My Days with Demi: Part 1: I Love New Orleans

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My Days with Demi: Part 1: I Love New Orleans
By HunterD
Codes: MF, Oral, Anal, Spank, slight Rom.
Celebs: Demi Lovato

Disclaimer: Sadly, this never happened.
As far as I know Demi Lovato has never set foot in New Orleans other than maybe doing her own concerts.
Besides, in the real world she’s probably nowhere near as eager and freaky in bed as she is in this story…although if I am wrong on that one, I hope I get to find out firsthand.

Any questions or comments should be directed to the CSSA message boards.
Special thanks to Money for helping me overcome a (very) long period of writers block and giving me some feedback to improve the story.

It’s amazing what can happen at a concert.
There’s a club a couple of blocks from my house called “The Hangar” it’s a small obscure venue, but it’s one of the major sites of the local metal scene here in New Orleans.

The band “Kingdom of Sorrow” was playing there and I walked over to check it out.

During the concert I noticed a girl a leather jacket get too close to the pit and got knocked down, I moved in closer and helped her up before quickly moving away from the pit again.

I heard her yell “Thanks” as I was walking away and turned around to smile at her.

I didn’t really think about it again until after the show I was leaving the club and saw the darkhaired girl desperately trying to start her car while holding what looked like a bunch of wires in her hand.

“Come ON! Start you bastard!” she yelled in a raspy voice.

“Bad day?” I asked walking towards her.

She raised a fist covered in spiked rings, “BACK OFF!”

I raised my hands in the universal ‘mean no harm’ posture and said “I’m just trying to help, darlin’.”

She gave me a closer look and lowered the fist. “You’re the guy who helped me up earlier aren’t you?”

“I think so, I didn’t exactly get a good look at you before.” I replied, slowly lowering my arms.

“Sorry, it’s just…” she took a deep breath. “I’m in a city I don’t know, with a rental car that broke down, and a cellphone that got smashed to bits when I fell.” she said the entire sentence as though it was all one word, obviously nervous on a dark street with no obvious methods of help.

“Do you know anything about cars?” she asked looking up at me.

“Sorry, no. My dad was a mechanic but he never taught me anything about them, and I left my cellphone at my house.”

“Great, well, can you atleast stick around so I have someone around who I’m reasonably sure won’t try and rape me?”

I laughed slightly before realizing how awkward it was to laugh at that line. “The citys not so bad, this is a pretty safe area. I live a couple blocks from here. If you want you can walk with me back to my place, and I’ll give you my cell and let you call whoever you need.”

She paused for a moment, trying to decide between the relative safety between going with a complete stranger who had helped her earlier, and staying with a car in a non-lit street where no one else seemed to be around.

“If you want you can stay here and I can go get my phone, I just didn’t figure you wanted to be alone.”

“No, I’ll walk with you. What’s you’re name?”

“Tony, but everybody calls me Hunter.” I said sticking out my hand.

She shook it, “I’m Demetria, but everybody calls me Demi.”

“We’ll walk up to that block first, then turn right. It’s got working streetlights, but we’ll have to walk a couple extra blocks” I said pointing her in the right direction.
“Sounds good.” she started walking and I moved to walk beside her.

With the lighting of the streetlights I could see her better, she was just about the perfect combination of cute looking and seductive looking, her hair was light brown, and while her top was partially hidden under a leather jacket, her body looked amazing.

She turned towards me and asked “How tall are you?”
I laughed, it was one of the first 3 questions I usually got before people would even ask my name. “I’m 6’4” The boots make me look a little taller. Where are you from?”

“I was born in Texas, but now I live in L.A.”

“You an actress or something?” I asked.

She smiled slightly, “Some acting, some singing, probably nothing you’ve heard of though.” She paused for a second before adding “Thanks for helping me, I mean earlier and now.”

“Think nothing of it. It’s not often a guy gets to be a knight in shining armor to a beautiful lady twice in one night.” I paused and then shook my head. “That’s insanely corny isn’t it?”

