Sexfight At The Pleasure Dome II

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Backstage, Renee and Parker were watching on the monitor close to the
entrance archway. They waited for Cynthia to appear from the arena. When
she arrived, she and Renee knocked knuckles.

“Thanks for this.”

Cynthia rubbed Mandy’s nude butt.

“No problem,” Renee replied. “I’ve been planning this for months. You two
go have fun now.”

“Oh, we will.” Cynthia looked at Mandy who was passed out. “Eventually.”

The two shared a laugh with Parker smiling in the background before Cynthia
headed off to her dressing room for a good fuck with her defeated foe.

Parker stepped up
to Renee.

“Months?” Parker asked.

“Yeah, ever since I heard that stupid song.” Renee started to sing
sarcastically. “Like a genie in a bottle.”


“God, I hate that song. She deserved that beating she got. You know, come
to think about it, she kinda got off light.”

“Um…Renee, that wasn’t Mandy. That was Christina Aguilera.”

Renee stared blankly at Parker.

“Well,” Renee paused. That was embarrassing. “Well, I hate her too! You
know, maybe I should do the same thing to her as I did to Mandy!”


“Yeah, I think I’ll do that. Aguilera won’t know what hit her!”

Parker took a step back.

“Where the hell are you going?”

Parker pointed behind Renee. Renee turned around.

“Oh, shit!”

Renee had just blurted it out before a right hand connected with her jaw.
She staggered but stayed up. A second and third fist finally sent her
sailing to the ground.

Parker watched as her “acquaintance” began to get pummeled. Parker’s vision
of Renee changed from acquaintance to friend depending on the situation.
Finally, enough was enough. Renee was barely able to block Aguilera’s fists
with her arms. Parker stepped forward but was met with an icy glare. She
backed off again holding her hands up, wanting no part of her anger.

Christina got up off of Renee but the fight was far from over. She was
pissed off. Christina jerked the strawberry-blonde up by the hair, and
dragged her toward the archway leading into the arena. Renee’s body
followed her hair barely being able to keep up.

Waitresses were serving the attendance their drinks between the matches.
When Aguilera and O’Connor appeared everyone stopped what they were doing to
witness the assault. They knew that an impromptu match was about to begin.
The wait staff left their customers so they could focus their attention on
the two women about to do battle.

Christina continued to assist Renee down to the cage with two handfuls of
hair. Her silver sequin dress glittered in the light. Her legs sprouted
out from the shreds of her lower skirt. She wasn’t dressed for a fight.
She had just come here to see what was going on, and perhaps get a little
kinky later on with whomever she could find. She was at least barefoot as
she kicked off her shoes just before pounding away at the bitch that
insulted her music.

Renee wasn’t dressed for combat either. Her dull rusty colored sweatshirt,
and blue jeans were a big contrast to Christina’s more elegant choice of
clothing. Normally, Domers don’t even wear clothing to the ring unless a
newbie shows up or something impulsive happens like this.

Halfway down the ramp, Renee finally got enough sense to know what was going
on. She swung away wildly in her stunned state. Her punches to Christina’s
stomach caused her to flinch a bit but the adrenaline that was running
through her masked the pain.

The keeper of the cage opened the door to let them in but Christina wasn’t
quite ready to enter. Instead, she drove Renee back first into the steel
structure. It had no give to it, and the solid steel bars provided Renee
enough pain to yelp across the arena. She was experienced with doming, and
didn’t let out too much to show she was hurting. But that was more than she
could handle. She was fortunate as her head whiplashed back, and came
within inches of unconsciousness, and possible concussion.

Christina, however, was more willing to make sure she did that with her own
two hands. She pulled Renee away from steel, and slung her around back into
it. Renee was off balance, and forced to jump uncontrollably into the dome.
The look of fear in her face signaled that she knew that she was in trouble.
In just the split second it took for her to crash into the metal, she was
able to lift her arm up, and protect her head from bouncing off the steel
bars. That didn’t stop her from squashing her wrist between the dome and
her jawbone.

Renee danced around clutching her wrist. She held her mouth wide open in a
silent scream. Christina took advantage of the opening that Renee left for
her, and nailed her with several more right hands.

Everything was happening too fast for Renee to keep up with. The next thing
she knew she was being thrown into the dome. The distance from the side of
the dome to the ring left them with plenty of room to move about. Renee
ran. She ran as fast as she could around to the opposite side of the ring.
Christina followed her close behind with her multiple tails swaying high
enough to see her white panties underneath.

Renee took a short cut across the ring, sliding in underneath. She tried to
scamper across on all fours but she couldn’t put much weight on her wrist.
That slowed her down just enough for Christina to grab her by the ankle
before she could leave the ring. Renee reached out for the exit of the cage
that was a good ten to fifteen feet away. The attendant was just shutting
the door. Her window of opportunity was closing quickly. She didn’t want
to be in there. She wanted to escape to freedom.

Christina pulled Renee back in by her ankle. Renee grabbed the bottom rope
of the ring before Christina could drag her any further.

Renee watched in horror as the door locked, and the bell rang starting the
unscheduled match.


Christina jerked Renee one more time. With only one good hand, she didn’t
have enough strength to hold on. The force lifted her up a few inches but
was good enough for her to land her chin onto the canvas. Christina
released the hold on her ankle, allowing Renee to sit up on her knees, and
hold her chin. She grimaced in pain, and did a quick tally with her tongue
to make sure all her teeth were in place. Fortunately, they were.

Unfortunately, she had forgotten for that brief moment that Aguilera was
behind her. Christina ran her way, and slid into her back. Her feet hit
with a thud against the fabric of her sweatshirt. The whiplash effect
pulled even more at Renee’s spine. She fell forward onto her stomach. She
tried to reach the point where the pain was the worst on her back but her
arms were too short.

Christina rolled Renee over onto her back, and pounded away at her skull.
Renee tried to block the punches with her arms but every blow to her tender
wrist left an opening to her temple.

Finally, she couldn’t take anymore of the pain, and dropped her arms to her
sides. Renee tried to get on her hands and knees, and crawl away. The
cover outside the ring looked so inviting. Any breather she could take
would be worth it. Whether it was only a second or ten, it didn’t matter.
She had to take time to figure out what was going on.

Christina wasn’t about to let her, though. In her frenzy, she left Renee an
opening to get to a crawling position. She had been more concerned about
inflicting pain; she had forgotten any strategy that was involved in doming.

Renee had nearly made the escape but a dive by Christina, and she had her by
the jeans. Renee tried to kick herself free but Aguilera managed to pull
her up. Renee found herself locked around her tiny waist, and being thrown
backwards. Christina arched her back but wouldn’t let go until Renee’s back
slammed down onto the mat.

Renee let out a shriek, and instinctively clutched her neck. The pain shot
up her spine. She was no longer worried about escape. All she could feel
right now was the intense pain.

Christina could see her gasping for air underneath her arms, as her face was
glued to the canvas. She rolled her over, and was now in the process of
ripping her jeans off. The singer was so into her actions, she had
momentarily forgotten that jeans were buttoned and zipped on, not to mention
that Renee was wearing a belt, also. She went after the belt giving her a
swift punch to the gut in the process. Renee covered her stomach from the
blow nearly preventing Christina from being able to unbuckle the belt. She
pushed her hands up a bit, and proceeded to get it undone. Christina
unfastened the jeans, and tugged hard enough to lift Renee’s butt off the
mat. She had her jeans down to the knees, and decided to waste no time with
the panties. She ripped off the cotton white underwear, and tore them off
with the jeans in one motion.

Christina felt something heavy in the clothing. She realized that the force
in which she yanked had actually pulled off one of Renee’s shoes. The shoe
caused a thud as she tossed the garments to the side.

She took a moment to admire Renee’s cleanly trimmed pussy hair. It was much
darker than the hair on her head, and had a slight tint of red to it. Her
clit peeked out from under the hair, inviting her to go in, and eat her out.

Renee rolled her hips in pain, tossing them slowly from one side to the
other. Her only clothing below her waist was her white socks and a lone
Adidas. Christina went back to work, removing the sock off Renee’s shoeless
foot. It was sweaty, and stunk. She figured that she had been on her feet
all day, which was uncommon for Domers. She removed the other shoe and
sock. It too was nice and sweaty. Christina thanked Renee for the odor by
planting a foot into her abs.

Renee rolled over to her side trying to catch the breath that had been
forced out of her.

