Longest Weekend, Conclusion: Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends

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The Longest Weekend, conclusion: Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends – by Victor Field (Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Jewel, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, MF, FF, con, oral, mast, fist, reluc, spanking, anal)

First of all, thanks to Dougal2003, Turtle2129 and Maverick for inspiring this tale – which has taken me longer to complete than anything I’ve ever done before. But after close to five years, it’s finally about to be completed. So now it’s time for the standard warning about how they’re all fictional events, meant purely for fantasy and dramatic purposes, and
that these aren’t intended for readers under the age of 18.

Previously on “The Longest Weekend”: After thinking they’d found sanctuary en route to having their chest bombs taken out in the form of new friend Keeley, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and Jewel were captured by Keeley, who was working for Stuart and the others at CulhaneTech – but in the process Kimiko triggered off the bomb inside her, to the horror of both Hilary and her sister Kiana. Meanwhile the rescue mission planned by Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson hit a snag when Corliss captured them as well… and now, the conclusion.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lindsay wiped her mouth off, longing to spit out Stuart’s cum but knowing that wouldn’t be a very smart idea.

Stuart removed the iPod buds and nodded. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Now–”

“Now it’s one of us, right?” Jewel asked sullenly.

“Oh, it will be, but not here. You see, you have an appointment with the hospital in a few hours.”

“Just not the one you were planning on,” Tina added.

“WHAT?!?” Hilary snapped. “We didn’t tell Keeley what that was for…”

“You didn’t have to,” Keeley smiled. “Tina kept me up to date on everything. And once I’ve got rid of that thing upstairs–”

“She is not a *thing*, Tina,” Hilary snapped. “She is a human being.”

“She *was* a human being.”

“Even now she’s more of one than you ever will be. I swear, if I ever see you again I’ll fucking kill you.”

“Oooh, Hilary Duff swears!” Tina mocked. “Trust me, you’re never going to see her again. Me, however…” She patted Keeley’s ass affectionately. “Once we’ve sold you guys off, me and her will be screwing Thai hookers senseless for a week.”

“I’ll think about you, though,” Keeley told Jewel. “I always think about everyone I fuck.”

“Must take you a LONG time,” Jewel muttered as Tina let Keeley go and moved away.

“A lot longer than you’ll be out,” replied the blonde.

“What the fuck are y–” And that was as far as Jewel got before Tina, fast as a lightning bolt, plunged the drug-filled syringe she’d taken from Keeley into the singer’s neck. Stuart, wielding one of his own, had it in Lindsay’s arm before she could pull away.

And Hilary had gotten hers from Kiana – but not before Kiana had mouthed “Sorry.”

And not before Hilary had seen she meant it.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends,” Corliss cracked.

Not being *that* much of a sadist, Corliss had decided not to take the sentence to the ultimate by making her hostages listen to Emerson, Lake & Palmer – but that was about the only concession she was willing to make for Alba, Hewitt & Simpson. The three young women had said nothing during the journey from the stables to the house, and they continued to say nothing as Corliss let them in and pressed a buzzer, filling the room with a four-tone sound.

“That always brings my boys running,” she told them. “You’ll like them. But I’ll LOVE them.”

“Yeah?” Jessica Alba asked. “Are they going to shoot you dead and make it quick?”

“You wish, Alba. Now what would you like to drink? You ought to have something to warm you up,” Corliss continued as three strapping men came into the room, all in their mid-20s, tanned and with everything in all the right places.

JLH’s eyes lit up and she broke into a smile. “Hate to say this, but you’re right… I like these guys…”

“Forget it, Love,” Jessica Simpson said, sizing them up at once. “They’re not our type.”

Jennifer glanced at them and at Corliss, busy mixing their drinks without bothering to ask what they wanted. “You are fucking kidding me!”

“No, she’s right,” Corliss replied. “For all your faults, Simpson, your gaydar’s on target. So you’re not going to be able to use the magic of your vaginas on them like on the others; they’ll escort y’all down to the Complex when we’re done here.”

“When we’re done here…?” JLH asked.

“Mmm-hmm,” Corliss said. “I figure you should go out with… a bang.”

“YOU?!? Not in a million years…” Jessica Simpson started.

“No no no… you three with each other. We’ll watch.”

“Talking about yourself in the royal sense now? Deluded much?” asked the Alba.

“Hardly, my dear.”

From the chair in the corner of the room, Arthur raised his head to see the women. “So we finally meet. I was unavoidably detained when Corliss was entertaining you last time.”

The three women all wrinkled their faces at the sight of him; he, in turn, merely smiled in what he thought was a friendly manner. “You’re all very attractive. And all natural. Unusually for Americans.”

“Remind me again where Victoria Beckham comes from?” Jessica Simpson retorted, unaware that this was the only thing the hostages and Corliss agreed on.

“If you wouldn’t mind disrobing? None of us are getting any younger,” Arthur murmured, settling back in his chair. “And since we go by the golden rule around here, a little breastfeeding to start with.”

“What’s that got to do with doing unto others?” asked the Alba.

“Not *that* golden rule, Cocksucker Lips. The real one,” Corliss laughed. “Those who have the gold, rule.”

Sighing, Jennifer slipped her shirt off again, ignoring the approving look on Arthur’s face when he saw she wasn’t wearing her bra. Neither were the two Jessicas, who removed their clothes swiftly; they weren’t interested in titillating these two criminals, they just wanted to get it over with. Assuming a position on either side of Jennifer, the ladies gave Corliss and Arthur as much of a come-hither look as they could summon up under the circumstances, helped by Jennifer running a hand down each of their backs before cupping their buttocks.

