Kingdoms Amazonia 15

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Kingdoms Amazonia 15


FFFF, FF, anal

This is a work of fiction, obviously there is no such place as Amazonia and the celebs doing nasty things in this story probably aren’t doing them in real life, though for all I know they may be having lots of lesbian sex with each other.


Kate Beckinsale, Amy Acker, Alexis Bledel, Brittany Daniel, Bridget Regan, Amanda Bynes, Marcia Cross, Alex Kingston, Anna Popplewell


Despite the lateness of the hour one light still shone in the Abbey, a beacon for lonely travellers to remind them
that the Goddess welcomed all Or almost all Kate Beckinsale reminded herself, she doubted that the Goddess had meant her when she sent her daughter down to Celebria to cleanse women of their sin. She gave the reigns of her horse to Amy Acker. The scarred woman looked glum, unlike Kate, she had no idea what had happened to her lover Sarah Chalke, she didn’t know that Kate had sucked her dry and dropped her in a river to gracefully float to the sea.

If Kate had been capable of real remorse, she’d have felt it. It had all been in vain, she had killed Sarah because the woman was beating Alexa Vega. But Carla Gugino had made clear that the mistress did not want her servants looking at other women. Alexa had been snatched away, Kate listening at the door as Carla brutally raped the teen. And when it was over her colleague had invited several of the guards to come and have their way with Alexa. Kate had listened as Alexa had screamed and begged for help, calling out to Kate to save her. But Kate had made her path and it was impossible to walk from it. She didn’t know what had happened to Alexa, Carla had spirited the broken teen away to who knew where.

She turned to Amy, the woman seemed to flinch from her eyes. Kate smiled, if she couldn’t have the woman she had wanted, at least she still had the power to instil fear, “I’ll turn of the light outside when I’m finished; once it goes off bring down the… it was hard to call the rabble of bandits and thugs soldiers, so she compromised by leaving the final word unsaid.

Amy nodded. Kate pulled her hood tighter and strode down the road. A sign was outside the Abbey, the Queen’s crescent emblazoned on it. Soon Amanda Bynes would be down this road and she would bring her retinue to the Abbey she funded, for prayers and the chance to sleep in comfort, whilst her army camped outside. They wouldn’t find any of that, only death.

There was a rope at the door. Kate pulled it, a muffled clang came from inside. Less than a minute later the door opened. A young nun, barely out of her teens curtsied, “Hello traveller, please enter, the ladies of St Catherine welcome all those who walk the roads.”

She was attractive, Kate thought. She could smell the pent up desire; unmarried and dedicated to a life of chastity nuns were always volcanoes waiting to erupt. Kate could feel the hunger welling up in her belly; she forced it down. At another time, when speed wasn’t important Kate would have enjoyed the seduction, the smooth supple body groaning beneath hers and then the feeding, drawing the life blood from the nun in bliss to them both. But, tonight she had a job to do, “Forgive me sister for I have sinned…”

“Pardon traveller,” the nun looked confused.

Kate’s dagger moved so fast through the air it was almost a blur of motion. The nun gurgled as bright arterial blood shot from the sliced neck. Dropping to her knees the young woman tried to keep the blood in, it gushed between her fingers pooling on the floor slowly spreading out like rose petals on water. She dropped down, a few last choking breaths wheezing from a torn windpipe; and was still. Kate stepped over her.

She walked down, the corridor. From a room ahead she could hear cheerful singing. Stepping in she looked at the chubby chef, cleaning the last of the day dishes. The cook didn’t look round at her footsteps, probably imagining it was the young duty nun looking for a midnight snack. Kate stepped forward, the woman only realised it wasn’t the nun as Kate’s hands gripped her chin and pushed into her back. By then it was too late, Kate twisted the head savagely, the snap of bone breaking sounding loudly in the sudden silence.

Quickly Kate moved to the second floor. It was too easy to deal with the remaining nuns and servants. All were abed, each time Kate crept in, put a sudden hand on their mouth and sliced savagely downwards. Each time the woman would convulse, sometimes biting in to Kate’s hand in their death throes, blood would surge from a cut jugular soaking the bed clothes. Twenty nuns, thirty four servants – all died that night. Her blood work done Kate went back downstairs to switch of the light; she wouldn’t stay for Amy to arrive – her night’s work was not done.


