candie’s Foundation, which strove to reduce teen pregnancy. Still, the busy schedule did occasionally take its toll on her, with the constant public appearances, television interviews, and photo shoots the foundation asked of her, along with her work with other charities, not to mention her professional obligations to a multitude of studio projects. Hayden was just ready to relax, and so, she was now glad to be back in her room.
She kicked off her high heels, letting them fall where they would on the floor as she lazily walked to the king size bed in her room, and let herself fall down face first onto the mattress. She pulled her hair out of the bun it was tied up in and just let her long golden locks fall down across her back and shoulders. Just to be off her feet momentarily, to let herself rest, was enough to make Hayden smile. She didn’t consider herself a diva, but the foundation had been kind enough to book her a rather large suite in a five-star hotel that prided itself on maintaining a sense of privacy for its guests.
The beautiful young actress was half asleep when she heard a light knock on her door. She wondered who it could possibly be as she forced herself to get up off of the bed. She smoothed down the wrinkles in her sexy little black dress that showed just enough of her young ample cleavage, as well as just enough of her upper thighs to make any man look twice when she walked into the room, but left enough to the imagination as to not make her appear too slutty like so many other young starlets in the entertainment industry. There was another gentle wrap at the door, and she now hurried to answer it, still not entirely sure who it could be.
Hayden Panettiere opened the door of her hotel room to see a man she had never seen before standing in the hallway. He was well dressed in a suit and tie, and had a briefcase in one hand, and a small box in the other.
“Ms. Panettiere,” he asked with an unusual sort of smile.
“Yes,” she said, “but you can just call me Hayden.”
“Well then, Hayden, I’m from the foundation. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”
“Oh, yes, well, I’m afraid I don’t know your name. No one told me anyone would be stopping by.”
“No, I don’t suppose they did,” the strange man said with a grin that made her feel somewhat uncomfortable.
“Um, has there been some kind of change in the schedule. Do I need to make another appearance,” she asked. She hoped that he would say no. In truth this was the last day of official work for her latest trip with the foundation. She had the room booked through the weekend, and she planned on spending a little spare time in the city, but if plans had changed, she was professional enough to do whatever was asked of her at a moments notice.
“Oh no, no change in the schedule. I just wanted to stop by and give you this,” he said as he handed her the small box.
Hayden realized that the box he was handing her was a pendant box, which seemed rather odd, as the foundation had never given her such a gift, but she accepted it from him and opened it. Inside was a small elegant pendant with a brilliant peridot, her birthstone. For some strange reason, Hayden couldn’t pull her gaze from the stone.
“That’s right Hayden. Look deep into the stone,” the strange man said soothingly.
She didn’t know why, but all Hayden wanted to do was keep her eyes fixed on the remarkable green pendant looking up at her. The man’s voice was soft and soothing, and she’d do anything he asked as long as she could just keep the pendant within her sight.
“Hayden,” the man said exerting his growing control over her mind, “Why don’t you let me into your room, and we can talk about that pretty necklace you’re holding.”
“Yes, please come in,” she said with no resistance and stepped aside so he could enter.
The man stepped into the room, closing the door behind him, and making sure to lock it. He took a quick survey of the room, and noticed two rather large comfortable looking chairs in one corner of the room with a small coffee table between them.
“Hayden, why don’t you sit down,” he said pointing to the chairs in the corner.
Hayden did as the man suggested, walking towards one of the chairs, but never taking her eyes off of the necklace she held in her hands, as she sat down.
The man sat down in the other chair and grinned evilly; Hayden Panettiere’s mind now belonged to him. And with his newly attained power, the actress would be helpless to keep him from using her body for his every pleasure.
It was time to lay down the ground rules for his new prize. “Hayden, you are mine now. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” Hayden nodded.
“Excellent,” he said. “Now, in the morning you will not remember anything that is about to happen here. You are never to try to hurt me in any way. And from this point forward, whenever I snap my fingers, you will instantly feel just like you do now, peaceful, content, and ready to do whatever I tell you to, is that understood?”
“Yes, I understand,” Hayden mindlessly replied.
“Very good, Hayden. Now, that silly pendant has done its job, but seeing as how you’re so fascinated by it, why don’t you let me put it on for you,” he said as he took it out of her hands, and walked behind her chair. Brushing her long blond hair to one side, he removed the pendant from the box, reached around her neck, and placed the necklace on her.
“Excellent,” he said as he walked back in front of her and opened his briefcase. “Just make yourself comfortable for a moment, Hayden,” he said as he removed a video camera and tripod from his case and began setting it up, so it was facing Hayden in her chair. It took him only a few minutes to get the camera arranged the way he wanted it, and only another moment after that to remove his clothes.
His cock was already rock hard and jutting forth from his body in anticipation of what he was about to do to the young actress, but he was willing to exercise a small degree of patience and see to it that his desires were met in the most perfect of fashions.
“Hayden,” he said with a smile.
“Yes,” she breathlessly replied, completely oblivious to her situation.
“Your dress looks terribly uncomfortable. Why don’t you take it off?”
“Yes, I should,” Hayden said as she pulled her dress up over her shoulders and off of her body, revealing a black bra and matching panties, a cute little belly button ring in her navel.
“Very good, now feel free to drop your dress on the floor.”
Again the actress unknowingly did as the man suggested.
“Wonderful,” the man said as he walked towards her. “Hayden, I’m sure you don’t need your bra on either, do you?”
“No,” she said.
“Well, then, let me help you take it off,” he said as he stood above her, reaching down to her.
He let his hand cup her right breast, massaging it gently, and only barely pulling away the fabric of the bra from her body. “Mmmmm,” Hayden moaned unknowingly as he knelt down in front of her and brought her nipple to his mouth. He reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She offered no resistance as he removed her bra from her upper body and let it fall to the floor. Her mind was not fully aware of the situation, but the rest of her body was warm all over from just his touch. With her bra no longer an issue, the strange man leaned up to her mouth and gave her a long passionate kiss, which she returned in kind. He let his tongue probe the inside of her mouth for several seconds before pulling away. He let his tongue slide down one side of her face and drag along her lovely neck before returning to her breasts. He gave each of them equal attention massaging them gently and sucking on her nipples. “Yes,
mooore,” Hayden pleaded in oblivious delight.
Hayden let out a quiet giggle as the man ran a hand down her cute little tummy, working his mouth down off of her breast and planting gentle little kisses over her stomach as he moved closer to her panties.
“Hayden,” the man asked with an evil grin, “would you like me to take off your panties?”
“Yes, please,” she replied breathlessly.
The man couldn’t help but smile, knowing that his camera was capturing all of this. He pulled her panties off of her hips, and slid them down off of her legs, letting his hands brush over the top of her soft silky legs. He threw her panties to the floor next to her bra and dress, and let a hand drift toward her completely shaved snatch.
“Ohhhh,” Hayden moaned softly as the man brushed her smooth snatch. She was already beginning to get wet, her body having no control over just how much she was unknowingly enjoying all of this.
“Yessssss,” she panted as he stuck a finger inside of her and then another. She unwittingly grinded her crotch onto his digits. “Ooooooohhhhhh,” she cooed.
“Are you enjoying this Hayden,” the man asked as he ran his fingers in and out of her body.
“Oh yessssss, uhnn,” she moaned and arched her back slightly, letting him delve even deeper into her body.
“You’re a slave for my touch, aren’t you,” he asked.
“Oh yes, I’m your slave, aaahhhhh,” she agreed in erotic delight.
“And I’m your master,” he said as he quickened the pace of his fingers gliding in and out of her unknowing receptive snatch.
“Uhhhnnnnnn, Master, don’t stttttoooooppppppp,” she blissfully pleaded as she braced her hands on the arm of the chair, arched her back, and grinded her hot little body down onto his fingers. Her clit made its first appearance, and he started giving it special attention, twiddling it with his thumb. “Moooooorrrrrre, pllllllleeeeeaaaassssssse,” she begged as he continued to finger her, reaching up with his other hand to gently squeeze one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.
“Ooooohhhhhh, uuuuuuhhhhhhhn, aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhh,” Hayden Panettiere screamed and came in ignorant bliss as this strange man fingered her and came all over his hand.
“Oh yes, Hayden, I’m going to have all sorts of fun with you,” the man said as he pulled his hand back from her warm, moist snatch. He brought his fingers to his mouth and licked her juices from them. “Absolutely delicious, you are Hayden,” he said with a grin. “Why don’t you see for yourself,” he said as he placed his fingers at her lips, and gently stuck them in her mouth.
“Mmmmmmm,” Hayden moaned as the man gently ran his fingers in and out of her mouth, sucking off all of her sweet nectars from his digits. Her lips were wrapped around his fingers firmly, and he couldn’t wait until he placed something else inside her mouth, but all in good time.
