Kingdoms – The Rusted Idol Saga Book 3: The Pirate Queen

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Title: Kingdoms – The Rusted Idol Saga Book 3: The Pirate Queen

Author: TRL

Codes: MF, MFF, FF, ff, Fsolo, Oral, Anal, ATM, NonConsent, Rape, Violence

Celebs: Natalie Portman, Rachael Leigh Cook, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Debby Ryan, Miley Cyrus, Keira Knightley, Hayley Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, Stana Katic, Ellen Pompeo, Miracle Laurie, Lena Heady, Michelle Rodriguez, Christina Aguilera, Dina Meyer, Summer Glau, Kelly Clarkson, Brenda Song, Katharine McPhee, Sara Ramirez, Kellie Pickler, Megan Fox

Disclaimer: The Following is a work of fiction – by it’s very nature, it could never have happened. No Celebrities used within were harmed in the making of this story, even if they were harmed in the story itself – trust me, they’re all still just fine. None of the celebs seen within are meant to be the real person. They are used here as original characters, and are meant to be complimentary in most cases. The author does not mean to imply any of them would do what they are seen doing in this story. There is plenty of sex and violence within, so if that’s not your thing, please go read something else. There is actually some violent sex within this story, so be warned, this may be a little rougher than most TRL stories. If none of that appeals, you know where your back-button is. Everyone else, enjoy!

The Oceans around Celebria are no longer safe. The vast Port Fleet, protectors for almost all of Celebria’s shipping, has been devastated by a sneak attack by the Pirate Queen, Keira Knightley, leaving behind only ruined ships and ruined lives. And as Keira fled, she took young Princess Miley Cyrus with her, hijacking the brand new Flagship of the Port Fleet – the Impervious – at the same time. Now returned to her seat of power at Hammerhead Atoll, Keira prepares to unleash a wave of piracy unlike any in history.

The Kingdom of Port is in ruins, its untested ruler, Queen Natalie Portman barely holding up under the stress. Her councils are powerless to help her, and her peoples’ needs are growing. Plots swirl around her, seeking to remove her from the Throne. And two deadly assassins await within her very castle, ready to finish the task The Pirate Queen started.

The only hope lays in the ragtag crew of the Port frigate Rusted Idol, and its disgraced captain, Kelly Clarkson. Blacklisted already, and with a death threat for returning a failure again, Captain Kelly has but one chance to save the day – and her own life. She must rescue Princess Miley from the Pirate Queen and return her home before it’s too late. On the rogue Island of Isla Sorna, Captain Kelly and her brave crew find a way to Hammerhead Atoll – in the form of a man from Captain Kelly’s past, whom she doesn’t trust. But raiding the Pirate Stronghold is a suicide mission of the highest order. With time running out, and the crazed Pirate Xtina hot on their tails, the brave crew of the Rusted Idol will risk it all to retrieve the Princess and save their own lives.

But there are dark forces at lurk that even Pirates and assassins fear, and even as others scramble to save or destroy Kingdoms, these dark forces are growing…

* * *

If one were to sail down the Torsolette River, all the way to the ocean, one would eventually reach a section of high, flat rocks that literally stopped the river at a 90 degree angle. There, the Torsolette split into two smaller rivers, one flowing to the immediate right, one flowing to the immediate left. These smaller rivers were called the Corsellette and the Bandeau Rivers. They both flowed off at right angles from the Torsolette for a good two miles each before taking dramatic turns back towards the ocean when the seemingly impenetrable solid rock wall that stopped the Torsolette suddenly dropped off into far more agreeable land. Here, the two rivers raced back towards the ocean, and due to the specific heights and placements of hills and erosion over millions of years, the two joined one last time in the Great Port Harbor, leaving behind an oddly perfect, V-shaped Island.

And on that Island rested Castle Port, which sat in the middle of the city of Port, around the Great Port Harbor, and served as the throne for the small-in-size, but large-in-population Kingdom of Port. For hundreds of years, the people of Port had been sailors and fishermen, and for the longest time they had almost literally ruled the seas, with their powerful warships and daring sailors. Indeed, only the Vikings to the North, the Orientals to the Far East, and Pirates from all over dared challenge Port’s right to rule the waters, and until recently every challenge had been handily defeated by the best of the best of Port.

Until mere days ago, when the clever and daring Pirate Queen had struck in the middle of Port’s celebrated Fleet week, destroying almost 50 warships (along with dozens of merchant and fishing vessels) and gutting the Port Fleet from the once powerful force it was to a mere shadow of it’s former self.

And now, the Kingdom of Port looked once more to Castle Port, between the Corsolette and Bandeau rivers, for guidance.

Not a lot was coming at the moment.

Castle Port was rife with secrets – as any castle hundreds of years old, and inhabited by dozens of rulers would be. Secret passageways, hidden rooms, odd constructions, and the occasional rumor of haunted chambers made the castle a unique and interesting place, but it also meant that no one person knew every secret about the place. Not even Queen Natalie Portman, the current ruler of Port.

One of the things Queen Natalie didn’t know about her own castle was that there was a mirror in her private room that was not just a mirror, but the start of an odd and twisting series of other mirrors and false windows, hidden candles and strange magnifiers that twisted through several rooms before showing in almost perfect detail what was going on inside the Queen’s chamber to anyone who bothered to open a small cabinet in the room that housed her Ladies in Waiting. Every Lady in Waiting for the King or Queen for hundreds of years had used the mirror system to keep an eye on their charges, especially when they were doing things they shouldn’t be.

Like having a torrid affair with their Secretary of State, who mere days before had been little more than a good friend from school and had never displayed so much as an ounce of sexual interest in the Queen, nor the Queen towards her.

“What is she playing at?” Young Molly Quinn asked, sitting in front of the cabinet, watching as Queen Natalie Portman buried her face between the legs of Secretary Rachael Leigh Cook. “I mean, she’s not even trying to hide it that well.”

“She’s the Queen,” Ginnifer Goodwin said sadly. “She can have all the affairs she wants.” Molly and Ginnifer were Queen Natalie’s Ladies in Waiting, who were responsible for seeing to the Queen’s needs – even her sexual ones. As had long been an accepted practice in Port and other Kingdoms ranging from Hollywoods to Galadria and beyond, Ladies in Waiting served almost as live-in whores for their Queens, often being taught for years to be experts at lesbian sex before being allowed near the woman they were charged with servicing. The position was one of honor, and was greatly coveted by women of a certain rank throughout Port – mostly those with great family wealth, and little hope of one day becoming Royalty themselves.

“It’s not that she’s having an affair that bothers me,” Molly went on. “It’s that she’s cheating on him.”

“She still sleeps with him,” Ginnifer Pointed out. “Every night she’s not with Rachael, she’s with him.”

“I know that,” Molly sighed, watching as the Queen buried her face between the other woman’s legs. From the reaction on Rachael’s face, it was clear that Queen Natalie was doing very pleasing things with her tongue and mouth. “And I know they aren’t married or anything, but Natalie was so in love with him. Now all she can think about is having sex with Rachael.”

“Can you blame her?” Ginnifer commented as she started to get undressed for bed. “Rachael’s gorgeous.”

“I just don’t think it’s right, is all,” Molly said. “I mean, she loves Michael, right?”

“I guess so,” Ginnifer replied. “It’s warm tonight – you mind if I sleep naked?”

“Are you sharing my bed tonight?” Molly asked.

“You don’t want me to?”

“If you’re going to be naked, then we’re going to have to fuck – watching these two go at it is making me horny.”

“Then we can fuck – but lets get going already. I’m tired and we have to be up early.”

“Why?” Molly sighed, standing up and stripping her own clothes off. “The Queen won’t be after a night like this.”

“We still have to be up,” Ginnifer said, sliding into Molly’s bed and patting the mattress beside her. “C’mon, if you want sex, get in here before I nod off.”

“Coming, coming,” Molly sighed, taking one last look at the Queen and her new lover. Then she finished getting undressed, and slid into the bed. Moments later, she and Ginnifer were doing much the same as their Queen was with Rachael. But neither Molly or Ginnifer were breaking anyone’s heart while doing so.

* * *

“Are we going to strike or not?” Captain Lena Heady demanded, slamming her hand down on the table before her. It was late – far later than any of the group had any right to be out. Still, secret meetings had to take place at secret times, and that often meant late at night. Still, it often made for cranky plotters, as all of them had to be out and about in public early the next morning.

“Soon,” Johnathan Frakes assured her. “The assassins after Queen Natalie haven’t so much as been spotted in the Kingdom, let alone the castle. We have to assume they fled after their first failure, and won’t be back. We’ll have to use our own people.”

“By our own people, you mean my girl,” Marina Sirtis said, smirking behind her gobblet. The older woman had gone – to great expense and risk to her own holdings – trained and maintained a young woman as an assassin. That assassin – one Summer Glau – was now located inside Castle Port, posing as a masseuse in the baths, waiting for word from the secret cabal gathered here to strike.

“Unless anyone else has someone better suited,” Frakes asked, glancing around at the others.

“I could order someone to do it – I got a couple of sailors who’d do it for the cash,” Lena Heady replied. “We’d have to kill them afterwards, and I doubt they make it too far into the Castle, but there you go.”

“We’ll stick with what we’ve already got, I think,” Marina replied.

“When do we move, then?” the last member of the little group asked. Foreign Minister Ellen Pompeo had the most to gain from their efforts – as she was the person with the strongest family ties to the crown, outside of Queen Natalie and her missing sister, Miley Cyrus. If Natalie were to be killed, then on the strength of her name alone, Ellen could potentially assume the throne and become Queen herself. With the help of the people in the room, and the money they had and the ships and men they commander, Ellen could hold the throne against the challengers sure to arise.

“Soon, I should think,” Frakes replied. “How long to inform the girl to act?”

“A day or two, and then she should wait a couple of days,” Marina replied. “We want to be able to be seen elsewhere at the time she strikes.”

“Good point,” Lena replied.

“Give it five days, then,” Frakes said. “I’ll be out of town that day anyway.”

“And I’ll be down at the docks, going over the salvage from my ship,” Heady said. “The crews are finally getting to her.”

“I’ll be in the castle, but I can arrange for an important meeting or two for the time of the attack,” Pompeo replied. “Miracle?”

Miracle Laurie, Pompeo’s assistant, servant, and general slave, stepped forward. “Yes?”

“Set something up for five days – any ambassadors in town, merchants looking for my favor, whatever’s available.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the young Miss Laurie said, nodding and stepping back.

“What about you, Marina?” Frakes asked.

“I’ll be busy,” she assured him. “Best if we don’t ALL know each other’s plans.”

“Whatever it is, don’t get caught,” Frakes said, winking at her. “Have we anything else to discuss?”

“We all realize this could turn into quite the bloodbath, right?” Heady said. “I mean, I know my men will fight for me, and I’m more than willing to shed their blood to put Ellen here on the throne, but we all know that Civil War can certainly happen from this, right?”

“Of course,” Marina said sharply. “We all know what to do and what it’ll cost. And your men won’t fight alone, Lena – I have enough mercenaries on stand by to lay siege to the bulk of the castle, if need be. We’re waiting for the Queen’s death. Let’s just all be ready when that time comes.”

“Then in five days time,” Frakes said, “We’ll be celebrating a new Queen of Port.”

“I’ll drink to that,” Marina replied, hefting her goblet.

* * *

The Port Frigate Rusted Idol was now officially 26 hours and change out of Isla Sorna, sailing North-by-Northwest as fast as the wind would take it, both running to and from trouble in the process. The crew had barely survived their adventure on the island, and now with three new passengers aboard, they were rapidly speeding off towards what could very well be their deaths.

Still, they were consigned to death if they returned home right now anyway, so they might as well keep going.

At least, that’s how Demi Lovato saw it. Not that she had a say in it, anyway. She was just a girl picked up off the streets of a Harvest harbor almost a year ago, and was little more than an extra deckhand on the ship, as was her best friend and the love of her life, Selena Gomez. Neither one of them could so much as offer an opinion on what the cook served for dinner, let alone what direction the ship should sail in.

Still, there were some advantages to being in their position. It was Selena and Demi’s job to find places for the new members of the crew to sleep on the already crowded boat. It was their job mostly because no one else cared enough to do it, and Selena had already taken quite a liking to one of their guests.

The first guest was the slightly mysterious, yet charmingly amusing Nathan Fillion. He seemed to be sticking close to the Captain and Commander Lambert so far, and hadn’t bothered to do much more than collapse on the Commander’s bed while Lambert was getting the ship organized. When Lambert had found him, the commander had kicked him out – and then Fillion had quickly found his way into sharing a bed with Deliss, the screechy-voiced gunner from below decks who seemed more than willing to welcome him into her bed – as long as he wasn’t wearing pants.

Pants weren’t an issue for their second guest, either. But neither was finding her a place to stay. Mary-Louise Parker had been thrown in the brig five minutes after the ship cleared Isla Sorna, more for her protection than anything else. Somehow, poor Mary-Louise had found her way onto the ship completely naked, and finding her clothes in the already depleted wardrobe of the rest of the crew was proving tricky, at best. Supposedly Kellie Pickler had jumped on the task, being a bit of a seamstress herself, but she’d quickly been distracted by her lover, Katharine McPhee, and neither one had been seen outside their hammock in hours. Mary-Louise was still naked in the brig, and the crew made no effort to hide the fact that they were looking at her.

But the final new passenger would need a proper bunk, of sorts, and Selena Gomez seemed thrilled at the prospect of finding her one. Young Debby Ryan had stumbled upon Selena during the crazy events on Isla Sorna, and gotten mixed up in the effort to rescue Captain Kelly and the others from the mad Pirate Xtina. The dirty-blonde haired beauty was now stuck on the Idol, though since her home had been burned down during the past few days, she seemed happy to just have a place to stay.

Demi Lovato knew that Selena hoped to make Debby’s stay even more happy – namely by fucking the daylights out of the girl.

Demi shook her head, watching as Selena gave Debby a grand tour of the ship, taking far longer than either she or Demi had gotten when they were brought aboard. Though, to be fair, when Selena and Demi had been brought aboard, they were practically Captain Kelly’s prisoners, and only earned their freedom through a full night of sex. It seemed that Selena thought their newest crewmember should follow through on that requirement herself.

“This ship is so big,” Debby said as they walked down the stairs into the hull of the ship. “How many people are aboard her?”

“Well, we’re supposed to have a crew of almost 450, but that includes the 55 marines that were never assigned after our last stop at Port, 30 servant “boys,” of which there’s just me and Selena, and we’re easily short another 100 crewmembers because, well, no one wants to sail with us, and the fleet doesn’t care if we have a full crew or not.”

“Why not?” Debby asked, looking out one of the holes for the cannons.

“’Cause we’re the worst ship in the fleet,” Selena offered, smiling at Debby. “Though you certainly class us up quite a bit.”

“Aww,” Debby cooed, actually blushing. “Go on…”

“Shouldn’t we be finding Debby a birth?” Demi said before Selena could start making her move on Debby right there on the gun deck.

“Yeah, I’d like to know where I can sleep,” Debby said. “I’m exhausted.”

“Fine, we’ll go find you a hammock,” Selena said, shooting Demi a look. Demi mouthed an “I’m sorry” at her friend before Debby could turn around, then lead the other two down to the next deck, where most of the crew slept.

“There aren’t many beds – the Captain’s got one, Commander Lambert’s got one, there’s three in the sickbay, though Dr. Underwood sleeps on one most of the time, and there’s a few down here assigned to senior crew members,” Demi shot an apologetic look towards Debby. “We aren’t senior enough to even think about them.”

“That’s okay – I like hammocks,” Debby said. “Is there one available next to you?” she asked Demi.

“Y-yeah,” Demi said, surprised that Debby was showing any interest in her. “Selena and I are kind of off in a corner near the cargo area – it’s actually kinda private.”

“Oh, that sounds wonderful – be nice to change clothes without all the guys looking at us,” Debby said, winking at Demi again.

“Oh, no one cares if you’re naked,” Selena said as they moved through the sleeping areas. Maybe one in every 3 hammocks had someone sleeping in them, and more than one had two people in them, clearly engaging in some form of sex or another. “You wanna be naked, go right ahead. No one will stare unless you’ve either pissed them off or they’re really horny.”

“Really?” Debby asked, sounding suspicious.

“Yeah, look at Jordin over there,” Selena said, pointing over at where Midshipman Jordin Sparks had collapsed into her hammock and was fast asleep, swinging with the movements of the ship. She was naked from the waist up, her ample tits rising and falling with each breath. No one was paying her any mind, and indeed a couple of the other women in the place seemed to be sleeping completely naked.

“Is everyone really so free?” Debby asked, surprised.

“It’s a small ship,” Demi explained. “You don’t have a lot of privacy, so you get stuff like being naked in front of everyone over with and just ignore it.”

Selena actually laughed. “Plus, half the crew has fucked the other half, so it’s really no big deal.”

Debby’s eyes were wide in surprise. “Really? You’ve had sex with all these people?”

“No!” Demi said at once. “We try to avoid most of the boys-”

“Except Commander Lambert – oh, to have his cock sliding between my legs” Selena cut in wistfully.

“-And really we’ve only been with Captain Clarkson,” Demi continued, trying to talk right through Selena.

“And Doctor Underwood,” Selena added with a sigh. “Oh, she’s so good with her hands.”

“But mostly we’re just with each other,” Demi added quickly.

“And we’ve done both Kat and Pickle once or twice – when they can be bothered to let someone else in on their fucking,” Selena added. “And there was that time we sucked Jordin’s nipples to get out of bringing Pearchy his dinner. And-”

“AND here we are!” Demi said, cutting Selena off with a nasty look. They’d reached the back of the sleeping area, where some of the cargo containers that wouldn’t fit elsewhere had spilled over out of the cargo area. Here a quartet of hammocks hung, two very close to each other, the other two a little further apart. “You can take one of the side hammocks – Selena and I use the middle ones.”

“Don’t you guys bump into each other in the night?” Debby asked, looking at their hammocks.

“Only if we’re lucky,” Selena muttered.

“Can I take this one?” Debby asked, pointing towards the one nearest the wall. “I’d like a wall to face while I’m getting changed until I get used to this whole naked sleeping thing.”

“Of course,” Demi said, smiling at her. “Ever been in a hammock before?”

“Sure,” Debby said, climbing up and into it and almost instantly falling back out of it.

Selena laughed as Demi raced over to help her up.

“Don’t worry, that happens to everyone at first,” Demi said, comforting the new girl while shooting Selena another nasty look. “You shouldn’t laugh.”

“Oh, come on, Demmers,” Selena said. “It was funny. She just said she’d used one before, and then – WHAM – she’s on her ass on the floor.”

“It’s okay,” Debby said, getting up again. “I’m sure I’ll be laughing at you two before long, too.”

“Good,” Selena said. “You want some help this time?”

“Please,” Debby said, smiling at them. Demi and Selena helped her in, keeping the hammock as steady as they could with the ship in motion, and this time Debby was able to stay in it.

“There, how’s that?” Selena asked, leaning in close to Debby’s head. “Comfy?”

“I guess,” Debby said.

“You probably should’ve gotten undressed first,” Selena said. “Demi, help her out of her shoes.

“Okay,” Demi said, giving Selena a look.

“Are you two fighting?” Debby asked as Demi undid her shoes and set them on the deck of the ship.

“No,” Demi said curtly.

“That means yes,” Selena said, helping to undo some of the buttons on Debby’s shirt without being asked. “Demmers is upset because she thinks I’m going to try and fuck you before she does.”

“NO I’M NOT!” Demi hollered, aghast. “You want to fuck her, you go right ahead, you slut,” Demi said, walking off in a huff.

“Oh, come on, Demmers!” Selena called after her. “Don’t be like that!”

Demi walked around the corner into the cargo area and sat herself down on a crate of oranges that the Cook would be looking for soon.

“Demi?” Selena called after her, coming around the corner. “Come on, babe – you know I love you.”

“She’s barely on the ship, Sel!” Demi said. “And you’re already trying to get into her pants.”

“Skirts – she doesn’t own pants – can she borrow some of yours? I’m fresh out, except for my cute pants, and I kinda need those.”

“Selena,” Demi said. “Back on topic, please?”

“Come on, Demi, you’ve seen her! She’s gorgeous.”

Demi nodded. “She is pretty cute.”

“And have you seen her lips? God, can you imagine those on your clit?” Selena asked, plopping down next to Demi.

“They’re awfully cute, too,” Demi admitted as Selena pulled her into a hug.

“And she seems to like you,” Selena said. “She’s been eyeing you all day.”

“She has not,” Demi said, blushing a bit. “She clearly likes you.”

“Well, yeah – I’m hot,” Selena said. “Everyone wants me.”

“I don’t care about everyone wanting you,” Demi said, looking over at Selena. “As long as I get you whenever I want.”

“Any time, babe,” Selena said, kissing Demi on the lips. Demi felt her heart flutter – it always did with Selena – and the kiss deepened until they both rolled off the crate and landed on the floor, still wrapped in each other’s arms. Their lips didn’t break contact, but soon enough Selena’s hands were traveling down Demi’s chest, grabbing her boobs as she moved. Demi groaned a bit at the touch – aside from the sex she’d had with that redheaded woman who’d thought she was a whore back on Isla Sorna, Demi hadn’t gotten any sex in several days – a remarkable feat on a ship that seemed hell bent on everyone getting laid. Selena claimed it was because there wasn’t much else to do, but Demi thought it was the crew trying to forget they were stuck on the Idol.

Selena undid the buttons holding Demi’s shirt together, pulling them apart to reveal Demi’s naked breasts. Instantly, Selena’s mouth covered one of the bare nipples, sucking away and making Demi gasp in pleasure. Selena knew how to drive Demi wild just by sucking on her nipples, and in no time, Demi was breathing hard, grasping Selena’s head to her chest, trying to get her lover to stay put on one nipple or the other.

Selena giggled a bit as she pulled off Demi’s chest and started to work down her stomach, laying delicate kisses as she went. Each kiss sent a shiver of anticipation through Demi’s brain, and any thought of being made at Selena was now banished from Demi’s head, lost in the fog of ecstasy bursting into her brain.

Selena was enjoying herself, too. Her own nipples were solid little pebbles, the fabric of her shirt sliding against them sending tiny shivers of pleasure through Selena’s spine. Selena may have flirted with other girls – slept with other girls, or even men occasionally – but Demi would always be her one, true love. And that love included all sorts of lusty thoughts that Selena had every day for her best friend.

As Selena reached Demi’s pants, she paused, looking up at her flushed, flustered friend. Demi was clearly ready for sex, and Selena intended on fucking her friend senseless. But first, maybe a little teasing was in order.

“What do you think’s for supper tonight?” Selena asked, adopting an innocent look as her chin overed over Demi’s still-covered crotch.

“W-what?” Demi asked, surprised.

“Dinner? I mean, we’ve had a lot of fish lately, and I know we didn’t take on any new food on Isla Sorna, but you think Cookie might have some beef left from when we left Port?”

“What?!” Demi asked, propping herself up on her shoulders to give Selena an angry look.

“I think we’ve still got some apples left – at least, I hope so,” Selena said, smiling at Demi, her chin dipping down enough to brush the fabric of Demi’s pants as she spoke.

“You’re seriously worried about dinner right NOW?” Demi asked.

“You know me – I like to eat.”

“Says the girl who went a full week on a single pear back when we were living on the streets,” Demi scoffed. “Are you going to get back to work or what?”

“Work? What work?” Selena asked, all innocent again. “We’ve shown Debby her bunk.”

“Damn it, Selena…” Demi said, a touch of warning entering her voice.

“Oh, I’m sorry – did you want me to lick your pussy until you squirm all over the deck as my tongue drives you insane with pleasure?” Selena asked.

“YES!” Demi practically screamed.

“Ask nicely,” Selena said.

“Ask nice-” Demi cut herself off and drew a deep breath. “Selena, love of my life, woman I want to spend all my days with, would you please use your expert tongue on my clit until I climax from your tender work?”

Selena blinked, surprised at how quickly Demi became so formal. “Uh…” she trailed off, caught off guard.

“Just lick my pussy, Sel,” Demi giggled.

“Oh, fine – if you insist,” Selena said, undoing the button on Demi’s pants and pulling them down her friend’s teenaged legs. Demi’s pussy was already soaking wet, and as Selena leaned in to lap at the juices, she could smell the erotic concoction that was Demi’s arousal wafting up to her nose. As far as Selena was concerned, it was one of the sweetest smells in the world.

“Oh, yes,” Demi moaned as Selena’s tongue traced across the folds of her pussy, like a warm, smooth cloth brushing her most sensitive skin. Selena had tongue-fucked Demi so many times, and she had learned every inch of Demi’s pussy. She knew that if she licked a little harder on the left side, Demi would squirm in delight. She knew that if she twirled her tongue around the head of Demi’s clit, Demi would pant for breath. She knew that if she shoved her tongue all the way into Demi’s pussy with one quick thrust, Demi would gasp and go stiff. And she knew that Demi loved all these things.

So as she started to work her way around Demi’s most private area, Demi experienced pleasures that made Demi’s whole world collapse in on itself, twisting and turning into bright colors and electric sensations. The ecstasy pouring out of her pussy was all Demi could think of. She forgot everything else – that they were on a ship, that they were, technically, marked for death. That they were heading into more danger than they’d left behind. That the girl giving her all this pleasure had just been hitting on another girl. Her brain just wouldn’t work, except to register the increasing pleasure of every lick, kiss, nibble, and thrust of Selena’s tongue.

Selena knew that, in a pinch, she could bring Demi to orgasm in just under three minutes – two, if Demi was already turned on, which she clearly was today. Sometimes, when she was desperate to get to her own pleasure, she plowed ahead, and made Demi climax quickly. Other times, she drew it out, enjoying the feeling of making Demi’s body run through all sorts of emotions and feelings for long spans. Demi could barely tell the difference sometimes, but that didn’t matter. Sometimes, Selena just wanted her love to feel this good for as long as possible.

But not today. Today, Selena had her own needs – needs that, while they could certainly include Demi, were most likely laying in the hammock on the other side of the wall. Selena could tell Demi’s body was ready, and reached up with one hand, and gently pressed on finger into her friend’s slit, going no more than a single knuckle deep before Demi practically exploded in orgasmic delight.

“Oh, my, FUCK!” Demi exclaimed, letting loose a rare swear as her body crashed past it’s limits. Her head rolled back and forth on the ship’s floor, her breath caught in her throat, and her fists balled up tightly as orgasm took control. On rare occasions, when she was especially charged, Demi might swing one of those fists – leaving her partner with a black eye or a bruised cheek, as poor Kellie Pickler had once learned the hard way. But today she merely collapsed in a spent heap beneath Selena, breathing hard as she fought to recover.

“I love you,” Demi said dreamily.

“I love you, too,” Selena said, kissing Demi on the lips. “You up for some more fun?”

“Mmmm, yes…” Demi said, dreamily. She reached up with both hands and pulled Selena to her, kissing her best friend briefly, but not letting go.

“Demmers, you okay?” Selena asked.

“Better,” Demi replied. “You want me to lick you?”

Selena smiled. “If you’ll let me get up,” she said. “I’m still dressed.”

“Bad Selena,” Demi said playfully, coming back to her senses a bit. “Get naked, you bad, bad girl.”

“Oh, if you insist,” Selena said as Demi’s arms fell from around her neck. Standing up, Selena quickly shed her shirt, finally freeing her painfully erect nipples to the air of the ship. Next she undid the buttons of her pants, sliding the tight-fitting fabric down her toned legs and revealing her bare crotch beneath.

“Selena,” Demi said playfully. “Did you forget underwear again?”

“You know I don’t wear underwear unless I really have to,” Selena said, laying down on the wooden floor next to her lover. She reached over and kissed Demi once, passionately.

“You and I, we’re one and the same, you know that right?” Selena whispered to her friend.

“One and the same, always,” Demi answered, returning Selena’s kiss before rolling on top of the other girl. As she settled atop Selena, her leg pressed against Selena’s bare pussy just right, sending a jolt of surprise and heat through the other girl.

“Whoa, don’t move,” Selena said, slowly humping her crotch against Demi’s leg.

“Like that, do you?” Demi asked, playing gently with one of Selena’s nipples. Her own crotch was pressed against Selena’s leg, and as Selena began to hump, Demi returned the favor, adding pressure and heat to both girl’s efforts to get off.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Selena moaned. Any thought of Demi going down on her was forgotten now – Selena wanted to be able to look Demi in the face as they fucked, and this was perhaps the best way. She reached up with one arm and wrapped it around Demi’s waist, holding her close, pulling their crotches even closer together. Demi got the message, and began pressing against Selena’s leg faster, harder, more intensely. Selena felt the pleasure radiating out from between her own legs jump as Demi worked harder, and immediately tried to match her friend’s efforts.

“God, I love you, Sel,” Demi said, clearly drawing close to another orgasm.

“I love you, too, Demmers,” Selena gasped. She was getting close – faster than she expected. The last sex she’d had was when that crazy Michelle Rodriguez woman had raped her back on Isla Sorna. And while Selena hadn’t exactly hated the experience, she hadn’t enjoyed it nearly as much as she was enjoying this impromptu encounter with Demi. Then again, Selena didn’t think she’d EVER disliked having sex with Demi.

As if trying to bring her back to the moment, Demi used her free hand to gently tease one of Selena’s nipples, making the other girl gasp. Demi smiled down at her. “That was for those dinner comments.”

“Just shut up and fuck me already,” Selena demanded, grabbing one of Demi’s nipples to emphasize the point. Demi giggled, and pressed even harder against Selena’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck, I’m close!” Selena said, feeling her impending orgasm rising up, almost unstoppable at this point. “I’m so close, Demmers!”

“Cum for me, Sel. Cum all over my leg, you naughty little girl,” Demi said, pressing harder against Selena, really grinding against Selena’s dripping wet cunt. That was all it took, and Selena let out a low, unintelligible growl of lust and joy as her orgasm washed through her teenaged body, causing her entire frame to go stiff as all her muscles seemed to freeze at the exact moment of purest pleasure. For one split second, she forgot everything in her head – how cute her butt looked in her pants, how sexy Debby was, how scared she was that she and Demi might someday end up back on the streets, or worse. For one moment, everything was perfect, and there was nothing to fear.

Slowly, Selena came down from her orgasm, and was surprised to find Demi curled up next to her on the floor, idly running a finger up and down Selena’s stomach.

“Did you…?” Selena trailed off, wondering how long she was out of it.

“Not this time – I didn’t want to hump your leg while you were drooling on the floor.”

“I wasn’t drooling!” Selena said, bolting up into a sitting position, nearly knocking a giggly Demi aside as she did so.

“Maybe just a little,” Demi said, laughing as her naked friend looked around, as if expecting to find a big puddle of drool on the floor. Not finding anything, Selena jumped on top of Demi and started wrestling with her.

“Take it back!” Selena demanded, though her tone made it clear she was more amused than angry. “I do not drool!”

“Make me!” Demi said, playfully fighting back.

“I will!” Selena said, grabbing both of Demi’s wrists and pushing them to the floor. “I’ll make you wish you’d never said that.”

“And how are you-” Demi’s answer was cut off when a new voice reached them.

“Hey, guys, I heard you talking about dinner, and the Cook said we’re stuck with more – WHOA!” Debby Ryan said, suddenly standing in the doorway of the cargo area. “You guys move quickly, don’t you?” she said. Her eyes were wide like saucers, her mouth slightly agape as she took in the scene before her. Both Selena and Demi were naked, their clothes strewn about the cargo area wherever they’d fallen. Both girls were sweaty, and had bits of the dirty cargo bay floor stuck to their skin, mostly on their backs and knees, though other areas weren’t too clean, either. Selena had pinned Demi to the ground, and was clearly about to do SOMETHING to her, and judging from the state of arousal in the two of them, sex was bound to happen.

“Hey, Debby,” Demi said, slightly sheepish.

“Care to join us?” Selena asked, earnestly.

If it was possible, Debby’s eyes got even wider. “No, I think I’ll just go to bed,” Debby said quickly, pivoting about as fast as humanly possible and heading back out. “Good night!”

“It’s the middle of the day!” Demi said, but Debby was gone.

“We better go get her,” Selena said, letting go of Demi and standing up. “After all, we’re kinda stuck with her.”

“Let’s get dressed,” Demi said, sitting up.

“Hell, no – if she doesn’t want to join in, maybe she’ll want to watch,” Selena said, pulling Selena up by an arm. “And one way or another, I’m getting you off again.”

“You’re such a slut,” Demi giggled.

“Who’s sluttier? The Slut, or the slut who fucks her?” Selena asked with an air of comical wisdom that made Demi laugh aloud.

They were still laughing as they rounded the corner into the crew area, and found Debby Ryan laying in her hammock, still fully dressed, including her shoes, and doing her best to squeeze her eyes shut and not look at anything as she swayed with the movement of the ship.

It was almost funny. There she lay, clearly awake but pretending to be asleep. Her nipples were so hard that they were practically bursting out of the white shirt, and her pussy was wet enough that a tiny little damp spot had appeared between her legs – just large enough to see if you were looking for it – which Selena was.

Demi shot Selena a questioning look, but Selena just smiled and lead the way.

“Say, Debby, since you’re going to bed, do you mind if I lay on my hammock and make Demi lick my pussy? God, I’m so horny I just have to feel lips on my pussy.”

“I’m sleeping,” Debby said at once, clearly wide awake.

“Well, I won’t make much noise,” Demi said, coming up alongside Debby’s hammock. “After all, my mouth will be buried between Selena’s legs, lapping at her love juices.”

Debby shifted on the hammock, as if she was suddenly quite uncomfortable with how she was laying.

“Oh, and you lap so well, Demmers,” Selena said. “God, the way your tongue floats over my hot little clitty – if I could have you eat me out for the rest of my life, I totally would.”

Debby shifted again, and if possible, her nipples seemed to get even harder under her shirt.

“Mmm, and I’d eat you out forever, too,” Demi said as Selena moved onto the other side of Debby’s hammock. “The feel of your hot, velvety pussy on my lips and tongue – the taste of you all over my lips – god, I could have an orgasm just from thinking about it.”

Debby squeaked, and squeezed her eyes shut even tighter.

“Of course, sometimes, you just want to try someone else,” Selena said. “The feel of a woman’s hands you’ve never had on your body before, caressing your skin…” she trailed off with a groan of her own.

Debby shivered visibly where she lay.

“Or new lips against yours,” Demi said, leaning closer to Debby’s head. “Oh, the feeling of a first kiss is just so wonderful.”

Debby moaned, her head leaning a bit towards Demi’s voice.

“Yeah, kissing a new girl is fantastic,” Selena agreed, putting her head right next to Debby’s, while Demi did the same on the other side. They were whispering now, so that only Debby could hear them, but she clearly heard them. “That moment when your lips press against hers, and you know – you just KNOW – you’re going to be fucking any second now.”

Debby’s legs actually grinded together at that, and she whimpered despite her best efforts.

“Oh, what I wouldn’t give to kiss a new girl right now,” Demi said, moving her mouth towards Debby’s. Debby’s lips parted as Demi drew close, and with a nod from Selena, Demi Lovato kissed Debby Ryan. It was a soft, slow kiss – the kind you give someone to wake them up, or let them know that you adore them, or are about to spend hours making slow, passionate love to them.

And as the kiss broke, Debby Ryan broke, too. Her eyes flung open, desperation and need flooding out of them like a busted dyke, and as Demi pulled back, she whimpered, clearly wishing Demi’s lips would return.

But instead, Selena leaned in, kissing Debby almost exactly as Demi had, only adding a hand pressed against Debby’s covered stomach, gently holding Debby in the hammock as their lips pressed against each other, sending sacred messages of lust and passion and desire that can’t be communicated by words.

“Say, Debby,” Selena asked as she broke their kiss. “Care to join us?”

“Yes!” Debby hissed, reaching for Selena with one hand, Demi with the other.

“Good,” Demi said. “We want you to feel welcome aboard our ship, after all.”

“Very welcome,” Selena said, reaching down to undo a button on Debby’s shirt. Demi followed suit, and quickly the two naked women were opening Debby’s shirt to reveal her perky little tips, with pointy, erect nipples that seemed like they wanted to jump up off the poor girl’s chest, they were so turned on.

“Oh, these are lovely,” Selena said, bending down to kiss one of the nipples.

“They’re so cute,” Demi agreed, getting the other nipple. As each girl gently ran their tongue over Debby’s breasts, Debby felt her world spin a little.

Debby Ryan wasn’t a virgin, but she’d only been with one boy and one girl, both older kids who lived near her back on Isla Sorna. The boy had been more interested in getting his cock between Debby’s legs, and the girl had been more interested in getting Debby’s tongue between her legs. Neither one had cared too much if Debby enjoyed herself, and generally, Debby hadn’t.

This was different. As Selena slowly worked the buttons on Debby’s pants, and Demi lavished kisses upon Debby’s chest, Debby felt like she was having sex for the first time. She’d thought Selena and Demi were gorgeous the first time she’d seen either one – Selena topless and hiding in a barrel in an abandoned building, Demi without pants as they tried desperately to rescue Captain Clarkson and the others from the dreaded Pirate Xtina. Debby knew they were a couple before she’d even ended up aboard the Idol, and she had to admit she was jealous of them both – so beautiful, so in love, so loved by each other. Debby never thought either one would be attracted to her.

To have them both not only kissing her, but making love to her – it was almost like a dream come true.

Selena was sliding Debby’s pants down to her knees now, as best she could do without removing Debby from the Hammock or lifting her legs, but Selena didn’t need to do that. She had access to Debby’s drenched pussy now, and she smiled like a wolf left in charge of the henhouse. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Selena looked up and Demi, who merely smiled before leaning down to kiss Debby’s neck, and then at Debby, who looked scared, excited, aroused, and hesitant all at once.

“Can I taste you?” Selena asked.

“Please,” Debby said, her voice hushed, husky, and quivering all at once.

Selena lowered her lips to just above Debby’s steaming hot pussy, and without touching her at all, Selena gently blew on Debby’s engorged clit.

“OH!” Debby gasped. Demi held her down, in part by placing her lips over one of Debby’s nipples, otherwise the other girl might have fallen right out of the hammock. She was clearly turned on more than she’d ever been in her entire life, and Selena intended to make this something to remember.

Still smiling, Selena stuck out her tongue and just tapped the head of Debby’s clit once. Debby nearly jumped again, but her moan made it clear she enjoyed the sensation. Selena repeated the tap, and Debby jumped again, though not so hard. With a giggle, Selena full on lapped the girl, who squirmed with pleasure.

“Oh, you haven’t felt anything yet,” Demi whispered in Debby’s ear. “When Selena’s done with you, you’ll be lucky if you can walk straight anytime in the next week.”

“Now, don’t go getting her hopes up, Demi,” Selena said. “After all, I may want to take a break and have my pussy licked.”

“Oh no you don’t, Selena Gomez,” Demi said, mock sternly. “You give this girl a good screaming orgasm with your tongue, or no more pussy for you for a week!”

“A week?!?!” Selena gasped playfully, acting shocked. “That’s not fair!”

“Then get to work. Debby deserves a proper welcome to the crew, after all.”

Selena giggled, but dropped back down to Debby’s crotch, and instantly started licking away like a woman possessed. Debby cried out in pleasure as Selena’s tongue began to work it’s way inside her sopping wet folds, sending tidal waves of ecstasy blasting through her body, flowing from her pussy to her breasts and up to her head before crashing back down between her legs.

Demi wasn’t just holding Debby down, either. With the same kind of expert care, Demi’s tongue was working over Debby’s painfully erect nipples. Licking, kissing, nibbling, even gently twisting, Demi worked Debby’s perky tits over, seemingly finding every pleasurable nerve on her chest.

Debby wasn’t even trying to keep still now, though her hands flew up, one to hold Demi’s head to her chest, the other to keep Selena pinned to her crotch. Neither girl complained, both happily continuing their oral work, and driving Debby closer and closer to one of the best orgasms of her life.

“So good,” Debby moaned. “So, so good.”

“Glad you like it,” Selena said, taking a second to catch her breath before diving back down to continue to feast. This time, as her lips locked around Debby’s clit, Selena gently slid a single finger inside Debby’s pussy. The finger was instantly coated, and slid in like a fast ship cutting through easy waters. Selena sank all the way to the last knuckle, and then started to feel around inside Debby.

“W-what are you-”

“Sush,” Demi said, seeing what Selena was doing as she switched between breasts. “She’s going to drive you crazy in just a second.”

Almost as Demi spoke, Selena started to make a “come here” motion with her finger, curling it inside Debby’s body and hitting areas of the pussy no penis or tongue ever could.

Debby Ryan wasn’t a virgin, but she’d only been with one boy and one girl, both older kids who lived near her back on Isla Sorna. The boy had been more interested in getting his cock between Debby’s legs, and the girl had been more interested in getting Debby’s tongue between her legs. Neither one had cared too much if Debby enjoyed herself, and generally, Debby hadn’t.

But neither the clumsy boy who’d fucked her, or the neighbor girl who’d seduced her had ever found that spot inside Debby that drove her completely insane the first time Selena Gomez hit it with her finger tip.

“OHMYGODI’MCUMMING!!!!!” Debby screamed, loud enough to wake every sleeping person aboard the Rusted Idol, and actually scared off some seagulls circling the ship. Fortunately, this crew was used to cries of sexual passion at any point during the day, so no one complained too much, but had anyone told Debby just how loud she was when she came, she would’ve been beet red for a month.

As it was, her brain was gone – flat gone. Thought was impossible, only the registering of sexual pleasure, and the desire for more sexual pleasure. Had anyone asked, Debby wouldn’t have been able to tell them her own name at the moment of her climax. Heck, coherent words were beyond her at that point, anyway. She saw colors scattered in front of her eyes, but couldn’t name them, nor could she explain the feelings ricocheting throughout her body, as if her climax kept bouncing off the inside of her skin. It seemed to last a thousand years, yet end in less than a second. If her body hadn’t been completely drained – not to mention coated in sweat, her crotch also covered in girl cum – Debby would’ve thought it all a dream.

“Wow,” Demi said, surprised and impressed with the power of Debby’s orgasm. Selena was practically beside herself with devilish excitement.

“Oh, you are going to be so much fun,” she said, practically cackling as she moved her hands up Debby’s body.

“T-that was amazing,” Debby managed.

“Oh, we aren’t done with you yet,” Selena said. “wait until we get in that hammock with you.”

“Can all three of us fit?” Demi asked as Selena climbed in beside Debby.

“Climb on and find out,” Selena said, her fingers already trailing down Debby’s body towards her soaked pussy again.

Demi gave the hammock a dubious look, then shrugged her shoulders and climbed in.

The hammock lasted until Debby came again, and then all three girls were on the floor, laughing. The sex, however, didn’t stop until the next morning.

* * *

While Selena and Demi introduced Debby to the pleasures of ship-board sex, another threesome was taking place on another part of the Rusted Idol. This one, however, was fully clothed and far less enjoyable to all involved.

“You’re insane. You’re both insane. Let me off the ship right now – I’ll take a dingy and row back to Isla Sorna – take my chances with the Pirates there.”

Captain Kelly Clarkson rolled her hazel eyes and bit back a curse. She could’ve used a drink right at that moment, but she’d more or less sworn off drinking until she knew if she was going to live to see land again or not. Considering the fool talking was pretty much her only choice to find out if she’d be drinking again in her life, she couldn’t just shoot him and move on.

But she was sorely tempted.

“You aren’t getting off this ship until you guide us to this ‘Hammerhead Atoll’ and we rescue Princess Miley,” Commander Jason Lambert told the other man in the room. Lambert was Clarkson’s first officer and far and away the only person who’d held this ship together the last few years – mostly because Kelly herself had been in a drunken stupor most of that time. Now that Kelly was rather forcibly sober, she was finding her first officer even more helpful – mostly because he’d gone along with her crazy plan to save all their lives, where most people would’ve rather swam home through shark-infested waters. Lambert had proved himself loyal to a fault, and Kelly admired that.

Not that she’d ever tell him that, of course.

“I’ve already told you where the Atoll is. Isn’t that enough?”

“Yeah, see, we don’t trust you,” Clarkson said firmly. “So you don’t go anywhere until we know you aren’t lying to us.”

“Why would I lie?”

Clarkson shot their guest a knowing look.

“Fine, fine, but I’m not setting foot on that Atoll. Not. One. Foot.”

“You’ll do what I tell you to do, Nathan, or I’ll make sure you die like you were supposed to five years ago.”

Nathan Fillion’s face went decidedly white at that statement. “That’s uncalled for,” he said.

“Then man up and help us figure out how we’re going to save Princess Miley.”

Fillion sighed, and sat down in the small chair before him. He grabbed a roll of parchment and a quill and started scribbling. “Give me a moment or two to map this out.”

“Map what out?” Lambert asked.

“Hammerhead Atoll,” Fillion said. “You’re going there, you should probably know the layout at least as well as I did when I was there.”

“It better still be that way when we get there, Nathan,” Kelly said sternly. Fillion grunted at her, but just kept scribbling away.

Kelly and Lambert traded looks, and Lambert shrugged. “I still don’t get it,” the first officer said. “How do you two even know each other?”

“We used to work together,” Fillion said idly as he kept Quill to paper.

“What?” Lambert asked.

Kelly sighed. “Until five years ago, Mr. Fillion here was a captain in the Port Navy,” she said, fighting to keep the bitterness out of her voice.

“What happened five years ago?” Lambert asked, then winced. Kelly could tell he already knew at least part of the answer.

“What didn’t?” Fillion replied, not even glancing up from his work. “I died, Port almost went to war with Astemia, and Captain Kelly here took the blame for everything.”

“You were involved in the Astemia Affair?” Lambert asked, his eyes going a bit wide.

“Is that what they’re calling it these days?” Fillion asked. “The pirates called it The Sapphos Slaughter for a while, before Queen Keira insisted everyone refer to it as the Sapphos Event.” He paused for the first time since sitting down and seemed to ponder for a moment. “She didn’t like the word Slaughter, for some reason.”

“Can’t imagine why,” Kelly replied sourly. She turned back towards Lambert. “At the time, Mr. Fillion here was the captain of the Steel Sentinel, one of the four escort frigates.”

“And the first ship destroyed,” Fillion said quietly. “They came out of nowhere on both sides of us. Pummeled us with cannon fire and chain ammo. The Sentinel came apart beneath us almost before we knew we were under attack.”

“And you didn’t died there?” Lambert asked, clearly curious now. Kelly rolled her eyes again, but said nothing.

“Almost did,” Fillion replied, turning towards the other man now, clearly looking forward to telling the story. “Part of the Main Sail fell on me just as the deck beneath me exploded. I went flying out into the water, wrapped in the sail. The more I struggled, the more it wrapped around me. And then I hit the water and started sinking. Good thing, too, because it couldn’t have been more than a second or two after I went beneath the waves that they hit the ammo stores and the Sentinel exploded.”

Kelly shuddered a bit – she’d seen the Sentinel explode from the deck of the Idol, but hadn’t been able to do anything to help – moments later, she was under attack herself, as were the other ships in the small fleet. No survivors from the Sentinel had ever been recovered. “How’d you survive, then?” she asked, unable to help herself.

“Something slashed the sail in the explosion – some piece of jagged wood or metal or something. All I know is suddenly the wet sail that was wrapped around me, dragging me down to the depths ripped around me, and I was able to swim to the surface just in time to get hit on the head by falling debris from the sinking Sentinel. I was knocked out cold, and never saw anything more of the battle.”

