Kingdoms Amazonia 13

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Kingdoms Amazonia 13


FFF, FF, Anal

This is a work of fiction, obviously there is no such place as Amazonia and the celebs doing nasty things in this story probably aren’t doing them in real life, though for all I know they may be having lots of lesbian sex with each other.


Anna Popplewell, Lyndsy Fonesca, Alexis Bledel, Alyson Hannigan, Katey Segal, Amy Davidson, Kaley Cuoco, Kirsten Dunst, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, Alex Kingston


Lady Anna Popplewell admired her naked reflection in the mirror. In readiness
for her marriage she had just got a tattoo of Lady Alex Kingston’s new crest, a half moon and butterfly just above her belly button. And in reminder of her first marriage she had the Barr Crest, a bright red sword down part of her calve. Her lover Marcia Cross had paid for them both, but Anna saw no reason to tell Alex that. The door opened and in came Anna’s best friend, Lyndsy Cross, nee Fonesca.

“Love the tats,” Lyndsy said., “where did you get them?”

Anna smiled and nodded, as Marcia was her friend’s wife, she didn’t want to talk about them in case her guilt at cheating on her friend shone through. Instead she changed the subject, “It’s strange to think in a few days I’ll be married again.”

A mixture of expressions passed Lyndsy’s face. She was pleased that Anna was getting remarried and that, as she thought, her friend’s period of enforced celibacy would be at an end. However, Lyndsy had very fixed views on who her friends should marry and being the wife of a bukkake bitch, even an ex-one who had just been ennobled, was not something she was keen on. She sat down and forced a smile for her friend’s sake, “Yes, that will be nice for you,” she said neutrally.

Anna smiled and reached for her wedding dress, gesturing at a maid to come and help her try it on.


“Aah, my little redheaded slut,” the Kitten seemed to be in a good mood as she gestured Alyson Sutherland, nee Hannigan, in. Alyson walked in primly and took a seat opposite Alexis Bledel. The Kitten leant back, “Is this a social call?”

Alyson blushed. She hated owing so much money to the Kitten, but given that she did she had to keep on the woman’s good side. So she forced a smile and put her hands on her lap to try to appear prim, not at all the type of woman you’d want to fuck up the ass; “I have some information.”

The Kitten leant back in her chair and pushed her fingers together, she gave a smile. If Alyson hadn’t known who Alexis was she’d have thought it charming; “Go on” the Kitten’s white teeth showed between her upraised lips.

Alyson didn’t know why the Kitten was so interested in the Cogs of the Queen’s fleet. They were too slow and big to catch the small skiffs and barques used for smuggling. It didn’t matter, though, she knew by giving the criminal the information it held off the day when the Kitten would her wife how much Alyson owed. The redhead tried to smile, to pretend this was just a normal chat, but her stomach twisted and told her it wasn’t, “The Queen has put the fleet on two days notice to sail.”

The Kitten opened the drawer and pulled out her ledger. With a great show she scrubbed out a figure and replaced it with a new one below, smiling she looked up, “A sovereign.”

It wasn’t much given how much Alyson owed, but it was better than expected – the Kitten was obviously in a good mood. Alyson curtsied and turned to leave, but Alexis called out again, “A moment…”

The redhead paused reluctantly turning back to face Alexis. The Kitten grinned, she had deliberately waited for Alyson to start to leave before stopping her; it showed who had the power in their relationship. She stood up and walked over to Alyson, taking her chin in her hands she twisted the aristocrat’s head from side to side and examined her as one might look at a thoroughbred horse. After a few seconds she let Alyson go and spoke, “A business acquaintance of mine is getting married. I’m wanting to give her a gift. I’ll pay two sovereigns for you to be to entertain her for her last night of freedom. You fancy it?”

It was phrased as a question, but given how much Alyson owed the Kitten must have known what her answer will be. Alyson nodded glumly, “Yes. I’ll do it.”


The first cuckoo of spring sounded outside the window. Ser Katey Sagal listened to it for a second, it was unusual for birds to sound in St Stow. It must be from the forest outside the walls and had somehow got lost, finding itself amongst the densely packed houses. She shrugged and put the minor mystery out of her mind, instead looking into the mirror at her topless body. She proudly looked at her tits, despite being in her late forties they were still firm and large, testament to good diet and plenty of exercise. The wound which she had got in battle with the Lesbosians had almost healed, all that was left was a red weal where there had once been a bloody cut. She buttoned her shirt back. Now it was Spring the Queen would be marching again and Katey Sagal would be in the ranks of her army.