The onslaught continued as Christina helped Renee up, and backed her into a
corner. She wasn’t about to ease up. This was punishment for what she did
to Mandy, and what she said about her. She slung the stockier actress
across the ring. At the last moment, Renee realized where she was headed,
and turned herself around taking the full impact to her back. Even though
the turnbuckles were heavily padded, they still had no give to them. There
was nothing more than a piece of steel that held the ropes up, and tightened
them so they would keep the Domers from falling out of the ring. It hurt
like hell to be thrown into the corner like that but it was at least better
than going breast first.

Renee held on to the ropes, grimacing in pain. She could hear Aguilera’s
footsteps charging toward her. Christina left her feet as she charged in.
Renee’s was fortunate enough to have enough strength and awareness to move
out the way before their bodies collided.

Christina didn’t see it coming, however. She tried to adjust herself in
mid-flight but it was too late. She still was lucky, though. She barely
missed smashing her right breast against the turnbuckle. Instead she landed
against the ribs. That was bad enough.

She bounced off with the impact, clutching herself. She turned around, and
was met with a solid kick to the right side of her face. The sound of flesh
meeting flesh echoed throughout the place. Most of the onlookers grunted
out, feeling her pain. Christina was laid out. For a brief period, she had
no clue of the concepts who, what, when, where, and how. There was nothing
but blackness.

Had Renee had enough of her senses about her, she too would have been
impressed, not only from the sound but the extension she got with her legs.
Instead, she wasn’t much better off than Christina was. She went down to
one knee grabbing hold of the ropes to prevent her from collapsing herself.
She managed to pull herself up with the aid of the ropes, and stagger
towards her opponent. Renee grabbed her by the leg, and dragged her away
from the ropes.

Christina was about to come to. She started moving again, placing her hand
to her forehead where the pain was the worst. Renee sat the younger girl
up, and locked her arm around Christina’s chin.

Renee had to slow things down. Everything was going too fast for her. She
wasn’t prepared for her opponent. Normally Domers are told whom they would
be fighting except on special occasions like the Mandy Moore incident. That
was always a fun ploy to pull on the rookies from the experienced Domers.

Renee sensed that her mind was wondering. It was a sign of fatigue – a bad
sign. Renee needed time to recoup from the massacre Aguilera had brought to
her. She tightened her grip around her chin.

The hold wasn’t too painful but that wasn’t the purpose of it. It was done
to cut the flow of blood from reaching the brain. It was particular helpful
for Renee as it slowed down the pace, allowing for her to think a moment.
She squeezed again, and lifted her arm up to prevent it from choking her
opponent out.

There weren’t any holds that were illegal in Doming. There was a code of
conduct, however, that all Domers had to abide by. Even the dirtiest of
players had to abide by the code. They could use whatever tactics you
wanted but they couldn’t just go out, and choke their opponents to the point
of near death. The people who witnessed Doming shunned it. These were
people that could control your career. Those who disobeyed the code ended
up with career-ending decisions being made for them. Actors and actresses
would end up doing low-budget films. Singers would be pushed aside for new
talent to come in. God forbid, anyone would end up on the Hollywood

Renee felt herself wondering again. She shook her head trying to get the
blood flowing better. She was tired and hurting. She was also getting a
little bit horny. She was sweating but she had an air conditioner below her
waist. She could feel the air flowing down her butt crack, and tingling
against her vagina. She was also holding onto a very beautiful girl. Even
though she knew she was ready to kick her ass, and succeeding at that, she
couldn’t help her animalistic instincts to shove something up her pussy, and
erupt her into orgasm.

In a way she wanted it. In another way, she wanted to win. After she won,
she could have Christina do whatever she wanted her to until midnight.
Those were the dome rules.

Christina’s head was caught in a vice between Renee’s bicep and forearm,
grinding against her head. It was starting to hurt as Renee’s arm was
rubbing against her ear. She had to escape.

It had just occurred to Renee that she had no idea how to handle this
situation. Normally, she was the aggressive one. Normally, she was the one
using her speed to her advantage. Christina had taken that away from her.
This just wasn’t fair. Renee continued to look around, expecting something,
anything to pop into her head. She looked out into the crowd. Maybe
something there could spark her brain. All she could see, though, was
darkness beyond the cage. Renee listened for someone to shout out a word of
advice to her. Nothing. She realized she couldn’t afford to be in a match
of skills. This was now a match of survival.

Renee felt her grip slipping. She looked down, and saw that Christina had
repositioned herself so that she could tuck her chin against the crease of
her arm. She was getting air!

Renee had a look on her face that was a cross between surprise and
frustration. Christina was already starting to fight back. She had made it
up to her knee. Renee tried tightening the grip. It wouldn’t work. She
was already starting to get a second wind. Renee shook her head begging for
her to go back down.

Christina was now back on her feet. She was still caught in the hold but
Renee was losing her grip quickly. She was also leaving herself wide open.
Christina planted an elbow into Renee’s midsection. The hold loosened but
didn’t break. A second blow finally forced Renee to release her from her

Christina ran into the ropes while Renee suffered from the elbows. She
caught her with an elbow against her chest. Renee stumbled back but her
muscles absorbed most of the blow, and her low center of gravity kept her
from going down. Christina tried again. This time she knocked her
off-balance. Renee was flailing her arms wildly but she still managed to
stay up. Christina bounced off the ropes a third time. Instead of going
with the shoulder again, she hit Renee with a clothesline that connect right
above the neck, and onto the chin.

Not only did Renee go down but the momentum folder her legs up and over her
shoulders. Her pussy was now exposed to everyone on one side of the dome.
With her legs spread apart, it offered an excellent angle for the cameras
mounted on the steels bars to zoom in, and show everyone on the big screen
what she looked like up close and personal.

It also invited Christina to come over, and go for the kill. Christina
knelt down, and cradled Renee’s legs. Had this been a normal wrestling
match, she could have easily pinned her. This was better than any other
wrestling match. Christina rubbed her fingers against Renee’s soft skin.
She went from the back of her knees, up her hamstrings, and rubbed circles
across her tight ass. Christina drew a line with a single finger down her
crack, across her butt hole, and down to her pussy. She spread Renee’s
pussy lips apart, and stuck her tongue in her. Christina was starting to
enjoy Renee’s little insult. Had she not have done it; she wouldn’t have
been able to enjoy the taste that Renee’s pussy provided. She also wouldn’t
have had the pleasure of humiliating her in front of everybody.

Renee moaned at what Christina was doing. She was good at it. She wanted
her to do it some more but her Doming senses overpowered her pleasure
senses. Renee used her might to kick herself free from Christina’s

Christina realized that she had underestimated her opponent. She felt how
strong she was. Her arms and legs were powerful. She should have known
that she wasn’t quite ready to give. All the better. More humiliation was
yet to come.

She stomped at Renee’s back as she lay on her stomach fighting the pain.
Renee just lay there taking the punishment. Christina used this time to
grab hold of Renee’s sweatshirt, and rip it over her head. All that clothed
her now was her bra. Christina straddled her back, and was fixing to take
care of that. She unfastened the latches, and removed her bras straps off
her shoulders. She reached underneath, and took hold of Renee’s loose tits,
caressing them in her hands.

Once again, she admired Renee’s well-kept body. Her breasts were maybe a
B-cup, as they easily fit into her hands. Christina got up. Her legs were
strong and tanned. The ass was nice and round, glistening with sweat. Her
back showed no signs of fat, just a canvas of skin and muscle ready to be
painted. Christina reached down to the base of Renee’s neck, and left her
art down the back.

Renee sat up screaming. Her back had eight red stripes where Christina
raked her nails down her spine.

Christina pulled Renee’s nude body back up, and tossed her back across the
ring into the corner. She followed up quickly by planting an elbow to the
side of Renee’s face. Renee slumped in the corner. She was basically just
sitting against the middle turnbuckle. Her mouth was wide open trying to
suck any oxygen she could get. She was looking down at nothing.

Christina couldn’t help but to get a good look at her abs. There wasn’t an
ounce of fat on her. She wasn’t skinny by any means. This woman worked
out. It amazed Christina how easily she was beating her.

