Hazy Night with… (Part 6)

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Summary: Who came knocking after Dan finished with Ariana?

Disclaimer: The following story is not in any way, shape or form real.

I had just came all over Ariana Grande’s face. She was sucking my cock dry when a knock came to the front door. I looked in her eyes, both of us confused, as the person knocked again.

“Who is it!?” I yelled out, hoping that he or she would hear me.

“Dan? It’s Ashley! I think I left something here.” I heard her open the door and walk in. I tried to get dressed before she walked into the kitchen but I was too late. “Oh my, hi Dan.” She saw me try to cover my flaccid dick before looking at Ariana’s cum-stained face. “Hi.” Ariana waved at her as a glob of cum dripped from her chin on to her breast. “I guess you two were busy. Sorry to interrupt.”

“Well, you weren’t really interrupting. As you can see, we were pretty much done.”

Ashley walked over to the table and sat in the chair, next to Ariana who was still on her knees. She reached over to her face, scooping a glob of cum off her forehead with her finger and licked it off.

“Mmm, I guess you JUST finished.” She scooped up some more cum and ate it once more. “I guess Taylor wasn’t lying when she said she gave out your number to a lot of girls.” She looked Ariana in the face. “You look really familiar.”

“I’m Ariana.” She stuck her hand out, as Ashley shook it.

“You’re from Nickelodeon right? On that show with Victoria Justice?” Ariana nodded as she got off her knees and sat down on the other chair. “You’re very pretty, especially with Dan’s cum all over you.” Ariana giggled and looked Ashley up and down.

“You said you forgot something yesterday?” I asked Ashley.

“Yeah, my flight got delayed and I was looking through my bags at the airport and couldn’t find my black panties. Have you seen them?”

“Yes.” Ariana said. “They are in the bathroom, I saw them when I took a pee last night.”

Ashley got up from the table and scurried off to the bathroom to retrieve her underwear. She came back in with them in hand.

“So, you’re flight was delayed?”

“Yeah, the plane had mechanical issues and they couldn’t get me on a flight back to L.A. until later today.” Ariana perked up.

“Is it okay if I stay here for a few hours and maybe have a little ‘fun’?” She was playing with her panties with a mischievous look on her face.

“Well, I guess so…if it’s okay with Ariana.” Ashley turned back to Ariana and gave her the same look as she asked the same question.

“I guess its okay for Ashley to stay, if she does one thing for me.”

“What?” Ashley asked.

“You have to lick all of the cum off my face. If you do that, you can stay.”

Ashley got up and walked over to Ariana, sitting on her lap. She began to slowly lick her face, grabbing as much cum as she could on her tongue. It took her about a minute to lick all of the remaining semen off her face. Once she was done, she stuck her tongue into Ariana’s mouth letting her taste what she had cleaned up. They made out for a few seconds before breaking their kiss and looking at me. My cock had fully recovered and was standing tall.

“She can stay.” Ariana said. “But she needs to get high now.”

Ashley kissed her on the cheek before all three of us headed out to the living room. I quickly packed the bong and handed it to Ashley.

“We’re both pretty baked, so you have the bong all to yourself.”

I tossed her the lighter as she lit the weed and sucked in the large cloud of smoke. She sat back into the couch and slowly blew the haze into the air. I looked over and saw Ariana, who’s eyes were locked on Ashley’s face as she smoked. I was too busy looking at Ashley’s body, covered by a pair of jeans and a tight, black zip-up hoodie. Her brown hair was done up in a ponytail that draped over her shoulder, covering the mound in her shirt.

Ashley took about ten hits on the bong before her lungs could take no more. After placing the bong on the floor, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath through her nostrils. When she opened her eyes, they were almost as red as Ariana’s hair. She was clearly in a hazy heaven as the effects of the weed sank in.

“It’s only been about twenty-four hours since I smoked last, but it’s way too damn long.” She looked over at Ariana, who was on the other side of me. “Ariana, how much did you love getting fucked by Dan?”

“It was amazing, it was amazing for a first time.” Ashley sat up and looked in her eyes.

“First time? You mean first time with him?”

“First time with him and first time ever, he was my first” Ashley was shocked at what Ariana said.

“Wow, you made him your first. Bet you feel special Dan.” We both laughed. “I feel really weird being the only one with clothes on.”

