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Celebs of choice in this story are Alyson Michalka, Amanda Michalka, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, and Elizabeth Gillies. The codes are (Mf, FF, cons, oral, anal, 1st). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

This story is three little vignettes revolving around Santa Claus and Christmas. If that doesn’t work for you, then you don’t have to read it. Pretty simple really. Hopefully KMB, the resident U2 fanatic, doesn’t find the segment titles to be blasphemous or anything.

By voodoojoe

Hold Her, Thrill Her, Kiss Her, Drill Her

Stepping out of his sleigh, Santa Claus slung his sack over his shoulder. His breath came out in a small cloud of moisture as he walked across the rooftop. He felt the crunch of the pristine snow underneath his feet as he made his way towards the chimney.

Dropping his red velvet sack down the chimney, he lifted one leg after the other over the edge until he was sitting with both legs dangling over in the void. Pushing off the ledge, he slid down the pipe easily. Bending his knees to cushion his landing, Santa landed with only the slightest thump.

Quietly Santa went to work pulling presents out of his sack and sliding them under the brightly lit tree.

One of the big myths was that Santa was fat when in reality it wasn’t until after Christmas when the milk and cookies from millions of homes around the world started to kick in. After a reasonable vacation after Christmas, he spent months tirelessly losing the weight and getting into better shape than a prize fighter so he could handle the workload on Christmas Eve.

“Anything in there for us?” Alyson Michalka asked from the foot of the stairs with her sister, Amanda, standing next to her.

“Naughty girls get lumps of coal,” Santa said. “And what you two have been up to certainly qualifies as naughty.”

“You sure we can’t change your mind?” Amanda, or AJ as most people called her, asked.

Over the years as the world got more liberal the definition of what was naughty and what wasn’t had changed. But some things would always be considered naughty, except maybe in Tennessee. Of course, one of the perks of the gig was when some of the naughty girls tried to get him to give them gifts anyways.

His father had managed to resist the temptation, but when he’d been handed the title of Santa a decade ago Nick Kringle XXIV had reveled in the attention. Every year hundreds of amazing looking women begged to have sex with him for some reason or another and he’d quickly figured out that getting through houses as fast as possible would free up a little time in his schedule for a couple quickies each year.

“I think I might have something in the sack for each of you, but you’d have to earn them,” Santa said, looking Aly up and down in the tank top and boxers she was wearing.

“We were to taught to earn everything we get,” AJ said, causing Santa to shift some of his ogling to her in her pink babydoll nightie that barely came down far enough to cover her panties.

“Good,” Santa said, reaching into his sack and shifting stuff around.

When he didn’t find what he was looking for, he reached in further, up to his shoulder, before finding what he wanted. Pulling out two boxes, he handed the long, skinny box wrapped in silver paper to Aly. The shorter, wider box in the green wrapping paper was handed to AJ.

“Is this?” Aly asked, her eyes going wide as she ripped open the paper and saw the box inside.

“If you’re going to fuck your sister, you might as well do it right,” Santa said as Aly opened the box containing her new toy.

“Wow,” AJ said as she opened her present to find an odd looking vibrator. It had a shaft with veins to mimic a real cock but also had another, smaller shaft branch off the base and run alongside the bigger shaft.

“I’ve seen those,” Aly said as she leaned over AJ’s shoulder to look at her sister’s present. “The smaller one can be used to stimulate your clit while you fuck your pussy. You can even turn it around it and work it into your ass if you want a nice little double penetration.”

“Ready to earn those gifts?” Santa asked.

“What do you want us to do?” Aly asked as she took her new strap on from the box to play with it.

“Just put your presents to good use,” Santa said, keeping one eye on the girls as he went back to work filling up stockings.

With a mask of concentration on her face Aly slid the shaft of the dildo through the metal loop in the front of the harness. Pushing her boxers down her legs, she slipped her feet through the straps and pulled them up her legs. Tightening the straps and belt so it fit snugly, she lifted her tank top over her head and struck a pose for AJ’s benefit.

“Damn,” AJ said, unable to take her eyes off the rubber cock dangling from between her sister’s legs.

“Suck it,” Aly said, knowing that AJ liked being told what to do.

Without thinking, AJ dropped to her knees in front of Aly. Running the tips of her fingers along the underside of the dildo AJ felt her pussy get wetter by the moment as the thought of Aly really fucking her sank in.

Opening her mouth AJ took the head of the dildo into her mouth. It wasn’t the first dildo she’d played with, or even the first that her and Aly had used, but it was the first time she’d tried giving head to one. At first it was a little awkward but as she got used to it she really got into it. She even figured out that the harness was crotchless and she could slip a finger into Aly’s pussy while getting the toy nice and wet.

