Jeri Ryan Meets Christina Ricci

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Disclaimer: This is just a male fantasy. None of this ever happened. This no reflection on the sexuality of either Jeri Ryan or Christina Ricci. This should not be viewed by anyone under 18 or anyone with high moral values.

It was her first day on set. This was to be Jeri’s first proper cinematic movie. She usually played busty borg Seven of Nine on ‘Star Trek: Voyager’. However she wasn’t as busty as she appeared. The suit made her tits look larger. It was a common mistake to think that Jeri was a C or even a D cup. The truth was she was only a 36B. Still busty in her own right. Just no Britney Spears or Lolo Ferrari.
She was working with Christina Ricci. Now Christina was busty. This was partly due to the fact that although she wasn’t obese Christina wasn’t the thinnest Hollywood star ever. Despite this she had plenty of male fans. Christina was only 21 and had shot to fame as Wednesday in the Adams Family films. She had also recently acted in such movies as ‘Sleepy Hollow’. They met and shook hands.
“Nice to meet you.” Said Jeri. She licked her lips at Christina sultry figure. She was a bi-sexual slut, she loved it for men and women and she fancied the hell out of Christina. “Hey, do you want to come and practise lines in my trailer?” Asked Jeri in as innocent manner as she could manage. Christina agreed.

They both got in. Jeri had had a large double bed installed at one end. She and Christina sat down on the bed.

“Are there any scenes you’re worried about?” Asked Christina. This was her chance.

“Yes, actually. Scene 12, my kiss scene? I’d like a chance to practise kissing, you know with a girlfriend type thing.”

“Oh OK.” They recited the lines. Christina took the part of Jeri’s boyfriend. They got to the kiss. Christina and Jeri kissed. Their tongues touched. Jeri felt herself becoming wet as her tongue moved around Christina’s mouth. They stopped kissing.

“Have you ever been with a women?” She asked.

“No.” Was the reply.

“Have you ever been with anybody?”

“Movie schedules are hard, it’s tough to have a relationship.”

“Who needs a relationship?” Jeri said, grinning. A look of shock came over Christina’s face as Jeri’s hands massaged her full chest. She felt herself become wet. She started to enjoy it, her nipples were becoming rock hard. She lifted her arms up and Jeri tore of her tight top to reveal a black silk bra. Jeri couldn’t take it, she tore of the bra and started nibbling and licking Christina’s huge nipples. Christina moaned. Jeri unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor to reveal she was wearing nothing underneath. She wrenched Christina’s pants of to reveal a pair of soaking wet panties which matched her bra. Jeri had not seen such an exciting sight since she had lost her virginity. Two blokes with 10 inch cocks had taken her up the arse that day, together. Jeri had been extremely tight and it was the most agonising experience of her life, yet she had come 3 times. She looked at those little silk panties and knew she had to see what was underneath. She wrenched them of. Christina’s hair colour had changed a lot during her career and Jeri found Christina was actually a very dark brunette. She plied Christina’s legs apart and started to eat her out. She flicked Christina’s swollen clit. Her tongue delved deeper into Christina’s love cavern. And to her surprise she discovered Christina’s hymen.

“My God! You really are a virgin!” Christina nodded. Jeri delved in further licking it hard. Christina began to scream and her cherry popped. There was blood and cum everywhere. Jeri licked out the rest of her so that Christina was cleaner. A dirty thought went through her head. She grabbed Christina and led her to the Bathroom. She threw her in the shower and picked up a razor.

“What are you going to do?” Asked Christina worried.

“Just a bit of trimming. You see my cunt? Nice and shaven? By the time I’m finished yours will be the same!” Christina watched as Jeri turned on the shower, she was afraid, what if Jeri didn’t just get her pubes? What if her clit was taken of as well? All these things ran through her head. And then she felt it, she never knew that shaving could feel so good. It made her feel like a whore. Hair after hair fell out of place and when the last pube fell. Christina was moaning. She looked down, Jeri was opening up her cunt with her fingers. Her tongue slid in and out. Christina moaned.

“Teach me.” She gasped. “Teach me how to lick out a women’s cunt. She exploded all over Jeri’s face. She felt the warm water fall on her full tits making the nipples pert. Jeri stood with her legs apart giving a clear view of her privates. Christina started to lick frantically. Although her technique was primitive at best she was good. Jeri gave her the odd direction but the girl had natural ability and it wasn’t long before Jeri was cumming. “Resistance is never futile.” said Christina. Jeri came. Both girls left the shower and returned to the bedroom. “That was fun! We should do it again! Goodbye Jeri.”

“Where do you think you’re going. The door is locked. Get that arse over here, I have a surprise for you!” Jeri pulled out of her draw a double headed dildo which was 10 inches long and a 20 inch vibrator. “Lie down on the bed you slut!”

“What are you planning to do?”

“The vibrators going in your cunt as for the double headed dildo…..” Jeri smiled wickedly.She plunged the vibrator into Christina’s cunt. Her cunt was tight and Christina screamed in agony but she soon started to enjoy it. Jeri turned Christina over so her own weight would keep the vibrator in and Christina’s arse was in the air while she lay on her stomach.

“What are you going to do?” Moaned Christina. And then she knew. Jeri’s thumb entered her arse. It was as tight as you’d expect of a virgin. Christina screamed in agony. The thumb was removed. Christina felt relieved and then it got worse… She felt the big black vibrators head up her shit-hole. She moaned but the dildo went in further it was half way up her arse but still it went further until it was in the way. She felt the dildos touching through her thin membrane. Jeri started to build up a rhythm and after the pain had started to go away she started to enjoy. Soon she came and so did Jeri. That night they slept in the same bed with the dildo still stuck in Jeri’s cunt and in Christina’s arse. Occasionally one would cum.

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