My Days with Demi – Part 3: Best Night Ever

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Story Title: My Days with Demi – Part 3: Best Night Ever
By: HunterD
Codes: MF, FF, Mf, MFFf, cons, oral, anal, spank, bdsm, F-Dom, M-dom, Rom.
Celebs: Demi Lovato, Debby Ryan, Selena Gomez

Disclaimer: The story is purely a tale of fantasy from my perverted imagination.
If you have trouble telling reality from fantasy, then I must warn you that there is a Gorgon over your left shoulder and if you look in that direction, you shall be turned to stone.

You just looked and you’re still here right? See, the Gorgon was fantasy, like the circumstances of this story.

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My days with Demi 3: Best Night Ever.

It had been a couple days since the party.
I had become enough of a regular face at the studios to have effectively have free run to go where I wanted.

I had decided to grab a snack and was sitting in the cafeteria area eating a bag of chips when I heard a familiar voice behind me. “Mind sharing?” I turned to see Selena behind me.

“Sure.” I sat the bag in the middle of the table.
She moved to the other side of the table and sat down.

“Do you have some kind of sixth sense for when other people open bags of salty treats or am I being stalked?”

“A little from column a, a little from column b” She shrugged

Selena took a handful of chips, chewed while seeming to stare a hole through me, and then asked “So, is it true your dicks about the size of my forearm?”

The a food I was swallowing seemed to stop halfway down and I coughed a bit, which Selena seemed to find amusing.

Once I caught my breath I responded
“Subtlety and Tact are just foreign concepts on these sets aren‘t they?”

“Tact is just not saying true stuff.” Selena said with a grin.

I chuckled. “Mind if I ask where you heard that?”

Selena feigned ignorance, “The tact line, or the rumor about your cock?”

“The latter, I know where you got the former.”

“Well, the chain as I understand it is, Debby told Brenda, Brenda told Jennifer, and Jennifer told me. The reason I ask you is because I know how rumors go around here.”

“Which is?”

“You remember that kids game telephone? Once you’re about the 3rd person out the original is usually unrecognizable. Plus from what I heard Debby was a virgin, pretty much any dick would seem huge to her.”

“Probably.” I shrugged.

“So you’re not going to tell me.” Selena seemed disappointed.

“Look, I like you. You’re probably the coolest person around here other than Demi, and I know you still care about her…but if you want to know anything about me & Demi, ask Demi.”

“I would if she’d actually talk to me.” she sighed

I sighed, getting up from the table, “Look, for what it’s worth, I’ll try to hint she should give you a chance, but if she dumps me for taking up for you, you owe me…HUGE.”

Selena smiled up at me. “I’ll owe you no matter what. Admittedly I don’t know if your cock lives up to legend, but the ’knight’ thing does.”

I shrugged, it must have been obvious I was really worried about what was going to happen.
Selena smiled again.

“Oh don’t worry. Demi likes you enough she’s not going to dump you for being nice to me, and I’ve got a plan.” Selena said beaming.

“Do I get to know what it is?” I asked, genuinely wondering.

Selena was smiling conspiratorially. “Yeah, I know we take a shooting break for a couple days after today right? You enjoy the break with her.”

“That was the plan anyway.” I deadpanned.

Annoyed she said, “Maybe you should let me finish?”

I motioned for her to continue.

“Well, when shooting starts back, I’ll just wait till lunch and come over, all you’ve got to do is say ‘yes’ before she can say ‘no’ when I ask if I can sit with you two.”

Selena got up and started to walk off, before turning around and adding “Make sure you wear those boots of yours.”

I wondered why she cared about my footwear, and just hoped that she was right about Demi’s level of affection.

Once shooting ended, I offered to drive, and Demi sat in the passenger seat straining her hair a bit. “Great, I didn‘t get all of the stuff from the food-fight scene out. I guess I‘ll have to get a shower when we get home.”

“Mind if I help?” I eagerly asked.

“Sorry handsome, I need to make sure I actually get all of this out before it ruins my hair, and if you‘re in the shower, I‘d probably forget to wash it at all.”

I let out a disappointed sigh and she chuckled.

“On the plus side, last day of shooting for the week, so it means we can really go wild since I don’t have to worry about showing up to set walking funny.” she took a pause, switching her pitch to her most seductive tone as we pulled into the driveway “So think of what you want after the shower, when I’ll be even hotter and wetter than usual.”

Demi had barely stepped out of the shower when I came up behind her, wrapping one arm around her tiny waist as I slid the other hand down to trace her pussy lips.

She could feel my half-hard cock pressing into her back.

“Hmm, I trust you thought of something?”

“Oh yeah.” I said, reaching down and lifting her up like the heroes on the romance novel style covers as I carried her to the bedroom.

“What’s the plan?” She asked.

“A little payback” I said, letting her fall into the bed.

“Payback?” she asked, having no idea what I meant.

She caught on as I kissed her while taking her wrists and moving them up and into the cuffs a the head of the bed.

“Oh, yeah!” Demi said with a enthusiastic smile.

I kissed Demi’s lips and then began to drop down, kissing and licking a trail down until I reached Demi’s breasts.

I began to lick and kiss every inch I could, circling the outer area of her left breast, and moving slowly inward, switching the kisses and licks randomly to keep Demi guessing until I reached her nipple, gently sucking on it while pulling up until it popped out of my mouth.

Demi let out a loud moan, and I began the process again on her right breast, the slow circling obviously turning her on as she began to grind her naked pussy against my leg, and I could feel her getting wet.

This time when I reached her nipple, instead of a gentle suck, I gave it a little bite, trying to strike just the right point of pressure for a pain/pleasure combo.

“UGH!” It worked as Demi let out a grunt, still grinding on my leg until I moved it away, giving her nothing to grind against.

“HUNTER! Dammit!” she was ticked, but I just smiled up to her.

“All the better to make you cum harder later.” I said before kissing each nipple again.

