Highland College: Breaking a Slump

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and these actions involving these people did not happen. As always, you must be 18 years of age to read this due to subject matter

Celebrities: Taylor Swift, Hayden Panettiere, Amanda Seyfried, Nina Dobrev, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Mila Kunis, and Kristen Bell

Codes: MF, MFF, MMF, MMMF, F-solo, FF, anal, cumswap, oral, orgy, reluc

Title: Highland College: Breaking a Slump
by The Chemist

“Ashley! What the fuck!” Coach Sarah Michelle Gellar yelled.

“Sorry coach,” Ashley Greene conceded sheepishly.

“What’s with her lately?” Sarah asked her assistant.

“I’m not sure,” Carrie Underwood replied. “Ash is usually Miss Consistency.”

“Probably man trouble. It’s the only thing that would take her off her game this much,” Sarah concluded.

“Or woman trouble,” Carrie added.

Even though no one had noticed, but Carrie and Ashley had engaged is sex at the team’s big initiation party a few weeks back. Player-coach relations were highly frowned upon but they grabbed a random guy to make it a threesome and take some of the risk away.

“Alright ladies. Hit the showers,” Sarah screamed into the large gym.

“Ashley! Hold up,” Carrie said as she hoped off of the bleachers.

“I know I’m playing rough lately Carrie. My head is kinda in a bad place right now,” Ashley replied.

Ashley was covered in a thin layer of sweat, which gave her shapely body a glistening sheen in the fluorescent lighting. The leggy brunette wore her long hair in a ponytail to keep it out of her beautiful face and stood talking to her assistant coach with hands on her round hips.

“First off, you’d have to improve in order to only be considered rough. Secondly, I fell responsible for your slump but I need to remind you that your crush on me is flattering, but I’m a coach and you’re a player so this can’t happen,” Carrie said in her rich Southern accent.

“Don’t get me wrong Carrie, I think your beautiful and we made some hot sex awhile ago but I’m not hung up on you,” Ashley said honestly. “See the girl over on the bleachers near the door?”

“Yeah, what about her?”

“That’s my best friend Kristen. I’m kinda in love with her but she’s straight as an arrow. I just can’t stop thinking about her and it’s really fucking me up,” Ashley admitted.

“So just make a move. You’ll know the answer after that,” Carrie advised.

“It could ruin our friendship forever if she’s not having it though. Besides, she’s totally all about her boyfriend Bob Paterson anyway,” Ashley replied. “And that’s the other problem too. I want him to do all types of things to me.”

“You just love complicated love situations. With love, you have to take some chances. Here’s what you do to get the girl and still fuck the boy. Get it in Bob’s head about how you would be up for a threesome. He’ll do the hard part and press the issue to Kristen. Then you get to have sex with Kristen, just make sure you blow her fucking mind,” Carrie said.

“That’s actually brilliant,” Ashley said excitedly.

“Just go shower and start the plan. Let me know how it goes,” Carrie concluded. “But word on the grapevine is that Bob can get rough, especially with a girl he’s nailing only for a one-night stand.”

“Just grabbing a shower Kristen,” Ashley screamed to her friend. “I’ll be a few minutes.”


Amanda Seyfried was in a bit of a funk herself, but she was mentally tough enough to not let it affect her on-court performance. A few nights back, the captain of the volleyball team had sex dream about a fellow player on the team, Nina Dobrev. Nina was the kind of girl she lusted after. She loved brunettes with long legs, a thick ass and girly cuteness.

“Hey Nina! Can we talk for a second,” Amanda yelled.

“What’s up Cap,” Nina asked.

“This is kinda awkward but I’m not one to be shy so here it is. I find you really sexy and want to fuck your brains out,” Amanda admitted bluntly.

“I’m flattered but I’m not a lesbian,” Nina replied.

“And neither was I until I had sex with my first woman. Beside, this would only make you bi,” Amanda said, pressing the issue.

“I don’t think so,” Nina said.

“Come on. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Isn’t there anything you want? I’m game for whatever,” Amanda added.

“Well there is something that I’m kinda in a bind about,” Nina thought aloud.

“Just say it and I’ll do it,” Amanda eagerly said.

“My boyfriend’s cousin is in town visiting him this weekend. If you could go out with him on the Saturday night then that would be great,” Nina said.

“Done. I’ll even let the guy go balls deep in me,” Amanda replied quickly. “So then I get you for a whole night then?”

“I doubt my boyfriend will mind me cheating on him with a girl. I mean he openly encourages it all the time. I’m in,” Nina accepted.

Amanda sprouted the widest smile, grabbed the sides of Nina head and drew her in for a quick kiss. Nina was startled by the swiftness of the move but wasn’t disgusted by her first girl-on-girl kiss, but actually found Amanda’s lips soft and moist.

“I’ll text you what time to come over to my place tonight,” Amanda said. “Can’t wait to see you later hot stuff.”


“Hello. It’s Hayden right?”

“Yeah,” Hayden answered. She had seen the three girls who were standing in front of her now in class a few times but had no idea who they were.

“I’m Blake, this is Mila and this is Kristen. We’re huge fans of the volleyball team so we just wanted to come over and meet you,” Blake said.

Hayden had just started to sexually experiment with girls, namely her gorgeous roommate Taylor Swift, but she immediately wanted to do all kinds of nasty things to each one of the three in front of her. Blake Lively was a tall, busty blonde with amazing legs and huge tits. Kristen Bell was a more petite blonde with a killer smile, cute face and an ass to kill for. Meanwhile, Mila Kunis was a devilish brunette with a small frame but big boobs given her stature.

“Well thanks for making me blush,” Hayden replied. “I’m really just one cog in the machine that makes us such a great team.”

“Beautiful and modest to boot. Next you’re going to say you’re a lesbian and will eat us out for hours on end,” Kristen joked.

“She’s just playing around. Actually we were hoping to get to know you better,” Mila stepped in. “And hanging together at a party is a great way to really connect with someone.”

“Yeah I’m in for sure. Where and when?” Hayden asked.

“Tonight. It’s at 314 Laguna St. in the southern edge of the city,” Blake answered. “Feel free to bring a friend, just no boyfriend.”

“Don’t worry. No boyfriend here. I prefer to fuck’em and leave,” Hayden blatantly answered. “I’ll bring my roommate, she’s on the team too.”

“Taylor right?” Mila asked.

“Yup. She’s cool. Do you know her,” Hayden said.

“Nope, just gawked while watching you set her up for kills every game,” Kristen replied.

“Haha okay. So I’ll see you tonight,” Hayden said as she gathered her books into her shoulder bag.

“Sounds good. Come for about 10 o’clock. It should just be hitting full swing by then.”

“Sweet. Thanks. I’ll be there.”

Blake waited for the short blonde to get out of earshot before addressing her friends. “Well that’s good, I think the boys will really like their guests of honour.”

Mila and Kristen grinned wickedly and nodded in unison.


“Come in,” Coach Gellar yelled in response to the knock on her door.

“Hope this isn’t a bad time,” Scarlett Johansson answered.

“Don’t take this the wrong way ScarJo, but when you come around it’s hardly ever good news,” Sarah replied.

“No offense taken. Just remember not to shoot the messenger,” Scarlett said. “I come with my routinely bad news.”

“Jesus. What is it this time? Girls fail the drug test?”

“No, nothing like that. This doesn’t involve your current crop of girls,” Scarlett swiftly answered.

There whole conversation thus far had taken place with Scarlett standing in the doorway and Sarah behind her desk. She knew not to sit in Sarah’s office until the coach offered her a seat. Finally the feisty blonde gestured to a chair and Scarlett moved quickly into it. Her feet were sore from the long walk down to the athletic building in her high heels, but that was the price of vanity. The heels made her legs and ass look fantastic in the short skirt she was wearing, which paired nicely to her white blouse. She always wore a few buttons undone to show off her amazing cleavage, especially when breaking bad news.

“So tell me what this pleasant visit is about then,” Sarah asked firmly.

“Word came down from the Athletic Director a few minutes ago that the volleyball teams were only getting one scholarship each for this recruiting class,” Scarlett informed.

“This better be an April fucking Fools joke,” Sarah yelled.

“I’m sorry to say that it’s not Sarah,” Scarlett said.

“What the hell happened? There is no way that the AD would only give the men’s team one free ride to offer,” Sarah demanded.

“Actually, they red shirted a the past 3 classes so they have a young team. They don’t even need the one scholarship for this year but the AD decided to throw you a bone and give you each one,” Scarlett replied.