“Ooh, you’re going to get it,” Aly said, licking her lips as she watched her sister suck her ‘cock’ while working a finger in and out of her pussy.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” AJ said, smirking at Aly as she took off her nightie and slid her panties down her legs.

“Hey Santa, did you by chance put any lube in our stockings?” Aly asked, looking over her shoulder at where Santa was finishing up his work.

“Santa never forgets the important accessories,” Santa answered, handing her a small bottle of cherry flavored lube before grabbing a cookie off the coffee table.

“Hands and knees,” Aly said, popping the lid on the bottle of lube.

As AJ turned around and dropped down onto her hands and knees Aly squirted a little lube on the tip of her finger. Putting a hand on the cheek of AJ’s ass, Aly dragged her finger down the crack of her sister’s ass. Finding AJ’s asshole, Aly lightly rubbed the lube-covered finger around the edges. When AJ didn’t resist, Aly grabbed the bottle and squirted a dollop right on her brown eye.

“That’s cold,” AJ said, pulling forward out of instinct as the cold lube made contact with her skin.

“Then let me warm it up,” Aly said, using her finger to spread it around and even pushed past AJ’s sphincter to make sure she was as lubed up as possible.

“Is this your idea of punishing me?” AJ asked as she felt Aly sidle up behind her.

“No, not yet at least,” Aly said as she picked up AJ’s double shafted vibrator.

Turning on the vibrator, Aly pressed the tip against AJ’s clit. When AJ moaned at the unexpected move Aly pressed the tip of her strap against her sister’s back door. With AJ’s mind focused on the pleasure shooting through her clit it didn’t take much effort to push the head of the dildo past the sphincter muscles.

“Shit,” AJ groaned, her eyes rolling back in her head as her anus was forced open.

“Take the vibrator,” Aly said as she gave AJ a moment to adjust and savor the initial penetration.

Dropping down to her shoulders with her head on the floor, AJ reached underneath herself and took hold of the vibrator. With both hands free Aly took the opportunity to grab hold of AJ’s hips and push forward, burying a little more of the dildo into her sister’s nether regions.

“This still isn’t a punishment,” AJ grunted as Aly started to make small strokes into her ass, working a little more into her ass at a time.

“The punishment is when you start fucking yourself with the vibrator while I’m in your ass,” Aly said as she made one last thrust and buried the rest of the toy in AJ’s butt.

“What?” AJ asked, shocked at the suggestion. She wasn’t a stranger to anal sex, as her easy acceptance of Aly’s dildo in such a tight place proved, and she’d had a toy in her pussy on more than one occasion, but she’d never even entertained the thought of having both holes filled at the same time.

“Push the vibrator into your pussy,” Aly told her.

Taking a deep breath AJ moved the vibrator until the tip was nestled between the lips of her pussy at the opening of her hole. Biting her lower lip she slowly pushed and her eyelids fluttered as a sensation that she’d never felt before coursed over her. There was a little pain from having her holes stretched further than they ever had been stretched before, but the pain was more than covered up by pleasure from the vibrations radiating through her.

“So tight,” Aly marveled as she tried to slide the dildo out a couple inches from AJ’s rear entrance.

“No kidding,” AJ gasped, feeling overwhelmed by what she was feeling, but in an incredibly good way.

As she pushed back into her sister’s vise-like anal cavity Aly felt the base of the dildo press against her own clit. With her button being mashed by the toy Aly realized that the extra resistance from AJ’s stretched out holes was causing the dildo to press back against her even harder.

With that in mind Aly purposely picked up a little extra speed in her thrusting. From the animalistic grunts AJ was making Aly didn’t think it’d be too long before the novelty of the double penetration sent AJ screaming into orgasmic bliss and she didn’t want to be left behind.

“Fuck me,” AJ hissed, her mind on the verge of being too fried with pleasure to string more than two or three simple words together at a time.

AJ’s asshole was too tight to go too fast, but that didn’t stop Aly from going as fast as she could. It actually turned out to be just about perfect as she felt her own orgasm start to creep up on her, but it still allowed her to savor the pure naughtiness of sodomizing her own sister.

“So close,” AJ hissed, sliding the vibrator in and out of her own pussy on opposite strokes as Aly so that a toy was filling one of her holes at all times.

“Beg me to make you come,” Aly said, slowing down so she could reach forward and grab AJ’s tits.

“Please make me come from having my ass fucked,” AJ whimpered as her orgasm lingered just out of reach. “I need to come so badly.”

“Not good enough,” Aly said, pinching AJ’s nipples between her fingers as she worked about half the strap on in and out of her sister’s shit pipe.

