My Days with Demi, Part 2: I Love L.A.

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Story Title: My Days with Demi, Part 2: I Love L.A.
Author: HunterD
Codes: MF, Ff, MFf, cons, oral, reluc, first, rom.
Celebs: Demi Lovato and Debby Ryan, Cameo of Selena Gomez in a non-sexual role.

Disclaimer: This story is not real, I’ve never even been to L.A. I doubt Demi Lovato and Debby Ryan ever had sex together….although if they have I ask them to kindly do it again ater Debby turns 18 and to send me a tape of it.

Special thanks again to Money, both for helping me break a case of writers block, and for helping edit the story.

My Days with Demi 2: I Love L.A.

As the plane touched down, I pondered how stupid what I was doing was.
It had been less than week since my night of passion with Demi Lovato, I hadn’t even called to see if the number she gave me was legit, and here I was stepping off a plane in L.A., where I knew no one and had no place to stay.

I pulled out my phone and called the number Demi had given me, it rang long enough to make me nervous, and I finally heard her pick up.

“Hi Hunter.” I heard that familiar sexy voice, “I was starting to wonder if you were ever gonna call.”

I chuckled, “I didn’t want to call until I had some good news, at least I hope you think it‘s good news.”

“What is it?”

“It’s that right now I’m standing in LAX and really hoping a beautiful metalhead I met in New Orleans will come and pick me up.”

She let out a squeal loud enough I had to jerk the phone away from my ear or risk permanent hearing damage.

Once she stopped I slowly placed the phone back to my ear to hear “timed it just right, my show just finished shooting for the day.”

“Good. You want me to go somewhere else so you won’t have a ton of paparazzi shooting you? I swear it seems like every other person here has a camera and is checking every face to see if it’s a celeb.”

“I don’t mind, but if you don’t want to deal with them, just find the exit nearest Century Blvd. I’ll be there soon.”

“Can’t wait.” I said, hanging up and deciding to ask one of the obvious paparazzi to point me in the direction of the Century Blvd. exit. I figured if anybody would know the layout of the place, it’d be one of them.

I stepped outside, looking around and seeing the large LAX letters just up the street.
After a few minutes a large black SUV with darkly tinted windows pulled up in front of me and the window rolled down to let me see Demi in the drivers seat smiling at me

“Want a ride?” she asked in a seductive tone.

“Absolutely.” I answered, opening the passenger door and tossing my bag over the seat into the back.
Demi rolled up the window and then leaned over giving me as passionate a kiss as staying in the drivers seat would allow.

Once the cars behind her started honking she pulled away and started driving.

“Did you look up my name?” she teased.

“Yeah, and I damn near had a panic attack thinking you’d lied about your age when I saw “Disney star” next to your name.”

She laughed.

“Of course I was very happy when I saw you are really 18, I caught a couple episodes of your show and downloaded one of your albums.”
She turned towards me for a second giving an interested look, “What did you think?”

“I’m not much for any sitcoms, but the show was pretty funny. Of course the fact it leads to you getting dressed up in pretty much every kind of fantasy outfit a G rated show will allow probably makes me biased to like it. And your music is really good.”

“Bullshit. We met at a Kingdom of Sorrow concert, and while you were sleeping I saw your MP3 player, it was all rock, metal and punk.” she said deadpan.

“Just because I’m not partial to a form of music doesn’t mean I have to hate everything from it. There’s also Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Willie Nelson, and if you ask me I’d tell you I HATE country music.
And some of your songs have good guitar riffs in them, and they all have your voice, which I could listen to all day.”

She shot me a look that basically said “really?“

I paused for a second and continued “Admittedly I’d prefer to listen to it moaning and screaming in joy instead of singing, but singing is good too.”

She laughed a little “Oh, you’ll definitely be hearing more of that. Especially if you can name 3 of my songs that you think are good.”

“Remember December, Got Dynamite, and Solo. Quiet is pretty awesome too.”

We had reached a red light and she took the opportunity to lean over for another kiss.
“I never thought I’d be so glad a rental broke down.” she said as we parted lips.

“I never thought I’d be this happy a club was just walking distance from my house.”

She turned into the driveway of a nice house, but one not much larger than my own.
“And here I was expecting some huge mansion.”

“Well, technically I do have one of those, but I live there with my parents and sister, this is where I come for some privacy.”

“Not ashamed of me are you?” I asked half-joking as I got out of the car.

She looked at me seriously and said “No,” she started walking towards the door. “It’s more that my family knows I had trouble in New Orleans and a really nice guy helped me out.” she opened the door and I stepped inside, after she closed the door she finished “Not that he gave me the best fuck of my life and got his 12 inch dick up my ass.”

“So I guess I won’t be meeting the parents.”

“You will, we’ll just claim you called me and told me you were coming, you arrived tomorrow morning, and I got you a hotel room at the Hilton. Which I will in case they call to check it out, but you definitely won’t be spending any time there.”

“Seems like a lot of effort.” I joked.

“My mom still thinks I’m a virgin. But she does think highly of you considering you’re a guy who helped out a distressed damsel and didn’t even make a move on her.”

“Which is technically true since you made the first move.”

“Exactly!” she beamed with pride “How long can you stay in L.A. for?”

“As long as you want, my buddy and I own a local music store. He knows I met a hot girl from L.A. and came to spend time with her, he can run the business without me.”

“Good, so you’ll stay for a while, I’ll take you out to dinner tomorrow night, and as far as my parents know, that will be the start of our relationship.” she gave a beaming grin, and I let out a laugh.

She got an annoyed look on her face. “What?”

“Just, it’s nice to know while I was worried about planning a trip to L.A., you were evidently planning on exactly how to introduce me to your family. It’s nice to know you enjoyed our time together so much.”

She came closer and pulled me down into a kiss again, continuing the kiss while lightly pushing me to make me move around the room.

“If I remember things right” she kissed me again, “I ‘enjoyed’ you about 4 times, and you only came twice.” Another kiss and she gave me a playful shove knocking me down into the couch she’d maneuvered me in front of.
“So I still owe you at least a couple, not counting the lifesaving.”

“Lifesaving is exaggerating a bit, and I don’t want you doing anything because you think you owe me.“ I said pulling her closer to me and she quickly straddled me and gave me another deep kiss before pulling back to look me in the eye.

“Please, if I didn’t like you, my ‘owe you’ would really stop at you actually staying in a hotel and buying you a dinner. I just like keeping track because it’s not often a girl meets a guy who actually makes her cum more often than she makes him.”

She leaned in for another passionate kiss, I swear her tongue felt like it explored every inch of my mouth.
I felt her grinding on my crotch again, reminding me of how our night at my place began.
I managed to slide off my boots while we kissed, and then I pulled away from her smiling “Which way to the bedroom?”

