Longest Weekend, Chapter 5: Mizutani’s Last Stand

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Longest Weekend, Chapter 5: Mizutani’s Last Stand by Victor Field (Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Jewel, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, fF, FF, FFF, mF, MF, mast, con, oral, anal)

Thanks once again to Dougal2003, Turtle2129 and Maverick for requesting this story (or at least the celebrities starring in it) although it’s taken me so long to finish the thing that they probably aren’t visitors to CSSA any more… and yes, this WILL be finished; there are some of us who don’t leave series unfinished – the next instalment (“The Day The Running Stopped”) will be the conclusion.

Disclaimer time: Not intended for people under the age of 18, totally fictional, you know the drill.

Previously on “The Longest Weekend”: Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and Jewel have gotten away from the men who “hired” them with help from Kimiko, and now plan to expose the affair (and get the bombs out of their chests) before Stuart, Tina and Kiana can catch them. Meanwhile, previous prisoners Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson have spearheaded a rescue attempt with help from Thomas Culhane, unaware that Corliss has reduced their support by killing him. Now read on…

* * * * * * * * * *

Stuart and Tina followed the limousine’s tiretracks with their eyes. They led directly into the swamp, and there wasn’t a sign of it above the surface. And with the swamp’s quicksand bottom there wouldn’t be any sign of it left now.

Without a word to Tina, Stuart pulled out his phone to call Kiana. They had a town to get to, and there was no way they were going to walk all the way back to the jet.

* * * * * * * * * *



“What *is* that box next to you?” asked Arthur.

“Nothing for YOU,” she snorted, and returned to her paper.

* * * * * * * * * *

Keeley waved cheerfully to Jewel, Hilary and Kimiko as they crossed the street to join Lindsay now she was off the phone.

“Wow!” the newcomer laughed. “Never thought I’d meet even one famous person, and here I am with three – whatcha all doing here? Making a record? A movie?”

“It’s kind of both,” Jewel explained. “I’m doing a video for my new set and I got Hilary and Lindsay to be my co-stars; they’re guesting on my CD as well. Lindsay’s on backing vocals and Hilary’s joining me on a duet.”

Lindsay’s eyes narrowed at what that implied, but she left it at that.

“We kind of went crazy with our bodyguard here,” Hilary added. “Woke up and found ourselves who knows where.”

“You?! Oh come on, you’re Hilary Duff!”

“I’m not as innocent as I look. Now I just gotta call my mom…”

While Hilary (who DID have some coins) dialled, Jewel eyed Keeley. She looked to be in her mid-20s, and had sparkling green eyes inside the kind of face that would have made Grade A lesbophobes like Avril Lavigne seriously consider switching teams. Her hair was brown, her skin tanned just right, and even under the casual clothes she had on Jewel could tell the girl had curves. Jewel quickly looked back up to Keeley’s face, and caught her smiling knowingly.

“When you’re done here, I told Lohan you could stop over at my place till you get everything sorted out. Cheaper than a hotel…”

“You got a deal,” Jewel smiled in relief.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Fuck! They’re late!” wailed Haylie.

“Maybe they’re stuck in traffic or something,” Susan suggested, fretting as much as Haylie and trying to show it less.

“I’m gonna call them and see how long they’re–” Haylie was cut short by the ringing tone coming from her mom’s pocket, and thoughts instantly went from the Jessicas and Jen to the phone as Susan pulled it out, trying not to get her hopes up.



“HILARY!!! Thank heaven you’re okay – what happened?! Where are you?!? Did that whore Lindsay Lohan do something to you–”

“I don’t have much time,” Hilary interrupted. “We’re down here in…. where is this again Keeley? Oh thanks… in Arlen in Texas!”

“Arlen? As in ‘King of the Hill’?”

“Yes, as in ‘King of the Hill’ and we’re going to get this sorted out before you get here… I need to see you and Haylie…” (The beeps started to cut Hilary off) “…SHIT! SHITSHITSHITSHIT! Look, we’re going to be at—” (Hilary thought quickly – if Keeley heard they’d be at the hospital she’d be suspicious) “I’ll call you later and tell you where to meet us and I swear I’ll tell youeverythingTELLHAYLIEI’LLBEFINE–”

And that was that. Hilary’s money was gone. Haylie watched her mom’s face as she closed the phone.

“Is she–”

“She’s fine. But those girls better get here soon.” And Susan returned to peering out of the window of their jet.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Didja bring the laptop?” Jessica Simpson asked from the back.

“For the eighth time, yes,” Jessica Alba groaned, sharing a rolled-eye glare with Jennifer Love Hewitt before the latter returned to driving them along the airstrip.

“We just don’t have any room for screwing up,” Jessica S continued. “Too bad we didn’t bring any guns or something.”

“You know how to use one?” Jessica A asked. “Because I don’t.”

“But they do,” JLH added as she drew the car to a stop next to the plane, with Susan standing in the doorway as she nodded to Haylie; they could tell the pilot they were ready to go.

“You just missed Hilary,” Susan called as the three arrivals got out, Jessica A clutching the laptop. “When we get airborne we’re going to Arlen.”

“That would make sense,” Jennifer nodded.


“I’ll show you inside…”

* * * * * * * * * *

Jewel hung up, cutting off a very relieved and breathless manager, and nodded to Keeley and her refreshed friends. “Okay, now how can we thank you?”