“How fortunate for you,” Kelly said bitterly.

“Next thing I knew, I woke up on the beach of one of the small islands where the attack had happened. A couple of days must have passed, because there were no ships in sight, and I was all alone. I was scrounging up whatever I could for myself on that island for three days before someone came looking.”

“Pirates?” Lambert asked.

“Nope – scavengers. A small ship out of Inahabheb, working for Kar-Em-Bah, that scoundrel. They’d come hoping to find some treasure or something left behind after the battle. I managed to barter my way onto their crew and got off the island without ending up a slave. And as soon as we got to Inahabheb, I signed on with the first foreign ship I could find – and THAT turned out to be pirates.”

“Never thought of returning to Port?” Lambert asked.

“And end up as in trouble as your captain here? No thanks. The story was all over Celebria by that point, and I knew better than to risk my neck trying to return to service.”

“Always looking out for yourself, weren’t you, Nathan?” Kelly muttered.

“Well, it’s what I’m best at.”

“Get back to work,” Kelly said. “We’ll be right back.”

“We will?” Lambert said.

“Yes, we will,” Kelly said, getting up and heading towards the door to her quarters. Lambert followed, looking back at Fillion. Kelly opened the door and motioned towards two sailors holding rifles nearby. “If Mr. Fillion leaves this room, shoot him. If he stops working for too long, shoot him. If he so much as tries to charm you, shoot him. If you get bored and want something to do, shoot him.”

“We do need him alive, Captain,” Lambert reminded her.

“Fine,” Kelly sighed. “Don’t shoot him if you’re bored. But everything else applies.” With that, she headed towards the stairs down to the next level, Lambert rushing to keep up.

“Shouldn’t we be watching him?” Lambert asked. “I thought you didn’t trust him.”

“I don’t, which is why we’re only going to be using him as much as we have to.”


“You forget, Commander, we have another source of information about the Pirates.”

“Naked Girl?” Lambert asked as they headed toward the brig.

“Naked Girl,” Kelly said, nodding. “I want to hear her story before we rely too much on Mr. Fillion to keep us alive.”

“You really think she knows anything?”

“Probably not much, but we’ve got her aboard, we might as well use her.”

The two officers approached the brig, where Mary-Louise Parker lay on the small cot, curled up in a ball and clinging to a ratty-looking blanket to cover her naked body. She looked sad and pathetic right here, but still quite attractive, and Kelly once again found herself wondering just how this woman got to be mixed up in all this while completely naked.

“Come to make me walk the plank?” Parker asked as Clarkson and Lambert stopped before her.

“Depends on what you can tell us about Pirates,” Clarkson said.

“Xtina was the only Pirate I knew – well, and her crew.”

“What did she want with you?” Lambert asked. “Just another sex slave?”

“No, no – I was making Thesh for her. It’s a new type of opiate. A cross-breed of plants that leads to a most addictive, mind altering-”

“We know this already,” Captain Clarkson said, cutting her off. “Was Xtina using you for anything else?”

“Her bed playmate at first – until you guys showed up and got me out of there.”

“So you’re in love with Xtina?” Clarkson asked.

Parker’s eyes went wide. “Hardly. I hope that bitch gets scurvy and dies. She’s no friend of mine. She was just using me to fund her efforts to replace the Pirate Queen.”

“Was she now,” Lambert said, suddenly more interested. “Do tell.”

“Xtina wants to be the new Pirate Queen. Thinks once she’s in charge, she can rape anyone and everyone she wants, and no one will stop her. I swear, slamming that fake cock of hers into another person is all she seems to really care about.”

Clarkson frowned at that. She and several of the Idol’s crewmembers had been on the receiving end of one of Christina “Xtina” Aguilera’s rape sessions, with her strap-on dildo penetrating their asses. Kelly could safely say she felt the same way about Xtina that the Parker woman did.

“Anyway, the Pirate Queen won’t let Xtina just go on a rampage, and so Xtina wants to replace her. But to do that, she needs new ships, new crews, and all that takes money. She was going to distribute my Thesh to fund her efforts, and she was going to use Isla Sorna as her base of operations. Dina Meyer was going to be the appointed Queen of Isla Sorna, though I think Xtina was just going to use her as a puppet. Meyer had other ideas, and brought in some Vikings to try and keep Xtina and her pirates in check, but it didn’t work out.”

“So, wait, Xtina’s trying to stage a coup against the Pirate Queen?” Lambert asked.

“Well, she was. I don’t know what she’ll do now – she controls Isla Sorna, but I’m the only person who knows what plants to cross-pollinate to make Thesh, and I doubt anyone else will figure it out any time soon.”

“So without you, she’s got no money base to fuel her coup,” Kelly said, thinking. “And you have no loyalty to Xtina?”

“Not now – she raped me and made it clear she was going to keep doing so whenever she felt like it,” Parker said. “I can get new plants, mix up what I want somewhere else.”

Lambert looked at Kelly for a long moment, saying nothing as the Captain thought. “How do you feel about us, Miss Parker?”

“I’d feel better if I was out of the brig – and had some clothes.”

“I thought I asked Pickler to work on that,” Lambert said, looking around as if expecting to find the woman in question standing around nearby.

“We’ll get you some clothes as soon as we can,” Clarkson asked. “But as for getting out of that cell, well you are a prisoner who’s just admitted to being involved in a plot to overthrow the closest thing the Pirates have to a government.”

“Aren’t you at war with the Pirates?” Parker asked, surprised.

“We are, but technically, how do we know that once Xtina became the Pirate Queen, you two wouldn’t use the same plot on Port?” Kelly said, smiling now. “No, I’m afraid you’re going to have to remain our prisoner for a bit longer. At least until we can hand you over to the proper authorities.”

“What proper authorities?” Lambert asked.

“Unless…” Kelly said, ignoring her first officer for a moment.

“Unless what?” Parker asked.

“If you’d be willing to tell everything you know about this scheme to someone else. If you do that, we’ll not only let you go, we’ll make sure you get back to the mainland and never have to see another Pirate again.”

Parker got an eager look on her face. “Who do I have to tell?” she asked.

Kelly told her, and as she did, even Lambert’s jaw dropped.

* * *

To his credit, Nathan Fillion was still hard at work when Clarkson and Lambert returned. He’d moved on to what appeared to be a third parchment now, and didn’t even look up as they walked in. “You’re both still crazy,” he said. “There’s no way you’re going to be able to sneak enough people in to rescue the Princess.”

“Guess that depends on how many people you think it’ll take to rescue Princess Miley,” Kelly said, smiling at him.

“You have a plan?” Fillion asked.

“More like a rough idea,” Lambert said cautiously. “What can you show us?”

“This is Hammerhead Atoll, the not-so-secret base where Keira Knightley rules as the Pirate Queen. Chances are, if she were escaping with your lost princess, this is where she would go. It’s a fairly large Atoll, with enough room inside it to dock a good 10 ships-of-the-line – including your missing Impervious, if it’s as big as the Bravado was.”

“Tight fit, or is there room for the ships to move about inside?” Clarkson asked.

“If they get a full ten of their Carracks in there, it can be a bit tight, but they almost never have that many ships there at once – Pirates like to be out on the open water. Still, you won’t find a safer place to dock a ship in the world.”

“Why’s that?” Lambert asked.

“Well, for starters, almost no one knows where it is. Secondly, almost the entire ring around the water pool inside the Atoll is surrounded by a wall of discarded ship hulls, save for the western wall, which is made up of an old fort someone built there centuries ago. Don’t ask who, no one knows – not even the Pirate Queen.”

“Wait, there are walls of ships around the Atoll?” Lambert asked.

“The ruined, discarded hulks of ships too damaged to sail that have either washed ashore, or had been taken apart and rebuilt to encircle the entire place,” Fillion said, nodding. “Building out from the old stone fort, and aside from the opening on the eastern side to allow ships to slide inside, the Atoll is entirely covered with old wooden ship hulks. No sails, but the masts are still there, and you can walk through them all you like, they’re all connected. Whoever started the process was either a carpenter, or knew one, because it’s seamless.”

“And let me guess,” Kelly said, frowning. “Each of those ships still has all it’s cannons.”

“Every last one,” Fillion said, nodding. “You think your Castle Port could hold off against invading ships? Well it’s got nothing on Hammerhead Atoll. I don’t think even the Pirate Queen herself knows how many cannons are there, but every approach is covered by dozens, at least, and I’ve heard it boasted that it would’ve taken the entire Port Fleet to lay siege and bombard the place, and it would’ve cost the Port Fleet twice as many ships as there were wrecks on the Atoll to fight their way in.”

Looking down at the sketches Fillion had drawn, Kelly could believe it.

“Any chance to sneak a small boat onto the Atoll, under the cover of darkness?”

“You could try, but you’d have to climb up the walls to get inside, at least to the first line of guns, and there’s a fair chance SOMEONE would see you sneaking in,” Fillion said. “You could try sneaking in the water entrance, but that’s always watched – unless you managed to sneak in when the guards are drunk.”

“Do they get drunk at certain times?” Clarkson asked.

“They’re pirates – they’re always a LITTLE drunk. But no, it’s not like dusk is the official ‘let’s get drunk enough to fall asleep at our post’ time or anything.”

“Too bad,” Lambert said.

“All those connected ships are a maze to deal with,” Fillion said, showing them his other drawings. “The fort part is fairly easily laid out, save for some strange old amphitheater that the Pirate Queen only uses for special punishments. But each ship has it’s own layout, and it’s own deck designs. And it’s complicated even more by the fact that the ships weren’t laid out facing the same direction or even at matching heights. There’s a lot of places where shattered pieces of ship hull connect two nearly intact ships together at odd angles and directions. None of it makes much sense unless you’ve been there a few dozen times.”

“How many times were you there?” Lambert asked.

“Twice – and the second time I got thrown out for stealing from the Pirate Queen.”

Lambert and Clarkson traded looks. “Do tell,” the Captain said.

“Oh, it’s nothing special – just a few random gold coins that she took some exception to me taking.” Clarkson and Lambert traded looks – it was clear Fillion was lying about what he took.

“You dared steal from the Pirate Queen in her own home?” Lambert said.

“Like Captain Kelly said, I’m always looking out for myself.” He put his feet up on the table. “So, how do you plan to sneak onto the Atoll? Not that I expect you to actually be able to do it, but I will admit to being curious.”

“Oh, we’re not going to sneak in at all,” Kelly said, smiling. “We’re going to sail right up and ask to come in.”

“You are?” Fillion echoed.

“We are,” Kelly said, grinning wolfishly.

* * *

Miley Cyrus, formerly the heir to the throne of Port, should have been furious. Keira Knightley – the fabled Pirate Queen – had pretty much ruined her life in the last several days. First she’d kidnapped Princess Miley, stealing her away to her hidden fortress at Hammerhead Atoll. Along the way, she’d taken Miley’s virginity, given one of Miley’s Ladies in Waiting over to her crew to rape and molest as they wished, and finally given Miley’s other Lady in Waiting over to some blood-thirsty vampire, and made Miley watch as the creature raped and murdered Lady Tiffany.

Yes, Princess Miley Cyrus had every reason to hate Keira Knightley.

But at this very moment, she couldn’t gather up a single ounce of hate. Or fear. Or amusement. Or even a single word.

At this very moment, all Miley Cyrus could think about was how amazing she felt as Keira fucked her with her fingers.

“That’s my girl,” the Pirate Queen whispered in Miley’s ear as she lay next to the teenager. Both women were stark naked, but whereas Miley was covered in a fresh sheen of sweat, Keira’s skin was as dry and perfect as always. Were it not for the way her fingers danced over Miley’s clit and nipples, one would never guess Keira had done more than just roll up out of bed to find the hot, sweaty, heavy form of Miley next to her, in the throes of another orgasm.

“Please!” Miley begged. “Please!”

“Not yet, my girl,” Keira said, pressing harder against Miley’s clit. Miley groaned in frustration. This was the worst torture – prolonging the buildup towards orgasm. Miley had no idea what time of day it was, or what was going on around her. She’d lost track of how long it had been since she’d been outside the room – or even worn clothes. She was Keira’s plaything, and Keira had been playing with her quite a bit lately.

Most of the time, that meant Miley was doing all the work. When Keira had captured her – a day ago? A week? A year? A lifetime? – Miley had been a virgin, though her interest in sex had reach such a boiling point that she often masturbated while watching her servants and Ladies in Waiting engaging in various sexual combinations. Now that she’d belong to Keira for however long she’d been here, Miley had gone from being completely inexperienced to being well-versed in cunnilingus. She’d spent quite a bit of time with her lips on Keira’s clit, licking, sucking, and nibbling her new mistress to climax after climax.

Then came the fuckings. Keira kept a strap-on dildo handy in her room at almost all times, and seemed to delight in taking Miley like a man would take a woman. As much as the thought of being penetrated by lacquered wood was unappealing, Miley found each session of strap-on sex increasingly erotic. When Keira penetrated Miley’s folds with the strap-on, she was in complete control of the former Princess. And Miley was rapidly growing to love the way the wooden shaft filled her most private holes – it had already been up her ass more than once.

But today – this morning? Afternoon? Evening? – Keira was simply playing with Miley’s body, using her fingers to elicit all sorts of pleasure and pain from all across the teenager’s skin. The pain was always brief – a slap to the buttocks, a pinch of a nipple, a scratch of fingernails across her back. The pleasure lasted an eternity.

There was another sound in the room – the door had opened. Miley had a fleeting memory of her adopted sister, Natalie, walking in on her once, though that was ages ago in her sex-filled mind. This time it was one of Keira’s pirates – possibly the Fox woman. She was a sexy, tattooed wench of a Pirate that Miley couldn’t help but feel a few strings of lust for. Still, if she were interrupting Keira right now, it must be important.

Sure enough, the Pirate Queen’s fingers eased off some on Miley’s crotch, and as the teenaged princess’ body calmed down, she found she could hear again.

“The Soaked Basque reports no sign of him in Inahabheb,” Megan Fox was saying as Miley’s brain began to wrap itself around words again. “Captain Leopold isn’t staying – she thinks she’s got a lead on a convoy of Kar-Em-Bah’s Galleons heading out to deliver goods to the Berbers. She thinks she can cut them off before they return.”

“Fine, fine,” Keira said, one finger still running lazy circles around Miley’s clit as she spoke. “Where could that fool have gone?”

“Maybe he ran to Port and got caught in the slaughter there,” Fox offered.

“No, his luck is too good for that. Still, it might not hurt to check with our contacts there, see if he’s trolling the bars or whorehouses.”

“I could take the Lusty Fox and-”

“I know you want to take your ship out on a run, Megan, but not yet, and not to Port. There fleet might be gone, but they’ll still be on the lookout for Pirates.”

Fox shrugged. “Fine. I’ll ask Captain Leopold if she could relay the message that the hunt is still on to any of the other ships she meets along her way.”

“No, I should talk to her first. Make sure she understands how important finding him is. Let me finish here, and I’ll be right down.”

Miley saw Megan’s eyes flick up and down her naked body, then smiled. “I’ll tell her you’ll be a few minutes,” Fox said, before leaving.

“Don’t get too excited,” Keira said, looking down at Miley. “I really must hurry.”

“Please-” Miley started to beg, but the Pirate was ahead of her, plunging two fingers into Miley’s tight snatch. Miley gasped aloud, then felt the sudden rush of pleasure return. Keira rolled over, practically straddling the shorter girl, and full on gripped one of Miley’s tits.

“These are so impressive,” Keira said, leaning down to lick one of the erect nipples. “You are a lucky girl to have such large breasts at your age.”

“Oh, yes,” Miley groaned as Keira increased the pace of her finger fucking. At that point, Keira could’ve told her she had green hair and purple skin, and Miley would’ve just begged for more. All her pent-up lusts were boiling over, and she wasn’t far from orgasm. Keira’s lips upon her breasts were only speeding up the process.

“You’re such a little slut,” Keira said, almost giggling at the way Miley seemed so desperate to get off. “I should tie you to the mast and let the crew fuck you silly – you’d still be begging for more when they finished.”

“Oh, fuck!” Miley cried out. She was so close. So, so close!

“But then you’re my slut, aren’t you?” Keira asked. “My dirty little Princess Slut. Isn’t that right?”

“YES!” Miley screamed.

“Say it!” Keira ordered, hammering her fingers in and out of Miley’s sopping wet pussy.

“I’M YOUR SLUT!” Miley screamed. “YOUR PRINCESS SLUT!”

“Then cum for me, Slut!” Keira snapped.

“OOOHHHHFUUUUUCCKKKYEEESSSSSSSSSSS!” Miley bellowed, her orgasm shattering through her body, making her seize and jolt about on the bed. Keira kept thrusting her fingers in and out of the little girl as she came.

Miley lost track of time as she came down from her climax, her brain lost in the warm, fuzzy post-orgasmic high. But she knew she wasn’t out for too long, because when she came to, the Pirate Queen was still there, getting dressed.

“Ah, good – come help me dress,” Keira said, turning her naked back towards Miley. She was already wearing thin white hose on her legs, rising up to cover her surprisingly shapely rear end. Miley wanted to sit and admire the view, but a stern look from Keira told reminded her that she was a prisoner and a slave here, not the Princess she had been most of her life. Miley scrambled out of bed, stark naked, and raced to help Keira dress.

They started now with Keira’s shirt, a simple white cotton shirt with dozens of buttons running up the front. Miley had worn shirts like this herself in the past, and knew they were time consuming to put on, so she hurried to help latch all the buttons. To her surprise, though, Keira stopped her work halfway up, leaving the top half of the shirt open enough to expose her breasts if stretched at all.

“Fetch the bodice,” Keira said. Miley moved quickly to grab a black bodice and bring it over to the Queen. Keira quickly wrapped it around her waist and chest, and Miley spent the next two or three minutes tightening the laces. When she was done, what little cleavage Keira had was practically falling out of the bodice and open shirt, making her look dangerously sexy. Next came Keira’s pants, a tight fitting black pair that were barely looser than the hose she wore, but did leave her with a full range of motion. Tall black boots covered her feet and calves, and a Tricorne hat finished the outfit, though it lacked her usual bevy of swords and pistols for the moment.

As she finished dressing, Keira looked over at the still-naked Miley. She was quiet for a moment, then nodded to herself. “You’ll find a shirt in that cabinet next to the bed. Put it on.”

Miley blinked, but did as she was told. The shirt was nothing fancy, and it barely covered Miley’s torso – her ample teenaged breasts causing some of that trouble. Still, her modesty was covered so long as she was standing up and not moving too fast. That was something.

“It’s time we put you to work. If you’re going to be a part of my crew, you can’t just lay in my bed, being my own personal little slut.”

“I can’t?” Miley asked, honestly surprised.

Keira smiled at her. “Oh, you’ll continue to be my slut, but I need you to do other things to earn your keep.”

Miley gulped. “Other people?” she asked.

Keira laughed aloud at that. “Maybe,” she admitted, “but I was thinking more along the lines of scrubbing the decks and cleaning my clothes.”

“Oh,” Miley said, relieved and disappointed at the same time. Then a fearful thought shot through her privileged little brain. “I, ah, I don’t know how to clean clothes.”

Keira shook her head. “A dainty little Princess like you? Yes, that doesn’t surprise me.” With that, the Queen strolled over to the door to her chambers and flung it open. Reaching out, she grabbed the first Pirate she laid her hands on, a tiny young woman with shockingly bright orange hair.

“Hayley, take Miley here down to the laundry. Bring the other new slave, she should know how to clean clothes. Keep them down there until they’ve cleaned it all. Make sure they stay out of trouble, and you can have the other one while you’re down there. Make sure they do a good job on MY laundry, and you can share this one here with me tonight.”

Miley felt her heart stop for a moment, but before she could so much as wrap her brain around the idea that she was going to end up sleeping with both Keira and this bright-haired Hayley girl, Hayley had grabbed her and started hauling her out of the room.

* * *

Miley Cyrus had been held captive for days now, generally kept naked or next to naked, and had been repeatedly raped by the Pirate Queen. Truth be told, she’d gotten to the point where she not only willingly submitted to the Queen’s sexual desires, she enjoyed them, so calling them rapes might have been misleading at this point. She had been well fed and other than a few scrapes and bruises from some of Keira’s more aggressive sexual advances, she was unharmed.

In short, for a captive and slave, she was in remarkable shape.

Her Lady in Waiting, Vanessa Hudgens, on the other hand, wasn’t.

When Hayley Williams – the orange-haired pirate who was now basically in charge of the two prisoners – opened the door to Captain Megan Fox’s chambers on Hammerhead Atoll, they found Vanessa chained to the bed, stark naked save for some decorative gold jewelry around her waist. She looked grubby, even bloody in a few spots, and had a bit of a black eye. Her hair was a tangled mess, and she looked like she was only three steps away from dead.

“Vanessa!” Miley cried out, only to be slapped by Hayley.

“Speak when spoken to, slave,” Hayley muttered, walking into the room. Vanessa stared at Miley, relief clear in her face. The last time the two had seen each other, it had been when that vicious vampire had killed Tiffany Thornton, Miley’s other Lady in Waiting. Vanessa had clearly been roughed up since then.

“God, we’re going to have to clean you up,” Hayley muttered. “You can’t do laundry like this.” It took a minute or two for Hayley to find the key to the chains holding Vanessa in place, and then another minute to get them off the raven-haired beauty. “You, Princess, find something for this girl to wear – nothing fancy – we don’t want to piss Captain Fox off by getting her good stuff dirty.”

Miley nodded and raced over to the few chests and flung the first one open. She got lucky in that it was mostly clothes, and quickly found a ratty-looking old men’s shirt that should cover Vanessa at least as well as the shirt covering Miley did. The Princess raced back to deliver it to Hayley, who was already looking over Vanessa’s nude body with an appraising view.

“They sure make some lovely women in Port,” Hayley said as she took the shirt from Miley. “I’m going to enjoy you two when I get the chance.” Hayley quickly threw the shirt over Vanessa’s body, then grabbed both girls by the hair.

“Ouch!” Miley cried out, despite herself.

“Shut up, Princess. We need to clean your friend off, and then you two have a lot of laundry to do.

* * *

No one – not even the Pirates themselves – knew who built the original fort on Hammerhead Atoll, but whoever had done it had valued baths. While more utilitarian than even the public baths in Castle Port, the cleaning pools in Hammerhead Atoll were impressive – more so, when one considered that the Pirates hadn’t bothered to upgrade them since they took over. There were six good-sized pools in one of the basement areas of the fort – two were cold water pools, two were warm bathing pools, and two were hot, scalding pools. Hayley and Miley took Vanessa right to one of the warm bathing pools, stopping only long enough to grab some clothes. Hayley unceremoniously stripped off Vanessa’s shirt, tossed it aside, and practically pushed the other girl into the pool. Vanessa gasped aloud as she fell, but managed to keep from saying anything.

Miley looked around at the few other Pirates in the room – mostly men, though there were two women lounging near the scalding pool closest to them. The men looked like the whole process of bathing might have been foreign to them in the first place, but the women clearly knew what they were doing, as their naked bodies glistened with new-found cleanliness. Miley found herself envying them.

“Get undressed,” Hayley snapped, pulling down her own pants to reveal a tiny patch of blonde hair over her crotch. Miley found herself staring in surprise as the other girl got completely undressed and hopped into the pool next to Vanessa. Hayley was not a big girl – in fact, she was rather small and wiry compared to some of the Pirates. And while her orange hair stood out in a crowd, she had her own charms that were only now apparent, as she slid into the water as naked as the day she was born.

Hayley was, simply put, gorgeous. Like the Pirate Queen, she didn’t have large breasts, but what she did have were perky and gorgeous, topped with two perfect little nipples. She was shorter than Miley first realized, her high-heeled boots adding to her stature. Now that she had them off, she was smaller than even Miley was, though she still radiated a dangerous confidence that made the former Princess aware both that she feared this small girl – and that she was attracted to her.

“Get undressed and get in the pool, Princess, or I’ll have to tell Queen Keira you’re misbehaving,” Hayley snapped, looking up at the still slack-jawed Miley angrily. Miley threw off her shirt and dropped into the warm water as fast as she could.

Any other time, being naked in warm water with two beautiful women would’ve turned Miley on, but Vanessa was hurt, and Hayley seemed only concerned with cleaning Vanessa up enough so that she wouldn’t bleed all over the clothes she would be cleaning shortly. Working methodically, Hayley cleaned Vanessa’s wounds, then scrubbed her body clean of the dirt, grime, and girl-cum she’d acquired recently. Miley felt a spark of jealousy as Hayley’s hand dipped into the water to scrub around Vanessa’s pussy – Vanessa jumped at the gentle touch, but melted into it almost as quickly – but if Hayley was interested in molesting the former Lady in Waiting, she didn’t show it.

Miley helped where she could, but she knew almost as little about cleaning people as she did about cleaning clothes – she’d always had servants to help her bathe, and had never lifted a finger to help clean someone else in her entire life. She was a Princess, after all – she had nothing but her own baths to fall back on, and it showed pretty quickly. Hayley ended up doing most of the work.

When Vanessa was finally cleaned – even dunked under the water to help clean her tangled hair – Hayley made the other two girls get out of the pool and gather up her clothes.

“Come with me,” she said, walking out of the room stark naked. Miley felt her eyes go wide, but a quick nudge from Vanessa got the former Royal moving before Hayley could yell back at her. All three girls were naked and wet as Hayley lead them through some other areas of the fortress until they reached the laundry area. Miley thought for sure she would die of embarrassment, being paraded through the place with no clothes, visible to the lusty eye of every cutthroat pirate in the place. She was certain they must have passed hundreds of leering male eyes, and lusty women made it clear what they wanted to do with Miley with every look, but in truth, almost no one saw them, and the laundry wasn’t very far from the baths.

Like the baths, the laundry was a left-over relic from whoever had built the fortress originally. Several small pools were filled with water, and warmed from the same furnace system that kept the baths warm in the other room. Here, slaves – most of them either Orientals or Nubians or Berbers, though there were a few Vikings, and even some slaves who looked almost as pale as Miley and Vanessa were – worked to clean the clothes of their Pirate masters. Most of them slaves looked like they hadn’t left the laundry area in months, though one or two others were clearly pleasure slaves being put to use like Miley and Vanessa were.

“Oy! What’re these? More popinjays for me?” a truly grubby looking man asked, limping up towards the three naked girls. His clothes looked as if they’d never been washed, and the stench of him could be smelled halfway across the room, despite the way the soap smell seemed to fill the room.

With one quick, practiced move, Hayley slid a dagger out of her bundle of clothes – making Vanessa drop them in the process – and spun to hold the blade to the man’s throat.

“Touch these two, and you’ll die, Rufus,” Hayley said, almost cheerily. “They belong to Captain Fox and the Queen herself. Keep your dirty fingers to yourself.”

“Oy, tis not fair that they ain’t being shared, they is so luv-ily,” Rufus muttered.

“Oh, they’re being shared – just not with you,” Hayley said. “Now, I need the Queen’s clothes, and Captain Fox’s, and a place for these two to work.”

“Fine, fine,” Rufus muttered, spinning around on his limping leg. “But ifin I can’t be having thems, can I at least has you?”

“Try it, and I’ll cut your balls off, Rufus. Go rape your laundry slaves if you’re horny, but leave us alone.”

“’Tis sad – Rufus never gets him some pretty popinjays to has,” the smelly old man said, limping off. As he went, he ushered some slaves away from a trio of pools and grunted back over his shoulder, eying Miley one last time. The Princess shivered, despite the warmth of the room.

“Here, start with my clothes,” Hayley said as she shoved Vanessa and Miley over to the abandoned wash area. “You teach her what she needs to know, and quickly – you mess up either the Queen’s or Captain Fox’s clothes, and you’ll be lucky if being chained to a bed and beaten is what happens to you.

Miley swallowed hard, knowing that she was right. Then she focused on learning everything she could about doing laundry as fast as she could.

* * *

Miley lost track of time as she worked. Truth be told, it was almost relaxing to do physical labor – at least when the other options were rape and torture – though, in the case of the Pirate Queen, the torture was waiting for the rape…

Vanessa quickly showed Miley how to wash the clothes with the crude, unscented soap – the ones used in Port were far better smelling – and then stirring the clothes around in the hot pot, allowing the water and soap to work together to remove the dirt and grime. Stirring the pot with a long pole was exhausting work, but with Hayley looking on sternly, Miley tried to keep her frustrations from showing.

She wasn’t having much luck, at least when it came to Vanessa. The former Lady in Waiting was always rushing to help Miley in her tasks, letting the Princess catch her breath as often as possible. Miley tried to do the same for Vanessa, but she just wasn’t used to all the hard work. By the time Captain Fox’s clothes arrived, it was clear that Vanessa would be doing most of the work. The fact that they were still naked didn’t make things any easier.

“I’m sorry,” Miley whispered to her when another Pirate came along and struck up a conversation with the still-naked Hayley.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, Princess,” Vanessa said.

“No, I should be able to help you more. I don’t want them to punish you anymore, Vanessa. You’re my only connection back home now that-” She cut short, thinking of the awful way Tiffany had been killed. It sunk in right then that outside of Vanessa, Miley truly was alone. The Pirate Queen might give her passion every night, but if Miley fell into the shark-infested waters around Hammerhead Atoll, Keira wouldn’t miss her one bit. Vanessa was her only friend, and Miley barely saw her.

“You save your strength, Princess,” Vanessa whispered, casting an eye back over at Hayley, who wasn’t even trying to cover her perky little tits from the male pirate talking with her. “I swear, if I see a chance, I will help you escape this awful place.”

Miley blinked. She had been so immersed in her sexual activities with Keira lately, she hadn’t even thought of escape.

“How could we escape this place? It’s an island!”

“We’ll find a way, Princess,” Vanessa said. “We have to.”

“I don’t know,” Miley admitted. “Maybe someone will come for us…”

“Like who?” Vanessa asked. “Forgive me, highness, but no one in Port knows where the Pirate Queen hides when not on the open seas.”

Miley sighed. Earlier today, she would never have thought to leave this place again. But now, looking over at poor Vanessa, she knew they HAD to escape. And Vanessa was right – they couldn’t count on anyone coming to help them. They had to escape, and they had to do so on their own.


“Hey! Less whispering, more washing!” Hayley said, storming up next to the two captives. Roughly, she separated the two women, copping a not-so-subtle feel of Miley’s breasts as she shoved the Princess away from her former servant. Miley had to bite back an angry retort, but managed to hold her tongue.

Then, suddenly, Hayley seemed to stop and consider the two girls for a long moment. The laundry area was warm from the heat of the hot water, but as Miley watched, Hayley Williams’ nipples grew rock hard. A hungry look filled her eyes – a look Miley had seen mirrored in Keira’s eyes more than once in the past few days.

“You two seem to be getting these clothes cleaned – no doubt Serving Girl here has done laundry before, right?” Hayley asked, turning towards Vanessa.

“Y-yes, ma’am,” Vanessa said, using her best subservient tone – the one she used whenever Queen Natalie had bothered to address Miley’s Ladies in Waiting. She kept her head bowed, too, though considering Hayley was the same short height as Vanessa, it didn’t look quite as respectful as it did to Miley or Natalie.

Hayley turned back towards Miley, who made it a point to look the Pirate girl in the eyes. “What about you, Princess – do you think you can handle the laundry on your own?” Hayley asked, her eyes locked on Miley’s bare tits.

“Yes,” Miley said confidently – far more confidently than she felt.

A wolfish grin crossed over Hayley’s face. “Good,” she said. “Then it’s time I took your servant girl and had my fun.”

Miley cursed under her breath as Hayley spun around and took Vanessa by the hand. Miley wanted to plead with the orange-haired girl to leave Vanessa alone, but a quick warning look from Vanessa made the Port Princess keep quiet. Vanessa saw what she was doing as part of her job as Miley’s Lady in Waiting. Vanessa would go and let Hayley have her way with her, so as to save Miley from a similar fate.

Little did Vanessa know that Hayley was likely to share Miley with the Pirate Queen herself that night.

Miley dreaded being alone, but Hayley had other ideas. She tugged Vanessa right over to the chair she’d been sitting in all this time, watching the two captives work. Hayley plopped herself right down and spread her legs as wide open as she possibly could before yanking Vanessa down into her crotch.

“Lick me, slave,” Hayley said, grinning wildly as Vanessa immediately started to service the young pirate. Miley had watched Vanessa go down on girls before – namely, the late Tiffany Thornton. But somehow, watching Hayley roughly shove Vanessa’s mouth down onto her clit sent a new shiver of taboo excitement through Miley’s body.

“Hey! Princess! Do the laundry!” Hayley snapped, looking over at Miley. Shaking her head, Miley closed her mouth and turned her back to the other two women. She tried to concentrate on the task at hand, ringing out Captain Fox’s wet clothing, but very quickly that became nearly impossible.

“Oh, Fuuuck!” Hayley moaned. “Oh, yeah! Right there, bitch! Lick that pussy! Motherfucker, yes! Oh, god, no wonder Megan holds on to you so much!”

Miley gritted her teeth and fought to keep from looking over her shoulder at the other two women. The sounds weren’t helping. There was a lot of sex-related grunting going on, and while most of it was clearly Hayley, it was obvious that Vanessa was starting to get in on the action, too.

“Ooooh! Aaaaaahhhh!” Vanessa could suddenly be heard moaning. Miley struggled not to turn around and gape again, especially when a couple of male Pirates walked by on the other side of her laundry pool, clearly enjoying the sight of what was happening behind Miley.

“Oy! That’s it, Hayley! Fuck that little slut right!” One of them called out encouragingly as they walked right by. Miley suddenly got the impression that people fucking the slaves out in the open was a bit of a common event.

“On the ground,” Hayley ordered through harsh breaths. Miley shivered at the command, desperate to just peek over her shoulder to see what the other two girls were doing. The little naked Princess fought that urge as hard as she could, fighting to keep her concentration on stirring the hot pool of soapy water and clothing.

“Oh, god, fuck! That’s it, whore, right there!” Hayley cried out. “Oh, sooooo good! Don’t stop! Don’t – Don’t you stop! Don’tyoufuckingdarestopyouworthlesswhoreyes! Yes! YES! MOTHERFUCKER!”

Miley’s resolve broke, and she spun around to see the Pirate Hayley climaxing as she straddled over Vanessa’s head. Miley’s Lady in Waiting lay on her back, her tongue sliding up into Hayley’s dripping wet snatch, licking up the juices flowing out of it like the expert she was.

Miley practically came herself right then and there. The sight of the cute little, orange-haired pirate spasming as she orgasmed on Vanessa’s tongue was beautiful – there was no other word to describe it. Hayley’s eyes were squeezed shut, and the look on her face – the look of orgasm on her face – seemed so pure, so honest.

And then Hayley’s eyes opened, spotting Miley staring at her. The pure, honest look vanished from her face, replaced by one of anger and lust, only to be quickly replaced by a wolfish smile.

“You know, Princess, I’m not allowed to touch you. Queen Keira was very specific about that.”

“Y-yes,” Miley stammered, taking a step back towards the laundry pool.

“But she never said anything about your little Lady in Waiting here. In fact, she pretty much gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted with her.”

Miley shot a look at Vanessa, who was laying naked on the floor, looking up at the orange-haired Pirate girl with a worried look.

“Please, don’t hurt her – I’ll do whatever you want,” Miley said.

“Oh, you can’t – ’cause what I want involves your tongue on my clit while I spank that fine little ass of yours. But, like I said, Keira didn’t say anything about your little friend here.”

“I’ll lick you!” Miley offered quickly. “We don’t have to tell Keira-”

“She’ll know,” Hayley said, bending down to haul Vanessa to her feet.

“Please, don’t hurt her!” Miley cried out.

“I’m not going to hurt her,” Hayley replied. “In fact, I’m done with her.”

Miley said nothing, but looked suspiciously at Hayley as the girl pushed Vanessa towards her.

“You, on the other hand, are going to do whatever I tell you to do to your friend. And if you don’t do it, I’ll beat little miss Lady in Waiting here.”

“No!” Miley gasped.

“You wouldn’t-” Vanessa started to say. “Captain Fox-”

“Captain Fox doesn’t care, so long as you can still eat her pussy at night,” Hayley said. “Now, princess, are you going to do what I say, or am I going to have to show your friend the backside of my hand?”

Miley wanted to punch Hayley in the face, but bit her tongue and nodded. “I’ll do what you say.”

“Good,” Hayley said, putting her hands on Vanessa’s shoulders and moving the brunette to stand before Miley. “Get on your knees, Princess.”

Miley shot Hayley a hateful look, but fell to her knees at once. She’d been servicing Queen Keira enough lately to know how to quickly get on her knees. Miley now looked straight ahead into Vanessa’s surprisingly wet snatch. The small tuft of dark hair between her legs was dripping with moisture that had nothing to do with the laundry pools around them.

“Go ahead, Princess,” Hayley said, smiling down at Miley. “Use your mouth and pleasure your former servant.”

Miley had been pleasuring Keira since she’d been kidnapped days ago, so she knew exactly what Hayley wanted her to do. But Miley had only been sexual with Keira, and was hesitant to try and force herself on Vanessa. She looked up at her servant – and friend – and saw Vanessa smile down at her.

Taking a deep breath, Miley leaned forward and began to lick Vanessa.

“That’s it, Princess. Go down on your friend. Make her squirm,” Hayley said, a vicious tone in her voice. Clearly, she was enjoying the sight of the former Princess of Port being forced to go down on one of her former servants.

“Use your fingers. Fuck her pussy!” Hayley demanded. Miley didn’t think she’d been licking Vanessa long enough to get her friend warmed up, but she didn’t dare risk Hayley hurting Vanessa, so she obeyed. Miley quickly slid two fingers up into Vanessa’s snatch – they were soaked instantly, and the former Lady in Waiting groaned in pleasure.

“Oh, our little slut here likes that,” Hayley said, her face grinning so much, Miley thought it might split open. “Yeah, you like it when our slutty little princess finger fucks you, don’t you?”

“I love it,” Vanessa said quickly, her voice husky and layered with lust. Just the sound of her voice like that made Miley’s own pussy quiver a bit.

“How much do you love it?” Hayley asked.

“I live for it,” Vanessa groaned. “It’s all I’ve ever wanted – to be my Princess’ little slutty sex slave.”

“Yeah,” Hayley said, her hand dropping from Vanessa’s shoulder and onto her own pussy. She was quickly stroking herself in time with Miley’s efforts to get Vanessa off.

“I became a Lady in Waiting just to fuck the Princess,” Vanessa said, her own hands groping her breasts, kneading the ample tit flesh. Vanessa had her eyes closed, but kept talking in that same husky voice, clearly getting more and more aroused by the second.

“I’ve lusted after Miley for ages – seeing her in her gorgeous dresses, bathing her in the morning, undressing her at night… It all makes me so, so hot.”

“Yeah, you’re so hot,” Hayley said, kissing the back of Vanessa’s neck. Vanessa seemed to melt into Hayley’s touch – the orange-haired pirate was now reaching around with her hands to hold Vanessa’s as they massaged her tits. Miley suddenly got the impression that if she left right now, neither one might notice. Still, she kept stroking away. She couldn’t risk angering Hayley right now.

“Oh, yes! Oh, princess, it’s so good!” Vanessa cried out. Suddenly, she turned around, breaking Miley’s contact with her pussy, and pressed her naked body right against Hayley’s. The pirate looked shocked for a moment before Vanessa leaned in and kissed her on the lips. That was all it took, and Hayley surrendered to Vanessa, who ran her hands down the pirate’s back and cupped her perky little butt. Miley watched in amazement as the two women entwined their legs, and began humping each other right there, standing in the middle of the laundry.

Miley lasted all of two seconds before her own hand dove into her pussy, and she stroked her engorged clit right along with the two new lovers. Mere minutes ago, Hayley had been forcing herself on Vanessa. Now, however, it looked almost like things had been reversed – Vanessa was in control as Miley fingered herself towards orgasm, Hayley exploded all over Vanessa’s leg, her juices almost literally flowing down Vanessa’s naked leg. Miley saw the pirate girl collapse in Vanessa’s hands, and felt her own orgasm overtake her. Pleasure rocked the princess’ brain and she fell from her knees onto the floor, where she fought to calm down from the climax for several long moments.

She came to a few moments later, surprised to see Vanessa hovering over her protectively. “Are you okay, Princess?” Vanessa asked quietly.

“Mmmm, yes,” Miley said, remembering her orgasm fondly. “Are you?”

“Yes, oh yes,” Vanessa said. She leaned in, and to Miley’s surprise, gave her a soft, gentle kiss. “I meant what I said,” Vanessa added quickly, before hands suddenly grabbed her and pulled her off.

There, hovering behind Vanessa, was Hayley Williams, still naked but on her feet now and looking angry. And beside her was Captain Megan Fox, looking less than pleased.

“Return this one to my chambers,” Megan snapped, her voice ice cold. “Then bring the Princess to Keira’s chambers and tie her to the bed. Let the Queen decide what to do with her.”

Miley shot a worried look at Vanessa, who Hayley was hauling away, not bothering to put clothes on either of them before leaving the laundry area.

“I hope you enjoyed that kiss, Princess,” Megan said, standing over Miley like a towering giant. “You’ll be lucky if you ever see your little friend again.

* * *

Princess Miley lay naked on the bed, her arms tied roughly to the posts above her head, when Keira Knightley returned, late that night. If the Pirate Queen was surprised to see her there, she didn’t show it. Instead, she merely moved into the room, removing her hat and boots before dropping into a chair by the window.

“I’m told you were a bit uncooperative today,” Keira said casually as she pulled out a knife from somewhere behind her.

“I did as I was told,” Miley said, defiantly.

“And a bit more,” Keira said, running a finger along the edge of her blade.

“Perhaps. But it was nothing I was told NOT to do.”

Keira laughed at that. “Good. Good,” she said. “You’ll need that feisty side if you plan on staying alive here.

“You aren’t going to kill me when you grow tired of bedding me?” Miley asked, scorn in her voice.

“With a body like that, I doubt I grow tired of you any time soon,” Keira admitted. “Still, you should be punished.”

“For masturbating myself?” Miley asked. “For pleasuring another slave at the orders of the pirate you left in charge of me?”

Keira shot Miley a warning look. “While I admire your feisty spirit, ‘Princess,’ remember your place. Slaves shouldn’t talk back.”

“Then kill me – it’d would be better than the torture you’re putting my friend through.”

“You worry for your friend. Good. She could stand some worrying after. I’m certain Megan is not being that pleasant with her right now.”

“Then stop her,” Miley said, fighting to sit up – the ropes on her arms kept her on her back. “Make her your slave, and we’ll both pleasure you.” She lowered her voice into a seductive growl. “I promise you won’t regret it.”

Keira shot Miley another apraising look, as if adjusting her opinion of the former Port Princess for the third time in as many minutes.

“No,” the Pirate Queen said at last. “No, I’ll not be reuniting you with your former servant – at least not in my bed. If you misbehave, I may lend you to Megan for a night or two. You’ll see your friend, though neither of you will enjoy the situation much, I suspect.”

Miley was about to protest more when there came a quiet knock on the door. “Enter!” Keira cried out.

The door swung open. Brenda Song entered, carrying a tray with a large bottle of ale and three glasses in her hands, and a small basket of fruit looped around her elbow. Behind her, fighting to hide a devilish smile, came Hayley Williams, once again clad in tight pants and a striped shirt that lay open from collar to belt, though it kept her breasts covered – just barely.

“Ah, wonderful. Place the food over there – toss me an apple, would you, Brenda?” Keira said. The young Oriental pirate put the tray down and took an apple out of the basket, lobbing the fruit over to the Queen, who deftly caught it in one hand. “Thank you, Brenda.”

“Anything else you desire of me?” Brenda asked, clearly eyeing the naked Miley on the bed. Keira laughed at her open desire, but waved her off.

“No, thank you Brenda. I’ll call you again if I need you.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Brenda said with a sigh before brushing past Hayley to leave the room. Hayley closed the door behind her, then turned back to face Keira.

The Pirate Queen to the knife she’d been playing with and carved herself off a slice of the apple, eating it right off the knife. Miley’s mouth watered – she hadn’t eaten all day.

“Untie her hands,” Keira said around a mouthful of apple. Hayley came over and undid the bindings hold Miley to the bed, allowing the naked Princess to sit up and rub her wrists. Keira chucked half the apple at Miley, who caught it in her lap, and quickly took a large bite of it.

“Hungry?” Hayley asked with a mischievous look in her eyes. “We ought to find something to fill that mouth of yours.”

“Shut up, Hayley,” Keira said.

“Sorry,” Hayley said, looking genuinely sorry as she stepped back from where Miley sat.

“I suppose she’s here to punish me,” Miley said as she chomped down on more of the apple. Now that she was eating, her entire body seemed to be growing even more hungry.

“No, she’s not,” Keira said, rising up out of her chair. “I told her she could join me tonight if you did a good job with the laundry. Before you started acting up, you were doing a fine job. So I’ll be sharing you with Hayley tonight. After her punishment, of course.”

“Yeah, after my – wait, What?!” Hayley asked, surprised.

“You let her get out of control down there, Hayley. I told you to keep her and her friend in line.”

“They just fucked a little,” Hayley protested. “It wasn’t anything troublesome! I swear!”

“Oh, I know all about it. Rufus was kind enough to give me a full report.”

“Damn him,” Hayley swore.

“Yes, he’s an annoying bastard, but never-the-less, it’s time for your punishment. Miley, be so kind as to get off the bed.”

Miley started – she’d been chewing her apple and hoping to see Keira beat Hayley around a little, and hadn’t been expecting the command. Still, she slid off the bed, tossing aside the remains of the apple core before moving to stand by the wall next to the bed.

“Strip,” Keira said to Hayley as she walked over to one of her chests. Miley suspected there was a story behind the various chests and containers the Pirate Queen held, but she’d never bothered to ask. She did know that they were all locked – the first time Keira had left her in the room alone, Miley had tried to open all of them, just out of boredom.

Keira held the key to the chest she wanted on a chain around her neck, and she quickly opened a medium sized chest. Miley couldn’t see what was in it from where she stood, but she had a sinking feeling that whatever it was, it was meant for her once it was done with Hayley.

Not surprisingly, Keira pulled out one of her strap-on dildos – she must have owned a few, because she’d already fucked Miley with at least two different ones since she’d been captured. This one was long – maybe eight inches – and carved into almost the perfect reflection of a man’s penis – from the flared tip, to veins on the shaft, to a pair of carved wooden balls at the base.

“Wow,” Miley and Hayley both whispered upon seeing it.

“Miley, come here and help me strap this on. Hayley, remove your pants and bend over the end of the bed.

Miley and Hayley traded surprised looks, but moved quickly to follow Keira’s orders. Miley dropped to her knees beside Keira, who had shed her pants and was stepping into the leather straps that would attach the dildo to her crotch. It was Miley’s job to tighten the straps until the device fit snugly against Keira. Miley had done this enough lately that she figured she could fit a strap-on to the Pirate Queen with her eyes closed, but didn’t yet dare try it, even with her growing dislike of the woman.

The woman who looked damn good naked, especially with an eight-inch phallus protruding from her waist.

Well, you could still dislike someone who you found sexually attractive, Miley figured. At least, she hoped so.

By the time Keira was set, Hayley had dropped her drawers and stood bent over at the waist before the bed. Miley had only been fucked once like this, by the Pirate Queen of course, and had to admit, it was more humiliating than arousing when you were the one getting fucked. That said, looking at Hayley’s shapely little ass sticking up into the air, Miley could see the appeal from this side.

