My Days with Demi: Addendum

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Story Title: My Days with Demi: Addendum. The power of a nice suit.
Author: HunterD
Celebs: Demi Lovato, Debby Ryan, Selena Gomez
Codes: MFFf, cons, M-dom, oral, anal.
Disclaimer: As per usual, this is all make believe, I’m quite sure Demi, Selena and Debby have never, ever engaged in any activity such as this, let alone all together.
Sadly, the real world is not quite that awesome.

Once again, thanks to Money for helping me break out of writers block, and giving me some help editing the story.

It had been a little over a month since the ‘best night ever.

Since I had effectively moved to L.A., I had begun looking for something to do with the hours Demi was working.

Even though my business in New Orleans did well enough to keep me going, and as much as I loved being around Demi all day, I wanted to do something here.

I had found an old music club that was needing a bit of revitalization, and figured becoming it’s new owner would do well.
If nothing else, it’d give me and Demi an opportunity to host concerts of almost every band we liked.

Despite having a few investors, we were still short.
Demi offered the little extra we needed, but I told her my southern pride wouldn’t quite allow it.
All of which meant we needed a loan, which meant I had to break out my suit.

Demi was coming in from working on her new album at the same time I was heading out to the meeting for the loan.

“Hold on.” she said, giving me a long look. “I have got to get you dressed up more often, you look hot in a suit.”

“Thank you, but I despise wearing it. You’ll be lucky if you ever see me in it again.”

Demi let out a little disappointed moan and gave me a quick kiss. “Good luck.”

I was on my way to the car after the meeting when my phone rang, I saw it was Demi and answered.
“Hey beautiful.”

“You sound like you’re in a good mood, that mean things went well?” She asked.

“Yep, to my eternal shock we’re full steam ahead.”

“Good. Just do not take off that suit before you get home. I want you in tie and everything” Demi said, and I recognized her tone.

I laughed, “You really did get turned on by the suit didn’t you?”

“Yeah. I’m going to make sure you‘ll want to wear it again.”

When I walked into the living room, I saw a note on the table that said to heard to the den.

When I walked in I saw it had been rearranged, a large desk with an office chair, and metal folding chairs sitting in front of it
I looked over the desk, seeing a nameplate on it, “Principal Hunter Merrick.”

I saw a note on the office chair simply saying “Sit here.”

I sat and wondered what was going on when I saw Demi, Selena and Debby walk in from the other door.

All were clad in the classic catholic schoolgirl uniforms.
They all had the shirts tied up just under their breasts, and the tops unbuttoned far enough to show off the fact were each wearing lacey bras, each a different color. Red for Selena, white for Debby, and black for Demi.

The short plaid skirts were so tight they seemed painted on, and barely low enough to cover the panties that matched their bras, and white knee socks and black Mary Jane’s completing the look.

The only variations aside from the underwear were the fact Selena and Demi were wearing glasses that somehow made them even sexier than usual, and Demi had donned a black leather jacket over her outfit.
It was too big for her, and it took me a second to realize it was one of mine.
She reached into a pocket and pulled out a note, handing it to me.

It read: “Principal Merrick. These 3 student’s are up for possible expulsion.”

I gave a little smile and then proceeded to give a couple of the drawers on the desk a check.

“It seems I’ve lost my folder, remind me what the three of you did that has you up for expulsion.”

Debby was the first to speak “It wasn’t my fault, they talked me into it Mr. Principal, sir”. She was giving her best ‘naïve innocent’ performance, something she hadn’t really been for a little while now.

“Talked you into what Ms. Ryan?” I replied, barely keeping a straight face.

“They made me…they made me…” she hesitated.

“We didn’t make you do anything, you wanted it as bad as we did” Selena interrupted.

“You tricked me!” Debby yelled back.

Demi was leaning back in her chair, playing the badgirl part by looking annoyed and amused at once as she looked from one of her comrades to the other.

“Ladies!” I said just loud enough to bring their attention back to me. “What exactly happened?”

Demi finally spoke up “The janitor walked in on us fucking in the girls room.”