She moved in stomping away, targeting the abdominal muscles. With every
kick, Renee slumped lower, and lower until her ass was planted to the
canvas. Christina stuck her bare foot into Renee’s throat, using the ropes
for extra leverage. Renee tried to break the hold but couldn’t muster the
strength to do it. She tried to push away her foot. That didn’t work. She
tried kicking her legs. All that did was bounce her muscles around. She
was just too weak to do anything about it.

Christina let go after just a couple of seconds but it felt like forever to
Renee. She spat out a glob of saliva that her throat refused to swallow.

Renee fell over to the side, and onto her back. Her head was positioned
under the bottom rope. She was now so close to being able to just roll out
of the ring like she wanted to before but she was too weak to even ponder
the thought now. Christina twisted Renee around, and grabbed hold of her
ankles. She fell backwards, catapulting Renee up, and her throat into the
bottom rope. Renee’s throat felt like it was crushed. She rolled around
trying disparately to breathe. After a coughing fit, she was able to take
in some air.

By that time, Christina had pulled her back near the middle of the ring.
She stood over her taunting her as Renee continued to cough. She slapped
her foe across the face on each cheek. Renee’s coughing fit was over.
Renee was fully aware of the pain. She was also fully aware that it
prevented her from moving.

She looked around for her opponent, and saw her ascending the turnbuckle.
She knew that she was in trouble. She tried to move but her body just
wouldn’t respond. Her legs moved only like leaves in the breeze attached to
a large oak tree that wouldn’t budge.

Christina was fully enjoying this. She could tell that Renee was watching
her. She was unsure how badly hurt she was. Was she about to get up, and
knock her off? Or was she waiting? Playing possum until the last minute
and moving away? Or was she just watching her with fear. Christina perched
herself on the top turnbuckle. She balanced herself by extending her arms.
Once she got into position, she raised her arms, and peered down at her
fallen enemy with an icy blue glare. She muttered under her breath.


Christina lept off the turnbuckle, and turned into a silvery bird. Her
glittering tassels that made up the skirt of her dress floated behind her
like feathers. Renee watched in horror as her opponent flew in to kill the
prey. Christina fell up a bit short of hitting belly to belly but the
impact was just as great as her chest and right elbow connected to Renee’s
stomach, and ribs. The impact bounced both of them off the mat. Christina
actually ended up landing off of Renee, onto the side.

She looked into Renee’s eyes, and smiled. She was still barely conscious
but her eyes told her she was done for. Christina tried scampering to her
feet but realized she had hurt herself. She grabbed hold of her ribs, and
headed towards the box that lay in the corner. She opened it, and pulled
out the large rubber dildo.

Christina looked back at Renee who was praying for the pain to God for the
pain to end. Her lips were moving as if saying “Oh, God” but nothing was
coming out. Christina took her time, and circled her prey like a vulture.
Renee watched wondering what was about to happen. Christina showed her the
dildo, and waved to her with it before sliding it as far as Renee’s pussy
would take it. Renee screamed out in pain. She gasped trying to maintain
her composure.

Christina placed Renee’s arms up above her head. She lay across her breast,
and placed her left hand onto Renee’s right arm, and her right hand against
her cheek. She cradled Renee’s other arm between her legs so she wouldn’t
go anywhere. She licked Renee’s nipple, and laid her head against the
breast as the ten count started.

Renee lay there unable to move. The dildo up her pussy didn’t hurt. It was
just very uncomfortable, like a giant tampon stuck up her. Christina had
her arms pinned down to the mat. It was nothing more than a formality. She
wasn’t going anywhere. She knew she was beaten.

She tried to comprehend what had gone wrong. This was supposed to a fun
day. First, she watched as Mandy Moore fell to Cynthia Rothrock thanks to
her brilliant plan to punish the singer for making such horrid songs. That
went to plan perfectly, except she had gotten the wrong girl in the ring.
The person she wanted was now lying on top of her winning the match.

Renee had been beaten before. She’s had her off days, her endurance trials
that she’s failed. Nothing compared to this. This was nothing short of an
embarrassment for her. Here she was, completely naked losing the first
fall, and possibly soon submitting to an orgasm. What was worse was that
Christina was still completely clothed. She hadn’t even been able to rip
anything off of her. Granted, Christina was barefoot but she did that
herself, backstage before the attack. She had no offense to speak of. Any
that she had was a direct result of Christina’s own mistakes.

Renee closed her eyes, and took the defeat as best she could. Tears rolled
down from the corners of her eyes taking the direct route across her face to
the canvas. She felt Christina’s face rub against her breast. Perhaps she
would take it easy on her after the match, and not embarrass her any further
by beating her love slave in front of everybody else. She would obey any
directions she gave her without resistance.


Christina was a pretty girl in Renee’s eyes. She had seen her wrestle
before while she took a trip to the dome. It was one of those days she was
supposed to have off but decided to go visit, and see whom she could get for
a night of sex. Renee watched Christina on the closed circuit monitor in
her room. She masturbated on the sofa as she watched the two naked girls on
the monitor fight it out to see who was the superior athlete. This was the
girl she wanted. After the match, she had thought about seeking her out,
and having a sexual encounter with her. If she won, she and her could have
fun with her opponent. If she lost, Renee would have been glad to offer her
services to the winner.

The PleasureDome was a fast paced environment, however. One moment you
could want to have sex with somebody, and the next, you’d forget all about
them. That’s what happened to her that night.

While she watched the match, Christina was brought to the point of ecstasy,
and lost her fall. Renee groaned with her as she felt her pleasure. Renee
imagined being the one that was touching her body. She imagined running her
hands up her smooth legs, around her hips, and licking her clit. She would
then start kissing up her belly, and between her breasts where she would
stop, and feel the curves of her body. As the dildo went up Christina’s
pussy, her mind visioned that was her fingers, and she was the one nibbling
on her nipples. Renee arched her back as she watched her suffer the pin,
and the loss.

Renee had noticed a shadow appear over her. She had forgotten that she had
left the door open to her room. In the Dome, that was considered an
invitation to come in, especially if there was moaning coming from that
room. She did it intentionally. That’s why she was here. Normally, she
closes the door when she masturbates but she had just forgotten about it.
The door was standing wide open. There was no telling who had seen her.

Renee stared at the invader like a frightened deer caught in the headlights
of a car. She removed her hand from her crotch. Her pants were folded down
just below her knees. She started to reach for them but it was too late.
She was caught.

Kirsten Dunst had heard her as she walked by, and heard moaning. She didn’t
know who was in there. The door was just open, so she thought she would go
investigate. She had been standing in the doorway watching Renee as she
played with herself.

Kirsten had seen this woman before on her television show but couldn’t
remember Renee’s name. She was excited to her, though. Kirsten, like most
other thespians, didn’t have much time for television, themselves. However,
Xena had been one of her favorites since she discovered the show. She
recorded the episodes each week when she could to watch them later. Her
favorite place to watch the show was in her bedroom. She had bought a
television and VCR for her room just for that occasion. She loved to watch
Xena and Gabrielle fight the forces of evil. She also loved to watch their
skirts fly while in combat. There was a reason she watched it in bed. It
was just her, Xena, Gabrielle, and her vibrator.

Kirsten fantasized many a night about being in the forest as Xena’s other
sidekick. She thought about how each night they would make camp, strip down
naked, and make love to the warrior princess and the battling bard. She
even cried when she saw Gabby’s beautiful red locks get chopped off.

There she was. Gabrielle herself, in the flesh. She examined her exposed
skin from the belly button down to the knees. Gabrielle was more beautiful
in person than on television. Her hands began to sweat.

She stepped inside to approach the bard. Kirsten was scared as hell. It
then occurred to her that she was scared as well. Her eyes barely moved.
She saw her jaw trembling. Her face was turning red. She realized that she
had embarrassed her when she was caught.

Kirsten removed her ash colored tank top revealing her bare breasts. She
closed the door behind her, and took one step forward.

It seemed to ease the tension that Renee had. Renee smiled as Kirsten
offered herself to her. She opened her arms telling Kirsten to come to her.
Kirsten obliged, and laid herself on top of Gabrielle.

Renee didn’t know whom this body had belonged to but she didn’t care. This
was uncharted territory that she wanted to explore in great detail. Their
lips embraced. They laid there do nothing but kissing for the first few
minutes. They continued to kiss while slowly removing each other’s

It didn’t take long before both of them were completely naked on the couch.
The kissing continued. Renee wrapped her legs around her partner’s. She
rubbed her legs against hers feeling the soft skin against her own. Renee
was quickly falling for this stranger. She loved the way she kissed. It
was so warm and kind. Renee had fucked other women at the Dome but nobody
put in more heart and soul into their kisses like she did.