She laughed a little “In a sweet way. Actually being a knight in shining armor means you get away with it.”

We arrived at my house and walked up the stairs to the front door, I turned to her and said “If you want you can stay here outside and I’ll just bring my phone to you. It should just take a couple seconds.”

“Thanks but I’ll come in, I think I’ll find me a bite to eat too if that’s okay?” she asked

“Of course.”

I opened the door and she walked in, she gave the living room a quick onceover and turned back to me as I closed the front door. “I’ve got to admit, with a name like Hunter I thought you would have some animal heads or something.”

“You want to real geeky history?” I asked.


“I saw a movie called ’Vampire Hunter D’ when I was about 12, I just started introducing myself as Hunter when I was a teen. Back then I hated my name because it was popular and I was always the third or fourth ‘Tony’ of a group, so I just started calling myself Hunter.”

“So no actual hunting?”

I shrugged, “Nope, being in the woods with a bunch of drunken guys with guns, and no women around, just never appealed to me.”

“Good, I’m vegetarian anyway.” she smiled, she had a really beautiful smile.

“Well, I don’t have much vegetarian stuff. I think you’re pretty much limited to apples, bananas, or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Fair warning, if you choose a banana, I will probably wind up staring at you as you eat.”

She grinned a mischievous grin for a moment before saying “While it’d be fun watching you stare, I think I’ll go with the PB&J”

I fixed her the sandwich and excused myself to my bedroom to get the phone, but as I turned back around to take it to her I saw she’d followed me in.

“I dig the décor, looks like an old gothic movie, all black, a four corner bed, very cool.”
“Thanks, kind of what I was going for.” I said handing her the phone and doing my best to ignore the tiny voice in my head telling me to ask her if she wanted to test out the bed.

She followed me to the den as I sat on the couch turning on the TV and finding an old monster movie just starting up.

She took the last bite of her sandwich as she sat next to me.
“I was thinking, it’s after midnight, they’re not going to do anything till tomorrow morning anyway, so I’ll just wait to call them. The car should be safe right?”

“Probably, I’ve never seen any stripped around here, and I grew up on this street, want me to drive you to your hotel or something?”

“You’ve got a spare bedroom right?”

“Sure. My dad may not have taught me much about cars, but he did once say if a beautiful woman wants to stay at your place for the night, you don’t tell them no.”

“Smart man.”

She scooted closer and we started talking, about everything, from metal to movies, to how much we had both hated public school and what she thought New Orleans was like compared to L.A.
By the time the credits began rolling on the movie, she had ditched the jacket and her boots, was cuddled up beneath my arm.

I looked at the clock, it was past 3am.
“We’d probably better try to get some sleep, I’ve got a couple spare bedrooms, pick which one you want.”

She straightened up a little and looked at me with her big doe eyes.

“I don’t know, that’s a big bed you’ve got in there. Seems a shame to have you be in there all by yourself.” she leaned closer and we kissed, I felt her tongue slide into my mouth and I returned the favor, before the head on my shoulders made me pull away for second.

“Two things, one how old are you, and two, are you sure you really want this?”

She chuckled, “I’m 18, have been for a few months now, and I am very sure. I haven’t gotten laid since I broke up with my boyfriend a few months before that. You’re sweet, funny, and hot.” She swung her leg over so she was straddling me and leaned down to give me a few quick kisses as she ground her hips against my crotch.

She stopped kissing me and lowered her lips next to my ear, I could fee the breath from each word as she said “If I remember all the old stories right, every knight gets rewarded for saving the damsel.”

I wrapped my arms around her waist and silently thanked whoever designed the house that the bedroom was just through the door as I picked her up, her legs still wrapped around me, and I walked her into the bedroom, gently laying her on the bed so her ass hung over the edge

She took off my shirt as I dropped myself down and unbuckled her pants, hooking my hands beneath her pants and panties I slid them both off and was happily surprised to see her pussy already glistening with eagerness.