I resumed my path down her body, stopping at her tiny waist to plant kisses all the way across it.

I kept my kissing trail going by moving from her waist down along the curve of her left hip until I reached her gorgeous thick thighs, kissing my way across it towards her pussy.

When I finally neared her pussy, I saw Demi was even wetter than I had ever seen her before, and she eagerly bucked her hips towards my face.

“COME ON, HUNTER!” She yelled, desperate for stimulation.

I thought about torturing her some more, just ignoring her pussy and continuing my journey around her body, but I loved the taste of her too much to do that.

I dove in, licking at her pussy like a starving southerner cleaning gravy off a plate.

Opening my mouth as wide as I could to cover as much of her pussy as possible, I sucked at her juices, slid my tongue into her, and positioned my upper lip where it’s movements would rub against her clit.

“YEAH! YEAH! FUCKING LICK ME HUNTER!” Demi screamed, she was right on the verge…and then I pulled back.

“GODDAMMIT!” Demi screamed. “LET ME CUM!”

I didn’t say a word, I just added the feeling of my fingers tracing around her pussy, to my teasing.

Then I began the slow trail again, across her other thigh, up the curve of her right hip. I repeated the circling of her breasts before finally kissing her again, she greedily sucked her taste from my mouth, while still trying to maneuver her hips so that she’d get my fingers to slip inside her, but I kept moving them away.

I pulled my hand away and she whimpered a little, but she quickly followed it with a happy moan when she felt the head of my cock press into her.

“OH YEAH! FUCK ME, HUNTER, FUCK ME!” she yelled, a look of wanton desire on her face.

I happily complied, thrusting hard into her. She was still tight, but her level of lubrication combined with the force of my thrust and the fact she bucked her hips towards me at just the right moment resulted in 6 inches going inside her on that first thrust.

“OH GOD YES!” Demi screamed., wrapping her legs around my hips and using her legs in tune with her own bucking hips to help even more cock enter her on every thrust, it wasn’t long before my full 12 inch length was in her.

I pulled out as far as her locked legs would allow before thrusting back in as Demi raised her hips.

“FUCK I’M CLOSE!” She yelled, and I picked up my pace to get her there.

I felt her pussy tighten hard around my cock, her pussy juices flowing so strongly I think they may have forced me out if it wasn’t for the fact Demi had locked her legs with ankles intertwined and was using them to hold me as deep into her as I could go.

“FUCK YES, KEEP THAT BIG DICK IN ME, HUNTER!” Demi yelled as she came.

As her orgasm subsided, I quickly reached for the keys to the cuffs, unlocking her without removing my cock from her.

I picked Demi up so that we sitting up, face to face, her weight resting on my legs and her body pressed up against mine as I wrapped my arms around her, using a combination of thrusting and using my arms to lift her body up and down my cock as fast as humanly possible.

I loved the now familiar feeling of her breasts and clit rubbing against me.
As I had hoped, her heightened sensitivity after the first orgasm was making her ready to cum again quick.

“OH YEAH, HUNTER BABY, MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!” she yelled so loud I wondered if I might go deaf.

I kept up the jackhammer pace, it was exhausting, but exhilarating, and I was getting close too.

“HERE IT COMES DEMI!” I screamed.

She pulled her face away from me, leaning her sweaty forehead against mine and looking deep in my eyes with own lust filled orbs.

“DEMI!!!” I grunted as I felt the cum let loose inside her.

“HUNTER!!!!” She screamed as it triggered her own orgasm

We stayed there, still thrusting into each other, gazing into each others eyes as the waves of pleasure passed through our bodies.

After what felt like an eternity, we collapsed onto the bed, beside each other.

“That was amazing.” Demi said.

“Yeah, and we’re not done yet.” I said as I took one of her hands and placed it in the cuffs again.

“On all fours, it’s been too long since I had your hot ass.”

Demi gave a little smile and moved herself into position.

I took her free hand placed it beneath her pussy.

I gabbed her beautiful ass with both hands, giving both cheeks a rough squeeze that elicited a moan of excitement from Demi.

I pulled her cheeks apart, looking at her little rosebud opening.
I removed one hand and used it to aim the head of my cock against her tight anal ring.

Demi shoved herself backwards, the lubrication from our cum making the head slide in easily.

I grabbed onto Demi’s hips and thrust a few inches into her.

“Uhh, yeah, fuck my ass!” Demi groaned.

I thrust harder, fitting half my cock inside her beautiful ass.
I began to set my rhythm, fucking her ass at a medium pace, working more of my manhood in on every thrust.

I don’t know if it was some combination of the pain/pleasure dynamic, some quirk of anatomy, or what, but Demi loved getting her ass fucked almost as much as I enjoyed fucking it.

She kept her body shoving back against my cock while her hand swirled around her pussy.

Once I was fully in, I saw her take her hand away from her pussy and started sucking her fingers.

I began to thrust, pulling out about 8 inches and thrusting back in.

Demi moved her hand back to her pussy.

Once I had set up a decent pace I leaned over Demi’s body, grabbing her tits and massaging them in my hands.

“You love it up the ass don’t you Demi?” I whispered.

“FUCK YEAH!” She moaned.

“Tell me how much you like it.”

“I LOVE YOUR BIG COCK UP MY ASS!” She yelled, thrusting herself back on it harder than usual.

“It feels so fucking good, stretching out my little hole” she began to grind her ass against me, making little circular motions as my cock made it’s way in and out of her ass.

I removed my right hand from her breast and placed it over Demis hand in her pussy, I followed her lead, copying her movements precisely.

Demi began to buck harder. “YEAH! YEAH! DON’T STOP!” she screamed.

I felt her juices flow over our intertwined hands as I felt her ass tighten around my cock. “YEEESSSssss” Demi began a scream and ended in a low hiss as she ran out of breath.

I silently thanked every deity I had ever heard of that I had cum in her pussy, or I would have cum then without a doubt.

