Katy Perry: Good Vibrations

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Katy Perry: Good Vibrations

Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I’d love to hear some feedback as it’s my first time writing. My e-Mail address at: mean.blackjack(@)yahoo.co.uk If you remove the parenthesis from the @ symbol it’ll get through! Alternately, feel free to drop me a line in the comment box at the bottom. I’m thinking of adding more to this but only you can help!

Author: Blackjack

Author’s Note: Because Katy Perry is too hot to not have a story about her! The story is set a little
after ‘I Kissed a girl’ came out, so she’s not crazy popular at the time of the story. If you want to hum a tune, while reading this story, then here you go ;)

Im pickin up good vibrations
Shes giving me excitations
Im pickin up good vibrations (oom bop bop good vibrations)
Shes giving me excitations (oom bop bop excitations)
Good good good good vibrations (oom bop bop)
Shes giving me excitations (oom bop bop excitations)
Good good good good vibrations (oom bop bop)
Shes giving me excitations (oom bop bop excitations)

Celebrity: Katy Perry

Codes: MF, MMF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Slut, DP, ATM, Facial

Me and my best friend, Ted ‘Teddy Bear’ Bernard had been volunteer life guards at our local beach for a while now. We had never seen much action, it was normally a case of telling people we didn’t get sharks in our area and explaining that water did in fact get you wet.

We were walking along the golden sand, observing all of the swimmers, making sure there was no one that needed any help. We were in a very fortunate place, there was a large public building right on the lip of the beach that served as the life guard headquarters. Dotted along the beach were several large towers that we could take seats in to observe the swimmers and patrons of the beach.

“I’m telling you dude. If we can get in to Los Angeles to see Billy, Ian and Jack, that would rule!” Ted said with wild enthusiasm, as we walked along. We had been in the same group of friends since high school. However, me and Ted lived on the outside of California while Ian, Jack and Billy lived deeper in L.A.

“Yeah, but we can barely afford our lifestyle as it is. They won’t be able to let us stay over either. Don’t they still live with their parents?” I asked as we stopped halfway between the two towers, observing the swimmers.

“Yeah… But dude…” Ted said, smacking me lightly on the shoulder. While he meant it as a playful slap, it actually hurt a whole lot. Ted stood at close to six foot three and weighed close to two hundred pounds of pure muscle. He was built like a pro wrestler and was equally as hairy.

“Dude! It’s like you’re the Hulk!” I exclaimed rubbing my shoulder. “But still, the summer’s ending soon. We may have to move in closer anyway, this isn’t going to pay all of our bills.”

Resting my hands behind my head, I looked out to see and was about to move on, when something caught my eye. “… Teddy… You see that? By the yellow buoy…”

“Where… Oh God! Yeah! I see her!”

There was a woman, flailing wildly. Her black hair was matted to her face making it look like she had been slashed by the color black. Running into the water, we both dived in, in near perfect synch.

Taking deep powerful strokes, we swam as fast as we could muster, people parted as we made our way across. Getting close to the woman, I could see she was a beautiful specimen but was struggling to continue. Her movements were getting slower and slower, eventually she stopped moving.

She must of swallowed a lot of water. Gripping hold of her in the correct manner, I held her tight and swam as quickly as possible back to the beach. Scooping her up in my arms in the shallow water, I sprinted over to the beach and lay her down.

Pressing down on her chest, delivering compressions, I counted to five before opening her mouth and delivered CPR. Ted was bent at his knees, watching me perform the actions. Ted never was very good with this sort of thing, so it was probably best.

Pressing down on her chest again three times, I breathed slowly and put my lips on hers, pushing air into her lungs. Pushing down on her chest, the woman stirred to life and spat out the water to her side. Coughing, spluttering and making a mess of my beach, but alive!

By this time, several spectators had gathered around. One of the teenage girls piped up, as the beauty lay on her back, taking deep breathes of air.

“Like, ohmygod! It’s Katy Perry!”

The beauty seemed to respond to the name, stirring ever so slightly.

“It’s OK, keep breathing like you were.” I said soothingly, patting her on the arm.

“Katy who? Does somebody know this person?” Ted asked, running a hand through his messy and now wet hair.

“Ohmygod! She’s like a totally famous singer! Another teen said. There were lots of murmurings now as a bigger crowd started to form.

Looking over to Ted, we shared a similar though. She was only going to get worse if every one could gawp at her. “Katy? Are you OK if I carry you back to our HQ?” I asked, leaning in closer to her.

She nodded, wiping the black hair from her face, showing off her beauty.

“Alright. Do you have any stuff with you?” I asked, as I put my arm around Katy’s shoulders and under her legs. Scooping her up in my arms again, Katy nodded and motioned over to a polka dot gym bag in a nape of the cliff edge. I nodded my head towards it. “Ted?”

He nodded and parted the people moving over to the bag. I carried Katy quickly over to the HQ, ignoring flashes of camera phones, trying to cover her face as much as possible. Crossing the warm concrete of the car park, I got to the staff door and was quickly rejoined by Ted who had managed to push back the people.