“This is bullshit! I have 3 girls that are done after this year. How the hell am I going to replace all of them? Plus I have another 3 that are gone the year after that, so if I don’t get girls in next year to learn the system then we are fucked for a few years,” Sarah complained.

“How about walk-ons? Maybe a few girls that you’re looking at are smart and can get academic scholarships.”

“Please. Anyone who’s good gets offered scholarships and when was the last time an egghead made the volleyball team and seriously contributed,” Sarah asked rhetorically.

“There isn’t much we can do though,” Scarlett said.

“There has to be something you can do though. I know you have Paul Keane’s ear,” Sarah pleaded. “I need new girls for next year.”

“Well, there are ways to get him to listen to me,” Scarlett pondered.

“Then do it please, I beg you,” Sarah continued to plead.

“One of the first lessons I learnt in business school was nothing is free. So how can you make it worth it for me Coach Gellar?”

“Name it. Do you need me to fuck the AD? Even that Mr. Keane disgusts me, I’ll spread my legs for more scholarships,” Sarah conceded.

“Sadly you’re not his type. He’s into big tits, not women built for speed,” Scarlett confessed.

“Okay so you’ll have to sleep with him then. How do I get you to do that?”

“Keane might not be into slim blondes with tight bodies, but I sure as hell am,” Scarlett admitted with lust-filled eyes.

“Are you blackmailing me Ms. Johansson?” Sarah asked humorously.

“Yeah. I’m still not that use to it so it doesn’t come natural,” Scarlett conceded.

“I’ve been on the end of quite a few blackmails in my time and you’re not too bad at it,” Sarah complimented. “Then again, I’m partial to busty blondes.”

“It’s my lucky day then. So get over here and convince me,” Scarlett demanded.

Sarah rose from her desk and strutted over to the attractive 26-year-old, leaned in and kissed along her neck. Scarlett gave her better access by tossing her head back, letting a pleasure-induced moan escape her lips as a result of Sarah’s lips.

“I love your milky white skin,” Sarah admired. “It’s so soft and kissable.”

The volleyball coach worked the buttons on Scarlett’s blouse then peeled the clothing over her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Scarlett was on the same wavelength and removed her bra to expose her best features.

“Suck on my big tits,” Scarlett ordered.

“Your wish is my command,” Sarah replied excitedly.

Sarah licked her way down Scarlett’s throat until arriving at her large boobs. Sarah had never been with a girl whose tits were that massive but she was up for the challenge. She took turns alternating between sucking one nipple while rolling the other between her thumb and pointer finger.

As Sarah continued to service her chest, Scarlett lifted her ass off of the chair just high enough to slip off the underwear she was wearing under her skirt. Sarah took the hint and settled onto her knees between the administrator’s legs.

“Horny much,” Sarah asked after noticing her soaking wet pussy.

“You’re a good kisser,” Scarlett confessed. “Now earn the favor you want from me.”

Sarah wasn’t a lesbian by any stretch, but she’d be lying if she said that this was the first snatch she’d ever eaten. The tiny blonde used her fingers to push apart Scarlett’s folds before burying her tongue into her love hole.

Sarah didn’t give her lover a chance to regain her composure as she went to over-stimulate her at every chance. She drove her tongue in as deep as she could go before lapping up inside her.

Scarlett loved the intensity of Sarah’s licking, as she was expecting a tentative lesbian experience from the head coach of the volleyball team. She was in near constant moans for 10 minutes straight, which were really drying out her mouth but that didn’t stop her from pushing Sarah’s face further into her snatch.

“That’s it Sarah, keep going. I’m so fucking close,” Scarlett screamed.

Sarah’s face was pressed so tightly into the busty blonde’s crotch that she couldn’t breathe any fresh air. Knowing that Scarlett was too close to her orgasm to be aware of that fact, she could only hope to get her off before passing out.

“Right there! Yes! Yes! YES!” Scarlett moaned as she came all over Sarah’s face.

Sarah finally felt Scarlett’s grip loosen and pulled free of her grasp. Her face was quite red and there was a hint of blue around her lips but she started to regain normal color after a few deep breathes.

“So do we have a deal?”

“I’ll make the call as soon as I get back to my office,” Scarlett answered. “I can’t believe I haven’t given you this already but here’s my number. Be sure to call me sometime.”

“You can bet on it. I’d sure love to get my hands back on those tits,” Sarah replied.

“Sarah stop, you’re making me blush.”


“Hey Bobby, where’s your sexy girlfriend,” Ashley asked as she walked up to the college junior.

“Just hitting the restroom before we walk home,” Bob answered.

“And what exactly are you going home to do mister?” Ashley asked with mock sternness.

“I only have the noblest of intentions with your best friend,” Bob replied in the same goofy tone as the one Ashley just used.

“Too bad. A pair of sexy ass people like you and Kristen hooking up would probably be one of the hottest things I could think of,” Ashley stated.

“Wow. You shoot from the hip with your comments,” Bob said, surprised by her latest remark.

“Please. It’s the truth so why pussyfoot about it. Besides, you guys could probably tell by the way I leer after you two. Especially my best friend Kristen,” Ashley said.

“Really? You find Kristen hot? Not just in a plutonic way but in a sexual way?”

“Yeah for sure! I’m not a lesbian or anything and I would never try to make a move on her since you two are together but I would do all kinds of nasty things to that girl if she let me,” Ashley declared proudly.

“Well I would gladly step aside for a night so that you two could become better friends,” Bob replied.

“As much as I would love to take you up on that, Kristen would never go for it. She’s never even kissed a girl much less want to jump in on a lesbian tryst,” Ashley responded.

“What a waste then,” Bob said frustrated.

“What do you mean?”

“Just that every guy would kill to have his girlfriend be the sexual fantasy of her smoking hot friend,” he answered.

“I know she wouldn’t go for a straight one-on-one, girl-on-girl action but she might if you were there,” Ashley suggested.

“Like a threesome?”

“Great idea. I think you’re the only one that could break the ice on that conversation,” Ashley replied. Then she noticed Kristen coming. “Hey K-Stew!”

“ You know I hate that name Greener,” Kristen said as she approached.

“That’s why it’s so fun to call you that,” Ashley laughed.

“Were you waiting on me?” Kristen asked.

“Not really. Just wanted to say thanks for sitting through my practice. I’d been in a bad slump lately and I was hoping you could snap me out of it,” Ashley responded.

“And did I?”

“Definitely not but I’ll find a way to bust out of my slump. Who knows, Bobby here might even find a way to help me out,” Ashley laughed. “But I’m heading to the gym for a bit of extra cardio so I’ll talk to you later tonight babe.”

“Don’t work too hard Ash, you’ll need that body soon enough,” Bob said with a smirk.

“Yeah you have a game in a few days right?” Kristen asked.

“I do indeed. Hopeful my head is in a better place by then,” Ash conceded.



“Coming,” Amanda said seductively as she approached the door. “Hello sexy!”

“Thanks Amanda,” Nina replied as her cheeks reddened. “You look fantastic.”

“If you think I look good now then wait until you get a look of me without this on,” Amanda stated.

Amanda answered the door in only a thin black satin nightie that did well to push up her D-cup tits to provide ample cleavage. It was also just long enough to cover only half her ass so Nina could see her lovely backside.

“So why don’t you show me to your bedroom,” Nina suggested.

“Great idea. I only have you for the night so I better not waste a second of it,” Amanda said.

Amanda grabbed her guest by the hand and walked her through her basement apartment until reaching her bedroom. Nina was pleasantly surprised to see a king-sized bed, but given the sexual escapades she heard involving her volleyball team’s captain, she shouldn’t have been.

“So should I undress or did you want to do that for me?” Nina asked.

“Why don’t I put on some music and you can dance them off of that tight body,” Amanda replied. “I’m loving the straight hair by the way. You went all out for me.”

The college senior went to her stereo and put on the latest hit rap song before settling onto her bed. Nina took a minute to listen and pick up the beat then started to move her hips to the music. The first article of clothing she peeled from her body was her tight tee shirt, revealing her red lace bra.

“Yum. Those tits look tasty,” Amanda cooed.

“You haven’t seen anything yet doll,” Nina replied.

The quick banter wasn’t enough to take the determined brunette out of her groove. Nina undid her short shorts, turned her back to her audience then pulled her shorts slowly down her legs while bending forward at the same time. The result was Nina’s tiny pink thong slowly being revealed which caused Amanda to shove her hand under her own skirt and rub herself.