“Yeah, and you should fire that asshole, he was jerking off before we noticed him, then he said he wouldn’t tell if we let him join in. Of course we might have been able to convince him to just let us finish if Demi hadn’t laughed at him.” Selena added

“It’s not my fault! His dick looked like an outie bellybutton!” Demi responded angrily.

“LADIES!” I yelled.
“Miss Gomez, Miss Lovato, I’d appreciate you watching your language in my office. Miss Ryan, I’d like to hear your version of the events.”

“Well, I was in the girls room, touching up my makeup, and they came in, and Demi shoved me up against the wall and kissed me, and…

“BULLSHIT!” Demi yelled. “I walked into the girls room with Selena, and yeah, we were going in there for a quickie between classes, but we heard moaning coming from the stall. Hearing her muttering some boys name, and Selena gave the door a shove and ‘sweet little innocent’ Miss Ryan was there fingering herself.”

“Yeah, she was only pissed off we interrupted her before she came.” Selena added

“So we very nicely offered to make it up to her.” Demi finished.

“You made me lick you out before you’d finish me off!” Debby yelled, then quickly covered her mouth.

“SEE!” Demi and Selena yelled in unison pointing at Debby. “She’s been lying to you!”

“Well, lying to me, while not smart, isn’t an expulsion worthy offense, but having sex on school grounds is. I’m sorry girls, but I’ll have to expel you all, and tell your parents what happened.”

“NO!” All three yelled.

Debby spoke first “You can’t tell my parents, they’re really religious and they’ll slap a chastity belt on me where I can’t even touch myself…that’s cruel and unusual punishment or something!”

“I’ll be grounded until I’m 30!” Selena said next.

“Please, Principal,” Demi added. “this would be like the 5th school I’d be kicked out of!”

“So?” I replied.

“So last time my parents found out there are military schools for girls, and they said if I get kicked out of this one, they’ll send me to one of those. Please don’t give them a reason.” Demi pleaded.

I shrugged “Sorry girls, I’d love to cut you a break, but there was a witness.”

“A fucking dickless janitor!” Selena yelled. “You could just say he made it up.”
I had to admit, the combination of the glasses with the badgirl attitudes was a fun one.

“Why should I do that?” I said, arching an eyebrow.

Selena shrugged “We could give you cash.”

“This is a private school, I make enough that I don’t need students bribes.” I moved towards the drawers of my desk again.

“PLEASE!” Debby yelled. “I’ll suck your dick!”

Demi jibed at Debby “I thought you were some little innocent we corrupted.”

“Fuck that! I’m not kidding about the chastity belt and if I can’t get off, I’ll…I’ll fucking explode!”

I damn near laughed out loud.

“No offense Miss Ryan, but any punishment for one of you has to be meted out to all of you, and even if it were just you, a blowjob wouldn’t be enough to get you out of this.”

Selena gave a little grin “How about if we all fuck you?”

I paused, pretending to carefully consider the offer.

“You’re talking about me having to fire someone, and he may very well sue me personally if I do.”

Demi spoke up “We’ll fuck you any way you want, hands, mouth, pussy…even our asses, just please don’t expel us.”

I looked towards Selena and Debby “And you two are up for this?”

“Yes, sir” Selena said.
“Anything that keeps me out of a chastity belt!” Debby eagerly added.

I stood up and took off my jacket, then sat back in the chair.

“Miss Lovato, you can come and take off my shirt and tie. Miss Ryan and Miss Gomez, I want one of you on either side of me.”

Demi tossed off her leather jacket and moved around the desk to straddle me, she undid the tie at record speed throwing it off into a corner.
She started unbuttoning me quickly when I stopped her.

“Slower. First of all this is an expensive suit, second of all, I like slower starts.” I ordered.

“Yes Sir. Principal Merrick.” Demi gave a grin and started to undo the buttons slowly, one by one, and reaching in to stroke her hands on my chest every couple of buttons.

Selena had moved to my left side, and Debby to my right. I moved my arms around them, giving each of them a quick spank over their tight skirts before pulling them closer.

I looked upwards towards Debby, and she moved down to kiss me hungrily, her tongue sliding into my mouth.

I felt Selena’s hand intertwine with one of Demi’s while rubbing my chest.

I turned towards her.

