Jailbait: Chapter Four, Omaha

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Disclaimer – This story is entirely fictional and does not reflect any of the celebrities involved in its’ true personalities or sexual nature. I don’t make any money from these stories and their sole purpose is entertainment, so enjoy! Also, scientists have recently discovered that individuals under the age of eighteen show an increased risk of contracting masturbation induced blindness, therefore anyone under the age of eighteen SHOULD NOT READ THIS!!!!

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Author’s Note – Just to let you know before you start reading this story; in addition to the three long sex scenes there is quite a bit of plot in it.

Now if you’re like me and feel that a good plot can really make or break a sex story then you are in luck. I realize that the purpose of these type of stories is to get off but I’m the type of guy that needs to know all of the who, what, where, when and whys before that happens. And while I don’t claim to be Charles Dickens or Ernest Hemingway or even Stephen King, I do make a special effort to include what I feel is a fun and entertaining plot that will add to the overall enjoyment of the story and I sincerely hope that you will enjoy it.

If you have no interest in such things however there are as I said three long and (in my opinion) very strokable scenes within. And believe me when I tell you that the story contains much more sex than buildup so just skip a few pages down and let the fun begin.

So again, thank you for allowing me to overindulge in things like plot and character development and happy reading!

The Squad Leader


Somewhere in middle America
Get right to the heart of matters
Its the heart that matters more
I think you’d better turn your ticket in
And leave your money right at the door”

–Counting Crows – Omaha


“What a painful week, huh princess?” Lacey remarked offhandedly as she walked past the bed.

She glanced down at the young girl lying there and smiled at the irony of her statement. Here was young Emma Watson lying on the bed with a ball gag in her mouth, hands and feet bound by rope and clothespins clipped to her nipples and Lacey was asking her to feel her pain.

Emma merely nodded in reply as her nervous eyes followed all of Lacey’s movements.

“No, not that kind of pain silly.” Lacey laughed as she sat down on the bed next to the teen. “Because it’s not really pain if you’re getting off on every second of it and constantly begging for more is it?”

Again Emma simply nodded in agreement. She knew where Lacey was going with this little soliloquy and thought it best to just agree with her.

“No, I’m talking about the kind of pain you feel when your best friend in the whole world decides to get married in Las Vegas and then quit the band.” Lacey went on, her voice rising with each syllable. “I mean, how cliché is that? And exactly what the hell was she thinking?”

Lacey frowned as she idly ran her fingers along Emma’s bare skin. They lightly traced a line along the teen’s spine all the way down to her ass which was still bright red from her latest paddling as her troubled mind wandered.

Emma had seen this Cybil routine from Lacey for the past few days, ever since she had found out about Michelle. On the one hand she desperately wanted to be happy for her friend, but deep down she couldn’t help but feel a little bit betrayed by her announcement that she was indeed trading her spot in the band in for wedded bliss.

“And as if that isn’t bad enough, now I can’t even get my new playmate here to beg me for another week of servitude.” She pouted, giving Emma’s ass a playful but firm smack. “I mean, seriously princess. You can’t tell me you didn’t have fun this week, so what gives?”

Emma tried to mouth a reply, but the ball gag in her mouth muffled any chance of comprehension.

“What’s that princess?” Lacey asked as Emma again attempted a reply.

“Oh well, I guess since we’ve only got ten minutes left before your week is up, I may as well listen to what you’ve got to say.” She sighed as she removed the gag from Emma’s mouth.

“Cheers.” Emma said as she worked her mouth open and closed and rubbed her cheeks with her hands to restore the feeling in her jaw muscles. “And I said that this has been the most fun week of my life.”

Indeed the week she had just spent with Lacey engaged in every manner of debauchery really had been one of awakenings for Emma. No longer was she the shy, sexually naïve young girl that she had been but instead she had evolved into a sexual dynamo. Every second spent not eating pussy or being pleasured by her mistress was a second wasted as far as Emma was concerned.

“So you claim.” Lacey retorted, clearly unconvinced. “And yet for all of those naughty things that you begged me to do to you, and to which I happily obliged, I can’t get you to agree to one more itty bitty week? I don’t get it.”

“Trust me, you’ve been absolutely wonderful.” Emma assured her, taking Lacey’s head in her hands and kissing her on the lips. “And the sex has been brilliant! You’ve opened up my eyes to women and who I am and you’ve taught me so many wonderful things!”

“Well you really are a quick learner.” Lacey admitted as she blushed slightly, remembering all of the times the young Brit had brought her to a screaming climax with her tongue and fingers and how she sometimes surprised Lacey with her newfound aggressiveness. “Unfortunately I feel a but coming on.”

“But even though I’ve cherished this week more than you could ever know, I think I just need some time on my own for a bit.” Emma continued. “And you know that I’ll be back for more eventually. I could never get enough of you! It’s just that right now I’ve got something that I have to do for myself or I think I might go crazy.”

Her mind drifted off to thoughts of Hayden and she smiled to herself as she thought of ravishing the tiny blonde. It had started off as nothing but innocent flirting, but more and more Hayden seemed to fill Emma’s every thought and she realized that she was quickly spiraling out of control and into a full blown obsession. But every time she tried to get close to her friend, fate seemed to intervene and prevent her from fulfilling her desires.

“Hmmmmm, that something you have to do wouldn’t be a cute little five foot tall blonde girl would it?” Lacey teased, seeming to read Emma’s mind.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She stammered as her face turned as red as her ass. Clearly she was caught off guard once again by Lacey’s keen intuition.

“Oh, come on.” Lacey replied. “I see the way you stare at her every time the two of you are in the same room. It’s so obvious that you like her.”

Emma realized that she was being silly and secretive. It wasn’t that big of a deal if Lacey knew about her crush, but would it be rubbing her nose in it to talk about it? And would she be jealous?

“I do fancy her.” Emma finally admitted after a deep breath and a long pause. “And I think she fancies me too, but I’m just not sure if it’s to the same degree or not.”

“Well that might be the understatement of the year.” Emma thought to herself with a little grin. Even after fucking Lacey practically all day and night, Emma still found herself masturbating to her sweet Hayden whenever she found herself alone.

“Well my advice to you would be that if you think she’s a hottie then you should go for it.” Lacey said giving Emma a playful elbow which put a smile on her pretty face. “It’s the only way you’re ever going to find out if she feels the same way as you do.”

“She is pretty hot isn’t she?” Emma mused before burying her face in her hands in a fit of teenage giggles.

“That she is.” Lacey agreed with a sigh as she gently brushed Emma’s hair out of her face with a mother’s affection.

When at last Emma lifted her head and looked over at Lacey she was hit with a sudden rush of newfound respect for her and more than a little twinge of guilt mixed in with the relief. After all, it was Lacey who had helped to awaken her pent up desires and with Michelle leaving the band, Emma didn’t want to be the one to add to her misery.

“You’re not cross with me are you?” She asked hesitantly.

“No, of course not sweetie.” Lacey assured her. “But just remember when you two are all naked and sweaty and you’re licking that pretty blonde pussy, that you were mine first.”

“Oh, you’re so awful!” Emma laughed, playfully pushing her friend.

“Aren’t I?” She replied sarcastically. “But seriously, it probably is for the best. Steve-O is starting to get a bit……”

“Jealous?” Emma finished for her.

“What? Oh God no!” Lacey answered. “He is definitely not the jealous type. In fact, he makes me tell him all of the juicy details about us the big perv.”

“You tell him about us?” Emma exclaimed.

“Relax princess.” Lacey replied. “I don’t tell him everything. A girl’s got to have her secrets doesn’t she?”

Emma seemed to relax a bit, but it was still a bit unnerving to hear that the details of her private life were not as private as she had once thought.

“Anyway, what I was saying is that he’s not so much jealous as he is stressed out.” Lacey continued. “Leshand is supposedly sending some chick from the label out to check on us and since I’ve been with you all week we haven’t really gotten much song writing done.”

“So is the woman from the label the reason we’re having the meeting tonight?” She asked.

“I’m guessing that it’s about her and also about Michelle leaving the band.” Lacey answered before frowning once again as she thought about her friend.

Emma could sense her friend’s inner turmoil so she crawled up behind her on the bed wrapping her arms around Lacey’s waist.

“Well that meeting’s not for another hour.” She whispered as she kissed Lacey’s neck.

“Yeah, but your week of being my love slave ended two minutes ago.” Lacey answered in a fake sad voice as she glanced at the bedside clock.

“Well, I just thought that since you were upset that maybe we could find something to do to cheer you up for the next hour.” Emma answered with a wink as she handed Lacey the paddle and got on all fours on the bed.

“So now what are you thinking about?” Emma teased as she shook her cute little behind.

“Just you princess.” Lacey replied as a wicked smile spread across her face. “Just you.”


Just down the hall in another hotel room, the Duff sisters were wrapped up in a heated discussion of their own.

“So you definitely heard her say that she got rid of the disc?” Hilary asked once again.

“For the millionth time yes Hil!” Her sister replied impatiently. “I told you, she was on the phone with her little girlfriend Kristen and I heard her say that she felt guilty and decided to destroy it.”

“But why would she do that?” Hilary wondered aloud. “She’d have to know that that disc was the only thing keeping me from getting my revenge, wouldn’t she?”

It had been a week since their encounter at the Hotel Minet ‘Amourex in Denver and since that time the Duff sisters had been keeping constant tabs on Hayden. It was a task made easier due to the fact that the entire band was holed up in a hotel in downtown Omaha while the record label decided whether or not to continue the tour in the wake of Michelle’s abrupt departure.

Up until two days ago there was nothing to report, but the bombshell Haylie had just dropped about Hayden destroying the incriminating disc finally made it seem possible for Hilary to continue her never ending quest to one up her rival.

“I guess maybe she thought that things were even between you two after she made us……you know.” Haylie suggested, dropping her head slightly in embarrassment. It was always a bit of a gamble to bring up their incestuous hotel room tryst to Hilary as Haylie never knew if she was going to get pissed off or turned on or both.

“Oh, don’t act like you didn’t enjoy that.” Hilary shot back. “Especially after all of the stuff we’ve done this week. Besides, I thought we weren’t going to talk about that anymore.”

“I’m not saying that I didn’t love it.” Haylie insisted, ignoring her sister’s last comment. “Even though if I recall correctly, the last two times were your idea. I’m just saying that maybe Hayden thinks it’s over.”

“It’s not over until I say it’s over.” She insisted. “And now that I know just how much it bothers her, I think I’ll invite her mommy out to spend some “quality time” with the band while we’re stuck in this shithole city.”

“Oh, you are so bad!” Haylie answered, partly impressed and partly disgusted by yet another one of Hilary’s petty torture ideas. “But she’s not going to come.”

“Oh, she’ll come for me.” Hilary insisted. “She won’t want to because she doesn’t want to upset her precious little Hayden, but all I have to do is start telling her about all of the nasty things I’ll let her do to me and she won’t be able to resist.”

“Did I say you were bad?” Haylie smiled. “I meant to say that you are soooooo bad!”

“Well I would say that you don’t know the half of it.” She smiled as she inched in behind Haylie and kissed the back of her neck. “But that would just be fibbing wouldn’t it?”

“Hil, seriously. We’ve got to stop doing this.” She pleaded as she swayed helplessly in the younger blonde’s arms. “It’s just not right.”

“Fine.” Hilary said shortly, dropping her hands to her side in obvious disappointment. “You’re right.”

But seconds later a big smile spread across Haylie’s face and she wheeled around to face Hilary.

“I didn’t say we had to stop today.” She giggled, grabbing her sister by the shirt and pulling her in for a long kiss. “We’ve got a bit of time before the big meeting. What do you say, once more for old time’s sake and then we have to promise that that’s it?”

“Cross my heart.” Hilary smiled as she crossed her fingers behind her back and she and Haylie tumbled onto the hotel bed.


I must admit that I was a bit surprised when I strode into the meeting room at 830 and found only Hayden sitting there looking bored.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

It was true that I was a half an hour late myself, but considering the fact that I was the main songwriter for the group, I felt that finishing the song I had been working on for a week constituted a valid excuse.

“I’m not sure.” Hayden shrugged. “It’s not my day to watch them.”

“Very funny.” I remarked as Hayden giggled and I popped the cap off of a bottle of Heineken. “I just hope they all get here before Leshand calls or I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“Actually, he’s on the line now.” She frowned, pointing to the conference call speaker sitting on the table just as I had kicked my foot up next to it.

“Awesome.” I muttered as I sat up quickly and gave Hayden an exasperated look. She couldn’t have told me that as soon as I got in the room? She just gave me an “aw shucks” shrug in return as I pressed the button to speak.

“Hello Wayne.” I said politely into the speaker.

“Ah yes, Mr. O’Reilly, I’m very pleased to see that things are going so well for the band that none of you felt the need to be on time for our conference call.” He answered sarcastically.

“Yeah, sorry about that Wayne.” I started to say before he cut me off.

“You can save your apologies for now Mr. O’Reilly.” He said. “And may I assume that the rest of the band is there with you?”

I was just about to make up an excuse for the girls when Lacey and Emma came rushing in breathing heavily and looking a bit disheveled. They were followed quickly in turn by Haylie and Hilary and soon enough the entire band was seated on the couches around the speaker.

“The gang’s all here.” I responded cheerfully as I gave the four of them the evil eye. “What’s on the agenda?”

As Leshand began droning on about the financial data I glanced over at Lacey and mouthed the words “Where were you?” She just smiled and gave me a strange little look before her attention was diverted elsewhere. I followed her eyes over to the couch where Emma was sitting next to Hayden with a huge smile on her face and chatting a million miles an hour.

The two of them obviously had no interest at all in the conference call as they kept whispering to one another and giggling quietly.

“And now that you’ve humored me by listening to the financial statistics, I believe we can move on to some more exciting news.” Leshand continued, oblivious to the fact that none of us had really been listening anyway.

“I have several items of good news to report.” He began. “First of all, I’ve managed to book you girls an acoustic gig opening up for none other than She & Him next week in Austin.”

“Wow that’s awesome!” Lacey exclaimed. “I love that band.”

“Who is She & Him?” Hilary asked, clearly unimpressed.

“It’s Zooey Deschanel’s band.” I answered. “She did some songs with M. Ward and they put out a record. I’ve got a copy of it on the bus if you want to check it out.”

“Whatever.” Hilary sighed. “But hello! Like, how exactly are we supposed to play a gig without a bass player?”

“That is true Wayne.” I added. “As Hilary so eloquently stated, we do need a bass player.”

“I was getting to that.” He replied testily. “We’ve held preliminary tryouts all week in LA and we’ve narrowed the field down to what we feel are three exceptionally talented young ladies. We feel that any one of the three of them would be a great addition to Jailbait’s current lineup, but the problem is that Stephanie and I just honestly couldn’t choose between them. She suggested interviewing them one at a time at her house but that just seemed to me to be too time consuming. Therefore, we’re flying all three of them out to Omaha to let you and Lacey make the final call.”

Hayden blushed furiously as she remembered her own one on one interview with Stephanie when she first joined the band.

“Wow, that’s great news Wayne, when can we expect them to arrive?” I asked.

“They’ll be here in two days.” He answered. “But there’s just one more thing.”

I pressed the mute button so he couldn’t hear us talking and turned to the girls.

“Here it comes.” I said. “The guy simply can’t give us even a little bit of good news without throwing in some kind of a catch.”

“You were saying?” I answered after turning the phone back on.

“Well, there is some concern at the label about the spending habits of the band.” He began. “I mean some of these charges are just ridiculous. Ferrari rental……..a Superman costume………$2,000 in casino credit……..A live donkey? And those are just from Vegas!”

And just like The Fast and the Furious or some other shitty movie with multiple shitty sequels that gig in Vegas reared its ugly head once again.

“I’m sure that most of that can be chalked up to just teenage girls blowing off some steam.” I said in a feeble attempt to cover as the girls slunk down red faced in their seats.

“Be that as it may.” Wayne continued. “We as management feel that someone from the label needs to monitor you and the band over the next few days so I’ve decided to send one of our top young accountants out to keep an eye on things. Her name is Megan Fox and as I said, she is very good at what she does. Once she sends her report to me, we will decide whether or not to move forward with hiring a new bass player and continuing the tour.”

We all sat in stunned silence for a moment as the gravity of the situation sunk in. Wayne was seriously thinking about pulling the plug on Jailbait.

“I heard she’s a real ball buster.” Lacey whispered but I just rolled my eyes.

“So when does she arrive?” I asked, trying my best to dismiss Lacey’s warning as random water cooler gossip.

“She should be arriving within the next day or two.” He said. “And might I suggest that if you all wish for this project to continue, that you make sure that Ms. Fox leaves Omaha with a smile on her face. Now good day to you all.”

As I hung up the phone, we all sat staring at one another in stunned silence. It was at least ten minutes before anyone said a word.

“Anyone got any ideas?” I asked hopefully, breaking the heavy silence.

“I guess we just try to charm the pants off of her.” Lacey suggested.

“I was being serious Lace.” I replied. “Is sex the only thing you think about?”

“Mmmmmm, it’s not the only thing.” She chirped. “But it does occupy about 90% of my thoughts. Besides, I was being metaphorical you big buzz kill.”

“Oh, sorry.” I answered.

“But who knows, we may decide after we meet her that charming the pants off of her really is our best option.” She added with a wink which brought some much needed levity to the situation.

And as we all laughed uneasily, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe Lacey was right. I mean this was Steve-O we were talking about, Mr. Cool himself. Back in my heyday there wasn’t a woman on the planet who could resist my charm. Surely she would have heard of me and know that I was the guitar player for the Tourists and one of the most highly sought after studio musicians in the world.

I decided right then and there that I had no choice but to fuck my way out of the sticky situation that the girls’ spending habits had brought upon us and send this Ms. Fox back to California with nothing but sunshine and roses to report. And if she turned out to be ugly, then so much the better. It’s been my experience that the nasty chicks always fuck like they’ve got something to prove anyway.

“God you all are such a bunch of freaks!” Hilary burst out, waking me up from my daydream. “All I want to do is play music and I’m stuck in a band with a bunch of talentless perverts!”

“Uh, you’re the last one who should be calling someone else a pervert!” Hayden yelled back. “And you better watch what you say if you don’t want me to show everyone else exactly what I’m talking about!”

“Show them what exactly?” Hilary sneered. “I already know you got rid of any supposed blackmail evidence you might have had. So what are you going to do, make a speech?”

It was true and Hayden’s face was all the proof that Hilary needed. It turned as white as a sheet, ruining any chance she would have had to lie or to regain the upper hand.

“I…….I……” She stammered, but she seemed unable to gather her thoughts.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Hilary sneered. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a guest coming into town and I’ve got to go make plans for her arrival. Come on Haylie.”

Haylie followed her sister out of the room quickly as the color of Hayden’s face went from white to red and she silently fumed.

“Come on Steve-O, we’d better get back to our room and work on some songs.” I heard Lacey say quietly, as she patted me on the arm.

“Yeah sure.” I answered, unable to tear my sympathetic gaze away from the angry teen. I had no idea what the hell was going on and I don’t think Lacey did either, but both of us knew enough to follow the advice of Sir Paul McCartney and just “Let it Be.”

The moment that everyone except Emma had left the conference room, Hayden crumpled down in a heap onto one of the sofas.

“Oooooh I fucking hate her so much!” She yelled, pounding her tiny fist on the sofa’s soft cushion.

“You simply can’t let her get to you like that.” Emma said reassuringly as she sat down next to Hayden and patted her lightly on the shoulder.

“I know.” Hayden replied in a slightly softer tone. “It’s just that every time I think that things are over between us, she goes and does something totally mean to me! And of course, I just let her get away with it every time because I’m a big pushover!”

“Oh stop it!” She answered warmly but firmly. “I don’t think you’re a pushover at all. I just think you’re a nice person who refuses to allow herself to be dragged down to Hilary’s level.”

“Aw, thanks Emma.” She said, clasping her friend’s hand with her own as the tears welled up in her eyes. “I really don’t know what I’d do without you around.”

Hayden’s comments made it feel as though a million tiny pins and needles were prickling Emma’s whole body and her warm gaze brought with it the sensation of being dropped down the hill of the tallest roller coaster in her stomach.

“Control yourself.” Emma thought. “Your friend is upset and this is not the time for you to be thinking about dirty things like……grabbing that perfect ass of hers and fucking her so hard that she…….oh bloody hell!”

She could feel her pussy starting to get wet as she imagined both of their naked sweaty bodies writhing in unison on a nice soft bed. And even though she wanted desperately to be a good friend, she couldn’t seem to drive the images out of her mind long enough to listen.

“Are you okay?” Hayden asked, noting the faraway look on Emma’s face as her mind waged war with her libido.

“What…..Oh, I’m fine.” She answered, finally mastering her lust long enough to finish her point. “Anyway, like I was saying, you can’t get upset at yourself for being the better person. My parents and I used to visit Italy quite often when I was younger and they learned a phrase there that goes ‘Vivere senza rimpianti’ or ‘To live without regret.’ I try my hardest to live my life that way and I think that if you do the same, you’ll feel ever so much better about things.”

“Vivere senza rimpianti.” Hayden repeated, letting the words sink in. “I like it!”

Such a simple concept but no truer words had ever been spoken as far as Hayden was concerned.

“Thanks for listening Emma.” She said, standing up with the air of someone with purpose. “You really did cheer me up and it’s nice to know who the people are that really care about me.”

“I……I do care a lot…….about you.” Emma said, though the words undoubtedly sounded cooler when she had practiced them in front of a mirror earlier in the week.

“I know sweetie.” Hayden answered as she bent down and planted a soft kiss on Emma’s cheek before leaving the room.

For the first time in weeks Hayden felt really good and it was all thanks to Emma. But more than just good, she felt empowered by the simple yet brilliant advice she had been given. It was nice to feel like someone was in her corner for a change.

And while Hayden had always sort of dismissed Emma as just a pretty face, the little Brit was proving herself to be an intuitive and grounded young woman. And sure, Hayden liked to tease her. I mean, it was obvious that the teen harbored a little crush on her, but as she walked down the hallway towards the elevator Hayden suddenly felt guilty about her teasing. She made up her mind right then and there that tomorrow she would properly thank her friend.