“Like what you see so far captain,” Nina asked after seeing the blonde with a hand under her clothes.

“Keep dancing baby,” Amanda begged.

Nina had no intention of doing anything but dancing. The sexy brunette strutted closer to the bed so she was only a few feet away from Amanda before resuming. She resisted the urge to throw off her clothes and start humping the blonde so she could tease the hell out of her.

Nina swung around on her lap so that she was facing Amanda and unhooked her bra. Amanda stared wide-eyed at her medium-sized tits with hard pink nipples before the brunette shoved her face into them.

“They’re so perky and soft,” Amanda cooed. It was evident that she was now thrusting her own fingers deep into her pussy.

“If you like them then you’ll get a look at this,” Nina said as she stood up, bent at the waist again and took her thong only an inch or two away from Amanda’s face.

“Oh shit. I’m cumming,” Amanda screamed as she gave herself an orgasm.

“Wow. I’ve never made a girl rub on out,” Nina said, apparently proud of herself.

“You’re just too hot not to have done that,” Amanda stated. “Now I’m going to take a minute to freshen up then the next 12 hours will be a sweaty sexfest that you’ll never forget.”


“OH YES!” Taylor Swift screamed.

“I love your enthusiasm baby but try to keep it down. We can’t have another write-up for a noise violation,” Hayden pleaded from between her roommate’s long legs.

“Get that tongue back in my pussy. NOW!” Taylor demanded.

Hayden just smiled wide before lowering her head and shoving her skilled tongue into Taylor’s soaking snatch. She had found herself in this position a lot over the past few weeks. Once they were assigned to be roommates and found out the first night that they both were bi-sexual, it set off a near constant sexfest with brief breaks for volleyball and occasionally classes.

Currently, Taylor was lying flat on her back on her bed with her skirt flipped up onto her stomach. The tall blonde was always wearing dresses or skirts so that whenever Hayden had the urge she could have easy access to her folds. Taylor would have thought it was selfish but since Hayden was doing the same thing with the same motivation she didn’t feel guilt whatsoever.

“You like it when I push my tongue in your pussy and rub your fucking clit?” Hayden asked before clamping her mouth around the taller girl’s box.

“Yeah I really, really, really love it,” Taylor nearly screamed. “Especially when I’m so damn close to another orgasm.”

Hayden knew Taylor sexually better then she knew herself and when she had an orgasm coming, no one could push her harder over the edge than Hayden could. The small freshman pulled her mouth from Taylor’s lips and clamped them around her clit so she could lick it. She replaced the void in Taylor’s pussy with her middle three fingers and started pushing them in and out with a constantly accelerating speed. The key to the whole maneuver was shifting her hand downward so that her thumb could push into Taylor’s tight asshole.

“Yes! Keep fucking my pussy and ass!” Taylor shouted with disregard for volume level.

“Cum again baby. Coat my fingers with your juices,” Hayden encouraged.

“I’m cumming! OH YEAH!”

Hayden felt both of Taylor’s holes tighten around her fingers and after a few seconds felt them relax again. That was her cue to pull out and lick up every delicious drop of cum that was coating her three fingers ad the inside of her lover’s hole.

“I can’t handle another orgasm right now sweetie,” Taylor confessed. “I need a break right now.”

“Alright. Have it your way. Just know I could stay down there and lick you for hours. I didn’t even start having fun with your pretty rump yet,” Hayden said as she got to her feet.

“Tempting but I’ll hold you to that later. Is there anything I can do for you,” the taller girl asked while waving her tongue in a suggestive manner.

“Well since you asked there is one thing,” Hayden replied.

“Great! I always feel guilty when I can’t repay you,” Taylor said eagerly. “Want me to go down on your pussy? Or ass? Or use the vibrator? Oh I know. The strap-on!”

“Actually I got invited to a party tonight and I don’t want to go alone so will you come with me?”

“So the fact that you had to sex me up first tells me that you have no idea who is throwing the party. Plus you know I have a test in the morning that I can’t miss,” Taylor ranted.

“Please Taylor? You owe me,” Hayden begged.

“Then I’ll repay you with sex,” Taylor answered.

“Just do me this one favor. The girls that asked me are big fans of ours and we can get you home not too late,” Hayden pleaded further.

“Damn it Hayden, I really hate you sometimes. Only a few hours and try not to have sex with sleazy guys tonight that disrespect you,” Taylor agreed.

“Whatever you say! It’ll be fun I promise.”


AshleyGreener69: So did you talk to her?

StudlyBobbyxxx: Yeah I did.

AshleyGreener69: And???

StudlyBobbyxxx: I didn’t tip my hand to much. Just sent out a feeler to get her opinion and she’s lukewarm at best to the idea.

AshleyGreener69: I’ll take it from here then. I’ll convince her.

StudlyBobbyxxx: So what’s the plan now?

AshleyGreener69: Just make sure both of you are at my place tomorrow night around 10pm.

StudlyBobbyxxx: Just so you know, I do want to fuck your brains out.

AshleyGreener69: That’ll be your reward for facilitating my chance with Kristen

StudlyBobbyxxx: I’m already imagining all of the naughty things I’m going to do to that hot body of yours

AshleyGreener69: Well you have 24 hours to think. Just get your sexy emo chick to my house tomorrow night.

StudlyBobbyxxx: Is that all boss?

AshleyGreener69: Yeah. Give her and I some time together before you come in. Have faith in me big boy and I’ll fulfill your wildest desires plus you’ll still keep Kristen as a girlfriend.

StudlyBobbyxxx: We’ll see how much of an evil genius you really are Ash.


“I got a bad feeling about this party Hayden,” Taylor said as they stepped out of the cab.

“Don’t be such a baby. It’ll be fine,” Hayden assured.

Hayden had to admit that she was skeptical about tonight’s party as well. After all, she was walking up to the door of someone she didn’t know, invited by someone she just met and to cap it all off the house was in one of the roughest neighborhoods in the state. She was happy her best friend and lover was here with her, but at the same time she felt guilty that she made the leggy blonde come with her.

“Well hello ladies,” the man said that opened the door.

After the customary greeting, Taylor and Hayden stepped into the house and joined the party inside. Right away they noticed that they must have been early as there was only about 10 guys and the 3 girls who invited her in the first place.

Blake was wearing a gold-colored dress that showed off her amazing legs and was sandwiched on a loveseat between two of the guys. Kristen was in tight black pants so that they hugged tightly to her fantastic ass and she was socializing with a few guys at the kitchen table in the corner of the room. Meanwhile, Mila was donning a tight white tanktop, a short jean skirt and cowboy boots.

“Hey everyone,” Hayden said excitedly.

“Glad you guys could make it tonight,” Mila said as she rushed over and gave each of the new visitors a hug. “I love your outfit Taylor. A short silver dress and knee-high boots is sexy!”

“Thanks a lot. I’m guessing from Hayden’s description that you’re Mila,” Taylor asked.

“Yup that’s right! The blonde with the legs is Blake and the skinny one at the table is Kristen. Anyway, go mingle and have fun. There is lots of beer and vodka plus loads of weed and coke,” Mila informed.

“I really like your cowboy hat Hayden!” Kristen shouted from over on the couch. “Goes well with your tiny Daisy Dukes.”

Hayden and Taylor took Mila’s advised and spent the next few hours floating around the house. They mostly spent time getting to know the three other girls better, but they also took the opportunity to throw back some beers since they often didn’t have access to it since being underage.

“So you are liking the party?” Christian asked the two new visitors. From what they could gather, Christian appeared to be the leader of the group, or at least the alpha-male.

“Yeah it’s awesome,” Hayden exclaimed. “But we kinda have to leave now.”

“What? But you two haven’t sampled our fine offerings yet,” Marcus said.

“We can’t do drugs and we really do have to go,” Taylor replied.

“Why not? You two bitches too good to do our drugs?” Christian asked, clearly offended by their refusal. “We thought you girls were cool.”

“No it’s not like that,” Hayden answered. “We are cool. We just can’t do your drugs because we get tested and get tossed out of school if they catch us.”

“Sounds like bullshit to me,” one of the other guys shouted.

“You said they were party people Blake. Just like you and your girls. Why the fuck did you bring them if they don’t party and have to leave when it’s barely dark out?”

“Hayden. A word,” Blake said as she pulled the volleyball star away from the main group. “What the hell is going on? I figured you were the type of girl that loved free coke and underage drinking.”

