Rehab From Hell: The Blowout

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Story title: Rehab from hell: the blowout

Story by Money, Kash the Priest, Killer666

celebs in story: Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline.

with cameos by Cosmo Kramer, Kash The Priest, & Killer666

story codes MF, MFF, lesbian, incest, oral, anal, threesome, violence

Addictions this chapter: nothing but any celeb who pissed me off in 2008.

feedback: YES message boards or email

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened. This is
total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality. Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] that being said I’d like to thank Kash The Priest and Killer666 for their help on this project now on with the story enjoy.

This was going to be a very rough day for me and the Friendly Confines staff. The new crop of addicts this trip was going to be a three ring circus without all the clown makeup.

I started going over the names and who was assigned to who. I was stuck with Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan while I was getting my game plan together for what to do, Paris and Lindsay started in on each other over something I decided to step in before this catfight got out of hand.

“Bitch.” Paris said.

“Who are you calling a bitch you skank?” Lindsay shot back.

“What is the problem Paris?” I asked with an icy cold stare.

“I was trying to get Timbaland to produce my next album but little miss one hit wonder here tried to steal my thunder at a party we attended. If I knew Lindsay was going to be there I wouldn’t have gone at all.” Paris replied.

I looked up to the ceiling to think and not have to look at Paris directly when I came up with a very good mostly permanent solution.

“Solitary.” I said

The look on Paris’s face was priceless.

We had put in a new program recently for celebs we didn’t want to deal with if they packed an attitude with us, they were taken to solitary to cool off until we felt like dealing with them.

As I looked down the list I saw my buddy Killer666 only had Ashlee Simpson. Since he was normally security, I figured he could handle both Simpson sisters, so I had Jessica put with Ashlee.

When Jessica’s cellphone went off, I pulled it out of her hand.

“Hello?” I asked

“Yes, Who are you? Where’s Jessica? ” The guy on the phone asked.

“She’s in rehab at the moment who is this?”

“Tony Romo from the Dallas Cowboys.” He replied.

“Well Tony, you should have been more worried about the big game than getting laid during the playoffs. In all fairness to you, save it for the off season.” With that I hung up on him and confiscated the phone.

“Let’s see who we have left.” I said looking at the rest of the new batch the only ones left were Britney Spears and her shitbag ex-husband K-Fed. They were assigned to Kash, who had a bit of a soft spot for Britney and hated K-Fed, mainly cause like most people, Kash blamed K-Fed for Britney’s downward spiral, so K-Fed was definately gonna be put through hell.

“Hey Kash I’ll be back I’m going to take Lindsay and Hilary to their room.” I said

Once I returned I saw Kash had K-Fed on the ground, throwing punches at him. Killer and Cosmo Kramer had jumped in to subdue K-Fed and hold Kash back instantly. I had to say it was a little uncharacteristic of Kash to attack someone, he was usually so laid back, but K-Fed must’ve said something to tick him off.

“What’s going on here?” I demanded, Looking at K-Fed, noticing Britney standing there, in a plain pinky looking purple dress, with a huge smile on her face.

“Holla at ya boy motherfucker, he started it.” K-Fed pointed at Kash

I responded by driving my left fist into K-Fed’s left temple dropping him to his knees.

“Disrespect me or my crew againand we will take you apart.” I said

“Why should I respect you? You don’t scare me.” He spat on my boot.

I don’t remember anything after that, I must have blacked out in rage until until I was brought back by Kash telling me to stop kicking K-Feds ribs. Once I regained my composure I saw what we did.

“K-Fed do you fear us now?” I screamed at him

He wasn’t really responding, we only wailed on him for about another 2 minutes with three nightsticks and a tazer since he thought he could take us we just wanted to prove him wrong.

“Anyway, K-Shitbag as punishment for spitting on my boots, one of us is going to nail your ex-wife while you watch but you get to chose who gets the honor. I said

“What?” Britney said shocked

“Alright fine you take her.” He said

“Who are you to chose who get’s to sleep with me?” Britney yelled at him, but she continued to get ignored

“Hell no!” I said, knowing that Kash had a thing for her and that he’d probably be K-Fed’s last choice seeing as though Kash instigated the beat down.

