Jailbait Jackpot

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Story title Jailbait Jackpot
authors: Money, HunterD

celebs in story: Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies, Electra Avellan, Elise Avellan, Victoria Justice

story codes MFF, Mff, MMf, threesome, incest, lesbian, anal, violence

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Authors note: If you ever find yourself in a situation like this DON”T PLAY HERO

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened I’m sure the celebs don’t act like this in reality any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] I would like to thank HunterD for helping me with this project it was really fun working with him again now on with the story.

Money and Hunter stood in the line in the bank.

Both were still slightly in shock, the pair had jokingly bought a lotto ticket agreeing to split the winnings they knew wouldn’t happen.

And then, it won, $100 Million, $50 Mill each.

The pair quickly decided to keep it to themselves, after all, who needs everyone suddenly showing up to ask for a loan?

They were just waiting to deposit the checks and leave quietly.

Hunter was still looking ahead in the line when he felt Money’s elbow jab him in the ribs.

Money’s eyes were locked on the front door as a pair of twins walked in he had seen them before somewhere when it clicked who they were Elise & Electra Avellan the babysitter twins from Planet Terror.

“Hunter….twins…here.” Money said

“Wow curves ahoy.” Hunter siad

It was impossible to tell who was who, but both were clad in tight low cut tank tops, one blue, one yellow showing off the perkiness of their substantial racks. The tops were short enough to show just a bit of their matching toned stomachs just above the Daisy Duke style shorts that showed off their long luxurious legs and amazing asses.

Money was nearly drooling at the sight of the twins he had a thing for twins it might have been genetic since he really couldn’t explain it as Elise and Electra started to stand in line the outfits hugged their curves and it didn’t look like they had bras on either which just screamed hot in Money’s brain.

“You know we could each take one.” Money said

Hunter started to agree and then spotted someone else coming in.

“How about you take the twins and I take the jailbait that just walked in?”

Money turned to see the female cast of the show Victorious on Nickelodeon, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, and Elizabeth Gillies.

Liz was wearing a black tank top that was just low cut enough to show off some of her decently impressive cleavage, along with loose jeans.
Victoria Justice was in a simple T-shirt and jeans combo, but as she turned talking to the other girls they could see it did provide a nice view of her great ass.
Ariana was in a little dress that was loose and covered her chest, but was so short that it was probably illegal in some states, showing off her amazing legs.

Money turned back to Hunter as all the lovely ladies stepped into the lines.

“I think we picked a good day to come to the bank.” Money deadpanned.

“Agr…” Hunter started to say, but was interupted as a group of armed thugs wearing ski masks entered the bank and yelled “EVERYBODY! HANDS UP!”

As everyone else panicked, Money and Hunter exchanged looks that seemed more ‘frustrated’ than anything else.

As the thugs made their way around the bank, two of them went towards the vault to open it, and the other two began working their way through the crowd.

One of them stopped in front of Money, noticing the backpack he was carrying.

“What’s in the sack friend?” the thug asked

“I’m not your friend, and it’s none of your damn business.” Money replied

“You do not want to piss me off.” the thug said.

Hunter shrigged. “Trust me, mon amis, that goes both ways. Do not poke the sleeping dragon.”

As the thug in front of them got a confused look on his face obviously about to ask what either the dragon saying or ‘mon amis’ meant, when they heard a shrill “GET AWAY FROM ME!”

The group turned to see the other robber in the crowd grabbing on Ariana’s arm, trying to remove an expensive looking bracelet from her wrist.

Electra was trying to help and shove the guy away.

“Leave the girls alone.” Hunter said in an octave noticeably lower than his normal speaking voice, and starting to move towards them.

“Where do you think you’re going stretch?” the closest robber asked.

“How’d you get that scar?” Money asked the thug

“What scar?” the thug responded.


Money grabbed the barrel of the rifle and shoved it into the robbers nose, breaking it, in one smooth move he removed the firing pin and tossed it, making the gun useless.

As Money did that, Hunter charged at the thug assaulting Ariana and delivered a Supermasn punch to the jaw that knocked the guy out, and at the very least dislocated the jaw.