Her breasts felt wonderful as they pressed against hers. The stranger’s
were much larger than her own yet they still had the right shape and feel to
them. Renee didn’t consider hers to be small by any means. She refused to
have them enhanced. She took too much care into her body to have someone
plant a foreign substance into her chest. The stranger definitely didn’t
need them. Renee could understand how some men were fascinated with large
breasts. She too liked the way they felt as she hugged against them.

Renee wanted to get on top so she could caress them. Kirsten acknowledged
Renee’s silent request as they both started to turn over.

They had both forgotten that they were on a couch with very little room.
Kirsten and Renee slipped as they tried switching positions. They tried to
hang on but neither could. They crashed down on the floor.

Kirsten ignored the pain in her hip, and started to crack up. At first,
Renee didn’t know what to think but she too found humor in their situation.

Renee liked how she laughed. Her smile was too innocent to be at the Dome.
She brushed the stranger’s hair aside, and looked into her eyes. Kirsten
rubbed her cheek against Renee’s hand. She too was entrapped in Renee’s
eyes. Their hearts started to race, and their breaths started to get
deeper. Renee dived against Kirsten’s body.

They ended up making love for nearly an hour right there on the floor before
retiring to the bedroom. There they continue their love making for several
more hours.

Afterwards was different from what Renee was used to. She didn’t leave.
There was no “thanks for the sex, I might see you again” demeanor to her.
Kirsten still lay there between the red satin sheets with her. They still
touched and kissed. Kirsten put her foot up against Renee’s leg, and
stroked it. Renee liked the way she was gentle to her. She closed her
eyes, and enjoyed the touch.

“I can’t believe I made love to THE ‘Gabrielle’”

Renee smiled in modesty. It was a look that Kirsten had fallen in love with
watching the show. She couldn’t help but to give her another kiss.

Renee could tell in her voice that she had no idea what her name was. It
didn’t matter to her, though. She was kind of glad she wasn’t the only one.
Still, at least she had a character name. Renee had no clue who this was
that had brought her to ecstasy time and time again. Whoever she was, she
was great.

Kirsten laid her head against Renee’s chest, and snuggled against her new
lover’s body. Renee scrunched down to make herself more comfortable. She
took several strands of her hair, and felt how nice and manageable they

Renee bent her neck, and pecked her on the top of her head.

“You can call me Renee.”

Kirsten popped up.

Renee gritted her teeth. Had what she just done insulted her? Did she just
ruin her fantasy of making love to a character? She was scared of what she
had just said would drive her away. Renee held her breath.

“Oh, my God! You must think I’m a complete asshole!”

“No, I mean…”

“You don’t even know my name!”

This was it. She couldn’t lie to her. She was already in too much trouble.
Well, at least she might get to see her again in the Dome. Renee didn’t
like the thought. She was too beautiful to hurt.

Kirsten introduced herself, and apologized for not doing so earlier.

Renee breathed a sigh of relief. She told her that she had thought she was
about to leave her for not knowing her name. Kirsten said she understood,
and tried to avoid any conversations because she didn’t know Renee’s real
name. Renee was happy she was more understanding than some of the arrogant
egos that walked around at the Dome.

They continued to lie there, and tell each other their life stories.
Kirsten was embarrassed about it but eventually told Renee about her
fantasies about making love to Xena and Gabrielle. Renee told her next time
she saw Lucy, she see what she could do about making that fantasy come true.
The thought even appealed to her, too.

“I love you, Renee.”

She was shocked to hear this. Kirsten was equally shocked to say it.

“I love you, too, Kirsten.”

They snuggled together, and fell asleep.


The final beep of the electronic ten count woke Renee from her dazed state.
Renee squeezed her eyes shut, sending another set of tears down the same
path across her head. The thought finally reached her. Would Kirsten see
this? Would Lucy? Renee tried to hold it in but she wept.

She felt Christina get off her chest. Her arms were now freed from the
pinning position but they still refused to move. Christina slapped Renee’s
breasts a couple of times to taunt her. She felt the dildo slide out of her
pussy. The end was near for her. At least she could just lie there, relax,
and let the pleasing begin.

It never came.

Christina shoved the dildo into Renee’s face. It was still moist, and had
the scent of being up her cunt.

“You wanna smell what your pussy smells like? Huh?”

Christina rubbed the rubber cock right under Renee’s nose, and across her
mouth. Renee tossed her head to the side trying to fight the odor and

“Get up bitch! I wanna hurt you some more!”

Christina motioned for Renee to get to her feet. She tried. Every move she
made hurt her. Eventually, she was able to get up to her knees but she was
soon shoved back down.

The taunts continued. Once again, she tried to get up but again Christina
used her foot against Renee’s side to knock her back down. Renee was edging
closer to the ropes. She tried to grab one to assist her but another kick
pushed her through the ropes, and onto the ring apron. Renee rolled in
pain, and fell onto the floor. The floor was padded but not much. It was
like falling on a cheaply carpeted floor. Renee grunted from the impact,
and held her back.

Christina was frustrated, yet pleased, at Renee’s inability to succumb to
her commands. She climbed through the ropes, and went after her weakened
enemy. She picked up the older woman by the hair. She could barely stand
on her own. Her legs wobbled underneath her. Pretty soon it wouldn’t
matter as she was tossed back into the ring.

Instead of climbing back in with her, Christina elected to go up top once
more. She watched on top of the turnbuckles as Renee’s heaving chest
struggled for air. She saw her target. Christina leaped off with her elbow
ready to be driven into the breast.

When she landed, Renee wasn’t there. All those taunts and the pin had given
Renee enough rest to be able to move out of the way before she could be
finished off.

Christina screamed in pain as she got up holding her wounded elbow. The
first thought that went through her head was that it had been dislocated.
It was the surprise of not having Renee’s body to cushion her fall that hurt
more than anything.

She turned around to see her opponent on her feet. She was too shocked to
defend herself against the right fist that smacked against her head. She
stumbled back against the ropes.

Renee was still weak. The force had nearly knocked her down as well.
Christina ran toward her with a fist clinched ready to strike. Renee
ducked. She used the momentum Christina had to give her more leverage to
throw her over. Christina crashed hard but quickly got up. Renee ran into
the ropes before her enemy could knock the cobwebs out of her head. She
threw her feet up in the air, and connected a dropkick to the side of
Christina’s face. The force sent both of them down to the canvas.
Christina’s cheek was stinging from the impact. Renee was just too
exhausted to get up. Both women laid there in agony.

The sweat made a starry night against Renee’s body. She left a body
impression as she rolled over onto her back. She thought momentarily about
just lying there, and taking a nap. She closed her eyes but the bright
lights above her shown through her eyelids. She opened them just in time to
see Christina’s silhouette coming down on her. Renee’s eyes got wide. She
had move just at the last moment before the elbow came crashing on her
chest. She got lucky.

Christina wasn’t. She thought that Renee had expended all her energy with
the offense she gathered. She was wrong. The point of her elbow sent
shockwaves up her arm.

That was the problem. Christina didn’t think. She got up, holding her
wounded elbow, and tried again. This time, she adjusted for Renee to roll
out of the way. Renee was still too quick. She felt the breeze of the
elbow coming down against the hairs of her back. It was too close.

Christina sat up. She was too concerned about the pain in her elbow; she
let herself forget that she was in battle. Renee slid in with both feet
into the center of the back. At least Christina forgot about the pain, as
her back was now aching.

Renee moved in from behind, and yanked her up with two fistfuls of hair.
She tossed her into the corner laying in a flurry of chops, punches, and
kicks. Christina’s breasts jiggled with each impact. Her dress she wore
was loose. It still added some, though very little, protection from the
blows. It still hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. Even worse, she was trapped in
the corner with nowhere to go. The blows tried to send her body down but
the turnbuckles said no, and kept her up. She was being crushed in the

Renee finished off the flurry by jumping around, and nailing her with a
spinning kick to the jaw. She backed away, and watched as Christina’s eyes
rolled in the back of her head. She fell face first into the mat.