“Pleeeeaaaaaase?” AJ practically screamed as her need for release reached near crisis levels.

Deciding AJ had had enough; Aly dropped her weight down on top of AJ, forcing the younger girl to collapse flat on the ground with Aly on top. Insinuating her knees between AJ’s, Aly forced her sister’s legs open and started to drill her ass as hard as she could.

“Oh God,” AJ screeched as her orgasm finally hit.

With Aly’s weight on top of her AJ gasped for breath. Her arms and legs flailed as spasms of pleasure coursed through her. Eyes rolling up in her head the only sounds coming out of AJ’s mouth were loud screams that sounded vaguely like curse words but as Aly’s own orgasm hit she was busy focusing on other things to care.

“Get off me,” AJ gasped when she came down from her orgasmic high and slipped the vibrator out of her snatch.

“Oh,” Aly said, lifting up off her sister.

Pulling back her hips Aly watched with intent interest as her dildo slid out of AJ’s ass. It always amazed her how big the asshole was immediately after a toy was removed, and then how quickly it closed back up with only a redness left behind as a telltale sign that it had ever been disturbed.

“Where’d he go?” AJ asked as she looked around to thank Santa for their presents but finding the house empty except for them.

Sitting up, Aly looked over and saw a note next to the empty plate of cookies. It was a thank you note thanking them for the cookies and the show. He also wrote that he was sorry he couldn’t stick around but watching them had made him so horny that he had to move on to the next naughty girl looking to give him present anyway.

“Want to go upstairs and switch?” AJ asked, licking her lips at the prospect of fucking Aly with the toy.

“Only if you make sure to clean it up with that tongue of yours,” Aly countered, knowing that wouldn’t be a problem whatsoever.

A Room At The Cherrybreak Hotel

“Running late this year?” Victoria Justice asked when Santa Claus finally emerged from the fireplace.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed, young lady?” Santa asked even though he had known she’d be waiting for him long before he’d arrived.

Like the last couple years Victoria was waiting up for him on the couch in her pajamas. When she was fourteen she’d woken up in the middle of the night and happened to get up to get a drink of water right as he was going to work. He’d been extremely nice to her when she tried to apologize for walking in on him and a minor infatuation had developed.

By the next year she’d thought about him so much that her infatuation had developed into a full-blown crush. She’d waited up for him and offered him her virginity but he’d declined because she was so young, which had only deepened the crush she had on him and turned into a borderline obsession.

This year she was more even determined to convince him to take her cherry. She was wearing the top half of a set of flannel pajamas, which left her long, smooth legs exposed since she’d been told often they were one of her best features. To further that she’d left the bottom couple buttons undone to show off even more leg.

“I couldn’t sleep so I decided to wait up for you,” Victoria said, stretching her legs out in front of her as she sat on the couch.

“You sure that’s all it is?” Santa asked, unable to resist looking at her shapely legs.

He couldn’t help but notice the difference from last year. She hadn’t filled out much more, at least not in the chest, but that extra year had given her a certain confidence and elegance in her femininity that had been lacking a bit.

“Can’t get anything by you, can I?” Victoria asked, noticing immediately where his gaze went and upped the ante by making a show of crossing her legs.

“The answer is still no,” he said, using all his willpower to pry his eyes off her legs.

“Are you sure?” Victoria asked, getting up from the couch. Covering the couple steps between them she leaned up against him as he tried to pull packages out of his sack. “I turn eighteen in a couple months if that’s what’s bothering you. I’d be legal in England if you want me to speak in a British accent and imagine we’re there.”

“That’s okay,” Santa said, trying to ignore the softness of her body pressing against his back enough to know she wasn’t wearing a bra under her pajama top.

“But isn’t it your job to make sure I get what I want for Christmas?” Victoria asked, straightening up and grabbing his arm to turn him towards her.

“Within reason,” he said, feeling his resolve weaken as Victoria started undoing buttons on her pajamas from the bottom up.

“I only want one thing for Christmas, so are you going to give it to me?” Victoria asked, parting her pajamas to show off her taut stomach and panties as she undid another button. Seeing him swallow noticeably from arousal Victoria popped another button, bringing the underside of her breasts into view.

“You should stop,” Santa said as Victoria opened the last button and held the open pajamas against her chest to tease him.

“Make me,” Victoria said, taking a deep breath before finally pulling the pajama top wide open and pushing it off her shoulders.

Her aggressive approach and perfect teenage breasts sapped the last of his willpower. Forgoing the normal foreplay he reached out and grabbed the waist of her panties and pulled. When the band on one side ripped he repeated the process on the other side until the tattered garment slid from between her legs to reveal a small patch of dark pubic hair.