“You watch after the crowd, I’m gonna take out the ringleader for screwing up our day.” Money said.

Hunter nodded.

Ariana looked down at the KO’d thug and back up to Hunter. “You’re really strong.”

Hunter shrugged and smiled “You grow up on mean streets, you learn to throw a punch.”

He then felt something poke his back.

“Okay stretch, you and the girls in the vault, NOW!”

Hunter turned his head to see one of the two remaining thugs poking a rifle into his back.

He raised his hands and proceeded towards the vault, as he walked in he saw Money already there.

“I thought you were going to take them out.” Hunter said deadpan

“Shut. Up.” Money replied.

The thugs shoved in the Avellan twins and Liz, Ariana then Victoria.

“We didn’t even do anything!” Liz, Victoria, and Elise said all at once as the door of the vault slammed shut.

“Great, we’re all going to die.” Electra said shaking her head.

“I’ve got food and water in the backpack, we just have to open the doors.” Money replied

“And how are we going to do that?” Victoria asked

“He’s an engineering student, I’m just good with electronic stuff and figuring out puzzles, it shouldn’t take more than a couple hours since we’ve got this.” Hunter explained, pulling a laptop out of Money’s bag.

“How do you know we’ll last a couple of hours?” Liz asked.

Money laughed, “See those vents?” he motioned towards several vents in the vault, “We’ve got an air supply, and enough food and water to survive a couple days.”

“And how will you get the laptop to connect to the vault stuff?” Ariana asked, leaning on Hunter’s arm.

“Give me and Hunter time and we can connect your Iphone to a letter agency database.” Money laughed.

“Brains and brawn?” Victoria asked

“What can I say, we’re veritable renaissance men.” Hunter chuckled, before turning back towards Money.” “Any weak points on the door?”

“Sadly, nope, the thing looks solid.”

There was a few seconds of silence.

“If I’m gonna die, I’m getting laid first.” Electra said, grabbing Elise and giving her a kiss.

Everyone looked at them for a moment before Liz shrigged and said “They’ve got a point.” and began to kiss Ariana.

Ariana pushed Liz away slightly.

“I think considering the guys saved us, we should let them join in.” Ariana said, and she turned and took the laptop out of the still in shock Hunter’s hands.

Victoria just stood there watching.

Elise pulled away from Electra. “The redhead has got a point, some cock would be a nice addition. What say you join us.” she said as she walked over to Money.

Ariana set the laptop down and wrapped her arms around Hunter’s neck and pulled him down into a kiss, slipping her tongue into his mouth and massaging his tongue with hers.

Hunter wrapped his arms around her to run his hands down her back, stopping top squeeze her tight little ass before reaching to grab the hem of her dress and pulling away from her to lift it up over her head.

He was pleasently surprised to find she hadn’t worn a bra, letting her perky breasts that were perfectly sized for her frame stand out, with her slightly puffy nipples.

As Hunter took a moment to enjoy the sight Liz stripped off her tanktop and jeans, revealing she was braless as well, showing her porcelain skinned breasts noticeably larger than Ariana’s

Liz stepped behind Ariana and wrapped her arms around her, Liz’s beautiful snow white skin and Ariana’s flawless tanned body creating a beautiful contrast as Liz tilted Ariana’s head to kiss her and let her hands slide down to fondle Ariana’s beautiful breasts for a moment before tracing her hands down aross Ariana’s toned stomach to reach a hand under her panties and began to stroke Ariana’s pussy.

“MMMmmm” Ariana moaned. and Liz pulled away with a little smile.

“What say I take him for a spin first?”

“I wanted some cock.” Ariana mewled.

“Oh, trust me, I’ll still have enough for you.” Hunter said as he finally unbuckled his pants and slid them down.

Liz raised an eyebrow when she saw the already hard cock bounce free.
“Well, if his stamina matches his size, this should be fun.” she grinned.

Ariana looked away from Liz and saw the massive 12 inch cock. “Holy crap!”

“Mine first.” Liz said and gave Ariana a playful shove to the side, dropping down in front of Hunter and giving the cock a few measuring strokes before casually sliding the for the first few inches into her mouth.