“Not yet.” She gave a grin. “I never got to finished this at your place.”

I wondered exactly what she was referring to as she slid down my body and quickly unbuckled and unzipped my pants, pulling my quickly growing cock out as she eagerly licked the head and then slid down deepthroating 8 inches and quickly bobbing her head up and down at breakneck speed, rapidly getting my member up to full size, and making my eyes roll back in my head.

She finally pulled off to catch her breath
“Damn, you’re even better than I remembered.” I groaned.
‘Practiced on a dildo.” she laughed.

She slid her tongue out, quickly flicking the head and giving the piss slit a slow lick, causing a bit of precum to ooze out. “Mmm” she closed her eyes and moaned, seeming to enjoy the taste.
She opened her eyes and wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, jerking it slowly for a few strokes before she looked up at me.

“It wasn’t as big as you, but it was good practice.”

She took another couple of breaths before I felt her hand tighten even more around my member as she lowered herself down onto my cock again, once she was halfway down she removed her hand and managed to get down ten inches, I felt her slide her tongue along the base of my cock.
Once she was high enough it was no longer down her throat she began to twist her head around, letting me feel her tongue sway from one side of my cock to the other.

She pulled off again and kissed the head of my cock, then slid down a little kissing the underside of the head, and planting another kiss every inch on her way down, when she reached my balls she gave one a quick kiss and a small suck, then she repeated the process on the other, and began her agonizingly slow process of kissing upwards on my cock again, this time looking up at the expression of pained joy on my face.

“So is my mouth as good as my pussy and my ass?” she asked with a wicked smile crossing her lips.

As I opened my mouth to answer she gave another long slow lick circling my cockhead. “Oh yeah” I managed to say with barely any breath in my body as I threw my head back.

I heard her voice take on a more commanding tone “Look at me while I suck your cock.”
I looked down, and she took just the tip into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head as her big doe eyes looked into mine.

“If I keep looking at that face sucking my cock I’m gonna cum soon.” I warned her.

She seemed reluctant to pull herself off my cock, but she did and placed her hand there, jerking it hard while she spoke “I’m going to make you cum, just warn me so I can pull back enough to taste it.”

She slid the head back in her mouth for a couple seconds before pulling up and adding “Fuck my face, just remember I want to taste it when you cum.”

She took the couple of deep breaths I’d come to recognize as her preparing to deep throat me and she pushed herself down my cock, I barely had time to register it hitting the back of her throat before she had about 9 inches buried inside her throat.

She pulled back up quick and slammed herself down again, she looked up keeping the eye contact as I placed my hand on the back of her head, helping her get down the rest of my cock.
We wordlessly established a rhythm as I’d pull out as she pulled upwards on my cock and thrust forward when she sucked down again.
If I had been capable of any coherent thought I’d have wondered how she held her breath so long, but as it was I was too close to cumming to care.


She seemed to smile around my cock and I knew that was it.

She quickly pulled herself back and placed her mouth right by the head of my manhood as she smiled up at me “COME ON, I WANNA TASTE YOUR JIZZ!!”
She reached up grabbing my cock and jerking it toward her mouth.

“I WANT IT IN MY MOUTH AND ALL OVER MY FACE!!” She screamed up at me, and that was it.

“FUCK YEAH!” I screamed towards the heavens.
I swear I could feel the cum all the way as it traveled from my balls through my dick and began to splash into Demis beautiful mouth.
She let her grip on my cock loosen and a few shots hit her in the face, leaving 3 white trails from her forehead all the way down to her mouth.
She’d barely managed to close her eyes before the last strand shot over the left side of her face, covering her eye.

As I caught my breath, I looked down at her, her mouth still open and filled with cum, her face coated in my seed, it was the second hottest thing I had ever seen. (My cock in her ass was still first.)

“Sorry about that.” I said, half-lying.

She closed her mouth and swallowed my load in one gulp.
I reached down and wiped the cum away from her eye as she smiled up at me.
When I started to move my hand away she grabbed my wrist and licked the remaining cum from my hand, then she reached up and scooped the rest of the cum on her face into her mouth, swallowing it all as well.

She looked up at me and said “Don’t be sorry, I wanted your cum.”

“Good lord, you are perfect.”

She crawled herself back up sat next to me, her head under my arm.

“Still respect a girl who likes your cum that much?” she asked half-joking.

“Considering I liked tasting your cum that much, yeah.”

She chuckled. “Well, you’re not getting another taste right now. I’m going to go freshen up, you can find something to watch on TV. I’ll be back.” she gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked off deeper into the house, she turned around to notice me staring at her ass. She mouthed the words “Maybe later.” and disappeared around a corner.

I sighed with contentment, slid my saliva covered cock back into my pants, and turned on the TV.
After she had cleaned herself up Demi had come back and sat next to me on the couch, again resting under my arm, her head on my chest.
I leaned down kissed her forehead.

She smiled for a second, then scooted herself up a bit so my arm was around her shoulders and she could look me in the face easier. “I’ve got a few more questions.”

“Ask away.” I grinned back.

“Did you watch any of my movies?”

“Not really. No offense but something called ‘Princess Protection Program’ doesn’t exactly scream out ‘Fun to watch’ to straight males.”

She laughed and grinned at me, “ I was thinking more the ‘Camp Rock’ ones.”

“Nope.” I said, purposely keeping my answer short.

“Why not?”

“Well, considering you’re already planning how to introduce me to your parents this won’t sound too crazy. When I looked you up online it mentioned you had dated one of the Jonas brothers…watching you in a movie with your ex-boyfriend kind of automatically triggers a little bit of jealousy.” I said doing my best to keep staring at the TV.

She reached over and turned my head towards her and leaned over for a gentle kiss.

“So, I’m more than just a good fuck?”

I looked into her eyes.

“Let me put it this way, while I have been out of New Orleans before, I always drove. I never liked the idea of flying. Yet, I spent a lot of money on tickets to hop on a plane, to get to a city I’ve never been to before, just because I wanted to see you again. Even as spectacular a fuck as you are, I wouldn’t do that just for fucking, no matter how amazing it was.”

She gave me another kiss, slower and somehow sweeter than the ones we’d shared before.

“Good, I was worried you just saw me as some little nympho who was a good fuck.”

“Nope, you’re a sweet girl, and a good person who has a lot of similar interests to me…and is also really hot and an amazing fuck.”

She rolled her eyes and gave me another peck.

“And you don’t need to be jealous of Joe. He’s a decent guy, but you’re way better, and not just in the bedroom.”

I smiled, “But I am better in the bedroom right?”

She shook her head for a second, slightly annoyed at the classic male ego structure “YES! Remember what I said about not knowing how to deep throat because my last boyfriend wasn’t big enough to require it?”

