Selena Gomez Trilogy Part 1

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Story title: Selena Gomez trilogy part 1

Story by: Money

Celebs in story: Selena Gomez, cameo by Demi Lovatto

Story codes: Mf, oral,

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Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality. Any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] I would like to thank DarklordZ for his help on this project I am grateful for his help on this now on with the story

As the rest of the band took a break
during recording a new album, I had a bright idea for a new hook. To try and see if it sounded good I left my guitar unplugged from my new experimental amp I designed the trial runs at home were good but I really wanted to see what it could do full blast.

I went over the new riff a few times when Selena Gomez came into the control room and made a few adjustments on the console. The studio sent Selena over to help break us into the music mainstream. I wasn’t so sure about Selena being apart of the band cause of the fact that I might have to baby-sit her whenever we’ll be on tour to make sure she doesn’t do anything hasty. Then again, it might not be all that bad but with our drummer sniffing around her I just might.

“Hey Money, I’m almost ready for another take for the band before they come back in from lunch.” she said.

The other band members were away for lunch. I stayed behind to practice with my guitar. wasn’t sure what adjustments she made in the control room I just hoped I sounded good on my end.

“Plug that amp in. I don’t want feedback to ruin the song,” she said.

Since I had been recording for about 4 hours now, Selena wasn’t acting like a diva yet but man, she was close. I went ahead, plugged in, and turned the volume all the way up. The other band members came back from their lunch break. The last thing I remember was hitting the first chord of the song I was working on and being hit by the shockwave, knocking me out of my chair and sending me flying into the oak door of the control room.

The last thing I remember hearing was Selena calling 911 for me.

I awoke up sometime later in the local hospital after having splinters and a few pieces of metal shards removed from my chest from where the guitar neck shattered from the impact.

“What day is it?” I asked.

“Monday” Selena said.

“Fuck… I hate Mondays.” I groaned.

“You’ve been out for over a week,” she said.

“I figured that out when I saw my gown. I knew I’d been here longer than five minutes.” I said.

“At least they gave you baths everyday with the nurses looking after you,” she said.

The possible scenarios stormed through my head like a stampede of wild horses until my mind asked how she knew that.

“Have you been checking in on me while I was here?” I asked.

“Kind of.” she smiled.

The petite brunette Latina was in a short blue skirt, gold top, and sneakers which sure as hell didn’t qualify as proper hospital attire.

“You didn’t.” I said.

“It’s only fair since you saw uo my skirt,” she said rather coyly.

“I did? I asked.

“You don’t remember?” Selena said.

“I remember hitting the door hard but anything before or after, I don’t,” I told her.

“Well, let me help you refresh your memory” Selena told me.

“While you were falling back and rolling towards the door, the shockwave made my little blue flower miniskirt fly up a bit, exposing my panties to the band. Of course, I hiked it down rather quickly once I saw your head hit the door. But during the shockwaves and before you hit the door, you saw my dress flying up” Selena explained.

“Oh man… wow,” I said.

“Yes, it did happen. Hell, ask the other band members and they will tell you the same thing,” Selena told me.

I started to laugh but stopped fast when my ribs and abs started hurting. Selena had a look at my chest.

“Poor guy… maybe I can help,” she said

As Selena started rubbing my abs, the pain started to go away slowly. I am glad my injuries had mostly healed rather than being black, blue, and shades of purple when she hit a sensitive spot.

“Careful.” I said.

“Oh wow.” she said.

I was so into the massage Selena was giving me that my dick was becoming erect. It started to poke up inside my gown.

“Whoa, excited to see me?” Selena giggled.

“Well… uhh…” I said.

“Oh come on, I didn’t have anything to do with your penis growing big all of a sudden probably cause I’m quite attractive,” Selena said to me.

“Yeah, you and Miley Cyrus” I mumbled.

“What?” she asked.

“Oh nothing” I told her.