Alexis Bledel, also known as the Kitten, was in a good mood, two merchants who had been refusing to pay their insurance premiums had decided to pay up after mysterious fires, Lady Turner had gone to war without leaving enough guards on her mansion and Brittany Daniel had just whispered in her ear she was horny before skipping into the pool room. The Kitten undid her one piece tunic as she walked towards the pool, she had given Brittany enough time to prepare, now was time for fun. As she got nearer she could hear the sound of the fountain in the middle, a new addition, sprinkling warm water into the pool. Few other in St Stow had such a luxurious private bath, and none in the docks. Whatever Mums said to their daughters, crime did pay.

She opened the door and stepped inside the room. Brittany’s dress was lying on the floor. Alexis smiled as she looked in the pool, seeing Brittany swim towards her. The pool wasn’t long or deep, she could have walked, but Alexis didn’t complain; there was something sensual about the way Brittany glided through the water. The young woman got to the edge and pulled herself up enough that her tits rested on the expensive mosaic which surrounded the pool, “Are you coming?” she purred.

Before her lover could answer Brittany kicked herself back and began a slow leisurely back stroke towards the other side of the pool. The ripples distorted her body, but it still looked ravishingly attractive to Alexis. The Kitten sat herself on the edge and dipped her feet in, drawing them back and forth, kicking lightly through the water. On the other side Brittany stood up, the water dribbling down her nubile body and reminding Alexis of a drawing of a water nymph she had seen once in a book. For a second Brittany stood upright before diving forward, she ducked under the water, gliding through it like a pale, pink fish, coming up for air between Alexis’s legs.

“Come on in,” she teased and flicked her damp hair back seductively. Alexis wasn’t given the choice to say yes or no, before Brittany grabbed her ankles and pulled her forward. The two young women crashed together, Alexis feeling herself bob under the water before coming up spluttering and shaking her head. Brittany was already rapidly swimming to other side of the pool, laughing as she leant against the side.

“I’m… oh…I’m,” Alexis started rapidly swimming towards Brittany. With anyone else Alexis would have felt the white heat of anger and that person would soon have been swimming in the docks, with a metal chain round their ankles for comfort. But with Brittany she felt something different, something she had not felt – happiness, perhaps? Or something stronger?

She surged forward, powering through the water. Brittany didn’t try to escape, she leant against the edge as Alexis surfaced in front of her. Sliding her arms round her girlfriend, Alexis said, “That was…”

“Cute?” interrupted Brittany and smiled.

“I was going to say naughty,” quick as a flash her leg snaked out and hooked round Brittany’s sending her tumbling into the water.

Seconds later Brittany re-emerged, “That was mean,” the young woman said, though she didn’t look like she thought it was mean.

Nor did her next action, moving up to the Kitten she slid her arms round her and pulled herself close for a passionate kiss. Her lips opened and Alexis slid her tongue in, slowly swirling it around the open mouth and enjoy the touch of the other’s tongue. Alexis pressed forward feeling Brittany’s firm tits push into her, Brittany’s tits moved slightly, as her lover slid against her, the nipples rubbing seductively into Alexis’s bare flesh. Reaching under the water Alexis gripped at Brittany’s butt, the skin was smooth, the cheeks tight enough to be toned, but not so firm that they were impossible to comfortably grip.

“Mmmmnn,” moaned Brittany, she threw her head back allowing Alexis to kiss and suckle her naked throat like a vampire on heat, “ooooohhhhh.”

Continuing to squeeze with the one hand Alexis moved the other from her lover butt. It created swirls in the water as it glided round, until it was touching Brittany’s smooth pussy. As they were in the pool, Alexis couldn’t tell whether it was soaking with juice or just from the water, but from the low moans of her lover, she was guessing at least some of the liquid was girl cum. She rubbed at the labia lips, feeling them tremble as she touched.

