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Disclaimer:This Is complete fiction.If you can’t tell the difference don’t read.If you can tell the difference enjoy this.

In his office Kurt looked over the money sent to his account before
meeting with new clients.The money Is there.Kurt IS a mind
control expert.Little did the public know studios often employ people
like him to get to celebs In their prefered projects,and to arrange
matches.Kurt has deceded to go Into private business.He knew there
was a market for those who want to live out fantasys with celebs.

Chris,John,Karen,David,Kevin,and Paul are waiting In living room of
Kurt’s House.Kurt comes Into Living room.

“All right.I have checked my account.Your money Is there” Kurt tells

“How soon till we will be able to meet up with our choice” John asks

“I have already put subject you requested under conditioning.Once I
give you the proper words,and location you can have the subject.
once the code Is uttered to subject she will do whatever you want
very willingly.” Kurt tells them.

“What If we want more than one night with our subject?” Kevin asks.

“Weekly payments and your subject can remain yours” Kurt responds.

Troian Bellisario Is at event for hit ABC family show Pretty Little
Liars.Troian enjoys the success of the show but knows many
at these events are more intrested In seeing her co-stars.
Troian goes to sgin autographs.Chris IS among those In line eying
Troian.He has been fantazing about Troian so much watching Pretty
Little Liars.As troian signs autographs he utters “sexy” to Troian.
suddenly something changers In Troian.She looks at Chris,and Is filled
with desire for him.She smiles at him.”Hi” Troian says.He gives her a
note.Troian sees address written on It.”I will be there” Troian tells him
as she moves on.

In club Jennifer Lawrence relaxes.After the oscars she Is trying to
get downtime as X-Men:First Class get closer to release.She knew
soon she would be more a pressence after playing Mystique.
John watches Jennifer.He Is so drawn to her. He goes up to her.
“Rebecca” he utters to Jennifer.Suddenly Jennifer closes her eyes.
When she opens them she looks at John with much lust.She smiles
at him.”Would you like to dance” John asks Jennifer.

“Yes” She replies.They dance together In Club.

Nina Dobrev Is at bar.The young hottie Is enjoying a break In
The Vampire Diaries schedule.Karen eyes Nina.Karen Is a
Lesbian.She has been fantazing about Nina for some time.
Karen goes up to Nina.”Kelena”Karen utters.Nina’s eyes
flash.Nina sees karen with lust.Nina Is now filled with
Lesbian thoughts about Karen.Nina smiles very sexy at
Karen.Karen likes this.

Jeri Ryan finished work for day on her TV show Body of
Proof.She gets Into her limo,and receives a call on her
cell phone.”Hello” she says.”Mistress” David says on
phone.Suddenly Jeri feels so horney.Like she never has
before.”Change of plans”Jeri tells driver.”I have somewhere
very Important to go”Jeri tells him.

Kate Beckinsale returns to her hotel room after day
shooting “Underworld:New Dawn” she answers the phone.
“Mistress Selene” Kevin says.Kate’s will falls and she Is
new hopeless to resist Kevin’s will.

Moon Bloodgood arrives at airport.She walks past Paul.
“Horny”he says to Moon.Suddenly Moon kisses him
hard. “Let’s go to your place”Moon says.Paul likes how
this Is going.He gives her a address.”Meet me here”
Paul tells Moon.”Whatever you say” Moon replies and
walks out of airport.Paul smiles.

Kristin Kreuk walks off plane.Paul Is there.”Bitchy”
Paul says to Kristin.Suddenly Kristin will fades.She
looks at Paul.”Yes Master” Kristin replies totally under
his control.Paul thinks I am going to enjoy this.

“Come with me,Kristin”Paul tells her.

Kristin followes Paul

Chris Is In hotel room.The door knocks.He answers It.
Troian Bellisario comes in,and kisses him.He enjoys this.
He and Troian go Into bedroom.Troian throws him on bed.
“Your so beautiful” Chris says to Troian.Troian unzips his
paints,and begins to unbutton.She removes her shirt.
Troian removes her bra.Chris sees her breasts.He likes
the sight of them.Troian removes her paints and underwear.
Troian removes his underwear,and gets on him.Troian begins
to straddle him.Troian rides his dick very hard.He Is In heaven
with his dick Inside Troian as she continues to straddle him.

“Yes!Yes!Oh Yes!Yes Troian!” Chris moans

John walks Into motel room with Jennifer lawrence.After
closing door.They kiss.Jennifer throws him on bed.Jennifer
unzips her dress.John smiles as Jennifer Is undressing.

Karen walks Into apartment with Nina Dobrev.They kiss.