He quickly punched in the code for me and held the door open, we both ducked into the room. Ted shut it behind him and lay the bag on the steel table next to the door.

“Ted, can you grab that chair please?” I asked, as I looked down at Katy Perry who was now in my arms. “Katy? Are you OK to sit down?”

She nodded happily, her big eyes now open. It looked like she was back with the living, as Ted pulled the chair on its wheels over to us. I stepped to the side of it, as Ted steadied it. I lay Katy in the chair and knelt down in front of her, I spoke softly as she got a bearing. “Are you OK? Do you remember what happened?”

Katy lay back in the soft, felt covered chair, scouting her surroundings. She eyed the radio controls on the left side of the cube we were in. The headquarters were split into three parts. There was the radio control room, which activated all of our personal radios and the radio for our boat that was out at sea. There was the main office, where we had the front desk, the office of the manager, representatives for the beach and waiting rooms for people who had called cabs. And on the other side there was another cube where we had a shower block and our locker rooms.

“I was swimming to the point and… I don’t know… I must’ve swallowed some water or something… I blacked out. Did you two get me out?” She asked, looking at me and Ted, who had now walked next to me.

We both nodded as Katy rubbed her temples as Katy was about to say something else, our manager, Salina Perez, walked in. Salina was in her early forties, had long brown hair, deep green eyes, well built in the chest area and the pure definition of a cougar. “What’s happened the front desk’s on over load! You saved some celebrity?”

Katy’s eyes widened in fear as she looked at us both, I nodded my head solemnly.

“Sal, we saved this lady here but she’s in no shape to talk. Can you get them out of here?” Ted said, jumping in as I held Katy’s hand.

“Alright then. Miss are you going to be OK? You can stay here as long as you need.”

Katy nodded and looked at us both. “Is it OK if they stay with me?” She asked, motioning to me and Teddy.

Sal looked at us both and shrugged. “Sure, we were going to call you both in any way… Wait… Where are your radios?”

Padding myself down, Ted mimicked my actions, we shot sheepish looks to each other and then back to Sal, who rolled her eyes. “Y’know, Katy… There’s a great little cave me and Ted found. It’s far from the beach and we’ll get plenty of privacy if you want to call you manager or agent?” I said as she looked up at me.

“Sure, well my manager was going to come and get me at five any way.” Looking at my watch, it said that it was half past twelve.

“Four and a half hours? No problem, I’ll go grab the radios and make sure the beach is cleared up from paparazzi.”

Katy smiled and thanked me. Ted stood up and took me to one side.

“You sure bro? I can manage that…” He said, looking me in the eyes.

Knowing what he’d have to do, I knew I’d much rather be outside with the rabid fans. “I’m sure dude, thanks for looking out for me though.”

As I opened the door carefully to ensure there was no one on the other side. I walked out as I heard Sal explain about the paper work. Grinning, I walked down onto the beach and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was now empty. All the people had made their way over to the head office to try and see Katy.

Scanning the beach, I spotted our utility belts, our nicknames for them any way, and grabbed them. Wrapping them around my shoulder, I looked out to the sea as I made my way back to the office. While one life guard wasn’t going to make a scene, two life guards and a bikini clad girl may do… We’d have to disguise her…

Thinking about what we had, we could easily slip on a grey shirt for the life guards and maybe fish out a pair of the hot pants the girls were forced to wear. If the three of us jogged down the beach it would look like we were simply keeping fit. The cave was a two minute jog down the beach too. Perfect!

I reached the side door and slammed in the code. ‘4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.’ The green light flashed and unlocked. I opened the door and moved in, Ted was now in Katy’s chair signing three different documents. Smiling, I looked around to find Katy.

“She’s changing bro. We’re going to dress her in a life guard outfit and jog down to the cave.” Ted said softly as he scanned each page and scribbled his name, scruffily.

I nodded my head, great minds really did think a like. A few moments passed and Katy walked into the room again. Her hair had been tied back and was hiding her figure in a less than flattering grey top with the hot pants covering her bikini bottoms. I gave a half hearted wolf whistle as she twirled around, showing off her new attire.

She smiled and thanked me. God, she looked beautiful with color in her cheeks. “So, am I part of the crew? There are secret handshake? A hazing?” She said with a grin, as she leaned against the radio’s table.

“Oh, for a pretty girl like you? You. Do no. Want to know the hazing we have!” I said with a grin as Ted finished up his signatures.

“Alright dawg, I’ll hand these in, then we’ll be good to go!” With that, Ted stood up and disappeared out of the room. Katy looked around and saw her bag, she ruffled through it and found something. Slowly exposing a towel to the light of day, Katy smiled and tucked it under her arm.

“May need it, to sit down on.” She said with a nod. I returned the nod and Ted entered the room again.

“Alright, we’re good to go, Sal says we’re in charge of Miss Perry’s protection though bro.”