“So… I haven’t seen one in person… you mind…” Selena asked.

“Mind what?” I asked.

“If I look… at it?” she asked.

I was surprised at this turn of events. I didn’t know what to do. Many scenarios were running through my head. Should I allow her to see it or not? I looked around to see that no one was around. After many thoughts ran into my head, I decided with an answer.

I lifted my gown up to let Selena stare at my cock. She stared at it first, moving forward towards it.

“Oh wow…,” she said.

“You mind if I touch it?” she asked.

“Well, since I showed it to you… go on” I told her.

Selena moved her hand towards my semi-erected cock. She grabbed the base of it and held onto it. She waved it around in her hand, watching the head of my member moving back and forth. I could tell that Selena was curious.

“Wow… so… this is what…” Selena said before I interrupted her.

“Heh… yeah” I said.

“I wonder if I could… suck on it?” she said with a cute smile.

“Well… since we are this far… go ahead” I told her.

Selena smiled before she opened her mouth and took my member inside. She got her mouth around the head while she had her hand on the base of my cock. Selena started to jerk around the shaft as she was sucking around the head.

“Uhhh yeah” I moaned.

I turned my attention to her short blue skirt, as I pulled her skirt up to reveal her panties. I was about to lower them down to her ankles but then, Selena stopped me. She took the head of my member out from her mouth and looked up at me.

“No, I don’t wanna go that far in the hospital.” Selena told me.

“Ah… come on,” I begged.

“You want me to leave instead?” she said.

“Grrr… fine” I said.

Selena took the head of my cock back into her mouth, as she lowered her head down slowly, taking more of my member. Selena got onto the bed to help instead of standing. Her ass was sticking out in front of the door.

“Mmmm” she muffled.

“Ooohhh fuck” I groaned.

Selena’s hair was in the way of her face, so I moved her hair to the side to watch her suck away. She had her eyes closed whilst sucking. I wanted to go further here in the room but since this is a hospital… I couldn’t.

“Uhhh… you might taking your shirt off?” I asked.

Selena opened her eyes and looked straight up at me with my member still in her mouth. She then took my cock out from her mouth, as she lightly jerked it.

“So you wanna see them?” Selena said, referring to her tits.

“Yeah” I replied.

Selena moved her hand away from my member, stood up on the bed through her knees, and lifted her shirt up to reveal a white bra. Once she took her shirt off, Selena quickly took her bra off to expose her small, perky tits.

“Mmmm… now where was I” she smiled.

“Wait… lay down on the edge,” I said, as I was getting off the bed.

Selena laid down on the edge, as her head was hanging off the bed. She was right in front of me. I told her to open her mouth so I could push my cock into her mouth again. She obeyed without hesitation. I pushed my cock into her mouth, getting the inches she had earlier in. I held Selena’s arms down on the edge of the bed as well.

“Mmmm fuck yeah,” I moaned.

“Gah” she muffled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle” I told her.

I slowly began pushing my cock into her mouth. Her eyes opened a bit wide, surprised with this but as I said to her, I will be gentle.

“Ooohhh fuck” I groaned.

I started to pick my pace up a bit, surpassing the inches she took into her mouth by herself, as I saw her perky tits back and forth.

“Ahhh” I groaned again.

“Mmmm” Selena muffled.

“Uhhh yeah… work that mouth of yours… yapping away to no end” I said.

I felt the head touching the back of her tongue. Part of me wanted to go further but I suddenly pulled my cock out from her mouth, letting go of her arms. Selena sat right back up on the bed, waving her arms back and forth.

“Did I hurt the princess?” I said.

“No” she said.

“But I do want to finish you off now” Selena told me.

I stood there; ready to get my member back into her mouth. I was about to get back on the bed but Selena stopped me. She got up from the bed, as she pointed to the edge of the bed where her head was.

“Stand your ass right there” Selena giggled.

“Alright… princess” I chuckled.

