Love in an Elevator – Part 4

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And now the story –

Love in an Elevator – Part 4

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MF, MFFF – con, oral

* * * * * * * *

I was floating on a cloud of the softest cotton surrounded by a brown fabric sky. Normally the fact that the sky was not its usual comforting blue would have alarmed me, or at the very least rated a raised eyebrow, but not this time. This time I was much too intent on the pair of heads that was bent over my crotch and taking turns licking and sucking at my erect dick. My even larger than normal erect dick. A smile came to my face and as if she sensed it the blonde head turned to gaze up at me and met my delighted look with one of her own.

“Look. We’ve been watering it.”

“I can see that.”

“It’s grown some. Soon it will be nearly a foot long I think!” The last part was said with a great deal of pride and Sarah looked back up at me, a very satisfied expression on her face.

“A foot long.”

Love removed her mouth from my cock just long enough to dreamily echo her best friend’s remark before returning to her efforts to get the entire length of my larger-than-life penis down her throat. With her beatific smile still in place Sarah turned back to rejoin her lover and they resumed bathing my prick with their tongues. When it was the blonde’s turn to swallow me again she grasped my shaft near the base and playfully smacked it three times against her cheek, her mouth open in a narrow “O”.

Knock knock knock.

Heh heh. Funny. It was like that guy who used to be on TV that would smack his palm against his open mouth making a kind of popping noise. He was a one trick pony but somehow he managed to make a career out of it. Bet you’d never see Sarah’s version on TV. Still, there was something about it that wasn’t quite right. The young blonde waited a few moments before repeating the action a second time.

Knock knock knock.

Huh. That was weird. Guess my cock was growing harder as well as larger. Neat.

Ding Dong.

What the…? Well that didn’t sound good. My heart started to race. Knocking was one thing, but ding dong? This was not the kind of sound a person wants to hear coming from his penis.

Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong.

I awoke from my nap with a start. My head lifting off the pillow a short distance and my eyes snapping open. Crap. It was a dream. None of it was real. Well not none of it. I was still surrounded by a brown fabric sky in the form of ubiquitous hotel wallpaper. But I wasn’t floating on a cloud and I wasn’t getting head from my two gorgeous lovers of the day before. And I didn’t have a 12 inch penis. Damn. But what inches I did have were standing proudly just waiting for the pair of horny mouths to restart their attentions. Those non-existent dream-state mouths. Sure, nothing else is real except for some lousy wallpaper and a hardon. Crap.


Oh right, the door, “Yeah. Hang on. I’ll be right there!”

Rising from the bed I grabbed a robe and threw it on, closing the front and cinching the cloth belt tightly before heading off to the door to see who could possibly want to talk to me so badly that they were nearly breaking in to my hotel room. I had returned to the room during the mid-morning break of the seminar slash trade show I was in town to attend, convinced yet again that the whole thing was a colossal waste of time and that I would be better off upstairs taking a short nap. I had been completely wiped out from the efforts of the prior afternoon and after spending about an hour riding the elevator up and down between the lobby and the 31st floor, and garnering more than a few suspicious looks along the way, in the vain hope that I would catch Love and Sarah before they left, I had taken a seat at one of the two restaurants in the lobby and had some dinner. I sat where I could watch the elevators in case they had yet to leave the building, but by the time I was done eating they still had not appeared and I was forced to conclude that I had somehow missed them. With a mixture of sadness and elation, sadness that I had lost out on any opportunity for a repeat of that day’s events, and elation because the events had occurred in the first place, I returned to my room and lay down on the bed to watch some TV. I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow, and there I stayed until my alarm went off the next morning. And I was still a little tired when I woke up.

I was just reaching the door when the pounding started again this time with the doorbell added for good measure, “All right all right. I’m coming. Give a guy some time, would ya?”

With my hand on the door handle I paused briefly to take a look through the peephole. I had no reason to think anyone unsavory was at my door, but it never hurts to be careful. Not knowing what to expect I was still taken somewhat aback by the sight that greeted me. Three people were waiting there for me, two women and… a very short man in an ill-fitting suit and a fedora with the brim turned down, hiding the upper half of his face. That’s weird. I knew this guy. Well, not knew him, more like I recognized him. I was sure I’d seen him loitering in the hotel lobby pretending to read a newspaper, acting like some bad private eye from a 1930′s gangster movie. What was he doing at my door?

Turning my attention back to the other two in the hallway I came first to an incredibly beautiful woman I did not immediately recognize. She was a few inches taller than either of her companions and she had black hair pulled back into a loose ponytail and pale, almost porcelain white, skin with beautiful limpid brown eyes peeking out from underneath her perfect bangs. It wasn’t until I focused on the bright red lipstick she wore on her lips that I had my first inkling as to who this gorgeous creature was. Oh Crap! Could it really be her?

My eyes shifted next to the last person in the hallway and I didn’t have to look any further than the blonde hair and wraparound sunglasses to recognize one of the two people I most wanted to see at my door.

Sarah! Standing in my hallway! Fuck yeah! Perhaps the universe isn’t going entirely to hell after all!

Not needing any more information about the other two I immediately moved to unlock and open the door to greet my newest lover but before I could even get the first syllable out I was nearly bowled over by the strange little man as he leapt into my arms and started covering my face with kisses.

Fortunately the fedora fell off before my alarm turned into full blown panic and I realized that it was not a strange little man I was holding but Love dressed like a strange little man. That didn’t make it any less weird, in fact it raised a whole slew of new questions, but it made accepting the steady stream of kisses much much easier. Then with a giggle and one last kiss on the tip of my nose Love released her legs from around my waist and dropped back down to the ground, turning to grab her black haired friend by the hand before hurrying off into the bathroom and shutting the door without a word and leaving me alone with Sarah.

“Nature calling?” I pointed over my shoulder with my thumb to the bathroom as I closed the door to my room behind the blonde.

The green-eyed beauty chuckled lightly at that before replying “More like screaming.”

“Must be if she needs someone to tag along.”

“You know us girls, always going to the bathroom in pairs.”

As she spoke Sarah was moving closer to me and I also began to close the distance between us, one hand coming to a rest on the light-haired girl’s waist as she dropped the shopping bag she’d been carrying and placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah but I thought that was just at restaurants or clubs. Public places. Not in somebody’s hotel room. Hey was that…?” I shifted topics suddenly, reminded that I had not had a chance to confirm my guess about the third member of the trio before Love had spirited her off to the bathroom.

“Rose McGowan? Yep.”

“Wow. She’s really beautiful.”

“Yes she is. Very. But for future reference, it’s never a good idea to tell the woman you’re about to kiss how beautiful some other woman is. Dampens the mood a bit.”

“Did I do that? Silly me. What I meant to say was, My God you’re beautiful. I’m so happy to see you.” I paused briefly, waiting to see if Sarah would react. When she didn’t I continued, “So, were we about to…?”

“Oh come here you goof!”

Anything more I had to say was put on hold for the moment as Sarah moved her hand to the back of my neck and pulled me down and we gave each other a greeting suitable to new lovers. When the kiss ended Sarah chuckled again. I thought it was because of some of the noises we heard drifting out of the bathroom, but when she reached down and began to lightly trace my shaft through the material of the robe with one finger I realized what had caused the quiet laugh.

“I guess you really are happy to see me.”

Before I could answer I was cut off by the sound of Love’s wild giggling and a shout of surprise from the bathroom, “Holy shit, wouldya look at that!”

“Are they okay in there?”

“They’re fine. Love just wanted to show Rose something.”

Sarah’s hand moved to the inside of my robe and she began stroking my pole but now without the interference of the thick cotton material. The change did not go unnoticed by me and for a moment I stopped wondering what was going on behind the closed door to the lavatory.

“Oh fffffuck.”

My eyes had closed when Sarah’s hand closed around my prick and they popped open when the blonde girl spoke again, “I hope you don’t mind.”

Mind? Mind what? Mind Sarah’s hand traveling up and down the length of my swollen dick giving me such incredible feelings of pleasure? What clown would mind that? Or maybe she meant Love and Rose using my bathroom for… more laughter spilled out from behind the closed door… whatever it was that they were doing in there. What exactly were they doing in there?

“Careful Love. You’re going to get my hair wet!”