Katey was an aristocrat, but such minor one her only title was Ser. Her land holdings didn’t reach out beyond the small village she lived in and her manor house was scarcely large enough for herself, her two daughters and six servants to live in, and both her daughters and the servants shared rooms. Indeed if the Queen hadn’t been emptying her treasury to pay for her army Katey would have had to head home, it was only because the Queen subsidised the rent of her women at arms that Katey was still here.

The door to her room opened, and her youngest daughter, Amy Davidson entered. Katey and her daughters were from the Matriarchal Sect. It wasn’t far enough from mainstream religion to be considered heretical, but one of its idiosyncrasies were that first daughter took the name of her Mum, long since dead in Amy’s case, not her Mama and the second took the name of her Mum’s Mum. Only third and later daughters took the traditional Mama’s surname. Katey turned and looked at Amy. Sixteen today, Katey struggled to believe it, it seemed so little time ago that the redhead had been in front of her was playing with a wooden sword.

“Mama,” smiled Amy, “Thank you for the present.”

Katey leant forward to kiss her daughter on the cheek. At the last second she drew back, Amy was an adult now, a top to boot. It was unfitting for her Mama to greet her like she was a child. Instead she brought her arm down her daughter’s shoulder with a hearty greeting, “You got the armour fitted alright. And the sword – you chose one that was balanced.”

Amy nodded, “I did.”

A surge of pride ran through Katey. It was chain rather than plate, but the armour hadn’t been cheap. She had to borrow against next Autumn’s harvest to afford it and the sword. But it was important Amy was properly equipped. When Katey marched with the Queen, Amy would be beside her.

The door opened and in came her eldest daughter, Kaley Cuoco. Katey smiled. Whilst she loved both her daughters equally Kaley was different in every way from her sister, taller and blonder in appearance, but also a bottom and with her Mama keeping a strict eye on her continuing virginity. Kaley smiled in greeting, her hands behind her back, “Happy Birthday,” she did lean forward and kiss her sister, but she was a bottom after all and that was acceptable. She turned to her Mama, “Can I give her my present?”

Katey smiled and nodded, “Go on – I know you’ve been wanting to give it her all day.”

From behind her back Kaley produced a wrapped parcel and gave it to Amy. Katey knew that her Amy would unwrap her very first strap-on. After all, even though Kaley had given it, it was Katey who had paid for it and had gone shopping with Kaley to buy it, an unmarried bottom shouldn’t enter a sex shop without her Mama.

“Kaley… it’s wonderful,” Amy held the eight inch black strap-on in her hands and gazed at it.

Her sister blushed, “It was Mama’s idea.”

“Thank you Mama,” Amy almost repeated her Mama’s mistake of kissing her cheek, before shaking her head and contenting herself with a smile.

“You’re sixteen now, its time you got to sew your oats,” Katey returned Amy’s smile, “And speaking of that I have booked us an appointment at the Blue Pygmy.”

Amy’s smile got wider at the mention of the expensive brothel. Katey turned to Kaley, “Don’t wait up for us.”

The horses were already saddled up. The two women rode together, laughing and joking. There was a stable across from Blue Pygmy. A groom took the horses and Katey dropped half a shilling into the woman’s outstretched hand. She walked across the street and entered the brothel.

On stage a naked hooker gyrated sexily. A few customers watched as they sipped their wine. Katey walked across the room and seated herself on the fountain wall, the water leapt from the naked statues pussy to gracefully arch into the air before falling into the pool beneath in a continuos stream. The Bordello’s madame hurried across, “Ser Katey,” she glanced at Amy, “and this must be your daughter, Ser Amy.”

Amy nodded, looking pleased at the first use of her title.

“I have the room ready,” said the Madame, “and one of my best girls, Kirsten Dunst.”

Katey stood up and took the door number from the outstretched podgy hands of the Madame. It had been expensive, hiring this birthday treat for her daughter. But you only turned sixteen once and Katey didn’t grudge the cost. She walked up the stairs, closely followed by an excited looking Amy, and entered the room.

A naked Kirsten Dunst was waiting for them, she curtsied, “Ser Katey, Ser Amy,” she said politely, with just the right measure of seductiveness, “would you like a drink?”