“Ohhh, good lord.” Hunter said, letting his head roll back
Ariana moved beside him and grabbed his arm, wrapping it around her and placing his hand on her breast, which he instantly squeezed as he turned to kiss her.

“Let Liz go first, if she doesn’t get her wayand we get out of thisI won’t get fucked for a week.”

“You will if you call me.” Hunter laughed

Liz stripped off her panties and said ” You lay down, I wanna ride that dick.”

Hunter shrugged and laid down, and Liz straddled him facing away from him as she reached down to aim the cock at her pussy. She slid herself down as fast as she could comfortably, getting several inches in before starting to move herself up and down the shaft.

Ariana straddled Hunter’s chest, placing her puffy nipples in the perfect position for Hunter to wrap his mouth around one, eliciting a joyous moan from Ariana as he switched from lightlysucking one nipple to the other.

Liz finally reached the bottom of the cock and paused for a moment, savoring the feeling of her pussy being so stretched, she leaned back, her back resting on Ariana’s and began to use her legs to thrust herself up and down Hunter’s long shaft.

“We gotta find a dildo this big.” Liz moaned

“Or we could just invite him over.” Ariana giggled as she pulled her chest away from Hunter’s mouth and moved down, moving her mouth to his and teasing him by letting her tongue slide around his lips before moving in for a deep passionate kiss, intertwining her tongue with his.

Liz had amped up her speed, letting most of the cock slide out of her tight snatch before pulling herself down at top speed, Hunter let out a groan of enjoyment.

Ariana looked down at him with her crimson hairframing her face. “What say I help Liz cum faster so we can make sure you’ll still be able to fuck me?”

Hunter gave a nod and Ariana slid off of him and crawled around to the front of Liz and reached out grabbing her head and pulling her forward into a kiss as she reached her hands up, one groping Liz’s breast, and the other taking her nipple and pinching it.

“MMMmmm.” Liz moaned

“You like that big cock?” Ariana asked

“Oh God Yes!” Liz yelled as she sped her thrusts up and down, now being matched by thrusts of Hunter’s own.

“Are you gonna cum all over it soon so I can have a turn?” Ariana asked

As Liz opened her mouth to answer Ariana dropped her mouth to Liz’s breast biting on the nipple she wasn’t pinching.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Liz screamed as she came on Hunter’s cock.

“My turn.” Ariana said, playfully pushing Liz backwards.

Liz gave a little glare, but slid off of Hunter.

Hunter sat up and pointed towards the vault door.

Ariana looked confused for a moment, but moved towards it.

“I let Liz be in control for her fuck, but I’m going to fuck you.”

Ariana smiled, letting her back lean against the vault door.

Hunter picked up the tanned pint-sized star, sliding her down the first few inches of the massive dick. Ariana grabbed onto the vault door behind her.

Hunter shoved more of his shaft into her, starting slow “UGH! NO SLOW! FUCK ME!” Ariana screamed.

Ariana was much tighter than Liz had been, but given how eager she was Hunter gladly sped up the pace, working more and more of the cock inside her.

Ariana felt like she was being stretched to the fullest and used her grip on the vault door to raise herself up the shaft, Hunter began to pull out a bit, and once he saw Ariana move back downwards thrust back into her.

He reached his hands around Ariana’s hips and stepped further back, her body at an angle as she held onto the vault for support, Hunter began to fuck her faster, thrusting rapidly into Ariana’s tight pussy.

“OH GOD! FUCK!” Ariana began to scream, it felt amazing, Hunter was only using about 8 inches of his cock, but that combined with the thickness was widening Ariana’s pussy more than it had been before.

The long deep strokes slamming into her so hard she could feel the juices from her pussy dripping down her thighs and ass.

“OH FUCK, HUNTER! CUMMING!” Ariana yelled as she came over Hunter’s cock, her pussy tightening down even more as she lost her grip on the vault door, she fell downwards but Hunter reached an arm below her to keep her from falling.

Hunter pulled her off his cock and let her feet touch the floor again.