As for Emma, she merely sat for a moment in the conference room red faced and breathless. She lightly touched her cheek where Hayden had planted the kiss and smiled wickedly before hurrying off to her room where she knew she had a vibrator in her top drawer and a little blonde on her mind to keep herself occupied for the foreseeable future.

“You take your white finger
Slide the nail under the top and bottom buttons of my blazer
Relax the fraying wool, slacken ties
And I’m not to look at you in the shoe, but the eyes

Find me and follow me through corridors and factories and files
You must follow and leave this academic factory
You will find me in the matinee
The dark of the matinee
It’s better in the matinee
The dark of the matinee is mine
Yes it’s mine”

–Franz Ferdinand – The Dark Of The Matinee


Early the next morning, Emma awoke to a banging on her hotel room door. She rubbed her bleary eyes with her fists and cracked the door open only to find Hayden standing there fully dressed and ready to hit the town. She had a cute little smile on her face which only grew wider when she saw how out of control Emma’s hair was in the morning.

“So are you going to invite me in or are you going to make me stand out here in the hall?” She asked, as though early morning hotel room visits were the norm.

“Am I still dreaming?” Emma wondered as she recalled the fantasies about Hayden that had filled her mind while she pleasured herself the previous night and then spilled over into her dreams.

But very quickly she realized that it couldn’t be a dream because if it were a dream she wouldn’t be wearing her old flannel pajamas and her thoughts would only be of how best to ravage Hayden’s sweet body and not of how terrible she must look this early in the morning.

“Oh, sorry.” She mumbled before stepping aside and allowing Hayden to enter.

“So what’s up sleepyhead?” Hayden chirped.

“Hayden, what are you doing here? I mean what time is it? I mean, why are you up so early?”

“Uh let’s see.” She began. “Came to see you, 745 AM and I’ve got a lot to do today.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound like I wasn’t happy to see you.” Emma assured her as she tried unsuccessfully to fix her hair. “I was just wondering what good deed I must have done to get to see you so early?”

“Well aren’t you the sweet talker?” She remarked, giving Emma a sweet look that caused her to shift uncomfortably. “But actually, I just wanted to come by and thank you again for our talk last night. It really meant a lot to me.”

“Oh, of course.” Emma began. “Think nothing…….”

“And since I’m going to be busy all day,” She interrupted in a preemptive strike against another round of Emma’s cute nervous babbling. “I wanted to see if you wanted to hang out with me later tonight?”

“Oh, you mean like getting everyone together and hitting the town?” Emma asked as she tried to buffer herself against getting her hopes up.

“Actually, I mean like just the two of us.” Hayden answered in a softer voice, looking her friend directly in the eye so there could be no misunderstanding her meaning. “I don’t know, maybe dinner and a movie? I noticed that there’s a cool little movie theatre across the street from the hotel.”

Once again, Emma’s body started to tingle and she felt the nervous butterflies fluttering inside of her belly.

“I…..um…….” She tried to say.

“Just say yes.” Hayden laughed. She thought to herself how absolutely adorable Emma could be when she got tongue tied like that.

“Yes.” She blurted.

For as cool and comfortable as Emma was with her sexuality now, something about Hayden still managed to turn her into a ball of nerves every time she saw her.

“Cool.” Hayden smiled. “Then I’ll meet you at seven tonight in the hotel lobby.”

All a speechless Emma could do was stand frozen in her place and nod. She watched in shock as Hayden winked and blew her a kiss as she left the room. Once the tiny blonde was gone, Emma fell backwards onto the bed and grinned broadly up at the ceiling. The smile didn’t leave her face the whole day.


As seven o’clock approached and she made her way down to the hotel lobby, Emma found herself thinking about the duality of it all. Here she was for the second time in a week meeting another woman in a hotel lobby for an evening chock full of good old fashioned lesbian fun. You know- the kind of stuff your grandparents used to tell you stories about.

“Well okay, that might be a stretch.” She thought to herself with a giggle. “My grandparents would have me committed if they knew what I was up to.”

Not that there weren’t quite a few differences though between her first night with Lacey and this evening’s affair. For instance, the first meeting was equal parts fun and exhilaration and equal parts terror and humiliation whereas for this particular encounter, Emma floated rather than walked down the corridors of the hotel. And even though she had initially dreaded her meeting with Lacey, it had ended up being an amazing, life changing evening. And if things this time turned out half as well as the first time well then………..

“Stop it Emma!” She cautioned herself. “You’re just going out for dinner and a movie with a friend. No need to get yourself all keyed up.”

“Of course if things do go well……..” She thought with a big grin as she impatiently pressed the already lit elevator button rapidly several times.

The other big difference between her encounter with Lacey and tonight was that this time around she got to pick out her own outfit and Emma was sure that Hayden would be drooling. She had squeezed herself into a pair of tight designer jeans with the fronts of the legs faded that complimented her cute round butt rather nicely. And if that didn’t catch her obsession’s attention then the thin black sleeveless shirt she wore would surely do the trick. It was form fitting to show off her nubile young body and cut off at the midriff to highlight her flat tummy, but not so short that it looked trashy.

When at last the elevator arrived at the lobby and it’s doors slowly yawned open Emma bounded out cheerfully. She was intentionally late, so she expected to find Hayden already waiting there for her.

Unfortunately as she glanced around the room there was no sign of Hayden anywhere and a mild panic started to set in. She nervously checked her watch and saw that it was eighteen minutes past seven and wondered if her friend had given up on her.

“Why oh why did you insist on being fashionably late Emma Watson you sod!” She scolded herself.

“Excuse me Miss, but are you looking for somebody?” She heard a familiar voice ask before spinning around to find Hayden standing there grinning.

A feeling of relief spread all over her body chased quickly away by animal lust. For if Emma had thought that her outfit was drool worthy, then Hayden’s was sure to induce a heart attack. She was wearing her long blonde hair down over her shoulders and was dressed in a tight white mini skirt with black horizontal stripes that came up to just below her arms. The little skirt really showed off Hayden’s pretty legs and that banging ass of hers was practically begging to be squeezed. Her shoulders were bare and she finished off the ensemble with a pair of black high heels that just screamed out sex appeal.

“Wow, you look wonderful!” Emma gushed, unable to find the proper words to describe how sexy she looked.

“Good enough to eat?” She teased in her flirty voice and followed it with a sly wink.

“Oh, be quiet, you know you’re sexy!” Emma answered, blushing as she did so.

“Aw, thank you sweetie, you look scrumptious too.” She replied before offering her arm. “Shall we go?”

“Yes, I think we shall.” Emma answered with a smile as she took her friend’s arm.

“God please don’t let this be a dream.” She thought as the two of them sashayed out of the hotel lobby.


The restaurant and movie theatre were directly across the street from the hotel and so it was only a matter of minutes before they were seated and each of them were sipping on a glass of red wine procured by using their fake I.D.’s.

“So where have you been all day?” Emma asked as the wine warmed her body up and helped to calm her nerves. “I haven’t seen you since this morning.”

“Well, it’s funny you should ask.” Hayden replied as she leaned forward and glanced around the room with the air of someone who’d been waiting all day to spill a juicy secret. “I got a tattoo!”

“You didn’t!” Emma answered incredulously, covering her mouth with her hand. “What is it of?”

“What do you think silly?” She laughed. “I told you before that I really loved the advice you gave me. So I decided to put it on my body just in case I ever forget.”

“Here take a look.” Hayden said, and she came around the table quickly and turned her back to Emma so that she could see it properly.

Emma could only make out the first word because of Hayden’s dress, but she knew exactly what the tattoo which ran along her side said.

“Vivere senza rimpianti.” She said out loud as she gazed longingly at Hayden’s bare back and lightly grazed her shoulder blades with her finger. “Of course.”

“So are you doing it?” Emma asked as Hayden sat back down next to her.

“Am I doing what?” She replied.

“Living without regret?”

“Well tonight I am.” She said with a wink, causing Emma’s heart to race once again.

When their meals finally arrived, both of the girls were far too excited to eat very much, choosing instead to enjoy more of the wine. A pretty young Italian waitress named Marianne had just picked up their second empty bottle and brought them a new one when the talk inevitably turned to sex and relationships.

“Wow, she is sexy!” Hayden remarked once Marianne was out of earshot.

“Oh, you’re just steaming.” Emma laughed.

“What does that mean?” Hayden asked.

“It means you’re drunk.” She answered.

“Oh, you Brits and your crazy slang.” Hayden remarked. “And for the record, I am not steaming. I just think that our waitress is quite the hottie.”

“Eh, she’s a bit too skinny for my taste.” Emma frowned.

Now that she was out with her dream girl, Emma definitely didn’t want to talk about some random waitress and she desperately hoped Hayden would just drop the subject.

“Wow, I think someone’s jealous.” Hayden teased, sensing Emma’s vibe.

“I am not.” She shot back haughtily. “I’m merely stating my opinion.”

“Oh, relax Emma.” Hayden assured her as she put her elbows on the table and leaned slightly across it, gazing into her friend’s eyes. “She’s nowhere near as sexy as you are.”

And even through her wine induced haze, Emma could still feel the bolt of nervous energy shoot through her body. It was definitely what she wanted to hear, but Emma wasn’t used to someone being so direct with her and her old insecurities won out again. She really wanted to change the subject to anything other than herself.

“So when did you realize that you were into women?” Emma asked, cursing herself mentally for not being able to just take a compliment.

“Right around the time I joined the band.” Hayden answered as she recalled that night with Stephanie Romanov that seemed so long ago. “But I think if I was completely honest with myself, I’ve always known I liked them.”

“Go on.” Emma insisted. She knew that Hayden too was getting drunk and that it would be much easier to get her to lower her defenses and get her to spill all of her juicy secrets this way.

“Well I’ve got this friend named Kristen see.” She began and by the time they had finished their third bottle of wine she had recounted the whole story.

“Oh.” Emma said quietly when Hayden had finished. Was she destined to once again miss out on Hayden’s affection?

“Well that figures.” She thought to herself. “A girl that pretty would have to have someone waiting for them back home.”

Hayden too felt torn as she finished the story. She did truly love Kristen and she was her best friend in the world, so a part of her felt that starting something with Emma would be like cheating. But on the other hand, Emma was here and Emma truly cared about her. Not to mention, her accent was sexy as hell.

She saw the turmoil on Emma’s face again and grabbed her hand to reassure her.

“Hey.” She said soothingly. “Kristen and I could never be. She’s all the way back in San Diego and I’m on the road all the time. Besides, I’m still not sure if it was a one time thing for her or if she’s really into me. I kind of seduced her.”

Emma tried to laugh at Hayden’s admission, but it just sounded forced. She still wasn’t convinced.

Hayden, who was becoming quite adept at reading Emma’s expression added. “You know, she isn’t really even my type.”

“Really?” She asked hopefully and taking the bait. “So what is your type?”

“Hmmmm, let’s see.” She began. “Beautiful smile, long brown hair, perfect ass, the kind of girl that likes to fuck for hours at a time and oh yeah, she’s got to be British.”

Emma’s face beamed and in that moment she managed to forget all about Kristen. The girl of her dreams was sitting right across from her gazing into her eyes and she wasn’t about to mess things up with her petty jealousy. She was going to have her tonight or die trying.

“Come on.” Hayden finally said. “Let’s go catch that movie.”

Emma had no interest whatsoever in a movie, but Hayden wanted to see one and she wanted Hayden so she decided to just go with the flow.

The two girls, who by now were quite tipsy stumbled next door into the movie theatre where 500 Days of Summer was already playing. They slipped into the very back row behind a couple who was probably in their late fifties and took their seats.

“Oh, there’s Zooey Deschanel!” Hayden exclaimed in what she thought was a whisper but in reality was quite a bit louder. “That’s the girl that Mr. Leshand booked us to play with!”

“She’s really pretty.” Emma remarked, drawing a glare from the older couple in front of them.

“Sorry about that.” She whispered, but the wife didn’t respond and the husband merely grunted.

The two of them sat silently in their seats for the next few minutes as the images danced across the screen, but while Hayden’s attention was fixed solely upon the film, Emma was finding it difficult to concentrate on a movie. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she just kept sneaking glances at the way Hayden’s short skirt showed off her shapely tan legs.

But more than just her legs, she noticed the way that Hayden smiled as she watched the screen. There was always so much drama in the young blonde’s life that she didn’t smile nearly as much as Emma felt she should have. And now as she watched the movie screen, Emma saw just how lovely her happiness could really be. She had been transfixed with Hayden ever since their first innocent kiss and now she knew that she couldn’t stand to wait any longer. She had to make her move now.

She stealthily lifted up the arm rest and slid her hand over onto Hayden’s knee. Hayden glanced over and grinned when she felt Emma’s touch and immediately the goosebumps broke out all over her smooth legs. She thought that it was cute that Emma wanted to innocently rest her hand on her knee but unbeknownst to her, the young Brit’s true intentions were far more wicked.

She lightly ran her fingernails up and down Hayden’s thigh, each time getting closer and closer to the bottom of her skirt. Hayden froze for a moment in nervous anticipation, forgetting all about the movie. Surely Emma wasn’t trying to……..

“Emma, what are you doing?” Hayden whispered. She already knew the answer to the question, but was simply shocked that her young friend was being so bold. And in a public theatre no less!

“You know exactly what I’m doing.” She hissed into Hayden’s ear, giving her a little kiss on the cheek as she pulled away.

“Emma, no!” Hayden insisted, crossing her legs to block the teen’s hand. “We’re in the middle of a movie theatre for God’s sake!”

She said it quietly enough to where the couple in front of them couldn’t hear her exact words, but still loudly enough to draw a loud “Shhhhhhhh!”

Undeterred, Emma pushed her hand further up Hayden’s thigh and up underneath of her short skirt. Panic was creeping into Hayden’s brain as she desperately tried to think of a way out of this sticky situation.

“Please Hayden, I want to fuck you so badly!” Emma whispered. “I’ve wanted to for so long and I can’t wait any longer! I want to fuck you right here in this theatre and I don’t care who hears us!”

“Emma………. please!” Hayden insisted again, although with much less resolve. She tried to tug her skirt further down with her hands, but Emma wouldn’t stop. God Hayden was so horny and Emma’s dirty talk wasn’t helping matters at all.

The teen’s light fingers brushed lightly over the outside of Hayden’s panties and she puckered her lips and blew lightly into the little blonde’s ear bringing a reluctant smile to her pretty face.

“Oh my God, Oh my God!” Hayden muttered to herself, glancing around nervously to make sure that no one was looking back at them. Her adrenaline was pumping as she knew that Emma was determined to have her right then and there and that resistance was futile.

Hayden knew how dangerous the game was that they were playing. If they got caught having sex in a movie theatre, their career was probably over. But it was such a wicked turn on to have the tables turned on her with Emma as the aggressor and even more of one to be acting so naughty in public!

The part of her that wanted to give in to her lust parted her legs ever so slightly and felt as Emma’s fingers worked their way underneath the elastic band of her panties.

“You’re so fucking sexy!” Emma breathed as her fingers slid down over the soft hairs of Hayden’s neatly trimmed bush and traced the outside of her pussy lips.

“Ohhhhhhh!!” She moaned hoarsely as quietly as she could as Emma finally slipped two of her fingers inside of her hot pussy.

“Emma please, you have to stop or we’ll get caught!” She whispered desperately into her ear in between soft moans.

“Just wait till I get you home, I’m going to bury my tongue in that pretty little twat of yours.” She insisted, fingering the blonde even faster. “I’m going to make you come so fucking hard and then I’m going to lick up all of that sweet fucking come myself!”

It appeared that Hayden’s deep breathy moaning had finally driven the older couple away as they stood up to leave without looking back. Hayden seized on their absence and pulled Emma in for a long wet kiss as her fingers continued their magic.

“Oh please baby, fuck me with your fingers!” She whispered into Emma’s ear as Emma slid her free hand underneath of Hayden’s sweet ass and squeezed it hard, pulling the little blonde slightly on top of her.

“You want me to make you come don’t you, you little tease with your short little skirt showing off that pretty little ass?” She hissed. “You want me to make you come right here with everyone listening don’t you?”

“Ohhhhhh yesssssss!!!” She hissed. “Please baby!! Fuck me with your fingers till I come!! I don’t care who hears us!!!”

Emma kept working her fingers into Hayden’s pussy as the old movie theatre seats creaked in rhythm with their bodies and the sounds of their lips smacking increased. As Hayden drew closer and closer to a climax, Emma began to rub her clit with her thumb causing her moaning to grow even louder before quieting her down again by forcing her tongue into the young blonde’s mouth.

“Ohhhh Emma that feels so fucking good!!!” She moaned. “Fuck my pussy baby!!! Stick those fucking fingers inside me!!!”

“Yeah, you are a little slut aren’t you?” Emma teased as Hayden’s skirt rode up over her waist. “Letting me fuck you right here in front of everyone!!!”

“Ohhhhhh shit! Oh fuck!!! Baby I’m coming for you!!!” She cried as quietly as she could as she came with a shudder, soaking her panties and Emma’s hand in the process.

Emma pulled her greasy fingers out slowly and licked them clean before kneeling down in front of Hayden in the little space she had to work with.

“I’m going to eat your fucking pussy right here you manky girl!” She whispered, gazing up into Hayden’s wide eyes.

Hayden was still panting from her orgasm and trying to think of a way to talk Emma out of eating her out in a movie theatre when she spotted the flashlight of the approaching usher coming up the aisle.

“Come on baby, we’ve got to book!” She said, pulling on Emma’s shirt and quickly tugging her skirt back down.

Emma popped her head up like a prairie dog and saw the flashlight now a mere ten rows or so away.

“Oh bollocks!” She cried as Hayden grabbed her by the hand and they scurried out of the row of seats on the opposite side with the usher not far behind.

As they bolted through the lobby and out the front door of the theatre they spotted the older couple from the movie still complaining to the manager.

“Fucking narcs!” Hayden yelled as the two ran hand in hand across the street to the hotel laughing hysterically.

“Hey get back here you two!” The manager called out but the two drunken girls just kept running.

“Get bent you sods!” Emma yelled bringing on another fit of the giggles.

The two girls were still laughing hysterically when the hotel lobby elevator doors opened up. Emma pushed Hayden in backwards and never took her eyes off of the young blonde as she reached backwards and blindly hit all of the buttons on the wall. She figured one of them would eventually be the eighth floor where Hayden’s room was.

As the doors closed behind them, Emma forced Hayden against the back wall of the elevator and started kissing her passionately. The young blonde lifted one of her legs in the air and wrapped it around the back of Emma’s leg as their tongues explored one another’s mouths.

“Oh, I want you so fucking bad!!” Emma moaned as she squeezed the bare thigh that Hayden had wrapped around her.

Unfortunately for them, the third floor brought with it another hotel guest and they only just heard him in time to break their liplock before the doors slid apart.

The man glanced quickly at the two guilty looking faces standing in both back corners of the elevator before turning around to face the doors, oblivious to the pent up passion behind him. And as the elevator made its way upward and the stranger just stared at the overhead floor numbers, Hayden and Emma never broke eye contact with each other.

Hayden puckered her lips and blew her friend a little kiss as the lust filled elevator got closer and closer to floor number eight. Four, Five, Six, Seven…………Heaven!

Once again, Hayden grabbed Emma by the hand leaving the bewildered man in the elevator by himself as they raced down the hall to her room. She fumbled the card key out of her purse and felt Emma’s hands all over her hips and ass as she bent down to slide it into the lock.

“Oh, I love your ass so much!!!” Emma remarked as she kissed Hayden’s perfectly round bottom several times.

And finally with a little click, the light on the door turned green and the two girls fell inside. Hayden didn’t even bother to put her handbag down, she merely tossed it and the room key to the floor and spun around to meet Emma’s soft lips once again.

“Ooohhhhhh!!!” She moaned softly as Emma pulled her in tight against her body by the small of her back. She wrapped her arms tightly around Emma’s neck and locked her hands together as she started hungrily sucking on Emma’s tongue.

No longer caring to hide her animal lust, Emma slid her hands down and grabbed Hayden’s firm ass cheeks hard, pulling her in as tightly as she could as though she would never let go.

When at last, Emma came up for air, Hayden backed up a couple of steps and grinned wickedly at her.

“So you want me huh?” She asked.

“Yes, I want you so fucking bad!!” Emma replied. “You know I do you sexy little tease!”

“Is this what you want?” She asked, turning around and bending over slightly to show off her tight little bubble butt.

“Yes, that’s what I want!” She moaned, taking a few steps towards Hayden. But the pint sized cutie held out her arm and stopped Emma in her tracks.

“Beg me for it!” She commanded. “Beg me to let you fuck me and I’ll think about it.”

“Please let me fuck you!!” Emma begged. “Please, you’ve teased me for long enough!”

“Ah ah!” She laughed, pointing to the floor. “On your knees.”

After learning at the feet of Lacey for a week, a little bit of good natured teasing was not a problem for Emma and so she got down on her knees and caressed Hayden’s tan and shapely legs.

“Please let me eat your pussy Hayden!!” She begged, kissing her calves and thighs softly. “Please!”

“Okay, stand up.” Hayden finally relented. She was as horny as Emma was and couldn’t stand to make her wait any longer.

She grabbed the front of Emma’s jeans and pulled the teen over to her for another round of kissing.

“Your lips are so soft.” Emma moaned as she felt her belt being unbuckled by Hayden.

The little blonde made quick work of the button on Emma’s jeans and with a loud zip lowered the zipper.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck!” Emma moaned into Hayden’s mouth as she felt her friend’s tiny warm hands slide down the front of her pants.

“Oh yes Hayden, rub my fucking cunt!!!” She moaned as Hayden rubbed her hand up and down over Emma’s swollen clit. “Fuck me like I fucked you in the theatre!”

“Only you don’t have to be quiet.” Hayden laughed. “But that’s okay, because I love listening to you begging me to do such dirty things to you!!! I like my girls to be loud when they fuck!!!”

“I’ll be loud for you baby! I promise!” She said.

“Oh, I know you will sweetie.” She laughed. “I’m going to fuck you so good that you’ll be screaming whether you want to or not!”