“I’m more into recreational marijuana use but we can’t afford to fail a drug test. Seriously we’ll get kicked off the team this year and probably the school before the next term starts,” Hayden reasoned.

“Well you two better figure out something to do for those guys to make them happy because I don’t want to lose my drug hook-up over this,” Blake said sternly.

“Fine,” Hayden said as they walked back to the main group. “Follow my lead please Tay,” Hayden whispered as she neared her friend.

“So what’s it going to be,” Christian asked.

“Still no to drugs and we do have to leave shortly, but we can stay a little longer,” Hayden replied to angered grunts.

“And what makes you think we even want you two to hang around awhile longer?”

“Well because we are really good lays and we’re pretty damn horny right now,” Hayden replied, bringing smiles to the group.

“What are you doing Hayden,” Taylor whispered.

“You want out of here unharmed? Then go with the flow,” Hayden answered at the same volume level.

“And what skills do you two have?” Marcus, the second-in-command, asked.

“I have a great spike and Hayden here has the softest hands when it somes to setting,” Taylor responded confidently.

“Funny girl. I meant sexual skills. Let me give you a few examples. Blake here is crazy in the sack and will ride your dick for hours at a time if you let. Mila is one of the dirtiest girls I’ve ever known as nothing is off limits. And Kristen has insane flexibility, which makes for some interesting fucking. So I ask again, what makes you stand out in bed,” Christian said.

“Okay. Around campus I’ve earned the nickname anal girl and my girl Taylor has been deep throating guys since she hit puberty,” Hayden replied.

The two girls could immediately feel a shift in the room from hostility to arousal. All 13 sets of eyes were locked onto them but Hayden was unfazed by the attention while Taylor grew more embarrassed by each passing millisecond.

“Now that’s something we can work with,” Christian said with a shit-eating smile. “Why don’t you let your girl entertain my two friends here and you come over here with me Hayden.”

In the blink of an eye, two of Christian’s buddies were standing beside Taylor with their hands already all over her nimble body. With one pawing her boobs and the other clutching her ass, Taylor knew the only way out of the situation was too use her best asset.

The tall blonde sunk to her knees and by the time she moved her hair out of her face the men had their pants down and cocks in hand. Taylor grabbed both at the base and gave them a few strokes before turning to her left and taking one in her mouth.

“I can already tell you give good head,” one of the men said.

Taylor rested his head between her lips and worked him with her skilled tongue. After a few minutes she switched her attention to the other man’s pole and gave him a good work over.

“You’re talented with your tongue but let’s see your special skill,” one of the men said to the 19-year-old.

“Gladly,” Taylor said with a source of pride after finally accepting and actually enjoying her current predicament.

Taylor took the cock closest to her and slipped it into her mouth then placed her hands on his hips. Using her arms to pull her onto his dick, the blonde slowly inhaled all 8 inches of his thick pole. After having him held in her throat with her nose buried in his thick nest of greasy pubes, Taylor pulled herself off of him.

“Fuck that’s amazing,” the man gushed. “Your throat is so tight!”

Taylor shifted her position so she could take the second guy into her mouth and down her throat. Once again she held him in her gullet for a few seconds until her face started to turn red then slowly eased his saliva-coated member from between her lips.

“You weren’t joking Lou, this bitch is gifted,” the other said.

“Well since you liked that so much then why don’t you guys take turns face fucking me?” Taylor asked with lust in her eyes.

Both their mouths hung open because no girl they had ever met would ever voluntarily ask to have guys go balls deep in her mouth. After their initial shock, the one named Lou acted quickest and grabbed the blonde by the side of her head. Taylor squared up to him and put her hands behind her back to let the man now that he was fully in control and that she was his submissive.

Lou dangled his cock in her face, which she happily scooped into her mouth. From there he tightened his grip and started to thrust into her with his hips. Once he was certain that she wasn’t going to change her mind, Lou really started to power into her and feel his prick squeezed by her throat.

He continued to drive into her face with the tall co-ed occasionally making chocking sounds when he held her for too long on his member. That just made him hornier and he would just re-double his efforts.

“Going to cum soon blondie,” Lou said.

Taylor figured he was just going to cum in her mouth so she was quite surprised when he pulled out at the last second and blew in her face from only inches away. By the massive amount of jizz that coated her face, Taylor figured that the unattractive man hadn’t been with a girl in some time.

Her throat fucking with the second guy went down a similar path, but he lasted a good 10 minutes longer then his comrade. He was also longer than his friend and just as determined to get every last millimeter in her mouth for as long as possible before she passed out. He also decided not to go in her mouth and ended up popping on her face, covering it even more in the salty goo.

Meanwhile, Christian had pulled Hayden in her a sloppy kiss that the small blonde was more than happy to participate in. He took the chance to feel up her tight body while Hayden rubbed his crotch through his jeans.

“So how’d you earn the name anal girl,” Christian asked as he undid her short jeans shorts and pushed them down her tanned legs.

“I’ll give you two guess but you’ll only need one,” Hayden responded playfully while her hands were busy with his belt buckle.

Hayden snapped off his belt then made quick work of his pants to leave them crumpled around his ankles, which he easily stepped out of. Christian knocked her hat off her head before pulling her tight shirt from her while she took off her own bra to leave her naked in front of the whole room.

Hayden dropped to her knees to get some spit on his pole before they got down to the serious business but Christian lifted her up to her feet instead. Hayden was surprised when she was spun around and bent over the old TV before the powerful man smacked her ass hard.

“Shit that stings,” Hayden yelped. “Give a girl some warning next time … OUCH!”

Christian didn’t let her finish her tirade as he reddened her butt cheek again with another loud smack. Just the appearance of the lovely blonde naked was enough to get him hard so he worked his dry cock into her asshole without wasting any time.

“So you want it raw then,” Hayden said as she looked at him over her shoulder. “Fine. Fuck me in the ass with your big dick.”

Christian was not only shocked but incredibly turned on that a smoking hot teenager was willingly taking it up the butt without any form of lubrication and actually getting off on it.

“Show me how much you like my dick in your ass by riding me baby,” Christian said.

“With pleasure my man,” Hayden replied.

Christian pulled out and sat on the arm of the couch so that his cock was level with Hayden while she was standing. The tiny blonde shoved her ass towards him then guided his dry pole back into her lovely ass and worked herself up and down on him.

Hayden was close to an orgasm and she pushed three fingers into her dripping wet snatch. The double penetration with a hard cock in the behind and fingers in her pussy was always a combination that never failed to push her over the edge and this time was no exception.

“Oh fuck yes!” Hayden screamed as he was rocked with an orgasm.

Christian was already close to cumming but having the blonde’s asshole tighten like a vice in response to her orgasm was too much for him to handle. Pushing her off just in time, he took a few steps over to Taylor, who was still on her knees, and shoved his cock in her mouth.

Taylor was caught completely offguard and nearly choked when his thick cum splattered against the back of her mouth. Like the expert cocksucker she was though, the leggy blonde took one gulp and downed the large load. She also gave him head for a minutes longer until all traces of Hayden’s ass was removed from his rod, as Taylor never missed a chance to devour that delicious taste.

“I love watching sexy girls take it in the behind,” Kristen said from only a few yards away. “They really getting me horny.”

“We can help you out with that,” one of the two guys at the table with her said.

“Yeah blondie. We have a couple of hard dicks to fuck you with,” the other one added. “And your ass is just banging for a skinny chick.”

“You really know how to make a girl feel special Johnny but thanks for noticing! I work really hard to get a nice ass,” Kristen said, obviously a source of pride. “And I was hoping I would have a few volunteers,” Kristen admitted.

Kristen leaned over and started making out with the bald guy to her right as the other guy rose from the table and undressed. She saw his cock out with her peripheral vision so broke off her kiss so she could get his meat in her mouth. She slurped on his cock while baldy lowered his pants and released his cock as well.

“Everyone is going to think you two are gay if you’re the only people naked,” Kristen joked. “Now someone get my pants off of me.”

Johnny sent his chair flying out of the way to get his hands onto the lovely girl and rip her pants off of her. Much to their delight, Kristen opted not to where any undergarments tonight so her thin landing strip was on full view.

As Kristen sat in her wooden chair and blew Jay who was also sitting, Johnny was finger blasting her twat with two of his digits. The blonde appreciated his good work and thanked him by replacing his friend’s cock that was in her mouth with his.