“So how long after Demi arrived at this school did you two start fucking each other?” I asked.

Selena shrugged. “We fucked during lunch, it would have been sooner but we couldn’t get hall passes.” She leaned down, and kissed me, waiting for my tongue to slide into her mouth and sucking on it for a second before she slid hers into mine.

Demi had finally finished undoing my shirt and was now slowly unbuckling my pants.

When I pulled away I smiled “Well, if you’re good enough, you girls can have all the hall passes you want.”

Selena gave a little clap. “Thank you, Mr. Principal.”

“Oh, you’ll still have to earn them.“ I said.

“And we’re going to enjoy earning those hall passes, Sir.” Demi said as she slid my hardening cock out of my pants.

Selena gave a grin, and I heard Debby go “Holy Crap!”

Demi grinned up at me over her glasses. “I think I’m going to be making a lot of trips to your office, Sir.” she said as she stroked my cock.

“Me too!” Selena laughed.

“Every. Fucking. Day.” Debby said, then adding “Can I be like your student assistant or something?”

“We’ll see.” I said to her, as Demi began to lick the head of my cock.

I slid my hands up Debby and Selena’s legs, reaching under their short skirts and feeling they were both getting wet.

I traced my fingers over their pussy lips through the panties.

“MMMmmm.” Debby let out a moan.

Selena grabbed my head and pulled it to her chest.

Demi had evidently taken my ‘slower start’ comments to heart, and was focusing on licking along my shaft at every angle instead of using her deepthroating skills.

I reached up towards Selena, untying her shirt with one hand and letting it fall open while I still played with Debby’s pussy through her panties.

Selena speedily let the shirt fall off of her and undid her bra, showing off her beautiful breasts that perfectly blended size and perkiness.
I fit as much of her right breast into my mouth as I could, eliciting an excited moan from her as I gently sucked while pulling away until her little brown nipple popped out of my mouth.

I moved my hand out from around Selena’s waist and reluctantly pushed Demi away from my cock.

“Now, what was that you said earlier? I’d get to fuck each of you however I wanted? Mouth, pussy, or ass?”

“Yes, sir” Demi gave a smile.

“Well, let’s let your girlfriends here try their mouths on it for a while.” I grinned.

“Yes, Mr. Merrick” Demi said leaning back.

In the space of time it took Debby to register me moving my hand away, and her to whimper in annoyance, Selena had already slid herself to her knees in front of me.

By the time Debby had moved down beside her, Selena already had her mouth around my cock and was working her way down it, I marveled at how Selena’s already insanely cute face looked even cuter looking up at me over the glasses.

As Selena pulled back, letting the dick pop out of her mouth, “MMmmm, that cock tastes so fucking good.” she said with her voice dropping into her deeper seductive tones.

As Selena moved back towards my shaft, Debby’s hand grabbed the base and pulled it towards her. “Let me taste!” she added, lowering herself down, giving a soft suck around the head and letting her tongue slowly slide along the underside of the head.

Demi was kneeling behind them, enjoying the show.

“Miss Lovato, up here.”

Demi got up and moved to stand beside the chair I was in, I pulled her closer to me.

“So, how did you get yourself kicked out of so many schools?” I asked, untying her shirt.

“The same way I got almost got expelled here. I like seducing girls, especially the ones who pretend they’re all innocent.” she said, leaning down to kiss me while Debby & Selena continued to switch back & forth on my cock.

“Never got into trouble for fucking boys? That‘s a man‘s jacket.” I said.

“Well, that was the school I got kicked out of in New Orleans, he was different. Most high-school boys aren’t worth the trouble, they cum before I get off.” She answered.

“Well, I’ll make sure all you girls cum before we’re done here.” I replied while sliding a hand up her thigh, I pulled already soaked panties to the side and slid my index and middle fingers into the waiting folds of her pussy.

“”MMMm” Demi let out a loud moan bending herself over the chair so she leaned on my shoulder.

I looked down and saw Debby pull my cock away from Selena’s mouth “Let me suck it. You do the balls.” Debby said, before taking the head in her mouth and starting to rub it by dragging it on the side of her mouth, letting me watch her cheek poke out again and again.

