Highland College 4: Developing Team Chemistry

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Highland College 4: Developing Team Chemistry

Author: The Chemist

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Hayden Panettiere, Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Greene, Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev, Megan Fox, Taylor Momsen, Olivia Wilde, Kristen Stewart, Carrie Underwood, & Sarah Michelle Gellar

Codes: MMF, MF, FF, F+, Fsolo, anal, bond, oral, orgy, reluc, squirt

“Alright team, bring it in,” Coach Sarah Michelle Gellar screamed.

“You think she has PMS again,” Taylor Momsen asked one of her teammates. “She ran us a lot harder than usual.”

“So I have some news, and it’s not that I’m a total bitch,” Sarah said, looking directly at the skinny emo-blonde who went slightly red in the face. “I’m going to share the location of the international tournament we go on in the New Year.”

Sarah had pause as the pack of 18-23 year old girls started screaming excitedly and acting like a bunch of high schoolers. It took them a solid minute to calm down before anyone could speak again.

“I hope it’s somewhere tropical like Bermuda or the Bahamas,” Megan Fox thought out loud.

“No way. Some place with lots of history like Greece or Spain,” Amanda Seyfried, the team captain argued.

“I’ve always wanted to go to France,” Taylor Swift gushed.

“That’s funny because I always wanted to get fucked by a Frenchman,” Hayden Panettiere commented.

“Listen up. It’s none of the aforementioned places. We are actually going to Canada,” Sarah informed.

“YEAH!” Nina Dobrev cheered enthusiastically since it would be a homecoming for her as she was the sole Canadian on the team.

“How is that international? Aren’t they the 51st state?” Ashley Greene asked.

“It’s cold in Canada with lots of snow and polar bears,” Taylor Momsen stated. “We are totally going to get eaten by polar bears while those damn penguins laugh at us.”

“I swear some of these girls are functionally retarded,” assistant coach Carrie Underwood whispered to Sarah. “Penguins are in the Antarctic for one.”

“Tell me about it. One of these dumb bitches is barely passing popular culture! That’s the class that the fucking football team takes to boost their GPA,” Sarah responded.

“So where are we going in Canada? Toronto I hope. They have amazing shopping there,” Nina hoped.

“We’re going to Vancouver actually. And for those of you who are geographically challenged, it’s right above Washington State and it’s beautiful there,” Sarah answered.

“Unfortunately ladies, I won’t be able to go,” Carrie announced, bring an audible grumble from the crowd. “I have to attend my sister’s wedding on the same weekend in Cancun.”

“You lucky whore,” one of the girls shouted.

“So the head of recruitment, Ms. Scarlett Johansson, will come in her place and double as the athletic trainer,” Sarah informed

“Can we head out now Coach Sarah? I have to grab a fast shower then go to my lab,” Megan asked.

“You have class at 8:30 in the morning,” Sarah asked in wonder. She thought all of the girls avoided the early morning classes like the plague, especially when the class fell on the same day as 6am volleyball practice.

“Yeah. To get accepted to the Master’s program I need to take this radiation therapies class so I have a lab for it this morning,” Megan informed, much to the shock to the rest of the team.

“Okay, two laps then do a cool-down stretch then hit the showers,” Sarah said before her and Carrie left the gymnasium.

“Hey Hayden, I need to talk to you after practice,” Taylor Swift told her roommate. “It’s actually kind of important.”

“Sure thing. I just have to stop by the financial aid office first so I’ll just meet you at the dorm room,” Hayden answered.


“Hey Megan, over here,” Barney, Megan’s lab partner called out.

“Thanks for saving me a seat Mr. Marshall,” Megan replied as she slid in next to him.

“Oh yeah, well it was no problem really,” Barney gushed while his face reddened. “You look great as usual by the way.”

“Well aren’t you just the sweetest guy ever,” Megan flirted while giving him a playful light slap to his bicep. “Oh wow. I guess you don’t spend all your time studying x-rays. Feels like you hit the gym pretty hard.”

“I find myself there every now and then,” Barney replied, trying to stay cool as the hottest girl on campus flirted with him.

“How much are you lifting,” Megan asked with interest.

“I’m benching a max of 210lbs. but I haven’t really pushed myself yet,” Barney lied as he was just trying to impress her.

“Wow. Hearing about guys at the gym makes me so horny,” Megan whispered into his ear.

“Alright everyone, listen up,” Professor Spade announced to the small lab. “Today will just be a day to finish up producing your x-rays you took last time. So first up are Barney and Megan. Do you guys need the dark room today?”

“Yeah we didn’t even start that part yet so we’ll need some time in there to complete the assignment,” Megan answered before Barney could truthfully reply to the teacher.

“Okay. Here’s the key to the room and just make sure you don’t leave it in there once your done,” Spade said as he handed it over to the lab partners.

Megan strode up to the professor to get the key before her and Barney went to the back of the lab area to the last room. Using the key to unlock the door, the pair slid into the room and closed it tightly. Just as the name implied, the dark room was complete void of light, which destroys x-ray film so all work had to be done in pitch blackness.

“Why did you lie? We were done that work early last week,” Barney said in the direction of Megan.

“I got this really big itch and I needed someone to scratch it for me,” Megan replied. “Now aren’t you going to tell me how nice I looked in my dress?”

“Oh, I see. Yeah Megan you looked so sexy in that dress,” Barney commented as he felt one of her hands land on his hip. “So where is this itch you mentioned.”

“Follow my arm,” Megan answered in her most seductive voice.

Barney did as he was told and found her left arm and traced it downward. He was pleasantly surprised to find that it went under her short skirt and that her middle and ring finger was buried in her wet pussy. Once she felt his fingers near hers, she pulled out so that he could use his same two fingers on her before she added hers back in.

“Fuck that feels good,” Megan groaned in response to the four fingers working in unison inside her pink folds.

“I think you forgot to where panties,” Barney commented.

“I didn’t forget anything big boy,” Megan replied as her unused hand worked on unhooking his belt and pants.

He was disappointed when she pulled his fingers from her but the next thing he felt was his denim pants gliding down his legs. His cock was already fully erect in anticipation and Megan didn’t let it go to waste as she took his head in her mouth and used her tongue to play with his slit.

“Damn you’re good,” Barney grunted as the smoking hot brunette now licked all along his fleshy pole.

“You haven’t felt anything yet,” Megan remarked. “Take my hair in your hands and use me however you want.”

“Really? How much can you take,” Barney asked, not wanting to hurt the eager girl.

“Let me worry about that. Do whatever you want. Hell you can fuck my face if you want,” Megan said to ease his nerves.

None of the girls that Barney had hooked up with him in the past had ever allowed him to be so forceful with them so he wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. Grabbing her by the side of the head, Barney thrust his hips forwards so that half of his cock was in Megan’s skilled mouth.

Megan easily handled that so Barney was now pulling her face in towards him at the same time. The first time her nose smacked his pubes and his balls whacked into her chin she coughed up extra spit but suppressed her gag reflux. With her throat now open to his cock and the extra lubrication, Barney was smoothly gliding along her lips.

Barney couldn’t believe how much of a pro Megan was at this. But after a few minutes of thrusting deep into her throat he wanted to try fucking another one of her orifices.

“How about we get to the really good stuff,” Barney asked.

“Would love too,” Megan replied.

The lovely brunette got to her feet and was immediately pounced on by the horny boy as he shoved his tongue back down her throat. Megan responded by wrapping her arms around his neck, and then jumped up while wrapping her long legs around his waist.

Barney knew exactly what to do as he slid his heavily salivated pecker into her pussy as the pair continued to make out. The lucky dude started walking ahead slowly, hoping to find a wall for support in the pitch-black space. Luckily it was a small room and soon Megan’s back was pressed against the smooth brick as she bounced on his rod.

“Yeah keep fucking me hard sexy,” Megan encouraged.

It was clear to Barney that this girl enjoyed fucking more than anything else. He couldn’t believe the energy that she had while he continued to plow into her with every ounce of energy he had. His arms were getting slightly tired as each of his hands was grabbing one of Megan’s glorious ass cheeks while she bounced on his meat stick.

“Let’s switch things around,” Barney offered.

“As long as you keep fucking me this good you can do whatever you want,” Megan replied.

The brunette fox got her feet back under her as her lab partner lowered her to the floor. Barney twirled her around so that she was now facing the wall then separated her legs a bit more so that he could stand between them. Megan leaned forward so that her hands were now resting the wall to keep her balance.

Barney grabbed his dripping wet cock in one hand and attempted to search out her pink folds again but that was proving a challenge in the complete darkness. Thinking he had found the right hole he pushed forward with some force until the head of his member pushed into a much tighter opening.

“You got some balls to put it in a girl’s ass with no warning buddy,” Megan shot back at her lab partner. “You really interpreted me saying whatever you want to do as long as you fuck me good literally.”

“Want me to stop,” Barney offered.

“Not on your life. Just let me get you in all the way to start with then you better pump me with all you got,” Megan answered.

Barney stood still with just the crown of his cock nestled in her asshole and waited for Megan to react. She started pushing back and Barney felt his pole being engulfed by her insanely tight anus inch-by-inch until her perfectly round cheeks were touching his pelvis.

“Now I can have some fun,” Barney commented as he pulled almost completely out of her backdoor before thrusting it all back in to the hilt.

“Yeah that’s it Barney! Fuck my ass!” Megan shouted as they both enjoyed the rough sex.

“You like that when I slap your ass baby,” Barney asked while raining down open handed slaps on her right cheek.

“Hell yes I do,” Megan retorted. “But I love having my hair pulled.”

“Like this,” Barney questioned while grabbing a handful of her long brunette hair and heaving on it. “You’re such a slut aren’t you? You love having your ass fucked while being slapped and having you’re hair pulled.”

“The biggest fucking slut ever,” Megan answered his rhetorical. “And just to prove it I’m about to cum from all that.”

As Barney quite hammering into her asshole from behind and she rubbed her clitoris, Megan erupted in a powerful orgasm that buckled her knees. Barney was able to catch her before she fell to the ground in a near unconscious state and placed her on her hands and knees without ever pulling out of her.

“Where do you want me to blow,” Barney asked while he resumed ass fucking the gorgeous 22-year-old.

“In my mouth. I love swallowing cum and sucking cock that has the taste of my asshole on it,” Megan answered.

“You’re a special girl,” Barney commented.

It didn’t take long for him to reach his limit since her asshole was like a vice since her massive climax. After another minute of intense drilling, Barney pulled out and stumbled to where her face was. Megan reached out in the dark and was able to direct his swollen member into her mouth just as it starting shooting off.

She took pride in always leaving every guy satisfied and all men loved degrading a girl. That’s why Megan let them fuck her anywhere they wanted and she grew accustomed to swallowing their salty load and even now craved the taste when she went a day or two without any.

Megan finished gobbling up every last ounce that her lab partner had to offer before engulfing his jizz. It felt smooth traveling down her throat then she finished up by sucking his cock dry of any hint of flavor left over from either her pussy or asshole.

“That was amazing,” Barney commented as he redressed himself.

“You were pretty good yourself. So good in fact that I’ll give you my number and maybe you can do this again,” Megan replied.

The pair got dressed and straightened themselves up the best they could in the blackness before remerging from the dark room. They handed the room key back over to the professor then left the class and went their separate ways after exchanging numbers.


“Oh hi Ms. Johansson,” Amanda Seyfried greeted. “I didn’t know anyone else was in here.”

Amanda had finished practice and after a quick ice bath to stop any swelling from the intense session she wanted to warm-up with a trip to the sauna. Most of the other girls had either left for class or were loitering in the change room so the blonde-haired co-ed was surprised to see a staff member in the dry heat room.

An added bonus was that the highly attractive Scarlett was completely naked as her towel hung on the rack near the door. Her body was glistening with heat and beads rolled down every curve of her fantastic body. Amanda was proud of her figure but even she looked like an ugly duckling next to that impressive woman.

“Please come join me,” Scarlett offered the apprehensive player.

“You sure you don’t mind the company,” Amanda asked.

“Not at all. Would love some actually, especially by you,” Scarlett replied with a wink.

“Calm down Amanda, she’s just being nice,” Amanda told herself while hanging up her towel. “It would be super awkward if you try anything and it didn’t work.”

Amanda shed her white garment and stood naked in front of the towel rack. She couldn’t help but notice the similarities between her body and that of Scarlett’s. They both had big tits with hers being a big C-cup and Scarlett’s a slightly larger D-cup. They both had killer curves with a little extra meat on the bone but still tight in the areas that mattered.

“Come have a seat,” Scarlett offered while patting the spot beside her.

“Sure thing. So what brings you to this end of campus? I thought the staff had their own gym,” Amanda asked.

“Yeah we do but it’s filled with older bitter bitches. They’re always giving me dirty looks and stupid shit like that. Sarah said I could use your facilities as long as I ‘pay a penalty’,” Scarlett answered.

“What type of penalty,” Amanda questioned while taking a seat about a foot away from the sexy blonde.

“Did you know your coach is a lesbian? Well bi-sexual to be exact. Anyway, I lick her good every now and then to get full access,” Scarlett informed.

“Hmm. Well I learnt something new today,” Amanda announced.

“Love the nipple ring. Do you like it,” Scarlett asked out of the blue as she pushed closer to the volleyball captain.

“Um yeah I like it. It kinda makes me feel sexy when I look at myself in the mirror,” Amanda confessed.

“Yeah I think it makes you look sexy,” Scarlett commented as she began to play with the piercing. “Do you mind?”

“Help yourself,” Amanda replied.

The volleyball player felt herself getting wet as the sexy staff member twirled her ring and nipple in her fingers. Amanda was a full-fledged lesbian but she didn’t want to make the first move with a slightly older woman.

“Do you like it when I do this?” Scarlett asked while looking the co-ed dead in the eye.

“Yeah I really do,” Amanda replied with a slight moan.

“I know,” Scarlett whispered in her ear. “I can smell your excitement.”

Amanda was caught red handed and didn’t know how to react. Luckily Scarlett sensed her apprehension and made the first move. Leaning further forward the blonde planted her full lips onto Amanda’s waiting mouth and kissed her with lots of lust.

“I didn’t know you were a lesbian,” Amanda mentioned before returning to kissing Scarlett.

“I appreciate beauty whether its guy or girl. And you are definitely a fox,” Scarlett answered.

“Your boobs feel so good against mine,” Amanda gushed.

“I bet my pussy would feel good on your tongue too,” Scarlett suggested.

“You’re probably right. I should make sure,” Amanda come back with.

“Lay on your back so I can sit on your pretty face,” Scarlett ordered.

Amanda did as the blonde said and laid back on the cedar bench. Scarlett couldn’t help herself and kissed her way up the co-ed’s leg until reaching the inner thigh. She lingered longer as she got closer to her bare snatch until her lips were no more than an inch away.

“Mind if I have a taste first,” Scarlett asked.

Scarlett didn’t wait for an answer as she maneuvered her skilled tongue into the blonde’s pink hole. It tasted every bit as sweet as she hoped, which motivated her to lick as far into Amanda’s pussy as she could.

“Oh yes,” Amanda cooed as she ran her hands through Scarlett’s flowing blonde hair.

Scarlett teased the horny girl by taking quick tongue lashes at Amanda’s sensitive clit or by sucking on each of her pussy lips. It was having the desired affect as the blonde was going mental with her pussy as wet as it had ever been. Scarlett really knew her way around a pussy and Amanda was benefitting greatly from her experience.

“So much for you wearing me like a hat,” Amanda remarked as Scarlett ate out her pussy like she was a drunken teenager having their first open mouth kiss.

“All in good time sexy ass,” Scarlett answered.

Scarlett changed the pace and was now slowing down her oral pleasure by doing deliberate motions with her tongue. The slow yet steady pace was stark contrast to the frantic speed she was using earlier and the unhurried approach was driving Amanda crazy.

“You tease,” Amanda groaned in response to Scarlett’s slow down.

“You know you love it,” Scarlett responded as she slowly dragged her tongue from Amanda’s hole all the way up the her clit.

“Ugh! That’s better,” Amanda cooed.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” Scarlett told her.

“My pleasure! Lick my fucking clit,” Amanda blurted out.

Oh my! Lick your pussy and you swear like a sailor,” Scarlett mused.

Scarlett got to work with Amanda’s demand and focused her attention on her engorged clitoris. Pulling her lips apart, Scarlett went to work with short, quick swipes alternating with clamping her lips around the area and sucking powerfully.

“Oh yes! That’s much better,” Amanda screamed.

“You like it when I do that,” Scarlett asked rhetorically.

“Yeah. It feels so damn good,” Amanda responded.

“Makes you wanna cum doesn’t it,” Scarlett asked.

“I’m so close,” Amanda warned.

Scarlett knew she was telling the truth as no one could last long once her mouth started to work them over. Using her fingers to help send the college senior over the edge, Scarlett pumped two digits into her wet hole.

“I’m cumming,” Amanda yelled.

Amanda thrust her hips forward to that Scarlett’s tongue and fingers pressed further into her folds. She also grabbed her head and pushed Scarlett’s head further down to make sure she couldn’t retreat at all. Scarlett had no intention of leaving and greedily lapped up all of Amanda’s juices that spread out into her mouth.

“Such a pretty pussy that tastes this good is a lethal combination,” Scarlett commented as she continued to savior the taste in her mouth.

“That was amazing,” Amanda said.

“Thanks baby,” Scarlett said, appreciative of the compliment.

“How about I get a chance to repay you for your great service,” Amanda suggested.

“I’d be an idiot if I passed up that offer.”

Scarlett’s pussy was clean-shaven like Amanda’s but had a thin strip of hair remaining that was neatly trimmed. Scarlett crawled her way up Amanda’s curvy body until her thighs were straddling the younger girl’s head. Reclining slightly, Scarlett literally sat on the blonde’s face with her soaking snatch directly on her lips.

