Kingdoms Amazonia 14

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Kingdoms Amazonia 14


FFF, FF, anal


This is a work of fiction, obviously there is no such place as Amazonia and the celebs doing nasty things in this story probably aren’t doing them in real life, though for all I know they may be having lots of lesbian sex with each other.


Anna Popplewell, Alex Kingston, Alexa Vega, Kate Beckinsale, Carla Gugino, Amber Benson, Amanda Bynes, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Marcia Cross, Bridget Regan Alyson Hannigan, Kristine Sutherland.


The Great North road started at St Stow Keep.
In an almost straight line it drove through the through the city and into the outside fields cut deep into the Blackhorse Forest, the rich farmland of the Hale of Hamtotten, rolled over the Seven Sisters Hills and Buryfins Park, passing BuryHigh Mountain and Queen’s Cross before it ended in the Firth of Wolves. Along its route more women would join Queen Amanda Bynes host, drawn by old oaths of fealty, honour and duty as well as the possibility of loot, rape and lands.

Like their foremothers before them the army contained cynical professionals and idealistic naifs, women so old their faces were creased and their hair grey and teens so young their slender bodies had not fully blossomed into womanhood; those with estates which it would take weeks to ride round and those with barely enough land to afford a jerkin and bow. Within its ranks marched the cold dangerous killer beside the romantic poet, some who would die rather than ran and some who would run rather than die, the veterans who had seen it and went back and the green who would see it once and die. They were ugly, beautiful, redhead, blonde, brunette, tall, short, fat and thin. As had happened dozens of times before the aristocracy and their retainers were going to war.

Leaning over a balcony young Anna Kingston, up until yesterday Anna Popplewell, watched them go. As they marched through the wealthy merchant quarters many of the soldiery looked up, the balconies were thronged with beautiful young daughters and trophy wives. From one of them a handful of rose petals fluttered down and then more, until the air seemed full of reds, blues and yellow. Anna clutched the handful of petals for a second, waiting for just the right moment. She thrust them out and red petals fluttered out. By ‘coincidence’ they landed on her lover Marcia Cross. The older redhead didn’t react, she just looked sternly ahead, resolutely guiding her horse forward as her plate armour glinted in the sun. Anna felt a surge of disappointment, tinged with relief. Disappointment, that Marcia hadn’t looked up and given a final smile. Relief because a final look would have reminded Anna that she was married and not supposed to be thinking of other tops, especially those married to her best friend.

A few of the soldiery did look up, but Anna paid them no heed. She did give a wild wave as her friends Sarah Michelle Gellar and Michelle Trachtenberg went past in a gilded coach. The Queen’s lady in waiting and her step-sister waved cheerfully back. Anna smiled, it was probably good that there was a stone balcony between her and the marchers; whilst her top half was covered in a blue silk nightie, her bottom half was as naked as a bather. Then the army was gone. The camp followers would tag on outside the city walls, there was no point in ruining the end of the parade with a riff-raff of grooms, whores and cooks. Anna stood watching as the street returned to normal, apart from the trampled roses, it was if the army had never passed. A pair of hand suddenly clasped themselves round her waist. Anna started, she hadn’t heard anyone come behind her.

“Mmmnnn, I knew had a body made for fucking as soon as I saw you,” Alex Kingston rested her chin on her new wife’s shoulders, “but I didn’t realise that you were so slutty.”

Anna blushed. She thought their honeymoon night had gone rather well. She wasn’t inexperienced and had brought her full repertoire to pleasuring her wife; “You didn’t think so last night,” she sniffed.

Alex laughed, “You misunderstand me my little dove. I’m not complaining about your sluttiness. I’m all for it. All I’m saying is I’ve been around a long time and there were tricks in your closet I didn’t even know existed.”

To show she didn’t mean it Alex moved her hand down to rub at her teenage wife’s bald slit. Anna gave a groan of satisfaction as she felt the smooth palm move over her labia. Alex seemed to appreciate her wife’s sounds and ran her hand more strongly over the twat until her palm was slick with the teen’s pussy juice. Alex removed her hand and licked away the cum coating in before murmuring in her wife’s ear, “Like that do you?”

“Yes,” breathed Anna quietly. She uttered a louder yes as Alex returned her hand to slit, except this time pushing tow fingers into the damp hole. Anna gasped and bucked against her wife as the older woman slammed her digits in deep, pushing the teen’s clit deep into the folds of flesh surrounding it. Anna gripped the wall of the balcony and squeaked in pleasure. Juice leaked from her pussy, covering her lips and there was a squelching noise as Alex worked her fingers rapidly in and out.