“I’ve already got my hands full with Hilary and Lindsay who’s your backup choice?” I asked. Britney kept protesting in the background, her voice falling on deaf ears.

“Fine how about you?” K-Fed pointed at Killer666.

“Pass I’ve got the same problem with the Simpson sisters.” He replied exiting the room to be with the Simpson sisters, leaving just the two people left for K-Fed to choose from and we knew who he was going to chose.

“What about you?” He asked Cosmo Kramer.

“Not my style, now Mandy Moore…” He trailed off exiting the room as he dreamed about Mandy Moore, leaving just one person, the guy that K-Fed clearly didn’t like.

“Well that just leaves you.” He said to Kash reluctantly.

“Sure not a problem, I’ll make sure she enjoys herself.” Kash said. “And I’m pretty sure she’ll enjoy it even more than that beat down she just witnessed you get.” Kash laughed at him. K-Fed looked down on the floor like he didn’t want to watch, I kicked him on his arm, making sure he was watching.

Britney just looked at Kash getting ready for what was coming.

“No!” Britney raised her hands protesting. “I have nothing to do with him. We’re not even married!” Kash walked up to her, placing one hand around her waist. He moved his face up close to hers and whispered something in her ear.

Britney got a slight hurt look on her face, which quickly turned to anger and she got really pissed off and then got a devious look on her face. She locked eyes on K-Fed and got a huge smile on her face.

“You know what?” She said to Kash with her eyes on K-Fed, that evil smile still on her face.

“What?” Kash asked.

“I want you to fuck me somewhere that Kevin has been begging me to let him put it.” Britney answered, the evil smile not fading.

“What?!” K-Fed said realising what she was talking about. “You don’t let your own husband fuck you up the ass but you let some motherfucker that you’ve never meet before….”

Kash took exception to being called a motherfucker and kicked K-Fed on the mouth, causing him to spit blood out. A split lip if he’s lucky, or possibly a broken tooth.

“Are you an anal virgin?” Kash asked as he circled her, stopping behind her, locking his eyes onto her thick, round butt.

“I’ve only ever taken it up the ass one time before when I wanted to have sex but still stay a virgin, but it hurt a lot that I swore I’d never do it again.” Britney explained. “But it hurt a lot when I lost my virginity, so I figured maybe I need to have anal sex a few more times before I adjust to it.” She added, shrugging her shouler.

“Then why didn’t you let me fuck you up the ass?” K-Fed whined on the floor, holding his bloody mouth.

“Can a woman really have an orgasm from getting buttfucked?” She asked, half squinting.

“Some can.” I said.

“But a lot can’t, so why should I risk your orgasm on my ass? Knowing full well that you’d fall asleep when you’re done.” She asked K-Fed, squatting down.

“How do you only fuck your wife just the one time? Especially when she’s Britney Spears.” Kash said standing right next to Britne, her head near his groin.

“Oh mi gosh!” Britney said. “Do you already have a hard-on?” She asked turning her head to look up at Kash.

“I’m ready to go.” He replied. Britney turned around to face him, his zipper and taking his cock out.

“Oh mi gosh! This thing is huge!” She said holding his cock looking back at K-Fed. “It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!” She said clearly taking a pop at his manhood.

She opened her mouth and took his cock head into her mouth, working her lips up and down the first couple of inches.

“That’s it!” Kash said stroking her hair. “Get it nice and wet for your ass.” Britney took her mouth off his cock and started to lick up and down his shaft near the base of his cock while she stroked the top of his cock with her hand.

“Spit on it.” Kash told her. Britney gave him a smile and she spat on his cock head, using her hand to rub it onto his cock. She enveloped her lips over his cock head again, working her lips up and down his shaft, taking more of his manhood into her mouth.

Kash let out a long moan of pleasure as she went to work on his dick, holding the back of her head as he gently thrust his hips forward, hitting her on the back of her throat, making her gag but not stopping her from sucking him off.

Kash reached down and pushed the straps of Britney dress off her shoulders, letting it slide down her arms, and off her chest, revealing her huge round tits. Her huge nipples were already erect and sticking out.