If she ever got out of Hammerhead Atoll alive, she swore she’d get herself a strap-on and fuck a girl just like this at least once. It looked so, so hot.

Keira walked up behind Hayley and gently ran her hand over the globes of the orange-haired girl’s buttocks. Hayley seemed to quiver in anticipation, but held her tongue as Keira’s fingers traced the crack of her ass for a bit.

“Miley, go to the open chest and pull out the small bottle there and bring it to me,” Keira said, sliding her fingers over the bud of Hayley’s ass and continuing down to start fingering her slit. Miley hopped up and raced over to the open chest. Inside, nestled in a corner was a tiny bottle of clear liquid. Miley picked it up and brought it over to Keira, who pulled out the tiny cork with practiced ease.

“Miley, hold open Hayley’s ass cheeks, would you?”

Miley moved beside Hayley and gently pried open the two sides of Hayley’s butt. Keira was rubbing the liquid from the tiny bottle all up and down the fake shaft she wore, getting it all wet with the stuff. Miley realized it must have been some sort of lubrication, and instantly felt a twinge of jealousy – the only lubrication Keira had ever used on her had been produced either by Miley’s mouth or her pussy. How did Hayley rate this special stuff?

Keira moved forward and positioned the head of the dildo against Hayley’s pussy, and with one vicious shove penetrated the other pirate halfway up the shaft.

“OHMYGOD!” Hayley cried out in surprise as Keira immediately started fucking her. Each thrust sunk more of the eight-inch monster into the smaller girl. Hayley’s hands dropped to the bed to support her as Keira pounded away, rapidly building up speed. Miley watched in amazement, not surprised at all to find her own pussy responding to the sights by getting dramatically wetter itself.

“Oh, fuck! Oh that’s it! Fuck me like the slut I am!” Hayley cried out as Keira grabbed her hips and really started going at it. Miley wondered if there were men who could fuck as hard as Keira was fucking Hayley at the moment. The entire eight-inch dildo was vanishing into Hayley’s pussy with every thrust, yet it seemed to almost bounce right back out, considering how fast Keira was moving. Miley’s nipples were painfully erect now, another note of how much the sight was turning her on – yet she dare not touch herself, considering the trouble she’d gotten into earlier.

Oh, but she wanted to. She so wanted to.

“Fuck!FuckFuckFuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!” Hayley started to babble. Miley suspected the young Pirate was moments away from orgasm. Which brought a strange thought into Miley’s head.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a punishment of some kind?

From the looks of it, if the Pirate Queen’s idea of punishment was horribly powerful orgasms, Miley would start getting into trouble every day.

Then, suddenly, Keira pulled out. Hayley gasped in shocked, and for half a second Miley held her breath, expecting Keira to plunge the dildo back into Hayley’s dripping wet snatch.

But Keira had other ideas, and before either of the younger girls could so much as speak, Keira rammed the 8-inch monster cock right into Hayley Williams’ unsuspecting ass.

Hayley’s scream seemed to shake the rafters. Miley winced in sympathetic pain – Keira had taken her anal virginity days ago, but it had been with a considerably smaller dildo, and The Pirate Queen had been slow and gentle, taking care not to hurt Miley during the process. And while Miley doubted Hayley was an anal virgin, she still shuddered to think of the pain that must have happened when Keira had forced almost all 8 inches into Hayley cute little ass.

If Keira cared she was hurting the other woman, she made no effort to show it. Instead, she grabbed Hayley’s hips with both hands, and used the extra leverage to increase the pace of her fucking. The top half of Hayley’s body had fallen to the bed as she buried her face in the blankets. The orange-haired pirate was clutching the sheets with her hands so hard, her knuckles were white. Her scream was muffled by the bed before it faded into groans and grunts, sparked by the occasional gasp of pain.

Keira kept right on fucking, seemingly oblivious to Hayley’s troubles.

Then, suddenly, to Miley’s surprise, Hayley started to meet every thrust from Keira with one of her own, pushing her ass back to meet the intruding rod going up her ass. Her voice shifted, and the pain started to bleed out, replaced by grunts of pleasure and desire.

Miley felt her eyes go wide, and her mouth open in surprise. Hayley was enjoying it! Keira was practically ripping her ass in two, and the orange-haired pirate wanted more!

If Miley had any doubts in her mind that two women having sex was the single most amazing thing a person could watch, they were banished as Hayley reached between her own legs and started fingering her clit.

* * *

Keira Knightley had every intention of fucking Hayley Williams’ ass until the bright-haired little girl collapsed from exhaustion. But one glance over at the clearly mesmerized Miley Cyrus changed everything – including how far Keira had planned to take things tonight. Originally, she’d planned on not even touching the former princess – Miley’s punishment was to watch Keira and Hayley fuck all night long with no sexual release of her own. But looking over at how Miley’s eyes were locked on the sight of Keira’s dildo stretching Hayley’s ass, the Pirate Queen quickly realized she needed to do more than just have Miley watch tonight.

Miley’s punishment, now, would have to change. And Keira decided it needed to happen right now.

Hayley was close – that much was clear. The orange-haired girl was shaking in pain and pleasure with every thrust Keira forced into her backside, and her fingers were flying over her clit like a hummingbird. Considering she’d let herself go with the two slaves down in the laundry, Keira thought that pulling out right now and denying Hayley her oncoming release was appropriate enough.

With as little warning as she’d given Hayley for her entry, Keira pulled the eight inch shaft out of the little girl’s perky little ass and stepped away. Hayley gasped out in shock, then whimpered like a lost little puppy. By the time she’d turned to see what Keira was up to, the Pirate Queen was already pointing the eight-inch shaft towards Miley’s head.

Miley still seemed to be in a bit of shock, as she just stared up at Keira with a confused look on her face. Keira snorted slightly, then decided to take a bit of pity on the young girl.

“In Astemia, they hold what we’re about to do sacred,” she said, casually holding the base of her dildo with one hand. “Personally, I think they all just do it there because it’s hot, nasty, and oh-so-sexy when done right. I’ve had a few occasions to actually participate in Astemian Ass-to-Mouth – they really do know how to do it right there.”

“A-a-Ass-to-Mouth?” Miley stammered, clearly confused.

“This cock was just in Hayley’s ass,” Keira said, as if speaking to a very young child. “Now it’s going in your mouth. You will suck it and lick it, and clean it with your mouth until I am satisfied. Now, open up.”

A whole host of looks flashed over Miley’s face. Fascinated. Disgusted. Aroused. Angry. Fearful. Confused. Part of her clearly wanted to flee, while another part wanted to suck the entire monster cock down her throat. In the end, fear looked like it was going to win out, forcing Keira to take maters into her own hands – literally.

Reaching out with her free hand, Keira grabbed a knot of Miley’s hair and pulled her head forward. “Open up and suck, or else,” Keira said, adding just a hint of malice to her voice.

Good little girl that she was, Miley’s mouth opened at once, and Keira slide several inches in past the princess’ lips. Keira felt her own pussy spike with heat at the sight of Miley’s lips wrapped around the shaft at her waist. Gently pulling back on Miley’s hair, then pushing forward, Keira began to slowly face-fuck the teenager.

Keira kept a slow but steady pace, making sure Miley had plenty of time to wrap her tongue around the wooden cock, getting every last trace of Hayley’s essence off. Keira had to admit, Miley looked fantastically sexy sucking on the shaft – were she to ever blow a guy, Keira was certain he wouldn’t last long. Even just watching Miley’s cheeks bulge with every thrust was enough to get Keira’s juices flowing – she couldn’t imagine the bliss of feeling Miley’s mouth on a real cock.

“Wow, that’s hot,” Hayley said. The other girl was laying on her side, head propped up in one hand, watching as Miley sucked Keira’s shaft clean. If she was upset about not getting to climax earlier, she didn’t let on. Instead, she lay there watching, one hand idly playing with her nipples.

Suddenly, Keira had enough of forcing Miley to eat the dildo. It was time to get more from the Princess. “Get off the bed,” Keira said to Hayley, still pushing Miley’s head back and forth on the shaft. Hayley blinked once, then rolled off to stand beside the other two women.

Keira removed the strap-on from Miley’s mouth quickly, then made a show of looking over the realistic shaft, as if she really cared if Miley had cleaned it or not. The young Princess fell backwards and landed on her ass, struggling a bit to draw breath.

“Help her up onto the bed,” Keira said to Hayley. “All fours, please. It’s her turn to feel this baby in her rear.”

Hayley giggled gleefully as she dropped down and started to haul Miley up onto her feet. The former Princess just looked a little lost, until she finally registered what Keira had said.

“Wait, wait-” she tried to protest as Hayley got her on the bed.

“Sush it – you’ll love it in the ass,” Hayley told her, shoving down on Miley’s back to get her into position. Keira didn’t bother to tell Hayley that she knew Miley wasn’t an anal virgin, but merely took a moment to lather on some more of the liquid lubricant to her strap-on before lining herself up to Miley’s asshole.

“Isn’t this a wonderful rear end, Hayley?” Keira asked, pausing at the puckered entrance to Miley’s ass.

“Oh, yes,” Hayley said, running a hand over one of Miley’s ass cheeks and making the prone girl shiver in anticipation. “Been a long time since I saw one this nice.”

“And it looks so perfect bent over, too,” Keira said, still not pushing into Miley.

“It looks good enough to lick,” Hayley said.

“Go ahead,” Keira said, taking a step or two back. Miley visibly relaxed for a second, until Hayley slipped in behind her and spread her ass cheeks. The orange-haired girl licked her lips once, then flicked her tongue over Miley’s rosebud. Miley’s body went rigid as Hayley’s tongue worked it’s way inside her, creating a whole slew of new sensations for the Princess. From Keira’s viewpoint, it wasn’t much of a show. Miley remained stiff as Hayley’s head bobbed back and forth, her tongue entering a part of Miley that Keira was certain had never had a tongue in it before. They both seemed to be enjoying it, though, which was more than Keira was willing to let happen.

“Enough,” she said, pulling Hayley back by her shoulder. Miley actually let out a whimper of protest, but wisely didn’t say a word as Keira returned behind her. This time, when Keira lined the tip of her strap-on up to Miley’s butt, she pressed in, forcing the shaft into the little girl with a satisfying “POP.”

“Oh fuck!” Miley cried aloud as Keira began to push the dildo into the princess’ ass.

“Hayley,” Keira said, motioning for the other girl to get on the bed. Miley was struggling against the pain as Keira kept inching forward. Hayley climbed up and sat before Miley, gently taking the other girl’s head in her hands.

“It’s okay, just breathe,” Hayley said quietly in Miley’s ear. “Just breathe.”

“Oh, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Miley screamed as Keira continued to violate her ass.

“Please keep her quiet,” Keira said, smiling wickedly. If Hayley had looked good receiving Keira’s strap-on up her ass, Miley looked perfect. The young royal truly had a body built for sex. All her little curves were in the right places, her skin so taunt in that perfect teenage way, and she was willing to do anything to please.

To help shut Miley up, Hayley kissed the girl once on the lips, then gently lowered Miley’s head down onto Hayley’s lap.

“Lick me, baby – it’ll keep you busy,” Hayley said, stroking Miley’s hair. Hayley drew a sharp breath, and it was obvious that Miley was following directions.

A naked Miley Cyrus was erotic enough on it’s own. A Naked Miley Cyrus on all fours, getting her ass stuffed by a strap-on dildo while going down on an equally naked Hayley Williams was pure sexual bliss to behold.

Keira could feel her own needs starting to demand attention. Instead of shoving all the way into the prone Miley, Keira started to withdraw. Hayley kept a hand on Miley’s head, forcing her to keep licking as the sensations in her ass changed. Keira didn’t care if Miley screamed her head off at this point – the Pirate Queen needed to fuck Miley’s juicy little ass, and she wasn’t going to let anything stop her.

And so she started moving in and out. She gripped the side of Miley’s hips, using them for leverage as she started to really give the former Princess the fucking she needed. Every thrust into Miley’s rear gave Keira an added thrill, as if it were the first time she were doing this to her slave. Idly, Keira began to wonder if she’d ever grow tired of Miley, like she had some of the other sex slaves she’d had over the last few years. From the way Miley was now trying to shove back against the invading dildo, driving it further into her ass with each thrust from the Pirate Queen, Keira knew that if she did grow tired of Miley, it wouldn’t be any time soon.

“Oh, fuck!” Hayley groaned, reminding Keira the orange-haired beauty was even in the room, let alone actually contributing to the sex. From the way her head was rolling on her shoulders, and her fingers were playing with one nipple, Keira guessed Miley had managed to resurrect the orgasm Hayley had lost earlier, and it was now approaching fast. Good.

“That’s it!” Keira called out. “Lick her pussy, Miley. Lick her good while I fuck your sweet ass with my largest dildo. You’re a whore now – a complete and total whore, and it’s time you acted like one.”

“Oh, fuck YES!” Hayley called out, shoving Miley’s face deeper into her crotch. “I’m so close! So fucking close!”

“Make her cum, slave!” Keira ordered, shoving extra hard into Miley ass as she did so. Miley was clearly trying to obey, even as her entire body shook from the pounding Keira was giving her. Still, Hayley was holding her head tight, and her little tongue must have been flying over Hayley’s slit like the pro Miley was rapidly becoming.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! FUCK! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKYESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” Hayley screamed as orgasm finally overcame her, making her entire little body tremble as if possessed by an earthquake. The orange-haired ingénue gripped Miley’s head even tighter until finally she could take no more and collapsed to the bed, leaving Keira to fuck Miley’s ass without the benefit of Miley’s mouth being busy.

This turned out to be less of a problem than Keira expected. Miley seemed to have lost the desire to be more vocal than just a single, almost continuous low moan of pleasure as Keira continued to pound her from behind. From the way she was trying to speed up the process of getting fucked, Keira gathered that Miley was close to climax herself – a remarkable feat for someone who hadn’t experienced that much anal sex. Then again, the whole situation had been so tinged with eroticism, Keira was surprised she hadn’t climaxed herself, just from the sights.

She was focusing on one of those sights now – the awe-inspiring view of Miley’s ass practically gobbling up nearly the entire strap-on Keira was wearing. Miley’s perfect teenaged backside was responding like it had a mind of it’s own. Keira could feel her own juices starting to drip down the insides of her legs, and didn’t care. She was going to keep doing Miley until she came from the ass fucking, Keira’s own relief be damned.

Miley attempted to speed up the process, sliding her hands beneath her body to play with her no-doubt super sensitive clit, but Keira would have none of that. The barely moving Hayley was put to use holding Miley’s arms above her head on the bed as Keira finished her off.

It wasn’t that long of a wait.

“Oh! Oh! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!” Miley suddenly hollered as her body finally gave in and climaxed. The princess’ legs gave out, sending both her and Keira – who was still buried in Miley’s backside – tumbling to the bed, the Pirate Queen on top of her slave. Keira could feel Miley’s body shake and seize-up as orgasm wracked her nerves for several long moments until finally the little girl went ramrod straight – and then passed out on the bed.

“Wow, was that hot,” Hayley muttered as Keira lifted her body off of Miley’s.

“Wake her, quickly,” Keira said, sliding the dildo out of Miley’s rear. Hayley slapped the unconscious girl in the face a few times, until Miley stirred back to life.

“Watch,” Keira commanded her, grabbing Hayley by the hair and yanking her off the bed.

“OUCH!” Hayley complained as she landed at Keira’s feet. The Pirate Queen didn’t apologize before forcing open Hayley’s mouth and shoving as much of the strap-on dildo into her mouth as she possibly could.

“Clean it,” Keira demanded as Hayley gagged on the cock. “And hurry. I need my slave to get me off, and I’ll not wait around on you, Hayley.”

If Hayley had an answer, it was muffled out by the strap-on dildo in her mouth.

* * *

Sergeant Stana Katic, of the Port Royal Guard, wasn’t accustomed to many luxuries, but she had to admit, her new role as a senior guard came with a perk or two she was happy to enjoy. Aside from very nice quarters in the Castle itself, and a lovely new horse that was hers to use as she needed, the position came with the ability to use the Reserved Baths instead of the public baths she’d used until now. The thinly used Reserved Baths were mostly for people more important than Stana, and made the Public Baths look positively barbaric in comparison. Only the Queen’s private Baths were more splendid in all of Port – a fact Stana knew from the number of times she’d stood on guard inside them while the Queen bathed.

Stana was taking advantage of a free afternoon – Captain Hayesworth was guarding the Queen personally, and had instructed Stana to go “relax” for a while. Considering that the two assassins who’d nearly killed the Queen were still unaccounted for, Stana felt wrong being away from the Queen, but admitted that the idea of a nice long soak and a good massage sounded almost blissful after all the trouble that had gone on around here lately. Grudgingly, she’d gone off and gotten ready for a nice long bath.

She entered through the massage area, just because it was closer than the main baths entrance, and wasn’t too surprised to see one person in getting a massage from the young, nubile new masseuse. Old Greta was there, too, but she appeared to be getting ready to leave.

“Problems, Greta?” Stana asked as she came in.

“Oh, Sergeant Katic!” Greta said warmly. “No, no trouble. Summer here has Marina taken care of, and as we’re a bit slow, I thought I might go run an errand or two.”

“Well, don’t wait on my account,” Stana smiled. “I plan on soaking in the baths for a while. You might even be back before I get out.”

“If not, I’m sure Summer can take care of you. She’s quite talented,” Greta said, looking over at where Summer Glau was expertly manipulating the flesh on Marina Sirtis’ back. Summer was completely naked, and neither Marina nor Greta seemed to mind. Stana, who enjoyed women more than men when it came to sexual partners, took a moment to drink in Summer’s lithe body before shaking her head and heading into the baths, idly wondering if Summer provided happy endings to her massage customers.

Stana quickly stripped and sank into the hot pool, letting the blistering water penetrate her skin and the steam fog her brain. True to Greta’s earlier statement, the baths were empty, making Marina the only other “customer,” and meaning that Stana could enjoy the baths all to herself for the time being. She scrubbed at her naked skin in the hot water until she felt like she was going to boil, then got out and got right into the middle, warm-water pool. Here she stretched out, and leaned back, and soon found herself floating on her back, eyes closed, just enjoying the warmth and the sensation of floating. Soon enough, all her problems would return, but for now she could just float and enjoy.

She lost track of time fairly quickly, her mind wandering off to her lover, the distant and possibly doom Carrie Underwood, banished from Port unless she and her crew could miraculously return the kidnapped Princess Miley. That seemed more and more unlikely at time went on, but Stana refused to give up all hope. She was certain someday, she’d feel Carrie’s kiss upon her lips again.

Soon, the warm water and her wandering mind traveled towards sex with Carrie. The tiny little blonde girl was a wonder between the sheets, and Stana felt truly blessed to be with her, even if they only saw each other a few days out of the year. Carrie wouldn’t leave her ship, and Stana wouldn’t abandon her post in Castle Port.

As naughty thoughts of Carrie floated through her mind, Stana’s nipples went hard, and her clit was quick to follow. Without thinking, Stana reached down and gently started to stroke herself. It wasn’t the easiest of feats – masturbating while floating on one’s back, but Stana had done it often enough in the past that she knew if she didn’t move much more than her fingers, she could do it. Her other arm spread out to help balance her, Stana began to imagine all the nasty, naughty things she’d do when Carrie got back.

The first thing she’d do would be to bend Carrie over her lap, rip her pants down, and spank that curvy little ass until it was red. Running off like that, on a suicidal mission, leaving Stana behind to worry? That was unforgivable. Carrie would have to be spanked until she begged for forgiveness. And forgiveness wouldn’t be too long in coming. As mad as Stana was, she couldn’t refuse Carrie – especially when she smiled so sweetly up at her from between Stana’s legs.

Stana stroked herself a little harder as she imagined Carrie’s sweet lips locking onto her clit, slowly sucking at the tiny pleasure bud, and just as slowly driving Stana wild. Carrie was so talented with her mouth and lips, she could get Stana off just by slowly sucking on her clit, and when they had time, it was something she always did for the Royal Guard. But it had been so long since Stana had felt it, she wasn’t sure she could even imagine the sensation properly anymore.

So instead, she moved on in her fantasy, to the point where Carrie crammed two fingers into Stana’s sopping wet pussy and went to town.

At this point, it was getting harder for Stana to stay afloat, but she could feel her climax approaching. She fought to keep the bulk of her body still, while throbs of passion beat through her brain in time with her finger work. She was close. Very close. She imagined Carrie’s wet, naked body rising out of the water, the short blonde’s fingers sliding in and out of Stana’s crotch, her other hand reaching for one of Stana’s impressive breasts.

Orgasmic pleasure detonated in the back of Stana’s brain, and she thrashed in the water for a moment, actually sinking beneath the surface for a long moment as her climax took control of her body. The sensation of sinking into the warm water added to the pleasure, and boosted Stana’s orgasm just that much more, which was why coming to the baths to pleasure herself was one of her preferred ways to relax.

Finally, her body calmed down enough for her to get her feet under her again and stand up, water screaming down her nude body as her head and breasts broke above the surface. Her hair was in her face, and it took her a moment clear her eyes enough so that she could see.

And when she did, she didn’t like what she saw at all.

“That was quite the impressive display of self gratification,” a short, barrel-shaped man said. He wore the ill-fitting uniform of a Castle Guard, and held his sword out to point towards Stana’s naked breasts.

“Indeed,” another man, this one tall, with darker skin, replied from behind. Stana turned around in the water to see him standing there, also dressed as a guard, his sword aimed more towards Stana’s throat. “That’s quite a skill, being able to masturbate while floating on your back,” he said, as if making idle conversation.

“You’re the assassins,” Stana said.

“Is that what they’re calling us?” the fat one asked.

“Well, we are here to assassinate someone,” the tall one replied. “I suppose the name fits.”

“I don’t know, Caspar, I always preferred hired slayers.”

“Memnon, you’re clearly too romantic for this line of work,” the tall one muttered.

Stana frowned. “So, what, you’re here to rape and kill me?”

“Well, kill anyway,” the taller one – Caspar – replied. “You aren’t exactly out type.”

“Though we can see why others would happily defile you,” Memnon offered with a helpful tone. “You really are quite lovely when all wet and naked.”

“I’m flattered,” Stana muttered sourly. She was nowhere near her weapons, and the two men had her pinned almost directly in the center of the pool. If she moved closer to any side, one or the other of them would be on her, probably skewering her before she so much as got close to dry land, let alone on her feet and ready to fight.

Which meant she had to even the odds, and quickly.

“I don’t suppose you’d let me get dressed first, so I could die with some dignity?” she asked with a theatrical sigh.”

“Oh, you’ve got nothing to be modest about,” the fat one said, allowing Stana to twist in the water to face him directly. This put the tall thin one at her back, but just far enough out of range still. She might just make this work yet…

“Still, it’s rather embarrassing to die buck naked,” she said.

“You’re in a bath – people will understand,” the tall one at her back muttered. “Memnon, kill her.”

The fat one gave her an honestly apologetic look. “Sorry,” he said, pulling his sword arm back, preparing to stab her.

“Me, too,” she said. As his arm flashed forward, Stana lunged to the side, the blade missing her head and neck by mere inches. Stana reacted like the pro she was – she reached up with both arms, grabbed Memnon by the wrist, and yanked him into the pool.

“Damn it!” Caspar shouted, clearly catching on to what Stana was up to. She didn’t wait for the fatter assassin to surface, she leapt for the side of the pool and hauled herself up and out as fast as she could, then ran towards the door.

“Get her!” Memnon shouted, splashing in the water. Caspar was already racing around the circular pool, moving to intercept Stana before she could get away. He came in with a high slash of his sword that the Queen’s Guard ducked beneath, shoving him backwards with her left arm as she ran. He took two steps back as she raced past, and wasn’t able to get his sword around before she was out of range again.

“Next time, we poison the water,” Caspar growled, going after her.

“The hell we will!” Memnon shouted, pulling his drenched body out of the middle pool. “Not if we’re going to keep falling into them we aren’t!”

“Shut up and help already!”

“HELP!” Stana hollered as she raced around the final pool and ran towards the doors. Her weapons were in the other direction, and she knew going back to get them was out of the question. Her best hope was to get out into the open, where other people would be around to help her.

She got close enough to the door to put her hand on the latch before something heavy slammed into her back, pressing her hard against the wooden frame. She cried out as Caspar’s sword clattered against the wall, his tackle taking both of them to the floor, him landing atop her wet, naked body.

Stana knew she was out of time. With one last, desperate thrust, she shoved the flat of her palm up into Caspar’s face and felt it make contact with his nose.

“Motherfucker!” he hollered, letting go and grabbing his face. Stana gave a solid kick to his gut, pushing him away, and made for the door again.

This time, she made it.

Stana stumbled into the massage room and nearly collided with the only person inside at the moment, the young waif, Summer Glau.

“Are you okay?” Summer asked as Stana practically fell into her arms.

“Call the guards!” Stana cried. “The assassins are in there!”

“Oh, that’s it!” Memnon said, barging into the room soaking wet. “Next time, we’re just going to shoot you.”

“Bitch, if you’ve broken my nose…” Caspar added, following his partner into the room with one hand covering his face, blood seeping through his fingers.

Stana was about to shove Summer out the door when the tiny girl suddenly switched from being a timid little mouse into a blur of movement. With one hand, Summer pushed Stana behind her then planted both feet firmly on the ground, her arms at her sides. As Memnon surged forward to grab the two women, Summer pivoted on one foot, raised her other leg, and delivered a nasty, jabbing kick right to the center of Memnon’s chest.

Still dripping wet from his unintentional dip, the assassin’s feet gave way beneath him as the kick threw him off balance, and he fell back on his ass. “Sonuvabitch!” he hollered as he fell, landing with a heavy thud.

Stana stopped dead in her tracks, amazed at the sight. Memnon was sputtering nonsense on the floor, his eyes wide with shock as little Summer Glau hovered above him, clad only in a plain shirt and soft pants.

Only Caspar didn’t hesitate, instead reaching into his robes as he snarled at the two girls. “Is everyone in this castle this meddlesome?”

“You are threatening one of my customers,” Summer said plainly, her voice soft and unconcerned.

“Well, now I’m threatening you, bitch,” Caspar said, pulling out a long cord from somewhere. Stana got one look at it and felt ice form in her heart. Caspar now held a razor-whip, a long flexible line of super-sharp reeds that could be cracked like a whip or cut like a saw. The weapons were favored by the murderous Berber slavers, and were known to sometimes have poisons or other toxins on them. She took a reflexive step back towards the exit as Caspar flicked the whip once, sending a vicious line of pain shooting through the air towards Summer. Stana was about to reach for the girl and pull her out of the way-

-when Summer stepped forward, swung her left arm up to intercept the whip on it’s flat edge, forcing it to wrap around the sleeve of her shirt. Another step forward brought her within kicking distance of Caspar. The taller assassin knew what was coming, and moved to block her kick with his free arm while pulling back on the whip. As Stana watched amazed, Summer dropped down to the floor, pivoting on one foot again, this time letting the force of Caspar’s pull increase the speed of her spin. As her sleeve – and half her shirt – shredded and fell away with the whip, Summer spun a full 360 degrees and more, her extended leg cutting Caspar’s feet out from under him and dropping him and his whip sprawling to the floor. Summer popped back up, unharmed saved for a few slight cuts on her left arm and the entire left half of her shirt ripped away from collar to the bottom hem, exposing one perfectly pert little tit.

Summer was glancing down at her half-nudity when Memnon roared back up onto his feet, a nasty looking dagger in his hand, rushing the smaller girl like a stampeding bull. Stana moved to intercept him, but needn’t have – Summer moved with her now standard lightning-fast reflexes, grabbing his dagger arm by the wrist and twisting it around behind his back in one smooth motion that put Memnon in front of her just as Caspar flicked another attack of the razor-whip. The whip slashed a bloody line down the side of Memnon’s chest.

“Gaaah!” he screamed in pain. “Caspar, so help me if there was poison on that whip-”

“Shut up and get out of the way!” Caspar hollered at him, pulling back to launch another strike.

Suddenly, the door behind Stana swung open, and a trio of guards rushed in, swords at the ready. “Get them!” a strong female voice hollered. Marina Sirtis entered behind the guards, pointing towards the two assassins, one still held firmly by Summer.

Caspar wasted no time – his whip flew through the air again, slashing the throat of the nearest guard, dropping him to the floor in a pool of gushing blood.

“Watch out!” Stana hollered, grabbing the dead man’s discarded sword. She turned back to help Summer, but Memnon had already made his move, throwing his considerable body weight back into the nearest wall, slamming Summer between them. The masseuse banged her head firmly against the wall and was forced to release Memnon’s arm.

And then the assassins were in flight, Caspar’s whip keeping Stana and the other guards at bay as the two killers raced back into the baths. Somehow, they slammed the door behind them, and in the three seconds it took the guards to reach and open the door, the assassins had vanished as quickly as they appeared.

“Damn it!” Stana swore, staring around the baths in disgust. “We had them!”

“We’ll search the castle, Sergeant!” one of the guards said, nodding to the other guard. They raced out of the room, a number of other men waiting for them. The whole area began filling with people, half guards, half civilians wondering what all the commotion was about. Stana was still fuming when Captain Hayesworth appeared beside her.

“Here, cover up,” he said, handing her a large towel. Stana suddenly remembered she was stark naked, and there wasn’t anyone in the room who could’ve missed that fact.

“Thanks,” she muttered.

“Damn good work, Sergeant,” Hayessworth said.

“They got away,” she reminded him.

“Yeah, but you’re still alive, and so is Madame Sirtis.”

“They weren’t after her,” Stana said as she finished wrapping the towel around herself. “They were after me.”

Hayesworth seemed to digest that for a moment. “Interesting,” he said. “Trying to get rid of the Queen’s protectors?”

“I didn’t really have time to ask them,” Stana muttered.

“Is everyone all right?” Dr. Gates McFadden said, rushing into the room.

“I’m fine,” Stana said. “But our masseuse here was hurt,” she added, looking across the room to where Marina Sirtis stood protectively by Summer Glau.

“I’m fine,” Summer said calmly.

“You’re bleeding,” McFadden said at once, looking at Summer’s arm. “You’re both coming with me to the infirmary right now.”

“But-” both Stana and Marina said together, but McFadden wasn’t to be argued with.

“Right now!” the doctor insisted.

“You heard her,” Hayesworth said sternly. “We’ll hunt the killers.”

“Captain Hayesworth?!” a guard called out as he rushed into the room. “The Queen wants to you to report to the council at once!”

“Great,” Hayesworth muttered. “C’mon,” he said, ushering Katic and Glau out of the room. “Let’s get you two squared away, and then I’ll tell her royal highness what kind of day it’s been around here.”

* * *

“This is a disaster! I thought the castle had been searched?” Ellen Pompeo said forcefully, her voice filling the throne room, despite the large number of people assembled there. The news that the assassins had struck again had spread faster than Hayesworth would’ve ever expected, and the entire kingdom seemed to be up in arms over what was happening.

“It had been,” Hayesworth said through clenched teeth. “Several times. These assassins have an uncanny ability to hide, it seems.”

“Or they had help on the inside,” Admiral Patrick Stewart said sourly.

Hayesworth’s chest puffed out a bit. “What, exactly, are you implying, Admiral?” the guard demanded.

“Merely that someone inside this castle may be helping the killers,” Stewart said, not changing his tone one bit. “Obviously you and Sergant Katic are above reproach, as you both have been attacked. But not everyone else has.”

“So loyalty is only determined through deadly attacks?” Rachael Leigh Cook asked.

“It most certainly is not,” Queen Natalie said firmly.

“The fact remains that these assassins are still loose inside the Castle, and still a serious threat,” Robert Duncan McNeill said. “They must be found – and preferably alive.”

“Your preferences are different from mine,” Hayesworth grumbled. “I’d rather see them both gutted and thrown to the sharks myself.”

“Alive they can tell us who hired them,” McNeill reminded him.

“Dead they can’t escape to kill again.”

“Perhaps it’s best that we find them first,” the Queen said. “Their final fates can be decided then.”

“But how do we find them?” Pompeo asked. “Clearly, searching the castle will do no good.”

“A trap, perhaps?” Cook suggested. “Lure them out into the open where we can catch them on our terms?”

“With what bait?” Hayesworth asked. “I’ll not risk the Queen.”

“What about Sergeant Katic?” Pompeo suggested. “They seem to want her dead, too.”

“More so, now,” Armin Shimmerman muttered just loud enough to Hayesworth to hear.

“Perhaps,” Hayesworth said. “But only if she agrees. She has more than proven her worth and loyalty already.”

“Ask her, please,” The Queen said. “It’s time we put this behind us.”

Hayesworth hesitated, then nodded. “As you wish, My Queen.” He turned smartly and walked out of the room.

* * *

“Captain Hayesworth?”

Hayesworth hadn’t made it fifteen feet down the hallway, and he stopped and turned, surprised to find Ellen Pompeo and her servant, Miracle Laurie approaching him quickly.

“Minister?” Hayesworth asked, surprised by who was following him.

“Captain, are you sure it’s safe to be placing Sergeant Katic in danger quite so soon?”

“No,” Hayesworth said bluntly. “But knowing her, she will volunteer without a thought.” He paused for a moment, then spoke again. “She’s a tough girl, and she’s faced these killers before.”

“It occurs to me that there is another option for bait, beyond the Queen and Sgt Katic,” Pompeo said.


“You,” Pompeo said. “You are the Queen’s lover, after all, and her most ardent defender. With you out of the way, Queen Natalie would be far more vulnerable.”

Hayesworth considered this. “True, and while the Queen and I are not currently sleeping together, I am the head of the Royal Guard.”

“You aren’t sleeping with the Queen?” Miracle gasped, speaking for the first time.

“Mind you place, Miracle,” Ellen said. She gave Hayesworth an appraising look. “The Queen’s foolish decisions should not be commented on by lowly servants.”

“Yes, my lady,” Miracle said, bowing her head in shame. Hayesworth found himself staring at miracle’s ample bosom for a long second as Miracle’s bow put it on display for him.

“Captain,” Ellen said, drawing his attention back towards her. “The Queen will want you to go ahead and use Sergeant Katic, but perhaps you and I can enact another plan – one the Queen doesn’t need to know about.”

Hayesworth frowned. “What do you have in mind?”

“Come with us,” Pompeo said. “We should discuss this in private.”

* * *

Hayesworth again found himself staring at Miracle Laurie’s ample cleavage as the serving girl bent over, pouring hot tea to the guard and her mistress, Ellen Pompeo. They were in Pompeo’s quarters in the Castle, which were little more than elaborate desk, some fancy, well-padded chairs, and a comfortable, if somewhat small looking bed, only used when work kept the Foreign Minister late into the night, and returning to her home was impractical.

Hayesworth would have been lying if he said he didn’t know why he was here. He was desperate to be the one to defeat the assassins after Queen Natalie. He wanted to remind the Queen that he was there, risking his life to prove his love to her. She had become smitten by Rachael Leigh Cook in recent days, and he feared that soon, Queen Natalie would realize that the only real advantage he had over Cook was that he had a penis and could father Children.

Children that, because of his station, would be less-than-desirable for the Queen to have, at that.

He didn’t trust Ellen Pompeo. She seemed to ambitious to help him out of the goodness of her heart. She wanted something from him, and depending on what she wanted, Hayesworth was willing to trade. He HAD to get Queen Natalie back.

“You can’t honestly believe these killers won’t see through the ruse to use Sgt. Katic as bait,” Pompeo said.

Hayesworth blinked, trying to get the image of Miracle’s tit flesh out of his head. “No,” he admitted. “They’re too smart and they know now that we know they’re still here. They’ll see right through her decoy.”

“Then perhaps while her ruse is going on, it will be a good time for you and I to spring a trap of our own,” Ellen said.

“You’re going to confront the killers?” Hayesworth asked, a bemused look on his face – he knew this answer already.

“Personally?” Ellen laughed. “No, no! I leave that to big, strong men like you. That said, I have access to a source of… let’s say more big, strong men who are not of the Royal Guard, and would be a surprise to these assassins. – especially if the rest of the Royal Guard are either protecting the Queen or waiting to spring the trap around Sergeant Katic.”

“More big, strong men,” Hayesworth echoed. “But if the Katic ploy is under way, won’t these killers expect me to be watching over that operation?”

“Indeed,” Pompeo said. “Unless we can come up with a believable excuse for you to leave your post.”

“You have something in mind already,” Hayesworth said, taking a sip of his tea. At once, he tasted an odd mix of sweet and tangy flavors in the tea. It was spiked, though clearly no with anything deadly, as Pompeo was drinking tea poured from the same pot. Unless Miracle Laurie wanted Pompeo dead and hoped to kill Hayesworth at the same time, he was in no mortal danger.

“I do have a possibility in mind,” Pompeo said., flashing him a smile. “As Miracle’s loose tongue proved earlier, your relationship with Queen Natalie isn’t much of a secret.”

“It’s a small castle,” Hayesworth allowed. “As long as the general public never knew, it wasn’t that big a secret.”

“But now she’s spurned you – for Secretary Cook, I believe.”

“Perhaps,” Hayesworth said, taking another sip of tea. “What of it?”

“You have a reputation for being a virile man with a lusty hunger, Commander. It wouldn’t be a surprise for you to take another lover, now that Queen Natalie is no longer spreading her royal legs for your pleasure.”

As he spoke, Hayesworth felt his cock going hard. At once, re recognized the taste in the tea – Copperwood extract, used as an aphrodisiac in many places.

“And who, may I ask, would I be taking as my new lover? You?”

Ellen smiled coyly at him. “I would not be opposed to the job,” she said, getting up and sitting back down in Hayesworth’s lap.

“And yet that would put you in as much danger as me when the time comes to confront the assassins,” he told her.

“We couldn’t have that,” she said, kissing him on the lips gently, playfully.

“No,” he agreed, returning the kiss.

“Perhaps Miracle here would be a good choice,” Ellen said, her hand dropping to Hayesworth’s chest where she started to undo the clasps on his jacket.

Hayesworth looked up at the servant, who was standing by with the tea pot, looking at him eagerly. His eyes locked again on her breasts, and as he watched, her nipples grew hard enough to appear through the fabric of her dress.

“You would be willing?” he asked as Ellen continued to undress him.

“Yes, sir,” Miracle replied. “Happily.”

Hayesworth looked back to Pompeo, who kissed him again. “Perhaps I should be doing this with her,” he said.

“She can join us,” Ellen replied, pulling his jacket off his shoulders. His lips found hers again, and a moment later, he felt Miracle’s hands on his shoulders. Ellen broke the kiss, and turned his head to the side. Miracle’s face was there, and her mouth found his. Without a word, the servant kissed him, her lips seemingly famished for his.

“Perhaps,” Ellen said as she nibbled on his ear, “After these assassins are caught, you and I might come to know each other like this.”

“What are we doing now?” Hayesworth asked as he pulled the strings holding Ellen’s corset together loose.

“Planning,” Ellen said, licking his cheek. “Plotting,” she added, kissing his neck. “Scheming,” she said before kissing his lips again.

“And when do we stop all that and get to the fucking?” he asked.

“Any time you want.”

“Then enough talk,” he said, lifting her off of him and standing up. As soon as Ellen was on her feet, he began removing his pants, intent on freeing himself for the work ahead.

He knew now what Ellen wanted. She wanted him to be her spy, her ear in the Queen’s chambers. No doubt, she sought to find some new information to improve her financial status, or maybe she even thought she could use him to betray Natalie at some critical moment, and assume the throne herself.

Let her think that, Hayesworth figured. His heart and loyalty belonged to Natalie, even if Natalie no longer desired it. And if Ellen wanted him to fuck her and her servants, so be it.

As Ellen had said, Hayesworth was a virile man with a lusty hunger – if he could satisfy the Queen and her two Ladies in Waiting, he could do Ellen and her serving girl without batting an eyelash.

As his trousers hit the floor, Miracle was kneeling before him, her impressive tits free for him to admire. Her mouth quickly wrapped around his shaft. Hayesworth gasped a little as her lips and tongue began to work him over.

Ellen smiled at him. “You can see some advantages to using Miracle as your pretend lover, I suspect.”

“Indeed,” Hayesworth said, his hand falling to Miracle’s head, where he gently pulled her hair out of her face, giving her freedom to work his cock.

“Oh, aren’t you sweet,” Ellen said, undoing the ties on the back of her dress, and allowing the garment to fall to the floor. As Miracle’s lips continued to work up and down Hayesworth’s manhood, Pompeo approached, now clad only in a shift that ended just above her bare pussy.

“I must admit,” Pompeo said, running a hand down Hayesworth’s arm, “The Queen guards you so thoroughly, many of us in the royal court were jealous.”

“J-jealous?” Hayesworth stammered as Miracle gently sucked first one, then the second of his balls into her mouth, toying with them using her tongue.

“You’re so handsome,” Pompeo said. “I doubt too many women in the Castle would say no to bedding you.”

“You clearly wouldn’t,” he replied, pulling her to him and kissing her fiercely. She returned his kiss just as powerfully, all while working to remove the last of his clothes. As his undergarments hit the floor, Ellen’ shift did so, too, and the two naked bodies quickly followed the clothes to the ground.

Hayesworth wasted no time with niceties – he crammed one finger into Ellen’s snatch, and finding it more than wet enough for his liking, move between her legs. As she looked up at him lustily, he slammed his rod into her with one powerful thrust.

“Oh, fuck!” she gasped. Ellen said no more, as his powerful hands took hold of her shoulders. A second later, and the guard was giving her the hardest, roughest, most intense fucking of her life.

Hayesworth didn’t love Ellen Pompeo. He didn’t even like her that much. But she was attractive, powerful, and clearly willing to whore herself and anyone else out to get what she wanted. Considering it had been more than a few nights since Hayesworth had last gotten what he wanted, he was more than willing to play along with Pompeo in order to relieve himself of the sexual tension he’d built up recently.

Whether she’d get what she wanted or not when he was done remained to be seen.

Hayesworth lost himself in fucking Pompeo, forgetting everything else – The Queen spurning him, the Pirate attack, the deadly assassins roaming the halls of the castle. All that matter now was getting off, sating his lusts, and meeting his manly needs. And so that’s what he did.

Ellen moaned, groaned, writhed, panted, and squirmed beneath him as he fucked her. He suspected part of it was an act, but he didn’t care. With every savage thrust, he grew closer to his own release, and that was all that matter.

“Oh! Oh! OhohohohohOHOHOHFUUUUUCCKKKMEEEE!!!” Ellen screamed aloud, her whole body tensing in orgasm – at least, that’s what Hayesworth figured it was. He kept going, until his own climax was about to boil over.

“I’m cumming,” he hissed at her.

“F-fill me!” she stammered as he pounded into her, her body still recovering from it’s own orgasm. “I want to feel your hot cum splashing inside me!”

That one dirty little statement was all it took for Hayesworth to go over the edge, exploding with lust. He blasted spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum deep into Ellen’s body before collapsing beside her, a small trail of his cum dribbling out of his softening cock.

“Wow,” Ellen whispered.

“Yeah – wow,” Hayesworth muttered. He lay on his back, enjoying the relative cool air on his naked body. His efforts had left him soaked in sweat, and had done less for saiting his lusts than he’d expected. Queen Natalie rarely left him wanting more in bed, unless she wanted to.

Suddenly, Hayesworth felt a mouth on his cock – it was Miracle Laurie, who he’d forgotten all about in his efforts to get off inside Ellen. The servant was stark naked, and eagerly picking up her oral tasks from where she’d left off when he and Pompeo had started fucking.

When it came to oral sex, Miracle lived up to her name, taking Hayesworth’s flagging cock and returning it to full mast in record time.

“My, my,” Ellen said, seeing the effect Miracle was having on him. “Such stamina. Would you like to sample Miracle now?”

“Why not?” Hayesworth said, pulling the servant off of him.

“Then by all means, go ahead,” Ellen replied. “Don’t mind me, I’ll just watch.”

“Of course,” Hayesworth said, rolling Miracle over on to her back and moving between her legs. He was about to line himself up to enter her when Ellen spoke again.

“Do you only have one position?” she asked.

“Huh?” Hayesworth grunted, confused.

“Miracle is well trained in all sorts of sexual pleasures. Surely just rutting between her legs isn’t what you want.”

“I’m quite fine rutting between her legs,” Hayesworth said.

“Why not take her ass?” Pompeo asked. “Or Squeeze your impressive manhood between her glorious breasts?”

“Tempting,” Hayesworth admitted. “But my time is short, and The Queen will soon wonder where I am.”

“Do as you must,” Ellen purred. “I just thought you might like to sample the pleasures you will have during your time laying the trap for our uninvited guests.”

“As you say, I’ll have time.” Still, Hayesworth paused, and looked down at Miracle’s face, a question unformed on his lips.

“Whatever you want,” Miracle said, eagerly.

“Roll over and get on your hands and knees, then,” Hayesworth ordered. Miracle quickly assumed the position, and Hayesworth once again lined himself up at the entrance to her pussy, this time from behind. He wasted no time sliding his rod into her, and as he did so, he leaned over her back enough to grab her breasts, one in each hand.

“If nothing else, you two will be fun to watch,” Pompeo commented as she watched Hayesworth pound Laurie’s pussy as hard as he had fucked her own mere minutes earlier.

Hayesworth ignored her and instead concentrated once more on the glorious act of sex he was now performing. Miracle’s folds seemed to grip his dick like a vice, and her generous bosom almost overflowed in his hands. She was far more voluptuous than either Pompeo or Queen Natalie, both of whom were far slighter and what Hayesworth was used to between the sheets.

It wasn’t such a bad thing to try something new every now and then.

Minutes later, Hayesworth pulled out and shot his load all over Miracle’s back and ass, the sight of his cum dripping over that fine rear end providing one last thrill for the guard before he had to leave.

When he did, he felt certain Ellen Pompeo thought he was in her control, a slave to her sexual delights and his own need to revenge himself upon the Queen.

Well, let her think what she might. Hayesworth knew where his heart lay. And who cared where his cock lay when the Queen wasn’t using it.

* * *

Hayesworth was still a bit high on the endorphins of his sexual conquests when he reached the castle’s infirmary. There he found Sergeant Stana Katic laying on a cot, naked from the waist up, some bandages on a few of the small wounds she’d suffered in her fight. If she was embarrassed at all that he superior was able to see her perky breasts, she made no show of it, nor did she try to cover herself.

“How are you?” Hayesworth asked, trying very hard to keep his eyes on her face, and not her nakedness. The fact that he’d just gotten laid – twice – helped, but he could still feel desire pulling his gaze down towards her chest.

“I’m ready to go another round with those two killers right now,” Stana said, sitting up.

“You most certainly are not!” Gates McFadden said testily from the next bed over, where she tended to the out-cold Summer Glau. “You’re staying in that cot for at least 24 hours, or I’ll break your legs to keep you there.”

“Whatever happened to ’First Do No Harm?’” Katic muttered.

“Stay here, Sergeant – rest up,” Hayesworth said, grabbing a chair and pulling it over. “We need you. The Queen would like you to partake in a special mission to finish off these assassins.”

“Oh, that’s it,” McFadden muttered. “Take my patient and put her right back in danger as soon as I’ve healed her.”

“Doctor, this is private-” Hayesworth started to say, but the redheaded woman stood up, shook her head once, and spoke again.

“Whatever you have to tell her, I don’t want to hear it,” the doctor said. “YOu have ten minutes, no more. I’ve got to go get some salve for Summer’s wounds. When I get back, you’re visiting time is up, Commander.”