More rapid-fire giggling accompanied by the sound of the shower running. Well whatever it was it sounded like they were having fun. My attention was brought back to the petite woman in front of me when Sarah gave my member a little tug.

“I know you weren’t expecting us, but Love and I couldn’t stop talking about you at dinner last night and Rose decided that she had to meet you. And when Rose decides she’s going to do something it’s usually best to just go along. Not that Love or I needed much convincing to come spend more time with you. You don’t mind, do you?”

Ohhhh… Mind that. And what moron would mind that? I don’t know, but whoever he was I knew he wasn’t in that room. I might be many things, but stupid enough to object to a visit from two, no three, of Hollywood’s most desirable young women was not one of them.

While she was speaking Sarah had been using her left hand to untie the belt on my robe, allowing it to fall open and for my fully erect manhood to make an appearance.

“Such a nice big cock. How we got that in my tight little ass I’ll never know.”

The flattery was completely unnecessary but I soaked it up nonetheless. I’m normally a pretty humble kind of guy. I have an ego, to be sure, but I consider myself to be pretty normal, nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to get overly excited about. But when you have a woman like Sarah holding your erect penis in her hand and using the words “nice” and “big” to describe it, well let me tell you, you feel like you just conquered Everest. Before lunch.

“No I don’t mind. Hell, I thought I was never going to see you guys again. When I realized that you had taken the wrong card I…”

“Hey that’s right! I forgot all about that. Dilbert! Gimme a break! Tell me the truth, you’re a nerd aren’t you?”

What could I say? I was a nerd. And perfectly content in my nerdiness. I gave Sarah a sheepish smile.

Another little tug on my shaft and Sarah leaned in to speak directly into my ear, “That’s okay. We like nerds. And who knew they had such nice thick cocks!”

Again any response I might have made was postponed as Sarah dropped to her knees in front of me and took the aforementioned nice thick cock into her mouth. I had been on the receiving end of oral sex from the pretty blonde woman a number of times the day before but that didn’t mean I was growing complacent about it. For one thing, I was still pretty jazzed by the whole I-was-having-sex-with-a-Hollywood-star thing, and for another, Sarah was actually quite good at sucking cock. Some women are just natural born sword-swallowers and Sarah was one of them.

She had the tip of my dick hitting her tonsils almost from the very first stroke and she was using both hands to spread her saliva up and down my pole. Her pace was already near the top of the scale and she was sucking me so hard I kept going up on my toes as I rocked forward, little grunts of pleasure echoing in the entryway every time my heels left the floor.

After a few minutes of aggressive cock sucking both Sarah and I came to the conclusion that it was time to move on to something more mutually satisfying. She stood up and, much like Love had moments before, practically leapt into my arms with her legs wrapped around my waist and her right hand grasping the back of my neck. Thinking that she wanted me to carry her into the room and deposit her on the bed or some other conveniently flat surface I started to take a step when she stopped me. The puzzled look on my face was met by a wide smile as my blonde lover reached down with her left hand and once again took hold of my dick. Sarah was wearing a pale yellow sun dress and, as I was just about to find out, not much else. She positioned the tip of my penis at the opening to her panty-free twat and with a minimum of effort I slowly started to slide inside her.

I think, by this point, it should be very easy to imagine just how good that felt. In fact, I had already concluded that I would never have another sexual encounter that could even come close to comparing to my experiences with Love and Sarah. The sex per se might, though I would tend to doubt it, measure up, but how could any other woman ever match up to not just one, but two of Hollywood’s hottest babes? The answer was she almost certainly couldn’t. It was a steep price to pay for one, now looking to become two, days of incredible pleasure but I defy anyone to tell me they wouldn’t pay it in a heartbeat.

When my dick was in deep enough Sarah brought her left hand up to join the right and slowly started to move up and down on my shaft, proving, at least to my satisfaction, that while a blowjob is always appreciated, having your dick in the tight, hot, and increasingly wet channel of a Hollywood movie star is just so much better.

Not because my situation needed improving, but rather that I wasn’t doing anything else with them, I took my hands and placed them on Sarah’s ass, assisting her in her up and down plunges as needed, simply squeezing her firm flesh when not. We were mostly silent during these first few minutes, excepting a few gasps of pleasure, both of us preferring to concentrate on fucking instead of being distracted by speech. Since we were still in the entryway leading into the room we could have turned so that either one of us had their back pressed to the wall with relative ease, but Sarah was obviously enjoying things the way they were and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t having a damned good time myself, so I continued to hold her in a flying cowgirl arrangement for several minutes more. Eventually however the need for a change in position became desirable and Sarah instructed me to find somewhere flat where we could continue to screw.

My hotel room was designed for the business traveler and as such there was only the one bed, the second half of the room where the other bed would normally be given over to a small couch and a stuffed chair arranged to face the TV hidden away inside its cabinet. I passed by the bed that had been the site of so much mutual pleasure the day before, instead walking Sarah, my prick still lodged in her pussy, over to the chair and lowering her down onto the seat so that she was mostly horizontal on her back, her ass sticking out over the edge.

As soon as she removed her hands from my neck I began to move inside her once more, starting off slowly but quickly taking advantage of our relative positions to ramp things up until my thighs were smacking into the back of hers with some real force. Aside from the grunts that were now being forced out of her there wasn’t a word of complaint from my green-eyed lover. In fact, Sarah hadn’t really needed any time at all to get ready for me, or for the “nice”, “big” and “thick” cock she’d been praising just a few minutes earlier. A detail that was just now working its way to the forefront of my brain.

“Speaking of being happy to see someone…”

A perfectly manicured arched eyebrow was the only response.

Sarah knew I was going to tease her about something, it was after all one of the main pillars of our admittedly brief relationship, but she wasn’t going to give me anything additional to work with if she could help it. Fortunately, I already had all the ammunition I currently needed.

“But you certainly didn’t need much… warming up.”

“Are you kidding? I’ve been thinking about this since we decided to bring Rose by last night. Ooooh yeah, keep doing that. Mmmmm.”

Any thought of continuing the teasing was driven from my mind at that point as I focused on two things. First, on complying with Sarah’s wish to keep pounding her just the way she liked it, and second, replaying her next to last sentence over and over again in my head. Sarah had been thinking about coming back for a second day of sex, with me, and the thought had her practically dripping with excitement. Sarah wanted a second day of sex. With me. And the idea aroused her. A lot. If I had been physically capable of it I think I would have been pretty wet myself right at that moment. But not being a member of the distaff half of the species I had to settle for getting even harder, and hammering her even faster, than I already had been. A detail that took no time at all to work itself to the forefront of Sarah’s brain, her pussy sending the message almost instantaneously.

“Oh FUCK!”

Things continued this way for some minutes before I had to slow down again to catch my breath. I was still feeling pretty pleased with myself but I didn’t want to blow it all, and give Sarah a reason to reassess her feelings about me, by popping my cork too soon. So I eased up a bit and took Sarah’s ankles in my hands, pushing them ceilingward and forcing her legs straight. Then I pressed them together, crossing one over the other and brought her calves to rest against my right shoulder. After another few minutes like this the blonde beauty was ready to try something different.

“Let’s change positions.”

“Okay. What’s your pleasure?”

“Here. Why don’t you sit.”

I pulled out of Sarah, as reluctantly as I have ever done anything in my life, and straightened up, while giving the chair a skeptical look. There was more than enough room for a normal sized person to sit in it of course, but the stuffed arms didn’t really allow for what I assumed Sarah had in mind.

“Umm. I’m not sure there’s enough room here.”

“That’s okay. I have an idea. Just sit.”

Throughout the course of my adult life, whenever I, or my girlfriend/one-night-stand of the moment, had an idea to try something sexually adventurous, I can’t recall a single time when I didn’t enjoy it. Yeah, sometimes it didn’t work out exactly as planned, but just the fact that my partner and I were engaged enough by what we were doing that we were actively thinking of ways to try to improve it, to spice things up even a little bit, well that was a huge turn-on for me. I’d rather fall on my ass wearing a tutu while pulling the chandelier down from the ceiling with me than have dull, repetitive sex night after night. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with an old stand-by like missionary position, I just don’t want that to be the be-all and end-all of my sex life. So when Sarah said “I have an idea.”, even though it was unlikely to be anything revolutionary in the history of intercourse, an even larger smile worked its way onto my face.