He then moved his hands to his belt unbuckling and undoing the button on his pants, Britney pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles. He stepped out of them and his shoes at the same time, Britney now stroking him.

“Come on Britney. Turn around on all fours.” Kash said to her. Britney gave an excited giggle, spat on his cock again and got down onto her hands and knees on the floor.

“Let’s get rid of these first.” Kash said grabbing hold of her foot and taking her shoes off. He took her shoe off the other foot too.

“Cute feet.” He complimented her taking a brief second to admire the soles of her feet. “I’ll have some fun with these later on in your rehabilitation.” He said stroking the sole of one of her foot with his fingers, causing Britney to let out a laugh and curl her toes.

Kash pushed the bottom of her dress up, showing her plump rear. She was wearing a tiny black thong. Kash pulled her thong out of her butt crack and yanked it down her round ass and down her fleshy thighs. Britney lifted her knees up, putting her weight on the tips of her toes as Kash pulled them down her calves and then off her feet.

He started to jiggle her thick butt cheeks.

“Fuck! That is one huge gorgeous ass.” He looked at K-Fed with a grin on his face “I’m so glad that I’m gonna get to fuck this beautiful ass.” K-Fed looked away and I used the bottom of my shoeto push his face into their direction.

Kash spread her thick butt cheeks apart sticking his face forward, his mouth going in between them, as he licked her asshole, getting it wet. He pulled away and Britney’s asshole gaped ever so slightly and Kash spat into her hole. Her asshole instantly swallowed his saliva as it tightened and closed.

“Damn! This asshole is gonna be so tight!” Kash said getting onto his knees, taking position behind her. He spread her ass cheeks apart and moved one hand off to grab hold of his cock, but Britney’s firm ass cheek went back into place.

“Hold them apart for me Britney.” Kash said and Britney reached back with her hands grabbing her butt cheeks and spreading them apart showing everyone her tiny little dark hole.

Kash pressed his huge cock head against her tight hole.

“That shit ain’t gonna fit!” K-Fed said, trying to come up with any excuse to stop some guy that he just met doing what he wanted to do to his ex-wife for two years but wasn’t allowed to do.

“I’m sure we can make it fit.” Britney gave a slightly nervous giggle, her southern accent sounding strong for the first time. Kash forced his cock head into her asshole.

“OH SHIT!” Britney said out loud, her eyes and mouth opening wide. Kash thrust forward, stuffing his cock into her butt. He stayed like this for a few moments as he let her adjust to the anal intrusion. Kash’s hands started to roam around her back and around her side onto her big tits as he cupped them and squeezed them hard.

“You ready Britney?” Kash asked

“Mmm hmm!” Britney said enthusiastically now that the hardest part was out of the way. Kash slowly dragged his cock out of her ass and pushed it in even slower.

“That is one fucking tight ass!” He said as he pulled back again. Britney let out a cute little laugh.

“A couple more and I think I’m ready to get butt fucked fast and hard!” Britney said

I looked down to see K-Fed who seemed quite upset. It looked like he wanted to watch yet he didn’t want to. Probably wanted to watch to see his ex-wife finally take it up the ass and not wanting to watch cause it was another man fucking her up the ass and not him.

“Does that feel good baby?” Britney asked Kash moaning. “Working that cock in and out of my butt so slowly. Making my asshole feel every fucking thick inch of that huge fucking, throbbing cock?” She added, looking K-Fed in the eyes.

“Yeah.” Kash replied, continuing at this slow speed.

After nearly a dozen painfully slow thrusts in and out of Britney’s rear, she started to push her ass back against Kash when he thrust forward, quickening the pace. I don’t know how Kash managed to go for that long, that slow without losing control and fucking her ass as fast as possible, but now he was getting rewarded for his patience.

“UUUHHH! UUUHHH!” Britney moaned every time Kash thrust forward and his groin slapped hard against her round ass.