Ted said with a smile as the three of us gathered by the door. “Katy. Call me Katy.” She said with a smile, me and Ted nodded and opened the door. Giving a quick side to side sweep, we were satisfied.

“OK Katy… The cave is about two minutes that way.” I said, motioning to the general direction. “Ted will run in front, I’ll cover your rear. Cover THE rear.” I said, correcting myself as Katy burst into a fit of giggles with Ted shaking his head.

“OK, let’s go!” Katy said, full of enthusiasm.

I opened the door when a shout came from the front office. Stopping, we turned and looked back to see Sal calling to us. Looking to Ted, then to Katy I shut the door and stepped back inside.

“I don’t know what the hell you two were thinking but we need to get Katy to the hospital. It’s this new directive from the government, all incidents that involve health and safety violations are required to be checked over. Sorry boys.“ Sal said with a half hearted smile.

Great. Missing out on hanging out with a hot new pop diva.

“Can the boys come with me?“ Katy asked. Sal nodded her head, running her hands through her brown hair.

“Sure, don’t see why not. Boys, will you be OK?” Sal asked to us.

“Yeah sure. Will an ambulance be coming?” Ted asked as we both stepped back into the office.

“Yeah, it’s about five minutes away and will be parking up at the back.” Sal said as she looked out to the reception.

“Sure, we can take you down. The hospital is about a half hour drive?” I said, looking to Ted for confirmation, seeing his nod, I repeated the time.

“OK, well I can get checked out and then we can maybe do something later?” Katy asked, biting down on her bottom lip for a few seconds.

“Sure, that sounds great.” I retorted, Ted nodded his head and when Katy wasn’t looking he gave me a goofy big thumbs up. Rolling my eyes, I saw a flashing red light outside the window.

Peeking through the door, I saw two EMT’s walking this way with a clipboard. One was checking it over while the other walked straight ahead, looking at the door. They reached it and the empty handed one knocked three times. I walked over to the door and pulled it open.

“Afternoon. We’re here for a patient by the name of Katy Perry?” The one with the clip board aid.

“Yeah, we’ve got her here. Me and my buddy here, are looking to ride a long. She doesn’t have anyone else. That going to be a problem?” Ted asked as Katy stood up and walked over to the two of us.

“Not at all bud! We’ve got plenty of room in the back. Doctor’s will get a bit funny but you’ll just have to wait outside while the tests are done.” The empty handed one said cheerfully.

“Cool, well we expected that any way. Alright Katy, are you ready to go?” I said, turning to Katy who nodded sweetly.

“Alright then. Miss Perry are you experiencing any dizziness?” The empty handed one asked, leaning in to check her pupils.

“No, I feel fine.” She replied, letting the EMT check.

“Alright, Chuck, I think we should be able to go just like this.” The empty handed one said. Chuck, the one with the clipboard, nodded and checked a box.

“Alright, let’s go…” I said, as the five of us left the room.

*One boring ambulance ride later*

We sat in the large corridor, Katy had been moved to a bed in one of the wards with a large white curtain surrounding it. We speculated that it was for a full body exam, but thinking about that, wasn’t the best thing in our tight life guard shorts.

A few moments passed as we swapped small talk, eventually the curtain was drawn back and Katy had changed back into our life guard costume. Nurse Reed, the Nurse who had helped Katy left with Doctor Jordan, they stopped briefly to explain that there was indeed nothing wrong with Katy and she would be fine to leave.

“Well,” I started, walking towards Katy who was sitting on the end of the bed with a big smile on her face. “We’d better go and show you our beach cave!” I added with a big grin.

“Beach cave eh?” Katy asked, crooking an eyebrow.

“Yeah, a few years ago there was a bad case of corrosion on our beach front. Nasty stuff had been dumped in there and it reacted badly with the cliffs. When we went to check it out we found a really great cave. We tend to go there after days at work. This has really been a day!” Ted said with a big grin.

“That sounds great!” Katy said, hopping off of the bed. “But, how are we going to get there? Neither of you drove over here.” Katy said.

“Ah shoot. You’re right!” Ted said, shaking his head. He ran a hand through his big thick beard and dived into his pocket.

“I’ll call a cab. He can drop us off at the station.” Ted said, as he pulled out his wallet. Ted shook it at me happily and walked off down the hall.

Shaking my head, I grinned and turned to Katy who was now looking a bit more solemn.

“Richie… I…. I wanted to thank you both for being there today… It could have been really bad if you weren’t…” Katy said, she was shaking all over. It looked like she was terrified about something.

“Katy… It’s alright you don’t have to thank us for that… We were only doing our job.” I said with a smile, Katy nodded softly and looked up at me. Tears were struggling to form, Katy looked deep into my eyes and slowly started to lean towards me. Knowing what was coming, I did the same, we both started to close our eyes when we heard Ted’s lumbering voice get shushed by a Nurse.

“Alright, they’ll meet us out front!” Ted said with a smile. Nodding, the two of us joined him as we started to walk out to the front of the hospital.