Selena looked annoyed for a moment before reaching up to grab the waist of my pants. I moved my hips up causing Debby’s cheek to poke out even further than before, and Selena pulled the pants down to my ankles.

She lightly gave a shove to Debby, making her lean to one side while still sucking the first few inches of my dick.

Selena moved her mouth close enough to my balls I could feel her breath on them, and she slid her tongue out, licking and prodding each ball in turn, playing with them for a little before finally sucking one inside her beautiful mouth.

Demi reached down to pull my head up to look at her.

“You like having a pair of your cutest students suck your dick while fingering the schools bad girl?” she asked.

“Does the schools bad girl like getting finger fucked by her Principal while he gets his dick worked over?” I replied before speeding up my fingering momentarily.

“FUCK!” She screamed “Yes, sir.” she added.

I pulled my fingers from her and licked them to taste her pussy before I moved my hand down and reluctantly pushed both Debby and Selena way from my cock and balls.

“As enjoyable as your mouths are, I want inside some of those tight teen pussies. All of you bend over my desk and don‘t move from it unless I tell you to.”

Demi tuned and leaned over the desk to my left, Selena quickly hopped up and leaned over, beside Demi closer to the middle.
Debby gave my cock a little extra suck before leaning over the next to Selena, on my right.
I marveled at how the desk was just the right height to make their bodies bend at almost perfect 90 degree angles, making their already amazing backsides and legs look even more irresistible than normal.

Their tight little skirts rode up just high enough to show each of them was so wet that all their panties had been soaked.

“Looks like you girls have been enjoying this, haven’t you?” I laughed.

“Yes, Sir!” they all said in unison.

I squeezed Demi’s ass, eliciting one of her little moans, before moving on to do the same to Selena and Debby.

As I let go of Debby’s booty, I pulled my hand back and gave her a hard spank on the bottom, purposely aiming my hand where it also hit her pussy lips.

“FUCK!” Debby yelled, as her body jerked forward on the desk, surprised at the sensation

I stepped forward to give Selena a spank on her ass.

“MMMmmm.” She moaned.

I reached Demi, and pulled back to give her the hardest spank, I saw her shove her arms on the table to thrust herself back against the incoming strike, making the sound echo across the room.

“YEAH!” Demi screamed.

I shook my head and hooked my hands under the bottom of Demi’s tight skirt, pushing it up her hips, they were just too hot to take off.
I grabbed the panties and slid them down her legs to her ankles.

I took the opportunity to give her pussy a long lick, starting at her clit and licking along the entire surface of her pussy.

“OHHH! Damn.” Demi grunted.

I stepped over Selena and repeated the process to Debby next, giving her a slower lick,

“SHIIIIT!” Debby said, pushing back towards the tongue as it invaded her, and I savored the taste of Demi mixed with Debby.

Selena was looking over her shoulder, obviously annoyed I’d made her wait till last.

I slid the skirt up and pulled the panties down, then pressed my tongue against her clit and proceeded to give her the slowest lick I could, I heard her began “FUUUU-” and the sound continued as I slowly worked my way along the entire length of her snatch. “UCK!!” Selena finally finished when I pulled my tongue away.

I closed my mouth, enjoying the three girl mixture taste in my mouth for a moment before asking “So, who wants to feel my cock in their pussy first!”

“ME!” All three yelled.

“Please, Principal Merrick, I should be first, ‘cause they didn’t even finish making me cum before the janitor walked in!” Debby said, stating her case.

“No, me first!” Demi said in one of her more commanding tones. “I’m the one who corrupted them both.”

“Please, Sir.” Selena begged, “You played with Demi & Debbies pussies, but barely touched mine before you took off my shirt. My pussy really, really needs to feel something inside it.”

“You really want my cock inside you Selena?”

“Yes, sir. Please, please fuck my little pussy.” She said, in a tone of desperation usually only heard when going through the desert and begging for water.

“Since you asked so nicely.” I told her, pushing the head of my cock against Selena’s pussy, she thrust herself back onto my shaft taking a few inches in.

“YES!” Selena screamed, shoving back even harder, taking half my cock inside her before using her grip on the desk to pull herself forward, I pulled back to until just the head was in her and we pushed towards each other again, getting a little more in.