“Fuck yeah!” Britney moaned as Kash started to go faster with every thrust, going at a steady pace. Britney thrust back against him whenever she wanted him to go faster. The room was filled with the sound of Britney’s moans, flesh slapping against flesh and the soft squishing sound of Kash’s cock penetrating Britney’s tightest hole.

“Oh lordy! That feels so fucking good! The way your cock stretches out my fucking tight little shit hole!” Britney moaned as Kash thrust into her ass pretty fast now.

“Your cock is too big for my ass!” Britney moaned with a look of pleasure and pain on her face and her eyes.

“Please fill me with that hot jism!” Britney moaned looking back at Kash and he started pounding her ass as fast as he physically could, looking like a blur almost.

“I wanna feel your cum deep in my bowels. Feel that huge cock throb as it sprays out that hot, sticky white load in my big, thick, round ass.” Britney moaned some more as Kash abused her ass.

“You gonna do that for me? Fill my ass with that white piss?” Britney asked.

“Yeah!” Kash said, going so fast that his voice sounded shaky.

“OH mi God! Oh fuck! Oh yes! THAT’S IT!” Britney screamed as Kash’s hips bucked wildly, his cock going in and out of her asshole frantically as he climaxed.

“FUCK!” He moaned as he thrust his cock deep into her asshole one last time. Britney let out a laugh.

“That felt so good you have no idea.” She said turning her head as he hunched over her, his chin resting on her neck. Britney kissed him on the cheek and he moved his face, getting his lips on hers as they sucked each others tongues.

“You enjoy the show?” I asked looking down at K-Fed. He looked really pissed off, just sitting on the floor with dried blood around his lips, chin and his hands,

Kash and Britney stood up, Kash put his boxers and pants on while Britney pulled her dress down and the straps over her shoulders, not even looking like she just had sex.

“I should put these on in case your cum starts to come out.” Britney said to Kash as she put her thong on.

“Let’s move him into solitary next to Paris’ cell.” I said to Britney’s delight, who clapped and cheered the idea. Kash got his shoes on as I grabbed K-Fed by one of his wrists and he grabbed K-Fed’s other wrist and we started to drag his body, leaving Britney behind, just standing there.

He started kicking and screaming, but he was overpowered by two guys who could kick his ass any day of the week by themselves and together, K-Fed didn’t stand a chance.

“Britney seemed quite reluctant until you whispered in her ear. What did you say to her?” I asked.

“It didn’t take her much persuasion.” Kash replied. “I said to her “This guy took your kids and led everyone to believe you’re some head shaving, in bred, hillbilly junkie and he hates my guts more than anyone else’s here.” And that was enough, I didn’t need to add anymore.” He laughed as I opened the door to solitary.

“You think you can show Britney to her room?” Kash asked me.

“Sure, why?” I asked

“Just some business to take care of here first.” He said looking at K-Fed, as he undid his belt. I turned around and walked away, knowing full well what “business” he was gonna take care of. As I walked away, I heard the sound of a belt cutting through air and slapping onto flesh and then K-Fed scream.

Killer666′s enounter from his POV.

I was glad to be away from K-fed that asshole was such a douchebag now that he was in solitary I was free to check in on Ashlee & Jessica in their room.

As I walked in they had already started a catfight for some reason so I had to break this up quick when Ashlee had swung at Jessica and accidently hit me square on my forehead.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” She said

“Whatever you two are fighting about it stops now.” I said

“We were having a debate who had more talent.” Jessica said

“I don’t care about that I have a headache.” I said.

“Maybe we could cheer you up.” Ashlee said

“Having a peaceful relaxing day for once would cheer me up.” I said

“Poor Killer.” Jessica said

“I hope that helps.” Ashlee said giving me a kiss.

“Yes that does help.” I said with my cock getting rock hard.

Jessica walked over grabbed my cock giving me a kiss as she did so stroking it to full hardness.

“Ashlee and I love sharing guys.” She said as Ash nodded her head.

“So to make up for the trouble we caused let’s fuck.” Jessica purred.

“I think that will work.” I said

We began taking off our clothes the sisters looked great naked they both went to their knees but I had Ashlee fuck Jessica, she didn’t mind because they loved fucking each other.