*One uneventful cab ride later…*

We pulled up outside of the large grey life guard station, there were a few lights on and we guessed that it was Sal catching up on paper work. We paid and tipped the driver of the cab before getting out and walking towards the station.

“It’s quiet… Paparazzi have gone.” Ted said, nudging Katy playfully, who responded by lightly punching him on the arm.

“Oh shoot! Do you mind if we call my agent? I need to get picked up later today and said I’d call him when I wanted it.” Katy said, stopping in her tracks, looking at us sheepishly.

“Yeah that’s fine. We can use the station’s phone.” I said as we walked in to the station, getting a couple of shouts from members of staff, me and Ted smiled and pretended to ignore them. We walked past reception and into the room from earlier.

“OK Katy, go ahead and give your manager a call.” I said with a smile, motioning to the grey phone on the desk.

“Great, thanks boys.” Katy said with a smile, walking over to the desk. Katy grabbed the receiver and punched in a number. It rang for a few moments before it was picked up. They exchanged pleasantries and Katy mentioned about staying in the area for a little longer. We though it was funny that she didn’t mention the accident but thought little of it.

“What time do I need picking up? What time is it?” She asked, as I checked my watch.

“Quarter to four.” I mouthed.

“How does half past six sound?” Se asked, smiling at me. “Alright, great see you then.”

Katy hung up the phone with a smile and turned to face us.

“Alright boys! To the beach cave!” She said with a smile. We grinned and nodded our heads. Walking out of the side entrance, we stepped out onto the beach which had held all of the drama earlier. The beach was pretty deserted now as lots of people were getting ready for nights out or settling down with the children.

We were walking for a couple of minutes before Ted stopped.

“Ok, we’re here. It’s just up that path there Katy.” He said, motioning to the section we had excavated specifically so we could go up and hang out in there. Katy nodded and walked past Ted, climbing onto the smaller rock, Katy walked up the sandy path and ducked into our hole.

It was fairly big, not bat cave big, but not cardboard box, small. It was about seven foot high with the depth being close to twenty feet. We had a cooler box that ran off batteries tucked away at the back, Ted and myself followed Katy in, who had now stripped off into her bikini.

It was the first time I had chance to examine it, without y’know. Trying to save her life and every thing. It was a nice fit, that was black with yellow polka dots on it. The bottoms were off a similar design, unfortunately the bottom was not a thong, but Mother always told me not to be greedy.

Ted reached the cooler and threw the camouflage we had covering it to one side. Unclipping the plastic tabs, Ted opened the lid and looked inside.

“Son of a… !” He exclaimed, looking deeper. “Those frat boys have been back!” He moaned.

“We’ve had problems with some frat boys who seem to think this is their cave. When it belongs to the beach.” I explained to Katy, as Ted shook his head, cursing.

“The convenience store’s open right? I’ll go get some more drinks.” Dipping his hand into the box, Ted added another fragment. “And batteries. Be right back!”

Ted then tore out of the cave like a bat out of hell. Raising my eyebrows in surprise, I looked over to Katy who smiled and lay the blanket down on the soft, golden sand.

“Then there were two.” She said with a smile, she sat on the baby blue towel and patted the side next to her. As I sat down, Katy looked out to the sea and sighed happily. “It’s so beautiful out there.”

I looked out to match her gaze and nodded. “Yeah, it really is.”

Katy looked at me and smiled, she was about to say something but looked back down her body. She finally found a voice and spoke softly.

“You were amazing today… You both were. I would of died if you two weren‘t there. I’m… I’m glad you two were there, but if I was any further then… Then you two may of…” Katy said, looking to her feet as I stopped her.

“Katy, you were in trouble. That’s our job, we have to abandon our own safety so that everyone else is safe… Not just smoking hot celebrities.” I said with a warm smile, patting her on her exposed arm.

Blushing slightly, Katy looked up at me and smiled. “Awww that’s sweet of you to say so. You’re hot too.” Sitting up, Katy looked at me in the eyes with a warm smile. “I’m pretty sure we’re going to kiss…” She said with a grin.

I smiled happily as I cupped Katy’s cheek in my left hand. Taking a moment, I leaned
in and kissed her softly on the lips a few times. Slowly trailing slow, gentle kisses across her neck, Katy cooed as I made my way back up to her mouth. She wrapped her hands around the back of my neck as our tongues explored each other’s mouth’s lovingly. We kissed for a long while before breaking the kiss, hugging each other tightly on the blanket.

“That was so nice.” Katy purred as she looked up into my eyes.

I just smiled and draped an arm over her shoulder and tugged her into me delivering a tighter hug. Katy wrapped an arm around my waist, lying her head on my chest, she looked up at the sky as I spoke softly.

“You are so beautiful.” I whispered, Katy looked up at me and smiled, blushing lightly. Leaning in to the blushing starlet, I took her earlobe between my teeth and nibbled at it gently. Katy’s knees wobbled as my hot breath tickled her ear, she moaned contently as I sucked on her earlobe. She then gasped in surprise as my hands squeezed her breasts, much to her surprise. Looking up at her reaction, I began to kiss her smooth neck again.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked in a whisper.