“I’m not in this for rewards; it’s what I do. C’mon, time to get you all inside…” Keeley led the way up the street, and Lindsay’s eyes locked on their new friend’s walk.

“LFMAFD,” she said in a low voice to Hilary.

“Come again?”

“Legs For Miles and Ass For Days,” Lindsay explained. “I heard it from an old boyfriend.”

Keeley looked behind them and winked. “Thanks.”

“WH– you heard me?!?”

“Something else I do. Hey, I can tell one of my own when I see them…”

Lindsay considered arguing that Keeley’s radar was off in this case, but shut up instead and went back to checking out the girl’s badonkadonk… admiring her confident walk, she told herself.

* * * * * * * * * *

“And… here we are,” Jessica Alba said, bringing up the layout of the Scarlet Ranch on the laptop. “See? Right in the same area as Arlen.”

“Is it CulhaneTech’s home base or something?” Susan Duff asked.

“How should I know? Do I look like Lou Dobbs?” Alba snapped before controlling herself. “Sorry, Mrs. Duff… sorry…”

“It’s okay. And it’s Susan. So what happens now?”

“What happens now is we tell the pilot to land between the ranch and Arlen,” Jennifer replied. “Susan, you and Haylie go to Arlen and meet the girls – the rest of us’ll go to the ranch.”

“Corliss Culhane might be there,” Haylie said nervously.

“I really hope she is,” Jessica Simpson muttered. “I really do.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Doesn’t your friend have anyone to get in touch with?” Keeley asked as they entered her house.

“Kimiko’s the strong, silent type,” Hilary cracked, to which Kimiko just smiled.

“Hey, that’s a nice tat you got there,” Keeley continued, peering at the symbol on Hilary’s arm. “Best of its kind I’ve seen…”

“It’s not real,” Hilary admitted. “It’ll be gone in a few days.”

“You wanna make it real, just say the word. Mind if I put on some music? Open spaces, Fox News, Piers Morgan, quiet houses – can’t stand any of ‘em!”

Keeley clapped her hands, and the troupe was swamped by music. Music that calmed Keeley’s soul. Music that made her want to shake it to the beat. Music that made Lindsay involuntarily yell when they started being serenaded by 5ive urging their listeners to “Keep On Moving.” She had calmed herself almost to normality, helped along by Keeley’s fine behind, and now this… this… this AURAL RAPE was bringing it all back. Jewel’s grin had vanished, and Hilary was noticeably edgy. Even Kimiko was grimacing.

Keeley cut short her dancing when she saw her guests’ reaction; with another pair of handclaps and a “Oh, you don’t like that stuff? My bad,” all was quiet again.

“Sorry – I know it’s your house, but… that stuff doesn’t really agree with us,” Jewel explained.

“Yeah. When you have to sing that kind of crap on your day job you kinda want to leave it behind when you’re off the clock,” Hilary added.

“That’s why I like it,” Keeley confessed as she went through her CDs. “I got a rough job. Pays well, but a rough job. And a rough partner.”

“You a cop?” asked Lindsay.

“You didn’t hear that from me. Is Van Halen okay? Ryan turned me on to these guys – real retro freak.”

“Hey, old stuff is cool,” laughed Hilary as she flopped onto the sofa and punched the air. “Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud!”

“That’s KISS! Comin’ right up…”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Do I HAVE to talk to her?” Tina growled, sulking in her seat.

“It’s your turn,” Stuart pointed out.

“Fine… Hey, Mrs. Culhane!” Tina said with a rapid tone change as she took the receiver.

“Cut the happy clappy bit, Silicone Sally,” Corliss grunted. “You don’t like these chats any more than I do.”

“For the last time, my tits are real!”

“Sure they are, kid. Any luck finding them?”

“Well, once Kiana lands this thing we’re going to check out all the motels nearby; they had to spend the night somewhere. We find out where, we’ll know we’re on the right track.”

“Maybe they slept outside?” Corliss asked.

Tina cackled.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Do us all a favour and don’t call me until you find them.” And Corliss cut off, leaving Tina to do nothing but glare at the phone.

Back in her home office, Corliss sniggered. If there were two things she loved about Tina, they were her incredibly thin skin and her incredible natural rack.

* * * * * * * * *

An exhausted Hilary flopped beside Lindsay on the sofa as Keeley, Kimiko and Jewel continued dancing to the loud, energetic beat. “YEAAHHH!!!” she managed to say.. “Rock ON!!!”

“I’m going to get you back to the present if it kills me,” Lindsay vowed.

“Oh come on, you loved it too,” Jewel chided. “Didn’t she, Keeley?”

Kimiko was lost in her own world, ignoring the lighthearted argument and just twisting the night away. Keeley was checking her out as she nodded, but that was all she was going to do; she hadn’t missed the way Kimiko looked at Hilary, and one thing Keeley never did was tread on someone else’s territory. In any case… her eyes travelled back towards Jewel’s bouncing body. “How long can you go on for?”

“Oh, I can go all night,” Jewel laughed, falling on Keeley’s shoulders and hugging her. “Allllllllll night.”

“Too damn bad I can’t,” Hilary groaned, getting up. “We’ve got a lot to do tomorrow and I gotta get me some rest. Thanks for putting us up, Keeley…”

“It’s what I do, Hilary – night!”

Without bothering to ask Lindsay if she was going to sleep out on the sofa or whatever, Hilary turned her back on David Lee Roth announcing that he was hot for teacher (and Jewel’s enthusiastic air guitar solo) and went upstairs. Kimiko watched her go as she danced.

