Sexfight At The Pleasure Dome III

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Renee stumbled out of the cage. She was sweaty and exhausted. Her hair was
messed up and wet, leaving a darker shade of red. A few steps out of the
cage, she celebrated her victory over Christina Aguilera by raising both her
arms over head. She clinched her fists and puffed out her chest as a show
of power and dominance.

About half of the way up the aisle, Renee turned back to look at her
defeated foe. Christina was still clutching her pussy but the dildo was now
laying next to her. The younger blonde struggled up to her knees using the
ring ropes to help her.

Renee stopped, and once again raised her
arms. This time it wasn’t to
celebrate but to taunt her. For a moment, she wondered if Christina could
have seen her. Christina dropped her head in pain and shame. That made her
happy that she did see her. Renee smiled, and continued to the back.

In her mind she was arrogant. She thought she had taught that girl a lesson
not to even mess with her. Her heart told a different story. It reminded
her of how she wanted to be with her. It told her she had barely even
survived that match, and had to use desperate measures to win. Renee
wrestled with herself know that her heart was right. She didn’t want to
believe it but it was.

She won. That was all that mattered. Right?

Renee blew off her prize in the ring. She had 24 hours to do with what she
wanted with her but she wanted nothing more to do with her right now. She
was in too much pain to care. She would hurting tomorrow so that was
irrelevant anyway.

She stepped through the archway separating the arena from the dressing room
areas, and was handed a bottled water for her efforts. She took a sip, and
poured the rest of it down her back. She didn’t even think that the water
had been sitting in a bucket of ice. It was cold as hell. The fact that
her body was hot and sweaty didn’t help things either. She shivered. The
bottle still had a few drops left in it so she took what she could get out
of it. Just those few drops were refreshing.

Renee asked for a towel, and dried herself off. It made no difference to
her since she was a Domer that people were standing there watching her. She
was taking a quick a bath, and drying herself off all while standing there
naked in front of them.

She didn’t realize they were even there. She was a winner.

The pain hit her. She was also sore as hell.

Renee grabbed another bottle of water, and headed off to get the checkup
that Domers were required to do after a match. Renee tossed the towel over
her shoulder, and strided off to see the doctor.

The hall was buzzing with activity but she had one thing on her mind. She
wanted to hurry up, and hop into that Jacuzzi. Her sore muscles were
begging for her to skip the checkup phase, and take them to be relieved of
their torment. As Renee walked, she was met by several people. Some were
congratulating her on her win. Others, who were friends, with Christina
cursed her name. She only responded with grunts. She was too tired to even
look them in the eye.

Renee felt a tingle in her hand. She looked down at the wrist that had been
bashed against the steel of the dome. There was already some discoloration
coming up. She tried squeezing her hand but it hurt. The adrenaline was
wearing off. The more she walked, the more she hurt. Maybe her muscles
were right. She considered going straight to the Jacuzzi. She just shook
her head. It was hard to ignore the pain but she tried. She convinced
herself that she was a winner, and had dominated that match. There was no
reason for pain.

Her wrist hurt like hell. She feared that it was more than just a bruise.

Renee hopped on the table like a little girl, and waited for someone to see
her. She couldn’t help but to notice the coolness of the paper that she sat
on. She clinched her gluts, crinkling up the paper into the crevices of her
ass. It was then she realized how much she needed to cum. Started to think
about masturbating on the table. It wasn’t uncommon for Domers to do so.
Sometimes, they just had to whenever and wherever.

Just a Renee started to feel her tit, the doctor walked in. She was still a
bit shy about doing so, and tried to fake rubbing herself to ease the pain.
She hoped he didn’t notice.

When she saw him, she hoped he did notice. He was good looking, probably in
his late 30′s or early 40′s. There was a stern look about his square face.
Even underneath his coat, she could tell he had a great body. Renee knew
that he had seen many other women in his office like that. It wasn’t a
surprise that he showed no interest towards her.

She also knew that his job was constant. He had no time to deal with them.
Once she was out of there, another would follow suit. It wasn’t always a
post-match visit. With all the sex in the Dome, people were fully conscious
of the risks they took. If they wanted to make it big, they had to take
that risk. As a result, the office became a conveyor belt of damaged bodies
and pregnancy checks.

“Where does it hurt?”

“All fucking over,” Renee mumbled. It hurt to even talk.

The doctor noticed the damaged wrist of hers. She was kind of hoping he
wouldn’t. It was really starting to show now so it was hard not to notice
it. After examining it, he recommended that an x-ray to be taken. Renee
didn’t mind the x-ray process itself except for the waiting. What she
feared was that something was broken.

Renee didn’t have to wait long for the development. The computer image
deciphered the scan. Neither it or the doctor could find anything else
wrong than just a very deep bruise. She was lucky.

The doctor started to wrap the wrist with tape but stopped midway through.
Renee knew what he was thinking. These girls were so active, it was really
pointless. He was right. Between the fighting and the sex, trying to keep
someone inactive was a chore. Renee would be guilty herself of disobeying
the doctor. She was wanting to get off so badly now. She wanted him to rub
her clit but she decided that would be a chore for someone else. She really
didn’t want to feel herself up but if that was what she had to do, she
would. She regretted not having Christina at least lick her off before
dispensing with her.

The doctor finished wrapping her hand, and gave her the instructions she
would immediately ignore. Renee headed over back to her room where a nice
warm soaking in the hot tub would do her wonders. Afterwards, maybe she
could find somebody to make love to her. Damn, why didn’t she just take
Christina? Then the thought went through her head. Kirsten! Oh, yeah!

Renee wondered if she was there today. She hoped so. She especially hoped
she saw her victory…


What had she done? She acted like an idiot today! What would she think?
What if she heard about the prank she pulled on Mandy? She would hate her.
That’s what would happen!

Renee suddenly got cold. She walked through the halls of the PleasureDome.
Everybody just stared at her. She was a coward. She was cruel. Wasn’t
that the game? Nobody congratulated her. She watched as several people
shunned her.

Renee got back to her room, and shut the door. She placed her back against
it, and slid down. She started weeping. She was a bad person. She felt
sorry for what Mandy was going through right now. What possible torture was
she experiencing?