“Sorry, it’s just one of the classic guy things, always nice to know you’re bigger and better than the guy before. Admittedly it’s best to be better in more ways than sex, but sex is a pretty big one.”

“Especially with you.” she added with a grin and a quick look towards my crotch.
I started to lean in to kiss her neck and suck on it for a moment, I started to reach up to fondle her breasts but she shoved me back a little. “Not right now.”
I let out a slightly disappointed sigh, but laid back, just placing my arm around her again. “What then?”

“A few more questions. You don’t expect me to always be in full freak mode do you? I mean, I usually am, but…”

“I’m fine with a slower pace,” I said interrupting, “ Though I do hope you’re not telling me we’re not actually having sex again for a long time.”

Her big eyes grew wider for a split second “No way. I’m staying here tonight and that cock is going to be in my pussy.”

“Good to know.”

“Anything you’re wanting to ask me?”

“Well, there is the obvious.”

She looked confused a moment.

“You mentioned fucking other girls, and like pretty much every other straight man, as many details as possible would be good.”

She rolled her eyes again. “Keep up the standard macho guy stuff and you might start to lose some of your knight in shining armor charm.”

“Last stereotypical macho question for the night, I promise.”

She laid back, seeming to pull the same trick I’d done earlier of not looking at the person you’re talking to when you’re saying something they may not want to hear.

“Me and Selena Gomez,” she paused for a beat before turning towards me and asking “You do know who she is right?”

“I saw some pictures of the two of you together when I looked you up, yeah”

She turned back towards the TV before she continued, using a serious tone that generally sucked some of the fun out of the whole ‘girl on girl‘ thing. “Yeah, well, we were pretty much each others firsts. We started experimenting with each other pretty much right after puberty hit.”

I reached over with my free arm and turned her face back towards me.

“If you really don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to.”

“No, it’s not that. It’s…well, she cheated on me. I thought we were in a pretty serious relationship, I mean, we’d have some fun and invite others over every now and then, but it was always the two of us and someone else.
Then I find her one day eating out Taylor Swift.”

“Taylor Swift?”

She chuckled a bit, her first smile for the last minute or so.
“Blond girl, country singer.”

“Darlin, I hadn’t heard of you, and you’re my type and make music that I’d think was good even if I hadn’t slept with you. I hate country, and I don’t like blonds.”

She smiled again and leaned her head on my shoulder.

“She said she thought it was fine, that we could both be with others, and it turned into a big argument.
Me and Selena haven’t really talked since. I mean, we’re cordial to each other at awards shows and when we pass each other on sets, but it’s really screwed up when your best friend slash person you thought was the love of your life cheats on you.”

She picked herself up turning towards me and giving me a look, as she opened her mouth I spoke before her “I’ve never cheated on a girlfriend, and I am sure as hell not going to start now.”

“A guy whose never cheated?” she said, as though it were a concept so unbelievable that it belonged with Sasquatch, Little Green Men, and a real reunion of Guns N’ Roses.

“Believe it or not we do exist.”

She continued her disbelieving look.

“Remember how I said my dad said to never turn down a beautiful woman? Turned out it applied to women other than my mom. I saw how much that hurt her. I’d never do that to anyone.”

She pulled my face to hers gave me another of the slower, sweeter, romantic kisses.

“I believe you, but just so you know, if you ever do cheat on me, remember how far I can get my teeth down your dick.”

I visibly cringed at the implication, which made her chuckle.

She scooted her head back under my arm and laid it on my chest again.

We watched some TV and she fixed us a vegetarian meal which I had to admit was far tastier than anything vegetarian had any right to be.

Finally she pulled me towards her bedroom.

I took a quick look around, and let out a little laugh.

“What?” she asked.

“It’s just funny you’re talking about how you’re not always a freak in bed, and you’ve got a set of fuzzy cuffs on the headboard.”

She rolled her eyes “I don’t really consider a little tying up to be that freaky. It’s not like I’ve got a suspension rig in here or something. ”

“True” I said moving behind her and wrapping my arms around her, leaning down to kiss her neck a few times before whispering into her ear. “So, you prefer being tied up or doing the tying?”

She turned her head enough to give me a kiss. “I’m up for either most of the time, but tonight you’re getting tied up.”

“Really?” I asked. “I haven’t been the one tied up before, not sure about not being able to grab onto your hot little body.”

“I’ll make sure it’s fun, plus it’ll show you trust me as much as I trust you.” she said motioning for me to get on the bed.

I sat on the bed and she reached down grabbing my shirt and lifting it over my head, then giving me a playful shove to make me lay back as she tossed the shirt over her shoulder.

“Aren’t you undressing?” I asked scooting up to lay fully on the bed.

“In a second” She said leaning over the edge of the bed to give me a deep kiss as I felt her hands reach down and grab onto my wrists, I didn’t bother to resist as she raised my arms over my head and placed my wrists in the cuffs closing them gently around my wrists.

“Not too tight?” she asked as she finally pulled away.

I moved my wrists a little “It’ll work.”

She smiled “Good.”

She leaned over and unbuckled my pants and slid them and my boxers off, she smiled at my semi-hard status, but instead of doing anything with me, she stepped away from the bed and moved to the foot of it where I could see her better.

“Ever heard of ‘The Veronicas’?” she asked.

I took a second while my brain shifted gears. “No, and you don’t have to tie me up just to get me to listen to new music.

She laughed. “When I stepped out earlier I thought this song of theirs would be good for later, or, now, it kinda fits. It‘s called ‘I don‘t wanna wait.” she leaned over and pushed a button on a nearby MP3 player attached to pair of speakers.

As the music began, Demi began dancing to the slow (at least to someone who mostly listens to metal and punk) beat of the song, she slowly began to remove her shirt giving me her wicked smile as she stopped just before it reached her breasts.

After a short pause she finished lifting it over her head, revealing a lacy black bra concealing her beautiful breasts

She reached down, slowly unbuckling her pants as she swayed her hips and slowly turned around.

She slid off her pants by bending forward and sliding them down without even bending her knees, all showing off her perfect ass in a little black thong.

I could feel and see my cock rapidly growing at the sight.
She reached back up and repeated the process removing the thong and letting me see her tight little pussy too.

She quickly stood back up swinging her head back to make her hair fly back away from her face, she looked over her shoulder at me, then down at my now fully hard dick, and she gave me a beaming smile.

She reached behind her and I saw her undoing the bra, and slowly turned around keeping her arms crossed in front of her keeping the bra up and concealing her chest.

She dropped her arms down, finally revealing her perky breasts.
She caught the bra in her hand as it fell down her arms and threw it towards me, it landed on my cock.

She chuckled at the sight as the music ended.