With his dick unoccupied, Jay got between Kristen’s legs and threw them up so they were resting on the kitchen table. Johnny got what his buddy was thinking and removed his fingers from the blonde’s pussy, which was swiftly swapped with Jay’s erect pole.

“Fuck me hard big boy,” Kristen encouraged before getting the stiffy she was sucking back into her mouth.

“I know the way you like it sweet ass,” the man stated as he hammered into her folds.

Johnny was satisfied getting blown for awhile but he seen grew tiresome of only getting Kristen’s mouth while his friend was fucking her senseless. Deciding to act, he pulled the skinny blonde from her chair and placed her down on the hard flooring on her hands and knees.

“My turn Jay,” Johnny said as he entered the beautiful girl from behind.

“That was a dick move man,” Jay said with anger. “You’re just gonna stretch her too much and she won’t be as tight for me.”

“Just relax and get your dick sucked for now,” Johnny instructed as he rocked the blonde with strong thrusts. “I got an idea. I’ll fuck her ass so her cunt is still a vice for you.”

“Don’t I get a say in this,” Kristen asked as she felt him pull out of her folds. “I don’t like anal sex whatsoever.”

“With all the free weed and nose candy we let you have for free, you’ll do whatever we say or you can walk out that door right now and never come back,” Johnny threatened as he rubbed his big cockhead against her rosebud. “So what’s it going to be?”

“Fuck me ass then,” Kristen said weakly.

“I couldn’t hear you. And this time I want you to beg me,” Johnny prodded, trying to break the girl’s spirit.

“Please Johnny, shove your fat cock in my asshole and fuck me senselessly,” Kristen asked.

“And don’t forget to suck my dick at the same time,” Jay added.

Kristen was resigned to her fate and took Jay’s member back into her mouth and tried to focus on giving him the best blowjob in order to keep her mind off of the large cock pushing into her backside.

After being met with much initial resistance, Johnny finally popped his head into her asshole. He felt Kristen’s body tense as soon as that happened so he stopped his advances. After about 10 seconds, Kristen pushed back towards him and took another inch into her rectum to show him it was okay for him to continue. Johnny did just that moved another 2 inches into her before hearing her moan sharply from around the pole in her mouth.

Deciding that it was enough headway for now, Johnny just started to move in and out of her bowel with only his first 5 inches. Even though he wasn’t balls deep in her ass yet, he couldn’t believe how much better her ass felt than any other he had screwed.

After stretching her out for a few minutes he tried to push more into her. Thinking it was best to do it like a band-aid, Johnny pushed with all the force he could muster until his stomach smashed against Kristen’s fantastic backside.

“Bloody hell that hurt,” Kristen screamed from around Jay’s cock that was still firmly planted in her mouth.

“Don’t worry, the worst is over,” Johnny comforted. “Now it’s all better from here.”

Johnny knew he wasn’t going to last long now that he was pushing completely into her asshole at top speed. The inevitable finally came after a few more minutes of her tight hole against his throbbing cock and he unloaded deep into her bowels.

“The best part of doing a girl in the ass is getting to cum inside them without a condom and no fear of knocking her up,” Johnny stated.

“You’re a bastard man,” Jay yelled. “I can’t do her back there now after you blew your load in her ass.”

Johnny just shrugged his shoulders then went to get dressed again. Jay took his cock from Kristen’s mouth and took up Johnny’s position behind the beautiful blonde. Instead of sliding back into her ass, the disappointed guy plugged back in her pussy.

After fucking her for a while already and getting sucked off for 10 minutes, Jay knew he wasn’t going to last very long. Following a few minutes of hard fucking, he could feel his balls start to bubble and the jizz starting to make the trek outwards.

“Where do you want it,” Jay asked the sweaty blonde.

“Not in me in my pussy,” Kristen said with urgency.

Jay had to think fast as he knew he was mere seconds away from blowing. Pulling out, he thought it best to deposit his cum in the same place as Johnny did. Not wanting to plunge in too deeply and risk touching Johnny’s load, Jay pushed half his cock into her ass, gave her a few pumps then shoot his wad into her backside.

“Watching Kristen take it in the ass is so hot,” Mila gushed.

Mila hadn’t wasted any time getting a hard cock in her snatch. The tiny Russian was left in only her cowboy boots as her shirt, panties and skirt were thrown off. She found herself on her knees in front of the couch with a heavy-set guy pounding her from behind while stroking two other guys who were sitting on the sofa.

“Yeah fuck me hard big boy,” Mila screamed behind her.

“Move over and let me fuck her now,” one of the guys sitting said.

The big guy didn’t protest but rather pulled out of her and let his buddy have a go with Mila. The brunette noticed the guy with a bunch of tattoos stand up and make his way behind her then felt him enter her.

“I love fat cocks,” Mila cooed as her body started rocking from force.

“Clean my cock bitch,” the heavy-set guy said to her.

Mila eagerly took him into her mouth and sucked every last drop of herself from his veiny member. She loved the mixture of sweet and salty that her pussy tasted, plus guys always got even more turned on when they watched a girl take him straight from her pussy to her mouth.

“Let me have a turn now. All I’ve done is watch you two pig roast her,” the third guy chirped in.

“There’s no way I’m giving up this tight pussy,” the tattooed man boldly stated.

“No need to fight gentleman,” Mila said as she took the cock from her mouth. “Think you guys are man enough to share all three of my holes at the same time?”

“Fuck yeah we can you nympho,” one of the men screamed excitedly. “Shotgun asshole.”

“Damn I wanted that. I’ll take pussy though,” the tattooed man stated.

“I’m fine with the mouth. This Russian knows how to treat man with her lips and tongues,” the heavy man said.

The group quickly reorganized themselves to accomplish the complex positioning. Tattoo sat on the couch and was immediately straddled by the sexy brunette who rode him for a while. The hand of the third guy pushed her forward so her boobs were flat against the phoenix tattoo of the guy she was riding.

“Damn that’s a tight hole,” he said as he entered into her ass.

“I’m surprised. Every guy in this room has fucked her senselessly in that hole and left it gaping afterwards,” the fat man said. He was standing on the sofa and completing the triple penetration by grabbing a handful of hair and guiding his cock in and out of the skilled girl’s mouth.

“Us Russians can take shitloads of punishment and come back tighter and better than ever,” Mila said as she took a quick break from sucking cock.

“That’s why your people make great pornstars and prostitutes,” one of the men joked.

The three men continued to use Mila’s body in unison for the better part of 20 minutes. In that time, they had rotated positions a few times to stay fresh and Mila had already had 2 powerful orgasms.

Finally the men were feeling the effects and one by one they shoot their loads into whichever hole they were occupying at the time. As per there instructions, Mila swallowed the jizz that was shot in her mouth then collected the cum from both her pussy and asshole so she could drink that down as well.

Meanwhile, Christian wasn’t quite done with Hayden and exploring her nickname. Even though he couldn’t nail her again, he figured he’d let his younger brother have a go with the unbelievably sexy college freshman while Taylor Swift sucked him off in the meantime.

“Hey George,” Christian shouted. “Get over here and plug this girl’s hole. Her asshole gets too lonely without a hard cock up it.”

George practically ran over to the cute blonde and brought her down to the carpeted floor with him. Putting Hayden on her back with her tanned legs up on his shoulders, George did as his brother asked and put his meatpole in her ass.

The younger brother didn’t need to start as slowly since her hole was already warmed up, but he still found the orifice hugged his member like a vice. Hayden made a lot of moaning noises as George plowed into her tightest hole rapidly, refusing to drop the tempo as the pair became covered in a thin layer of sweat.

The pair continued to fuck each other for the better part of the next 20 minutes as George kept pounding her backdoor while the tiny blonde rubbed her pussy. Finally the combination of his deep and forceful strokes and her fingers massaging her clit made Hayden arch her back and toss her head back in ecstacy.

“I’m gonna cum with your cock buried in my asshole! I’m going to cum right now,” Hayden shouted as she finally had her long awaited orgasm.

Even though she had made herself cum, George was relentless and continued to pound her so neither of their pleasure would stop. George was only human though and the toll of drilling into her asshole balls-deep for the past half an hour was too much for him now.

“I’m going to cum in a second,” George announced.

“Do it in this fine girl’s mouth,” Christian shouted, referring to Taylor. “She seems to love cum and does a hell of a blow.”

George pulled out of Hayden’s asshole, and just as his brother said, walked over to Taylor and blew his load of thick sperm into the tall blonde’s eager mouth. Taylor again showed the same tendency to enjoy the taste of Hayden’s juices as she eagerly sucked the younger brother’s rod.