She had feelings for her! Now they’re just wasted away in the blood and
sweat of the ring. There was irrepairable damage done. She knew it. She
knew she was a bad person.

Renee just sat there crying. She had to muster up enough strength to pick
herself up, and go on. It wasn’t easy. She threw the bottle against the
wall, upset with herself. She was the reason they were in pain. She was
the reason she was in pain.

The bath. She needed the bath more than ever.

Renee grabbed her towel, and headed for the adjacent room where the tub full
of water was waiting for her. Renee stepped in, and relaxed. The bubbles
beat against her body massaging the tension out of her. She wished they
could make her head stop hurting as well. Only she could do that. She had
to try harder, and not let her get herself into this situation.

Those friends she did have, admired her tactics. She was a lot brighter
than most people gave her credit for. Sure she was a klutz but she had a
passion for winning. Her plots and schemes to bring others down were
beautifully done. They worked 99% of the time. The 1% she either could
care less about or someone else foiled the plot.

Problem was those friends were too few.

Renee leaned her head back against the tub. She tried to hold back a gasp
but it forced itself out.

Her door opened, startling her. It was then she realized, the tub was on
when she got there. She didn’t fill it up. She didn’t start it. Who did?

Renee looked behind her to the door.


“Well, you’re just the potty mouth, today. Aren’t we?”

Parker Posey was standing there in her rope. Not for long. She tossed it
down to her ankles to show that was all she was wearing. Renee turned her
head to keep from looking at her but she insisted on making herself known.

Parker stepped down into the tub that she had filled for her…lover.

She had a deep passion for Renee ever since she met her. Renee liked
exposing her body but not her privates. She kept her breasts, butt, and
pussy covered like a normal woman would. Only on rare occasions would she
walk around naked.

Even rarer would she walk around naked around Parker. She didn’t want to
give her any ideas though she knew she already had them.

Renee was never attracted to Parker. She found her repulsive. The only
reason she let her hang around was that she was an easy target. She was
also the best gopher she had. Parker would do whatever Renee said hoping
that one day she would give her the reward she always sought: her naked

Now was her chance. After years of doing her bidding, she had her right
where she wanted her. Parker immediately made her intentions known. She
waded over to the where Renee rested, and pressed her body against hers.
Renee was too tired to protest her advances physically.

“Parker…,” was all she came out with.

Parker wouldn’t let her finish. She pressed her lips against Renee’s.
Parker tried to slip her tongue between her lips but Renee refused to part

For a moment she was confused. Parker stepped back to take note of the
situation. Renee had just been in the dome, and surely a horny little toad.
So was most of winners. She didn’t understand why Renee didn’t want her to
please her. She had to like her. What was there not to like? Parker
looked down at her body. What was there not to like?

Plenty in Renee’s eyes. She just couldn’t comprehend the fact that Renee
didn’t like her.

Parker smiled. Renee was just being too shy. Of course! Renee always
turned her back when Parker stripped. She never liked to have her look at
her in the nude. She was shy! Of course, she also may be a little sore.
She would take care of that.

Even though Renee told her not to, Parker insisted on kissing her. First
her cheek, then down the side of her neck where she stalled.


Renee knew exactly where she liked it, and damn it if Parker didn’t find the
right spot! After that, Renee couldn’t resist. She had to get off, even
with Parker.

Parker continued to suck on Renee’s neck, and trying her best to make a
hickey. Renee tilted her head just in time to prevent it from happening.
Good thing for her. She didn’t want Parker’s mark on her body. Instead,
Parker worked on the other side at the same location. Renee let out a deep
sigh. God, it felt so good!

Parker wrapped an arm around her waist, and pressed herself against the
blonde. She used her right hand to cup the breast. Renee let out a coo as
Parker’s fingers lightly touched around her nipple.

Parker’s kisses went back up Renee’s face to the cheek. She worked a circle
following her jawbone to her chin then back up to the lips.

This time Renee allowed Parker to insert her tongue into her mouth. She was
now getting into it herself. She just tried not to think about it being
Parker. Renee opened her eyes to see her staring back at her.

“I want to make love to you,” she whispered. “I want to hold you in my
arms, and lick every inch of your body. I want to bring you to the point of
ultimate ecstasy.”

Renee just stared at her for a second.

“Shut up, and just fuck me.”

“That’ll do too.”

Renee pushed herself away from Parker. She took the towel she had since
finishing her match, and spread it across the tile surrounding the tub.
Parker rubbed the blonde’s rear end as she got out of the water. It was so
nice and tight. Parker wanted to just bury her face in her ass cheeks.
Maybe she would get to do that later.

Renee cursed under her breath when she felt her rubbing her butt. Why
Parker? Why did it have to be her? There were plenty of other girls around
to have sex with. What was she doing? Parker wasn’t at the top of her
list. Might had well anyway. Maybe she would shut up about wanting her
body. She’ll give her this one time then that was it! Period!

Renee sighed as she laid down on the towel. She spread her legs as wide
apart as she could comfortably. She looked at herself as if it was going to
be the last time. After this she wondered if she could live with herself
knowing Parker had sex with her. She just closed her eyes, and hoped it was
over soon. This had better be good.

Parker stepped out of the water twisting her hips. Renee never noticed it
with her eyes closed. She did feel the water drip off of Parker’s body, and
onto hers. Renee lifted her hips off the towel, and pushed her crotch up
inviting Parker in. She needed to get off. She needed it now! As with
other Domers, winning left the wrestler wanting more. It wasn’t uncommon
for them to go immediately have sex or find a dildo to bring them climax.
There was a reason for the beds in their rooms.

Parker looked at the opening into Renee’s sexual orifice. She pushed her
hips down back onto the towel.

“Not so fast. I want to admire you.”

Parker laid herself along Renee’s body. She went tit to tit, rubbing as
softly as she could. Parker let out a moan enjoying the sensation of being
on her body. She was going to take her time so he could enjoy every inch
of Renee’s naked body.