I reached across her chest and unzipped her hoodie. I peeled it off her body and tossed it aside. Under the hoodie was a tight black t-shirt with clearly a push-up bra underneath. As I pulled her shirt up her body, Ariana reached in and began to unzip her jeans. I removed her shirt and began groping her boobs, pulling them out of her bra.

“You have very pretty boobs Ashley.” Ariana said as she pulled her jeans to her ankles. “I guess that was your only pair of panties.” She said as Ashley’s slightly hairy pussy was exposed to the air.

Ashley giggled as I removed her bra completely and left her sitting nude next to us. Ariana and I each took a boob in each hand and rubbed them hard. She let out a loud moan as her boobs were being groped. Ariana was leaning across me and had to have felt my hard cock pressing against her stomach. She looked up at me and smiled as she pushed her body down on me, only making me harder. She then turned her attention back to Ashley’s pussy. Running her hand through the small amount of hair above it, she looked back up at Ashley and locked eyes.

“You have a very cute pussy.” Ashley smiled at her. “Can I…can I taste it?” She nodded back at her and Ariana moved in.

She stuck her tongue out and licked on her clit, causing Ashley to moan again and wiggle around on the couch. I picked Ariana up and placed her on the ground, kneeling down with her mouth locked on Ashley. I stood up on the couch and placed my rock hard cock in Ashley’s mouth. She sucked hard on it, not missing a step from yesterday. She reached up and played with my balls as she worked my cock like a pro. I could feel the moans coming from deep inside her as Ariana worked her pussy, also like a pro. I pulled Ashley’s hair out of the ponytail and let her hair flow over her shoulders.

Ariana was working her clit with her thumb as her tongue as working the wet opening in front of her. She moved her tongue in and out at a quick pace, making a slapping sound against the very moist hole. After a few minutes, we all released from each other and moved to the floor. Ashley lied down on her back and spread her legs. Ariana sat down on Ashley’s face, waiting for her tongue to find its way inside her. I placed the head of my cock at Ashley’s pussy and quickly slammed into her. She was obviously not as tight as Ariana but was still tight enough to feel amazing.

I started kissing Ariana as I roughly pounded the brunette beneath me. She was screaming in pleasure up the redhead’s moist cunt. I could feel Ashley’s body beginning to prepare for an orgasm. She had her pussy worked for several minutes by Ariana and was now getting it punished by my eight inches. She didn’t have much of a build and her orgasm came from seemingly nowhere as her body tensed up, pulling at my cock fiercely. She pushed Ariana’s body of her face so she could let out a moan after moan into the open. Ariana crawled down to her pussy and licked at her clit, causing the orgasm to last a few seconds longer.

Her tongue was coated in Ashley’s womanly juices as she crawled up next to her and kissed her. Ashley smiled as she tasted her own juices on the young girl’s tongue. Both girls were now lying on their backs as I withdrew from Ashley and shoved my cock into Ariana. She jumped at first as I was anything but gentle. I began fucking her harder than I fucked Ashley; harder than I had fucked her earlier. Ashley was rubbing on her small, perky boobs and kissing her neck.

I pinned Ariana’s legs up next to her head and slammed all of my weight down on her. She cried out in joy/pain as her body took the abuse that it had never experienced. I was gentle earlier in the day, so her only sexual experience was a nice pleasant adventure. I wanted her to see just how much greater rough sex is. She closed her eyes and yelled out as her body climaxed around my cock. Just like Ashley, her contracting pussy tried to tug hard on my cock but was unable because of the force I was using.

Ashley held down one of Ariana’s feet next to her head as I took my left hand and fingered her. My finger in Ashley was definitely not going as hard as my cock was going in the younger girl. Ariana had stopped moaning since the orgasm, which clearly took all of the energy out of her. I could feel myself building toward an orgasm of my own as I continued fucking her for several minutes. I pulled out of her and went back to fucking Ashley, who was still as energetic as ever.

After a few more minutes of fucking I pulled out of her and stood up. Both girls got to their knees and began kissing as I jerked off mere inches from their faces. They were so lost in each other’s love that they didn’t hear me telling them that I was about to cum. I came as they were still kissing, shooting all over Ashley first and then Ariana. They both giggled as my warm seed landed on their faces but did not break the kiss. I shot load after load of my semen all over the girls, several globs landing on their chests.