“Oh, yes,” moaned Brittany softly, she rested her head on the Kitten’s shoulder and pushed herself deeper against her lover.

Alexis continued to stroke the slit for a few moments, loving the sound of soft pants in her ear and the way Brittany shuddered against her with every touch. She slid a finger into the tight hole, running her finger through the moisture and rubbing the soaked, warm walls. Brittany groaned louder, her body tensing with excitement as the exploratory digit found her clit. Alexis pushed against it, being rewarded with a more high pitched groan in her ear and a movement like Brittany was having an earthquake in her stomach.

Alexis pushed harder and quicker, jamming her finger against the clit. Brittany’s moans got louder and sharper, jamming together to produce a howl of pleasure. Her titties wobbled as her body gyrated into a series of graceless paroxysms. Alexis smiled as Brittany’s face flushed and contorted, there was something enjoyable about giving the other pleasure; it pleased Alexis as much as it did her lover; “Liking that?” she murmured.

Brittany was barely able to answer. It took several attempts to open her mouth, before she could stifle a moan to squeak, “Yes, yessss, yesssssss!”

Harder and harder Alexis hammered her finger. Ripples of water casting out where her elbow broke the surface, before gliding back down under the water as finger hit clit. Brittany’s body was heaving, her tits pressed hard against the Kitten as she struggled to do anything but pant lustfully. The young blondes body was red, the warmth of the water and sexual pleasure within her combining to drench the skin outside the pool with rivulets of sweat. Alexis looked into her lover’s eyes, her own beauty reflected in them. But that was not what Alexis was looking at, the limpid pools of her lover’s irises seemed to draw her in, so they became one. Suddenly Brittany’s eyes snapped shut and she screamed as the orgasm tore through her body.

For the first time in her life Alexis knew what love was. She took the shivering Brittany in her arms, listening to her heavy breathing, waiting for it to come under control. Gradually the Brittany’s breathing returned to normal, Alexis held her a few seconds later before disengaging herself. She looked deep into the other’s face, “I love you…”

The reaction was not what Alexis expected, suddenly Brittany turned red, ducked herself under the water to her neck, whilst trying to cover her nakedness.

The explanation soon manifested itself, “I am not interrupting,” came Kate Beckinsale’s voice.

Alexis turned. The door to the poolroom was open and framed in it was the cold lady. She could feel the chill, even as she stood in the warm pool, it seemed to freeze her top even as the water heated her bottom. Alexis turned back to Brittany, “You better go, I need a private conversation.”

Brittany didn’t need any second telling. She hurried out of the pool barely pausing to grab her dress. Kate moved away from the door to let her past. Alexis slowly got out of the pool herself, she didn’t want to seem hurried, either from fear or annoyance at the interruption. She picked up a towel and wrapped it round herself before turning back to Kate, “I have news.”

“Yes?” Kate’s dead eyes met her own and the woman gave a smile with as much feeling as a cobra.

“My spy tells me the fleet has left St Stow…” Alexis said.

“I know, a dozen wharf rats could have told me that. And did…” there was a hint of menace in Kate’s voice, as if she was reminding the Kitten that the crimelady was dispensable.

“They didn’t tell you that the fleet is due to anchor in the Bay of Skeggi two weeks from now or that the Queen will be meeting her there,” Alexis allowed herself a smile, it dropped from her face as Kate gave an icy smile back.

“No, they did not tell me that,” Kate nodded. She reached under her cloak and dropped a bag of coins on the floor. It made a satisfying clank as it landed. For a second Kate remained still, then she pulled her cloak tighter round her and backed through the door, “Ready the containers. I’ll be back in a few days.”

She closed the door behind her. Seconds later, when Alexis opened it, the woman had gone.


Damn Sarah Michelle Gellar and her prudish ways, though Bridget Regan, if a top can’t rut with a whore when on campaign when could she do so. And anyway it wasn’t like Sarah was giving out herself, so she could sniff and hold her hoity-toity nose in the air all she liked as she walked past Bridget and ignore the brunette’s greetings; it didn’t matter to Bridget.