She started kissing on Renee’s chest, rubbing her lips against her

“I love your chest,” Parker remarked. She kissed her again. “I love the
way your muscles rip out of you.” She kissed her shoulder. “I love your
shoulders.” She kissed. “I love the way they feel.”

Parker went down her arm telling her how much she loved it. At first it
annoyed Renee. She wished she would hurry up, and eat her out. She tried
to finger herself but Parker pinned her other arm against the floor. She
wasn’t going to get out this easily.

Renee closed her eyes as Parker licked the palm of her hand. She sucked on
each of her digits, and sniffed her wrist. She still had the faint smell of
the perfume she wore before coming to the Dome. It was long since covered
by the smell of flesh on flesh in the Dome. Parker licked it causing Renee
to cry. She found another spot that Renee liked. She thought about staying
there for a few seconds but she was impatient to get down to the

It got serious when Parker moved to her breasts. She was gentle with them.
She traced around the curvatures with her fingers, and circled her way to
the nipples. Renee shivered in delight. Parker pressed her tongue against
the hardness of her erect nipple. She could feel every bump of it. She
could taste the milk entombed within the glands. It may have been just her
imagination but it still excited her. Parker closed her lips around it, and
dragged her mouth across it. It pulled just ever so softly against the
suction of her mouth. It felt good for Renee. Her nipple felt like it was
inches long and was ready to take off like a rocket.

Parker turned her on even more by batting her nipple around with her tongue.
The sensation was just so stimulating. Renee was excited. If this was just
the tease, she couldn’t imagine what Parker would be like around her G-Spot.
She couldn’t help but to let out a whimper.

Her other breast was being gently caressed by Parker’s hand. She slid her
hand over, putting it in the crevices of the fingers. Parker closed her
hand stroking the nipple between her middle and index fingers.

Parker continued down towards her second-most favorite part of her body: her
abs. She loved Renee’s stomach. It was so firm and tight like her ass.
Not many girls had a gut like it. She thought she could bounce a quarter
off of it but she’d rather not. She’d rather bounce herself. Parker
tongued her way down to her belly button, stopping to circle it. Parker’s
hands ran down Renee’s sides. The soft touch made her moan and churn in

Her hair got thicker as it ran up to her navel from her crotch like
everybody’s does. Parker was just elated to trace its path. She got
between the navel and the bush before she veered off to the side. Parker
wasn’t done examining Renee’s body. She still had her legs, her back, and
her butt to do. Renee growled at the misdirection. She wanted her pussy
licked. NOW!

Parker went to her hips, and the thighs. Such large thighs. Parker hit a
spot that made Renee coo. She was a bit surprised but Renee liked to have
her legs touched and kissed. They were still tender from the work that
Aguilera did on them but it made them that much more sensitive. Renee
decided that was a good thing.

She kissed that one spot several times on her quad. Each time made Renee
relax even more. Parker had hit all three of her most susceptible spots.
She got the neck, the thigh, and glanced over the wrist. Just those three
spots could have made Renee cum had she stayed there any longer.
Fortunately for Parker, she didn’t.

Renee lifted her leg knowing where Parker was heading next. Parker grabbed
hold of her foot, and pressed it against her chest. She rubbed the ball of
her foot against her nipple. She pressed it hard mounting a sensation that
she got pleasure from. Parker could have just stayed there, and let Renee
rub her tits with her feet. She just kissed it, and moved on. Later, she
would do it.

Parker slid her hands up and down Renee’s leg. She placed her foot on her
shoulder and began her decent down. She massaged Renee’s calf muscle easing
possibly the most tense muscle in her body. Parker wondered if she was
always like that or fixing to cramp up. She had drank some water but was it
enough? After all, after she got though with her, she would need it.

Parker ran her fingernails against the inner thigh, slowly stroking it
closer and closer to her pussy. Then the time came.

The gates to ecstasy spread wide open.

“About time,” Renee mumbled.

Parker ran her fingers through her pubic hair, and spread open her pussy
lips. She was quite ready to enter yet. Parker admired the fleshy inside
of her sexual opening. She examined how she would bring this woman to peak
but yet take her time in doing so. Parker wanted this to last as long as
she could make it. If Renee got off, Parker might not get a chance to be
satisfied herself.

Certainly not. Renee loved her. She would be glad to spend hours bringing
her to orgasm time and time again. After all, why would Renee not show her
body off to her unless she was saving it for the right time.


The thought entered Parker’s mind just as quickly as a thought went through
Renee’s. It wasn’t about marriage. She just hoped nobody saw her like

Perfect timing.

Renee heard the door to her room open and shut.


On a scale of one to ten, Renee’s climax score was approaching a nine. It
had just shot down to seven.

“Who the hell is it?”

Renee slammed her fist down. The door being closed was a metaphor to tell
others that she was closed for the time being. This was one time she wished
they installed locks on these damn doors. Anyone could just waltz right on
in. They did. She did.

Danielle Fishel stood in the doorway between the lounge area and the hot
tub. She was completely naked.

That was nothing unusual for her. Nobody in the Dome had ever seen her wear
clothes. Once she bypass security, off they went. Usually, that followed
with a blow job or some other sexual encounter. It usually came to the
first person she saw, like them or not.


Danielle Fishel was a slut.

She knew it. She didn’t care. Calling someone a slut in the Dome or
anywhere else was usually an insult. To her, it was a compliment. She was
a sexoholic if there ever was one. Some people teased her about her weight.
She wasn’t fat at all. She was broad shouldered, and her breasts jutted
out. Her stomach was tight, though. Her waist was tiny but her hips were
nice and round. It did sometimes give her the illusion of being overweight
but that was far from the truth.

Even though, she would fuck anybody in the Dome, Danielle was in love with
Britney Spears. She was the object of her desires.

She followed her to the shower after every fight Britney had, win or lose.
She preferred it when she lost. It turned her on to see her beaten in front
of everybody. She loved to see her laying helpless in the middle of the
ring. She looked so vulnerable. She needed someone to comfort her, to
reassure her, to love her.

Britney would be in the shower while Dani would either grab a chair or sit
on the floor, and masturbate. She got as close as she could but left
Britney plenty of room to wash off without getting in her way.