Putting the audience out of her mind, Jessica Alba turned her head and gave Jennifer a kiss, one hand resting on JLH’s right breast and hefting it. Jessica then kissed JLH’s shoulderblades and tongued her way onto the breast, smiling as she looked at the swollen, rock-hard nipple. “We’re better than that old guy, aren’t we?” she asked, and closed her full lips over the nipple as Jessica Simpson joined her on the other side. The women flicked their tongues on Jennifer’s freckled nips, fondling the rest of her tits with their free hands.

Each Jessica’s remaining hand was stroking the cunt that lay between the legs of the other. They couldn’t help eyeing each other as they explored their puffy snatches, Jessica A’s fingers rubbing slowly and Jessica S’s sliding a little further inside, each loving the other’s increasing moistness.

JLH had an arm around each woman, stroking them and moaning in delight; “Simpson… you get my pussy…” she whispered, and had a small burst in ego as Jessica Simpson relinquished her left breast and slid down, her hand still fingering Alba’s box – until Jessica A moved up Jennifer, rubbing all the way up until she was on her face, and now it was JLH’s turn to have a munch. She needed no urging to clasp the silky cushions Jessica Alba called a rump as she eagerly thrust her tongue into her pussy; it was so sweet that it was a pity she was licking Alba out with an audience she didn’t want there.

Corliss and Arthur intently studied the bouncing asses of the Jessicas – Alba on JLH’s shoulders, Simpson between Hewitt’s legs as she sucked on the Ghost Whisperer – and looked at each other. Arthur nodded, and handed Corliss a long, stiff device that the young ladies would have become very familiar with on wieldings by other Hollywood ladies. And one which Corliss planned to use on Jessica Simpson’s prime Texas rump.

As he got up and casually walked around the three ladies, Arthur unzipped his trousers. Jessica Alba was the only one whose mouth was only being used for gasping, and he intended to do something about that.

Moments later, the two Jessicas discovered that those who have the gold do indeed rule…

* * * * * * * * * *

“You’re not fooling no one, you’re not even fooling you…”

Lindsay was used to waking up after pickups to music from Disney movies, but being greeted by her own stuff like “That Girl (Drama Queen)” or that song she did for “Freaky Friday” was one thing. Hearing Hilary Duff singing was quite another. She groaned and turned her head; that was all she could do.

Because Stuart Fucking Holmes had restrained her again. She was lying on a table, with a white ceiling and fluorescent lights above her, and she was strapped down so tightly she couldn’t even sit up. But she could turn to see Hilary Duff on her left, and Jewel on her right; both of them similarly tied down, and both looking similarly steamed.

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,” Lindsay cracked.

Jewel managed to turn her hand enough to have the back of it, and the upraised middle finger, facing Lindsay.

Hilary, for her part, just lay there thinking about Kimiko, and of what she would do to Stuart when she came in. Until now, she hadn’t thought she could ever kill a man – but there was a first time for everything. As soon as she got out of these restraints…

“Good morning, children.”

The captives rolled their eyes as one at the patronising tones of Arthur – like father like son. He and Stuart entered the Complex, the older man with a comparative spring to his step.

“Good news,” Stuart announced. “This will be your last day on the ranch.”

“Wish it was your last day on the planet,” Jewel muttered.

“I wish I was with Helen Mirren,” Arthur told her. “One has to make do with what one has.”

“As I was saying before you tried to cut in,” Stuart continued sharply, “in a few hours the three of you will be put under, and re-operated on. Which I believe is what you were hoping for to begin with.”

“You’re taking them out?” Hilary asked hopefully.

“So naive. We *will* have the devices removed, yes… but just long enough for them to be re-calibrated. When they return to your lovely young bodies, they will have been set so they won’t go off if you’re separated by more than 100 feet. The limit will be TEN.”

Hilary, Lindsay and Jewel all turned whiter than snow.

“Immediately following the operations, you will all be taken from here to my airfield and transported to Brazil. I see no reason why you should spent your time before being auctioned off in captivity here…”

“Auctioned?!” the three yelled as one.

“Why, yes. To your new owners. You’ll be a job lot, of course, but you’d be amazed how many of my clients will agree to that.”

“You can’t do that!” Jewel shouted.

“Yeah, it’s not like we’re street corner whores… we’ll actually be missed! We’re famous! Well, two of us are…” Lindsay added.

“You certainly aren’t Street Corner whores,” Stuart sneered. “As for being famous, you’ll be missed – but someone’ll be along to fill the gap. The fame machine is very reliable – your disappearances will be news for a little while, and then they’ll get used to your having vanished. Of course, you can always be found some time later… what’ll be left of you.

“While you’re thinking that over, my dad and I *will* fuck all three of you before it starts. But because I’m a gentleman, you get to choose who goes first.”

“Hilary!” Lindsay immediately shouted.

“Ever heard of taking a vote, carrot-top?” Hilary snapped.

“That’s not a problem,” Stuart replied with a grin. “Besides, I must admit I like fucking Lizzie here more. Noticeable tighter at both ends, for a start. You’ll like her, dad.”

Jewel snickered.

“You’re next, Miss Kilcher,” Stuart added as he approached Hilary. “Now, I will give you a choice. Myself first, my father first, or the two of us at once.”