Hayden pulled away from Emma’s kisses and knelt down in front of her before easing her jeans down. Once around her ankles, Emma kicked her shoes off and stepped out of her denim leg cuffs leaving her standing there in her shirt and a pair of little black panties with pink trim.

“Ooooh how pretty! Did you wear those pretty little panties just for me?” Hayden laughed as she softly planted kisses up Emma’s thighs and all over her flat tummy. She flicked her tongue out and circled it around the young girl’s navel giving her the chills.

“Mmmmmm, baby likes that huh?” She asked as she felt Emma’s body shudder.

“Uh huh!” She moaned.

By the time Hayden started kissing her pussy through the cloth of her panties Emma’s pussy was so wet that she felt like Hayden would be able to taste her wetness through the fabric. But as she looked down, Hayden hooked her hands around the strings on the sides of her underwear and looked up into Emma’s eyes.

“So is this what you’ve always wanted?” Hayden asked. “Your dream girl here with you, ready to eat that sweet little pussy.”

“Ohh, you have no idea how badly I want this or how many times I’ve thought about it!” Emma gasped, hardly able to take another moment of this sweet torture. “Please Hayden, I need this!!!!”

“Okay baby.” She cooed as she finally slid Emma’s soaking wet panties off. “I’m going to make that slutty little pussy of yours feel sooooo good!”

Emma leaned her hands back on a nearby chair as Hayden slowly licked her slit from the bottom to the top, pausing at the top to circle her tongue around her sensitive clit.

“Ooooooohhhhhhh Yesssssssss!!!!” She moaned as Hayden gradually started licking her a tiny bit faster. “Yesssss, eat my pussy Hayden!!!”

As she panted harder and harder, Emma rested one of her legs up on Hayden’s back so that she could work her tongue in deeper. The little blonde then started sucking on Emma’s clitoris as she eased two fingers rhythmically in and out of her snatch.

“Unnnngghhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!” She squealed, hardly able to gasp out any kind of sound as she rocked back and forth over Hayden’s fingers and tongue.

“Oooooohhhhhh Such a pretty pussy!!!” Hayden praised, continuing to lick and slurp away. “And so tasty you naughty girl!!!”

Hayden really knew how to eat pussy and she was hitting all the right spots with her tongue as Emma writhed and moaned in ecstasy. She had a white knuckle grip on the table and she knew that she was going to climax soon. And with Hayden being the one pleasuring her, she just knew that it was going to be harder than she had ever come in her life.

Hayden sensed her friend’s oncoming orgasm and coaxed her along.

“That’s it baby!!! Come for me!!! I want to lick up all of that sweet pussy juice!!!”

“Ohhhh!!! YESSSSSS!!!! OH FUCK YESSSSSS!!!” She cried out in between jagged breaths as Hayden pumped away harder and harder with her fingers.

“Come on baby!!! You can do it!!!! I want you to feel as good as you made me feel!!!!”

“OH HAYDEN!!!!” She screamed loudly. “OH SHIT!!!! I’M FUCKING COMMMMINNNNGGGGGG!!!!!”

And as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body, Emma shook violently. Hayden smiled broadly as the pussy juice coated her fingers and mouth and she slurped up what she could as the rest of it ran down her chin.

Seemingly unable to catch her breath, Emma leaned forward and rested her hands on Hayden’s shoulders where the pretty blonde was still softly licking her slit. She had come so hard that her legs were shaking but Hayden wasn’t going to let her balance herself like that forever.

She jumped up quickly and gave Emma another long lusty kiss before playfully diving onto the bed.

“Mmmmmm, my turn now.” She laughed as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs apart to reveal her panty covered pussy.

“See anything you like?” Hayden teased by sliding her hand down the front of her panties and softly rubbing her clit.

“Um, yes please.” Emma giggled as she peeled her shirt off and tossed it and her bra aside.

“Get over here you sexy bitch!” Hayden commanded, beckoning with the pointer finger of her free hand. “I want to feel that sweet tongue of yours inside of me!”

A now completely nude Emma bounded onto the bed and slid on top of Hayden. She pinned the blonde’s hands down onto the soft mattress over her head and pressed her juicy lips to Hayden’s once again.

“Ohhhhh,” She let out a soft little moan as she wrapped her legs around Emma’s waist and parted her lips slightly to accept the young brunette’s tongue into her mouth.

“You are so beautiful.” Emma gushed as she gazed down at Hayden’s pretty smiling face.

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” She joked. And even though she teased her, Emma’s compliment really did make her feel pretty and special.

“Come on, let’s get those clothes off!” Emma insisted, pulling Hayden up to her knees. “I want to see that sexy naked body of yours!”

She crawled over behind Hayden and slowly unzipped the back of her dress. And as Hayden slid it down over her back and legs, Emma spotted the entire tattoo for the first time.

It was still quite red due to its newness, but Emma started kissing it anyway. She started at the top and planted soft juicy kisses every inch or so down the tattoo while Hayden crossed her arms across her bare chest and closed her eyes with a big smile.

“Do you like it?” She asked.

“It’s on your body, so of course I love it.” Emma replied. “Only……”

“What?” Hayden asked.

“It’s spelled wrong.” She answered reluctantly.

“What do you mean?” Hayden asked.

“I mean they put an extra i in the word rimpianti.” She said. “They spelled it rimipianti.”

“So let me get this straight.” Hayden began as Emma closed her eyes and expected her to get upset. “You finally manage to get into my bed and get me naked and all you want to talk about is spelling mistakes?”

Emma started smiling and Hayden quickly spun around grinning just as broadly.

“No more talking baby!” She whispered, taking Emma’s face in her hands and kissing her deeply. “I need your tongue inside of me right now!”

Stealing a move from Lacey, Emma grabbed Hayden by the legs and pulled her roughly onto the bed onto her back. She then kissed her way down Hayden’s stomach to the top of her panties where she took the front of them in her teeth and slid them down her toned legs.

As she slid the panties off past her ankles, Emma took them in her hands and placed them over her face, breathing Hayden’s scent in deeply. They were still wet and smelled like sex from when she had come in them at the movie and the scent was intoxicating to Emma.

“Mmmmmm, I’m keeping these.” She declared as she tossed them over her shoulder onto the floor. “And I’m never washing them so I can smell your scent anytime I want to. I want to remember how I fucked you in that movie theatre and made you come in front of all those people!”

“Mmmmmm, yes you did!” She cooed. “You fucked me in front of all of those people and there was nothing I could do to stop you!”

“Tell the truth now.” Emma insisted as she lovingly kissed the insides of Hayden’s thighs and circled in closer and closer to her dripping wet cunt. “You could have stopped me but you didn’t because deep down you’re a bad girl, aren’t you?”

“No I’m not, I swear I’m a good girl!” She insisted, playing along with Emma.

“No, good girls don’t let people fuck them in movie theatres do they?”

“No.” She answered meekly.

“And good girls don’t get what they want like bad girls do, do they?”


“So, what do you want?” Emma asked. She was loving every second of teasing Hayden.

“I want you to eat my pussy!” She moaned. “I want you to make me come again like you did before!”

“Good girl!” Emma praised before giving Hayden’s pussy a long deep lick.

“OHHHHH FUCK!!!” Hayden moaned softly as she raised her hips slightly to get closer to Emma’s mouth.

Slurp, slurp, slurp came the sounds of her mouth as Emma began sucking softly on Hayden’s swollen clit. The young blonde grabbed two handfuls of the blanket and let out a loud moan as she arched her back even more when Emma eased one of her fingers into her warm hole.


Emma slid her hands up underneath of Hayden’s ass and squeezed her tight butt cheeks hard to get her tongue into Hayden’s slit as deep as it would go.


She felt like she was going to come again at any minute, but Emma wouldn’t let her climax just yet.

“Not just yet!” She teased. “I want to taste that pretty little ass of yours before I let you come again.”

“Yeah, you nasty slut, I knew you wanted to lick my asshole! You’re so dirty!!!”

One of Hayden’s favorite things in the world was to have her asshole licked and so she happily flipped over onto her stomach to give Emma a perfect shot at it.

“Such a tight little bum!!” Emma remarked, gazing longingly at Hayden’s perfectly round and firm ass before slapping it several times.

She took one ass cheek in each of her hands and gently spread them apart before giving her butthole a little flick with her tongue.

“Please don’t tease me baby!!!” Hayden begged. “Bury that fucking tongue inside my ass you dirty little freak!!!”

Emma bent down and licked Hayden’s pussy once again, starting from the bottom and up to the top where she continued on to lick her exposed ass once again.


“Yeah, you love that don’t you baby?” Emma teased. “You’re not a good girl at all are you?”

“NOOOOO!!!!” She cried out. “I’M A BAD HORNY LITTLE SLUT!!!!”

“Do you want me to make you come again bad girl?” Emma asked. “Do you want me to make you come like before when I made you cream inside your pretty little panties?”


“Such a sexy little ass.” Emma remarked as she started licking Hayden’s butt hole once again and slid her hand underneath to rub her clit.


Hayden’s breath was now coming in quick hard gasps and as she felt her climax near she raised her ass slightly.

“That’s it Hayden!!!” Emma encouraged. “Come for me while I’m licking that pretty little ass of yours!!! Come for me and be my little dirty slut!!!”

“OOOOOHH YEAH!!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. “THAT’S IT BABY!!!!! OH GOD!!! HERE I COOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!”

Emma had never seen a woman come that hard before and her hand was soon slick with Hayden’s girl juice. She crawled up towards her friend’s face as the young blonde rolled back over onto her back and with her chest heaving took Emma’s fingers into her mouth where she sucked them clean.

“Come have a taste lover!” Hayden cooed as she pulled Emma in close and they wrapped their naked sweaty bodies together and kissed for what seemed like an eternity.

And as they rolled around on the soft bed kissing and kissing, Emma eventually found herself lying on top of Hayden as the young blonde spread her legs open and wrapped them once again around Emma’s ass. They started French kissing again in their missionary like position and as she gazed down into Hayden’s eyes, Emma began softly grinding her pussy up against Hayden’s.

“Ohhhhhhhh God, that feels good!” Hayden exclaimed as Emma started rubbing a little bit faster. “I love feeling your fucking clit on mine!”

Faster and faster Emma rubbed and soon both girls were close to coming again from the friction as the hotel bed squeaked.


Hayden had her hands gripped tight on Emma’s bare back as the young Brit grinded her pussy against Hayden’s now as hard as she could. They were deep long rubs that sent waves of pleasure through both girl’s bodies and Emma was really starting to sweat profusely.

She looked down at Hayden’s face as the blonde girl closed her eyes and moaned loudly in pleasure and thought that it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

“OHHHHH MY GOD!!!” Hayden and Emma both moaned loudly in unison.

“EMMA OH MY GOD!!!! PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!” She screamed as her orgasm started to wash over her body. “PLEASSSEEE DON’T EVER FUCKING STOP!!!!”

“NEVER!!!!” Emma replied as she started to climax as well. “I’LL NEVER STOP MAKING YOU FEEL GOOD!!!! I…..I……OH FUCK!!!!……..I………I LOVE YOU!!!!”

“OHHHHH YESS BABY I’M COMMMMMMINNNGGGG!!!!” They both were screamed loudly as they came in unison and collapsed in a heap on the bed.


Later on that night, after showering together, fucking again and then another shower Emma and Hayden were lying on their sides spooning and trying to drift off to sleep. Hayden felt Emma’s arm draped over her and her hand cupping one of her breasts as she listened to her friend’s soft breathing. She was almost asleep when something she remembered Emma saying during their lovemaking jolted her awake.

“Emma?” She asked.

“Yeah baby?”

“Did you tell me you loved me?”

Emma froze for a moment. She had hoped that Hayden hadn’t heard that or that she had dismissed it as harmless sex talk. Of course she had said it and she was pretty sure that she had meant it, but she didn’t want to freak her new lover out by saying something like that on the night of their first date.

“Oh, I say lots of stuff when I’m caught up in the moment.” She said dismissively, hoping not to ruin things.

“Oh, okay.” Hayden answered in a worried tone of voice that Emma failed to notice.

It was only a few minutes later when Emma fell asleep contentedly snuggled up against Hayden’s warm body, but it was quite some time before Hayden finally did.

“I see you work at night and are you sexually amused?
What’s it like to have a room of guys encircling you?
How she moves and how she walks.
They all patiently await while the heat from in their pockets could burn marks into their legs.
Without your needs and your support she’d have a job the same as ours – nothing daring.
Would she miss a job that’s sex- that’s sexual?”

–The Faint – Worked Up So Sexual


If the events of the previous evening had been a welcome respite from all of the stress for Hayden and Emma then the next afternoon was turning out to be the exact opposite. Everyone in the band was really feeling the pressure owing to the fact that not only were the girls who were trying out for Michelle’s former spot in the band arriving, but so too was the auditor, Megan Fox. Everything, it seemed was riding on this one woman’s opinion of the band.

I had requested for the girls to meet me in the conference room at two o’clock to welcome our guests, so naturally I wasn’t surprised when they started strolling in around the real meeting time of three.

“Hey Steve-O!” Emma sang as she bounded happily into the room.

“Hey kiddo.” I answered warily. She seemed to be in an unnaturally good mood this morning which generally meant that someone was being set up as the butt of a joke. I just hoped that it wasn’t me as I had enough to deal with at the present.

“You sure seem chipper this morning.” I remarked.

“Do I?” She smiled as she grabbed an apple and plopped down on one of the couches. “Perhaps that’s because it’s such a lovely day.”

It was clear that I wasn’t going to get anything more than that out of her, but I didn’t mind. Unlocking the mysteries of Emma Watson’s ever changing mood was not very high on my list of priorities at the moment.

Instead, I was scheming on what the best way to seduce Ms. Fox might be. I could go the simple route and try to get her drunk or I could use the “we’re kindred spirits” routine and pretend to like everything she liked. Or maybe, just maybe if she seemed to be of low character and in desperate need of some good loving, I could skip the theatrics entirely and simply bribe her with sex. All I knew was that whatever song and dance I did simply had to work because there was no way that she was going to allow the band to continue once she saw how fucked up we all really were.

I was still turning things over in my mind when the rest of the girls arrived. Hayden barely said anything to me; instead she went right over to Emma’s couch and sat down next to her. The two of them seemed to be getting awfully close lately and as far as I was concerned, that was a good thing. Hayden always seemed like she could use a friend.

“So listen up everyone.” I began once everyone was seated. “You all know the deal. Our guests will be here soon and I want you all to be on your best behavior. Treat them all with respect, but especially Ms. Fox. She’s got our band’s fate in her hands, so if you want to keep playing then please don’t do anything crazy.”

“Speaking of crazy Steve-O, I heard that something crazy happened last night!” Hilary piped up, unable to suppress her glee. She had been spying on Hayden again the night before and relished this chance to embarrass her enemy yet again.

“Oh yeah, what’s that?” I asked.

“Well, I heard that two dykes got caught fucking inside of the movie theatre across the street.” She replied with a wicked grin while staring directly at Hayden and Emma.

“What?” I exclaimed. I didn’t see how this had any relevance to what we were talking about, but as I glanced over at Hayden and Emma I saw that both of their faces had turned bright red and it was obvious that Hilary was referring to the two of them.

“Yep.” She continued. “They said that one of them was a slutty little blonde chick and the other one was an ugly, pale English girl.”

Emma’s hands started to curl up into fists and she rose halfway out of her seat to say something but Hayden stopped her.

“Emma, no.” She whispered. “Don’t let her get to you. Vivere senza rimpianti remember?”

Reluctantly, Emma sat back down but she was obviously still quite angry.

“Let me handle this baby.” Hayden whispered reassuringly.

“Wow Hilary, it sounds like you managed to get all of the dirt.” Hayden replied casually. “I guess all of the townies got tired of talking about the two sisters who liked to fuck each other and who thought that nobody knew about it.”

Her comments hung in the air for what seemed like an eternity, but they did manage to shut Hilary up for a few seconds. Emma and Hayden just laughed hysterically as Hilary crossed her arms and sat back down.

“Hmmph, we’ll see who’s laughing when mommy shows up!” She said quietly to her sister.

I couldn’t believe the things I had just heard as I looked at the four of them in exasperation. It was as though I hadn’t just warned them to be on their best behavior. Ms. Fox was due to arrive at any moment and here they were indulging in exactly the kind of stupid display that I didn’t want her to see. The band was never going to survive and I knew it. Thankfully though, a knock at the door brought a temporary break from all of the bickering and I spotted an old friend standing there in the doorway.

“I hope this isn’t a bad time.” He said, grinning.

“Holy shit!” I replied. “Jay Maddon is that you?”

Jay “The Madman” Maddon had been the singer for a punk band called ‘The VD’s’ back in the early to mid 90’s. The group’s name was appropriate enough as they were known more for their hard partying ways and sexual escapades than they were for any of their songs. Jay of course loved the notoriety and helped to fan the flames of the bands legend by famously claiming in his autobiography to have slept with over 2,000 different women by the time he was 25.

I of course didn’t dispute the legitimacy of this claim as I had seen the madman in action on many occasions when our bands toured together during the summer of 1992. Since that time, we had remained good friends, although we rarely saw each other anymore. So of course it came as a bit of a shock to see my old buddy leaning against the door frame of the conference room wearing a suit and of course chewing on his trademark straw.

“The Madman is here!” He grinned before taking the straw out of his mouth and coming over to give me a big bear hug.

As I clapped Jay on the back I started to wonder what he was doing here and I was just about to ask him when Lacey caught my attention with a little *Ahem.*

“I hate to interrupt this little homoerotic trip down memory lane.” Lacey joked. “But are you going to introduce us to your boyfriend Steve-O?”

“Oh, sorry.” I said. “Girls, this is Jay ‘The Madman’ Maddon. Jay, these are the girls.”

As he looked around the room, his eyes traveling from Lacey to Hayden to Emma to Hilary to Haylie, Jay just clapped me on the shoulders and grinned. He had a look of demented glee in his eyes as though I had just given him his golden ticket to the chocolate factory so I shot him a glare back as if to say ‘off limits’ that I doubt he even noticed.

“Looks like you’re doing well for yourself Steve-O.” He observed. “And it looks like they’ve got the fox guarding the chicken coop, eh?”

“So, what are you doing here Jay?” I asked, trying to change the subject. I could feel Lacey’s accusatory stare and wanted to head Jay off at the pass before he had a chance to start in on the “remember when” stories.

“Oh shit, I almost forgot.” He said, talking a hundred miles per hour. “Well, I got this gig working for Lightning Records as sort of a new talent recruiter…….”

“Don’t tell me…..” I interrupted. Lightning Records, if you remember was the label that Jailbait was signed to and I quickly deduced the reason he was here.

“Yep.” He grinned. “They sent me out here to escort the audition girls to Omaha.”

“You’re kidding me!” I laughed. “Now that’s putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop!”

“You’ve got me there old buddy.” He admitted as more of the madman started showing through this suit wearing facade. “But I’m telling you man, just wait until you see these hot little pieces of ass!”

“Seriously Jay.” I scolded as I felt Lacey’s laser like eyes on me. “Don’t be so crude. I’ve got to pick one of those “hot little pieces of ass” to be my new bass player.”

“Sorry man.” He shrugged, unsure of what he had done to annoy me. “But you’ll see what I mean. One of them was all over me on the plane ride here. Are you telling me that you’d turn down a mile high B.J. from a hot teenage chick?”

“So are they with you?” I asked, ignoring his last comment and not daring to look over at Lacey. I could feel her glare enough as it was.

“Yeah, I told them to wait out in the hall, hang on a sec.”

I looked over at Lacey and tried to apologize for Jay with my expression but she just shrugged. Jay had disappeared through the door to the hallway only a moment earlier and now he had reemerged flanked by three stunningly attractive teens.

“Everyone, I’d like you to meet Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.” He said. “One of these young ladies is going to be your new bass player.”

The girls all seemed to have very different reactions to the introduction. Miley stood out proudly and boldly as though she had already gotten the gig, Selena fidgeted nervously with her clothes, clearly not comfortable with being put on the spot like that and Demi just seemed bored with the whole ordeal.

“Pleased to meet you girls.” I said, shaking their hands. “I’m really looking forward to working with one of you. We’re going to meet with all of you in a few hours, so feel free to hang out by the pool or on the tour bus in the meantime.”

“Cool.” Jay answered as he started to herd the girls out of the room. “We’ll see you guys at six o’clock then.”

“You’ve got it.” I answered.

“It was so nice to meet you Mr. O’Reilly.” Selena said quietly as she walked past me.

“Hope you’re ready for me.” Miley added, blowing me a little kiss.

I couldn’t help but follow their asses with my eyes as they left the room, and when I finally looked back I saw Lacey grinning at me.

“Hope you’re ready for me, it was so nice to meet you Mr. O’Reilly.” She mocked.

I knew Lacey well enough to know that she was simply being playful and not jealous, so I couldn’t help but smile back. Hilary on the other hand wore her usual indifferent look and rolled her eyes so dramatically that you could practically hear them.

“I am so not sitting through some boring audition.” She stated.

“That’s good that you don’t want to Hilary because you weren’t invited anyway!” I said, losing my patience with her a bit. “It’s just going to be Lacey, myself and Mr. Maddon interviewing them.”

“Don’t you mean ‘The Madman?” She asked sarcastically.

“Yes.” I answered. “But Hilary, I have to say that whoever lands the gig is going to be your new band mate. And you might want to consider treating this new girl with a bit more kindness and respect than you treat your current band mates with.”

“Well, that all depends on whether or not I decide if you still have a band.” An unfamiliar voice said from behind me.

I turned around to find one of the sexiest women I had ever laid my eyes on standing in front of me. She had long black hair which was pulled back tightly into a ponytail and she was dressed in a power suit complete with what I thought looked like sexy librarian glasses and a small briefcase.

“Ms. Fox I presume.” I said, warmly holding out my hand to shake hers.

This seduction was going to be quite enjoyable I thought.

“They didn’t tell me that you were so stunning.” I added with a grin.

“Charmed I’m sure.” She replied coldly, barely shaking my hand at all.

Okay, strike one. So she was a little cold, but still nothing I couldn’t work around.