Demi was exhausted enough she stopped thrusting herself onto me, but I didn’t slow down my tempo.

I removed my hand from her pussy and brought it to her mouth.

She sucked the fingers greedily and I altered my pace, making it more random. Slow thrust into her, followed by a quick thrust in, a quick pull out until only my head remained inside her, then a slow push in until I reached the halfway point, then jamming the rest in quickly.

Demi seemed to enjoy the random approach as she collapsed down with a loud “OH GOD! SO FUCKING GOOD!”

I reached under her again, picking her back up to all fours and grabbed her hair in one hand, it had already been wet from her shower, but now it was soaked again with the same sweat that was making her beautiful body glisten in the light.

“FUCK YEAH, PULL MY HAIR!” Demi screamed, “FUCK ME!” She screamed, I stopped my random pace and began to thrust hard into her again.

“FUCK! HUNTER! CUMMING” She screamed.

I could almost see the wave of pleasure as it extended over her body, first I felt her pussy twitching through the thin membrane that separated it from her ass, then her asshole clamped down on my cock, her back arching into a perfect bow shape as tiny Goosebumps raised on her skin, and a wordless scream of pleasure coming from her mouth when it reached there.

I pulled her up so her back pressed against my chest, moving one hand to her breasts and the other to her pussy again, massaging her breast and rubbing her clit, trying to extend her orgasm as long as possible.

The sight of the metalhead Disney princess in bliss was too much for me, and I felt like her wave of pleasure extended into me, my whole body tightening and squeezing her so close to me we were almost one.

The wave finally seemed to subside, her head fell back onto my shoulder, the Goosebumps lowering from her shoulders downwards, and her asshole finally letting it’s viselike grip relax. I could still feel a twitch or two from her pussy as I let her go.

Demi collapsed on the bed once more, obviously exhausted, and I pulled out of her ass and crawled upwards, I uncuffed her and laid beside her.

I placed my hand under her chin and raised her so I could look her in her eyes.
“I love you Demi”

She gave an exhausted smile and said “I love you too Hunter.“ and promptly passed out from exhaustion. .

I laid my head back and began praying to every deity I’d ever heard of that she’d never stop feeling that way.


The few days Demi had off went by far too quickly, and before I knew it we were on set again.
Lunch had just begun and Demi and I had barely sat down when I saw Selena walk up.
“Mind if I sit with the lovebirds?” she said with a chuckle.

“Go ahead.” I replied.

I felt Demi give me a sharp kick on the shin under the table, and jerked my leg away.
I understood Selena’s advice from earlier, as the boots had protected me a little.

“Did she just kick you in the shin?” Selena asked rhetorically, “You should really stop doing that Demi, especially with the pointy toed shoes, they really hurt.” she added, giving me a commiserating look.

Demi took on a look and tone that made me swear the temperature surrounding the table dropped at least 10 degrees “What do you want Selena?”

Selena took a deep breath, and began to look more serious.

“I want to be friends again.”

“Really?” Demi said, obviously not quite believing her. “And how do I know you’re not just trying to mess up me and Hunter or something?”

Selena gave a little laugh. “If I wanted to screw up your relationship I could have already.”

Demi gave a suspicious look and both Selena and I did quick looks at Debby.
Demi caught on.

“Please, everyone knows and it’s just a rumor, that couldn’t screw anything up.” Demi shrugged.

“It wouldn’t just be a rumor if I had called the cops when I heard the three of you in your bedroom. Ask him.” Selena gave a devilish grin.

Demi turned towards me, I shirked my shoulders a bit.

“She was talking to me at the party when I got your text, and I guess she sort of trailed me. She was still in the hallway when I came out.”

“You didn’t notice her following you?” Demi said through gritted teeth.

Selena laughed, “Demi, he’s a guy who just got a text from his girlfriend saying to show up in the bedroom where she had just dragged another girl. You should be glad he didn’t run through the party at top speed shoving everyone out of the way.”

“ She makes a good point.” I agreed.

Demi shook her head, then turned back towards Selena. “So you don’t call the cops and suddenly everything’s supposed to go back to how it was?”

“Not how it was. You’re with him, and I’m not much for commitment…” Selena began.

Demi interrupted, and said “Which is how this began.”

Selena sighed. “Look, I admit it, I fucked up. I didn’t know you thought we were committed.”

“So you admit you were wrong.” Demi said.

“I said I fucked up.” Selena said exasperated.

“Not quite the same thing.” Demi replied.

Selena gave a little glare. “You want to hear those words don’t you?”

Demi smiled, obviously enjoying being the one in power for the moment. “Yes, because in all our years together I don’t think I ever heard you admit you were wrong, not once.”

Selena looked at me with a ‘help me out’ look.

“Don’t look at me, you were in the wrong.”

Selena let out a frustrated grunt.
“Okay, fine. I was wrong.”

Demi’s smile grew wider. “Say it like you actually mean it.”

For a second I half expected Selena’s drink to come flying across the table at me & Demi, but she rather visibly swallowed her pride.

“If it means we can at least me friends again. I was wrong, really wrong, and I’m sorry.”

I saw a quick glimmer of happiness in Demi’s eyes.

“Well, if you want, you can come sit with us again tomorrow…and I won’t make you go through all the begging again.”

Selena’s face lit up. “Good, I’m not exactly used to playing submissive.”

“I know, that’s what made it fun.” Demi gave her devilish smile.

Selena got a shocked look on her face, “You’ve gotten even kinkier since we broke up haven’t you?”

Demi gave a little shrug.

I heard one of the various producers around yell that everyone needed to hurry up and get back to set, as we stood up, Selena circled the table and gave Demi a hug.

For the rest of the shooting week Selena would join us for lunch, and Demi soon warmed up to her.

Demi had quickly given me one rule, that I wasn’t allowed to tell Selena anything about our sexual adventures, and just said I’d thank her later.

The pair seemed to enjoy tormenting me with giving me just enough information about their past flings to get me interested, but not giving any details.