“How about you grab onto the door while bending over?”
Hunter was determined to work all of his cock in the tiny starlet.

Ariana nodded and quickly turned around and grabbed the vault spreading her legs as wide as she could.
Hunter placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy again and slammed in hard and deep.

“OH FUCK ME!” Ariana screamed.

Hunter fucked the tight teen with his dick digging deeper and deeper.

Liz made her way near the pair and dropped herself between Ariana’s legs, gleefully licking up Ariana’s juices.

“OH GOD! EAT MY PUSSY WHILE HE FUCKS ME!” Ariana screamed feeling another orgasm building fast.

Hunter finally worked the entire length of his sizeable shaft into Ariana and kept a hard fucking pace, wrapping his hands beneath her and groping both her tits.

Hunter knew this round wasn’t going to last much longer, he began to thrust even harder, lifting Ariana’s body off the ground with each thrust inside her…
He grabbed her hips and thrust at full speed, slamming his full length inside her as he came deep in her pussy.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!!” Ariana screamed as the feeling of cum spraying so deep inside her took her over the edge.

Hunter pulled out and Liz eagerly wrapping her mouth around Ariana’s pussy, savoring the taste of the cum mixture.


Electra rubbed up against Money kissing him while Elise eased him onto the wall of safe deposit boxes taking his shirt off with Money doing the same freeing their tits before moving lower for their shorts as Elise stroked his package through his pants she unzipped his fly letting his 12 inch dick out.

“Hello baby and where have you been all my life?” Elise asked

“Elise what are you….oh shit he’s huge.” Electra said

Electra just looked at the big thing between her heroes legs as Elise started giving him a thank you blowjob while feeling herself up before moving on to lick her sisters pussy making Electra shiver.

“This is going to be great.” he moaned.

“You are such a slut Elise.” Electra said

“For this huge thing yes I am.” she said

Elise sandwiched her tits between Money’s thick cock while deepthroating him as Electra’a tits were being sucked on by Money making the Latina twin moan sticking her tongue down his mouth while he worked 3 fingers into her pussy which was soaked.

“Mmmm, let my sister taste them while you fuck her brains out.” Electra moaned

“Uhhhhhnnnnnnn I would if she gave me a chance.” Money said

Elise jumped into his arms impaling herself on his shaft forcing over half of it in her pussy stretching her out more as she went down on it making her squeal as he fed her his fingers she licked them clean of the juice while getting the last inch in her now stuffed hole.

“UUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH this wasn’t one of my brighter ideas this dick is almost too much to handle by myself.” Elise moaned.

“Sure you can you just need some help stretching your tight pussy out Money why don’t you give her a big dick pounding.” Electra said

Elise’s eyes went wide as Money pistoned into her slamming his dick into her pussy making a really loud sound that everyone could hear inside the vault as her moans quickly turned to screams.


“Your pussy is still pretty tight just need a little more time.” he moaned

“She won’t tight much longer at this rate.” Electra moaned

Money’s crotch was flooded as Elise’s orgasm hit hard the Spanish filled tirade was intense and loud setting off his own orgasm blasting her insides with buckets of cum as he released Elise sitting on the pile of cash in the vault.

“Hopefully you have one more go in you stud.” Electra purred.

“Yeah I do I want your sister on the stockpile of bills while you eat her out and I take you from behind it’s been a fantasy of mine.” he said

“Kinky.”Elise said

As Elise laid on the bills spreading her legs Electra buried her face in her twins pussy licking at a slow rate tasting Money’s cum while he got behind Electra easing his thick cock into her tight pussy making her groan as he groped her perky tits.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH this thing is thick how did you handle something this big.” Electra moaned

“Mmmm….wasn’t easy.” she moaned

“Just a few more inches to go.” he moaned

Money had 9 of his 12 inch girth in Electra’s pussy making her stretch even more getting used to the sizeable guest before he finally stopped with the last inch buried in her body as she gripped a stack of 1000 dollar bills in each hand.