As Selena and I continued work more of my shaft into her I turned to Demi.

“Demi Lovato!” I said in a commanding tone.

Demi stayed bent over the desk but turned to look at me.
“Yes, Sir?” She asked.

“Is it true you didn’t let little Debby cum before?”

“YES!” Debby yelled.

“Didn’t have time.” Demi replied.

“Get over there and lick her out, make her cum. You’re not going to cum until after she does.”

Demi gave me a slightly shocked look for a moment, but then moved behind Debby and squatted to begin licking Debby’s outer lips and slowly push her tongue into Debby’s snatch.

I figured if we were going to have me be in charge, I’d take the opportunity to have Demi be more submissive to the girls for a change.

I finally felt my hips press into Selena’s backside.

“How do you like that Miss Gomez?” I asked.

“It feels so fucking good, Sir!” she said, wiggling her legs so her pussy grinded against me more.

I placed my hands on her hips and used them to guide her in a circular movement as I began to pull out slow and thrust back in faster.

“UGH! YEAH! I LIKE THE PRINCIPAL’S COCK IN MY PUSSY!” Selena screamed, and I thrust harder into her.

I looked over to see Demi had two of her fingers were inserted into Debby’s hungry pussy, strategically placed to rub against Debby’s clit with every movement in and out, but Demi was keeping the pace slow, purposefully keeping Debby on the verge but not quite giving her enough to finish her off.

I felt Selena start to thrust and grind against me harder. “PLEASE! I’M CLOSE!”

“Demi,” I ordered “see if you can make Debby cum at the same time as Selena.”

Demi nodded as I turned my full attention back to Selena and started fucking her tight pussy faster.

“UGH! YES! FUCK ME!” Selena moaned

“YEAH! DEMI! WORK MY PUSSY!” I heard Debby cry, looking over to see Demi working the fingers in and out of her faster.


“YES, SIR!” Selena grunted as I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and her juices flow as she thrust herself so hard back into me that her tiny body damn near knocked me over.

“OH GOD! DEMI! CUMMING!” I heard Debby yell, turning to see her body jerking as Debby’s girlcum coated Demi’s hand.

I pulled out of Selena and saw Demi about to lick her own hand when I said “No!”.

Demi looked up at me in confusion.
“I’ll take that.” Demi smiled, standing up and offering her fingers to me, which I quickly sucked clean of Debby’s sweet taste.

Once I was done I looked down at Debby & Selena, each still recovering from the orgasms, but still bent over the desk.

“Okay you two, you can relax for a little while however you want, just be ready to join in when I say so.”

Selena just nodded, as Debby said “Yes, sir, Mr. Merrick.”

As they crawled down from the desk, I turned back towards Demi.

“I think it’s time we finally finished taking off some of that uniform.” I said

I reached up taking a hold of the untied shirt and lifted it over her head and throwing it into a corner. She quickly undid her bra, throwing it into a corner and showing me her gorgeous b-cup breasts.

“Can I please cum now, Sir?”

“On the desk. Now!” I ordered and Demi gleefully leapt up sitting on the edge of the desk.

“What position do you want principal?” she asked.

“That will do for now.” I replied, grabbing her hips and tugging her closer to the edge, I aimed my cock at her pussy and thrust in hard

“GOOD GOD!” Demi screamed.

“Too much for the bad girl?” I asked.

“No, it just feels so good having a nice, long, thick cock in me.” she smiled back. “I want every last inch of that foot long dick inside me.”

“Lay down on the desk.” I ordered.

Demi smiled and sprawled herself across the desk, her head hanging off the other side.

I pressed my cock further inside her, slowly, holding her legs to the sides and not letting her pull her old trick of wrapping her legs around me and trying to force me in faster.

When I was finally fully inside her I pulled back and slammed back in quickly, establishing a quick rhythm

“FUCK YES! FUCK ME!” Demi screamed as I watched her perfect handful sized breasts bounce a little on every stroke.

I kept speeding up, as fast as I could while still drawing out enough to let her feel the absence before I pushed in again.

“OH GOD, FUCK YES, ALMOST…” Demi cried, and that’s when I began to slow down, still fast enough to be fun, but not fast enough to get her off.