“God no!” She replied, her voice heavy with lust.

Smiling, the raven haired beauty melted into my embrace as I continued to knead her gorgeous breasts and kiss her soft neck. Katy tilted her head back, moving my lips up I kissed her mouth again as I moved my hands around her back and loosened the string keeping her polka dot bikini top on.

Katy got with the program rather quickly and moved her arms from my shoulders and in front of her body. Making quick work of the fabric, I tossed it to the sand and began to play with her freshly bare breasts as she groaned weakly in approval.

After a few minutes of playting with her tits, I slid my hands down her tight, flat stomach and into her bikini bottoms.

Katy whimpered as I slipped my hand into her pants, tracing my middle finger lightly along her pussy’s sensitive lips. Katy had closed her eyes and was breathing heavily as I continued to rub her wet, burning hot pussy.

Katy jumped in her skin as a jolt of pleasure tore through her hot, tight body. Rubbing her cunt’s lips, I tugged her now wet bottoms aside and started to massage her bare pussy. I brought my free left hand up and worked her heaving breasts, playing with her rock hard nipples at the same time as kneading her breasts.

Katy closed her eyes again and moaned as her whole body twitched in response to my manipulations. Katy had never had anyone touch her quite like I was and she found herself literally at my bidding. She opened her eyes again and stared at me as slipped two fingers inside of her. Katy lifted her ass in the air, letting me slide her bottoms down her legs. Getting them to her feet, Katy threw them to one side, giving me plenty of room to finger her. Sliding another two fingers into Katy’s cunt, she moaned again giving me more encouragement.

My dick was rock hard in my shorts as Katy started to breathe my name, as I fingered her. Licking my lips, I leaned in to Katy and planted my lips on hers and started to kiss her. Pushing my lips against hers, Katy moaned and started to kiss me back. Her small tongue slipped into my mouth above my larger tongue. She playfully smashed her tongue on top of mine, letting me catch hers and suck on it.

With three fingers now in Katy’s cunt, I started to slide them in and out, moving in and out in a quick one second in, one second out routine. Pumping into her like I was fucking her, Katy started to roll her hips to my hands making me know I was doing the right things.

Katy broke the kiss and started to breathe heavily, as my fingers were getting wetter and wetter. Katy gripped at the towel as she arched her back and moaned aloud.

“Awwww I’m gonna cum!”

Katy screamed aloud as her pussy tightened around my fingers and she started to cum. I continued to finger her as she screamed at the orgasm she was going through. Her hips bucking started to slow as the orgasm washed over her.

Remaining still on the towel, I looked at her as she breathed slowly. Her large chest moved up and down as she opened her eyes slowly. Licking her lips, Katy looked at me, as I climbed to a kneeling position.

“Want a blowjob?” She asked matter of factly, winking as she climbed up to her knees.

As it turned out, I did indeed want a blowjob. Nodding, I tugged at my red shorts, loosening the drawstring, I let the shorts fall down to around my ankles.

“How do you want me?” I asked, as Katy crawled over to me. Smiling, Katy climbed up to her knees.

“I don’t mind. Do you want to stand?” She asked as she wrapped her arms around my neck and tugged me into a hug, flicking her tongue against my ear lobe. I nodded and climbed to my feet, careful not to smack my head on the roof of the cave.

Standing in front of Katy, I held my dick still. It stood at about eight inches and was roughly two or three inches thick. Katy’s eyes went wide as she looked at it, licking her lips. Katy wrapped her hands around my shaft and started to slowly jerk my cock.

“Yeah, baby, stroke it.” I urged her, as I watched her slowly slide her hands up and down my shaft. She slowly began to glide her petite hand up and down my cock as I reached down and pinched her brown nipples between my fingers. She groaned sexily and quickened her pace as I started to twist the nipple lightly from side to side.

Katy opened her mouth and flicked her tongue against my dick’s head making me shiver in delight. Katy pushed her spongy muscle against my dick’s head and lightly rolled it around the head, making sure to flick it against the piss slit.

Katy had put one hand on my thigh to steady me, while her other hand was busy fondling my nuts. Rolling them around in her small hand, Katy smiled as she opened her mouth and let my cock enter her mouth. Bobbing up and down slowly, tilting her head from side to side as she smoothly bobbed up and down on my shaft.

Katy’s spit started to appear on my shaft as she lightly squeezed my nuts with every deeper bob on my dick. Bobbing up and down, Katy’s tongue danced all over my shaft, making me close my eyes in pleasure. Looking up to the heavens above, I moaned aloud as Katy moved her hand up to my ass and squeezed it.

Katy shifted her other hand from my nuts and onto my other ass cheek. Squeezing both cheeks as hard as she pleased, Katy smiled as I opened my eyes and watched her suck me off.