“Come on baby fuck me like you did my sister.” Electra moaned

“Give it to her hard.” Elise said

If there was any glass in the vault it would have shattered from the ear splitting scream Electra let out as Money hammered her pussy with a relentless pace before she started eating her sister out getting used to the long powerful strokes she was enduring as she went.

“This is the best fantasy I’ve ever lived.” he moaned

“It’s really good from where I am.” Elise moaned

“Mmmm.” Electra moaned

The harder Money thrust into Electra the further up her sisters body she went before Electra’s head bumped into her twins tits rubbing them making Elise moan even more.

“I’m gonna blow.” he said

“Drain that huge thing.” Elise moaned


As Money exploded into Electra he drained a sizeable load into her while groping her tits and sucking on Elise’s mounds with Elise creaming her twins face in love juices.

Victoria had been standing in rapt awe, dividing her attention between the dual fuck sessions before her, now that they were done, she saw the guys turn their attantion towards her.

“Awww is nobody paying the little tv star any attention?” Money asked

“Maybe we can help her she seems a bit shy.” Hunter said

Watching the twins and her castmates get fucked by the hung studs made Victoria wet and they could smell it.

“I normally don’t force myself on a girl it’s more fun to hear them want it bad.” Money said

“You can try it if you want to Victoria just make it sound as sexy as you can.” Hunter said

It was always fun to watch actresses beg for something Money enjoyed it a little hearing what they would do for something they wanted since it was his dick this time he couldn’t wait to hear this from the lips of the jaiulbait hottie Victoria Justice.

“I’m so horny watching the girls get laid and leaving me out of the fun rip my clothes off bang my brains out I’ll even take you both on just let me ride something huge, thick, and hard.” Victoria said

“I’m more than happy to help.” Money said

Money took Victoria’s shirt off freeing her perky tits while she unzipped her jeans pulling them off and rubbed herself on his big dick before deepthroating him in one go.

“Uuuuuuuuhhhhhnnnnnnn I love sucking cock.” she moaned

“I’ll bet you love fucking even more.” he said

Money picked up the petite girl impaleing her on his mammoth cock taking every inch as she started bouncing on it while he sucked her tits.

“This is bigger than I was hoping for!!” she squealed

“Your tighter than I was expecting too.” Money moaned

She slammed herself down hard on his manhood loving the feeling of him but was quickly getting more horny than she normally got.

“Ok where is that other guy my ass needs some attention.” she moaned.

“Oh I’m right here. She may have a tight pussy, but I bet her ass is even tighter.” Hunter laughed, taking his colossal cock and pressing it into Victoria’s eager asshole.

“UMmmmm.” Victoria moaned as Hunter thrust himself in.

Hunter and Money remained standing, Victoria’s legs wrapped arond Money’s waist.

Victoria had been double stuffed before a few times, but never with anything nearly as massive as Money or Hunter’s cocks..and certainly not two cocks that big at once.

Her dual partners began fucking her quickly, a piston rhythm so Victoria had a health helping of cock inside her at all times,
Money pulled out, Hunter went in, and vice versa.

“UGH Yeah!” Victoria grunted in pleasure, the fun of watching already had her close to cumming, and being double stuffed by a pair of long and thick dicks meant it wasn’t going to take long for her to climax.

“Fuck me with those big cocks!” Victoria said breathlessly as the boys increased their pace.

The feeling of the massive cock heads stretching the membrane between her holes as they passed each other making Victoria’s already near orgasm build even mor, the faster speed putting her on the verge.

“OHHHHHH GOD! DON’T! STOP! FUCKING! ME!” Victoria screamed as she came for the first time, her body shaking as her pussy flooded Money’s cock and her asshole tightened around Hunter’s.
The boys kept up the pace, riding her through the orgasm and extending it, the dual fucking keeping Victoria in a state of bliss that seemed to last forever.

As she came down from the high, she let her body collapse a little, falling backwards against Hunter, he raised his hands and groped her tits.

“Want Money to lay down? We can work even more dick into you that way.” Hunter suggested.

Victoria just smiled and nodded.

The boys pulled out and Money laid on the vault floor.