Amanda wasted little time and plunged her tongue as far into Scarlett’s pussy as she could. The co-ed took the time to explore her snatch, making sure to careful lick every inch of her inner walls, much to the pleasure of Scarlett.

“You are a good little pussy licker,” Scarlett moaned from atop the blonde. “I bet you eat lots of pussy.”

Scarlett heard a mumbled reply from the eager blonde beneath her but wasn’t able to make out the words. The busty staff member couldn’t believe how good the co-ed was at eating her out and knew she would be coming up on her orgasm sooner rather than later.

“Get a finger in my pussy,” Scarlett ordered.

Amanda found it tough to get a finger in but figured going around the back was the best way. The seal her lips made around Scarlett’s pussy was fairly tight and her finger just wouldn’t be able to get in.

“I said finger blast my twat slut,” Scarlett demanded, getting more aggressive. “I’m almost there and need that to get me over the edge.”

Amanda didn’t want to keep the blonde goddess waiting so shoved a finger in. She immediately knew that she made a mistake and accidentally pushed her digit into Scarlett’s ass.

“Whoa! You’re frisky aren’t you,” Scarlett moaned at the sudden intrusion into her asshole.

Amanda was happy that Scarlett wasn’t upset so kept her finger there and wiggled it around. Between the attention to her ass and the tongue lapping in her pussy, Scarlett couldn’t hold out any longer.

“I’m cumming baby. Drink it up for me,” Scarlett warned.

It was only another a minute until Scarlett did as she said and came onto Amanda’s awaiting tongue. The fluid gushed out of her and was almost too much for the blonde to handle, but Amanda was resolute and gulped down every last ounce.

“You’re talented girl,” Scarlett acknowledged. “We’re for sure have to get together again for some more of this.”

“You read my mind,” Amanda replied as she caught her breath.

“I gotta go and shower. Care to join lover?”

“Right behind you,” Amanda answered with a devilish smile.


Taylor Swift, or just Swifty as her teammates and everyone else on campus knew her, was nervously pacing her dorm room. She was waiting for her roommate Hayden to return so that she could profess her love to the tiny blonde. For the past 6 weeks or so, they hooked up on a regular basis but that initial lust had now developed into much stronger feelings, at least for her. And know she was going to confront Hayden and hope she felt the same way.

Taylor got excited when she heard the door latch release but when she turned her head all she saw was one of the guys that lived on the same floor as her. Tom was one of Hayden’s many hook-ups but he was one of the lucky ones that were in her regular rotation.

“What do you need Tom, I’m waiting for someone,” Taylor snapped impatiently, which was out of character to the normally ultra-nice Southern belle.

“Easy Swifty, I got a text from Hayden that asked if I could do her a favor,” Tom answered as he stepped in the room.

“Hold on, I just got a text now too,” Taylor said as she checked her message. “That’s weird, Hayden asked if you got here yet. She said to let you do what she said or else she won’t hear what I have to say.”

“Read the text on my phone, but just remember that this is Hayden’s idea,” Tom warned.

Taylor’s eyes nearly bulged out of her skull as she read the message. What Hayden had suggested was unbelievable given that she didn’t know how long Hayden would be until she got back. Not to mention being put in such a vulnerable position by a guy she didn’t know. In the end, she decided that the ends justified the means and would play along with her roommate’s demented ideas.

“The supplies are in Hayden’s bottom drawer. It should have everything you need,” Taylor instructed as she started stripping down.

“Hayden, it’s Tom.”

“Did you do as I asked,” Hayden asked.

“She’s waiting for you Hay. You guys are my favorite girls ever,” Tom answered.

“You didn’t take any liberties with her did you?” Hayden questioned. “Because I told you I’d personally chop off your balls.”

“Trust me I didn’t,” Tom replied quickly. “She must really have something important to tell you if she’s going to endure that for too long.”

“Yeah I know. I wonder how long I should make her wait? Anyway, I’ll come by later and give you your compensation for doing me this favor,” Hayden said.

“I’d do anything for you Hayden,” Tom responded.

“I know baby, that’s why I can trust you. See you later stud,” Hayden said before hanging up on him.

Hayden had a feeling she knew what Taylor wanted to tell her, but she worried about it. As much as she loved Taylor, she was concerned about starting a relationship with the leggy blonde in case it ended badly, in which she would lose her lover and best friend permanently. She was hoping that Taylor would back down from the demand that she asked of her using Tom as a pawn, but Swifty was proving to be resolved in her stance.

After waiting around in the bistro for an hour or two she decided to end Taylor’s treatment and head back home. She would have to thank Tom for doing his deed, but she’d take care of him later. First she had to free Taylor and then answer her inevitable question that she still didn’t know her response to.

“Knock, knock. Anyone home,” Hayden playfully said as she entered into her and Taylor’s shared dorm room.

The scene greeting her was sexier than she had ever imagined when she first came up with her plan. Taylor was tied to the bed with each limb wrapped around each of the four bedposts. The tall blonde was stripped down to a red lacy bra and matching panties, the only other article of clothing gracing her body was a thick black blindfold around her eyes. The real kicker was the bulge of the powerful vibrator buzzing between Taylor’s spread-eagled legs.

“OOHHHH! Hayden is that you? OH SHIT! Not again!” Taylor screamed as her body had yet another orgasm-induced tremor.

“Hot damn this is hot,” Hayden thought aloud. “You look to be enjoying yourself. I take it you like my gift that I arranged for you?”

“I thought I’d get tired of all the pleasure, but after at least 10 orgasms I still keep getting hornier and hornier,” Taylor confessed.

“Care to pay some of that forward then Swifty,” Hayden asked already knowing the answer.

“You’re fucking right I do,” Taylor moaned.

Hayden was already at the side of the bed groping her roommate’s body. She loved how her perky tits felt in her small hand and once Taylor arched her back, Hayden unclasped her bra so she could continue to fondle her boobs without the lace buffer.

It wasn’t long until Hayden’s hands explored further down Taylor’s body until they found themselves in her panties. She removed the cause of all the pleasure but kept one hand still in her underwear so she could push two fingers straight into her sopping wet pussy. With Taylor’s tits still within range, Hayden lowered her head and took turns sucking on each of her pink nipples.

“No one knows my body better than you Hayden,” Taylor moaned as she was loving the sexual attention her roommate was paying her.

“Maybe you’ll like it if I kiss my way down your flat stomach,” Hayden asked before doing exactly as she said.

“Please stick your tongue in my snatch,” Taylor begged as she felt Hayden push her thong to the side to expose her bare groin. “I want YOU inside me so damn badly you have no idea.”

“You don’t tell me what to do slave,” Hayden said with an edge of attitude. “I think my big dildo wants a turn with you first.”

With that said Hayden grabbed the toy from her sex drawer and dragged it through the taller blonde’s folds until reaching her pink opening. She pulled her fingers from Taylor’s pussy and replaced it with the cock-sized plastic tool and started to piston it in and out of her wanting twat.

“Okay this works too,” Taylor groaned in response to the massive toy plowing into her tight hole.

“Do you want me to use my mouth like this too,” Hayden asked her roommate as she used her tongue to play with Taylor’s extremely sensitive clitoris.

Taylor couldn’t even respond with words but merely tossed her head back and let loose the loudest groan she’d ever done before. Hayden had a way of getting every ounce of pleasure out of her body, which was just another reason Taylor loved the shorter blonde.

“Here Swifty, have a taste,” Hayden said as she took the dildo from Taylor’s wet hole and placed it at the tip of the blonde’s mouth.

Taylor instinctively opened her mouth and allowed the big toy to slide between her lips. She could taste her sweet juices on the familiar dildo that her and Hayden often used and each and every time she tasted herself she was surprised how yummy she was. She kept giving the inanimate object a perfect blowjob as Hayden got turned on as Taylor gave the fake cock a proper deep-throat sucking.

“Why don’t you let my mouth do work on something more beneficial to you,” Taylor suggested once Hayden removed the dildo so she could breathe in some air.

“I give the orders around here,” Hayden said as she gave Taylor a playful, yet still firm slap to the face. “Your punishment is to lick my pussy until I cream on your tongue.”

Taylor would take as many slaps as Hayden could dish out if it meant getting the chance to eat out the small volleyball star. She felt her roommate’s inner thigh glide down her cheek and straddle her face before she dropped down and sat on Taylor’s face.

As soon Taylor had planted the idea of riding her face, Hayden had jumped up and quickly undressed from the waist down to expose her cleanly shaven pussy. Her juices were already flowing before the taller blonde’s tongue ever touched her sex organ from working over Taylor’s body.

“You like how I taste baby,” Hayden cooed as she held the headboard for balance. “I bet you want me to cum all in your mouth so you can drink it all down.”

“Mmmmhh,” Taylor grumbled from below Hayden.

“I love grinding my pussy on your face Swifty. It looks so sexy seeing your pretty face covered in my juice,” Hayden continued to dirty talk. “You’re doing such a good job even without hands. You’ll have me cumming in no time love.”

Hayden realized after she said that Taylor was tied down and couldn’t use her fingers that a hand was the only thing missing from making her orgasm. Steadying her feet, Hayden took her hands away from the headboard and squatted on her friend’s face without any assistance. Using one hand to rub her clit and the other hand going around her back and slipping a finger into her ass, Hayden was getting pleasure coming from three of her most sensitive zones.

“Cum for me baby,” Taylor encouraged. “I wanna swallow your juices right now. Don’t leave me waiting long sweetie.”

Hayden couldn’t handle the triple stimulation with a hand rubbing her engorged clit, a tongue lapping in her pink hole and a finger in her anus. After a bliss-filled moaned, the tiny blonde climaxed and released her pussy fluid into her best friend’s eager oral cavity.

“Wow,” Hayden exclaimed while she fell backwards unto the bed beside the bound Taylor.

“You said it honey,” Taylor said exhaustedly. “The best way to chase down multiple orgasms is by swallowing your delicious juice.”

“Stop it Swifty, you’re making me blush,” Hayden said playfully.

“So how about you untie me and we have that talk I mentioned before,” Taylor asked.

“Actually I have to rush over to Tom’s room and fuck him. He did me a solid by playing along in this scenario and I owe him now,” Hayden informed. “Then I have to run to class and get organized for leaving tomorrow.”

“You promised we would talk though,” Taylor exclaimed with a hint of frustration in her voice. “Besides, you can’t leave me tired up here all day.”

“I won’t leave you here all day. I’ll have Tom release you once we are down,” Hayden answered as she threw on her skirt. “I’d let you go now but I know you wouldn’t let me leave so you’ll just have to wait.”

“You’re damn right I wouldn’t you bitch,” Taylor sneered.

“You don’t mean that sweetheart,” Hayden said in reference to Taylor’s cuss. “Now I have to go. Hopefully Tom won’t mind doing all the work right now because between volleyball and you I’m pretty damn tired.”

Taylor heard the door open and shut and knew that her love had left her again in their room. She had no idea how long it would be until she was cut loose but at least it gave her more time to come up with the perfect wording for when she asked Hayden to be exclusive with her only and tell her she loved her. She just hoped that the tiny blonde felt that same way.

Hayden went down to the next door and knocked on Tom’s door, which was partly open already. Tom was just sitting at his desk writing something into a binder from a textbook.

“You and Taylor sounded like you had fun,” Tom commented while putting his pencil down to give Hayden his full attention.

“You know how it is,” Hayden replied.

“So what’s up?”

“I wanted to thank you for helping me out with Taylor,” Hayden answered. “Now the bad news is I have to meet a friend for coffee so I have to make this quick. Get those pants off and I’ll suck you off.”

“Cancel the coffee or tell her you’ll be a little late,” Tom pleaded.

“Can’t. I’ve blown her off a few times already and can’t be a flake anymore,” Hayden replied as she whipped off her shirt to reveal her perky tits.

“Come on, let me fuck you at least. I can cum in like 5 minutes and I’ll blow in your mouth so you won’t have to clean up,” Tom offered.

“Alright you twisted my arm. Just don’t mess up my hair,” Hayden warned.

Tom didn’t hesitate as he stood up from his chair and had his pants off in the next instance. He brought the much smaller blonde in for a long kiss and felt up her medium-sized tits before using his arm to swipe clear all the contents of his desk.

“You wanna fuck me on this desk big boy,” Hayden playfully asked.

“You’re damn right I do,” Tom said.

Hayden felt his strong hands grab her on the hips before spinning her 180O so that now she was facing his back wall. The upperclassman applied some pressure to her back to get her to bend forward so she was now resting on the wooden writing table. Lastly she felt him reach up under her skirt and wank down her panties before his cock pressed into her folds.

“Oh I forgot how big you were,” Hayden cooed from below him.

“I can’t ever get how tight you are from my head,” Tom grunted as he was completely buried in her wet pink hole.

“Don’t go light on me Tommy, I haven’t been fucked hard in awhile,” Hayden begged.

“And what’s awhile to you? A few days slut?” Tom asked while bringing his hand down sharply on her exposed ass, making a loud slap and leaving an instant red mark.

“More like a couple of hours,” Hayden replied, playing along with the aggressive male.

“You’re just a huge whore aren’t you,” Tom prodded as he crashed his hips into her backside, making her ass ripple with every blow.

“You know it,” Hayden agreed. “Now shut up and fuck the hell out of me.”

Tom listened to the skilled volleyball player and just focused on pounding her tight pussy. It had been a few days since he had last came so he knew he wasn’t going to set a new record for longest session, especially at the neck breaking speed they were going at.

“Okay I’m close. Get on your knees,” Tom ordered.

Hayden didn’t waste any time as she slinked off the desk and onto the floor in front of him. Tom was jacking himself off so she made herself busy by taking turns sucking on each of his nuts, which got another big grunt from the burly man.

“Give me that cum baby,” Hayden encouraged.

No sooner were those out of her mouth before Tom positioned his dick in her mouth and the jizz started pumping out. The first few strands rocketed to the back of her throat but the next little bit oozed out onto her tongue so that she could savior the taste before swallowing it down.

“I hope you enjoyed it,” Hayden said as she re-dressed herself.

“I always do,” Tom answered before planting a long kiss on the blonde’s lips. “Why do you ask?”

“I think Taylor and I are going to go exclusive so I won’t be fucking you or any other guy,” Hayden replied.

“Hmm,” Tom said, the only thing he could think of. “I doubt that.”

“I’m serious. I’m a one woman girl from now on,” Hayden restated.

“You are going to commit yourself to one girl? No way Hayden can’t be done. Not cold turkey, not for you,” Tom said matter-of-factly.

Hayden gave him a quick kiss before grabbing her bag and leaving his room, presumably off to class. Tom didn’t believe that one of the best fuckers at the whole school, who he was doing on a regular basis, was about to swear off guys. All because of some lesbian chick the residence administrator randomly assigned her.

“Oh I almost forgot,” Hayden said as she poked her head back in his room. “Taylor’s still blindfolded and tied up in the room so if you could let her out soon that would be great!”

“No problem,” Tom muttered.

Then an idea came to him. It was both wonderful and full of spite. He waited 15 minutes until Hayden was across campus at her 3-hour tutorial before texting her that something came up and he couldn’t get to Taylor. Hayden responded immediately and wasn’t happy about it but he replied he would try to find someone so not to worry.

“Jermaine, it’s Tom. What’s going on?” Tom asked over the phone.

“Nothing at all. Just playing some video games against some 13-year-old Ukrainian kid. Why?”

“I’m on the revenge warpath and need your help. It’ll be worth it though, you’ll get laid. Interested?”

“Sure I’m in,” Jermaine replied excitedly. “When and where.”

“Now at my place. The more the merrier,” Tom answered. “And hurry. We only have 3 hours to have an all-you-can-fuck buffet.”

“Who’s the lucky ladies,” Jermaine asked.

“Some bitch who is cock blocking me. Just walk your ass up the two flights of stairs,” Tom said before hanging up.

Jermaine, a heavily tattooed 20-year-old junior took a minute to get to Tom’s room. After explaining the situation to the two guys and having them disbelieve him, Tom led them over to Hayden and Taylor’s unlocked room.

“Who’s there? Is that you Tom? It’s about time you showed up to let me out,” Taylor complained. “And don’t grab a feel of my boobs as you untie me either.”

“This ain’t Tom and you aren’t getting loose any time in the foreseeable future bitch,” Tom said in a disguised voice. “Luka, lock the door while I gag her.” Tom addressed Jermaine in a fake name.

“Wait. What’s going on,” Taylor asked before having a ball-gag shoved in her mouth by Tom.

“Finally some silence,” Tom whispered in his fake European accent. “Now we are going to have some fun with you. Try to enjoy it, it’ll make the time go by faster.”

Taylor was scared at first, but after thinking about it for a minute she thought Hayden might have set this whole thing up. Hayden was constantly trying to mess with her as playful jokes, and even though this one was taking it to a whole new level, she didn’t put it past the short blonde. After all, Hayden was the most sexually charged individual she’d ever met so it makes sense that she would expose her best friend to her crazy fantasies as well.

Taylor’s thoughts were disturbed when she felt one of the cock’s enter her tender pussy. She was still wet from the hour that Hayden left the vibrator attached to her clit so it took Tom little time before he was ball’s deep in the volleyball star’s folds.

“I think she likes it Niko,” Jermaine said, using a fake name to communicate with Tom. “I’ll just occupy myself with her nice tits.”

Jermaine straddled the blonde’s torso and let his rock-hard cock thud against her breastbone. Gathering up all the saliva in his mouth that he could, Jermaine spat onto Taylor’s medium-sized boobs to lube them up before pushing them together to make a tight seal.

“You love getting fucked by a dick in your pussy and getting titty fucked by my friend don’t you bitch,” Tom antagonized.