On the last day of shooting, as lunch ended, Demi whispered something to Selena.

On the drive home I asked what the whisper was about.

“Jealous streak acting up?” she asked playfully.

“Slightly, I know she means a lot to you, and getting dumped for a chick is never fun, even one as hot as Selena.”

“You’re not getting dumped, but a girls got to have her secrets. I’ll tell you later tonight.”

Once we were home Demi changed into a tight black T-shirt with no bra, and tight black jeans.

I tried to talk her out of them right away, but she just said “Save it for later.“

Me and Demi were sitting on the couch when I heard a vehicle pull up and a knock on the door, Demi just motioned for me to get it and I opened the door half-expecting Selena, but seeing Debby instead.

Debby was in a tie-dye tank top that covered her chest but was tight enough to show off the size of her tits, and little yellow shorts that showed off her properly thick thighs.

“Hey.” she said, still a little shy.

I motioned for her to step in and Demi smiled.
She said “Glad you decided to come Debby”

As Debby walked towards the couch I looked over her shoulder and mouthed “What’s going on?”

“I called Debby and told her that if she wanted, you’d be willing to ‘teach’ her bit more.”

“You’re not going to help?” I asked, slightly disappointed.

“Not at first, I just wanna watch.”

Debby was still quiet and nervous.

I asked her, “You sure you want to do this?”

“Yes,” she replied instantly “I feel like if I don’t do it again I’m gonna explode, and I tried to get with a couple other boys but I don’t know how to make the first move and it just makes me seem weird and…”

I gave her a quick kiss to quiet her, and Demi laughed.

“Good luck with trying with other boys, most aren’t quite as ‘gifted’ as Hunter there.” she said.

“They’re not?” Debby said, sounding disappointed.

“Nope, but lucky you I’m willing to share.” Demi moved off the couch and onto a nearby seat “So long as I get to watch.”

I sat down onto the couch and Debby moved over to the couch, before she sat down Demi spoke up.

“If you want to get with a boy, playing it subtle generally sucks. They’re raised to think we never want sex, so no matter how obvious you throw the signals they just think they’re dreaming it.“ Demi explained “So don’t bother sitting down beside him, if you want to fuck, just start by kissing him hard, Hunter will take it from there.”

Debby leaned over, bringing her lips to mine, I slid my tongue into her mouth and felt her suck on it.
I reached my hands up to her hips and pulled her sown so she was sitting in my lap, her legs off to one side, she put her arms up around my neck to hold her body up as we continued to kiss.

I reached my hands under her shirt pulling it off and revealing Debby’s beautiful tight upper body clad only in a white bra.

I reached towards her back and undid her bra as I laid her down on the couch, sliding my free hand down her lovely legs and shoving her shoes off.

I positioned myself so I was laying beside Debby on the couch and reached down at the unclasped bra that was still covering her chest, and began to pull it over her head.

I tossed it towards Demi, who was simply watching with a smile on her face.

I leant down to kiss Debby’s pink nipples, and slid my hand down to undo her shorts and slide my hand into them, lightly sliding my finger up and down her slit, feeling her slowly begin to get wet.

“UHMMmm” Debby moaned.

She was definitely more submissive than Demi, who’d usually buck her hips and try to get more and more stimulation the moment she was turned on, but the change of pace was interesting.

I stood up taking off my shirt and was starting to unbuckle my pants when there was another knock at the door.

I stopped and I saw Debby begin to look around for her top, then I noticed Demi opening the door.

“DEMI!” I yelled, wondering what the hell she was thinking.

Selena walked in, wearing a tight red low cut tank top that showed off her tits, and some slightly baggy jeans.

She spotted me and Debby, who had now grabbed my shirt and was pressing it against her.

“DAMMIT! Do people always walk in?” Debby said.
I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. “Not usually.”

Selena had a look of confusion similar to mine and we both began to turn towards Demi for an explanation.

Demi stood up and cleared her throat.

“So, I trust everyone wants to hear my plan.” she said, in the most commanding tone I’d ever heard from her.

Me and Selena gave each other a look and nodded, but Debby was still distracted looking for the shirt

Demi looked at her and said “Sit Down.”
Debby immediately complied.

“And drop Hunters shirt.”
She dropped it, revealing those tits again, which both me and Selena quickly found our eyes affixed to.

“Eyes on me!” Demi ordered, both me and Selena turned instantly.

“She always this Dom?” Selena asked, not taking her eyes off Demi.

“First time I’ve seen it.” I replied.

Demi smiled. “Well, I was thinking about how things would work, me and Selena getting along, me and Hunter being together. I decided that I wanted to settle things with Selena, one last fuck with just the two of us.”

Selena gave the biggest smile I’d seen her give.
“But I don’t want to cheat on Hunter either…so I figured out a compromise.”

She stayed quiet long enough for me and Selena to simultaneously ask “What?”

“Selena and me fuck, while you and Debby watch, you two can fuck each other if you want to.”

Debby seemed a little shocked, but her submissive nature wasn’t exactly for speaking up.
I sat down beside her. “You okay with that?”

“I guess.”

“I’m not done.” Demi said, and once all eyes where on her again she continued, looking directly at Selena.

“Since I figure you’ll want to come over for threesomes sometimes, we need to set up how things are going to work. So whichever one of us cums first has to be the submissive. If I cum first, you and Hunter are my Mistress and my Master whenever both of you are around. If you cum first, whenever you come over, you’re our little fucktoy and do as you are told.”

Selena smiled at the proposition.
“Why not just go for you being submissive, because I don’t think I came first in all the years we were together.”

“I’ve gotten better.” Demi gave her best sexy look.

“I bet you have” Selena moved in, giving her a deep kiss, she moved back enough their tongues twisting and playing with each other was visible.

Debby watched in rapt awe, and I did much the same.

Demi pulled back and just said “Bedroom. Now.”

Demi marched off in front with Selena eagerly following.
I reached my hand over to Debby.