She did it three or four times before she finally got up the nerve to go,
and rub her down. At first she rubbed her legs while fondling herself.

It looked and felt kind of silly but Dani was a leg freak. Britney had the
nicest pair she had ever seen. They were strong and tanned. She had the
legs of a dancer, the breasts of a porn star, and look of a teenager. What
more could she have wanted?

She got her answer when Britney allowed her to bathe her while she stood in
the shower. Dani got to rub her hands all over her naked body as the water
rushed down. Her legs were strong, her tits were nice and soft, and her
pussy was a delight. It led to their first sexual encounter together.
Britney took her back to her room where she and Dani outright fucked each
other until dawn.

Sad thing was, they were still in the junior leagues at the time. Sex
didn’t happen until they moved up. Britney was a rare exception. That
explained her success at her age. There was a reason.

When she and Dani moved up to the PleasureDome, their sex got better but she
was jealous that everyone challenged Britney to a fight in the PleasureDome.
She knew they wanted to fuck her. That’s all they wanted. When Britney
lost her matches, she was more than likely taken to her opponent’s room
where she would be their sex slave for the 24 hour award period. Nobody
ever gave up the opportunity to lick her.

That disappointed Dani. At least she had all her matches on tape so she
could watch them at any time.


Renee looked on as Dani sucked on her finger, and rubbed it against her

“Parker said I could watch.”

Renee’s score dipped down to a four. She lifted her head, and glared at
Parker. It would have been lower had Danielle not been naked, and already
started fingering herself.

“I told her you wouldn’t mind.”

Renee did mind. She didn’t mind Dani being in there, especially naked. It
just had come at a time that Renee was embarrassed to be seen getting eaten
out by Parker. The feeling was almost as bad as losing a match.

Before Renee could argue, Parker dove into her pussy. The excitement caught
Renee off-guard…five…SIX….Renee laid her head down too hard, and
slammed it against the floor. Five!


Parker ignored her.

Soon Renee’s climax score was rising again. Parker was getting good. She
was licking all around. Renee squinted her eyes enjoying every motion
Parker took. Damn, she was good. It was just too bad she looked like a
dipstick, and had the brains of one. Renee could have liked her if she was
in another body.

Renee thrust herself with Parker’s movements. She watched Dani as her
masturbation began to start pleasing her. She was just so cute. She had
the sweetest, pouty lips. Renee wanted to just get up and kiss her again.
Dani was a good kisser. Renee found that out the first time she met her.


Renee still had her long red hair back then. She came into the Dome perky
as usual. She carried her bag over her shoulder. Her denim jacket and
tight jeans reflected her carefree personality. Her midriff exposed her
belly button to the world like she liked. She was a happy camper. She was
a horny camper. Renee wasn’t scheduled for a match nor did she want one.
She wanted sex! Pure, unadulterated, fun sex!

She had just gotten through security when another girl came up to the gate.
She seemed to be in a hurry. Renee started on dismissing it as someone
needing to go potty really bad. She didn’t make it down but a few steps
when she heard her.


Renee turned around. She looked ahead of her to see if she might be talking
to someone else.


It just hit her that the girl had already stripped out of her top, and was
now stepping out of her pants. The girl ran up to her, and hugged her.
Renee didn’t know what to do. She released her grasp, and took the ends of
Renee’s hair in her hand.

“Make love to me! Right now!”

Before Renee could react, Danielle was kissing her. She was a good kisser.
Renee liked that!

She dropped her bags on the floor then found herself being pushed down to
the ground. She was frenching this strange girl who had just gotten into
the Dome’s premises. A bit of confusion set in before Renee realized she
was getting what she came for. Dani stripped off Renee’s clothes in front
of everyone who happened to come by. They made love in the hallway for an
hour before going back to Renee’s room for more sex.

Renee would later find out that she was the first of three women and two men
Dani would fuck that night. She had heard about the new slut that had come
in. Since she didn’t watch television herself, she had no clue who this
was. A wanna-be star by the name of Parker Posey eventually told her about
her and how she was lucky to get some from her.


The wanna-be star was still a wanna-be star. Didn’t the PleasureDome only
cater to celebrities? So why would Parker still be here?

The thought quickly was dismissed as Parker continued away at her pussy.
Renee moaned and grunted as her climax meter rose. Damn, why’d she have to
be so good?

“Oh God, yes! Oh, Parks, keep that up!”

Renee looked down momentarily, and wondered if Parker had even breathed in
the meantime. She had been down there several minutes but without a break.
And her tongue, it had to be getting tired!

“Oh, God!”

She looked over to Dani who was really into the masturbation right now. She
was almost squatting. It looked like it would hurt the hips the way she was
bent. Dani had to move her feet to keep balance as her fingers slapped away
at her pussy.

Renee’s distraction was distracted itself from Parker’s motion. Renee
jerked in delight. It was a motion that Christina had used on her in the
ring. One that almost made her cum, and lose the match.

“Oh, keep doing that! I like that!

Parker continued on but more intense.

“Oh, Parker!”

Renee could feel tension mounting in her pelvic area.

“Oh, Parker!”

She was going to cum.

“Oh, Parker!”

She was going to do it soon.

“Oh, Christina!”

Parker stopped.

“What’d you stop for? I’m about to cum!”

“What’d you call me?”


“Oh Parker, Oh Parker, Oh Christina? What the fuck?”

Renee didn’t understand.

Parker got up.

“Where the hell you going? Finish me off!”

“I’m going to find Christina. Maybe she can finish you off!”

Parker shoved Dani out of the way. Renee heard the door slam behind her.


Renee slammed her fists down, and banged her head against the floor.


She really wished she’d stop doing that!

Twice! Twice tonight she’d been brought to the point of cumming. This was
really starting to frustrate her. Oh, well. So much for that.

Renee started to get up when she felt the motions start back. She looked
down with surprise. Dani was there licking her. She rose for a moment.

“I don’t care what you call me.”

“I’ll call you a lifesaver.”

“Good, then after this, you can suck on me.”

Renee jerked her head back. That was a lame metaphor.

Dani started licking her.

Lame or not, she was good!