She stepped back up to the foot of the bed and slowly crawled upwards, when she got close to my cock she picked up the bra and tossed it aside, then reached her hand around my cock giving it a few slow strokes and a little kiss on the head before she continued moving up towards my face.

When we were face to face, she leaned in for a kiss, opening her mouth first and sliding her tongue across my lips before she lowered herself further and let her tongue enter my mouth as mine entered hers.

She pulled away slowly and crawled further up, pulling herself up to a sitting position she swung her legs over my face, placing her already excited pussy in front of me.

Taking the hint I leaned upwards as best I could to lick her, slowly around the outer lips.

She pushed my head back a little so I could look up at her as she said “No, today I’m the one who does the teasing, you just fucking eat me.”

I smiled, I wasn’t generally much for being submissive, but Demi was fun enough to make it bearable.

I slid my tongue out as far as it would go and began to eat her out earnestly.
Her pussy was as sweet as candy to me, and I loved tasting every last drop as I made her already glistening snatch wetter.

She lowered herself down more, grabbing my head and pulling it tight against her pussy, she barely left my nose out for me to breathe, as she began to moan and groan wordlessly, enjoying the sensations as I let my tongue explore the sweet folds of her pussy.

She grunted again, lowering herself more and covering my face as she began humping my face while I licked her, it was really enjoyable being smothered by her pussy for a few seconds, her quickly moving her hips and letting her clit rub up against my nose every few grinds.

I started to run out of air, and began licking more frantically, she swung her legs away from me.

“That was close…I didn’t want to cum yet.”

I gasped, catching my breath “A little warning next time? I admit drowning in your pussy would be a good way to go…but I do like breathing.”

She shrugged, “Sorry, but to be fair I’ve had to catch my breath a few times with you too.”

She leaned over and kissed me again, tasting her own juices.

“I’ll make it up to you.” she said as she scooted downwards so she placed her legs on either side of my chest straddling me.

She leaned over deeply and slowly dragged herself down my chest, she kept so close I could feel her tiny clit rubbing against me on her way down, and elicited one long moan.

She reached down, taking my dick into her hand and aiming it at her pussy.

She slid herself down it slowly, not even inch by inch but more centimeter by centimeter.

“You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” I asked when after what felt like an eternity she reached the halfway point

“I figured it was time we had a nice slow fuck.” she responded.

She did speed her descent slightly as she finished taking the bottom 6 inches into her.

She leaned over close to my ear, whispering to me“I love the feeling of your big dick in my little snatch.”

She paused, moving her body tight and close to mine I felt her breasts on my chest, and she moved her head down to lick a little more of her juices off my face and let me taste them with another kiss.

She began to kiss my neck and chest, but she kept her pussy perfectly still, long after the period of adjusting.

It was an agonizing bliss, being enveloped in her glove tight pussy, but with no movement beyond a rare flex of her vaginal walls.

She looked up at me, her brown eyes showing a little joy of the slightly pained look on my face, she finally began to lift herself up.

She only went up about four inches before sliding herself back down my shaft, she made her slides up and down a little faster, but kept just letting a third of me out before taking it all again.

She leaned backwards so she was sitting up on my cock, and began to rise a little higher, reaching the halfway point before sliding back down slowly.

After a few more thrusts she stopped with my member fully in her again.
She reached over to the nightstand and picked up the key for the cuffs.

“I’ll untie you, but we have to keep it slow. I wanna make love tonight, not just fuck…okay?”

I smiled, “Agreed.”

She smiled and raised herself up on my cock enough that she could lean over to reach the cuffs, leaving just the head still inside her.

When she reached to undo the cuffs I told her “If you just wanted a slower lovemaking style, you didn’t need to tie me up, you just had to ask. I was thinking about it anyway.”

My hands free I wrapped them around her body, and she leant down to give me another kiss.

“Nice to know, but I really wanted to do the whole striptease thing, and I’m betting if you were able to move I would have been tackled onto the bed before I finished. And it gives you an excuse to tie me up later.”

“True” I said, slowly beginning to slide my manhood into her again, doing my best to match the speed she had been going before I was uncuffed .

The slower pace was difficult to maintain, but it was worth it, I could relish every inch of pussy as it got even wetter than before, the lovely feeling of it parting for me as I pushed in and contracting back as I pulled out.

I raised myself up, kissing her breasts and moving down, giving the tattoo by her right breast a kiss of it’s own, seeing it read “You make me feel beautiful”

“I hope I do make you feel beautiful” I said, as I thrust into her and she descended onto my cock.

“You do.” she said breathlessly as she started raising herself a bit more, letting about 8 inches out every thrust and keeping 4 in her.

We sped up, finding a good pace that was enjoyable, but not hard and fast fucking.
Her slow moans and tiny grunts of pleasure were music to my ears.

Time meant nothing, ever second seemed like an eternity, and even eternity felt like nothing as we slowly made love.

I held her tight, rolling our bodies so that I was top of her, but maintained the medium pace we had when she was on top.

Her moaning intensified and I picked up the pace a little, I knew I was close, but I was holding back, wanting to make sure she came first.

I leaned next to her ear, whispering into it. “Are you close?”
“Yeah, you?”
“I’ve been holding back for ages.”
“Me too…cum with me”

I shoved myself up, staring into her beautiful brown eyes as she stared into mine, she began to buck her hips a little harder and I felt her pussy tighten even more over my cock and her girlcum start to flow, that was all it took, I came deep inside her pussy, staring into her eyes.

I kissed her as I pulled out, and flopped on the bed beside her.

“That was amazing.” we both said at once, and laughed.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Just so you know, I still like a good hard fucking, but it’s nice to know we can go slow too.” she said, placing her head on my chest

“I’m with you” I said, kissing her forehead before leaning back and falling to sleep.

I awoke the next morning to Demi screaming at me “WAKE UP!”

“What?” I asked half-asleep.

“We’ve got to get you in one of the guest rooms or something, my parents called and their coming over and….” she threw the covers back, revealing I had morning wood.

“Great, you’re hard.”

“Sorry, it has a mind of it’s own, it’ll go down.”

“WHEN?! My parents are here in ten minutes and I might be able to explain a guy here, but not a guy with a 12 inch hardon!”

She licked her hand, getting saliva on it and reached down, jerking my cock quickly.

“Cum fast.”

“Being ordered to cum fast doesn’t exactly help that.” I said,

“Shut up and focus on the pleasure.” she said, moving her hand quickly.

“A blowjob would work better.” I said leaning backwards and trying to force myself to cum.

“I’m not kissing my mom with cum in my mouth.”

She licked her other hand and dropped it down to work both hands over my shaft, one over the other, moving them up and down so fast her hands blurred in my vision.
She began to add a twisting motion, each hand twisting a different way, eliciting a loud grunt from me.