“You sure about this?” She said.

“Trust me, you will love it…maybe not as much as I will, but you’ll love it.”

She took a hold of my hand and I pulled her close so I could pick her up and kiss her as we made our way to the bedroom

By the time we arrived in the bedroom, Selena and Demi had already stripped and were on the bed, making out furiously.
They were both struggling for control, as I walked in Demi had just moved on top, shoving Selena downwards, pouncing on her with a kiss that hard the energy of a cheetah pouncing on a gazelle.

Selena bucked her hips and managed to roll so she was on top and Demi was beneath her, giving me my first look at Selena’s tits, they were the perfect combination of size and perkiness, and Demi quickly grabbed them, squeezing them as she bucked her hips again to knock Selena off balance and regain her position on top.

I noticed Debby was watching as well, as mesmerized by the beautiful sight before us as I was.

“Want to just watch for a little while?” I whispered in her ear.
Debby just nodded.

I quickly moved a loveseat in the bedroom into the best position I could find for watching Demi & Selena.

I stripped off what clothes I had left on, and moved Debby over to the loveseat, she absentmindedly raised her legs as I slid off her shorts and panties.
I sat on the loveseat, and pulled Debby down so was sitting on my leg facing the show.

Demi had managed to remain on top and gave Selena an extra little shove to keep her down as she moved her hand down to Selena’s snatch, sliding her hand along the already engorged clit before moving her fingers inside her.

“UGH!” Selena groaned in pleasure before she reached up giving Demi’s left nipple a hard pinch.

“FUCK!” Demi screamed, but she managed to resist Selena’s attempt to regain top position.

Demi started to jackhammer her fingers in and out of Selena’s pussy so fast that her hand was a blur.

“UGH! NOT FAIR!” Selena groaned, she managed to force herself up, tackling Demi so she was on top and they were face to face, her hands on Demi’s shoulders to keep her from moving.

Selena took a couple of breaths before saying.
“It’s no fair if one just holds the other down, it should be skill, not strength.”

Demi nodded, and Selena slowly let go, Demi quickly shoved Selena down onto her back and speedily slid into a 69 position.

Demi started working over Selena’s pussy, licking around the pussy where Selena’s juices had flown before finally working her tongue to Selena’s clit before quickly sliding her tongue down the pussy to the bottom before sticking her tongue into Selena’s snatch.

Selena had already begun working her two of her fingers into Demi’s snatch, moving slower and softer, trying to make Demi cum via eroticism rather than just brutal fucking.

Selena slid her face upwards, tracing Demi’s clit in a slow circle, and adding a third finger into Demi’s pussy before starting a twisting motion with pull out and push inward.

Demi returned the favor by matching the finger count, but instead inserting them all the way in and then grinding them up and down Selena’s snatch slowly.

Debby was so wet her juices were starting to flow down my leg.
She seemed to be surprised when felt my hands finally reach forward and grab her hips.

Reminded I was there she looked down at my cock and lifted her hips, I slid the tip of my cock into her and began to slowly lower her down as we both kept watching the beautiful sight before us.

Selena was stealthily taken her free hand and raised it far above Demi’s ass, Selena brought it down with a strong spank that echoed through the room.

“MMMmm” I heard Demi moan into Selena’s pussy, which elicited a similar moan from Selena.

“UGH!’ Selena grunted as she brought her hand down for another spank on Demi’s amazing ass.

Demi pulled her head away from Selena’s pussy to say “I thought you wanted it slower.” before diving back in to suck on Selena’s pussy lips.

“FUCK!” Selena yelled, before letting out “Not slow, skill, and spankings a skill.” She said before raising her hand for another spank.

Demi spun her hips and rolled over so Selena was on top, and then quickly raised her hand to spank Selena’s smaller ass.

Selena paused for second, seeming to be in shock, evidently Demi hadn’t done that before.

Selena quickly went back to work on Demi, sliding her fingers closer to the Demi’s snatch while keeping up the twisting motions, and beginning to alternate between sucking, kissing, and licking Demi’s clit.

Debby’s tight pussy was so wet, and she was so into the show before us, that it didn’t take long for our combined thrusting to have be fully inside her, I reached up, massaging one tit while I pinched and groped the other.

I could tell we were both getting close.

So were Selena and Demi by the looks of it, each had begun grinding back on the others hands and faces more, their bodies both craving orgasms even if their minds were telling them to resist.

Selena took her free hand and reached it towards Demi’s ass, sliding a finger inside and twisting it in little circular motions.

“MMMmmm” Demi let out a little moan while still sliding her mouth along Selena’s pussy lips.

A small look of confusion appeared on Selena’s face and she inserted a second finger.
“UGH!” Demi moaned actually pulling away from Selena’s pussy for a second, then sliding back, and taking one of her fingers and sliding it into Selena’s ass.

Selena’s eyes looked like they may bug out of her head, and I wasn’t sure if it was revulsion or excitement. Demi finally slid her tongue back up to Selena’s clit, clamping her lips on it and sucking as she lifted her head away.

“OH FUCK! DEMI!” Selena screamed as her pussy began to gush her cream into Demi’s waiting mouth.

“EAT ME SELENA!” Demi screamed.
Selena’s mouth returned to Demi’s pussy, working it over at top speed, and Demi yelled “SELENA, GONNA CUM!” and let her own juices flow.

The sight of the two girls coming mere seconds after each other had gotten me and Debby slamming our bodies into each other at top speed.

“OH GOD! OH GOD!” Debby yelled she came onto my cock.
“UGGGHHHHH!” I let loose a wordless grunt as I came deep inside her pussy.

We were all resting and catching our breath when Selena was the first to speak.

“A finger in your ass always made you cum before.” she said, still struggling to catch her breath.

Demi smiled “I’ve had bigger things there since we were last together.” she replied, motioning in my direction.

When Selena looked I was still sitting on the loveseat and Debby was raising herself off of my cock.