“I like ideas.”

“Of course you do. You’re a nerd. Now sit.”

I did as requested, taking my place on the chair somewhat less than fully upright but with my back firmly pressed into the cushion. As I expected there really wasn’t room for Sarah to squat over me so we could resume our screwing. Oh there was room for her to put her feet on either side of my thighs, but the over-stuffed arms would prevent her from spreading her legs wide enough so she could get her hips down to where I could get my prick back inside her. Perhaps if I had actually possessed the 12 inch penis of my recent dreams we could have worked it out, but with my somewhat less lengthy pole it was simply not going to happen.

But this didn’t stop Sarah. Except, instead of trying to get her feet up on the seat she maneuvered herself up onto the arms of the chair, with one leg thrown over each side, and lightly placed her hands on my chest before reaching down and once again placing the head of my cock at her opening. Then, with her eyes screwed shut and using only the muscles in her legs, Sarah began to lower herself on my rod and slowly, very slowly, pull herself back up the length of my shaft, stopping when just the head remained inside her.

“Oh God!”

Normally I don’t invoke a deity when I’m having sex, preferring to keep my religious beliefs far, far away at such a time. But sometimes there just aren’t words expressive enough, or perhaps I mean compact enough, to convey my feelings without having to resort to something far more flowery. Like poetry. And I just ain’t a poetry kinda guy. At times like that a simple “Oh God.”, used as nothing more than an exclamation, is preferable, if only because of its brevity. Why was I brought almost to edge of poetry? Because with her legs thrown over the arms of the chair Sarah was now spread so wide that her pussy was clenching and manipulating my dick as tightly as if she held me in her fist. In a way it almost felt like Sarah was trying to lift me off the chair by my penis using only her vagina.

“Oh God!”

It bore repeating.


“Oh God!… Oh God!… Oh God!…”

If it had been me with my legs straddling the arms of the chair and relying on the muscles in my thighs to repeatedly lift most of my weight up and down I doubt I could have lasted for very long. But Sarah was in such good shape that she was able to keep going long after I would have had to stop. And I knew she was relying on only her leg muscles because both her hands were resting lightly on my chest, the pressure never increasing as she moved up, then down, up, then down, the only real signs that she was exerting herself being her tightly closed eyes and the lower lip caught between her teeth. Of course they could also both be taken as signs that the blonde was feeling as much intense pleasure by the in and out motion of my dick in her twat as I was. Oh God!

The minutes passed slowly as Sarah rode me with her eyes still closed. But after a short time she opened them and her green orbs locked onto mine. It must have been pretty obvious the intensity of emotion that I was feeling right then because Sarah immediately leaned in and we began to kiss softly. It was at this point that we got our first indication that we had an audience.

“Oh Rose, look, they’re kissing. Isn’t that sweet?”

“Oh Love, look, they’re fucking. Isn’t that hot?”

Love and I may have only known each other for just under 24 hours by that point but I knew her well enough to know that this was a perfect example of her basic nature. She could see two people screwing yet it would be the kissing that would elicit the biggest response from her. Rose, on the other hand, was, shall we say, more practical. She could see two people fucking and that’s what she would respond to. The kissing was just incidental. And, as I would find out through the course of the day, that was a pretty good example of her basic nature. Sarah seemed to fall somewhere in the middle. Absolutely pragmatic in some cases, gushing romantic in others. To my eyes, the three of them complemented each other perfectly. My eyes, which had naturally closed when Sarah and I started to kiss, opened and we pulled apart, each giving the other a wry grin.

“Um. I think your friends finished whatever they were doing.”

“So I’ve noticed.”

Even though I had spent as much time, if not more, the day before having sex with Love I still felt a moments discomfort at the very exposed, explicitly so, position we found ourselves in. More for Sarah’s sake than my own. I knew she and Love were lovers and obviously had no problem having sex with a third person in front of each other, but I had no idea where Rose fit into this. Just as I was about to lift Sarah off of me and stand up I got a better idea of how self-conscious the blonde was feeling.

“Let’s really give them a show!”

Okay. Definitely not what I was expecting.

“Um. A show? What, exactly, are you thinking?”

“Don’t worry about it. You just stay seated.”

I could do that.

Sarah lifted herself completely off my prick and I fell out with a somewhat sodden plop as my shaft slapped once against my lower abdomen before rebounding to stand up straight and proud.

“Oooh. I remember that.” That was from Love.

“Hmmpphhh.” That was from Rose.

Sarah maneuvered off the chair arms and stood up, turning around so that her back was now to me. I moved my head so that I could see around her and spied Love and Rose sitting on the floor just a couple of feet away from us, my other lover from the prior day on the left and her friend on the right. Sarah took a moment to toss her hair, fluffing it out and allowing it to resettle while Love beamed up at her and Rose just rolled her eyes. The blonde girl may have smiled back at Love, I couldn’t tell, but she definitely didn’t respond to Rose. Then she turned back to me to see if I was ready to proceed.

“Slump down some. You’re too far back.”

I did as instructed and then Sarah turned to face forward again. She lifted her right foot so that it was on the seat to the outside of my right thigh and hip. Then, with her left foot still on the floor, she reached down and for the third time in the space of just about 20 minutes she grabbed me by the shaft and slipped the head of my cock into her snatch. Oh God.

Leaning back against my chest Sarah proceeded to lift her hips up and down in a modified version of the position we had been in just a few minutes earlier, letting her pelvic muscles do the work this time instead of her legs. With Love and Rose seated on the floor they were practically eye level with our combined privates, and with Sarah leaning back there was absolutely nothing to prevent them from seeing every single inch of my penis as it slipped in to, and out of, her completely shaven twat. So that’s what she meant by a show. I was almost envious of them, until I remembered that it was my penis that was doing the slipping. Still, I spared a few seconds to mourn the fact that I wouldn’t have a video tape of my time with Sarah and Love that I could replay whenever I wanted to relive what I was coming to believe had to be the best days in anyone’s life. Or maybe it was for the best that I wouldn’t have such a tape. Images of that guy from Brainscan mindlessly thrusting his hips into the air while he played back the tape he had formed into a never-ending loop briefly filled my head.

Not knowing whether I was supposed to participate or just be a very willing recipient I remained as motionless as possible while Sarah continued to grind on my unit minute after minute. With Sarah leaning back against me I had an unobstructed view of the pair sitting on the floor in front of us and I was struck by the almost palpable look of lust on Love’s face. Her basic nature might be that of a goopy romantic but, as I could well attest, the girl had a healthy appetite for sex.

Looking over to Rose I saw that she too was wearing an expression of yearning, but in her case there was nothing almost about it. Rose was blatantly watching as Sarah and I fucked and she was obviously enjoying every second of it. Perhaps if I had been more familiar with Love and Sarah’s older friend I would have realized that the look on her face was a signal that she was about to go from passive observer to active participant.

Sarah, however, was more than familiar with the tiny signals coming from the raven-haired girl and, although I didn’t realize who she was talking to at first, she issued a friendly challenge to the newest member of our playgroup.

“You’ve got a tongue. Get over here and show me what you can do with it.”

Tachyons couldn’t have moved faster than Rose as she left her position on the floor and smashed her face right into our conjoined groins, her tongue and lips going right to work on Sarah’s clit and labia with more than enough contact for whatever parts of my shaft were within her reach.


Surprisingly, it was not me who called out at Rose’s first touch. Or maybe it’s not so surprising after all. I think it’s safe to say that if you can feel it when someone is sucking at the clit of the woman you are fucking then they’re probably doing it pretty hard.

But Sarah didn’t seem to mind the force that Rose was applying to her most sensitive body part. In fact, given the rapid stream of “Oh Fuck!”’s that were spilling out of her I would say she was almost on the verge of waxing poetic herself. Except Sarah’s idea of poetry was bluer than, say, William Blake’s. Not that I really still had any doubts, it may have taken some time but I had finally put the Rose of Mr. Snappy fame from yesterday together with the gorgeous female that was periodically licking my shaft, so by this point any uncertainties I might have had that the brown-eyed girl was also a playmate of Love and Sarah’s were now completely dismissed.