Once my dick was done shooting, I rubbed my cock against their cheeks and cleaned the remains of the tip. I pulled away and watched the girls take turns licking the cum off of each other. After licking the last bit of cum off of Ashley’s chest, Ariana crawled back over to the couch and sat down. I sat down next to her as Ashley knelt in the middle of the room rubbing her breasts. She looked up at the clock and then looked at us.

“Fuck, I have to get back to the airport.” She stood up and retrieved her clothes. After getting dressed, she gave each of us a kiss and started to walk out the door. She turned around and sucked on her finger before shoving it hard into Ariana’s cunt once. “Bye bye honey, you were great.” She removed her finger and walked towards me, giving my cock one stroke. “And I’ll really miss you.” She finally walked out and closed the door behind her.

“I really like her.” Ariana said as she hugged me.

“Me too…but I really like you too.” We kissed. I looked up at the clock and was shocked by how much time had flown by. It was now almost noon and my high was starting to wear off. “Wanna go out to lunch, I’ll buy?”

“Sure, but can we smoke first? My high is gone.”

“You read my mind.”

I picked up the bong and filled it with some fresh weed. We quickly smoked up the contents, each taking about seven large hits and were soon stoned off our asses once again.

“Are you good to drive?” She asked as she opened her suitcase.

“Of course, weed doesn’t hinder driving.” I told her as she began to dress.

She put on a black bra that was quickly covered by a green Miami Dolphins t-shirt. She then pulled on the pair of black panties that Ashley had once again forgotten.

“Ashley and I wear the same size.” She giggled as she pulled a pair of black capris over them.

I was wearing a pair of jeans and a Seattle Mariners shirt as I led her outside and into my car. We drove into the city in a good amount of time. It was a pretty warm day so the windows were down in the car. Her hair was blowing in the wind which was very sexy.

“The weather is perfect!” She yelled out as we drove into the parking lot of ‘Jeff’s Diner’.

Jeff was a friend of mine from high school and I always tried to make time to eat there. I told Ariana that he made the best sushi in the world which intrigued her.

“I love sushi, I guess I know what I’m having.” She grabbed on to my arm as we walked in.

Jeff was there and he signaled us over to the counter. I introduced him to Ariana before she asked to use the bathroom. Jeff pointed her in the direction and we both watched as she scurried off.

“That’s one fine piece of ass you got a hold of.” He told me.

“Yeah, she looks almost as good in those pants as she does without them.” We both laughed before I placed an order. I waited for her to come back before I led her to our table.

After a short wait, we got our food and quickly ate it. She was very impressed by the sushi and complemented Jeff when he checked on us. I paid for the meal and led her out of diner. She again grabbed on to my arm, this time stopping me from opening the car door.

“It’s such a nice day, how about we take a walk?” She looked up at me with her sad face, making it impossible to say no.

She held on to me as we walked the streets of the city. I pointed out several landmarks at every block we passed. As we walked past the mall, she pulled me towards the entrance and we walked in.

Ariana was acting weird, not saying anything as she dragged me through the mall seeming to look for something. As we passed the swimwear section, she grabbed a bikini without even looking at it and dragged me into the dressing room, locking the door behind her.

“Are you going to buy that?” I asked her.

“Hell no, that thing is ugly.” I was confused.

“Then why did you-” She placed her finger on my lips and smiled. She dropped to her knees and began unzipping my jeans.

“I want to suck your cock, that’s why!” She laughed as she yanked my jeans and underwear down. I was not hard as I didn’t expect this, but it quickly grew as she started sucking on it.

Ariana was treating my cock like a straw as she sucked as hard as her pretty little mouth could while stroking it for all its worth.

“You can slow down a bit there girl.” I told her.

“No no, I don’t want it to look suspicious with us being in here too long.” She went back to sucking me off.

After about five minutes of one if the roughest blowjobs I’ve ever had, I knew that I was close

“I’m gonna cum baby.” I told her as she continued milking me.

I grabbed her head and shoved my entire cock down her throat as I exploded. I shot several loads of my cum directly into her stomach as she gagged on me. Once I shot the last bit into her, I released my grip and allowed her to catch her breath. After a few coughs, she stood back up and hugged me hard.

“That was awesome Dan, you really know what a girl likes.”