Selena looked shocked, and turned to Demi. “You had that in your ass!”.

“Every. Last. Inch. Quite a few times actually, and if he wants, it’ll be up yours before the nights over.”

Selena looked like she was about to object, but Demi raised a hand.

“Remember, who cums first is the others little fucktoy, you came first. You’re not going to back out are you?”

Selena smiled a little “No.”

“No what?” Demi asked.

Selena looked confused for a moment “No, Ma’am?”

“Wrong.” Demi said, “from now on, when we’re fucking, I’m your Mistress, and Hunter is your Master. Now, what do you say when I tell you to eat my pussy?”

“Yes, Mistress?” Selena said more question than statement.

Demi leaned over rewarding Selena a kiss, letting both of them taste a mixture of their juices.

“Good girl, Selena, now, what do you say when Hunter tells you to suck his dick?”

“Fuck it’s big!” Selena said a smile.

“That’s an acceptable answer.” I laughed.

“No, it’s not.” Demi said seriously. “Selena.”

“I say ‘Yes, Master.” Selena said

Demi awarded her with another deep kiss, before pulling back enough that Debby and I could see their intertwining tongues for a few seconds before truly pulling away.

“What happens if I forget?” Selena asked.

“Then you will be handcuffed to the bed, and your Master and Mistress will tease your pussy until you’re just on the verge of orgasm…and then we’ll stop, and we’ll do it over and over until we get either get bored with it or just fuck each other while you watch. No matter what, we won‘t let you cum for the rest of the night.”

“When did you develop a Dom streak?” Selena asked.

“After we broke up. Let’s just say the thought of making you beg to cum and denying it was in my head a lot.”

“We’ll, something good came out of that.” I laughed.

“Two good things, I wouldn’t have got with you if I was still with her.” Demi said, finally getting up off the bed and moving to the side of the loveseat, she tilted my head up and gave me a kiss, sliding her tongue into my mouth to let me taste the combination of her and Selena’s cum.

“So, what are me and Debby in this equation?” I asked when she pulled away.

Debby had simply been coming down from her orgasm and enjoying the show.

Demi smiled “You’re my equal, just like when we fuck together. We can be a little more dominating or submissive to each other depending on the mood, but still equals.”

“Sounds fun, and Debby?”

Demi turned towards Debby. “I know you like being submissive, so you just play along with me and Hunter, you don’t have to do the whole ‘Mistress/Master’ thing, but you can if you want.”

Debby just nodded.

“How come she doesn’t have to do it?” Selena asked, seemingly annoyed.

“Because I know she has a submissive steak, you were usually a Dom. I figure making you say Master and Mistress is a good way of reminding you that you’re the submissive here.” Demi said with a smile.

She was obviously loving her new position of power.

Selena shrugged, and then added “Yes, Mistress”

Demi took a look at me and Debby.

She turned back towards Selena “Selena.” She said in a quieter version the tone a drill sergeant uses when order a new recruit to attention.

“Yes, Mistress?” Selena responded.

“Get over here, you get to clean them both up.” Demi said, sitting on the edge of the bed where she could face us.

Selena walked over. “With what?”

Demi shook her head like Selena had just asked the dumbest question possible.

“Your mouth, start by sucking his cock, get it nice and hard, then you can clean his cum from Debby’s little pussy.”

Selena seemed torn between being annoyed and being turned on, she obviously wasn’t used to playing the submissive, but part of her was enjoying it.

“Yes, Mistress.” she said, dropping down between my legs and starting by licking the head of my cock, it jumped and bumped her nose, she gave a little grin and grabbed the base to steady it as she proceeded to lick around the head.

Seeing Selena’s insanely cute face licking my cock was enough to kill any chances of me going soft any time soon.

I saw Selena move a hand over to Debby’s pussy, gently stroking her outer lips.

I leaned my head back against the back of the loveseat, closing my eyes and enjoying the sensations of Selena’s tongue dancing all around my cock.

I felt Demi’s tongue enter my mouth, still tasting of Selena’s pussy.

I opened my eyes to see her behind the couch, leaning over to kiss me and look below at Selena, who had finally started actually sucking on the first few inches of my dick.

Demi looked me in the eyes and smiled “I hope you’re enjoying this half as much as I am.”

I felt the tip of my cock bump the back of Selena‘s throat.

“I don’t think you could be enjoying it more.” I laughed.

“Oh, you’d be surprised.” She gave a little smirk, before looking down and demanding Selena “Suck harder, make sure you get any cum left in that cock.”

“UGH! FUCK!“ I grunted as Selena obediently turned up the suction, if she wasn’t quite Demi’s equal in the ‘suction of a black hole’ area, she was definitely damn close.

I felt Selena squeeze the bottom part of my shaft as hard as she could and pull her hand up my cock.
I looked down to see her opening her mouth and placing the tip of the head on her tongue, letting what few drops of cum had remained in my mouth land on her tongue.

Demi raised a hand, “Stop” she said.
Selena let go of my cock and froze, mouth still open, the little bit of cum on her tongue.

Demi moved around to the front and sat down on the edge of the loveseat.

“Close your mouth, but don’t swallow yet, keep it on your tongue.” Demi commanded, and Selena obeyed.

“I hope you like that taste, because you’ll be tasting it a lot.” Selena gave a little smile and nodded.

“You may swallow.” Demi said.

Selena let the small amount of cum flow down her throat.

“Tell him thank you.“ Demi ordered.

“Thank you…Master.” Selena said, remembering Demi’s earlier command.
Selena may have been used to being the Dom, but she was definitely enjoying the submissive role.

“You’re very welcome.” I replied with a smile.

Demi leant down to give Selena a deep hard kiss, when she sat back up she ordered, “Now, lick as much as you can out of Debby, make her cum.”

From the looks of it making Debby cum wasn’t going to be hard.
I had been to distracted in my own pleasure to notice, but Debby had seemingly entered a self-imposed state of sexual hypnosis watching everything.