“Oh Goddess yesss,” gasped Anna. She gripped at the stonework, feeling her nails scrape along the masonry. Faster and faster Alex moved, pushing her young wife into a state of indescribable pleasure. Orgasmic waves rushed through her, steaming clouds of excitement turning her body into an incinerator of flame. She gasped loudly and threw her head back. The orgasm volcanoed within her body, reducing her to senseless cries of “Gooooddddesssss….”

She had barely time to recover from her orgasm when Alex twisted her round. Her wife was grinning broadly, “Clean my fingers,” she held her hand lightly.

Anna took the proffered hand and put the fingers in her mouth. She greedily slurped at her own pussy juice until the only flavour was that of Alex fingers. Her wife withdrew her hand from Anna’s mouth and gripped the teen’s tight buttocks, “Let’s go inside,” the redhead said; it wasn’t quiet an order, nor quiet a request.

Inside a maid was laying out Anna’s dress for the day. She curtsied as the two newlyweds entered. Alex dismissed her with a wave of her hand, “Leave us.”

The maid curtsied again and left, closing the door behind her. Alex sat on the bed and looked at the dress. A small smile came to her lips; she picked it up and handed it to Anna, “Get dressed.”

Anna felt a surge of disappointment, she had hoped her wife was bringing her inside for some more fun. Instead it looked like it was to prepare to go down for breakfast. She sighed as she pulled off her nightdress; she had hoped as an ex-bukkake bitch Alex would be as sexually charged as a rabbit – unfortunately it seemed her new wife was more sexually akin to a sloth. She slid the dress over her head and popped her head out the hole. She gave a gasp, Alex had already removed her boots and was in the process of removing her trousers. The redhead grinned at her, “I’ve always fantasised about doing a Lady and how can I fantasise if your wearing the same as a fishwife.”

Anna ignored the slur to her nightwear, which cost more than most fishwives would earn in a month. Instead she pulled the dress down and started to tighten the brassiere. Alex held up a hand stopping her, “Just a minute,” she finished pulling down her trousers and dropped them on the floor.

Standing up she walked over to Anna, circling round her like a tiger eyeing a lamb. She finished at the front and gave a smile, “Almost there.”

Reaching in she pulled out Anna large tits so they flopped over the dress; it was designed to keep titties in rather than out and material cut into Anna. However, the way Alex smiled at her look made the discomfort worth it. The older woman moved to the bed, spreading her legs. She pointed to her cunt, “My pussies all dry.”

That wasn’t true as Anna could see the glisten of girl cum in it. But she took the hint. She walked over to her wife and dropped between her legs. Anna was proud of her muff munching skills, not for her just stuffing the tongue in, but a more refined and ladylike experience. She started by giving little butterfly kisses to the outside of her wife’s pussy, tender and slow, just enough to heat up Alex for what was coming. The redhead took it in her stride, she moaned lightly and ran Anna’s lock dark hair through her fingers as if it was strands of silk. After a few minutes Anna got more playful, taking Alex’s labia lips in between her teeth, softly enough not to nip, but with enough strength to pull them out like elastic. Alex gave another gasp as Anna opened her mouth and let the quim lip drop back into place.

“Oh you tease,” the older woman moaned. Anna smiled, she wasn’t finished teasing yet. She slid out her tongue and moved into onto the lips, touching the slight indentures where her teeth had been. Slowly she moved her tongue, taking great care not to go in the hole. She could feel Alex shivering with pent-up lust and moving her hands to the back of the teen’s head. Anna knew it was the time, suddenly without warning she pushed her face fully at her wife’s crotch, slamming the tongue in. rapidly she twisted it round until she found the clit. She began to hammer the bud.

“Aaaarrrgghhh, yesssss, that’s it, eat my cunt,” screamed Anna. She was holding Anna’s head in place, not that the teen needed it. She loved the succulent taste of woman’s cum and Alex was leaky like a rusted bucket. She lapped harder, drawing the juice into her mouth and down against her taste buds. Alex was shaking, not in anticipation now, but in a rabid sexual frenzy.

“Goddess,” squeaked the older redhead. A jet of cum flooded from her pussy, liquid spilled into Anna’s mouth and she fell back choking. But still it gushed out, splattering against her face and soaking her titties and dress.

“Goddess,” repeated Alex. She looked down at her pussy juice drenched wife and smiled, “I’ll get the maid to put you out a new dress.”

Anna smiled. She had a feeling they were going to have a very expensive monthly laundry bill.