Unlike her two good friends, Blake was only occupying one guy and she was more than a handful for him. Blake had stripped off her partner’s clothes while the random guy helped her remove her dress and sucked her massive tits. Some heavy kissing and caressing lead to the lady slobbering his member with a lot of energy and occasionally going for his nuts until it was time for her to do some riding.

The man laid on the cozy loveseat to allow Blake to throw her long leg over his body and straddle him. Finding his cock and lining it up with her snatch, Blake descended down his length until all of him was buried in her wet folds. Blake’s pussy quickly adapted to his generous size and she was working his member with strokes over his whole rod.

After a quick transition to reverse cowgirl so the man could grope her great backside, Blake kept slamming herself down on his engorged cock while she also worked over her clit until she came.

“I’m cumming all over your hard dick,” Blake moaned as she experienced her orgasm.

Even while she was cumming, the leggy blonde didn’t let the pace of her riding slow for a second. Blake was determined to get the guy off and hopefully give herself another orgasm if she could.

The guy took advantage of the easy access to Blake’s asshole and squeezed his spit-covered middle finger up her backside. To his amazement, Blake only moaned louder and increased her tempo with the digit up her rear. Pressing his luck, he added a second finger and pumped the two in and out and Blake responded by screaming her sexual pleasure even louder.

“Yeah finger blast my tight ass as I ride your big cock,” Blake encouraged.

The pair kept working like a well-oiled sexual machine as they fucked each other closer to their orgasms. With three fingers now plowing into her spread asshole, Blake came for a second time in a short period and was now thoroughly exhausted.

The man didn’t let that deter him and simply let the blonde lay back on his chest so he could nail her at a breath-taking speed. Fucking Blake’s tight cunt at this rate was making his blood and cum boil and it wasn’t shortly after that he knew it was his time.

He pulled out of her and moved from underneath her so that the sexually exhausted girl was left laying on the seat. Aiming for her chest, the guy blew his large load all over her fine tits, coating them with his sperm. Blake sat up enough to suck his cock off of her juices as she rubbed his pudding into her skin.

“We seriously do have to get going now,” Hayden said as she began to look for her clothes.

“Alright. Get dressed and head out then,” Christian conceded. “Just make sure you two don’t stay strangers. We party every Friday and Saturday so make sure I see the both of you next weekend, you hear?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be back after that display,” Taylor replied.

“Good. George will call you guys a cab,” Christian added before shifting his attention to the other 3 girls. “You three are sticking around right?”

“Yeah of course. There’s more cock to go around when it’s only 3 girls sharing them then 5,” Kristen answered.


“Hi Zoe it’s Scarlett Johansson. Is Mr. Keane available?”

“Good timing actually. He just finished with a member from the Board of Directors and he doesn’t have another meeting for 30 minutes. I’ll put you right through.”

“You’re great, thanks,” Scarlett replied.

“Hello Scarlett. And what do I owe the pleasure of hearing your lovely voice this afternoon?” Paul Keane, the AD of Highland College, asked after a brief pause.

“Can’t I just call to say hi,” Scarlett joked.

“On the same day I announce that the volleyball teams only get one scholarship? Seems to coincidental to me,” Keane answered.

“Good so we can get straight to the point. I talked to Sarah Michelle Gellar and she’s obviously pissed about that and wanted me to talk to you,” Scarlett stated.

“My schedule is free after 4 o’clock today. Meet me in my office then. Oh and bring Megan Fox from the volleyball team with you. I need to talk to her about details of her scholarship,” Keane said.

“Hopefully she’s free. I’ll get ahold of her now and find out. We’ll see you then,” Scarlett replied.

“And one more thing. Where that red dress you wore to last year’s athletic banquet,” Mr. Keane said before hanging up the receiver.

Scarlett knew for sure that she was going to have to spread her legs now just to even present Sarah’s case to the AD. It was no secret that Paul Keane used all the leverage he had on anyone for sexual favor, herself included. The last time he had used her was a two months ago when he had her go to his son’s birthday party and fuck the son and his 12 friends. Scarlett always wondered when Keane was going to weasel himself back into her and now she had her answer.

Scarlett looked through her phone’s contact list until finally finding Megan’s number. Knowing how little patience the AD had, she hoped to hell that Ms. Fox didn’t have any serious plans for this afternoon.


“Hey Megan it’s Scarlett Johansson. Got a second to talk.”

“Yeah what’s up?”

“Just talked to Athletic Director Keane and he wants to see you today at 4 o’clock in his office to talk about something regarding your scholarship,” Scarlett informed.

“I’m available for this afternoon,” Megan answered.

“Great. I’ll meet you in the reception area and I’ll go in with you to act as a mediator in case you need support or any details you don’t have.”

“Sweet. See you then.”

A few hours later Scarlett and Megan found themselves in the waiting area of the AD’s office, which was empty except for them. As per instructions, Scarlett was wearing her short red cocktail dress that really pushed up her DD-tits to give mouth-watering cleavage. Megan went the other way with her style by donning a simple white top and tight leather pants that showed every curve of her amazing body. Despite the girls looking very different, both were fantastic to look at.

“He’s ready for you know ladies,” Zoe said to them from behind her desk.

The pair smiled at the pretty receptionist after standing then headed into Mr. Keane’s office through the large wooden doors. The room was quite large and rather spacious with only a desk and a few chairs at the back.

“Well the pair of you just look lovely today,” Mr. Keane said from behind his solid oak desk that was unusually empty.

“Thank you,” they said nearly in unison.

“Please have a seat, we have some business to discuss,” Keane said as he pointed to the two chairs in front of his desk. “So Sarah has got you to come here and try to squeeze more money out of this institute in tough economic times?”

“I can wait outside until you and Scarlett finish up,” Megan offered.

“It’s okay dear, this will only take a minute,” Keane assured her.

“To build a successful team she needs to supplement her squad every year. She’s always had at least 2 scholarships to work with and this year we are losing three solid players including our captain and vice-captain,” Scarlett informed.

“Good point and the lose of Amanda and Olivia will be felt, however the reason Megan is here is because she has recently submitted paperwork applying for a fifth year in order to complete her studies so she would actually be returning for next season,” Keane answered.

“Really? I had no idea Megan,” Scarlett said while looking at the attractive brunette before turning back to address the AD. “Still, we could really use one more scholarship to refresh the team. I mean one suspension or injury and we’ll be in a tough position next year without much depth.”

“Alright you almost have me convinced, after all, it looks great on my part by producing as many winning titles as I can. You give me a great fuck right now and that second scholarship is yours. I mean Sarah probably fucked you to get you here so you’ll just be paying it forward,” Paul said.

“Megan why don’t you go wait outside for awhile,” Scarlett suggested.

“Actually I’ll clear your situation up now Ms. Fox. You want to return for next year to finish your degree or else the last 4 years of studies will have gone for not. You want to do this without paying a dime by re-upping your scholarship. Here’s the deal: you join Scarlett and I in a threesome. Take it or leave it,” Paul stated.

“Deal,” Megan answered without hesitation.

“Perfect,” Keane said, as he reclined further in his office chair with a massive grin. “How well do you two know each other?”

“We’ve spoke a few times over the past four years but that’s been about all the contact we’ve had,” Scarlett answered.

“So take some time now and get to know one another better. The best way to do that is by kissing,” Keane commented.

The ladies knew that their deal with the devil was made and now he was cashing in on it. They shifted in their chairs until they were close enough for Scarlett to grab Megan by the sides of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. It didn’t take long for their lips to part and their tongues to start tangling.

Despite being forced into it, both of them were quite into the kiss. Megan had wrapped an arm around Scarlett so she could push the blonde further into her where now their chests were rubbing against one another. Scarlett had mover her hands down further as well, first caressing her back before letting her lands come to rest on Megan’s plump backside.

“Now Megan, I want you to kiss down Scarlett’s neck, push her dress off and suck on her massive tits,” Keane ordered.

Even though it was Megan’s first time being blackmailed, she didn’t need to be warned a second time to do something. She leaned further forward and started leaving a trail of wet kisses down Scarlett’s throat until arriving at the nape of her neck. She used her hands to push the strap’s of her dress off the blonde’s shoulders then took the chance to grab each breast, which were as heavy as they appeared. Scarlett rose from her chair so that Megan could tug her dress down and finally off of her body, leaving her in just a red bra.