She was no longer the little virgin who Demi was afraid would run out the door upon seeing my cock, she was now a girl positioning herself closer to the edge of the seat so that Selena had better access.

Me and Demi sat and watched as Selena took her first long lick of Debby’s pussy, catching up the mixture of mine and Debby’s cum.

Selena gave a look at the both of us as she closed her mouth and swallowed.
“UGH! MORE” Debby cried to my surprise as she grabbed Selena’s head and pulled it close to her pussy.

Selena began to lick again and Demi reached down to give my cock a few strokes.

Debby was still holding the back of Selena’s head tight to her pussy, her body jerking every so often making her big boobs bounce.

Demi noticed my gaze, and yelled “STOP!”

Selena immediate pulled away from Debby’s pussy.
Debby grunted in frustration.

“You like Debby’s tits?” Demi asked.
I was worried she was jealous for a second before she added “Want to fuck ‘em?”

I nodded.

Demi turned to Debby “You get down there and put his dick between your tits, then you squeeze them together, and move them up and down.”

Debby obediently dropped down and did as ordered.
I began to trust lightly with her rhythm.

“Don’t forget to suck and lick when it sticks out close to your mouth.” Demi added, and sure enough Debby licked the head the next time I thrust forward.

As I continued to fuck Debby’s tits, Demi looked at Selena. “Keep licking Debby’s pussy.”

Selena laid on floor and scooted under Debby.

“UGH!” Debby grunted as Selena’s tongue made contact with her pussy

Demi moved up on my chest, and kissed me, moving one hand towards her pussy, she said “Just lightly, I’ve got plans for how I cum next.”

I let a little laugh out and began to stroke her sopping wet pussy.

Selena was teasing Debby’s snatch, enjoying having a little control again, avoiding her clit like the plague and only going towards the most sensitive areas to tease Debby more.

“DAMMIT!” Debby yelled, still slowly bouncing her tits on my cock. “DEMI! Please tell her to make me cum.”

Demi smiled. “Selena, you do not let Debby cum, until after your Master cums on her tits.”

“UHHHhh” Debby groaned in frustration, but began to move her body up and down my cock faster, licking the head as fast as she could every time it came near her mouth.

I looked over at Demi who was loving the show. “You know, Debby might just be a big enough freak to fit in.”, she laughed, before leaning into whisper to me “Don’t hold back, I wanna see your cum on her tits”

I started to buck more, and Debby’s desperate pace and frequent licks had me on the edge fast.

“HOLD THEM TIGHT DEBBY!” I yelled as I started to thrust faster, looking down to watch how her tits bounced with ever thrust, her pretty pink nipples on either side of my shaft.

She looked up to me and begged “Please cum on my tits, please.”

That was it, the site and sound of the sweet little thing whose cherry I’d popped just a few days before begging me to cum on her tits was too much.

“HERE IT CUMS DEBBY!” I screamed as I felt the cum shoot out of my cock.
The first shot hit her right up across the middle of the face arcing from her forehead all the way down to her mouth.

Debby pulled back a little and Demi grabbed my cock and aimed it at her tits.
I was shocked that I kept cumming for so long, shot after shot, enough to leave several trails of white on both her tits.

Demi scooted down and gave a slow lick across each of Debby’s tits, tasting my cum.

Demi looked down to Selena and said “Make her cum the way you tried to make me cum earlier.”

Selena finally began to attack Debby’s clit, and raised her hand to shove a finger into Debby’s ass.

I was the only one in the position to see the look on Debby’s face, which seemed to go from absolute shock to absolute ecstasy in a matter of seconds.


Debby’s body began to grind against Selena’s tongue and finger, her cum coated breasts bouncing hard.

When her orgasm finally ended, Debby collapsed onto the loveseat, and passed out from the combination of exhaustion and bliss.

Demi stood up and pulled me up beside her.
“Think you’ve got enough energy for one more fuck?”

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“Come on” she said, switching to her best seductive voice and reaching a hand down to stroke my cock.
“I just want one thing tonight, something I want really bad and will thank you for later, even though you’ll love doing it for me.”

“What?” I asked.

Demi continued her seductive tone, stroking the shaft a little faster, “I want to feel both you and Selena, her tongue in pussy and your cock in my ass.”

My dick jumped in her hand.

“Ohh, there it is.” she said, giving me kiss.

Demi turned towards Selena “Selena! On your back on the bed.”
Selena eagerly did as told.

Demi sat on the bed looking Selena in the eyes. “You just watch until his cock in all the way in, then start licking, and if you’re very, very good, I may reward you.”

“Yes, Mistress Demi.” Selena smiled.

Demi looked at me and added. “You just keep it in me, I’ll handle the speed.”
I nodded

Demi took a 69 position over Selena, and Selena just stared up as I reached out to give Demi’s perfect ass a squeeze.

I was surprised to see Selena reach up, gently pulling Demi’s cheeks apart to reveal a better view of Demi’s tight little asshole.

The moment my cock touched her, Demi thrust herself backwards, letting the head inside her tightest passage.

Selena looked on in seeming awe as Demi and I slowly worked more and more inside her.

“UGH! Yeah!” Demi let out a moan when I was finally fully inside her.

Selena still kept her eyes on the sight of Demi’s stretched out asshole as she moved forward to start playing with Demi’s pussy.

“FUCK YEAH!” Demi screamed.
She began to buck back to onto my cock, and grind down onto Selena’s face.
Demi was close already.

I understood why she had just wanted me to play lightly before, opportunity to let out her dominating side had kept her on the verge all night.

Demi established a rhythm, she’d thrust herself back against my cock, grinding herself deeper onto Selena’s eager tongue as she pulled off of it, and then slamming herself back onto my cock.

“FUCK! FEELS SO GOOD!” Demi yelled as Selena began to lick more furiously, trying to get her new Mistress off.

“Which one, my cock or her tongue?”

“BOTH! TOGETHER!” Demi screamed in reply, increasing her speed.