“DEMI, FUCK!” I grunted

I looked up to see her do a seductive smile and say “I wanna feel your cum pour out over my hands, let me feel it.”

I threw my head back, and heard her yell “CUM FOR ME HUNTER!”

That was it, my load came burbling out instead of shooting off, it dripped down around her hands as she kept jerking for a little while.

As my cock started to deflate, I scooted up and grabbed my pants, putting them on I turned around to see Demi licking the cum from her hands.

“What about kissing your mom?” I asked.

She shrugged. “Oh, I lied, they’re not coming, I just have to get to work in like ten minutes and wanted to make you cum first.”

I stared at her for a moment with a mixture of shock, fear, and awe.

“What?” she asked, finishing cleaning one hand and beginning to lick the other

I paused, and feeling some coherent thought return said, “You know how in old cartoons there’s always the devil and the angel on the shoulders? Right now I have one telling me you’re completely insane and I should start running. The others telling me I love you anyway and the kinkiness if fun so far so I should stay.”

She finished cleaning her hands and smiled “Listen to the second one. I woke up and saw the hardon, if I didn’t have to work you’d have woken up with a blowjob leading to nice wake-up fuck.”

I smiled at the thought of waking up with Demi’s lips around my cock.
“Since I’ve gotta get to work and don’t even have time to get a shower, I figured an element of danger and a really fast hand job would suffice.”

I shook my head, and she gave me a kiss in the cheek, reaching into her bag and handing me a notepad.

“This is the address of the hotel I told my parents you’ll be staying at. A flight from New Orleans got in about an hour ago, so you get dressed, go to the hotel and check in, hang there, go around town, whatever.
I’ll call you after I’m off work, you get a cab and come and meet my family, then we’ll go to dinner.”

She gave me another kiss before scrambling out the door.

It had been a few days since my official meeting of Demi’s parents.
I got along well with them, her mom had really taken to seeing me as a knight/southern gentleman combo given Demi’s tale of how I had helped her.

I was slightly annoyed she made the area sound way more dangerous than it really was, but I figured it made me sound more heroic, so I let her roll with it.

Her dad didn’t exactly seem to like me, but considering I didn’t get any threats of what would happen if I touched his daughter, I considered it better than many of the parental meetings I’d had in the past.

Most of our time was spent at her home, getting to know each other better between alternating sessions of rough fuckfests and slower lovemaking, after about a week she decided to bring me to the Disney lots to see her film her show.

I got a quick introduction to them before the shooting started.
She was filming a scene with the guy who plays her boyfriend on the show.
(Who names their kid “Sterling Knight”, seriously?)

The blond, who I remembered was named Tiffany walked over to me.

“Demi’s told me a lot about you.” she said.

“Really? I hope it‘s good.” I asked, taking a drink of the soda I was holding and doing my best not to give anything away.

“So far everythings good, especially the stuff she said about your 12 inch dick”

I damn near did a spit-take, but caught myself, I started to say something and she just held up a finger.

“Just so you know, Demi’s like the little sister I never had, and she really likes you. If you break her heart I’ll get my fiancé to break your balls.”

“I have no plans on breaking her heart, I really care about her.”

“Good” she said, she gave me a quick hug (Which I was too shocked to return) and walked off.

I heard a yell of “CUT” and Demi walked over.

“You weren’t flirting with Tiffani were you?” she asked, half jokingly.

“I don‘t like blonds, remember? Besides she was too busy explaining how her fiancé would do the salsa on my balls if I broke your heart.”

“A” she said, obviously appreciating her friend looking out for her.

I laughed, “Aww nothing, how many more times are my family jewels going to be threatened in this relationship?”

“That’s probably the last time.” she said standing on her tiptoes to give me a kiss.

“So, your jealous streak doesn’t extend to Sterling?” she gave a big grin.

“I’m doubting blond pretty boys are your type.”

“True, I like tall, dark and handsome.”

“Am I’m at least 2 out the 3.” I joked.

“All 3” she said leaning up and pulling me down for a peck before excusing herself to set up for the next scene.

After a while of filming the show took a break for lunch and we headed to the catering, it was a buffet setup and there were enough people there I assumed it was pretty much everyone who worked on the live action Disney shows.

Demi rolled her eyes when I picked up a hamburger instead of a salad, but she found an empty table with only 2 seats for us to sit down together, she moved her seat so we were side by side.

“So, how do you like being surrounded by primo jailbait?” she asked.

I suddenly began to understand how Odysseus felt when choosing between Scylla and Charybdis, it was one of those questions that could so easily be a trap, and yet the only safe ‘non-trap-springing’ answer was an obvious lie that would be called on.

I decided to try honesty and reassurance at the same time.
“It’s always nice being around a bunch of beautiful women…especially when you’re sitting with the most beautiful girl of the bunch.”

“Damn you’re good. You should write a book.” Demi said laughing.

“Just being honest, it tends to work surprisingly well, and you don’t have to remember what lie you told.”

She leaned in conspiratorially.

“So, if you had to pick a girl for a threeway with me, who would it be?” she whispered in my ear.

I smiled, I wasn’t sure if she was making a serious offer or just messing with my head.

I looked around, my eyes landing on the only girl not of the “Sonny With a Chance’ cast I recognized, she was wearing a hot little blue and yellow cheerleading outfit, the pleated skirt showing off a nice pair of legs, and the tight top showing off a good rack.

“Not Selena.” Demi said flatly, catching where I was looking.

I shrugged, looking around some more and spotting a similarly cute babe, she had light brown hair with highlights, wearing a tight little tank top that managed to cover her completely, but show she had a nice sized rack.
I couldn’t really see the rest of her body, but it looked like she had some good curves.

“Her.” I said.

Demi followed my gaze and chuckled.
“That’s Debby Ryan, and she might be a challenge. She’s probably the only girl around here who wears a purity ring for reasons other than Disney pretty much demanding them.”

“Want me to find a third option?” I asked.

“Oh no, Debby’s your pick. It’ll be fun to corrupt her.” she whispered back and then stood up and climbed up on the table.

I was too in shock to be embarrassed.

“Hey everyone, as you may have heard, our visitor here is Hunter, he pretty much saved my life in New Orleans.”

“She’s exaggerating.” I interrupted.

She shot me a quick ‘shut up’ look and then continued. “I’m going to throw a little party for him tonight at my little house, you guys know the one. I hope everyone can come.”

There was a little round of cheers and I hid my face in the palm of my hand.

“You’re not one for subtlety are you Demi?”

She shook her head laughing, “Nope, and besides, think about it. The party is dedicated to you, so hopefully most attention will be on you, which will allow me to work on Debby. It’ll probably be easier to start her off with me, and then introduce her to the joys of a big cock.”

“You’re like the sexual version of an evil mastermind aren’t you?”