“Yes. You don’t have to use our titles,” replied Katey. She watched as the sexy young woman turned and walked over to an expensive oak table. She unstopped a crystal decanter, pouring two generous helpings into silver goblets. Katey turned to her daughter, “I’ve hired her until morning.”

Amy didn’t say anything, she couldn’t as her tongue was almost hanging out with lust. She did manage a nod. Katey smiled, she could remember her first time with a bottom; she had felt similar. She took the goblet and sipped at the wine, it was an excellent vintage; horribly expensive, but good. Kirsten could tell that Katey appreciated the wine, she smiled and refilled the goblet; “I am at your disposal,” she purred.

Katey nodded. She turned to her daughter and smiled, “I’ll go first, age before beauty.”

Amy nodded and laughed. Katey put down her goblet and quickly got undressed. Kirsten moved to sit on the luxurious looking bed, she ran a hand through her fair hair and gave a wanton look at the older woman. Katey slid on her strap-on and made a gesture for Kirsten to drop to her knees in front of her. The hooker opened her mouth and slowly took the toy in. Katey gently prodded, she wanted it lubricated, not to make the hooker spew as she deep-throated. Kirsten moved the cock around her mouth, her eyes looking seductively at Katey as she did so. When you paid well, you expected quality and got it. Satisfied that the toy was well lubricated Katey pulled it out.

She gave a brief slap to Kirsten’s bottom as the hooker stood, “On the bed, pull your legs back. I want to see that asshole.”

Kirsten did as she was instructed, bending her back and moving her legs so that her back hole was both visible and stretched. Katey got on the bed, shuffling forward on her knees until she was next to Kirsten. The tip of the toy touched the puckered back hole. Katey paused and turned to Amy, “You got a good view?”

Her daughter shifted slightly on the chair and raised her goblet in a toast to her Mama, “Perfect Mama.”

Katey pushed the toy in. As it penetrated Kirsten, the blonde moved forward, easing its entrance. She moaned in pleasure and Katey could see the first touches of juice in her pussy. Katey moved further in, gripping the whore’s legs and pushing them further back, so that she was almost snapping Kirsten’s spine. If the position was uncomfortable or painful Kirsten didn’t mention it, instead she gave another gasp and moved one of her hands to fondle her cunt, “MMnnnn, that’s good, fill me with your big toy,” she murmured and grinned in pleasure.

Katey slammed back and forth. As she hammered home she was impressed with Kirsten’s professionalism. The hooker rocked in time, pushing the cock back deep into Katey’s pussy so that it rubbed against her clit. Kirsten screamed in enjoyment, contorting her face into a look of passion and vigorously rubbing her twat, too many hookers just lay back, letting out a low moan now and then. Juice slid from her cunt, Katey watching in fascination as it bounced from the young woman’s body as she pounded into her. Whatever she gave Kirsten seemed to be able to take. Katey slammed harder, pushing the cock so deep in her own pussy almost followed it. The end was bouncing against her own clit and she could feel the cum flow. Liquid was dropping down onto Kirsten.

“Yeesssss, yessss,” screamed Katey as she came. The hard slamming she had given Kirtsen had stimulated her own clit enough to lift her into an orgasm. She let go of the hooker’s legs, which with nothing to hold them in place slammed onto Katey’s shoulders, and gripped her large tits. Katey pushed them together as the orgasm rocked through her. Exhausted she pulled out the cock and dropped down to the bed beside Kirsten.

“My turn now, Mama?” asked Amy. She had stripped off apart from her brand new strap-on and was getting on the bed.

“Yes,” nodded Katey. She took Kirsten’s head and guided it so that the whore could suck on her tits as her daughter pushed her toy into the pussy. Katey watched as her daughter slowly entered Kirsten, until the toy was buried deep in the hooker’s shaven snatch. Amy moved back and slowly moved forward. Kirsten’s legs wrapped around the teen’s back, encouraging her to go faster. Amy did so, Katey noticed that the harder Amy went in the harder Kirsten sucked at the older woman’s tits. Amy grunted passionately as she slammed back and forth, sweat dripped from her forehead. Suddenly she gave a shriek of pleasure. She dropped on the other side of Kirsten from her Mama and the hooker transferred her head to suck at the teen’s titties.