Hilary glanced at Arthur, who smiled at her; to her relief, he managed to keep from leering. Ideally, she’d have preferred none of the options, but best to get it over with… “Him first,” she whispered.

“Very well,” Stuart said, striding over to Jewel’s table as the blonde singer glared up at him. Even though she was lying down, her breasts still made a sizeable swelling; Stuart smiled at her as he unbuttoned her shirt.

“When you have children they’ll be very lucky. But I hope you try and wean them off soon if they’re boys,” he said, freeing Jewel’s tits. “They might get to feeling their mother is the only woman in the world for them, and we can’t have that.”

Stuart hefted her jugs, nodding approvingly at how heavy they were and lightly rubbing her nipples with his thumbs. Ignoring the look in her eyes, he gave each breast a kiss before letting them drop for a moment while he unzipped his trousers, giving Jewel a good look at his rod dangling above her rack. Jewel nodded once (she had to admit it was a nice one) before he slowly ran it along each of her tits, relishing the feeling as he slid it between them.

It was not uncommon for Stuart Holmes to spend a long time looking at his own cock, not because he wanted to suck it but because he was damned proud of it. Now it was right in his line of vision, and he was as entranced as ever – but less by the prick than by the two enormous, creamy pillows of flesh it was between, also known as Jewel’s breasts. He held them sqoooshed around his cock, moulded so that Jewel’s hardened nipples were rubbing the head on either side, kneading and patting each milksack as he moved his cock up and down.

Jewel kept her eyes firmly on the ceiling, ignoring Stuart’s contented grunts as she felt his rhythms between her boobs. Truly, if he had put that thing in her mouth she’d have taken a big bite – not even Martin Lawrence had brought that on, that’s how much she hated Stuart…

Oh, thank goodness. She was feeling him jerking around faster – that meant he’d soon finish and she’d get her tits back. But it would be a long time before she’d ever forget his mitts grabbing her, wrapping her jugs around his shaft and pulling to and fro…

Stuart’s face broke into a big smile as he felt himself about to spurt – he pulled back from Jewel, letting her breasts free, and as they subsided onto her body his cock exploded, spewing out what he was pleased (and she was revolted) to see was a healthily thick stream of the white stuff splashing onto her jugs. The firing didn’t last long, but it was definitely not a dribble or anything; proud that he hadn’t had to have direct contact, Stuart finished coating Jewel’s tits and deigned to glance at his captive.

“Oh, don’t look so cross,” he said merrily, as he began to massage the cum into Jewel’s tits. “It’s full of protein.”

“Full of something, all right,” Jewel muttered.

* * * * * * * * * *


Arthur shut off his cellphone, having alerted Corliss, and turned back to Hilary. “She walks very slowly. Typical overweight American,” he chuckled. “I should be able to finish before she arrives.”

“You know…” the blonde murmured.

“Yes?” asked Arthur, reflecting on how unusual this was. Hilary’s restraints kept her from moving, but somehow she still seemed more receptive than some totally free ladies he had been with.

“For an older man…” She gave him a halfsmile. “…you’re not so hard to take.”

It was true. He had his share of wrinkles, but he did still have some of the looks that he’d passed on to his son; and Hilary hadn’t failed to notice that telltale poking in his trousers. Not
that she was damp or anything – not yet – it was just that it might not be as unpleasant as she’d thought. At least the guy could still get it up.

Arthur’s hands traced a path down Hilary’s bound body, moving up under her skirt; hooking a finger onto her panties, he tugged on them. Much to her own surprise as much as his, Hilary raised her ass off the table a little to help him get them down. It occurred to her that this was why all three captives had been strapped to their tables with their legs apart…

“Thank you, m’dear,” he said, mounting the table and kissing the prisoner. Hilary kissed him back, wondering if this was what it was like for quadriplegics when someone had sex with them. Slowly stroking her breasts, Arthur continued kissing her face and neck.

“You can put it in my mouth if you want,” she sighed, deciding that since she was stuck there, she might as well enjoy it. “I won’t bite.”

“Playing along? Good girl,”
Arthur replied. “But that won’t be necessary… not enough time now. I’m sure I’ll get to experience your blowjob skills later, but for now…”

By now one of his hands had strayed from Hilary’s chest to between her legs, gently caressing her snatch. Arthur nodded – it was definitely starting to respond. Grasping her shoulders, the old man thrust forward and sank into the young woman with a happy gasp; Hilary found herself trying to move in return, or as far as the straps would let her.

As he began to slide in and out of her, she recognised those same movements, the same rhythm – Stuart had cored her ass in the same way. Like father, like son all right… right down to planning to sell them and never look back afterwards. He might be taking his time with her, but that didn’t make him any less evil than Stuart.

But hey… Hilary let herself relax and go with the rhythm of his cock, the length filling up her box. She licked her lips
and moaned as he pumped, feeling his hands touching her and his mouth tasting her body. Maybe he was thinking of England, but she was the one lying back and getting warmer… Hilary began to groan and cry louder as Arthur ground away, his cock getting ready to shoot into her.

Like she figured, she might as well enjoy it…

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Took you long enough; he buzzed you like last week,” Lindsay cracked as Corliss entered.

“I was busy getting ready for later on. And having some fun with your friends,” Corliss replied.

“My what now?”

“Alba, Simpson, Hewitt. They tried to bust you out like they were the fucking A-Team,” she sneered. “We’ve got them all locked up – we’ll bring them out here in a few minutes. But first…” Lindsay’s mouth dropped open, all speech gone as Corliss clapped a hand onto her jeans and tugged, pulling them down to display her crotch and thighs.