She gave a wicked grin, but didn’t say a word.

The party wasn’t exactly really my style.

I’m a non-teenager who’d much rather listen to metal and punk, and I found myself surrounded by a bunch of teenagers listening to pop that I found only slightly more bearable than Martians find the music of Slim Whitman.

Demi had eagerly taken Debby under her wing at the start of the party and hadn’t let the hot little piece of jailbait out of her sight.

I was doing my best to be cordial, and hearing the various versions of how me and Demi supposedly met quickly became my favorite activity.

Demi’s exaggerations had been slight, but the further it went from the “Sonny with a Chance” set the more it began to sound like the plot of an action movie set in New Orleans.

I was starting to wonder when I’d hear version where I leapt from a skyscraper to save her from a gang dressed up as a Jazz band, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around to see Demi, and was vaguely surprised to find Debby wasn’t right beside her.

“Where’s the little innocent?”

She gave a beaming smile and pulled me down so her lips where next to my ears.
“Let’s just say our plan is working.” she whispered, barely audible.

“I think it’s only our plan if I have some idea what the actual plan is, and not just the end result.”

“Well, the plan is I’ve already talked her into our bedroom, I’m going to do my best to seduce her, get her all primed up, and then you’re going to walk in.”

“And what’s stopping her from just hopping up and running out?”

“Leave that to me. Just wait until I text you to come in.”

Demi disappeared in the back and I made my way into the kitchen to grab myself a quick snack to hopefully keep up my energy.

I had just opened a bag of pretzels when I felt a tap on my shoulder again and turned around to see Selena Gomez, wearing tight jeans, and her black top, while it covered every inch of chest, was so tight I could see the curves of her breasts, and that her nipples were hard.

I quickly forced myself to look back towards her face and she chuckled.
“You could turn down the air conditioning.” She said in a sarcastic voice, and did a quick look towards her own chest to erase any doubt that I’d been caught.

“Why would I want to do that?” I joked.

“So you’re Demi’s big hero.” She said, in what I assumed was the female version of the ‘so you’re the new guy’ tone you often hear from exes.

“Well, I helped her out, not sure I’d call myself a hero.”

“Please, I’m half wondering when I’ll hear about you jumping down from a skyscraper while wearing a Saints jersey, to rescue her from a gang of terrorists surrounding a float.” She deadpanned

“Actually it wasn‘t a jersey, it was a ‘New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl Champions’ T-shirt.” I deadpanned back.

She laughed, “See, it’s always the tiny details they screw up.”

I gave an exaggerated shrug “I know.”

She grabbed a pretzel out of my bag before asking, “So, what’s Demi told you about me?”

“That you two were really close, and you had a falling out, not much more than that.” Which was pretty much the truth if you ignored the dirty parts.

“So, nothing about me being a backstabbing slut?” she asked, I was seriously unsure if it was meant to be deadpan or genuine.

“She hasn’t said anything about you really, just that it was a misunderstanding. She’s still hurt over it, but she hasn’t called you anything other than your name.”

“Really?” she looked disbelieving

“I swear on Drew Brees passing arm that she’s never called you a slut, a whore, a bitch, or the other word that I’m not even going to say but starts with C and rhymes with stunt.”

She leaned back, looking me up and down. “Okay, I may not be big on football but I know nobody from New Orleans would make that oath without meaning it. Nice to know she’s not that pissed off anymore.”

“She doesn’t seem pissed off, more just…hurt.”

“Yeah. Well, I screwed up, but just so you know…”

I held up a hand. “Let me guess, if I break her heart you’ll rip out balls and feed them to a pack of pitbulls while I watch?”

“See, I was just going to say rip them out and put them in a blender, but the pitbulls are much more imaginative.” She gave a little smile

“Well, I read a lot, it helps with the imagination.”

She laughed a little, “I take it this isn’t the first time your genitals have been threatened?”

“Nope, first was Demi, then Tiffani, now you. I’m really hoping this stops at 3.”

“Probably will, Demi’s been very clear about setting rules and consequences since our little incident. Tiffani looks at her like a sister, and me…” she trailed off.

“The ex who really wishes they hadn’t screwed things up?” I offered.

She gave a slow nod “So she told you that much.”


There was a pregnant pause, and then she got a devious smile of her own, and leaned over conspiratorially.

“You seem nice, so I figure I’ll tell you, if you get the chance, she really likes having a finger up her ass.”

I laughed a little

She looked shocked for a second “You’ve already found that out haven’t you?”

“I’m officially not saying another word.”

“Good lord, you’re a lucky bastard.” she laughed.

I heard my phone get a text and checked it, it was from Demi and just said “bdrm now.”.

“Very lucky indeed.” I said with a smile. “I’ll talk to you later.” I said, excusing myself as I walked by her, handing her the bag of pretzels

“Count on it.” I heard her say as I walked away.

I made it to the bedroom door and took a few breaths before opening it, stepping in and closing it as quietly and quickly as I could, then turned around to see a beautiful sight.

Demi was clad only in her oversized AC/DC shirt, Debby was down, her back on the bed, her hot naked body clad only in a thin coat of sweat.

Her body was great, nice sized tits that looked huge on her body, a slight hourglass curve to her body. I couldn’t see her ass since she was on her back, but her thighs, currently on either side of Demi’s head, were just the proper thickness to hint at a great ass

Her head was leaned up facing downwards towards Demi, who was sucking on Debby’s clit while fingering her.

I stood there for a moment, just watching as Debby moved one hand down to Demis head pushing it deeper into her pussy, as the other hand reached up to her breasts, pinching her pretty pink nipples, first one, then the other.

Demi removed her head from Debby’s snatch and looked at Debby’s face, spotting me over her shoulder.
I mouthed the words “Make her Cum”

Demi smiled, lowering her head to Debby’s pretty pussy again, and attacking the clit viciously, sucking on it hard before pulling off and flicking it with her tongue, all while keeping her fingers ramming in and out of Debby at a frantic pace.

“Cum for me Debby, tell me I’m making you cum.”

“DEMI, PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!” Debby yelled in desperation, so loud I was worried someone outside had to hear her.

Demi kept her fingers at full speed, but switched oral tactics, taking long, slow licks of Debby’s pussy, making sure she could feel the hot breath of Demi’s mouth on her snatch.

Debby began bucking her hips, grinding herself against Demi’s face as she screamed “I’M CUMMING, OH GOD! I’M CUMMING DEMI!”

I saw her juices flood into Demi’s mouth and Demi lovingly lick them up.

Demi looked at me again and then quickly acted like she had just spotted me, jerking her body away from Debby and yelped “HUNTER!”

Debby turned around and spotted me, quickly grabbing the covers on the bed and trying to cover herself up.