“Well Hayden,” the man said removing his fingers from her mouth and standing directly in front of her, “are you having fun?”
“Oh yes,” Hayden breathlessly cooed as she leaned back in the chair, coming down from her orgasm.
The man leaned down and grabbed her ankles, raising her feet and legs up off the floor while she remained seated in the chair. “I’ve done something nice for you,” he said as he placed the soles of her feet on his chest and slid them gently up and down on his torso, “maybe now you could do something nice for me.”
“Anything,” she said, “please, let me please you,” she giggled as he brought her feet down to his cock and placed it between them. He began sliding his member slowly between her feet, letting her feel just how engorged he was. “Oh yes, Master, fuck my feet,” she moaned.
He dropped her feet, letting them fall down to the floor and grinned. “Oh Hayden, I’m sure we can do that if there’s time, but I didn’t go to all this trouble just to fuck your pretty little feet. Why don’t you lean forward, and really show me how much you want to please your new master.”
Hayden did as the man had suggested to her and leaned forward in the chair. She gently grabbed his cock with one hand and began to lightly jerk him off.
“Ooooohhhhh,” the man moaned, “very good Hayden. Don’t forget to cup the balls,” he smiled.
Hayden again did as she was told and with her other hand began to gently fondle his testicles. “Do you like it Master?”
“Oh yes,” he moaned again, “very much. Now why don’t you put your lips around me, and show me just how good of a slave you can be.”
Once again doing as he commanded her to do, Hayden Panettiere leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around the man’s cock, stroking his length with one hand, while fondling his balls with the other; she began to glide her lips along his shaft. It was pure heaven for the hypnotist. Hayden was perfect in her desires to please him.
He ran his hands through her hair as she continued to bob her head back and forth along his member. “Oooohhhhhh yesssssss, Hayden,” he moaned.
Not removing her lips from his cock, Hayden looked up at him with her sparkling blue eyes, and gave a little grin from around his tool, “Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned in response to his encouragement to her pleasuring him.
As Hayden moaned, the vibrations of the sound she made further enhanced his pleasure around his rod.
“Oh Hayden, do that again,” he moaned as he began to feel a little weak in the knees, “hum while you suck my cock.”
“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmmmmmm,” she obeyed his command to further enhance the pleasure she was giving to him as she continued to move her mouth up and down his cock.
He was only barely keeping his hands placed on her head, not guiding her in any way, letting her do all of the work. The man knew he was about to cum. “Hayden, I’m going to explode in your mouth.”
“Mmmmmmmm,” she hummed on his rod in oblivious delight and anticipation of pleasing her master.
“I want you to swallow all of me,” he moaned, knowing he’d only last a few more seconds.
“Hmm, mmmhhh,” she nodded her head, looking up at him again with her big blue eyes.
Seeing her magical eyes once again looking up at him, this time in anticipation of receiving his seed and swallowing him down was too much. Keeping his hands on her head, he grabbed two handfuls of her beautiful blond hair, and moaned as he leaned his head up to the ceiling and came for what felt like an eternity to him into the actress’s warm, receptive mouth.
After a moment, he looked back down at Hayden to see her finishing taking in all of his seed. She slowly pulled her mouth off of his tool, letting the tip of her tongue drag along the bottom of his shaft as she did, and then finally licking the very tip of his rod once she had completely removed herself from him.
Noticing that she hadn’t wasted a drop of his load, he gently guided her to lean back in the chair and leaned over her. “Hayden, that was amazing. You are quite the little slave, and for your obedience and willingness to please me, I think you deserve a reward,” he said as he leaned down and gave her ear a light nibble, then moved down to her neck, planting soft kisses on her cheek along the way.
“Oh, master,” she moaned as she ran a hand through his hair, and he continued to move down her body, again sucking on her perky little breasts.
He kept moving his way down her hot little body, planting kisses on her stomach, until finally, he was kneeling in front of her with his head right between her legs. The man grabbed her hips, and pulled her slightly towards him. He then took her legs and placed them up over his shoulders. And then, he began to reward her for what she had just done for him, slowly dragging his tongue up her warm, moist little snatch.
“Ahhhhhhhh,” Hayden gave a soft little moan as he began to eat her out. Having already succumbed to one orgasm, her body was ready for further stimulation, and it didn’t take much for him to once again get her soaking wet. “Uhhhhnnnnn, uhhhh, aaaahhhhhhhh,” the actress whined in an unknown to herself exhilarated delight as her master ran his tongue all over her womanhood, softly nibbling her, and stimulating her body toward another blissful explosion. “Oohhhhhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhhhh, uuuunnnnnhhhhhhh,” she moaned, now unknowingly lifting her hips slightly and grinding her pussy gently onto her master’s face, allowing him to further pleasure her. “Ooooohhhhh, ooooohhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhh, fuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk,” Hayden screamed, bracing her body up with both hands on the arms of the chair, letting this strange man eat out her little pussy as her body was struck by another unknown orgasm.
Hayden Panettiere came all over the stranger’s face, and her body sank back down into the chair. He grinned sadistically, knowing that his camera was recording all of this. Grabbing her by the hair, he firmly, but not forcefully pulled her up out of the chair, and made her kneel down, laying her stomach down across the coffee table, so she was now facing away from him and looking directly into the camera. He positioned himself behind her, and leaned down to once again to gobble her snatch. This time he used his fingers as well to pleasure her, prying open her lips so he could let his tongue probe even deeper into her body. Her clit jutted out toward him invitingly, and he gently took it between his lips, and hummed softly, letting the vibrations of the sounds he made further stimulate the actress’s body and drive her mad with delight as she had earlier done to him.
“Uuuugghhhhhh, uuuuunnnnnnn,” Hayden squealed, momentarily letting her body rise up off of the table, before falling back down. The man took one of her hands, and guided it down toward her crotch, wordlessly directing her to feel free to rub and pleasure herself along with him. “Oooooohhhhh, yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh,” she moaned as her master continued to eat her out, she fingered herself, and her body raced toward a third orgasm.
Hayden’s master now even more vigorously than before buried his face into her snatch; munching her to a level of crazy mindless bliss. “Yeeeeesssssss, aaaaaahhhhhhh, aaaahhhhhhh, aaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh,” she squealed once more, again grinding her pussy into his face and spraying her womanly juices all over him.
Hayden Panettiere lay there knees on the floor, with her stomach bent over the coffee table of her luxury hotel room. This man had driven her body unknowing to her to three climaxes already, and planned on using her for even more pleasures before the night was through. He positioned himself behind her, and grabbed the front of her thighs, rubbing them gently, loving the way her silky smooth legs felt in his hands. He let his jutting cock slide toward her soaking pussy, and let the tip of his member run against the outer edges of her lips.
“Ooooooohhhhhh,” Hayden cooed in mindless yet delighted anticipation of what her body knew would soon come. Slowly, the man inched his way inside of her, going slow so that she could feel every inch penetrate her. “Aaaaahhhhhhh, the actress moaned as her mindless body enjoyed the pleasant yet unknown to her violation. He buried himself inside her snatch to the base of his cock, and then slowly and methodically began to glide in and out of her. “Uuuuuunnnnnn, uuuhhhhhh, uuuuhhhhh, eeerrrrgghhhhh,” she moaned as he finally began to fully enjoy her body, firmly holding her hips and forcing her back and forth onto his cock as he rammed into her.
Her tight little body was incredible; all of his work and planning was worth it in moments like this. He pumped her slow and hard for several minutes, enjoying the feeling of her tight vaginal walls clamping down on his engorged member. “Hmmmmmm, aaahhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhhhh,” Hayden moaned yet again. He reached underneath her, cupping her firm B-cups, gently fondling them, and lifting her up off of the table, letting the camera capture the total violation of the mind dominated actress. “Yes, yes, yes, uuuuunnnnhhhh, ooohhhhh, uuuuuhhhhhhhnnnnnn,” Hayden screamed, not knowing her predicament or that it was all being recorded.
He placed her back down on the table again, and grabbed her hips once more, really slamming into her body now. “Arrrghhhh, aaahhhhh, aahhhh, ooooohhhhh, uuhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed, reaching down underneath her to further stimulate herself with her hand. Her master quickened the pace now, foregoing the long slow thrusts, to pump her hard and viciously with shorter faster paced ones. “Oooohhhhh, oooooohhhhhh, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, she screamed. Her body couldn’t keep up with the pleasure he was giving her, and she could no longer keep herself propped up over the table. She just lay there body limp and mind oblivious that this unknown man was driving her body to another insane climax.
And then, just before he sensed she was ready to burst in erotic bliss, her master pulled out of her. Hayden Panettiere remained where he left her, lying over the table. He pulled away from her and sat himself in the chair she had previously been sitting in. With a somewhat exhausted, yet disappointed whimper, Hayden asked, “Master, why did you stop. Please, don’t stop. I want more,” she pleaded still unable to lift her small form up from the table, waiting for him to reenter her.