Alexa Vega lay on her bed, the thin sheets were down to her ankles leaving her naked. Above her Kate Beckinsale massaged at her back; it was as far as they ever got, but to Alexa, an aristocrat who was being kept as little more than a slave it was enough. She loved the way the woman’s tender hands played at her back, loved the feeling of human contact. If she wasn’t happy she was at least content.

The door to the small room opened. Alexa looked up in surprise, no-one normally came into her room between sundown and sun-up when she was woken by the guards for kitchen duties. And certainly no-one ever came in when Kate was there.

Kate didn’t sound surprised by the interruption, merely annoyed, “Carla,” she snapped, “what are you doing here?”

Carla Gugino walked into the room, the light from the torch on the wall made it seem that her face flickered in and out of darkness. She took a further step in and looked at Alexa, “So this is your little whore?” she smiled cruelly and lent down pulling up Alexa’s face so that she was staring into the teen’s eyes, “Has she fucked you yet?”

She dropped Alexa’s chin and the teen shook her head. Kate stood up and got off the bed; Alexa quickly pulled up the threadbare sheets to cover her nakedness.

“I said what are you doing here?” Kate asked coolly, her hands clenched in anger.

“The mistress sent me,” Carla seemed to be enjoying the other’s anger, “She thinks you may be loosing your edge.”

There was a snort from Kate, “I imagine you have been feeding your poison in her ear,” she replied.

The other didn’t bother to deny it, shrugging the accusation like it didn’t matter; “You’re all very cosy. Playing happy families Kate, perhaps you see yourself as a future Lady of the Manor, all snuggled up in front of a fire with children playing at your feet.”

Kate flinched as if struck. For a second she seemed to loose her normal poise, but it was only fleeting, “I know what I am and what path I walk. Do not doubt my loyalty to the mistress’s cause…”

Walking over to the bed Carla took the sheet and whipped it off, throwing it in a corner. Suddenly exposed to the woman’s piteous gaze Alexa curled herself into a ball. Carla smiled evilly and ran a finger over the teen’s smooth skin, the finger felt cold and slimy – inhuman. Alexa looked to Kate for comfort and in that moment she saw what terrified all the Lesbosians – Kate’s face looked cold and like marble. It’s features hadn’t changed, but something had – it looked as inhuman as Carla’s. Kate shrugged, “She is nothing – take her if you wish;” abruptly she turned and left the room.

Carla looked down at Alexa, “So young and so delicate…”

She began to disrobe…


Amber Benson’s feet hurt. No-one had ever told her that camp followers walked. It had seemed such a lark, tailing onto the end of army, ready to bask in their reflected glory and all the recruiter asked was that she spooned out a few spoons of stew in the evening. And, the recruiter had winked, before continuing that the evening was her own and, well, it contained lots of wealthy tops away from their wives. She hadn’t mentioned that only the cook and the utensils went by wagon – as a serving girl she walked.

She sighed and picked up her bedding, at least the clinking in her money bag reminded her that her extra activities were paying well. She threaded her way through the campsite, until she came to a queue in front of a sentry. She pushed her way to the front, the complaints stopping as soon as the aristocrats and women at arms saw that she was a peasant.

On the ground in front of her half a dozen other women were busy spreading their legs as the punters ground into them. The sentry turned from them to her, “How much you charge?”

“Two shillings for straight,” Amber replied, “three for anal, five for threesomes and two more for every woman above that.”

“Sounds reasonable,” the sentry pointed to a patch of spare ground, “I take half, don’t worry I won’t cheat you. It’s first come first served, so no refusing a Jill just because next in line is a rich looking aristo. If they tip you I’ll take a third. Anyone slaps you around or doesn’t pay you holler. Same if one of the other girls tries to steal your Jill. I’m here to midnight, we settle up then. If you want to stay on you make a new agreement with my replacement. Fine?”

“Sounds fair,” replied Amber. She walked over to her spot and lay down her blanket, the grass was still damp after a rainstorm earlier. She decided she’d do it until the sentry left and that would be enough for the night; if she was lucky she should be able to get a good thirty shillings in that time – a month’s pay for a serving wench.

“Aaarrgghh,” a skinny teen beside her orgasmed loudly.

Amber sniffed, no chest that one. It was a shame it was first come first served, otherwise her large tits would have had the Jills flocking. She dropped the money bag on the floor, looking at the sentry to make sure she’d seen where she’d dropped it and would be keeping an eye on it. The sentry nodded in acknowledgement, before turning to gently push back some sprig of the aristocracy who was trying to queue jump. Amber pulled off her cotton dress and lay down, “Who’s next?” she called.