Pushing her down so she was sitting on the couch he took a moment to take in the sight of her fully naked form. Her skin seemed to glow as the multicolored lights on the tree sparkled. Licking his lips he reached for the buttons on his coat but Victoria stopped him.

“Leave it on,” she said, wanting to see him in uniform as he made a woman out of her. “But could I wear the hat?”

“Kinky girl,” Santa said, chuckling as he took off his hat and set it on her head.

Undoing the clasp on his pants, he pushed them down to his knees. Grabbing her legs he pulled her forward until her ass was at the edge of the couch. Slipping a hand between her legs he found her pussy and was pleasantly surprised to find that she was already soaked.

As Santa aimed his cock at her pussy Victoria finally felt the nerves kick in. It wasn’t the first time she’d fooled around, but she’d always stopped any action before it resulted in the loss of her cherry. Now that she was faced with actually losing it, she was having some reservations but not enough to consider stopping what she’d been waiting years for.

When Victoria didn’t object Santa pressed the head of his cock to her cunt. Pushing forward he felt Victoria’s pussy start to open up. When the head slipped past her opening it seemed to snap closed around it, enveloping the tip of his cock in a snug, fiery sheath.

As Victoria moaned and leaned her head against the back of the couch Santa pushed forward until he felt the head of his cock bump against her hymen. Feeling her tense up at the contact he eased back and started to work just the head back and forth inside her in micro strokes and rubbed her clit with his thumb in hopes of distracting her before lunging forward and burying himself fully in her extremely tight pussy.

“Owww,” Victoria hissed through gritted teeth as her cherry was torn asunder. Tears welled up in her eyes and she clutched at the sleeves of his jacket at the unexpected intensity of the pain.

Just as she was starting to wonder why people went through the pain, she started to feel why. As Santa started to withdraw the pain started to ease and a bit of pleasure began to take its place. It started small, but enough to make her see what the fuss was all about.

When he pushed forward again, his shaft rubbed against her clit and she hunched her hips to meet his thrust. With pain almost completely forgotten, she opened her eyes and looked between her legs to where his cock was plunging in and out of her no longer virgin pussy. The blood on the shaft of his cock from her broken hymen reminded her that she was going to be sore in the morning but at the moment she was too wrapped up in finally fulfilling her fantasy to worry about something as trivial as that.

“Oh God, that feels good,” Victoria moaned when he gave her a quick thrust in between his slower, more gentle ones.

Putting his hands behind her knees Santa pushed her legs back and spread them further apart as he picked up a little speed in his thrusts. She was beginning to loosen up as she got used to having a cock inside her and that allowed him to go faster.

“Fuck me,” Victoria said, clutching at his arms and the couch and whatever she could find as she tried to figure out what to do with her hands.

“Play with your tits,” Santa suggested, noticing her conundrum.

Taking his advice Victoria put a hand on each breast. As he continued to fuck her she pinched her nipples between thumb and index fingers. Liking how it added to the stimulation coming from her pussy she twisted them slightly and moaned.

Seeing that she was enjoying her first time, Santa decided to throw her a curveball. He picked up speed and gave her short, quick strokes that had her gasping for breath. Then when she started to adjust to the pace he slowed down to a long, deliberate motion that put more friction on her clit.

“Oh God,” Victoria moaned, feeling herself getting close to climax.

Seeing Victoria’s face and chest start to flush Santa knew she was close to getting where he wanted her to go, just a little sooner than he would’ve preferred. Wanting to extend the fun a bit, he gave her one last quick thrust before pulling out.

“Nooo,” Victoria mewed, quivering as the orgasm that was so close start to retreat.

“Your turn to ride me,” Santa said, sitting on the couch next to her. Reaching over he easily picked her up and pulled her over on top of him.

Feeling his cock trapped between them, Victoria put her hands on his shoulders. When she lifted up Santa grabbed hold of his cock and aimed it at her opening. She felt the head slip into her pussy as she slowly lowered herself onto it.

When she had half of his cock in her Santa lost patience. Grabbing her hips he pulled her down while lifting his hips and driving the rest of his cock into her in one quick strike. Barely giving her time to grasp what had happened he lifted her up so half of his cock could slide out before pulling her back down.

“Ohhhh,” Victoria moaned, her head lolling back as new parts of her were reached with the change of position.

Putting her weight on her knees Victoria took over. Lifting up she let a little more of his cock escape and held there a moment before letting go and impaling herself once more.

With her doing more of the heavy lifting, Santa decided to enjoy himself a bit more. As she started to bounce on his cock he noticed her breasts dancing with each movement. Putting a hand on the small of her back he urged her to lean forward so he could latch onto one of her nipples with his mouth.