Katy slowly dragged her lips along my cock before pulling them off of my dick. Looking up at me, Katy smiled and started to jerk my cock. Speaking with a smirk on her face, Katy smiled.

“Have you ever given a throat job?”

Shaking my head, Katy smiled and put her lips on top of my dick. Flicking her tongue against my cock, Katy spoke softly.

“Put your hands on my head… Then throw my face on your cock as hard as you can.” Katy spoke confidently, but softly. She had done this before, but maybe she didn’t enjoy it last time?

“Katy…” I started to argue, but she silenced me by taking my cock in her mouth.

Shrugging, I wrapped my fingers in Katy’s black hair and pulled her waiting mouth down onto my cock. My fingers were tangled messily as her wet, pouty lips accepted my throbbing erection. Not sure of how far she could take, I slowly shifted her mouth down onto where she was sucking previously. Katy took it easily and looked up at me, Katy’s eyes asked me to do more.

I nodded, and held onto her head tighter. Moving my dick out of Katy’s lips, I then forced more of my dick into her mouth. Katy took roughly six or seven inches of my dick and smiled contently, I changed my pace and held Katy’s head still. Tangling my fingers in Katy’s hair, I pulled my hips back, letting just my dick’s head remain in her wet mouth.

I then slammed my hips back into her face, forcing all eight inches into Katy’s mouth. Katy let out a satisfied groan as my cock smashed against the back of her throat. Katy’s saliva splashed in her mouth as she got my cock wetter and wetter. I repeated the process of slamming my hips in and out of her mouth, my nuts slapping against her chin now as my thrusts got wilder.

Groaning, I moaned that I was going to cum. Katy nodded and showed no signs of wanting me to get out of her mouth. Smiling, I carried on fucking her face. I felt my nuts tighten, I warned Katy but she simply closed her eyes and waited for me to cum.

Letting out a moan, I shot my load inside the singers mouth. Several spurts shot from my cock and sailed down Katy’s throat, landing in her belly, Katy moaned happily. Unhooking my fingers, I slowly pulled my cock from her lips letting all of her spit fall from her mouth.

“You got a rubber?” Katy asked, as she wiped the spit from her jaw.

“No. Can honestly say I wasn’t expecting this to happen.”

“OK, well I’ll just get the pill once we go back to the city. Lie down.” Katy commanded, Grinning from ear to ear, I nodded. Lying down on the towel, I held my rock hard and soaking wet dick steady. Katy smiled and stepped over my waist, facing me, Katy squatted down in a cow-girl position.

Putting her hands on my chest, Katy pushed her hips downwards, letting my cock slide into her pussy. We both moaned as she forced more and more into her, Katy groaned as she got past the eight inch mark. Dropping to her knees, Katy took all of my shaft inside her tight pussy, she started to bounce up and down on my cock moaning with each drop.

Holding onto her hips, I lay back and watched as she brought her hips up and down, riding my shaft. Katy looked to the sky and moaned, she started to grind her hips with my dick inside her on each drop to the bottom. Katy’s tits bounced up and down as she rose and fell, making the nipples seem even more fetching.

Propping myself up on my elbows, I took Katy’s right tit in my mouth and started to play with her hard nipple, making her moan even more. Changing the position, I gripped Katy by the ass and lifted her up, letting me sit up. I then put Katy back on my cock as she moaned at the position change.

Katy wrapped all appendages around me as I lifted her up by the ass and dropped her on my dick. Katy moaned in my ear, her hot breath driving me mad as her tongue ran circles over my ear. Flicking inside the lobe, Katy closed her legs even tighter as she started to bounce faster and faster. Trying a new trick, I lifted Katy up so that she only had a few inches inside her. I then held her tighter and threw her down my dick, like I’d let her drop from the sky.

Katy’s eyes shot open and widened as she threw her head back and screamed at the pleasure shooting through her. I nestled my head into her cleavage, performing a motor boat action much to Katy’s pleasure. I lifted Katy up and down, dropping her on my dick, making her writhe with pleasure.

Holding onto her waist, I lifted Katy up and pushed her onto her back. Putting my hands on the sand, I pulled my dick out of her pussy and slammed it back in, in a standard missionary position. Katy wrapped her legs around my waist and held me in tighter as I slammed my cock in and out.

Slamming her hot pussy, Katy screamed out loud again. Wrapping her arms around my neck, Katy tugged me into her as she started to cum again. Her pussy lips hugged my shaft tightly as her cum flooded out onto my shaft. Groaning out loud, Katy dug her nails into my back and raked them downwards as I drove my shaft deeper into her.

“Can I cum in you Katy?” I asked, as she rocked through the orgasm.

Shaking her head, Katy bit her bottom lip to stop herself from screaming again. “On my chest.” Was all she could mutter as she lay on her back, letting me fuck her. I nodded, and continued to plough inside her until I was five minutes past the point of no return. Forcing my dick deeper inside her, I could feel my nuts tighten, so I slid out and just as I did, my cum tore through the air and splattered against her firm tummy.