An older woman and a redhead teen stepped forward. They were wearing boots and shirts, but their trousers were hooked over their shoulders; strap-ons dangled between their legs obviously neither wanted to waste time in preparation, which suited Amber just fine.

“How much for DP?” asked Ser Katey Sagal.

“Five shillings,” replied Amber.

Katey reached over and unhooked a money bag from around her daughter’s, Amy Davidson, neck. She counted out five shillings and dropped them in Amber’s hand. The young hooker put them in her bag and looked at the two aristocrats, “Do you know which of you is taking which hole?”

Amy looked at Katey, “Can I have the ass, Mama?”

“You heard my daughter,” Katey turned to Amber, “Stand up so she can lie down.”

Amber stood, she dismissed the tone of voice. No aristocrat, be they ever so minor, saw the need to be polite to peasants and certainly not to whores; they paid – that was enough. She waited patiently whilst Amy got herself comfortable, before pulling apart her butt-cheeks and sliding herself down on the toy. It was high quality workmanship, with little ridges and grooves scarring the surface. From the moan Amy gave as Amber lowered herself down it probably had a little attachment to rub the giver’s clit as well. Slowly Amber sat, spreading her legs as she did so. Amy reached up and gripped her waist, keeping her in position.

“Come on in, Mama,” the teen grunted. Amber gave a smile of encouragement, which Katey ignored. With a skill born of experience the Milf pushed her dildo into Amber’s slit continuing until she was on top of Amber, grinding her against Amy. Quickly and forcefully Katey began to thrust into the camp-follower. Amber gasped in pleasure, with an effort she spread her legs further allowing Katey to go in deeper and faster. Amy made small movements, but was content to let her Mama do most of the work. Amber didn’t mind, Amy cock was already jammed against her anal G-spot and every movement of Katey pushed Amber against it so that her ass’s erogenous zone was soon pumping pleasure through her body. Not that Katey’s own thrust were wasted, the aristocrat had, either by luck or judgement, found Amber’s clit and was busy stimulating it.

“Yesss, yesss,” shrieked Amber. So often she had to fake orgasms; it was a great feeling when she didn’t have too. She loved the feeling of Katey’s large tits bouncing against her face and Amy’s smaller, but harder ones, digging into her back. The two dildos pleasured her in unison so hard that she couldn’t think, only squeak mindless platitudes. Juice leaked from her cunt, slithering down her lips and coating her crotch.

She gave another gasp as Katey started to squeeze her tits as she pummelled her. The woman’s hands gripped and groped at her large tits, “Feel ‘em Amy,” gasped Katey and let go.

But Amber’s titties weren’t untouched for long. Amy let go off her waist and reached up to grab them. Amber gave another groan of pleasure as Amy groped the tits so hard it hurt. But even as the whore started to squeak in pain another orgasmic wave rushed through her and painful squeal transformed in a scream of pleasure. Amber closed her eyes and let the feelings take her. Despite the cool of the spring air, her entire body was suffused in the warmth of the orgasm and the body heat of the aristocrats. Harder and harder Katey plunged, ramming the dildo home both brutally and skilfully. Amber orgasmed again, screaming in joy as more cum pumped from her pussy. Her back hole felt stretched as Amy’s large toy opened her up, the prick ripping up and down her anal G-spot. She came loudly for a third time.

Katey stood up. Sweat stuck her shirt to her so tightly that Amber could see the large nipples protruding against the silk, “Not bad,” Katey leant down and pulled up her daughter. Fishing into her purse, she pulled out an extra shilling and passed it to Amber.

“Thank you My Lady,” Amber curtsied, it always paid to keep the punters sweet. She wiped the sweat from her brow and called out, “Who’s next?”


“We better go out and inspect the encampment,” Queen Amanda Bynes put down her goblet and addressed Marcia Cross who nodded in agreement.

Sarah Michelle Gellar got up from the seat. She picked up the Queen’s cloak and helped her fasten it, before picking up her own. She had been quite comfortable in the nice warm pavilion sipping wine and finishing the choice morsels on her plate. She’d have been content to stay there, but where the Queen went so did her Lady in Waiting. She fastened the cloak and followed Amanda and Marcia into the cool night air. The Queen’s bodyguards moved to attention, they kept near enough to deal with a sudden assassin, but far enough away that they didn’t crowd the young woman. Given the choice Amanda would have had them a few yards back and the bodyguards would have preferred to be nearer – the distance was a compromise which pleased nobody.