Corliss took hold of
Lindsay’s panties and yanked, ripping them open. “You know how much those – ”

“Like I care? All I want is what’s under them.” She ran her fingers along Lindsay’s slit, smiling in what she didn’t even pretend was a kind way. “I heard you throwing your little blonde friend under the bus like that… You should’ve gone first, dearie,” she added, clenching her fingers.

“Why–” and then Lindsay howled in pain as Corliss thrust her fist into her, the hand slithering against her inner walls and pounding like a drill. Oh FUCKKKK – this had to be what giving birth was like, except in reverse. And worse. Corliss’s fist turned and turned again inside Lindsays gaping snatch, the woman smiling as her young captive gasped and screamed, trying to pull back from Corliss as she shoved back and forth inside her. Lindsay fought against the restraints as hard as she could, but all it did was make Corliss more excited…

Corliss ran her free hand along
Lindsay’s grinding body as she fist continued to push, smiling as she left Miss Lohan’s pussy walls getting wetter. She was becoming more fluid by the second as the girl twisted away her yells of agony being infused with delight however hard she tried to resist.

“AaaaaaAAAAAAIIIEEEEE!!!” Lindsay wailed, shuddering under the straps as Corliss gave the fist one last pump and pulled it out with a satisfied grin. Lindsay gasped for breath as her captor smelt her hand before walking up to her sweaty head, and extending the shiny fist.

“Lick it off,” she said. “I bet you’ve been wanting to taste yourself for years.”

Still groaning at how much her open pussy was aching, Lindsay started to lick Corliss’s list, lapping up her cunt residue like a cat having milk. “You like it, don’t you?” Corliss asked. “Don’t pretend you don’t… you always liked the snatch.”

Lindsay ignored her, just tasting away. Though she wouldn’t dream of telling
Corliss (or the others), she *did* like how she tasted… she was kind of proud of herself that her own cunt tasted better than some of the girls she’d gone down on…

“All right, you’ve had your starter,” Corliss snapped, yanking her hand away. “Time for the main course.”

She hiked her dress up above her hips, thrusting her pelvis in front of Lindsay’s face. The young woman didn’t even try to hide the disgust on her face at the close-up shot of Corliss Culhane’s snatch; she hadn’t wanted to be sick so much since the time she saw the ‘NSync all-male sex tape. All hairy with some unnaturally huge labia… and fuck me, did this woman NEVER douche? Not since Jamie Lynn Spears had she seen a female so gross down there.

“No. Way,” Lindsay spat. “This is where I get off.”

“Maybe you’ve forgotten that little gift under your tits?” Corliss sneered. “You can start eating or you can start dying – and remember; you go, your friends

Linsday glanced at Jewel, having her cum-covered tits being played with by Stuart; and at Hilary, bucking away under Arthur.

“I don’t think they’d take too kindly to being splattered with dead woman,” Corliss continued. “So you see, this is where *I* get off…” She pushed her crotch onto Lindsay’s mouth, forcing the prisoner’s tongue to go inside her puffy, slimy slit. Lindsay gagged for one of the few times in her sex life as she tasted Corliss’s last few meals…

Entering the room escorted by her men, the Jessicas and JLH were greeted by the sight of Corliss’s ass grinding on Lindsay; not nice for any of them.

Especially for Jessica Alba. She too had had Corliss’s snatch that way earlier.

* * * * * * * * * *



“I promise when we get out of these, I won’t bite you in the dick,” Hilary said.

Arthur chuckled and shook his head. “Don’t pretend you didn’t like it. Or
that you’re getting out of here.”

“However, in the interests of something to remember you by,” Stuart added, “I’m glad your friends tried to break you out.”

All six captives knew what was coming.

“Once you’ve recovered from the six operations, I think a little orgy is in order. Starring all of you…”

“Wait wait wait – SIX operations?” Jennifer Love Hewitt interrupted.

“Did you think we were just going to let you go? Again?” Corliss snapped. “And we can’t just kill the whole lot of you, fun though that would be. You all vanish one weekend and all turn up dead, people start asking questions. Unless it was some kind of car accident…” Her voice started sounding a little wistful at that point.

“And then our customers start asking US questions,” Stuart pointed out. “They can make the same kind of threats Yonica Babyyeah here did. And carry them out.”

“All right, all right, you made your point. Anyway, the
first three get recalibrated, and Miss Bianca and the other Rescuers get new bombs stuck under their boobies. We just go from a three-pack to a six-pack… time for your doctor’s appointment. Don’t want to keep the audience waiting.”

“Should’ve known you three would watch,” Jewel muttered.

“Us FOUR.”

Jewel almost wanted the bomb to go off right there, just so she wouldn’t have to see or hear Tina Powers ever again. There she was, looking at the six of them as if she couldn’t wait to cut them open herself.

“I wouldn’t have missed this for the world, I tell you. And I’m going to be taking part in that little orgy Stuart mentioned.” She patted Jewel’s thigh. “I got some plans for you, missy-miss. Big plans.”

Jewel glared at Tina, who simply made a move with her thumb like she was clicking a pen. That was why, even though they had numbers on their side, none of the ladies made a move – Tina for sure had one of those pens,
but getting it away from her didn’t mean the others didn’t have any. Alba, Hewitt and Simpson weren’t about to risk three women getting ruptured on the table.