“So be it,” Hayesworth said. The doctor walked out of the room, and the two guards immediately turned towards each other.

“What do you need me to do?” Stana asked at once.

“Serve as bait – we dare not risk the Queen to lure the killers out in the open, but if they are as interested in killing you as they are her-”

“I’ll do it,” Stana said quickly.

“Then you can spend the next 24 hours thinking of where we can establish a trap for them,” Hayesworth said, glancing over at Summer Glau, who slept like a baby on the bed next to Stana. “What about her?”

“She’s an oddity, isn’t she?” Stana said. “According to Greta, the masseuse, she came in just the day before the Pirate Attack, recommended by Marina Sirtis herself.”

“She fought those killers off better than I did,” Hayesworth mused quietly. “Do you think she’d be willing to become a guard?”

“Hardly,” a new voice said from the doorway. The two guards turned to see Robert Duncan McNeill standing in the doorway. As the head of Port’s Intelligence agency, McNeill was charged with knowing everything about everyone. “That girl is a potential threat to Queen Natalie.”

“What?!” Hayesworth and Katic said together, both clearly surprised.

“I have reason to believe she may be part of a plot to overthrow the Port family, and place a new family on the throne,” McNeill said.

“You have proof of this?” Hayesworth demanded.

“No, and that’s the problem,” McNeill admitted.

“I don’t believe it,” Stana said. “If she wanted the Queen dead, she wouldn’t have fought the assassins.”

“I believe she’s been conditioned to attack only when ordered to,” McNeill said. “A sort of sleeping agent, only awoken when the time is right.”

“The Kingdom’s in complete disarray,” Hayesworth said. “How is now not the right time?”

“It may be – but these plotters may want to have Natalie killed in a specific way, or at a very specific time – like when none of them are in the castle.”

“I’ll kill her,” Hayesworth said, standing up and gripping his sword.

“No,” McNeill said. “Better we get her away from here – I have people who can make her talk, no matter her conditioning. We can learn much about the plot from her.”

“Except that whoever placed her will know she’s gone, and probably go to ground themselves,” Stana said. “They’ll do the same if you kill her, too.”

“You have a better suggestion?” McNeill said.

Stana smiled. “Actually, yes. If she’s fought the assassins before, she may be willing to do so again. Why not use her as part of the plot to lure them out into the open.”

“That’s your job,” Hayesworth pointed out.

“But they’ll want revenge on her, too – she stopped them from killing me, after all.”

“What do you propose?” McNeill asked.

“We do exactly what you were about to propose,” Stana said, looking at Hayesworth. “We take the girl, and train her to join the guard, but make like we’re doing it in secret. At night, I’ll train her to fight with a sword out in one of the side courtyards. We’ll do this every night until they attack us, as it’ll be pretty clear that we’re preoccupied.”

“How will that be clear?” Hayesworth asked.

“Simple,” McNeill said with a shake of his head. “She’s going to seduce the girl. They’ll start training with the swords, but halfway through, they’ll start fucking each other, leaving themselves completely open to attack.”

Hayesworth gave a weary look over at the sleeping Summer Glau. “You really think you can get her to cooperate with you?”

“Absolutely,” Stana said.

“And if she can’t, I’ve got people who can help with that, too,” McNeill added, cryptically as he walked out of the room, surprising both Hayesworth and Katic.

“Guess that means you’ve got your plan,” Hayesworth muttered. “Good luck.”

“To us all,” Stana said, looking over at Summer.

* * *

It had taken Michelle Rodriguez a full day to sneak into the city of Port. Coming off a pirate ship, she couldn’t just sail into Port and expect to live past stepping foot on the docks. Instead, she had taken a small rowboat ashore a full five miles south of the capitol city. There, she killed the first traveler she’d come across, and immediately used his stolen horse and cart to make her way into town.

Once in the city, with a weary eye on the imposing image of Castle Port visible almost everywhere, Michelle had gone to the nearest Sailor’s bar, where she immediately started buying drinks for every attractive female she could find – and even the occasional male. For hours, she listened, flirted a bit, and let people buy her drinks as well. And for hours, all she got out of it was a good alcohol buzz. Finally, as night took a sold hold over the town, Michelle found herself alone at the bar, save for one other person, an attractive older woman in a rather fresh General’s uniform that she seemed a little too unused to.

“Got any Astemian wine?” The general asked the cute bartender.

“’fraid not – smugglers aren’t running into Port since the Pirate Attack. All we’ve got is local brew.”

The General sighed. “Fine, give me some. I need to be drunk.”

“Make it a double,” Michelle said, sliding over to sit next to the other woman.

“My thanks,” the general said.

“Michelle,” Rodriguez offered with a coy smile.

“Lena,” the other woman said. “General Lena Heady, Port Army.”

“Port has an army?”

“We do now,” Lena muttered.

“Sounds impressive,” Michelle said, trying not to snigger.

“Hardly,” Lena snorted before taking a long draw on her freshly served brew. “I was a ship’s captain before those damn Pirates ruined everything. Now I’m leading a bunch of sailors around on dry land, trying to teach them to march.”

“You poor thing,” Michelle said. “Sounds like you could use a break.” Michelle let her hand rest gently on Lena’s thigh. “Maybe I can keep you entertained for a while.”

Lena shot her an appraising look. “You’re cute, but I came here looking for a stiff drink, and a stiffer cock.”

Michelle smiled, and slid her hand a little further up Lena’s leg. “If you let me buy you another drink, I’ll tell you all about the very stiff cock I wear when I’m fucking gorgeous women like you.”

Lena gave her another look, then motioned towards the bartender. “All right, I’m curious enough. Tell me more.”

* * *

An hour later, Lena Heady’s naked body was writhing in pleasure as Michelle Rodriguez slammed her strap-on dildo into Lena’s sopping wet cunt. The General was building towards her third orgasm on the fake penis, and seemed insatiable for the hard, phallic intruder inside her pussy. Michelle didn’t mind, as she got off on making other women plead for more of her strap-on. Sadly, though, she had work to do that did not include fucking hot women.

“Oh fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” Lena jabbered as her orgasm returned, shredding her brain with hot slices of sexual pleasure. The General collapsed in a sweaty heap beneath Michelle, and this time, Michelle rolled off to lay down next to her, the strap-on almost comically standing straight up into the air.

“More,” Lena pleaded, grasping one of Michelle’s breats. “This is the best sex I’ve ever had. I must have more.”

“You’ll have to wait,” Michelle replied. “You’ve worn me out,” she lied.

Lena got a wolfish grin on her face as she sat up. “You don’t have to do anything,” the older woman said, straddling Michelle’s prone body. Carefully, Lena penetrated herself on the fake cock until she could engulf the entire thing with her pussy. With the lacquered wood firmly planted inside her, she started to raise and lower her body with her knees, fucking herself on Michelle’s dildo.

“Nice,” Michelle said, enjoying the sight of Lena’s impressive tits bobbing up and down as she moved. “I can see why they made you a general.”

“Oh!” Lena gasped. “No, they made me a general because we’re all out of ships. Nothing left for me to captain.”

“What?” Michelle asked as she grasped one of Lena’s bouncing boobs with a hand, playfully groping it as Lena continued to fuck herself. “Port has no ships left at all?”

“No, we have a few,” Lena said. “They’re just all away.”

“Mmm….” Michelle moaned, encouraging Lena to keep fucking. “Couldn’t you have one of those when they come back?”

“They all – FUCK – a-all have captains,” Lena groaned as pleasure began flooding through her body again.

“Have any come back at all?” Michelle asked, trying to sound casual. She needn’t have bothered – Lena’s brain was clouded with her impending orgasm, and she barely knew they were having a conversation.

“Only one – and the Queen foolishly sent it off to die.”

“What?” Michelle asked, honestly surprised.

“The Rusted Idol made port the day after the attack,” Lena explained between drawn breaths – she was really moving atop Michelle now. “The Queen sent it out to find her missing sister.”

“The Princess?” Michelle asked, tweaking a nipple.

“Mmmm…” Lena moaned. “Y-yeah, the Princess.”

“Where is she?”

“No clue – fuck yes – The Pirates took her when they attacked.”

“So the rest of the fleet is going to attack the pirates?” Michelle asked, surprised.

“No, J-just the – fuck me! – just the Idol. Oh, god, this feels soooooo good!”

Michelle rewarded the general with a thrust of her hips, driving more of the strap-on into Lena’s hungry pussy. The General moaned in pleasure, and increased the pace of her up and down movements.

“Does anyone think this ship will succeed?” Michelle asked, bending up a bit to place a kiss between Lena’s tits.

“They would – oh fuck – would have – fuck fuck! – would have to find the Pirate base. And – oh, god yes! – that – right there! Right there! – that’ll never happen.”

“You’re so sexy,” Michelle said, thrusting up into Lena one more time, causing the General to climax yet again.

Then Michelle knocked her out with one solid punch to the head.

* * *

Leaving town, Michelle stole a single horse and pushed it as hard as she could to reach the spot where she had come ashore. Abandoning the horse, she rowed out to where the Pirate ship Dirrrty Rapist sat at anchor, awaiting her return.

Michelle Rodriguez wasn’t a pirate. She was a mercenary, a fighter for hire who was exceptionally good at what she did. In her brief career, she’d fought in wards, performed assassinations, murdered innocents, and raped and pillaged with the best of them. She thrilled at the action, loved the excitement, and relished the sex she had during and after it all. It was the only life she’d ever wanted.

But Piracy was new to her, and she wasn’t taking to it. Being at sea all the time, trapped with the same people for ages, and very few opportunities to score fresh pussy was enough to drive Michelle crazy.

Still, for the moment, this Pirate was paying well, and money was the one thing Michelle desired most in the world – even more than fresh pussy.

The Dirrrty Rapist had recently suffered a small fire that had damaged part of it’s main deck. You could still smell burnt wood, which was saying something on a dirty old Pirate Carrack like this. Usually, the crew was grubby enough to out-stink anything. The most damaged parts had been replaced as best they could, as evidenced by the shiny new beam running down the center of the deck. It was flawless, save for a single knot hole that seemed to draw anyone wearing heeled shoes into it’s trap rather easily – and the Dirrrty Rapist’s captain thrived on wearing heels.

The crew, generally nervous around their Captain anyway, were on pins and needles. Christina “Xtina” Aguilera was considered the second most feared pirate on the seas, behind only the Pirate Queen herself. And if Xtina had her way, she’d be replacing the Pirate Queen at the first chance.

But it was Xtina that Michelle was working for, and as such, Michelle had to put up with her, at least until she got paid. So Michelle headed towards Xtina’s private quarters, dreading the news she was about to deliver.

The door to the Captain’s Quarters opened up on a scene that might have frightened most people. Michelle wasn’t most people, so when she saw little Xtina brutally raping the ass of a redhead woman tied to her bed, Michelle didn’t so much as bat an eyelash.

“You have news?” Xtina asked, mid-stroke into fucking Dina Meyer’s rear end.

“You won’t like it.”

“The ship isn’t in Port, then?”

“No – far from it.”

Xtina growled something unintelligible and savagely shoved her fake cock into Dina’s ass. The redheaded woman – once set to be governor of Isla Sorna under Xtina’s rule, before the Rusted Idol’s crew had ruined everything – screamed into the gag in her mouth. “Where is it, then?”

“Officially, it could be anywhere,” Michelle said. “But judging from what little we know of Captain Clarkson, she’s either fled as far from Port as she could go-”

“Captain Perfect-Ass doesn’t run – not when she thinks she can win,” Xtina said with a snarl. Michelle didn’t quite agree with that – all she’d seen Captain Clarkson do the whole time they were on Isla Sorna was run away, but she kept that thought to herself.

“In that case, there’s a very good chance that she’s sailed for Hammerhead Atoll.”

Xtina was legendary for her brutal rapes – men, women, children – it didn’t matter. Legend spoke of her raping a woman’s ass while conducting a fierce ship-to-ship battle with three Viking ships. She didn’t stop a rape until she was satisfied. Only the disastrous escape of Captain Clarkson and her crew had prevented her before.

So it was a shock to both Michelle and Dine Meyer when Xtina pulled her strap-on out of her victim, climbed off the bed, and stared daggers at Michelle Rodriguez.

“Explain,” she said, her voice ice cold.

“Their last orders from Port were to take their ship and attempt to rescue Princess Miley, who is at this moment a prisoner of the Pirate Queen.”

“Impossible,” Xtina said, pacing back and forth, the wet dildo swinging between her legs. “Port has been looking for Hammerhead Atoll for decades, and never found it!”

“Look at the facts,” Michelle insisted. “They take one of the few surviving Port ships to Isla Sorna, risk their crew and their ship, and flee with what?”

“With what?” Xtina asked.

“Mary-Louise Parker,” Michelle reminded her.

Xtina’s eyes flared in realization. “Does she know where Hammerhead Atoll is?”

“They could have grabbed any number of your Pirates at any time. Instead, they take the woman key to funding your efforts to overthrow Keira Knightley and become Pirate Queen yourself.”

Now Xtina’s eyes went wide in shock and horror. “She intends to trade the Parker woman for the Princess!”

“And bring Keira’s wrath down on you in the process,” Michelle said.

Xtina burst past Michelle, barging out onto the deck of the Dirrrty Rapist. It was a testament to her crew’s fear of her that none so much as blinked an eye at their captain’s nudity.

“Raise Anchor!” Xtina bellowed. “Set course for Hammerhead Atoll at once! Best Speed! If we aren’t there fast enough, you’ll all be on the oars and I’ll be flogging you all to death!”

“You can’t hope to catch Clarkson before she reaches Hammerhead Atoll,” Michelle said.

“No,” Xtina agreed as the ship flew into action around her. “But I expect the Pirate Queen to not trust her – and that lack of trust might just give me the time I need to get in there and kill them all.”

“The entire Port crew?” Michelle asked.

“Clarkson, her crew, the Pirate Queen, and anyone else who gets in my way. I’ve had enough of this shit. When I’m done, they’ll all be dead, and I’ll be the Pirate Queen, even if it means I’ve got to bathe Hammerhead Atoll in gallons of blood!”

With that, Xtina spun about and headed back to her private quarters to finish raping Dina Meyer.

* * *

“This is an unforeseen setback,” Marina Sirtis said as she lounged on a couch, eating grapes. “Are you certain she’s being held in the castle?”

“She must be,” Ellen Pompeo said. “She saved the guard woman, and was immediately rushed to the infirmary – where she’s gone from there is anyone’s guess. Not a word was said about her during the meeting, nor did her name come up in my… discussions with Captain Hayesworth. For all extensive purposes, Summer Glau has vanished.”

“She must be dead,” Johnathan Frakes muttered. “If the Royal Guard had her, they’d being crashing in around us as we speak.”

Marina frowned. “We may have to let these assassins kill the Queen after all.”

“You don’t have any more killers stash away?” Pompeo asked.

“Dozens,” Sirtis admitted. “But none I can get close to the Queen.”

“What do we do?”

“I’ll have my people start looking for our lost little Summer. While they search, you should continue to, *ahem*, ‘pump’ the commander for information.”

“I can do that,” Ellen said. “He’s an… agreeable companion.”

“Don’t get too attached,” Sirtis warned her. “His loyalty to the Queen won’t easily be swayed. Fuck him all you like, but when the Queen dies, he’ll need to be quick to follow.”

Ellen shrugged. “Men can be easily replaced.”

“Ouch,” Frakes muttered.

“Good,” Sirtis said, eyeing her long-time companion with a humorous look. “Now, let us find out lost little assassin before we run out of time.”

* * *

“She’s still under the effects of the sleeping draught. She had quite a bit, and she needed it. I wouldn’t expect her to awake until tomorrow morning,” Dr. Gates McFadden said, motioning towards the sleeping form of Summer Glau on the bed before trio of women looking at her.

“Make sure no one else knows she’s here,” Queen Natalie said. She’d come looking after the mystery woman upon getting a report from Robert Duncan McNeill. Summer was now housed in a private recovery room hidden next to the main infirmary, where McFadden could keep an eye on her without arising suspicions. Outside of the three women in the room, no one else knew Glau was here.

“Make sure no one else finds her here,” Queen Natalie said, dismissing the doctor.

“Of course, my Queen,” McFadden said, leaving.

“Your Highness, are you sure this is wise?”

“No,” Natalie answered the remaining woman in the room. “But if we are to defeat these hired killers seeking me – and you, Sergeant – then we will need every weapon at our disposal. If what Mr. McNeill has told me is true about this young woman, she may prove quite the weapon.”

“I understand, Highness,” Stana Katic said, now sitting next to the still unconscious Glau. “But what if I can’t turn her? She may still pose a threat to you.”

“According to the information Mr. McNeill has, she is more dangerous to my missing sister than me – and unless the fates deign to return my sister to me tomorrow, I’m certain those killers will make their final move before Miley can come back – if she does at all.”

Stana was silent for a moment, considering that. “Shouldn’t we tell Captain Hayesworth?” she finally asked.

“No, I think not.,” the Queen said. “I trust Michael with my life, but if Pompeo found out where this Summer girl is, she wouldn’t hesitate to move against us. Since Michael is now sleeping with the enemy, so to speak, it’s best if he doesn’t know yet. Not until you’ve at least made an effort to reason with the girl.”

“You mean seduce her,” Stana said.

“You’re uncomfortable with the assignment?” Natalie asked.

“Not so much that I won’t do my duty, Your Highness,” Stana said. “And, truth be told, my lover has more than once encouraged me to find relief here in Port while she’s at sea. I’m just not used to being openly encouraged to sleep with other women.”

Natalie smiled and put a reassuring hand on Stana’s shoulder. “I would not ask this of you if I didn’t think you capable. And if there’s anything you need, just ask it, and I’ll make sure it’s provided for you.”

“Thank you, your highness.”

Natalie smiled and turned to leave the room. Before she did, she hesitated at the doorway, looking back at Stana and the sleeping Summer. “When she awakes, take her to my private baths – clean her and yourself up. I’ll send my Ladies in Waiting to provide massages and pampering as needed. Your mission is vital, Sergeant. My very life may depend on it.”

“I won’t let you down, your highness,” Stana promised.

* * *

If Stana Katic had any fears that Summer Glau would not be interested in her sexually, they vanished almost immediately upon getting the girl into the Queen’s private baths. The first thing to go was Stana’s inhibitions – Summer was gorgeous, and naked she seemed to ooze a waif-like sexuality that made Stana want to cuddle up to the girl, wrap her arms around Summer, and gently finger fuck her for hours. At the same time, Summer’s eyes seemed to burn with unfulfilled lusts that made Stana want to lay back against the walls of the bath and let Summer do whatever dirty, naughty thing she wanted to do to her for however long Summer wanted to do it.

Stana stared as Summer seemed to float down the steps into the pool, then glided towards her. Summer clearly noticed her staring, and as blunt as she ever was, she called Stana on it.

“You’re staring at me – are you sexually attracted to me?” She said as she swam close to where Stana floated.

Stana blinked at Summer’s forwardness, but managed to keep from sputtering – or sinking below the waterline. “I, uh, I’d be lying if I said no,” Stana said, her mission foremost in her mind.

At least, that’s what she told herself as her mind flashed over licking Summer’s tits.

“I find you sexually attractive, too – we should have sex.”

“W-we should?” Stana said, surprised that this was so easy.

Summer seemed to pause mid-stroke, effortlessly floating mere inches away from the Royal Guard. “You don’t want to?”

“I want to!” Stana said quickly. “It’s just – this is a bit sudden.”

Summer looked confused. “I don’t understand.”

Stana‘s mind raced for a long moment, wondering how to answer. “Most women I’ve slept with took a bit more… romancing to get sex out of,” She settled on.

If anything, Summer looked even more confused. “I have never been romanced.”

“Never?” Stana asked, surprised. Then she remember what she’d been told of Summer’s history, and almost let slip that she knew the girl was a trained assassin. She managed to bite her tongue and keep the guilty look off her face by pushing off the wall to tread water a little closer to Summer.

“Never,” Summer confirmed.

“That’s a shame,” Stana said.

“Is it?” Summer asked as Stana came close enough for their naked breasts to touch.

“It is,” Stana said, taking the bold leap and kissing Summer on the lips.

From everything Stana knew about Summer Glau, she expected Summer to either attack her for being so bold as to kiss her, or actively begin fucking her right there. Instead, Summer almost jolted backwards at the kiss, a look of shock on her face that put Stana’s own to shame.

“You kissed me” Summer said, raising a hand to her lips, as if she didn’t quite believe it.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never kissed anyone before,” Stana said, her mind spinning. Had she just set off some sort of key that would send Summer into a murderous rage?

“Never like that,” Summer admitted. “Usually, I serve others sexually.”

Stana smiled. She had her way in. “Then let me serve you. Tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll do it. I promise I’ll make you feel wonderful.”

Summer seemed to hesitate, but Stana didn’t. She leaned in for another kiss, this time wrapping her arms around the other girl’s naked body. Summer returned the kiss, softly at first, but with a growing need as it drew out. Soon her hands came up and gripped Stana’s shoulders, holding her close as the two floated in the water. Within moments, Summer’s legs twisted between Stana’s, and started grinding against the older woman’s crotch.

For a moment, Stana just reveled in the sensation of being pleasured while floating in the water, her arms wrapped around a gorgeous young woman. But then she remembered she had a job to do. And while sleeping with Summer was part of Stana’s goal, she needed to make sure Summer fell for her, not the other way around.

Breaking the kiss, Stana pushed Summer back a bit in the water, placing a finger on the other girl’s lips.

“Oh no,” Stana said, taking Summer by the hand and leading her towards the edge of the pool. “Tonight’s all about you. Your pleasure, your orgasms.” Summer had a look of surprise and confusion on her face, but she didn’t resist as Stana lead her out of the water. There she laid Summer down on the cool tile, giving the other woman another soft, but seductive kiss, before working her way down the assassin’s delicious body.

Summer was small and lithe, with a dancer’s body – strong arms and legs on a tiny frame. Her perky tits were firm as Stana licked each nipple, and if there was an ounce of fat on Summer’s stomach, the royal guard couldn’t find it. It was the type of body that would drive almost every man in the world mad – and many women, too. As Stana lovingly kissed and caressed her way down to Summer’s crotch, she found it increasingly hard to believe this little sexual trollop could be a cold blooded killer.

Then Stana reached Summer’s pussy. With a whisper of a breath, she leaned down, and gently placed a tongue on the steaming wet lips. Summer’s entire body seemed to convulse for a second. Stana worried for a brief second that the girl had never had anyone perform oral on her before. But that worry vanished – and was replaced by a few others – when Summer’s surprisingly strong hands shot out, grabbing hold of Stana’s head, and pushing the other woman’s face into her crotch.

“Lick me,” Summer groaned. “Please!”

Stana had her. She knew right then and there she’d accomplished what she’d set out to accomplish. Summer Glau was hers.

But that didn’t mean Stana wasn’t going to feast a bit on the other woman. After all, Summer’s body was almost literally built for sex. Stana couldn’t turn that down.

And so she began to lick.

And Summer began to swoon.

Stana used every trick she knew to get Summer off. She slowly ran her tongue around the outside of Summer’s lips, then dove deep into her snatch. She flicked the tip of her tongue over Summer’s clit rapidly, making the other girl cry out in pleasure, and she slid a single finger deep into Summer’s pussy, making her moan.

Stana fingered Summer for several long moments, coating her hand with Summer’s juices, making the smaller girl squirm in pleasure Stana wasn’t sure she’d ever quite felt before. Had those who’d trained her ever fingered Summer, or had they merely taught her how to do the job herself. Had they ever really given her an orgasm without making her work for it? Had anyone ever even thought to show this girl any kindness?

“You’re wonderful,” Stana said quietly, looking into Summer’s eyes. “You’re a wonderful person, and I want you to know that.”

“I’m just a masseuse,” Summer said, a tear in the corner of one of her eyes.

“You’re a trained killer,” Stana said, gently kissing Summer’s lips. She felt the other girl tense for a moment, but Stana ran her thumb over Summer’s clit, calming the girl. “We know, and we don’t care,” Stana added. “You’re free now.”


“You don’t have to do what you were told to do. You don’t have to kill anyone.”

Summer looked confused, so Stana kissed her again, pressing their nude bodies together as she did so. The feeling of Summer’s taunt, wet skin beneath her own was electrifying for the Royal Guard, but she knew she had to concentrate of Summer. Make her feel welcome. Make her feel loved.

Suddenly, Summer went stiff, her mouth dropping open, her eyes rolling back a bit. Stana smiled. “Did you just come?” She asked.

“N-not quite,” Summer said. “I’m not supposed to cum until my task is complete.”

“Your task now is to cum,” Stana said. “Can you cum for me, Summer? Will you let yourself go for me?”

“F-for you?”

“I want to see you cum,” Stana whispered. “Let go and enjoy this, Summer.”

The tear at the corner of Summer’s eye rolled down the side of her head, into her brown hair, and for half a moment, Stana worried she’d pushed the girl too far. But then Summer opened her eyes again and looked right at Stana.

“Grind me,” Summer whispered.

“What?” Stana asked, not sure she heard the smaller girl.

“Grind me, please,” Summer said. As she spoke, she spread her legs some. Stana looked down to where her hand was soaking in Summer’s juices. Summer reached down and gently pulled Stana’s hand out of her crotch. Looking back to Summer’s face, Stana saw the younger girl pleading with her eyes.

Smiling gently, Stana moved her body until her legs were entwined with Summers, one of Stana’s calves pressed against Summer’s scalding hot pussy. With a bit of a push, Stana began to grind her calve into Summer’s crotch, making the former assassin squirm in delight.

“Oh!” Summer gasp as Stana ground down into her. “Oh. Oh. Oh, OH, OH!”

“Let go, Summer,” Stana said, her voice a husky whisper. “Let go. Cum for me!”

Summer’s eyes were screwed shut as Stana ground down on her, practically mashing their clits together. Stana found herself wishing for some toys to play with, but this would have to do. Maybe later. There’d be other chances. She could tell that from the way Summer was melting under her. The deadly assassin had just been turned, all by someone focusing on her sexual pleasure for once.

“I’m so close!” Summer hissed loudly. Stana leaned forward and kissed the other girl passionately on the lips. That finally did it. With a deep breath sucked in, Summer Glau hit her climax, her dancer’s body shuddering as pleasure overloaded all her nerves. Her eyeballs seemed to go wide and lose focus, and her mouth fell open in a silent scream. Stana could feel her leg get soaked from where she was grinding against the other girl, and couldn’t help but smile.

When Summer started breathing again, Stana rolled off of her and lay down next to the younger girl. She couldn’t help but think back to the times she and Carrie Underwood had made love like this – hot, passionate sex that left them exhausted and spent. It’d been a long time since Stana had been able to have that kind of sex with Carrie, what with her being away at sea most of the time. And now she might not come back at all…

“That was… nice,” Summer said, as if unable to come up with any other words.

“I can make you feel that nice any time you want, Summer,” Stana said, gently playing with one of Summer’s nipples. “You just have to ask.”

Summer lay there quietly for a long moment before answering. “I will ask again,” she admitted quietly.

“Good,” Stana said, kissing Summer again. And so, she began the process of turning this deadly little assassin.

* * *

The Rusted Idol looked a little worse for wear when she crested the horizon and approached the Pirate Stronghold known as Hammerhead Atoll. There were a few patches in her sails, and a chunk of the starboard rail was missing near the foredeck. Closer inspection would’ve shown that the patches were sewn over perfectly good sails, and the broken railing had been carefully removed in such a way that it could be repaired quickly. Still, no one just glancing at the ship would see anything other than a run-down old frigate with battle damage.

These little facts were missed by the first pirate sentry to spot the ship. He merely raised the alarm. That alarm traveled through the expanded fort, until it reached the senior Pirate Captain who happened to be about at the time, and not in their private chambers. In this case, that was Captain Megan Fox, who was overseeing the loading of her new ship, the Lusty Fox.

“This had better be good,” she snarled as she left her ship to hear the report.

“Port frigate, Captain Fox,” the Pirate said before she got so much as halfway down to gangplank. “Heading right for us.”

“Port?” She asked, surprised. “Are you certain?”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Man the cannons, then. When she’s in range, blow her from the water.”

“But Captain, she’s flying Flag Code.”

Fox blinked at that. Flag Code was how ships quickly got information to one another when too far away to shout from deck to deck. So time honor was it, even most Viking ships used it. “What are they saying?” Fox asked.

“They want to talk – under Flag of Truce.”

“Flag of Truce? Are they mad?”

“Should I alert the Queen?”

“No,” Fox said. “I’ll tell her – still, put the men on the cannons, but hold fire until you hear from either her or me.”

“Yes, Captain.” The Pirate said, racing off. Megan frowned once, then quickly moved to Queen Keira’s private chambers. It took several minutes to reach it, even at the fast pace Megan was walking. Every second counted now, as the Port ship was drawing closer.

Megan didn’t bother knocking, and it nearly cost her her life, as a dagger flew past her head and slammed into the door as she opened it.

“I said I didn’t want to be disturbed!” Keira Knightly, self-proclaimed Pirate Queen, snarled. She had good reason – she was stark naked, her remarkably elegant body on complete display as a young woman – little more than a girl, really – serviced Keira’s clit with her tongue. The young woman herself was naked, though her hands were tied behind her back with silk ribbons. Megan felt herself grow wet at the sight, but controlled her own lusts quickly – it wouldn’t do to get between the Pirate Queen and her captive Princess.

“Port Frigate approaching,” Megan said, ignoring the deadly look Keira was shooting her. “Flying under a Flag of Truce.”

“Flag of Truce?” Keira asked. “Are they mad?”

“That’s what I asked,” Megan said, shrugging.

“Help me dress,” Keira said, untying the hands of the young Princess Miley. “This I have to see for myself.”

* * *

The Ribbons were back on the young Princess’ arms when she and Keira arrived at the closest wall to the approaching ship, though both woen were now fully clothed. Captain Fox stood next to them as they peered out at their visitors.

“It’s a Port Frigate all right,” Fox said.

“Seen some action lately, too,” Keira replied. “Could it have survived our attack?”

“And what, followed us here?” Fox asked. “Doubt it. Must have been one of the few ships that were away at the time – always a few out on assignment during Fleet Week.”

Keira gave the ship a good once-over with her spyglass. Sure enough, the ship was flying flags of Truce right out front, where the Pirates were sue to see them. Beyond that, the cannon holes were all blocked and while they could be opened easily, it was generally considered a sign of peaceful intent when approaching a potential enemy to have your guns sealed away. But, perhaps most importantly, the Port Flag, while still on display atop the ship, was flying upside down.

“This has to be a trick,” Fox said. “They want their Princess back.”

Keira glanced back where the still bound Princess Miley stood silently. “And sent only one ship to get her?” the Pirate Queen asked. “No, this is something else.”

“But what?”

Keira shrugged. “Only one way to find out.” She turned around to face the assembled pirates awaiting her orders below. “Let the ship dock! Put men on every cannon on the Impervious and the Lust Fox, but keep them out of sight – if this ship tries anything funny, we’ll blow it out of the water!”

* * *

The Rusted Idol slid in between the two larger pirate ships and came to a rest almost dead center in the middle of Hammerhead Atoll. Captain Kelly Clarkson glanced over at the Impervious, acutely aware that the ship had been stolen in the same deadly attack that had crippled the rest of the Port Fleet not that long ago. The gun ports on the Impervious were closed, but Kelly was certain that there were Pirates behind every cannon, and that if the Pirate Queen so much as sneezed, the Rusted Idol would be blown apart before Kelly could do much more than say “Bless You.”

Still, this was farther than she’d thought they’d get with this crazy plan. If Lambert were here, she’d be rubbing that fact in his face. He was certain they’d never get past the outside cannons.

“Go get our guest and bring her up,” Kelly said to Katharine McPhee and Kellie Pickler.

“Aye, Captain,” Kat said, and the two vanished below decks, leaving Kelly alone above. Again, the Captain found herself wishing Lambert were here. She’d feel more comfortable if someone else was up here, no doubt in the crosshairs of a dozen pirate rifles and cannons.

A large boarding ramp extended out to cross between the fortress and the Idol, landing with a thud on the deck. No one came out to greet her, so Kelly guessed they wanted her to cross over. With a deep breath, she hefted the blunderbuss she’d borrowed from the ship’s meager armory, and started across the ramp towards the waiting pirates. It occurred to her that they could yank it out from under her at any moment, sending her plummeting into the shark-infested waters below. It would be a rather embarrassing – and painful – way to die, but every step she took got her closer than even she thought she’d get.

She made it about halfway across before she was stopped.

“That’s far enough – who are you, and why are you here?” A strong female voice called out.

“I’m Captain Kelly Clarkson, Commanding Officer of the former Port Frigate Rusted Idol. I’m here to talk terms with the Pirate Queen.”

Suddenly, the Piurate Queen herself stepped out onto the far side of the ramp, her hands blatantly upon the twin pistols she wore on her hips.

“Well, Captain Kelly Clarkson, Commanding Officer of the Former Port Frigate Rusted Idol, it would appear you’ve found me,” Keira called out in the same strong voice. “What terms are you here to discuss? Certainly not the return of your Princess and your Flagship.” There was a ripple of laughter behind Knightley as she added that last bit.

“Keep them!” Kelly called out over the noise. “The affairs of Port and it’s Royalty are no longer those of my crew and I.”

A look of surprise, quickly followed by mistrust, flashed over Keira’s face. “What, then, brings you here – a place no Port ship has ever found before?”

“As far as I’m concerned, no Port ships have found it yet,” Kelly remarked. “Me and my remaining crew are looking for employment.”

If the Pirate Queen had been surprised by Kelly’s earlier statement, she was down-right shocked now. More noise bubbled up behind her, but this time it wasn’t laughter. Clearly, none of the Pirates expected this.

“Employment?” Keira asked carefully. “You want to be a pirate?”

“I offer the services of myself, what’s left of my crew, and, of course, my ship,” Kelly said, gesturing back towards the Idol with her free hand – the Blunderbuss rested on one hip at the moment, her finger near it’s trigger.

Keira clearly didn’t trust her yet. “What do you mean what’s left of your crew?”

“We had a minor mutiny when I told my crew our new plans. I had to… remove certain crew members.”

“Ah,” Keira said, eying Kelly cautiously. “I’m afraid I have no open positions for new pirates. However, we’ll happily take your ship off your hands.”

“And take your hands off!” a voice called from the crowd of pirates gathered. Even Keira chuckled at that.

“Actually,” Kelly said, “I’ve heard that you may well be looking for at least one more pirate crew – if not now, then soon.”

A look of confusion shot over Keira’s beautiful face. “What information?” the Queen asked, suspicious.

“I happen to have first-hand knowledge that one of your underlings is planning a coup, of sorts, and has been setting plans in motion to make herself Pirate Queen.”

That shut everyone up. If regular kings and queens had to worry about usurpers and coups, the Pirate Queen had to worry about them even more – after all, her minions were pirates. Treachery was in their very nature.

“You have proof?” Keira asked, her voice suddenly icy cold.

Kelly snapped her fingers, and Katharine McPhee and Kellie Pickler returned to the deck of the Idol, holding Mary-Louise Parker between them. She was no longer naked, though she only wore one of Commander Lambert’s discarded shirts, her bare legs sticking out tantalizingly beneath it’s frayed edges.

“You bring me a pleasure slave?” Keira asked, looking Parker over from a distance. “I think I’d rather have your two buxom crewers – or you yourself, Captain.”

“Miss Parker here is no pleasure slave, though she has been used as one by one of your Pirate captains. No, she has direct, detailed information on the plot against you, as she was an intimate member of the cabal against you.”

“Indeed?” Keira asked.

“And if you’ll accept me and my crew, she’s all yours.”

“WHAT?!” Parker cried out. “That wasn’t the deal! I was to go free!”

“Silence her,” Kelly snapped. Katherine quickly forced a gag between Mary’s protesting lips. Kelly turned back towards Keira.

“What say you, oh Mighty Pirate Queen? Have we an accord?”

The Queen thought for a long moment, before signaling behind her. “We should discuss this further, Captain Clarkson.”

* * *

“You can’t honestly trust her,” Megan Fox said as the Pirate Queen and her retinue watched Captain Clarkson and her two crew members escort Mary-Louise Parker across the boarding ramp.

“Not in the least,” Keira replied quietly. “But she has information I need, so we’ll play her game for now.”

“So what do we do?” Fox asked.

“We have dinner – best food possible. And try and separate her two busty crewmembers from Clarkson herself. They don’t look like much, but looks can be deceiving. I want Clarkson cut off from them.”

“Kill them?”

“No, not yet. They could be used to entertain the crews – and Clarkson may insist on seeing them later.”

“And if they step out of line?”

“Then by all means, kill them. We can find other ways to entertain the crews.”

“And Clarkson herself?”

Keira glanced over at the curvy young Port captain, and found herself licking her lips. “Leave her to me.”

* * *

“This is quite the meal,” Kelly Clarkson said as she sat down next to the Pirate Queen, both women admiring the vast array of foods set out along the lengthy table. From roast pheasant to baked salmon, fresh fruits and vegetables of every type, delicious smelling breads, and a full roasted pig that served as the centerpiece to the entire affair – Kelly hadn’t seen a meal this impressive since she’d been part of the diplomatic mission to Astemia, five years ago.

“We so rarely have guests her to entertain at Hammerhead Atoll,” Keira said airily as she swept past Kelly to sit at the head of the table. “When we do, we like to go all out.”

Kelly didn’t want to think about what other guests might have come visiting a secret pirate stronghold in the past. “Wouldn’t have guessed Pirates would know how to throw a feast like this,” she said calmly as she sat down next to the Pirate Queen.

“You forget – we may be Pirates, but I am the Pirate Queen – and I know how to be a Queen just as well as I know how to be a Pirate.”

“Both of which you do supremely well,” Kelly said, toasting the Queen with her goblet.

“Flattery will get you into my bed, Captain, but it won’t get you into my employ. That takes a bit more.”

Kelly was silent for a moment before answering. “I shall have to remember to flatter you more when I want to get into your bed, then,” she said, casually, almost as an aside to no one in particular.

The room went deadly silent for a long moment, as if expecting the two women to come to blows right there at the table. No one had ever even remotely tried to hit on the Pirate Queen in the middle of a banquet.

And then Keira laughed aloud, starting with a quiet giggle that grew in power until it reached crescendo with a horrendous belly-laugh.

The rest of the room just stared at her, several eyes wide with shock. Then Captain Clarkson began to laugh as well, followed quickly by Captain Fox, who shot a nasty look at the rest of the pirates, who all quickly joined in, whether they found it humorous or not,

“You have guts, Captain, I’ll grant you that,” Keira said a moment later, when she’d calmed down. “And while I’m tempted to let you flatter your way into my bed, we have more pressing business.”

“Of course,” Kelly said. “You want to know what information I have to offer you about your wayward Pirate Captain.”

“Among other things, yes.”

“Then you can understand my reluctance to tell you everything at once. After all, if my willingness to pledge my ship and crew to you isn’t enough to convince you, and I can’t charm my way into your good graces, then that information is my only bargaining chip.”

“What of the woman you brought? Where is she?” Keira asked, looking over at Megan Fox.

“The brig – Captain Clarkson’s two crewers are with her, though they aren’t behind bars.” Fox shot a smile over towards Kelly. “They refuse to leave her alone, however.”

“I told them not to,” Kelly said. “She’s part of my bargaining chip, after all.”

Keira opened her hands on the table. “Can we deal in a tidbit, then? A name? A time?”

“Names I suspect you can guess yourself,” Kelly replied. “And exact times are impossible to know – the plan was, as I understand it, only in the early stages.”

“The perfect time to stop a coup,” Keira said, her voice dripping with vengeance.

“True – though I’m afraid the actions of my crew and I have quite possibly altered the whole plan.”

“How so?” Keira asked, taking a sip of wine.

Kelly paused to consider, chewing on some bread as she did so. “Let’s just say that some of my crew managed to… cause some havoc while acquiring this information I’m offering you.”

“I see,” the Pirate Queen said quietly.

“I hope so,” Kelly said. “This is all really delicious – I may need larger pants after this meal.”

“I doubt that,” Keira said. “Try the beer – it’s got a hint of raspberry to it.”

“Really?” Kelly asked, surprised. “Trying to get me drunk, your Highness – now who‘s trying to get into who‘s bed?”

This time, the roar of laughter came from the crowd unbidden, which the Queen joined in quickly. Kelly hid a smile behind her goblet.

* * *

“Why do Pirates need a prison anyway?” Kellie Pickler asked as she leaned against a wall opposite one of the many cells in the bottom of the old fort that was the heart of Hammerhead Atoll. “I thought you guys just made people walk the plank.”

“Came with the place, Blondie,” Sara Ramirez replied as she eyed the two Port sailors with a weary eye. “But we find uses for it.”

“None of those uses include pants, huh?” Mary-Louise Parker muttered. As the one stuck in the cell, the former botanist was sitting on an old stone bench, her shirt no longer long enough to cover her modesty, leaving her to hold her hands before her crotch while she waited for her summons. If possible, she looked more dejected than she had back aboard the Idol.

“If the Queen likes you, she’ll get you some pants,” Brenda Song offered helpfully from where she stood next to Ramirez.

“Or she’ll just kill you,” Sara added.

“Gotta love pirates,” Katharine McPhee muttered from where she stood by the door, twirling a strand of her long, dark hair around one finger.

“I thought you two wanted to be pirates,” Sara said suspiciously.

“Yeah, so did I,” Pickler said, shooting Kat a confused look.

“Well, it beats being dead, doesn’t it?” McPhee answered, giving Pickler a warning look.

“That it does,” Sara said, still eyeing the port sailors cautiously.

* * *

“You said something earlier about some trouble with your crew,” Megan Fox said as another round of drinks was delivered to the diners.

Kelly Clarkson had just finished her third goblet of the raspberry beer, and was clearly looking forward to a fourth or fifth. “I’m sorry?” she asked.

“Trouble with your crew?” Megan asked again, the Pirate Queen looking on expectantly.

“Ah, yes, a little mutiny, is all.”

“Mutiny?” Keira said. “That seems to be the theme for the evening.”

“Yes, I suppose it is,” Kelly remarked, taking another large sip of her beer.

“Perhaps you’d like to enlighten us with the tale of your mutiny, since you can’t give us details on our own impending treachery,” Megan prodded.

“Oh, there’s not much to tell,” Kelly said, dismissively. “My first officer, Jason, didn’t take kindly to the idea of becoming Pirates. He suborned some crew members, tried to stop me from coming out to see you. There was a fight, and the crew loyal to me won.”

“What happened to your first officer?” Keira asked.

“He walked the plank,” Kelly said quietly.

“You sound upset by that,” Keira offered.

“He was the best first officer I ever had,” Kelly said, taking another long rulp of beer. “He was smart, quick thinking, a good fighter…” she trailed off, as if lost in thought.

“Sounds like you liked him,” Keira said.

“Hell, sounds like you wanted to fuck his brains out,” Megan said with a laugh.

“I never slept with him,” Kelly said, suddenly angry.

The table went quiet again, and stayed that way for a long moment. Then the Pirate Queen spoke again.

“How did you learn of Hammerhead Atoll?” she asked.

Kelly blinked and looked confused for a second. She had to lay off the beer, or she’d be in trouble. “Why – was it supposed to be a secret?” she asked playfully.

That remark didn’t earn her any laughs.

“If you must know,” she said a moment later, when it was clear everyone was waiting on an answer, “We rain into a pirate on Isla Sorna who was more than happy to trade the location of your base for passage away from the place.”

“We were sold out by a random Pirate?” Fox asked, incredulous.

Kelly gave her an unsympathetic look. “Well, he WAS a Pirate – it’s a wonder this place wasn’t sold out for a hand job and a round of ale years ago.”

The Pirate Queen snorted at that. “What happened to this Pirate?”

Kelly smiled. “Well, he wanted to get away from Isla Sorna, so we took him away – but he never specified a place for us to drop him off. When he found out we were going straight here, he didn’t take it well. He joined my first officer in mutiny, and paid for it.”

“He is dead?” Keira asked,

“Well, he walked the plank in the middle of the ocean,” Kelly said. “I suppose there is a chance he’s still out there, swimming somewhere, but I doubt it. It was days ago now.”

“Then he got what he deserved,” Fox said with a smug smile.

“Oh, I suspect Mr. Fillion didn’t get anywhere near what he deserved,” Kelly said. She was about to say something more when the Queen cut her off.

“Fillion? Nathan Fillion?”

“Ah, yeah,” Kelly said. “That was his name.”

If the room had been quiet before, this time the silence was deadly.

“Nathan Fillion, dead,” Keira said, her voice a low growl.

“You knew him?” Kelly ventured.

“He stole something very important from me.”

“What?” Kelly asked.

The Queen ignored her, turning instead to Fox. “Send three ships – comb the waters between here and Isla Sorna. Find him.”

“I’ll head out myself,” Fox said, getting up.

“No!” Keira shouted. “I want you here. It can be no coincidence that Fillion has resurfaced, and others plot against me.”

“I’m clearly missing something here,” Kelly said, covering her confusion with another drink. “What did Fillion steal?”

“To put it bluntly, one of the keys to my success in attacking Port,” Keira said. “Captain Clarkson, the time for niceties has passed. Tell me everything you know about this coup. My time may be shorter than either of us thought.”

“We can join your pirates?” Kelly asked.

“Yes, of course – and we may need you soon,” Keira said.

“Better send for the prisoner, then,” Kelly said. The Pirate Queen motioned towards another of her pirates, who practically ran out of the room.

* * *

The Queen continued to give orders, sending Pirates scurrying about the place like worker bees. She ignored Clarkson completely, instead waiting for Megan Fox to return. When she did, the Queen quickly pulled the tattooed pirate aside.

“Go to my quarters and remove Princess Miley.”

Fox gave her a sly look. “Planning on taking Clarkson up on her offer of sharing a bed?”

“Yes, actually – you’d be surprised what you can get out of a woman with a little pillow talk. Still, I don’t want to tempt her with the Princess. If she thinks she stands a better chance of surviving by racing out of here and bringing Miley back to Port, she’ll make a run for it – probably at the worst time for us.”

“Then just kill her and be done with her,” Fox said. “We’ve got the Prisoner, and if someone’s launching a coup, we need to prepare.”

“If someone’s launching a coup, we’ll need all the help we can get – you forget how perilous my hold over the other Pirates is,” Keira snarled.

Fox shot a look over at Clarkson. “And you think some refugee from the Port Fleet will be more loyal?”

“No – she’s clearly up to something,” Keira said.

“So you’re going to sleep with her?” Fox said, incredulous.

“It may be the only way to learn what her real plan is.”

“I don’t know…” Megan said, still unsure.

“Just move the Princess and get back here quickly.”

“Fine. I’ll stash Miley in my quarters-”

“You most certainly will not,” Keira replied. “Lock her in the wine cellar – none of Clarkson’s people should go looking for her there.”

“Are you sure?” Fox asked, looking over at Clarkson. “Their Captain seems like a bit of a lush.” The two women glanced over at the Port Captain, in time to watch her reach for another pitcher of the raspberry beer.

“I’ll keep her busy. Have our people keep on eye on her crewers – and be ready for anything. I don’t trust Clarkson, but I don’t have time to play this out the long way.”

“But you have time to fuck her?” Fox asked.

“Have you seen the ass on that woman?” Keira asked with a wry smile. “That’s the kind of ass you MAKE time to fuck.”