And Keeley watched Kimiko. “Wait ten minutes, then go after her,” she told her and laughed. “Oh come on, it’s all over your face!”

Kimiko glanced at her, saw the genuinely friendly and helpful look, and gave her the OK sign.

“And I can see it in yours too, Jewel,” Keeley continued, dancing closer to the singer. “Never led me wrong before…”

“There’s always a first time,” Lindsay mumbled from the sofa as Keeley swayed over to Jewel.

“You’re right; there IS always a first time,” Jewel said, and immediately made Lindsay’s grin vanish by putting her arms around Keeley’s neck and adding “But it’s not this one.” The relaxed blonde kissed Keeley on the lips as their friend folded her arms around her, letting out a low hum of contentment as their chests came together.

“Don’t worry, Lindsay,” Keeley chucked just before she kissed Jewel again, “you can watch.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Hilary hadn’t even bothered to undress; she had just collapsed onto the bed and tried to get some rest. Not that she was able to get any; she wasn’t looking forward to the next several hours. Part of her wished there was another way… she knew that Kimiko was a perfect shot, and between the three of them they could sort out a story that would get attention but not enough for people to really try digging. But Hilary just wasn’t sure that, when it came down to it, she wouldn’t require being held down by the other two.

She tried to blank it out of her mind – that would be later. She was in a bed and safe, and that was all that mattered right now. Hilary told herself to relax, but she was still stiff when the door crept open ten minutes later, and still uneasy when the bed sank a little under some extra weight.

It wasn’t until Kimiko’s hand rested on her head that Hilary relaaxed a little, turning to look at the kind-face beauty next to her. Kimiko continued to fondle her, smiling, and Hilary reached over to touch her face before moving in for a kiss. Kimiko was a lot softer and sweeter-smelling than Lindsay; resting her hands on the woman’s breasts, Hilary could tell she was far warmer as well. Both lovers started to undo the other’s clothes, the thought of their hospital journey the last thing on their minds…

Downstairs, a topless Jewel watched Keeley, now nude, lower her trousers while Lindsay watched them both, her eyes going from Jewel’s rock-hard nipples to Keeley’s amazing rump pointed towards the reclining girl. Keeley positioned herself with her cheeks spread, as much for her own comfort as for Lindsay’s viewing pleasure, and began to lightly lick on Jewel’s puffy cunt while fondling the singer’s legs. Keeley’s tongue moved slowly and sensuously along the Kilcher snatch, sending little sparks of pleasure shooting into Jewel with every dab, and when she gave Jewel’s button a tiny little kiss… the buxom blonde shook with happiness as Keeley moved further inside her, her fingers dancing over her body and moving slightly from side to side as she munched. Jewel’s breaths became a little faster when Keeley ran her hands up her thighs to cup her ass, pinching it before moving her hands around it; Jewel leant forward and reached down to get hold of Keeley’s rack, looking as if she’d seen Shangri-La when she felt those perfect tits resting on her palms. Keeley slid away from Jewel’s crotch and moved up, her breasts still being caressed by the singer, and moved in for a kiss as her own hands in turn began to stroke Jewel’s jugs.

Lindsay had her legs opened, but neither Jewel nor Keeley were paying her any attention. That was fine with Lindsay, however; her fingers were between her legs sliding in and out of her well-lubed pussy, and though she was still seeing Keeley kissing Jewel’s neck while the singer’s hands fondled their mutual friend, her eyes were half-closed from the passion her hand was generating. And from imagining herself in between those two. And on top of them…

Upstairs, Kimiko was pinning Hilary as she greedily sucked on each of the blonde’s small breasts, kissing the little hardened nipples. Hilary’s hands were gripping Kimiko’s back and buns as she kissed the woman’s hair over and over, slapping her flesh and begging her to make her scream as she felt Kimiko’s mouth flying over her chest, kissing downwards. Hilary fondled her friend and lover’s hot body as she waited for Kimiko’s tongue to finish her off between her legs, sweating and heaving as Kimiko took Hilary’s thighs, opened them and slightly pushed her up. If Hilary had seen the incredibly happy look on Kimiko’s face as she gazed on Miss Duff’s lovely, blonde-coated snatch and winking asshole, she would have melted right there; as it was, feeling Kimiko’s tongue slowly begin to lick her cunt was more than enough. Moving her tongue like Da Vinci wielding a brush, she traced a path down to Hilary’s soft little anus and began to dip the tip of her tongue onto it, gradually circling further inside. Kimiko kissed it two or three times, producing little groans of happiness from Hilary, before she started back up to her pussy, lightly nibbling on the area in between before her mouth returned.

“Mmmm…. ohhh… oh Kimi…. uhhhh…” Hilary couldn’t say anything more as she thrust underneath Kimiko, feeling the woman’s tongue moving back and forth between her pussy and her asshole, never letting her have a moment’s peace (not that she wanted it), and knowing that once this was over, there’d be more of this. As Hilary began to breathe harder and feel herself starting to glow between her legs, she knew that she could and would do anything for this woman… “aaaaAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”

Hilary’s screams of joy from upstairs went unheard by Jewel, who was happily supping on Keeley’s breasts, licking her puffy nipples as her fingers eagerly fondled the girl’s bushy pussy. Keeley cupped Jewel’s soft buns and pinched, loving Jewel’s tiny little squeal that didn’t interrupt her suckling for a moment. Keeley began to knead Jewel’s seat as the blonde sucked on her, rubbing two fingertips near her cleft before she gently spread Jewel’s ass apart and slid the fingers inside her openings. Jewel raised her head and kissed Keeley on the mouth as the girl’s fingers began to slip in and out of her.