“What the fuck going on?” I asked, doing my best ‘shocked and angry’ voice.

“I’m sorry, it’s just, she’s so cute, and she’s got a killer little body.” Demi said, giving a hell of a performance as ‘the cheating girl caught’

“I’m so sorry.” Debby said, trying to reach her shirt which was just a little too far from her to reach and stay covered at the same time. “Where’s my skirt?” she said quietly.

“I thought we were dating, and you’re in here cheating on me with another girl?”

“It’s not cheating on a guy if you do it with another girl.” Demi replied adding a little anger in her voice.

“YES IT IS!” I yelled back.

“Keep your voice down!” she said back, “And….it’s not cheating if you fuck her too.”

“WHAT?!?” Debby yelled, a look of pure shock on her face.

Demi held up a hand for me to be quiet and sat back down on the bed next to Debby.
“I mean, it’s only fair, I had sex with you…if he does it too, it’s all okay right?”

I stayed quiet for a few seconds before shrugging my shoulders.

Debby was too busy staring at me to notice Demi’s barely suppressed chuckle at my acting ability, or lack thereof.

“I…I told you, I’ve never been with a boy before.” Debby said, turning back to Demi.

“I know, but I was your first girl, and you liked it, didn’t you?” Demi said, giving her best doe eyed look to Debby.

“Yeah…” Debby replied.

It was obvious the combination of the hormones and exhaustion of her first sexual encounter, plus the extra adrenaline shot of being put between a suddenly arguing couple had Debby acting pretty much on instinct.

“Trust me, being with a boy is different, but it’s really fun too.”

“I don’t knoOOHHH” Debby groaned mid sentence as Demi placed her hand between Debby’s legs and gave her clit a quick rub before placing a couple fingers back inside Debby’s soaking pussy.

Givng Debby a slow fingerfucking Demi continued to speak “You like the way my fingers feel don’t you.”

Debby let out a moan and a breathless “Yeah…”

“Don’t you want to try something bigger?” Demi asked, her voice lowering to it’s best seductive tone.

“Maybe.” Debby said, her eyes closing, enjoying the pleasure Demi was giving her enough to finally drop the covers and let me see her big boobs bouncing in rhythm to Demi’s fingerfucking.

“Hunters’ cock is a lot bigger than my fingers, and he’ll be gentle. Won’t you?” She asked looking up at me and nodding for me to say yes.

“Very gentle.” I said, sitting on the bed next to Debby, sandwiching her between Demi and myself, “You are really beautiful and I’d love to see if I can make you cum as hard as Demi did.”

Debby paused a slightly worried look on her face “Promise you’ll start slow?”

I leaned over, kissing her softly before pulling away and saying “I promise.”

Debby leaned back on the bed and I started to stand up before Demi moved closer, still fingering Debby as she whispered in my ear.

“Do not let her see your dick, it took me ages to get her to let me stick my fingers in her, she sees a foot long dick she might run out that door naked.”

I nodded and moved to a position where Demi’s body blocked Debby’s’ sight as I quickly removed my clothes.

I positioned myself at the foot of the bed, starting by kissing Debby’s legs as I slowly crawled up onto the bed, planting new kisses every few inches, as I reached the top of Debby’s thighs Demi pulled her hand out of Debby’s snatch and started to lick her hand clean.

Debby let out a grunt of frustration before I gave a long lick along the length of her pussy.
She was almost as sweet as Demi, I slid up the rest of her body quickly, only pausing to give each of her pink nipples a loving suck.

I gave Debby a quick kiss on the lips, but as Demi finished cleaning her hand off she shoved my head away from Debby’s.
I figured out what she wanted without even looking up.

“Debby, it doesn’t seem fair for Demi to not be having any fun, especially after she made you cum…does it?”

Debby began to answer but I used a hand to flick her clit, keeping her off balance.

“How about you try to please her, while I try to please you?”

“Okay, but hurry up….” Debby said, evidently annoyed at having been both horny and empty this long.

Demi turned so she was facing me while straddling Debby’s face, she lowered herself down to just low enough Debby had to stretch upwards to let her own tongue reach Demi’s pussy, and mouthed the word “Now.”

I got up on my knees, my cock was still rock hard after the earlier show, and moved myself closer to Debby,

I placed the head of my cock against Debby’s virgin, at least to cocks, hole, and gave a little shove forward, just fitting the head into her well lubricated pussy.
I heard Debby let out a muffled moan.
I paused for a second before Demi assured me “That’s a good sound.”

I let my cock slide into Debby’s’ glovelike pussy until I felt the tip press up against her cherry.

Demi saw me pause and raised a hand for me to stop.

“Debby honey, it’ll hurt a bit when he pops your cherry, but I promise, it’ll start to feel good soon, okay?”

I heard Demi say “Okay” and I thrust forward.

“UGH” Debby let out a half-moan/half-groan.

Demi smiled broadly. Leaning herself over deeper so she and Debby were in a 69 position. “Maybe this will help” she said, and Demi began to lightly play with Debby’s clit.

I resumed my slow penetration of Debby’s snatch, I was barely 5 inces in when I heard Debby remove herself from Demi’s pussy and ask “How much more is there?”

Demi looked up at me with a smile “Just a bit, Debby”. and began to slightly rock herself back and forth on Debby’s face, looking up to make sure I caught the hint.

I began to pull out a little a couple of inches and thrust back in, Debby let out a groan, and Demi gave the remaining 7 inches my cock a long lick as a reward, before going back to lightly sucking on Debby’s clit.

I continued to thrust into Debby at a slow rhythm, getting a little bit more in each stroke.

When I had about 8 inches in, Demi placed a hand on my hip to make me stop for a second.
She went back to Debby’s pussy sliding her tongue along the edge of my cock where it stretched Debby’s tight little pussy, pleasing us both at the same time.

She pulled away for a split second before asking “You like the feeling of that big cock in your little pussy Debby?”

“Yeah.” Debby replied, much more confident than she had sounded earlier.

Demi smiled up at me and went back to Debby’s pussy licking harder and faster at where my cock stretched her pussy, then sliding her tongue into what little space remained near the top of Debby’s slit, and then nibbling on the clit.
I felt Debby’s hips start to buck and heard her groaning “YEAH DEMI, MAKE ME CUM AGAIN.”


“OH GOD! YES!” Debby screamed as I felt her pussy tighten so hard around my cock it almost rivaled Demi’s ass in the “Oh god, she’s going to pinch it off” area.

I managed to survive and as Debby was coming down Demi removed her hand from my hip, leaning back so she was vertical sitting on top of Debby’s face, allowing me a clear view of Debby’s sweat coated body.

“All in.” She said.
I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, but I wasn’t going to argue either, I pulled back a little and slammed the last 4 inches of my cock into Debby’s snatch, seeing her girlcum gush out and hearing another little yelp.