“You want more, Hayden” he grinned wickedly.
Finally finding the strength to lift herself up, she turned around to him, still on her knees, “Yes, Master, please. I need you inside me.”
“Do you now,” he asked as he leaned forward and lifted her chin up to look into her blue eyes, “Well, why don’t you show me how much you really want me to get back inside of you.” And he leaned back again into the chair, letting his still extremely hard cock stand directly in front of her face.
Hayden Panettiere’s dominated mind again did just as her master suggested, knowing only that she wanted him to continue to pleasure her body, and that to do that she had to first keep him satisfied. She crawled toward him, placing her hands down on his thighs, and then lowered her head down to his raging hard on, wrapping her lips around it. She bobbed her head up and down on his member, slurping up her juices from around his shaft, and licking his precum away from his tip. He leaned his head back again enjoying his mindless little fuck toy. Hayden placed one of her hands around his shaft and began stroking him gently as she sucked, trying to make him cum in her hot little mouth, as she believed that was what her master wanted from her.
The stranger smiled, his little slave was in some ways just a little too obedient. He knew she was jerking him, trying to make him cum faster, but that was not his intention this time. Time to again give her what she was asking for. He reached down and lifted her head away from his cock. “That’s enough Hayden, you’ve proven how much you want my cock. Now why don’t you climb on, and I’ll give you what you want.”
“Thank you, Master,” she said as she stood up in front of him. She placed her legs inside the chair, wrapping them around his waist. If she had been a taller young woman, there’s no way this position would’ve worked, but being just a touch over five feet had its advantages for the mind controlled little actress.
He leaned his head down and buried it into her firm tits, nibbling her nipples gently as she ran her hands through his hair and lowered herself down onto his cock. “Aaaaahhhhhh,” she moaned in delight, once again receiving what she wanted.
“Go ahead Hayden,” he grunted, “show me how much you enjoy my cock.”
“Uhhhhhnnnnnnn, yes, Master, uuuuhhhhhhnnnnnn,” she moaned as she began guiding herself up and down his shaft. He leaned away from her breasts, keeping a firm hold on her hips to help guide her along, but letting her do almost all of the work. “Aaahhhhh, aaahhhhh, ooooohhhhhhh, oooooohhhhhh, uuuuuuuhhhhhhnnnnnn,” Hayden continued to moan. She looked into her master’s eyes with her sparkling blues and smiled, whether she knew it or not, a part of Hayden Panettiere was enjoying the fact that this man had entered her hotel room, dominated her mind, and taken to using her body for his erotic desires. Her master started to thrust up his hips as she came down onto his shaft, reaching deep into her cunt with the tip of his cock. “Ohhhhhhhh, aaaaaaarrrgggghhhhhh,” she screamed in delight. She placed her hands on his shoulders, trying to prop herself up higher each time before letting her warm pussy slam back down onto his tool. “Ooooohhhhh, fuuuuuuccckkkkkk, Master, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh,” she screamed again even louder than before. Fatigue and bliss were once again taking their toll on Hayden Panettiere’s body, and she could no longer even hold on to the shoulders of this strange man, let alone guide herself up and down his cock. “Uuuuunnnnn, uuuuuunnnnn, uuuuuhhhhhhhh,” she closed her eyes and leaned her upper body back as the man took control and rammed his way up into her snatch.
“Do you want to cum, Hayden,” he grunted, keeping a firm hold on her hips and slamming into her again and again.
“Yeeeesssssss,” she screamed, “I’m cumming, ooooohhhhh, oooooooo, ohhhhhhhh, fuuuuuucccckkkkkkk. Please master,” she panted, “cum with meeeeeee, oooooohhhhhhhhh.” He bounced her off his cock hard and violently as she now let her upper body go limp, her body leaning away from him, thrashing to and fro as he prepared to release his load up inside of her. “Ooooohhhhh, aaahhhhhh, aaahhhhhhhggggggg,” Hayden Panettiere screamed as her body became warm all over, her juices spilling forth from her snatch, and his seed spraying like a hose up into her.
Hayden just let her body continue to remain limp, leaning back, happy to remain impaled on her master’s cock that was still only barely softening. He pulled out of her, letting her body continue its backward trend toward the floor, he guided her down gently, leaving her to lie in front of the chair.
The man got up and adjusted his camera, pointing it now toward the bed. Once that was done, he walked back over to his prize, picked her up, and carried her over to the bed, laying her down right in the center. He lay down on the bed beside her, letting his hand trail down over her tight firm stomach to her crotch and inserted two fingers back into her snatch.
“Uuuuuhhhhhhnnnnnnn,” Hayden let out a long slow moan of utter bliss.
“Do you enjoy me fucking your pussy, Hayden,” he asked her.
“Aaahhhhh, yeeeesssssss,” she lightly nodded, moving her hips from side to side and letting him reach deeper into her body.
“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”
“Uuuuuuhhhhhhh, no, aaarrrrrrrhhhhh,” she continued to delight herself grinding down onto his fingers.
“Well, we’ll just have to do something about that,” he said as he pulled his fingers from her snatch and rolled her over onto her stomach.
He pulled her to her knees and positioned himself behind her. She had no idea of the way he was about to sodomize her, or just how much he was going to enjoy it.
Placing the tip of his cock between her ass cheeks, he ran his length for a moment between the crack of her tight little buns. “Oh Hayden, you have no idea how much I’m going to enjoy this,” he said as he ran a hand over her hot little rump.
“Yes Master, pleeeeaaaaaasssssse,” she begged. His spell on her demanded that she continue to feel his cock inside of her, no matter what way it might enter her body.
“Please what,” he taunted her as he now lined up his cock with her asshole.
“Please, fuck me, Oooooowwwwwww,” she let out a long slow moan as he slowly guided himself all the way up into her third hole. Even his spell couldn’t block out all of the pain of him forcing his way all the way up inside of her tight virgin ass. “Aaaahhhhhhhh,” she let out a slow sigh as the initial pain of his entrance into her shitter was now complete with him buried balls deep into her rectum.
He loved the feeling of her tight firm ass cheeks clamping down around his cock. It was truly incredible. Hayden Panettiere may have only been a couple inches over five feet, and just barely over ninety pounds, but what her little form lacked in size, it made up for with firm lean muscle that clamped down around his every inch. Her master just enjoyed himself for a moment, letting the tight sensation continue to clamp down on his entire length. He leaned his head down on her back between her shoulders. She was still just barely panting, as her body adjusted to the feeling of this new experience of anal intrusion, but she was starting to come around to his presence inside of her. The man ran a hand underneath her stomach, caressing her firm abs, and letting it slide up to her breasts. “Uhhhhhnnnnnnn,” she let out another soft moan and he fondled her breasts, gently squeezing the nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He let his hand slide back down her body toward her snatch yet again and found her clit. He twiddled it for a moment, gently squeezing it as he had done her nipples. He knew that even with his dick fully up her ass the treatment he had already given her pussy would cause her to cream all over his hand in a matter of moments. “Ooooohhhhh, aaaahhhhh,yeeeeaaaahhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhh,” Hayden yelled, spraying his hand with her sweet lovely nectars. She was now fully acclimated to her new anal experience, and began grinding her snatch again onto his fingers, in the process, letting his cock in her ass reach deeper into her bowels. “Uuuuuhhhhnnnnnn, uuuhhhhnnnnn, uuuhhhhhnnnnnnn,” she moaned like an animal.
He knew she was ready. He pulled his head up off her shoulders, and placed his hands firmly on her hips. He slowly guided her body away from him, almost helping her to remove his cock from her anal passage. “Ooooooohhhhhhh,” she moaned as her little body was guided off of his cock inch by inch. He had about two inches still inside of her before he pulled her back down along his length. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed as her ass was again totally filled. He continued guiding her on and off of him for a few minutes, each time thrusting her back on to his cock a little faster and harder than before. “Uhhhhhh, aaahhhhhh, uuuuuuhhhhhnnnnnn,” she screamed in blissful pain. After a moment more, he decided the adjustment period had completely ended and rather than guide her back and forth onto him, he began thrusting himself in and out of her anus. “Ooooohhhhhh, fuuuuuuuccckkkkk, fuuuuuuccckkkkkk, fuuuuuccckkkkkkk,” Hayden moaned.
“That’s right Hayden, you like me fucking your ass,” he grunted.
“Oooohhhhh, ohhhhhhh, uuuuhhhhhhnnnnn, yeeeesssss, aaaarrrrggghhhhh.”
With his cock still in her ass, Hayden’s master rolled over onto his back, but keeping her body upright on top of him and letting the little actress face the camera, while he held her hips and bounced her up and down along his length. “Oooohhhhh, aaaahhhhh, uuuhhgggggnnnnnnn,” she continued to squeal. He sat up slightly and reached in front of her, cupping her breasts and fondling them.