“GOD DAMMIT!” Demi looked up at me, and I could tell she had forgotten our little game and was about to let me have it for teasing her, but I yelled first “YOUR PRINCIPAL DIDN’T SAY YOU COULD CUM YET!”

Reminded that she was supposed to be playing submissive, she smiled and dropped her head back over the other side of the desk, doing her best to focus on what joy she could.

I did love fucking Demi as an equal, but having seen her take joy in delaying Selena and Debby their orgasms in the past, I just had to take advantage of the opportunity to do the same to her.

Especially since I finally had her in a position where, thanks to the width of the desk making her hang off both ends she couldn’t truly thrust on her own.

I intentionally kept it at a pace just fast enough to keep her happy, speeding up every now and then just to slow down and add more fuel to the fire of her mixture of anger, frustration, desperation, and desire.

I slowed down a little more and looked to Selena and Debby, who both seemed to be enjoying watching Demi be the one denied the ability to cum for a change.

“You girls want to help me tease her?” I asked.

Debby gave a little “Yeah.”
Selena, who had to beg Demi to let her cum more often than not, gave an “Oh God YES!”

The pair stood on either side of me.

“What do we do, sir?” Debby asked.

“You crawl up on the left side of the desk, your job is to play with Demi’s tits.”

Debby quickly hopped up and started sucking on Demi’s right nipple.
Demi quickly grabbed her head and pulled it tight against her chest.

“Debby, remember, don’t let her cum!” I ordered, and Debby moved her arm to knock Demi’s arm away.

“UGH!” I heard Demi cry, a combination of frustration and arousal.

“What about me, Sir?” Selena asked, looking up at me over her glasses with a big smile on her face.

“Do whatever you think will tease her, but remember, she doesn’t cum till I say so.” I replied.

“Yes sir, thank you sir.” She said, crawling onto the desk the opposite side of Debby, Selena got on all fours and began kiss and lick Demi on her flat belly, slowly moving down to the clit and barely touching it with her lips before moving away again.

“UGH, GOD DAMMIT!” Demi screamed. Not being in charge for a change was an exquisite torture.

We kept up the teasing for a while, Debby licking and sucking on Demi’s breasts, moving from one to the other, and having to swat away Demi’s hands every few seconds.

Selena was having fun teasing Demi as much as possible, slowly licking around her pussy, but never quite touching any part of it.

I just kept to the slow pace, speeding up to tease her every so often.

After slowing down the last time I heard Demi whimper.

“PLEASE, LET ME CUM!” she cried out. “I CANT…TAKE…MORE…TEASING!” she yelled.

I smiled at the opportunity.

“Apologize for not letting Debby cum earlier.”

“I’M SORRY DEBBY.” she yelled.

“Now Selena.”

There was a pause.

“If you want to cum…” I started.


“MAKE HER CUM!” I yelled, starting to thrust faster into Demi’s pussy and not slowing down again.

I saw Debby proceed to give Demi’s nipple a light bite.

Selena finally let her tongue touch Demi’s clit, and slid her hand below to slide a finger into Demi’s asshole.

“OH GOD! THANK YOU!” Demi yelled. If it was scientifically possible, I’d swear Demi had multiple orgasms, all at one time. It seemed like every muscle in her body wanted to jerk in different directions.


Demi let loose a wordless scream as her pussy flooded my cock, her pussy tightening so hard I dared not even move.
Selena quickly began licking up the juices as the seeped out around my cock, and the combo of her tongue flicking against my cock and Demi’s still twitching pussy let me know I didn’t have long.

I forced myself to hold back long enough to pull out of Demi and order them “All of you on your knees and open your mouths!”

Selena and Debby quickly hopped off the sides of the desk and dropped to their knees opening wide.
Demi slid off the table and scooted up opening her mouth.

I forced myself to aim my cock at Selena’s mouth and let the cum flow, shooting into her mouth and hitting her tongue, I let the next shot fly into her before moving my cock to aim for Demi, another blast came out between the two, leaving a line trailing both their faces, and the same happened when I aimed for Debby, letting the last few shots enter her mouth.