“Yessss,” Victoria hissed as she felt his lips close around her nipple.

Gently massaging the area around her nipple with his lips he used his tongue to swirl around the nipple itself. The ministrations seemed to have the desired effect as the nipple grew longer and harder in his mouth. It also had the side effect of making Victoria speed up in her thrusting.

“Fuck me Santa,” Victoria moaned, closing her eyes so she could concentrate on her orgasm. “Oh, fuck me, Santa, fuck me.”

Letting go of her nipple he was about to switch to the other one when the sight of the little white ball at the end of his hat, that happened to still be sitting on top of Victoria’s head, caught his attention. He’d never had the chance to watch a woman wear his hat while riding him and for some reason it turned him on, but his viewing time was cut short when Victoria grabbed his head and pressed it to her chest once more.

Pressing his shoulder blades into the back of the couch, he planted his feet on the ground. Grabbing her ass with both hands he used the new grip to pull her down on his cock with as much force as he could while lifting his hips to meet her.

“Uhhhhh,” Victoria gasped as she hovered over the precipice.

Sliding a finger between the cheeks of her ass Santa ran it down through her crack before finding the tight starfish of her anus. Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes opened wide when she felt him rub her asshole.

Even though her face had a worried look on it, there was no mistaking the twinkle of excitement in her eyes as the new sensation hit her. No one had ever touched her back there and while it felt weird, there was a certain naughtiness to it that sent goose bumps up her arms.

Hunching his hips and drilling into her with short, quick strokes Santa pushed the tip of his finger against her anus. As her back door started to open up the sensation pushed Victoria over the edge. The knowledge that her asshole was being penetrated was too much for her and she had to lean forward and press her face into his coat to muffle the screams of ecstasy.

Feeling her pussy clench around him Santa tried to hold out but it was no use. Her pussy was too tight and her stifled cries of nirvana took their toll on him.

Removing his finger from her asshole he pulled her down on top of him, burying his cock as far into her as he could. Turning so he could lay her on her back on the couch, he gritted his teeth and groaned as the first spurt of come erupted from his cock. Her body shuddered underneath him as he filled her with his come and in a little Christmas tradition of his own, he brought the finger that had been in her ass to her mouth.

Without thinking she sucked it into her mouth. It wasn’t until she’d cleaned it fully that she realized what it was. Rather than be mad though, she found it sexy and it gave her an idea of what to wish for next year.

Happiness Is A Warm Cunt

Putting the last of shiny paper that, up until a few minutes ago, had been wrapped around things that would be forgotten before the new year started, Ariana Grande sighed. She’d gotten some really nice things, but not the one thing she wanted.

Sitting down on the couch she glanced over and noticed a small green box that had somehow gotten tucked under some papers on the desk in the corner. Getting up she crossed to the desk and picked up the box. The tag had her name on it but didn’t say whom it was from.

Sliding the box out of its paper cocoon Ariana lifted the lid and found what, at first glance, looked very much like a credit card with a piece of paper underneath it. Extracting it she turned it over and realized it was a keycard of some sort. Opening the note that came with it she read through it and her heart soared with every word.

“I cleaned up the paper,” Ariana yelled into the kitchen where her mom was getting started on preparing the Christmas ham. “I’m going to the movies with Liz, be back by dinner.”

* * * * *

Standing outside room 2112 of the Syrinx Hotel Elizabeth Gillies took a deep breath. Slipping the keycard into the lock, she half expected it all to be a joke and the door wouldn’t open. Therefore she was mildly surprised, and also quite nervous when the mechanism clicked and the door handle turned in her hand.

Entering the room her heart sank a bit when she found it empty. She thought that maybe she was early but when she checked her watch she saw that she was actually a couple minutes late and started to worry that maybe it had all been some sort of cruel set up after all. Just as she was getting ready to leave though, she heard the lock click and it seemed like everything went into slow motion as the handle on the door turned.

When Liz saw the bright red hair, her heart practically leaped out of her chest as she realized that maybe it was real after all. Before the door even closed Liz had crossed the room and grabbed Ariana. Giving her as big a hug as she could muster she wanted nothing more than to keep on hugging her best friend and the girl that owned her heart, even if she’d never told her.

“Sorry I’m late,” Ariana said as she returned Liz’s hug. “I didn’t see your present right away so I had to rush a little to get here.”

“My present?” Liz asked, stepping back to look at Ariana.

“Small box with a keycard and a note inside telling me to meet you here?” Ariana said.

“No, you sent that to me,” Liz said, feeling the knot in the pit of her stomach start to return.