Katey waited until Amy’s exhausted breathing had returned to a more normal rhythm, or as normal as it would get with Kirsten sucking her tits, before turning to face her, “You fancy sharing her together?” she asked.

Amy looked puzzled, “I thought we were.”

Katey smiled, “No I mean literally together. You bang her pussy, whilst I’m doing her ass.”

Amy nodded excitedly, “Yes, Mama, please.”

Katey sat up and disengaged the hooker’s mouth from her daughter’s tit, “Lower yourself on Amy,” she ordered.

Kirsten bit her lip and gave an excited grin. She got up and haunched down on the erect toy, letting her cunt open and the dildo slide up. She began to move gently up and down. Katey let her get into the flow, before moving behind Kirsten. The young woman’s back hole hadn’t fully closed from the earlier ass pounding it had received and Katey found it easy to slide the cock in. Kirsten gave a groan, “Yes, fuck my ass, fuck my cunt.”

Katey began to shove forward. Below her she could see Amy’s face twisting in pleasure as the weight of two women drove her own strap-on deep onto her twat. Katey’s hands reached round and she grabbed Kirsten’s tits, gripping and squeezing them as her pelvis moved up and down. The cock slid back and for the easily as she slammed her tits into the hookers back.

“Uuurrggghh,” Kirsten was grunting in pleasure as she was sandwiched between the Mama and daughter. Her pussy juice slid from her trembling body. Harder and harder Katey slammed, until Kirsten was shaking like a sapling in a gale and screaming like a banshee. Katey slammed harder, ignoring the shrieks as first Kirsten and then Amy came. She was aware that Kirsten was hardly moving, her hands were on the bed and she was resting her pussy on Amy, the teen’s strap-on keeping her in place. Katey didn’t mind doing all the work, she shoved harder, aware that her own orgasm was coming.

“Fuuuuucckkk,” she screamed as she came. The orgasm ripped into her, sending bright explosions coursing through her body, “Fuuuucccckkkk,” she screamed again.

Collapsing to the bed, Katey fought to get her breathing under control. Amy forced herself to sit up and look at her Mama, “Thanks Mama, this is the best birthday ever.”


Sarah Michelle Gellar climbed out of the tub, the water cascading down her smooth skin to drop onto the floor. A maid hurried forward with a towel, Sarah brushed her aside and moved to stand in front of the mirror. With her pert eighteen year old tits and toned physique she had to say she was quiet a catch. She stared down and ran a finger over her smooth slit, recently shaven by one of the maids. As an unmarried bottom it wasn’t like anyone was going to view it, but its feel and look were enough. She was pushed slightly to one side as her younger sister, Michelle Trachtenberg, jumped out of the tub and moved in front of the mirror so that she could admire her own naked body. Sarah had to admit, that whilst she thought she was the prettier, her sister with her larger tits and equally toned stomach wasn’t bad. Her pussy was as bald as her sister’s was, though Sarah suspected the Queen might be viewing Michelle tight little hole.

For a few seconds the two young women examined their reflections, until Michelle clicked her finger at the maid and gestured the towels be brought. They started to dry themselves, “So how it’s going with Bridget?” asked Michelle conversationally.

There was a snort from Sarah. The dashing swordswoman had spent much of the winter trying to get into the teen bottom’s dress; it had stayed resolutely in place, “It isn’t… If that woman thinks she can just use her charm and I’ll jump into bed with her… well she can think again;” though if Bridget Regan had just given her a wedding ring Sarah knew her legs would have been spread as quickly as she could say ‘I do’. She looked at her sister, “And how is the Queen?”

Michelle smiled naughtily, “You should know; you’re her lady-in-waiting.”

Sarah sighed, as the Queen’s lady-in-waiting she knew all the Queen’s visitors and that one of them was a regularly unchaperoned Michelle Trachtenberg. It worried her, that Michelle was almost certainly having sex with Amanda Bynes; if it got out Michelle’s reputation would be ruined. She sighed again.

Her sister seemed to read her thoughts, “Don’t worry Sarah, I’m getting on well with her,” she paused and smiled, “I wouldn’t be surprised if wedding bells were soon chiming.”

Sarah smiled back and tenderly touched her sister’s arm, “Let’s hope so.”