I slapped Jessica’s face with my 12 inch cock then shoved it down her throat while Ashlee was licking Jessica’s great round ass.

“Fuck you suck that so good.” I said

Jessica had me all the way down her throat in seconds.

“Mmm…” Ashlee said as she moved onto her sisters pussy.

After a few minutes I moved to Jessica’s ass as Ashlee and I worked over Jessica’s holes.

“I want the pussy now go play with her huge tits.” I said

“I’m so close.” Jessica said.

I pounded Jessica faster and faster as Ashlee continued to play with Jessica’s big double D’s making her moan.


Ashlee was on her knees I began slapping her with my thick girth.

“You like that don’t you?” I asked.

She nodded her head yes as I shoved my cock down her throat again.

“Yes that feels so good.” I moaned.

Jessica started licking Ashlee’s round little ass like what was done to her as Jessica spanked her lightly making Ash moan.

“OMG.” Ashlee moaned through my thick dick.

As Jessica started eating Ashlee out licking her clit with a vengence as Jessica proceeded to fist Ashlee slowly building up speed as she went making Ashlee really wet as her hips started bucking wildly.

“Fuck, OMG that feels so good.” Ash said.

As I grabbed the back of Ashlee’s head as she took all 12 inches down her throat like a pornstar she looked so hot doing it while Jessica was still working over her clit.


Jessica lapped up every drop of her sisters cum as Ashlee writhed around as her orgasm played out across her body Ashlee gripped her big tits fondeling herself as her brain was flooded with endorphines as her sister tasted her as I made my way to Ashlee’s cunt.

“Make me cum.” I said while pounding her really hard.

“Your going to make me cum again.” Ashlee said as she arched her back thrusting her big tits forward.

I was ready to burst so I pulled out of Ashlee to shoot my load into their mouths.

“FUCK HERE IT COMES.” I yelled as I blew my load on their faces and down their throats.

That was so great I may have to transfer to being a discipline coach.

Meanwhile with Money….

Once I had put K-Fed in solitary I went to the room holding Hilary Duff and Lindsay I wasn’t happy with having to deal with Lindsay again but my job dictates that I must, so I sucked it up and dealt with it.

“Hi Money.” Lindsay said, sounding happy to see me as I walked in the door she hugged me.

“Why are you back?” I asked with an icy stare, not hugging her back.

“She missed you and wanted to see you again.” Hilary said.

“Shut up Hilary.” We both said at the same time.

“She’s right though. I did miss you and your huge package.” Lindsay purred.

“Wait a minute huge package?” Hilary asked.

As the conversation heated up Hilary’s phone went off.

I snatched Hilary’s cell phone out of her hand and answered it.

“Hilary?” The voice asked

“No, she’s a bit occupied at the moment.” I said.

“Hey, I’m her fiance’ asshole let me talk to her.” The guy on the phone demanded.

“Win the Stanley cup first then I’ll allow it.” With that I hung up.

“You didn’t answer my question what does she mean huge package?” Hilary said.

Lindsay grabbed my crotch.

“This is what I mean! I need this in me and I need it now! You Hilary are going to sit there in the corner and watch how grown ups get laid. You can masturbate if you want but I want an audience for this performance.” She said to Hilary in a somewhat condescending voice.

“And I say no.” I said

“What?” Lindsay looked confused.

“I’m calling the shots here Lindsay not you.” I said.

“Hilary you stay there and watch I’m going to be teaching LIndsay some discipline. Again.” I said.

I circled around Lindsay a few times getting a good view of what she did to her body since she left here. Her body was holding together rather well her ass was slightly smaller than I remembered but her legs were still intact and looking great. I noticed her chest was a bit bigger than last time she almost looked like she did when she was jailbait lean and stacked as hell.

Lindsay wasn’t paying attention so I just got in behind her and felt up her chest. She seamed to enjoy my touch again letting out a surprised squeal when I ripped open her shirt grabbing onto her massive orbs kissing her neck while massaging her chest Lindsay just groaned.