* * *

Megan Fox had vanished and returned again by the time Katharine McPhee and Kellie Pickler lead the shackled Mary-Louise Parker into the dining hall. They were closely followed by Sara Ramirez and Brenda Song, both of whom were giving the two Port sailors wary looks.

“There, now that all the players are here, perhaps I can hear the full story of this little coup planned against me,” The Pirate Queen said.

“Sure,” Captain Clarkson said, a slight slur in her voice. “Captain Christina ‘Xtina’ Aguilera intends to build her own little Pirate fleet, and use it to destroy you, your highness. She was going to use Isla Sorna as her base of operations, and fund this little escapade with a drug concocted by Miss Parker here.”

The room was getting used to long, silent pauses – it had been a long meal with plenty of shocking news. Finally, Keira spoke again.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“No, it’s all the truth,” Parker said. She was still clad only in an old shirt, and looked like she’d been through six different kinds of hell, but her words were clear, and her eyes were bright as she spoke.

“Xtina was going to take over Isla Sorna?” the Queen asked.

“She pretty much has,” Kelly said. “We barely got out with our lives.”

“She’d take your asses before she took your lives,” Megan Fox scoffed.

“She DID take my ass,” Kelly said, coldly.

“Who could blame her?” Sara Ramirez whispered to Brenda Song, who nodded her agreement. When half the table turned to look at them, Sara realized the room was a little too quiet to be making side-comments like that.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

“You were a prisoner of Xtina’s?” Megan Fox asked, ignoring Ramirez. “How’d you escape that?”

“My first officer rescued me,”

“The same one you made walk the plank? Damn,” Fox muttered.

“Xtina doesn’t have enough crew to sail her ship AND hold Isla Sorna,” Keira said.

“She’s working with a former Caradnor official, named Dina Meyer, and the Viking Horsa Vandervoort,” Parker offered helpfully.

“Horsa Vandervoort?” Keira asked, a strange look crossing her face.

“Yes – he’s a representative of Rurik Hengest.”

“I know Vandervoort – Or rather, his sister. Laura Vandervoort was the crowned princess of the Vikings,” Keira said. “Until I stole her away two years ago, that is.”

“And Horsa knows this?” Kelly guessed.

“If he didn’t before, I’m sure Xtina told him,” Keira sighed. “I’m surprised the Vikings haven’t raided Hammerhead Atoll already. If Xtina has Horsa wrapped around her twisted little finger, then she’s got more than enough men to threaten me.”

“I would’ve thought Rurik would’ve kept a tighter leash on his men,” Fox said.

“He is,” Parker said. “Officially, Horsa’s orders are to take Isla Sorna, and then invade inland – creating a colony of sorts away from traditional Viking lands.”

“What for?” Kelly asked. “Is Hengest launching a new war?”

“Not exactly – at least, from what I’ve heard,” Parker said. “The Vikings believe that some dark force will soon come to their lands – powerful and unstoppable. Horsa sought to take Isla Sorna himself, but somehow Xtina ran into his fleet first, and was able to convince him to work with her first. Meyer was to be the Governor of the Island – or maybe even the Island Queen, while Xtina made her move on you, your Highness.”

“Of course,” Keira muttered.

“Horsa would then use Isla Sorna as a staging ground to seize the lands he needed, possibly in Harvest or even Port.”

McPhee and Pickler traded alarmed looks at that – none of the Rusted Idol crew had heard this news yet. The Pirate Queen eyed Kelly sharply for a long moment, but it was clear from the look on Clarkson’s face that while this was news to her, she didn’t much care. Possibly because she was just a bit too drunk.

“And you would fund all this how?” Knightley asked, turning back to the Parker woman.

“With Thesh – it’s a new plant I developed through cross-breeding. It’s a highly addictive drug that Xtina and Meyer were going to smuggle out to the rest of Celebria. It would make them a fortune. Unfortunately, for them, I’m the only one who can grow it.”

“And now I have you,” Keira said. “Does Xtina know?”

“She knows my crew took Parker,” Clarkson said. “But not where we were headed.”

“You say this all occurred on Isla Sorna – the same place you found Fillion. Was he working for Xtina?”

Kelly frowned, still unsure why Fillion worried the Pirate Queen so much. “He seemed to be hiding from them, though it never occurred me to ask him why – or how he even got to the island.”

“Oh, I know how he got there,” Keira growled.

“He wasn’t part of the Coup plans, as far as I know,” Parker offered.

“That doesn’t reassure me at all,” Keira said flatly.

“I don’t get it,” Kelly said. “Why’s he so important?”

“He stole something from me – something that in Xtina’s hands, could make her efforts to replace me not only viable, but almost a sure thing.”

“What?” Mary-Louise asked.

Keira reached into the bodice of her outfit, and withdrew a tiny vial on a chain. Inside the tiny bottle appeared to be nothing more than just a few drops of water.

“What know ye of magic, Captain Clarkson?” Keira asked, her voice thick with foreboding.

Kelly blinked a couple of times, as if to clear her head. “I’ve sailed from one side of Celebria to the other, and back again. I’ve seen a lot of strange things. I’ve even been to the Island of Sapphos and had my fortune told by the Oracles there. I can’t say I believe in magic, per se, but I can’t count it out, either.”

“Magic exists, Captain – and once upon a time, it practically ruled Celebria. And, what’s more, it shall soon make a comeback,” Keira said, eying the vial. “This vial contains proof of that. This is no ordinary water. In here are the tears of a Water Nymph.”

“A what?” Mary-Louise asked.

“A Water Nymph. A Sprite, an Olf, whatever you want to call it. A Magical creature that can control water in all it’s forms.”

“Preposterous,” Parker scoffed.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Keira said. “When applied to the hull of a ship – any ship – the Tears of a Water Nymph allow that ship to pass quickly through any water, no matter the size of the ship, the speed of the wind, or any other outer force. A dew drops to the keel, and a ship the size of the Impervious can move faster than your Frigate, Captain Clarkson. A whole bottle of the stuff, and I could sail a dingy through the roughest hurricane without so much as losing my hat in the wind.

“It’s magic, of the most important kind – the kind that requires no special skills or knowledge to use. The kind of magic mere mortals may not only use, but thrive on.”

“Magic water,” Kelly replied, almost giggling.

“Magic water that can turn a ship into something more like a fish than man-made wood and steel.”

“And Fillion stole some?” Parker asked.

“A whole bottle of it – almost my entire supply.”

“The flask!” Kelly said, snapping her fingers. “The flask he wouldn’t drink out of!”

“He still has it?” Keira asked, a dark flash running over her face.

“I think so – I never thought about it,” Kelly admitted. “But it was a metal flash – surely it sank when he walked the plank.”

“No, magic water doesn’t sink, no matter what it’s held in. So long as it doesn’t mix with the ocean itself, it will always float back to the surface.”

“We’ll find it, then,” Fox said. “It may take time, but our searchers will find it.”

“Yeah,” Kelly said. “It’s got to be out there, somewhere.”

* * *

Darkness had fallen over Hammerhead Atoll, though the moon was nearly full, casting light down into the waters around the remaining pirate ships, and the Rusted Idol. Anyone awake aboard any of the ships, or in the Pirate Base itself, could look down into the waters below and see the large number of Hammerhead sharks that gave the Atoll it’s name slowly swimming about, as if casually waiting for food to fall into the waters for them.

Commander Jason Lambert suspected that sometimes it did – in the form of Pirates made to walk the plank.

“We had this all planned out,” Carrie Underwood muttered as she stood next to Lambert on the aft deck of the Idol. “Hide away in the storage departments while the Captain distracts the Pirates, then sneak in, find the Princess, and sneak back out. It was simple, perhaps a bit naïve, but it was a plan. So how did we overlook this problem?”

“Lack of forward planning?” Nathan Fillion offered around a mouthful of biscuit he’d lifted from one of the storage crates in the Idol’s hold.

“If someone had mentioned how the Pirates go off their ships in the first place, maybe we wouldn’t be stuck on the ship,” Jordin Sparks snapped.

“If it weren’t for the sharks, we could swim across,” Demi Lovato remarked.

“That’s a lot of sharks,” Debby Ryan said, her eyes going wide as she, Demi, and Selena Gomez all looked over the side of the ship.

“We could try walking across the backs of the sharks – there’s almost enough of them to make it across.”

“We’ll swing across,” Lambert said. “We’ll have to use their bridge to get back, but we’d have to do that anyway.”

“Why not send one person over to push the boarding ramp across for the rest of us?” Fillion asked.

“Sure,” Lambert said. “Only problem there is that only one of us knows where the boarding ramp is.” The First Officer gave Fillion a wry look.

“Me?” Fillion asked, surprised.

“Get swinging,” Lambert said.

“On second thought-” Fillion said, backing away from the others. He didn’t get far.

“Too late,” Sparks said, handing him a rope tied to the farthest edge of the Idol’s tallest mast. “Thanks for volunteering.”

“I really think I should stay with the ship,” Fillion protested. “I mean, the Pirate Queen already wants me dead. It’d be foolish for any of you to be caught with me.”

“We’re sneaking into a Pirate base to rescue a kidnapped princess that may not even be here,” Lambert pointed out. “Clearly, we’re all pretty foolish already.”

“Tell me about it,” Selena muttered.

Lambert slapped the rope into Fillion’s hands. “Go get that boarding ramp – the sooner we get over there, the sooner we can all go home.”

“Assuming we make it back at all,” Underwood whispered as Fillion reluctantly climbed up onto the railing.

* * *

“Where did you get these Water Nymph Tears, anyway?” Kelly Clarkson asked as she and Queen Keira toured the upper reaches of the Pirate base. Dinner was officially over, and the pirates were either racing about, following Keira’s orders, or getting some much needed rest. Keira seemed certain that even though the Idol’s crew had disrupted Xtina’s plans on Isla Sorna, Aguilera would move against Hammerhead Atoll, and soon. Still, Kelly felt that Keira was trying to keep her away from the Idol and her crew – and away from Princess Miley, wherever she was – but Kelly wasn’t complaining. The cool night air was helping her clear her rather drunk head, and the more she knew of the mish-mashed pirate base’s layout, the better.

“It was part of a deal I struck with some… interesting new partners,” Keira said, looking out at the ocean, lit by moonlight. “A deal that lead to the destruction of the Port Fleet,” she added, casually.

“Indeed,” Kelly said, noncommittally. “Who are these new partners?”

Keira frowned. “That’s a good question. One I can’t completely answer.”

“Don’t trust me yet?” Kelly asked slyly as they turned to look at the ships remaining inside the Atoll, the Idol, the Impervious, The Lusty Fox, and another pirate carrack Kelly hadn’t learned the name of yet.

“No, I don’t,” Keira admitted. “But that’s not why I can’t tell you. I only worked through an intermediary. The woman who arranged everything was working for someone else. And if the person that intermediary was working for could get her to do their bidding, I never want to meet them.”

“That sounds… ominous,” Kelly admitted.

Keira sighed. “I’ve sailed the seven seas, fought some deadly battles, and conquered some truly frightening enemies – and none of them have ever made me as afraid as this glorified messenger does.”

The Pirate Queen turned and leaned back against the railing. For one brief moment, Kelly was tempted to push her over, ending her threat once and for all. But even as she thought about it, she knew killing Keira now, before they’d found Princess Miley, would only lead to the other pirates killing the Princess – and the Idol crew – out of spite.

Instead, she let the Pirate Queen lean back, looking up into the night sky with a worried look upon her face.

And as Kelly looked on, some fool with a death wish swung out from the Rusted Idol, flying across to the walls below Clarkson and Knightley. Kelly felt her heart stop and her eyes go wide. The whole plan was going to fall apart before it even started! If Keira saw Kelly’s crew crossing over to the base-

“I swear,” The Pirate Queen grumbled as she started to turn around to face the ships below. “Dark times are coming for us all.”

Kelly only had two options, one of them being killing Keira outright and hoping like hell they could save Miley in the confusion. Knowing that would never work, Kelly took her only other choice.

She reached up, taking Keira’s face in her hands before the Queen could face the ships below, and kissed her has hard and passionately as she could.

For a brief moment, the Pirate Queen tensed, then seemed to melt into the kiss. Her arms came up to wrap around Kelly’s back, pulling the other woman closer to her. Keira returned the kiss full force, and for a moment, Kelly forgot she was kissing one of the most lethal women in the world.

When the kiss finally broke, Keira looked at her in surprise.

“What was that for?”

“You said dark times are coming,” Kelly said, thinking fast. “I thought we should seek out what pleasures we could before we run out of time.”

The Pirate Queen gave Kelly an odd look, then laughed. “That’s practically the Pirate motto.”

“Then you think I’d make a good Pirate after all?”

“Oh, hell no,” Keira said. “I don’t trust you further than I can throw you.”

“Awww, and here I was thinking we were getting along swimmingly.”

“Oh, we can get along without trusting each other.”

“You don’t think I trust you?” Kelly asked.

“If you do, you’re a fool.”

“Good thing I don’t trust you, then.”

“Yes,” Keira admitted. “I don’t generally invite fools back to my bed chambers.”

“And here I was, thinking I’d have to flatter you some more to get that invite.”

“Normally, yes. But our time is short, and I really want to fuck that sweet, sweet ass of yours.”

This time, Keira reached forward to kiss Kelly, and Kelly didn’t resist at all. She let Keira slip her tongue past her lips, and tangled her own about it for a long moment. It’d been such a long time since Kelly had totally given herself over to lust, and there was no denying how attractive Keira was.

Suddenly, the Queen broke the kiss, took Kelly by the hand, and lead her back towards the stairwell that would lead back down into the base itself. Neither woman saw the boarding ramp swing out to the deck of the Rusted Idol, nor the 6 people rushing across it, into the base below.

* * *

“Bring the ramp back,” Lambert said as the last of the Idol crewers stepped off.

“Actually, I was thinking I’d take this chance to rush back and hide on the ship,” Fillion said, putting a foot up onto the ramp.

“Oh, no,” Lambert said, hauling the other man back. “We still need you to show us around – quietly.”

“But-” Fillion started to protest, but Lambert hushed him with a look.

“Which way to the prison level?” Sparks asked.

“This way,” Fillion muttered, leading the way into the interior of the haphazard fortress.

“You sure you can handle the prison with just these three?” Lambert asked Sparks, jerking a thumb back towards Ryan, Lovato, and Gomez. “I could send Carrie with you-”

“No, you might need her to help the Captain. Plus, Kat and Pickle should be down there by now, and if we can get her out, the Parker woman should want to escape, too. We’ve got more than enough hands.”

“Alright,” Lambert said. “Good luck.”

“You, too,” Sparks said. She paused for a minute, the gave the commander a quick peck on the cheek. “For luck,” she said, the look in her eyes making it clear it was anything but. “C’mon, kiddies,” she added, looking back at Selena, Demi, and Debby.

“You know, you aren’t THAT much older than we are,” Selena muttered as the group headed off. Lambert rolled his eyes, wondering if he’d see any of them alive again.

“Let’s go,” he said to Fillion and Underwood.

“I thought the Captain said you should see to the Princess’ rescue personally,” Underwood whispered to him as she slid into step next to him. Fillion reluctantly took the lead with a stern look from Lambert.

“She did,” Lambert answered. “But I don’t trust anyone else to rescue the Captain, so I’m going.”

“So Captain Kelly is more important to you than Princess Miley,” Carrie said. Slowly, a smile crossed her lips. “Interesting.”

“Don’t start,” Lambert warned her.

“No, no, I get it,” Carrie said, an almost musical lilt to her voice. “You stay with the Idol even though you could’ve been Captain of your own ship by now. You look after the Captain, even when she’s little more than a drunken wreck of a woman, and now you ignore her direct order to get her back over rescuing the Heir to the Throne of Port.”

“Don’t say it,” Lambert warned her.

Underwood’s smile was big enough to make a Cheshire cat’s look demure. “Oh, I don’t think I have to say it.”


“But I really want to say it.”


They were quiet for a moment as they moved about an empty hallway into the old fort. So far, things were going well. Naturally, Lambert grew more worried with every passing second.

“So every time I tried to set you up with a crew member, you turned me down because-”

“I swear, if you finish that sentence, Carrie, I will-”

“Hush!” Fillion said, silencing them both. All three hugged the wall as a quartet of Priates walked past the cross hall ahead. When all was quiet, the continued on again.

They moved up an entire level, and progressed towards the dining area before anyone spoke again.

“You fucked almost every other woman on the ship,” Carrie whispered. “Including me.”

“Man’s got needs, alright?” Fillion hissed at her before Lambert could reply. “Now would you two PLEASE shut up before we’re caught?”

“Just lead us to the Captain,” Lambert insisted.

* * *

“Grub’s on, girls,” The orange-haired Pirate girl said as she and a couple of slaves entered the old fort’s prison. They carried enough trays to feed the two pirates guarding the room – Sara Ramirez and Brenda Song – as well as the two Port Sailors – Katharine McPhee and Kellie Pickler – and the one Prisoner – Mary-Louise Parker., freshly returned to her cell until Queen Keira decided what to do with her.

“Wow,” Pickler said, staring at the bright-haired girl who handed her a plate of mostly crusty bread and a single slice of meat – the prison area clearly didn’t rate the better food just served at the banquet. “I love your hair,” Pickle said. “Is that your natural color?”

Brenda Song snorted. “Who knows – Hayley’s colored her hair so many times, even she can’t remember what her natural color is.”

“How do you get it that shade?” Pickler pressed.

“The orange?” Hayley Williams asked as she handed Parker her meal through the bars of her cell. “I’m not entirely sure – I was trying to match a red color I’d done before with strawberry juice and crushed rose petals, but I must have forgotten something, because I got orange instead.”

“It’s basic Alchemy,” Parker muttered. “The potions of the flower petals probably reacted to something in whatever was on your hair already.”

“How would you know?” Hayley snapped.

“I’ve worked with plants all my life,” Mary-Louise retorted. “I know how rose pedal extract works.”

“Whatever it was, it’s gorgeous,” Pickler said.

“Don’t be getting any ideas, Pickle,” Kat said. “I like your hair just like it is.”

“Spoilsport,” Pickler muttered playfully, running her fingers through a lock of Katharine’s long, dark hair.

“So you two are together?” Sara Ramirez asked.

“Yep,” McPhee said. “We were bunkmates on our first voyage, and have been together ever since.”

“Huh,” Sara said. There was a long silence, as everyone seemed to concentrate on their meals for a moment.

“So, do you guys use this prison often?” McPhee asked to break the tension.

“Only when we have prisoners,” Ramirez drawled.

“So Mary-Louise is your only prisoner right now?” Pickler asked.

“Yes,” Ramirez said slowly, eyeing both Port women suspiciously. “Why, were you expecting more?”

“We’re just making conversation,” Kat said before Pickler could answer.

“Then let’s make conversation about something else,” Ramirez said, the warning tone in her voice unmistakable.

* * *

Princess Miley Cyrus could remember sneaking into her father’s wine cellar a number of times as a kid. Castle Port had a large and impressive collection of wines from around Celebria – her adoptive father had considered himself a connoisseur – though most people would’ve just called him a drunkard. She could still remember finding old King Thomas down in the wine cellar, smashing every vintage he had that had originated from Astemia after the disaster 5 years ago.

Right this moment, Miley was wishing old Thomas was in this wine cellar, smashing bottles. At least then she’d have someone to talk to.

Or, more importantly, someone to plot with.

Whatever was going on outside, it had Queen Keira worried enough to stick Miley down here instead of up in her private chambers. That meant visitors – most likely unexpected ones, and ones who might not take kindly to discovering the Heir to the Throne of Port being used as a sex slave – no matter how much the Heir to the Throne of Port enjoyed the sex.

With that in mind, Miley decided this had to be the perfect time to try and escape. If she could just get to the visiting ship, and stow away on it, she could wait until they were away from Hammerhead Atoll, then ask the ship’s Captain to bring her home. Natalie would surely pay any price the Captain could name for Miley’s safe return.

There was the chance that whoever was visiting was worse than the Pirates Miley was already stuck with – that fearsome Kate Beckinsale came to mind – but Miley had to take the risk, or she’d never get away.

Of course, first she had to get out of this wine cellar. And then she had to find Vanessa – she wouldn’t leave her friend behind for anything.

Much like the baths, the laundry, and the prison, the wine fellar was part of the old fort, left behind by whoever had built it and put to use by the pirates who eventually claimed the Atoll as their own. Being pirates, they stored any and all forms of drink down here, not just wine. Meade, grog, beer, ale, whiskey, even plain old water mingled with wines from all over Celebria – and unless Miley wanted to get drunk and wallow in her misery, none of it was doing her a lick of good.

Still, Miley had some skills that some people might not expect. Namely, the ability to pick a lock. A lifetime growing up in Castle Port, and being told she couldn’t go into dozens of different rooms, Miley had set about learning how to get around locked doors. Her early attempted had lead mostly to a lot of broken locks, but she eventually found an elderly guardsman whose father had been a locksmith. With her new mentor in tow, Miley had learned all sorts of tricks to either open or just get around locks.

Unfortunately for Miley, all those tricks required tools of some sort. Normally, Miley wore a special set of hairpins that were actually better lock opening tools than pins for holding hair, but she didn’t have them now – when Natalie had ordered her hastily readied for the Fleet Week Ceremonies, Miley had left them in her rooms. It wouldn’t have mattered – the Pirates had stripped her of everything anyway, and Miley doubt Keira would have let her keep a pair of hair pins with sharp edges when she’d been deprived of everything else.

The thought of getting ready for Fleet Week made Miley stop short for a moment. It had been so long ago, yet it hadn’t really been that many days since she’d been abducted and hurried away to Hammerhead Atoll. Miley had lost track of the actual days, but it couldn’t have been too much more than a week – ten days at the most, maybe eleven, depending on what time of night it was. Not that long ago, Miley Cyrus had been a spoiled little princess, making her Ladies in Waiting perform sex acts on each other for Miley’s own pleasure. Now here she was, little more than a sex slave, trapped in a wine cellar. And one of her Ladies in Waiting was a prisoner, in worse conditions than Miley herself – the other one was dead.

Fighting back tears that threatened to flood her eyes, Miley turned her attention back to the situation at hand. Miley had to find some tools here somewhere in the wine cellar. Grabbing the one lit oil lamp, Miley looked around at the hundreds of alcoves, most filled with bottles of something or another, many coated with thick layers of dust.

“This is going to take forever,” Miley sighed.

* * *

Physically, they were a contrast in types. Keira Knightley, the much heralded Pirate Queen, was lithe, thin, filled with wiry muscles, and was comparatively taller than her new companion. Captain Kelly Clarkson was shorter, curvier, and far more voluptuous, both in the chest and in the rear end – the crazed pirate Xtina hadn’t called her “Captain Perfect Ass” for nothing.

They were of different minds, too. Kelly was devoted to duty and honor, even when those she served had long since abandoned any honor they owed her. And while the Pirate Queen had her own twisted sense of honor, she owed her loyalty to herself, and made that clear to most everyone who would listen.

They dressed differently, too. The Pirate wore mostly blacks and white, off set by the occasional burst of color in her hair or in rings on her fingers. The Port Sailor wore her bright Royal blue uniform jacket and dirty-white pants, none of which flattered her body as properly as they should, though it would take a truly magical garment to hide her beautiful, bountiful backside – even the tails of her jacket seemed to highlight her bubble-butt.

But as many differences as the two women had, at that very moment, they both wanted only one thing – to fuck each other senseless.

Keira pushed open the door to her private chambers and shoved Kelly inside, pausing only long enough to close and lock the door behind her before moving to wrap her arms around Kelly again.

“Get out of those pants,” Keira demanded.

“Why, Queen Keira, are you giving me an order?”

“If I must,” Keira said, undoing the ties on her corset.

“The am I one of your dirty little pirates?” Kelly cajoled.

“The dirtiest, I hope,” Keira answered.

“Oh, me too,” Kelly replied, undoing the buttons on her jacket. Keira was well ahead of her in stripping, the corset already on the floor, and her shirt not far behind. By the time Kelly had her coat off, the Pirate Queen was naked from the waist up, and she was rapidly working to undo her belts and pants.

“You’re so beautiful,” Kelly said, admiring Keira’s lithe body.

“I’m a stick compared to you,” Keira said, pausing to watch as Kelly shucked off her shirt, exposing her ample tits. “Those breasts of yours are works of art.”

“I’m fat and lumpy,” Kelly deflected. “Half my crew is better looking than me.”

“Oh, you’re so wrong,” Keira said, stepping out of her pants. “You’re curvey and delicious. Your face radiates beauty and honesty. Your tits are the perfect size and shape. And I’m willing to bet your pussy tastes a little like heaven.”

“You are too kind,” Kelly said, honestly surprise Keira would describe her like that.

“Plus, you have the ass of a goddess,” Keira added, making Kelly laugh aloud at that. “Now, are you going to listen to your Pirate Queen and get out of those pants?” Keira asked.

“No, I think not,” Kelly said, approaching Keira slowly. “I think you are going to get on the bed, and I’m going to see if your pussy tastes a little like heaven.”

“Oh, if you insist, you dirty little pirate,” Keira growled, sitting down on the bed. Spreading her legs wide open, she crooked a finger to call Kelly over to her. Putting on her best swagger, Kelly approached the Queen, her hips swaying in time to music only she could head. Keira smiled in anticipation as Kelly dropped down to her knees, and settled between Keira’s sprawling legs.

“Such a pretty pussy,” Keira said, gently running a hand over Keira’s folds and feeling the heat wafting out from the velvet lips. “How many other women have petted this pretty pussy?”

“Mmmm…,” Keira moaned as Kelly’s fingertips brushed against her clit. “Plenty, but right now, it only wants you.”

“Oh, I’m more than happy to pet this pretty little pussy,” Kelly said, stroking the wet folds a little harder, causing Keira to moan again in pleasure. On her fourth stroke, Kelly brushed the tip of her fingernail across Keira’s engorged clit, sending a pulse of pain and pleasure surging up Keira’s spine.

“What’s this?” Kelly asked playfully. “Did pussy like that?”

“Mmm, pussy did,” Keira admitted, “But pussy liked it better without the fingernail.”

“Okay,” Kelly replied. “Then pussy will like it when I stroke it again and again and again…” she trailed off as her finger danced over Keira’s button in quick succession.

“Wooahhh,” Kelly exclaimed. “Oh, pussy likes that! Pussy likes that a LOT!”

“What else does pussy like?” Kelly asked, not stopping.

“Pussy wants your fingers inside her,” Keira said, cooing in delight. It was hard to imagine that this same woman was the most feared pirate in all of Celebria. At that moment, Kelly had seen kittens more fearsome than Keira was.

Which was a good thing – Kelly wanted the fearsome Pirate Queen pudding in her hands. The fact that Kelly was enjoying the process didn’t hurt, of course, but she had to keep Keira occupied. Just to give Lambert enough time to find Princess Miley…

With Keira’s request in mind, Kelly playfully slipped a single finger into Keira’s box, feeling the mosit, hot folds part around her as she entered. She pushed it all the way in, the slid it out slowly, making Keira groan in need. As she sank back in, two knuckles deep, Kelly felt her own pussy respond, springing to life with it’s own heat and flooding with it own juices.

Yes, Kelly would certainly enjoy this.

Keira fell backwards, holding her upper body up by her elbows, thought Kelly knew if she worked at it, she could easily make Keira’s elbows give out and lay the Pirate Queen out flat on the bed.

“Pussy seems to like my finger,” Kelly said, placing her free hand on Keira’s stomach. She could feel the heat of Keira’s skin, the sweat sticking to her body, the movement of each breath, even the rapidness of Keira’s heartbeat. There was no mistaking those reactions.

“Put another one in,” Keira cried out.

“Another what?” Kelly asked playfully.

“Another finger!”

“Another finger?”

“YES!” Keira cried out, her eyes wide with lust and need.

“And you want it where?”

“In my pussy, you Port Bitch!” Keira snarled, her eyes flashing with some of her legendary anger.

Kelly didn’t even bother to reply verbally – she quickly sunk two extra fingers into Keira’s snatch, making her call out in ecstasy and agony.

“oh. My. Fucking. GOD!” Keira screamed loud enough to actually make Kelly’s ears ring for a second. Still, Kelly kept going, fucking Keira with her three fingers while watching the other woman writhe about on the bed.

It had been a long time since Kelly had fucked a woman this hard. Her usual sexual efforts over the last give years have been little more than shoving the head of a willing woman down between her legs and ordering them to lick – Selena and Demi had happily done that quite a bit over the last few months. But this was special. This was important. Kelly had to keep Keira distracted long enough for the rest of the Idol crew to find and rescue the Princess. Keira would probably kill Kelly once Miley was safe, but if they didn’t rescue the Princess, they were all dead.

And if Kelly Clarkson was going to die, she wanted her last night of sex to be spectacular.

* * *

The feeding hall where the large dinner had been going on earlier was empty, save for a drunk pirate who was out cold and had fallen with half his beard in the remains of his soup. Otherwise, the place was empty – and messy. The party had clearly wrapped in a hurry. Combined with all the pirates running about below, Lambert was beginning to think that something was going on. Still, no one had caught the trio sneaking upstairs, nor had anyone sounded any alarms that might signal a Princess escaping, so things could’ve been worse.

They could’ve been a lot better, too.

“I thought you said they’d be here,” Jason Lambert demanded as he, Nathan Fillion, and Carrie Underwood looked about the empty room.

“They SHOULD be here,” Fillion said. “I mean, this is where they eat!”

“Looks like supper is over,” Underwood muttered.

“Where’s the Captain?” Lambert demanded, grabbing Fillion by the collar.

“No clue, honest,” Fillion said, raising his hands. “The Brig, maybe?”

“No, the would’ve moved against the Idol by now if they’d imprisoned the Captain. She’s probably still trying to distract the Queen,” Lambert reasoned.

“Then she could be anywhere in the fort,” Carrie said.

“We can’t search this entire place,” Lambert said. “Think, Fillion! Where would Keira take the Captain?!”

“Back To the ship? Down to the wine cellar? Her own quarters?” Fillion said, obviously unsure of any of those options.

“You really aren’t helping,” Underwood muttered.

“We can rule out the ship – they’ve been gone from here too long for us NOT to have passed them on our way up. We should check the wine cellar and the Queen’s chambers.”

“That could take some time.”

“We’ll split up,” Lambert said. “Point me towards the Queen’s chambers, then take Carrie down to the wine cellar. If they aren’t there, return to the ship – if the others are on the Idol with the Princess, cast off without us. Otherwise, wait until someone arrives with the Princess.”

“What about you?” Carrie asked, concern etched in her face.

“If they aren’t in the Queen’s chambers, I’ll head for the brig and help out there, if I can. If I’m not back before the Captain or the Princess, leave without me – the mission and the captain come first, remember that.”

“I don’t like it,” Underwood said.

“You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it,” Lambert said flatly. He turned towards Fillion. “Lead me to the Queen’s chambers – quickly.”

* * *

Keira Knightley had bedded many women in her life, and had enjoyed many of them thoroughly. She’d slept with Viking princesses, Oriental whores, pleasure slaves from Inahabheb, and all sorts of women in-between. She’d even had the pleasure of visiting the Oracles of Sapphos, who had predicted Keira‘s rise to the rank of Pirate Queen in one of their legendary orgies.. Captain Clarkson wasn’t even the first Port captain she’d fucked in her time. Keira had few preferences for women – height didn’t matter, nor did breast size or color of the woman’s hair or skin. What she liked most was skill in bed – the more skillful the woman, the more her efforts aroused the Pirate Queen, and the more Keira wanted the woman.

Which made Kelly Clarkson such a fantastic find. Using just one hand alone, Kelly had nearly driven Keira to orgasm – a feat not matched by many. Keira was so close to climax, she could taste it, but she fought against it. She hadn’t so much as tasted Kelly’s skin yet, let alone wrapped her fingers around her glorious boobs or sucked her delicious clit, or fucked her oh-so-perfect ass. Keira wanted to have her way with Kelly’s entire body, not just her fingers.

In fact, as she thought about it, hadn’t Kelly promised to go down on her? Keira had gotten so carried away enjoying the pleasures she was being given, she’d forgotten that Kelly had promised to do so much more.

“Didn’t you – OH! – didn’t you promise to use your tongue on me?” The Pirate Queen managed to ask between heavy breathing and the occasional gasp.

“Did I?” Kelly asked innocently, sounding both genuinely surprised and mischievously plotting at the same time. “That sure doesn’t sound like me.”

“You promised,” Keira said emphatically. “Now get your pretty little lips on my clit, or there’ll be hell to pay.”

“Oh, we wouldn’t want that, would we?” Kelly giggled. Bending down, the Port Captain kissed Keira’s taunt stomach, just below her belly button. As her lips broke the temporary seal, Kelly’s tongue struck out and slowly traced a line down towards the Queen’s engorged clit.

Keira practically climaxed right there. As she was still high from Kelly’s finger works – those fingers were still pumping the depths of Keira’s pussy – the warm, wet, pressing sensation of Kelly’s tongue upon her clit was like lightning a fuse. Fight it all she liked, Keira’s climax was coming, and nothing was going to stop it.

“Oh! OhohOHOHOHOoooooooOOOOHHHHHH!” Keira moaned as the warmth in her crotch built to it’s crescendo.

Kelly – wisely – kept her mouth busy flicking her tongue over Keira’s clit, and her fingers sliding in and out of the Queen’s snatch. If she dared to say anything, Keira would’ve just told her to shut up and get back to work. Kelly continued to tweak and tease Keira’s most sensitive of areas. Each and every move was designed to speed Keira’s orgasm, and each and every move was doing just that.

Keira squeezed her eyes shut tight, felt her toes curl. Her elbows slipped, and she fell back flat on the bed, her legs spread as wide as they could get. Her hips were thrusting up to meet each stroke of Kelly’s fingers, even as one of Keira’s hands moved to hold the back of Kelly’s head tight to the Queen’s crotch.

And then the dam broke, and sweet, sweet release flooded into Keira’s veins, coursing through her blood to hit ever nerve in her body. The world vanished into a swirl of color and for a brief moment, the Pirate Queen was certain she’d died of pleasure.

Slowly, the world came back into focus. For half a second, Keira was certain she’d wake to find Kelly holding a knife to her throat, but the daring Port Captain merely lay beside her on the bed, still naked from the waist up, still looking extremely fuckable as she absent mindedly played with one of her own nipples.

“More,” Keira croaked.

“More? Kelly asked. “More what?”

“More you!” Keira said, rolling over on top of Kelly and kissing her fiercely.

* * *

“Why do you keep looking around like that?”

Katharine McPhee turned around to see the imposing figure of Sara Ramirez looking at her, arms akimbo.

“Just trying to pass the time until we can go back to our ship,” Kat said carefully.

Sara clearly didn’t believe her. “You want to pass the time, why don’t you and your pretty little girlfriend here get naked and give the rest of us a show. Otherwise, keep your nose out of what doesn’t concern you.”

“We’re all about to be pirates, right?” Kat reminded her. “Shouldn’t I get to know my way around?”

“No,” Sara said flatly.

“You aren’t that friendly to your new comrades,” Kellie Pickler said, stepping up beside Kat.

“I don’t trust you,” Sara said.

“Wow, what a coincidence,” Kat bit back, starting to get angry. “We don’t trust you, either.”

Sara stepped up right before Kat and looked her right in the eyes. “You want to make something of it?” she asked.

Kat didn’t, truthfully – she was waiting for help to arrive. It had been up to her and Pickle to stick with MLP in the prison level until Commander Lambert showed up. Of course, they were also supposed to find the Princess, who Nathan Fillion was certain would be held in chains somewhere down in the prison..

Unfortunately, Sara and her pirate friends hadn’t given Kat and Pickle so much as enough time alone to sneeze, let alone find Princess Miley. If Lambert and the others arrived before they’d found the Princes…

“Well?” Sara said, moving a step closer, her ample bosom pressing against Kat’s equally plentiful chest.

“Now, now, Sara,” A new voice said from the doorway. “Let’s not be fighting with our new friends just yet.” Megan Fox stood there, smiling smugly at the others.

“Captain,” Sara said. “They’re just a bit too curious about the rest of the cells.”

“Oh, are they now?” Megan said, her voice soft, almost girlie as she approached the others, her hips swaying as she came in the room. “What could they possibly be looking for?”

“Nothing!” Pickle said, a little too quickly as Megan stepped right up to her, looking the voluptuous blonde right in the eyes. “We just wanted to look around.”

“We’re curious like that,” Kat said, rather feebly.

“I’m sure,” Megan sneered. “You certainly wouldn’t be looking for missing members of the Port Royal Family.”

Kat and Pickle traded rushed looks.

“No.” They said together.

Megan snorted. “You two are the worst liars I’ve ever met.” She took a step forward until her nose was practically brushing against Pickler’s. “I don’t believe you.”

“Wow, what a coincidence,” Pickler said, her spine suddenly going stiff, her chest puffing out as if she were suddenly filled with hot air. “We don’t believe you, either.”

“Pickle!” Kat hissed, but it was too late.

“You don’t believe me?” Megan said, surprised. “What could you possibly not believe me about?”

“We, ah, we don’t believe you have Princess Miley,” Pickler said, her voice filling with firmness the more she spoke.

“Pickle, for the love of might, shut up,” Kat hissed at her blonde companion, grabbing one of Kellie’s arms and trying to pull her back from her showdown with the tattooed pirate.

“No, let her talk,” Megan said, eyeing the busty blonde carefully.

“If you have the Princess, you’d be parading her about like a prized poodle. Heck, you’re pirates – if you had her, she’d be tied up naked in your big dining hall upstairs so you could all ogle and molest her at every meal. But she’s nowhere to be found. Not in your jail, not upstairs – nowhere.” Pickle crossed her arms above her tits and cocked an eyebrow. “You don’t have her.”

Fox, Ramirez, Williams, and Song all traded incredulous looks before turning back to McPhee and Pickler.

“Are you insane?” Fox asked.

Pickler held her ground, not saying a word. McPhee didn’t speak, either, but mostly because she thought if she did, they’d both be killed.

It was a test of wills between Megan Fox, feared and deadly Pirate captain, and bubbly, clumsy, forgetful Kellie Pickler.

It was no contest.

“Tied them up!” Fox roared, pulling her pistol and aiming it at Pickler’s face.

“WHAT?!” McPhee exclaimed, shocked.

“I told you I didn’t trust you,” Fox said. “You two are a little too interested in the Princess.”

“Honest curiosity!” Kat cried out.

“Honest!” Pickler said as Sara Ramirez started to bind her hands behind her back.

“Keep them secure, but don’t hurt them,” Fox said. “Just in case they aren’t up to anything.”

“Define hurt?” Hayley Williams asked.

“No blood, no bruises, no broken bones.”

“Ooh! I can play with their hair!” Hayley giggled, racing out of the room.

Kat and Pickle, now both tied up, traded worried looks.

“She’s such a little girl,” Ramirez muttered.

“Keep an eye on them – and the prisoner,” Fox said, leaving the prison area.

“Where are you going?” Brenda Song asked.

“To tell the Queen – she needs to know these two are up to no good – and if they’re up to no good, chances are, Captain Clarkson’s up to no good, too.”

* * *

Captain Kelly Clarkson was acutely aware that she was still wearing her pants. That fact didn’t seem to bother Keira Knightley much, as the Pirate Queen seemed content to lay atop Kelly and lick, suck, bite, and otherwise manhandle Kelly’s tits to within an inch of their lives. Not that Kelly was complaining – she was thoroughly enjoying the lavish attention being paid to her chest. It had been more than five years since anyone had spent ages just sucking on her nipples, and Kelly found herself surprised at how much she missed the sensations.

Oh, she’d had lovers – a woman couldn’t go five years on a ship crewed mostly by eminently fuckable women without needing some relief. But most of her conquests had been quick, dirty little fucks, mostly featuring Kelly shoving women between her legs and ordering them to lick her until her needs were met.

Not that Kelly expected this night with Keira would be more than a one-night affair. Kelly expected to be dead my morning. But she was more than happy to let Keira have her way with her body for as long as possible. Yes, if Kelly was going to die, she was going to die well fucked.

It wasn’t such a bad way to go, really.

“I love your boobs,” Keira said, pausing for a moment with her chin resting between Kelly’s cleavage. The image was at once strikingly beautiful, painfully erotic, and mind-numbingly hilarious – here was the fabled Pirate Queen, her surprisingly delicate face nestled between Kelly’s breasts, pausing for a moment before going back to work upon those same tits. To keep herself from giggling, Kelly took Keira’s head in her hands, and pulled the other woman up for a passionate kiss. Keira returned it with as much heat as Kelly gave her, and for a moment, both women were lost in a lusty period of making out like a couple of school children kissing for the first time.’

When they finally broke apart, Kelly found that she had rolled atop Keira at some point, and the Pirate Queen lay naked beneath her, struggling to catch her breath. Kelly admired the lithe, sweaty, naked girl for a moment. It was almost impossible to think of her as the dreaded pirate she claimed to be.

This couldn’t be the Keira Knightley who sacked the Island Paradise at Mermaid Cove, or the Pirate Queen who sunk an entire Berber fleet without firing a shot. This erotic little flower couldn’t be the woman who raped and pillaged half the Orient, nor the woman who snuck past hordes of Vikings to steal the treasure of Tilvalvak and escape with the Viking Princess as her lover and slave.

Actually, looking at Keira’s stunning naked body, Kelly could believe that last one. All Keira had to do to seduce anyone would be to just get naked.

Looking down at Keira in all her natural glory, Kelly felt her own hungers returning. Part of her wanted to rip off her pants and shove Keira’s perfect face between her legs, forcing the other woman to eat her out until Kelly had climaxed a hundred times. But another part of Kelly wanted to hold Keira down and make the pirate cum over and over and over again.

A small part of Kelly’s brain called out that she had a job to do, and it would be better served by holding Keira down, instead of giving in to her own desires.

Licking her lips, Kelly moved to pin Keira in place.

“What are you-” Keira started to ask, but Kelly silenced her with a kiss on the lips. Keira’s question became a moan on contentment as Kelly entwined one leg around one of the Queen’s. With their lips still pressed together, Kelly slid one hand down into Keira’s crotch, and used the other to cup the back of her head, holding her up enough so they could continue to make out. Kelly’s breasts pressed against one of Keira’s smaller tits, allowing Kelly to feel Keira’s very erect nipple press into the soft tenderness of Kelly’s tit-flesh. It felt like a hot poker trying to jab into her heart, but somehow, that made it even sexier.

Keira was completely at Kelly’s mercy at that moment – pinned to the bed, her leg trapped between Kelly’s, Kelly’s hand entwined in her hair. Keira didn’t fight it at all – she melted into each of Kelly’s kisses, and as Kelly’s fingers slipped back into her sopping wet pussy, Keira tried to arch her back to allow for easier access.

It occurred to Kelly, eventually, that she should kill Keira – rid the world of one of the most dangerous women alive. But Kelly couldn’t bring herself to do it. And she knew it was wrong. She told herself she didn’t know where Princess Miley was, and until she did, she couldn’t get rid of Keira. She told herself she needed to buy as much time for her crew to find Miley as possible.

She was lying to herself. She was attracted to Keira, and she wanted to fuck her silly over and over again..

And so she did.

* * *

It had taken longer to get deep into the pirate fortress than Jordin Sparks had expected. There were a lot more Pirates up and about, moving down hallways, forcing Jordin and her team to hide and wait far more often than they had thought they would – which, of course, meant finding hiding spots for all four of them – Jordin, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Debby Ryan. The three younger girls weren’t too much trouble to hide – they were all fairly small and agile enough to hide in tight spaces – and there were plenty of tight spaces to be found around the fortress. Tiny alcoves, small closets, underneath tables, behind wall-length tapestries. None of these were great options for Jordin.

Aside from being a few years older than her companions, Jordin was taller, heavier, and had a chest that refused to hide behind tapestries, or stay safely in a small alcove big enough for Jordin to slip into. Only because most of the pirates they came across were either drunk or high had they managed to finally make it to the bottom floor – which, unfortunately, held more than just the prison area, apparently. With five hallways leading out in different directions at the bottom of the stairs – none of the labeled, of course – Jordin did the only thing she could think to do. She split her team up and sent each of them down a different hallway, with orders to return as quickly as possible.

Quick was a relative term. Jordin found only storage areas down her hallway, and Demi thought she’d found the wine cellar, though she’d had to leave because pirates were rooting around her hallway. They both returned after just a few minutes, but the other two were slow in getting back.

Debby returned first.

“I found the laundry area – who knew pirates did laundry? I mean, I knew they had clothes, and that they probably had to clean them, but I never thought they’d use a real laundry room like that. Though, come to think of it, I think they were using slaves to do most of the work. Naked slaves – I’ve never seen so many bare breasts in my life – combined! If you took all the breasts I’ve seen, counting my own – well, if you only count mine ONCE – if you added every time I’ve ever seen my own breasts, well then my number goes way, way up – like, easily two or three times a day, every day since I had boobs! My goodness, that’s a LOT of boobs. Let me think, when did I grow breasts?”

“We don’t need to know, Debby,” Jordin said, cutting off the little girl’s rambling before it could get worse.

“Where’s Selena?” Demi asked, clearly concerned about her best friend and lover.

“I’m here,” Selena said, appearing behind everyone as she came down the stairs, a chicken leg in her hand.

“Where have you been?” Jordin asked.

“I got hungry, went and found the kitchens.”

“Aren’t the kitchens, like, three floors up from here?” Debby asked.

“Yep,” Selena said around a mouthful of chicken.

“What about the hallway you were supposed to check?” Jordin demanded.

“Bathhouse – there are some really UGLY looking naked pirates down that way.”

“And there were stairs there?” Demi asked.

“Nope – came back, didn’t see anyone waiting, went for food.” She swallowed another mouthful. “Could use something to drink, though.”

“I found their wine cellar,” Demi offered.

“Awesome, let’s look there next,” Selena said, excitedly.

“No,” Jordin said emphatically.

“C’mon! We could totally get drunk before we find the Princess!” Selena said.

“NO!” Jordn repeated.

“You’re no fun,” Selena pouted.

“Come on, this last hallway has to be the prison area,” Jordin said.

“Someone’s coming!” Demi gasped, peeking down the last hallway.

“Hide!” Jordin ordered, moving to position herself behind the door in the stairway. She didn’t see where the others ran off to, but when the two pirates came out of the last hallway, they didn’t cry out about little girls hiding anywhere, so Jordin had to assume they were safe.

“Next time, that orange-haired bitch can get her own barrels out of storage,” one of the Pirates grumbled as he passed Jordin’s hiding spot.

“How’s two barrels of that stuff going to help torture prisoners?” The second one asked.

“Search me – where are you going?”

“Wine cellar – needs me some ale.”

“Wine cellar’s off limits – Queen’s orders.”

“Fuck the Queen, I want to be drunk!”

“You go in there, and Captain Fox’ll have your nuts hanging from her belt by breakfast.”

“Gah, what’s the point of being a pirate when you can’t get drunk?”

“C’mon, we’ll go raid the kitchens – I asked cook to save me a chicken leg from the banquet…” the voices trailed off into silence as the two men headed up the stairs. Jordin breathed a sigh of relief – if either Pirate had so much as glanced at the door, they would’ve seen her breasts poking out from behind it. Then all hell would’ve broken loose.

“That was close,” she said, looking around to be certain no one was coming. “C’mon, girls. If they’re torturing people down that hallway, it HAS to be the prison.”

There was no answer.

“Girls?” Jordin asked, looking around. Selena, Debby and Demi were nowhere to be seen. Nor could Jordin see anywhere they might have hidden.