As soon as Rose landed on Sarah’s clit the blonde stopped the plunging of her hips on my manhood. And while the former TV witch’s tongue was spending at least some time licking up and down my shaft it was not nearly the same as slipping in and out of Sarah’s very tight cunt. Fortunately for me however, as Rose applied more and more suction Sarah started to lift her hips up a bit and I was able to pick up where the blonde left off, using my pelvis to slide my cock deeply into her twat then letting my ass fall back to the chair.

After only a minute or so like this I began to feel the familiar tingle in my nether regions that signaled the impending arrival of my climax. In conjunction with the increased frequency of Sarah’s exclamations I began to pick up steam, powering my hips up into the green-eyed girl’s box as I tried to bring both of us to our first orgasms of the day. Having Rose surgically attached by the lips to Sarah’s clitoris was proving to be a big help.

And for a few seconds there I thought that Sarah was going to cum first, but even though the blonde said she’d been daydreaming about this since the night before, and had to contend with both Rose and me working her over, I was still the one to orgasm first. I could pretend that my wet-dream interruptus played a part, but honestly, it was all Sarah. And a little bit of Rose. I don’t think there’s any shame in admitting that fucking Sarah, while having my balls washed by Rose McGowan, made my fuse shorter than normal. In fact, under the circumstances, I was pretty pleased with myself. And I got even more pleased when Sarah started to cum less than a minute later.

While I came I continued to drive my cock into the pretty blonde’s pussy, grunting with every thrust. Because of our position gravity was definitely working against me this time and as I squirted my load into Sarah’s snatch I could feel some of it start to fall back onto my shaft and slide down my rod, the light-haired girl’s labia pushing it along and coating my dick with it.

This seemed to please Rose immensely and as soon as she felt that Sarah’s climax was safely underway she abandoned her friend’s clit and started to clean the cum from my prick. “Mmmm, yeah. Give it to me!”

Willingly or not, Sarah lifted her hips just enough so that my unit slipped completely out of her and she slid down to the floor where Love started to provide the same cleanup service for her that Rose was giving to me. Except that where Sarah was being given the kid glove treatment by her lover, Rose was sucking me so hard it appeared she was trying to remove several layers of skin. But I didn’t say one word in complaint. I was hoping to be treated to more of the same later, when I was in a condition to appreciate it more.

After she had gobbled up every trace of my cum Rose released my dick from her mouth with an audible smack, looking up at me while she licked her lips clean. It seemed to me an appropriate time for introductions.

“Hi. I’m…”

“I don’t wanna know!”


Love couldn’t have seen the look of surprise, and I’ll admit some hurt, on my face when she raised her head from Sarah’s pussy to scold her friend, but I know Rose did. And she might have apologized even without Love’s prodding because she was already holding her hand up to stop any further response.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that, like I’m uninterested or anything. I just meant I don’t want to know now, okay? Tell me later, okay?”

Oh. I think I understand. Rose wanted something similar, as similar as it could get, to what Sarah and Love had the day before. Okay, I could handle that.

“Yeah. No problem. I think I understand.”

It passed quickly, but I’m sure I saw it, a look of gratitude crossing Rose’s exquisite features before it was replaced with her more normal, detached, appearance. But, as I would learn shortly from Sarah, Rose had her own way of showing her regret for any perceived offense. I got my first glimpse of it when I commented on her now less than perfect lip gloss.

“That’s because I just gave you the best head you’ve ever had and left a lipstick ring in that tangled mess you call pubic hair. Seriously, haven’t you ever trimmed that? Your girlfriend will thank you for it. Assuming you ever have a girlfriend that is.”

“Rose, be nice.”

Love was up on her knees now, her job cleaning out Sarah’s twat completed, and she was busily examining the lipstick ring that Rose had indeed left around the base of my dick. I would have taken a second to be surprised that the raven-haired girl could swallow me so easily, but I was busy trying to come up with some response to the mini-barrage of insults she had sent my way. This while looking to Love, Sarah seemed too intent on recovering from her climax to care about her friend’s boast, to see if she was going to object to Rose’s claim to have given me the best head of my life. That was a question I most definitely did not want to answer. But, like Sarah, Love just let it pass.

“Looks like I’m not the hairy one anymore!”

That got Sarah’s attention, as well as Rose’s. Mine too. I wasn’t hairy. Was I?

“What do you mean? You still had a bush when we showered this morning!”

“What do you mean ‘When you showered’? I showered with Love today!” Rose turned from Sarah to look at the busty brunette, “I’m glad you shaved though. Your hair kept getting caught in my teeth!”

“Rose!” This was becoming something of a pattern, but this time Love cried out her friend’s name in mild embarrassment, and having some experience watching the blushing girl interact with Sarah the day before I recognized the teasing, and the response, for what it was. Love. In either sense of the word.

“Love, how many showers did you take this morning?” This from Sarah.


“Three? Why?”


I, as well as the two other occupants of the room that had only taken the normal daily requirement of one shower in a three-hour period, listened in growing amusement as Love described waking up that morning at about the same time as Sarah, with Rose still fast asleep, and the two of them deciding that they would save water by showering together. I gathered that this was a somewhat ordinary occurrence for the trio, and that they cheerfully acknowledged that most of the time their intended savings did not materialize. I think I was also about to get a blow-by-blow description from the dark-haired girl as to what went on in the shower but Sarah eased her friend along.

“It’s okay Love. It’s a shower, he can imagine what we did, I’m sure.”

Well, yeah. But that didn’t mean I didn’t want Love to paint me the mental picture.

Continuing on, Love told us about Sarah heading to the kitchen for breakfast, oddly, she made it sound like the shower was not located in the bedroom the three of them shared, or even on the same floor. No matter. While Sarah headed off for some breakfast Love headed back to their room – their? Did this mean they lived together or was this just a figure of speech? The more I learned about Sarah and Love the more questions I had. Which I couldn’t even ask. – That’s when she found Rose in the process of waking up. Again I thought I was going to get some juicy details, apparently Love “helped” Rose wake up, but this time the brown-haired girl censored herself. After “helping” Rose the pair decided it was time for a shower, Love obviously neglecting to tell her friend she’d already had one. This time the shower did not take a detour into sex, why should it?, Love had already had sex with both her partners once that morning. Even someone as insatiable as I knew Love to be needed a break now and then.

“And that’s when I ran into Michelle.”

“And she wanted to shower with you?”

“No. She offered to shave me.”

“In the shower?”

“No, the hot-tub in my bedroom.”

Love has a hot-tub in her bedroom? What kind of place do these people live in?

“And after she was done you two showered together?”

“No, of course not. Michelle had work to do! After that I went down and had breakfast with you guys.”

“But Love, that’s only two showers! When did you take the third?”

As if it was perfectly obvious, “While I was dressing to come here.”

By this point Rose looked to have grown bored with the entire thing but Sarah was starting to really enjoy the give and take with her clearly loopy lover.

“While? You mean while you were wearing the suit? Weren’t you worried about wrinkles?”

Love was smiling widely now and she started to move towards her blonde playmate, “No silly, not while I was wearing it, while I was starting to get dressed.”

“But if you were already getting dressed why did you stop?”

One word, and now both women seemed to understand perfectly, “’Lyssa.”

Okay, I know I’m not supposed to guess who Jen and Michelle are, but with Rose McGowan involved there can be only one person named ‘Lyssa. The odds against there being another one in her circle were just too great.

“Couldn’t you have just said so in the beginning?” Rose’s tone made it clear that she was not annoyed at all with Love, and the buxom girl just giggled and shrugged her shoulders in response. Of course not. Where would the fun be in that?

I’m not supposed to ask. I’m not supposed to ask. Private is private and it’s none of my business. Shit!

I got as far as “Who…” when I saw Sarah’s eyes narrow, not in anger, more in disappointment. That was all it took and I turned to Love and just repeated the single word several times.

“Who, who. Who. Whoooooo. There, do I sound like an owl?”

Love giggled as expected and I turned back to Sarah, trying to convey my regret in that single look. Happily, she accepted my apology, and even though she certainly did not have to, gave me at least a kind of explanation.