It only took a couple of minutes before Renee approached her climax.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum!”

She repeated it several times. Dani’s tongue just got more intense as time
went on. Finally, it happened.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Renee squirted Dani in the face but even with the warnings Dani continued
on. One orgasm just wasn’t enough.



Parker stormed down the hallway, yelling. Finally, she found someone who’d
pay her any attention.

“You seen Aguilera?”

He just shook his head.

She tried again several times but to no avail. Nobody had seen her.

It just happened to be luck when she saw her coming out of the public


Christina was surprised by the sudden charge. Parker tackled her down to
the ground, and proceed to pound away on her any place she could find.
Renee was going to forget about her one way or another. Parker was
determined she was going to leave her disfigured.

Parker picked her up by her wet hair, and slammed her shoulder-first against
the cinder block wall. Christina let out a wail that attracted some
onlookers to the melee.

One of them had to get a piece of the action. Britney Spears came storming
in kicking away at her long time nemesis.

Christina was already a beaten woman. She had lost her match not too long
ago against Renee. What everyone else didn’t know that she had just had
been fucked hard while in the shower by the winner of the lottery. She was
in pain both inside and out.

Parker didn’t notice him walking out of the shower. She was too transfixed
on Christina, and hurting her. Fortunately he didn’t bother stepping in.
He found the assault to be erotic, and started rubbing his dick while he

The beating continued until Christina was beyond pain. With every kick and
punch, she let out only a muffled groan. Parker and Britney backed away,
and looked at her laying naked and hurt. She had no awareness of anything
anymore. She just felt the throbbing pain against her body.

Parker was finished with her attack but Britney wasn’t. She still had rage
in her eyes. Parker looked bewildered, yet impressed, by her hatred for the
woman. Parker watched as Britney continued mauling her. She could see what
Renee saw in her. Underneath all the bruises, she was pretty damn cute.
Especially getting kicked in the crotch like Britney was doing now.

Parker’s eyes shifted from Christina’s nude body to Britney’s rounded ass
hugged tight against her jeans. She was getting turned on herself. Parker
thought about fingering herself but saw the guy rubbing his cock turned her
off. She gave a look of disgust his way but he just ignored her.

“Hold her!”

Parker’s attention was drawn back to the melee.

“Hold her!”

It was Britney. She had Christina up on her feet being held by her hair.
Britney tossed the limp body Parker’s way. She barely had enough time to
catch her. Parker turned her around, and locked in a full nelson while
Britney continued to pound away at Christina’s breasts.

Parker rubbed her face against Christina’s back. She had nice soft skin.
Parker thought about releasing her right there, and fucking her. Problem
was she was too beat down that she wouldn’t be able to return the favor to
Parker. Instead, she just grinded her pussy up against her ass while
Britney broke her down.

She could feel Christina going unconscious in her arms. Finally, Britney
let up on the blows. Parker laid her down to rest. Like she thought,
Christina was unconscious.

Britney mocked wiping the dust off her hands.

“Well, that was fun.”

Parker looked down, still debating on whether or not to fuck her even if she
was out.

“Sorry, didn’t catch your name.”

“What?” Parker looked up in surprise.

“Who the hell are you?”

She didn’t know who “The Party Girl” was? What the hell was going on here?
Everybody knows who Parker Posey is!

“I’m Parker Posey! I’m Parker Posey! I’m Parker damn Posey!”

:”Geez, you don’t have to be so bitchy about it!”

“Bitchy? Bitchy? You wanna see bitchy?”

“You challenging me to a fight?”

“Is that what you think I’m doing?”

“I sure hope not. I don’t wanna have to wrestle a fucking toothpick like


“Yeah, toothpick. This is called the PleasureDome. Even when I do beat
you, where’s the pleasure in it for me?”

“Oh, that’s it! You’re on! I’ll see you later tonight.”

“Whatever, whoever the hell you are.”

“After I’m done with you, you won’t forget the name of…” Parker stuck her
nose up in the air. “…’The Party Girl!’”

Britney couldn’t help but to laugh.

“What the hell is so funny?”

“‘Party Girl?’”

Parker nodded.

“That’s funny. I just ran into someone else calling herself ‘The Party

No! It couldn’t be!

“Christine something or another,” Britney continued.

Parker’s eyes lit up with anger. She was starting to visibly shake like she
was in an earthquake. Christine Taylor was here? She had the nerve to show
up in the same building with her? Lord help her if Parker found the FAKE
“Party Girl!”

Parker screamed, and stomped back the way she came from. This wasn’t
turning out to be a good day for her.

“Well.” Britney wiped her forehead. It was really starting to get hot in
here. She now had a match to prepare for. Problem was…”Who the hell is
Parker Posey?”

“I heard that!”

Britney was amazed she could hear her that far off. Still, it didn’t
matter. She was going to make sure nobody else will ever hear of…who?

Britney looked down at Christina. She was starting to come to, mainly
because she was getting her pussy pounded by a nice hard cock. Britney
smiled. It was good to see her getting abused both physically and sexually.
From the look on her face. Her new master for the next 24 hours was really
putting the hurt on her. She leaned against the wall, and folded her arms.
She enjoyed herself while watching his organ slamming hard against her cunt.
Had it been anybody else, she’d feel sorry for them. One arm had her leg
lifted up to get a better position against her pussy. The other was
alternating between squeezing her tit and slapping her face.

She didn’t know which part of Christina’s suffering was more fun to watch.
She soon found out neither.

He took his dick out of her pussy, and set it against her face. He started
rubbing his dick all over her face, and placing it into her mouth.

Britney approached him knowing he was full well about to cum. She reached
down, and began to slowly stroke his dick. It didn’t take long before he
shot his load across Christina’s face. It was apparent by the amount of
cum, this was his first orgasm. Even so, she was still impressed by the
amount that came out. It was almost as if it would stop. Christina’s face
and hair was covered with the warm goo. He shook as his orgasm came to an
end. Britney shook his penis to make sure everything came out. When no
more would come out, she took her fingers, and wiped some of the cum off
Christina’s face. Britney opened Christina’s mouth, and shoved her fingers
inside. She wanted to make sure her enemy would taste as much as she could.
The rest was smeared over her face. She even ran her cum-soaked hands
through the blonde hair to get it everywhere.