By this time Taylor was 100% convinced that Hayden had set up the whole fake rape scene so she was just enjoying the rough sex. She never thought that this type of hardcore intimacy would turn her on but her pussy was still wet and she even found herself pushing back into both men as they abused her body for their own gratification.

“She does like it man. She’s fucking us back. What a complete slut,” Jermaine mused to his buddy.

“If I let your gag out, will you promise not to scream?” Tom asked the beautiful girl.

Taylor nodded her head and was relieved that her mouth was freed of the ball. She still couldn’t see anything but the blackness of the blindfold, but it re-assured her to have another one of her senses functional again. She felt mildly disappointed that it was the guy who was fucking her pussy that took the gag out of her mouth because she was enjoying his plowing.

“Open wide baby,” Tom told her as he inched his soaking wet cock closer to her mouth.

The blonde bombshell did as she was told and parted her lips. She wasn’t surprised that she felt the pussy juice-covered pole land on her tongue but she was happy it was his member since she loved the taste of her own pink folds. Taylor felt the man grabbed both sides of her face and pull her head forward so that his cock was buried in her tight throat and her nose was buried in his thick, greasy pubes.

“Gotta love a girl that can inhale a whole prick,” Tom gloated to his friend. “She even leaves thick strands of spit on it so that way once I slap her face with my cock, just like this, her pretty face is now a mess.”

“Sexy,” Jermaine said as he watched his friend continue to face fuck the surprisingly cooperative girl while he kept sliding his meat pole between her tits.

“You boys wanna try something that I’ve only done once before,” Taylor asked once her mouth was free of Tom’s cock.

“What do you have in mind slut?” Jermaine asked.

“I’ve only had a cock in my pussy while another one is in my ass once before,” Taylor confessed. “I swore to myself I’d only do it ever again if I was horny enough for it and right now I think its time.”

Like an Olympic sprint, Jermaine pushed Taylor off the bed enough so that he could slide in underneath her. Even though all her weight was resting on his torso, the tattooed man barely felt her as he was so pumped to stick his member in such a sexy girl’s asshole.

Tom couldn’t believe the luck he was having today. First he got to strip down Taylor, tie her up and leave a vibrator on her clit as a favor to his friend with benefits. Then that friend with benefits, Hayden, fucked his brains out for doing that for her. Now he was getting to double penetrate a girl who could have easily been a supermodel if she so wanted.

“Luka you start by getting that cock in my ass,” Taylor ordered. “Yup, just like that. Give me a minute to ride him and loosen up before you join in Niko.”

“You’ve definitely done this before but your asshole is so damn tight baby,” Jermaine groaned from beneath her.

“You are only the second guy I’ve had in here,” Taylor said as she tried her best to ride him in her ass while having both hands and feet tied to each corner of the bed.

Tom felt like he waited long enough for Taylor to adjust to the cock in her anus before sliding into her well-used twat. She was still extremely moist and it was still like a velvety vice around his fleshy member. Even though Hayden was a sexual being, he couldn’t believe that Taylor would willing let two guys who she didn’t know fuck her at the same time. It was especially mind boggling considering how sweet and innocent Taylor acted.

“Alright let me have a turn in her rump,” Tom insisted to Jermaine.

“Sorry bro. No fucking chance,” Jermaine replied.

“Friends share. Now seriously, pull out and trade me spots,” Tom said with a hint of anger in his tone. “I want to tap that ass.”

“This is hot,” Taylor moaned as she let her body be rocked by both of the strong men. “I’ve never had two guys fight over me before.”

“You’ll have to wait until I cum before getting in here,” Jermaine replied.

“The hell I do,” Tom yelled as he pulled out of Taylor’s pussy.

“Guys don’t fight. Just share with him Luka,” Taylor attempted to mediate.

Her suggestion both gave the guys an idea that they formulated at the same time. A quick glance at each other and they knew they were on the same page. Jermaine slowed his thrusting down so that Taylor was laying flat on top of him with her legs wide open with Tom still resting on his knees between them. Moving his cock down an inch, he pushed forwards until his member was near the entrance to Taylor’s asshole, which was still occupied by his friend.

“What are you guys doing,” Taylor demanded to know. “There is no chance in hell the two of you guys are getting in my ass at the same time. It’ll rip me in two!”

“You don’t give yourself enough credit babe. This backdoor seems like it’ll stretch for us,” Jermaine replied.

Taylor had no escape from the situation, so rather than try to squirm she decided to help. She did her best to relax and get into a position to help them accomplish their goal with causing her as little pain as possible. Her helping was working as she felt her anus expand to let a second head have access.

“Holy mother of God,” Taylor exclaimed as Tom continued to push into her filled backdoor, determined not to stop until he too was balls deep in her ass.

“Just consider this a new first for you,” Jermaine said from underneath.

After the initial pain of getting two thick cocks in her ass, Taylor found herself becoming turned on again. She felt a bit ashamed of being horny by the feeling of the double anal penetration, but that thought was washed away by the pleasure she was experiencing of feeling so full.

“Rub my clit Niko or Luka. I’m so close to cumming,” Taylor ordered.

Jermaine snaked a hand up and started doing the request that Taylor asked for as he and his friend kept hammering into her. They both couldn’t believe that this innocent lesbian was letting them both do her ass at the same time but they weren’t worried about that now.

“OH SHIT,” Taylor screamed when her orgasm rocked her body for the countless time that day.

“You ready yet man,” Tom asked his friend.

“I only need another minute,” Jermaine replied. “We both blow at the same time then pull out so no one gets the other’s jizz on their rod?”

“You’re damn straight,” Tom answered.

The guys did exactly as they planned. After another few minutes of plowing her asshole, they creamed at almost the exact time then pulled out. Tom couldn’t believe how massive her anus looked after having two well-hung guys fuck her for that long at the same time. Pulling out his camera phone, he took a picture of the 4-inch gaping asshole, taking it at enough of an angle that you could tell that it was Taylor Swift even with the blindfold on.

“Untie her then let’s bounce,” Tom told Jermaine.

Jermaine finished dressing then took the rope from her feet then loosened one hand. By the time Taylor freed both of her hands and removed the blindfold, both of her partners were long gone and she was left with a half gallon of cum in her extremely sore ass.


“Hey Ash! Got a minute,” Bob Paterson asked as he approached the leggy brunette in the library.

“Yeah sure. What’s up Bobby?” Ashley replied while removing the headphones from around her ears.

“We should go somewhere a little more private,” Bob suggested.

Ashley saved the file she was working on and followed Bob out towards the back of the library. Bob was her best friend’s boyfriend but she hadn’t really talked to either him or Kristen Stewart that much since she slept with both of them after convincing them to having a threesome.

“So what’s so secretive,” Ashley asked. “I’m not going to fuck you in the stairwell while you’re still dating Kristen.”

“No its nothing about me or Kristen,” Bob reassured her.

“Then what is it about?” Ashley asked, thoroughly perplexed.

“How would you like to make a few extra dollars,” Bob questioned.

“That bitch! She told you,” Ashley angrily cussed.

“She’s horrible with secrets. She told me that you were in a tough spot financially and that you didn’t have the time for a part-time job with all the homework and volleyball you have going on,” Bob informed.

“Yeah money’s getting a little tight. I’ll be out of food money in a month,” Ashley conceded. “I’m not quite sure what to do.”

“What you should do is hear me out and not erupt in anger right away,” Bob told her.

“Deal. What’s your idea,” Ashley asked.

“You have no spare time other than maybe an hour or socializing every night, right?”

“Yeah that sounds about right. That’s why I can’t get a regular part-time job,” Ashley answered.

“And you clearly love having sex,” Bob stated.


“Well there are a lot of sexually-deprived guys out there that would pay handsomely to hook up with a beautiful girl like you,” Bob said.

“Your idea is to whore myself out? You think I’m that screwed that I’d have to sell my body for money?” Ashley screamed, visibly mad at him.

“Aren’t you? Kristen said your family couldn’t afford to help as they are living paycheck to paycheck. I know quite a few of my friends that have loads of extra cash and would love to get with a girl of your caliber,” Bob explained.

There was a long pause between them for at least a minute, but felt like an eternity to Bob. He was hoping he didn’t knee him in the nuts or punch him in the face a break his nose.

“How would it work?” Ashley finally spoke, breaking the silence.

“I’ll find you clients. I’ll make sure they’re clean and not crazy,” Bob started to explain.

“So you’re my pimp or something,” Ashley questioned.

“Business partner. This is just about money,” Bob answered quickly.

“How’s the pricing work?”

“$20 for a blowjob and $50 for sex. You willing to do anal?” Bob asked.

“I haven’t really thought about that but yeah I guess,” Ashley responded.

“$75 for anal then. Same price for a threesome too,” Bob told her. “Anything else?”

“$125 for double penetration. It’ll probably hurt like hell but that’s a lot of money,” Ashley reasoned. “What’s your cut?”

“10%. It’s not much but it will pay for a date at a fancy place for Kristen and me,” Rob replied. “So do I start spreading the word?”

“Start rounding up guys. Tell me the date and I’ll get back to you about the time,” Ashley said before leaving Bob in the stairwell, ending their conversation.


“Hey Vanessa! What are you up too?” Nina Dobrev asked her volleyball teammate.

“I’m so happy you got my text and were able to come over,” Vanessa Hudgens said excitedly as she hugged the Canadian brunette.

“Is anything wrong or did you just wanna hang out,” Nina asked.

“Well I’m bored…and horny,” Vanessa confessed.

“I’m honored to be your booty call,” Nina replied, caught off guard slightly.

“Normally I’d eat your pussy out so good but I’m feeling the need for something hard if you know what I mean,” Vanessa said to her friend.

“Okay so then what am I doing here,” Nina asked.

“Go look in my bedroom,” Vanessa answered.

Nina gave her a confused look but did what her olive-skinned told her to do. The Canadian co-ed walked her way across the small living room until she was in front of Vanessa’s door.

“What are two naked guys doing sitting on your bed?” Nina asked her friend, completely confused now.

“I was thinking to myself the other day how you have nice dick sucking lips. I know I’m really good at sucking guys off and so I was wondering how good you are compared to me,” Vanessa responded.

“You’re fucking weird Vanessa,” Nina slurred.

“So if you’re game we’ll suck off our own guy three times. The first to get all three loads wins!” Vanessa explained.

“Why would I do this?” Nina questioned.

“Come on Nina! I’m so bored. If you win I’ll let you pick anything out of my closet to have. Dresses, heels, boots. Whatever you want,” Vanessa pleaded.

“Well I do fancy that deep blue short dress you have,” Nina conceded.

“Done. You suck better than me and its yours! Let’s go meet the pawns,” Vanessa said enthusiastically as she led her friend into her room.

“So what do you get if I lose? And what’s with the shot glasses,” Nina asked.

“You sure do ask a lot of questions,” Vanessa joked. “Once he blows in your mouth you spit it in the shot glass and pass it to me. I have to stop my blowjob to swallow the load so it’s an advantage to you. As for my reward I want sex. Some good, old-fashioned lesbian sex.”

“That seems okay, but this will be the first time I spit,” Nina confessed.

“So who do you want? Derrick whose built like a brick shithouse or Eric who is, well, a tad jolly,” Vanessa asked her teammate.

“Hmm. I do have a thing for chubby guys so me and Eric will kick your ass,” Nina replied.

Both girls walked over to Vanessa’s bed and kneeled down beside each other in front of their respective partner. Both men were already completely stripped down and sporting boners, which would save the girls some time.

“Ready?” Vanessa asked once comfortable.

“I was born ready for this,” Nina responded confidently.

“Whoa, slut alert,” Vanessa mused. “And start.”

Neither girl talked much after that point since their mouths were being shoved full with rock hard cock. Nina went for short, fast strokes using her lips to constantly glide along Eric’s bulbous head. Vanessa used the approach of taking Derrick’s member deep into her throat and holding it there for a number of seconds before withdrawing it and pumping her fist at a blinding speed.

Nina’s approach paid instant dividends as she felt her man’s long dick start to twitch before he unloaded in her mouth. It was a lot of fluid but Nina was just able to keep it from spilling out. She grabbed the shot glass beside her and spat the thick white liquid into it.

“A gift just for you Vanessa,” Nina told her as she tapped her on the shoulder.

“Wow that was fast,” Vanessa remarked as she took the glass, put it to her lips and swallowed down the load.

“I can already feel that satin dress on my skin,” Nina boasted while stroking Eric’s semi-erect cock.

“Trust me honey, this is a marathon so I wouldn’t be so sure,” Vanessa told her before turning her attention back to Derrick.

Vanessa wrapped her lips back around his pole and slowly took him completely in her throat again until her face was pressed into his crotch. Derrick was loving the feeling of having his whole rod worked over as most girls simply focus on the first few inches.

Meanwhile, Nina was straight back to work and getting her man hard again. Her hand wasn’t exactly working so she took his soft member in her mouth and worked it with her tongue. After only a minute he was fully hard and ready to go again.

“Is this for me,” Nina flirted with Eric.

“Just the way you like it too,” Eric bantered back.

Nina set out again with the same relentless pace that worked so well for her earlier. Her hand was milking his shaft while her mouth focused solely on the head of his cock only. She knew it was having the desired effect as the heavy set man was already panting and moaning under his breath.

Vanessa was still going at a slow and deliberate pace with the strong looking man she was sucking off. The olive-skinned co-ed held him deep in her throat then slowly removed his saliva-lathered cock time after time, but she had yet to make him cum. She wasn’t too concerned yet but it would have been nice to equalize the score sooner rather than later.

“I think this makes it two nothing baby,” Nina told Vanessa once she was finished spitting Eric’s cum into the used shot glass. “Nervous of getting shut out?”

“You’ve got a lot to learn doll face,” Vanessa told her before sipping back the smaller load. Look how red you’ve made his head. That thing is going to be super sensitive now. Plus the chafing on his shaft will be uncomfortable for him.”

“Shit,” Nina mumbled as she saw what Vanessa was talking about.

“I doubt he’ll even get hard but if he does you’ll cause him so much pain that his cock will shrivel up like a frightened turtle,” Vanessa informed. “Now sit back and watch the free clinic I’m putting on.”

“Bitch,” Nina remarked.

Vanessa took him in her throat once again but this time used her hand to play with his sack. This brought a moan from the big man so she used both hands now to fondle each ball.

“I’m gonna cum Vanessa,” Derrick warned before filling her mouth with his hot, thick seed.

“I believe this is for you,” Vanessa said to Nina while passing her the glass.

“Oh my gosh! That was horrible,” Nina commented after gulping down the sticky load.

“Yeah sorry. Coach has me trying to gain weight so I’m eating really greasy food,” Derrick apologized.

“And because I didn’t violently assault his cock, he’s still hard and ready for round two,” Nina gloated to her opponent. “This time you should have some fun Derrick. Why don’t you fuck my face?”

“Fuck her face buddy,” Eric encouraged his friend.

“Shut up you,” Nina replied to her man before giving him a long lick over his sore shaft as punishment for his comment.

“Damn that hurts like hell,” Eric screamed.

Nina and Eric watched on as Vanessa proceeded to give another fantastic blowjob as Derrick literally humped her face. The volleyball player was an expert and never choked or coughed once even though her face would occasionally turn a deep shade of red.

“And this is for you,” Vanessa said with a hoarse voice.

“Bottom’s up,” Nina joked before sipping down the latest offering of cum.

“Now he’s getting a little tired and will be harder to get off so I’ll go at a frantic pace. He’ll be sore for the rest of the day but at least he gets sucked off three times and is part of a winning team,” Vanessa explained to Nina.

“Any chance you can handle another go,” Nina asked her chubby partner.

“No chance baby. I really need some ice actually,” Eric replied honestly.

It took Vanessa a little longer this time but after 15 minutes, Derrick seemed to be close. Nina watched as the football player placed his over-seized hand at the back of Vanessa’s head as his face started to contort. She could just imagine that he was pumping her mouth full of his seed again.

“Victory,” Vanessa cheered while passing Nina her punishment.

Nina swallowed down the third and final load and accepted defeat. She hated losing anything, especially something she was good at like sex games. What made it worst was that her and Vanessa always had an unmentioned rivalry going back to high school when they battled against each other in volleyball at rival schools.

“So you never said what you get if you win. So what do you want from me,” Nina asked.

“Actually you already paid your debt,” Vanessa told her as she got to her feet.

“How so,” Nina questioned.

“Well these two did me a huge favor and gave me a stolen copy of a psychology so I owed them. A few blowjobs each should make us cool, right boys?” Vanessa answered Nina.

“We’ll let you know the next time we get an advanced copy of a test,” Derrick told her as the two guys got dressed.

“I feel so…used,” Nina commented.

“Oh don’t be so dramatic. It’s all in good fun,” Vanessa replied.

“You bitch. I’m as bad as a common whore. I need out of here,” Nina shouted as she slapped her teammate across the face before storming out of the dorm room, leaving Vanessa feeling bad.


“Finally,” Taylor said to herself as she saw her dormitory door open up.

Hayden had been deliberately avoiding coming home for the entire day. First she made an excuse then she actually had class but she loitered around afterwards to delay the conservation that was surely about to occur. As soon as she opened the door, sure enough Taylor was waiting on her bed, expecting the much shorter blonde.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like Taylor, in fact she liked her a lot both as a friend and even romantically. She just didn’t know if she wanted to commit to a relationship with her best friend. She kept asking herself what if they broke up? Hayden would surely lose her best friend and that was the last thing she wanted.

“Hey Tay Tay,” Hayden greeted.

“Hey. I feel like it’s been too long since I’ve seen you,” Taylor told her.

“You sure know how to make a girl blush,” Hayden replied as she entered the room and threw herself down on her own bed.