After the last shot entered Debby’s mouth I dropped back into the office chair and she moved in to give my cock a light sucking, getting some of the cum left inside and tasting the mixture of Selena and Demi’s pussies on my cock.

Demi and Selena shared a cum filled kiss before they both swallowed, then lovingly licked the cum from each others cheeks.

Looking down at Debby I realized she still had on the full schoolgirl outfit, just minus the panties.
She had taken to exploring every inch of my cock with her tongue, enjoying the combination of Selena and Demi’s juices, her skills quickly ending any chance of me getting soft.

I reluctantly pushed her off of my cock, using a finger to remove the cum from her cheek and offering it to her, and she quickly sucked the finger clean.

Demi and Selena finally turned towards us, giving a look at my still hard cock.

“The Principals not done yet?” Selena asked.

“Not even close.” I said with a laugh, picking Debby up and finally untying her top and throwing it over near where Demi and Selena’s shirts had landed, I took off her bra, revealing Debby’s magnificent rack.

I squeezed her breasts together, massaging them gently as I leaned in to give her a kiss.

I pulled back and took a long look at her beautiful curvy body.

“Am I finally gonna get to feel the principal’s cock inside me?” Debby asked.

“You hop up on the desk.” I said.

Debby gleefully leapt up onto the desk, facing me and eagerly awaiting her next order.

“Lay down.” I said, and Debby, her considerable bust large enough to still look big even as she lay on her back.

I reached down, picking her lovely legs up and placing them over my shoulders before pulling Debby back far enough that her shapely ass hung off the table.

I pressed my cock against her pussy lips and pushed into her.

“OHHHH!” She moaned, enjoying the feeling of a slow penetration.

After I had 4 inches in I started a quick rhythm of pulling back a little and shoving more inside her hard, watching her pink nipples bounce as I thrust inside.

Debby stayed laying back for the first few thrusts, waiting until my thrusts were getting 8 inches inside her every stroke before she repositioned herself, leaning up on her elbows, giving me a better look at her cute face and the way her breasts jiggled.

“COME ON! FUCK ME!” Debby screamed.

“You want it harder?”

“REALLY FUCKING HARD!” Debby yelled.

I slammed the last four inches of my cock in and began to pull out as far as I could before slamming back in fast, watching her tits bounce on every stroke.

“OH FUCK YEAH!” Debby cried.

I took the arm holding one of her legs and ran my hand down her leg, up her thigh, and began to rub Debby’s clit.

“MMM! PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!” Debby cried, and I sped up more, her bouncing nipples a pink blur as she neared her orgasm.

I sped the work of my fingers around her clit and Debby screamed “YES! YES! UGHHHH!” falling back down as she came.

As I pulled out of her pussy she let out a whimpering sound “Don’t stop, I want more.”

I gave her a smile, “You’re getting more, just not in your pussy.”

She leaned up on her elbows again, “The principal’s gonna fuck my little asshole?”

“Well, unless you want that chastity belt?” I laughed.

“God No! Fuck my ass!” Debby said, sounding more like a command than a request.

I shifted her legs so they were both over one shoulder, and aimed my cock at her tight little anus, I pushed forward until the head went in, then pulled back out for split second to see her stretched hole before shoving back in again.

“UHMM!’ Debby moaned. “Please, don’t tease me.”

“Maybe you’d like it better if you got to tease Selena?” I asked, keeping my dick inside Debby’s ass, but moving forward slowly to savor the image of my cock disappearing into it.

Demi and Selena had been enjoying the show and lightly making out with each other, Demi still seemingly exhausted from her hurricane force orgasm.

Selena turned around a little shocked to hear her name mentioned, but she eagerly stood up and moved beside me, looking down and enjoying a better view of Debby’s anal passage being slowly penetrated before looking back to me and speaking up.

“Why do I have to be teased?” She asked.

“Because teasing someone will turn Debby on, and I’m going to fuck your ass later, so I want you hot and ready.” I explained while still slowly shoving my member inside Debby.

Selena turned towards Debby, and used her best seductive voice “What do you want me to do Debby?”

“Sixty…Nine” Debby grunted.