Lindsay’s fingers rubbed her firecrotch intensely as she watched Jewel fondling and licking Keeley; the two lovers rolled over, with Keeley on top now and still thrusting her fingers inside Jewel. Keeley’s other hand started to move over Jewel’s right breast as the blonde’s own hand moved inside the straddling girl – Jewel whistled as she felt how silky-smooth Keeley was to enter. The pair of fingers inside Keeley’s tight, magnificent pussy were almost enough to make Jewel scream in joy from how she felt; Keeley’s beautiful smiling face above that splendid rack was doing all the rest.

The sight of four excellent breasts jiggling in harmony made Lindsay’s fingers thrust in and out of her cunt as her eyes flitted rapidly between the two lovers. Lindsay wanted – she NEEDED to get herself between those two; she wanted to feel Keeley’s milksacks pressing against her back while Jewel’s own squashed against her own set. As Keeley leant down, her body vibrating with delight, to give Jewel another kiss – with Keeley’s breasts flowing down to touch Jewel’s rack, their nipples actually touching – Lindsay threw her head back and felt the heat between her legs explode; she shut her eyes so she couldn’t see Jewel coming *just* before she did…

It would be all downhill from there.

* * * * * * * * * *

The motel owner sat there, counting out his money. All that cash for just answering one or two questions and settling a bet? Out of towners were weird.

In the air, Stuart and the others headed towards the nearest town. They had found the motel the fugitives had used, and there was only one place they could have plausibly gone from there. Kiana, Stuart and especially Tina were smiling a little more than they had of late; they were getting closer.

* * * * * * * * * *

“You know, it’s been a while,” Jessica Simpson whispered to Jennifer.

“Tell me about it.”

“We’ve got time before the plane lands.”

“Yeah, but…”

“And Alba won’t mind.”

“But Duff would,” Jessica pointed out, jerking a thumb Susan-wards.

Haylie nodded. “Yeah, mom hates lesbians even more than gays.”

“Fucking Queen Victoria,” Jessica Simpson grumbled.

“But this should keep you going till later,” JLH added, and gave Simpson a quick kiss and a squeeze. She wouldn’t have minded Haylie, but she was so straight she made rulers seem like corkscrews. That was something Hilary had not inherited from her mom…

* * * * * * * * * *

Hilary Duff and Kimiko were resting at last, slumbering in a warm embrace and breathing in harmony as they slept. They had finally chased thoughts of what was about to happen from their minds, and the last thing on each other’s brains before slipping into a dream state had been each other, explaining the happy looks on their sleeping faces.

Below, Lindsay Lohan had her legs splayed apart on the sofa; this was her default setting at parties, admittedly. But for once the only thing between her legs was her hand, which had been thrusting furiously when she was awake; now she was dead to the world, asleep and nude from the waist down.

Jewel and Keeley were in no position to have a little late night snack on Lindsay (not that she would have minded if they were); the women were asleep on the floor in each other’s arms, Keeley with a contented smile as her head lay on Jewel’s rack, Jewel equally blissful as a hand rested on Keeley’s butt.

“Hi! I hate these things… Look, Lindsay, it’s Toby.. Just got off the plane, and I’ll be in a Holiday Inn – hate those things too, but it’s the nearest place… as soon as you hear this call me! And tell Keeley thanks for taking you in…”

The answering machine ran out of space, having played to an audience of nobody.

Nobody except Keeley…

* * * * * * * * * *

Toby’s plane wasn’t the only one that had arrived; the Duffs’ jet had set down just long enough for disembarkation, then was off again.

Haylie and Susan were driving away from the airstrip towards the nearest hotel to check in for one night; or rather, Susan was driving. Haylie was looking towards the retreating jet, and crossing her fingers. And hoping that the others’ backup plan – to head for the Scarlet Ranch, as they were now doing – wouldn’t be necessary.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jewel’s sleep was broken by a kiss, and the first thing she saw on opening her eyes was Keeley. Smiling, sweet-smelling Keeley.

“Hey… best alarm clock ever,” Jewel said as she leaned forward to kiss Keeley back.

“No, not yet,” the friend laughed. “Upstairs. Before Sleeping Beauty there wakes up and tries to join in.”

“Lindsay doesn’t taste bad.”

“No, but she’d never let you in with a crack at me.”

“There *is* that…” Jewel admittedly ruefully as Keeley led her upstairs, and just in time too – Lindsay was showing signs of breaking slumber. As they strolled to the bedroom, Jewel heard the shower running and the sound of singing, and let herself grin. Hilary could be chirpy when she felt like it in any conditions…

Hilary had gotten up before the others, and was happily feeling the warm shower jets running over her body; there was only one thing she liked better in the mornings than to be first in the shower. And that was to have someone she liked showering with her.

Behind her, Kimiko had lathered her hands up and was applying soap to those hard-to-reach places; Hilary’s breasts were certainly hard to reach for the height-challenged and a lot of her more lustful fans, but for Kimiko all she had to do was reach around the woman and rub. Kimiko’s soapy hands slathered over Hilary’s little jugs as she rubbed her head against the young woman’s back.