“So you’re here to make sure that we don’t bankrupt Lightning records, huh?” I joked.

“No Mr. O’Reilly, I’m here to determine whether or not this project is a financially sound endeavor.” She answered flatly.

Strike two. No sense of humor.

“I see.” I replied, deciding to take a more serious tact. “Well if there is anything you need from us, financial records, interviews, whatever, we’ll be more than happy to comply.”

“Yes I’m sure you will.” She replied indifferently as she surveyed the room. “Now what was it you were saying to Ms. Duff about her being nicer to her colleagues? Has there been some kind of tension within the band that the label should be made aware of?”

“Tension?” I asked, stalling to gather my thoughts. “No. I mean……yes. I mean……just the usual teenage girl stuff.”

“I see.” She remarked, jotting a note down on her pad of paper.

I nervously stole a quick glance over at Hilary and Hayden trying to convey the seriousness of the situation but they were as oblivious as ever.

“I mean, there is the occasional argument.” I lied. “But overall I’d say that we’re really just one big happy family.”

But no sooner had the words come out of my mouth than Hayden sprung up from her seat.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” She asked.

“Oh, hey honey.” Hayden’s mother Cindy replied cheerfully. “Hilary invited me out here to hang out with you guys for a few days.”

“Hilary invited you?” She shot back incredulously. “And you came?”

Cindy choosing to hang out with Hayden’s chief rival Hilary had put a serious strain on their relationship ever since Hayden had caught the two of them fucking when the band was in her hometown of San Diego. Prior to that, the two had been as close as any mother and daughter but it was an offense that Hayden just couldn’t seem to get past. She desperately wanted things to go back to the way they were with her mother but to see her with Hilary was just too much. In fact it was the main reason for her recent increased feelings of detachment and isolation.

“Well of course.” She answered, a bit taken aback at her daughter’s accusatory tone. “She told me that the two of you had patched things up.”

Cindy too desperately wanted to get back into her daughter’s good graces. And although deep down she knew that Hilary was lying to her, fucking the young blonde awakened something deep and primal within her that she could never explain to Hayden. And so she had accepted Hilary’s invitation on the slim chance that she was telling the truth and that she and her daughter could get back to being friends.

“You fucking bitch!” Hayden yelled directly at Hilary. “I hate you so much!”

“Hayden honey, what’s the matter?” Cindy asked. “I thought you’d be happy to see me.”

“How can I be happy to see you when you’re with her?” Hayden whined.

“Well I am an adult Hayden.” Cindy insisted, determined to be firm with her daughter. “And I’m free to spend my time with whomever I choose to. I only hope that one day you’ll be able to come to grips with my choices.”

“As long as you’re with her, I don’t want anything to do with you mom.” She huffed as everyone in the room gasped.

“Hayden.” Emma said, trying to calm her friend down. “Vivere senza rimpianti, remember?”

“Oh, it isn’t even spelled right!” She yelled before stomping on the ground, wheeling around on one foot and storming out of the room.

Emma looked around doubtfully before running after her while the rest of us just stood there in awkward silence. Ms. Fox was once again jotting something down on her notepad and I had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn’t a reminder to pick up a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread on the way home.

“I am so sorry about all of that.” Cindy apologized. She looked as though she were going to burst into tears and you could tell that she felt incredibly awkward about having all of her dirty laundry aired in front of us.

“Oh please, think nothing of it.” Ms. Fox gushed warmly. “I’m sure it’s not easy being a mom sometimes.”

“Que pasa?” I thought.

Just a second ago this woman was Queen Bitch of the North Pole and now suddenly she was giving warm words of encouragement to a woman she had never met before.

“I’m sorry I don’t believe we’ve met.” Cindy said as she regained her composure and extended her hand. “I’m Cindy Margolis, Hayden’s mom.”

“Yes, I know who you are.” Megan replied, blushing and nervously touching her hair as she did so. “I used to want to be a model and you were my idol when I was a teenager. I can still remember some of the pictures you did for the Victoria’s Secret catalogue. You looked absolutely stunning.”

“Aw, you’re so sweet.” Cindy beamed. “And what is your name?”

“Ms. Fox.” She said and added hastily. “But please, call me Megan.”

“Well that’s great.” Hilary interrupted. “But we should probably go.”

Megan’s gaze seemed to linger just a little bit too long and it was clear that Hilary didn’t want her sugar mama getting too cozy with the sexy auditor.

“Maybe we should go and try to talk to Hayden so we can all sort this out?” Cindy suggested.

“Or better yet, why don’t we give her a little bit of space for a while so she can sort things out in her own head.” Hilary said in a fake caring voice. “You’re more than welcome to come and stay with Haylie and I in our room until she does.”

“Well that sure sounds like fun honey.” Cindy smiled as she picked up on Hilary’s meaning and cursing herself for allowing herself to be tempted once again. “Well, it was so nice to meet you Megan and I do hope we see each other again soon.”

“Yes, I certainly do too.” Megan replied. And as Hilary and Haylie took Cindy by the hand and they left the room, Megan’s eyes followed them all the way out.

“I’ve got to run along too Steve-O.” Lacey said with a wink. She knew the plan was for me to seduce Ms. Fox and she was trying to give me my opportunity.

Once we were alone, I looked over at Megan but she was still staring at the door where Cindy had left and seemed to be in a daydream. I figured that since she had seemed to warm up a bit that there was no time like the present to initiate Operation Sleep with the Auditor.

“Crazy aren’t they?” I joked.

“Hmmm?” She replied.

“Teenagers.” I said. “They’re just crazy little hormone bombs, ready to explode at any moment.”

“Yes, I suppose so.” She answered.

“So Megan….” I began.

“It’s Ms. Fox.” She corrected.

“Right……uh, sorry.” I said. “So Ms. Fox, would you like to go downstairs and get a drink with me?”

“No, I’m afraid I do not Mr. O’Reilly.” She said. “Nor do I wish to be subjected to your crude advances.”

“My what?” I asked in a self righteous tone of voice. “I would never try to……”

“Spare me.” She said. “I’ve done enough of these audits to know what you’re up to and I’ll save you the trouble. You’re not my type.”

And with that she strode out of the conference room, leaving me standing there with my mouth agape.

“Not my type.” I thought. “Is that even possible?”


“So Mr. Stud couldn’t seal the deal.” Lacey laughed, once I had recounted my story. “And you thought you had it in the bag.”

“Go ahead and have a nice chuckle Lace.” I said. “But seriously, I don’t know what I did wrong.”

“Oh relax Mr. Ego.” She assured me. “You haven’t lost your sex appeal, just your powers of observation.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well it’s pretty obvious that she’s a lesbian.” Lacey stated. “I mean didn’t you notice the way that she turned into mush when Hayden’s mom was in the room.”

“Yeah, I didn’t know what that was all about.” I remarked. “I just thought maybe she felt sorry for her about the argument.”

“You know Steve-O, for such a smart guy you can be really dumb sometimes.” She laughed.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I had to admit now that the truth was staring me in the face. “But that still doesn’t solve our problem. How in the world are we ever going to get her to sign off on the band now?”

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll take a run at her later tonight.” Lacey smiled. “Maybe after a little bit of female persuasion she’ll soften her stance a bit.”

“Thanks Lacey, you’re the best.” I said, kissing her on the cheek.

“Well it’s not like I’m taking one for the team or anything.” She quipped. “I mean have you seen her? She just might be the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen!”

“You know, even hindered with my limited powers of observation I did manage to notice that.” I laughed.

“So when are the little dolls supposed to get here?” Lacey asked, changing the subject. “Because I so want to play with them for a little bit before we pick one out.”

“You know, you really are a bad girl.” I joked, taking a drink of my beer.

“Yeah but admit it, that’s what you love about me.” She smiled and I knew that there was no point in denying it.

“Anyway, to answer your question.” I said. “They’re supposed to meet us in conference room A in about five minutes. So did any particular doll catch your eye at the meeting today?”

“Mmmmm, I liked the little shy one.” She answered and I could practically hear the gears of her dirty mind start to spin. “You know how much I love corrupting the shy ones. What was her name again, Selena?”

“Yeah.” I replied. “I believe it was. But seriously Lace, with Cruella DeVille checking up on us, we really should try to keep these interviews as professional as possible.”

“Aw, you said she wasn’t even going to be there for the interviews.” Lacey pouted. “And has anyone told you that you’re no fun anymore?”

“She’s not going to be there.” I insisted. “And I am so fun! I’m a great big, heaping helping of fun! I’m fun overload!”

“Whatever.” She replied, sounding eerily similar to Hilary. “All I know is that we’d better get going if we’re going to make it on time.”

As I drained my glass and followed Lacey out of the bar and into the hallway it dawned on me that perhaps she was right. I’d been so stressed out about this Megan Fox bitch for the last couple of days that I was starting to become all work and no play. Hell, even before the Ice Queen rode into town on her dog sled it was the fiasco in Vegas and Michelle quitting that had turned me into a stick in the mud. I was becoming the very thing I hated most in life; a corporate stiff.

I was so deep in thought as we walked down the hallway towards the conference room that I nearly walked right into Dr. Spliff, the bus driver.

“Hey deh!” He said in his thick Jamaican accent. “You two wanna go and get high wit me?”

“Sorry Spliff.” Lacey shrugged. “But we’ve got to go interview some little cutie pie teens to see who’s taking Michelle’s spot. Maybe some other time.”

“Suit jahself.” He laughed as he started to walk away. But he only got a few steps down the hallway before something in my brain clicked and I stopped him.

“Hey Spliff, hang on a second.” I said. I’d show Lacey who was no fun.

“What’s up mon?”

“Hey, I was thinking, why don’t you come and sit in on the interviews with us?” I said. “And bring a bag of your best herb.”

“Steve-O, what are you doing?” Lacey grabbed me by the arm and asked.

“Aw come on Lace.” I replied. “Leshand said that they were all excellent musicians, so it’s really just a matter of how well they get along with the rest of the band that we’re gonna base our decision on. And what better way to find out who the coolest one is than by throwing them a little party?”

“Yeah mon!” Spliff said with a big smile. “You know I got da best weed around! We’ll smoke deez little girls out!”

He laughed in his typical booming and infectious way and entered the conference room, leaving Lacey and I standing alone out in the hall. She had her arms crossed and she looked like she was going to try to talk me out of it, but I wasn’t even going to give her the chance.

“Who’s no fun now?” I asked, sticking my tongue out and grinning like a mischievous child before following Dr. Spliff inside.

Lacey just stood there with her arms crossed and one eyebrow cocked and smiled.


Once inside of the conference room, the three of us grabbed our respective beverage of choice from behind the bar and kicked back on the plush couches while we waited for Jay and the girls to arrive.

They didn’t keep us waiting long and when they finally entered the room I nearly spit my beer out. To say they looked hot would have been doing the word hot a disservice. These girls were pure sin!

Demi and Selena had on matching outfits, dressing themselves in gray pleated schoolgirl skirts and knee high gray socks while Miley wore a pink tank top and a pair of white short shorts which only served to accentuate her long tan legs.

“Easy big fella.” Lacey said quietly with a smile as she noticed me shift uncomfortably in my chair.

“So where do you want me?” Miley asked innocently enough, although I was certain that she was aware of the double meaning.

“You girls can just have a seat anywhere.” I said cordially. “In fact, this whole “interview” is going to be pretty informal.”

“So you’re not going to be quizzing us on our biggest strengths and weaknesses?” Selena asked.

“Or asking us how our friends would describe us?” Demi added.

“No, no, none of that.” I assured them. “Basically the four of us felt like it would be best to get to know the three of you on a personal level rather than conducting a formal interview since we’ll be spending a lot of time with one of you in the near future.”

“So, who’s that?” Demi asked, pointing to Dr. Spliff.

“Oh, that’s Dr. Spliff, our bus driver.” I answered. “He’ll just be hanging out with us during the interviews if that’s all right with you ladies.”

“That’s fine with me.” Demi replied before whispering to Selena. “Wow, he’s sexy.”

“Pleased to meet jah.” He rumbled as he finished rolling a joint. “Jah, want to hit dis?”

Demi looked unsure, as though we were trying to trick her into eliminating herself from the running. She glanced nervously over at Selena who merely shrugged.

“I’ll take a hit.” Miley insisted, jumping up from her seat and taking a long puff off of the joint.

She offered it to Jay and he too took a hit before Spliff, Lacey and I did the same.

I held it out to Selena but she too hesitated.

“No pressure.” I insisted. “If you don’t want to it’s cool. But if you want a hit, it’s here.”

“I…..I don’t know.” She said softly. “I’ve never smoked weed before.”

“Good for you.” Lacey piped up. “It really is a nasty habit.”

Selena looked over at her quizzically. She couldn’t tell if Lacey was being sincere or if she was simply making fun of her.

“I’m serious.” She said, seeming to pick up on the teen’s concern. “I really respect someone who does what they want to do and doesn’t give in to peer pressure.”

“Cool, thanks.” Selena said, finally turning down the joint. She smiled up happily at Lacey like a child who had just given her parents a straight A’s report card.

“You’re welcome sweetie.” Lacey replied with a wink. “And I have to ask, what’s up with the matching outfits you two?”

“Oh, Selena and I have known each other for years.” Demi said. “We thought it’d be cute.”

“Well you thought right.” Lacey purred. “All three of you girls look as sexy as hell.”

Selena smiled nervously although she wasn’t quite sure what to make of Lacey’s compliment.

Demi too was unsure and she waited until no one was looking to whisper to her friend.

“Do you think she’s hitting on us or something?” She asked.

“No, I think she’s just being nice.” Selena assured her. It was nice to hear that she wasn’t the only one picking up on the weird vibe, but Lacey really did seem nice and by helping to alleviate her best friend’s worries she also managed to do the same to her own concerns.

As seven o’clock eventually turned into nine thirty and we partied the night away, it became clear that our decision was going to be even tougher than we had originally thought. All three of the girls seemed to be genuinely cool and fun loving people, although my first impressions did seem to be more or less accurate.

Miley was definitely the ringleader of the group and the first to volunteer for anything we happened to suggest. And while I did love her enthusiasm, I really couldn’t tell if it was just a front in order to get the gig or not.

Demi it turned out, was only auditioning for the band in order to appease her parents. They wanted their daughter to be famous more than anything else in the world, and while she was supremely talented, I just wasn’t sure whether or not she would quickly tire of being on the road.

And finally there was shy little Selena. She was something of an enigma to me. Strong willed enough not to succumb to peer pressure (she hadn’t even had a single drop of alcohol) and yet risqué enough to suggest the friendly little game of truth or dare that would ultimately shape the course of the evening.

“So how about it?” She grinned.

“Come on, truth or dare?” I thought. “How old are we?”

But no sooner had the thought passed through my brain than I realized the absurdity of it. Okay sure; Jay and Spliff and Lacey and myself might be too old to play truth or dare, but obviously the game would be something that would be very appealing to these teens. Besides, I still had my “no fun Steve-O” reputation to shake and so I agreed to participate.

“Okay cupcake.” I said. “Since it was your idea, how about you choose the first victim? Who’s it going to be?”

“Uhhhmmm, how about Demi.” Selena decided, opting for the safety of nominating her friend.

“I knew you were going to pick me.” Demi said with a smile. “And I am so going to get you back Selena!”

“Okay Demi.” I said. “Since your best friend has so graciously volunteered you, what’ll it be? Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” She said.

I decided not to get too crazy at first, instead opting to go with the old tried and true questions.

“What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?” I asked.

“Stop laughing Selena” She giggled as she gave her friend a gentle shove. “Just because you’ve already heard this story a million times, doesn’t mean you should ruin it for everyone else.”

“Sorry.” She said. “But it is kind of funny.”

“Well, I got fired from my job at McDonald’s last summer for giving my boyfriend a blowjob.” Demi recounted.

“What’s so funny about that?” Jay asked.

“Well, he worked there too and he was dressed up like Mayor McCheese at the time.” She replied, cracking up the group as we imagined her going down on the giant hamburger man.

“At least now we can definitively say what the special sauce is.” Jay quipped, as Demi’s face turned bright red.

“Okay okay, now it’s someone else’s turn.” Demi said when at last the laughter had subsided.

I expected Demi to choose Selena to go next now that she had the opportunity to pay her friend back, but instead she surprised us all by opting for a different target.

“Truth or dare Lacey?” She asked.

“Oooooh, goodie, my turn.” She said, doing a cute little clap like something an excited cheerleader might do. “I’ll go with dare.”

“I dare you……….. to kiss someone in this room.” Demi said.

“That’s it?” Lacey laughed, somewhat disappointed by her G rated dare. “That’s all you’ve got for me?”

“Okay, okay fine.” Demi stalled, trying to think of a way to spice up the dare. “Okay I’ve got it. You have to kiss another girl and you have to totally make out with her for like thirty seconds.”

“Wow, what a terrible thing to have to do.” Lacey said sarcastically as she rose from her chair. “Now let’s see, eenie meanie miney moe, catch a hot teen by her toe.”

It started out randomly enough, with Lacey pointing from Selena to Miley to Demi in turn, but as she got closer to the word toe, Lacey’s intentions became clear and her finger never left Selena.

“My mother told me to pick the sexiest one and you are it.” She teased as Selena watched her index finger just keep bouncing up and down with every syllable like a cat watching a string. “Looks like you’re the lucky winner darling.”

“Me?” Selena squeaked nervously. She frantically looked over at Demi for some sort of a reprieve, but Demi just shrugged.

“That’s right.” Lacey cooed, beckoning with her finger. “Now come on over here and give me a kiss with those pretty little lips.”

Selena reluctantly stood up and walked slowly over to the middle of the room next to Lacey as we all looked on silently.

“I’ve never kissed a girl before.” She whispered hoarsely to Lacey when at last they were face to face.

“I know sweetheart.” Lacey said quietly. “That’s why I picked you. Now just close your eyes and imagine that I’m your little friend Demi.”

“What….I…..why would I…..” She began.

“It’s okay baby.” Lacey whispered with a wink, cutting off the teen. “It’ll be our little secret.”

She quickly glanced back uncertainly at Demi before plucking up her courage and turning to face Lacey. Something about this woman seemed to put Selena at ease and so she closed her eyes, puckered her lips and slowly leaned forward. Lacey’s soft lips met Selena’s full juicy ones with a gentle pressure and the soft sounds of their lips smacking were soon all that could be heard in the tense room.

“Ohhhhh.” Selena moaned softly.

Everyone sat in silence on the edge of their seats as Selena parted her lips a little bit more and Lacey eased her tongue inside of the young girl’s mouth. Selena then met Lacey’s tongue with her own and tasted the warm wetness of Lacey’s kiss.

The kiss was soft and sweet, just the way she had kissed Demi from time to time in her fantasies. It wasn’t a full blown crush she had on her friend or anything, just an occasional stray thought that she had sometimes when she was lonely or when Demi was looking particularly good. And the fact that Lacey had somehow known about it turned her on more than she cared to admit.

Selena felt the slightly older girl’s hand on her back and she did likewise, rubbing Lacey’s arms and back but never breaking the kiss. The whole room seemed uanable to breathe as they looked on, but Selena had forgotten all about them. She was so wrapped up in the sweet and salty taste of Lacey’s lips.

And suddenly, just when it seemed like the kiss was really starting to get steamy, Lacey pulled away abruptly. Selena just stood there with her eyes closed in a state of shock for a moment as she tried to catch her breath.

“Wow.” She finally said breathlessly, causing the room to erupt in laughter and applause.

She looked up with a shy little grin at Lacey who was smiling broadly back at her.

“Holy shit, that was like fifty eight seconds!” Miley remarked incredulously, but to Selena it had only seemed like ten.

“That was fucking incredible!” I whispered to Lacey as she sat back down next to me on the couch. “And I think that you’ve got a not so secret admirer now.”

Selena too had sat back down on her couch and was quietly chatting with Demi, but she kept sneaking glances across the room at Lacey.

“Always leave ‘em wanting more Steve-O, you know that.” She joked.

Judging by the look on Selena’s face, I had no doubt that Lacey had succeeded in doing just that. But kissing wasn’t all the girls wanted more of. They wanted more truth or dare.

“My turn, my turn!” Miley insisted. It was pretty obvious that she didn’t like having her spotlight stolen by Selena and that she was ready to take it back.

“Okay Miley.” Lacey replied. “Truth or dare?”

“I’ll go with dare.” She answered boldly.

“Well, seeing as you’ve been sitting on Jay’s lap practically all night, I dare you to give him a lap dance.” She answered. “And when I say lap dance, I’m talking about a full on, Pure Platinum Girl’s lap dance.”

“But of course.” She replied with a wicked smile. “Now, let’s see what kind of mood music you’ve got in here.”

She strutted over to the ipod dock and bent over at the waist, giving us a lovely view of her tight little ass as she pretended to deliberate over her song choice.

“Hmmmm, I just can’t seem to decide.” She teased, glancing back at Jay over her shoulder. The short white shorts Miley had on barely covered her ass when she stood up straight, so we were all enjoying the view of her perfectly round butt cheeks hanging out of them as she bent over.

“Ah, here we go.” She finally said and as she hit play we heard Prince’s famous song ‘Cream’ start to play.

As the first notes of the song rolled out of the speakers, Miley seductively strutted over to the chair where Jay was sitting and started to dance. She spun around with her back towards him and started shaking her booty before bending all the way over at the waist and backing up slowly so that she could grind her ass into his crotch.

“Oh shit!” He moaned as his erection started pressing hard against his pants and he felt the crack of Miley’s ass continue to grind into and around it, only the small layer of clothes keeping them from completely fucking.

As the song blared on and everyone in the room stared, Jay grabbed Miley’s ass and pulled it down even harder against his erection. He was already on the verge of coming just from the dry humping she was giving him and he couldn’t resist grabbing two handfuls of her firm young flesh.

“Ah ah, no touching!” She scolded, slapping his hand away. “At least not yet anyway.”

She spun around on his lap and was now straddling Jay’s lap as she kissed his face and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Cream…….. get on top.” Came the music and with each pop of one of the buttons, Miley placed another kiss on Jay’s bare chest.