“See Debby, that’s what a nice big cock feels like, ya like it?”

Demi raised herself up enough for me to hear “GOD YES!” in Debby’s little southern twang.

“You want him to go slow, or fast?”


“Soft or hard?”


“Let’s see how fast you can make our little country girl cum.” Demi said giving me a little challenge as I began to thrust as fast and hard as Debby’s incredible tightness would allow me.

Demi started grinding her sweet pussy against Debby’s face, as I thrust away, I could hear Debby moaning even with her mouth full.
Demi seemed to love the moans, as every time Debby moaned, Demi would moan with her.

I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer as I saw Demi pulling the same trick with Debby as she had pulled with me when she had me tied up. Lowering herself down and completely covering Debby’s face, using it just as something to grind against, hard and fast.

Demi began grind faster and faster.


“MAKE HER CUM DEBBY!” I joined in.

Demi seemed to like my encouraging her pleasure, as I saw her O face hit, her body jerking hardly as the orgasmic wave plowed through her body, she fell forward, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me in for a kiss.

The combination of knowing Demi was cumming from a hot little piece of jailbait eating her snatch while I fucked said jailbaits pussy, plus the fact I could still taste some of Debby’s pussy on Demi’s tongue were all too much, I felt the cum shoot through my cock and into Debby’s virgin pussy.

Demi had evidently moved her pussy off of Debby’s face as I heard Debby cry “OH GOD, OH GOD, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” as I felt her pussy become painfully tight around my dick once more, the girlcum gushing all over it.

I pulled out of Debby and laid down with Debby on my left.

Debby was clearly exhausted, her first night of sex having taken almost everything out of her.

Demi had rolled off of Debby’s face and to her right side, and I took the opportunity to give Debby a kiss, tasting Demi on her lips.

I hadn’t noticed as Demi made her way down Debby’s body, and I only realized something was happening when Debby let loose a little moan into my mouth.
I looked down to see Demi with her mouth stretched around all of Debby’s pussy, sucking hard.

She pulled away and opened her mouth, showing me the mixture of Debby’s juices and my cum.
When she closed her mouth I thought she was going to swallow, but instead she pounced on Debby, kissing her and shoving her tongue into Debby’s mouth, having her taste the cum cocktail.

I figured Debby would be disgusted, but evidently she was going to be almost as kinky as Demi, because Debby just returned the kiss.

Demi pulled away, leaving some of the cum mixture in her mouth, and some in Debby’s mouth.

Demi swallowed, and then said “Your turn, swallow.” to Debby.

Debby swallowed and began to lay back down, but Demi caught her arm and made her stay somewhat vertical.

“Uh, uh,” Demi said shaking a finger in Debby’s face. “You came twice on Hunters cock, you need to make him cum again.”


“With your mouth would be good, I’ll help.”

Debby looked down, her first real look at my 12 inch dick.
“THAT was in ME?”

Demi smiled “Every. Last. Inch. Amazing how much a pussy can stretch isn’t it?”

Debby just looked in amazement and whispered “yeah”.

She looked up at Demi again. “There’s no way I can put all that in my mouth!”

“Just take what you can handle, I’ll take care of the rest. Just remember, even though it’s called a blowjob, you suck on it, like a lollypop.” Demi said with a smile.

“Okay.” Debby replied, taking a quick look of determination on her cute face.

Debby dropped down and took the head of my cock into her mouth, sucking hard so hard her head quickly moved down my shaft until it hit the back of her throat and she slowly rose, still sucking as hard as she could.

Demi sat back, just watching for a few seconds, smiling with pride at her role in corrupting the previously virgin girl.

“You can lick it too.” Demi said as Debby came up for air, she slid down giving my cock a few licks around the head.

She pulled away and Debby copied the process as closely as she could on the other side.

“Or long licks.” Demi said, moving herself down to my balls and giving one of her long slow licks up the length of my cock.

I let my head fall back, grunting with pleasure.

Once Demi pulled away, Debby repeated the action. “JESUS CHRIST” I yelled.

“Hmm, what say we finish him off?” Demi said with a big smile on her face.
“Okay” Debby said, seeming to be happy to have her own personal mentor.

Demi whispered in Debby’s ear and they both lowered themselves, each on one side of my cock and the two of them slid out their tongues, Demi’s sliding along the top of the head, and Debby’s tongue sliding along the bottom.

They got their lips touching, and continued to kiss around my cock,

I made a few gurgling noises, unable to form enough coherent thought to tell them to move.
Demi pulled away and Debby followed suit.

Demi seemed relieved to see I didn’t start shooting out my cum yet as I laid my head back and took a deep breath.

I heard Demi say “Just suck the top, and remember to use your tongue.”

Debby wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and began bobbing her head as fast as she could up and down the top 4 inches of my cock.

Demi slid down and began to lick all the rest of my shaft.
She timed herself so she was licking upwards as Debby came downwards, I could feel their tongues touching every few strokes.


Demi moved away, sliding up to place her head on my chest.

Debby moved back, I thought she was going to pull away, but she stopped when just head was in her mouth and I felt her tongue swirl around the head.

I felt the cum start to shoot and Debby moaned a little, I figured she’d jerk away, but she just kept sucking as more cum flooded into her mouth.

After the load finally stopped shooting, she pulled away, looking towards me and Demi, she made an exaggerated swallow.

I let my head fall back on the bed and I heard the little southern twang ask “Was I good?”

“Oh, you were way beyond good.” I said smiling back.

“As good as Demi?” she asked.

Demi laughed and turned to look at me.

“No, but maybe with more practice.”

Debby looked slightly disappointed, but Demi gave me a quick kiss before Demi picked herself up, walking over and picking up her pants up off the floor.

“As much as I’d love for all 3 of us to pass out, and maybe wake up the morning for another round…there’s still a party going on outside. So we’d better get dressed and head back out.” Demi said.

She pointed to me. “You go out first, shut the door behind you, we’ll come out in a few minutes, we need to clean up anyway.”

Demi tossed me my pants and shirt.

I got dressed, and stepped up to the door, before turning back and whispering to Demi. “Are you gonna fuck her again when I’m out of the room?”

She gave a smile and just said “You’ll never know.” giving me a little shove towards the door.

I stepped out, and saw Selena standing in the hallway not far from the door.

“You know, I was wondering where you were going after your abrupt exit, and I could swear I heard you and Demi arguing…and Debby too. And then doing something that was decidedly NOT arguing.”

I began to say respond and she added “You know, the California age of consent is 18, Debby is still 17, you could go to jail.”

I began to stutter and she finished.

“So be glad I’m not telling anyone.” she gave a little smile and walked back to the party.

To be continued.

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