Taylor had waited the whole day to talk to Hayden and now was her chance. Getting off her bed, the tall blonde sauntered across the room and took up a seat beside her roommate.

“Okay here goes. Hayden I like you a lot. And I mean that I like, like you. Not as a friend but as a girlfriend. I don’t want to be with anyone else because you make me the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life,” Taylor started.

“Taylor listen,” Hayden began to say before getting cut off.

“Let me finish sweetie,” Taylor interrupted her. “I know you feel the same way too. I see the look in your eye the second we first see each other every day. I see the way you smile that little bit extra when we’re together. I think I’m in love with you Hayden and I think that you’re in love with me.”

“I’m flattered Taylor but I don’t want to be your girlfriend,” Hayden replied.

“What?” Taylor blurted out in response as she shot up off the bed.

“Let me explain so please sit back down Tay Tay,” Hayden begged.

“Don’t call me that name. Only my friends call me that and you quite clearly don’t want to be my friend,” Taylor screamed at her.

“Where are you going? Taylor I need to tell you the reason,” Hayden tried to calm the frantic blonde.

“I need to get out of here. Away from you,” Taylor spat with anger as she left the room, angrily slamming the door behind her.

“Well that couldn’t have gone worse,” Hayden said to herself, feeling like a horrible human being.



Ashley was still studying in the library for her geography test when she heard her text message ring. Rummaging through her pocket, she finally pulled the cell phone from her bag and checked the message.

When’s good for you tonight? – Bobby

Ashley couldn’t believe how quick Bobby worked. She figured he tried hard to get her someone right away to cement her into the decision so she didn’t have time to re-examine the situation.

8pm. Where? – Ash

Needed secure place so rented a storage unit for super cheap at Woodley and Harrison. He gave 50 so has 1 hour – Bobby

I don’t own a car – Ash

I’ll pick you up at your place at 7:45.

Ok – Ash

Requested hair down, button-up shirt, skirt and sneakers. Specific but hope you can accommodate – Bobby

Whatever – Ash

Even though she had been thinking about what her and Bobby had agreed to for a few hours now, she couldn’t believe she was going to be a prostitute. She had always loved sex and men always told her she was good enough to charge, but she now felt so dirty to actually do it.

“You don’t have a choice champ,” Ashley told herself before clearing the subject from her mind.

Ashley checked her watch and found she only had another hour before she had to be at the storage units. She knew she had to leave the library now to get ready so that she’d be ready on time. Packing up her books and pencils, the sexy co-ed made her way to her dorm to prepare.

She grabbed a quick body shower to make sure she was fresh then did her routine of moisturizing to make sure her skin was as soft and supple as possible. She quickly sorted through her closet until finding an outfit reminiscent of the description Bobby gave her before walking down to meet him at the front door.

“Right on time,” Bobby said to the visibly nervous girl.

Ashley just walked towards his car and climbed in. It was a fairly quick drive to the meeting spot with no words exchanged. Ashley was trying to convince herself that she was up for this and that it didn’t make her a bad person. Bobby was just smart enough to know that talking would make the situation worse so was happy to ride in silence.

Bobby turned into the deserted complex and drove around to the back of the large building to a well-concealed area. He stopped the car in front of unit 92 and killed the engine.

“I’ll let you into the room so you can get comfortable. The guy will be here in 5 minutes. I’ll take the money, knock and let him in. When there is 2 minutes left in the hour I’ll bang on the door then open it right when its time,” Bobby explained to the nervy girl.

“How much does $50 get him again,” Ashley asked weakly.

“Standard sex. Nothing with the ass at all,” Bobby replied.


“I set up a baby monitor so I can hear everything. If you need help then just scream or even thrash about and I’ll run in with this,” Bobby said as he showed her his crossbow.

“Protection is good. Speaking of which,” Ashley said.

“Condoms are a must. There are some in there in case he forgot. And lube,” Bobby answered.

“You think of everything,” Ashley thanked, cracking a slight smile.

“Get in there and just be you,” Bobby told her before opening the unit.

Ashley looked in and realized that Bobby must have spent all day setting the space up. There was a queen bed in the middle of the room with clean sheets on it. The bed wasn’t new but it was in good enough condition by the looks of it. On milk crates beside it was a pack of condoms and several bottles of lube. In the corner was the monitor and a sturdy looking coffee table was in front of the bed.

“Kristen and I had brought a lot of similar furniture when we moved in with each other so this crap has been sitting in out storage closet at the apartment. The bed is comfy enough so you should be good,” Bobby assured her.

“Great work Bobby,” Ashley said before he closed the door behind her.

Ashley was still quite nervous despite the cozy interior. She thought the past way to cut those feelings was to get over the idea of what she was becoming and just accept it.

The leggy brunette threw her jacket onto a chair in the corner and unbuttoned her shirt so that it just hung loosely on her chest. She hadn’t bothered with a bra tonight as it was just going to be ripped off her anyway. She heard a car pull up before the engine cut out so she hopped on the bed and waited.

“Wow,” a man said once the door was raised up.

Scott had seen Ashley around campus and knew she was hot. When his classmate Bobby approached him saying that Ashley was down for whatever given a small fee, Scott nearly had a heart attack. But seeing her waiting for him on the bed with her boobs nearly falling out of her shirt and a look of hunger in her eye was so much more than he could’ve hoped for.

“So how do you want me big boy,” Ashley asked in her most seductive tone.

“Hands and knees facing the head board,” Scott instructed.

“Like this,” Ashley said as she got in that position with her full ass facing the eager man.

Scott soaked in the view for awhile before advancing on the sexy girl. Reaching up under her skirt, he pulled down her white thong and left it bunched around her knees. With the silky barrier removed, the horny man got on the bed behind her and admired her smooth, pink pussy.

“You have such a nice snatch,” Scott commented in awe.

“It tastes better than it looks, I guarantee,” Ashley responded.

The eager man flexed his neck down so that he was face level with her pussy so he could take a long swipe in her pink folds. He took time to lick every nook and cranny for her so that she glistened with saliva when the light struck her.

With his careful attention to detail and the fact he was pretty good at eating her out, Ashley was getting into the encounter. Her nerves had all but been relieved as she was now concentrating on Scott’s tongue as it navigated every contour of her pussy.

“Get the tongue in me,” Ashley cooed, wanting more from him.

“Okay,” Scott replied happily.

Ashley was pleased when she felt his tongue squirm into her love hole and start his slow examination inside her. She felt as he probed her walls and plunged as deep as he could within her, much to her sexual delight. She reached back with her hand and grabbed the back of his head to help him get further in by pushing him into her.

“Fuck you’re good at this,” Ashley said to the man.

With good oral skills, Ashley figured that Scott would have been able to maintain a girlfriend. However, she was aware that he was quite a few pounds overweight and his face wasn’t the softest on the eyes unfortunately. She imagined that he hadn’t had sex in some time and had extra cash laying around so that when Bobby made him the offer of her for the night it was too much for Scott to pass up.

Ashley eventually let go of his head and Scott took the chance to come up for air, much to her chagrin. However, he replaced his tongue with a finger as he worked it in and out of her pussy, getting another series of moans from the gorgeous brunette. Scott wasted little time before adding a second into her wet hole then tested his luck with a third, which was accommodated with much tightness.

Ashley loved the attention he was giving her orally. She was thinking that her client was just going to some in, whip off her clothes and shove it in her dry. Instead, Scott was being a perfect lover and getting her extremely wet so that once they got down to doing the nasty that she was completely ready.

“Whoa! What are you doing,” Ashley commented, caught completely off guard.

“I’ve been staring at your tight asshole for a quarter of an hour so wanted to know how it tasted,” Scott replied after he had finished taking a long lick of her puckered backdoor.

“You only paid for straight-up sex, not anal,” Ashley told him in between moans as his fingers were still plunging in her pussy.

“Bobby made it clear that I couldn’t fuck your asshole but said nothing about rimming it. Listen I can leave now and get a refund or you can let me harmlessly probe you with my tongue? Hell you might like it,” Scott cam back with.

After some hesitation from the sexy volleyball player as she pondered the situation, Scott pressed his luck and took a lick of her asshole again. He sensed her apprehension as she tightened up but she never told him to stop. Taking that as a good sign, he rubbed her clit with his free hand to get her more comfortable and loosened up before working his curious tongue past her anal sphincter.

Ashley hated to admit it but she was enjoying the action. With three fingers being pumped in her pussy and another digit rubbing her sensitive clit, it distracted her from the unusual feeling of his wet tongue entering her dry anus. She had only recently popped her anal cherry and it was under much rougher circumstances so the fact that her client was taking his time and being gentle made it start to feel good.

“Ugh yes. Shove that tongue in my ass,” Ashley moaned.

“I knew you’d like it,” Scott replied.

“Don’t stop. Get back in my now,” Ashley demanded as she was really enjoying herself.

Ashley had no idea how good it felt to have someone slobber in her asshole but she was glad that this random lonely guy showed her. She had no idea on how much time was passing, only that it felt incredible having his tongue working in unison with the three fingers being pistoned in her pussy at a steady rate.

Even though Scott had yet to be on the receiving end of any pleasure he didn’t care one bit. He loved watching porn, especially anal sex so the fact that he now was rimming one of the sexiest girls on campus’ assholes was putting him on cloud nine. Next time he would have to make sure he paid the extra cash so that he could stick his meat up her bum.

“Oh yes, oh yes keep going stud,” Ashley encouraged.

Scott kept doing as the gorgeous girl insisted. His forearm was starting to burn from overuse and his tongue was going numb from all the time spent licking her anus. Despite the discomfort, Scott was determined not to slow down for a second and did his best to get her off.

“Shit! I’m cumming! Ohhhhh,” Ashley moaned while his fingers continued to rapidly fill her pussy.

With one last finally grunt, Ashley felt herself reach that bliss-induced orgasm. Her body started to shake then her arms gave out from exhaustion as her face collapsed onto the soft bed. Scott had reacted quickly and moved his mouth down to her pussy so that he could collect her juices in her mouth. He savored her taste, noting the slight honey flavor then dipped back into her folds to gather the last little bit.


“10 minutes left,” Bobby’s voice sounded from the other side of the metal barricade.

“Holy shit! Have I seriously being eating out your asshole for 45 minutes?” Scott wondered aloud, amazed and impressed with himself.

“I guess so,” Ashley replied, the banging on the door snapping her out of her orgasm-induced fog. “You have one magical tongue though.”

“Thanks,” Scott said, his cheeks reddening from the compliment. “So any ideas for the last bit of time?”

“Just sit on the edge of the bed and hold on tight,” Ashley ordered. “But first let me do something about all this clothing we have on.”

Scott got to his feet before helping the pretty volleyball player to hers. Ashley lifted his shirt over his head and threw it haphazardly to the floor behind. The brunette was surprised to find that the slightly nerdy guy was packing a decent body, especially for someone that had to pay for sex.

“I showed you mine so now it’s only fair that you show me yours,” Scott suggested.

“Well I’m all for fair play,” Ashley bantered back. The paying client kicked off his shoes then stared as Ashley pulled her button-up shirt off her body to reveal her perky C-cup tits.

“They’re beautiful,” Scott commented.

“Well why don’t you come over here and suck on them. I already know you do good work with that mouth so hopefully you can have a repeat performance.”

Ashley was surprised by the speed at which Scott found himself in her cleavage. He already had one of her nipples in his mouth while playing with the other one between his thumb and pointer finger.

While the eager man worked over her impressive tits, Ashley reached down and unbuckled his belt before pulling the leather strap from the loops of his jeans. She was able to pull down his denim pants part way down before Scott helped her get them down and off his legs.

“Wow Scotty! You’re packing some serious heat down there,” Ashley complimented the completely naked man.

“Oh well thanks Ashley,” Scott mumbled while still sucking on her incredible boobs.

“Take a break from those for a minute so I can give that rock hard cock some attention,” Ashley demanded.

The sexy co-ed sunk to her knees in front of Scott as he took a seat on the edge of the bed. Ashley seductively licked her pouty lips while maintaining her eye contact with the horny male. She wrapped her dainty hand around the base of his member before smoothly stroking his impressive dick.

“It’s just so big,” Ashley told him while still staring him straight in the eye.

The brunette glided her hand along his shaft a few more times before lowering her head and licking his entire 9-inch member from base to head. Ashley made sure to keep her big hazel eyes locked to his as she watched them roll back into his skull.

“Gather up my hair and hold it back,” Ashley ordered.

Scott did exactly as she told him and held her auburn hair above her head, giving him a great view of watching his cock disappear between Ashley’s lips as she started bobbing her head up and down on it. The skilled cocksucker continued to lift and lower her head along his pole, being sure to use her wet tongue to work over his sensitive head.

“Mmmmmm. Ohhhh,” Scott moaned as Ashley did her best from her knees.

Ashley was easily taking half of his large rod into her mouth at a time, much to the horny man’s delight. He loved the feel of her plump lips as they glided smoothly along his shaft while her talented tongue worked the underside of his meat simultaneously.

“Keep going like this and I’m going to cum soon,” Scott warned.

“Well don’t do that,” Ashley replied as her hand continued the work her mouth was doing. “We haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.”


“Hurry up and finish you two! 5 minutes left!” Bobby shouted.

“I wish we had more time but you’re still going to get to fuck me, even if it’s only for a few minutes,” Ashley told him.

As the brunette got to her feet, she pulled her black skirt off her hips and down her incredible tanned legs. She turned her back to Scott, bent forward then lowered herself down far enough until she felt his thick head butting against her tight pussy.

“This is going to be awesome,” Scott told himself with a big shit-eating grin.

Ashley smiled to herself then sunk further down to take him into her wet folds. The female volleyball player bit her lip as she guided his huge shaft into her completely.

“Oooooo…awwww,” Ashley moaned as he filled up her tight young pussy.

Once adjusted to his size, Ashley grinded her cute little ass into his lap. Scott couldn’t believe how good it felt as her vice-like pussy squeezed his cock for dear life. The brunette wanted to make sure he got off quickly so she kept her legs together to herself even tighter then started to hump him at a steady pace.

“Oh! Ah!” Scott grunted.

The paying customer started thrusting himself upwards to increase the tempo. Ashley was caught off-guard initially but appreciated how his tool was being driven deeper into her wet twat.

“Oh yeah big boy. Keep fucking good like this,” Ashley encouraged.

Scott loved watching as her adorable tanned ass rippled as it smacked against his toned waist. He continued to hammer his entire length up into her tight pussy, drawing loud moans and grunts from both of them.

The eager man sat up further so that he could wrap his arms around the sweaty brunette. He used his left hand to rub her exposed clitoris while his free hand started groping her bouncing tits. He wanted to be sure that his prostitute had another orgasm since his was very close.

“I love it when you grind your hips while still bouncing on me,” Scott told the horny volleyball player.

“As long as you keep fucking me this good I’ll do whatever you like,” Ashley replied, her tanned skin now covered in a light layer of sweat from the energetic ride.

“I’m so close,” Scott warned her.

“Just another minute,” Ashley begged. “I’m almost there too.”

“Maybe this will help again,” Scott commented as he pulled his hand away from cupping her breast and shoved a finger in her ass. It didn’t want to give in at first but his persistent pressure made her backdoor yield to allow his finger to insert up to the big knuckle.

“OH FUCK,” Ashley moaned as she came on his shaft almost immediately.

“Not a second too soon,” Scott said as he lifted her from his member.

Ashley got the hint and swiveled around to face him while dropping to her knees in front of him. She popped the head of his cock in her mouth to milk his cum out of him while stroking the rest of his length with her hand.

“Here it comes cutie,” Scott warned the gorgeous girl.

Just as his dick started to jerk, Ashley pulled it out of her mouth and let him cum all over her face. In his whole life Scott had not known a girl that would ever let a man cum on her face because they found it too humiliating and degrading, but not this girl. That thought made him blast longer and more powerfully than he ever had before.

“So how do I look covered in your jizz?” Ashley asked him.

“Like the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” Scott replied immediately. He wasn’t lying either as the sight of her pretty face covered in streams of his man juice was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

“Alright fuckers! Time’s up,” Bobby said as he pulled open the door.

Bobby was left breathless. Ashley was on her knees with a liter of cum on her face while sucking Scott’s cock of all her own pussy juice.

“Best money I’ve ever spent,” Scott announced.

“Get dressed sailor,” Bobby told the satisfied customer. “You too Ash and I’ll drive you home.”

“Make sure you tell your friends,” Ashley told Scott. “I’ll even give you $5 off your next appointment for every referral.”

“Consider it done sexy,” Scott told the eager brunette. “And I get paid again next Thursday so you can guarantee I’ll be seeing you then.”

“Remember if you can find a spare $20 anytime you can get a BJ from her,” Bobby told him, continuing to pimp Ashley’s out.

“You’ll be hearing from me soon Bobby,” Scott said as he gathered his clothes and left.

“So how was it,” Bobby asked his prostitute.

“Much better than I thought,” Ashley admitted. “I think I was getting off on getting paid to do all these dirty things.”

“Whatever gets you through babe,” Bobby told her as he watched the sexy girl get dressed. “Now let’s go before Kristen starts wondering where I’ve been.”


“And our Highland College women are on their last life right now,” the announced bellowed over the speaker.

“Yeah like we didn’t know that,” Carrie Underwood grunted aloud.

“And this is for the game point. Another powerful serve from the Stark University team. Seyfried dives to the ground and pops the ball skyward to the left,” the voice continued.

“MINE!” Nina Dobrev and Megan Fox screamed in unison while storming after the ball.

“What a collision! Nina’s clutching her shoulder, Megan holding the back of her head while the ball bounces between them. Highland suffer their first loss of the season!”

“Bloody hell,” Sarah Michelle Gellar commented. “Let’s get them back in the room and think of something to tell them.”