“Ah, shit,” Jordin swore. She’d just lost the three youngest and most trouble-prone members of the Idol’s crew in the bowels of the heavily guarded pirate headquarters.

“Commander Lambert’s going to kill me,” she groaned.

* * *

With Kelly Clarkson’s fingers buried once more between the folds of her pussy, Kelly’s naked, ample breasts pressed firmly to her chest, and Kelly’s lips all over hers, Keira Knightley was once more riding a wave of ecstasy towards orgasm. For her part, Keira did nothing. She lay there on her own bed, her naked body half wrapped in Kelly’s as the other woman drover her tongue towards Keira’s tonsils. It was a wonderfully submissive place to be, almost completely enveloped in another woman, completely at her sexual mercy. Keira hadn’t been this controlled by another woman since she’d finally surrendered herself to the Oracles of Sapphos, and she’d only done that to learn her future. There were no such lofty goals this night. Despite the potentially deadly news Kelly had brought about Xtina’s efforts to overthrow Keira as Pirate Queen, and the urgent need to confront the other pirate and deal with her treachery, Keira had no lans to move from this bed any time soon. As long as Kelly continued to fuck Keira, driving her wild with lust and orgasm, Keira would stay put.

It wasn’t like Keira at all. Usually, she was in charge – the one dominating other women in bed – oh, some would challenge her. Megan Fox had practically raped her the first time they had ever made love, and a few of the other pirate women under her command had tried to challenge Keira in bed, as well. They’d all failed.

So how was Kelly so easily turning the fearsome Pirate Queen into a harmless kitten in bed? It made no sense. Was she just so beautiful that she could overwhelm Keira’s sense? Keira had certainly fucked more beautiful women before. Was it Kelly’s impressive skills in bed? Keira had fucked some of the most sexual women in the world. Maybe Keira had just been waiting too long for the right combination of both…

Either way, Kelly’s fingers were rapidly returning Keira to a state of orgasm. With Kelly’s tongue darting between her teeth, Keira was finding it hard to catch her breath. She struggled a bit to get free, but Kelly still held the back of her head with her other hand. Finally, desperate for breath, Keira took her left hand and placed it on Kelly’s right breast, attempting to push the other girl back just a bit. Kelly moaned at the contact, and tried to press herself down against Keira even harder.

Finally, Keira resorted to biting down on Kelly’s lip, just to get her to break the kiss.

“Oww!” Kelly exclaimed lightly. “What was that for?”

“For not letting me breathe,” Keira said, drawing in as much fresh air as she could.

“Guess I’ll have to find another way to take your breath away,” Kelly said devilishly before dropping her lips down onto Keira’s elegant neck. Instantly, Keira’s deep breaths turned into coos of delight, as the new sensation assaulted her body. Kelly’s fingers seemed to redouble their efforts in Keira’s pussy, fucking in and out faster and harder than either woman would have guessed possible.

It was at that point that Keira Knightley knew her second orgasm of the night was coming, and nothing was going to stop it.

This time, it was like a volcano, building up heat and steam deep in Keira’s body. Her limbs started to tremble, despite the fact that Kelly had three of them pinned to the bed. Keira’s nipples were so hard, it wouldn’t have surprised either woman to watch them cut diamonds, and her pussy was gushing like a raging river.

Keira didn’t have time to fight it – her body errupted spectacularly, a crashing tide of quivering limbs, sweating skin, fluttering eyelids, and clenched teeth. Her voice went from a low whisper to a unintelligible roar, one part passion scream, one part gasp of relief, and one part moan of desperation.

Keira’s brain was in no shape to explain how her second orgasm was different from the first Kelly had brought on, but she knew they were different, though neither one was any less enjoyable of powerful than the other.

Kelly let go of Keira’s hair, and lowered her head to the bed before rolling to the side, finally letting Keira go free. It was quite clear that the Pirate Queen wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.

“What do you have to drink in this place?” Kelly asked, sitting up and looking about the room.

“Ale,” Keira managed to croak out, weakly waving a hand towards one side of the room, unable to do much more than that. She was spent.

Kelly slid off the bed, went across the room, and found a half-empty jug of ale. When she turned around to face the bed, Keira noticed two distinct wet spots on her pants – one near her right knee, where it had been pressed against Keira’s bare crotch, the other between Kelly’s own legs, marking her own sexual desires.

It occurred only then to Keira that Kelly had not only gone this entire time without the sweet, sweet release of orgasm, but had yet to do much more than bare her tits.

A new rush of energy swept into Keira. Suddenly, she remembered who she was, and what she did with beautiful women like Kelly Clarkson.

“I thought I told you to take those retched pants off,” Keira said, sitting up on the bed.

Kelly looked surprised to see her moving so quickly. She paused, the mouth of the ale jug just below her lips.

“Take off your pants,” Keira said, her voice dripping with authority and command. Keira Knightley, the Pirate Queen, was back, and she was about to get the booty she wanted.

* * *

In the long list of bad ideas Jason Lambert had come up with over the course of his life, sneaking alone through the Pirate Stronghold was pretty close to the top of that list. Still, all things considered, he was doing better than he expected.

He was still alive, after all. That had to be worth something. It was certainly farther along than he’d expected to get.

According to Nathan Fillion, the Queen’s Private chambers were located up here, in a relatively quiet section of the old fortress – there were only a few other rooms up here. Of course, Fillion had neglected to mention which room, exactly, but there were only a few to choose from. Lambert just hoped that he found the Queen’s room before he found one filled with a dozen angry, armed pirates.

There were maybe six or seven rooms on the floor, spread out down a long, well decorated hallway. Lambert spent a moment just listening, hoping to catch Captain Clarkson’s voice somewhere, but the area was silent – the doors must have been heavy enough to block casual conversation from leaking out.

The first door was locked, as was the second one. The third door opened up on an empty bedroom that hadn’t seen anyone inside it in months. As he approached the fourth door, Lambert began to worry that Fillion had lied to him after all.

He had just put a hand on the fourth door, pushing against it to go inside, when a voice filled his ears.

“How big a fool are you to try and sneak into my chambers?” A soft, almost seductive female voice whispered in his ear. Lambert spun around to find a tattooed Pirate woman smiling evilly at him, a wicked looking knife in one hand.

“I don’t suppose you’re the Pirate Queen,” Lambert asked carefully.

“No, and I’d guess you aren’t a pirate.”

“Would you believe I was one if I said so?”

“Not for a second.”

“Damn,” Lambert muttered.

“I assume you’re here to rescue the Princess,” the raven-haired beauty said.

“Who, me?” Lambert asked. “No, not the Princess.”

“But you admit to being here to rescue someone.”

“I do?”

“You do.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then you were just breaking into my room looking for what? Buried treasure?”

“Y-you?” Lambert said, though it came out more like a question. “I was hoping to catch you alone.”

“To kill me?” The woman asked, holding her knife a little bit higher.

“NO!” Lambet said quickly, trying to figure a way out of this mess.

“Then why are you looking for me?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Lambert scrambled. “I was hoping to seduce you and have my way with your gorgeous, sexy body.”

She looked at him, a disbelieving expression on her face for a full five seconds before either one of them moved. Finally, she spoke.

“I don’t believe you.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t have bought that one, either,” Lambert said, yanking out his sword and taking a desperate slash at the pirate woman.

She was quick, Lambert had to give her that – with only her small, nasty looking knife, she managed to block his attack. At the same time, she directed one of her leather boot-clad legs into his stomach, kicking him back into the still closed door with a thud. Lambert was quick to recover, but it bought her enough time to draw her own sword, switching the knife to her left hand, and holding both blades ready to attack.”

“Oh, two blades,” Lambert said sarcastically. “How sporting.”

“Hello,” The woman said, gesturing towards herself for a moment. “Pirate!”

“Right – sorry, forgot who I was fighting for a second there,” Lambert admitted.

“No one ever claimed Captain Megan Fox fights fair,” she said, feinting towards his left, but pulling back before she committed.

“Who?” Lambert asked, driving his blade at her heart. She blocked him with her sword, then swung the knife around towards his face, forcing him to duck.

“Oh, this could be fun,” Fox said. “Been a while since I found someone new to spar with.”

“I do hope to make your last moments in this world enjoyable,” Lambert quipped, slashing at her again. They traded blows again and again, neither one getting past the guard of the other. Lambert got the sinking feeling that Captain Fox might just be his match. She dove at him, trying to bat his sword aside and gut him with her knife. He managed to twist out of the way, but her blade caught on his shirt, ripping a gash in it.

“Hey! These shirts don’t exactly grow on trees, you know!”

“Then you should try not to bleed on it,” Megan snapped, bringing her sword around in an overhead slash that he was barely able to block. Lambert saw an opening and aimed a kick at Megan’s shin. He missed, but she was forced to pull her leg back. Lambert shoved hard against his own blade, catching her off balance, and making her fall backwards. Remarkably, as she fell, she arched her back, caught her hands on the floor, and turned the fall into a back-flip, landing on her feet well out of arm’s length from Lambert.

“Ok, that was cool,” he admitted, taking a few steps down the hallway, but not turning his back on Fox.

“Yeah, I’m flexy like that,” she said, smiling seductively.

“Yeah, I bet.”

Fox ran at him again, her arms spinning in front of her, her blades almost forming a shining wall in front of her as she moved. Lambert held his place, allowing Fox to get into striking position. At the last second, he ducked to the left to avoid her sword, blocked her knife with his own sword and punched her in the face as hard as he could with his left hand. This time, when Fox stumbled backwards, she landed flat on her ass.

“Me, I’m more punchy than flexy,” he said, smirking down at her.

Megan snarled and actually threw her knife at him. He dodged the throw, the moved to skewer Fox on his blade. As he dove forward, Fox rolled onto her back, and shoved her legs up. Her feet caught on either side of Lambert’s hilt guard. Trapping the blade between her legs, the point stopping right next to her crotch.

Fox and Lambert traded shocked looks.

“I can’t believe that worked,” Lambert mumbled.

“This fight is getting rather frisky,” Fox said.

“Don’t get your hopes up.”

“Nor you,” She said to him. Suddenly, she swung her sword around, trying to take his hand off. With her legs still gripping his sword, Lambert had to let go of his blade and fall backwards himself.

They both scrambled to their feet, but Fox held the upper hand – she still had her sword, and was now standing over Lambert’s blade.

“Game’s over,” She said, aiming her blade towards his heart. She lunged at him, intent on killing him. Lambert did the only thing he could think of – he dodged to his right, letting the blade slide past him before clamping his arm down on Megan’s arm. With her pinned against his side, Lambert slammed them both against the wall as hard as he could.

“Motherfucker!” Megan snarled as they collided against the fortress stone. Lambert bounced back a bit, still keeping her arm trapped, and slammed them both again. This time he heard the clatter of Megan’s sword as it dropped to the floor. Not wasting any time, Lambert use his free hand to grip Megan’s throat and pressed her against the wall, choking her as he did so.

“Now the game’s over,” he said. “Where’s the Princess and Captain Clarkson?”

“Typical male,” Megan gasped. “Always rushing to the end, thinking you’ve won when you really haven’t.” Before Lambert could ask what she meant, her knee came up and connected with his balls. There was a flash of light, and horrible pain flooded Lambert’s brain. His hands fell to his crotch, and Megan shoved him aside to fall to the floor.

Lambert came to just as Megan was lunging towards his forgotten sword. Still in a world of pain, he rolled over to see the sword Fox had just dropped moments earlier. He grabbed it, and managed to roll over onto his back and get in into the air just in time to block her desperate lunge for him, their swords locking above his head, She landed straddling his hips, and her lips made contact with his as their heads banged together.

“Ouch!” Lambert grumbled.

“Oh, this is the best foreplay I’ve gotten from a man in ages,” Megan said as he stared up at her.

“A lot of your lovers try to kill you?”

“Usually they wait until I’m done fucking them.”

Lambert snarled and rolled over quickly, trapping Fox beneath him.

“Where is Captain Clarkson?” He demanded. In anger, Fox wrapped her legs around his waist, and started to squeeze. Hard.

“Arrgh!” He screamed.

“What’s the matter, big boy? Too much pressure between my legs?”

Lambert responded by trying to pry her legs open with his free hand, but to no avail – Megan’s legs had an iron grip around his waist. Finding it harder to breathe, Lambert decided turnabout was fair play – he reached forward with his free hand and gripped her neck as hard as he could.

But Megan had a free hand, too, and she used hers to punch Jason in the face – once, twice, three times to the side of the head until he let go of her throat and reeled to the side. This saved him, however, as his falling aside forced Megan to release her leg-lock on him.

For a moment, they both lay there on the floor, panting for breath. Then, almost as quickly as they stopped fighting, both Jason and Mean were back on their feet, swords in hand.

Lambert was just a bit faster this time, getting up and launching a deadly over-hand strike. Fox saw it coming, and jumped back just in time to keep from being cleaved in the head. As it was, Jason’s sword sliced through the taunt shirt fabric between Megan’s breasts, ripping enough of the shirt to reveal the ample tit-flesh beneath.

“Oops?” Lambert said as Megan looked down at her exposed breasts.

Megan snarled at him. “You really want me to kill you, don’t you?”

“No, not really.”

Megan sprung at him, unleashing a flurry of hacks, swings, stabs, and slashes with her blade. Lambert was able to fend them off, but Megan was quickly driving him back towards a wall. He could only hope the tattooed pirate was tiring like he was. His stomach and lungs still ached from her death grip, and his balls were still sensitive from when she’d kicked him. To say nothing of how his head hurt from all the times she’d hit him.

This was the fight of Jason Lambert’s life, and if something didn’t change soon, it was going to be his last.

She came at him again, her sword scything in towards his neck. Jason ducked below it, then shot back up. Using his free arm, he twisted about her sword arm, locking the elbow and trapping her in place once more. Wasting no time, Lambert brought his own sword up, intent on stabbing her through one of her oh-so-impressive breasts. But as he lunged for the strike, she side-stepped as best she could, waiting just long enough for his sword to flash past her before stepping back. Her free hand swept up, and her fingers wrapped around his wrist, shoving his arm and sword up above both of their heads, and bringing the two face-to-face once more.

“Nice tits,” Lambert growled as they struggled to free themselves from the other’s grip.

“Oh, I’m either wanting to kill you or I’m starting to like you,” Megan said.

“Perish the thought,” Lambert said.

“My thoughts exactly,” She replied before slamming her head into his.

There was another flash of pain, and both fighters dropped their swords and grabbed their heads, reeling. Lambert thought for certain his brain would ooze out from behind his eyeballs, he hurt so much.

“Motherfucker, that hurt,” Fox snarled.

“Yeah, lets not do that again,” Jason said, trying to find the wall with one hand. His eyesight returned about the same time his fingertips met stone. Shaking his head, he looked up-

-and the last thing he saw was an angry Megan Fox, her naked tits swinging freely as she moved, aiming a nasty kick at his head.

Then everything went black.

* * *

“Take your pants off,” Keira insisted. The tone of her voice made it clear that she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Kelly hesitated, but only for a second – before Keira could get off the bed, they curvy girl was undoing the string tied on her pants.

Keira herself was still stark naked as she sauntered across the room, stopping only when she was a mere foot away from Kelly. The Port Captain was just about to shove her pants down her legs when the Pirate Queen reached out for her hands, stopping her.

“I thought you wanted me to take these off,” Kelly said.

“I’ll do it,” Keira whispered, slipping a pair of fingers from each hand into Kelly’s waistband. Kelly was still wearing a pair of belts that would normally support her sword and scabbard, as well as keeping her pants on. While the sword was gone, and the belts were loose, Kelly had worn the fine leather through all the hot, nasty things she’d done to Keira so far this night.

“This is lovely workmanship,” Keira said, admiring the belts while still standing before Kelly. They were close enough now that Kelly’s nipples brushed against the underside of Keira’s breasts, nestling perfectly under the smaller, but just as perky tits of the Pirate Queen.

“Standard issue for Port ships,” Kelly whispered, her mouth mere inches from Keira’s.

“I’ll have to order my people to start stealing them when we attack Port ships.”

“That will leave a lot of sailors without pants,” Kelly said, her voice barely audible.

“Funny, there’s only one I want to see with her pants off right now,” Keira whispered, leaning in enough to place the gentlest of kisses on Kelly’s lips. It lasted a fraction of a second, and when it broke, Kelly actually whimpered softly at it’s passing. But Keira wasted no time enjoying the disappointment on Kelly’s face. With her fingers still in Kelly’s waistband, Keira pushed down on the pants.

The fabric shifted and the belts opened, and the waistband slid down over Kelly’s perfectly shaped rear end. The Pirate Queen moved down with them, but both stopped when Kelly’s entire ass was exposed. Keira took a moment to lick each of Kelly’s nipples while still holding the pants just below Kelly’s behind.

“Oooh,” Kelly moaned, her hands reaching up for her tits automatically, groping her own flesh as deeply as Keira wanted to..

The Queen looked up at her lover, taking in the pleasure radiating out of Kelly’s face for one long moment. Then, without preamble, she yanked the pants the rest of the way down Kelly’s legs.

Kelly gasped in surprise as Keira reached behind her and took two huge handfuls of ass flesh. Feeling the warmth of Kelly’s skin between her fingers, Keira squeezed once, and then shoved her face between Kelly’s legs. She paused just long enough to take one deep breath of the sticky-sweet aroma of Kelly’s musk before bringing her lips down to attack Kelly’s clit.

“OHMYGOD!” Kelly exclaimed as Keira worked her lips and tongue over the other girl’s engorged nub. The Port Captain swayed a bit, but Keira kept her grip on Kelly’s ass, helping to hold the other woman up as she worked. One of Kelly’s hands fell to Keira’s head, the fingers entwining in the long brown hair. Normally, Keira would have slapped anyone who dared to pull her hair, but so enamored was she with her newest lover, she ignored the light pain. IN her head, she could imagine Kelly’s other hand still massaging her own breasts, her rock hard nipples occasionally peeking out between her fingers when it wasn’t poking into Kelly’s palm.

“Oh, so good,” Kelly gasped aloud. Keira took that as a sign of encouragement, and decided to speed up the process a bit. Letting go of one of Kelly’s precious ass cheeks and swiftly sliding a finger up into Kelly’s dripping snatch, she managed to catch the other woman completely by surprise. She was rewarded with a gasp, followed by a moan of delight as Kelly’s lower lips engulfed the finger almost sucking it in until Keira got almost to her third knuckle.

She didn’t even have to curl that finger before Kelly climaxed.

To be fair, if Keira had done as much as Kelly had to the Pirate Queen, she would’ve cum at the drop of a hat, too. But as Kelly’s knees buckled and she nearly collapsed atop Keira, the Pirate couldn’t help but feel denied. Easing Kelly to the floor, Keira knew they were far from done.

“Don’t close those pretty eyes just yet,” Keira said as Kelly’s eyelids fluttered before her. “I’m not done with you yet.”

* * *

Princess Miley had no idea how long she’d been trapped in the wine cellar now, but she’d managed to find a discarded corkscrew, a pair of wooden forks – one with two teeth missing – and a length of silk fabric, maybe three feet long, but only an inch or so wide. Nothing very helpful when it came to picking locks, unfortunately. She tried to use the forks and corkscrew to get at the door, but she was further thwarted by the fact that the lock faced the outside, not the inside, yet still wouldn’t let anyone inside get out.

With a growl of frustration, Miley gave up. She sat down in a corner facing the door, and used the corkscrew to open up a particularly choice bottle of Astemian wine – if Queen Keira was going to keep her trapped down here, it was going to cost her something – namely, as many bottles Miley could drink before someone came looking for her.

Surprisingly, her wait was considerably shorter than she expected. She was only a quarter of the way into the bottle, not quite buzzed, when the door swung open.

“Quick! In here!” A voice called out. Miley was shocked to see three young girls, each right about Miley’s age, race into the room. The last one in, a gorgeous young brunette, started to close the door.

“NO!” Miley shouted. “Don’t close-!”

She was cut off by the slamming of the door.

“Door,” she finished with a pout.. She slumped back to the floor, and took another long swig from the wine bottle.

“Uh, guys?” The sandy-haired girl said, spotting Miley. “We aren’t alone in here.”

Miley looked at the three girls, who all turned to stare at her. For a long moment, no one spoke. Finally, a bit disgusted, Miley decided to break the silence.

“Aren’t you three a little young to be pirates?” she asked, taking another long swig from the wine bottle.

“Oh, we’re not pirates,” the sandy-haired girl said. “We’re sailors. Well, Selena and Demi here are sailors. I’m just a passenger – I think. I mean, I’m helping the crew out, but I’m not like a member of the crew yet, right? I mean, I’d like to be – you guys are a lot of fun when pirates aren’t trying to kill us, and we aren’t trying to sneak into their secret headquarters. Though, really, outside of sailing on the ship, that’s all we have done – which makes me wonder – what was I thinking was so fun?”

“The extremely awesome sex we all had,” the one named Selena threw in.

“Hey, girls, unless you’ve got a way to get out that door again, maybe you could all just shut up and let a girl drink, alright?” Miley said, fighting not to roll her eyes.

Demi turned around and tried the door – sure enough, it was still locked. “Well, that’s a problem,” she said.

“No it’s not,” Selena said. “Jordin’s going to come looking for us any moment, and when she does, we can all get out – yo, drinky-girl? You want to come with us when we leave, or are you happy sucking down cheap wine?”

Miley shot her a disgusted look. “This happens to be the finest Astemian wine in this place.”

“Really?” Selena said, walking over. Before Miley could stop her, she snatched the bottle and took a long swig. “Not bad, but I’ve had better.”

“Well, you won’t find better here,” Miley snarled, grabbing the bottle back.

“Selena, be nice,” Demi said. “Hi there, my name’s Demi Lovato. This is Selena Gomez, and that’s Debby Ryan. We’re just hiding here for a bit.”

“Hiding from what?” Miley asked.

“Pirates,” Debby said. “Why – is there something else we should be hiding from?”

“Pirates would do it,” Miley muttered

“Are you hiding from Pirates?” Debby asked.

“Why would she be hiding from pirates?” Demi asked. “She didn’t come with us, so she kinda has to be a pirate, right?”

All three girls turned towards Miley.

With a sigh, Miley stood up. “My name is Destiny Hope Cyrus. When I was adopted, I became known as Princess Miley Cyrus, Heir to the Throne of Port, which, upon my taking it, will make me Queen Miley Portman. That is if I can ever get the fucking hell off this stupid island, because here I‘m little more than a slave and fucking storage.”

The three girls traded shocked looks.

“Bullshit,” Selena said, covering her mouth in shock.

“You’re Princess Miley?” Demi asked, her eyes wide.


“Ohmygod!” Debby squealed. “We’re here to rescue you!”

Miley looked around the locked wine cellar with a raised eyebrow. “Good job,” she muttered.

“No, seriously!” Demi said. “We’re from the Port ship Rusted Idol – we’re here to rescue you from the pirates.”

Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the long days of being a slave, but it took a moment or two for what Demi was saying to sink in. When it did, it was like someone lit a fire under Miley’s brain. “Crazy-sailor-girls-say-what?” She asked, practically grabbing Demi by her collar.

“We’re here to rescue you! We’ve got our ship and everything!” Demi said.

“Where?!” Miley demanded.

“Uh, out in the water – duh,” Selena said. “And we’re still stuck in here.”

Suddenly, all the enthusiasm Miley had just built up came crashing down. “Well, fuck,” she muttered, plopping back down to the ground and grabbing her wine bottle again. “You girls want anything to drink?”

* * *

It took several long moments for Keira to hunt through the not-so-small collection of chests and cases that lined her room to find exactly what she was looking for, but when she did, she wasted no time getting back to Kelly. The Port Captain had collapsed onto the bed, but was cautiously watching as Keira pulled her best strap-on dildo out.

Kelly shivered a little bit. “Huh. My last experience with one of those didn’t go so well,” she muttered as Keira stepped into the leather straps.

“That’s right – you’d mentioned that Xtina had gotten a hold of you,” Keira said. “Trust me, I won’t be nearly so rough as she was.”

“Well, not to start with,” Kelly said with a mischievous smile on her face.

Keira laughed and moved over to get onto the bed. Kelly continued to just lay there, smiling slightly as Keira climbed up onto her naked body. The Pirate Queen took one more moment to look down at the lovely form of Kelly’s body before crawling up the other woman’s body until she could place the tip of the wooden cock at Kelly’s lips.

“Suck it,” Keira commanded.

Kelly gave her an odd look, then seemed to shrug and opened her mouth and accept the phallic totem into her mouth. Slowly but surely, Keira began to inch more and more of the strap-on into Kelly’s mouth, the Port sailor taking each thrust calmly as she wetted the polished wood with her saliva.

Keira let Kelly do most of the work, just sitting there over the other woman’s head and chest, letting Kelly bob up and down on the shaft. “Someone’s worked a cock before, I see,” Keira smiled nastily.

Kelly pulled her mouth off the smooth wood. “Actually, I haven’t worked a real cock since I was a teenager,” she said, off-handedly. “I fell in love with a girl upon joining the fleet, and, well, haven’t run across any boys since that…” she trailed off, shrugged, and went back to work on Keira’s cock.

“A ladykiller, then, eh?” Keira said.

“In more ways than one,” Kelly muttered. Keira caught it – and the threat it implied – but chose to ignore it. Kelly had already had plenty of chances to kill Keira. If that was her end game, she’d fucked it up already.

“That’s enough,” Keira said, pulling out of Kelly’s mouth. “Now, where do I want to start?”

Kelly rolled her eyes. “Oh, now I know how this goes – you want my on all fours, or just on my back with my ass pulled up high?”

Keira laughed aloud. “Let’s start with all fours,” she said, aiming the well-slicked cock towards Kelly’s ass before the sailor could even quite get into position. Once more, Keira marveled at the ass.

“You should have some artisans preserve this ass in stone or something,” Keira said, running her fingers gently over the ample and shapely cheeks that comprised Kelly’s seat. “Maybe travel to Windscythe and have them carve it out of pure obsidian marble.”

“Yeah, yeah, ass to die for, cheeks to drool over. I’ve heard it all before – after all, I’ve been carrying this thing around with me my entire life.”

Keira felt a flash of anger shoot through her for some strange reason. It was rare for someone to turn down a compliment from the Pirate Queen – especially someone who had just spent quite some time enjoying Keira’s sexual pleasures. Suddenly, she changed her mind.

“Roll over,” she snapped, slapping the side of Kelly’s ass.

“Excuse me?” Kelly asked, clearly confused.

“Roll over. Now,” Keira said, putting the full weight of her years as a pirate Queen into those three words. Kelly’s eyes flared open, but she rolled over onto her back.

Keira slid between Kelly’s legs and immediately shoved half the strap-on up Kelly’s pussy.

“Whoa!” Kelly called out at the unexpected intrusion. “W-what are you-”

“Shut up,” Keira said. “You forget your place, Captain. And I’m about to put you in it.”

And with that, Keira started to pound away.

* * *

“How, exactly, does this get them to tell us anything?” Sara Ramirez asked as she finished tying the last knot holding Kellie Pickler’s hands.

“Easy,” Hayley Williams said as she pulled the top of the second barrel off, tossing it aside to land in a pile with the top to the first barrel. “We ask them questions, and when they don’t answer, we dunk their heads into the barrels so they can’t breathe.”

“Couldn’t we have just taken them outside and dunked them in the ocean?” Brenda Song asked, finishing the last knot on Katharine McPhee’s binds.

“She raises a logical point,” Mary-Louise Parker grumbled from where she sat, still entombed in her cell, ignored by all the others.

Hayley paused for a moment. “Well,” she said slowly. “We could, I suppose – but at least this way I get to try my new hair dyes!”

Sara rolled her eyes. “Alright, alright – let’s get this over with,” she grumbled. “Which one do we start with?”

“The Brunette’s clearly the smarter of the two,” Brenda offered.

“Hey!” Pickler shouted, offended.

“Shut up, blondie,” Sara said, smacking Pickler on the ass. “So, let’s start with the brunette.”

“I won’t tell you anything,” McPhee said defiantly.

“Yay!” Hayley cried out. “Dunk her!”

Sara shot the orange-haired pirate a sour look before turning back to McPhee. “What’s your plan here?” She asked. “Are you here to get revenge for what we did to Port?”

“We’re here to JOIN you,” Kat said with a snarl as Sara pushed her face closer to the swirling liquid in the barrel.

“You’re lying,” Sara said darkly.

“Dunk her!” Hayley cried again. “Dunk her! Dunk her! DUNK HER!”

“Would you please SHUT UP?!” Sara demanded.

“Not until you dunk her!” Hayley snapped back.

“Fine!” Sara roared.. With a vicious shove, she plunged Kat’s head into the dye before her. The Port sailor struggled at once, but Sara kept her beneath the surface for a full ten count.

“STOP!” Pickler screamed. “You’re drowning her!”

Sara relented, hauling McPhee out of the barrel. Sputtering, Kat gasped for air.

“Hmmm…” Hayley said, checking Kat’s long hair. It was noticeably lighter, a deep brown instead of her natural black. “Not bad,” Hayley commented. “It’ll take a few more dunks to turn her fully blonde, but she started so dark to begin with, kinda gotta expect that.”

“We aren’t here to play with their hair,” Ramirez warned her.

“Should I do their nails while we’re at it?” Brenda asked, mock innocently.

“NO!” Sara shouted, shoving Kat back into the barrel.

“HEY!” Pickler screamed. “You didn’t even ask her any questions!”

Sara let go of Kat’s head and stormed over to Pickler. Grabbing a handful of the curly blonde hair, Sara pulled Kellie’s face up to meet her own. “Shut. Up.” She said flatly before forcing Kellie’s head into her barrel.

“Oh, good!” Hayley exclaimed, practically giggling. “I was hoping we’d get to try that one, too.”

“What color is this?” Brenda asked curiously.

“Well, she’s a blonde, so I’m going to guess this will come out as a sort of red – it’s a mixture of strawberries, cherries, eucalyptus leaf and-”

“You guys are the strangest pirates I’ve ever seen,” Kat muttered as Sara pulled Pickler’s head out of the barrel of dye. The now strawberry blonde Pickler spat out some of the dye, then licked her lips.

“Mmmm,” she said. “Tastes like raspberries.”

Ramirez groaned.

“This is never going to work,” Brenda sighed.

“What do you mean?” Hayley asked. “Their hair is ALREADY changing!”

“I mean, we’ll never get them to talk this way.”

“I’m open to suggestions,” Ramirez said.

“Let’s try this,” Brenda said. She stepped up behind McPhee and reached around her waist. With a deft and practiced hand, she undid Kat’s belt, letting her pants fall to the ground at her ankles.

“Ooh!” Hayley gasped as Brenda began to caress the flawless skin of McPhee’s bare ass. “Are we going to spank them until they tell us all their naughty secrets?”

“No,” Brenda said. “In my homeland, the Far Easternlands, we have learned that pleasure and pain are very close to each other in the mind and body and soul. The act of using pain to achieve pleasure is well known, but the act of using pleasure as pain – indeed, as torture even – not so much.

“My people have ways of making a person so mad with pleasure and desire that they will kill their own family in order to feel relief.”

“And you know how to do this?” Sara asked, a new respect in her eyes as she glanced at the tiny little Oriental girl.

“A little,” Brenda said with a shrug. She slid one of her delicate little fingers into Kat’s pussy from behind. She moved so softly, so swiftly, so carefully that Katharine didn’t know she was being violated until Brenda was past the second knuckle on her finger.

“Oooh!” Katharine groaned as Brenda curled her finger slowly but firmly, hitting all sorts of spots inside the prisoner’s velvet walls.

“So, basically, you finger fuck her until she tells you something?” Hayley asked, skeptically.

“It’s a bit more complicated than that,” Brenda said, frowning at Hayley while massaging Kat’s ass and still slowly but gently probing her pussy with a single digit.

“Can’t be any worse than dying their hair to get them to talk,” Ramirez said, giving Hayley a warning scowl.

“I don’t care what you say,” Hayley said defiantly. “I’m going to keep dunking them.” She reached up and used both hands to shove Pickler’s head back under.

Sara rolled her eyes. “At least take her pants off so Brenda can work on her, too.”

“Fine,” Hayley huffed. She let Pickler up for air, the red hair dye streaming down her face as she gasped for breath. Hayley walked around the barrel, undid Kellie’s belts, and yanked down her pants to her ankles.

“Ooh, cute ass,” Hayley said as she stood up.

“Thanks?” Pickler asked, not sure what else to say.

“You’re welcome,” Hayley said charmingly just a second before she slapped Pickler’s ass as hard as she could with the flat of her palm. Pickler yelped as Hayley left a handprint on the flesh almost as red as Picker’s hair was turning.

“Ouch!” The newly redheaded sailor complained.

“Oh, fuck!” Katharine gasped. While the others weren’t looking, Brenda had slipped a second finger inside McPhee’s pussy. Shw now stood behind the Port sailor, one hand pumping in and out like mad, the other gently running up and down McPhee’s spine, the tips brushing like feathers across each raised vertebrae. Sara found herself watching this for a long moment, wondering about the contrast of sensations.

Then she glanced over at Pickler’s bare ass, Hayley’s handprint still quite visible on the pale skin. Sara felt her nipples go hard, her crotch moisten, and licked her lips as a host of dirty thoughts flooded her pirate mind.

“Ah, fuck, now I’m horny,” she muttered. Scowling, she marched over to McPhee, grabbed the sailor’s hair again, and shoved her down into the dye once more.

“Hey!” Brenda said, pulling both hands off Katharine. “I was just about to start asking her questions!”

“My way’s faster,” Ramirez snarled, hauling McPhee out of the dye once more. She hauled Kat’s wet head up and looked her right in the eyes. “Tell me why you’re here, or I’m going to rape your little blonde friend here.”

“She’s a redhead now,” Hayley offered.

Kat looked up at Sara for a moment. “You’re little friend is already raping me,” she pointed out defiantly.

“It’s torture through pleasure,” Brenda said with a huff, crossing her arms over her tits and turning her back on the rest of the group.

“Oh, please, I’m not even buying that,” Mary-Louise Parker said, watching the events outside her cell casually while sitting on her small cot.

“Tell me!” Sara demanded, pulling out a large knife from between her ample cleavage. McPhee tensed, but it was Pickler who cried out.

“If you kill her, she can’t tell you anything!” She hollered. Hayley responded by dunking Pickler back into her dye barrel.

Sara turned back to McPhee. “Tell me! Tell me NOW!”

Kat responded by spitting in Sara’s face.

With a roar, Sara pulled Katharine’s wet hair taunt, and used the knife to hack a huge chunk of it off her head. Throwing the light, light brown hair to the ground where McPhee could see it, Sara shoved Kat’s head back into the dye and held her there long enough for her to start thrashing. Letting go, Sara marched over to Pickler, yanked her head up by her red hair, and turning to make sure McPhee was watching, leaned in and forced a kiss on the other woman.

“Your ass is mine – unless you and your friend want to tell me what you’re doing here.”

“We’re here to become pira-” Sara slapped Kellie across the face before she could finish speaking. Before anyone could say anything else, Ramirez stormed off around the corner, into the part of the prison area where she hadn’t let McPhee and Pickler enter. Truthfully, there wasn’t much to hide – just two more empty cells and a rack of tools against one wall – this wasn’t the first time the pirates had tortured prisoners, after all. A series of hooks, knives, a hammer or two, chains, spikes, nails, ropes and other assorted implements of pain hung there waiting to be used. But also hanging there, just off to the side, were a trio of nasty, thick, heavy-looking strap-on dildos. Shedding her pants, Sara quickly worked to fit one of the straps around her hips. Grabbing the other two strap-ons, she turned around and marched back into the other room.

“Put them on,” Sara snapped, tossing one each to Brenda and Hayley. She then stomped up behind the still-tied Pickler, and with one brutal shove, slammed the strap-on as hard as she could into the prisoner.

“Auuughhhh!” Pickler screamed as pain shot through her body. It didn’t slow Sara down, as she immediately began to harshly fuck the newly red-headed sailor’s beind.

“STOP!” McPhee cried out, tears streaming down her face, mixing with the hair dye as she watched her beloved get brutally butt raped.

“Dunk her!” Sara snarled, pointing at McPhee. Both Hayley and Brenda were still trying to get into their strap-ons, but they moved at once to follow Sara’s orders. With her harness around her ankles, Hayley shuffled forward to shove Kat’s head into the dye before her. When she surfaced, her hair was almost completely blonde.

“Brenda! Fuck her – HARD!” Sara ordered.

“I still think my pleasure torture will work if-”

Sara cut her off. “Start fucking her ass now, or I’ll tie YOU to one of these barrels and let Hayley dunk you in whatever color she wants!”

“Oooh!” Hayley gasped, excited. “I’ve got something cooked up that I think will make your hair green…” she said as she absent mindedly ran her hands through Kat’s newly short and newly blonde hair.

Brenda’s eyes went wide, and she yanked her harness up her legs as quickly as she could. She hopped up behind Katharine, and penetrated Kat’s ass.

“Oh!” Kat exclaimed as Brenda slid up her back side. Sara smiled as she saw Kat’s eyes bug out. The sight made the Pirate realize that her own sexual needs were not being met, save for her increasingly savage fucking of Pickler’s ass. She drove her wooden cock harder and harder into her victim, making the former blonde cry out in pain – and then moan in pleasure.

“W-what should I do?” Hayley asked, still playing with Kat’s hair.

“Come unbutton my shirt,” Sara demanded, placing both of her hands on Kellie’s rump little behind. Hayley started to shuffle over towards them. “Pull your harness up first, idiot,” Sara said, exasperated.

While Hayley took a moment to fix her harness around her hips, Sara let her eyes wander over to where little Brenda was happily fucking away at Katharine’s ass. Poor little Brenda, so often on the receiving end of these things, despite being a pirate herself. Clearly the little Oriental was enjoying being the one doing the violating, like all good pirates should. Surprisingly, Brenda was reaching around to play with her victim’s pussy while she fucked her ass, once more mixing pleasure with the pain. Somehow, that seemed appropriate. Considering that McPhee was still tied to a barrel of dye, Sara thought it made for a touching and erotic sight.

“Hayley?” Sara asked, warningly.

“Coming! Coming!” The little orange-haired Pirate said, her strap-on swinging between her legs as she rushed Sara’s side and started undoing the curvier Pirate’s shirt. It took a few tries, as Sara didn’t stop pounding away at Pickler’s ass the whole time, but soon enough, Sara’s shirt swung free, as did her ample bosom.

“Suck my tits!” Sara demanded. Hayley knew better than to question her, and her lips quickly found themselves suckling at one of Sara’s breasts. Ramirez groaned as pleasure started to seep into her body from her nipple. “Finally found a use for that mouth of yours,” She said, holding Hayley’s head to her chest.

“Hey!” Hayley said. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means get back to sucking my tit before I bend you over and fuck your ass.”

“Oh yeah?” Hayley said, trying to stand up straight. Sara had hand gripping the smaller Pirate’s hair, and stopped her cold. “Let me go!” Hayley snarled.

“Uh-oh,” Brenda said, pulling out of Katharine and moving towards the other two. But it was too late. Sara threw Hayley to the ground and pulled herself out of her Victim.

“Oh, shit,” Hayley gulped as Sara jumped on her, twisting her around on the floor, and penetrating her perky little ass with one quick jab of her strap-on.

“AAAAUUUGGGGHHHHH!” Hayley cried out.

“I told you I’d do this,” Sara snarled, holding Hayley by the waist and pounding the smaller Pirate’s rear end hard and fast.

“Fuck!” Hayley cried out. “Fuck Fuck FUCK!” She continued to swear as Ramirez treated her like a worthless animal. “Oh, fuck my ass! Yeah, fuck my dirty little ass!”

“Shut up,” Sara said. “Brenda, come here.”

“Uh, I was thinking I should maybe get back to questioning-” Brenda started to say, backing up and motioning towards Katharine, but Sara cut her off with a look, and the slight Oriental quickly rushed to the other Pirate’s side.

“Stuff your dildo in Hayley’s mouth,” Sara said. “That ought to shut her up.”

“Uh, what about the Prisoners?”

“They aren’t going anywhere, now shove your cock in her mouth before I shove MINE in yours.”

Brenda hurried around to Hayley’s head, and quickly shoved her strap-on into the orange-haired girl’s mouth.

“These are the strangest Pirates I’ve ever seen,” Mary-Louise Parker groused from inside her cell.

* * *

As Keira Knightley’s strap-on dildo slid in and out of Kelly Clarkson’s sopping wet pussy, the Port captain couldn’t help but wonder when the last time she’d had an actual penis inside her. Kelly considered herself more than happy to sleep with both men and women, but for well more than 5 years, she’d been with just women. And, for that matter, it had been more than 5 years since she’d felt anything penis-shaped inside her pussy. Ever since that disastrous journey back from the Isle of Sapphos, Kelly had been the one to wear the strap-ons if she used one.

So as the Pirate Queen hovered above her, dominating Kelly like the best men Kelly had ever been with, Kelly couldn’t quite help but wonder if part of the reason she’d not even tried to fall in love again was because even if she had been looking, she would’ve been looking in the wrong places.

Then Keira leaned in and cupped one of Kelly’s breasts, and any thoughts about men vanished from Kelly’s head.

“You’ve been very bad, Captain,” Keira said between ragged breaths. “I know you’re up to something.”

“Maybe – Oh!” Kelly gasped as the strap-on hit a particularly enjoyable spot inside her. “Maybe this is what I was after,” Kelly said. “Maybe I wanted to bed you and become your love- Ah, fuck! – your lover.”

“M-my lover?” Keira panted.

“Your lover,” Kelly moaned. “Your whore. Your wanton slut.”

“You make a good little slut,” Keira said. “Your whole body screams sex. I just want to eat you right up.”

“OH!” Kelly cried out. “Ooooh! Oh, FUCK! N-no. No, no, no – no more eating, no more licking.” Kelly reached up and took Keira’s face in her hands. “Fucking. Just fucking. That’s all I want from you.”

Keira giggled and pulled the dildo out almost all the way, until just the very tip was inside Kelly. “All you want from me?”

“Yes!” Kelly hissed.

“Beg me,” Keira said, continuing to hold her tip at the very entrance to Kelly. “Beg me to fuck you.”

“Fuck me!” Kelly groaned as Keira’s hands gripped both of Kelly’s tits and started squeezing them playfully. “Please fuck me!”

“You can do better than that,” Keira grinned, leaning in to lick a very hard nipple.

“Ooooh, FUCK!” Kelly cried in frustration. “For the love of might, FUCK ME! Fuck me so hard, I won’t be able to walk for a week! Fuck me until I cum so hard, I flood the bed with my juices! Just PLEASE FUCK ME!”

“Much better,” Keira said, slamming her cock home inside Kelly once more, and making Kelly’s body melt.

Kelly had long ago lost track of how long this sex had lasted, nor did she care, but she was certain that at that moment, with Keira Kngithley pounding her like a woman possessed, she would give just about anything to have this night last forever. Her entire body, from the tips of her toes, up through her hair and out to her fingers, seemed to just boil over with bliss.

Kelly suddenly realized she was close to orgasm. How had that happened? They’d just started, hadn’t they? Or had she lost track again, as the pleasure of the sex massaged her brain into a stupor? Either way, she new climax was approaching, and faster than she wanted.

“S-slow down,” Kelly gasped. “I’m close.”

“Then you can cum and I can keep fucking,” Keira said with a nasty smile. “I’m not stopping.”

“OH!” As if to prove her point, Keira sped up, working her hips like a pro to hit Kelly sweetest spots faster and faster. “Oh, GOD! Kelly cried out. “Oh, Oh, OH, OOOOOOHHHHH!” Kelly couldn’t help herself now – she wrapped her legs around Keira’s back, pulled her in tight, and then grabbed Keira’s perky little tits in her hands, and held on tight as another orgasm rattled her entire physique.

“OOOOOHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!” Kelly cried out, the air in her lungs rushing out in a fast hiss that only seemed to extend that ultimate ecstasy. Her entire body just folded up into nothingness as her brain exploded into the kind of release a woman only dreams of. As her orgasm coursed through her body, Kelly thought she saw a face before her eyes, and was surprised it wasn’t Keira’s. Was that-?

The world snapped back into focus once more as Keira kissed Kelly’s mouth. “Now is not the time to sleep, my dear,” the Pirate Queen said.


“It’s time for you to roll over,” Keira said, withdrawing from Kelly’s slit. “I’ve wanted that ass of yours since I first saw you, and this time, I’m going to get it.”

Without another word, Keira rolled the still half-stunned Kelly over onto her stomach, and pushed her face into the bed.

* * *

The blackness faded from Jason Lambert’s face, and for half a long moment, he thought he’d just awoken from some long bender weekend in a Harvest dock, or maybe enjoying a layaway in Inahabheb. Maybe even a trip to Isla Sorna – that place had always been fun.

Except now it wasn’t, he realized. No, it had been overrun by Vikings. Vikings and Pirates…


Lambert’s eyes snapped open, and he groaned aloud. There, sitting on the edge of a bed, was the same tattooed Pirate who’d kicked his ass in a fight that was the last thing he remembered.

He also remembered how nasty that ass-kicking had been.

“He’s waking up,” a voice said from beside Lambert. Groggily, Lambert turned his head and was surprised to see a gorgeous young raven-haired woman standing next to him – stark naked.

“Do you know him?” The Pirate asked.

“No, Captain Fox,” the girl replied. “The Princess didn’t meet with every Port Sailor in the fleet.”

“Princess?” Lambert muttered, just a bit too loud. He looked again at the naked girl, but he was certain she wasn’t Princess Miley. Could she be one of her Ladies in Waiting?

“Ah, so you ARE here to rescue the Princess,” Fox said, standing up and walking over to Lambert. It was about now that he realized he was tied to a chair, and that the two women were the only others in the room. If he could get free, he was certain the little naked girl wouldn’t provide much challenge – of course, he’d have to deal with Fox, and she’d already proven more than a match for him, but if he could some up with something clever.

“Who are you?”

“Would you believe I was the Pirate King?” Lambert tried.

“We don’t have a King. A Queen, yes, but not a king.”

“You have to be the strangest Pirates I’ve ever heard of.”

“But you have heard of us,” Megan said, leaning in close to him. So close that their lips practically met as she spoke. Lambert was nearly overcome with the smell of the woman, a combination of sweat, ale, and some pheromones that spoke to him in ways only another man could understand. His cock twitched as she looked him in the eyes.

“That was the best fight I’ve had in a long time,” she said, her voice quiet and husky, clearly trying to seduce him. “I love a man who can thrust a good sword.”

“So you’ll let me go?” Lambert asked hopefully.

“Oh, no,” Megan said, climbing onto his lap and drawing a finger over his lips. “I couldn’t waste a good man like you by letting you go.”

“What are you going to do?”

“First, we’re going to have some fun, and if you tell me all about your plans to save the Princess and what Captain Kelly is trying to pull with the Queen, then we’ll skip step two, and get right on with killing you.”

“Killing me is step three?” Lambert asked. “What’s step two?”

“Torturing you to get the information I want.”

“I don’t like step two,” Lambert admitted as Megan undid a button on his slashed shirt.

“Then maybe you should try and make step one last longer.” Lambert was about to ask for more details on step one when Megan gently nipped his ear with her teeth, and he suddenly got a very good impression about what was to come.

Fox began to quickly undo what was left of Lambert’s shirt, practically tearing the ripped fabric off his chest. At the same time, the mysterious naked girl moved around behind Fox and began to strip her of some of her clothes.