She had made her way down to the bottom button and was now kneeling on the floor in front of Jay’s lap licking his pants covered erection and running her fingernails along his stomach.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing this, do you?” She teased as she unbuckled his belt and whipped it out through all of the loops in one quick motion.

“Not that I’m not enjoying this, but shouldn’t you be the one getting undressed?” Jay asked.

“You know, that’s not a bad idea baby.” She grinned, quickly lifting her tank top off and unsnapping her bra before tossing it to the floor.

We all had a wonderful view of Miley’s firm and perky naked breasts as she took her tank top and wrapped it around the back of Jay’s head before pulling his face into her chest.

“Oooohhh you naughty boy!” She teased as Jay took one of her tiny nipples into his mouth and gently bit down on it.

On the other couch, Selena and Demi stared at the show in wide eyed amazement.

“I think she’s going to get the job.” Selena sighed.

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” Demi insisted, hopping up and crossing the floor to where Dr. Spliff was sitting.

“Where are you going?” Selena asked.

“I’m not going to get left out of this party.” Demi said. “You coming?”

“I……I think I’m good right here for now.” Selena said quietly.

“Suit yourself girlfriend.” Demi laughed before skipping over to Spliff’s loveseat.

“You look lonely handsome.” She said. “Care for some company?”

“If it is from you, den I would love some company.” He smiled, patting the seat next to him.

Back on the chair, Miley was once again standing up and facing away from Jay as she swayed her hips from side to side in time with the beat. Jay was leaning back in the chair and admiring the view of her lithe teen body. He especially loved the way her shorts were low enough to show off the little divot where her lower back ended and her gorgeous ass started. She finally bent down at the waist again and slowly peeled her shorts down around her ankles, leaving her clad only in a tiny pink thong which didn’t cover up much of her asshole or pussy lips with her bent over like she was.

“You like what you see baby?” She asked as she shook her little rump, and judging by the look of animal lust in Jay’s eyes it was pretty clear that he did indeed.

“Oh yeah.” He answered, giving her a playful smack on the ass. “Shake that pretty little ass for me girl.”

“Oh, I’m gonna do more than just shake my ass for you.” She said. “I’m going to suck that fucking cock again like I did on the airplane. Only this time I’m gonna suck it till you pop! And then I’m gonna lick up all of that yummy, sticky cum!”

I thought for a nanosecond about stopping things right then and there before they got out of hand, but ultimately I decided that cock blocking a friend wasn’t cool no matter what the circumstances. Besides, Lacey was giving me a look that seemed to say “don’t you dare break this up.”

By now, Miley had managed to unzip Jay’s pants and had worked his stiff cock out where she was slowly stroking it with her hand.

“Yeah, you like having young chicks like me sucking your dick don’t you Jay?” She teased as she softly licked his shaft up from the balls to the tip. “Their cute faces and their tight little bodies there for your pleasure.”

“Oh yes Miley.” He groaned. “I do love it.”

“That’s good because I love it too.” She smiled as she sped up her stroking with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. “I love sucking your cock right here in front of everyone and being your nasty little slut!”

“Yeah, come on baby, suck that cock!” He moaned.

Miley kept licking his shaft and kissing the head of his penis, driving Jay crazy before she finally took just the tip into her mouth. As she kept stroking his shaft, Miley started easing more and more of Jay’s rock hard prick in and out of her mouth, the saliva running all down the sides.

Eventually, she had the whole thing sliding in and out as she frantically deep throated him.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck!!! Ohhhhhh fuck!!!” He cried out in pleasure as he gripped the arms of the chair hard and felt her pretty lips sliding up and down the length of his shaft.

It had been a while since a woman had made Jay come just from oral sex alone, but Miley was really sucking his dick hard and looking down at the sexy teen pleasuring him while wearing only her panties was making it tough for him to hold back. He felt his balls starting to twitch with pleasure and he knew that an eruption was only seconds away.

“Baby I’m about to come!” He warned, but Miley just kept going. She was jacking his rod harder than ever, pumping away as though her life depended on it.

“Shoot it on my fucking face!” She commanded before popping it back in her mouth and sucking harder than ever.

“OHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK!!!!” He yelled out as his cock started to spasm and wave after wave of thick cum erupted from the tip, coating Miley’s mouth and face.

Miley grinned beneath all of the thick cum that covered her face and scooped it all up with her fingers before licking them clean.

“Now it’s your turn to make me feel good while you get ready for round two.” She smiled.

“Mmmmmm, get over here you sexy bitch.” He moaned as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her across his lap.

Jay sat her on the chair and quickly yanked her panties down before he began licking her soaking wet pussy in front of all of us.

“Wow that was hot wasn’t it Demi?” Selena asked, so wrapped up in the scene in front of her that she had forgotten that her friend was sitting with Dr. Spliff. “Demi?”

She spun her head around to the loveseat only to find Demi and Spliff there hungrily groping one another and kissing passionately. Selena gasped when she noticed that Demi’s hand was already down the front of Spliff’s pants and she was gently massaging his throbbing cock. It seemed that everyone was getting action but her.

“Oh my gosh!” She mouthed, putting her hand to her open mouth as Demi peeled off her shirt.

But if that shocked her, then Selena was really in for it when she finally looked over to where Lacey and I were seated. Lacey had her sights locked right on the young girl and there could be no mistaking the look of lust in her eyes. Selena shifted uncomfortably under the older girl’s gaze and glanced quickly around the room as though she were searching for an escape route.

“So, um who’s turn is it?” She asked meekly, trying desperately to postpone the inevitable.

Lacey just chuckled and stood up, slinking over towards Selena’s couch like a cat stalking its prey.

“Playtime is over sweetie.” She said, holding out her hand to Selena. “So why don’t you come on over here and sit with the grownups?”

“Are you sure?” The nervous teen asked. There could be no mistaking Lacey’s intentions this time and a part of her wanted to squirm her way out of this sticky situation. She considered herself to be a good girl and good girls didn’t behave like that did they?

But even though Selena was a good girl at heart, she found herself to be more than just a little bit curious and right now the curious side of her brain was winning the battle. Something about Lacey really turned her on and some small part of her brain wanted desperately to just throw caution to the wind and to give herself over to the pleasure and to be bad. But even as she tried to stifle her lustful urges, Selena could feel her body betraying her as the wetness in her pussy started to spread and her body began to tingle.

“I can see that you’re a little bit nervous.” Lacey assured her. “But don’t worry honey, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I know.” Selena replied, but she still looked unsure. “I’ve just never done anything like this before.”

“I’ll be gentle with you. Cross my heart.” Lacey said. “So what do you say?”

“Mmmmmm, okay.” She finally decided, biting her bottom lip and taking Lacey by the hand where she led the slender brunette back to our couch. As she took one last hopeful look at the couch that she had just left, Selena decided that just a taste couldn’t hurt. She figured that she would maybe just make out with Lacey a little bit to satisfy her curiosity. It wasn’t like she had to go crazy or anything.

As for me, I was content for the time being to just enjoy the view of all of the action and so I watched as Lacey sat down and patted her leg, indicating that she wanted Selena to sit down on her lap. The younger girl did so cautiously and shivered slightly as she felt Lacey wrap her hands around her waist and pull her in close to her warm body. She sat frozen like that, wrapped in Lacey’s arms and too afraid to move for several minutes while they watched Miley and Demi having sex with the two men.

“Is this turning you on?” Lacey asked Selena as she nibbled lightly on her earlobe.

“Yes…. I mean….. a little bit.” Selena admitted, giggling nervously as she did so. In truth it was turning her on a lot and so was Lacey, but she wasn’t ready to tip her hand just yet.

“Mmmmm, you turn me on.” Lacey said, rubbing her fingernails lightly along Selena’s bare thigh. “I really want you so badly sweetheart. I want to do such dirty things to your pretty little body. Can I touch you?”

“I…..um…….okay.” She answered hesitantly, turning her head slightly to look at Lacey. She loved the feel of Lacey’s touch but everything seemed to be moving so very fast and it terrified her.

Lacey started to slide her hand underneath of Selena’s skirt but the teen quickly grabbed the hem of it and pulled down hard to block her hand.

“Um, is it okay……can we just…….just outside the clothes at first?” Selena stuttered. She was so wickedly turned on and was finding it difficult to fight off both Lacey’s advances and her own lust.

“Of course sweetheart.” Lacey smiled. “I told you we wouldn’t do anything you didn’t want to do.”

“Thanks.” She replied meekly.

But if Selena could have seen the devilish grin creep across Lacey’s face though she might have bolted right then and there. For Lacey knew it was only a matter of time before her little doll’s good girl façade vanished and she was begging her to do all of the wicked things she wanted to do anyway.

“I don’t think you need this itchy old shirt on anymore do you baby?” Lacey asked innocently.

“Oh….I guess not.” Selena answered, barely getting the words out before Lacey started unbuttoning the buttons.

“Ooooohhhh, look at what a sexy little body you’ve got.” She remarked as she held the shirt lightly between her thumb and first finger for a moment before tossing it idly to the floor. Selena instinctively crossed her arms across her chest but she knew that her resistance was fading fast.

“Thank you Lacey.” The teen responded as she felt the older girl kissing her bare shoulders and back. “I think you’re body is very sexy too.”

“What about Demi’s body?” Lacey propped her chin on Selena’s shoulder and asked. “Do you think her body is sexy?”

Selena once again looked over at the loveseat where Spliff was greedily sucking on Demi’s naked breasts and found herself wishing that it was her lips wrapped around them. She could feel Lacey’s hand starting to make it’s way up underneath the hem of her skirt again but she didn’t try to fight it this time.

“Yes.” She whispered, her face burning with embarrassment. “She is very sexy.”

“And you want her don’t you?” Lacey hissed in her ear. By now she had worked her hand all the way underneath of the little plaid skirt and was gently rubbing Selena’s pussy on the outside of her black lacy panties.

“No I……ohhhhhhhh.” Selena tried to protest as Lacey’s palm rubbed her clit and she ran her fingers down along the young girl’s wet slit, only the thin layer of lace keeping her from slipping them inside.

“It’s okay honey, I’m just touching you outside of the clothes like I promised.” Lacey assured her when she felt Selena start to tense up.

“But I think you do want Demi.” Lacey went on once the young girl relaxed again. “And that’s not all. I don’t think you’re really a good girl at all. I bet you play with that pretty little pussy of yours sometimes at night thinking about her don’t you baby?”

“Sometimes.” Selena admitted through her dry mouth, although it was barely audible. “But it was only a couple of times. I promise I’m a good girl.”

As she watched her friend on the loveseat and felt the pleasure of Lacey kissing and rubbing her, Selena’s breath grew jagged. It felt so good to have the more experienced girl squeezing her pussy and she couldn’t help but start moaning even louder despite what her conscience told her.

“Don’t’ worry sweetheart. It’s okay to be a bad girl.” Lacey assured her as she unsnapped the teen’s bra with her free hand. “And I’m gonna make you feel soooo good, and then we’ll go see about your little friend Demi.”

Selena smiled and leaned back, craning her neck so that Lacey could kiss her luscious lips. The two sat kissing like that for several minutes while Lacey rubbed Selena’s pussy with one hand and pinched the nipple of one of her tiny breasts with the other one.

“Ohhhhh my gosh!!!” She moaned as Lacey rubbed her faster and faster. “That feels so good Lacey!!!”

Lacey thought it was incredibly cute how Selena said “oh my gosh” instead of cursing but she couldn’t help but wonder how long it would take before the corruption was complete and she really let herself go. And then suddenly, as if she had read Lacey’s mind, Selena whispered something that Lacey could barely hear.

“What’s that honey?” She asked.

“I said will you…..you know.” Selena repeated.

“No, I don’t know.” Lacey teased. “You need to tell me what you want.”

“Will you put your hand inside of my panties…….please?” The shy girl asked. “I want you to put your fingers inside of me.”

“Do you have any idea how cute you are?” Lacey giggled as she slid her hand up towards the elastic band of the teen’s underwear. “But are you sure you want this? I thought you were a good girl?”

“Yes, I want it!!!” She begged. “Please make me feel good, Lacey!!!”

“Mmmmmm, okay.” She finally relented, sliding her hand gently down the front of Selena’s little lace panties and over her warm, wet snatch.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!” She moaned as Lacey slipped her first two fingers inside of the warm folds of flesh.

“How does that feel honey?” Lacey asked as she worked her fingers in and out, faster and faster.

“It feels sooooo…….oohhhhh….. good!!!” Selena gasped, bucking her hips up a bit.

“Do you want to come for me baby!!!” Lacey asked. “Do you want to come for me while you watch your pretty little friend fucking over there?”

“Yesssss. Pleasssssseeee make me come!!!” She begged. “Please make me come all over your fucking hand!!! I want to get off while I’m looking at Demi’s sexy body!!!”

“Such filthy language, young lady!” Lacey joked as she heard Selena use dirty language for the first time. “But since you’ve been a good little girl so far, I suppose I can do that for you.”

As she fingered Selena harder and harder, Lacey started rubbing her sensitive clit with her thumb, bringing the young girl ever nearer to an orgasm.

“Ohhhhhh my gooodnesss, Yessssss!!!!” She moaned over the squishing sounds of her wet pussy getting finger fucked. “Ohhhh Lacey, I think I’m going to COMMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!”

Selena could feel all of the pressure in her abdomen release in a violent orgasm, pussy juice spilling out onto Lacey’s fingers.

“Here you go baby, taste all of that pussy juice.” Lacey instructed.

Selena happily obeyed, her full, juicy lips sliding along Lacey’s fingers as she slurped up all of her own come.

“Oh, Lacey that felt so good!” She squealed excitedly, flipping around in her lap and wrapping her hands around Lacey’s neck before planting a big wet kiss on her lips.

“Can I……you know…..return the favor?” Selena asked hopefully as she gazed into Lacey’s eyes with a look of puppy love on her face. She had gotten her first taste of Sapphic love and was now eager to taste pussy for the first time in her young life.

“You want to what?” Lacey asked.

“I want to……you know…..eat your pussy.” She said as she blushed. The words sounded so foreign coming out of her innocent lips.

“Of course you can baby.” Lacey smiled. “But not quite yet.”

“What……but I want to.” She whined. “You made me feel so good Lacey, and I want to do the same thing for you! I want to be a bad girl and do all of those nasty things to you!!!”

“I know you do, honey.” Lacey assured her. “But I’m thinking that your first taste of pussy should be someone you know a little bit better. Someone like……oh, I don’t know…..Demi maybe?”

Selena turned her head and looked at Demi again before smiling broadly as she thought about finally making her dirtiest fantasies come true. But her smile quickly faded and a look of concern crept across her brow. What if things didn’t turn out like she hoped they would? What if Demi was so freaked out by the idea of being with Selena that she never wanted to see her again?

“But what if she thinks I’m a total freak?” Selena asked, voicing her fears out loud.

“Somehow I doubt that she’ll think that.” Lacey laughed, pointing over to where a now completely naked Demi was on her knees, working her mouth up and down Dr. Spliff’s massive cock.

“Now come with me.”

And once again, Selena found herself being led by the hand across the room and over to another couch where she knelt down next to Demi in front of Spliff’s cock and smiled at her friend.

“Need a hand?” She asked, giggling at the absurdity of the question.

Demi smiled back at her and slowly pulled her mouth back on Spliff’s cock, finally pulling it out with a loud pop. She had a bit of drool on the front of her chin but Selena thought that she had never looked sexier.

But as hot as Demi looked at the moment, she couldn’t help but be overshadowed by Dr. Spliff’s giant anaconda of a cock that was hanging there in front of her face. Selena had never seen such a massive dick in her life and it was a bit intimidating to say the least. Nevertheless, she dove in headfirst, grabbing the shaft near the bottom and slowly jacking him off as she licked the whole right side of it from the bottom to the top. And as she did so, Demi was busy doing the same thing on the left side of his dick, so that both of the teens were licking his cock in unison.

“Ohhhhhh, that’s it girls!!!” Spliff tilted his head back and moaned in his deep bass voice. “Suck that fucking thing!!!”

“Wow, you look really hot right now Demi.” Selena said nervously in between licks. She had no idea of how to set her seduction plan into motion, but she was determined to have her friend.

“Aw, thanks. So do you.” Demi smiled, placing her hand on top of Selena’s.

An electric charge shot through Selena’s body at the feel of her friend’s touch and at that moment she made up her mind once and for all to go for it.

She cautiously took Demi’s hand and locked fingers with her around Spliff’s cock. Surprised, Demi looked up from the massive prick and into Selena’s eyes and found a wicked lust there that she had never before seen in her friend.

She had never thought about Selena in that way before but now it seemed to be impossible for her not to notice how beautiful she looked.

Her mind started spinning with questions like: Was Selena’s hand holding just an innocent gesture or something more? Had her friend always looked this good? She had such perfectly kissable lips and beautiful eyes, how could she have never noticed them before now?

Lacey picked up on the teen’s eye fucking one another and smiled to herself like a proud parent might. And as she started stripping her clothes off, she found herself oddly enough wondering what Ms. Fox might think if she were to suddenly burst into the room. Or for that matter what would anyone think if they walked in and saw two teenage girls giving the bus driver a blowjob on one couch and a third teen wrapped up in a sixty-nine with a record label executive on the other one. And then there was the band’s manager, who while not actively engaged in any lewd activity at the moment was certainly fulfilling every voyeuristic fantasy he could have ever had. Besides, Lacey knew that it was only a matter of time before Steve-O joined in on the party and then all parties would be guilty.

“Oh well.” She thought as she tossed her panties aside. “At least I’ll get fired with a smile on my face.”

She watched as Selena licked the underside of Spliff’s shaft, before wrapping her lips around the head of his cock and inching it slowly into her hot mouth.

“Yeah, suck that cock Selena!” Demi encouraged her, rubbing her friend’s back softly as she worked her lips up and down the massive organ. God, Selena had such soft skin!

The poor girl could only get about half of his cock into her mouth though before it started to gag her and she pulled back some. But Demi was right there next to her to provide encouragement.

“It’s just so big!” Selena exclaimed.

“I know Selena.” Her friend assured her. “But you’ll get used to it, I promise.”

Not wanting to appear like a kid, Selena gave it another shot.

“Wow, that is so sexy!!!” Demi exclaimed as her little friend slurped away.

“That feels so good girl!!!” Spliff moaned loudly as Selena sucked even harder. She desperately wanted to show Demi just how sexy and grown up she could be, but once again she was unable to take much more than half of it.

“Mmmmmmm, my turn again.” Demi said, sliding in front of her friend and taking over. She knew that Selena was trying desperately to please Spliff, but his prick was just too big for her to handle and she didn’t want her friend to feel embarrassed. To her credit, Demi was able to get more of the cock into her mouth than Selena, but not by much.

Selena watched, transfixed on her friend as Demi really started going to town on Spliff’s rod. She loved the way that Demi’s eyes were closed as she concentrated so hard on pleasing the tall Jamaican man. And she loved the way the sweat was starting to bead up on Demi’s brow, and she loved the smell of her perfume and the sounds of her soft moaning. Everything about Demi was just so sexy and as she paused for a moment and turned to look at Selena, the tiny girl could hold back no longer.

“Oh my God that was so…….” Demi started to say as she slid his cock out of her mouth and gasped for air. But she didn’t even get to finish her thought before Selena pounced on her and cut her off with a kiss on the lips that caused them both to tumble to the floor.

“Selena what are you……” She tried to ask as her friend rolled over on top of her, but once again she was silenced with a long wet kiss.

Demi struggled a bit at first as she was pinned to the ground, but when she felt Selena’s hand slide down between her legs and start to rub her clit she gasped and instinctively relaxed her body. Selena took full advantage of the small opening and slid her tongue inside of Demi’s open mouth when she gasped.

Demi’s mind was still spinning wildly. She knew that what Selena was doing was so wrong but the hand rubbing her pussy felt so damn good that she found herself happily meeting her friend’s slippery tongue with her own.

“Oh Demi.” She moaned, sitting up slightly. “I’m so sorry. I just couldn’t help myself, you looked so sexy, I just………”

“You just what?” Demi asked. “You just thought you’d jump your best friend’s bones?”

“No…..I……I….” She frantically stammered. But in her panic, Selena failed to notice the sly smile creep across Demi’s pretty face.

“Well what the hell took you so long?” Demi asked, pulling Selena down for another steamy kiss. “And why’d you stop rubbing my pussy?”

“So you knew?” Selena asked.

“Yeah, I’ve known for a while.” She smiled. “Now no more talking, just kissing!”

As the two teens began making out again, Dr. Spliff put his hands on his hips in obvious disappointment. His huge erection was still standing straight out like a flagpole and anyone who saw the scene couldn’t help but laugh at the comical image. The two girls were so wrapped up in their lust for one another that they had completely forgotten about him and he was starting to feel like the last kid picked for kickball. But his disappointment was short lived as he heard a familiar female voice coming from his right.

“Aw, what’s the matter Spliffy; don’t you have anywhere to put that thing?” Lacey asked.

She was sitting there completely naked and down on all fours. Her pretty pussy looked just like a peach and she was looking back at Spliff wearing her familiar grin.

“What do you say we let the girls have their fun and you come over here and fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before?” She asked.

“Dat is the best plan I’ve heard all night.” He laughed as he made his way over to her, teasing her by rubbing the head of his cock around her ass and pussy.

“Stop teasing me and put that fucking thing inside me!” Lacey begged.

“As you wish.” Spliff replied as he rubbed her wet pussy with his hand.

“Ohhhhhh!!!” Lacey moaned when he grabbed her by the hips and inched the head of his big cock into her tight waiting pussy. “Yeah, fuck me with that giant fucking cock of yours!!!”

Lacey’s cunt was so wet that Spliff’s cock slid in quite easily like a hot knife through butter. He squeezed her hips tightly in his hands and pulled her body back against his with every hard thrust and felt as Lacey’s tight love tunnel squeezed around his massive organ.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah girl!!!” He cried out with each thrust as the sweat started to pour down his brow.

*Slap, slap, slap* came the sounds of their bodies smacking together in unison.

“That’s it Spliffy!!!” She moaned, grabbing the rug in her tightening fists as Spliff’s cock seemed to fill up her entire body. “Fuck that pussy!!! Harder baby!!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!”