Victoria straddled him, and Moneyreached up grabbing her hips and impaling her on the full length of his cock again.
Hunter took position behind her, aiming his cock at her now gaping asshole, and thrust hard into her.

Victoria gasped as her tiny frame was filled with two feet of cock.

The boys started thrusting, no longer bothering with a rhythm with each other.

Before Victoria could focus on the feeling of the hole getting filled as the other was emptied, now she was never sure which hole would have how much cock inside it, but somehow it made the sensations even better.

Money moved his head back to Victoria’s tits, sucking on one as he groped the other.

Hunter reached up with one hand, pulling Victoria’s hair, while raising a hand and spanking her ass.

“FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG COCKS! Victoria screamed.

“How do you want to get fucked Victoria?” Money asked

“FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT!” Victoria yelled back.

Money & Hunter quickly began thrusting into Victoria hard, deep and fast, brutally fucking both her holes.

“UGH FU….G” Victoria began grunting, she was unable to even think straight, much less form actual words.

The young starlet wanting to be double fucked, and enjoying it so much, had both Money and Hunter close to the edge.

Victoria couldn’t resist anymore, the rough double fucking sending her over the edge again.

“UGGGGGGGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” She let loose a wordless scream as she came.

Hunter pulled out of Victoria’s ass, standing over her he said. “How about you suck me off for the big finish?”

“Me first.” Money said, pulling out of her pussy and standing on the other side of Victoria.

She smiled up at the guys and reached out both her hands, jerking both cocks, she took Money’s into her mouth first, deepthroating it while still jerking off Hunter’s cock.

She pulled off of Money’s cock and deepthroated Hunter and tasting her own ass while she jerked off Money.

She switched back and forth, from one to the other, bringing them right to the edge.

Pulling her mouth away but still herking both cocks Victoria looked up at them and said “I want you both to cum all over me. I want to be coated in cum!”

That was it.

“FUCK!” Money yelled, the first spurt shooting out of his cock and covering part of Victoria’s face.

“OHHH YEAH!” Hunter belowed, as his load hit the other side of Victoria’s face.

“Oh God! YES!” Victoria screamed as the pair of massive cocks let loose similarly gigantic loads, the first few shots coating her face, she used her grip on their cocks to aim them lower, letting the cum cover her chest.

Victoria was coated in cum, her face and tits covered, dripped down the rest of her body.

She laid back and let out a satisfied sigh as she traced a finger along her chest, scooping the cum onto it and sucking the cum off of it.

The boys were back working on the door as the girls finished cleaning themselves up.

Hunter turned around and looked at them.

“You girls ready for the escape?”

“Uh, yeah?” The twins replied in unison as though it were the stupidest question ever.

Victoria took out a small compact, checking to make sure she had gotten all the cum off of her (What little she hadn’t managed to scoop into her mouth and swallow anyway.)

“Yeah, we’re ready…you think you can get us out?” Victoria asked

“Yeah.” Money laughed.

“See at first I tried overwriting the system, which is complicated and takes a while. But Money suggested a more Gordian Knot type solution.” Hunter explained with a chuckle. “See, we just hit the reset switch.” He hit a button on the laptop. “Then the clock restarts and….”

The vault began to spin open.

“Wait, we could have been out of here in like 3 minutes if the twins hadn’t gotten all horny?” Liz sounded annoyed.

Ariana whispered “You’re just ticked off you only came once and me and Vicky came twice.”

“Well yeah!” Liz replied.

“Just more reason to invite them to the set sometime.” Victoria said, smiling at Money & Hunter.

“Only if we’re not shooting a movie at the same time, then they will be busy with us.” Electra said.

As the vault doors finished opening, they saw the group of thugs being arrested.

Hunter gestured for the ladies to step out first, as he tossed the laptop back into Money’s bag.

“I think we’ve had enough fun at the bank today, we’ll deposit the winnings tomorrow.” Hunter said with a chuckle.

“You just want to see if any other celebs show up tomorrow don’t you?” Money asked

“Hey, we already won the lottery and fucked a bunch of hot celebs, I say we push our luck.” Hunter deadpanned.

“You….have a good point.”

the end

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