“How about we tell them not to ever suck that badly again or you’ll send their asses packing,” Carrie replied.

With heads hanging low, the nine players followed their disappointed towards the locker room. Sarah and Carrie stood in the middle of the room and had the team circle around them on the benches.

“What happened out there ladies?” Sarah questioned them. “It’s like all of you had anything but volleyball on your minds tonight.”

“Sorry coach,” nine voices sounded in unison.

“Not good enough this time guys. We want you to know that we’re not mad but we do want to know the reason for your distraction so that we can address the issue so it won’t happen again,” Carrie told them.

“I’m captain, I’ll start,” Amanda Seyfried spoke up. “I hooked up Scarlett yesterday and couldn’t get those massive tits out of my head tonight.”

“Wow. Personal but thank you for the honesty,” Carrie commented.

“You’re not the first to be mesmerized by those fun bags and you certainly won’t be the last,” Sarah sympathized. “Okay, who’s next.”

“I’m pissed at Hayden for rejecting me. I laid my heart on the line and she stomped on it and never told me why,” Taylor said, tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

“Taylor its not like that I just…” Hayden started before being interrupted.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses Hayden so save it,” Taylor blurted out.

“I hate coaching girls,” Carrie whispered to Sarah.

“No you don’t. You love them,” Sarah replied to her.

“Vanessa abused my friendship and used me to re-pay a favor she owed a couple of meat heads,” Nina spoke next.

“Yeah well you slapped me in the face bitch,” Vanessa shouted back.

“And I’ll do it again,” Nina spat back.

“I’m not too sure about that. I can probably manipulate you again and have you slap yourself across your own face,” Vanessa taunted.

“Ladies, ladies. Stop it now,” Sarah screamed to cancel out the fighting teammates. “Sit down and shut up. Anyone else with anything to add.”

“I just started a new job and although I’m really good at it, there are some ethical issues. It kinda makes me feel a bit sleazy,” Ashley admitted without completely being honest with her teammates.

“We all feel a little sleazy sometimes,” Megan Fox comforted. “Like for me, I didn’t have my pre-game quickie. The guy prematurely ejaculated all over my face and there wasn’t enough time to find someone else.”

“Momsen? Anything from you,” Carrie asked the punk-looking blonde.

“Nope. I felt I played well and that it was the rest of the team that prevented me from doing my best,” Taylor Momsen replied.

“And that answer right there is why everyone hates you,” Ashley Greene told her.

“Whatever whore,” Momsen shot back.

“Don’t push me psycho. I’ll knock your skin ass out in front of everyone,” Ashley screamed at the freshman.

“I’ve heard enough. The chemistry on this team is way, way out of whack. We need a team bonding activity. I know you probably all have plans for Halloween tonight but I’m demanding you cancel them,” Sarah announced to groans.

“But coach,” one of the players moaned.

“I don’t want to hear it from any of you. We are having a team-only party at my condo tonight. Everyone must be there or you’re off the team. I’ll supply the food and drinks,” Sarah said with a wink. “All you have to do is dress in the sexiest costume you have and be at my place in two hours.”

“You girls already probably had a costume for tonight so no one complain about the short notice. Now get undressed, hit the showers and go get ready for tonight,” Carrie finished.

“Amanda has my address and I’ll need two drivers tonight. Don’t worry, everyone is sleeping over so we don’t have to worry about a designated driver,” Sarah added. “So see you all tonight. And when I said the whole team I meant it. Since Kristen Stewart has been working on the website and doing player biographies for you all, she is included and will be there tonight.”

“So you think tonight will realize galvanize the team?” Carrie asked the coach once the team had gone to the showers.

“I think so. I mean it incorporates everything the girls love. But I do need you to bring a few things,” Sarah replied.

“Yeah sure, whatever you need,” Carrie answered.

“Remember what I got you for Christmas last year? I need you to bring your whole collection,” Sarah told her.

“You mischievous devil. Now I’m really intrigued for tonight,” Carrie commented with a wide smile.


The girls hurried in the changing room by grabbing a quick shower and throwing on some comfort clothing for the walk home. The girls then only had an hour to get ready to leave for the Halloween team party, which was barely enough time for some of the girls.

Megan had agreed to pick up the girls living on campus in the dorms while team captain Amanda Seyfried was driving the off campus girls. Megan had sent a text to the girls she was responsible for and told them to be ready and out front in 5 minutes.

“Taylor, we should talk,” Hayden said to her roommate who had been ignoring her since their big fallout about taking the next step in their relationship.

“I have nothing to say to you and I don’t want to hear what you have to say,” Taylor replied to her request.

“What the hell happened with you two?” Vanessa asked the former best friends.

“Hayden’s a heartless bitch,” Taylor answered her teammate.

Both Nina and Vanessa couldn’t help but look over and see the hurt look on Hayden’s face after that remark. They didn’t know what had happened between them but it must have been more than a slap or petty argument. They both came to the realization that their own problem wasn’t worth really fighting over.

“I’m sorry for slapping you,” Nina apologized.

“You wouldn’t have even thought about doing it if I was up front with you. I’m the one who needs to apologize to you Nina,” Vanessa told her.

“You look great in your costume,” Nina said to her after a long hug.

“Thanks! It’s not really original but I love this bikini so going as a beach bunny was a way to wear it tonight,” Vanessa explained.

“It really shows off all your sexy curves and especially your amazing ass,” Nina gushed.

“You two are making me sick,” Taylor Momsen told them as she just arrived at the foyer.

Both Vanessa and Nina were prepared to shoot back with a nasty reply but they were caught off guard. Momsen was normally seen with dark make-up around her eyes and wearing fishnet stockings and other clothing that made her look like a whore. However, the skinny blonde was wearing no make-up so that her adorable face was for all too see and was donning a catholic schoolgirl’s uniform. The outfit was topped off with Taylor wearing glasses, which really showed how innocent she looked.

“Wow,” Hayden said in astonishment.

“I know I look stupid. You guys can make fun of me if you want,” Momsen replied sheepishly.

“No you look great. Now if we can just do something about that attitude,” Vanessa told her.

“Doubtful. Anyway, what’s with the blondes,” Momsen asked, referring to Hayden and Swift. “On any other day you would have wanted to tear Hayden’s sexy cheerleading costume off her body with your teeth but now you hate her?”

“Stay out of this Taylor,” Swift shouted at her teammate. “Hayden doesn’t like me so why should I be nice to her.”

“How could anyone not like you in that dress,” Nina said to Swift. “I’m not really into girls and I would hump the crap out of you right now.”

Nina told her what was on everyone else’s mind. Taylor Swift was looking gorgeous in long Cinderella dress. The low cut did exceptionally well to show off her modest cleavage and her blonde hair was pulled up off her face to show off her angelic soft features.

“You do look great Tay Tay,” Hayden told her roommate.

“Come on bitches,” Megan shouted to the girls as she drove up. We have a party to get to. I only have 5 seats so someone is sitting on a lap.”

“I’ll sit on yours Nina,” Vanessa volunteered, much to the excitement of the Canadian.

“Before you get in the car Nina, I need to know if you’re a slutty hockey goon, or just a slutty hockey player. Because since I’m Supergirl, I have a responsibility to the world to stop evil doers,” Megan asked her.

“Just a regular slutty hockey player. But, if I get alone with you than I can be very, very bad,” Nina flirted while climbing into the car only wearing a form fitting hockey jersey that just covered her ass cheeks.

“Watch yourself or I may take you up on that,” Megan flirted right back. “Now seriously, everyone get in the car.”


While Megan was busy picking up her crew, Amanda was on route to the last place on her list. First she picked up Olivia Wilde, who was the sexiest Santa’s helper she’d ever seen. Hopefully good old Saint Nick didn’t have help like that or else adultery would be taking up most of his time.

Next on Amanda’s route was Ashley. The team captain had sent her a text once she had pulled up outside her house and Ashley came walking out immediately. The sexy brunette went as a naught french maid, and by the look of her, both Amanda and Olivia doubted that any cleaning would actually get done with her as a maid. In fact they were certain it would only lead to more dirty sheets.

“Anyone else find it curious Sarah invited Kristen,” Olivia asked her two other teammates.

“Yeah I was pretty surprised,” Ashley admitted. “I mean this is to sort out the crap going on between the players.”

“Okay, last stop,” Amanda said as she pulled up the curb in front of Kristen’s place. “I’m sure Sarah has her reasons.”

The sexy sophomore with auburn hair emerged from her doorway after giving her boyfriend a kiss goodbye. Kristen was dressed in a nurse’s outfit, but put a twist on the typical slutty costume. Instead of going with a modern version, the slim beauty was inspired by World War II by wearing olive skirt, light yellow blouse, and high heels. To really give the 1940s feel, Kristen wore her hair in an old-fashion bun topped with an old army burette.

“You look awesome Stew,” Ashley told her best friend as she got into the back seat of the car.

“Yeah Kristen, love the classy but sexy costume,” Olivia added.

“Aw, thanks girls,” Kristen blushed.

The girls chatted the whole drive about a variety of issues, each one more trivial than the last but they were having a great time. It didn’t take long until Amanda’s GPS was telling them that they had arrived at their destination.

“Fancy meeting you guys here,” Megan said to them.

“How long have you guys been here,” Olivia asked her teammate.

“We were like 10 seconds ahead of you so it was great timing,” Nina answered.

“Perfect. Well we shouldn’t keep Sarah waiting,” Amanda suggested.

The pack of 10 sexily clad girls in costume walked up the main door of the very fancy condo. They talked to the doorman who immediately sent them up to the penthouse floor as the blonde coach had already given him instruction.

“Who knew college volleyball coaching paid so well,” Hayden said in the elevator ride up.

“She married a fairly successful movie producer or something like that. She makes good money but probably not enough to support this place,” Vanessa relieved.

They arrived at the top floor and poured out of the metal carrier. Finding the right door, one of them rang the doorbell. Within seconds they heard steps approaching before the door opened. Carrie Underwood was standing in front of them in a super small flannel shirt, the shortest pair of lean shorts imaginable and a pair of cowboy boots and hat to round out the western-themed outfit.

“Welcome ya’ll,” Carrie greeted in her most Southern accent.

“Love the pigtails,” Taylor Swift complemented. It was the first words the Tennessee native had spoken since the lobby of the dorm.

“Thanks Swift. Come on in though,” Carrie offered.

“Hey everyone! Glad you all could make it,” Sarah said to her team. “You all look fantastic! So everyone take a seat around the table while Carrie, Scarlett and myself bring out your drinks.”

“Hope you girls like martinis,” Scarlett’s voice could be heard from somewhere in the back of the kitchen.

“You’re home is amazing,” Kristen complemented the host.

“Thanks Stewart. Follow me and I’ll give everyone a tour,” Sarah offered. “And in case you were wondering I’m a vampire for Halloween.”

The team followed their coach as she took them around her home. She had a massive living room with lots of floor space around a leather couch, love seat, chair and ottoman set. In the middle of that room was the coffee table but was covered with a black sheet.

“This is the spare bedroom,” Sarah described. “Just ignore the guillotine in the corner, it’s for a haunted house that my husband and I are helping to set up for tomorrow night.”

“It’s either for the haunted house or Coach S is really kinky,” Vanessa commented in a low enough voice that Sarah couldn’t hear her.

“My bedroom is in here. Just your standard stuff in here, nothing special. Washroom is at the end of the hall for whoever needs it and for the purposes of tonight I’ve transformed the dining room into a bar and poker area,” Sarah explained.

“Poker? But I don’t know how to play,” Nina complained.

“I didn’t bring any money to bet,” Olivia added.

“Yeah me neither,” a few more chimed in.

“You won’t need it,” Carrie interrupted. “And it’s to your advantage if you don’t know how to play but I’ll get to that later.”

“Everyone sit and have your drink. Don’t tell anyone we’re giving you alcohol, especially you minors,” Scarlett told them as she emerged from the back with a tray of drinks.

The entire team felt heir jaws drop as they saw the busty administrator. Scarlett must have been a comic book fan as she was dressed like Catwoman, wearing a skin-tight leather suit, black mask that encircled her eyes and knee-high boots.

“It’s impolite to stare ladies, not to mention drool,” Sarah told them, snapping them out of their lust fueled daze.

The girls did as they were told and each one sat around the large wooden table while Sarah, Carrie and Scarlett passed out apple-flavored martinis. The only other thing on the table was playing cards but no poker chips, much to the curiosity of some.

“Where’s the chips Coach,” Megan asked.

“This is part of the team-building exercise for tonight,” Sarah answered.

“I don’t understand,” Hayden spoke up.

“You’re wearing your betting chips. Tonight we are playing strip poker. Anyone unfamiliar with the rules, they are quite simple. When you want to play a hand you must but in clothing. At any time you can chose to go all-in but you must remove everything,” Scarlett educated them.

“This is mandatory too. Anyone who doesn’t play is off the team,” Carrie added.

“So you plan on making us get along better by forcing us to strip,” Momsen asked sarcastically.

“Have faith naughty schoolgirl. Any other questions?” Sarah asked.

“What do we do once you’re eliminated,” Nina inquired.

“That’s when the real fun and bonding begins,” Carrie answered with a wicked smile. “But we’ll get to that in good time. And remember, anyone who fails to take part in the mandatory team-based activities is kicked off the team.”

“Oh and every time you fold your cards, you take a shot,” Scarlett added.

“You are trying to get us drunk,” Hayden accused playfully.

“Why would we want to get a bunch of gorgeous college girls drunk? That just seems ridiculous,” Carrie replied with a wink.

With all the questions seemingly out of the way, the three hosts took their seats. Sarah took the cards, shuffled them up and dealt each person two cards. Most of the girls had played Texas Hold’em poker before so they knew what to do, but there were a few who were new to the game.

“So you get two cards, take a look and if you like your cards you have to one piece of clothing in the middle of the table. Anyone who doesn’t know what a good hand is, here is a list,” Sarah handed out a few copies of the playing rules.

“Next I’ll flip over 3 cards. If you like your chances then make another bet. You can fold at anytime but you don’t get back your clothing. After all the bets are done, I flip over a fourth card. Another round of betting, a fifth and final card is flipped over. Last chance to bet then the girl with the best hand collects the clothes and can use them to bet for the rest of the game,” Sarah finished.

“And the best way to learn is by doing,” Carrie added. “I’m first to bet and since I like my hand I’ll throw my hat in.”

“Thank God I wore a thong tonight or else I’d just have my hockey jersey and shoes,” Nina commented. “I’ll fold.”

Each girl proceeded to either fold or bet conservatively for the rest of the hand until it was only Sarah and Megan left by the time the fifth card was flipped over. Sarah had the better hand so was left collecting a small pile of clothes while the black-haired player was left without shoes and her red cape.

The next few hands had a similar trend with modest betting and Sarah winning two of the rounds and Kristen also winning a hand. No major clothing had been lost yet, everyone short mostly footwear. The alcohol was flowing at a near constant rate though, and soon the girls were feeling the effects.

“That’s it. Someone has to get this party started and it might as well be me,” Scarlett announced. “I’m all-in.”

With that said, the busty blonde got up on her feet and kicked the chair back to have some room. With all eyes on her, Scarlett reached for the zipper of her leather outfit and slowly pulled it down until it reached its stop around her crotch. She pulled her arms free and exposed her massive tits for the party to see before stepping out of her costume, completely naked.

“Fuck you’re beautiful,” Megan gushed.

“Keep the mask,” Sarah told the blonde. “Makes you look so sexy.”

“Whatever you want Gellar,” Scarlett replied.

The next few girls were scared off of the large wager and folded. They poured themselves a shot and chugged it down until finally it was Sarah’s turn to do something.

“I’ll go all-in with you Scarlett,” Sarah announced.

“Shit,” Carrie commented. “I fold then.”

Everyone else folded too rather than go up against Sarah. Both the coach and Scarlett flipped over their hands and the naked administrator had the advantage with a pair of kings over Sarah’s queen and two. The three cards the dealer flipped up helped Sarah by giving her another queen but the fourth card was useless to her.

“How does it feel to have all your winnings from the last few hands ripped away from you,” Scarlett gloated.

“Even the blind squirrel finds the occasional nut,” Sarah muttered.

“No!” Scarlett shouted, as the final card was flipped over and revealed a third queen for the volleyball coach.

“Looks like my queens beat your kings,” Sarah rubbed in. “Thanks for playing but I think everyone here would agree that you look better naked so go have a seat in the living room and show the loser what awaits there exit from the game.”

“Alright,” Scarlett muttered.

Scarlett got up from the poker table and took a seat on the leather love seat in the nearby living room. The seat was facing the game so that the naked blonde could watch how the game unfolded.

“Why don’t you show the girls what’s under the black blanket,” Carrie asked of the eliminated player.

“Gladly,” Scarlett replied. She reached over and pulled the sheet away from the small table to show the party the largest collection of sexy toys any of the students could have imagined.

“Holy crap,” Ashley gasped.

“How can one person own this many toys,” Momsen asked her coach.

“They aren’t all mine. Some are Carrie’s, some are Scarlett’s. Either way, they are for all of our enjoyment tonight,” Sarah replied.

“This little guy is my favorite,” Scarlett told them, showing off a large vibrator. “We’ve had some good times in the past.”

“Then why don’t you get busy with it,” Carrie recommended.

Scarlett threw one of her legs over the arm of the chair and pushed her ass further to edge of the seat. With better excess to her pussy, the busty blonde lowered the vibrator to her clitoris, drawing a long and loud moan out of herself.

“Oh yes I’ve missed you,” Scarlett cooed, referring to the toy in her hand.

“So as you can see, the fun doesn’t end once you finish the card game,” Sarah told the rest of the group. “On the table is everything from didlos to anal beads and everything in between.”

“Will hurry up and deal the damn cards,” Megan ordered at once.