“Fucking bitch!”

“Thanks,” the man said, after he caught his breath. “You wanna go fuck

“Fuck that!” Britney wiped her hands on her jeans, and stood up. “Say, you
know who that girl was that was with me. Parker?”

He just shrugged his shoulders, and mounted Christina’s chest. He started
rubbing his dick against her breasts.


“Wait! I think was in that pussycat movie. The one that Rachael and Tara
were in. You know?”

Britney nodded. She hadn’t seen it but she knew what he was talking about.


“Sure you don’t wanna fuck?”

Britney just turned around, and flipped him off. It was time to pay the
pussycats a visit.


Parker returned to Renee’s room. She heard giggling coming from the bedroom
instead of the Jacuzzi. There, she found Dani holding on the headboards of
the bed, and a large hump under the covers doing something to her that was
making her laugh.

Parker was in no laughing mood. She sat down at the foot of the bed, and
pouted. Even though she was in her 30′s, she acted half her age.

Renee came out from under the sheets with a flashlight in her mouth. She
was trying to figure out what in the hell almost squashed her. She saw
Parker’s back next to her, and grimaced. Quickly, she went back under the
sheets to pout herself.

“What’s the matter sweetums?”

Renee flinched under the sheets. Sweetums?

“Christine Taylor is here,” Parker pouted.

Snickering came from under the sheets.

“That’s not funny!”

“Yes it is,” Renee replied.

Parker got a thought.

“Did you set me up?”

“No!” The sheets started moving. Renee came out from underneath, and
rested next to Dani. She sat up, and put her arm around her. She couldn’t
help but to smile. “But I wish I did. Now that’s funny!”

Dani didn’t like that comment. She hit Renee on the shoulder.

“Ow! What’d you do that for?”

“Be nice!”

“To Parker?”

“Yes! And to me!”

Dani motioned for Parker to come to her. Parker slid her naked body up
against the sheets feeling the softness press against her skin. She could
feel Dani’s form laying underneath. When she got up to her, she melted in
her arms, and started to kiss her.

“Listen,” Renee started to get up. “I’ll leave you two alone.”

Renee just sat up when Dani got her lips back from Parker.

“Sit right back down! I helped you, now you’re going to help me help

“Do I have to?”

“She needs us. She needs us to help get her mind off of Christine.”

Parker nodded, and began to lick Dani’s chest.

Renee hissed at Parker.

“Do that again,” Parker remarked. “It turns me on!”

“Everything turns you on.”

“Shut up, you two!” Dani interrupted their little argument.

It was amazing how the house slut, once you got to know her, could be so
lovable. Renee didn’t want to upset her any more than she already was, and
laid back down beside her.

Parker, meanwhile, slid under the sheets to take the position that Renee had
been in. She continued her sex-fest by licking Dani’s pussy. Dani
responded well to the treatment. Pussy was Parker’s favorite party of the
body as a general rule. That could be one of the reasons she didn’t like
men. Sure, she’d let them fuck her or give a blow job but it just wasn’t
the same as a nice young girl’s pussy. Of course, the younger they were,
the better for her.

Renee, on the other hand, was more of a romantic. She showed it in her
passionate kisses. She didn’t care for straight fucking unless after a
match. That was just to finish the job that was started in the ring. She
enjoyed the sweet talking. She loved to be held against another woman’s
body, which was the problem in the Dome for her, though. Most girls wanted
her to hold them. It was the little things drove her mad. The way a woman
smelled, the way they looked at her, how their hair was positioned all
turned her on. It was amazing how bad she could be sometimes, yet so sweet
at others.

Of course, Dani didn’t care. She liked both, especially at the same time.
The more people that were rubbing against her body, the better. This was
heaven to her. She grinded her pussy into Parker’s face as her tongue
probed down her sexual opening. In the meantime, she and Renee, were
kissing, and playing with each other’s hair. One moment she would be
kissing or telling Renee how beautiful she was, the next, she was grunting
and groaning when Parker hit a sensitive spot.

Parker was good so she did more of the grunting and groaning. Still, Renee
watched her, and fondled her tits while she was going at it. Dani had such
a cute face. She just enjoyed looking at her as she thrust her hips up and
down. This was also a good time to watch Dani’s breast bounce with the

Parker tossed the sheet off of her exposing her and Dani’s naked bodies.
She gasped for air while Renee struggled out of the web of sheets, and
tossed them on the floor. Soon all three were exposed to each other. Not a
sheet was left on the bed except beneath them.

Renee crawled on top of Dani, and began to rub her tits against her own. It
was kind of hard to do with her smaller breasts but still she knew how to
make it work.

This also gave Parker to the change to continue her work on Renee. She had
her clit right in Parker’s face so it was hard for her not to notice.
Parker fingered Renee while she continued to delve her tongue deeper into
the cunt. Both Renee and Dani were enjoying the sensation. Renee even
squeezed Dani’s hands, and pinned them to the bed.

Parker also used the opportunity to smack Renee’s tight little ass.


Parker soon began to alternate tonguing and fingering between Renee and Dani
with the occasional extra slap to the ass.

One would get the finger stuck up her, the other was mixing up a cum shake
next to Parker’s tongue. This went on for nearly half of an hour before
they both decided they were going to have an orgasm, much less at the same

Renee rolled off of Dani, and spread her legs beside her. Parker knew
exactly what to do now. With Dani in one hand and Renee in the other, she
began to finger both of them until they came. Parker watched on as their
bodies shook with delight. Both of them reached over to the other to find
something to grab on to. Dani held on to Renee’s tits, and Renee grabbed
hold of Dani’s hair. Both squeezed hard but neither could feel the pain.
Meanwhile Parker had an invisible friend fingering her asshole. Even though
nobody was there, she could feel it, and almost made her want to blast off,

Dani and Renee’s hands strayed off onto various places on each other’s body.
Renee couldn’t help to grab at Dani’s boob and feel it squish in her hand.
Parker was extremely turned on by this, and began to finger them faster and
harder. Dani was about to reach the pennacle first but Renee soon followed.
Their grunting became louder. The squeezing began harder. They both
publicized that their faith in God was truly with them right now. Dani
grabbed hold of Renee’s hand as they were both about to peak. The breathing
got harder. They both jerked their bodies like women possessed by demons.
But, oh, the sin felt so good.