She spurred her horse faster, it snorted and gave her an angry look. She slowed and let it walk at its own pace, she had been riding it hard all day; she shouldn’t take out her anger out on it. She reminded herself, she wasn’t angry or irritated with Sarah. It failed, damn Sarah Michelle Gellar.

“Good boy,” she patted her horse head, “There’s an abbey ahead, we’ll get you some water.”

And then, she thought I’ll head back to the column, find the choicest whore I can and fuck her hard right beside damned, fuckable, sexy Sarah Michelle Gellar. That would give the tease something to sniff about. Oh and as an afterthought, tell the Queen that in her patrols she seen no sign of either Lesbosians or bandits, that was the trouble with sending patrols out in friendly country – they stopped in inns and came back half-sozzled.

She dismounted as two nun hurried towards her. The nuns stopped a few feet from her and curtsied in unison, “How can we help mistress?” asked the first, her accent was that of a country plod rather than the well-modulated aristocratic tones of most nuns.

It sent a bell ringing in Bridget’s brain. She paused, her hand still on the horse’s reigns. The dresses of the nuns didn’t quite fit, both were slightly too big, not noticeable at first, but easily so when you spent a few seconds examining them. She looked closer, “Cut yourself?” she asked conversationally.

“Pardon my lady?” asked the nun.

“There’s specks of blood inside your wimple, like… say your throat had been cut.”

From inside their dresses both nuns produced very irreligious looking short swords. The first one barely had time to get it clear before Bridget had impaled her. She fell backwards as the seconds swept forward.

Bridget briefly let go off her sword and ducked backwards. Her fist clunked into the side of the nun’s head, sending her staggering backwards, swearing, “Fuck,” in a Lesbosian accent.

Bridget pulled her sword from the body of the first nun. The abbey doors had opened and three armed nuns were charging towards her. She sliced forward, cutting through the soft cotton and flesh, spilling the guts of the second nun onto the ground. Without even waiting to see her fall she was leaping on her horse. It knew when to ride like a demon was on it tail and without prompting it was galloping away, spurts of dust at its feet as it galloped across the fields.

Twenty minutes later Bridget spotted the army. It had just stopped, fires were being lit, guards posted and pavilions set up. Bridget rode through it, ignoring the curses of peasants and knights as they jumped out of her way.

Amanda Bynes was sitting on a log, next to her stood Marcia Cross deep in conversation with her Queen. Bridget pulled up in front of them. Marcia looked up, annoyance written deeply on her face, “Bridget…” she started to say.

The young brunette ignored her, “Amanda, there’s Lesbosians in Cutler Abbey.”

The Queen went so white that it looked like a vampire had bitten her, “I was going to stay the night there,” she paused, her face more stricken than Bridget had ever seen, “I’ve just sent Lady Sarah to make the arrangements.”

Bridget was already turning her horse as Marcia called out, “Wait, I’ll send women with you.”

“They’ll be too late,” Bridget wasn’t sure Marcia heard as her well punished horse was already galloping through the encampment.

It had taken her twenty minutes to reach camp, fifteen to return. Her horse was snorting with exhaustion, but it didn’t pause or falter. No pressure was necessary, it knew it had to ride as fast as it ever had done.

She dismounted next to the wall. From inside she heard a scream, a scream she knew was bloody pain in the arse, sweet, sexy Sarah Michelle Gellar. She climbed up the wall and dropped to the other side. Drawing her sword, she skirted along the side of the abbey until she came to the corner and could peek into the courtyard. Two corpses lay where she had killed them. Lying in between was Sarah Michelle Gellar, her dress was up exposing her smooth pussy and ripped at the top, leaving her tits on display. Three women dressed as nuns held her down, whilst an irritated scarred Abbess sat on a horse.

“Just a quickie,” one of the nuns leered.

“No…” the scarred women’s voice was as annoyed as her face, “We’ve been discovered. Kill her and mount up… we’ve got to go.”

Bridget moved so quickly that the first nun was dead before she even realised she’d been attacked. Fear had given Bridget strength and her sword cleaved the woman’s head from her body. Bright blood splashed over Sarah and the surviving nuns as the headless body fell to the floor.