The pace of the game had sped up since Scarlett had started to pleasure herself. None of the players could deny that getting eliminated from the poker game wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. The speed at which the ladies were playing nearly matched the increased tempo of Scarlett’s moans.

“I could really use one of you to shove that big dildo in my pussy,” Scarlett seduced while continuing to work herself over with the vibrator.

“Screw it, I’m in,” Megan said.

The dark-haired beauty rose up from the table and started to remove her superhero get-up. Having only wagered her cape so far in the competition, she wad to take off her tight Superman tee-shirt, red booty shorts and matching boots.

“No underwear,” Hayden questioned.

“The costume was too tight to fit with them on. Plus I didn’t know I would be getting naked at this party,” Megan replied.

“When was the last time we didn’t all get naked at a team function?” Olivia asked, making the group laugh.

“I’ll call your all-in with one myself,” sexy cowgirl Carrie said to the now naked Megan.

“Then get those clothes off assistant coach,” Sarah told her.

“Gladly,” Carrie said as she quickly removed her clothes and exposed her bare body. Megan’s body was a little longer with more curves than Carrie’s but the blonde was extremely tight with bouncy tits, smoking ass and lean legs.

“You two are thinking with your damn pussies rather than your brains so I’ll gladly take those clothes off your hands,” the coach told them.

Sarah was bang on about Megan and Carrie. Carrie had a weak hand of an eight and a two while the dark-haired co-ed had a pair of fours. The coach only had an ace high with a 10, but she flopped another 10 and easily won the pot. Sarah and Carrie seemed happier to lose and be kicked out of playing cards than if wither of them was to actually have won the hand.

The card game was but on hold for a little while as the rest of the team watched as the team’s assistant coach and Megan sprinted over to Scarlett. Both girls took one of the busty blonde’s massive tits in their hands then targeted the nipple with their mouths.

“Oh yeah,” Scarlett moaned as she continued pleasuring herself. “It’s about time.”

“We lost as quick as we could baby,” Carrie told the blonde before swirling her tongue back around Scarlett’s sensitive nipples.

The Southern blonde moved upwards from Scarlett’s boobs and started passionately kissing her while Megan now had both oversized tits to play with. While using her tongue to coat Scarlett’s chest in saliva, the sexy dark-haired girl reached a hand down between the blonde’s legs and stuck two fingers into her soaking wet hole.

“Ahh,” Scarlett moaned into Carrie’s mouth as Megan used her fingers to thrust into her pussy.

As if perfectly in synch with each other, Megan and Carrie swapped positions so that now the leggy college student was hungrily making out with the head recruiter while Carrie went back down to entertaining Scarlett’s breasts. The tight blonde didn’t stay long as she licked her way down the curvy woman’s body until finding herself on her knees between Scarlett’s creamy white thighs.

“This one seems like you’d like it,” Carrie told the blonde. “Long and fat.”

The southern beauty grabbed the dildo from the table and inserted it into Scarlett’s pussy. The fake penis slid easily into her lubricated folds, causing Scarlett to scream out in pleasure.

“Ohhhh,” Scarlett moaned into Megan’s mouth.

As the tiny blonde continued to ram the dildo into the curvy administrator, the threesome was unaware that they had every set of eyes in the room on them.

“Can two more join?” Olivia asked.

“We promise to make up for our tardiness,” Amanda added.

“Get your naked asses over here,” Megan demeaned.

Amanda and Olivia had quickly lost all their clothing in the last hand. Despite having played poker quite a bit, both females rushed in to bet all their clothes on hands they knew they couldn’t win.

The threesome momentarily was paused as the pair made their way from the card table into the living room. The differences between the two girls were quite evident as they strutted into the soon-to-be orgy. Amanda was a somewhat short blonde with amazing curves, meaty ass and large bouncy tits. Olivia on the other hand was tall with black hair with a model’s body; slim, perky tits and a small ass that luckily still had some meat on it.

“Seems only fair that the you guys make up for being late you get on your knees and make it up to us,” Carrie suggested.

“Well we’d hate to disobey a superior’s orders,” Olivia replied with a wide grin.

“Since that small loveseat will be pretty tight with all three of you on it, why don’t you get comfortable elsewhere,” Amanda recommended.

As if in a synchronized orgy competition, Scarlett, Carrie and Megan got onto their knees and bent over the front of the sofa so that their asses were hanging up in the air.

Olivia and Amanda were both lesbians, even though the dark-haired girl would satisfy an itch with cock every now and then. The sight of 3 of the hottest girls giving them a view of their naked bodies was mouthwatering to the two college seniors.

The two latecomers took different strategies to give their new lovers pleasure. Amanda was going to go at them with her skilled and nimble tongue. She had much practice with it and was very interested in savoring each of their unique tastes. Olivia on the other hand was stepping into a harness of a lengthy strap-on dildo.

“Oh that’s good,” Megan complimented as Amanda wasted little time sinking her tongue deep into her teammate’s folds.

While Amanda took turns sampling each of the three women, Olivia was using her strap-on dildo to give them a different sensation. Shortly after the blonde went down Megan, Olivia stepped behind her and guided the long plastic cock into her slick pussy.

“Fits like a glove,” Megan cooed as Olivia reamed the first 5 inches into her.

Olivia continued to build momentum by slipping another inch into her lovely teammate. It didn’t take long until Olivia was gliding all 8-inches into her snatch, with each thrust causing Megan’s meaty ass to ripple due to the force.

“I love having a lesbian lick me out,” Carrie commented with a wide grin on her pretty face as Amanda sloppily went down on the assistant coach.

“She’s really good,” Megan answered while her body was being pushed about by Olivia’s thrusts.

“Come here,” Carrie told her before planting a deep wet kiss on Megan’s lips.

As Carrie and Megan wrestled each other’s tongues in their mouths, their teammates were continuing to pleasure them. Olivia had now worked up a sweat after 10 long minutes of hammering Megan’s once-tight pussy. Amanda’s jaw was starting to get tired as well, but the tastiness of Carrie’s folds kept her motivated for the task at hand.

“You’re going to make me cum soon,” Megan warned her dark-haired teammate. Megan’s mouth was now free to scream out in ecstasy as Carrie was now moaning into Scarlett’s mouth as the two were engaging in a long make-out session.

“Be loud for me bitch,” Olivia demanded as Megan’s breathing became quite labored.

After several more minutes of Megan’s moans getting progressively louder, her pink pussy started to spasm before the dark-haired girl cum violently.

“Uggghhhhh,” Megan groaned at a near deafeningly volume as came for the first time that night.

As Megan’s warm pussy juice flooded out of her hole and down Olivia’s dildo, Carrie’s own orgasm was approaching quickly. Amanda’s tongue was still buried deep in her folds as the co-ed explored every nook and cranny of her assistant coach’s insides.

“Oh yes! Keep eating my pussy. I’m going to cum soon,” Carrie encouraged while holding Amanda’s head firm against her backside.

“Mmmpph,” Amanda mumbled as she seemed to re-double her efforts of getting the thin blonde off.

“Aahhhh,” Carrie grunted as a wave of her juices smacked Amanda in the face. The lesbian did her best not to spill a drop as she greedily collected as much of the sweet fluid that she could.

“Wow that was hot…now bring that tongue over here,” Scarlett demanded, having been masturbating for the whole time that Amanda and Olivia were pleasuring Carrie and Megan.

“I had a better thought in mind,” Olivia told the busty blonde.

Amanda was in tune with her thoughts and allowed Olivia to slip the dildo into Scarlett’s wet folds. The fake cock was bigger than the fingers she was using to fuck herself with, but her pussy easily stretched to accommodate the added girth.

“Damn that feels nice,” Scarlett groaned as Olivia started to really slam into her.

“Feel free to jump in Seyfried,” Olivia encouraged her teammate.

“How could I pass up a second go at this sweet treat,” Amanda said as she licked her lips in anticipation while crawling over to Scarlett.

“Second time?” Olivia asked as she molested the blonde’s massive tits while continuing to ram her fake cock into her.

“We kind of hooked up in the sauna recently,” Amanda admitted while maneuvered herself under both Olivia and Scarlett.

“OHHH,” Scarlett exclaimed once Amanda’s skilled mouth latched onto her sensitive clit.

“You like getting licked and fucked with a big dildo at the same time,” Olivia asked.

“Of course,” Scarlett cooed. “But I’d love your tongue back into my pussy,” she said to Amanda.

“That can be arranged,” Amanda replied after exchanging a quick look with Olivia.

“Ooohhhh! That’s what I wanted,” Scarlett moaned as Olivia was replaced with Amanda’s warm mouth.

“This should be wet enough but you might want to bite the pillow just in case,” Olivia told the busty blonde.

The dark-haired girl pulled apart Scarlett’s shapely ass, placed the tip of the thick dildo against her impossibly tight rosebud and applied pressure until the tip of the fake cock entered into her.

“Uugggghhhhh,” Scarlett groaned as the pain of her anus being forcible penetrated was omnipresent.

Amanda really stepped up her efforts of eating out the attractive administrator in order to get her mind off the pain of being sodomized. To her credit, Olivia was very slowly easing in the head of the dildo.

“Is this too much or does it feel okay,” Olivia asked.

“This isn’t my first anal little girl. Just give me another minute then you can really fuck my ass like you want,” Scarlett told her.

True to her word, Scarlett started to push back against Olivia and take more of the fake cock into her expanding asshole. It wasn’t long until the whole thing had disappeared into the blonde’s anus and the really pounding began.

“Mmmm that feels so good,” Scarlett moaned as Olivia and Amanda pleasured each of her holes. “Don’t stop.”

“You taste so good,” Amanda told the slightly older woman.

“I know. Just make sure you share my cum once you get it,” Scarlett replied.

“Speaking of sharing, why don’t you have a lick Amanda,” Olivia told her teammate while removing the dildo from Scarlett’s gaped asshole.

The dark-haired girl placed the cock against Amanda’s lips and waited for the blonde to accept it into her mouth.

Amanda was a little apprehensive about sucking on a dildo that came straight from another girl’s ass, but she figured why not do it. Swallowing her pride, Amanda parted her lips and took the tool along her tongue and savored the taste. It was much different than the flavor of her pussy, but the blonde had to admit she liked it.

“Alright ATM slut. Give that dildo back so I can have another go with it,” Scarlett told the girl.

“Beg for it,” Olivia demanded.

“Please stick that cock back in my ass and fuck me hard like the whore I am,” Scarlett pleaded, looking the skinny girl in the eye.

The two teammates resumed their original positions as Olivia slammed the dildo back into Scarlett’s loose asshole at the time that Amanda squirmed her mouth back around her sensitive pussy.

With the dual sensation going on behind her, it wasn’t long until Scarlett felt an orgasm build and brim to the surface.

“I’m going to fucking cum for you two soon,” Scarlett screamed out.

“This is so hot,” Vanessa commented from the poker table, the game being temporarily suspended.

Olivia stopped pumping into her once she felt Scarlett’s legs give out. Amanda did her best to collect all of the busty blonde’s cum in her mouth as the orgasm that she so desired rocked her curvy body.

“Don’t hog all the good stuff,” Olivia told her teammate.

The pair engaged in a long kiss as Amanda pushed much of the cum into Olivia’s mouth. They continued to swap the sweet juices between them until most of the fluid was lost either to swallowing or some flowing out of their mouths and dripping on their hot bodies.

“Hottest. Sex. Ever,” Taylor Swift stated, feeling wet between the legs after their amazing display.


After the quick exits of Scarlett, Megan, Carrie, Olivia and Amanda so they could start up an orgy in the living room, the game had slowed to a crawl. This was partly due to the girls at the table being somewhat good poker players, but also because they found it hard not to watch the scene unfolding on the couches.

Ashley Greene had started off well but she had taking a beating over the last few hands and was now almost completely naked. Her French maid outfit was spread around the table, leaving her only with a black bra and a short silk skirt. She decided now was the time to make her last move and stripped off the remainder of her costume, but it was all for not as she was eliminated.

“Going to jump into the orgy,” Kristen asked her friend after knocking her out of the game.

“I’ll just stop at the washroom then yeah I will,” Ashley responded excitedly.

Ashley walked down the hall and did her business, thinking the whole time of how hot being in her first all-girl fuckfest would be. On her way back to the living room however, she paused when she looked through the doorway to the guestroom. She stepped inside and examined the object of her curiosity then donned a wide grin as a perfect idea formulated in her head.

“That will teach her,” Ashley commented to herself. The brunette wasn’t a mean or violent person, but a young dog could definitely learn some new tricks.

Ashley went back outside to the card table and observed the game. Kristen and Sarah had the lead with the Coach looking like she had a bit more clothing in front of her than anyone else. Momsen was struggling though, with her panties being owned by Hayden now, her socks and shoes belong to Kristen and Nina having her schoolgirl tie.

“You look like absolutely perfect jailbait right now Taylor,” Ashley complimented the freshman.

“Ha ha. Thanks Ash. It’s kinda what I was going for,” the newly modest girl replied. “Glad you like it.”

“I’m really liking the new you. Maybe once you’re done here we can grab a room together,” Ashley asked the blonde.

“Yeah sure. That would be really nice,” Momsen said while starting to blush.

“Be right back,” Ashley stated before running into the living room. The girls were in the middle of a hand so weren’t watching as the brunette grabbed a few items from the sex toy collection then deposited them in the spare room before returning promptly.

Taylor didn’t last much longer. She beat the rest of her costume with a crappy hand and wasn’t surprised when Ashley’s friend, Kristen Stewart, knocked her out of the card game. Momsen could have cared less however as she followed Ashley to the guest room that the brunette had found earlier.

Even though Taylor was mostly into guys, she had to admit she found that playing with the sexiest group of girls for the past few months had given her a new appreciation for the female body. She had wanted to try some lesbian sex for a while now, and it seemed like tonight it was finally going to happen.

“This way,” Ashley said while offering her hand to the now naked blonde.

Taylor accepted her invitation and was led away from the dining room, down the hallway and into the guest room. The young blonde didn’t notice the toys Ashley had grabbed earlier, nor did she realize the brunette’s true intentions.

“That guillotine is so weird, don’t you think,” Ashley asked Taylor.

“Yeah for sure. Being bound in a wooden trap waiting for a blade to chop your head off must have been frightening,” Momsen replied as she felt Ashley’s hands roam over her slim body from behind her.

“You’re so sexy Taylor,” Ashley told her before kissing along the length of her sensitive neck.

“Thank you Ash. I think you’re so hot,” Momsen answered honestly as the kissing was making her wet between the legs.

“Before we get into the good stuff, can you satisfy a fantasy for me,” Ashley asked the blonde.

“Sure. Just name it,” Taylor said while turning around and giving the shorter girl a kiss. “I’m game for whatever you want.”

“I know it’s a little weird but can you just get set-up in the guillotine? It would make me so horny seeing you restrained like that,” Ashley asked of the girl.

Not wanting to upset the girl she wanted desperately to have sex with, Taylor complied with her wishes. Lifting up the top piece, the younger girl placed her hands in the arm holes and her neck in the head groove. Once settled, Ashley helped lower the top so that Taylor was trapped naked in the Halloween prop.

“Seeing your naked ass bent over like this is seriously hot,” Ashley told the confined girl. Much to Taylor’s surprise, she heard a metallic click then was unable to lift the wooden top piece off of her.

“Alright Ashley, very funny. You’ve got me in a guillotine. Good prank. Now let me out please,” Momsen asked politely.

“I don’t think I’m going to do that actually,” Ashley replied.

“Why not,” Taylor replied.

“You’ve been such a bitch with all your comments over these last few months. For some reason you can act all sweet for a night and everyone else accepts the new you, but not me. So I’m holding you responsible for all the shit you’ve said over the past little while,” Ashley informed her.

“I’ll scream,” Taylor warned.

“Weren’t you paying attention to coach when she gave the tour. This will eventually be a music room for her husband so they sound proofed this place. No sounds leave this room bitch,” Ashley explained.

“What do you want from me,” Taylor asked.

“A night of fucking the living hell out of your rail-thin body,” Ashley stated blatantly. “If you copororate than I’ll go easier on you, but if you aren’t a submissive cunt then I’ll beat you until you are,” Ashley told her.

“I’ll tell everyone what you’ve done,” Taylor threatened.

“I’ll tell them you’re into kinky sex and can produce some of your conquests that can back me up. Any other threats,” Ashley laughed.

Momsen was quiet. She was screwed and she knew it. Ashley had her at her mercy and she was along for the ride.

“Fine, I’ll play along,” Taylor conceded.


“Holy hell,” Taylor screamed after being whipped 3 times with the riding crop.

“I didn’t like how it took you so long to give in,” Ashley told her. “Look how red your tight little ass is already.”

“Okay okay I’m yours all night just please no more of that,” Momsen begged.

“We’ll see. Now I’m going to release one hand for you,” Ashley explained as she did so. “I’m going to squirt some lube on your asshole now I want you to finger yourself.”

“Go to hell,” Momsen shot back.


“AHHH,” Taylor screamed.

“I said finger your ass. I won’t ask again. And be grateful I gave you oil to use,” Ashley ordered while yanking on her long blonde hair.

“Fine I’ll do it,” Momsen replied.

Reaching her skinny hand behind her back, Taylor gathered the lube that Ashley had left as a dollop in her ass crack. Pushing it further down onto her tight rosebud, Momsen rubbed it around before dipping a finger inside.

“Ugh,” Taylor grunted as her virgin asshole was penetrated for the first time.

“First timer I see,” Ashley smiled sadistically. “That’s it, increase the tempo blondie.”

Despite some pain for having enter her ass for the first time ever, after awhile the pain subsided and it started to feel good. The emo girl was now pushing her entire finger up her backside with ease and was no longer grunting.