Renee and Dani slammed their hips against the bed as Parker’s hand went as
fast as it could.

Dani shouted out her orgasm, immediately followed by Renee. Their bodies
were drenched with sweat. Parker’s imaginary friend brought her to near
ecstasy. One bead of sweat rolled down between her breasts, causing her to
tighten her pussy muscles.

Parker fell between them.

“My turn, now.”

Without hesitation, Renee and Dani began to lick Parker’s nipples, and rub
their fingers up her thighs. It was slow and sensual. The motions were
almost uniform even though neither of them spoke. Parker wrapped her arms
around her two lovebirds, and placed a hand on their shoulders. She
squeezed ever so lightly bringing them closer to her body.

Even though, Renee started out not liking Parker’s body, she couldn’t help
but to return the favor. She still wasn’t thrilled about it but things
could be worse. Renee momentarily stopped to look towards the door.

Good, nobody.

Parker grabbed hold her head, and smashed it down against her tit. Renee
was startled by the action, she didn’t realize she was now sucking on her
nipple. Ironically, that was the exact same time Dani started sucking on it

“Ooooh, harder!”

Parker was really getting into it. Renee and Dani both abided by Parker’s
request but Dani threw in an extra little nibble that sent a sharp but
erotic pain up the chest.

“Yes, I like that.”

Renee perked up again.

“You like everything.”

“Keep sucking!”

Parker pressed the blonde’s head back down to her chest. Renee reacted with
a murmur.

Dani stopped her sucking, and moved down to the pussy. Still, Renee didn’t
want to go that far. Instead, she went back to what she liked to do: hold
and caress.

Parker spread her legs open for Dani to enter. Like Parker, she started
hard and quickly.

Renee laid across Parker’s chest in a position similar to a pin in the Dome,
and brushed the hair out of her face. Between squinting her eyes in
pleasure, Parker acknowledged that she was actually liking that. Renee made
sure to rub her body against Parker’s tits to stimulate them as much as she
could. Before she knew it, she and Parker were soon kissing.

It wasn’t so bad really. Renee thought she had a little Milla Jovovich look
going for her. She was thin but still cute as hell. She had a great face
but not a body Renee wanted to fuck. Parker was similar. She could be
attractive too with a little attitude adjustment, a decent haircut, and some
weight put on her. It was possible, she could do that. Unlikely, but still

Parker squirmed in delight breaking Renee’s concentration. She rolled over,
and placed herself on all fours like a dog. Dani adjusted to her new
position, and continued fucking her. Renee was uncertain what to do. She
sat on up her knees before Parker gave her the command.

“Play with my boobies!”

Renee looked awkwardly at her. What boobies? She saw what little there was
hanging down, and pondered how to do what she wanted. Renee didn’t have
much room for say. Hers were small too, and liked to be fondled. She had
to guess as to what she, herself, would like.

Renee placed herself between Parker’s head and the headboard, and leaned
against her back. She reached around to find the two soft mounds hanging
freely. She grabbed hold, and began to rub them in a circle.

“Oh, God, yes! Keep doing that!”

Parker grabbed hold of Renee’s tush for support. Renee had to move the
pillows to get a better position on Parker.

Renee continued the pattern for several minutes. Parker was enjoying this
so much, she dug her claws into Renee’s butt and nearly into her asshole.
Then she saw something that she had to do.

Renee stopped playing with her boobs. Parker didn’t seem to notice. She
was too entranced with Dani’s tongue up her pussy to notice. Renee slapped
Parker’s butt that was sticking up in the air.

Parker let out a grunt.

“Do it again!”

Renee was confused for a moment. Then she realized that Parker was actually
into that. It was no wonder she was a Domer. Hell, she probably lost
matches on purpose just to get an orgasm.

Renee popped her again, sending a streak of pain and pleasure up her spine
at the same time.


Renee got up off the bed, and went around to where Dani was licking her.
Dani had heard Parker’s request, and knew that she was in the way. She
turned over, and laid on her back while Parker lowered her pussy against her
mouth. Renee rubbed Parker’s butt then slapped it while Dani continued.


Renee wound up, and slapped her again.


The spankings continued to Parker’s request. Each time getting harder and
faster between intervals. Renee was starting to like this. Parker liked
pain. Renee liked dishing it out. She wasn’t turned on by it but she just
like the fact she was hitting Parker.

As each interval grew shorter, Dani’s fucking got faster. Parker was about
to have to have an orgasm right then. Renee stopped her spankings to let
Dani finish her off.

“Don’t stop, Ren!”

Renee just shrugged her shoulders, and continued to spank. This was what
she liked? That was fine. She thought she could probably get used to this.

Parker’s butt was red as an apple before she squirted some juices on Dani’s
face. That didn’t stop her though. Dani continued the pussy patrol in
search for more orgasms.

Renee’s arms were getting tired from the spankings. She had to quit.
Parker looked over but Renee just couldn’t continue. Parker was
disappointed but understood. Renee went back around, and crawled back onto
the bed.

Parker twisted back around to get on her back again. Dani turned over as
well, and adjusted her position. Parker was still bouncing with the motions
but she wasn’t going to have an orgasm anytime soon. She was strong there,
and it could take a while for her to get back into it. Dani didn’t mind the
wait. She continued to have her hair pie.

As Renee crawled over, Parker held her arms out. Renee was exhausted from
her previous match, and the multiples that she and Dani had before Parker
rejoined them. She was looking for to laying her head on some pillows, even
if they were Parker’s.

“Hold me,” Parker said.

Renee sighed. Looked like Parker was going to lay on her pillows instead.
She held Parker against her, and rested her head down.


Renee felt the sudden pain against her head. She looked back to see the

“I really gotta stop doing that,” she exclaimed while rubbing her head.