I looked down to see Selena raising a hand to Demi’s pussy, I raised one of mine above Demi’s ass

As Selena inserted her fingers, I brought my hand down giving a loud spank that echoed around the room.

“OH FUCK! YES! SELLY! HUNTER!” Demi yelled, as the orgasm ripped through her body like dynamite.
Selena sucked up Demi’s juices as fast as she could, and then laid back to catch her breath.

Demi pulled herself forward, letting my cock pop out of her ass.
As my cock came free, I decided to take a chance, pushing it towards Selena’s mouth, she opened up and started sucking the head.

Demi turned around, and looked a little shocked before moving up to get a better view.

“You like the taste of my ass on his cock?” Demi asked.

Selena’s eyes popped open when she realized what she had been doing.

“KEEP SUCKING!” Demi commanded, and Selena did as told.

Demi smiled, kneeling down next to Selena. “It tasted good before, doesn’t it still taste good?” Demi asked.

Selena pulled away from my cock and nodded “Yes Mistress.”

Demi smiled, giving Selena a kiss.

“Demi, I think she‘s earned her reward, and I know what it should be.”

Demi gave a smile, “Finally letting your Dom out?” she asked.

I nodded, “I think she should get the same treatment her mistress just got.”

“You want that big dick of yours up Selena’s tight little ass?” Demi was beaming at the idea.

I expected Selena to look worried, but when I looked to her, she actually looked excited instead.

“You up for it Selena?”

“Do I get my Mistresses tongue too, Master?”

“Of course.” I smiled.

Selena sat up and gave me a kiss.
“Thank you, Master.” she said, before slipping back to all fours.

Demi slid herself under Selena, and started to lick her outer lips before slowly moving further in.

I waited, enjoying the show, taking he opportunity to watch Demi eat Selena out and check out Selena’s ass.

Demi pulled away from Selena’s snatch and asked “Like her ass?”

“Not as nice as yours is, but still amazing on it’s own.” I replied.

Demi gave a little laugh before moving back to lick Selena more, and reaching up to spread Selena’s cheeks like Selena had done to her before.

I pressed the head of my cock to Selena’s rosebud, but felt her tighten when I tried to enter her.

I leaned over her and whispered in her ear.
“Since you’ve been such a good little slave for Demi, I’ll take it nice and slow Selena, just relax.”

She nodded and I leaned back.
Demi had noticed Selena’s hesitance and sped up her progress to lick deeper inside Selena’s snatch.
I tried again and Selena relaxed, allowing the head to enter her tight little ass.

“UGH!” Selena groaned.

Demi pulled away from Selena’s pussy to say “Relax Sel, it’ll start to feel good soon, focus on the pleasure.”
She moved back to lovingly lick Selena’s clit.

I slowly slid forward into Selena’s tight beautiful ass, I wondered if she had anything in her ass before tonight, because her ass was definitely the tightest hole I had ever been in.

Selena was too distracted to eat Demi out, so Demi moved a hand down to her own wet pussy, loving the sight of her favorite ex being assfucked by her current significant other.

I slid forward as slowly as I could manage, stopping whenever Selena tightened up.
Demi began a process of rewarding Selena with more licks as she let me in, and slowing down when she hesitated.

After a while Selena began to get comfortable, and finally let me fully inside her.

Demi pulled away from Selena’s snatch and smiled. “Selena, how does having all 12 inches of your masters cock in your ass feel?”

“It feels really fucking big.” Selena added, before remembering to add “Mistress.”

Demi started licking again, faster, and harder, and she motioned for me to start fucking Selena’s ass.
I started off slow, contrasting with the full speed force that Demi was licking her cunt.

“HMMM, YEAH!” Selena started to groan, I had no doubt it was more Demi’s tongue than my cock eliciting the excitement, but her pleasure with Demi was making her relax enough for me to pick up the pace.

“OH, FUCK! YES! MISTRESS!” Selena screamed as I felt her body tense as she had the wave of an orgasm crash across her body.

Demi slid out from under her.

“I know you’re at least as kinky as I am Selena, I wanna see you cum from his dick in your ass.”

Selena nodded and began to bounce faster on my cock.
Demi moved up on her knees beside me and began to kiss me, letting me taste Selena’s pussy as I fucked her ass.

“This is so fucking hot, I didn’t think Sel’ would be so submissive.” She whispered to me, her hand still fingering her own pussy.

Selena began to buck harder back into me, and I leaned forward, pulling her up so her back was pressed against me as I thrust up into her ass.

I moved my hands up to Selena’s nice sized perky breasts, pinching both her brown nipples, and Demi leaned in to kiss Selena on the lips, letting her taste her own juices.

The combination of stimulation was all too much for Selena, and I felt the pussy twitches, followed by her tight hole becoming even tighter.
I began to cum inside Selena’s ass.

“OH FUCK!” Selena cried when Demi separated from her lips.

“UH GOD YES!” Demi cried as she came on her hand, before adding “THANK HUNTER SELENA!”

“OH GOD! THANK YOU MASTER!” Selena screamed.
I don’t know if it would have happened anyway, but Selena’s calling me master seemed to extend both our orgasms, her body jerking while I still held onto her breasts. I felt more cum still flying in her asshole, marveling at how Selena was draining every last drop of cum I still had in my body.

We all collapsed on the bed, Selena landing between me and Demi.
I pulled out of Selena’s ass, and Demi leaned over to take a look at Selena’s stretched hole, seeing the trail of cum spilling out.

“So fucking hot.” She laughed before shoving me onto my back and crawling over Selena to lay on my chest.

She pulled Selena’s arm, flipping her over so she was facing us both.
I slid an arm under Selena, pulling her closer and she put a head on my shoulder as Demi placed her arm around Selena’s waist.

“My two favorites, together. Best night ever.” Demi said, exhausted.

“Best night ever.” Me and Selena managed to agree in unison before we all passed out.

The End. For now.

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