Alyson Sutherland nee Hannigan alighted nervously at the address she’d been given. Behind her one of the Kitten’s bodyguards stepped out of the coach. She didn’t say a word, continuing a trend which had started as soon as Alyson had got in, but took her arm firmly and led her towards the door. Alyson wasn’t used to going in the servants’ entrance, she was surprised how quickly the maid answered. One look at the maid’s smirk told her she had been expected, “Come on in,” the woman said.

The bodyguard and Alyson walked into a kitchen. The redhead blushed as she saw the kitchen staff grinning; they knew that she was a present for their mistress. She went even redder as the maid, who was obviously the housekeeper turned to her, “Get undressed here.”

“Here? There’s people looking,” squeaked Alyson, desperate to hold onto as much of her dignity as she could.

The bodyguard lent forward, her voice was raspy, “The Kitten said to remind you that she owns you.”

Alyson fought back tears as she undid her boots, followed by her dress. At least the housekeeper folded up the dress and put it out of the way. She looked Alyson up and down, smiling slightly. Alyson wondered if the woman knew who she was, she hoped not, as she knew servants gossip would invariably reach the ears of aristocracy – she didn’t think Kristine would like being cast as a cuckold.

“Follow me,” said the housekeeper. The bodyguard took a seat in the kitchen as Alyson followed the other woman up the stairs and down the corridor, before finally stopping at a door. She knocked, “My lady… your wedding present from Miss Bledel.”

“Send her in,” called out the newly ennobled Lady Alex Kingston.

The housekeeper opened the door, curtsied, gave Alyson a prod in the back and withdrew. Lady Alex Kingston stood up, she was wearing a corset which covered her midriff and nothing else. Alyson shivered as the woman walked towards her. Alex gripped the redhead’s chin and twisted her head savagely from side to side as if she was inspecting a horse, “Very nice,” she said to herself, “The Kitten has taste.”

She dropped her hand, “So where are you from? The Blue Pygmy? Haven’s Rest? The Lady’s Recline?” naming a list of some of the more upmarket bordello’s in St Stow.

Alyson paused, before answering. It was humiliating being taken for a whore, even if that was what she had become, though at least Alex had named some of the classier establishments. But if Alex thought she had been hired the woman was less likely to ask further questions, questions which might lead to her finding out who Alyson really was; “The Blue Pygmy,” she lied

Alex grunted, “I haven’t seen you there before. You new?”

“Yes,” lied Alyson again, though she quickly added as it would be even more humiliating to be thought a whore who had been bought on the cheap due to lack of experience, “I was out of the city before.”

Even as she said it she wondered if she had developed too much of a cover story. Alex Kingston might ask which city and then list the bordello’s in it, until she trapped Alyson into making a mistake. Luckily Alex didn’t seem interested in any more background. She moved over to the couch and sat down, “Eat me, you little slut,” she ordered.

Alyson got down to her knees and moved across the rug. Alex’s pussy was shaved, with a small tattoo of a flower etched beside it. The older woman opened her legs wider allowing Alyson to get between them. The teenage redhead bowed down and began to kiss at the pussy, she was surprised at how quickly Alex began to juice up, the woman’s cunt began to seep almost as soon as Alyson’s lips touched it.

“That’s it my little slut, use your tongue,” instructed Alex.

Alyson moved her tongue out and began to lick at the lips, tasting the girl cum that was starting to coat them. The older woman gave a moan as Alyson moved from the outside to the in. The hole was wet and warm, the flesh shivering with pleasure as the aristocratic bottom explored the hole. Alyson pushed herself further in, looking for the clit. Juice saturated her tongue as she licked round until she found what she was looking for. She began to lap at the hard lump, pushing it in. Alex gave a gasp, her hands reached for the back of Alyson’s head pushing the young woman deeper and keeping her in place, the thighs of Alex came together squeezing at Alyson’s head. She licked harder. Each lap produced more and more cum, until the pussy was soaked. Above her she could hear Alex’s passionate grunts of pleasure.

“That’s it slut, make me cuuuuummm!” Alex legs opened and she let go off Alyson’s head, throwing herself dramatically against the back of the couch. Alyson looked upwards, just as an explosive jet of girl cum shot from Alex’s cunt. It hit the young woman like a tidal wave, soaking her and dripping down from her face to her tits and toned stomach. Alex gave another groan, “That’s good little slut, that’s good.”

“I do my best, Mistress,” Alyson smiled and wiped her lips free of the warm juice.

“I’m sure you do,” Alex stood up. She gestured for Alyson to do the same, before saying, “Turn round.”