The door opened, and Arthur beamed as the surgeon and his assistant entered. “Ah, some of the finest doctors money can buy… nothing but the best for CulhaneTech.”

The assistant moved over to Hilary, placing the mask on her face to give her the gas. As the gas was turned on and began to hiss through, Hilary looked up at the masked and gowned medico; there was something about the guy’s face. Something kind of weird…

“All right, bitches. Let’s get upstairs,” Tina snapped, heading for the doors. “Better view of… the cutting…”

She was starting to feel a little lightheaded as the gas continued to hiss. So was Arthur. And Stuart. And Corliss. And the captives. And the hiss was louder than it should have been for only three patients through tubing. Tubing that had a few
holes pierced through it.

Hilary looked at the surgeon’s assistant again as the gas that was making it through to her started to cloud her mind, ignoring the sounds of mumbled, woozy bafflement from the others as they tried to approach the surgeon or just started to collapse. Now she saw that both the surgeon’s assistant and the surgeon had something strange about their faces… a little bulge…

“…mask?” Hilary managed to say before she fell into blackness. The last thing on her mind was the eyes of the surgeon’s assistant. She knew those eyes…

* * * * * * * * * *

Exactly how long Hilary was out for she had no idea, but she knew ehere she was when she woke up. It was the same room she’d awoken in when this all began; fresh sheets, fresh pillow, but the same room.

Hilary looked around; her clothes were on a hanger by the door. Then her mind clicked in, and she realised she was wearing stuff – she checked herself;
yep, blue pyjamas. “Wait…” How’d she get up here, and why were her duds different?

“Welcome back!”

Hilary finally knew what it was like to have Jessica Alba, sitting at the other side of the bed, beaming at you when you woke up. The Alba’s warm smile, good to see though it was, was another thing that was throwing Hilary off; smiling after what those douchebags had done to her?

“Nothing happened, relax,” Jessica assured her as if she’d read Hilary’s mind. “Look…” She lifted her shirt over her head, showing the blonde her breasts – and the scar-free zone between them.

“So glad no one’s seeing this,” she added as she put it back down. “You, on the other hand…”

Hilary put her hand under her shirt to feel the scar she still had, the scar she’d always have as a memento of… huh? Something felt weird about it. She ran her finger along it – yes, she was right. It felt smaller.

“Dr. Bishop did a little cosmetic
surgery after he took it out,” Miss Alba explained. “He couldn’t get rid of the scar completely, but it won’t show when you’re on the beach–”

“IT’S OUT?!!?” Hilary interrupted, her eyes and spirits lighting up. Had Jessica really said what she’d been longing to hear this whole damnably long weekend?

“Yeah, Hilary – he took that bomb out of you. Lindsay and Jewel too.”

Hilary threw her arms around Jessica, sobbing in relief as her friend held her. “Oh man… I though Corliss had her hooks in him!”

“He did,” said Dr. Bishop’s assistant, standing in the doorframe. “But like Arthur Holmes said, CulhaneTech has the finest surgeons money can buy… a higher price, plus a little help in getting out of the country and getting set up someplace with no extradition treaty, and he was mine.”

Hilary smiled with tearful gratitude at the de-gowned Kiana Mizutani. “No extradition?”

“He was part of this,” Kiana reminded them.
“I persuaded him that it might do his soul a little good to save some lives for once. He got you loose, we cut him loose.”

“What about Stuart? And Arthur? And Corliss?”

Jessica smiled again, but it was not a warm smile. “I thought you’d never ask.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Down the stairs again once Hilary had dressed, it occurred to her that she was still nervous. Even though both Jessica and Kiana had assured her that Jewel and Lindsay were in different rooms more than 100 feet away, every time she took a step she felt a twinge of fear that the next one would be the last, that she’d erupt in a mess of blood and bone. Even though she knew an accelerated heartbeat caused by the pulses the device gave out before detonation was the surest sign, and even though she hadn’t experienced such a heartbeat. Those Holmes fuckers and Corliss Culhane really did keep what they had done to her in her chest, and it would be a long time before
she could feel safe walking.

Hilary sighted Jewel coming towards her, accompanied by Jessica Simpson; she had an uneasy look in her eyes that qualified the relief on her face, and a way of walking that wasn’t relaxed just yet. The same went for Lindsay, coming in with Jennifer Love Hewitt; Kiana had suggested to the other three that they wrap this up as one, and they’d agreed.

* * * * * * * * * *

“WHATTHEFUCKISTHIS?!!?” Corliss raged.

“What the fuck does this look like?!?” Jewel shouted back.
Corliss, Arthur, Tina and Stuart had all awoken in one room. To be precise, they had all awoken in the stables, each one with their arms tied up against the bars of locked stable gates or posts. And all demanding to know what was going on, why they were not in the house arranging the auction, and who was screwing with them. The fact that their prisoners were standing near them, unbound, made them all the angrier.

“This is what this is,” Lindsay snapped. “Happened when Kiana replaced his usual assistant and gassed you all. And once they took the bombs out of us, they needed to put them somewhere. Guess where?”

She yanked on Stuart’s shirt. It ripped open, exposing his chest to the morning air – and the surgical scar that was on it. Seeing the startled expressions on the other prisoners’s faces, Stuart guessed what she was talking about.

“You didn’t… you did. You… YOU MISERABLE LITTLE WHORES!”

“Not so much fun when it happens to you, is it?” Jewel asked coldly.