“I didn’t think I’d be needing panties for this,” Scarlett said before undoing her bra and tossing it aside.

Megan stood from her seat so that she could start kissing the gorgeous blonde again. Megan dragged one hand down Scarlett’s body until finding her pussy and shoving a finger in, swiftly followed by a second. Scarlett responded by moaning into the brunette’s mouth, which only made their kiss more passionate.

“You two are so damn sexy,” Keane said from behind his desk. “Do something about Megan’s clothes.”

Megan took the initiative by taking her own shirt off before Scarlett started undoing the volleyball player’s leather pants. By the time Megan had her bra and shirt in a heap on the floor, Scarlett had peeled the pants from her legs and left them bunched at her feet.

“I never where panties,” Megan informed as both Scarlett and Keane admired her shaven pussy. “Now what would you like boss?”

“Scarlett, you get on the desk on your back pointing east. Megan, you lay on top of her pointing west,” Keane continued to organize.

“So you want us to 69?” Megan asked. “Old people are so weird.”

“You’ll pay for that comment,” Paul thought to himself.

The ladies quickly organized themselves as the AD wanted and immediately started to feast on each other’s twats. Scarlett had been a bi-sexual since her time in college so had a few years of experience at eating pussy while Megan was more inexperienced having preferred cock sexually. However, she had seen enough porn to know what to do, plus knew what felt good when guys went down on her, to be able to please the busty blonde under her.

“Just lick her clit so I can fuck her,” Mr. Keane said.

The AD had undressed while the girls were licking each other and was now standing between Scarlett’s legs with a rock hard cock in his hand. Megan moved her face just in time as Paul’s dick settled in the blonde’s folds then disappeared slowly inside of her.

“OH! I forgot how big and good you feel,” Scarlett moaned from the other end of the desk before returning to pleasuring Megan.

Megan’s face was mere inches from both her pussy and Paul’s pole as he hammered into her with full effort. The volleyball player had to tilt her neck so that she could stretch her tongue and lick the nub of Scarlett’s clit, getting even more moans from the busty lady.

“Have another taste Foxy. I call it pussy on a stick,” Paul laughed as he dangled his 8-inch member in her face.

Megan grabbed the base of his cock and guided up to her lips and started using her exceptional cock-sucking skills that she built up with hours upon hours of practice. She didn’t get the chance to use her full repertoire of tricks as the AD pulled free of her mouth and walked around to the other end of the desk.

“Shit, you are really big,” Megan groaned as he entered her from behind.

Paul Keane couldn’t believe that he was able to scam both of these lovely ladies into having sex with him at the same time. He had nailed Scarlett on more than one occasion in the past, even whoring her out to several of his family and friends. But getting to nail her at the same time as the hottest girl on the volleyball team was almost too exciting for him to handle.

Not wanting to favor one girl over the other, Keane split his time equally fucking them both. He loved the moans he could get out of Scarlett as he nailed her, but the image of his cock disappearing into Megan’s folds from doggie style was amazing to see as well. The constant switching also stopped him from blowing his load too quickly. But he was still only human and he was getting pushed close to the edge.

“I need to cum soon,” he announced.

Paul pulled out of Megan and sat down on his leather chair and waved the girls over to him. Obviously knowing what to do, Scarlett and Megan rushed over to him and knelt on the tile floor. Giving him a dual blowjob, they both licked his entire length with their tongues before Scarlett started working the head in her mouth while Megan slobbered on the lower half of his road. The girls continued to interchange their roles with Megan mixing in some deepthroating with Scarlett sucking on his nuts in the meantime.

“Are you close boss,” Megan asked before returning his nuts back in her mouth. “Want to cum all over our faces?”

“You’re fucking right I do,” Keane said as he stood up and aimed.

The girls pressed their faces together and closed their eyes just in time for the first spurt to hit Scarlett’s cheek. The next blast landed on Megan’s nose with the next few smaller squirts pasting them both.

“Lick the cum from each other and hold it in your mouth,” Keane ordered.

Scarlett went first and licked Megan’s face clean of the sticky white fluid. Megan did likewise and collected every last strand that was coating the busty blonde’s face.

“Now spit your collection into Scarlett’s mouth,” Keane told Megan.

Megan listened to the AD and stood up tall on her knees so she could lean over Scarlett. Scarlett crouched down further and opened her mouth wide as the brunette let the salt swill drop into her mouth.

“Gurgle it like a good girl and pass it back to Ms. Fox,” Paul ordered.

After blowing a few bubbles with his semen, Scarlett assumed a dominant position over Megan and spat the combination of jizz and spit into the younger girl’s mouth. Keane had them do it 5 times more before finally deciding who was to swallow their reward.

“This time Megan, I want you to down it,” he instructed.

Megan gulped it down, which was quite the mouthful after all the cum swapping that they had to do. Megan was use to swallowing after blowjobs and even sex most of the time but this batch was something different altogether.

“So we have an agreement?” Scarlett asked, still resting completely naked on her knees.

“You were always going to get 2 scholarships per team, I just figured I could sneak a fuck out of you if I lied. And it worked!” Keane gloated.

“What about me?” Megan asked.

“Next time read the details of your scholarship. The option of a fifth year of eligibility is the students only. I have no ability to pull it from you,” Keane went on to say.

“Bastard,” Megan whispered under her breath.

“Don’t be upset, it seemed like you enjoyed it. And you got to fool around with the lovely Ms. Johansson, which is worth the price of admission right there. Now grab your clothes and clear out of here unless you girls want a second round,” Keane ordered.


“It’s so unlike Greener to want to start a group project weeks in advance,” Kristen said as Bob drove through Ashley’s sub-division.

“She’s an odd character,” Bob agreed as he pulled up to the curb and parked his car.

“You’re not allowed to make fun of my friends. Only I’m allowed to tease Ashley,” the tiny girl warned jokingly.

The pair stepped out of the car and grabbed their book bags from the trunk. They headed up the driveway and to the side of the house for the separate entrance to Ashley’s own basement apartment. They pushed open the door, descended the stairs then knocked on the inside door.

“Shit I forgot my cell in the car and have to give Ed a quick call,” Bobby said before running up the stairs and disappearing outside.

“What’s up K-Stew!” Ashley greeted.

“You’re such a bitch,” Kristen said playfully. “I’m going to find something that bugs you as much as you calling me that bugs me.”

“Yeah yeah. Just get her ass in my home,” Ashley insisted. “Want a glass of wine?”

“Shouldn’t we be sober for doing this project?” Kristen suggested.

“One glass won’t hurt,” Ashley argued. She was already pouring two glasses of wine before bringing them over to the couch and sitting beside her best friend.

“You’re probably right. Besides, we are weeks early on this assignment so we have time to go over anything again,” Kristen said, talking herself into having a drink.

The pair finished their first drink in only a few sips, Ashley being sure to make them drink it as fast as possible then pouring another for them. She knew Kristen was a sucker for red wine and the goal was getting her best friend drunk, or at least really buzzed. This was based on Bobby’s information that she got uber-horny when she was liquored up.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were trying to get me drunk,” Kristen slurred.

“I’m not trying to get you drunk silly, I’ve achieved doing that already baby,” Ashley giggled. “Have I mentioned how hot you look tonight?”

“You think so?” Kristen asked.

“100%,” Ashley confirmed. She wasn’t exaggerating as the brunette wore a tight white blouse, a tiny black skirt with skin-tight black tights and heels, which accented her amazing legs.

“Thanks Ash! That means a lot coming from you,” Kristen said.

“I’m just telling you the truth,” Ashley replied.

Ashley figured it was time to make her move. While gazing deep into her green eyes, Ash moved closer to her friend and pushed some of Kristen’s auburn hair behind her ear. Kristen closed her eyes because of the delicate touch and that’s when Ashley pounced by planting a soft kiss on her lips.

Kristen was surprised by the move but returned the kiss, which spurned her best friend on. Ashley pushed even closer to her now and wrapped a hand into her hair. She opened her mouth and ran her tongue along Kristen’s lips, hoping that she would allow her probing tongue to mingle with her own.

“Wait Ashley, what are we doing? We aren’t lesbians. We shouldn’t be doing this,” Kristen stated as she broke the kiss.

“I know we aren’t but what’s wrong with us acting on our primal urges? I find you so damn attractive and want to make out with you, maybe go even further. Don’t you find me sexy?” Ashley prodded.

“Well yeah I find you sexy. Sometimes I can’t look at you without getting a little wet,” Kristen confessed.