“I-I’m sorry, who are you?” he asked.

“I’m captain Megan Fox,” The Pirate said, biting his earlobe once more. “You should really try to remember that.”

“Oh, I won’t forget that,” Lambert admitted as she yanked his shirt down his arms, leaving the remains around his wrists, as he was still tied to the chair he was in. “But I was asking your little friend.”

“She’s my sex slave, you don’t need to know her name,” Megan said, running a hand over Lambert’s bare chest. “Oh, did I bruise you?” Megan asked as she saw a black and blue spot on his side.

“You pretty much handed me my ass on a platter,” Lambert replied, still looking at the naked girl.

“Oh, too bad – from what I’ve seen, it’s a cute little ass. In fact…” she trailed off as she stood up and got off him. “Vanessa, let’s get his pants off.”

“Yes, Captain,” the girl – Vanessa – replied, not looking directly at Megan before reaching in to undo Lambert’s belt.

“Wait a second here – you’re really going to do this?” Lambert asked, confused.

“Do what?” Megan asked innocently.

“Fuck me?” Lambert asked. “I kinda thought you were kidding.”

“Oh, I don’t kid about sex with men,” Megan said. “Besides, have you seen the men in this place? All a bunch of dirty Pirates. I like my men a bit more… well, let’s just say if I am going to have sex with a boy, I don’t want him to be a Pirate.”

“How you suffer,” Lambert quipped as the Vanessa girl slid his pants down his legs, leaving them pooled around his ankles. Lambert’s cock stood at full attention, and he was surprised to get an approving look from the mystery naked girl.

“Oh, heck – we capture guys like you every now and then, and when there’s no good boys around to fuck, there’s plenty of pussy to go around.” The Pirate smiled at Lambert as she shed her own pants, revealing a very impressive lower half.

“So, tell me, what’s your name again?” Megan asked, seeing how his eyes were drawn to her bare crotch.

“I, ah, I don’t have one?” he said as Megan straddled his hips once more. As she settled into his lap, she pressed her bare pussy against the underside of his cock, but didn’t let him into her, preferring to tease him.

“Oh, that’s too bad, isn’t it Vanessa?” Megan asked.

“Y-yes, Captain.”

“Vanessa, can you do me a favor and help me out of this shirt? I think our nameless guest might like to see my… tattoos.”

“Yes, Captain.” The naked girl moved to Megan’s side, and reached in to start pulling Fox’s shirt off of her – it was, Lambert noted, the same shirt he’d slashed with his sword in their fight, meaning that it was cut open to reveal her tits anyway. Clearly, having the other woman help get her naked was just another way to tease him into submission.

“I won’t tell you anything,” Lambert said as the shirt came off Fox, revealing her full, perky tits and her tattooed and alluring skin to Lambert’s eyes. “Oh my,” he muttered.

“Oh, do you like my… tattoos?” Megan said, making it abundantly clear that she was not talking about her tattoos.

“They’re lovely,” Lambert admitted.

“Yes, they are,” Megan said, adjusting her seat a bit, and running the wet fold of her crotch against the underside of his cock. “Oh, that felt nice, didn’t it?”

“Y-yes it did.”

“Why won’t you tell me your name?”

“I won’t tell you anything.”

“But why not? Don’t you like me?”

“You beat me up and tied me to a chair!”

“But I’m making up for that now, aren’t I?” She asked, sitting up a bit to put her breasts in his face.

“You could let me go,” Lambert suggested.

“Or I could do this.” Megan reached around and grabbed Lambert’s hair, and shoved his head between her tits, rubbing them in his face. When she released him, his hair was a mess and he looked short of breath – but she could feel his saliva over her breasts.

“Oh my,” he said again.

Megan looked at him again, then broke his heart a little by standing up and getting off of him. “Well, if you don’t want to play with me, maybe you’ll play with Vanessa here.”

“W-what?” Lambert asked, his cock actually twitching from the sudden removal of Megan’s pussy.

“Vanessa?” Megan asked. “Why don’t you give our friend here a blow – but don’t let him cum until he tells us his name.”

Vanessa traded worried looks with Lambert, but dropped to her knees between Lambert’s tied legs. “Y-yes, Captain,” she said, lowering her lips to Jason’s cock, and beginning to suck.

“Oh, fuck,” Lambert moaned. Whoever Vanessa was, she was an expert cocksucker. Already, he could feel her delicate little tongue working it’s way around his shaft in most enticing ways. Lambert shivered as his body began to betray him, and he started to get into the oral sex being performed upon him.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned again as Vanessa placed her tiny hands on his thighs, spreading them wider so she could get closer, and suck even more of his manhood into her mouth.

“Wow,” Megan said casually, draping an arm over one of Lambert’s shoulders. “She’s really good at that. I’ve had her suck a strap-on, but that looks like it feels SOOO good.” She pulled his face to the side so he was forced to look at her. “Does that feel good, guest with no name?”

“Yes,” he admitted.

“Good enough for you to tell me your name?” As Megan asked that last question, Vanessa performed some mystery move with her tongue that made Lambert just about blow his load. The young girl must have sensed it, however, as she pulled off and kept only the very tip of his dick in her mouth.

“Oh, fuuuuckk,” He groaned, having come within seconds of blowing his load.

“Tell me your name, and I’ll totally let her get you off,” Megan asked, making it sound like the most reasonable thing in the world.

“J-Jason. My name is Jason.”

“Jason?” Megan asked, letting go of his hair and walking away from him for a second. “Jason Lambert?”

“Uh…” He didn’t know how to answer that, but Megan didn’t give him a chance anyway.

“Clarkson’s first officer,” she said. Suddenly, a nasty sneer crossed Megan’s face, and Lambert got the impression he may have just said too much just by saying his name.

“Get off him,” Megan said, practically shoving Vanessa aside before retaking her place atop Lambert. This time, she penetrated herself upon his cock, making him cry out. “Mmmm, you feel bigger than I expected by looking at you.”

“Nice,” Lambert muttered sourly.

“Your Captain told us you lead a rather unsuccessful attempt at mutiny aboard your ship. Is that right?” As she asked, she raised herself up until only the tip of his manhood was within her, teasing him even more than when Vanessa had done the same with her mouth just seconds ago. “Of course, the way she talked, it was like she was pining for you like some lost love. But the fact that you’re so hard and so desperate for me right now tells me you don’t mind sleeping around on her, am I right?”

Lambert wanted nothing more at that moment than to have Megan sit back down – he was dying for a little release at the moment, but he couldn’t tell Fox any more. He’d clearly failed in his mission to save Kelly from the Pirate Queen, but if he kept Fox here questioning him a bit longer, he might be able to give the others time to escape with the Princess. It was almost ironic – he’d gone to save Captain Kelly from doing just this – giving her life to buy time for the others. Now he was doing exactly what he’d wanted to stop her from doing.

He just wished he could’ve told her, just once, how he’d really felt about her.

“Tell me,” Megan whispered in his ear, her voice deadly cold.

“Tell you what?” Lambert asked, trying to delay the inevitable.

“Let’s start,” she said, as she eased herself down upon his cock slowly, oh so slowly, making him quiver at the sensation, “with if there was a mutiny on your little ship.”

“N-n-no,” Lambert stammered.

“I knew it,” Megan hissed in his ear as she finished sitting down. Lambert groaned in delight, feeling like a teenaged virgin getting his first piece of pussy again. Megan Fox was a tattooed Pirate with a vicious streak and clearly enjoyed driving men like Lambert mad with lust. She was everything Lambert did NOT want in a woman. But at this moment, all he wanted was up out of this chair so he could grab her and fuck her until they both died.

“So, what did you do?” Megan asked, now actively moving up and down upon Lambert, fucking him slowly but surely. “Hide aboard the ship until you thought it was safe to sneak aboard?”

“S-something like – Unngh! – something like that, yeah,” Lambert said, trying to yank his hands free of whatever was keeping him tied to the chair. He would’ve given almost anything to be free at that moment. Almost anything.

“So, how many with you?” Megan asked, pumping him with her hips while whispering the question in his ear.

“None. It’s just – Oh Fuck! – It’s just me-e-e-ooh!”

Megan stopped dead, Lambert’s cock only half into her. The look that crossed her face could’ve frozen water. “I don’t believe you, Jason.”

“It’s true,” Jason said, desperately trying to hump upwards. He was close. So very, very close.

“Oh no,” Megan said, pulling off him completely. “I don’t believe you, and until you make me believe you, no more of me for you.”

Lambert snarled, then blinked. He’d never been upset about being denied sex before – ever. Of course, he’d never had to work all that hard for sex before, either, as girls were usually all too willing to throw themselves at him. But even when he was denied, he usually found somewhere else to find relief. Somehow, he got the impression that Megan wasn’t going to let him go any time soon.

“Are you alone?” Megan asked again, walking around behind him, running a finger along his shoulder and back as she circled him. “C’mon, Jason,” she said, mock sweetly. “I’m so wet and so horny. There’s nothing I want more than to get back on you and fuck you some more. You want that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he admitted – there was no reason to lie about THAT – the way his cock was twitching in the air pretty much told the answer anyway.

“Then just tell me the truth,” She said, coming around the front of him again. She leaned in close – close enough for their noses to brush. “That would make me so happy, Jason. Just tell me who’s with you, and we can have sex again.”

“There’s no one with me – it was thought that if I worked alone, I’d get further than if there was a whole group of us.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Megan said, slapping his face.

“I made it all the way up here on my own,” Lambert lied, feeling the sting of her slap on his face. That seemed to make her stop and consider for a long moment.

“You came looking for the Princess,” Megan said, spreading her legs and straddling his hips once more, though she didn’t sit down yet.

“Yes,” Jason said, trying to bluff his way through this as best he could. “I’d find the Princess and smuggle her aboard the Impervious-”

“The Impervious?” Megan asked, confused now.

“Yeah, we figured you’d search the Idol first, so when she wasn’t found there, you’d start searching everywhere else, and when the Idol left port, we’d smuggle the Princess aboard and go from there.”

Megan looked at him for a long moment before laughing out loud. “That has to be the dumbest plan I’ve ever heard.”

“Yeah, well, no one ever said we were the smartest sheep in the herd,” Lambert muttered.

“Aww, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” Megan said, still laughing. She sat back down, sliding Lambert back inside her. “You’ve been such a help to me, Jason, I’m going to let you finish before I kill you.”

“Kill me?!” Lambert said, alarmed. “Wait, uh, I’m sure there’s more plan you need to know!”

“No, there isn’t,” Megan said, riding him again. She wasn’t stopping, either. There’d be no more teasing, no more fooling around. Megan was going to fuck him good, then kill him. As if to seal the point, she was already holding a rather nasty looking dagger in her hand.

Lambert was dead. He knew that now. There was no way out of this one. Ironically, he remembered telling some of his male buddies back in Port that if he had to die, he’d like to do so while fucking. It seemed he was about to get his wish.

She may have been a pirate, but when riding up and down on his cock, Megan looked like a goddess, all jiggling tits and flying hair. It seemed she was getting off on it as much as Lambert was, and more than once, she leaned in to give him a not-entirely-passionless kiss. Lambert, for his part, tried to hold out as long as possible – since death seemed a guarantee after the sex, longer sex was good, obviously. But when Megan started gasping and moaning his name, he knew time was up.

“Oh, Jason!” she groaned in his ear. “Oh, you feel so good. So GOOD! I want to cum with you, Jason. You make me so hot, so so hot! Can you feel my pussy burning for you? Can you feel the heat on that cock of yours?”

Lambert tried to fight against nature. But it was a losing battle, so he tried a new tactic. He would give in. But he wouldn’t give in to Megan Fox, as sexually arousing as she was. He may have lusted after the pirate, but if he was going to die, he was going to die thinking of the woman he cared the most about.

Jason Lambert closed his eyes, thought of Kelly Clarkson, and shot his load deep inside Megan Fox, who just so happened to be screaming his name at the time.

If it was going to be his last orgasm, it was a damn good one.

* * *

As Keira Knightley penetrated Kelly Clarkson’s perfect ass with her strap-on dildo, she realized that this had been her one major goal for the Port captain. Ever since Keira had set eyes on her, all she’d wanted was to fuck Kelly’s ass.

They’d been dancing around it for half the night now, it seemed, and engaged it about every other form of sex two women could do without involving another person, but finally – FINALLY – Keira was getting to fuck that ass.

It was worth the wait.

Perfectly shaped, perfectly proportioned, perfectly smooth and round. A woman could sail the seven seas for a lifetime and never encounter another pair of butt cheeks so perfect, and now, Keira Knightley, Pirate Queen, hunter of rare objects, master seductress, scourge of those same seven seas, was adding another wonderful object to her list of amazing achievements.

“Oh!” Kelly gasped as Keira slowly worked the dildo into her. Keira knew that the key to good anal sex wasn’t in slamming it in and pounding away like a mad-woman – that was Xtina’s game, and Keira had thought it’d ruined a few too many asses over years – not to mention people in general. No, slow and steady won this race every time, and with an buttocks this sweet, Keira would do anything to win.

“Oh my! That feels so good!” Kelly moaned as Keira continued to slowly work her way in.

“It may surprise you to learn that this is not the first ass I’ve fucked,” Keira joked, kissing Kelly’s shoulder as she continued to take the other woman from behind.

“Never would have guessed,” Kelly laughed before hissing with pleasure as Keira’s slow progress hit another sweet spot. “How many other women have you blessed with your skills?”

“Enough to learn how to treat a woman’s rear like something to be worshiped while I do dirty, dirty things to it.”

“Mmmmm…” Kelly moaned, more in anticipation, Keira suspected, than any actually pleasure. It was nice to know Keira could still woe a woman while ramming a wooden cock up their backside. It’d been a while since she’d tried, but Kelly was reacting as favorably as any of Keira’s other lovers had – perhaps more so.

To be fair, both women, while having climaxed several times each now, were clearly still nearly overcome with their lusts, and that suited Keira just fine. She would fuck Kelly’s ass, make the other woman scream for release, and then… well, after that, Keira might want to try something else. Kelly truly was an incredible lover, and it seemed a shame to just get rid of her just yet. Maybe she could find a way to keep Kelly as a sex slave, like Princess Miley.

Now there was a thought…

Keira reached down and gripped the ample flesh of Kelly’s butt, enjoying the way the warm skin felt between her fingers. She kneaded Kelly’s ass while fucking it, and lost herself in the carnal pleasures of the moment. Keira suspected a lot of men and women had lost themselves in this ass, and she both envied those others, and was thrilled to be joining them.

“Oh, fuck my ass, Keira” Kelly cried out. “Fuck my ass hard!”

“Oh, you know I will,” Keira groaned. “I’m going to fuck this ass so hard that you’ll never walk right again.”

“Oooh!” Kelly whimpered as Keira increased her pace. “So good.”

“Yeah, you like it when I fuck your tight little ass with my big, hard dick, don’t you?”

“Oh, yeah, baby,” Kelly said, glancing over her shoulder. “Fuck my ass with that big old dick of yours!”

Keira didn’t need to be told twice, and using Kelly’s own buttocks for leverage, the Pirate Queen continued to increase her pace and enjoyed the sight of the lacquered wood dildo slide in and out of Kelly’s glorious rear end.

Keira found herself wishing her strap on was a real cock, so she could really feel the way Kell’s glorious backside gripped and slid with the fucking it was getting. Keira had spent almost all her life not only happy to be a woman, but actually relieved about not being a boy, but on occasions like this, when having sex with a beautiful woman, there was the occasional longing.

“Harder!” Kelly moaned. “I’m getting close, please fuck me harder!”

“Oh, so my dirty little sailor gets off on being fucked in the ass?” Keira asked playfully, actually stopping her fucking with the dildo stuffed as far into Kelly as it would go.

“Yes!” Kelly hissed. “God damn it, FUCK MY ASS!!!”

Keira laughed aloud and got back to work. Her fingers dug deeper into Kelly’s ass, and she moved like a pro as she slid her dildo in and out of Kelly faster and faster. The Port Captain began to moan and gasp uncontrollably, and by now Keira knew the signs that Kelly was approaching orgasm. Taking a risk, Keira leaned in closer, reached around and felt for Kelly’s engorged clit. Finding it with a single finger tip, Keira began to play gently with the nub, adding another whole layer of pleasure to Kelly’s experience.

That added layer was all it took. With a scream of sheer joy, Kelly Clarkson came once more, her body shaking the bed so hard that Keira feared it would rattle the nails out of the bed frame.

Keira kept fucking as Kelly climaxed, and when the other woman finally calmed down, she eased the strap on out of Kelly’s behind and got off the bed.

“Wow,” Kelly said, her voice racked with gasps for breath. “Just… wow.”

“Hush, my dear,” Keira said, coming around the Kelly’s head. She ran her hand through Kelly’s brown hair before gently taking a handful of it, and using it to hold Kelly steady as she fed the woman the same dildo that had just been in her ass.

“That’s it, my pretty little captain,” Keira said. “That’s a good girl. You have been so good to me tonight, I may have to keep you.”

Kelly pulled her mouth off the dildo and looked up at Keira. “May have to keep me?” She said, clearly amusingly surprised. “Come here. Let me show you why you should keep me.”

* * *

The door to the wine cellar was still locked, and the four teenaged girls trapped within had given in to their fates, and were now working hard to drink up as much of the alcohol around them before some Pirate stumbled upon them.

Princess Miley Cyrus had a head start, but judging from the giggly mess that was Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, the Princess suspected those two girls would pretty quickly pass her and become well and truly drunk. As she watched the two girls in the other corner across from the door, Demi giggled something in Selena’s ear, and Selena responded by kissing Demi on the mouth.

“Wait, you guys like each other?” Miley asked without think.”

Demi smiled across the room at her. “Well, yeah.”

“It makes all the sex we have better,” Selena added, groping Demi’s tit through her shirt as she spoke.

“Selena!” Demi said, batting the hand away with her own. “Not in front of the Princess.”

“Aww, what does she care? We’re just a couple of no-name kids she’ll never see again.”

“I wouldn’t count on that,” Miley said. “The Pirates tend to keep all their slaves together.”

“Slaves?” Debby Ryan said, sounding worried. “You mean they’d make us slaves?”

“I’m the Heir to the Throne of Port, and they made me a slave,” Miley pointed out. “It’s that, or kill you, I suspect.”

All three of the other girls traded looks, and then as one they took long gulps on whatever bottles they were working on. Miley sighed, and took a long pull on her own wine bottle.

“Well, fuck this, then,” Selena said. She reached down and yanked her shirt up over her head, exposing her perky little teenaged tits to the room. As she dropped her shirt, she pulled Demi close and kissed her, hard. Miley felt her jaw drop – and her crotch heat up – as the two girls made out for a long moment.

“If’ I’m going to become a slave, I want to get laid again before I’m forced to do it.” As Selena spoke, Miley saw her hands dip under Demi’s shirt, and slowly start to lift the tattered fabric up over the other girl’s head. Soon, both girls were topless, and if Demi was at all embarrassed about being half-naked in front of her Princess, she didn’t let on. In fact, Demi just seemed to melt into Selena’s arms. Soon both girls were putting down their bottles, and laying down on the floor.

“Are they like this a lot?” The Princess asked, her eyes wide as Selena lay atop Demi, fighting to get into the other girl’s pants without getting off of her.

“I think so,” Debby admitted. “Well, to be honest, I’ve only just met them, but when I did, Selena was topless, Demi wasn’t wearing any pants, and as soon as they could get me alone aboard the ship, they had sex with me, which was my first time with a girl, and it turned out to be TWO girls who were really pretty and so very sexy. It was by far the best sex I’ve ever had, though I’ve not really had a LOT of sex – at least, not until I’ve come aboard the Idol. I think it’s something about the ship, myself. Everyone seems so horny aboard. I blame Commander Lambert. He’s so hot for a guy, you know? Oh, no, you haven’t seen him. Well, he’s handsome. VERY handsome. I would let him bed me any time, if I may be so bold-”

“More than bold enough,” Miley said, getting the impression that if she let her, Debby would rattle on for several long minutes. Miley didn’t really mind, as the show Selena and Demi were putting on was more than enough to distract her. Hell, the way Demi was sucking on one of Selena’s nipples at that moment, Miley was certain the sight could distract someone from getting their leg cut off.

Selena managed to get her hand into Demi’s honey pot, and Demi reacted at once, moaning aloud and practically rolling her head right off her shoulders. Miley felt her mouth water as Selena started stroking away at Demi’s clit, driving her long-time lover wild.

Miley was instantly reminded of the numerous times she’d forced her two Ladies in Waiting, Vanessa Hudgens and Tiffany Thornton, to have sex in front of her so the Princess could masturbate to the imagery. It had been Miley’s first, hesitant exploration into her own sexuality, but since then she’d been captured by Pirates, and made a sex slave of Queen Keira Knightley. She felt like she had no sexual inhibitions any more, but seeing Selena and Demi going at it so blatantly in front of others, Miley once again felt like a timid little virgin Princess who was desperate to get off, but didn’t yet dare let anyone else touch her.

“Debby?” Selena spoke up suddenly. “Debby, babe, come here and help me out of my pants. I promise Demi will make it worth your while.

Debby shot Miley a worried look, then looked back at the two lovers across the room. She seemed to struggle with something for a moment, but then threw up her hands.

“Oh, what the heck – if we’re going to be sex slaves any time now anyway, I’d better have some more sex.” She quickly walked over to Selena and stripped the girl of her pants while Selena still pleasured and made out with Demi.

Miley felt her eyes pop a bit more as Selena’s bare ass came into view. Miley had seen more than a handful of naked rear ends now, and Selena had a superior one, that much was for sure. Even Debby seemed mesmerized by Selena’s seat, as she just stood there staring at it for a long moment.

“Go ahead, Debby,” Demi said. “Kiss Selena’s ass. I can tell you want to.”

Debby hesitated but a moment, then leaned in and kissed each of Selena’s cheeks once before pulling up again, covering her mouth with both hands and looking for all the world like a young child caught stealing a treat from the royal kitchens. Miley almost laughed.

Demi did. “Come here, Debby, and take your pants off.” If Debby had any inhibitions left, she was ignoring them now, stripping out of her pants and moving up towards where Demi and Selena’s heads were. By some unspoken signal, Selena sat up and started to work to undo Demi’s pants, while Demi pulled Debby down for a quick kiss once.

“Sit on my face, Debby,” Demi told her. “I want to taste you.”

Miley almost climaxed right there with Demi’s words. Her nipples were so hard, her pussy so wet, she felt like her entire body was on fire with lust and need. But as hot as Demi’s words were, the sight made them look cold in comparison.

Demi laid back flat on the floor, stopping just long enough for Selena to yank her pants down her legs. Then Demi reached up to take Debby’s hands in hers, and guided the sandt-blonde haired girl down until she was straddling Demi’s face. For half a second, Debby looked confused – until Demi started to lick away at Debby’s slit, making to most innocent of the trio swoon with delight.

“Oh, that’s SO hot!” Selena said, chucking aside Demi’s pants before laying back down on the floor, this time bringing her head down between Demi’s legs. Demi’s knees were bent, so what, exactly, Selena was doing to her lover’s pussy wasn’t clear to Miley, but whatever it was, it was clearly working, as Demi began shifting and moaning underneath Debby.

Miley lasted all of two seconds watching this impressive threesome before reaching down underneath her tattered shirt, spreading her legs, and starting to touch herself. Selena, Demi, and Debby were the single sexiest thing Miley had ever seen, and there was no way the young Princess was going to watch that without touching herself.

Miley’s fingers found her crotch sopping wet, and she thought for sure the heat coming out of her pussy would scorch her fingers, but Miley stuffed two fingers into her slit and began pounding away at herself. Her eyes never left the boddies of her unexpected fellow prisoners.

Debby was clearly getting into the fun now, reaching down to yank her own shirt up over her head, exposing her impressive teenaged breasts. But with Selena’s face buried in Demi’s crotch, and Demi’s head underneath Debby herself, there was no one to really notice, so Debby grabbed her own tits and started manhandling them herself, squeezing the flesh in all sorts of dirty little ways, unknowingly driving Miley off a wall in the process.

Miley lost track of anything Selena, Demi, and Debby were saying. It was as if the blood rushing through her body was roaring in her ears, blocking out the sounds. All she could see was the heavenly vision before her. She could barely think, and the only action she seemed able to take was to stroke herself raw while watching the other girls fool around with each other.

The last week or more had seen Miley lose her virginity, been used as a sex toy, a prisoner, and a slave. And yet, the sight of three beautiful girls her own age had her frozen with lust. Her brain filled with images of pure beauty, lust, and sexual temptation. Selena’s ass, Debby’s tits, Demi’s crotch – these girls seemed to be ripped out of Miley’s own sexual fantasies.

Suddenly, the fog cleared from Miley’s brain for a moment, and she realized that all three girls were staring at her as she fingered herself.

“Uh, hi?” Debby asked when it became clear the Princess knew she was being watched.

“You, ah, want to join us, Your Highness?” Demi asked carefully, still underneath Debby’s crotch.

“Uh…” Miley trailed off, not sure what to say. Part of her wanted to stay here, across the room, where it was safe to sit and watch as the others fucked for her amusement. But a much larger part wanted to hop in the middle of them and let them do whatever their dirty little minds wanted to do to her. Miley wavered, clearly unsure, for a long moment.

“Oh, the heck with this,” Selena said. Standing up, she walked across the room, her teenaged hips swaying suggestively as she approached Miley. Stooping down on her haunches next to the Princess, Selena leaned in and kissed Miley passionately.

It was one of the hottest kisses Miley had ever experienced – not that she’d experienced a lot of kisses in her short life. But Selena’s lips hit hers, and all the sexual energy Miley had seen floating between the other three girls seemed to pass like a jolt into Miley’s very brain.

Had Selena, a mere sailor at best, gone up to Miley in Port itself and kissed the Princess like this, she would’ve been arrested and thrown in the dungeon for the rest of her life. Here, on Hammerhead Atoll, Selena was rewarded with Miley pulling her to the ground and jumping atop her, fighting like mad to keep that kiss going.

“I guess she’s joining us,” Demi said.

If Debby replied, Miley didn’t hear it – or care. She had her hands traveling all over Selena’s naked skin, reveling in the ability to truly feel another woman underneath her. All of Miley’s sexual experiences to date had her in very submissive roles. Keira Knightley had lorded over her like the Pirate Queen she was, and the other Pirates who’d partaken of Miley’s body had acted like Pirates, taking what they wanted and rarely giving back. Selena, it seemed, was more than willing to just lay there and accept what Miley was doing to her.

Miley’s hands went immediately to Selena’s perky little tits, and the Princess’ mouth quickly followed. The raven-haired beauty gasped as Miley rather forcefully started sucking on Selena’s nipples. Like someone who’d just come out of the desert to find herself upon a glorious, crystal clear lake, Miley dove into making love to Selena as if her life depended upon it.

Having feasted – albeit only briefly – on Selena’s breasts, Miley moved her mouth down the other girl’s taunt stomach, pausing only a second to tongue Selena’s belly-button before continuing on until she reached Selena’s clit, which was inflamed already from everything that had been going on. Miley’s tongue darted forth, striking against the rock-hard nubbin and making Selena cry out.

“Oh, FUCK!” Selena hollered.

“Such language around your Princess,” Miley said devilishly.

“Actually, Selena and Demi are from Harvest, and I’m from Isla Sorna, so technically, you aren’t our princess,” Debby pointed out from where she and Demi sat watching. “Although, I guess as official crew members of a Port ship, you WOULD be our Princess. Except, are we really official members of the crew? I know I haven’t had any official ceremony or anything like that. How DO you become an official Port Sailor? Do you have to go to school for it? How hard are the classes? Am I too old to enroll? If I go to Ship School, can I be sure to get posted back to the Idol when I graduate? What are the School’s requirements for-”

“Debby,” Demi said, pressing a finger against the other girl’s mouth. “Shut up and kiss me.” With that, Demi pulled Debby to her, and the two girls melted to the floor once more.

Miley didn’t care if these girls were her subjects or not – she only cared that they would get her off. Selena was holding Miley’s hair, gently keeping the Princess’ head between her legs where she could keep working her tongue and lips over her crotch. Miley didn’t mind – compared to some of the things she’d been forced to do since arriving at Hammerhead Atoll, having her head held to Selena Gomez’ crotch was downright pleasant.

“Mmmm… So good,” Selena whimpered, her body beginning to quiver with her impending orgasm. “Demi? Demi!” She called out.

“Yeah?” Demi called from across the room, where Debby was hard at work matching Miley’s oral efforts on the other raven-haired girl in the room.

“You and Debby better get over her fast – I think the Princess is going to make me cum, and I don’t think she’ll be done when I am.”

Miley looked up to see Demi and Debby come across the room, their naked bodies glistening with sweat in the lantern light. She smiled. Yes, Selena was right – the Princess was far from done yet.

* * *

Kelly was up on her knees now, the bed making her almost the same height as Keira, allowing the two naked women to trade kisses. As Kelly’s tongue wrestled for dominance with Keira’s, her hands were busy working on the straps keeping the dildo attached to the Pirate Queen’s waist. Keira didn’t fight her, preferring instead to play with Kelly’s tits while the Port Captain loosened the last strap keeping the lacquered wood penis on Keira.

“You’ve disarmed me,” Keira chided Kelly. “I suppose I’m at your mercy now.”

“Oh, I don’t plan to show you any mercy, My Queen,” Kelly replied, stepping off the bed and working her legs into the straps as fast as she could. Keira came up behind her, taking a moment to once more grab Kelly’s ass with both hands before reaching around Kelly’s waist to help her secure the strap-on in place.

“You’ve used one of these before?” Keira asked.

“I was one of the very last foreigners allowed into Astemia before they closed their borders,” Kelly said. “I not only know how to use a strap-on, I learned from some of the masters.”

“Ooh,” Keira said, sitting on the bed. Kelly finished attaching the straps, then turned around, allowing Keira to take in the sight of her with a cock.

“Very nice,” Keira said as Kelly held up her hands theatrically. “Your crew must love it when you break them in with one of those.”

“Oh, I leave the welcome aboard fucking to my first officer – he’s got a natural one of these.”

“You mean had,” Keira said. “You made him walk the plank, remember.”

“Right,” Kelly said, trying to stick to the cover story she’d given the Pirate Queen. She’d been here so long, had so many orgasms, she’d begun to forget that she’d even had a life outside the Queen’s chambers – and a mission to complete.

“Well, now that he’s gone, and you’re one of my Pirates, you’ll have to take over that task once more,” Keira said, taking hold of the strap-on by the dildo, and using it to pull Kelly up next to the bed. Fortunately, before Kelly could answer, Keira pulled her into a deep kiss. Kelly took the initiative and pressed Keira back until she was laying back flat on the bed once more.

“You’re mine,” Kelly said seductively, standing up and spreading Keira’s legs with her hands. Still on the edge of the bed, she pulled Keira forward a bit, until the Queen’s ass was at the edge of the bunk. Keira gasped a bit as Kelly lined up the tip of the dildo with the Queen’s wet slit.

“Oh, yeah,” Keira moaned in anticipation. “Take me, Kelly. Make me yours.”

Kelly answered by sliding the wooden cock into Keira’s eager snatch. The Pirate Queen swooned as Kelly slowly but surely pressed on, filling Keira’s most private of areas inch by inch. Kelly had boasted that she’d used strap-ons before, and while that was true, she’d not used on since she’d been exiled from Astemia – and since she’d lost Leona. And so it came as a bit of a surprise how pressing a thick strap-on dildo up into another woman was such a turn on. Perhaps it was time Kelly picked up a new strap-on somewhere…

Before she knew it, she was all the way into Keira, who was squirming slightly on Kelly’s cock, looking up desperately at Kelly. Kelly resisted the urge to start pounding away, and instead took a moment to enjoy the view.

Keira was a gorgeous woman, and her naked body lay perfectly on the bed before Kelly. Once more, Kelly marveled that this lithe little woman was the feared Pirate Queen who’d become the scourge of the oceans in the past 5 years. Kelly was suddenly quite certain that, under other circumstances, she and Keira might have been far closer than enemies.

Not that they weren’t close right now, what with Kelly wearing Keira’s strap-on, getting ready to fuck Keira once more.

And yet, Kelly knew that she wouldn’t fall in love with Keira, no matter what. And it wasn’t just that they were mortal enemies. No, Kelly wasn’t sure exactly herself, but she was beginning to suspect that her heart lay with someone else.

But that certainly didn’t mean she couldn’t have some more fun with Keira before everything went to hell. Grabbing each of Keira’s legs and holding them up over her shoulders, Kelly began to slowly but surely fuck the other woman.

“Oooooh,” Keira moaned. “Oh yeah. That’s it! Take my pussy, Kelly. Take it! Take it!”

Kelly fought against the urge to increase her pace, but kept steadily fucking away, eliciting more moans and demands from Keira. They had played this game half the night, but it wasn’t old yet. The teasing would drive Keira insane – until she regained control of the situation, and started teasing Kelly right back. And Kelly didn’t mind.

Kelly continued to slowly plow into and out of Keira’s crotch, enjoying the sight of Keira spread before her, enjoying the sensations of completely dominating another woman again.

“Oh, god, PLEASE!” Keira begged. “Fuck me, Kelly! Fuck me!”

“I am fucking you,” Kelly teased. “See, this big hard cock is sliding in and out, in and out,” she said, actually slowing the pace of her thrusting to match action to word. Keira groaned in frustration.

“You will fuck me now, or so help me, I’ll cut your head off myself!” Keira snapped.

Now THAT, Kelly mused, sounded more like the Pirate Queen. Kelly started sliding in and out of Keira once more, increasing her pace and was rewarded with a look of surprised pleasure upon the other woman’s face.

“Oh! OhohohohOH!” Keira cried out, reaching up to hold onto Kelly’s breasts as both women started to really get into the action. “Oh, fuck, yeah! That’s it. Take my pussy, Kelly. Take it make me yours!”

“That’s what pirates do, right?” Kelly asked, using one of her own hands to hold Keira’s to her chest, enjoying the way she was grabbing Kelly’s tits. “They take what they want, and fuck all who stand in there way.”

“Yeah. Oh, fuck yeah!” Keira moaned. Kelly was really hammering the strap-on home now, and the whole bed was shaking from the action. “Yeah, fuck my little pirate pussy, Kelly! Fuck it like you mean it!”

Kelly hated to admit it, but Keira’s words were turning her on again. She could feel fresh wetness between her legs, running down over the straps keeping the dildo in place. She was a mess, but she didn’t care. All that mattered at this point was fucking Keira Knightley so hard that she couldn’t walk for a week, let alone be a pirate.

Kelly increased her pace, fucking even harder.

“Oh, FUUUUUUUCKKKK!” Keira bellowed, loud enough that Kelly was certain they heard it back in Port. Keira’s hands gripped Kelly’s breasts even harder, as if she were hanging on for dear life. Kelly released her own hand and dropped it down to Keira’s hips – even with Keira’s knees over Kelly’s shoulders, she needed more purchase to keep fucking at this pace.

Keira was turning into a blabbering idiot, her words barely intelligible to Kelly’s ears as the passion and lust melted her brain. Keira’s head started thrashing about on the bed, and quite suddenly, Kelly knew that her partner would experience yet another orgasm, potentially the most powerful one of the night.

With a fit of fancy, Kelly slowed down.

“Don’t stop!” Keira snarled.

“No, you don’t cum,” Kelly said, leaning in as close as she could with Keira’s legs where they were. “I’m in charge now, and you cum when I tell you to.”

“Go-go to fucking hell,” Keira said between ragged breaths.

“You’ll be in fucking hell if you don’t do what I say,” Kelly said, stopping her strokes all together. Keira whimpered, and she slowly slid the dildo back into the Pirate Queen.

“What-what do you want? Please, just fuck me!” Keira pleaded.

“What do I want?” Kelly asked, slowly inching the dildo further and further into Keira’s pussy.

“I don’t know!” Keira bellowed. “What? The Princess? She’s in the damn wine cellar – you can fuck her when we’re done, for all I care, just finish me off, PLEASE!”

Kelly almost stopped dead in her tracks. Keira had just given her the exact location of Princess Miley, the whole reason the Idol was here. And she wasn’t in the prison! Lambert and the others would be looking in the wrong place!

“You-you’ve fucked the Princess?” She asked, increasing her pace a bit to cover her own shock. Suddenly, the whole reason she was doing this flooded back into Kelly. She’d allowed herself to get distracted by the sex – the insanely powerful sex with a truly beautiful woman, but distracted none the less.

“She’s my sex slave,” Keira said. “I’m more than happy to share with a loyal Pirate like you.”

“Y-your sex slave,” Kelly said, trying to wrap her brain around the information. “You aren’t going to try and ransom her?”

“Hardly,” Keira said. “She was part of the deal for destroying the Port fleet. I had to take her with me and keep her here on Hammerhead Atoll. Getting to use her as my little sex slave was a bonus, but if you’ve seen the body on her, you know it’s quite the bonus.”

“Part of what deal?” Kelly asked, looking down at Keira, completely confused now.

“The deal to destroy the Port Fleet,” Keira replied. “You didn’t think I could pull that off all by myself, did you?”

Kelly had. “Who helped you? Astemia?” she asked, horror striking deep inside her. The Astemians had made it very clear they blamed Port for what had happened 5 years ago, and THAT meant that this whole chain of events could be Kelly’s fault!

“No, the Astemians weren’t behind this,” Keira said, humping against Kelly’s strap. “I don’t know who they are, but they’re more powerful than any nation in Celebria.”


“I have a contact woman – a vampire by the name of Kate Beckinsale.”

“Vampire?” Kelly said, feeling her eyes boggling out of her head. How was any of this even possible.

“Well, succubus might be the more correct term – she certainly seemed like one when she attacked the Princess’ Lady in Waiting,” Keira said. “Shame, too – they were both so hot. Can you get back to fucking me now?”

Kelly felt her head swirl. This was a disaster. The Pirate Queen wasn’t the one behind all this, but instead some sort of pawn? Suddenly, it became clear that Kelly had to escape, had to get back to Port – even if it meant her death. Queen Natalie HAD to have this information.

And if she was going to get out of here, she really only had one option. She had to convince Keira that not only was she a loyal Pirate, but willing to do whatever Keira wanted her to. She had to make the Pirate Queen not only trust her, but perhaps even fall in love with her.

Kelly looked down once more, seeing the beautiful Keira Knightley looking up at her expectantly, as if waiting for this casual drop of information to pass like gossip, and the two girls could get back to making sweet, sweet love.

Resisting the urge to grit her teeth, Kelly started fucking Keira again, wasting no time getting right back to it. She pounded the wooden cock around her hips into the Pirate, intent only on making her hit climax yet again.

“Ooooh, Kelly!” Keira called out, the assault of sudden pleasure driving her wild. Kelly could only hope that each orgasm she’d given the Queen would lead her to think more fondly of her newest Pirate Captain. Though considering the condition she was in at that moment, Kelly doubted rational thought was possible for Keira.

“I’m so close!” Keira called out. “Don’t stop! Please, please, don’t STOP!”

Kelly obeyed, and somewhere found the strength to fuck even harder, driving the dildo in harder and harder. It was enough, and the Queen began to shiver and quake beneath her. Kelly leaned in closer, pushed a bit harder, and was rewarded with the sight on Keira Knightley hitting her climax once more. Her eyes rolled back, and the Queen screamed in pleasure as her back went rigid and her legs actually started to squeeze at Kelly’s neck for a moment before Keira’s entire body went limp, and she seemed to collapse in a pool on the bed.

Exhausted herself, Kelly dropped down on the bed next to her. For a long moment, neither woman spoke. Then, surprisingly, Keira rolled onto her side and gently kissed Kelly on the lips.

“That was amazing,” Keira said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had another woman capable of truly making me feel like that.”

“I’m happy to help,” Kelly said, kissing Keira in return, hoping that every kiss brought her closer to her escape. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Keira got a wicked look on her face, and rolled over onto her stomach, wiggling her ass in the air a bit. “I think turnabout is only fair, don’t you?”

Kelly’s eyes went a bit wide, and then she smiled. Yes, fucking Keira’s ass would be fair, all things considered.

* * *

Jordin Sparks wasted a full ten minutes trying to find the lost girls that had been in her charge before giving up. They’d gone to ground somewhere here in the pirate base, and knowing Selena, Demi, and Debby, they’d find Jordin long before Jordin could find them. Selena, especially, seemed to have a talent for popping up at the most opportune time. Jordin would just have to hope that they’d find a way to catch up with everyone else before the Idol made it’s mad dash for freedom. Jordin was needed elsewhere.

Taking the last path that had to lead to the prison area, Jordin hurried to see what was going on. Hopefully, Katharine McPhee and Kellie Pickler had already found Princess Miley, and they could all get out of here.

Jordin paused at the end of the hallway and heard a noise that made her heart leap – someone was getting fucked, and from the sounds of the grunting and gasps of pain, it wasn’t the most friendly of fuckings. Could they be torturing the Princess? Or Kat and Pickle? All three, even? Slowly, Jordin eased her head around the corner, fearful of what she might see.

The sight that met her eyes was beyond anything she could’ve guessed in a million years.

The first thing she noticed was that there were three women laying on the ground of the prison area, clearly engaging in a rather forceful threesome. There was a large woman with caramel skin and dark hair wearing a strap-on – all three were wearing strap-ons, Jordin could see – and taking it to the ass of a much smaller girl with bright orange hair. Off to one side, suckling on the larger woman’s tits was an Oriental girl. As Jordin watched, the larger woman yanked her strap-on out of the orange-haired girl’s ass and forced it into the mouth of the Oriental girl, who seemed less-than-thrilled to be sucking on the dildo like that, but who still worked diligently to do so. After a few thrusts into and out of the poor girl’s mouth, the larger woman returned to ass-fucking Orange Hair.

Jordin’s eyes focused on the sex for a long moment, but she quickly realized there was more strangeness in the room. Two women were tied to barrels, their faces wet with something – water? Wine? It was colored, whatever it was. The tied women had their pants around their ankles, and it seemed pretty clear to Jordin that they’d both recently been ass-fucked, most likely by the strap-on wearing women who were now so preoccupied with each other. For a long moment, Jordin didn’t know what to do. Where were Kat and Pickle? Where was Princess Miley?

And then the blonde woman tied to a barrel said something, and Jordin’s heart leapt. She didn’t catch the words, but she knew that voice. Peering closer, she could see behind the colored liquid on her face that the blonde was Katharine McPhee! As realization hit, Jordin looked over at the redhead tied to the other barrel. Sure enough, it was clearly Kellie Pickler!

They’d been caught and tortured! Fear shot through Jordin like a shooting star. What should she do? Why couldn’t Commander Lambert have come with her? He’d at least know what to do now. All Jordin could think to do was the yank out her sword and barge into the room, demanding the pirates let her friends go, and tell them where the Princess was.

But then what? As soon as Jordin and the others left, these Pirates would raise the alarm, and the whole place would be looking for them – and all the others. Something would have to be done.

Jordin searched her head, trying to find some option she couldn’t see, but kept coming up empty. Barging in was the only thing she could think to do.

Taking a deep breath, Jordin puled out her sword, and stepped into the prison.

No one seemed to notice. To be fair, neither Kat nor Pickle was facing her, and the girls having sex on the ground were understandably distracted. Jordin realized if she moved fast, she could use the element of surprise and they might – MIGHT – get out of this alive.

Yanking out a knife with her left hand, Jordin crept up to Katharine’s barrel and cut the ropes holding her hands. Kat looked up at her, but Jordin silenced her with a look, and quietly handed her the knife to finish freeing herself. It was time to deal with the Pirates.

Boldly, Jordin marched up next to the threesome, and placed the end of her sword into the bigger girl’s face.

“Who the fuck-?” the girl asked, still buried ass-deep in Orange Hair. She looked up, and saw Jordin standing over all of them, clearly ready to strike.

“Not one more word,” Jordin said. “Kat, Pickle, you guys alright?”

“We are now,” Katharine said. She was just finishing cutting the last rope keeping her tied to the barrel.

“Well, our hair could be better,” Pickler added.

“What did they do to you?”

“Dunked our heads in hair dye,” Kat said, standing up and yanking her pants up her legs. “Oh, and they raped us,” she said, scowling at the Pirates, all three of whom were now glaring daggers at Jordin.

“Where’s the Princess?” Jordin asked.

“No clue,” Katharine said, rushing to free Pickler. “If she’s not around the corner, we’ve no idea.”

“Fuck, not good,” Jordin said.

“When you get a chance,” a new voice spoke up. “I’d appreciate it if someone would let me out of this cell – or at least passed me one of those dildo’s. I’m a little horny after watching that show.” Jordin risked a glance, and saw Mary-Louise Parker standing in one of the cells, clenching the bars eagerly.

“Where are the keys?” Jordin asked the big girl.

“On my belt,” she said sourly, eying a pair of discarded pants with a set of keys on them.

“Kat, can you-”

“Yeah, hang on. Pickle, hold still, I’m trying to cut you free.”

Jordin kept her eyes on the Pirates while Kat freed first Kellie, then Mary-Louise. Suddenly, it was time for the hard question.

“What do we do with these three?” Jordin asked.

“You should kill them – they’ll only cause you trouble later,” Parker suggested. The bigger girl scowled at her, and the little oriental gasped.

“What’d we ever do to you?” Orange Hair demanded. Then, suddenly, she seemed to remember what was going on. “Oh, right,” she said. “Sorry,” she added, sheepishly.

“We can’t kill them,” Pickler said. “That’s wrong!”

“You leave them alive, they’ll alert every other Pirate in this place before we’re halfway out the door,” Parker insisted.

“She’s right,” Jordin admitted.

“Wait, I’ve got an idea,” Katharine said. “Pickle, help me gather up all the rope we can find.

It was a matter of a few minutes of work, but with the Pirates forced into helping, the Port Sailors had soon gotten both dye barrels pushed into Parker’s old cell. The ropes that had held McPhee and Pickler to the dye barrels were now used to hold Ramirez to one, and both Williams and Song to the other. To keep them quiet, Jordin had removed all of their strap-ons, inverted them, and strapped them around each girl’s head, the dildos shoved into their mouths to keep them quiet.

“Okay,” Katharine said as she finished securing the strap-on in Brenda Song’s mouth. “Is it wrong that this is kinda turning me on?”

“Only if you stop to fool around,” Jordin said.

“Yeah, we’ve wasted all sorts of time on this already,” Parker said – she’d spent most of her time watching the door.

“C’mon, let’s lock the cell and get going,” Katharine said.

“Wait!” Pickler said, standing up. “There’s two things I need to do first.”

“Oh come ON!” Parker said. “We don’t have time for this!”

“We’ll make time,” Pickler said, moving around to stand next to Hayley Williams. She leaned in and whispered to the orange-haired pirate.

“You three tortured and raped me and the woman I love,” Kellie said, her voice almost dangerously dark suddenly. “And beyond that, you fucked up our hair. Mine I don’t mind so much, but I loved – LOVED – Kat’s long, dark hair.” With that, Kellie grabbed Hayley’s hair and shoved her into the dye barrel before her. She held the orange-haired girl in there for several long seconds, watching her thrash about, trying to get free.

“Pickle!” Kat cried out, more in surprise than anything else. Kellie let go, and Hayley’s head came up gasping for breath. Her orange hair was now deep red.

“Shoot, I thought that was the blonde hair dye,” Kellie said. She shrugged. “Well, that’ll teach you to torture other people and lob off all their hair.” Pickler turned to join the others, then suddenly stopped, turned back, and approached Hayley’s ass.