I stood next to bed, with my hand holding the edge. Selena grabbed the pillow from the bed and placed it right next to my legs. She bent down on her knees, as she took my cock into her mouth once more for the last time.

“Mmmm” she moaned.

Selena was working her way around my member once again starting with the head. Instead of having her hand around the base like last time, Selena moved her hand down to my ballsack. She started to fondle them while she took my cock into her mouth.

“Ahhh yeah”

“Ooohhh” I shivered.

“Mmmm” Selena moaned.

Selena was moving her head back and forth on my cock while she groped my ballsack around as if they were marbles. Selena looked up while she was working on my parts. She used her free hand to rub up against my chest.

“Uhhhh fuck” I moaned.

“Mmmm” Selena moaned again.

After a few minutes, Selena took my cock out from her mouth for a few moments. She wrapped both of her hands around my shaft and jerked me off hard. Instead of sucking, Selena was now beating me off with both hands.

“Ohhhh fuck… that’s nice… uhhh” I groaned.

“Mmmm yeah” she said.

“Uhhh so close… keep jerking,” I told her.

“Ohhh” she sighed.

Selena moved her head back to the head of my cock but instead of sucking on it, she sticked her tongue out and licked around the head while she jerked me.

“Ahhhh fuck yeah!” I yelled.

“Sensitive?” Selena asked.

“Only when I’m hard,” I laughed.

Selena giggled as well before she went back to licking around the head. She moved her tongue around, up and down, left to right, and flicked right in the middle.

“Ohhh yeah… I’m gonna…” I moaned.

“Ohhh yeah” she moaned.

As much as I wanted to move her hand away from my shaft and jerk violently in front of her, I continued to hold onto the edge of the bed. Selena kept jerking me, opening her mouth with her tongue sticking out.

“Ahhh… uhhhh” I groaned.

“Mmmm” she sighed once more.

“Yeah…. ahhh fuck… those hands” I said.

“Come on…. Almost…” I groaned louder.

Selena started to jerk the life out of my cock, wanted to end this quickly. I grabbed the bed sheets and held onto them tightly. Selena still kept her mouth open while she jerked it.

“Uhhhh fuck… I’m…. ugh!” I groaned, as my load finally shot out.

I removed one hand from the bed sheet and her hands off as well. I grabbed my cock and jerked in front of her, using my other hand to hold onto her head. The first load landed on her neck but I moved her head down and started to paint her face with my white sticky goo.

“Ahhhh fuck!” I yelled.

I let go of her head, backing away to sit on the bed, as I looked at a cum-covered Selena. She had the same smile as before. She got up but bent down to suck on my worn-out cock.

“Mmmm…. uhhh” I sighed.

Selena got up and walked to the bathroom to clean herself up. I got back under the sheets to make sure we weren’t caught by anyone. I looked around to see if there was any evidence around of any foreplay from either one of us. There wasn’t any. Just then, the door opened and in came Demi Lovato.

“Is Selena around? She did say that she wanted to check on you,” Demi said.

“Yeah, she’s in the bathroom” I told her.

Selena came out of the bathroom with her shirt back on and her face washed of my cum. I noticed something that I didn’t catch earlier. A certain ring around her finger, as I lightly chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” Demi asked.

“Oh nothing, just something I thought of,” I said.

“Yeah, he’s gonna be fine. I’ll be back in a few days to check up again,” Selena said.

“Let’s go… our meeting is in a little bit,” Demi told Selena.

The two left the room, talking to each other but before Selena left the room, she waved her hand that had the ring and winked at me before closing the door on her way out. I really couldn’t help but chuckle at the events.

“Ohhh… sneaky… Oof, my ribs… still hurt… why!” I moaned in pain.

I was out of the hospital a few days later and feeling great since Selena visited me since the blowjob she gave me. It was now the day for me to leave the hospital. I was getting ready to leave until Selena came into my room. She was wearing a light gray t-shirt with a vest and tight jeans.