“Yes Ma’am.” Selena said with a smile, climbing atop the desk and straddling Debby.

Instead of going for a lick, Debby slid her hands up along Selena’s thighs, pressing a couple of fingers into Selena’s pussy and sliding them in slow.

I looked down to see my dick was almost all the way in Debby’s beautiful ass, just a couple of inches left out.
I kept one arm around her legs and placed the other on her hip, pulling her closer to me and shoving the last couple of inches inside her tight little rear.

“FUCK!” Debby cried as my balls slapped against her ass.

“How does it feel Debby?” Selena asked, a sexy grin spreading across her face.

“FUCKING AWESOME!” Debby replied.

“Mind warming up my ass?” Selena asked, “I doubt he’s going to go as slow when he’s in mine.” Selena asked, and Debby complied, moving her free hand toward Selena’s rear and inserting her index finger in Selena’s ass.

“YEAH!” Selena moaned shoving herself back on the fingers pleasuring both her holes.

I sped up my strokes in and out of Debby’s ass, and she seemed to try and match the speed on Selena, using her fingers as pistons, the fingers in Selena’s pussy going in as the one in her ass pulled out.

“Fuck that’s hot.” I heard Demi moan from the corner, enjoying the show.

“Which part?” I asked, picking up my speed into Debby’s ass and letting the sound of bodies slapping together echo through the room. “Selena getting…(ugh)…fingerfucked in both holes…(fuck)…or me fucking Debby’s ass?”

“Both.” she said, finally picking herself up from the floor and moving to stand beside me.
She reached up and pulled my head into a kiss while her hand strayed down to Debby’s pussy, rolling Debby’s clit between her fingers.

The clitoral stimulation plus the hard anal fucking and the fun of fingerfucking Selena all combined to be too much for Debby.

“FUCK YEAH! OH GAWD!” Debby cried sounding even more southern than usual as her body tightened and her anal walls slammed down on my dick.

I pulled out of Debby’s ass and wasted no time climbing onto the desk myself, glad that Demi had bought a very sturdy one.

I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to last, but I was determined to finish off giving Selena her due.

Selena moved around so she was on all fours on top of the desk, while Debby slid herself off of it.

Selena looked over her shoulder and smiled as she felt me press my cock into her tight little sphincter.
She bucked backwards, taking the first couple of inches, and we started thrusting into one another, quickly fitting more and more of my cock inside her.

I leaned over Selena’s body, reaching under her and across her body to grope her right breast with my left hand as I thrust deeply inside her.

I whispered in her ear. “Cum for me fast Selena, I may not last long.”

“Finger my pussy while you fuck my ass, Principal Merrick.” Selena implored.

I dropped my free hand between her legs and slid a couple of fingers inside of her, cupping my hand so it also dragged along her clit.

“OOH YEAH!” Selena screamed “FUCK ME IN THE FUCKING ASS!’ Selena yelled, she loved talking dirty and she knew it tended to speed up both our orgasms.
I was so close it hurt.


That was it, I felt my aching balls finally release and I thrust as far into Selena’s ass as I could.

The feeling of the hot cum coating her bowels was enough to send Selena over the edge “YES! OH FUCK YEAH! I LOVE CUM IN MY ASS!” she yelled, pushing hard against me as her ass seemed to twitch in ways to milk ever last drop of cum I had in body out of me.

I pulled out and lay across the desk.
Selena looked down and gave me a kiss, recovering from her own orgasm from a moment before asking.

“So, are we getting expelled?”

I looked over my shoulder down to where Demi & Debby were recovering, and they gave their best concerned looks, the skirts still hiked up on their hips, the kneesocks making their beautiful legs even sexier.

“Well, I had hoped to get Demi’s ass too, but I’m too exhausted.”

“So am I.” Demi laughed. “If you don’t expel us, you could do it later.”

I managed to sit up a little.
“Well, I guess the janitor is getting a pink slip.”

Each of the girls let out a little exhausted cheer.

“But understand something girls” I added putting enough of my command tone in to get them all to pay attention.

“No more fucking in the girls room, if you girls get horny while at school you come to my office.”

The girls exchanged looks and said in unison “Yes Sir, Principal Merrick.”

The end.
for now

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