She sat up to take off her shirt and I got a view of her beautiful breasts, they weren’t very big, but they were big enough to look amazing on her.

I quickly flicked my tongue against her burgeoning clit and she let out a quick moan as she laid back down.
I’ll admit I’m not an expert at eating out, but the fact I have a long enough tongue I’ve been compared to Gene Simmons doesn’t hurt.

I pressed my tongue against the bottom of her pussy and gave a slow, long lick upwards, she moaned again and raised her hips trying to get my tongue in deeper and I moved slightly away keeping just a little in her as I reached the top and flicked her clit again. “Ugh, yeah.” she moaned.
I kissed her thighs and slid my tongue around her outer lips.
She grunted, frustrated.

She leaned up on her elbows looking down at me and demanded “Eat me.”.

I smiled up at her “Say please,”

She grinned slightly. Doing her best submissive voice said “Please eat my pussy.”
I dove in slipping my long tongue all the way into her, doing my best to explore every inch of her tight pussy.
“Ohh god yes.” she moaned as dropped back down and moved her hands up to play with her tits.

I’d pull my tongue out every so often to flick her clit, or suck on it.

After I felt I had teased her enough I slid my index and middle fingers into her soaking wet snatch, fingering her as fast as I could while I played with her clit with my mouth.
“OH YEAH! KEEP GOING!” She screamed before quitely pleading “I’m so close…please suck my clit.”

I didn’t obey right away, making her wait for it, just when she looked down and was about to ask again I latched on and sucked her clit while using my tongue to flick it.

Her hips started to buck hard, I was almost worried she’d knock out my teeth as she let loose.

Her pussy started gushing her girlcum as I dropped down and licked up as much of her sweet juices as I could.

I pulled away after giving her pussy one more kiss, I took off my pants and boxers as I stood up and I was rock hard.

She was catching her breath and let out a breathless “thank you” before I leaned in and kissed her, letting her taste her own juices.

I stood back up, aiming my cock towards her pussy, she looked down at my cock and her eyes went wide.
“Damn, you’re big all over aren’t you?”

“What good is a knight in shining armor if he doesn’t have a sword.” I said, and half groaned at the pun.
She reached down, placing just one finger on my cock and slowly tracing it’s length.
“How big are you?” she asked

“My ex talked me into measuring, it’s 12 inches.”

“Hmmm, a whole foot of cock just for me?” she looked up at me. “Hope I can handle it.”
“I’ll be gentle.” I said, leaning down and kissing her again as she laid back down.

Still kissing her I reached down and took my cock placing it at the entrance of her soaking pussy. I shoved it forward and she let out a little gasp as the few inches of my cock entered into her.

I didn’t stop, letting my cock enter her in one long slow motion, loving the feeling of her tight wet pussy slowly spreading to make room for my manhood.

When our hips finally touched and I was fully in a paused for a moment to let her adjust.
I leaned over her again, kissing her roughly as I started to pull out slowly.
She let out another moan as I pushed into her slowly again.

She let out a whimper as she said “Faster, please, make me cum again.”

I leaned back, standing at the edge of the bed with her lower body still hanging off as I picked up her legs putting them over my shoulders and picked up my pace.

“You’re amazing Demi” I groaned as I thrust into her hard and fast.

“So are you.” she groaned back

I looked at the smile on her face, she had an amazing ability to look sweet and innocent, and utterly wanton and desperate to cum all at the same time.

“Let me on top.” she grunted.

I thought about making her say please again, but decided to let it pass this time. I let go of her legs, keeping my cock in her I leant down again and lifted her up as she clenched her legs tight around my waist, I laid down on the bed and swung us both around so we were both fully on the bed.

Once I let go of her enough to let her manuever she lifted herself up, placing her hands on my shoulders and moving her hips up until just the head of my cock was in her pussy, then slowly lowering herself down.