The camp was still full of life. The cooks were supervising the cleaning of the massive chamber pots, grooms were rubbing down horses for the next days ride, armourers were hammering at pieces of mail and grumbling that if a drunken fall dented it what would a sword blow do. Clustered around fires were the women at arms, the aristocracy lounged inside pavilions as servants hurried in and out. All seemed right.

Amanda strode through, inspecting the sentries. A group of women were crowded round one. As they got nearer Sarah heard moans of pleasure coming from the ground beyond the crowd. She blushed and Marcia nudged her arm, “Hookers corner, Lady Sarah, every camp has one.”

“Oh,” replied Sarah and went deep red. Amanda paused, caught between allowing the women some privacy and inspecting all the sentries. Eventually she decided on the latter.

She strode to the sentry. The guard was about to say something when she noticed the woman who’d pushed to the front was the Queen. Her oath died in her lips and she crashed to attention. Amanda nodded, “All quiet?”

A passionate scream ripped the air. The sentry nodded, “Yes, your Majesty.”

“I’ll leave you to it,” said Amanda and turned to leave.

The whore screaming in passion let out another yell. Sarah scowled. The chubby blonde was on her back with her legs hooked round Bridget Regan, “Cheap rubbish,” Sarah muttered to herself and turned to follow the Queen.


“Fill me,” screamed Lady Alyson Sutherland, nee Hannigan. The redhead was on her hands and knees on a luxurious four-poster, her red hair was matted to her skull as she sweated freely. Behind her, Lady Kristine Sutherland, was performing her wifely duties by slamming a strap-on into Alyson’s bald pussy. Alyson let out another squeal of joy, her twat pumping out juice as if was a leaky ship in a storm. Kristine knew exactly where to drive the toy for maximum pleasure.

Without warning Kristine pulled her dildo out of the redhead’s twat. But before Alyson could mutter a word of complaint the older blonde slammed the lubricated cock into the redhead’s back passage. Alyson groaned and squirmed, wiggling her bottom to allow Kristine to fully enter her. The cock scraped against her anal g-spot, sending lightning bursts of pleasure raging through Alyson, “Oh yessss,” she squealed, “fuck my ass, fuck it hard.”

Kristine grunted and slammed away. Her thighs crashed into her wife’s ass cheeks so hard that red marks appeared on the skin. Alyson shouted in pleasure, balancing on one hand she moved the other to her leaky cunt and slid a finger in, pleasuring her clit at the same time as Kristine pleasured her ass. Alyson was in heaven, she’d always liked sex and sex with her wife was almost as enjoyable than the sordid couplings she had with Alexis Bledel, aka the Kitten. She tried to push the image of Alexis from her mind and concentrate on the ramming she was getting from behind. Alexis fled from her as the mini-orgasms started to rush together in an explosive finale, “Aaaarrrggghhh,” Alyson screamed in pleasure as her entire insides did a loop the loop and turned into a jellified mess.

Lady Kristine Sutherland pulled out the strap-on and collapsed exhausted on the bed. Alyson lay her head on her wife’s large titties, sliding her cheek against the sweat soaked flesh, “You are so good,” she murmured and reached down under the leather strap to rub at Kristine’s cunt.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” replied Kristine, “The thing you did with your tongue…”

Luckily she couldn’t see Alyson blush. The thing she did with her tongue to her wife’s clit was a little trick Alexis had taught her, she hadn’t meant to use it on Kristine. She looked up at her wife’s face, there was no suspicion there, she must just think that Alyson had invented it all on her own, “Well…” Alyson said and quickly left it at that.

Kristine got up off the bed, sliding down the strap-on and leaving it for one of the maids to clean. She walked over to the window and looked out over the bustling harbour. Alyson lay on the bed and admired her wife’s naked behind. For a minute neither said anything, until suddenly Kristine turned to face Alyson, “I’ll be sailing tomorrow morning; in support of the Queen.”

Alyson’s stomach did a somersault of shock, she would miss her wife, “How long?”

“I don’t know, we’ll detour to just East of the Hammerhead Atoll, which will make any Lesbosian spies think we’re heading West. Then we’ll make a sharp turn and head down to the Bay of the Skeggi, anchor there and wait for the Queen to march to us. Her plan is to follow the North Road down to Seven Sisters, making the Lesbosians think she’s heading straight for them, then she’ll split the army and head for the coast; we’ll pick her up and drop her behind the bitches. They’ll be caught between two armies, so I don’t think the fighting will take long. A month I guess, maybe two.”

Part of Alyson was in grief at two months away from Kristine, but another part of her was ecstatic at how much telling the Kitten the news would knock from her debts.


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