As Dr. Spliff pumped away, Lacey looked first at Jay ramming Miley doggy style on one side of the room and then over at Selena and Demi and smiled. Selena was still straddling her friend and softly kissing her while at the same time rubbing her pussy.

“Oh Selena!!!” Demi moaned. “I love it when you touch me like that!!! Please don’t fucking stop!!!”

“I knew you’d like it.” She whispered into Demi’s ear as she fingered her. “It’s just like I dreamed about so many times. And now I’m going to make you feel even better baby.”

Selena started kissing Demi’s body all over, working her way down slowly to her friend’s honey pot. Demi lifted her legs up into the air and spread them apart in anticipation as Selena gingerly kissed her on the inner thighs.

“Do it baby, please!” Demi begged. “Eat my fucking pussy just like you’ve always wanted to Selena!!!

Selena paused for only a second longer as she contemplated tasting her friend’s pussy for the first time ever.

“Okay Selena, nothing to it.” She thought to herself before taking a deep breath and diving in tongue first.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Demi moaned, pressing her palms down on the floor and pushing herself up slightly in ecstasy. “Oooooooooohhhhh Yesssssss!!!”

Demi’s moans told Selena that she was doing things right and she smiled to herself as she worked her tongue inside of her friend’s slit.

“Baby that feels so fucking goooooodddd!!!” Demi cried out when Selena pinched her clit between the thumb and middle finger of one of her hands. At the same time, she used her other hand to slide two fingers inside of Demi’s pussy and flicked her tongue out over her sensitive love button.

“Mmmmm, so yummy!!!” Selena teased as she started sucking hard on Demi’s clitoris and she started breathing even harder.

“Selena will you….” She started to ask breathlessly but paused. Demi had known Selena for years and knew that she was a good girl and not someone who would be up for every dirty little whim. She didn’t want to weird her out with her request.

“Anything baby.” Selena replied, unsure of why Demi seemed to hesitate. “Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it.”

“Will you…….put your finger in my ass?” She asked hesitantly. “It’ll help me come harder for you baby.”

Demi instantly regretted asking as she thought for sure that it would weird Selena out and kill the mood, but what she didn’t realize was that her young friend had undergone a transformation from good girl to bad girl and at that moment she was more than willing to try anything.

“Mmmmmm, like this you dirty girl?” Selena asked as she eased one of her fingers gently inside of Demi’s puckered asshole.

“Yessssssss, just like that!!!” She hissed as Selena started fingering her asshole. “Fuck Selena, that feels so damn good!!!”

“Yeah, you like getting fucked in the ass don’t you Demi?” She teased, getting caught up in the moment. “And now I’m going to fuck you till you come you dirty little slut!!! I’m gonna bury my fucking tongue in that hot little pussy of yours and fuck your little asshole with my fingers!!!”

Hearing the normally mild mannered Selena talking dirty like that really turned Demi on and she put her hand on the back of her friend’s head and pushed her face down harder into her cunt.




Selena was really sucking hard on Demi’s clit now and Demi felt as though she might explode in pleasure at any moment. Her chest was bright red and she knew that any second now she was going to release a flood of pussy juice all over her friend Selena’s pretty face.


“THAT’S IT HONEY, COME FOR ME!!!” Selena encouraged as her friend shook hard and finally released a wave of sweet pussy nectar. “COME FOR ME AND LET ME TASTE ALL OF THAT FUCKING PUSSY JUICE!!!”

Her clit was so swollen and sensitive, but Selena wouldn’t let up, sucking and licking it as Demi’s love juice flowed freely.

“Oh my God Selena, where did you learn to eat pussy like that?” Demi gushed as her chest heaved and she tried to catch her breath.

“I don’t know.” She answered as she crawled up and started kissing Demi softly on the lips. “I guess I just think about it more than I probably should.”

“It’s always the quiet ones.” Demi remarked with a smile.

“Hey check it out.” Selena said, pointing over to where Dr. Spliff was still jack hammering away on Lacey.

He was sweating profusely and the large drops of perspiration were dripping down softly onto Lacey’s bare back and ass.


It didn’t seem to be possible for Dr. Spliff to fuck her any harder than he was doing already, but somehow he managed to dig deep and find more energy. Lacey felt as though she was going to be ripped in half as his huge cock filled her tight hole, but it was far from an unpleasant experience. She had her face leaned down on the floor and was biting one of her fists as he relentlessly slammed away at her body.

“Yeah girl, you love that shit don’t jah?” He asked as she panted. “You want more of dis big ass cock don’t jah?”

By now, Selena and Demi had made their way over next to the two of them and had a front row seat. They were getting so turned on that Selena had crawled up behind Demi and was fingering her cunt once again.


He had been fucking Lacey doggy style for at least twenty minutes now and her knees were starting to get sore. So Spliff paused just long enough to let Lacey flip over onto her back. He then mounted her missionary style and guided his cock back inside of her.

Lacey rested her legs on Spliff’s shoulders and felt his sweat dripping down on her chest as he really started fucking her deeply.




Demi looked back nervously at Selena and expected her to be disgusted at such a prospect, but Selena had a hungry look on her face as she watched Spliff fuck Lacey and seemed more than eager to lick up his jizz.

“UNNNNGGGGHHHHHHH, I CAN’T HOLD BACK ANY LONGER!!!” He warned her when he knew he was close to coming.


“I……..OHHHHH, FUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKK!!!!” He leaned his head back and yelled, pulling out of her pussy at the last possible moment and shooting a big load of thick cum onto her chest.

Lacey laid there with her chest heaving for a moment as Dr. Spliff collapsed back onto the loveseat and the cum started to slide down her tits. Spliff had just fucked her harder than anyone ever had and now her precious little Selena was urging Demi over to help her clean up.

Selena took one of Lacey’s slippery breasts into her hand and wrapped her thick juicy lips around the cum soaked nipple. Demi then followed suit and took Lacey’s other breast into her mouth, biting down gently on the baby toe like nipple.

“Mmmmmm, it’s so fucking yummy!!!” Selena smiled as she took a big lick in between Lacey’s breasts, catching as much cum with her tongue as she could. “Isn’t it yummy Demi?”

“Mmmmmmm Hmmmmm!!!” She agreed as she met Selena in a cum filled French kiss. As they swapped the cum in their mouths and pulled apart, one sticky string kept their tongues connected for a few extra seconds before it finally broke and fell back onto Selena’s chin.

“Here, let me help you with that sweetheart.” Lacey cooed as she pulled Selena down to her mouth and licked the sticky jizz from her chin before kissing her passionately.

“I’ll just be over here.” Demi said absentmindedly as Selena and Lacey continued making out. Neither one of the two seemed to have heard her and she slipped quietly over to the loveseat with Spliff.

When Selena finally looked up and over to where Demi was sucking the pussy juice off of Spliff’s cock on the loveseat a warm feeling washed over her whole body. She felt so very happy to have finally done it with Demi and at that moment, she didn’t even care if she got the gig or not.

“Thank you Lacey.” Selena grinned as the two continued kissing

“For what honey?” She asked. “You were always a dirty girl. You just needed someone to show you.”

Selena just laughed and cuddled up closer to Lacey, idly running her fingers over Lacey’s chest and letting the older girl lick the cum off of them. The two of them lay like that for several minutes basking in the afterglow of their sex before they finally noticed the presence of the two people standing over top of them.

“So, is this a private party or do we all get to play?” Miley asked.

Lacey and Selena looked up and found her and Jay standing next to them wearing nothing but smiles.

“You didn’t forget about moi did you?” Miley asked, noting the surprised look on their faces.

“How could we forget about a sexy girl like you?” Lacey grinned, taking Miley by the hand and pulling her down to the ground. “Especially one that always has to be the center of attention.”

“Aw, you know me.” Miley laughed.

“Yeah, I know you, you insatiable little slut.” She replied, giving Miley a playful swat on her bare ass.

“And speaking of everyone getting to play, Selena why don’t you go over there and check on Steve-O?” Lacey added. “I’m sure he’d just love to get to know you a little better.”

“Mmmmmmm, you bet girlfriend!” She giggled, giving Lacey one more peck on the lips before hopping up and skipping over to where I was sitting.

Jay started to kneel down next to the two girls but Lacey put out her hand to stop him.

“Sorry Jay but this party is girls only.” She teased, grabbing his rigid cock. “We’ll let you know if we need your services later though.”

“What a gyp.” He muttered.

“Oh relax ‘madman’.” Lacey joked. “You’ve been hogging this one all night, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to do. Speaking of which…….”

Jay’s disappointed frown quickly transformed itself into a wicked smile as he looked over at the loveseat at what Lacey was nodding at. Demi was bent over giving Dr. Spliff head again and her cute naked ass was sticking straight up in the air practically begging Jay to come fuck it.

“You know what?” He said vacantly, his eyes never leaving Demi’s ass as he made his way over to them. “You two girls have fun, I’ll just be right…..uh…… over here.”

“Boys can be so silly sometimes.” Lacey remarked idly as she laughed at Jay nearly falling over in his haste to get to Demi.

“Really? Because I’m not thinking about boys at all right now.” Miley replied in a seductive voice.

“Ooooohhhhh.” Lacey squealed as she wrapped her arm around Miley’s waist and pulled her closer. “And what are you thinking about?”

“Just this.” Miley answered as she pressed her lips into Lacey’s and began kissing her passionately.

From my recliner, I had a bird’s eye view of everything that was going on and I just sat staring in wide eyed amazement. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this little party that I planned would have evolved into the full scale orgy that it had become.

And while most people would have found it odd to enjoy watching their “sort of” girlfriend getting fucked by one of their coworkers, I didn’t find it to be weird at all. I’ve never been the kind of person that views a lover as a possession or something that shouldn’t be touched or looked at by anyone else, and neither was Lacey. My philosophy has always been that we’re all consenting adults and that we should feel free to enjoy the pleasures of whomever’s company we happen to be in at any given moment. It was a philosophy that while certainly self serving has done me well throughout my life and I wasn’t about to abandon it now.

Besides, I knew that Lacey was a highly sexual being who enjoyed living in the moment and for me to lose my cool would only strain the good thing we had going. Like she had said to me so famously when we first met, our relationship “is what it is.” So rather than getting jealous from watching Dr. Spliff and the teenagers fuck her I found myself getting highly aroused by seeing her enjoy herself.

As a matter of fact, my only real concern at that moment was trying to figure out how to get myself into the mix. Luckily for me, Lacey took care of that problem and sent me a little present in the form of one Selena Gomez.

Just watching her slink over to my chair while still wearing her little gray skirt and socks was enough to give me an erection. And when she got to where she was only a few feet from me and started seductively sucking on her finger, I felt my heart practically leap out of my chest.

“Hey handsome.” She said as she straddled my lap and looked into my eyes. She weighed almost nothing and so she felt as light as a feather sitting there on my lap. But once she started to rub her panty clad pussy into my erection my perception changed and I became very aware of her body and every little wriggle she made.

“Hey girl.” I said, trying my best to stay cool and not just ravage her sexy body. “I’ve been watching you tonight and you’ve been really naughty.”

“Have I?” She asked, feigning innocence and kissing me on each cheek. “I’m sorry Steve-O. I try so hard to be a good girl, but I just can’t help it. It’s so much more fun to be bad.”

“Well, I guess I can forgive you this time.” I said, placing my hands on top of her thighs and looking straight into her big brown eyes. “As long as you work really hard to make it up to me.”

“Oh thank you Steve-O, I’ll do anything to make it up to you!” She squealed excitedly, playing along with me. “Anything at all!”

My cock was so hard just listening to this sexy teen talking dirty to me in her sweet smoky voice that I feared it might burst out of my pants at any moment. Selena definitely noticed my hard on pressing against her crotch and so she started rubbing it with her hand from outside of my pants.

“I know you want me.” She whispered cruelly as she tore open the buttons on my shirt and started kissing my chest. “And soon enough I’ll let you have me. But first I’m gonna suck that fucking cock so hard that you’re head’s gonna explode.”

“You are a nasty girl aren’t you?” I teased. It sounded so sexy to hear such filthy language coming from such an angelic looking girl.

“Oh yes, I’m so fucking dirty!!!” She smiled up at me. “I just needed Lacey to show me!”

Her juicy lips felt warm on my skin as she planted small little kisses on my body, all the way down to my waist.

“Yeah, you can’t wait to stick that fucking cock into my tight little teen pussy can you?” She asked as she unbuttoned my pants. “You want to tell all of your friends about how you fucked some hot little teenage chick don’t you?”

“You know I do baby!” I admitted. Although in truth I wasn’t one to brag about my sexual conquests but I wasn’t going to disagree. “Now why don’t you show me just how bad you really are?”

As I felt her tiny hands unzip my fly and then pull my pants down I noticed once again just how sexy Selena really was. She had the type of perky little breasts that I loved and right now her little nipples were poking straight out at me practically begging to be pinched. And while she was a bit thinner than the typical girls I was attracted to, I was willing to forget all about that and just let myself get lost in those lips. Those big juicy lips of hers which I knew would be sliding up and down my cock in a matter of moments! Ohhhhh, I couldn’t fucking wait!

As she tossed my jeans aside and got down on her knees in front of me, I felt my cock start to twitch in anticipation. Selena softly put her hands on my thighs and used her mouth to slide my boxer shorts over slightly. The cold air felt light and tingly as my cock was freed from it’s cloth prison via the hole in the front of my boxers. And as it stood straight up in the air in front of her face like some kind of lonely tower I saw Selena lick her lips and grin widely.

“Oh shit!!!” I said with a shudder as Selena teased me by blowing warm air from her lips up and down my shaft. I was so fucking horny and my cock was all nerve endings so I felt certain that I would come as soon as she finally touched it.

“Mmmmmm, so I bet you really want me to put that fucking thing in my pretty little mouth right now don’t you?” She cruelly teased.

“Please Selena.” I begged, unable to stand the teasing any longer. “I can’t fucking take it any longer!!! Please suck my fucking cock baby!!!”

She sat there smiling up at me with that devilish grin for a few more seconds until finally, just when I felt like I was going to explode I felt one of her small hands wrap around my dick and grip it hard. It was everything that I could do to keep from busting my nut like a geyser right then, as she started stroking my cock. But that was nothing compared to the sweet torment that followed.

While still applying her kung fu grip to my shaft, Selena ran her soft tongue along my ballsack and up the shaft of my penis to the very top. Then she blew warm air on the head and all over the shaft again on the way back down.

“C’mon nasty girl!” I said. “You know you want it.”

“I do want it.” She said. “I’m just thinking about later when you’re shooting all of that fucking cum into my face and I’m licking it all up!!!”

“Oh shit I can’t wait to coat that pretty little face of yours you bad bad girl!!!” I answered.

She smiled up at me once again and then at last she swirled her tongue all around the head of my dick and started inching it in between those juicy red lips of hers.

“Ohhhhhhh Fucccckkkkkk!!!!” I moaned as more and more of my dick slid into her hot mouth and I felt those pretty lips sliding up and down the length of it.

She was running the fingernails of her free hand lightly over my balls and I could feel some of her saliva running down my cock and over my nuts as she slurped away.

“Damn girl, that is so fucking good!!!” I encouraged but she was so into the blowjob that I doubt she even heard me.

By now, Selena was sucking my dick as hard as she could and I knew that if I didn’t calm down soon that I would be raining come all over her face. And while the idea of coming inside of her pretty little mouth was appealing, I desperately wanted to fuck her first and so I tried to stop her.

“Hey baby.” I said softly as I pushed myself up on the chair slightly and gently tried to pull her up. “Why don’t we…….”

But she ignored my pleas and just kept on slurping away greedily on my shaft. I slid back down and gripped the arms of the leather chair hard with my knuckles and felt as her lips slid up and down my cock, faster and faster with every moment that passed. I was a prisoner at Selena’s mercy and it didn’t look like she was about to let up.

“Think about baseball!!!” I thought, trying to will myself not to come. “Think about Rosie O’Donnell for fucks sake!!!”

But it was no use, I was going to unleash an explosion of cream from my cock down her throat and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

“Oh shit………Selena……..I………” I started to yell. My balls were starting to squeeze and tense up and I knew that my climax was only seconds away. But just as I was reaching the point of no return, she suddenly stopped.

“Close one huh?” She giggled, spotting the crazy mix of disappointment and relief in my eyes.

“Oh, you are so evil.” I laughed breathlessly. “Now get up here. I want to fuck that dirty little cunt!!!”

“Ooooohhhhhh, yes sir!!!” She replied, giving me a sarcastic little salute.

She stood up slowly and turned around, giving me a nice view of her ass as she bent over and slid her panties down. Then, with her skirt still wrapped around her waist she lifted the back of it up and eased her naked ass up against my rock hard dick. She was pressed up against me so hard that my cock was actually lying lengthwise in between her pretty buns.

“Ooooooohhhhhh yes baby!!!” She moaned as I wrapped my hands around her tiny waist and pulled her down onto my shaft. “Stick that fucking cock inside me!!! I want to feel you filling up my tight little hole!!!”

Tight was definitely the proper choice of words as Selena’s little snatch was the tightest pussy I had ever felt. I eased my prick inside of her tiny opening and leaned my head back on the chair as she took over the work. She started out slowly pushing herself up and down on my cock and every time she lifted up, the suction felt like I was going to implode.

“Ohhhhh, that pussy is so tight Selena!!!” I groaned, thrusting up to meet her body every time she lowered it. I loved the fact that her waist was so tiny that my fingers from each hand seemed to practically touch one another.

“Oh Steve-O!!!! Fuck me harder baby!!!” She moaned as our bodies slapped together in rhythm. “YOUR COCK FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD INSIDE OF ME!!!”

I wanted to fuck her even harder like she was begging me to do, and so after several minutes and without ever taking my cock out of her cunt, we both slid out of the chair and onto the floor where I could fuck her from behind.

“YEAH, DADDY’S DIRTY LITTLE GIRL LIKES GETTING FUCKED HARD LIKE THAT DOESN’T SHE?” I teased as I grabbed her hips and kept pumping away.

“UNNNNGGGHHHH!!!! FUCK YESSSSS!!!!” She screeched as I worked my thrusts deeper and deeper inside of her body. I slapped her playfully on the tush which seemed to really turn her on as she started moaning even louder.


*Slap slap slap* came the sounds of both my hand on her bottom and our bodies smacking together in time with one another.



Once again I felt my balls building up to maximum pressure, only this time I wasn’t about to stop. This time I was ready to unleash a jet stream of cream all over her pretty face.



I knew my climax was very close and so did Selena and so she popped my cock out of her sweet pussy and turned around quickly to suck me off the rest of the way.

“OHHHH FUCK YEAH YOU NASTY GIRL!!!” I cried out as she sucked me harder than ever, slurping off all of her own pussy juice from my dick. “HERE IT FUCKINGGGGGGG COOOOMMMMMEEESSSSSS!!!!”

And with one last gasp, my balls tensed up again and I unleashed what seemed like the biggest jet of cum ever from the head of my dick. I could feel it fill the inside of her mouth and she pulled pack reflexively only to have the next two spasms of cream unleash onto her pretty face, landing with a loud splat.

“Mmmmmm yummy!!!” She said, but it was a somewhat comical sight. A big wad of cum had covered her left cheek and a long string of it was stretched across her open mouth connected to each of her pretty full lips.

“Ohhhh my God that was so fucking hot!!!” I remarked as I collapsed back down onto the chair. Even after climaxing, my cock was still rock hard from the fucking that this pretty young woman had given it.

“Just don’t forget about that when it comes time to choose the new bass player.” She smiled, scooping up the cum on her cheek with her fingers and sucking them clean before kicking off her skirt and sashaying back over to the other side of the room where everyone else was.

“Honey, I think you just got the job!” I thought to myself as I followed her over.

Meanwhile, while Selena was doing her best to impress me, her competition had been doing likewise with Lacey.

“Sooooooo, now that you’ve finally gotten some alone time with the star of the show, what are you going to do with me?” Miley asked innocently as Lacey sucked lightly on her little breasts.

“Ohhhhh, so you’re a superstar huh?” Lacey grinned, playfully smacking Miley’s ass.

“That’s right.” She boasted. “I am a superstar and I know you’ve never tasted pussy as sweet as mine before.”

“Oh you poor, spoiled little princess.” Lacey laughed. “When will you ever learn that it’s not always about you?”

“Oh, I know. I was only joking.” Miley assured her, but for some reason, Lacey felt like she was just humoring her. The girl was definitely sexy, but she was just a little bit too cocky for her own good and so Lacey took it upon herself to knock her down a peg or two.

“You know you’re probably right.” She said. “I doubt that I’ve ever tasted a pussy as sweet as yours before………it’s just too bad that I probably never will.”

“Wh-what?” Miley stammered. She certainly wasn’t used to being rejected. “I told you I was only kidding. Don’t be such a spoil sport.”

“Well I don’t think you were kidding at all.” Lacey replied matter of factly. “And around here, if you want something you have to earn it. It’s not just given to you.”

Miley quickly picked up on what Lacey was saying and calmed down a bit.

“So what is it that you want?” Lacey asked her as she traced lazy circles around Miley’s slit with her finger which caused the teen to shudder.

“I want you to make me come.” Miley moaned. She attempted several times to kiss Lacey on the mouth but Lacey quickly ducked her advances.

“Not until you say please.” She insisted.

“Please make me come Lacey.” Miley answered meekly. “I really want you to fuck me so badly!”

“Hmmmmm, that doesn’t sound too unreasonable.” She joked, finally giving in and kissing Miley. “But like I said, if you want something from me you have to earn it first.”

“Oh thank you Lacey, I won’t let……” She started to say, but Lacey cut her off.

“Already bored.” She declared, pointing down towards her wet slit. “It’s time to show me what you’ve got superstar!”

Miley quickly shut up and obeyed. She started kissing Lacey’s neck softly and worked her way down to the pretty brunette’s chest where she grabbed her big breasts with both hands and squeezed them together, flicking her tongue out over her rock hard nipples.

“Mmmmmmm that feels good baby!” Lacey cooed, arching her back up in response to Miley’s soft licks. “You really do have quite a bit of talent for someone so young.”