“Good to see you up.” She said.

“The doctor said I can return to my normal activities now and my ribs are fine possibly even better than before.” I said.

“Good, does this mean I don’t have to bend over to suck?” she laughed.

“Oh…I wouldn’t rule that out” I chuckled.

Selena giggled.

After checking myself out, Selena and I were starving. We pull into a drive-thru of a fast food place. We ordered our food and while we waited for the worker to give us the food, Selena yawned before rubbing her crotch area.

“Not in public!” I said.

“Oh boo-hoo!” she said.

Thankfully, no one saw her doing that. A few minutes afterwards, the worker gave us our bag of food. I drove off, giving Selena the bag. Instead of her waiting for me to get to her place, she started to eat her food already.

“Hungry?” I asked.

“Well since my family is out and Demi is on-set of her show, I was wondering if you want to come to my place and hang out.” Selena asked.

“I was thinking of heading to my place and practice where I left off before but… I guess so,” I told her.

“Yip-pee!” Selena squeaked.

Selena told me the directions to her place. I drove around, getting lost a couple of time before finding the main road. We arrived at the street that she told me she lived. I pulled in and saw the houses. Some of them were just recently built but most of them were already built since. I pulled into her driveway, turning off the car, as Selena quickly got out to see if anyone was home or not.

“Ugh, and can’t even bother to clean up her mess” I said to myself referring to the mess she made on the passenger’s seat with the food.

I started to clean up first before heading inside her place to hang out. While I was inside, I started to remember the blowjob she gave me a few days back. I couldn’t get it out of my mind as of late. Part of me wondered what would happen if I went further on that day.

“Probably would’ve been caught by the nurses or doctors… or Demi for that matter,” I said to myself.

“Heh probably would’ve turned into a threesome,” I laughed.

“What’s a threesome?” Selena asked, as she came out of her room in a long light blue t-shirt and short shorts.

“Oh… umm… just a phase when three people are together” I said.

“Hmmm” Selena said.

She got on the couch, grabbed the remote control, and turned the TV on. I took my shoes off and walked towards the couch to relax. While Selena was sitting down, her short shorts was revealing a bit more than her legs. I noticed when I was sitting down, eating my food, while she flipped through the channels.

“Mmm” I mumbled with food in my mouth.

“You say something?” Selena asked.

I shook my head no, as she scoffed for some reason. I think I knew why she scoffed. Her short shorts weren’t revealing by accident I thought. Perhaps Selena wants to resume where we left off at the hospital. I knew that not talking about it wouldn’t do anything nor ignoring what happened.

“Mmm… Selena, about what happened a few days ago…” I said.

“Oh good, thought you wouldn’t wanna talk about it” she said.

“What now?” I asked.

“I wanted to take it further there but Demi was there… course, if we were, she probably would’ve jumped in” she giggled.

“You… what?” I said shocked at what she said.

“During the middle of the blowjob, I wanted to go further but I couldn’t cause of the meeting me and Demi had with the company,” Selena said to me.

“Well… don’t know what to say?” I told her.

“Just… let it out and don’t let our emotions get the best of us,” Selena said, as she took her blue t-shirt off.

She wasn’t wearing a bra, as Selena got on the couch, wearing only the short shorts. I threw the bag of food aside but I already finished it, so it served as a trash bag. Selena took my shirt off, not waiting for me.

“Eager aren’t we?” I said.

Selena giggled. She was about to take her short shorts off but I stopped her. I took my pants off. I was now in the nude. She was still only in the short shorts. I was sitting down nude on the couch, as Selena bent down and kissed the base of my cock.

“Aren’t you eager too?” Selena asked.

“Truth be told…” I said.

I scooted underneath Selena and moved my head between her legs. My member was right in front of her face, as she wrapped her left hand around it. I moved the strap of her short shorts aside to look at her I-shaped hair pussy.

“I am,” I told her.

