Hypno Celeb 39

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Hypno Celeb 39: Christina Applegate
by MAW

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains
graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you, leave
now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does not work this way. If you
feel like trying this, seek help.
This story is based on a manufactured image at
Privatepages. It’s a must for any Hypno fans. All
and comments are welcome. Enjoy.

The California sun beat down on the beachgoers, a perfect
day for a tan. Christina Applegate sat on a beach chair,
sunglasses on, reading a book and listening to the calming
sounds of the ocean. She was in the middle of negations for a
movie. It was her first big project since "Married… With
Children" went off the air. It was for a smart, sophisticated
college woman
which definitely was the thing she was looking for.
While "Married" had been good for her image and bank
account, it did hurt her in finding other roles. After
spending a decade playing a dumb, blonde tramp, Christina
wanted a change of pace. Problem was Kelly Bundy was the role
she was identified
with and the type of role she was offered. She was tired of it
and wanted something different. Maybe Wes Craven would take
on for "Scream 3."
Christina got up and began to walk back to her car. She
brushed at her long blond hair and picked at the sand on the
bikini covering her ample figure. She was tired, that was it.
Tired of arguing, tired of all the bullshit. Maybe she should
get out while she could, try something else. Get married, have
family, something.
She shook her head as she passed the small locker building
that led towards the parking lot. Her thoughts were several
miles away, caught up in her own private matters. She didn’t
even hear the sound of approaching footsteps. Suddenly, an arm
grabbed her from behind and a sweet-smelling cloth was thrown
over her mouth. She tried to fight, but it was useless. She
felt dizzy as soon as she inhaled the drug on the cloth and
her strength faded. She
felt her eyes slip close as blackness came over her vision.

Christina moaned and pulled her head up. It took her a
moment to fully understand her surroundings. She was in some
sort of darkened chamber, a spotlight above her providing the
illumination. She was still wearing her bikini and was
to some sort of red table that had her in a sitting position.
She was obviously confused and angry, with a twinge of fear.
She had no idea who was behind this, but he definitely was
going to hear from her lawyers.
A click caught Christina’s attention. A light suddenly
appeared before her. It came into focus as a bright yellow
wheel with a spiral design to it. As Christina watched, it
began to
spin, the spiral turning with a bright yellow blur. Christina
watched it turn with curiosity, wondering why anyone would do
this. Her curiosity slowly faded as her attention to the
became larger, more intensive. She couldn’t look away, she
couldn’t think, all she could do was watch as the spiral
continued to spin, taking up her attention and her will.
Christina was too engrossed to notice the throbbing sound
that filled the chamber. It was a series of high-pitched
subminimal messages, programmed and centered to Christina’s
subconscious. Besides removing her inhibitions and raising her
hormone levels, it also placed in her a need to obey along
with a special series of commands. It continued to play,
combining with the spiral to turn Christina into a mindless
Minutes or hours later, the signal cut off and the spiral
turned off. The restraints on her body released and she
forward, swaying in place. A light suddenly came on in another
part of the chamber. It showed a large bed with a red haired
young man standing next to it, nude. If Christina had been
conscious, she would have noticed that he bore a remarkable
resemblance to a former stagehand on the show. But she
think of anything now.
"What is your name?" the man asked.
It took a moment before the answer came. "Kelly..Kelly
"And what is Kelly Bundy?"
The answer came to her. "Kelly Bundy is a slut. Kelly
Bundy wants sex. Kelly Bundy wants cock."
"Who are you?"
"I am a slut."
"You will have me fuck you."
"Yes, I will."
"Disrobe." Christina unsnapped her top and let it fall
off, her large breasts dropping free. She slid her bottom down
legs, showing her blonde clit. Nude, she stared forward with
blank eyes, awaiting her next instruction.
The red-haired man beckoned to her and Christina walked
towards him. He took her and brought her to him, kissing her.
She responded as well as she could, although she couldn’t
match his
passion and fervor. He cupped her breasts in his hands as they
kissed, his tongue snaking around her mouth. He pushed her
on the bed and straddled her. He began to rub his hard cock in
between her breasts. He moved the cock up and down the
cleavage, pushing the breasts together, crushing his cock in
between those luscious mounds. Christina groaned in pleasure
as she felt the
cock in between her tits. Kelly liked that a lot.
The man turned them over so he was on her back. Christina
sat on his cock and began to rock on top of him. The man ran
his hands up and down her smooth hips as he began rotating his
pelvis into her. His hands reached up and squeezed her giant
eliciting a moan from Christina. Kelly loved it when men
with her tits. She continued to ride the red-haired man,
pushing herself forward with more feeling and momentum as he
began to
build. She arched back as they came together, her breasts
thrust toward the ceiling. She collapsed onto her master,
allowing him
to kiss and fondle her breasts.
The man pulled his cock out of her and sat up. "On your
hands and knees," he ordered. Helpless to disobey, Christina
did so. She smiled and sighed as she felt the hard-rock member
in between her ass cheeks. Kelly loved being taken from
He began thrusting herself in and out of her, shoving his cock
out of her pussy as he increased the tempo of his thrusts.
were both already hot, eager to cum again, wanting the sweet
pleasure of release. It was what he wanted and what Christina
lived for. She clutched the end of the bed as he began to
himself into her. Her ass tightened as she felt the wave flow
into her and then crumbled forward, exhausted from what would
be the first of several orgasms.

Christina came awake with a start. A beach ball had hit
her in the head, thrown by an absent child. She shook her
head. She
must have fallen asleep, not difficult given the warm setting.
She stood up and collected her things. She needed to go and
talk to her agent again about that part. As she walked, she
herself to wait after eating before going for a swim. The
cramps were killing her.

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