Katy smiled and wiped the cum up from her waist. Licking her finger clean, Katy looked up and me and grinned, batting her eyes lids lightly. “I should nearly drown more often!”

Katy said with a laugh, she looked over to the mouth of the cave and was shocked to see Ted standing a few feet away, stroking his hand over the obvious bulge in his khaki shorts. She tried to cover up, but we both had other ideas. Holding her still, I leaned towards her and whispered into her ear.

“Easy, baby. Remember, he saved you too.”

Katy let the words run through her head, she looked up at me. Still rather shell shocked then grinned. Looking over at Ted, she winked and beckoned him with a crooked finger. Ted nodded with a big goofy grin and walked over to her, pushing at his shorts, they fell down easily letting Katy see his member.

She gasped audibly as his huge, hard cock sprang out. Katy stared in near disbelief at his massive dick. It was close to a foot long, it was also proportionately thick. Katy climbed up onto her knees and took hold of Ted’s cock, my cock would look massive by itself but next to Ted’s, my cock look tiny.

Wrapping both her hands around the shaft, Katy started to jerk the dick, rubbing her hands up and down. Sweat had formed on Katy’s body from our previous exertion and her nipples were poking out stiffly.

Kneeling down behind her, I put my arms around Katy’s body and put my hands on her large chest. Reaching up to her tits I started to knead them as Katy jerked off my friend.

“Damn Katy… You know what to do…” Ted exclaimed as Katy’s hands moved up and down his staff, large tree trunk of a member. Groaning aloud again, Ted brought his hands up and put them behind his head. Katy smiled and pressed her tongue against the member. Flicking her tongue over the head, Katy made a sweeping motion, coating all of the head.

Continuing to jerk his cock, Katy moaned as I kissed her neck again, still rolling her breasts around in my hands. My dick started to harden again as Katy started to run her tongue up and down Ted’s massive shaft. Katy closed her eyes as she coated Ted’s hard shaft with her warm saliva as she gently slid her tongue up, down and all around Ted’s large, hard member.

Katy let her tongue run wild until it reached the head of Ted’s cock, she flicked her tongue against the head of his cock in a whipping motion. Katy then pulled her head away from his cock and turned back to me. Putting her lips on mine, we shared a quick kiss as Katy continued to jerk off Ted. Breaking the kiss, thankfully, I’m pretty sure I could taste dick, Katy opened her lust-heavy eyes and smirked at me as I kneaded her soft flesh.

“My ass too hot for you?” Katy asked in a soft, but sexy, powerful voice as she opened her mouth and lowered her head back onto Ted’s cock. As she wrapped her lips around his hard, thick shaft, she began to smoothly bob her head up and down on his cock.

“No, not at all!” I said with a grin, cupping Katy’s ass in my hands, I squeezed her flesh lightly before delivering a quick smack to it. Katy moaned in pleasure as she continued to bob her head up and down on Ted’s shaft.

Holding Katy’s ass cheeks apart, I pressed my dick’s head against her ass hole. Looking to her, I saw no disapproving signs. Taking a quick breath, I pushed my member into Katy’s ass. She moaned around Ted’s shaft as she took my cock in her ass and swallowed at least half of Ted’s member. No easy feat.

“God, she loves this…” I said as I watched Katy tilt her head back in pleasure, still keeping Ted’s large dick in her mouth.

“Oh fuck…” Katy groaned as she smiled around Ted’s large member. She started to slow down her bobbing speed as I pushed my cock deeper into her hot, asshole. Once she seemed satisfied with my member being inside her, Katy resumed bobbing up and down on Ted’s cock.

“Fuck, feels good…” Katy moaned around Ted’s cock before she started to smoothly bob her head up and down on his cock once again while I started to make a quick sawing motion with my dick. I started to swiftly slam my cock in and out of Katy’s hot ass. I took hold of Katy’s waist as I pumped my cock in and out of Katy’s hot, tight ass. With each of my thrusts, I was managing to fit more and more of my cock into her and before I knew it I was balls deep in her.

“Shit… She can suck dick…” Ted exclaimed, breaking from his usual grunts and groans as a result of the oral he was receiving. Ted moved his hand down and moved her soft black hair from her face, letting him see Katy swallow his shaft. Katy pushed her head down completely on his meaty cock. Katy moaned around Ted’s cock as she pressed her lips tighter around his hard, thick shaft as she quickly bobbed her head up and down on his cock.

Katy let out a groan around Ted‘s dick as I fucked her ass as hard as I could manage. Katy pushed her head down on Ted‘s cock, managing to completely deep throat the tree trunk inside her throat. I took a moment to wipe sweat away from my forehead as she pushed her hot, tight body back against my thrusting cock.

“Fuck, Ted you gotta get at her pussy.” I said as I moved my dick in and out of her, Katy voiced her approval as I started to pull Katy back, impaling her further on my dick by pulling her hips backwards. Katy groaned with pleasure as she felt all of my cock go deep into her tight, asshole. Katy pulled her head off of Ted’s dick much to his disappointment.