“Then that makes two of us” Selena said, as she opened her mouth and took the head of my cock inside.

“Ohhh” I shivered.

While she was sucking around the head, I started to slowly lick her cunt. Selena still had her hand around my cock, as she was jerking me off whilst sucking the head of my member. I moved my other hand around her butt to get a feel of it.

“Mmmm” Selena moaned.

I started to pull her short shorts down. Once I did, I moved my head and took them off her. Selena turned around and saw her cute little butt in the air, as she waved it underneath me. I pulled myself from underneath Selena and was now standing up. I bent down and started to spread her butt apart.

“Mmmm, nice and firm” I said.

I dove right in and munched on Selena. She lightly moaned while tilting her head up to let her semi-long black hair up.

“Ohhh” she moaned.

“Mmmm” I mumbled.

“Wait…” I said lifting my head up.

“What?” she asked.

“What about that ring. You know… that ring,” I said.

“Oh… well, do you see it on me? No, now… why not let me have that thing of yours once more before you go inside” Selena told me.

I stood up; as Selena turned around whist she sat down on the couch. She grabbed my member and started to jerk me off. I looked down and saw her perky tits. I moved my hand down to cop a feel. I felt her nipple was getting hard by this.

“Mmmm fuck,” I moaned.

Selena continued to jerk my cock with her hand. Just then, she spat on it while jerking, making it wet with her saliva.

“Oh, I’m ready” she told me.

“Alright…” I said, as I moved her away from me.

I made Selena lay down on the couch with her legs spread apart in the air, slowly bending down to her teen pussy. The head of my cock passed her pussy lips, as I was now inside her. I held onto her legs and kept them apart.

“Ohhhh!” Selena loudly moaned.

“Uhhh fuck… that’s tight” I groaned.

“Ahhh” she screamed.

I got my member inside Selena, as I began pumping into her teen cunt. I still had her legs spread apart while I thrusted my tool inside her. While I pumped into her, Selena looked down to watch my cock pumping in and out of her.

“Ooohhh” she moaned.

“Uhhh…. what I should’ve done at the hospital” I groaned.

“Ahhh” I moaned.

After a bit, I moved my hands towards her knees and picked her up. I was now making her bounce on my cock while I stood up. Selena wrapped her arms around my neck to hold onto.

“Oh yes… uhhh” she moaned.

“Yeah, that’s right… uhhh” I said before sitting down on the couch.

I lay back, as Selena was sitting on my cock. She started to bounce herself on me while I lay back with my arms out in the open. Selena had her hands on the couch cushions whist she bounced on me.

“Ohhh yeah… ohhh, that feels good” Selena moaned.

“Ahhh fuck” I moaned.

“Uhhh… fuck me,” Selena moaned.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Fuck me,” she said.

“Alright… but just to be sure, what did you say” I said kidding around with her.

“Fuck me!” Selena yelled.

I moved my hand behind her and grabbed her ass. I began pumping deeper into her pussy while I held her ass. I spread her cheeks apart once more, getting a good feel of them. Selena had her eyes closed while I pumped into her. I could hear her breathing hard.

“Ohhhh fuck yeah!” she yelled.

“Uhhhh… mmmm yeah” I moaned.

Selena started to slowly bounce on me, trying to relax a bit but I kept thrusting hard into her causing her to moan louder. I moved my hands from her butt to her hips to slam into her.

“Ahhhh fuck yeah!” she moaned.

“Alright… now” I said, as I got up, still holding onto her, and laid her down on the coffee table in front of us. I laid her down gently, lying on top of her, as we both were on the table. I was on my knees while Selena was on her back. She wrapped her legs around me, as I began pumping into her tight teen cunt.

“Uhhhh fuck” I moaned.

“Yeah… fuck me… ohhhh,” Selena moaned.

While I was lying on top of her, I started to kiss her small perky teen tits; moving from one to one, sucking on her nipples at times.

“Mmmm” I muffled.