“I just want to please you Lacey.” Miley insisted as she gently bit down on one of her sensitive nips. “Does this please you?”

“Ohhhhh absolutely darling!” She replied. “And you’re definitely getting closer to getting what you want, but if you want me to make you come then you’re going to have to do a little bit more than that.”

After several minutes of playing with Lacey’s breasts, Miley decided to move her focus a little bit further south and began kissing Lacey’s rock hard stomach.

“Oooooooohhhh that tickles!” Lacey giggled as Miley began making tiny circles around her belly button ring with her tongue. “I love feeling your pretty lips all over my body.”

“Your body is so sexy Lacey!” She said as she reached underneath of her and grabbed her ass before kissing her below the navel and stopping just above her pussy. “And now I’m going to eat that sweet fucking pussy of yours and make you come so fucking hard!!!”

“Yessssss Miley!” She hissed. “Eat my fucking pussy and make me come so that I can give you what you really want!”

Miley didn’t need any more coaxing than that and so she pinched Lacey’s clit with her fingers and started rapidly flicking her tongue out over it.

“Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!!!” Lacey groaned as she grabbed Miley’s hair and pulled her face down even closer to her pussy. “OHHHHHH BABY EAT THAT FUCKING PUSSY!!!! THAT FEELS SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!”

“I just want to make you feel good all over.” Miley insisted before sliding a couple of fingers into Lacey’s tight love tunnel. “Does that feel good?”

But Lacey could barely breathe let alone respond. She was gasping for air and panting as Miley wrapped her lips around her clit and started sucking hard.

“UUUNNNGGGGHHHHH……. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH……. FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!!!” She wailed in response to the intense feelings of pleasure washing over her body.

Miley then took her thumb and finger and spread Lacey’s pussy lips further apart before really burying her tongue down deep into her hole.

*Slurp Slurp Slurp* Came the sounds of her sucking hard on Lacey’s clit and Lacey could feel her orgasm approaching rapidly.




And as she cried out, her orgasm washed completely over her and her whole body shook. Miley smiled from ear to ear as she hungrily slurped up Lacey’s pussy juice, knowing that her turn was finally here.

“Mmmmmm, get your sexy ass over here superstar!” Lacey commanded, as she sat up and roughly pulled Miley by the legs down onto her back. “I think you’ve earned your reward.”

“She likes me! She really likes……” Miley started to tease, but Lacey silenced her by jamming her tongue into the teen’s mouth and two of her fingers into her slippery pussy.

“Is this what you want?” Lacey hissed into Miley’s ear as the young girl threw her head back and moaned. “Yeah, my little superstar wants me to fuck her brains out don’t you?”

“Ohhhhhh fuck yes, that’s what I want!!!!” Miley moaned as Lacey started working her fingers rhythmically in and out. “Fuck that pussy baby!!! Fuck me with those fingers!!!”

“Yeah, you love that shit don’t you, you little tramp?” Lacey teased as Miley’s breath started growing deep and jagged. “Everyone’s favorite little superstar likes having her pretty little pussy fucked by another girl!”

“I do love it!!!” Miley admitted. “It feels so fucking good!!! But I need more Lacey!!! Please give me more!!!”

“Oh, I’m gonna give you more all right!” She warned as she gave Miley’s clit a long hungry lick. “I’m gonna give you so much more that you’ll be begging me for it!!! You’re gonna be my little superstar bitch forever!!!”

Lacey then pulled her fingers out of Miley’s cunt and looked her in the eyes as she sucked them clean before sliding them inside once again. Only this time instead of just two fingers, she worked three of them inside.

“OHHHHH FUCK!!!” Miley moaned loudly, raising her waist up a few inches of the ground. “FUCK ME WITH ALL OF YOUR FINGERS BABY!!!! I CAN TAKE IT!!!! PLEASE, I FUCKING NEEEEEEDDDDD IT!!!!!”

Lacey knew that Miley was now hers completely and so she delicately worked all four of her fingers into the teen’s tight hole and started slurping away again at her clit.

“YEAH, WHO’S BITCH ARE YOU?” Lacey asked as Miley wailed loudly in pleasure. “I WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY IT SUPERSTAR!!!! WHO DO YOU BELONG TO?”

“I’M NOT GOING TO SAY THAT!” Miley insisted although her deep moaning clearly showed that she was enjoying herself. “I AM NOBODY’S BITCH!”


“FINE!!!” Miley said, letting go of her pride and giving in to the pleasure. “Y-Y-YOU, OKAY? I BELONG TO YOU!!!”

“GOOD GIRL!!! AND YOU KNOW GOOD GIRLS ALWAYS GET A TREAT!!!” She praised, finally sliding her whole hand inside of Miley’s small opening.


It was a weird mixture of pleasure and discomfort that she had never felt before, but Miley was really loving the idea of being so dirty.


Lacey was sucking as hard as she could on Miley’s clit and fisting her tight hole with a big smile on her face as she listened to the teen beg her for more.


“OHHHHH FUCK, OH FUCK, OHHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!” She cried out once again as her orgasm hit and she felt her cunt clench up tightly.

“THAT’S IT BABY, JUST LET GO!!!” Lacey encouraged her as she shuddered in climax.

“Mmmmmmmm, let me taste that fucking pussy juice Lacey!” Miley moaned as she pulled Lacey’s come soaked hand up to her mouth and started licking it clean.

“Awwwww, my little superstar!” She smiled contentedly as she nestled up against Miley’s bosom.

“I hope I’m not interrupting you two naughty girls.” Selena teased as she and I approached the spot where Lacey and Miley were still wrapped up in one another’s arms and kissing softly.

I flashed a knowing smile down at Lacey who just winked back up at me. We both seemed to realize that this decadent orgy seemed to be just what the doctor had ordered for our sanity.

“Well actually sweetheart it looks like your little friend over there is the really naughty one.” Lacey replied, pointing over to where Demi was getting double teamed by Spliff and ‘The Madman.’

“That dirty little slut!” Selena gasped. “C’mon Miley, let’s go give her a hand.”

“I am loving every bit of that plan!” Miley agreed and they bounded over to the couch.

“So who’s it going to be?” I whispered to Lacey before we joined them.

“Mmmmmmm, I wish we could keep them all.” Lacey mused. “They’re all so much fun and they’re all so……yummy!”

“Yeah, I know.” I answered. “But you know that there can be only one.”

“Yeah yeah, MacLeod.” She joked. “But why don’t we give it just a few more minutes and maybe one of these girls will make our decision a little bit easier.

“Okay boss.” I replied and with that we made our way over to where the rest of the group was.

By the time we got there, Demi was still sucking on Jay’s cock while Dr. Spliff fucked her from behind.

“Ohhhhhhh yesssss!!!” She moaned, the sounds muffled by the cock in her mouth as Spliff pumped away. “FUCK ME BABY!!!! FUCK MY HOT LITTLE TEEN ASS!!!!”

“YEAH GIRL!!!” He moaned, his massive cock stretching her pussy lips to their limit. “FUCKING SUCK THAT DICK, WHILE I FUCK YOU FROM BEHIND BABY!!!”

“UNNNGGGHHHH, OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!” She moaned, arching her back a bit as Selena and Miley gently ran their fingers up and down her spine.

“Damn Demi you look so fucking sexy!” Selena observed as she watched her friend slurp away at Jay’s cock.

Meanwhile, Lacey and I stood nearby watching the action intently as she softly stroked my cock. Spliff was really pounding away hard and Demi seemed like she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose the way she worked her lips all over Jay’s shaft.

“OHHHH FUCK, I’M ABOUT TO COME ALL OVER JAH!!!” Spliff groaned as he felt his balls start to tighten up.


“OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, ARGGGHHHHHH!!!!” He cried out as he tried to hold back as long as he could.” OHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!”

And as he started to climax, Spliff pulled out his dick and sprayed a jet of thick white cum all over Demi’s asshole and pussy.

“C’mon Miley.” Selena said excitedly, but Miley didn’t look too sure.

“Yeah, I don’t know about that.” She answered haughtily. “I’m not really the asshole licking type.”

“Your loss.” Selena said flatly as she nudged Miley out of the way. And as Demi continued to suck Jay’s cock, Selena stuck her tongue out and ran it all the way up Demi’s still wet pussy and all over her asshole, licking up every drop of cum she could.

“Ohhhhhh fuck Selena, you’re so nasty!!!” Demi moaned. She paused from blowing Jay long enough to turn around and French kiss her cum loving friend.

“I think we found our winner.” Lacey whispered as she continued stroking me off. “Now why don’t we go celebrate with the girls?”

I just nodded in agreement as Lacey led me by the dick over to the party. Selena was going to be our new bassist and she was just the kind of girl that we were looking for. She was so sweet and innocent on the outside and so dirty to the core underneath.

Jay was stroking his cock furiously as the three teens made out beneath him. I guess Miley had finally decided to jump back into the party now that the asshole licking was done.

I slid up on the opposite side of the girls from Jay and Lacey jerked away at my cock, matching Jay’s rhythm stroke for stroke.

“That’s it boys!!!!” Selena encouraged us. “Shoot all of that fucking cum down on us!!! I want to lick it all up!!!”

“OHHHHH FUCK!!!!” I moaned as Lacey’s hand wrapped tightly around my rod. “I’M FUCKING COMMMMMINNNNGGGGG!!!!”

And with a big rush of pleasure, the thick liquid blasted from my cock and splattered across the three girls’ faces who were lined up like little babies animals at feeding time. They kissed one another lustily and swapped the cum in each other’s mouths before turning around and facing Jay.

He didn’t keep them waiting long and a few minutes later, ‘The Madman’s’ jizz was splattered all over their pretty faces as well.

“God, I love rock and roll.” Selena panted as she and the other two girls kissed softly.

“Death by chocolate is myth
This I know because I lived
I’ve been around for broken hearts and how
Lay your head in my hands little girl
This is only right now”

–Sia – Death By Chocolate


The next afternoon, Hayden was lying on the bed in her hotel room trying desperately to make some sense out of the events of the previous day. It was a task made more difficult (but infinitely more pleasurable) due to the fact that Emma was there to provide “incentive” for her to express her remorse over the way that she had acted at the meeting.

“And what else?” Emma asked sternly. She was seated on the bed next to Hayden who was lying on her stomach wearing only a tiny pink tee shirt and a pair of white cotton panties.

“And I’m sorry for saying that my tattoo doesn’t mean anything because it’s misspelled.” She insisted, looking back at Emma and grinning, desperately hoping for some sign of encouragement.

“Okay, that’s good.” She nodded as she peeled off Hayden’s panties and exposed her perfect little backside. “Is there anything else you’re sorry for?”

“I’m sorry for taking out my frustration on the people who care about me.” She added. “I was wrong to be so hurtful towards you when you were only trying to look out for me.”

“Another good one.” Emma praised and she leaned down and softly kissed both of Hayden’s butt cheeks causing the little blonde to grin widely. “Anything else?”

“I’m sorry for yelling at my mom.” She said. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

Emma smiled wickedly as it seemed that Hayden had finally moved past the events of the previous evening and was ready to receive her “reward.” But as she started to spread Hayden’s legs apart and lick her puckered asshole, the cute little blonde continued.

“It’s just that seeing her with that fucking bitch makes me so angry!!!” She insisted causing Emma to sigh in exasperation and flop back down onto the bed.

“Wrong!!!” Emma insisted as she sat up and spanked Hayden’s bare backside with her hand. It was hard enough to get the point across and Emma’s hand was still stinging as she watched Hayden’s firm ass jiggle and start to turn bright red.

“Hayden we’ve talked about this all night.” She said, softening her tone. “You’ve just got to let it go baby.”

“I know, I know.” She replied. “And I’m trying so hard to do that. Doesn’t that count for anything?”

She had flipped over onto her back and was staring up at Emma giving her sad little puppy dog eyes and Emma was finding it quite difficult to resist her charms. She knew that what Hayden really needed right now was a bit of tough love, but how could she keep from melting whenever she flashed that gorgeous smile at her?

“Yes, it does count for something.” Emma replied as she bent down and kissed her new lover hard on the lips. “And you’re just lucky that I prefer kissing your ass to kicking it or you’d really be in trouble.”

“Mmmmmm, speaking of kissing ass.” She said sexily. “Can’t we just skip all of this apology crap and get to the part where I’m fucking your brains out. I’m so fucking wet for you right now baby and we don’t have anything to do today. How about a nooner?”

“As opposed to the elevener and the tener and the niner and all of the other numbers we’ve just had?” Emma joked. Of course she wanted to screw around with her little friend some more, but it was just so much fun to listen to her beg for it.

“Oh, please!!!” She pleaded, kissing Emma lightly on her shoulders and pawing at her naked body. “We can do anything you want. I’ll even let you fuck me in the ass again.”

“Oh, you know you love it as much as I do.” She replied, but she couldn’t keep up the charade any longer. Hayden’s charms had won out again.

“Fine.” Emma said flatly, pretending to be giving in even though she wanted it as badly as her friend did.

“Really?” The little blonde squealed excitedly and clapped. “Oh yippee!!!”

“Yeah, I think you’ve apologized enough for one day.” She said. “Now get your ass over here you sexy little thing.”

“Ohhhhh Hayden, I need you so fucking badly.” Emma moaned as they lustily kissed and groped one another’s firm young bodies.

“Yeah yeah, I know.” Hayden replied. “You love me.”

“What’s that?” Emma asked, but Hayden didn’t even get a chance to reply before they heard a sharp knock on the door.

“Ignore it baby.” Emma whispered as she slid one of her fingers into Hayden’s slippery snatch. “I need you right now.”

“But what if it’s my mom?” Hayden insisted, although she was finding it hard to concentrate with Emma’s fingers inside of her.

Emma just sighed and slid her finger out before rolling over onto her back in frustration. No sex, no chance to figure out what Hayden was talking about and no doubt some kind of trouble brewing at the door added up to the beginnings of a crappy day.

“Who is it?” Hayden asked.

“It’s me, Steve-O.” I replied. “And Lacey’s here with me too.”

“Ummmmm, just a minute.” She called back as she frantically looked around for some clothes to throw on.

“What should I do?” Emma whispered.

“Why don’t you go hop in the shower and get your body all nice and soapy for me.” She instructed with a sly wink as she hastily pulled a pair of sweatpants on. “And just as soon as I get rid of them I’ll come and join you.”

“Well, this might not be such a horrible afternoon after all.” Emma replied with a lustful kiss. “Just don’t keep me waiting. I’d hate to run out of hot water before you got there.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’d find some way to keep me warm.” She giggled as she followed Emma’s naked ass with her eyes until it disappeared into the bathroom.

Once Hayden clicked open the door, Lacey and I came right in and I was shocked by how messy the room was. There were clothes strewn about on the floor and furniture and I thought I spotted a strap on dildo sticking up out of one of the drawers. Additionally, the room reeked of sex as the girls had apparently engaged in an all night make up sex marathon.

“Hey Hayden. I love what you’ve done with the place.” I joked pleasantly.

It made no difference to me how she spent her free time, but I really needed her help right now and the favor I was about to ask her for was a big one. I couldn’t afford to piss her off by giving her a lecture on hotel room cleanliness.

“Oh yeah, sorry about the mess.” She replied. “I was just running a shower for myself and then I was going to straighten things up a bit.”

“Running a shower for yourself, huh?” Lacey asked suspiciously which caused Hayden’s face to turn scarlet. “So you’re telling me that you don’t have some cute little English bird hiding back there?”

“Anyway.” Hayden replied, ignoring Lacey’s teasing. “What can I do for the two of you?”

“Well it’s funny you should ask.” I began. “You see, I was speaking with Ms. Fox earlier this morning and frankly the news isn’t good. According to the report which she plans to file, “Jailbait is the most financially irresponsible band that she has ever audited and to continue funding such a project would be a step down the path towards bankruptcy.”

“Oh my God, she’s shutting us down?” Hayden gasped. “Isn’t there something that we can do to change her mind?”

“You mean other than cutting out all of the outrageous and irresponsible spending?” I asked sarcastically.

“Well yeah, obviously.” She answered.

“Well there might be.” I said. “You see, I thought it might be a good idea if I were to sort of wine, dine and sixty nine her but as it turns out………”

“She’s a dyke.” Hayden finished for me.

“Did everyone pick up on that but me?” I wondered aloud.

Lacey just looked at me and grinned but all I could do was shrug.

“So why don’t you try to seduce her?” Hayden asked, looking at Lacey.

“Well I did.” She answered. “Last night after the interview with the new girls I tried to put the moves on her but she wasn’t going for it. We even had Hilary give it a shot, but nothing seems to work on her.”

“Oh, I’ve got it.” Hayden replied. “So you want me to try to get into her pants in order to save the band.”

Lacey and I just looked at each other and shrugged. There was no point in turning back now, we just had to pitch our idea and hope that Mt. Saint Hayden didn’t erupt.

She was already scurrying around the room and checking out the different outfits she owned as we tried to stop her.

“Just let me find something short and slutty and get a shower.” She said. “And then I’ll go rock this bitch’s world and save the band.”

“Actually.” I said once she finally slowed down long enough to listen. “We were kind of hoping you could talk to your mom for us.”

I think I actually winced as the words came out of my mouth and I waited for the explosion. But much to my surprise it never came.

“I so hate my life.” Was all that Hayden said and with a blank look in her eyes she sat down on the edge of the bed.

“So you’ll talk to her?” I asked hopefully, but already Lacey was nudging me out the door.

“Thank you so much Hayden.” Lacey said cheerfully as we scurried out and closed the door behind us leaving Hayden to her muddled thoughts.


A short time later Hayden approached Hilary’s hotel room with trepidation. She knew that this was probably going to be the most awkward conversation of her life and it didn’t make it any easier to have to have it in front of her mortal enemy’s hotel room.

She knocked lightly and a few minutes later, Haylie propped the door open.

“Well at least it wasn’t the uber bitch.” Hayden thought. “Thank goodness for small miracles.”

“What do you want?” Haylie asked.

“Um, is my mom here?” Hayden replied nervously. “I need to talk to her.”

“Just a minute.” She answered flatly, shutting the door in Hayden’s face. As she did so, Hayden caught a glimpse of her Cindy hopping out of the bed where she was lying with Hilary. She also happened to notice that her mother wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing.

“Vivere senza rimpianti, Vivere senza rimpianti!” She repeated to herself as she struggled not to lose her temper.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Cindy slipped out the door and into the hallway with her daughter and fumbled to tie the front of her pink silk robe.

“Don’t keep us waiting or we’ll start without you!” She heard Hilary call out before Cindy closed the door shut in embarrassment.

“Nice robe.” Hayden remarked coolly.

“Hayden honey what are you doing here?” Cindy asked, ignoring her daughter’s jab. “Although I’m really glad that you decided to talk to me.”

“I need your help.” Hayden stated flatly before laying out her plan.

“And you think that that will save the band?” Cindy asked skeptically once she had finished.

“Do you think I’m comfortable asking you to do this mom?” Hayden responded.

“I’m sorry honey, I know that you’re still upset with me.” She answered. “But I’m just not sure that your plan is going to work.”

“Look mom, I just want us to be okay again.” The little blonde admitted. “And I don’t know if this will work either, but can’t you at least try for me?”

“And if I do this, are you and I square?” Cindy asked.

“Well, you know how I feel about her.” Hayden responded, pointing to Hilary’s door. “But yes, if you do this for me then we’re square.”

“Okay then I’ll do it for you.” A relieved Cindy exclaimed as she gave Hayden a great big hug. But the look in Hayden’s eyes as she hugged her mother back was definitely more of a look of concern than one of relief.


It was just after four in the afternoon and Megan Fox was sitting in the makeshift office that the hotel had provided for her putting the final touches on what was sure to be a very unflattering report. All that remained was for her to send a copy of it to the label and then at last she could catch her 7 o’clock flight back to LA and put this shithole town and Steve-O’s merry band of sexual deviants into her rearview mirror.

“Did he honestly believe that there was any way I would sign off on this band after witnessing their excess in person?” She thought to herself with a look of distain on her face as she finished up the last few paragraphs. “I mean seriously, no professional in their right mind would.”

She had just typed the last few words and was about to click the send button in her e-mail when a light knock on the door caught her attention.

“It’s open.” She said coolly, expecting to see Steve-O pop through the door and make one last lame effort to convince her not to pull the plug on Jailbait. But to her pleasant surprise, it wasn’t Steve-O who was knocking but a most welcome substitute.

“Oh hey Ms. Fox, I hope I’m not bothering you.” Cindy said politely as she poked her head inside.

“Of course not.” Megan replied, immediately warming up and waving Cindy inside. “It’s never a bother to see you. Come on in.”

Cindy slid the rest of the way inside and quietly closed the door behind her as though she were trying not to wake up a sleeping baby. She had a gym bag slung over one shoulder and was carrying what appeared to be a Tupperware container filled with cupcakes in her other arm.

“So did you just want to come by and see my new digs or what?” Megan joked. “I’m afraid that that dork from the mail room Jeremy got the good office.”

Cindy chuckled a bit at Megan’s joke but the room that she was working in really was rather small. There was barely enough room inside of it for the desk that Megan sat behind and other than the laptop sitting on top of the desk and a few tacky pictures hung neatly on the wall there really wasn’t much of anything else inside of it.

“Yeah, they really gave you the red carpet treatment I see.” Cindy observed.

“Eh, no biggie.” She insisted. “I really didn’t need much of an office for just one day’s worth of work anyway. So what brings you here?”

“Oh……right.” Cindy replied, seeming to suddenly remember her purpose for stopping by. “Well, I wanted to thank you for your kind words yesterday so I made you these cupcakes.”

She lifted the lid off of the tray and revealed a plateful of delicious looking chocolate iced goodies.

“So you’ve got an oven in your hotel room?” Megan arched her eyebrow and teased.

“Well by made these cupcakes I actually mean bought them from the bakery up the street.” She admitted as a warm smile spread across her face.

“Awww, thank you so much Cindy, you didn’t have to do that.” She replied.

Cindy’s warm smile was already making Megan’s heart beat just a little bit faster than normal and she couldn’t help but notice how the plunging V neck blouse the older woman was wearing really showed off her ample cleavage.