“You love a good ass fucking, don’t you Hayden.”
“Uhhhhnnnn, oooohhhhh, yeeeesssssss, Master, mooooooooore,” she pleaded as her ass continued to come down onto the length of his shaft.
“You’re a little dirty ass slut, aren’t you Hayden,” he continued to verbally abuse her, knowing that the camera was capturing all of this.
“Yes Master, pleeeeaaassssse, fuck my ass, uuuhhhhh, aaaahhhh, aaahhhhh, ooooohhhhhh,” she begged him.
“You want me to cum in your ass, don’t you, you dirty little bitch.”
“Oooooohhhh, aaaaarrrrr, uuuuhhhhhnnnnn, yeeeeesssssss,” she screamed.
As Hayden came down once again onto his cock, the man held her there for a moment. Removing a hand from her breasts, he grabbed her jaw and made her look right at the camera across the room. “Smile for the camera, Hayden.”
She grinned in erotic bliss, doing as he told her. He leaned her body forward, putting her face down on the mattress once more. With his cock still inside her ass, he positioned himself to again be kneeling behind her. He cupped her breasts again, and continued pumping her ass anew, this time guiding her along his shaft so her body would meet his cock with each thrust. “Arrrrhhhhhh, aaaahhhh, aarrggghhhhh, AAAAAHHHHHH,” Hayden Panettiere let out her loudest scream yet. Her master rammed in and out of her ass savagely, enjoying every inch of her shithole. Yet again, the pleasure her body was receiving was too much for Hayden to keep herself up. “Oooooohhhhhh, ooooohhhhhh, uuuuuhhhhhhnnnn,” she moaned as her arms gave out from under her. Her head on the mattress, the stranger let go of her tits and lifted her hips slightly, allowing him to drive into her ass now at a downward angle that let him touch a new and even deeper part of her anal passage with his length. “Ooooohhhh, aaaaggggg, uuuuuuhhhhhhhh,” the small actress squealed blissfully. He grabbed an even more firm hold onto the top of her thighs and braced her little body as he quickened his pace. “AAAhhhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhh, UUUHHHHHNNNNNNGGGGG,” Hayden screamed in response to the vicious thrusting into her ass. He was ready to give her his seed; in the place she’d never before received it from anyone. “FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK, AAAAGGGHHHHH, OOOOOHHHHHH,” Hayden Panettiere cried as her master rammed into her ass with one long hard final thrust. He let his cock bury itself into her body’s most reluctant hole, and let his seed spray forth up into her bowels, continuing to let her tight ass clamp down around him and milk up every last drop he could pour into her for this exchange. He didn’t so much pull out of her as just let his dick go flaccid and begin to recede on its own from her body. When he finally did remove himself from her completely, he fell back onto the mattress, letting Hayden collapse down on the other end of the bed face first.
He stayed there for a moment looking up at the ceiling of the hotel room. He knew he’d have to be going soon, and he would need to get Hayden cleaned up before he could go. “Hayden,” he said as he caught his breath.
“Yes Master,” she replied, beginning to pull herself up off the bed and turning around to crawl toward him.
He ran his hand through her long blond hair as she nestled her head down on his chest, reaching down with one hand to stroke his cock, in desire of him fucking her again. “Why don’t you go get the shower going,” he suggested to his little mind-controlled slave.
“Yes Master,” she said as she got up from the bed and walked toward the bathroom of the suite.
He got up from the bed as well and looked toward the bathroom, noticing the steam of the shower creeping out into the main part of the suite. “Go ahead and get in the shower, Hayden. I’ll be right with you,” he said as he walked toward his camera.
The strange man turned off his camera and put it back in his brief case. He then gathered his clothes, so they’d be ready for him when it was time to go. With his belongings set aside properly for his departure, the hypnotist turned and walked toward the bathroom.
He stepped in the shower to find Hayden Panettiere standing under the hot running water. He took a moment to appreciate the water running down her tight firm body and over her wonderful little curves, admiring how her skin glistened from the steam and moisture. He ran a hand along her back and down toward her ass, cupping her firm tight ass. He turned her around toward him, and leaned down to give her a warm passionate kiss, which she returned in kind. Her master ran his hand up her hip, and let himself cup one of her breasts for a moment, before continuing up toward her shoulder. Pulling away from their kiss the stranger gently guided her body down, so that she was now kneeling in front of him.
“Go ahead, Hayden. You know you can’t resist my cock.”
Hayden was all too happy to do as her master suggested. She grabbed hold of his tool with both hands and leaned her head forward taking him yet again into her mouth. “Mmmmm,” she moaned around his shaft in delight of getting what her dominated mind told her she must have.
“That’s good Hayden,” her master moaned as he gently took hold of her head and began slowly guiding her along his length. He only stayed in her mouth for a moment, he didn’t need to make her swallow his seed again. He had already enjoyed that pleasure. He reached down, and positioned Hayden on her back before kneeling down over her, straddling her chest. He placed his rod between her perfect little B-cups, and gently cupped each of them as he squeezed them together.
“Ooooohhhhh yeeeeaaaahhhhhh,” Hayden moaned. He had dominated her mind that now even his simplest touch could begin to raise her levels of erotic bliss. “Uuuuuhhhhhhh,” she squealed in delight as he tweaked her nipples slightly and began sliding his cock between her tits. He squeezed her breasts together tightly, once more loving the way he could make her body cling to him. He rammed his cock over her chest for several minutes. After a while, Hayden began lifting her head toward him as he thrust forward, trying to get a taste of him. He taunted her slightly, always keeping himself just barely out of reach. “Please Master, I want you,” she whined beneath him. He continued gliding between her tits, and after a moment decided he had taunted her long enough. Hayden’s master released his load onto her chest, letting himself spray up onto her neck and face.
She lay there beneath him, covered in his cum. Hayden rubbed a hand along her face, scooping up his seed in her fingers, and licking his offering from them. He could’ve stayed there for hours, continuing to take advantage of her in this mindless state, but he knew he had to be away soon, and that he would see her again.
He stood up, and rinsed himself off. Hayden had climbed to her feet as well trying to coax him into staying with her a bit longer. It took all he had to ignore the ways she pleadingly whimpered and ran her hands over his body. More than once he had to pull her hand away from his cock. He finished cleaning up, and turned to his slave. “Hayden, it’s time for you to wash up now. Do as I say,” he said as he stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry himself.
The stranger walked back into the bedroom and got dressed. He heard the shower turn off and Hayden followed him out a few minutes later. She had done as he commanded, cleaning herself thoroughly.
The man walked over to the bed and pulled back the covers. “Time to go to bed, Hayden,” he said motioning for her to get under the sheets and blankets. She did as she was told, and he covered her naked little body with the linens. “Now Hayden, you’re going to fall asleep now. When you wake in the morning you’ll remember none of what happened here tonight. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Master,” she answered as sleep began to overtake her.
With his slave sleeping soundly, the stranger gathered his suitcase and left the suite. No one in the hotel lobby noticed the giant grin of satisfaction he had as he left the hotel.
Hayden Panettiere awoke the next morning feeling incredibly well rested. Her body felt relaxed and refreshed in a way that she could never remember feeling. There was a part of her mind that somehow felt she had just spent the most amazing night of her life with the greatest lover she’d ever have. But that wasn’t possible, she thought to herself. Her boyfriend wasn’t even in the country, let alone in her hotel room with her. Hayden didn’t know why she felt this way, but she smiled nonetheless as she pulled the covers off of her.
To her surprise, she was naked. Hayden never slept in the nude, and couldn’t remember why she would’ve done so last night. Looking down at her naked breasts, she noticed the peridot pendant around her neck. That wasn’t hers, but for some strange reason she instantly loved the way it looked, and just decided to keep wearing it. It puzzled her slightly as to where it came from, but she simply couldn’t remember. She looked around the room, and noticed her dress and underwear lying on the floor next to one of the chairs in the corner. Why did she put them over there, she wondered. Had she gone out partying the night before and just couldn’t remember? No that couldn’t be it. She didn’t have the hangover one would expect with this strange loss of memory. It must have just been the stress from her obligations to the foundation. She had kept a hectic schedule the past couple of weeks, and of course there were always her other professional commitments. The daily stressors of being a hot in demand young actress must have just caught up to her for one night.
Hayden smiled to herself. It didn’t matter to her what happened last night. Today was hers, a long overdue and well-deserved break she thought. She found her suitcase lying on the couch in the room and found something to wear for the day. She settled on a pair of jeans and a gray long sleeve sweater. She found a pair of comfortable sandals, and tied her hair back in a ponytail. It was nice to not have to wear a dress or a pair of heels for a change. Hayden couldn’t help but feel good, and looked forward to starting her day. She grabbed her purse, headed out of the hotel, and caught a cab to Fifth Avenue, for a day of shopping she had been looking forward to since she arrived in New York.