“Look, here’s the note,” Ariana said, holding up the piece of paper that had been in the bottom of the box. “It’s even in your handwriting.”

“I didn’t write this,” Liz said, starting dumbfoundedly at it. “You sent me a note that said pretty much the same thing.”

“Wait, then why are you here?” Ariana asked, the gears in her head turning. “If you didn’t send it, then you must have thought the one you thought I sent sounded good.”

“My head hurts,” said Liz, trying to wrap her head around what Ariana was saying.

“I’m trying to say it must mean you love me just like the note said,” Ariana said.

“I never said that,” Liz protested, trying to give herself some cover in case of rejection. “Unless you showing up means you love me.”

“I’ve been in love with you since the moment I saw you. Remember when I auditioned for 13 with you?” Ariana asked, referring to the Broadway musical they were in together. “I didn’t quite know it at the time, but I’ve wanted to tell you for a while now. I just couldn’t take the possible rejection so I chickened out a bunch of times.”

“You chickened out?” Liz asked, the tears in her eyes causing her mascara to run. “I’ve wanted to kiss you so many times I lost count.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Ariana said, smiling and showing off those dimples that never failed to make Liz’s knees go weak whenever they were aimed at her.

Putting her hand on the back of Ariana’s neck, Liz wasted no time in pulling her close. Pressing her lips to Ariana’s Liz opened her mouth just enough to nibble on Ariana’s lower lip. When Ariana returned the kiss it felt like fireworks were going off inside Liz’s head as all the pent up emotion and frustration rushed out of her.

Not wanting to push too hard, but unable to resist, Ariana slid her hands down Liz’s back. Reaching Liz’s lower back, Ariana tested the waters by slipping just the tips of her fingers under the waist of Liz’s jeans. When Liz didn’t protest, and even deepened the kiss, Ariana kept her fingers in Liz’s waistband as she followed it around to the front.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” said Liz when Ariana popped the button on her jeans.

“Me too,” Ariana said, pushing Liz’s pants down over her hips.

Shaking her hips Liz tried to shimmy out of her jeans but they were a little too tight so Ariana had to help. Not that Ariana was going to complain about having to kneel so she could pull Liz’s pants down and get a nice up close view of her best friend and soon-to-be lover’s pale, creamy thighs. Lifting Liz’s feet one by one Ariana took her sandals off so she could pull each pant leg off.

Grabbing the waistband of Liz’s panties, Ariana slowly peeled them down. With each inch of flesh that was revealed Ariana’s level of arousal and desire grew. By the time she got her first look at Liz’s pussy, with a couple days growth of pubic stubble since the last time she’d shaved, Ariana was willing to crawl across broken glass on her hands and knees for the chance to lick it if she had to.

Fortunately for Ariana, Liz wanted nothing more, except maybe to return the favor. But she’d wanted to be with Ariana for so long that it didn’t matter who went first. As long as they both got to do anything and everything together, Liz was more than willing to let Ariana have first taste.

Tossing Liz’s panties to the side Ariana was sorely tempted to dive in right then, but she wanted to do things right and strip Liz of the rest of her clothes before pouncing. Standing up Ariana gave Liz a kiss she started to work Liz’s shirt up her body, only breaking the kiss so the shirt could be pulled off over Liz’s head.

Taking a step back, Ariana took a moment to take in Liz’s naked body. It wasn’t the first time either of them had seen the other naked thanks to the need for quick costume changes that come with their job, but it was the first time Ariana had seen her naked in this context. It was also the first time she was allowed to openly gawk and practically drool over the girl standing in front of her.

Pushing Liz onto her back on the bed Ariana moved to kneel between Liz’s knees. She’d never had sex with a girl before, but that was because she didn’t want to sex with one unless it was Liz. She had the occasional fantasy about having sex their co-star Victoria Justice, but Liz always featured in the fantasies as well.

“What’s that box?” Liz asked, pointing at the nightstand next to the bed as Ariana straddled her waist and started to kiss her neck.

“I don’t know,” said Ariana, tilting her head so she could look where Liz was pointing while still kissing her way along Liz’s jawbone. “I didn’t look around much when I got here.”

“It’s wrapped like a present,” Liz said, slanting her head to give Ariana easier access to her neck.

“Do you want me to go open it?” Ariana asked, starting to kiss her way down Liz’s chest.

“Wait,” Liz said, grabbing hold of Ariana’s dress. “Now go.”

As Ariana slid down Liz’s body her dress was pulled up and finally slipped off over her head. Making a show of shaking her panty clad ass as she walked over to the nightstand. Picking up the present she shook it slightly and got a rather hefty thump considering the size of the box and the relatively light feel it had in Ariana’s hand.