She bent down to pull my pants back up. I gave her ass a hard slap which caused her to squeal. After my pants were fastened back up, she grabbed the bikini and pulled me out of the dressing room. She returned it to the rack and we walked through the mall for about a half an hour. She talked to me about being an actress and I talked to her about…well nothing since my job was not interesting to me and I was sure it wouldn’t be interesting to her. There was something I did ask her.

“How did you get so good at sucking cock, I thought you were a virgin?” She looked at me and laughed.

“You may have been the only one to fuck me, but I do have experience sucking dick. I’m a young girl in Hollywood; you have to suck a lot of dick to get ahead down there. But yours is definitely the biggest I’ve ever had.” I was amazed at her words.

“Wow, I guess I couldn’t see you as that kind of girl.” She giggled as we exited the mall and headed back to my car.

It was about three o’clock when we got back to the car. We both got in and headed back to my house, again getting stuck in traffic. After two hours of stop and go driving, we finally got back to the house around five. As soon as we stepped through the door, she made a bee line for the bathroom while I headed towards my stash. As I rolled a joint, I saw Ariana out of the corner of my eye heading for her suitcase holding her capris in her hand. She bent over, flashing me a good shot of black panties hugging her ass tightly as she dug around looking for something more comfortable. She quickly through on a pair of green sweatpants that matched her t-shirt before walking back to the table where I was sitting.

I finished rolling the joint when she sat down. I lit it up and took a deep hit as she yawned and looked down at her pants. We spent the next five minutes or so burning through the weed. We both were feeling really good as I got up to heat up some of the McDonalds we still had from last night. I could feel her eyes staring at my ass as I moved back and forth from the microwave to the cabinet, retrieving paper plates. I served her her food and sat down to eat my own. She thanked me before quickly devouring her food. The drugs were clearly keeping her very hungry. When she was done, Ariana leaned back in her chair and let out another yawn.

“I’m really tired.” She said while stretching. “Wanna go lay down in bed?”

She smiled as I stood up next to her. I picked her up and gently carried her into the bedroom, kissing her the entire way. When we reached the bedroom, I softly lay her down on the bed and quickly joined her. She immediately snuggled up next to me, her cute little nose pressing against my neck. After a few minutes, she began kissing my cheek and letting her hand wander down to my crotch. As she forced her hand down my pants, I felt her warm hand touch my quickly hardening cock and began stroking it. The mood was halted when her cell phone went off in the living room.

“Motherfucker!” She yelled as she ran out of the room to answer it.

After a few minutes she came back into the room, looking visibly angry.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her.

“That was my manager; they need me back in L.A. immediately.” Disappointment didn’t begin to describe how I felt. “They set me up with a ticket leaving in three hours which means I have to leave now.” I couldn’t tell which one of us hated this news more. “Damn it, I wanted you to fuck me again! Now I need you to drive me to the airport.”

“Don’t feel too bad, I can still give you something on the ride there.” I got up and walked over to her, giving her crotch a light pat which caused her to giggle.

After I used the bathroom, I grabbed her suitcase and led her out to my car. I tossed the suitcase in the backseat and opened the passenger door for her. We quickly headed off back into the city. While she was looking out the window, I moved my hand down to her crotch and began rubbing her panty-less crotch. She was still wet from the brief action earlier, causing my fingers to easily slide inside her.

“Oooh.” She purred as I slowly slid in and out of her. “Now I see what you meant.” My thumb pushed against her clit, causing her to moan louder. I lowered the window on her side and she gripped onto the door as I fingered her more intensely. We hit a red light which gave me the quick opportunity to lean forward and give her soppy pussy a lick.

It was becoming difficult for Ariana to hold back anymore after a few more minutes of rough finger-fucking. As we were about two minutes from the airport, I raised her window back up as she screamed in pleasure. The orgasm she felt was the biggest of the weekend, her warm juices shooting out of her pussy and coating the passenger seat of my car. She leaned back into the seat as the orgasm subsided and her body started to relax.

“Wow, I’m gonna miss that Dan.” She said as we reached the entrance to the airport. I got out of the car and retrieved her bags before holding open the door for her. She got out of the car and walked towards me, her legs still shaky from the monster orgasm she had just had. We shared one last kiss before she took her bag and walked into the airport, heading back to L.A. I got back in the car and headed home, still thinking about her.

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