“It’s not that we don’t trust you, it’s just that it’s not ours to share. There are other… people involved and it’s got to be their decision. Okay?”

Of course it was. I understood completely. Besides, asking might just make the girls think I was a greedy slut and they weren’t enough for me. And that would be the furthest thing from true possible. Sarah, Love, and now Rose? Who would not be satisfied with that? Sam Malone? Wilt Chamberlin? Even if I did have fantasies about becoming a greedy slut, they weren’t going to come true. I was still having a lot of trouble believing this was real, let alone any more.

“Are we done? I’m bored, and horny! And not in that order!”

“You two go ahead. I’m still a little wiped.” A little wiped? I was almost completely zonked.

“Um, yeah. Me too. I mean, it’s only been a few minutes.”

“Lightweights. C’mon Love, looks like it’s you and me. Guess I get to be the first to sample the newly waxed boards.”


“Whatever. C’mon, that bed looks like a good place to start.”

“Rose, wait a second. I have an idea.”

Have you ever heard someone utter those four little words and known, just flat out known, that they were talking about you and it was not necessarily something you were going to like? Well that was me right then. And when I heard Love’s idea my misgivings grew exponentially.

“Let’s shave him!”

“Huh? Hold on now…”

Sarah was instantly on board, “Oooh, Love, what a great idea!”

Shit, no help there. I turned to Rose, wrongly assuming that she would be on my side, if only because she was bored and horny. She’d said so herself! And taking the time to shave my pubic area might do something to ease her boredom, though I sincerely doubted it, but it surely wasn’t going to do a thing to make her less horny.

Unfortunately I forgot to account for the Love factor.


“Ya know, that does sound like a really good idea…”

Jeez. Can’t anyone say no to Love?

“… And who knows, maybe if we whack away at that bush it’ll make his cock look… well, big seems out of the question, but maybe big ger.”

Now wait a minute. Sarah and Love had no complaints. And they’d called it big.

“Let’s do it.”

“Yippee!! Let’s find his shaving kit!”

Love grabbed Rose by the hand and practically bounced into the bathroom, while I stood there with Sarah, my mouth still open but no words coming out.

“Are you okay with this? You don’t need to worry you know, we do this for each other all the time.”

“Any of you have nuts?”

Sarah laughed and reached for my hand, “No. Not last time I checked. But really, it’s perfectly safe. Trust me.”

I did actually. And I didn’t find it any easier to say no to Love than anyone else did, so “Yeah, okay. What’s the worst that could happen?”

The blonde patted my hand, “Probably best we don’t go there.” Ignoring the alarmed look on my face she continued, “Listen, I wanted to talk to you about Rose.”

Interesting change of subject, “What about Rose?”

“Look, I know Rose can be a ballbuster…”

“So I’ve noticed.”

“… but you’ve got to realize, it’s just part of the game, part of what makes things fun for her. She doesn’t mean anything by it, she just likes to challenge people. And she’s going to try to challenge you.”

“Umm, okay. And how do you recommend I handle it?”

“That depends on you. If you can, give it right back to her. She respects that. If not, just ignore it and she’ll move on to someone else.” That got my attention and my head whipped around towards the bathroom.

“Oh please! Relax, will ya? The last person on Earth Rose would ever be mean to is Love. It would be like kicking a puppy. How could you do that to someone whose love is practically unconditional? She’ll tease her, we all do, but she’d never be nasty. Not to Love, and really, not to anyone else either. And that’s what I’m trying to tell you, Rose doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, but she does like to play. Understand?”

Yeah, I think I do.

“Okay, here they come. Are you ready for this?”

Probably not, but somehow I didn’t think that was going to stop them, “I guess.”

Another pat from the green-eyed girl, this time on my arm, “That’s okay, all you have to do is lie there and we’ll do all the work. Hey! Do your balls ever itch?”

Talk about your non-sequiturs. Surprisingly, to me at least, my gut reaction to this question was that it was a small invasion of privacy. I mean, itchy balls are not exactly something you discuss at the dinner table. But as I opened my mouth to protest, I had a mental image of my dick sliding in and out of Sarah’s ass. I think once you’ve buttfucked a girl it’s kind of silly to get all prissy when she asks you a personal question. So I answered as honestly as I could instead.

“Sometimes, I guess. Why?”

“Well there you go. This will take care of that.”

“What, shaving my balls will make them stop itching?”


It will? Son of a gun.


A little less than a half hour later my groin was as free of hair as the top of Patrick Stewart’s head.

It probably shouldn’t have taken quite that long but the girls neglected to tell me that it would be easier to shave my shaft if I was erect. Well I don’t know about anyone else, but when someone approaches my penis with a razor I don’t find it very arousing. So I was having some difficulties in the rigidity department. Which led to my first attempt to fire back at Rose when she made a disparaging comment about my… absence of hardness.

“Oh yeah? What makes you think it’s me? Maybe you’re the problem!”

Okay, as comebacks go that one would rank as… a total failure. Even Love scoffed at the idea, while Sarah suggested Rose prove me wrong.

“Rose, why don’t you show him?”

At this point Sarah and I were still the only ones in the room not wearing any clothing. Love had removed the jacket and trousers of her suit while in the bathroom, revealing the pale pink stockings and garter belt with matching panties she had on underneath, and Rose still had on the jeans and t-shirt she’d arrived in. So when she shrugged in response to Sarah’s idea and her hands started to pull at her top I watched with obvious interest. My third naked celebrity coming up.

Rose hadn’t bothered to wear a bra that morning, so when her shirt cleared her chest and her breasts sprang free I had a clear view unobstructed by any other garments.

“Whoa! Quadruplets!”

Even though Love was still wearing a man’s dress shirt my head kept swiveling between her and Rose, the obvious similarities in size and shape of their tits apparent even through the brunette’s garments. But, though my memory of Love’s uncovered boobs was crystal clear, they were, at that moment, not uncovered, and Rose’s, well, were, so after a few seconds of the back and forth my gaze settled on the raven-haired girl’s chest.

“Wow! Those are…”

“Perfect.” In three part harmony no less.

Love and Sarah started to giggle while Rose just sat there looking smug, “Wha’d'ya say now? Still think I’m the reason you can’t get it up?”

I looked down at my crotch, where my traitor of a cock was already starting to stiffen, “Umm. I guess not.”

“You bet your ass not! But I think we can do better.”

Bending over, Rose took the towel from Love’s hand and started to wipe off the shaving cream they had been spreading on my limp phallus. When every speck of the white foam was gone she wrapped a hand around my shaft and, with a quick glance in my direction to make sure I was watching, took my dick in her mouth. Suddenly, not being hard was no longer an issue.

It wasn’t a lengthy blowjob, certainly not by my definition, and Rose didn’t suck my cock near as hard as during my climax a short time earlier, but it was incredibly arousing. And very, very effective. Just watching Rose’s head travel up and down my prick while her cheeks hollowed out was exciting, but I didn’t have to settle for watching, I got to feel it. Feel her sucking on my rod while she fluttered her tongue on the bottom of my shaft. Feel her pause with only the head of my penis still in her mouth, only to release me with a soft pop so she could lick her way down my pole. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long before I was fully erect. Or as Rose put it “Good enough.”

And it was “Good enough” for Sarah and Love to finish shaving me, leaving me as hairless as I knew Sarah already was, and now, apparently, Love as well. But what about Rose? Did she wax the floor so to speak or was she now the “hairy one”? Even as I was having that thought I saw Rose lean over to whisper something in Love’s ear before getting off the bed and starting to remove her jeans. As with the bra, Rose had chosen to forego panties. Clean as a whistle. The thought of putting my lips to that ‘whistle’ and blowing caused my dick to get even harder. Then the thought of putting my dick to that ‘whistle’ got me harder still.

While Rose was stripping off I hadn’t been paying any attention to what Love was doing but luckily for me Sarah was, “No Love, leave the stockings on.”

Oh yes please. Stockings and a garter belt, with a Love in them, are a huge fantasy of mine. Fortunately Sarah’s request alerted me to what was going on on the other side of the bed and I turned my head just in time to see Love push her pink panties to the floor, exposing her freshly shaved muff. Love with hair, Love without hair. Give me 10,000 opportunities and I might just be able to tell you which one I preferred. I’m sure my cock would have obliged me by getting still harder at this sight, but honestly, by this point there just wasn’t any blood left to spare.