Renee didn’t have the luxury of anger, hatred, and vengeance to fuel her
like Christina did. She had to find a weakness in her opponent. Christina
groaned. She had to find it quickly. It popped out right at her when
Christina reached to hold her head. Her elbow was weakened. Renee
remembered Christina’s mistakes that gave her enough time to mount a strike.
She missed with the elbow twice, and it seemed to really bother her. She
also knew that Christina’s engine was still going. It was only stopped at a
light for a moment. She had to weaken her.

She stomped away at Christina’s back using the ropes for added balance. Her
attacks in the corner left her stunned but she was smart enough to know that
Christina was not ready to have a focused attack on her. Surely she would
be strong enough to counter anything she could do right now. A mistake
needed to be made. Her kicks weren’t meant as much for pain as they were to
drive attention away from the true target. Christina reached for her back.

It worked!

Christina opened herself up enough for Renee to latch onto the arm. They
both wrestled on the mat with Renee trying to get the leverage she needed,
and Christina trying to prevent it. She wasn’t in any position to overpower
the older woman. Renee twisted away at the arm, and bent it behind her
back. She drove her knee into it adding extra pain. Christina cried out in
agony. Another knee came crashing down. Finally Renee knew she was in

Renee grinded her knee into her bicep enhancing the pain. It wasn’t enough
for Christina to want to give up the match but it sure did hurt. She looked
over the ring to get her bearings straight. Perhaps she could try to figure
out a way out of the predicament. Renee laid her body against Christina’s
back, and wrenched her arm in ways it wasn’t meant to bend.

Christina tried desperately to find something to grab. The ropes were at
her feet, and a good foot away. That was no good. She tried to grab at
Renee but her body was positioned out her reach. Renee leaned back pulling
the elbow closer to Christina’s head. She dug her fingernails into the mat,
and let out a silent scream. She placed her forehead against the canvas
trying to bridge her way out, and ease the pain. She couldn’t.

Renee was fully aware of what she was trying to do. She adjusted herself so
that she was now laying belly down on her back. She leaned forward.
Christina could feel her arm being torn apart at the elbow and shoulder.
She pounded the mat, and gritted her teeth but to no avail. She couldn’t
escape this hold. She just hoped she could endure it long enough.

It was a new concept for Renee. She wasn’t used to being on the attacking
end of a mat wrestling hold. This wasn’t her style of Doming. Christina
had taken away her playbook. Even though the momentum was now swinging her
way, she still felt uncomfortable utilizing these techniques.

Renee eased up on the arm. She didn’t want to make herself too tired

Her normal style was full of martial arts she had learned while in New
Zealand. She had to learn extensive moves for the fight choreography on
Xena. She now used what she learned in the Dome. She was also speedy and
agile. She was on her feet a lot, running, climbing, and doing anything
extreme she could get her hands on. The thrill of defying death provoked
her athleticism.

Renee tightened the hold.

She wasn’t like these pop stars that built themselves dancing. Sure they
had endurance, but they weren’t trained to fight like she was until they
became Domers.

This pop star scared her. Renee wanted this match to end as quickly as it
could. Something about Aguilera told her that she was going to be in the
fight of her life. That occurred to her while she was running frantically
around the ring trying to escape.

Renee released and tightened the hold several times. That was for making
her run.

She was getting angry. They could tell from her eyes even in the back row.
Her face became red as she tensed herself for more leverage.

Christina was audibly in pain. With every move of her arm, she screamed,
and Renee smiled.

Renee had enough of this. She got back up to her feet, not letting go of
the wrist. Christina followed. She had to or pop it out of place one. It
was still being twisted but the pain was in her muscle now, not the tendon.
Christina grabbed her shoulder. The slightest touch of her hand seemed to
ease the pain.

Renee dropped to knees surprising her opponent. She grabbed hold of one of
Christina’s legs with her free hand, and flipped her across her shoulders.
Aguilera landed with a thud and a cry as Renee still controlled which way
her arm was going. It wasn’t the way Christina wanted. Renee dropped her
leg across the bicep, and made a knot with her legs and Christina’s elbow
and wrist. She fell straight back adding more pressure to the already sore

The pain was intense. Christina’s eyes were squeezed shut. Her teeth
grinded together as she tried to cope with the pain. She was starting to
sweat more now that she wasn’t moving. The hot lights that shown above them
started to take their toll on her.

Renee released the hold as she was getting uncomfortable herself. Christina
rolled over to her side, and tried to caress her arm but Renee was quick to
pounce once again. This time, she dropped a leg again across the bicep, and
made a more comfortable figure four with her legs. She continued to sit up
this time, and pull back on the wrist. The hold wasn’t as devastating as
before but the damage was already done to make it feel like it.

Christina tried to roll on her side to ease the pressure but Renee pushed
her back down.

It was the first opportunity Renee had to really admire what this youngster
looked like. Christina’s skin was golden, highlighted by her blonde hair.
Her nose was kind of cute as it scrunched up in pain. Renee used her free
hand to feel the softness of her face. She held her cheek, and wiped a drop
of sweat from below her left eye. Renee slapped her. She ran her fingers
down her neck, and across her chest. Her hand disappeared under the dress.
She cupped the breast her hand, and felt it as it flowed under her fingers.
Her nipple was hard, and getting harder as Renee circled it with her finger.
Renee could already taste it in her mouth.

Christina was in too much pain to notice. She didn’t even notice as Renee
took her hand out, and slid her shoulder strap down, and off her arm. Renee
reached down, and pulled her breast out from underneath the dress while
increasing the pressure on her arm.

Renee released the hold, and brought Christina up to her feet. Her breast
dangled freely over the glittering silver dress. She continued to grab hold
of her wrist, and brought the other strap down, momentarily releasing the
hold to allow it to fall off her arm. The dress slid down to her ankles.

Renee was disappointed to see that she was wearing panties underneath. It
was yet another obstacle she had to overcome. Renee grabbed the wrist and
twisted it hard to punish her for wearing panties. That was unbecoming of a
Domer. Sure, she had worn panties but she wasn’t supposed to fight today.
She didn’t even think that might have been the same for Christina.

It was. She had heard that Mandy was coming in to become a Domer. She was
familiar with the teen, herself. She thought she had a great voice, and
great potential to be a superstar. She had come to the Dome to see if she
couldn’t help Mandy out, and maybe add some of her lucky saliva into her
mouth. Christina watched the slaughter Mandy endured to Cynthia Rothrock.
When she found out that Mandy had been set up, she had become upset. When
she found out who the culprit was that engineered the plan, she became

Still, she could have cared less about Mandy’s well being in the ring. She
was robbed of her own plans to invade Mandy’s bed. Christina was just going
to take her frustrations out on someone else, maybe someone who liked it

That was when she had walked by, and heard the same person that set Mandy up
was badmouthing her own talent. That was the last she could take.

Now she was in heated battle with that same person. She was elated to have
gained the pinfall so quickly and easily but realized her mistake in taking
the woman too lightly. She ended up letting her anger take control. That
was something she knew she shouldn’t have done but did anyway.

Christina’s arm felt like jelly. She couldn’t move it. It just hung by her
side. She didn’t care about the dress. It was too hot anyway. The pain
though, was unbearable.

Renee stood belly-to-belly with her bare-breasted foe. She took hold of the
weakened arm, and twisted it behind Christina’s back. Renee reached around
the other side of the waist and locked the wrist with both hands.

Christina screamed in agony as Renee lowered her own shoulder into the
stomach. Renee stretched out her right leg adding pressure, and preparing
for her next move at the same time.

She waited as Christina agonized over her arm. She was quite surprised that
this tactic was working. Soon, she thought, she might be able to go back to
her normal attack. It was the only way she knew how to win. Anything else
made her think too much. That wasn’t a good thing.

She felt like she was ready to get things started. Renee stepped forward,
and leveraged herself under Christina’s ribs forcing her up off the ground.
Renee lifted her up and over as quickly as she could to keep her off balance
and to make sure her target would be damaged.

Christina cried when she landed. Her arm was crushed between the canvas and
her own body weight. After a moment it went numb. Christina couldn’t feel
the pain. She couldn’t even tell if it was there anymore.

Renee dropped a leg across her chest. The pain returned to full force.

Finally, Christina was able to roll over off her arm when Renee got up. It
wasn’t planned but nonetheless, it eased the pressure. It was still stuck
to her skin. She had no energy to move it. She was scared if she did, it
would hurt even worse. Christina left it wide open for a series of stomps
onto it. The pain intensified. She didn’t know it could.