Without a word, Pickler hauled off and spanked Williams’ ass hard enough to leave a massive handprint on her ass cheeks.

“OUCH!” Hayley cried out.

“And that’s for slapping my ass,” Kellie added. She turned back to the others. “Alright, let’s get out of here.”

The redheaded girl walked out of the prison, leaving Kat, Mary-Louise, and Jordin all staring at each other in disbelief.

* * *

It occurred to Keira Knightly some point after Kelly Clarkson pushed the tip of the strap-on dildo into the Pirate Queen’s ass that maybe – just maybe – she had said too much. It had been so long since Keira had met a woman capable of being her match, capable of giving her not only great sex, but match wits with her and come out ahead at times, that Keira had truthfully felt a bit overwhelmed. In another time, in another life, Keira Knightley knew that she could’ve loved Kelly Clarkson. Hell, she might be in love with the woman now, save for the fact that she was now fairly certain that the first chance Kelly got, she’d grab her ship and sail for home.

“Oh!” Keira called out as a particularly powerful push shoved more of the dildo into her ass. Keira hadn’t been ass-fucked in some time, and she’d forgotten that half the thrill was the complete sense of surrender it implied. It took a lot of trust to allow someone to ram something like a cock up your backside.

Kelly knew what she was doing, however, and aside from the occasion spike of pain, it was all pleasure as the Port captain fucked Keira’s rear almost as furiously as she’d fucked Keira’s pussy moments before.

Feeling pleasure radiate out of her seat, Keira let herself fantasize for a moment about being able to keep Kelly with her. With Megan Fox getting her own ship, Keira would need a new right-hand woman anyway. Kelly would be perfect – smart and competent by day, a devilish lover by night. Images of making Kelly her wife, maybe even traveling to Amazonia to conceive a child with her, filled Keira’s mind.

Keira sighed. She hadn’t had such fantasies since she’d been a child – long before she became a Pirate, let along the Pirate Queen. Romance like this was not her destiny, though that didn’t mean she couldn’t wish for it. And right this moment, Kelly Clarkson was exactly what Keira would want in a long-term lover.

“Ooh,” Keira groaned as Kelly bottomed out, the entire dildo inside Keira’s ass. She felt so full, so completely possessed by Kelly. Keira was always the strap-wearer, but there was something about Kelly Clarkson that made her want to let the other girl do all the dirty little things Keira usually did.

“You like that?” Kelly said, leaning down to whisper in Keira’s ear. “You like it when my cock filled your ass?”

“Mmmm,” Keira moaned in pleasure. “Yeah, fill my ass, Kelly.”

“You’re my little slut now, aren’t you?” Kelly asked. “Your ass totally belongs to me now.”

“Yeah it does,” Keira said, surprising herself. How was it that Kelly was able to turn her into such a submissive little girl again. That was something that would have to change – either by changing Kelly, or – more likely – by killing the woman before she could cause more trouble.

“Yeah, you love it when I fuck your ass, don’t you? Don’t you?” Kelly asked, clearly trying just a little too hard now.

Yes, Keira had said a little too much in the throws of lovemaking, and now she’d have to kill Kelly Clarkson. The thought made her heart break a little, but there really wasn’t anything else she could do. For all the reasons Keira could see herself falling in love with Kelly, those same reasons were why she was too dangerous to live.

But there was still some time, and still some sex to go. And Keira was approaching her own orgasm once more – god, Kelly was great in bed – so she might as well ride it out.

“Harder,” she begged. It was time to end this. “Oh, fuck me harder, Kelly. Fuck me so hard!”

Kelly responded at once, thrusting the dildo into Keira’s rear with increased vigor. The lacquered wood was hitting spots within Keira that were setting off fireworks all up and down her body. Keira let her mind slip away, and soon enough only the pleasure she was feeling mattered. She let the enticing electricity shooting up her spine warp her mind, allowing her to see colors that weren’t there, and hear sounds that shouldn’t be heard. Yes, another orgasm was approaching – her body so in-tune with itself that they were practically coming upon command. Keira wondered if she asked Kelly to just place a finger on her clit if it would make the Pirate have yet another screaming orgasm.

Kelly lay atop her back, pounding into Keira’s ass like a woman possessed. The feeling of Kelly’s naked tits against her back added a lovely feeling of closeness to Keira as orgasmic bliss started to build once more. Keira didn’t bother to tell Kelly she was close – by now, they’d seen enough of each other’s orgasms to just know. Instead, Keira just gave in, and let the sensations wash through her system until she nearly passed out.

When she awoke, Kelly was still laying atop her, the dildo embedded still in Keira’s rear.

“You are amazing,” Keira said, letting Kelly know she was alive.

“So are you,” Kelly said, kissing Keira’s neck. “I could do this all night.”

Keira frowned to herself. How long had they been at this? Too long, no doubt. It hit Keira like a brick – this had all been apart of Kelly’s plan from the beginning. No doubt members of her crew had been searching for the Princess this whole time, while Kelly offered up her sexy body to distract the Pirate Queen while her sailors rescued Miley. Even now, the Idol might be slipping from it’s berth, spiriting Miley away to safety.

Well, if that was the case, so be it – Kelly had earned that particular victory. But maybe, just maybe, there was still time. And if there was, Keira was going to use that time to make sure Kelly Clarkson knew that no one – no one – outsmarted Keira Knightley, the Pirate Queen herself. At least, not for long.

“I want to kiss you,” Keira said. Kelly seemed a bit surprised by the request, but she slowly removed the dildo from Keira’s ass – not without sending a few parting spikes of pleasure into the Queen – and then lay down next to Keira, allowing the two women to share a slow, tender kiss.

“You really want to be a pirate?” Keira asked, not for a single second believing the lie now.

“Absolutely,” Kelly said. “What other choice do I have?”

“What indeed,” Keira said, reaching down to gently cup Kelly’s ass with a hand. Kelly closed her eyes and seemed to enjoy the gently squeeze Keira gave her seat.

“And you want to keep your ship?” Keira asked.

“Of course.”

“What if I want to keep you here, in my quarters. You could join the Princess in being my sex slaves. I’d let you have her any time I was away.”

Kelly opened her eyes. “And would you agree to give up your ship in order to be someone else’s love slave.”

“No, of course not,” Keira said, kissing Kelly’s lips once more. “But then, I am the Pirate Queen. I am no one’s sex slave – I make others my slaves.”

“And is that what you want of me? To be your sex slave, to see to your every lusty whim? Will you give me to other pirates who impress you? Sell my body when you need some cash? Maybe tie me to your bed for hours at a time, doing unspeakable things to me the whole time?”

“Mmmm, unspeakable things,” Keira cooed, reaching for one of Kelly’s tits to give it a playful tweak. “You tempt me with such talk.”

“And here I thought I tempted you with my lovemaking.”

“Bah, I was tempted by that sexy ass of yours long before your lovemaking impressed me, you slut.”

“And how may this slut tempt you some more?” Kelly asked, kissing Keira’s lips with wanton hunger. Keira didn’t buy it for a moment.

Still, she needed to regain control of the moment, of the bed, of Kelly. “Take this thing off,” Keira said, reaching down to start fiddling with the straps keeping the dildo on Kelly’s hips.

“You want me to get rid of it?” Kelly asked, undoing the buckles.

“No, I want to wear it,” Keira said.

“Oh, are you going to take my ass again?” Kelly asked.

“No, I want to see your face while we fuck,” Keira said. It was true – she wasn’t sure she trusted Kelly to NOT keep an eye on her at this point. Kelly slipped out of the strap-on, and handed it over to Keira, who stood up to put it on. She took a moment to admire Kelly’s curvaceous body once more, then sat down on the edge of the bed, the strap-on sticking up between her legs.

“Come here,” Keira said, motioning for Kelly. Clarkson got up, walked over to Keira, and knowing what was to come, used a hand to spread her pussy lips and sat down atop the dildo, letting the slick wood penetrate her once more.

“Mmmmph,” Kelly let slip as she sat down on Keira’s lap, facing the beautiful Pirate. Keira smiled wolfishly. Yes, she and Kelly could partake of one another one more time. And then, she thought as her hand slid over under her pillow, reaching for the small knife she always kept there, then she could deal with the beautiful Kelly Clarkson once and for all.

Such a shame, but what more could Keira do?

* * *

“Are you certain you know where you’re going?” Carrie Underwood asked as she and Nathan Fillion slipped down to the lowest level of the old fort. It had taken forever to get here from the upper levels of the building, and Carrie was pretty sure it was a fool’s errand – what idiot would hide a kidnapped princess in their wine cellar? – but she had her orders, and she followed orders.

Even if it meant dealing with an idiot like Nathan Fillion.

Fillion claimed to have been on Hammerhead Atoll before, and at times it was clear he knew his way around. But twice they’d found themselves wandering about the wrecks of old ships attached to the fort, lost along the way to their destination.

Fortunately, they’d been hiding from Pirates most of that time, meaning that Fillion couldn’t prattle on like a fool, as he was prone to do when it was just the two of them.

“Of course I know the way to the wine cellar – drinking was half the reason I joined up with the pirates in the first place.”

Carrie groaned and rolled her eyes. “Why does that not surprise me?”

“’Cause you are a smart, intelligent, beautiful woman who clearly shouldn’t be sleeping with a devilishly good-looking scoundrel like me.”

“Clearly,” Carrie muttered.

“Still, everyone makes mistakes – mayhaps yours could be finding your way to me to the baths – no doubt we could take a little time away, naked, where we could-”

“Never, in a million years,” Carrie said, pushing past Fillion. “Which hallway is it?”

“This one leads to the baths, this one towards the prison, and this one to the laundry-”

“Pirates have laundry?” Underwood asked, surprised.

“Yeah, I know – never would’ve guessed myself. Anyway, this one leads to the wine cellar. C’mon, the coast is clear.”

Carrie followed Fillion down the hallway, which went around a slight corner before stopping at a closed door.

“That’s odd,” Fillion said. “Never seen the door closed before.”

“Are you sure it’s the wine cellar? We could be on the completely wrong side of the fortress, the way you’ve had us running around.”

“This is it,” Fillion grumbled, reaching for the door. It opened with a bit of elbow grease, and the two sailors walked in-

- to find a small orgy going off to one side. Four young girls lay entwined in each other’s bodies, hands and fingers and lips and tongues penetrating pussies and asses wherever they meet. The sight was enough to stop Carrie dead in her tracks, make her nipples go hard, and her crotch moisten briefly.

Then Fillion had to open his damn mouth.

“Okay, this is new for the wine cellar, but I like it!” He said.

“Huh?” One of the girls said, Debby Ryan’s head popping up from the jumble of naked bodies. “Oh, hey! Don’t close the door!”

“Debby?!” Carrie gasped. “Demi? Selena?!” She couldn’t believe it. The three youngest members of the Idol’s crew were supposed to stay with Jordin and help get everyone out of the prison. Instead, here they were, drinking alcohol and having sex in the middle of nowhere, with no sign of Jordin or anyone else from the crew. “What on earth are you doing here?!” Carrie demanded.

“Having some fun, it looks to me,” Fillion said, brushing past Carrie, and ignoring the naked girls to go inspecting the wines stored about them.

“Shut up, Fillion,” Carrie snapped. “You girls are in SO much trouble,” Carrie said, turning back to the four naked girls. “When I tell Commander Lambert-”

“Excuse me,” the fourth girl said. “You’re from the Port ship?” she asked. Carrie turned her attention to the last girl, who had been buried under the other naked girls. For half a second she thought the girls had discovered some young pirate to have some fun with.

“Ooh, check it out! Here’s some ale from Paramour!” Fillion said, rushing up to Carrie holding a bottle in his hands. “And according to the date, it’s more than a HUNDRED years old!” he cackled.

Suddenly, recognition flooded Carrie’s brain, and she dropped down to her knees. “What are you doing?” Fillion asked, looking down at Carrie. Underwood reached up, grabbed his arm, and yanked him down, too.

“Kneel, you ass! That’s Princess Miley!”

“Wait- what? The Princess?!” Fillion said, looking over at the four naked teenagers. “Which one?”

“Me,” Miley said, standing up. “May I assume one of you is the captain?”

“Hardly,” Fillion said, his eyes roaming over the young Royal’s exposed flesh.

“Eyes down, you,” Carrie said, slapping his face.

“Ouch!” Fillion said, though he did turn his eyes away from the naked Princess.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness,” Carrie said, feeling her cheeks redden. “We had no idea you were here.”

“Actually, I did say that maybe they hid her here,” Fillion said.

Miley rolled her eyes. “You may both stand – though YOU, sir, cannot look at me until I find my clothes.”

“Of course,” Fillion said. “That’s okay, I want to keep raiding the wine cellar.” He got up and wandered off in another direction.

“And you are?” Miley asked.

“Dr. Carrie Underwood, ship’s doctor, Port ship Rusted Idol, Your Highness.”

“Lovely. Can we get out of here now? Ideally before more pirates show up?” Miley asked as Debby handed her the tattered remains of the dirty shirt she’d been left in.

“We’ll find you something nicer to wear when we get to the ship,” Demi offered as she tried to slip back into her own clothes.

“We aren’t going to the ship until we find my Lady in Waiting, Vanessa,” Miley said. “I’ll not leave without her.”

“I’m sorry, Your Highness,” Carrie said. “But we have strict orders that once we’ve found you, we’re to bring you to the ship, no exceptions.”

“So you’ll ignore an order from your Princess?” Miley said, clearly upset.

“Commander Lambert said to assume the order to get you out at once to have come from Queen Natalie herself,” Selena said casually, trying to get back into her pants.

“Where is this Commander Lambert? I want to speak with him at once,” Miley said.

“He, ah, went to look for our captain.”

“He did?” Demi said. “Awww, that’s so sweet! He’s going to rescue her! I told you, Selena! I told you he had a thing for the Captain.”

“And I told you I didn’t care, so long as I could get a ride on his-”

“LANGUAGE!” Carrie shrieked. “You’re in the presence of ROYALTY!”

“Carrie, I was just doing things to Royalty that, quite frankly, makes the word cock look downright polite,” Selena shot back.

“We can argue protocol around me later,” Miley said. “Now, either take me to Vanessa, or to whoever’s in charge of this insane rescue attempt.”

“Right, of course. This way, Highness,” Carrie said, motioning her out the door. She took a second to glare at Selena, Demi, and Debby before following the Princess out. The three girls followed, Debby accidentally kicking a discarded flask as she rushed to follow the others out the open door.

* * *

Kelly Clarkson let her head fall back, allowing Keira to run her lips all over Kelly’s breasts. She sat in the Pirate Queen’s lap, the dildo grinding in and out of her pussy as the two women made love for what, Kelly had to assume, would be the last time.

It had taken only one look into Keira’s eyes for Kelly to know that she’d failed. The pirate was on to her, and as soon as she’d had her fill of Kelly’s body – which would be soon, she imagined – Keira would kill her, and send up the alarm. Kelly wouldn’t be making it back to the Idol, nor could she deliver the warning that Keira was just a pawn in someone else’s game. Port was still under threat, and Kelly wouldn’t be able to warn them.

Her only hope – and a thin one at that – was to try and find a way to fight back whenever the attack came. By allowing her head to fall back, and letting Keira maul her boobs with her mouth, Kelly had a chance to scan the room, looking for a weapon. She was coming up pretty empty-handed, which was surprising. One would think that Pirates would have more weapons in their rooms. Maybe Keira feared her lovers would try to kill her.

Kelly could believe it – after all, she was pretty sure that if she was going to get out of this room, she’d have to kill Keira herself.

Keira’s hand caught the back of Kelly’s head and puller her face up to the Queen’s, and Kelly found herself kissing Keira again. As she tasted Keira’s lips – a most enjoyable taste, even after several hours of sex – Kelly knew that Keira was aware of what she was doing.

“Look at me,” Keira demanded, humping up harder into Kelly’s pussy with the strap-on. Kelly moaned despite herself – if she had to go, having sex with a woman this attractive was not a bad way to go at all. If only she could get a message to Jason and the others. That, at least, would’ve let her die feeling like she’d accomplished something. Anything, really.

Keira’s beautiful eyes seemingly penetrated Kelly’s skull, and it was clear to both women that the other was aware of what the other was thinking.

“This really has been fun,” Keira said.

“Shame it has-has to e-end,” Kelly panted, the sexy sensations shooting through her body making it hard to speak.

“I have to admit,” Keira said between deep breaths as she fought to fuck Kelly harder. “It’s been a very long time since I had anyone – anyone – as good in bed as you.”

“Same here,” Kelly admitted, kissing Keira’s lips fiercely. The Pirate Queen returned the kiss, and thrust up into Kelly again.

“It’s a shame we have to be opponents,” Keira hissed in Kelly’s ear when the kiss broke. “We would be so good together.”

“I’m not a Pirate,” Kelly said, feeling her orgasm building quickly.

“And I am,” Keira said. “You’re close?” she asked.

“Y-yes,” Kelly admitted. There was no point hiding it.

Keira kissed Kelly one last time, letting her lips linger on Kelly’s as the Port Captain began bouncing up and down on the dildo herself. “Such a waste,” Keira whispered. “Cum for me, one last time, my love.”

Kelly’s orgasm broke, shattering her brain. Once more, a face appeared before her eyes, unbidden. Yes, she and Keira may have been able to love each other in another life, but in this one, with Leona gone, there really was only one person Kelly could love.

Her body shook, her eyes screwed shut and pleasure flooded her body. Everything seemed to go black, though the face remained in her eyes. She knew Keira was probably reaching for a hidden weapon. Time was up, and soon life would leave her body. Kelly was happy that as her last climax hit her, she could say she died having some of the best sex of her life. Her orgasm reached it’s peak, and as it started to fade again, Kelly let out what she was sure would be her last words.

“I love you, Jason.”

* * *

Jason Lambert’s eyes were still closed, and he could still feel the cool steel of Megan Fox’s blade pressed to his throat, when he heard a loud clang. Suddenly, the knife vanished. Half a second later, the weight of Megan on his lap vanished as well, and there was a loud thug, followed by a clattering that could only be the knife.

For a second, Lambert didn’t dare move, but as he was still breathing, her risked opening one eye to see what was going on.

“Are you okay?” the Vanessa girl asked.

“Am I dead?” Lambert asked.

“Not yet,” she said. “You’re really from the Port ship?”

Opening both eyes, Lambert glanced down to see Megan Fox’s naked body on the floor, unconscious, the knife a few feet away from her empty hand. Lambert could see his own cum slowly dripping out of Megan’s lewdly spread legs. Confused, he looked back at Vanessa, who was holding a large pot in her hand.

“That’s not a chamber p-”

“Don’t ask,” Vanessa said. “Are you from the Port ship?” she asked, putting down the pot and rushing to undo the ropes tying him to the chair.

“Yeah, I’m the first officer.”

“What are you doing here, you damn fool?” Vanessa asked, freeing one of his hands.

“Trying to rescue Princess Miley – who the hell are you?”

“I’m Vanessa – Vanessa Hudgens, one of Princess Miley’s Ladies in Waiting.”

“You are?” Lambert asked, his eyes going wide. “Do you know where she is?”

“Queen Keira’s chambers, I’d bet,” Vanessa said, freeing his other hand.

“You’re sure?” he asked.

“Well, that’s where she’s been pretty much the whole time since we were brought here. The Queen’s been keeping her as her personal sex slave.”

Lambert’s mind flashed to the image of the fearful Queen Keira doing unspeakably dirty things to young Miley Cyrus. Suddenly, he felt like he could stand for another questioning session with Megan Fox. His rapidly re-inflating cock seemed to agree with him.

“Get your clothes,” Lambert said, standing up and yanking his own pants up. “We’ve got to get to the Queen’s chambers before this one wakes up.” Glancing around the room, he saw a discarded sword – probably one the one Megan had used to fight him earlier. He grabbed it, figuring he’d need a weapon soon.

“I, ah, I don’t have any clothes,” Vanessa said. “I’ve been naked the whole time I’ve been here.”

Lambert couldn’t help but run his eyes up and down the young beauty’s body. He couldn’t blame Fox at all for keeping this one as a sex slave. Shaking his head, he reached for his own torn shirt and chucked it at Vanessa. “Throw that on – you draw too much attention naked.”

“Yeah, and you running around without a shirt on, trying to break into the Queen’s chambers will totally make you invisible to the rest of the Pirates,” Vanessa muttered. She put on the shirt anyway.

“Come on, let’s go,” Lambert said, peeking out the door. No one was around.

The Queen’s chambers weren’t far at all – practically next door to Megan’s. If Fox hadn’t come along when she had, Lambert would’ve hit it next. Instead, he’d gotten beat up, raped, interrogated, and nearly killed.

“This whole idea keeps getting worse and worse,” he muttered.

“In here,” Vanessa said, coming up to the door. She pressed her head against it, as if trying to hear. Lambert knew she’d get nothing – he doubted the Pirate Queen would allow others to have doors that blocked sound without having them herself.

“Out of the way,” Lambert said.

“What are you going to do?” Vanessa asked.

“This,” Lambert said, kicking the door. With a loud crack, it swung open to reveal two beautiful women having sex on the side of the bed. The one sitting on the bed, wearing a strap-on dildo was Queen Keira, who’s eyes went wide as she saw Lambert and Vanessa bust in. The other was Kelly Clarkson, clearly coming down from the throws of orgasm.

“I love you, Jason,” Kelly said.

“You what?!” Lambert said, stopping dead in his tracks.

Kelly’s eyes flew open, and she turned to look at him. “Jason?!” She said, shocked. “What the hell are you doing here?!”

“Rescuing you, what the hell does it look like I’m doing here?” Lambert said. “What do you mean you love me?”

“Who the hell is this?” Keira demanded, looking at Lambert with a scowl on her face.

“Jason Lambert, my first officer,” Kelly said.

“Who you apparently love,” Jason said. “I mean, really? You love me?”

“No now, Commander,” Kelly snarled, hopping off Keira. “Keep your sword on her. She’s dangerous.”

“Right, right,” Lambert said, rushing forward to put the tip of his blade to Keira’s throat. “Don’t move.”

“Perish the thought,” Keira said dismissively. “So you lied about the mutiny, too,” she said, looking at Kelly, who was rushing to get dressed.

“I lied about a lot of stuff, same as you,” Kelly said, throwing her shirt on.

“Well, I‘m a Pirate,” Keira said. “What’s your excuse?”

“I was pretending to be a pirate,” Kelly said. “Where’s the princess?”

“Wine cellar, just like I told you,” Keira admitted. “You’ll never make it down there, though. Even if you kill me.”

“The wine cellar? Really?” Lambert asked, surprised. “I just sent Underwood and Fillion down there.”

“You brought Fillion with you? Are you insane?” Kelly snapped, looking at Lambert.

“He’s been here before,” Lambert said defensively. “I thought he might come in handy.”

“Fillion?” Keira asked. “Nathan Fillion?”

“Yeah,” Lambert asked. “You’re really looking for him?”

“Even more so than I’ll be looking for you two should you leave this room,” Keira said darkly. “He stole something precious from me.”

“Well he is a Pirate,” Kelly said snidely. “Who’s your friend?” she asked, looking at Vanessa.

“Miley’s Lady in Waiting,” Lambert said. “Doesn’t she have two?” he added.

“The other one died,” Vanessa said quietly.

“Killed by a succubus,” Keira said.

“A what?” Lambert asked.

“Vampire,” Kelly answered. “Come on, we HAVE to get back to Port now. There’s more going on here than we knew coming in.”

“Isn’t there always?” Lambert muttered. “You want me to run the Pirate Queen through before we leave?”

Kelly looked back at Keira for a moment while pulling up her pants.

“I meant what I said about the sex,” Keira offered.

“What’d she say about the sex?” Lambert asked.

“None of your business,” Kelly snapped. “Tie her to the bed – if we get out of this alive, the people she agreed to kidnap Miley for should take care of her.”

“I think you underestimate my desire for vengeance, Kelly,” Keira said as Lambert wrapped some rope around her wrists and attached her to the bed. “You leave, and I’ll hunt you to the ends of the earth.”

“Yeah, I know,” Kelly said with a sigh as she finished buckling her belts. “C’mon, Jason. Let’s go.”

Lambert, Hudgens, and Clarkson moved towards the door. Just before closing it, Kelly turned back to look at Knightley one last time. “I, ah, I meant what I said about the sex, too.”

“In another life, then,” Keira said, nodding her head towards Kelly.

“In another life,” Kelly agreed, shutting the door behind her, and running off with Lambert.

* * *

“This way, Highness,” Carrie Underwood was saying as the group rounded the corner towards the stairs and ran head first into Jordin Sparks and the escapees from the Prison area.

“Carrie!” Katharine said. “Thank god, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Carrie said. “What the hell happened to your hair?“

“We were tortured,” Kellie said, hugging Carrie. Neither girl offered any more information, so Carrie let it slide for now.

“Jordin, I think I found something you lost,” she said, jerking a thumb back towards Selena, Demi, and Debby.

“I knew they’d pop up somewhere,” Jordin muttered.

“And I found the Princess,” Carrie said, pointing towards Miley. Katharine, Kellie, and Jordin’s eyes all went wide and they all dropped to their knees.

“Hey! Technically, me, Demi and Debby found her first,” Selena said.

“Whatever – can we leave now?” Mary-Louise Parker grumbled.

“Right, right,” Jordin said, standing up. “Your Highness,” she said, motioning towards Miley. “This way.”

“Where’s Commander Lambert?” Katharine asked Carrie as they started ushering everyone up the stairs.

“Went to save the Captain,” Carrie said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Awww, that’s so sweet,” Pickler said. “They really should hook up.”

“The Captain and Commander Lambert?” Jordin asked. “Please. Kelly Clarkson does NOT hook up – Not with guys, and especially not with her own first officer.”

“Less gossiping, more escaping please!” Parker cried after the others.

“Right, right,” Carrie said. As one, the Idol crewers started rushing up the stairs.

* * *

“There they are!” a voice shouted from down the stairs, stopping Lambert in his tracks. Sure enough, two flights down came a flood of Pirates, all armed to the teeth.

“Can’t go this way.”

“Seems you’ve managed to cut off our only way of retreat,” Kelly grumbled.

“Maybe you‘d like to go back and fuck an escape route out of the her Royal Pirate Highness,” Lambert said, pushing Kelly and Vanessa back up the stairs. “Find another way out, fast!”

“We need to be going down, not up!” Kelly said. “You came up here, didn’t you have a way back out?”

“If you’ll remember when we came up with this insane plan to sail in to this death trap, I said we’d never make it this far!” Lambert grumbled as the trio rushed onto the next floor.

“Well, we did, no thanks to you,” Kelly snapped.

“No thanks to me?”

“You were supposed to rescue the Princess!”

“I sent the rest of the crew to rescue the Princess, then I came after you!”

“Exactly! You should’ve left me.”

“Oh my god, you two clearly love each other, because you’re fighting like an old married couple!” Vanessa said. “We need to escape, and NOW!”

“Try the other end of the hallway – there’s got to be another set of stairs around here,” Clarkson said quickly. They took off at a run.

“The next time I order you to leave me behind, so help me, you’d better or I’ll-” Clarkson started to say as they ran.

“If you think I’ll ever bother to try and rescue you again after this, you’re crazy,” Lambert cut her off. “Trust me, that’s one lesson I’ve learned the hard way!”

“There!” Vanessa shouted, pointing ahead. “More stairs!”

Behind them, the group of pirates spilled out onto their floor.

“Faster!” Lambert shouted. “Must run faster!”

“Wait!” Kelly said as they approached the stairs. “These only lead up!”

“Well turning around isn’t an option!” Vanessa said, heading up the stairs.

Lambert and Clarkson traded looks. “Wonderful,” Clarkson said. “Where did you find her?”

“She saved me from certain death after I was raped by a Pirate woman.”

Clarkson felt her jaw drop a bit. “I don’t even want to know,” she said.

“Are you two coming or what?!” Vanessa shouted down at them. Together, Clarkson and Lambert raced after her.

* * *

“There’s the ship,” Jordin Sparks said as the group huddled down behind some barrels across the way from the Idol. “Looks alright from here.”

“Ugh, this better not be more hair dye,” Kellie Pickler grumbled, giving the barrels a wide berth.

“Where’s the plank they extend to get on and off ships?” McPhee asked.

“Don’t know. Fillion?” Carrie Underwood asked.

There was no response. “Where the hell is he?” Carrie asked, looking around the group.

“Haven’t seen him since we left the wine cellar,” Selena said. “Why, was he supposed to follow us?”

“Oh, I’m not going back for him,” Jordin said. “Come on, I think I see the plank over there.”

“Well, we were bound to lose someone on this trip,” Pickler said, ushering the Princess along after the others.

“Let’s try not to lose anyone else,” Miley said.

* * *

The stairs opened up and suddenly Clarkson, Lambert, and Hudgens were at the very top of the fortress, staring down at the ships below from high above Hammerhead Atoll.

“Oh, this was such a wrong turn,” Lambert said, looking around.

“There’s got to be another way down,” Kelly said. “Look for a hidden stairwell or something!”

“I don’t see anything,” Vanessa said as the three of them rushed to the ancient stone walls and started pressing stones, hoping one would magically open up on an escape route.

“They’re coming up the stairs!” Kelly warned the others as she slammed and locked the wooden door behind her. She regretted not trying harder to find a weapon in Keira’s chambers. All they had was Lambert’s sword. It was no match against a horde of angry Pirates. And this door wouldn‘t last long at all. “Damn it, why did you have to come and try to rescue me?”

“Because I’m an idiot,” Lambert snarled. “Why the hell do you think I came looking for you?”

“If you’d left well enough alone, you could’ve rescued the Princess and been gone by now!” Kelly yelled at him. Part of her wanted to throw him over the walls of the fortress for being so dumb.

“And then you would’ve died, and I couldn’t live with that,” he said.

“Why the hell not?!” She shouted at him. “Damn it, you’re more than ready for your own ship! You could’ve had the Idol and remade it back into what it once was, without me and my reputation dragging it down!” She kicked the door and was not surprised to see part of the wood break and fall off. They were doomed.

“I came after you because I love you, you fool!” Lambert shouted. “Alright? I love you, have since I first came aboard the Idol years ago!”

Kelly stopped dead. “Y-you love me?” she asked, surprised. She was barely aware of her own feelings for Lambert, and now here he was, proclaiming his own love for her.

“No,” she said. “No, no, no! You fool,” she said, rushing to him and hitting him on the arm. “Damn you, you ass! You can’t love me!”

“Well, I do,” he said, grabbing her arms to keep her from hitting him again. “Believe me, right now, I wish I didn’t.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked.

“When would I? You were drunk most of the time, and fucking the rest of the crew when you were sober.”

“Like you weren’t?” She said, but he was right. She’d never given him any reason to be as loyal to her as he had been, and he’d always come right back to her, propping her up, saving her ass when she was too drunk to even stand up right.

“Listen, I hate to break up this touching romantic moment, because as far as I’m concerned you two really do deserve each other,” Vanessa said. “But we’re stuck here, and that door is NOT going to last long. Unless you’ve got a crazy idea to get us out of here, I think we’re fucked.”

As if on cue, the door burst open, and dozens of Pirates came racing out, backing the trio against the far wall. Lambert hefted his sword, ready to fight, but the pirates just stood there, waiting.

“You know,” Keira Knightley said as she came up the stairs, Megan Fox right behind her. “When most people try to escape, they head down, not up. It’s not like we’ve got trained dragons or something up here to spirit you away at the last moment.”

Kelly felt her heart sink. They were lost.

* * *

It took a few tries, but the Idol crew managed to swing the boarding ramp over to their ship. Mary-Louise Parker was the first to scurry across as if her life depended upon it.

“What about my Lady?” Miley demanded of Carrie and Jordin. “I’ll not leave her behind.”

“I’m sorry, your Majesty,” Jordin said. “But we have our orders.”

“Then tell your commander I intend to change your orders,” Miley said. “For the whole time I was here, Vanessa was the only person I could trust, the only one I knew would protect me. I will not leave her here to be some rampaging Pirate’s plaything. She’s my Lady, and she’s my friend.”

“I understand, Princess, but I don’t know what we can do? If we go back to look for her-” Jordin started to say, but Carrie cut her off by grabbing her arm.

“Found them,” the Doctor said, pointing up towards the top of the fortress. Sure enough, trapped above with a throng of Pirates closing in on them, was Kelly Clarkson, Jason Lambert, and who Jordin could only assume was Lady Vanessa, the Princess’ lost friend.

“Vanessa!” Miley gasped. “We have to help them! We have to go back.”

“No going back now,” Carrie said. “Jordin, get the Princess aboard. PERCHY! Let’s get moving!” she shouted towards the ship.

“We can’t leave them behind!” Miley said. “We can’t! They’ll die!”

“Not much we can do here… unless…” Carrie started scanning the top of the fortress with her eyes. Maybe, just maybe… It would take an insane amount of luck, but even getting into Hammerhead Atoll had taken more luck than any group of individuals could’ve ever asked for. If the crew of the Rusted Idol was going to be overdrawn on the bank of Karma, why not try to borrow just a bit more…

“Kat!” Carrie called out as she and Jordin rushed Miley aboard. “You’re our best shot, right?”

“Yeah,” McPhee said as they leapt onto the Idol’s deck.

“Then let’s load some cannons. Sparks, help get us moving.”

“On it,” Jordin said as Carrie grabbed Katharine by the arm and rushed down to the gun deck.

* * *

“I’m rather disappointed in you, Kelly – can I call you Kelly?” Keira said, still standing by the door, Fox behind her glaring daggers at Lambert and Hudgens.

“Why not? We’ve had enough sex, we ought to be able to call each other by our first names, Keira,” Kelly said sourly. She was in no mood to be played with, but it was clear that the legendary Pirate Queen was not above rubbing victory in her opponents noses.

“My dear Kelly, I really did think you were perhaps the greatest adversary I’ve ever had. And I’ve had so many. Other pirates, Viking Kings, the Emperors of the Far Easternlands. More Port Captains than I can count. Oh, and let’s not forget the Astemians, who if they ever realized you and your fleet were just as much victims in the assault that cost them their last King and Queen, would be very mad at me.

“But you, Kelly,” she went on. “You have got to be the smartest opponent I’ve ever had. You clearly saw all the steps you needed to take to not only find my secret headquarters – a place your own fleet has spent dozens of years trying to find without success – but also how to move your people about my base at will. You outsmarted my best agents, raided my prisons, and I’m sure once my people get into the wine cellar, we’ll find your crew has stolen Princess Miley away already.”

“With any luck,” Lambert muttered.

Keira ignored him. “All while seducing me, and keeping me distracted from your efforts. All under my own nose! It’s brilliant.”

Kelly and Lambert traded looks.

“Uh, yeah,” Kelly said, unsure how to respond to that.

“Yeah, we, ah, we totally planned this all out ahead of time,” Lambert said. “We’re smart enough to do that. Right?”

“Yeah,” Kelly said, her tone making it clear she didn‘t believe it either. “Why not?”

“We’re smart people,” Lambert said, as if trying to convince himself. “That’s totally not beyond our ability at all.”

“She’s right. We’re practically geniuses anyway,” Kelly said.

Keira gave them an odd look. “You didn’t plan this?”

Kelly shrugged. What else could she do. “We, ah, had a rough idea or two.”

“But we never thought we’d make it even into the fortress, let alone this far,” Lambert admitted.

“But- but-” Keira sputtered. “How did you-”

Lambert held up his hands in front of him to stop her. “I don’t think you understand how we work. We’re the crew of the Rusted Idol. We’re the rejects that no one else wants. Any success we’ve had along the way – almost entirely accidental.”

“We survive on sheer dumb luck,” Kelly admitted.

“And heaping doses of stupidity and unintended buffoonery,” Lambert added.

“And YOU’RE who Queen Natalie sent to save her own sister?” Vanessa Hudgens asked, looking at the two sailors like they were suddenly raving lunatics.

“Don’t misunderstand,” Lambert said quickly. “If she’d had anyone else that she COULD send, they’d be here.”

“Maybe not,” Kelly said. “I’m thinking no one else would’ve been dumb enough to even try something this stupid.”

“Point,” Lambert conceded.

“Oh, this is getting ridiculous!” Megan Fox snarled. She snatched up a pistol, cocked it, and aimed it at Lambert’s head. “Can we PLEASE kill them now?”

“They aren’t going anywhere,” Keira said.

“Their ship is!” One of the pirates nearest the wall called out, pointing down at the water below.

“WHAT?!?!” Knightley, Clarkson, Lambert and Fox all screamed at once. Nearly everyone rushed to the wall and looked down. Sure enough, using it’s oars, the Rusted Idol had backed out of it’s berth and was now turning to head out of Hammerhead Atoll. Already, it’s white sails were starting to catch the mild wind that managed to fork down past the walls of the fort.

“They wouldn’t leave-” Kelly said, looking to Lambert.

“-unless they already had the Princess!” he finished, laughing. “We did it!”

And then, suddenly, the Rusted Idol opened fire.

Three quick cannon shots, fired one right after the other, all aimed up towards the wall where everyone was standing.

“INCOMING!” someone shouted. Kelly slammed into Lambert and Hudgens, driving them to the ground furthest from the door. Then the middle of the wall between them shattered as the first cannonball slammed into it, sending pirates flying into the air, and tumbling into the water far below.

The next shot landed below where Kelly and her companions were standing, and somehow managed to take out the entire floor of the fortress below them. For a heartbeat, the floor seemed to sag, as if ready to dump them all one story down. Then the third and final shot hit somewhere deeper inside, taking out what must have been a load baring wall, because suddenly the entire floor started to shift and slide.

“HANG ON!” Kelly screamed, looking back to see Keira and Megan scrambling for the door, the floor between them shattering and collapsing even as they dove for the relative safety of the stairwell.

And then suddenly the entire section of floor the three Port citizens were on swung out over the water. As gravity began to take hold, and the ancient stones began to crumble and fall apart, Clarkson, Lambert, and Hudgens were thrown free, out over the water, clinging to each other for dear life.

Kelly screamed, though the scream coming from Vanessa drowned hers out. They fell through the air, and Kelly was certain – certain – the next thing she’d feel was the ice cold water of Hammerhead Atoll surrounding her, followed immediately by the ravenous teeth of the sharks that gave the Atoll it’s name. All her dumb luck, that had chased her from the streets of Astemia, all the way to the Isle of Sapphos, through her entire stained career as a Port Captain had clearly run dry. Kelly had come so close to getting away, only to die from cannon fire fired from her own ship.

Somehow, considering how much irony had loved to play with her through her entire life, that seemed most fitting.

And then, suddenly she felt fabric sliding against her cheek. It was a sail! They’d landed on a sail! The fabric went taunt and the trio bounced out of it, but moments later they hit another one, sliding a bit further down it.

“GRAB SOMETHING!” Kelly screamed, reaching out to try and wrap her hands in the sail. It was too late, and they slid off this one, falling several more feet before hitting yet another. This time, however, Lambert had gotten his sword turned around, and managed to land it’s point into the fabric. The blade caught, and immediately started to cut through the sail.

“HOLD ON!” He bellowed. Kelly didn’t need to be told twice. She grabbed him around her chest, felt Vanessa do the same around his waist between them, and the trio started a barely controlled slide down the long path of the mainsail of a ship. The sword cutting through the cloth slowed them down just enough that when it ran out, and they tumbled to the deck below, they didn’t break any bones or crush their skulls.

It still hurt like hell, however.

For a long moment, the three of them just lay there, trying to catch their breath as sail fragments and chunks of stone fell about them on the deck of the ship.

Finally, aching all over, Kelly sat up. “Whoever the hell fired that cannon is a dead man,” she grumbled.

“No argument from me,” Lambert said, holding his head as he sat up. Vanessa, who’d landed atop him, looked a little less worse-for-wear. “You okay?”

“I just got shot down out of a castle wall!” Vanessa screamed at him. “No, I am NOT okay!”

“Wait a second,” Kelly said, looking around. “This isn’t the Idol. It’s the Impervious.”

Lambert looked around. “We landed on the WRONG SHIP?!” he screamed. “We just went through all that, and we’re on the WRONG SHIP?!?!”

“Hey!” a new voice called out. Looking over to the side of the ship, they were surprised to see Selena Gomez standing on the railing, holding a pair of ropes. “If you guys want to ride home with us, you gotta leave now. We’re no longer welcome at this party.”

“Selena Gomez, I could kiss you,” Kelly said, getting to her feet. Sure enough, the ropes were strung out over to the Idol, which was still making it’s way out past the Impervious and towards open ocean.

“C’mon, you big oaf,” she said, slapping Lambert on the ass as he helped Vanessa to her feet. “We aren’t out of this yet.”

* * *

“How on earth did they survive that?!” Megan Fox screamed, pointing down to where Clarkson, Lambert, and Hudgens were scurrying across makeshift rope bridges to their ship, which now faced out. By the time the three escapees were aboard, it would be ready to catch the full wind and speed away.

“Sheer dumb luck, with heaping doses of stupidity and unintended buffoonery,” Keira said, her voice a bit awed. “It looks like maybe, just maybe, I was wrong.”

“Wrong?” Fox asked. “About what?”

“Kelly Clarkson clearly IS the greatest foe I’ve ever faced.”

Megan looked at Keira like she’d suddenly grown a second head. “And she’s getting away!”

“I know,” Keira snarled, suddenly furious. “If she gets back to Port with Princess Miley…”

“Oh, god,” Fox said, her eyes going wide. “Beckinsale will come here.”

“Looking for us,” Keira confirmed.

Suddenly, Sara Ramirez ran up to the Queen, Brenda Song and Hayley Williams right behind her.

“Your Highness!” Sara called out. “We checked the wine cellar as you ordered! The princess is gone, but we did find this!” She handed Keira a small silver flask.

For a second, Keira’s eyes went wide, and she practically ripped the top of the flask off to get it open. But as soon as she did, it became clear what had happened. The flask was empty.

“Fillion,” Keira snarled, slamming the flask against the nearest intact wall. “That BASTARD!” It clattered harmlessly against the stone and fell to the ground.

“Your Highness,” Megan said quickly. “The Princess is escaping!”

“ALL HANDS TO YOUR SHIPS!” Keira screamed as she reached for the small vile of Water Nymph tears around her neck – the last of her supply. “Someone ready a new sail for the Impervious!” She glared back out across the water, where the Idol was just passing the outer walls of ruined ships, escaping Hammerhead Atoll and hitting open water. “She may have a head start, but not even a Port Frigate can out run me with these.”

“What about Fillion?” Fox asked as the rest of the pirates streamed down the stairs, heading for their ships.

“He’ll have to wait. If Miley gets back to Port…”

* * *

The entire Pirate base had been on alert and paying all sorts of attention to the Rusted Idol, it’s crew, and it’s intrepid Captain. All eyes had been focused inward, watching the drama unfold. Thus it was mere child’s play for one man to slip aboard a small rowboat and slide out into the ocean from the other side of the Atoll, where no one was looking. With a few drops from his supply of Water Nymph Tears to the bow, and a few good oar strokes, Nathan Fillion was slicing away from the Pirates, the Port sailors, and all the trouble they represented. He had left the flask behind, instead pouring the Tears into one of the empty bottles the girls had gone through while trapped in the wine cellar. And once again, Nathan Fillion was a free man. He’d sail away now, while all the attention was on the Idol and it’s stolen Princess. By the time anyone thought to look for him, he could be anywhere in the world.

He couldn’t go back to Isla Sorna, nor could he go to Port, or Astemia, or back to Queen Keira. Maybe he’d sail south to Inahabheb. The Sultan there was always looking for someone with Fillions talents. Maybe he’d even get himself a better ship than this little dingy. Yes, for a man like Fillion, with a healthy supply of Water Nymph tears, the sky was the limit.

Lifting the bottle of Paramour Ale he’d stolen from the wine cellar, Nathan toasted everyone behind him, and started rowing away into the night.

* * *

The scene on the deck of the Idol was a warm, weary one. As Carrie Underwood checked Lambert and Clarkson for injuries, Princess Miley hugged Vanessa as firmly as she could, unwilling to let her go again. Vanessa didn’t seem to mind. The rest of the crew gathered around, as if expecting Kelly and Jason to start making out right there in front of them. The two senior officers, however, barely looked at each other.

“Okay, really,” Selena Gomez said, practically bubbling over with excitement. “How awesome are we? I mean, who else would pull this shit off? No other Port ship, that’s for sure.”

No one said anything. Even Miley and Vanessa stopped hugging, worried looks upon their faces.

“Oh, come on!” Selena said, shaking Lambert’s shoulders. “We just snuck into the secret Pirate base and got out with the kidnapped Princess! We’re fucking heroes!”

“We haven’t gotten home yet,” Lambert said quietly as Carrie checked his ribs.

“Oh, come ON! What are they going to do? Chase us?”

“Absolutely,” Kelly said. “I’ve gotten to know Keira Knightley, and if there’s one thing I know, when she promises to chase you to the ends of the earth, she means it.”

“Then…” Selena trailed off, her jubilation suddenly gone.

“She’s coming after us,” Kelly Clarkson said, looking back at the walls of Hammerhead Atoll as they began to shrink in the moonlight behind the Rusted Idol. “And when she catches us, we’re going to have one hell of a fight on our hands.”

* * *

One of Castle Port’s many secrets included a small room that was above another room, a guest room that was often used by visiting nobles or lesser Royalty from smaller states across Celebria. It had been decided days ago that the main room would be where Captain Hayesworth would conduct his “illicit affair” with Miracle Laurie, while the guards Ellen Pompeo had brought in watched from the hidden room above.

And, for the last three nights, that was exactly what had happened. Hayesworth would watch as Stana Katic trained some new recruit in a quiet courtyard, seemingly all alone, though secretly watched by dozens of the Queen’s best guards. When it became clear that the assassins who still roamed Castle Port were not going to strike at Katic, Hayesworth slipped away, came to this room, and fucked his supposed mistress, young Miracle Laurie. It had been the same for three night, and so far, the assassins had not struck at either Katic OR Hayesworth.

Traps upon traps, all laid out, and the assassins still hadn’t struck. Pompeo was getting tired of waiting.

“Ah, here you are.” Ellen turned away from the sight of Hayesworth eagerly stroking his cock between Miracle’s ample tits to see Marina Sirtis coming up the hidden stairwell, two guards behind her.

“What are you doing here?” Ellen hissed. “You’ll ruin everything!”

“No, my dear,” Marina said. “I’m afraid time’s up. The cabal met without you last night.”

“You did WHAT?” Ellen said, shocked. “How could-”

Marina cut her off. “We’ve decided it’s time to act. These assassins are taking too long, and you’ve given us a golden opportunity.”

“What opportunity?” Ellen demanded.

“An opportunity to seize the castle – and Queen Natalie,” Marina said. “Guards, go down there and arrest Mr. Hayesworth.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the two guards said. It was only now that Ellen realized the guards were wearing Marina’s house Emblem.

“What are you doing?” Ellen hissed.

“You let Captain Hayesworth give you a way to sneak soldiers into the castle so you could set this trap up,” Marina said. “We’re just taking advantage of that knowledge to move a small army in. We’re staging a coup.”

Ellen’s eyes went wide. “NOW?!”

“When else?” Marina said. “We have the men, the Queen’s best protectors are separated from her. There’ll be some bloodshed tonight, but we should have control of the castle by morning.”


“Calm yourself, my dear,” Marina said. “By sunrise, you’ll be Queen of Port. And as long as you do exactly what I say, you’ll have a very long, very successful reign.”


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