She did it slow a couple more times before speeding up the pace to where we had a nice rhythm of echoes of the sound of our flesh hitting together.

I leaned myself up slightly, taking her beautiful breast in my hand before sucking on it.

“UHH YEAH! Suck that tit, Hunter.” she groaned, as I gleefully obeyed.

I slid my hands down her body and squeezed her ass cheeks.
She moaned a little louder, and I figured she liked having her ass played with, so I raised my hand and spanked her lightly.

“SPANK ME HARDER!.” she demanded.
I raised my other hand and spanked her much harder, adding the sound of that echo to the slamming of our rhythm
“UGH, YEAH! THAT’S IT!” she moaned.

I continued to spank her ass every time she raised herself on my cock, she quickened the pace with every spank, to the point where between the sound of our hips hitting together and my spanking we were drumming faster than a thrash metal drummer.

I took one hand and pulled her downwards to where her tits where pressing against my chest and her clit rubbed against me as she moved up and down.

“Ugh yeah, I’m close.” she moaned again.

“Me too baby.” I grunted.

I rolled over so I we were side by side, keeping our bodies close as I trust away at full speed, still using my hands to give her a few more spanks.
I slid my other arm under her body and decided since she liked being spanked so much, she may be into more ass play, so I shoved my index finger into her ass.

“UGH YES! FINGER MY ASS!” She screamed so loudly I wondered if I might go deaf, she began shifting her hips so that when she lifted off my cock she drove my finger deeper into her ass.
I shoved my finger in as deep as I could and thrust my cock fully into her at the same time,

“YEEAHHHH HUNTER, I’M CUMMING.” she yelled as I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her juices pour over, I couldn’t hold back any longer and let myself cum deep in her pussy.

She was still riding through her orgasm as she continued to bounce upon my cumming cock “YEAH, HUNTER, FILL ME UP” she screamed.

After what felt like eternity I was finally out of cum and I pulled out of her pussy.

She smiled gave me a kiss on the lips, I didn’t even notice her hands moving, but when her hand entered my view it was coated in a mixture of our cum from out of her pussy, and she casually licked it off.

“We taste pretty good together.” she smiled as she leaned down and kissed my neck.

“Let’s see.” she said, kissing my chest just below my neck.

“You saved me, twice.” another kiss, slightly lower.

“You’ve made me cum, twice.” another kiss, now around my bellybutton.

“I owe you at least a couple more big loads.” she finished as she licked the tip of my cock.

She quickly started licking every inch of my previously deflating cock.
It immediately began to respond, growing hard again.

“Hmm, aren’t you eager?’ she gave the mischievous smile again.

As I opened my mouth to respond she took my cock in her mouth, managing to get about a four inches of it down in one motion, and sucked it so hard I think black holes in space were envious of her abilities.

Any coherent thoughts went out of my mind placed her hand down around the bottom 2/3rds of my shaft to jerk it as she pulled herself up my cock and I heard a loud pop as her lips broke the perfect seal around my manhood.

She quickly licked her hand that had been around my cock and smiled up at me “You know my fingers didn’t even touch?” she said as she placed her hand around my cock again and she lowered herself to take one of my balls into her perfect mouth.

I saw her working her free hand down to her pussy and rubbing her clit slowly.

She leaned back, sucking the ball as far as she could until it popped out of her mouth.

She looked up at me as she kept her hand slowly jerking my cock.
“I don’t have much experience with deepthroating,” she said. “My last boyfriend wasn’t exactly big enough to require it, and with girls it’s not really an issue.”

The mental image of her with other women made my already hard cock so much harder it hurt.

“But I figure it’s worth a try.”
She kept jerking my cock as she took a couple of deep breaths before she slid her mouth back over my cock.
I felt my cockhead hit the back of her throat and she shoved down even more, she got about 8 inches down and stopped before making her way back up.