Hilary moaned as she felt Kimiko kissing her back, her nipples solid as a rock under Kimiko’s fingers. Hilary turned around to face her lover and kissed her eagerly, her hands pressing onto Kimiko’s breasts and rubbing as Kimiko pulled her into her arms. Hilary lifted herself up and hooked her legs around Kimiko’s hips, slamming their dripping cunts together; she gripped Kimiko harder as they felt and kissed each other under the shower jets. Hitting the wall tiles, Hilary listened to Kimiko’s little quick breaths as she began shaking with orgasmic delight, their snatches blending their liquids as they came together. Hilary gasped as her lover shuddered in her arms, making her warmer than ever as she closed her eyes to relish Kimiko’s lovely, tender body.

It wasn’t the sensation of Kimiko’s fingers on her that made her scream – it was when Hilary opened her eyes and saw Kiana standing in the shower stall behind them.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lindsay’s plan for the morning was to get ready to leave to meet Toby as soon as she woke up. And as soon as this lovely, wonderful dream she was having was over.

She was back at her favourite nightclub, in one of the stalls, with a friend. A very dear friend. The kind of friend who had a ten-inch penis and who currently had it being taken by Lindsay all the way down her throat, with his balls lightly tapping her chin. Lindsay consumed the cock like the pro she was, her tongue exploring the veins of the lad’s massive rod; oh boy, was this good! Lindsay sucked on it more eagerly, gorging herself on… she flicked her eyes upwards to see just who owned this gorgeous thing. She couldn’t quite make out the guy’s face, but she could hear his voice.

No, she could hear something else… Lindsay Lohan popped awake, and for a moment thought she was still dreaming. There was a genuine penis in front of her, tantalisingly close to her mouth, with the owner fingering as if he couldn’t wait to get started. Well, waste not, want not – “I’ll handle that,” Lindsay cracked (not for the first time) and leant in to take a hold of that familiar-looking cock. She prided herself on never forgetting a dick, and true to form the owner of this penis crashed into her memory an instant later – her drowsiness vanished as she realised what was up.

But before she could pull back, a strong hand clamped down on her head, forcing it onto the swelling penis. Lindsay jerked away and felt a sudden resistance on her lower form – she had been handcuffed to the sofa leg. She glanced up in shock and disgust.

“Suck it, my dear. Suck it and it’ll stop.”

“What’ll–” Lindsay’s answer came when Stuart flooded her iPod-covered ears with Westlife’s musical crimes.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jewel lay face down on the bed, feeling Keeley’s hands kneading her ass as her tongue gave the singer the best anilingus she’d ever had.. Keeley was excavating so softly and deeply inside her that Jewel simply never wanted her to stop; she sighed as she felt Keeley’s tongue leave her hole for a few moments, taunting her and leaving her wanting more, and then returning to ease the sudden ache… as her hands fondled Jewel’s legs while her mouth kept on exploring, the singer was soaring up to Heaven.

Jewel felt a pair of hands on her breasts; Keelet had moved up Jewel’s body and was hefting those Alaskan milksacks. She shivered in anticipation as Keeley’s fingertips touched the area where the breasts met the ribcage, her palms touching Jewel’s nipples as she massaged the rack…

Keeley’s fingertips under Jewel’s tits, with her palms on her nipples. Through the bliss it dawned on her that Keeley’s hands couldn’t be in that position if she was busy eating Jewel’s ass, as she was now; not even Beyonce was that flexible. And how could her voice be coming from ABOVE her…?

She looked up sharply to see Keeley in front of her, squeezing her breasts and smiling. Jewel’s mouth dropped open – if she was over there, then who was…

“Thanks for telling me where it was, Keeley,” Tina said casually as she rose from behind Jewel and walked over to join her friend, holding the pen that Jewel had taken from Stuart. The pen she had secreted deep inside her pussy. The pen that had been their safety net.

Of all the things that had happened to Jewel since the abduction, nothing hit her harder than this – she was so shocked she could only lie there, staring at the two women. “…Why?” was all she could ask.

“I told you, honeybunch – it’s what I do,” Keeley cooed, taking out another pen from a bag on the chair. “Did I do good?”

“You did good, Keeley,” Tina replied in a tone that Jewel was amazed to find was tender and loving. “You did real good. You always do.”

For once, Jewel was nauseated at the sight of two women kissing deeply; she glared daggers at them as their mouths separated and Keeley rested her head on Tina’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Jewel – I’ll see you get another shot with her before you’re sold off…”

“You can keep your whore,” the singer muttered, and howled as Tina slapped her roughly across the face.

“NOBODY calls my girl a whore! And don’t try and tell me you didn’t like it…”

Jewel opened her mouth to tell her and Keeley that she didn’t… but she couldn’t. She wanted to, just to see the looks on their faces, but she couldn’t. She just gave them a seething look.

“Thought so. All the girls love my Keeley. All the boys too… now this here is the REAL pen,” Tina explained. “You really think Stuart’s stupid enough to leave the genuine article where you might find it? Hand it over here, sweetass.”

Keeley handed it over, and Tina clicked it.

“Now how about we go downstairs before I click it twice more?” she suggested, as a thud and a wail came from the bathroom…

* * * * * * * * * *

“NO!!!” Hilary screamed, snapping Hilary out of her reverie. Both women stared at the calm Kiana watching them, unarmed – but she didn’t need any weapons. Kiana could have stopped Hilary with her bare hands, and she knew it.