“Please – I’m begging you…” Stuart quaked, sweating already. “Get this out of me… GET IT OUT! I’ll do ANYTHING — please, I’m begging you…”

“You’re begging us?” asked Lindsay, almost laughing. “YOU’RE begging US?!”

“Ah, they’re just bluffing,” Corliss sniggered as Hilary, holding a knife, moved over to Stuart and knelt down alongside the whimpering man.

“By the way, the Jessicas and Jennifer left after bringing us out here and giving us these little knives – they’re letting our people know where we are so we can get out of this… this purgatory,” she said, cutting the bonds around Stuart’s wrists. “It gives us time to do this – get up.”

“What?” Stuart asked, puzzled. “Are you letting me g–”

“GET UP!!!” Hilary shouted, angrier than anyone had ever seen her before. “You GET UP and walk to the doors! About a hundred feet, remember?”

“A hundred feet…?” He swallowed as he staggered up, his stomach boiling and his nerves burning. He looked at his father, a defiant Tina and a casual Corliss… did they all really believe these girls were bluffing? Did they even care that he might be blown up?

“Look, Lizzie…”

“That is *not* my name, you son of a bitch.”

Hilary brought the tip of the knife to his crotch, pressing it so close it nearly pierced the cloth. “My name is Hilary – Erhard – Duff,” she hissed, jabbing the blade on each word of her name, “and YOU FUCKING WALK!”

There was not a trace of the Disney Channel in her eyes; even Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t have tried anything. Stuart turned to the stable door, suddenly seeming a whole country away, and began to walk. With his eyes on the door, he began mentally guessing how much farther he had to go.

“Still got it in you, Tina?” Jewel asked, kneeling down beside the powerful lady and enjoying the glares as she opened Tina’s trousers. Binding her hands and legs had been the wisest decision Kiana had made today; Tina could (and did) press her thighs closer together, but Jewel could (and did) dig her fingers in between and pry a little space, just big enough for her to poke a couple of fingers inside and burrow up Tina’s pussy. “I just hope you didn’t stick it up the other end… ah, there we go…”

Getting a hold of what she’d come to find, Jewel had to fight against Tina’s contracting cunt muscles clamping down as if she was holding a prick, but Jewel tugged and tugged… and soon she was pulling the pen from the deep recesses of Tina’s box, wiping it off on the prisoner’s shirt and ignoring the ensuing profanity. “Congratulations, it’s a remote control detonator!” she cackled, waving it in front of Tina’s face. “A little incentive for Stu…”

As Tina fumed, Jewel dragged her bound captive up the post she was tied to, grunting with the effort. “Big girl…” She forced Tina onto her left side, warning “Move you anymore and I might break your hands off.”

“Do your worst,” sneered Miss Powers.

Jewel cut the foot bonds after she knelt on Tina’s calves (the better to keep from getting kicked), and patted her jeans. “Expensive?”

“You couldn’t afford them.”

“Good.” Jewel promptly ripped the jeans open at the seat, exposing Tina’s thonged ass, and tore the fabric off her legs. Then she tore the jeans into strips, wadded some of them up and forced the gag into Tina’s mouth – “Don’t swallow it, please – I don’t get my jollies from playing with dead people. Not even if it might be you.”

Tina’s reply was lost as Jewel used another expensive strip of denim to tie the gag down; then the singer took her belt off. “Remember the cat o’nine tails? Haven’t got one of those, but…”

Tina didn’t look worried at the sight of Jewel’s belt as she curled it around her hand and brought it back.


She jerked against her bonds as Jewel’s belt landed with a lot more force than she’d expected. The sting hadn’t even begun to fade before Jewel, her teeth gritting and her eyes blazing, let Tina have another equally hard lash. And another. And another. Each cracked across Tina’s rump with red lines and welts left behind, making the woman grunt and bite against the gag. Jewel laid into her with all the rage of this past weekend, slamming the belt down and watching the captive’s buns bouncing with each lash.

“Should’ve… gotten… this… when… you… were… a… kid!” Jewel panted, watching Tina’s body spasm with each crack heating her ass. “Should… do… this… till… you… bleed!”

Tina grunted something.

“What was that?” Jewel asked. “You want me to stop?”

Tina… nodded.

“I thought you LIKED it rough! Suit yourself… but first…”

From the corner of her eye she could see a nice, long slim stick some feet away. Just what she wanted.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tina’s muffled yelps were heard by Corliss and Arthur, but the view of the spanking was blocked by Lindsay, who was studying them and thinking about the knife she had on her. She seriously wanted to get to work on these two colostomy bags… nah, that would be too easy.

“Did you really like this?” she asked Corliss, pointing to her crotch.

“You’re offering me seconds now? What, I’m gonna beg you for it and you’re going to torture me by saying no? You’re Lindsay Lohan, missy – you ain’t that hot.”

“Yes I am, and you know it. And it’s not me you’re going to gobble – it’s him.” She pointed to Arthur, and almost burst out laughing at the appalled looks on both faces.

“Now I think of it, you’re right – you ARE that hot…” Corliss muttered.

“I am not going to put my pride and joy inside… that,” Arthur spat.

“Too old for you, huh? Know the feeling.”

“It’s not that,” Arthur protested. “Well, it IS that… but also – I mean, look at her! Fat, ugly, hairy – ”

“Look in a mirror sometime, Artie – you ain’t gonna see Jude Law looking back!”