Her day went just as perfectly as she hoped it would. She was all smiles walking through the high-end stores. Occasionally during the day, a fan would recognize her and wave. A few even approached her for an autograph, which she didn’t mind at all. She stopped in a pricey shoe store, and found a pair of six-inch heels that she decided she just had to have. She didn’t particularly like wearing high heels, but they certainly made her taller and feel just a little more confident when she was making a public appearance or walking along a red carpet.
A little later she found herself walking past an upscale lingerie store, and decided to take a look inside. After looking around for a few minutes she found a cute, but sexy little pink silk babydoll that opened just below the breasts, and would reveal her sexy little tummy during an intimate moment with her boyfriend. She found a pair of panties to match the babydoll and paid for the bedroom ensemble. She couldn’t wait to surprise her boyfriend the next time they had a moment alone.
It was about noon, and Hayden couldn’t remember the last time she had eaten. She decided to stop for lunch at a café just off the avenue. The hostess found her a table in a corner away from the lunchtime crowd where she’d have more privacy. The server was nice and quick in delivering her salad. She was almost done, when a man walked up behind where she was seated and snapped his fingers right behind her ear. A wave of calmness rushed over the young actress. Her master had returned for her.
The stranger leaned down to her ear, and instructed her to grab her belongings and go to the ladies room. She picked up her purse and shopping bags, and did as she was told. Hayden entered the restroom and waited. Her master followed her in a few minutes later.
“Did you miss me, Hayden,” he asked with an evil smirk.
“Yes master,” she said as he took her by the hand and led her into a stall.
He closed the door to the stall, and looked at her. “Why don’t you get down on your knees then, and show me just how much you really missed me.”
Hayden Panettiere’s dominated mind once again was ready to comply. The actress fell to her knees and rushed to unbuckle her master’s belt and unzip his fly. His bulging cock sprang toward her face as she pulled down the top of his boxers. She smiled contentedly as she wrapped a hand around his shaft, leaned in and placed his cock in her mouth. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned in delight.
The strange man smiled as he placed his hands on her head, and began guiding her back and forth over his tool. He grinned at just how much he enjoyed sodomizing his little toy, and just how much her controlled mind enjoyed his violations of her.
“Mmmm, mmmmppphhhh, uuummppphhhhh,” Hayden grunted around his shaft. Unlike the previous night, he was taking more control in the way she sucked him off this time. He rammed her mouth back and forth along the length of his throbbing member. “Mmmpppp, mmmmppppp, mmmmmm,” Hayden moaned and gagged as his tip reached the back of her throat. He loved the way the vibrations of her vocal chords sent sensations along his shaft.
“Would you like to taste my seed again, Hayden?”
“Mmmm, hhhhmmmmmm,” she moaned again around his cock, bringing her hands up to cup his balls.
“I thought so,” he said as he kept a firm grasp on her head and really rammed her down on top of him.
“Mmmppppp, mmmppppp,” Hayden grunted as his cock reached the back of her throat. “Mmmmmppppp, mmhhhgggg,” she gurgled as her master gave one last hard thrust into the back of her mouth and deposited his load down her throat. He held her mouth down on the base of his shaft letting his ejaculating rod spill straight down her throat.
He removed himself from her mouth with a sigh of satisfaction. Hayden took in a big gasp of air, trying to catch her breath. The unknown man pulled up his pants, and looked at Hayden still on her knees in front of him. “Give me your purse Hayden,” he commanded her. She gave him her purse, and he opened it. He found her wallet, stuffing it in his pocket. He then found her key to her suite back at the hotel and took it as well. Dropping her purse to the floor, he ordered his slave to remove her sandals and give those to him also, which she did.
“Now Hayden, I have to go now,” he said. “I want you to slowly count to one hundred, and when you’re finished your mind will be your own again. You will not recall what has just happened. Understood?”
“Yes Master,” she nodded and began to count.
Her master left her there still kneeling on the floor of the stall; before he left he dropped a DVD into her lingerie store bag.
A few minutes later Hayden Panettiere regained total consciousness of her surroundings. She realized she was in a restroom, but couldn’t remember entering it. She was on her knees, had a strange taste in her mouth, and her throat ached a bit. Why was she having these blackouts, she wondered. Had she thrown up? That might have explained the taste in her mouth and the pain in her throat. And where the hell were her shoes? She was barefoot in a public restroom. She remembered commenting once in an interview how she’d never walk into a public restroom with no shoes. The very idea creeped her out a little and made her feel dirty. Her shopping bags were with her. She pulled out the high heels she had purchased earlier and slipped them on her feet.
Wherever she was, and whatever the reason for her strange losses of memory over the past day, she decided it was just time to go back to the hotel. She stood up and left the stall. She splashed a bit of water on her face at one of the sinks, and cupped her hands to take a sip of water and rinse the taste from her mouth. After drying her face, she exited the restroom and realized she was still in the restaurant where she had eaten lunch. She found her server and asked for the check, which he told her not to worry about as someone had already paid for it. It must’ve been some fan, she thought, occasionally one offered to do that sort of thing if they recognized her out in public. She didn’t usually take anyone up on the offer, but was somewhat relieved this time when she realized her wallet wasn’t in her purse. She figured she must’ve left it at one of the stores earlier.
She left the restaurant feeling puzzled as to what was going on with her. She stood on the street, realizing that with no way of paying for a cab, she’d have to walk several blocks through New York City in high heels just to get back to her hotel. Whatever, she shrugged. She’d call the stores she had been to and see if they had found her wallet once she got back to her suite.
It took Hayden Panettiere over an hour to walk back to her hotel. By the time she made it into the hotel lobby, her feet hurt like hell. This was definitely not the way she had imagined breaking in a new pair of high heels. She looked through her purse for her room key. Great, she had somehow managed to lose that as well. What was going on with her head, she wondered. She was never this irresponsible and forgetful. She made her way to the front desk and got an extra room key.
By the time she finally made it back to her luxury suite, Hayden couldn’t wait to take off her heels. Her legs ached, and she immediately plopped down on the couch to rest for a moment.
She looked in her bag from the lingerie store, and pulled out her new babydoll gown and panties. She smiled at what her boyfriend would think when she showed him what she had bought. Strangely, her sexy lingerie ensemble wasn’t the only thing in the bag. She found a DVD as well, and even stranger it had her name on it.
The actress, confused, got up from the couch and walked to the other side of the room where the flat screen and Blu ray player were set up. She put the disk in the player, and grabbed the remote. She sat back down on the couch and hit play on the remote.
On the screen, she saw herself sitting in one of the chairs in the corner of the suite. She was wearing the same dress as she had worn yesterday. This couldn’t be possible she thought, no one had been here last night but her. From off camera, she heard a man tell her to take off her dress, which she did. Hayden Panettiere could not believe what she was seeing. This had to be some kind of prank with some amazing special effects. There was no way this could be real. Her jaw dropped in horror as a naked man walked into the shot and began fondling and caressing her body, removing her bra and panties. She cringed as she watched how this unknown man molested her, and she was in disbelief as to how much her recorded image seemed to be enjoying everything that was happening to her. A tear began to roll gently down her face as she watched herself begin to suck off this man she had never seen before, and felt as if she wanted to throw up at the sight of her body being bent over the coffee table which was only a few feet away, and watched as this man, who in the recording she referred to as master entered her from behind. By now, Hayden Panettiere realized that this was not fake. What she was watching had actually happened to her, but she couldn’t remember any of it.
Hayden’s eyes began to fill with tears. On the screen she was enjoying everything that was being done to her body, but here now, she felt repulsed at all that she was witnessing. Why couldn’t she remember this, and how had it all happened? Tears were now running down her face as she watched how dirty he treated her, how disgusting he talked to her, how she bounced her body up and down on the stranger and give in to total erotic bliss. She wanted to stop watching, but couldn’t bring herself to turn off the disk.
The camera was adjusted to a view of the bed, and she watched as her body was carried over to it. She cried uncontrollably now in terror as she watched as this man asked her if she had ever tried anal sex. The thought repulsed her, and she’d never let anyone do that to her. But now here she was watching herself be sodomized. She could tell that she must have felt some pain from the ordeal at first, but was disgusted how much her recorded self came to enjoy the vile act. The man in the recording changed positions and let the camera capture her face. The actress cried now even harder as she saw how he made her look directly into the camera and smile while he mercilessly pounded her ass. Hayden Panettiere could not believe how much her recorded self seemed to enjoy the abuse and screamed in delight as the man on screen finished with her and let her fall to the bed. She was in shock as she watched herself in the video walk off camera toward the bathroom. The man in the recording walked to the camera, and finally the disk had played to its end.