“Ohhhh!” she screamed.

I moved away from her perky tits and lend back up. I grabbed her again and lifted her up, fucking her in mid-air again.

“Ahhh fuck… ohhh god…” Selena moaned.

“Uhhh…. moan something in Spanish” I said.

“Ah papi!” she moaned.

“Ohhh yeah… that’s right…. Fuck” I moaned.

I laid her down again and pulled out from her cunt. I knew if I kept going, I would fill her up inside. Selena looked at me cock, as she sat right up and started to suck on my member, tasting her own self.

“Ahhh yeah… suck” I groaned.

Selena bobbed around the head of my member before taking it out of her mouth. Once she took it out, she started to flicker her tongue onto the head.

“Uhhh” I shivered, as the head was sensitive.

“Mmmm… there’s one more position I want to try out,” I told her.

I told her to get on all fours on the table. Selena listened, as she got onto all fours. Once she did, she wiggled her butt around in front of me. I grabbed her butt and held them to make sure she didn’t wiggle it around for a bit. I shoved my cock back into her cunt and started pumping in and out.

“Ohhhh yeah, fuck me,” Selena moaned.

I held onto her hips while I got up on the table and bent over her, as I was now on top of her ass, thrusting away into her. Selena laid her head down on the table, biting the lower part of her lips.

“Ahhhh shit… fucking pounding away into me” she said.

“Yeah… you fucking little diva… uhhh fuck” I groaned.

I continued to pump my cock into her tight little cunt. I looked up and saw Selena lying her head down. I moved one hand towards her tits while my other hand moved to her head. I grabbed her hair and lifted her head back up whist I groped her small tits.

“Uhhhh Selena”

“Ohhhh” she groaned.

“Yeah…. ahhh fuck” I moaned.

“Is it ready yet?” she asked.

“Almost… just a few more thrusts” I told her.

I started to shiver up a bit, as I knew I was getting ready. I looked straight ahead and saw that I was sit holding onto Selena’s hair. I decided to let go and moved my hand towards her round firm butt. I started to massage her cheeks with the hand.

“Uhhhh fuck!” Selena screamed.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I never knew your dick could get me like that. I never had an orgasmed that hard,” she said.

“Well… I didn’t know you would have such an insatiable sex drive.” I told her.

I kept thrusting faster into her pussy, making her moan louder and build myself up for the finish. I knew I wanted to spray my load onto her sweet little backside. I told her to lay her head down again, but this time sticking her butt up in the air.

“Ahhh yeah… here…” I groaned, as I took my cock out and got back down on the floor.

I started to jerk my cock quickly right next to her ass. While I jerked myself off to her, my other hand was still feeling around her cheeks, spreading them apart. I saw her tight little asshole. Part of me wanted to go there but sadly, another time.

“Uhhhh…. God… ahhh!” I yelled, as I tilted my head upwards.

My load started to shoot out hard, covering her butt with white sticky goo. Both her ass cheeks were covered, along with my hand, which I didn’t move in time. I walked towards Selena and crouched down in front of her to let her clean up. She opened her mouth and took my cock inside to clean in from any cum that was left.

“Yeah… uhhh” I groaned.

While she was sucking me off, I rubbed my cum-covered hand across her face, cleaning my hand but also giving her something else to clean.

“Mmm, that was wonderful. But now that I’m all sticky… I’m going to take a shower,” Selena said, as she got up and went to her bathroom.

Part of me wanted to go with her but I was beat. I sat down on the couch, turning on the TV. I grabbed my clothes and put them back on. While I flipped through the channels, I started to wonder what else could be in store for Selena, the band, and me.

Well… probably just Selena and me, the band wasn’t as important as I thought.

I went on the tour with Selena since I needed extra cash for my medical bills anyway and she wanted me along we kept busy and could only see each other for short times but when we did sparks as well as clothes flew everywhere but that’s another story.

To be continued

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