The second tried to drag out a short sword. It was still stuck under her dress as Bridget’s sword tore into her heart. More blood spilt over a screaming Sarah as the nun toppled backwards.

The final nun tried to make a fight of it; a couple of desperate thrusts – easily parried. Bridget twisted round her sword arching through the air. There was a scream as it slid through the woman’s stomach. She toppled over and Bridget brought the sword down in a coup de grace.

She looked up, the Abbess was already galloping down the road. Bridget watched her until she was sure the woman was running. Once she had gone from sight, she lent down and helped the sobbing, shaking Sarah to her feet. The blonde collapsed against her as Bridget slowly rubbed her hair, cooing, “It’s fine. You’re alright.”

They were still standing like that when Marcia and twenty knights galloped up.


“Very nice,” purred Lady Alex Kingston as she stepped into the bedroom.

Blushing Anna Kingston, nee Popplewell, turned and gave a small curtsey to her wife. The dress she was wearing was undoubtedly fetching, showing the young woman’s ample tits to their best advantage, i.e. hardly covered at all. Alex held out her arm for her wife to take, “Our guests are here.”

Anna took it and allowed her wife to escort her downstairs, “Who are they?” she asked.

Alex paused for a moment,, “A business acquaintance and her friend.”

Anna blushed prettily. Friend was so obviously a substitute for lover and she was so well brought up that she was embarrassed at even the thought of sex outside wedlock, unless, of course, it was with Marcia Cross. She quickly banished the thought of the redhead and walked side by side with her wife into the main room.

“My wife Anna,” Alex announced to her guests. There were two of them, a young brunette Anna’s age or perhaps slightly younger, dressed in smart trousers and an expensive shirt and an attractive blonde in her early twenties in a shimmering silver dress, which competed in the low cleavage stakes with Anna’s. Alex waved her hand at the top in introduction, “Alexis Bledel.”

Anna almost gasped, only years of training in how to act like a lady kept her mouth from falling open. Marcia had mentioned the name a few times, though Anna had thought she would be older; Alexis Bledel, also known as the Kitten, leader of the most feared and successful criminal fraternity in St Stow. Anna worried about what Alex was mixed up in. She forced down her unease, she was resolved to be a good little wife to her woman and part of being a good wife was not to ask questions or stick her nose into her wife’s business. She curtsied in return to the Kitten’s bow.

“My… friend, Brittany Daniel,” the Kitten’s hand was on her ‘friend’s’ butt confirming Anna’s suspicion that ‘friend’ was a misnomer. Brittany gave a smile and curtsied.

“Shall we go through to dinner?” asked Alex.

To Anna’s surprise the dinner went well. The Kitten was both charming and gracious, laughing at the jokes and making a few of her own, Alex’s stories of trade went down well and Brittany was able to tell a few tales of her life as a child in the slums. Anna contributed some gossip from court, nothing too mean spirited, but funny anecdotes of some of the stupider things done by aristocrats who were too full of themselves.

“Perhaps a brandy with the bottoms, before we discuss business,” Alex suggested as she stood up.

“A good idea, there’s no hurry,” replied the Kitten with a smile. She took Brittany’s arm and followed Alex and Anna into the drawing room.

“Two brandies,” ordered Alex to the maid at the door.

The maid curtsied and hurried away as Alex led the others into the drawing room. The spring night chill was taken away by the roaring fire in the hearth, so warm Anna could have thought it was summer.

“It is warm,” the Kitten and sat down on the couch. She turned to Alex, “Do you think the bottoms might be more comfortable if they undressed?”

Brittany slid out of her dress. Anna’s eyes opened wide as she looked at the attractive beauty beside her. She turned to Alex, her wife smiled and nodded, “I do believe they would.”

Anna paused. Alex nodded to her. It was an obvious instruction from her wife. Anna undid the knot in front of her dress and let it fall to the floor. There was a whistle of appreciation from the Kitten, Alex gave a smug smile, “Not bad is she.”