“Open it,” Liz said as Ariana brought it back to where she was lying.

Sitting on the bed next to Liz Ariana pulled on the ribbon that held the bow together on top of the box. When it was untied she lifted the lid and her eyes went wide at what she found.

When Ariana went speechless, Liz sat up and whistled when she saw the dildo inside the box. Lifting it out of the box she found that wasn’t nearly as big as some she’d seen online, but still had enough girth to make a girl happy. In fact, it felt just about perfect in her hand and all she could think about was which one of them got to use it first.

“Still my turn,” Ariana said, taking the dildo, and the choice, out of Liz’s hands.

Pushing Liz back down on the bed Ariana wasted no time in moving down her friend’s body. Leaving the dildo on the bed next to Liz’s leg for the moment, Ariana stuck her tongue out and dragged the tip between the lips of Liz’s pussy experimentally. Deciding that she liked the taste she licked the length of Liz’s pussy with more gusto, finishing with a flick to her clit that made Liz gasp.

“Do that again,” Liz said, grabbing the top of Ariana’s head and holding it in place so she couldn’t go anywhere.

With Liz’s encouragement, Ariana went for it. Sticking her tongue out she flicked it rapidly against Liz’s clit, drawing a shudder of pleasure each time. Deciding to change it up, she used her fingers to spread the lips of Liz’s pussy until she saw the nub of her clit start to emerge from its hood. Leaning in she took the clit between her lips and sucked, causing Liz to buck her hips and almost knocked Ariana off the bed with the force.

“Shit,” Liz panted, lifting her head to look down at where Ariana was working.

Grabbing the dildo Ariana pulled back a bit from Liz’s crotch. Pressing the tip of the dildo against Liz’s opening, Ariana looked up and made eye contact with Liz. She watched Liz’s face as she pushed the dildo in and couldn’t believe how sexy she looked when her eyes fluttered shut dreamily from the penetration.

Working the dildo in and out of Liz’s pussy in small strokes Ariana leaned back in and went to work on her clit once more. It took some getting used to, dividing her attention to do two things at once, but after a couple minutes she figured it out and had Liz moaning for more.

“Fuck me babe,” Liz moaned, hunching her hips at the dildo and tongue that were bringing her such pleasure.

Feeling the first tremors run through Liz, Ariana picked up speed with her ministrations. She knew Liz was getting close and there was nothing more that she wanted than to make her come. From their girl talks in the past Ariana knew that Liz was a bit of a screamer and making Liz shriek in ecstasy was the only thing that mattered at the moment.

“Oh God, I’m gonna AHHHHHHHH,” Liz said, cutting herself off with a loud scream as her orgasm arrived just a little ahead of schedule.

As Liz went through her climax Ariana did her part to prolong it. With each shudder that went through Liz’s body Ariana gave her clit a flick, which invariably caused another shudder until Liz couldn’t take any more and had to force Ariana to back off.

“Was I good?” Ariana asked as she moved up to lie next to Liz.

“So good,” Liz said, her body still tingling from the climax.

“Want me to do it again?” Ariana asked, smiling at Liz and showing off those devastating dimples that Liz loved so much.

“Maybe later,” Liz said, rolling over onto her side so she could kiss Ariana and taste herself on Ari’s lip. “Right now you need to get naked, and fast.”

Rolling onto her back Ariana arched her back so she could unhook her bra. While she was doing that Liz was grabbing the waistband of her panties and pulling them down her legs. With the use of teamwork Ariana was lying naked on the bed in no time.

“What do you want me to do to you first?” Liz asked as she took her time looking Ariana up and down and committing every inch to memory.

“Remember when you told me about what you and your ex, Mike, did that one time?” Ariana asked, suddenly too shy to come out and say what she wanted for fear that Liz might think it was disgusting?

“You mean anal?” Liz asked, shocked that Ariana could be asking for something like that. Ariana seemed like such an innocent girl at times it was easy for Liz to forget that she’d even had sex before let alone ask to be fucked in the ass.

“You seemed to like it and it sounded so naughty,” Ariana said, blushing.

“Roll over then,” Liz said, practically licking her lips at the idea of taking Ariana’s ass.

As she rolled over Ariana felt the butterflies in her stomach. Oddly enough it was the first time she’d felt them since confessing how she felt to Liz. Everything up to this point had just felt so right that she hadn’t felt anything but the slightest bit of nerves. Right now though, she was stepping so far out of her comfort zone that it felt like her stomach was going to through loops on an invisible roller coaster.

