Celeb Bukkake #2 – Christina Milian

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Celeb Bukkake #2

Christina Milian (M+F, oral, anal, rape)

Christina milian was just about to film part of her new video when you look at me. She was wearing a white top and a tiny red skirt the dancers couldn’t help but stare at her sexy legs. Everyone on the set except for Christina knew what they would really be filming today and it wasn’t going to be a music video.

She had decided to try a new producer for this video his name was Duncan. he had worked with a lot of stars not just musicians he also helped out with the production of some tv shows. But he was not just a producer he was the owner of
a rape club he had a star in it already but he was expanding and he wanted Christina.

She came out of her trailer ready for the shoot and noticed about 50 dancers “why so many dancers” she asked “they aren’t all dancers” when she heard this she was a little suspicious but ignored it and got into position. Then she heard them yell “Christina milian Bukkake vid take 1″ that’s when she realised what was going to happen. She knew what Bukkake was because her ex boyfriend loved to watch videos of it he had asked if he could cum on her face but she refused this was the reason she left him she didn’t like that kind of thing. The dancers closed in on her and about 50 other guys entered the set. “what’s happening you cant do this” she said with a hint of terror in her voice Duncan stepped forward “you are the latest edition to my rape club you’re the second celebrity edition you can meet the other little slut later”. She was forced down to her knees by a dancer and she started to scream the dancer slapped her hard in the face knocking her over he picked her up and did it again then he left her on her knees with a red mark on her face. The dancers all took there clothes off one of them put his dick in her face she looked away whimpering slightly the guy grabed her head and made her look at his dick “suck it you little slut your ours now”. She hit him in the stomach and shouted “fuck you” then two of the dancers grabbed her hands while another tied them behind her back with his belt “well hurt you if you try anything else like that you fucking cock tease you walk around in that skirt that looks more like a belt and expect us to just look your gonna get what you deserve bitch”. He shoved his dick in her mouth and started to fuck her face the other guys started to jerk off some simed at her face others where filling glasses and bowls ready for later the guy fucking her face was about ready to cum so he pulled out and blasted a mega load all over her pretty face the next guy stepped up and started to fuck her face. Some of the guys jerking off around her had started to cum the guy in her mouth was about ready as well he pulled out and said “open that fucking mouth slut I hope you like the taste of this your gonna be living off of it now” with that they filled her mouth she managed to swallow it but her mouth was filled again almost straight afterwards she swallowed it and the rest went all over her face. One of the guys grabbed her little red skirt and ripped it off revealing a red thong this was also ripped off then guy with no lubrication shoved his dick into her tight ass she screamed in pain so he hit her hard in the back of the head and shouted “someone feed the cock hungry whore” then two guys both put there dick into her mouth at the same time it was a tight fit but they managed they both moved in and out while the guy fucked her ass. When they were about to cum they all pulled out and shoved a funnel into Christina’s mouth and shot there loads into it forcing Christina to swallow it all “how do u like that fuck slut”.

As the night went on the guys repeatedly fucked this slut and shot all of there loads into her mouth and onto her face. She still had her white top on this was drenched in cum just like the rest of her. There was plate with cum on it and two glasses full Duncan took them to her and said “beg me to let you eat this cum” she didn’t reply so he kicked her hard in the stomach. She fell down gasping for air Duncan gave her a couple of minutes to recover then asked her again “please let me eat that delicious cum” the guys started to laugh at this Duncan gave her the plate and told her to lick it clean she managed to do this quickly and without gagging she also finished the first glass “fetch our cum bunny” said Duncan. Two guys left the room and returned with another girl she had a leather mask on with only a hole for her nose so she could breath there was a built in ball gag in the mask so she couldn’t talk. Her hands were also tied behind her back she was naked except for the mask and covered in cum. Put her on her knees with her ass sticking in the air and her face on the floor on guy opened her ass wide and placed the funnel in it Duncan then poured the cum into the funnel and filled the girls ass with cum. He got a straw and placed it in the girls ass and said to Christina “drink up slut” Christina cringed at this and needed to be prompted by a slap in the face she gagged as she drank the cum from this girls ass then she remembered that this was being filmed. Tears started to run down her face as she drank the cum when it had gone the girl was led away Christina lay with her hands tied behind her back covered in cum in silence Duncan approached her “that was your partner you are one of my special slaves the cum bunnies its reserved for celebrities the tape will be released on the internet and you will be taken to the rape club hope you enjoyed making this video slut get her out of here” he walked away laughing as one of the guys took her out of the room and threw her in the back of a van with the other girl who still had the mask “get each other cleaned up and Christina take that mask of the other cum bunny lick all the cum up girls” he laughed as he shut the door to the van. Christina was finally going to see who her partner was.

Ill reveal who the other cum bunny is in Celeb Bukkake #3

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