“You didn’t really think you could get away from us, did you Duffy baby?” Kiana smirked. “Nice to see you get on so well with Kimiko – you can pretend you’re with her when the customers—”

“Kiana, please,” Hilary begged, clutching Kimiko. “You don’t understand…”

” ‘You don’t understand,’ ” Kiana mocked, rolling her eyes. “Step aside, sister dear – it’s time for Hilary to go. I don’t know how she got you into playing along, but it stops now… I’ll deal with you later.”

“Or Stuart’ll deal with her later,” Hilary added. “Look, just give us ten minutes to get out of here, tell Stuart and Tina we gave you the slip…”

“You haven’t got anything to bargain with except your body. And I can have that any time I want.”

“Please, we just wanna get these bombs out! I promise we’ll get Kimiko’s taken out as well — ”

Kiana rolled her eyes again. “Kimiko’s got a bomb? Now you’re really stretching, Duff…”

“I swear on my mother it’s the truth!” Hilary pleaded as Kimiko looked back and forth between the women.

“Stuart’s got something in *my* chest, you lying little slut! Don’t try and drag Kimiko into this any more than she is–”

“I’M NOT LYING, YOU STUPID CUNT!” Hilary shouted. “Holmes put one in her as well; why do you think she doesn’t talk? It’s voice-activated, it’s triggered by her own voice…”

“Her *own* voice? Come on, why would he do that?”

“To keep her in line! Like he did with you, like he did with me – come on, Kiana, you want that sonofabitch to kill your own sister?!”

“He wouldn’t do that…” Kiana started, before Kimiko grabbed her sister’s face and forced it towards her. Without a pause, Kimiko pushed her breasts as far apart as she could, showing Kiana the surgery scar as Hilary swallowed in fear. There was only one other way they could prove it was true, and she prayed it wouldn’t come to that.

Kiana examined the scar and snorted. “I’ll say this for you, Hilary – you’re really trying to pull this off. What, are the two of you in love or something?”

Kimiko nodded.

“Pa-the-tic. Say goodbye, Hilary,” Kiana grunted, clutching Miss Duff”s hand.


Kiana and Hilary looked at each other in surprise, and then with shock at Kimiko. Looking sorrowfully at the sister she had just spoken to for the first time in years, Kimiko took Kiana’s free hand and pressed it to her chest. The older sister’s face went from contempt to horror as she felt Kimiko’s heartbeat speeding up, increasing because of the pulses the device was sending out. The pulses it sent out as it began the countdown…

“No…” Kiana begged. “No. No, no, nonononoNO OH FUCK PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!”

Kimiko pulled Kiana’s hand off her chest and pointed to her sister, to a horrified Hilary, and to the door. The blonde shook her head, coming close to the edge. “We’re not leaving you…”

With a show of strength that surprised the other two, Kimiko pushed Hilary onto Kiana and shoved the stunned women into the doorway; before either could react, Kimiko slammed the door and locked it, ignoring the yells and hammering on the door. Feeling her heart accelerating but no real pain, Kimiko closed her eyes and called up an image of Hilary curled up next to her, looking in her eyes and smiling. She wanted her last thought on Earth to be something she’d be happy to carry into the afterlife….

Outside the bathroom Hilary and Kiana heard a sudden, sickening report, followed by a splattered thud against the door. They had both heard that sound before – Hilary in the stables, and Kiana during the tests she had been a witness to – but this time the device wasn’t in an animal.

“KIMIKO!!!!!!!!” they both screamed, Kiana pounding the door in grief and Hilary slumping to the ground as both gave in to their tears, moaning Kimiko’s name over and over. Blessedly, neither noticed the small puddle of Kimiko’s blood seeping into the hallway from under the door.

“What’d I miss?”

The two women raised their heads to glance at Tina, joining them from the bedroom and flanking Jewel with Keeley. Jewel was the only one of the three who looked horrified, rather than insouciant.

“Did you know about her?” Kiana asked flatly.

“Acceptable losses,” Tina replied breezily, leading the way downstairs. “Now come on, we got things to do.”

“We got things to do all right,” Hilary said, still shaking.

“Yeah,” Kiana replied, finally taking Hilary’s hand. “We got things to do.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Lindsay really wanted to bite down now. Just a quick move of the teeth and Stuart would have lost one of his biggest weapons… but no. Even now, she couldn’t bring herself to do it; sliding her wet lips along his length, she knew that this was the only way she might make it out of this. In any case, his heavy cockhead seeping the cum down her throat was taking her mind off FUCKING WESTLIFE – “Flying Without Wings” had already been awful when that loser from “American Idol” had done it, but being subjected to five Irish eunuchs warbling really turned Lindsay’s stomach.

Her eyes firmly closed, she kept on sucking Stuart, reluctantly fondling his balls under his satisfied grunts and the mewling of Westlife. Stuart stroked Lindsay’s head, his fingers playing with the headphones over her ears but never quite taking them off. She popped the swollen rod from her mouth for a moment to suck briefly on each nut, almost giving in to habit and flicking her up (Lindsay knew that men loved a little eye contact during head), but telling herself not to make it any better for him than it already was.

Lindsay swayed her body to the rhythm of the fellatio, unaware that she and Stuart had an audience now. But Stuart was well aware that the ladies had come downstairs, and was grinning as they saw him getting swallowed by Lindsay; not even the sights of anger and horror on the hostages’ faces put him off.

“Is she as good as she looks?” Keeley asked hopefully.