Stepping up behind Ariana, Liz couldn’t resist putting her hands on Ari’s ass. Other than her dimples, Ariana’s butt was Liz’s favorite part of her body. On her petite frame it stuck out so nicely and really drew the eye to the point that at times it was murder trying not to openly stare at it.

In the absence of lube, Liz knew that she’d have to do something else to get Ariana prepped. Using her hands to spread Ariana’s butt cheeks apart Liz leaned in and flicked her tongue against the starfish of Ariana’s asshole. She’d been on the receiving end of an ass licking once and kind of liked it, so she thought as long as she was getting the chance to play with Ari’s ass then she might as well do as many things as she could.

“Oooh,” Ariana moaned, squirming as Liz lightly rimmed her asshole.

Finding that she liked the depravity of the act, Liz began to step it up a notch. Making sure to slather as much of her saliva onto Ariana’s butthole as possible, Liz began poking at Ari’s back door with the tip of her tongue in an effort to push some of her spit into the hole.

While licking Ariana’s ass, Liz slipped a finger into Ari’s pussy. After working it in and out a couple times to get it nice and wet she slid it out. Giving Ariana’s asshole one more lick she pulled back to make way for her wet finger.

“Wow,” Ariana said in surprise as she felt Liz’s finger pierce her anus.

Pushing the finger into Ariana’s butt Liz worked it around trying to loosen her up a bit. As she slowly finger fucked her best friend’s ass Liz grabbed the toy with her free hand. Slipping her finger from Ariana’s ass Liz leaned forward so she could kiss Ariana to let her know what was coming.

Pressing the dildo against Ariana’s ass, Liz could feel her friend tense up and block the toy’s progress. To relax Liz used her free hand to run her index finger between the lips of Ariana’s pussy. When she found Ari’s clit the redhead moaned and relaxed enough for Liz to push the head past the tight ring of Ariana’s sphincter.

“Fuck,” Ariana groaned, her eyes wide open in surprise as her virgin asshole was forced open much wider than Liz’s finger had prepared her for.

Giving Ariana a moment to adjust to the phallus lodged in her ass, Liz continued to stroke Ari’s pussy with her free hand. Seeing Ariana visibly relax Liz gave the toy another push, causing Ariana’s head to loll forward on her forearms.

With each push Liz made on the dildo Ariana felt pain, but an odd sense of pleasure as well. At first she chalked it up to the pleasure coming from Liz’s fingers on her pussy, but by the time the whole toy was buried in her backside she could tell that she was deriving at least a little pleasure from the anal entry.

“Fuck me,” Ariana said, pushing back against the toy as Liz started making small strokes into her.

“You like getting butt fucked, don’t you?” Liz asked even though she could see it on Ariana’s face.

“Yeah,” Ariana moaned, biting her lip to quiet her moans.

“Don’t stifle yourself,” Liz said. “Let it out. I want to hear you moan while I fuck your ass.”

“Make me come,” Ariana gasped, her eyes rolling back in her head from the pleasure.

Taking Ariana at her word, Liz picked up speed in her ministrations on Ari’s pussy. She didn’t want to go too fast in Ari’s ass, but Liz went into overdrive rubbing Ariana’s clit. Her finger was practically zooming back and forth across Ariana’s little nub to the point where she wondered if she should be worried about starting a fire from the friction.

“Almost there,” Ariana panted, shaking as her body went into pleasure overload.

Stopping her rubbing of Ariana’s clit, Liz changed tactics. Pressing her middle finger against the opening of Ariana’s pussy, Liz pushed in. When Ariana moaned and trembled harder at the double penetration, Liz squeezed a second finger in next to the first one.

“Oh God,” Ariana moaned, the second finger pushing her right to the brink.

“There’s one thing I did with Mike that I didn’t tell you about,” Liz said, leaning in whisper into Ariana’s ear. “After he fucked me in the ass, he pulled out and had me suck him clean.”

“Shit,” Ariana screamed, the naughtiness of what Liz said sending her careening over the edge.

“Want to taste your own ass for me?” Liz whispered into Ariana’s ear as her redheaded lover quaked in orgasm.

When Ariana nodded, Liz slipped the toy from her friend’s butt. When Ariana rolled onto her side Liz held it to her mouth. Unable to resist Ariana opened her mouth and took the dirty toy between her lips.

Like a kid eating on a popsicle on a hot July day Ariana licked and sucked on every inch of the fake cock. She ravenously devoured it and licked up every bit of juice she could find. When she was finally satisfied she had it thoroughly cleaned, she let it slip from her mouth and rolled onto her back.

“Want to sleep over at my house tonight?” Liz asked as she cuddled up to the girl she loved.

“I don’t know how much sleeping will be involved, but okay,” Ariana said, rolling over so she could be the little spoon.

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