Renee wasn’t quite as ready to go to her playbook yet. She was more tired
than she thought. She grabbed Christina back up by the hair. She held her
arm like Renee did her wrist at the beginning of the match.
Renee guided her through the ropes. Christina flopped between the top two
ropes, and bounced off the apron and onto the floor. She got lucky. She
landed on her hip, not her arm.

Renee used the opportunity to catch her breath in a nearby corner. Her back
burned from the heat overhead. The sweat didn’t provide the body enough
coolness. She could also feel her muscles tightening up. She realized she
couldn’t rest too long or else she’d start cramping. Renee kept thing
moving by climbing up the turnbuckles. She waited as Christina dragged
herself up using the apron as support. Renee saw the moment, and jumped
off. Her hands were clinched together over her head as she came down.
Christina looked up. She saw her leap off out of the corner of her eye but
didn’t have enough time to defend herself. She ducked her head only
altering where the point of impact would be. Renee caught her in the back
of the head. Christina grabbed her head, and fell.

Renee landed awkwardly, herself. She stumbled, and landed right beside of
her on her hands and knees. She took a moment before crawling on top of
her. Renee proceeded to pound away on Christina’s forehead. She was lucky
that Renee wasn’t wearing her wedding band or any jewelry for the matter.
Otherwise, right now, she would be a bloody mess. None of the Domers wore
jewelry for that particular reason while they were in the Dome.

Christina got enough of a resurgence to fight back. She pushed Renee over.
They were now rolling on the floor outside the ring exchanging blows.

She eventually got the better leverage over Renee, and won the exchange.
She grabbed Renee’s sweat drenched hair, and tossed her back into the ring.
They were both exhausted, and had to take pauses before continuing.

Christina feared that she had taken too much time in between breaths. She
looked in, and noticed that Renee hadn’t moved. Her fists had enough power
in them to stun her momentarily. Renee’s chest heaved with each breath.
Her only movements that she could control had her holding her head.

Christina climbed back in the ring where she would once again take control
of the match. She shook off the effects on her arm while she surveyed the
damaged body of Renee O’Connor. It was finally getting the blood flowing
back. She stepped over to Renee’s feet. What worked for Renee would surely
work for her. Christina lifted the left leg. There was still no sign of
awareness from her opponent. She was too tired to smile but not to drop a
knee against Renee’s inner thigh.

That woke her out of her state of fatigue. She felt the knee grind through
her muscle, and into the bone. Christina added more pressure by twisting
the ankle. She watched as Renee suffered. She was going to pay, and pay
dearly. She continued to twist her foot until it wouldn’t go any further.
Renee shrieked as the tendons in her ankle weakened.

Christina got up not letting go of the hold, and dropped another knee. This
time, it landed closer to the back of Renee’s own knee. Renee tried to
fight the wrenching motion. She reached for Christina’s hair but she was
too far away. She tried again but Christina saw her, and twisted even more.
The snarl on her face told her not to even try that.

Renee was about to be punished. Christina got up with her foot in hand.
She pinned down Renee’s other leg with her foot so she couldn’t kick her
away. Christina took a step back to get extra drive as she tumbled against
Renee’s body bringing her leg with her. The leg stretched to the point
where the hamstring nearly snapped. It was bad enough for Renee. She
flopped around the ring clutching her hamstring as Christina looked on
enjoying the pain she was in.

Renee hugged her leg like she was apologizing for putting it through such
torture. Christina wouldn’t let up though. She took hold of Renee’s ankle,
and positioned herself like she did before. Renee begged and pleaded for
her to show mercy.

Christina had better ideas. She dropped another knee into the hamstring.
The pain shot up her leg into her hip, and down her foot and beyond.
Christina twisted the leg forcing Renee over onto her stomach. She knotted
the leg, and ankle with her own leg. Renee’s body was short enough for her
to reach up, and grab her chin easily. Christina pulled at the chin adding
more pain to the leg by pressing down with her knee in the hamstring, and as
a bonus making a bow out her spine.

The pain was too much for Renee to hold in. She cried, and made it verbally
known that she was in a lot of pain.

Christina released her chin, and the leg. Something had distracted her.

She slid her fingers down Renee’s butt crack, and against her pussy lips.
She massaged them thinking this would be an opportune time. There was
moaning in between the sobs. Christina could feel the end coming. She
stopped for a moment to wet her fingers. She rolled Renee over on her back
to get a better position on her. Renee still sobbed. There was no way she
going to fight back now.

Christina inserted her fingers into Renee’s clit, and licked just above.
Renee moaned. She stopped for a second. She was now going to start
enjoying this. Christina inserted her tongue up Renee’s privates, and
licked vigorously. She not only wanted Renee to cum, she wanted her to
explode. Renee stopped struggling. She was going to win, and win soon.

Christina explored the inside of Renee’s genitalia to see where she
responded the most. She found a good spot, and focused in on it. She
spread her clit apart with her fingers to get a better reach. Christina was
enjoying this very much. So was Renee. She had to do something now or lose
and be Christina’s bitch for 24 hours.

Somehow Renee still had something left in her. She was caught trying to
enjoy the pleasuring that Christina provided. Christina was good. She was
damn good! Renee had too much pride though. She gritted her teeth hoping
she’d have enough energy to fight, and to do so before she climaxed. Renee
lifted her good leg. Christina took hold, and felt her hip. She thought
Renee was giving in, and allowing her to let her orgasm. She was wrong.

The leg came crashing down across Christina’s head catching her by surprise.
Renee didn’t let it up. She squeezed. She squeezed hard.

Christina’s cries were muffled against Renee’s flesh. She was starting to
suffocate. It was the one place Christina strategized that she didn’t want
to be. Renee’s legs were nothing but pure muscle. They were huge for her
small frame. That meant that was her strong point. That’s why she wanted
to break them down. It was a good plan. She just let her guard down. She
got too confident.

Christina couldn’t get her breath. She struggled with one of Renee’s thighs
pressed against her face. The other pressed against her neck. She started
getting light headed. The flow of blood wasn’t going her brain. She
started to panic. She twisted to get her chin above water, so to speak.
She was getting weak. She was getting tired. She was about to go under.
There was no sense of time for her anymore. She didn’t know that she had
been in the hold but mere seconds. It felt like minutes. She was conscious
but barely. She flailed her legs to get anything going. Nothing would get
her free. Her eyes started to glaze over. She twisted some more but found
herself in a worse predicament.

She was now lying on her stomach. Renee’s thighs were crushing her head.
She placed her hands on them to try to push herself free. She was too weak.
Christina’s arms felt limp.

Renee could sense that she was about out of it. If she went under she had
the pin to go for. She wouldn’t be able to make her cum while unconscious.
At least it wouldn’t be as good for her, and she might make herself do it
before Christina would. She looked down, and saw the mountain of blonde
hair between her legs. She wasn’t moving.

Christina was still conscious but barely. She was trying desperately to
escape. She looked up, and was met by the vertical smile between Renee’s
legs. It was taunting her. She had been so close to making her cum. She
knew it. Now her pussy was laughing at her. It wanted to be licked. It
wanted to be explored with her tongue. It taunted her. She couldn’t
appease to its demands. It was so close. Perhaps, there was a way!

Christina struggled to open her mouth. Renee had let up on the pressure.
Perhaps she was getting too confident that she was done for. Christina let
her body go limp except her jaws. She managed to open them enough to stick
her tongue out. She reached as far as she could. She could taste the odor,
she was that close. Christina tried to stretch closer but could only manage
to get a hold of one of Renee’s hairs.

That set off an alarm. Renee jerked up, and noticed that her opponent wasn’
t completely out yet. She was also getting close to making her cum. Renee
released the hold.

Christina gasped catching as much air as she could. It didn’t work but was
close enough. She was relieved. Both women were lying on the mat. Renee
was more aware of her surroundings though. Christina was just glad to be
able to breathe.

Renee saw the dildo lying beside her. She picked it up, and got to her
feet. She waited for Christina to get back to her feet. She slowly made
it. She turned around and was met with a kick. She bent over as the air
escaped from her. It left her prone as Renee hooked her head with her arm,
and tried to drive it through the ring. Christina’s head bounced off with
her neck bent in a painful way.

Her eyes were closed when Renee looked at her. Her body said no more. Her
mind said nothing.