“So, how do you want me?” Katy asked, ignoring Ted’s displeasure. Getting the idea, Ted spoke up again..

“How about you ride me?” Ted asked as he lay down on the beach towel. Katy smiled and nodded her head. “Then you can fuck her ass bro!” Ted added, looking over to me. Katy looked up at me and shared a grin with Ted.

“What do you say buddy? Want to fuck it again?” Katy laughed as she replied, tossing her soft, black hair back.

“Katy I’m going to fuck you all night long…” I said with a grin, I bent down to pick Katy up from the floor, doing so with extreme ease. Taking Katy by her thighs, I parted her legs so I could put Katy on Ted’s waiting dick. Katy gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as I eased her tight, warm pussy down on to Ted’s thick, hard cock.

“Ohhhh fuck yeah!” Katy moaned she gently wrapped her arms around Ted’s neck, while she wraps her smooth, tanned legs around his waist. Ted began to smoothly thrust his shaft up into Katy’s pussy, causing the pop star to bounce on his cock. Ted wrapped his arms around Katy’s hot body as he lifted her up and down on his large thick cock.

“Ahhhh ohhh yeah Katy, take it all!” Ted grunted as he thrust his cock in and out of Katy’s hot pussy. I stood up from my sitting position on the rock and stood behind Katy, eyeing her fleshy buns again.

“Damn Ted, you‘re really giving it to her!” I said with a smile as Katy moved her head down to kiss Ted’s hairy face. I knelt down and parted Katy’s ass cheeks, and started to push my cock into Katy’s hot tight asshole when she dropped down on Ted’s dick.

“Awww fuck yeah!” Katy moaned loudly as I eased my cock back into her tight asshole as she bounced and rocked against Ted’s thick, monstrous cock as he held onto her body. Katy opened her eyes and leant forward as she softly kissed Ted’s lips.

I licked my lips as I placed my hands on Katy’s smooth sexy legs as I thrust my cock in and out of Katy’s hot ass. After returning the soft hot kiss with Katy, Ted tilted his head back to break it, groaning to the sky.

“Ahhh yeah.. Damn it Katy, you’re so hot!” Ted groaned as he drove his cock deep into Katy’s pussy as he pulled Katy downwards by her hand, letting us sandwich her hot tanned body.

Katy groaned her appreciation as she firmly bounced up and down on both mine and Ted’s thick cocks as she slammed down harder on each cock, taking my cock deeper into her tight asshole as she took Ted’s cock deeper into her warm, wet pussy

“Awww fuck yesss!” I groaned, wiping the sweat away from my forehead as I continued to fuck Katy’s hot, tight ass as deeply as I could manage.

Ted grunted as he pumped his dick rapidly into Katy’s pussy. Katy moaned as she closed her eyes while she bounced quickly and slammed down rougher on both mine and Ted’s cocks as we pounded her hot, tight pussy and ass.

“Oh, shit… I’m going to cum Katy…” I groaned as Katy moaned, tossing her sweat- dampened black hair backwards. “Can I cum in your ass?”

“On my face. You close Ted?” She said, looking down at Ted who nodded his head. Katy smiled and pulled herself off of Ted’s dick, getting with the schedule, I pulled out of Katy’s ass.

Standing up, we both stood in front of Katy, our chests shiny with sweat, and our dicks wet from the action. Katy wrapped her small hands around our dicks and started to jerk us off as quickly as she could.

Katy wrapped her lips around my shaft, bobbing her head up and down as she jerked Ted double time. Swapping over, Katy continued to jerk me off as she sucked on Ted’s massive member.

We both shared a groan, my nuts tightened and was about to warn Katy when Ted did the same thing. Katy let out an excited squeal and pulled her lips off of Ted’s dick, jerking both our shafts as quickly she could, we were soon cumming. Moaning aloud, our hips bucked as we started to cum. Katy smiled and tilted her head back, letting the cum shoot through the air.

I managed to shoot a respectable six stands while Ted, who had not previously came, shot a extra load towards Katy. The sperm hit against her face and made her recoil in surprise, she maintained her composure and continued to jerk our dicks getting more and more cum out of us.

The cum shot through the air and plastered onto Katy’s face, soon enough we had no cum left. Katy smiled happily, her face was covered with our cum and she looked satisfied. Wiping the cum away from her lips, Katy cleared her throat to speak.

“Well, then… I think that’s fair for saving me…”

We both nodded our heads, laughing at Katy’s comment as she cleaned her face up with her fingers, scooping up all of our cum.

The sun was starting to set, as Katy took turns sucking on our cocks, making sure she had all of our cum. As we waited for half past six, we swapped positions, fucking Katy as hard as we could, all the time she was screaming her encouragement.

Half six was here, and we were walking Katy to the car. As she changed into her life guard outfit, Katy leant up and pecked us both on the cheek.

“Until next time…”

And with that she was gone, I flashed a look to Ted who simply grinned and nodded his head.

“Bro… We are so lucky!”

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