“Demi…That’s amazing.”
She looked up with a look of concentration on her face. “I’m not done yet.” she said as she took another couple of breaths. “You can help. Give a bit of a shove.” she said as she moved herself over my cock again.

I waited until she was about 8 inches down again before I moved my hand to the back of her head, shoving the rest into her mouth until I could feel her nose against my pelvis.

I felt her slip her tongue out of her mouth and give my balls a couple of quick licks before she moved her hand and shoved my hand away and picked herself back up, leaving a trail of saliva all over my cock.

She gave a beaming smile “Not bad for a first timer huh?”
“That was amazing even for a porn star.” I answered.

She laughed. “I’m not a porn star…quite the opposite actually.”
She started to go down on my cock again and I forced myself to stop her.

“What?” she asked.

“I’m probably only going to come one more time before I pass out, and I was hoping that since you liked my finger in your ass enough you’d like something bigger there.”

She looked down at my cock, obviously mentally weighing the concept of how something that big up there would feel.

“You haven’t done anal?” I asked.

“Well, a few fingers, and I managed to talk a girlfriend into doing little thing of beads once. But nothing to compare to a 12 inch dick.” she said

“I’ll be happy with head.” I said, starting to lay back down.

“No! I want to try it. Just promise you’ll start slow.” she said.

“I pretty much have to if I don’t want to cum right away.” I laughed.

She lifted herself up to being on all fours beside me, giving me a little kiss as I raised myself up.

When I got behind her and got my first real look at her ass, I almost came right away. She had the most perfect ass I had ever seen.

I slid myself back into her still soaking pussy as leaned over to kiss her neck and whisper in her ear. “Better to lube up first.” I said, giving her a few thrusts as I slid my index and middle fingers of my left hand into her ass.

“Uhh, yeah.” she moaned quietly.

I used my fingers to strech her sweet asshole as I pulled my cock out of her pussy.
I removed my fingers from her ass and placed it on her shoulder as I used my right hand to aim my cock at her asshole.

Demi grabbed my left hand and moved it towards her mouth, sucking the fingers clean.
I was shocked I managed not to cum right then and there, but I guess having cum to recently was all that saved me.

I placed my cock against her asshole and gave a good shove to get the head in.

“Ugh” Demi groaned, I could tell it was more a groan of pain than a moan of pleasure.
I kept the head in while I leaned over to her again “If you want to stop, just tell me. But if you want to try this, you need to relax.” I said as I slid my right hand between her legs and slid two fingers into her pussy.

“Keep going.” she grunted.

I shoved deeper into her ass, keeping it slow so she wouldn’t tense up too much, and slowly fingerfucking her as I kept going.

Sliding it in so slowly, I couldn’t quite decide what felt better, the slow spreading of her soaking wet pussy, or the slow spreading of her anal passage.
After what seemed like ages I had all of my cock inside her.

I stopped, staying as still as I could manage to let her adjust to the feeling in her ass, but still playing with her pussy.

Demi seemed to appreciate the pause for a minute, and then she slowly shoved herself back, grinding her ass against my cock.
I took that as my go ahead and pulled out as slowly as I could manage before slowly pushing back in again.

It was an almost agonizing game of compromise. Part of me just wanted to pound away as fast as I could, but I didn’t want to hurt her any more than minimum necessary, but I didn’t want to bore her either.

I decided to experiment a little, pulling out quicker, and she let out a little moan of enjoyment.

“You liking this Demi?”

“Yeah…” she said hesitantly.

I slid myself back into her, slowly. “You sure?” I said as my hips touched hers again.

“Yeah.” she said, sounding more confident. “It takes some getting used too…but it feels good.” she turned around so I could see her face, that beautiful mischievous smile again as she said “I like being a bad girl, fuck my ass.”

That was all I needed, I sped up a bit, still far from full speed, but developing a decent rhythm driving my cock into and out of her sweet ass.

“You know your ass is perfect Demi, just the right curves” I said as I kept thrusting into her.