Alyson stood with her back to the older woman. She could feel Alex’s hands running down the small of her back until she got to the redhead’s ass. Alex gripped the cheeks and pulled them apart, “Very nice,” she murmured quietly, before saying louder, “Lie on your front you slut, legs apart.”

Alyson go down on the rug as instructed and spread her legs. She could hear Alex walking over to a sideboard, before returning. The older woman’s feet nudged at the inside of Alyson’s thighs, Alyson took the hint and opened herself wider. Alex seemed satisfied as she stepped back and said, “Little slut, I’m going to gape your ass, I’m going to fuck you into the middle of next week.”

“Yes,” despite herself Alyson felt a feeling of excitement rising from her stomach. She forced it down, she was married, it was bad enough that she had got herself into a situation where she was being banged by other women, she certainly shouldn’t be enjoying it. She waited as Alex seemed to be adjusting her strap-on. Soon she felt Alex moving on top of her, the woman’s large tits sliding over her back as Alex took hold off the cock in one hand and with the other slid a finger into Alyson’s butt hole. Alyson gave a small shriek of pleasure as the digit slid in and moved around, opening her up. It only lasted for a few seconds before Alex removed it, “That’s it slut. I’m coming.”

Alyson squirmed as Alex started to push the toy in. It was large, Alyson guessed ten inches at least. She lifted her body to help Alex in. The woman grunted a thanks and continued to grind down. Alyson could feel her chute expanding as the toy dug deeper, pushing at her walls and sliding in. The ribs on it sent little vibrations of pleasure coursing through her and she moaned again. As it went deeper Alyson’s body was pushed back down, until her cunt was scraping against the rug. The wool rubbed on her twat lips, sending little frisson up her pussy. But it was in her ass that the real pleasure centre lay. She groaned as the full length of the toy penetrated her butt. Alex paused and positioned her hands either side of Alyson, “You love it, don’t you? That’s good.”

There was no reply from Alyson, except a slight moan. The toy buried deep in her felt so good. And it began to feel better as it began to move. Alex began to press up and down, shoving the cock deep in with each thrust. Tingles ran from Alyson’s ass as the toy worked her anal erogenous zone. The older woman’s titties bounced against the young redhead’s back, beating a tattoo in rhythm with Alex’s hard thrusts. Each shove pushed Alyson against the floor, rubbing her pussy against the rub and making it juice up. Soon she could feel a spreading damp patch on the rug, soaking the fine material.

“That’s it take it all, slut, take it deep,” ordered Alex. Alyson had no choice but to comply. However, even if she had a choice her body was enjoying the feeling so much she would have taken it deeper, even if her mind was telling her it was wrong. She could feel sweat drop from the older woman onto her and hear Alex’s pants of exertion as she hammered the toy in. The butt hole was starting to loosen, allowing Alex to go faster. It was still tight enough though that the cock filled her and raced against Alyson’s G-spot. Harder and faster Alex went; until…

“Aaarrrggghh, I’m….. aaaarrrgggghhhhh, Goddesssssss,” shrieked Alyson. The orgasm flooded her body, sparks of fire and brimstone racing through her like magical explosion. Her body arched and quivered as if she was no longer in control, “I… Goddesssss…… saaaavvveee meeeee!”

As the Alex pulled out the cock there was a slurping, popping sound from Alyson’s ass. It retracted, but didn’t reach its normal size, that would take time. Alyson got to her knees as Alex walked back over to the couch. The older woman sat down and spread her legs, running a finger over the strap-on. She smiled at Alyson, “You loved that didn’t you, you little slut.”

“Yes,” Alyson nodded. She hated herself, but it wasn’t a lie, it was true. She had never felt more alive than when she was being pimped out. It was so wrong she knew, but it felt so good to throw away the traditions and mustiness of being an aristocrat and instead give into her inner nymphomania.

Alex smiled, as if she read the young redhead’s mind, “Come here and clean it.”

Alyson waddled over on her knees. She opened her mouth and began to suck at the toy, which moments earlier had been in her ass. The taste was bitter, but at the same time the degradation was enjoyable. She licked and sucked harder, running her tongue over and between the dildo’s ridges.

Alex smiled down at her, “You really are a little slut. You’re in the right profession…”

Her mouth full, Alyson couldn’t reply, but the way her eyes moved said more than words could.


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