Which probably explains why I didn’t pop a vessel when, without so much as a word, Love climbed back on the bed and proceeded to settle her pussy right on my face.

“That is so fucking hot!”

If I wasn’t preoccupied with Love’s twat I probably would have said something very similar right then. Instead I just pressed my face further into the brunette’s cunt and made like a motorboat.

Love squealed.

And giggled. “Stop! That…” giggle “tickles!”

The tongue I felt licking the length of my shaft was all I needed to distract me from further tormenting my bouncy lover. Sarah. A second tongue soon followed. That would have to be Rose. I don’t know who I was or what I did in some previous life to have been reincarnated as the guy who got a blow job from Sarah Michelle Gellar and Rose McGowan while Jennifer Love Hewitt sat on my face but I must have done something pretty amazing. I wonder if my last name was Salk?

What I do know is I had never done a blessed thing in this life to have earned this. But, unlike a tax refund you don’t deserve, there’s no way for anyone to take this back. I slid my tongue into Love’s folds while paying as much attention as possible to the two hungry mouths working my staff.

Soon after Sarah stopped sharing my rod with Rose, concentrating on my now bare balls instead, while the black-haired girl started to suck me much like she had been when she was trying to prep me to get shaved. Except now Rose was sucking me like she really meant it, and the popping noise when she released the tip of my dick was louder. This also didn’t last that long and now Sarah had completely removed herself from the picture, leaving me all for Rose.

“C’mon sexy, let me show you how a professional does it.”

Love giggled as she lifted herself off my tongue, “Does that mean I hafta pay you?”

Sarah pulled her lover down to the carpet beside the bed, “Oh believe me, you will pay.”

I’m human. I am. So of course I was a bit upset when Sarah stole my face-sitting playmate away. I got over it, quickly, when I locked eyes with Rose as she continued to suck my cock.

“Ohh. Ohhhh. O-OHHH!”

Damn she’s good.

“So is this it?” Rose had released my rod from her mouth, dropping her eyes to my erection then looking back up at me as she spoke.

Ballbuster. I wonder if the dictionary has Rose’s picture next to the definition.

Not wanting to give Rose the satisfaction of believing she’d scored once again I looked at my erection and replied “Actually, I’m kind of pleased with myself. Ya know, given the circumstances.”

I looked up at Rose as I said the last part and saw one corner of her mouth lift in a small grin as she raised one eyebrow. Ooh. A hit! Not a direct one perhaps, more oblique, but a hit nonetheless. Certainly better than my prior attempt. Or, as Rose might say, good enough. She grasped my shaft and started to work her way into a position straddling my waist.

It was somewhere around this point, somewhere in between the hand grabbing my pole and the tip sliding between Rose’s labia, that I had a small epiphany. An insight into the raven-haired woman just about to mount me. It was all about being on top. All the jokes, all the snarky comments, all the put-downs. They were about putting the other person off-balance and coming out on top. Not necessarily physically, although it was easy to imagine that Rose liked that as well, but mentally. Rose liked to win. And she played by her own set of rules. You could either learn those rules, and maybe have a chance at beating her, or you could be mowed down like a weed. Your choice.

And like Sarah had said, there was nothing mean-spirited about it, it was just Rose’s way of taking control. Well two people can play that game. Except my method of putting Rose off-balance was a little more hands-on than hers. Just as the head of my cock started to penetrate the pale-skinned beauty’s opening I lifted my hands and grabbed Rose by the upper arms and tossed her to the bed as I pivoted out from underneath her.


My intention, if you can call something completely unplanned intent, was to put Rose on her back and thereby take at least some of the control away from her, but the raven-haired girl pitched face forward onto the bed. Ooh, I think I like this even better. She bounced in place just a bit and before she could settle, or move into another position, I shifted on top of her, using my weight to pin her in place and my knees to shove her legs apart, getting another, and louder, “HEY!” for my efforts. Reaching down I used my own hand to guide my penis into Rose, a quick thrust sinking almost the entire length in one stroke, a gasp from the body underneath mine cutting off any further protest. Even so I grabbed both of the brown-eyed girl’s wrists, one in each hand, and pressed them to the mattress to either side of her head. Then I spread my knees further and drew them up some, forcing my thighs under Rose’s and lifting her lower body off of the bed just a smidge. There. I was now free to fuck Rose any way I wanted. Control, for the moment, was mine.

As was the realization that I had slipped between Rose’s lips without much resistance. And it wasn’t because she wasn’t tight. Rose was every bit as tight as the two nymphets frolicking on the floor alongside the bed. And she was just as juiced as Sarah had been. Well, well. Guess the blonde wasn’t the only one imagining what the day was going to be like. Heh. So much for ‘good enough’.

Speaking of the playful pair, the cries from the porcelain-skinned girl had gotten their attention and Love’s head popped up at the edge of the mattress first, followed almost instantly by Sarah. I would have laughed at the matching pussy juice lip gloss each was wearing if I wasn’t already preoccupied with the third member of their lustful trio. The one trapped beneath me. The one with the very wet snatch that I now started to move my dick inside of.

Rose hissed in pleasure. Sarah and Love moaned. I, well I got poetic again.

“Ah Fuck!”

If it had been just a mere 24 hours earlier that first “Ah Fuck!” would almost certainly have been followed by several more while I fought to keep myself from cumming too quickly, and thereby ruining everything. But having spent a good portion of that 24 hours fucking both Love and Sarah just about every way, not to mention just about every hole, possible, left me a little bit better prepared to deal with the sensations coursing through my body as I slid into Rose. It wasn’t that I was becoming jaded, I wasn’t, and it certainly wasn’t because the raven-haired girl excited me any less than the other two, it was simply a matter of being able to handle it better. The fact that I’d had a supremely satisfying climax with Sarah not that long ago definitely didn’t hurt either. That had certainly done its part to take some of the edge off.

So, whereas the day before I probably would have been hesitant about how I was going to proceed – take it too slow and the pleasure might build up too quickly leading to an early pop shot, take it too fast and, well, same problem unfortunately – this time I had no such dilemma. I was free to fuck Rose any way I pleased.

And I pleased to fuck Rose hard. As hard as my position lying on top of her would allow.

Of course in order to do that a slight adjustment was going to be necessary. Some small modifications that would require me to let go of Rose’s wrists while also pulling my thighs out from under the brown-eyed girl’s legs. There was some risk in doing that, Rose’s response would be anything but predictable, but the potential reward seemed well worth the gamble.

“Are you just going to lie there, or are we going to fuck?”

I looked down at Rose, who was looking back up at me over her right shoulder, the irritation in her voice belied by the slight twinkle I could see in her eyes. Give it right back to her if I can. Sarah’s advice echoed in my head. Hmm. Well, I could try. How successful I would be remained to be seen. But, if I at least tried to take Rose on on her own terms, that should make things more fun for her. Right? That’s how I saw it anyway. Oh well, here goes.

“Who said anything about fucking? I thought you wanted to wrestle?”

“I knew it. You don’t like girls do you?”

Well that went sorta okay. It wasn’t the sharpest comeback I’d ever made in my life, but it seemed to be sufficient for Rose. For starters anyway. Of course now I had to come up with another response to the dark-haired girl’s latest insult to my masculinity. What do you say when someone, who obviously knows what they’re saying isn’t true, attacks your virility?

Hmm. Then it struck me. Not all retorts had to be verbal, did they? I took advantage of my new found mobility to slam my dick into Rose’s pussy, looking for, and getting, a solid grunt of pleasure from the woman still trapped underneath me. I’ll show you who doesn’t like girls.


Oh fuck, that felt good. Don’t like girls? To the contrary, I absolutely love them. Especially when I’m fucking them. I started to move in and out of Rose’s cunt, slower than I had originally intended, willing to take some time to work up to speed. That was okay. Fucking someone hard didn’t always have to mean rapid-fire strokes.


This time the moan came not from underneath me, or even from me, but from the side of the bed and I was reminded that Rose and I were not alone in the room. I turned my head and saw that my two lovers from the day before were now positioned just a little bit south, but still to the right, of my ass, watching as my cock grinded in and out of Rose’s box.