As I was rubbing Lindsay’s chest I pulled the shredded remains of her top and dropped them on the floor after that I had taken my hands and put them in Lindsay’s shorts she was already wet and rubbing her spine up and down my crotch. Lindsay leaned up to kiss me on the side of my face when she whispered in my ear.

“Tear them off! You know you want to.” She purred.

I ripped them apart as hard as I could. Lindsay was getting excited and juices started to flow onto my hands as I got rid of her shorts I took off my uniform and was naked just in time for Lindsay to drop to her knees and gobble down my twelve inch dick just like old times.

“Hey Lindsay.” I said


“Get a taste of this.” I said offering my index and middle finger to her, she started sucking my finger and I thought I felt teeth, which didn’t bother me much as long as I didn’t feel her teeth on my cock.

“MMMM.” Lindsay moaned again I think she liked the taste of herself.

As Lindsay was on her knees, playing with my cock, I had an idea.

“Get up.” I said

LIndsay got to her feet as I picked her up by her waist and turned her around where she was facing the wall.

“Where do you want it?” I asked.

“Anywhere!” She said figuring out what I was asking.

I picked her up and slid my dick into her pussy, while I had her tits pressed against the wall as I got into position I grabbed onto her tits as she went down my shaft taking every inch all the way rubbing against her g-spot causing her to moan.

As I started to go at a steady pace Lindsay started screaming from the stimulation on her g-spot.

“OH FUCK!” She arched her back almost hitting me in the face.

“I’M HAVING FLASHBACKS!!!” Lindsay screamed.

“KEEP GOING I LOVE THIS DON’T STOP!” Lindsay was going over the edgeand started going hoarse from screaming.

I decided to give her some time on the bed as Lindsay orgasmed again shaking visibly.

I removed my dick from Lindsay’s stretched out pussy making her feel empty after being pounded for the last few minutes.

I held up one finger indicating for her to wait as I laid down on the bed as I gave her the signal Lindsay crawled on the bed and straddled my waist inserting my dick back into her pussy with a moan.

“Well get to it.” I teased.

Lindsay gave me a coy look and started bouncing up and down as I started matching her thrusts in frequency and intensity when Lindsay leaned forward and kissed me.

“Suck on my tits.” She said pushing her tits onto my face.

Lindsay kept bouncing away as I took her left nipple into my mouth and squeezed her ample chest switching back and forth, I could feel my cock start to twitch and my balls start to tighten.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHH……That’s it milk my tits…OH that’s perfect AAAAHHHHH I’m gonna cum!” Lindsay moaned.

She arched her back and I could feel her explode all over my dick as her pussy juice ran out all over, pooling on the sides of my hips as Lindsay thrust down exhausted and that was enough to push my throbbing member over the edge as my orgasm was triggered and I drained my dick into Lindsay, shooting out what felt like a gallon of cum into her. She didn’t care but she did let out a hoarse moan. We were so worn out we didn’t move, we even forgot Hilary Duff was still in the room with us.

The first signs of movement came from Lindsay. She got on all fours and crawled towards my cock, taking it into her mouth, sucking the head tenderly.

I finally got to see how good Lindsay really was at giving oral, the first time we met I had been pissed off and forced Lindsay to suck me off. The second time was better, of course I don’t remember much of it except the part where I had woken up to find her between my legs with my dick in her mouth before I exploded spunk down her throat. She didn’t say much at that point but then again who could with a 12 inch dick in their mouth.

The sensations were incredible Lindsay was doing an amazing job she was in her own little world. She had already gotten me hard in just under a minute and was going fast and strong with the obvious intention of trying to make me cum in her mouth.

“Lindsay?” I asked

“Mmmmmpppphhhhffff.” she said

“It’s almost time to leave. You need to finish up, you don’t want to miss your plane.” I said

“No. It’s you who needs to finish.” She said with a huge smile on her face as she stroked my pole as fast as she could, already getting pre-cum to dribble out.

“Oh and take Hilary with you.” I said.

With that Lindsay gave me the same treatment Natalie Portman did showing way above average oral skills if they ever got in a competition for oral I’d hate to be the judge in that contest.

I got Hilary and Lindsay on the plane and left for the friendly confines and headed home.

The end?

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