“Honestly, it wasn’t that big of a deal.” Cindy insisted. “Like I said, I just wanted to say thank you for being so nice.”

“Well you’re very welcome.” Megan replied as Cindy set the tray down on her desk.

As she bent down though, Megan’s eyes were glued to the necklace that hung down between her beautiful round breasts. The blouse Cindy wore was thin and silky and it didn’t take long for Megan to realize that she wasn’t wearing a bra and to start salivating over the outline of her nipples.

“Mmmmmm, those big juicy perfect tits.” Megan thought. Her mind seemed to be somewhere faraway and she caught herself involuntarily licking her dry lips. “God I could get lost in those things for days! I’d love to just wrap my lips…….”

Cindy quietly cleared her throat and Megan glanced up, suddenly realizing that she had been caught staring. She hastily diverted her eyes away from Cindy’s stare and tried to come up with a cover story.

“Um……I…..I really like that necklace.” She sputtered out hastily.

“God that sounded so lame.” She thought, but Cindy either didn’t notice or didn’t want to embarrass her.

“What, this one?” She smiled, and again something in her stare causing Megan to shift uncomfortably. “Hayden bought it for me on my birthday a few years ago. It’s one of my favorites.”

She propped herself up onto the desk and lightly slid her fingers down her chest, delicately grazing the edge of her blouse before plucking up the little round ornament at the end of the necklace from her cleavage. As she leaned in closer to give her friend a better look Megan was able to see all the way down the front of her shirt and her mouth suddenly seemed very dry as she swallowed hard. Did Cindy have any idea of how crazy she was driving her?

“So…..um…..how is Hayden doing today?” She asked, quickly changing the subject and looking away again to avoid Cindy’s gaze as though that would keep the older woman from reading her dirty mind.

“Oh, you know girls.” She replied breezily. “It’s so hard to tell sometimes. But mostly I think that she’s just worried about your report on the band……..Oh, is that it?”

Megan reflexively closed her laptop and slid it into her case on the floor.

“Sorry Cindy, but I really can’t let you see that.” She said apologetically. “I could get into big trouble.”

“Oh, no problem sweetie.” Cindy assured her with a dismissive little wave of her hand. “But couldn’t you at least give me a little hint if it’s good or bad. I really want Hayden to succeed you know.”

Megan blushed and dropped her gaze down to the floor. She was truly torn. On the one hand, it was her duty as an employee of the label to give them an honest report, but on the other hand Cindy seemed to be a really nice person and she didn’t want to strain the relationship between her and her daughter any more than it already seemed to be.

“I’m sorry Cindy…….But it’s…..um…..not very good news.” She finally admitted, forcing a small smile onto her face. “But please, please don’t be mad at me. I’m just doing my job.”

“Now why on Earth would I possibly be mad at you, sweetheart?” Cindy assured her. “I know it’s not your fault. Here, have one of these cupcakes and I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better.”

Megan really wasn’t hungry at the moment but since she had already given Cindy a great big helping of bad news, she decided that it wouldn’t be very nice to serve up some insult for desert. And so she picked up one of the delicious looking cupcakes and took a small bite. They were definitely tasty but there was so much chocolate icing on the sides that Megan got it all over her fingers and so she set the cupcake down and reached for a napkin.

“Are you crazy?” Cindy asked incredulously as she stared at her chocolate covered fingers.

“What?” Megan replied.

“The icing is the best part silly.” She replied. “Here, give me your hand.”

Megan had no idea what Cindy was about to do but she held her hand out anyway. Cindy took her lightly by the wrist and seductively wrapped her lips around Megan’s index finger, slowly sucking the icing off of it as though she were giving a man a blowjob.

Megan’s eyes grew wide at first as Cindy slowly sucked all of the chocolate from her fingers but even as she blushed and looked away, she didn’t pull her hand back. This was what she had been secretly hoping for ever since she found out that Cindy was in Omaha after all. And when Megan finally dared to look back at the statuesque blonde and make eye contact with her she just smiled and switched her attention to the younger woman’s middle finger before nuzzling up closer to her and kissing her neck.

“Oh my God!” Megan thought. Her heart was beating a million miles an hour and it felt as though it may burst out of her chest at any moment as Cindy kept kissing her neck and the side of her face.

“Cindy, what’s going on here?” She asked meekly. Despite her urge to just give in to her passion, Megan was pragmatic enough to know that these sudden advances probably weren’t just brought on by the taste of chocolate icing.

“You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen is what’s going on.” She replied sincerely before hesitantly adding. “And I was hoping that there might be some way for us to maybe make you feel better about the report you have to send.”

“Fuck, I knew it!” Megan exclaimed bitterly as she pulled her hand back and stood up quickly. “Damn it, I am a professional and I will not surrender to this sexual bribery!”

“Megan, please.” Cindy insisted. “I know you want this just as much as I do, just go with it girl.”

“First it was that oaf Steve-O!” She ranted. “And then Lacey and Hilary tried, but I’m serious! I am not going to risk my career just to fuck some little teenage girl no matter how hot she is!”

“That’s because you don’t want a teenager do you?” Cindy pressed in a sultry voice, creeping closer to Megan as she tried to retreat. “You want a hot older woman like me to fuck your little brains out don’t you?”

“That’s not the point.” Megan said quietly as she edged nearer to the door and an escape.

“Ohhhhh but it is the point.” Cindy insisted. “And you know I can do all of those naughty things that you want me to do and make you feel like no little girl ever could. All you have to do is say yes baby.”

“I…….uh…….” Megan started to say. Her hand was wrapped around the doorknob and all she had to do was turn it and she would be free of this sticky trap. But something deep inside of her made her freeze, some animal instinct. Cindy saw her hesitation and pounced, quickly moving over behind her and rubbing her hands all over Megan’s pretty ass.

“I know you want this.” She whispered into her ear. “Come on and let me lick all of that sweet honey from your tight little pussy!!! Sweetheart, I can make you feel sooooo fucking good!!! Just say yes baby!!!!”

“But……I’m a professional.” She replied, almost pleading with Cindy to let her go. “What if we get caught and I lose my job?”

“It’ll be our little secret baby, I promise.” She hissed, running her hands all over Megan’s body and unbuttoning the top few buttons on the younger woman’s shirt. “Now come on and let me show you how good a real woman can make you feel.”

But still Megan stood frozen in place. This was it, decision time. Would she give in to the pleasure and risk her career or remain uncompromised? Cindy could sense Megan’s indecision and wrapped her hands around the front of the younger woman’s waist as she kissed the back of her neck.

“I……um……..” She finally said in almost a whisper. “If we did this……no one could ever find out.”

Behind her a huge smile spread across Cindy’s face. The battle was over and she had captured her prey. Megan was hers at last.

“Come on honey.” She said, taking Megan by the hand and leading her back over to the desk. “Here, have some more sweets.”

Cindy scooped up a finger full of icing off of one of the cupcakes and smeared it on her chest before pulling Megan’s face down into her bosom. Megan greedily licked up the icing from Cindy’s boobs as she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled the thin material to the sides revealing her perfect round breasts.

“I’ve always loved your breasts Cindy.” She admitted as she took two big handfuls of them and started flicking her tongue out across Cindy’s nipples. “Ever since I was a teenager and I had your posters on my wall I’ve loved your beautiful fucking breasts!”

“Mmmmmmm, then suck them good honey!” Cindy exclaimed. “Do all of the nasty things to me that you’ve always wanted to do!”

Cindy’s nipples were rock hard and they were jutting out as Megan pinched them both and stood up to face her.

“Yeah baby, you like it when I pinch those fucking nipples don’t you?” She teased, no longer hesitant now that she had Cindy topless.

Cindy put her hand on the back of Megan’s head and pulled her pretty face towards her own for a long juicy kiss. Cindy just moaned softly as Megan leaned in and forced her all the way back onto the desk. As she climbed up on top of Cindy, Megan moved her attention back down to the older woman’s breasts and began licking and kissing them all over as she continued squeezing them hard.

“Ohhhh those fantastic fucking tits!” She exclaimed breathlessly in between kisses. “Cindy I’ve wanted this for so fucking long!!!”

“I know you have baby.” She insisted as she felt Megan’s hands start to unbutton her pants.

“Ooooohhhhh no panties you naughty girl!” Megan teased once Cindy had kicked her pants off.

“I knew I didn’t need them.” Cindy joked. “I knew you’d never be able to resist me you dirty little dyke slut!!! Now rub my fucking pussy!!!”

“With pleasure!” She smiled as she worked her hand quickly up and down over Cindy’s wet cunt.

“OHHHHH fuck yeah sweetheart!!!” The beautiful blonde moaned as Megan kept suckling her breasts like a little baby and rubbing her clit. “How’d you get so good at this you dirty girl?”

“Mmmmm, lots of practice in college!” She moaned. “I knew I liked girls ever since the first time I saw a picture of you!”

“And now you’ve got me here in front of you!” She teased. “And you can do whatever your wicked little mind dreams up. Lord knows you better too because I’m going to do such nasty things to you when it’s my turn!”

“Is that a promise?” She teased, looking up at Cindy with a wink before sliding down between her legs.

She lifted Cindy’s legs up into the air and gave her pussy a long deep lick from the bottom to the top.

“OHHHHHHH FUUUUUCCKKKKK!!!” She shuddered at the feel of Megan’s warm tongue against her slit and the touch of her hands on the backs of her thighs. “OH MEGAN!!!! LICK THAT FUCKING PUSSY BABY!!!!”

“Mmmmmm so yummy!” She mused as she traced lazy circles around Cindy’s clit with her tongue. “You’re so fucking sexy Cindy!!!”

Megan then grabbed Cindy roughly by the legs and pulled her pussy closer to her mouth and her body into an awkward position where Cindy’s weight was resting on her shoulders on the desk.

“I’m gonna bury my fucking tongue in that sweet pussy!!!” She moaned as she started sucking on Cindy’s love button. “And then I’m gonna suck on that sweet fucking clit until you come all over my tongue and bathe it in your sweet pussy juice!!!”

“OH MY GOD YESSSSSS!!!” Cindy cried out as Megan slurped away. “YOU EAT PUSSY SO FUCKING GOOD BABY!!!”

Megan just smiled at her idol’s compliments as she took two fingers and eased them inside of the slippery folds of flesh.

“Yeah, you like fucking young chicks don’t you, you sexy fucking dyke cougar!” She teased as Cindy started breathing heavier. “I know you’re fucking that hot little Hilary chick!!!”

“I…….OHHHHHH……GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!” She gasped as Megan’s fingers slid in and out of her tight cunt even faster. “BUT I’M ONLY INTERESTED IN YOU RIGHT NOW BABY! NOW FUCK ME WITH THAT SWEET TONGUE AND FINGERS OF YOURS!!!!”

Megan couldn’t help but smile widely when Cindy said she was only interested in her. But she knew that it was probably only a temporary thing and so she would have to get really down and dirty to keep her coming back for more.

“Get on your hands and knees!” She instructed. “I want to taste that sweet fucking ass of yours!”

Cindy obediently hopped up onto the desk on her hands and knees and teased Megan by shaking her pretty ass. She looked so sexy like that, completely naked other than her high heels and the necklace which hung down from her neck between her breasts.

Megan stooped down behind Cindy and gave her a stinging slap on the backside.

“Oooooohhhhh!” Cindy yelped. “You are a naughty little thing aren’t you?”

Megan answered by grabbing Cindy’s ass cheeks and spreading them apart before sticking her tongue out as far as it could go and slowly licking Cindy’s pert asshole.

“Mmmmmm, you nasty girl!!” She teased as Megan circled her hole with her expert tongue and rubbed Cindy’s pussy from underneath with her hand. “Licking my ass like that, whatever would your mother think?”

“I don’t care what anyone thinks!” Megan insisted. “I love tasting your whole body baby!!!”


Megan reluctantly stopped licking Cindy’s ass and spit on it before easing one of her middle fingers deep inside.

“AHHHHHH, FUUUUCCKKKKK YESSSSSSS!!!” She cried out, her asshole clenching up around Megan’s finger as it slid inside. “FUCK MY ASSHOLE SWEETHEART!!! FUCK ME WITH THOSE SLUTTY FUCKING FINGERS!!!”

And as Megan’s finger rhythmically slid in and out of Cindy’s brown eye, she puckered up her pretty red lips and started to suck on the older woman’s slit. She had her tongue buried as deeply inside of Cindy’s hot snatch as it would go as she furiously rubbed her clit with one hand and fingered her asshole with the other one.

“THAT’S IT BABY, LET THE PLEASURE WASH OVER YOU!!!” Megan cooed as Cindy’s body relaxed and she listened to her heavy breathing. “I’M GONNA MAKE YOU COME SO FUCKING HARD, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?!!!!”



“AHHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS!!!!” Was all she could moan in reply as she felt her body tensing up in pleasure.



And with a loud wail, Cindy’s body shuddered and she climaxed all over Megan’s pretty face and hands.

“Get up here you sexy bitch, I want to taste that fucking come!!!” Cindy commanded as she spun around and pulled Megan’s lips to her own again, all of the sweet and salty tastes of her pussy juice and her ass filling up her waiting mouth.

As they both sat on top of the desk kissing passionately, Cindy abruptly took one arm and knocked the tray of cupcakes to the floor before pushing Megan down roughly.

“My turn now!” She said with a devilish grin as she ripped open Megan’s button up shirt. “And just so you know, I’m not going to make love to you, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!”

“You know just what I want baby!” Megan moaned as she unclipped her tied up hair and shook it loose.

Cindy looked down at Megan with lust in her eyes before pouncing on her like some kind of animal and pinning her to the top of the desk with a long kiss.

“Is this what you want?” She asked as she dispatched of the younger woman’s bra quickly and roughly pinched her erect nipples.

“Yessssss, that’s what I want!” She moaned as Cindy popped one of her breasts into her mouth and bit down on the sensitive nipple. “I want you to fuck me baby!!!”

“Ohhhhh I’m gonna fuck you all right!!!” She insisted as she yanked Megan’s skirt down. “I’m gonna fuck you better than you’ve ever been fucked before!!!”

Megan could hardly believe the transformation that had come over Cindy. She had a look of pure animal lust in her eyes and Megan just knew that she was in for it.

As Megan kicked her skirt to the floor, Cindy admired the view of her pantyhose clad legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties underneath them though which turned Cindy on even more. She ran her hand up the sheer nylon on Megan’s legs and when she got to her pussy she grabbed the hosiery with both hands and ripped a big hole in the crotch.

“Finally, I get to taste that sweet fucking pussy!!!” She exclaimed as she leaned in and buried her head in the hole of the ripped pantyhose. But instead of licking her right away, Cindy merely kissed Megan all around her slit.


“I’d bite your tongue if I were you!” She warned. “You belong to me now and I’ll fuck you when I’m good and ready!”


“Mmmmmm, so I see.” She teased, lightly running one of her fingers along Megan’s pussy lips and noticing how wet she really was. “And soon enough you will darling, I promise.”

Cindy decided to tease Megan just a little bit more as she wrapped the young woman’s sexy pantyhose clad legs around her neck and started rubbing her face against her inner thighs like a cat.

“So do you really want me?” She asked as she pressed down on Megan’s tummy with her hand and perched her mouth just above her pussy.


“Okay, you win!” She finally relented as she slowly ran her tongue along Megan’s moist slit.

“UNGGHHHH, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” She moaned loudly when Cindy finally did taste her clit. “TASTE MY FUCKING PUSSY BABY!!!!! OHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Megan had her legs wrapped tightly around Cindy’s neck practically in a death grip as the blonde worked her mouth and tongue around the young brunette’s clitoris.

“OHHHH THAT FUCKING PUSSY IS SO SWEET!!!” Cindy gushed as Megan’s breath grew more and more jagged.

*Slurp Slurp Slurp!* Came the sounds of Cindy’s sucking away as she felt Megan’s high heels pressing into her back.

“OHHHHHHHH FUCK CINDY, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!” She screamed as Cindy refused to let up even for a second. “OH MY GOD!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!”



“GET UP!!!” Cindy commanded as she abruptly stopped licking Megan’s pussy.

“Wh-What did I do?” Megan asked, unsure of why Cindy had stopped. “Did I do something wrong Cindy?”

“Oh no baby.” She assured her. “But if I’m going to fuck you like you want me to I need something first. Now grab my gym bag from the floor and see if there’s anything in it you might like.”

Megan hopped up off of the desk and grabbed Cindy’s bag like she was told to. She carefully unzipped it and her mouth dropped open in shock as she saw the strap on dildo inside.

“Oh my God!!!” She said out loud.

Although she had been with quite a few women in her young life, Megan had never been fucked with a strap on before and the realization was starting to sink in that tonight was her night.

“Well are you going to just stand there or are you going to bring that thing to me so I can fuck your pretty little ass with it?” She asked, snapping Megan back to attention.

“Oh…..um…..I’m coming.” She said meekly as she made her way over to Cindy.

“Don’t worry darling, you will be soon enough.” She said with a smile.

Megan held the strap on up as Cindy stepped into the harness and tied it around her waist.

“Get up on the desk!” She ordered and Megan quickly did so.

“Are you going to fuck me like you promised to now?” She asked.

“Oh yes baby.” Cindy assured her. “But first I’ve got to make sure all of your holes are nice and wet for me.”

Megan bent down further on the desk as Cindy tore the hole in her pantyhose open a little bit wider and started licking her pussy again from behind.

“OHHHHH SHIT!!!!” Megan moaned as she felt Cindy’s warm tongue caress the surface of her pussy lips. “PLEASE FUCK ME CINDY!!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!!!”

But Cindy seemed to ignore her pleas as she plunged her tongue into Megan’s tight asshole.

“OH MY GOD!!!” She gasped as Cindy continued to swirl her tongue around Megan’s puckered ass. “LICK MY FUCKING ASSHOLE CINDY!!!!”



Cindy quickly hopped up onto the desk behind Megan and started rubbing her pussy with her hand.

“YES YOU ARE READY!!!” She teased as she felt how wet Megan was.

She eased the rubber cock gently into Megan’s awaiting cunt and started to pump away, slowly at first to get her used to it.

“MMMMMMM FUCK YESSSSS!!!!” She cried out as she arched her back and felt the cock filling her tight hole. “FUCK ME HARDER CINDY!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!”

“I KNEW YOU’D LOVE IT MEGAN!!!” She cried out as she started fucking the younger woman even faster. “YOU LOVE THE FEEL OF THIS BIG FAKE COCK INSIDE OF YOUR TIGHT LITTLE HOLE DON’T YOU?”

“I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!” Megan replied as Cindy slapped her pretty ass.

“THEN YOU’RE REALLY GONNA LOVE THIS!!!” Cindy insisted as she popped the cock out of Megan’s pussy and started rubbing it around her asshole.

She grabbed Megan by the hair and leaned in close to her ear to whisper “I’M GONNA STICK THIS FUCKING THING IN THAT PRETTY LITTLE ASS OF YOURS NOW BABY!!!!”

No one had ever fucked Megan in the ass before and although she was a bit nervous she just bit her lip and braced herself.

“UNNNGGGHHHHH!!!!! OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!” She gasped as she felt the rubber cock, still wet from being inside of her pussy slipped gently inside of her butthole. “OOOOOHHHH YESSSS CINDY!!!! FUCK MY SLUTTY LITTLE ASSHOLE!!!!!”


Megan rocked back and forth in time with Cindy’s thrusts as the dildo worked it’s way deep inside of her body.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHH FUCK THAT FEELS AWESOME!!!!!” She cried out as Cindy grabbed a handful of her long hair and pulled back on it while she fucked her.


“ARE YOU GONNA COME FOR ME BABY!!!!” She asked as she felt Megan’s body starting to tense up. “ARE YOU GONNA BE MY DIRTY LITTLE SLUT?!!!!”


Sweat was pouring down Cindy’s face as she humped away and she knew from Megan’s breathing that she was so close to climaxing.


“OHHHHH……OHHHHH FUCK CINDY!!!!! I’M FUCKING COMMMMINNNNGGGG!!!” She wailed loudly as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her body.

And with a loud sigh, the two girls collapsed onto the table, the strap on still buried in Megan’s asshole as Cindy wrapped her arms around her.

“So…..I take it your report might be a bit more positive after this?” Cindy asked after a few minutes had passed and she lightly kissed Megan’s bare shoulder.

“Mmmmmm, Don’t worry Cindy. Your daughter’s band is going to be just fine if I have anything to say about it.” Megan replied with a little giggle. And as Cindy lightly traced lines on Megan’s arm with her fingers she smiled broadly.


When my cell phone rang the next day and I saw that it was Wayne Leshand calling I just clenched my jaw and picked it up, bracing myself for the bad news.

“Mr. O’Reilly so good to hear from you!” He exclaimed in a voice too cheerful to be that of an executioner.

“Thank you Wayne.” I replied before holding my breath and waiting for the bad news.

“Well I suppose you want to know about Ms. Fox’s report.” He said.

“Yeah.” I replied, trying to sound casual. “How did that go?”

“Well I can tell you that it was shocking to say the least.” He answered.

“Okay here we go.” I thought. “Time to start looking for a new gig.”

“I’m not sure how you pulled it off.” He went on. “But that woman had nothing but glowing things to say about you and your band. And that is no small feat if I do say so myself. I heard she’s a real ball buster!”

“Well that’s great news Wayne!” I grinned, knowing that Cindy had saved our asses. “So it’s on to Austin I suppose?”

“Absolutely!” He said. “But just be warned, it may not be over with Ms. Fox. She told me personally that she wanted to do monthly visits with the band to make sure that you stay on the straight and narrow.”

“Um…..sure.” I replied. “I guess I’ll talk to you later Wayne.”

“Wonderful.” He said. “Oh and Mr. O’Reilly.”


“Please congratulate Ms. Gomez on winning the audition for me.”

I glanced over at the bed to where Selena and Lacey were lying naked in one another’s arms and grinned.

“No problem.” I answered.


Songs that inspired Chapter 4:

Omaha – Counting Crows

Dark of the Matinee – Franz Ferdinand

Sentimental Heart – She & Him

Cream – Prince

Worked up so Sexual – The Faint

Death by Chocolate – Sia

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