Dani could see that Parker wasn’t ready for another, and quit. Parker
closed her legs, satisfied with the work that she did, anyway.

Three of them snuggled up against each other with Parker in the middle.


Dani perked up.

“Was that someone’s stomach?”

It wasn’t Parker. She was looking at Renee. She was clearly embarrassed
but did her best to hide it. She wasn’t too good at it. Her rosy cheeks
gave her away.

“What? I haven’t eaten in forever!”

“Why don’t we get some food,” Dani suggested. “I’m hungry too.”

Dani and Renee hopped up out of the bed, leaving Parker still laying there.

Renee went over to a dresser, and pulled out her spare clothes she kept.
She grabbed a pair of panties, and put them on while Parker watched with
expressed interest. The white pantied hugged against her rear end like the
skin of an apple. Parker just wanted to sink her teeth into the ass. Renee
put on a pair of denim shorts but set the t-shirt back down.

Renee wasn’t like Dani. She didn’t run around naked all the time. She
didn’t feel like others had the privilege to look at her toned body. She
worked hard at it. If they wanted to see it, usually they would have to pay
in the ring.

For some reason, Renee was in a good mood today. She was done. She turned
around looking like a farmer’s daughter with her tight little denim shorts
exposing her entire legs. Had she not worn panties, if she sat right,
everybody would have been able to see the hairs of her pussy. Too bad for
them. Still, it was considerably more skin for her to show off.

Renee looked over to Parker who was now sprawled out on the bed.

“Are you coming or not?”

“I’m not hungry. You two go ahead. I gotta rest. Still got a match

“No, you don’t! You said…”

“Just happened when I went to beat up Aguilera.”

“What did you do?”

“Screw that!” Dani jumped in a bit excited to see Parker in the ring again.
“Who with?”

“Boob job Spears.”

Dani’s crotch tingled. She could feel herself getting wet again.

“Cool. When you beat her, can I have her?”


“What do you mean when?” Renee remarked. “You mean if!”

Parker flipped off Renee but she only responded with a smile.

“C’mon. Let’s go. I’m hungry.”

Renee and Dani left leaving Parker to herself.


The door was shut but she had to find out anyway. Just who the hell was
Parker Posey? Britney knocked on Rachael Leigh Cook’s door. She felt bad
interrupting something that might be going on.

It didn’t take long before Rachael opened the door. She looked a bit
annoyed but when she saw who it was, her frown turned upside down.


“I’m sorry. Was I interrupting something?”

“No, no!” Rachael remarked. Britney knew she had. Rachael was topless.
She also saw Tara Reid standing in the doorway to the bedroom. She was
wearing a long black see-thru nightie. Her breasts were covered up but the
gown was opened down the front exposing her private area.

“I’ll come back later.”

“No, no!” Britney turned to leave but Rachael grabbed her arm. “Come on
in! We were just fixing to watch Rosie fight.”

Britney held her head down a little bit embarrassed. “You sure you don’t

Rachael and Britney both looked towards Tara making sure it was okay. She
had grown a great big smile, and was obviously excited about her presence.

“Sure,” Britney agreed.

“Yay!” Tara clapped her hands in excitement.

Before she knew it, Britney was being pulled into the room. Rachael may
have been shorter than her but she had spunk. Rachael removed Britney’s red
vest exposing her perky breasts to Tara. She couldn’t help to but to stare
at them.

Britney looked around. “Where’s the tv?”

“Bedroom,” Rachael answered.

“Ahh, should’ve guessed.”

“We moved it there so we could…you know…”

Tara finished Rachael’s sentence. “Screw around while Rosie fought.”

Rachael was shy. She always had been, especially about sex. Still she
couldn’t pass the opportunity up to have Britney in her room.

“Rosie?” Britney inquired.

“Rosario Dawson,” Rachael replied. “We call her Rosie. She played with us
on Josie. Guess you never saw it.”

Britney shook her head but Rachael wasn’t surprised.

“Wanna have sex with us?”

Tara caught Rachael off guard being so blunt. So much for small talk.
Rachael widened her eyes to let her know to be a little bit more discreet.
Granted, they were both half-naked but still the point was…


Rachael looked up to see Britney started pulling her sweater off. This time
they both stared as Britney’s breasts were uncovered.

“Well then.” For a moment Rachael didn’t know what to think. Then in a
superhero like voice, she announced “To the bedroom!”

Tara had already entered, and was now rolling on the sheets. Her gown no
longer covered her breasts. They had found a way out to keep from being
inhibited from enclosure. Britney sat down beside her watching her enjoy
the feel of the sheets underneath her.

Rachael turned on the closed circuit monitor to show that the match hadn’t
started yet. She removed her pants and underwear leaving her naked.
Rachael went over to Britney, and took her by the hands.

“Thanks for coming.”

Britney smiled. She had forgotten why she had even come. It didn’t matter.
She was getting horny after kicking Christina’s ass. She placed Rachael’s
hands on her breasts, and let her massage them.

Rachael was clearly impressed. The rumors of her breasts implants were
clearly false. They looked and felt so natural.

Tara giggles distracted them for a moment. She was still enjoying rolling
around on the bed.

“She’s happy,” Britney remarked.

On the monitor a bell sounded signaling the start of the introductions for
the next match. Rachael had to force herself away from Britney’s tits.

“Let’s get you undressed.”

Britney held out her legs, allowing Rachael to take off her jeans. Tara had
scooted up to a position where she could remove her nightie while still
keeping an eye on the monitor. When Rosario Dawson made her entrance down
to the ring, Tara and Rachael clapped and rooted her on.

“Who’s she fighting?” Britney asked.

“Bev Mitchell. From ’7th Heaven.’” Rachael slipped off the pants, and
twirled Britney around to see the tube.

“She’s cute.”

“Yeah but she’s gonna get squashed.”


“I thought you said you liked her.”

“No, I said she’s cute. I like seeing cute girls getting squashed.”

“Me too!” Tara remarked.

Rachael scooted onto the bed putting Britney between her and Tara. They
both wrapped their legs around Brit’s, and started to finger their pussies
as the match was about to start.

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