“A. PERFECT! FUCKING! ASS!” I yelled, thrusting in on every word.

“PERFECT! ASS! FOR! FUCKING!” she yelled back as she pushed back every thrust, getting my cock even deeper into her.

I leaned over her again, my right hand still in her pussy as I moved my left to grope her perfect tits, pinching her nipple.

“FUCK YEAH! FUCK MY ASS!.” she pleaded.

“You like a little pain don’t you?” I said, picking up the pace even faster.

“Oh yeah.” she said, I could hear the smile in her voice.

I leaned back and removed my left hand from her tit and lifted it up spanking her with my left hand at the same time I made sure to stroke her clit with my right.

“FUCK YEAH HUNTER! Spank my ass while you fuck it.”

I kept up the pace, spanking her and stroking her clit whenever I pulled out.

After a few more thrusts I felt her start to cum, her already incredibly tight ass tightening so much around my cock I honestly thought for a second she’d squeeze it off.
I almost came, but managed to hold myself back, I wanted to see if she’d really love getting her ass fucked.

I removed my hand from her pussy lifting it up to her as she sucked those fingers clean, she kept bouncing her amazing ass up and down on my cock.

“You think you can come from just my cock in your ass.” I asked her.

“Go faster” she replied.

I sped up my pace, slamming into her faster and harder.
She let out a little yelp and I started to slow down before she demanded “NO, FASTER!”.

I picked up the pace as fast and hard as I could manage in my exhausted state, and before I knew it she was thrusting herself back towards me at the same rate, I wanted to wait until she came again, but I just couldn’t hold back any more.

“I’m gonna cum!” I warned her.

“CUM IN MY ASS!” she grunted.

I smiled widely as I leaned down to whisper into her ear “Want me to coat your bowels with my cum Demi?”

“Fuck yeah!” she said, barely loud enough for me to hear
I leaned back up and I started spanking her sweet ass again as I thrust in and out at full speed, finally burying all 12 inches of my cock as deep in her as I could and let my cum shoot into her.

That was just what she needed as she screamed “FILL UP MY ASS!“ I felt her body tighten up again, she came for the fourth time that night, her sweet ass squeezing out every last drop of cum I had in my body.

I pulled out of her and flopped down on the bed beside her, pulling her closer for another kiss.
She scooted down again and took my still hard cock down her throat, managing to deep throat it all again and sucking hard to get every last drop out as she pulled up.

“Your cum and my ass taste good together.” she said, giving my cock a few more licks before it fully deflated.

“You are amazing.” I said in awe.

She crawled back up and laid on my chest, “You too.” she said before we both fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up with her already dressed and putting on her boots.
“Morning tall, dark and handsome.” she said with a smile

“Morning beautiful, leaving already?” I asked.

“Yeah, I called the rental company and they said they’d send a tow truck over to get the car, and a cab to this address for me. Plus I’ve got a tv show that starts shooting again in a couple days, so I’ve got to fly out this afternoon “

“Wish you could stay.” I said, getting up and pulling on my pants.

“So do I, but if we got started again I‘d be distracted” she smiled, and held up my phone “I took the liberty of adding my number, e-mail and all to your phone. We WILL be getting together again.” she said as though it were an order that I had no choice in.

I gave a mock salute and said “Yes Ma’am Miss…?”

I realized I didn’t know her last name, she smiled “Lovato, Demi Lovato, look it up later.” she flashed that mischievous smile again.

I walked her to the front door and was disappointed to see the cab was there waiting.

I walked her down to it and opened the door for her, “I will be seeing you again, Miss Lovato.” I smiled.
She grabbed my head and pulled me down for a passionate kiss. “You better.” she smiled as she got into the cab.

I went back inside and looked up the name, I was shocked to find out she was a Disney star…and then very relived to find out she hadn’t lied about her age.

I’m now wondering how soon I can make it to L.A.

To be continued.

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