“Very nice,” agreed the Kitten, “though I hope you don’t mind me saying that I believe Brittany is marginally better.”

“Not at all,” replied Alex smiling, “though I, of course, disagree.”

“To show there’s no hard feelings Brittany, why don’t you give Anna a kiss?” smiled the Kitten.

Anna cast her eyes over to her wife. Alex was sitting forward expectantly, so Anna turned and allowed Brittany to pull her closer together. The other bottom opened her mouth, sliding her lips against Anna’s. There was a passionate moan from Alex, so Anna responded enthusiastically, wanting to please her wife. For a few moments the two young women remained clenched together, their tongues exploring each other, their hands massaging the others butt and their bodies squeezed so close together that their titties were squashed between them.

“I believe Anna has made Brittany wet,” drawled the Kitten.

“The little vixen,” laughed Alex. Anna looked down, there was a small trace of girl cum forming on Brittany’s pussy. Anna wasn’t sure whether to be embarrassed or proud that her kissing skills could do that to the other woman. She was still considering when Alex spoke to her, “Anna lie down on the floor.”

Anna did as she was told as Alex turned back to the Kitten, “I thought Brittany might like to sixty-nine Anna.”

“I’m sure she would,” Alexis’s voice was thick with lust. Brittany nodded excitedly.

She lowered herself so that her shaven slit was over Alex’s mouth and her own lips were touching the brunette’s equally smooth cunt. The twenty something didn’t waste any time, but began to lick at the teenager’s twat. Anna paused for a second, she’d eaten pussy before, but she’d never done it with another bottom. Even when she was younger and her friends were experimenting, Anna had held aloof, believing she should wait until marriage when she would get all the practice she needed. Still, she could see Alex sitting expectantly, her wife was obviously keen for her to do it.

Lifting her hands up Alex gripped Brittany’s buttocks and pulled her down onto her open mouth. She slid her tongue up the hole and began to lick. It was strange to taste another woman’s cum at the same time as her own slit was being pleasured, neither of her wives or her Marcia had been lickers, all preferring Anna to go down on them, so it was a new experience to have Brittany tickle her clit with her tongue. Not an unpleasant one, Anna thought, as the little sparks of pleasure ignited in her. She lapped harder as she reached Brittany’s bud. The two of them drove each other on, the more one licked the clit the harder the other one lapped at the other’s.

They didn’t stop as the maid came in and gave the two tops a glass of brandy. Alex took her glass and sipped it before saying to the maid, “Bring us two strap-ons, Grace, nine inchers.”

Anna lapped harder. The thought that Alex was going to fuck her driving her even deeper into a frenzy. Brittany’s juice was dripping on her face and she guessed the blonde was also coated in her cum. Harder and harder they licked, as their tops looked on in pleasure. The maid returned, handing her mistress the strap-ons, before silently leaving the room. The two young women sixty-nining on the floor ignored her, too wrapped up in the sweet, succulent taste of the other. Several times one or the other briefly paused as the orgasms became too much and they had to gasp for air.

“That’s enough girls,” said the Kitten.

Reluctantly Brittany lifted her head from Anna’s cunt and Anna moved her head sideways. Alex and the Kitten were both naked, a strap-on between their legs. Anna felt her pussy grow hotter at the thought of being fucked.

“On your hands and knees,” instructed Alex.

Brittany got up off Alex and positioned herself facing Alex as the teen rolled over and got half-way up. She waggled her ass in the air, feeling the juice trickle down from her pussy against the side of her thighs.

“We thought we’d swap,” said Alexis, “neither of you mind do you.”

Brittany shook her head, “No,” she laughed.

Anna looked at Alex. Her wife gave her a broad smile and winked. Anna shook her head, “I’m fine.”

It was weird watching Alex move behind Brittany, stroking her strap-on. Anna watched as Brittany’s mouth opened as Alex fed the dildo in. It was kind off a turn on, Anna thought. Then she felt the Kitten’s hand on her own butt stroking the cheeks; the movements were soft and gentle, no what one would expect from a dangerous criminal. Brittany gave a groan as Alex began to bang into her, “Oh yes, fuck me,” she moaned.