“Now a second finger,” Ashley ordered.

Taylor didn’t resist this time and did what her master ordered. She didn’t do it this willing because the brunette told her so, but rather because she thought it would feel good. She was pleased to find that after her sphincter adjusted to the larger intrusion that she was back to receive pleasure from it.

Ashley let the skinny blonde drill into herself for a few minutes. For some reason she was really getting off on watching the bitchy teenager degrade herself.

“If you’re into ass all of a sudden, why don’t we broaden your horizons,” Ashley told her slave.

Before Taylor could ask what she meant, Ashley was in front of her face. The brunette grinned then turned around, bent over and backed her sweet ass into Taylor’s face. Momsen didn’t have to have a doctorate degree to know what Ashley intended for her to do. While still fingering her own asshole, the tall blonde stuck her tongue out and started licking the brunette’s rosebud.

“Don’t be shy bitch, get right in there,” Ashley encouraged.

Curious as to the taste, Momsen did as her master told her. Sticking her tongue straight out, she wiggled it past Ashley’s sphincter and into her anus. Taylor was pleasantly surprised to find it tasted nothing like she had imagine and eagerly went about lapping Ashley’s inner walls.

With Taylor licking inside her ass and her own fingers thrusting in her pussy, Ashley was building a pretty big orgasm. It helped that the blonde was still penetrating herself as her moans caused her tongue to vibrate while in her hole. Finally Ashley pushed herself over the edge when thinking about how disgraced the normally tough talking Momsen was currently.

“OH BABY,” Ashley screamed while hitting her climax.

She felt her hand become soaked in her own juices as she came violently. Ashley brought her fingers up to her mouth but then decided it would be better to share with her slave.

“Open up,” Ashley ordered as she pushed her three fingers into Taylor’s mouth. “Suck them dry.”

“Please don’t do that,” Taylor begged once she finished sucking Ashley’s fingers off and the brunette threw her wrist back in the restraints. “I was so close.”

“You’re such an anal whore already!” Ashley mocked. “You almost came just be plowing your own asshole. Wow. Total slut.”

“Fuck you Ashley,” Taylor shot back.

“You dumb whore. Will you never learn,” Ashley provoked before smacking the crop down hard on the blonde’s extremely red ass.

Ashley disappeared out of the door for a minute before returning with a few more toys. Taylor did her best to crane her neck and see what was in store for her but the restraints were too much.

“I’ll behave from now on just more whipping,” Momsen pleaded.

“That all depends on you and your horrible attitude,” Ashley reasoned. “Now back to the fun.”

“What now,” Taylor asked.

“This is an anal plug. It’s pretty big but I think you can take it,” Ashley revealed.

“How big,” Momsen asked with a mixture of fear and wonder.

Ashley walked over to her head and showed the blonde the latest toy. It would only go about 6 inches up her rear but it was widest at the end, measuring easily 3 inches in diameter. Before Taylor could protest, the brunette shoved the tip on the plug into her mouth, preventing her complaints. Ashley kept pushing but no matter how much force she added, the restrained blonde couldn’t fit the massive girth between her lips.

“Now we don’t have to use lube with all the spit you put on this,” Ashley noted. “I’ll start slow with you baby. After all, this is a marathon, not a sprint.”

“No please! It’s way to big!” Taylor shrieked.

“Don’t worry Taylor. I have faith in you,” Ashley smirked. “And I grabbed this because I have a feeling your voice will really start to annoy me.”

Ashley picked up the ball gag she grabbed from her last visit to the toy table and placed it in the skinny girl’s mouth. She wrapped the strap around the back of her head so that no matter how hard she tried, the blonde wouldn’t be able to spit out the device.

With the butt plug glistening in spit, Ashley walked back around and placed the tip against Taylor’s rosebud. Giving it some force, the brunette forced the first 2 inches of the cone-shaped toy into the freshman’s tight asshole. Ashley felt the blonde’s hole clasp tighter at the point, which was at the same time Taylor whimpered.

“I won’t force it cutie. We have all night,” Ashley told her.

The brunette withdrew most of the toy before re-inserting it back into her anus to the same point. Momsen whimpered again but Ashley ignored it and continued to work the 2 inches into her ass while constantly increasing the pace. After each pass, the blonde’s hole would expand to the same point before not allowing the plastic toy to gain any further access.

“Look how big your asshole is now Taylor! I wish you could see it. No guy will ever want to fuck you back here because it’ll be just too loose. And have fun sitting for the next week,” Ashley continued to taunt the younger girl.

“Mmmph mmmmh,” Taylor grunted, the gag preventing her rage-fueled rant from being heard.

“That should loosen you up a bit,” Ashley said once her arm began to tire from the constant thrusting. “I’ll take the gag out now, but any yelling or swearing and I’ll turn your ass perma-red with wilts. Understand?”

Taylor took a minute to compose her emotions before nodding once in response to the older girl’s question. Ashley reached down and undid the device, allowing the lanky blonde to suck in some deep breathes after nearly 30 minutes of only having short inhalations.

“You know I’ve never used one of these but I’m pretty excited,” Ashley told the younger girl. “I imagine I just step into the harness then tighten the straps.”

“If you’re excited then you can imagine how happy I am for you,” Momsen commented.

“Was that sarcasm,” Ashley asked her while reaching for the whip.

“No no. Not at all,” Momsen backtracked.

“That’s what I thought. Now tell me you want this big fake cock in your ass,” Ashley told her.

“It’s too big,” Momsen reasoned. “It’ll rip me in half.”

“Oh don’t be so dramatic. It’ll be fun. $20 bucks says you’ll get off,” Ashley told the frightened girl. “I’ll use loads of lube and take it slow…at first.”

The blonde held firmly in the wooden guillotine took a big gulp as she saw Ashley disappear behind her. She heard the brunette squeeze out some liquid onto the tip of the dildo then felt the oily head rub around her rosebud. Her backdoor wasn’t nearly as tight as it was prior to tonight but she still doubted she could take much of the new toy Ashley was going to use.

“Just relax,” Ashley told her. “Breathe in…now out.”

“Ugh,” Taylor grunted once again as another plastic object was thrust into her bowels.

Much to the blonde-haired girl’s surprise, Ashley did as she promised and took it slow. Momsen had loosened up after the sadistic brunette attempted to ram her asshole with a massive butt plug, but Ashley was still going at a low tempo so Taylor didn’t feel excessive pain.

Ashley decided to work the fake cock in an inch at a time and give the taller girl a chance to adjust. After a few minutes though, Taylor was now taking the entire 9-inch dildo into her backdoor without a fuss. Pleased with the progress, the older girl increased the pace so now she was stroking the whole shaft in and out of her anus at a high speed.

“Ooh, ooh, aww,” Taylor moaned in pleasure.

“I fucking knew that you were an anal whore,” Ashley gloated when she noticed the freshman was getting off by anal sex.

“Please don’t stop this time,” Taylor begged. “This orgasm has been building for an hour now.”

“And what will you do for me,” Ashley asked while slowing down, letting Taylor know that she could stop at any moment.

“I’ll eat you out for the rest of the night and make you cum time and time again,” Momsen bargained.

“Deal. You can climax now,” Ashley told the girl before slamming the dildo back into her to the hilt.

“OH YES,” Taylor screamed in pleasure as her asshole was plowed into. “Rub my clit please.”

Ashley loved how Taylor used proper manners to ask for her to do something. The brunette complied with the lanky girl’s wish and used her one hand to get her off with while the other hand grasped her hip and pulled back on to increase the force of the thrusts.

“I’m cumming,” Taylor wailed in bliss as she had her long awaited orgasm.

“Now the fun begins. Hope you had coffee tonight because it’s going to be a real long night blondie,” Ashley told the exhausted girl.

“Payback’s a bitch,” Taylor told herself. Those 3 words would be the only reason she makes it through the night but she promised herself she’d make Ashley Greene pay for this.


Meanwhile, back out in the living room, the six remaining players continued their game. Sarah and Kristen were nearly neck-and-neck for the lead as they both had acquired quite a bit of others clothing. The four others had most of their own costume and the odd piece of someone else’s.

“What the hell, I’m all-in,” Swift announced after realizing that she now had a pair of aces with only one more card left to be shown.

Taylor had been playing fairly conservatively so far in the game and had only lost her shoes. Now was the time to make her move and cut into the pile of clothes that Sarah and Kristen had been collecting.

“Yeah know what Swifty, I think you’re bluffing,” Vanessa told the Southern beauty. “I’m in there with you.”

“I’m pretty sure you both have shit but I have even worse than that,” Sarah grunted. “But get stripping ladies. Especially you Taylor, that dress will take some effort.”

The remaining crowd watched on as Taylor and Vanessa stood up from the table. As Taylor started undoing buttons down the front of her flowing gown, Vanessa was much faster in getting naked. The dark haired girl had her sunglasses, sandals and swimsuit on the table in no time at all.

Vanessa was proud of her body, despite it not being stick thin. She loved how she was curvy, as guys constantly complimented her on how nice her ass is or how they love watching her tits bounce.

“There,” Taylor said once getting her old-style dress off.

Hayden had been very cautious in dealing with her roommate for most of the evening, especially in regards to eye contact. The last thing she wanted was to catch a glimpse of the cold look in Taylor’s eye that she was seemingly always glaring. However, the small blonde couldn’t help but stare. She must have seen Taylor naked every day for the past 2 months, but Hayden was caught breathless each and every time.

“I agree with Sarah that you both have nothing. I’ll put some of these clothes on the line to find out,” Kristen told them. Due to the amount of clothing she had already won in the game thus far, the auburn haired girl didn’t have to get naked herself.

With everyone else folding, it was Taylor with a pair of aces, Vanessa with absolutely nothing and Kristen with a 2 and 5. The last card was flipped over and revealed a 4 of hearts and Taylor started to celebrate.

“I won I won,” Swifty cheered.

“Not so fast,” Kristen told her. I have a straight draw. Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5. I win actually.”

“Crap,” Taylor swore.

“Don’t worry Taylor. Let’s go out on the terrace. I’ve already picked out this nice strap on dildo we can have with,” Vanessa told the taller girl.

“Um sure. Let’s go outside and you can fuck me so hard that I’ll cum for hours,” Taylor answered while staring straight at Hayden to make her jealous.

The four remaining players watched as Vanessa and Taylor left hand in hand and vanished out the balcony sliding door. Hayden did feel jealousy and hurt, hating the fact that Taylor was trying to make her feel like shit.

“You’re going to have to make a move soon Hayden or else you’ll just slowly lose all your clothes to me,” Kristen told the small blonde.

“Back off Kristen, I know what I’m doing,” Hayden lied. Truth was she was a horrible poker player.

“Seems like ever since your little girlfriend snuck off onto the balcony with Vanessa that you’ve been sulking,” Nina mocked.

“Screw you,” Hayden spat back. “She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Prove it then,” Nina bantered back.


“Follow me to the washroom and lets have a good time,” Nina offered.

“I don’t need to prove anything to anyone,” Hayden replied angrily.

“If you love Taylor so much than why didn’t you say yes when she asked to go out with you,” Nina continued, really pushing the cheerleader’s buttons.

Nina wondered if she had pushed the little blonde too far after that last comment. Hayden had been silent for a few seconds now, which was out of character for the usual chatty co-ed. Finally Hayden found words to reply.

“Let’s go then,” Hayden told Nina.

“You two quitting?” Sarah asked the pair.

“Yup. Just divide up the clothing we’ve each won and split it between yourselves,” Nina told the two remaining players.

Nina reached out and took the blonde’s hand and led her down the hall. The last door was the washroom, its door hanging wide open. They entered and Nina immediately shut the door then swung back around to be face-to-face with Hayden.

“You sure you want this pom-poms,” Nina asked the girl who still had her cheerleading uniform perfectly intact.

Again it took Hayden longer than normal to muster a reply. It was quite clear to Nina that the little blonde would have preferred to be with her roommate Taylor but for some reason she was resisting that urge.

Finally Hayden answered her question by taking Nina’s face in her hands and kissing her roughly. Their lips clattered together with force, catching the brunette by surprise at first. It didn’t take long for the girls to introduce their tongues into the kissing but they were just as likely to stay in their mouths as they were to sloppily lick each other’s face.

“Don’t touch the costume pom poms,” Nina told her when she felt Hayden start to unzip her top. “It turns me on.”

“Whatever you want,” Hayden replied before re-engaging the Canadian in kissing.

Hayden’s hands roamed all over Nina’s lean body until arriving at the hem of her hockey jersey. The blonde lifted the sweater upwards until Nina helped her get it over her head, leaving the olive-skinned girl in only her bra and panties as they continued to hungrily smack their lips together.

“Finish the job Panettiere. Get the rest of my stuff off,” Nina encouraged the oddly hesitant girl.

Hayden reached around her body and undid Nina’s bra strap and threw it haphazardly to the floor. Nina and Hayden had similar tits in which they were both perky B-cups that man or woman would love to suck on.

The blonde pulled Nina in tight and started sucking along her neck, getting raspy moans from the taller girl. Hayden slowly started her descent down the brunette’s slim body; lingering with her mouth over each of her hard, pink nipples. As much as Hayden would have liked to stay there longer, she continued to kiss down Nina’s flat stomach until the blonde found herself on her knees and eye level with her panty-covered pussy.

“I can smell your excitement through your thong,” Hayden told the Canadian.

“You’re a hot piece of ass Hayden,” Nina complemented her as she felt her thong being pulled away from between her ass cheeks.

Hayden took her time removing Nina’s underwear because she absolutely loved the brunette’s legs. Long, athletic yet slim and the same skin tone as the rest of her delicate body, Hayden couldn’t help but reach a hand under her own skirt and slip a finger in her pussy.

“Getting horny pom poms,” Nina asked rhetorically after noticing that the cheerleader was getting herself off.

“Little bit,” Hayden moaned.

“Well don’t forget about me while your down there,” Nina told her as she lifted one of her long legs up and rested it on the blonde’s shoulder.

Nina had given Hayden great access to her pussy and she wasn’t about to pass that up. Just like every other member of the volleyball team, Nina’s pussy was completely shaved bald. This allowed the blonde to tease her more as Hayden kissed all along Nina’s inner thighs then up above her folds until her tongue finally found her hole.

“Oh yeah,” Nina groaned as the blonde’s tongue probed in her pussy.

Both girls were making good use of their hands as Hayden continued to go down on Nina. The brunette, who had now taken a seat on the edge of the tub, was working over her own tits while Hayden was now thrusting three fingers in and out of her drenched pussy.

“You taste so sweet,” Hayden commented before going straight back to work.

“Now I know why Swifty is so broken up that you wouldn’t commit to her,” Nina told the energetic blonde.

Nina could tell right away her words hurt Hayden as the smaller girl stopped licking her at the fierce tempo she had set earlier. The Canadian felt bad, but it was Hayden’s choice to cast Taylor away and to end up with her in the washroom tonight.

The sexy brunette decided to help encourage the cheerleader so she wrapped her legs around Hayden’s head and squeezed her in tight to her pussy. Hayden’s mouth was pushed right against her pink folds with barely enough of a gap to draw air into her lungs.

“That’s better,” Nina sighed as she felt Hayden’s tongue shove inside her and start licking her inner walls.

Hayden had removed her hand from her own crotch when Nina tried suffocating her in her pussy and was using it to now rub the brunette’s exposed clit. Nina noticed the way the light glistened off the blonde’s fingers and realized that hand must have been the one Hayden was using to get off.

“Use your other hand for that,” Nina instructed as she pulled Hayden’s arm away from her clit.

The blonde didn’t know why Nina pulled her arm up and away from her, especially since she was using that hand to get the Canadian off with. Her intentions became clear to Hayden when she felt her fingers glide along Nina’s lips before she started to suck on them.

“Yup, you taste sweet as hell,” Nina told the lesbian blonde between her legs. “Taylor’s been a luck girl to get to taste your delicious juices for this long.”

Nina was already prepared for Hayden’s reaction so used her legs again to press the blonde’s adorable face back into her pussy. The Canadian was too close to an orgasm to risk Hayden getting too emotional and blowing it for her.

“Ahhh. Ohhh. You’re so good at that baby,” Nina cooed as she grinded her wet pussy on Hayden’s face.

Hayden managed to pushed with her one free hand and get enough space to breathe through but that was all. With the tight grip she was in, the only way she could get out of it was getting Nina to completely relax. Using all her lesbian training she received from Taylor over the past months, Hayden used her tongue to get the horny brunette off as fast as possible.

“Keep going pom poms,” Nina encouraged. She sat further forward as she felt her muscles begin to tense.

Hayden knew the Canadian was close as she felt her body start to go rigid. Unfortunately for her, Nina’s legs were now clinched even tighter, making breathing extremely hard. Hayden took one last inhalation before lapping at the inside of the brunette’s pussy with as much force as she could generate, hoping to give her an orgasm before passing out.

“OH YES,” Nina screamed before slumping backwards.

Hayden felt her tongue flooded with Nina’s juices as the brunette climaxed on her mouth. Despite her face being red from lack of oxygen, Hayden greedily lapped up all of the Canadian’s honey-flavored liquid.

“Okay you’re turn blondie,” Nina told the cheerleader after a brief recovery from her orgasm.

“I thought you’d never offer,” Hayden replied as she got to her feet again.

“Bend over the sink and push that plump ass out,” Nina demanded.

Hayden complied by doing as her slightly older teammate asked. Nina got on her knees behind the cheerleader, reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down and off her legs. Flipping her skirt onto Hayden’s back to get it out of the way, Nina was now eye to eye with the blonde’s pretty pussy.

“You’re already so damn wet,” Nina commented before dipping her tongue inside her hole to get a taste.

“Aww. Yeah I am,” Hayden moaned in response.