Lindsay enjoyed the arguing, but duty called. Taking out her blade, she hooked the little hole in Arthur’s trouser zipper and carefully pulled it down until it was open. “I usually don’t mind touching a cock, but in your case I’m making an exception,” she muttered as she gingerly manoeuvred it out with the knife. “Hold still, please, unless you really want to be John Wayne Bobbitt.”

“I haven’t got a problem with that,” Corliss chuckled as Lindsay cut the older woman’s binding around the hands – and brought the knife to the wrists.

“Just to remind you who’s boss,” Lindsay said. “Play on the skinflute and swallow him. Move ANYWHERE but to that old bastard’s dick and it’ll be the last thing you do.”

Arthur was torn between not wanting Corliss to suck him off and wanting to smirk at her getting bossed around; Corliss, wriggling down toward his dick, was less torn due to concentrating on what she’d do to Lindsay Lohan when this was over.

* * * * * * * * * *

What with Corliss going down on Arthur and Jewel playing with Tina’s ass, there was a lot going on behind Stuart and Hilary. But the moans and yelps were being ignored by both of them – Hilary was watching Stuart, and Stuart was watching the door.

He was nearly there; he could have turned around, but there were three untied people who had the advantage. And at this point there was really nothing he could do but walk the last few feet; Stuart actually found himself praying as he took the final steps – praying that it would be quick…

The sunlight hit him as he stepped outside. It was a beautiful day; the kind that would make anyone glad to be alive. And Stuart collapsed, glad himself – he’d gone more than 100 feet. Duff had pulled a bluff.

Stuart lay there, laughing with relief as his insides collected themselves. Once he had stopped shaking, he was going to have a long and painful talk with Hilary Duff… painful for her. Oh yeah, she was going to be very, very sorry that she had messed with him. And as for the traitorous Kiana…

Stuart howled with pain as his right hand was stepped on. Jerked out of his reverie, he looked up.

“Missed me?” asked Kiana, standing on his right hand. And holding a pen in HER right hand.

“You’re still trying that game, you slitty-eyed slapper? I went a hundred feet and I’m still here. You may have had me cut open but there’s no damn bomb in me.”

“You went a hundred feet, yes,” said Hilary, catching up with him. “But it wasn’t set that way. You could walk to the South Pole and it wouldn’t go off. It was her idea.”

Stuart gazed at Hilary with contempt. “So what was that all about?”

“We just wanted to pass on a message,” Kiana replied.

“Yeah? What?”

“Buffy rules.”

Stuart was about to ask what the fuck that meant when he felt his heartbeat start to accelerate…

* * * * * * * * * *

Tina was practically biting through the cloth as she felt the hard rod punching through her asshole, Jewel sliding it in and out and giving her the odd extra slap with her free hand. For one of the few times in her life, Jewel wished she had a penis – dumping some cum inside the Powers back entrance as a souvenir would have been the icing on the cake.

Lindsay was still wielding the knife as Corliss sucked on Arthur’s dick. “And don’t even THINK about spitting it out.”

Under normal circumstances, Kiana and Hilary would have been distracted by this mini-orgy as they walked back in. But instead they were almost serene as they approached; Tina was the first to see them, and her eyes blazed as she shook under the force of Jewel’s fucking.

The others turned sharply towards Hilary and Kiana as a loud scream cut through the air from outside, followed by a sickening splatting sound that suddenly cut off the scream. Jewel stopped pumping the stick, Arthur thanked the Lord that Corliss had let his cock out of her mouth, and Lindsay almost dropped her knife.

“That was Stuart,” Hilary said to the startled onlookers, as casually as if she’d been turning a page.

“See, your bombs aren’t distance-calibrated,” Kiana added.

“Our…?” Arthur asked, looking at the others in shock.

“They did all of you,” Kiana continued. “Corliss’s fat ass was big enough for all of them, but we just gave her one. Same with Arthur. Stuart had two. And so does Tina there.”

Tina’s mumbles through the gag stopped as it sank in.

“We’re getting out of here,” Hilary finished. “But I’m taking this with me.”

It was then that they noticed she was twirling a pen in her hands, the same one Jewel had taken from Tina. “Calibrated to work from anywhere in the world. But I promise not to click this if you just leave us alone. Forever.”

There were other pens at the Scarlet Ranch, of course, but it only needed one to set them all off. And they knew those pens could work like that… Corliss, Arthur and Tina nodded.

“Good girl,” chuckled Jewel as she finally undid the gag and Tina’s hands.

“That was such a big mistake you made,” Tina cackled. “Did you seriously think we were going to ‘leave you alone’?”


“No, she’s right,” Arthur added. “We won’t take action today. Or tomorrow. But we *will* send people after you. And they *will* finish the job.”

“And we know that you’re not the kind to personally kill someone, Hilary Duff,” Corliss finished. “Lindsay, maybe, but not y–”

Her voice trailed off as she felt a distinct pulsing sensation in her chest, her heart racing faster than normal. She saw a look on Arthur’s face that told her he was feeling it as well. Still underneath Jewel, Tina had the look as well…

“Hilary said she wouldn’t click the pen,” Kiana said calmly, holding it up with the button down. “But I didn’t.”

She, Hilary, Lindsay and Jewel got up and calmly walked away as Arthur, sweating and afraid, finally agreed with Corliss on particularly stupid Yank girls and swore to meet up with them in Hell. Only Tina, watching them leave, was surprisingly calm and accepting… she had always known that she’d go out young. At least she wouldn’t be eaten by worms, right?

With a resigned smile Tina Powers sat back against the wall, sighed, said “Whatever” and exploded.