The young blond actress just sat there on the couch in her suite in total disbelief. There was no way what she just watched could’ve actually happened. But she also knew there was no way it could not have. Suddenly her recent losses of memory were beginning to make sense. The man in the video must’ve found her when she was shopping and did something to her in the restaurant’s bathroom as well. She had to do something, tell someone, but what would she say, and how would she say it?
As Hayden Panettiere sat on the couch wondering what could be done, she heard a key enter the lock on her room door. She sat on the couch frozen as she watched the lock turn and the door open. The man from the video entered her room, closing the door behind him and locking it.
“Hello Hayden,” he smiled. “I take it you watched the video.”
“What, How, Why,” she didn’t even know where to begin. She should’ve been trying to find a way out of the room, but she was quickly beginning to panic. She remained there on the couch. She tried to lean away from him as far as she could as he approached her. She was able to scamper as far as the far end of the couch. The actress watched in horror as he sat down on the other end of the couch and grinned.
He tossed her wallet, room key, and sandals down on the couch between them. “What I am Hayden, is a man of a certain talent,” he started answering her initial frantic questions. “I have a way of controlling people’s minds, and once I get in their head, I can make them do all sorts of interesting things. And well, I think deep down you really know why,” he grinned evilly.
“What do you want,” she asked.
“I want you, Hayden.”
Her stomach sank. Somehow she knew the answer before she even asked the question.
“Are you going to hypnotize me?”
“No, I’m not,” he smiled.
“I could turn you in to the police. I could show them the video.”
“And what would they say, that you had sex with a man in your hotel room and you really, really liked it?”
“That’s not, but—
“But nothing Hayden, you can’t do anything about what happened last night. What you can do, is make this easy on yourself and do now what I tell you.”
“And what if I don’t?”
“Well, maybe for starters I’ll make you walk through the hotel lobby naked. I could make you walk out to the street. I’m sure there’s bound to be a person or two with a camera in New York City. How quick do you think those photos would make it to the Internet? I also have copies of what we did last night. Could you imagine being the next young celebrity with a sex tape? I would think a lot of people would be dying to see it.”
“And you won’t do those things if I listen to you, if I do what you want?”
“You have my word,” he grinned wickedly, knowing that she was playing right into his game.
She sighed and lowered her head in defeat. She knew there was no way to escape this situation. She had to comply with whatever this man wanted. “So what happens first,” she asked, unable to even look at him.
He picked up the lingerie she had bought and tore off the tags. “Why don’t you try these on? I’m dying to see how it all looks on you,” he said as he tossed the panties and the slip onto her lap.
He stood up from the couch and walked over to the bed as she began to undress. Hayden felt terrible. The lingerie was supposed to be a way to surprise her boyfriend, and now she was putting it on for someone else. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see her tormentor sitting on the foot of the bed and getting undressed.
He watched her do as he had told her. The pink silk clung neatly to her body, slit in the center revealing her firm stomach and leading up to her cleavage. Her short toned legs, her plump little ass, her ample little breasts; it should’ve been illegal that someone so small could have so many hot curves. And now, he would have her again. And this time, she would remember everything that he did to her.
She finished putting on the lingerie, and took a deep breath as she turned to look at him. There he was, still sitting on the foot of the bed, naked, with a giant erection that she knew would be inside of her soon enough. A tear ran down her cheek. There was no going back. She had to give herself to him, and this time her full mind would experience it. And she knew there was no way she’d react this time the same way she had the night before, even if her only knowledge of the previous night was the video she had just watched. A part of her wished that he would just take control of her mind.
“Come here, Hayden.”
Slowly, she walked over in front of him. She stood there. She wanted to run away, but knew it was no use. Run, and she risked letting something far worse happen to her. Hayden shuddered slightly as he ran his hands over the side of her legs and groped around behind her ass, and pulled her closer to him. She wanted to punch him, to kick him, to harm him in any way possible, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. A part of her mind just wouldn’t allow it. “Uuuuunnnnnn,” she whimpered as he brought a hand around to the front of her body and reached down into her panties. He started rubbing her crotch gently.
“A little dry, Hayden,” he mused. “Don’t worry, we’ll fix that.”
The actress couldn’t stand to look at her tormentor. It didn’t matter. No matter how much she tried to look away from him, no matter how hard she tried to think of something else, after a few minutes, she began to get wet. “Ooooohhhhhh,” she whined again as she felt her pussy begin to moisten from his touch.
He removed his hand from her panties and ran it up her smooth stomach. He slid his hand underneath her slip and cupped one of her breasts gently, rubbing it softly, and twiddling the nipple with his thumb. “No, uuhhhhhnnnnn,” she sobbed. Her legs were beginning to shake a little.
The man noticed and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Why don’t you kneel down, Hayden,” he said as he guided her to the floor.
Kneeling in front of him, she saw his huge cock protruding toward her face. She knew what he would order her to do next. She shuddered at the thought of having to put her mouth around it. Again, she thought of hurting him, this time she thought she might bite down hard on him. But again, she realized that she would never do such a thing.
“Go ahead, Hayden, open your mouth, put your lips around my cock, and suck,” he ordered her and gently forced her head toward him.
“Mmmmmmm,” she gave a soft cry around his member, almost pleading for him not to make her do this. Her pathetic little plea had no effect other than to make him take her head in his hands and begin gently forcing her to bob up and down on his tool. “Mmmmmm, mmmppppp, uuummmmpphhhhh,” she moaned once more. “Mmmmmppppp,” she wrapped her hands around his tool, in part to stroke him gently in hopes that this part of her torment would be over sooner, and in another part to keep him from forcing her too far down onto him. No part of her was enjoying this.
“Ooooooh, yes Hayden,” he moaned, “That’s it, suck your master’s cock like the good little slave that you are.”
More tears spilled from her eyes now. She wasn’t his slave. The person she had been last night was not real. She’d never let him treat her like that if she had truly known. But here she was, running her mouth up and down his shaft, not wanting to think about what would happen if she did not cooperate.
“Is my little slave going to swallow my load again,” he taunted her.
“Nnnnnnnmmmpppp,” she begged around his shaft. She wanted to pull her head up now, try to find some other way that she might please him, but he wouldn’t let her go.
“I didn’t think you would,” he said as he grabbed her ponytail and held her head a bit more firmly. He began sliding her mouth over him faster now.
Hayden was helpless. She knew what he was going to do. “Mmmmpp, mmmm, uuuummmmppphhhhh, ooommmmm,” she pleaded. She had given blowjobs before, but she never let anyone cum inside her mouth. She closed her eyes tight, knowing that with the way he was forcing her down on him faster and faster, it was only a matter of moments now before he came. She could feel how hard his rod was throbbing, and knew he was going to shoot a long hard load into her mouth. “Mmmmmmpppppppppp, uuurrrggggpppphhhhhh,” she moaned and gagged as his seed shot toward the back of her throat. He didn’t force her down all the way, but he still left about half of his cock in her mouth. She tried to pull away, to get away, but he wouldn’t let her go, and so she was forced to continue to just let him spray and spray more and more cum into her mouth. There was no way she was going to swallow. Her eyes were filled with tears, but her mouth was filling with his cum, and it started to spill out of the corners of her mouth, slide down her chin, along her neck and throat, and onto her breasts.
She just wanted him to stop. She wanted to clean him off of her body and out of her mouth, but she knew he wouldn’t be satisfied with just a blowjob. He let go of her head and let her pull her head up. She coughed and gagged trying to catch her breath, letting more of his seed spill out of her mouth and down onto her breasts as she did so.
“Not the best blowjob you’ve ever given me, Hayden, but it’ll do. Besides, I rather enjoy watching my cum fall down on your tits” he grinned as he stood up and pulled her to her feet.
“Nooooo,” she whined softly as he tossed her down face up onto the bed.
“Don’t move Hayden,” he told her as he knelt down on the floor and spread her legs apart. He reached for her panties. She could hear the fabric tear as he tore them down off of her.
“Aaaahhhhhhh,” she let out a long slow scream of fear and disgust as he put his head down into her snatch and began licking her womanhood with vigor. “Uuhhhhhnnnnnnn,” she moaned, slightly enjoying the attention his tongue was giving her slot as he reached a hand up to slide under her gown and fondle her tits. “No, aaaahhhhhh, uhnnnn, I’m not suppose to like this, uuuuhhhhhhhh,” she panted as he continued to eat her out. She didn’t want to like any of this, but she certainly preferred the current activity more than the blowjob she had been forced to give. She could feel herself getting wet and her body temperature starting to rise. In no way did she want to even hint to him that she might be enjoying his new treatment of her. She kept her hands down at her sides, and clutched the top of the bed covers tightly, hoping that by doing so she’d focus on holding them rather than letting out another long soft moan of approval. It didn’t work, as she soon gave in and moaned with a reluctant degree of approval, “Uuuuuhhhhnnnnnnn, yeeeeaaaahhhhh, aaaarrrrrrhhhhhhh, um, nooooooo.” It was all going too fast now. She couldn’t control her reactions. A part of her wanted to scream go away, while another part needed him to keep going.