“And this asshole looks so sexy I can’t help myself,” Nina told her as she darted her tongue inside the cheerleader’s gaped backdoor.

“It’s very lickable,” Hayden encouraged her teammate.

“Do you like it when Swifty puts a finger up your ass,” Nina asked as she completely pushed her middle finger into Hayden’s tight backside.

“Um, yeah she does that sometimes,” Hayden stuttered.

“What about when Taylor has a finger in your ass and your pussy,” Nina bantered while now double penetrating the shorter girl with a finger in each hole.

“Sure that feels good,” Hayden replied, clearly rattled from hearing Taylor’s name continuously brought up.

“Does it make you hornier knowing that her and Vanessa are doing the same thing right now? That Taylor’s legs are probably wrapped around Nessa’s body as she fucks her with a strap-on dildo,” Nina taunted.

Something finally snapped in Hayden. She realized that randomly hooking up with people was fun and she liked being free, but more than that she loved Taylor. She loved hanging out with her, talking to her and just being with her. It was killing her that they hadn’t talked in a few days and that Swifty hated her right now.

“I can’t do this Nina. I’m really sorry,” Hayden told the brunette as she moved away from her.

“Took you long enough to realize you love her,” Nina replied. “Go get her pom poms.”

Hayden figured out that this was Nina’s plan all along. She wanted to hug the brunette and thank her a million times for helping her get to the conclusion that she wanted to be with Taylor, but decided that could wait. She had a tall blonde to beg to take her back.

Hayden gave Nina a big smile then rushed out of the bathroom. Sprinting down the hall, the short blonde opened the balcony door and jumped outside. Taylor and Vanessa weren’t doing anything sexual, but rather Vanessa was being a shoulder for Swifty to cry on.

The naked pair broke their embrace when they heard a body join them on the balcony. Vanessa smiled brightly while Taylor did her best to hide the fact she was just crying.

“Would you mind if I talked to her alone,” Hayden asked Vanessa.

“By all means,” Vanessa replied as she promptly left the balcony. Once back inside, she gave Nina a high five.

“Wanna go celebrate our plan working out so well,” Nina asked the dark-haired girl.

“Thought you’d never ask,” Vanessa replied with a grin as they ducked into the study.

“Can we talk without you storming out or yelling at me please,” Hayden asked her roommate.

“You have 4 minutes,” Taylor answered.

“I don’t need four minutes, I need four words. I love you Taylor,” Hayden blurted out.

“You do,” Taylor asked both stunned and pleased.

“I was scared of losing you as a friend if anything went wrong. Now I realize that this will just make our friendship stronger,” Hayden told her.

Taylor jumped up from her seat and rushed the cheerleader. The pair embraced in a long, hard hug before Hayden broke it and gave the much taller blonde a passionate kiss.


“So it’s just me and you left,” Sarah stated.

“Yup. You’re a pretty good player you know,” Kristen complimented.

“Appreciate that. How’d you get so good at such a young age,” Sarah asked the college sophomore.

“Online poker. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted,” Kristen admitted.

“So we’re pretty evenly matched. I mean we’ve been playing just the two of us for 20 minutes with no real change. We need a way to end this,” Sarah explained to the college student.

“That’s true. What did you have in mind? We both go all-in without ever looking at our hands?” Kristen asked.

“That’s not a bad idea but I had something else in mind,” Sarah replied. “I’m not going to lie to you. I think you’re extremely sexy. I wanna fuck you really bad.”

“Wow. Okay. You caught me a little off guard,” Kristen answered.

“Ashley told me you’re not really into girls,” Sarah said.

“Yeah I’ve only experimented once and that was with my boyfriend with us,” Kristen explained. “Sorry.”

“How about this. We play the next hand and winner gets their way,” Sarah proposed.

“So if I win then we don’t have sex and if you win then we do?”

“We’ve got a smart one here,” Sarah joked. “How does that sound?”

“I don’t stand to win very much,” Kristen said.

“What would you like then? I paid evening out for you and your boyfriend? I’ll have my husband even get you guys into a movie premiere, reservation at a fancy French restaurant and even hook you up with my place alone for the night. Sound more interesting now,” Sarah asked, trying to play into the girl’s gambling addiction.

“I feel bad for making you go to such lengths when I win. Deal the cards,” Kristen told her, shaking Sarah’s hand to confirm the wager.

The two girls shoved all the clothing they had won into the middle of the table but kept their own costumes on for now. Sarah dealt herself a pretty bad hand of a jack and eight, off suit. Kristen was pleased with her hand of a king and jack of clubs.

Sarah flipped over 3 cards that didn’t really help anyone, although on of the cards gave Kristen a third club. A fourth card was revealed, an ace of clubs. Finally the sexy vampire flipped over the last card and gave Kristen her flush with 5 cards of the same suit.

“So remember, the winner of this hands gets either a night full of sex or a great date night,” Sarah reminded the younger girl.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten,” Kristen told her. She was just about to show Sarah her winning hand, since nothing Sarah could have would beat her, but the devil on her shoulder started to convince her to fold her cards.

“Come on. You liked when Ashley went down on your pussy a few weeks ago and you’d love to see how a woman with ten more years of experience would be,” the devil told her.

“But cheating is cheating. It’s wrong,” the angel countered.

“Call Bobby right now. I dare you. He’d encourage you to fuck Sarah. And you know you get wet whenever the coach wears any revealing clothes,” the devil convinced.

“But we’ll get a lovely night out with your sweetheart,” the angel told her.

“He just started a new job and already promised a nice date every weekend. Who knows, if you fuck her good enough then Sarah might even give you that date anyway,” the devil continued.

“The little red guy has got a point. Let the coach use your body like an amusement park,” the angel told her before both sides of her conscience disappeared.

“I fold,” Kristen said while throwing down her cards and putting them in the pile before Sarah could see what she had.

“Then shall we,” Sarah suggested as she got up from the table.

“A bet is a bet,” Kristen replied as they made their way towards the master bedroom.

“Do you know why I invited you tonight,” Sarah asked the dark-haired girl.

“It was a team party,” Kristen answered as the coach closed the door behind them. “I’m kinda a member of the team so I figured that’s why.”

“Normally yes but not tonight. This was a party for the players to get their heads in order because they were shit on the court. I made sure you came because I find you so sexy,” Sarah told the 1940’s army nurse as she stalked her from behind.

“I’m flattered,” Kristen blushed while feeling the coach start to rub her shoulders.

“I’m going to go slip into something more comfortable. You stay just as you are,” Sarah told her before disappearing into the in-suite washroom.

As Sarah disappeared, Kristen had time to think for the first time since their wager was started. The dark-haired girl wasn’t lying when she told the volleyball coach that she’d only had one lesbian experience in the past, and that was part of a threesome with a boy.

As the nerves welled up in Kristen’s stomach, she decided to have a seat on the large king-sized bed. While still full dressed in her old-style nurse uniform, the college student relaxed a bit as the satin sheets put her mind more at ease. But the feelings of either she’d be good in bed for a woman or even just what to do were still present in her consciousness.

“Hope I didn’t keep you too long,” Sarah said as she emerged back in the large master bedroom.

“You look….stunning,” Kristen told her.

Sarah had taken off her vampire costume and had put on a much sexier silk nightgown. The lingerie was a size or two too small as the gown ended halfway down the coach’s ass and also was crushing her mostly sized tits into revealing a lot of cleavage.

“You look pretty damn fine yourself,” Sarah told the usually shy girl as she approached her slowly.

“I’m nowhere near as pretty as you, or even most of the girls on the team,” Kristen conceded. “I feel bad because if I wasn’t so good of a poker player than you’d be here with someone else.”

“Silly girl,” Sarah said before leaning over the younger girl and giving her a soft kiss. “I think everyone here would agree that you’re not needed to have proper team chemistry. I invited you here tonight because I wanted you here for this reason right now.”

“Oh,” Kristen muttered.

“So even though I adore your naïve and self-conscience personality, let’s bring out the sex demon in you now,” Sarah explained.

Kristen pulled the volleyball coach on top of her, obviously feeling much better after having her ego rubbed by such a smart and beautiful woman. Sarah opened her legs and straddled the dark-haired girl around the waist as the pair eagerly sought out each other’s mouths.

As their tongues wrestled for dominance during kissing, Sarah started to remove Kristen’s sexy costume. First to go was the burette, which caused her long, dark hair to fall down onto her shoulders and back. The blonde broke the kiss so she could kiss her away down Kristen’s body, starting at her neck.

“You’re skin is so soft,” Sarah told her.

“Those kisses feel so good,” Kristen complimented.

Once the blonde got to the nape of her neck, Sarah started undoing the buttons of her shirt. As more of Kristen’s skin became available, Sarah hungrily took advantage by getting her lips on the milky white flesh. Once the last button was undone, the experienced blonde discarded of the shirt to leave the college student with only a bra covering her modest yet perky tits.

Not waiting for the volleyball coach, Kristen arched her back and unclasped her bra, throwing it to the side. Sarah liked her lips before lowering her mouth and using her moist tongue to target the dark-haired girl’s pink nipples.

“Mmm,” Kristen moaned while thrusting her tits further forward into the blonde’s mouth.

Sarah smiled to herself, “Moaning already? We haven’t even got to the good stuff yet.”

Kristen felt the smooth hands of the volleyball coach clutch her hips before she was jerked from her reclined position so that now her ass we sitting near the edge of the bad. The co-ed instinctively spread her legs open as they dangled over the edge of the bed.

“Now we start getting to the good stuff,” Sarah told her young lover.

The coach hooked her fingers onto the top of Kristen’s skirt and applied pressure. The college student got the hint and raised her ass off the bed enough so that the unneeded clothing could be pulled off her. Sarah saved time by taking Kristen’s panties down while she was busy with the skirt, leaving the dark-haired girl completely exposed.

“I’m so horny right now,” Kristen admitted, sensing that the blonde would soon find out for herself.

Sarah got to her knees so she was level with Kristen’s smooth pussy with the only exception being a thin strip of hair. The experienced lesbian took a moment to take in the sight before diving in.

“Ohhh,” Kristen gasped as Sarah’s tongue plunged into her moistened hole.

The younger girl could have burst at any moment. It wasn’t because the blonde was great at doing what she was doing though, even though Sarah was performing a great job. Sadly it had been almost 2 weeks since her and her boyfriend have had sex. Ever since he started that new job she was either on the phone all the time or away for half the night.

Sarah normally would have taken her time between someone’s legs, showing off her full array of skills but not tonight. Her plan to fuck one of the hotter girls she knew on campus had taken some time to come together and she had zero patience left at this point.

Kristen was responding just as the blonde had hoped for, with loud and near constant screams of approval. Sarah continued to shove her tongue straight into the dark-haired girl’s pussy over and over again until the younger girl was on the edge of explosion.

“Yes, owww, awww, yes,” Kristen moaned while in pure bliss.

Knowing she was close, Sarah knew just how to push her into her first of many orgasms she’d have this night. Replacing her tongue with two fingers, the blonde worked them into her tight pussy while using her newly freed tongue on Kristen’s exposed clitoris.

“Aww, aww, aww, oooooooohhhhhhhh,” Kristen screamed as her cum flowed out onto Sarah’s fingers that were still firmly planted in her hole.

As soon as she felt the blast of liquid on her fingers, Sarah lowered her mouth so that she could suck up all of Kristen’s delectable nectar.

“Yum. You taste really good,” Sarah praised.

“I’ll take your word for it,” the naked and exhausted girl replied.

Sarah stood up and planted a long kiss on Kristen’s mouth, pushing whatever of the girl’s cum she could into her unexpecting mouth, “Now you know for yourself.”

“I am tasty,” Kristen said amazed. Using her hands to hold Sarah’s head still, the younger girl licked the coach’s face for any remaining traces of her cum that flowed out of her mouth.

“I think it’s time I repay the favor,” Kristen told her new lover.

“Have you ever done this before,” Sarah asked before resuming kissing the younger girl.

“No but I’m a quick learner and very willing,” Kristen replied while lifting the extremely short nightgown over Sarah’s head.

“I’ll walk you through it. Just remember that enthusiasm generally makes up for a lack of practice,” Sarah advised.

With Sarah now lying on the bed, Kristen crawled downwards until nestled in between her tanned thighs. If she thought for a second then she would have realized that the only thing harder than pleasuring a woman for the first time was doing it upside down but that was the last thing she considered.

“So do you want me to use my fingers or mouth or what,” Kristen asked, her naivety coming to the forefront.

“Do whatever feels right. Follow your instincts,” Sarah replied.

“Does this feel good,” Kristen asked her as she dipped a finger into Sarah’s already wet hole.

“That’s a good start. Keep building on that,” Sarah encouraged.

“How about adding to it,” Kristen said as she slid a second finger into Sarah’s damp cunt.

The auburn-haired girl sunk her fingers in deeper and moved them around. Kristen didn’t have a great idea of what she was doing, but judging by the choruses of “oh” she was getting from the volleyball coach, she figured she was doing a good enough job.

“Now use your tongue sweetheart,” Sarah demanded from the first-time lesbian.

Even though a tad nervous, Kristen replaced her sticky fingers with her inexperienced tongue. She was pleasantly surprised that Sarah had a tasty flavor to her pussy, reminding her of pineapple. Feeling motivated, Kristen forgot all about the butterflies floating in her stomach and let loose.

“Yesss,” Sarah cooed in response to Kristen’s sloppy tongue attach on her pussy.

“You seemed to like when I used my fingers so why don’t I use both together,” Kristen asked the more practiced woman.

“Go wherever your intuition takes you,” the blonde replied.

Using her tongue and 2 fingers in unison, Kristen was able to get both into Sarah’s pussy at the same time. While pumping her hand in and out of the wet pussy, her tongue explored the blonde’s inner walls, occasionally slipping out to lick the entire length of her pink folds.

“Damn that’s so good,” Sarah moaned. “You sure you’re not lying about this being your first time?”

“Can’t talk. Licking pussy,” Kristen managed to say before getting back to the task at hand.

“Oh goooooddddd, I’m cumming,” Sarah shrieked as her body was rocked by a powerful orgasm.

For only the second or third time in her life, Sarah actually squirted when she came. Kristen hadn’t been expecting it and was smacked with nearly a half gallon of fluid into her adorable face.

“Holy hell! What was that,” Kristen screamed. “Did I do something wrong? Was that normal?”

“Relax sweetie. I squirted when I came. It sometimes happens to people after an intense orgasm. You should give yourself a pat on the back,” Sarah told the girl whose face was still extremely wet.

“So I did good,” Kristen asked while kneeling next to the coach.

“Better than that. You did amazing,” Sarah replied as she sat up and kissed the younger student. “Now go clean up and we can have more fun.”

“Would love to,” Kristen answered, practically running to the washroom to tidy up before more hot sex with the gorgeous blonde.


The sun had just risen, ending a near perfect night for the volleyball team. Coach Sarah slept soundly that night, feeling like the team had really bonded. She had a great sleep that night alongside the younger Kristen, who she had fancied for quite some time. She woke up early that morning and decided to check how the rest of the team made out.

The feud between freshmen roommates appeared to be over as Sarah found Taylor Swift and Hayden cuddling out on the patio on a standing hammock. She had heard enough of their fighting over the past few days to know that Swift had laid her heart on the line and it got crushed. Based on the way they were currently, she felt like everything was resolved though.

As she passed by her guest bedroom, the door was closed tightly. Thinking back, she remembered that Ashley and Momsen were the ones who were occupying that space. Sarah was tempted to poke her head in but Momsen was acting like a regular, normal girl the entire night so she doubted that the freshman had found trouble, especially given Ashley squeaky-clean image. Little did the coach know of the abuse Momsen had endured for hours.

Wandering past the study Sarah couldn’t help but notice Nina and Vanessa sleeping soundly on an air mattress. The couple looked gorgeous together as their naked olive-skinned bodies clung tight to each other. They needed no blankets throughout the night, the pair content on keeping each other warm using their own body heat.

Walking a little further she entered her living room. Bodies were draped every which way in the large room. Carrie had managed to snag the couch to sleep on but hadn’t managed to dress herself. Megan, Olivia and Amanda’s bodies were laying on any available floor space, their limbs thrown about making them look exhausted after a night of non-stop sexual action. Scarlett was missing from the fray, but Sarah figured the busty blonde may have gotten up earlier and left without waking anyone.

Sarah stepped over her player’s bodies, not wanting to stomp on any of the slumbering beauties. Finally she made her way into the dining room, which served as the location of the strip poker match. Just as she was about to enter the kitchen, she heard someone talking so decided to wait and give them some space.

“Yes the time difference is 8 hours but the weather alone is worth the trip,” Scarlett’s voice sounded into her cellular phone.

“Quite a few members of the team can surf actually and I imagine they’ll all be fighting over who gets to give you some lessons,” Scarlett replied into the phone.

“So you were satisfied with the presentation my three employees gave,” Scarlett said, Sarah knowing she meant the three recruiters that work under her. Whoever the blonde was talking with must have been an important recruit if she sent three people on a plane ride 8 hours away.

“Fantastic! I’m happy to hear that you’re in. We’re losing a member of the team over the winter so a spot will be available for you to step right into. So as soon as the team starts up after Christmas you’ll be on the court with them,” Scarlett told whoever was on the other end.

“Leighton will be at your place in an hour to get you to sign the forms than we’ll push through your paperwork and get you your student visa. Great talking to you too. Bye now,” Scarlett said before hanging up the phone.

“What was that,” Sarah asked after entering the kitchen.

“That was some great news,” Scarlett replied with a big grin on her pretty face. “We just landed the top rated youth player in the United Kingdom and she’s agreed to start school in January.”

“You don’t mean E—“

“Yeah that’s right,” Scarlett cut in, knowing exactly who Sarah was about to mention.

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