“Oh fffucck!” “Uunnnhhh.” “Ohhhhhhhh.”

I was expressing my pleasure, Rose was moaning, but it was the simultaneous groans of unmitigated lust from Love and Sarah that were the loudest sounds in the room.

“Have you ever…?” Love didn’t even bother to glance at her friend as she asked her incomplete question.

“No. Have you?” Sarah was just as reluctant to tear her eyes away from the display going on in front of her.

“Uh unh. It’s…”

“You’ve got that right. Oh God Love! Look at how wet she is!”

Sarah had noticed the same thing that had captured my attention some minutes earlier. Given my position I obviously couldn’t see what she and Love were seeing, but just hearing her describing it was arousing enough. I started to grind my prick against the front wall of Rose’s pussy even harder as I continued to slide back and forth. Fuck! That felt so fucking amazing!

More groans of pleasure from Rose as Sarah finally tore her gaze away from our coupled groins to look at her friend, her eyes momentarily meeting my own before skipping on down to the dark-haired girl’s. “Enjoying yourself Rose?”

“Mmmmffffff. Oh God.” For a second I thought that was going to be the only response Rose was going to bother with, but after a few seconds the pale-skinned beauty was able to muster a real reply to the blonde’s question, “Why don’t… unnnhhh… you try going a couple years without… Oohhhhh… cock and tell me how you feel your first time… time… out?”

“No thank you. I’m an equal opportunity kinda gal. I see no reason to deprive myself. I like having sex with a guy on at least a semi-regular basis.”

“Does Freddie even count?”

Coming as it did almost literally from Sarah’s blind side I could not help but join Rose in a burst of abrupt laughter. The look on Sarah’s face was priceless and she turned to face Love, whose eyes had gone wide as if she had only just realized that she was the one that had spoken. Sarah peered at her lover as if trying to decide just how, playfully, angry she should be for the slight dig against her fiancé. Anyone else and I could see the green-eyed girl feeling really hurt, but since it was Love it seemed pretty obvious even to me that there had been no offense intended in her words.

“Ooh, you are so going to pay for that!” Apparently Sarah agreed with me.

Love had only enough time to get out a small “Eep!” before her best friend pounced on her, taking the brunette back to the floor and out of my and Rose’s sight once more. There were some brief giggles, followed by some murmured words that I couldn’t hear, then silence. Or maybe it wasn’t so silent, I couldn’t really tell. By this point I was back to concentrating on Rose and the pair on the floor could have been making more noise than a jet plane for all I knew. My attention was captured by the raven-haired goddess that was using me to make up for a couple of penis-free years. What was that about being able to better handle having sex with a celebrity? Without even realizing it I started to pick up speed.

“Oh yeah, just like that!”

With both Sarah and Love my first time with each of them had included a small variety of positions. Circumstances just allowed for it. Okay, in some ways the conditions practically demanded it. I know if I hadn’t taken a break to change positions with either of them I wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long as I did. Not that I had broken any endurance records, but still, it could have been much shorter than it was if we hadn’t mixed things up a bit.

But with Rose it didn’t look like that was going to be the case. For one thing, I was in a groove. The pleasure was intense, but not to the point where it seemed like it was going to overwhelm me at any second, and I wasn’t really looking to risk changing that one way or the other. For another thing, it didn’t appear that Rose wanted to alter anything either. If she did the moans and cries of delight interspersed with demands that I keep doing exactly what I had been doing was not the way to go. Lacking anything to indicate that a change was desired I decided that the best thing I could do, for both of us, was to simply plow, well, Rose. It seemed to me that she appreciated my single-mindedness, even if she wouldn’t have loved the pun.

“Ah ffffffuuucckKKK! Don’t stop!!”

Things continued this way for some time with almost no variation. Unless you count the increase in frequency and volume of Rose’s cries that is. But as far as the actual sex went, that didn’t really change for long minutes. Rose remained mostly still underneath me as I ground my unit in and out of her increasingly wet and overheated cunt. Her eyes were screwed shut and she had moved her right hand the few inches necessary to press up against her open mouth, stifling them somewhat, but not really silencing her now near constant groans.

When the steady, but assorted, stream became nothing but the non-stop repetition of the same two words over and over again I knew Rose’s climax was on its way.

“Oh fuck!Oh fuck!Oh fuck! OH FFFUCKK!!”

Sarah and Love must have realized it as well because it wasn’t five seconds after Rose started to repeat herself before their heads popped up again at the side of the bed. The brunette where she could watch Rose’s face as she came while Sarah appeared more interested in watching things a little further down. I got a kick out of the idea that these women were all so familiar with each other that they recognized the sounds they all made as they were getting ready to cum. Even though I knew, hell I’d witnessed it first hand, they were all lovers I found the implicit shared intimacy incredibly exciting. A refreshing change from the usual denials and cover-ups so common among Hollywood’s hottest. And if Rose could have lasted another few minutes everybody in the room may well have been treated to my own pre-orgasmic mating calls.

But she couldn’t. Or maybe she just didn’t want to. And after going nearly two years without dick who could blame her?

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Gonna cum! Gonna cum!”

And cum Rose did. Long and hard. It seemed to me that just about every muscle in the brown-eyed girl’s body locked as she came, a fact confirmed a short time later when Sarah joked about how the older girl’s toes never curled when they were having sex.

Even I had no problem thinking of a couple of good comebacks to Sarah’s jibe, she really had left herself open there, but Rose never got the chance to respond. As Rose’s orgasm began to subside I pulled out of her and backed away a bit, getting up on my knees and giving the prone girl a chance to roll over onto her back and Sarah a chance to tease. But before Rose could even begin to reply the blonde took a different kind of advantage of her friend and drove her head, and tongue, into the raven-haired girl’s sodden snatch.


Love and I watched as Sarah worked her tongue in Rose’s twat with surprising tenderness, licking deeply but softly at the still plentiful juices and then breaking away to kiss her way up the now supine body. Now for Love watching the pair might have been a satisfactory way to pass the time, she seemed to appreciate watching her lover’s at play with each other, but for me it wasn’t quite cutting it. Rose’s toes may have recently curled but mine, like another vital part of my anatomy, were pretty darn straight. I hadn’t really given much thought to what would happen after Rose came down from her orgasmic high, I think I just assumed we would pick up where we left off. But Sarah clearly had plans of her own for the older girl that did not immediately include me. Fortunately for my toes there was yet another playmate around to help me curl them. I reached over to Love and grasped her by her left wrist, pulling gently and coaxing her onto the king-sized bed.

The sexy brunette gave me a smile, one of those big, bright, heart-melting smiles that only she is capable of, as she walked on her knees to join me on the side of the bed closest to the bathroom, leaving the other side for Sarah and Rose.

“So, are you having fun?”

“Do you even have to ask?”

Love looked down at my erection and giggled but didn’t say anything more, opting instead to throw her arms around my neck and kiss me. The kiss went on for some time, and probably would have gone on even longer if I hadn’t slipped my hands down Love’s back to land on her butt, cupping both cheeks and giving them a healthy squeeze while I pulled her in tighter to me. As with any good squeeze toy I was rewarded with a squeal, slightly muffled, as the brown haired girl took advantage of the situation to once again wrap her legs around my waist. This caused me to go off balance a bit and I pitched forward, one hand releasing Love’s rump and breaking the fall as I lowered the brown-haired girl the rest of the way to the surface of the bed. Love was now on her back with her legs still loosely clasped around me, perfectly positioned to take up where Rose had left off. Well this works.

“Oh no you don’t.”

This statement was accompanied by Love’s hand pushing up on my left shoulder as she lowered her legs from their place around my waist. I rolled to my right and onto my back, getting perilously close to the edge of the bed, taking Love with me and ending up with our positions reversed.

“I get to be on top. Consider it your penalty for making me wait.”

I suppose I could have taken issue with the idea that I had made Love wait, I mean really, did anyone there think I was calling the shots?, but I knew she was just teasing me so there wasn’t really any need. Besides, sex with the bouncy brunette and she’s on top, who’s idea of punishment was this? Love’s obviously.