She clutched the covers even tighter now. “Oooooohhhhhhh, wait, uuuunnnnn, aaaahhhhhh, please,” she moaned, she pleaded, she sobbed, she surrendered. It was no use. Hayden was clutching the covers of the bed now so hard that her knuckles were turning bone white. She could even feel her fingernails pressing through the linens clenched in her fists and digging into her palms. “Ohhh, fuuuuuucccckkkkkkk,” she screamed. She wanted to keep her body motionless, but she couldn’t. No matter how hard she tried, no matter how much she hated to enjoy this, her hips were rising off of the mattress, swaying from side to side in response to the tongue-lashing she was receiving. “Shit, nooooooo, noooooooo, noooooooo, aaaaaahhhhhhhhgggggg,” she cried.
For his part, the stranger knew he was making the actress respond in ways she never thought she would. It wouldn’t be long now before he made her cum, and he was dying to see her reaction when it happened.
“Oh fuck, aaahhhhh, no, don’t, fuck, please stop, uuhhnnnn, uummmm, fuck, fuuuuccckkkk, don’t, uuuuurrrrgghhhhh,” Hayden couldn’t control herself. Her mind knew that she shouldn’t like this. She hated the idea of giving in and succumbing to his eating her out, but she couldn’t control her body. Her hips were grinding down on his face, his tongue stroking her clit, which was jutting out at him now, and she just couldn’t make it stop. She was going to cum. She knew it, she hated it, she loved it, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it. Hayden Panettiere continued clutching the covers, “Oh no, nooooooo, not thiiiiiisssssss, aaaarrrggghhhhhhh, I’m cummmmmiiiinnnnggggg, uuuuuhhhhggggggg, fuuuuucccckkkkkk,” she screamed in disbelief, in satisfaction, in disgust, in erotic delight as her body went rigid, her back lifted up off the bed, and she sprayed her womanly nectars all over this man’s face.
He didn’t stop with his treatment of her snatch. He stayed between her legs for a moment, still sliding his tongue over her sopping slit, and slurping up her juices. “Oooooohhhhhh,” she cooed softly to herself as her body fell back down to the bed. She felt delightfully warm and tingly all over. She lifted a hand toward her breasts, and rubbed her chest for a moment until she brushed up against the stranger’s hand still rubbing chest, and quickly pulled away in horror. She was reminded of just how this all began, and couldn’t exactly thank him for the experience.
He looked up from between her legs, to see her lying on her back, looking at the ceiling and panting heavily. The tears were gone, but Hayden had a look of confusion on her face, knowing that she shouldn’t be enjoying what was happening as much as she just had. Taking his hands off of her body, she immediately rolled over onto her stomach, wishing he might be done with her, even though she knew he wasn’t.
He crawled on the bed behind her, straddling the back of her legs. He lifted her hips from the mattress and ran the tip of his once again erect rod along the slit of her vaginal lips. “Fuck, nooooooooo,” Hayden Panettiere moaned, not sure if it was because she really didn’t want him inside of her, or if it was because she just didn’t want to let him be the one to drive her to another orgasm. She gasped suddenly however when he traced his tip up from her slit and lined it up straight to the entrance of her ass. She shook her head. “No, not there,” she pleaded with just a barely audible whisper. She couldn’t believe that he would do that to her while she was fully aware to experience the ordeal. “Not there,” she said more loudly. “Not there, owwwwww,” she screamed and buried her face in the mattress as he inched his way into her rectum. “Mmmmmmmmmpppphhhhhhh,” she gave a long muffled scream of shock into the top of the bed, her fingers once again clutching fiercely at the covers.
The stranger was having a difficult time in determining how he preferred the young star’s body more, as the mind controlled nymph from the night before who craved for his every touch, or as the conscious but reluctant young woman he had now who struggled to hide the fact that some primal part of her was enjoying this experience. He grabbed her ponytail and lifted her head up off of the mattress. He wanted to hear her every scream and moan, and he wanted her to hear it as well. He placed a hand underneath her and groped her breasts to keep her from lowering her head back down into the bed.
“Noooooo, you bastard,” Hayden whined, her body rigid in terror of what was now happening to her. She had never let anyone inside her ass, and thought she never would. She knew what had happened the previous night, but his spell on her had allowed her to remain ignorant of the act at the time. This was different. She was going to feel and remember all of this.
“Aahhhhhh,” she moaned as he began moving back and forth inside of her. She tried to keep her ass cheeks clenched tight, thinking that it might prevent him from being able to thrust into her. It didn’t matter. Whether she realized it or not, all she was really doing was clamping down harder on his rod, providing more friction, which in turn enhanced his pleasure from the experience. “Uuuggghhhhhh,” she moaned as he rubbed her breasts, squeezing them gently. Again, a few tears began to trickle out of her eyes and roll down her pretty face. She couldn’t believe how uncomfortable it felt, or how she was just ever so slightly beginning to get more used to the sensation. “Nooooo, aaaarrrrrrrrghghghgh,” she screamed. She couldn’t allow herself to start to enjoy this. That was not what she wanted. “Ooooohhhhhh, uuuugghghghghgh, nnnnnghghghghg,” she grunted. Behind her, the stranger could feel how tense she was, but also how her body was reluctantly starting to accept his thrusts in and out of her ass.
He continued sliding in and out of her slowly, easing his way into her ass, but not so slowly as to make her body go completely rigid with each thrust. “Uuuuhhhhh, uuunnnnn, uuuuuhhhhh, uuuuunnnnn, uuuhhhhh, uuughghghghgh,” she slowly started to receive him a little easier. “Nooooo, I cannnnnn’t, aaaaahhhhhh,” Hayden moaned, not wanting to admit that she was starting to accept his anal intrusion of her a little more with each thrust. The actress tried to focus on the way he fondled her breasts. She didn’t mind that, but her mind kept racing back to the realization that for the first time in her life she was aware of someone fucking her ass. “AAAwwwww, aaahhhhh, aaggghhhhhh,” she screamed. It was no use; the sensation of his cock reaching into her bowels was too much. She was embarrassed that he could do this to her. She wanted to remain quiet. She couldn’t let him think that a part of her liked what was happening. She didn’t want to hear herself either and further compound her confusion. She wasn’t supposed to like this, she kept telling herself. She wasn’t supposed to like any of this, just like she wasn’t supposed to like it when he was eating her out. “Uuuunnn, uuunnnn, uuuunnnn, uuunnnn,” she moaned quietly, as quietly as she could, hoping he wouldn’t notice.
The man realized Hayden, at least in part, was beginning to enjoy what he was doing to her. He also knew she was trying to stay quiet and not admit to herself or him that she was starting to gain some pleasure from the act. He began guiding her body back onto his cock, pulling her down onto his shaft as he rammed forward into her, reaching deep into her bowels. “Aahhhh, aahhhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhgggg,” Hayden whimpered some more, this time a bit louder than she wanted to. She doesn’t want to let him guide her body back toward him to meet his every thrust and let him penetrate her deeper and deeper, but she knows her resistance is starting to fade. Her mind might not have been totally enjoying what was happening to her, but her body was, and she knew that sooner or later she was going to give in to an embarrassing explosion of passion and pleasure. “Uugghghghgh, ughghghghg, ughghghg, uuuuhhhhhnnnnnn,” she whined as he reached underneath her with his other hand and fingered her snatch. “Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh, AAAAGGGHHHHHHH NOOOOO, FUUUUUUCCCKKKKK, AAAAARRRGGHGHGHGHG,” she screamed as he found her clit and gently massaged it between his thumb and forefinger.
Hayden Panettiere knew the game was over. She wasn’t loving the experience, but she was melting like butter beneath her tormentor. The man knew it as well, and began quickening his pace in and out of her ass. “God, uhnngh, fuck, ahghg, shit, unnnn, uuunnn, uuuuunnnn, uuuuuuhhnhnhnhnnh,” she whined. The man no longer cared about helping to guide the actress down his shaft. He had broken down all of her defenses in the matter, and knew she couldn’t stay quiet, or keep from gaining some pleasure, no matter how unwanted she might still claim it to be. “Uhhhhnnnnn, uuuhhhhnnnn, uuuuuugggghhhhhh, UUUUUNNNGGGGHHHHH,” she screamed as he now cupped both of her tits in both hands. She so wanted to bury her face into the mattress and not let him or herself hear her scream. Despite the tears she had shed over the matter she had to admit that there was an element of delight that her body was about to experience, and she found it embarrassing and disgusting. “Nooooo, you’re, uuuhhhnnnnnnggggg, I, uhn, don’t, aaahhhhh, want, aaahhhhh, to, fuckiiiiinnnngggg, cuuuummmmmm, aaahhhhh, like, thiiiiiisissss, AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH,” she screamed.