Renee dragged herself over to her. She had to pull down her panties down to
her knees before inserting the dildo into her pussy. Renee only got the
knob of the rubber dick and an inch or two in but it was good enough. Renee
collapsed on her pelvis. This would probably be the last chance she got to
rest. Renee opened her eyes, and watched as every breath she took sent a
breeze through Christina’s curly forest.

Renee closed her eyes, and counted silently along with the electronic beeps
to ten.

As the final count blared over the speakers, Renee rolled onto her back,
using Christina’s stomach as a pillow. She raised an arm as if declaring
herself victor. She knew she hadn’t yet. It was just a sign of elation.
After the beating she got earlier, she was just happy that she managed to
squeak a pin out.

Her cockiness was starting to show. She smiled as she rested on her fallen
victim. It wasn’t her intention to showboat. She needed as much rest as
she could get, even if that meant letting Christina recuperate herself. She
felt her coming to by moving around. Renee’s smile faded. She knew it was
time to get back to work.

Renee rolled over again. This time she was now pressing her face against
Christina’s naked breast. She looked over at her face. God, she was cute.
For a moment, Renee had forgotten about her arrogance and her complaining.
She was back to the Christina she had watched, and wanted to make love to.
This was the girl she wanted between her thighs driving her to ecstasy.

It almost happened. Renee wondered why she didn’t just let it continue. It
was what she wanted to begin with. A voice in her head reminded her that
she was a winner. Losing wasn’t an option. It was a struggle all Domers
had come to face with. Those who didn’t Dome didn’t know the torment those
who did went through, both physically and emotionally.

Renee dropped her head. Any hopes she had for a relationship with Christina
was gone. Dome rules stated that the winner of a match had 24 hours with
the loser to do whatever they wanted with. It wouldn’t be enough time to
for her to repair the damage she had caused. It was ruined.

“I’m sorry,” Renee whispered.

She didn’t know exactly why she said it. She never apologized before. That
wasn’t in her nature. She was one of the dirtiest players to go in the
Dome. Sometimes it even caused her to lose jobs because of it. That’s why
her influence in the industry was nil. She was arrogant, conceited, and
didn’t care about anybody except herself. Even the sexual relationships she
was in was purely for her own satisfaction. If others wanted to watch, so
be it.

Perhaps she was getting old. Things were starting to look different for her
from the time she started the match until now. Maybe it was just fatigue
talking. She couldn’t ignore it though.

Renee brushed Christina’s mangled hair out of her eyes. They were closed
but beautiful. She could tell that she was about to come to her senses.

Christina’s eyes finally blinked. They had a glazed over look to them. Her
head and neck were sore beyond belief. It felt like it had been jammed
against something. It had been but she didn’t remember. The first sight
she saw was Renee’s face.

Renee kissed her. First it was gentle pecks but Christina opened her mouth,
and returned the favor. Her lips were soft and sweet. She couldn’t imagine
them being so tough and warlike. Renee wondered if Christina had heard her
or if she even knew what she was doing. It didn’t matter. She held her
breast, and rubbed her nipple with her thumb. She wanted to please
Christina now, not to win but to tell her the feelings she had for her.

She looked into Christina’s eyes with kindness. She saw Christina didn’t
return the favor. There was a blank look on her face. She was pissed off.
It confused Renee for a second. Christina smashed her forehead against
Renee face. Her head whipped back from the impact. Her cheek went numb not
expecting the pain. Had she connected with her nose, it would have surely
broken it.

Renee’s head bobbled like limp rag doll. The point of impact left a round
red impression on her face. Christina hit her again. This time she slumped
off of her, and fell to the ground.

Christina sat up, and pulled the fake dick out of her crotch. She tossed it
to the side so it would be out of her way.

Christina slowly rose to her feet. Her body was aching more than she
realized. Even though she wasn’t 100%, she knew she was definitely better
off than Renee was. This time, she didn’t want to underestimate her nor did
she want to draw out a long and lengthy battle. If she did, she would risk
giving Renee the chance to make some sort of comeback. Christina even knew
she might even risk making a mistake.

It was a tough decision to make, especially in such a short period of time.
Christina decided to take the safe route. At least if she was going to make
a mistake, she would get some blows in beforehand.

It was a good idea. Renee wasn’t as helpless as she had hoped. Her eyes
were still open. They were glassy with tears and pain but she was
conscious. Renee looked at her but couldn’t tell which of the Christina’s
was the real one.

Had Christina gone for the kill, she would have certainly been met with
defense before she could even start. The match had to continue. She didn’t
like that.

Christina methodically stomped away on each of Renee’s limbs, then up to her
head. She looked down at her, and let up on her attacks. There was a
strange feeling going on. Applying the pain was starting to turn her on.
Christina thought about sitting on her face, and having her lick her cunt.
Oh, would she have liked that!

Renee just laid there prone to her assault. Her legs were spread wide open
inviting her in. Her breasts were heaving like little volcanoes ready to
erupt with lactation. The more Christina looked at her, the more she wanted
to fuck her.

That meant defeating her first. Then she could enjoy her prize.

She caught herself thinking. She was fatigued like Renee was earlier. She
had spent most of her energies trying to put her lights out but the little
blonde was tougher to take down than she thought. She knew she still had
work to do. Renee was squirming around on the mat, groaning with each
motion. The gates to passion need to broken down some more before she could
enter her promised land.

Christina went back to work on the same leg that she did before. It was
still tender. Renee let out a cry to let her know. She drove her knee
deeper into Renee’s hamstring while she twisted her ankle. She wondered if
she would have to break the girl’s leg before she would stop fighting back.

Renee tried reaching her but to no avail. She cradled her sore leg instead.
It offered very little comfort. She had to break free or be unable to use
it for a good while. Pressure mounted on her ankle. If she didn’t do
something soon, it would snap.

She tried rolling around. The momentum should break her free. It was
easier said than done. She had very little strength left in her tired body.
Her efforts were poor.

Christina looked at the pasture between Renee’s legs. She wanted to roll
around, and smell the growth. She regretted not doing it but she wasn’t
about to make the same mistake, and get caught between those thighs.

Renee got an idea. She started rolling again. Christina twisted harder.
It worked. Renee used Christina’s own motion to help her twist onto her
stomach. She smiled beneath her grimace of pain.

Christina was confused for a moment but quickly adjusted to Renee’s dismay.
She stepped over her body, and pulled back on the leg. Now the spine was
receiving pressure as well as her leg.


Renee had doubled the pain. She ended up working herself into a hold that
hurt even more. She tried to fight the pain in her back by pressing up
against the mat. However, her wrist was still hurting, and couldn’t support
her weight. She collapsed back down. The pain was getting worse.
Christina stepped back arching the spine even more.

Renee now had a choice to make. She could both submit and let Christina
bring her to an orgasm or endure the pain in the wrist and prevent her from
breaking her back.

The answer was obvious. Submit!

Unfortunately, Renee’s pride took control, and elected to veto her body’s
decision. She wanted to slap whoever gave her the instinct not to quit.

Renee pushed up on her fists. The pain eased off her back, and ran down to
her hand where it threw a violent party. Her cry was in between screaming
in pain and grunting with intensity. Her face turned bright red. The
muscles in her neck popped out.

Christina stepped back once again. Renee couldn’t take the pressure, and
fell limp. Her wails turned into pathetic sobs.

Another step backward made Renee look like a dead scorpion. Her body was
almost straight up. The pressure now took residence in her neck.

There was one last chance. Renee had to take it. If it didn’t work,
submitting to Christina’s whim was the only option. Even her pride couldn’t
argue with that.

Renee reached over, and grabbed hold of Christina’s foot. Christina thought
nothing of it. She was surely unable to trip her up. She was too weak.

That wasn’t Renee’s intention. Christina learned that quickly as she felt
the sharp pain bury itself into her ankle. She dropped Renee’s leg, and
looked down in surprise. Renee was digging her teeth into the tendons of
the ankle.

Renee was desperate. She held on to the ankle with her hand and teeth with
dear life. Christina tried to break her grasp but it did nothing more than
rip the top layers of skin off. Renee bit down as hard as she could.

Christina jerked herself away with enough force that sent her down as well
as break her grasp. She looked down at her ankle. Red streaks were all
across. She even saw a couple drops of blood that found their way to the

The fucking bitch drew blood!

Renee rolled over in pain but Christina couldn’t follow up. She was too
concerned about her ankle. She tried to get up but it hurt. Finally she
limped over to where Renee was laying. She was still holding her leg from
the pain.