* * * * * * * * * *

“That was for Kimiko,” Kiana said to the bodies as she finished adding Stuart’s remains to them.

“I never thought I’d be glad to see someone die,” Hilary said softly.

“None of us saw it. Because none of us were here,” Lindsay added.

“What are you going to do now?” Jewel asked.

“Take you guys home. Then I do… whatever I have to,” Kiana replied.

* * * * * * * * * *

With Kiana at the controls the jet took to the skies, the blazing inferno that had been the Scarlet Ranch and the Complex underneath them.

“By the way, Lindsay…”


“You’re never getting any of this again. Ever.”

Lindsay knew what Hilary meant.

* * * * * * * * * *

Keeley liked the nightlife, and the boogie. She especially liked the men, even if they weren’t single.

But as she danced around the club like the goodtime girl she was, she was as unpicky as ever – men, women, it didn’t matter (as long as they were cute). And there in the corner was the lady she had her eye on this evening… short, black and foxy, dancing like she was in her own world. Keeley mentally licked her lips as she started to make her way over, waiting to make some kind of contact. Once that was done, it wasn’t so much if she could pick the girl up, more like when…

“Hey, sexy,” a voice said directly into her air, cutting through the music. “I got a message from Tina.”

If the girl had suddenly ripped her face off and revealed herself to be Gordon Brown, Keeley couldn’t have had her mood broken faster. She whirled around to see Kiana standing there, dressed to kill. Only figuratively, Keeley hoped.

“You need to take a bathroom break.” Kiana grabbed Keeley’s arm and escorted her away, as the black girl watched them leave. Dammit, she should have known someone so hot was spoken for…

“So… what’s the message?” Keeley asked in the stall.

“Tina’s dead,” Kiana said. “Splattered all over the heart of Texas. And you’re going to join her.”

Keeley swallowed, feeling the earth shaking. She was very much a lover, not a fighter, and there was no way she could keep this girl from doing whatever the hell she wanted. Keeley knew she could run fast, though – she eyed the door and the drink she was still holding. A quick flick in Kiana’s eyes and maybe….

“Don’t even think it, whore. I found you here, and I can find you again.”

“Can you please… just make it quick?” Keeley asked, resigning herself.

“Yeah. Unless…”

“Unless what?” Keeley asked, spotting a way out.

Kiana put her hands on Keeley’s shoulders. “You’re a damn hot piece, Keeley. Daaaaamn hot.” Her hands slipped down the girl’s back to cup her firm ass cheeks. “You come back to my place and we can… discuss it.”

Keeley smiled up at Kiana. “For how long?” she asked, putting her arms around Miss Mizutani’s neck.

“Forever,” Kiana replied, smiling back. “You do what I tell you, when I tell you. I do anything I want to you, and I occasionally let you do what you want to me. Basically, you’re going to be my bitch for life. Otherwise you don’t *get* a life.” Kiana slapped Keeley’s ass. “I don’t mind either way, but I think you’re a practical girl.”

“It’s what I do,” Keeley replied, trying to hide her relief.

“We’re going to get along just fine,” Kiana said, keeping a hand on Keeley’s butt as they walked back onto the dance floor. “Just fine…”

* * * * * * * * * * *

Lindsay arrived at the studio gripping the steering wheel harder than anyone driving under the speed limit should ever have.

When her family had joined her in Arlen and she’d explained everything to them, Lindsay had sworn Dina and Ali to silence; whatever else her mother and sister had done, she knew she could count on them to not breathe a word. The official story, if anyone asked, would be that she’d spent this weekend off her head in a bar somewhere when she’d disappeared from the club; at least no one would question that. They’d even expect it. And even there being no pictures around could ruin that – Lindsay had supplied enough photographic evidence of her shenanigans in the past for this one to slide by.

Jewel, waiting inside with the musicians, had also let no one in on the true story except her manager – as far as everyone else was concerned, she’d just taken some me time somewhere. Today’s session was going to have Lindsay pitching in as a backup singer; Jewel felt she had to look out for her fellow ex-prisoner. Speaking of which…

Lindsay entered, slightly calmer now, grinning and waving at Jewel. And heard the five male singers. The same kind of crap she’d heard on the radio driving down here that had caused her to stab at the radio till it went off, screaming “FUCK OFF! FUCK OFFFUCKOFFFUCKOFF!!!” The same kind that had caused her to pull over, open the window and puke at the associations the music had for her.

“Can you get that off?” Lindsay asked Jewel’s engineer, digging her nails into her palms and starting to feel sick again.

“Music is music,” he replied. “When you start, it goes off. Not till then.”

“Just turn the fucking thing off.”

“You heard her,” Jewel added. “Turn the fucking thing off.”

The engineer shook his head, and turned the fucking thing off.

* * * * * * * * * *


“Yeah, go on Hilary…”

“I had the tests,” Hilary continued, lying in her bed. “It’s for real.”

“And you’re sure it was when… you’re sure it was one of those guys that weekend?”

“It had to be. I went over it again and again – had to be that weekend. I don’t know if it was Stuart Holmes, or if it was Jake when we tried to escape…”

Her mother sighed. “If you want to abort it, I’m behind you all the way…”

“I don’t know. I just… don’t know.”

As she hung up after lying to her mom, she continued stroking her stomach. There had been enough people killed in the name of CulhaneTech, and Hilary wasn’t about to add a child to that list.

“I’ll see you soon, Kimiko,” she whispered to her unborn daughter.

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