She lowered herself until she was lying flat on top of me and we started to kiss again while she grinded into my body, rubbing her clit against my shaft and her nipples along my chest. After only a minute or so she pulled back again, giving me one of the most lust-filled looks I have ever seen from any woman, let alone Love, before reaching down and grabbing my cock and placing the tip at her opening. Slowly, very very slowly, she started to lower herself onto me, the irrepressible grin on her face interrupted only briefly as her eyes closed for just a second then fluttered back open.

“I want this to last a long time!”

Uh oh. Define “long”. After all, time was relative. To a tortoise five minutes might not seem long, but to the sperm already grouping in my balls just waiting for the go order five minutes might be an eternity. Depending on where they landed of course. But what about Love? Would she find five minutes an acceptable definition, in context of course, of “long”?

“A really long time!”

I’m guessing not.

With that latest announcement the brown-haired girl started to lift her hips, almost, but not quite, raising herself up as slowly as she had lowered herself just moments before. And to make matters worse she was deliberately tightening the muscles in her pussy as she went.

Jeez! Where the hell had she learned that?!? She hadn’t done that the day before, had she? No, I’m sure I would remember if she had. So was this something new, or just something she hadn’t tried in any of our previous encounters? Oh Lord have mercy! Fuck! It didn’t matter! “Long” was about to be redefined. And not upward.

Reaching apogee Love reversed direction, again lowering herself gradually down my dick. As she moved I could feel her shifting her hips slowly forward until she hit bottom then backward as she moved back up, the muscles of her vagina once again grasping my pole. It was actually kind of familiar. A bit like Sarah. Suddenly I knew where she had learned this little stunt. I just wish she hadn’t chosen that particular moment to demonstrate it. The seconds passed as my unit slid in and out of Love’s box. First Sarah, then Rose, and now Love and her new parlor trick. My toes, and my sperm, started to make plans for my looming orgasm.

I tried to delay it. Really, I did. But the combination of Rose and now Love was just too much for me. I was able to hold off for a bit, seconds really, but by the time things were coming to an end with Rose I was already close, and now with Love moving on top of me it was just more than I could take. Maybe if I’d been the one in control I could have drawn things out some more, but frankly, I tend to doubt it. About the only thing I could do right then was to give Love fair warning.

“Oh fuhhhh… Fuhhhh… Ah, Love… I think I’m gonna…”

“What?!? Nooooo…” She hopped off me but remained astride my upper thighs “That’s too fast!”

The disappointment in her voice was evident. But what could I do? I mean, would Love be in any better shape if she’d been screwing say, Brad Pitt only to swap him out for George Clooney? Again, I tend to doubt it. Whereas I had gone from, well, Rose McGowan to her, as close to the female equivalents of Pitt and Clooney as I can think of. While Love only had to deal with the equivalent of a Baldwin. A lesser Baldwin at that. Like Stephen or Billy. But not Daniel. I felt justified in thinking myself superior to Daniel.

Too fast or not my climax was on its way. However, with Love no longer providing any stimulation it was destined to be a rather dismal event, easily the least satisfying orgasm I’d had since this whole adventure had started in the elevator the day before. But even as I contemplated my unattended penis something big and fleshy looking quickly entered my field of vision, much too fast for me to tell what it was.


“Owww!!” “ROSE!!”


Rose smacked my shaft a second time and Love looked like she was going to protest again when Sarah stopped her. “No, it’s okay Love. The pain will distract him from cumming. Besides, it’s more of a shock than any real pain. Right?”

The question was directed at me, and even though I had cried out at Rose’s initial belt Sarah was right, it was more from the shock than from any pain. Good thing too because the raven-haired girl wasn’t waiting for my blessing, choosing that moment to give my manhood another sharp rap to the side.


“Don’t worry Love. Like Sarah said, the pain will make it so he doesn’t want to cum. Unless he’s weird that way. Are you weird that way?” Rose turned her gaze away from my cock, a small smile coming to her lips as she waited for my answer.

“No. Now would you please stop hitting my dick?”

“Still feel like you’re gonna cum?”

“Not with you hitting my dick I don’t!”

“Then it worked. You can thank me now.”

“Gee, thanks.”

Looking over to Sarah, Rose complained “That didn’t sound very sincere. You’d think he’d be more appreciative.”

The blonde glanced up at me then back to Rose, “I dunno. He still has that warm champagne look to him. I think he’s still too close to cumming. Maybe you should slap him again.”

Warm champagne? How can a person look like warm champagne? The girls were obviously enjoying the banter, and honestly, so was I. But at Sarah’s suggestion, however lighthearted, I had to draw the line.

“No.” Stern. Authoritative. In control.



“Oh ya big baby. I didn’t hit you that hard.”

I didn’t bother responding. Somehow I didn’t think it would help my situation. Besides Sarah had leaned over to Love and whispered something in the brunette’s ear and now she was maneuvering so that she was once again straddling my hips. I found this far more interesting than continuing to verbally spar with Rose. Love reached down and took hold of my shaft, placing the tip of my penis back at the opening of her vagina. Oh yes, this was definitely more interesting.

“Don’t put it in Love. Just rub against the shaft.”

Oh Fuhhh… “Unnnhhhh.”

Ten seconds. Not even. Not even ten seconds and I was already set to pop. Feeling Love rubbing against my rod was sooooo much nicer than being smacked by Rose. Unfortunately it was also more than sufficient to bring me back to the edge. Oh! I get it now! Oh shit!


This time not even a sharp rap from Rose was going to be enough to stop my orgasm. Love stopped pressing her pussy against me and backed away again, probably hoping, in vain, that I wouldn’t cum.

Sorry Love. Not this time. I felt the cum bubbling in my balls as I started to climax.

Only to see Rose’s hand approach my cock once more, not to hit it, but to grasp it in her left hand. The raven-haired girl pinched the shaft hard at the base with her thumb on the bottom near my balls and her index and middle fingers on top right near the pubic bone, then pressed down on the upper side of my penis with her remaining fingers, maybe half an inch above the other two, and bent my unit down and under, wrapping it around her thumb until it was literally pointing back between my legs, cutting my ejaculation off at the source.

But not my orgasm. That still happened, but it was unlike any orgasm I’d ever had before. I had the unique, to me, experience of having a climax without the messy goo. Not for the lack of trying though. I tried, believe me I tried. But Rose had done such a good job of shutting me down that nothing escaped.

Of course it took a fair amount of time before Rose felt it was safe to let go of me. Which was an interesting experience in and of itself since my body was still trying to finish what it started. But once the urge to ejaculate finally passed, ending what had to be the most prolonged climax of my life, Rose released my dick and allowed it to spring back to its normal shape. Its normal still fully erect shape. Holy shit! Now that brought a big smile to both me and Love.

“So is it safe now? Can we, ya know, finish?”

I was certainly game. But Rose had other ideas.

“Hang on Love. Quick Draw here may have just dodged a bullet that time but you don’t want to be going through this all over again five minutes from now do ya?”

Five minutes? Rose seriously overestimated my recovery time. Unless… could a climax without ejaculating be the path to multiple orgasms? Oh my. This could be the start of something… HUGE.

“No. But Rose! It’s my turn! I don’t want to wait any more!”

“You won’t have to. I have an idea…”

Oh crap, not another idea. Last time these gals had an idea I ended up getting my balls shaved. What’s it gonna be this time? And how will this keep…

“Hey Sarah, where’s my handbag?”

Her handbag? Why does Rose want her handbag?

* * * * * * * * *

So a few weeks, er months, okay years, back KMB shoots me an e-mail telling me how much he liked what was to be the last chapter of this series, or so I had planned, and asks me if I would consider adding one of his favorite gals to the mix. Would I consider it. That’s like asking me if I would consider having sex with SMG and JLH. Why yes, now that you ask, I think I might rather enjoy that. So anyway, KMB asked and I said yes and now after a *ahem* brief delay, and enough broken promises and missed commitments to populate Delaware, here it is, chapter 4 of LiaE. Sorry it took so long buddy. Maybe it won’t be a new decade when I finish chapter 5. I said maybe.

Other than that I don’t have much to say this time. Except, I’m still writing. Don’t know if anybody is reading, but I’m still writing.

Up next, who knows? If we’ve learned anything over the last few years it’s the fact that I rarely deliver the story I think I’m going to. So it goes.

Until next time,


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