“So why shouldn’t we do this?” Ashley asked before Kristen could continue. “I turn you on, you make me horny. It’s win-win for both of us.”

Ashley hoped that this little exchange was enough to break Kristen’s resolve so she lent in and started kissing her again. This time when Ashley offered her tongue, Kristen opened her lips and took her into her mouth. The pair made out for another few minutes until Kristen finally broke the kiss again.

“But I’m with Bobby and I don’t want to cheat on him,” Kristen stated. “Even though I want this so badly now, I just can’t do that to him.”

“I don’t mind,” Bobby answered from the doorway. “If you want to explore your sexuality then don’t let me stand in the way.”

“But it’s cheating even though it’s with a girl,” Kristen said to him.

“What about if he joined? Then neither of you would be cheating on each other,” Ashley suggested.

“Good idea Ash. That works for me, how about you Kristen,” Bobby asked.

“Well, um, I suppose that, um, could work,” Kristen thought.

With her will finally broken and her onboard with her plan, Ashley crashed her lips against Kristen’s again. This time neither girl hesitated in getting their tongues involved as they combined in a long, intense kiss.

Bobby didn’t want to take his eyes off of the pair of sexy ladies making out on the sofa. However, he knew the quicker he got inside the faster he could get involved and make it a three-way party. He threw his coat off and threw it onto coat rack before settling down beside his girlfriend.

Ashley broke the kiss and twisted her best friend’s head in the direction of her boyfriend. As Kristen and Bobby started to kiss and run their hands through each other’s hair, Ashley started undressing the skinny girl.

It only took her a minute to get her shoes, tights and skirt off and now it was time to get her first taste of Kristen. Ashley was pleased to see that her friend had a shaven pussy except for a thin strip straight up the middle.

“Ugh,” Kristen moaned in Bobby’s mouth as she felt Ashley’s tongue enter her folds.

Ashley had gotten down onto her knees to get better access to Kristen’s pussy and started licking her slit and intermittently dipping her tongue into her hole. She could tell that she was pleasing her thin lover by the groans coming from Kristen’s mouth and the hand she was running through Ashley’s hair.

“How about I take over occupying that hole,” Bobby said to the ladies. He had already whipped off his shirt and pants and was left with no clothes on.

Ashley stood up and took both of them in each hand and lead them to her bedroom. Once inside, Kristen removed her top to reveal her small but perky boobs then was lifted onto the bed and laid on her back. Still standing on the floor, Bobby entered her and started to work himself inside her, being sure not to pound her too hard.

“Want to try eating your first pussy K-Stew,” Ashley asked.

“I probably won’t be very good but I’ll take a shot,” Kristen replied.

Ashley nearly ripped her clothes off her body before jumping onto the bed. She swung her leg over Kristen’s head and sat down on her face facing Bobby, who was continuing to plough into his girlfriend’s snatch.

Kristen had never gone down on a girl before but she knew what felt good when guys did it to her so she tried to mimic their actions. She didn’t have a lot of ability to move around so she just stuck her tongue straight out and into her friend’s wet hole.

Despite her inexperience, Ashley was getting a lot of pleasure out of Kristen’s determined performance. She ran her hands down her body and played with her own nipples before running them further down to twist and pull on Kristen’s nipples.

Bobby felt like the luckiest guy on Earth at the moment. He was fucking his girlfriend, who was simultaneously munching her best friend’s pussy. Wanting to get as much out of the encounter as possible, he pulled the beautiful girl who was riding his girlfriend’s face in for a kiss.

“Why don’t you do something with Ashley now,” Kristen said to Bobby.

“Really?” Bobby and Ashley asked in unison.

“Yeah,” Kristen answered as Ashley got off of her face, which was covered in her juices. “I’d feel really guilty if I was the only one that enjoyed her so it’s your turn now.”

“Sit up at the head of the bed sweetie because I’m going to eat you out so good you’ll beg for me to do it again,” Ashley said.

Kristen did as she was told and laid down with her legs spread wide open. Ashley got onto her hands and knees and drove her tongue back into the sweet-tasting pussy.

Bobby had only been having sex with Kristen for the past year and was salivating at the chance to bone another girl and do so without cheating on Kristen. He loved her too much to do so otherwise, and he had too much respect for her to do anything rough with her. But the ass pointing his way wasn’t belonging to his possible wife-to-be so he was going to revert to his old self and make it count.

“Holy fuck,” Ashley screamed into her friend’s snatch.

The scream was warranted as Bobby had just shoved the first few inches of his very thick cock straight into her virgin asshole without warning and no true lubrication. Bob grabbed both of the brunette’s arms and pinned them behind her back so she had no leverage to squirm away.

“I love you baby,” Kristen said to Bob.

“I love you too honey,” Bob replied.

The horny couple continued to use Ashley as a sex tool as she had her backside drilled into roughly while having her face pulled in tight to her best friend’s pussy. Bobby had worked his entire member into her ass while Kristen was holding her tight by using handfuls of hair, occasionally letting her come up for just enough air to fill her lungs before bringing her in again.

“I’m getting close Ash, keep going,” Kristen encouraged.

“Me too Greener. I’m almost there,” Bobby added. “Just need to go even harder to get over the edge.”

Ashley just closed her eyes harder to block out the pain as he rammed his massive dick into her asshole even harder than before. Even though at times it felt like the worst pain of her life, she was really getting off on being used by both of her friends.

“OH I’M CUMMING,” Kristen screamed as she gripped Ashley tighter. True to her word, Kristen gushed her juices all over her best friend’s face.

“Shit! Me too,” Bobby moaned.

Bobby pulled out of Ashley’s gaping backdoor and hauled her down the bed until her head was level with his groin. Leaning in, he shoved his cock into her mouth and blew his entire load onto her tongue.

Ashley realized he wasn’t going to take it from her mouth until she gave him some post-sex head so she did as he wanted. She swallowed his load in one big gulp then continued to suck his member clean. Normally the thought of blowing a dick that came straight from her asshole would disgust her, but tonight she was getting off on being used and humiliated.

“That was amazing,” Kristen said. “Surprising but I feel like are relationship is stronger because of this.”

“I agree completely. I’ve never loved you more than right now,” Bobby reiterated. “Anyway, wanna head back home?”

“Great idea,” Kristen answered. “This way Ash can get some sleep for her big game tomorrow.”

“Thanks for coming guys,” Ashley said to the couple as they got dressed. “I feel much better now.”


“I feel so cheap and used as I head out for my walk of shame,” Nina said to Amanda as she walked her to the door.

“Don’t feel like that. We both were used and using each other last night for 10 hours of intense sex,” Amanda replied.

“Yeah you can say that again,” Nina added, thinking back fondly on the last half-a-day.

“So what time is our double date?” Amanda asked.

“I lied about that whole situation,” Nina admitted.

“What do you mean?”

“I didn’t want to seem desperate and just jump at the first chance to get in your pants so I made up a lie so it seemed like I was reluctant to sleep with you,” Nina revealed.

“Genius,” Amanda thought out loud. “This would have lost some of its magic if you were all gung-ho about this.”

“Anyway, I’ll see you at the game,” Nina said. After a quick peck on the cheek, Nina started her walk home while Amanda shut the door and went to finally grab some sleep.


“And the Panthers are really struggling out there this game,” the announcer’s voice boomed over the PA system.

“Oh no and down goes Nina Dobrev down! This is bad news for the Panthers,” the female announcer said.

“It appears to be cramps throughout her legs, most commonly caused by excessive exercise without proper hydration,” the team trainer reported back to Sarah.

“Oops,” Amanda said under her breath. “I feel partly responsible”

“Looks like Greene has to go in,” Carrie said to Sarah.

“You really think that’s a good idea? She’s been playing like shit for awhile now,” Sarah replied.

“She assured me she’s got her head in order so let’s give her a chance. Plus she’s the only one that plays that position,” Carrie answered.

“Greene! You’re in,” Sarah screamed down the bench.

Sarah had her answer nearly immediately after the injury substitution.

“And Ashley Greene makes another great play to resurrect the game for Highland College. If not for her introduction then this game would have been long over and the Panthers would have their first loss of the season.”

“I’m going to take some of the credit for her awesome game,” Kristen commented to Bobby.

“Well then I’m also going to go ahead and take some credit too,” Bob replied.

“And that’s the game! The Panthers led by Greene win a narrow game but all that matters is another W in their quest for a perfect season!”

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