The Kitten gently prised apart Anna’s butt cheeks. She didn’t force in the toy, but moved it in slowly allowing Anna to get used to it, a far different lover from Alex who preferred to slam it all in a sharp, short motion. Brittany didn’t seem to mind as she was rocking back and forth squealing loudly. Neither did Anna, truth be told, but she liked the difference. It was strange watching her wife bang another bottom’s ass as her wife’s friend fed one into her own butt, but as she felt the dildo slide in, Anna felt she could get used to it; “That’s good,” she cooed, “fill me up.”

The cock was doing so, pushing apart her walls as Alexis slowly moved forward. It raked against Anna’s anal G-spot and she gave a gasp. She groaned again as she felt it go deeper until she felt the Kitten against her. Opposite her Alex’s tits bounced up and down as she vigorously pounded Brittany, the young blonde gasping in pleasure. Alex soon began to ape her as the Kitten began to move back and forth, slowly at first, then increasingly fast. Anna squeaked in excitement as warm rushes ran up through her, “Yesss, yesss,” she squealed, “Do me hard.”

Her pussy began to leak juice again, as was Brittany’s. The two bottoms gasped and moaned, there sweaty bodies rocking as they were driven into. The pounding drove them forward across the rug, until their faces were touching. Without prompting Anna opened her mouth, allowing Brittany to quickly run her open mouth against her. They couldn’t stick as they were bounced back and forth, but with each shift forward their tongues could flick against the others. It seemed to drive both Alex and the Kitten into a sexual frenzy as both began to slam harder and deeper into the young bottoms’ bottoms.

Anna loved the way Alex looked, her titties, large and round, bouncing against her sweat stained body. Her wife’s red hair whipped back and forth, stray strands sticking against her forehead. Alex was slamming hard into Brittany, who looked a picture of lustful contentment, her mouth open as she moaned heavily. Anna knew she must look the same, perspiration dripping from her head and cum from her pussy as the Kitten opened her ass with every thrust, “Yes, oh, yes,” she squeaked as her anal g-spot vibrated with each shove.

In front of Anna, Brittany screamed and flopped to the ground as a powerful orgasm tore through her. Alex pulled out her cock and moved to the sofa, sweaty footprints being left on the rug. She sat down and watched her wife getting ass fucked.

Anna could feel herself on the cusp. Every time the Kitten thrust forward the feeling of pleasure was magnified, soon it would be uncontrollable. She felt the sparks of pleasure rushing upwards, higher and higher, faster and faster, until they merged in one glorious explosion, “Aaaaarrghhh,” Anna screamed as orgasmed. She dropped on the floor next to Brittany, her eyes glassy and her breathing coming in ragged sobs.

Alex smiled and stood up, “Anna, once you’ve recovered, why don’t you show Brittany the bath. Alexis and I have business to discuss.”


Amy Acker dropped the last of the Abbesses garments onto the floor, before reaching into her own pack to pull out her own clothing. It was bad enough that nuns lived a life of chastity, but she couldn’t discern why there clothing had to scratch against the skin.

She felt Kate’s presence before she saw her. Slowly she turned round; Kate Beckinsale was standing by a tree coolly watching her.

“You failed,” it was neither a question nor an admonishment, simply a statement of fact.

Amy nodded, “One of the Queen’s women spotted us,” she shrugged, “Your mercenaries are dead.”

“So I noticed,” said Kate; she didn’t seem put out by their deaths. Indeed Kate never seemed to show emotion, perhaps Amy thought that was why everyone feared her. But perhaps that no longer included her, there seemed to be some invisible connection between them, something that Amy could not fathom or see what it was, but something that Kate seemed loath to break.

“It doesn’t matter. I have other plans for the Queen. I need you to take St Stow,” Kate spoke softly.

“On my own?” Amy felt daring enough to raise an eyebrow and add a little bit of sarcasm into her tone.

Kate smiled, cold as always, “You’ll have help; not all my Mistress’s people died with Queen Teri…”

Amy nodded. Kate had a plan, Kate always had a plan.


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