“You’ll get your chance to find out, don’t you worry,” Stuart assured her. “How’d I know you were here?” he added, immediately cutting off Jewel when he saw her open her mouth to ask him what the fuck was happening. “I could…oooohhhh….” He closed his eyes for a moment as Lindsay’s tongue stroked his cock. “Aaaahhh… I’d tell you, but it would probably be easier to show you… Keeley?”

Keeley picked up a bottle from a bag on the table, and applied the contents to her right arm. “Rubbing alcohol,” she explained as she wiped. “The makeup’s waterproof; gotta keep it covered for special occasions like this.”

“Why…” Hilary started, before her eyes widened and voice tailed off. The makeup removed, Keeley flexed her right forearm in front of the others, revealing a dark circle with a line through the middle at a 45-degree angle, and two marks that looked like inverted commas connecting at the centre. The same kind that Kimiko had.

“Recognise it? Her girlfriend had one,” Keeley continued.

“…had?” Stuart asked.

“Kimiko Mizutani was nice,” Keeley smiled. “I’ll miss her. But c’est la gare.”

Hilary looked at the girl with murder in mind, as Tina snapped her fingers. “I’ve got a couple too. Wanna see them?”

Without waiting for an answer, she turned her back on them and lowered her jeans, exposing her well-shaped rump. With “TP + CH” on the left cheek.

“TP is Tina Powers,” Tina explained, smiling. “CH stands for Charlene Hawkins.” Then she rolled up her right sleeve and showed another tattoo on the arm – a heart, with CKA in it. Hilary and Jewel gazed at Keeley with a sick feeling.

“Charlene Keeley Adams, née Hawkins,” Keeley explained, curtseying. “At your service.”

“One of my most faithful and trusted spies…” Stuart gasped, as he tapped Lindsay on the head and pulled off the headphones. “We’ve got something to tell you first… or rather, Keeley does.”

Lindsay looked up and then turned to gaze at Keeley. “Yeah, I should’ve told you earlier,” she cooed. “Toby rang here last night while you were sleeping; I didn’t want to wake you up ’cause you looked so tired, and I couldn’t leave him running around a strange town without a friend, so I stood in for you and I don’t think you want to know what happened next. Let’s just say he won’t be joining us. Or anyone. Ever.”

“Breaktime’s over,” Stuart said briskly, yanking the shocked Lindsay’s head back. “You haven’t made me come yet… and don’t even THINK about biting down or it’ll be the last thing any of you ever do. We still have some fun ahead.”

“And we’ve got some fun in store the next time I’m in the city,” Tina smiled at Keeley, before she kissed her. Keeley returned the kiss, not needing to be told to keep her mouth shut about what had happened here; it wouldn’t be the first time she’d been quiet about Tina’s activities. Starting with what had happened to her now-late husband Ryan.

Hilary just stood there, a mixture of sorrow and rage. So did Jewel.

And so did Kiana…

* * * * * * * * * *

Tom had done his work well; that was one thing Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson couldn’t deny as they finished traversing the sewers beneath the Scarlet Ranch, following his carefully mapped-out route with Jessica Alba in the lead.

Another thing they couldn’t deny was the stench. Jessica Simpson had suggested they stop and have a bath in the river before they went any further, but Alba and JLH had shot her such a withering look that she zipped it. “Bet they’ve got a big bathroom in there…” she said wistfully.

JLH shook her head as Jessica A carefully pushed the manhole cover off, climbing up into the stables and striving to make as little noise as possible. She helped the other two up equally silently, and they looked around to get their bearings… going by Tom’s notes, the main house was about 10-15 minutes away, and then once Jessica had put in his password to bypass the alarm, they’d be in. And not a sound…

Except for the wolf-whistle from the entrance.

“Well, well, well… we got us guests!” The Jessicas and Jennifer shot their heads around and saw three men standing there, grinning widely with their hands in their jeans. If Hilary and the others had been there, they would have recognised two of them as Jake Douglas and Ford Kennedy; the third one was somewhat older, chronologically if not mentally.

“Whoowee! If it ain’t the Ghost Whisperer, the Dark Angel and Daisy Duke!” chuckled Ford, eyeing the ladies.

“Wash your mouth out, you shit-eating fuck!” the oldest one snapped. “Catherine Bach is the one true Daisy and you know it.”

“Please… don’t hurt us,” Jennifer said as she tried to edge away. “We just wanna get–”

“None of you ladies move an inch,” Jake interrupted, wagging a finger as the men entered the stable. “We’re a lot bigger and stronger, and it would be a shame to have to mark up any of those beautiful bods. None of us likes hitting girls. Unless we have to.”

“Best to have the police come and get you unsullied,” Ford added.

Jessica Alba opened her mouth to argue, before it occurred to her that calling the police to this place… and giving them a chance to show them what they knew… might be the best thing for all of them.. “Okay,” she said shyly. “We give up.”

“The hell we do!” Jessica Simpson snapped at the Alba before facing the men. “Look, we’ve got to get into the big house – it’s a matter of life and death.”

It was cold in the stable, and she knew it. And she had a feeling that the men knew it and could see it, judging from where their eyes were looking. Particularly the one who’d called her Daisy Duke.

“You know, we don’t have to kick up a big fuss,” the oldest man said, eyeing Jennifer. “Maybe we could do you a favour…”

“If we do you a favour, right?” Jessica Alba asked, sighing. It wasn’t the first time she’d heard a line like that, in or out of work.