“Have you ever been with a woman,Nina” Karen asks. “No”
Nina replies.”I will teach you,Nina” Karen says.

Karen takes Nina Into bedroom.

Inside bedroom Karen unzips and pulls off Nina’s paints.Karen
removes Nina’s panties,and sticks her face In between Nina’s
legs.Karen begins to lick away at Nina’s cunt.She burys her face
Into Nina’s pussy and continues licking away.Karen thinks how
long has she thought about doing this to Nina.

Jeri Ryan shows up at David’s motel room.Jeri pulls David
to her,and kisses him hard.David likes having Jeri all over
him.Jeri throws him hard on bed.

“I need to be fucked”Jeri tells him.Jeri starts to undress
before him.David likes seeing Jeri undress before him.

Kevin Is In his motel room.Kate Beckinsale shows up,
and throws him on bed.Kate removes coat to reveal her
underworld outfit.Kevin smiles.Kate begins to undress
before him.Kevin smiles thinking he Is going to have fun
with Kate tonight.

Moon Bloodgood waits Inside apartment.Paul arrives
with Kristin Kreuk.

“What Is going on?” Moon asks. “We are going to have fun
with Kristin tonight,Moon.” Paul says.

“Kiss Moon,Kristin”Paul commands.Kristin goes up to Moon,
and kisses her.Paul likes seeing Kristin and Moon kissing.

Paul goes up to them.Kristin withdraws from Moon.Paul kisses
Kristin.Paul knows Kristin Is a bitch.But thinks she Is so hot.
I am going to enjoy this night.He then kisses Moon.

“Strip for us Kristin” Paul commands.

Paul and Moon sit down as Kristin begin to strip for them.
They watch as Kristin strips off her clothing.Paul likes
the sight of seeing Kristin nude.

Troian Bellisario ties Chris to bed.Troian licks his chest.

Jennifer lawrence Is riding John.John enjoys Jennifer
riding him.

“Yes!Yes!Oh Yes!Yes Jennifer!Oh Yes Jennifer” John
moans In pleasure.

Karen Is laying on bed with Nina Dobrev having her face
buried In between karen’s legs.Nina licks away at Karen’s

“That’s It,Nina.Keep going.That Is good”Karen says

Nina keeps licking away at Karen.

David Is on the bed.Jeri Ryan Is riding his dick very
hard.David enjoys seeing Jeri’s breasts as she
rides him.David thinks Jeri may be 43 but she still
has It.He thinks this Is heaven being riden by Jeri.

Kate Beckinsale Is riding Kevin hard.Kevin enjoys

“Oh Kate!Yes!Yes!Oh Yes!Shit!”Kevin moans In
pleasure as Kate continues to ride his dick.

Kristin Kreuk lays nude on bed.Paul Is fucking
Kristin In the ass.Paul thinks I am going to enjoy
doing things to her bitchy ass.Moon Bloodgood
nude Is behind Paul and rubbing his shoulders as he
continues to go anal on Kristin’s ass.

Kurt checks his computer.He finds message from

“I can’t live without Jennifer.I will pay whatever you
want”Kurt reads.He smiles.Knowing he has regular

John and Jennifer Lawrence are In Las vegas.They
are In wedding chapel.

“Do you take this woman as your wife?”Preacher asks
John.”I do” John Replies. “Do you take him as your
husband?” Preacher asks Jennifer.”I do”Responds
Jennifer. “I now pronuce you amn and wife”Preacher says.

John and Jennifer quickly kiss

Kurt checks his computer again.He reads email from

“I don’t want to lose Jeri.I will pay whatever It takes to keep
Jeri” Kurt reads.He smiles knowing he has another long term

Paul ties a nude Kristin Kreuk to ceiling.Moon Bloodgood
Is dressed as Dominatrix with mask on.Moon has paddle.

“Take care of the bitch,Moon”Paul says.

Moon begins striking Kristin In the ass with the paddle.
Paul enjoys seeing Moon hit Kristin In the ass with the
paddle.He thinks It Is nice for the bitch to get what Is
coming to her.

Kurt Is on computer.He reads entertainment world
stunned by Jennifer Lawrence’s elopment.And Jeri Ryan’s
filling for divorce from husband for younger man.Kurt just
smiles.Little do the tabloids know the truth.

Kurt checks a link which shows Kristin Kreuk nude and tied
up.With masked Asian dominatrix striking her with paddle.
Kurt knew Paul had to leak this video.He read this has already
become one of most viewed videos online ever.He just laughed.
However he knew If Paul payed for more fantasys In future.He
would double It since a stunt like this could bring attention.

In The meantime he downloaded the video for himself.

The end

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