Christina picked her up by the hair but Renee responded with a punch. It
wasn’t to the face or the abdomen but right into the side of Christina’s
tit. Christina clutched herself, leaving the other breast wide open. Renee
spun around with the last energy she had, and kicked her square on the
nipple with her heel. The impact sent Christina flying down to the mat.

They both lay there in pain until Renee got up gingerly. She couldn’t put
any pressure on her wounded leg. When Renee was down and about out, she
could get nasty. That’s what she was about to do. This was the type of
tactics that she excelled at. She considered herself to be agile and quick
but her instincts drove her to win at any cost. Fighting dirty won her more
matches than she thought.

Renee mounted Christina while she was still holding her breasts. She lifted
her head up, and bit her on the nose. Christina tried fighting back with
punches that connected with her ribs but in this state, Renee couldn’t feel
a thing. She was at the point where she was beyond pain. She continued
biting down until she decided to quit herself. The blows tingled but she
blocked the pain out.

Renee got up off of her, and spat out the taste of skin and sweat. She
stalked her opponent as she crawled up to her hands and knees holding her
nose. Renee looked like Sebastian Janikowski as she kicked her in the gut
while she was on all fours. Christina flipped over, and got up again.
Renee followed up with an exact duplicate of the kick. This time, Christina
stayed down.

Christina shrieked as she found her head being bounced off the mat. Renee
was snarling over her with both hands full of her hair. She could feel her
brain rattling around inside. The dizziness mixed in with the pain was an
unappreciated feeling that any Domer could attest to. It almost made her

Renee still had both hands full of her hair, and pulled her up. She tossed
her across the room like a human Frisbee. Christina’s breasts smashed first
on impact. Her hair felt like it had been ripped out. She hoped that she
didn’t still have two wads of her hair still in her hands across the ring
from her. Christina checked. It felt like it was all there. Good. That
gave her enough time to cry.

Renee felt something brush against her feet. She looked down, and picked up
the faux cock. She paced across the ring. Her eyes saw nothing but pain
and suffering. It was only moments before she realized it was her own. She
wanted it to end quickly.

Christina grabbed the bottom rope, and was starting to pull herself up.
Renee helped her the rest of the way, and pushed her into the nearest
corner. She proceeded with driving her shoulder into her stomach.
Christina started folding back between the top two turnbuckles. The force
Renee exerted was getting herself off the ground.

Renee quit, and watched as Christina slouched down into the corner after the
third blow. Renee shoved her the rest of the way down. She looked at the
dildo, and crammed it between Christina’s thighs. Christina screamed in
pain as her opponent ignored any resistance her body offered.

She started to pound away at her pussy with the dildo but Christina promptly
kicked her away. Renee tried again but was met with the same result.

She wasn’t about to give up. She wanted to end this fiasco now! She hit
Christina across the face with the back of her fist. Christina slumped over
against the bottom rope. Her face was stinging from the impact.

Christina was soon to be met with Renee’s foot smashing down on her head.
She fell off the rope, and was sandwiched between the mat and her foot.
Renee grinded, adding an extra burning sensation against the mat. Renee
grabbed hold of the top rope, and squatted down. It added even more
pressure against the side of Christina’s face. She couldn’t hold it long
with the dildo in her hand, as was force to step off before she lost her

Renee followed up by dropping a knee to the side of Christina’s hand. She
just sat there, and grabbed hold of the ropes once again. This time, she
leaned forward against them. She sat there until Christina stopped
fighting. She looked down to see if she had passed out or was submitting to
her. She was doing neither. Renee got frustrated, and got up. A better
look showed that she was weakened to the point where Renee thought she could
finish her off.

She pulled her away from the ropes just a bit yet close enough if she needed
to use them again, she could. Renee wrapped Christina’s arm around her
head, and stuck the dildo into her pussy. She pounded as hard as she could.

Christina was still fighting back to Renee’s surprise. She struggled to
break loose but with her arm pinned down above her head, Renee had the
better leverage.

Renee was worried that she wasn’t succumbing to the dildo, at least not as
quickly as she wanted. She decided that she needed more stimulation so she
started sucking on her nipples. She sucked hard, and increased the rhythm
of the dildo. She wasn’t about to stop sucking. She wished she could enjoy
this but she was hurting badly.

Christina moaned as she continued the stimulation. It was too slow. Renee
worked on the other nipple, thinking that may have been getting to raw. She
twisted arm above her to get more leverage. Finally, she got the response
that she was waiting for.

“OH, GOD!”

It wasn’t an orgasm but Christina was starting to feel it. Renee pumped
faster. Christina’s moans were getting louder and faster.

“OH, YES!”

She had her. Soon she was going to cum for her. Renee couldn’t wait. She
wanted to get out of there. Christina scared her. She was good, and had
the capability of beating her. Renee hated admitting that.

“NO! NO!”

Christina stopped fighting. Her pelvic thrusts were now in rhythm with the
dildo. That was the signal she was waiting for. Renee found Christina on
verge of an orgasm. She stopped sucking, and straddled her body. She
moistened her fingers, and assisted the dildo with her digits. She rubbed
through the fine fur. It was nice and soft. Christina’s skin was a
pleasant feel. Renee admired how well she had taken care of herself. She
just wished that she…

Renee choked up.

For the first time, she started to regret doing this to her. She tried not
to think about wanting her. She got furious and pounded her pussy some
more. Renee added in the strokes of her tongue to help stimulate her. It
was getting close. She could literally taste it.

The moaning increased. Christina started calling for God, repeatedly.

Renee pumped.

Christina praised.

Renee pumped.

Christina begged for her to stop.

Renee pumped faster.

The praise continued.

Renee pumped.

Christina announced to the arena that she was about to cum.

Renee removed the dildo, and fingered her vigorously.

Christina shot out an arc.

The bell rang.

Christina shivered in the orgasm.

Renee plugged up her hole with the dildo, and wasted no time getting out of
the ring. She got to the door of the cage, and ordered it open. They
announced her the winner over the speakers but she didn’t hear them. She
was too busy arguing with the gatekeepers over their lack of responsiveness.

Renee tried pulling the door down but she was actually preventing it from
being opened by pulling the wrong way. She wanted out of there! Finally,
they got the door open. Renee stumbled out of the cage. She was sweaty and
exhausted. Her hair was messed up and wet, leaving a darker shade of red.
A few steps out of the cage, she celebrated her victory over Christina
Aguilera by raising both her arms over head. She clinched her fists and
puffed out her chest as a show of power and dominance.

About half of the way up the aisle, Renee turned back to look at her
defeated foe. Christina was still clutching her pussy but the dildo was now
lying next to her. The younger blonde struggled up to her knees using the
ring ropes to help her.

Renee stopped, and once again raised her arms. This time it wasn’t to
celebrate but to taunt her. For a moment, she wondered if Christina could
have seen her. Christina dropped her head in pain and shame. That made her
happy that she did see her. Renee smiled, and continued to the back.

In her mind she was arrogant. She thought she had taught that girl a lesson
not to even mess with her. Her heart told a different story. It reminded
her of how she wanted to be with her. It told her she had barely even
survived that match, and had to use desperate measures to win. Renee
wrestled with herself know that her heart was right. She didn’t want to
believe it but it was.

She won. That was all that mattered. Right?

Renee blew off her prize in the ring. She had 24 hours to do with what she
wanted with her but she wanted nothing more to do with her right now. She
was in too much pain to care. She would be hurting tomorrow so that was
irrelevant anyway.

Renee looked up to the man in the booth with the microphone, and nodded. He
knew what she wanted. Christina’s fate would lay in the lottery.

Renee stepped through the archway separating the arena from the dressing
room areas, and was handed a bottled water for her efforts. She took a sip,
and poured the rest of it down her back. She didn’t even think that the
water had been sitting in a bucket of ice. It was cold as hell. The fact
that her body was hot and sweaty didn’t help things either. She shivered.
The bottle still had a few drops left in it so she took what she could get
out of it. Just those few drops were refreshing.

She asked for a towel, and dried herself off. It made no difference to her
since she was a Domer that people were standing there watching her. She was
taking a quick a bath, and drying herself off all while standing there naked
in front of them. That was normal in the Dome.

She didn’t really realize they were even there. She was a winner.

The pain hit her. She was sore. She was also horny as hell.

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