Selena Gomez Trilogy Part 2

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Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any questions or comments on the story send them to now on with the story.

As the tour continued I was elected by Selena and Demi to keep them out of trouble during down time that was easier said than done with those 2 since Selena was trying hard to not slip up on her story around Demi or the band about my time in the hospital when Selena blew me to keep our secret safe Selena was keeping her distance from me dumping me on Demi whenever she could I knew we had to make it look realistic but the rumor mill started not long after with stories of Demi and me going at it from hotel rooms to backstage before shows I stopped the rumors for a while but they didn’t go away totally from some of the stories I wished my sex life was half as good as what was being said since I was missing some great memories according to the band when we hit our next stop I was tired so I went right to my hotel room while the rest of the band and Selena went sight seeing before the show the next day while Demi went shopping I was nearly asleep when Demi knocked on my door.


“Can I come in?” she asked

“Yeah sure I thought you were shopping.” I said

“That’s my cover story for Selena and the band.” she said

“Then what are you doing here?” I asked

“Looking for something in a certain….size.” she purred


“Oh come on all those stories and rumors about how we go at it I want to know how big you really are or if they’re just stories.” she said

“How’s this for an answer.” I said

I dropped my pants to show Demi my 12 inch dick she looked like she had been hit by a stungun or mesmerized by its girth.

“That thing is huge.” she squeeked

“Do you think this is the size you were looking for?” I asked

“Well I will have to try it on for size.” she smiled

The petite brunette made short work of her clothes even though with her boobs nearly making the V-neck top strain while the denim micro miniskirt with red belt was discarded rather quickly she looked fantastic while I got rid of my shirt and out of the rest of my clothes.

I laid Demi down on her back as I kissed her making my way down her body stopping for a moment at her pert breasts while my footlong cock rested on her pussy lips waiting for entry.

“That might be a bit too big for me.” she said

“I’ll be really gentle.” I said

“Ok.” she said

“Ready?” I asked

Demi nodded as I eased my thick tool into her she was tighter than I was expecting stretching her out slowly while I fed more into her body making her squirm and writh around beneath me opening her legs up slowly humping away.

“UUUUHHHNNNN….I think…I’m going to..blackout if…your dick explodes….in my pussy.” Demi moaned

“I….just might with…your pussy being…so tight.” I said

I could feel my dick bumping against her cervix as she arched her back and wrapped her arms around my neck sticking her tits in my face I started sucking on them tenderly but firmly.

“That’s it I love this feeling.” she purred

I started sucking a little harder.

“How about some of this?”

I grabbed onto her chest and started slamming into her pussy as hard as I could making Demi scream.


“You asked for it.” I said

“That’s it right there I can feel that monster filling me up inside harder blast that cream inside me.” she said

I went full speed into the little minx we were both sweating a lot I gazed over to the clock and saw that we had been fucking for nearly an hour if Demi found out I had nailed Selena before the tour who knew what would happen.

“Come on baby I want a big load out of your big dick.” she said

“Let me see those boobs of yours bounce around and you’ll get plenty.” I said

I enjoyed indulging in her little fantasy making her feel really special besides I got a kick out of her reaction as she flipped me onto my back and rode me hard.

“Is this what you wanted my firehose dicked stallion?” she said

“I’m gonna blow.” I yelled


I exploded into Demi as her earth shattering orgasm played out across her face and body while I dumped a huge load in her pussy nearly draining my balls totally.

Demi had rode me so hard I barely made it through the set list the next night Demi was a wildcat in bed she wouldn’t stop till she was exhausted when Selena snapped me out of my daydream.

“So was the little vixen too much for you?” she asked

“What are you yammering about?” I shot back

“I’m just messing with you so what did you crazy kids do last night?”

“Ask Demi I really don’t remember.” I said

I wasn’t going to spill the beans on what me and Demi did last night since Selena might not buy the tale coming from me so I figured let Demi handle it she could smooth things over with Selena better than me so I went to find Demi.

“Demi, Selena is looking for you.” I said

Demi was on the tourbus getting a catnap in her toga rubbing her eyes and stretching out like a cat I almost fell out the doors from my knees going weak.

“Well she knows where to find me.” she said

“I almost let the secret out about us.” I said

“Why would you do that?” she asked

“Selena almost figured everything out between us.” I said

“Well looks like she’s missing a few pieces still.” Demi said

“Maybe but she’s still close.” I said

“I’ll wave a nice outfit in front of her to distract her while you club her on the head.”

“Not funny, clever but not funny.” I said

“She’s not going to figure it out give it a few days to blow over then we can have some fun again.” she said

3 days later

That was the longest 72 hours in the history of time after denying being involved with Demi over and over again the band dropped giving me a tough time about it and moved onto something else as I put things in motion to get some action to work off some pent up stress with Demi she was wearing a rather skimpy blue toga with her tits nearly falling out over the top I didn’t need much imagination to picture her naked.

“You like?” she asked

“Oh yeah you look great.” I said

“Looks like somebody wants to have some fun.” she purred

“I’ll just club you over the head and have my way with you how about that?” I said

“Catch me if you can.” she giggled

Demi started running around the tour bus but with the limited space she ran right into my arms.

“Going somewhere?” I asked kissing and licking her neck.

“It’s not like I’m running away from your huge cock I just need more time to recover from the pounding you gave me last time.” she said

“Awwww…and I was going to surprise you with a taste of anal sex.” I said

“THAT thing?…inside my ass? Well I have been thinking about trying it once.” she said

“I’ll make sure you enjoy yourself.” I said

“I was just messing with you let’s get busy.” she smiled

Demi wiggled her ass teasing me as she crawled on the bed in the bus I followed behind her rather quickly.

“That is so cute.” I said

“Just don’t go crazy back there I still want to be able to sit down after this.” she said

I eased my dick into her ass it was far tighter than I was expecting I was only able to get about 5 inches of my 12 inch length in before I was forced to pull back.

“Your ass is tight as hell Demi I don’t want to hurt you.” I said

“Just shove it in I should be able to handle it.” she said

I went ahead grabbing her hips driving my massive dick forward getting every inch in one thrust making Demi moan.

“Oh fuck that’s thick I can feel the veins in your dick.” she said

“Wow I haven’t even started yet and your already getting into it.” I said

“Just go for it I don’t know how much longer my ass can hold out.” she said

I started at a slow pace like before and picked up speed ramming the brunette from behind while Demi bit her lip feeling my thick shaft massage her insides and spine.

“We so need to get Selena in on this it’s too good to not include her.” she said

“Maybe some other time.” I moaned


“I’m gonna blow.” I said

I unloaded a huge amount of cum in her ass while while her own orgasm hit making her hips buck wildly milking my cock dry with those tight anal muscles in the process letting out a loud shreak.


After all that loud noise I wasn’t sure if we would get busted or not we continued our escapades for the next few weeks then stopped since the band and Selena were closing in on the secret trysts with Demi and me but I didn’t know if they would continue after that.

to be concluded

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