Hayden’s latest reaction to his treatment of her was too much for the man as well. “AAAHHHHHH, aaahhhhhh, UUUUHHHNNNN, AAAAHHHHHHGGGGGGG,” she screamed as he now tore into her ass with reckless abandon. He didn’t care if she screamed, or laughed, or cried. He was going to cum deep inside her ass, and she was going to feel his every inch plow deep inside of her and go off like a fire hose. “UUUUrrrrggghhhhhh, uuunnnghghghghg, uuuuuhhhhhhnnnnn,” she panted as he grabbed a firm hold of her hips. He didn’t care if she tried to hide her face in the covers any longer. All he cared about was getting deep inside of her and releasing his load. It didn’t matter. He was pounding her so hard that her entire upper body bounced up and down at her waist, slamming her face down onto the mattress only for her to unwittingly spring back. “NOOOOOO, AAAHHHHHH, uuuuhhhhhnnnnnn,” she screamed. Hayden was forced to hold herself up on her forearms, just to keep from getting bounced around. She knew with his frantic pace in and out of her rectum that it wouldn’t be long, and was shocked at how painful this act was, and yet how much her body was still giving in to a disturbing sort of pleasure. “AAAAAHHHHH, AAAAAHHHHH, AAAAAAHHHHHH, FUUUUCCCCKKKKKK,” she screamed as he buried himself to the base of his shaft inside her ass and sprayed and sprayed his thick hot liquid into rectum. “UUUUUurrrrggghhhhhh, UUUUNNGGGHHHHHH,” she moaned as she spasmed around his cock, unwittingly thrusting her hips back toward his member and burying him even deeper inside of her before finally dropping her face down into the mattress, whimpering like a baby at the pain of the ordeal, but also at the unexpected and unwanted pleasure from it.
He pulled out of her worn out ass and let himself collapse down on the bed beside her. Hayden gave a long slow sigh of relief as her asshole was once again empty. They both just lay there for several long minutes, catching their breath. With both he and Hayden still lying face down, the man reached over and put a hand on her back, gently rubbing over her shoulders through silk of her slip.
Hayden tensed up her body slightly. They had to be done. She couldn’t believe he that he could possibly be ready to take her again, or that she could even handle another event like the one that had just occurred.
He rolled her over onto her back, gently fondling her breasts. She wanted him to stop touching her, but even so still felt a pleasant sensation run through her as he gently caressed her soft skin.
“So tell me Hayden, what made you come to New York?” He knew the answer, but wanted to hear her say the reason out loud.
She found it strange that he was asking her such a question. Surely, if he had gone through all this trouble up to this point, he knew why she was here and what she was doing. “I was doing a publicity tour for the Candie’s Foundation.”
“Oh, what are they,” he asked.
“They want to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy,” she panted.
“How ironic,” he said as he swung his body up on top of her.
“What, again,” she whimpered, disheartened and amazed that he still wasn’t done with her.
“What do you think your foundation would say if they found out their little spokes lady got pregnant out of marriage,” he taunted her as he pulled her legs up and spread them wide, keeping his arms under the back of her knees and pinning them to the mattress next to her shoulders.
“What, no, you can’t,” Hayden said from beneath him, shocked that he would even imply trying to get her pregnant.
“Oh don’t worry, you’re not a teenager anyway, so they probably won’t mind. At least you waited until you were in your early twenties,” he said as he lined up his throbbing cock with her snatch and let his body sink down on top of and into hers.
“Nooooooo, please don’t,” she screamed. “Not this. Fuck my ass again. I’ll let you fuck my ass. Just don’t get me pregnant, uuuuunnnnnhhhhggg,” she pleaded and moaned as he began to slowly move in and out of her body.
“I’ve already, fucked your ass, Hayden. You remember this time, don’t you,” he taunted her as he continued to slowly grind down into her body “Besides, I can do whatever I want to you, whenever I want to do it. And right now, this seems more than fun.”
“Uuuuurrrrhhhhh, uuuuuhhhnnnnnn,” she whimpered and moaned, knowing there was absolutely nothing she could do. He seemed determined to fuck her one last time, this time with the intention of trying to impregnate her. “Aaaahhhhh, noooo, nooooo, aaaaahhhhnnnnn,” she moaned again. Damn, she was again going to end up giving into a strange unwanted, yet incredibly enjoyable erotic explosion. She tried to look away as another single teardrop streaked down her cheek. It didn’t matter, however. His touch, his motion inside of her was too much, and she knew that once again her little whimpers would turn in to strange howls of pleasure. “Uuuuhhhhnnnnn, nnnnooooo, aaahhhhnnnn, aaahhhhh,” she moaned again as he reached from around her legs and tore apart her slip, revealing her wonderful round B-cups, and caressing them in his hands. “Uuuuuhhhhhh, uuuuhhhnnn, aaagggghhhhhh,” she screamed and wiggled her hips beneath him, letting prod into her snatch at different angles with his tool. “Ooooohhhhh, aaahhhhhh, you bastarrrrdddddd, aaahhhhhhhhh, on fuck.”
“Just think of this as me giving you one last little thing to remember me by,” he grunted. “By the way, you can keep the video and the necklace.”
He was beginning to build up his pace driving down into her harder and faster. “Oooohhhhh, oooooohhhhhh, oooooohhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhhh,” she screamed in a disturbing delight as he went from fondling her breasts to leaning down and sucking on them as he continued to rapidly thrust in and out of her. He grabbed her by the wrists, and pinned them to the mattress above her head. She was now at his complete and total mercy, legs spread wide, arms pinned above her head, and him nibbling on her breasts and driving himself deep down inside of her. “Uuuuuunnnnhhhhh, aaahhhhhh, oh god, yeeeeaaahhhh, uuuuhhhhnnnn, uuhhhhnnnn, aaahhhhhh, nooooooo, ooooooohhhhhh,” Hayden Panettiere no longer knew what to think. This man was trying to impregnate her, and yet she was still succumbing to his every movement inside of her.
Looking up from her tits, but still keeping her pinned down beneath him, the man began to ram in and out of her even faster. “You want it, don’t you, Hayden?”
She shook her head back and forth vigorously, “Aaaahhhhggggg, uuuuuhhhhhh, don’t, aaaahhhh, don’t, uuuuuhhhnnnn, don’t get me pregnannnnnnntttttt, aaahhhhhhh, plllllleeeeeaaaasssse,” she screamed, but in a way that did little to hide her enjoyment of feeling him inside of her.
“Don’t lie,” he grunted, “you fucking love what I’m doing.”
“Uuuuhhhhhgggg, aahhhhhggg, uuunnnnn, yeeeeessssssssss, aaaaahhhhhhh,” she screamed. She could no longer deny it. Even if he got her pregnant, the joy of the moment was too much for Hayden Panettiere to resist. No one had ever touched her like this, drove her body mad with pure erotic excitement. This man had done things to her that she never imagined she’d do, and he had made her enjoy them. “Uuuuggghhhhh, uuuuhhhhnnnngggg, yeeeeessssssss, aaaaghghghghghgh,” she screamed again as she wiggled her hips beneath him, demanding with her body that he drive down into her and penetrate her most inner regions. “Fuck me, fuuuuuuuccckkkkkk, meeeeeeee, haaaaaarrrrdddddd, uuuuuuhhhhhhnnnnn,” she begged him. The stranger, Hayden’s lover drove into her unrelentingly, enjoying his last opportunity to have her vaginal walls clamp down around his cock. “Shit, uuuuhhhhhnnnn, I’m cuuuummmmmiiiiinnnnngggg agggggaaaaiiiiin,” she moaned as her body spasmed beneath him. He shoved into her snatch with one final thrust, letting himself sink all the way down into her and coated her pussy with his seed. “Uuuuuggghhhhhh, uuuuuuhhhnnnn, aaaahhhhhhh, ahhhhnnnnn, yeeeessssss, yesssssss, yeeeeessssssssss, uuuuhhhhhnnnnnnngggggg,” she screamed.
It took a moment for him to finally do so, but he pulled out of her for a final time, and stumbled to find his clothes. Hayden stayed there on the bed. She rolled over to her stomach, and held a pillow close to her little body. She didn’t know what to make of what had happened. How could something so disturbing, so seemingly unwanted, have caused her to react with such uncontrolled pleasure? She wondered in what state she was more dominated, when she was oblivious to what was going on, or when she remained fully aware of everything this man had done to her. What if he really had just gotten her pregnant?
Hayden Panettiere couldn’t bring herself to even move, even after her tormentor had gotten fully dressed and left her there alone in her hotel room. Would she ever see him again, she wondered. Did she even want to? And if she ever did have another encounter with him, would she even realize it? All of these things played with her mind as she fell soundly asleep.

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