“Yep. See, these stables gotta get cleaned and we wanna go get a beer…” Ford couldn’t keep it up, chuckling at his own joke. “Gotcha! Jessica, if you could just bend over and grab your ankles I’ll take it from there. That’s Jessica SIMPSON, by the way,” he added, as the Alba started to turn (it wasn’t the first time she’d heard that either).

“Makes a change,” she laughed as Jake headed for her, slipping his pants off en route. Bad guy he might technically have been, but she had to be glad he managed to get them off and keep walking towards her without tripping over them. She removed her own clothes, glad it wasn’t THAT cold.

“How about you, er…” Jennifer Love Hewitt asked the oldest man.

“Can we skip the names?” he said, cupping her famous boobs and fondling them under her shirt.

“Oh, you want this strictly business.”

“Nope – I just don’t like my name…”

Jennifer started to undo his trousers while kissing his face and neck, feeling his rod swelling up. “I’m gonna blow you so good…”

“No, don’t…” he managed to reply as he squeezed her rump. “I hate getting head; never feel anything… just use your fingers.”

JLH was tempted to bring out the old “You’ve never had a good one” line of argument, but this guy was keeping them from Corliss. She kept kissing him as her left hand hefted his crotch, fingertips moving the sacs as her right hand started to stroke his cock. The guy opened her shirt, fondling her bra-covered jugs. He kneaded them as JLH’s fingers moved along his large hard-on, eventually slipping each cup off.

“I just went to heaven…” he groaned, taking in Jennifer’s enormous breasts. “It kills me that you don’t do nudity…”

“Never say never,” she smiled, rubbing his pushed-out cockhead.

He let his mind play on that as he dipped down to taste her erect nipples.

“You know,” Ford said as he slid Jessica Simpson’s jeans down her legs, “you got lucky tonight. If the boss had caught you no way you could pull this off… he’d be a lot more interested in your ex.”

“And vice versa,” Jessica cracked as her panties followed her jeans.

“Man, I knew it! I KNEW it!”

As well as large breasts, Jessica shared with Ashlee and their mom (and her mom, and *her* mom…) a long history of loving backdoor sex; it had also been about the only way she had ever managed to get any from Nick (“Just pretend I’m a guy with long hair and a really, really small dick”) the one time he’d ever managed to come. She gave Ford a little wiggle of her seat meat, spreading it wide and letting him have a good look. He ran his fingers over her Grade-A ass, pinching it as he told himself not to rush… and that was when Jessica, for the only time in her life, felt a splatter over her butt. She managed to keep from giggling – Nick had to play like she was a man to get it up, but Ford couldn’t last four seconds without coming.

“Aw, FUCK! I’m sorry, Jessica….” he groaned, frantically trying to make it hard again. “It’s just – seeing a butt like that all for me…” The man’s simultaneous self-covering and flattery made Jessica smile.

“Relax, you’ll be up there soon enough. Just lemme get you ready… oh shoot! You didn’t bring any lube, did you?”

“SHIT!” It hadn’t occurred to him – this wasn’t turning out as good as he’d planned at all, kind of like the final season of “Alias.”

“Simmer down,” Jessica whispered, and dropped to her knees. “I did.” She could feel the hardening begin almost as soon as her lips touched his prick.

JLH was topless and Jessica Simpson bottomless, but Jessica Alba was the only one of the three who was actually naked, gripping Jake as his body pumped atop hers. Jessica A bucked back against him, grateful that the stable floor was smoothed out and not scratching her ass. She clamped her pussy muscles around his rod and her legs around his hips as he pressed against her hot flesh, Jake’s chest rubbing along Jessica’s breasts as the two kissed as if they’d known each other all their lives instead of two or three minutes. Jessica A flicked her eyes to Jessica Simpson, lips swallowing Ford’s prick, and over to JLH with her fingers playing her guy’s cock like… well, like an organ, before looking back to the cowhand’s face.

Then Jessica saw Tom’s face. This was why she was throwing herself into this; suddenly she was back in Thomas Culhane’s hideout, making the times he had to be alone and in hiding worthwhile. Okay, they were basically booty calls but so what? Nothing wrong with that when they were for someone you cared for, nothing wrong at all… but Jessica Alba kept her eyes shut as Jake’s massive cock thrust and thrust in and out of her steaming pussy, balls bouncing and about to explode.

Jake was in heaven; fucking Hilary Duff had been great, but slipping in and out of Jessica Alba – THE Jessica Alba – was just like screwing silk. Too damn bad he couldn’t tell anyone about it… he didn’t even mind that she had her eyes closed, ’cause she was just sooo fine. “OOooohhhhh yeah Jessica….I think I love you kid…. OOOOHHHHHHH JESSICA FUCKING ALBA YESYESYESYES!!!!!!!!” Jake slammed hard against the Alba as he punched streams of his juice into her, enjoying her own screams as her pussy flooded.

The oldest guy was enjoying himself as well; Jennifer Love Hewitt gently stroking his cock as he tenderly fondled her jugs was such a change from fucking his own hand. JLH didn’t like to rush these things – pull too hard and it hurt, go too slow and she might as well not be there. Just a good easy rhythm along the shaft and over the balls, coming back up and just next to the skinless head. “I can put it between my boobs if you’d like,” she said.

“Mmmm, yes…” he said, caressing them and rolling her nipples between each thumb and forefinger, until she gently lifted them off and sank to her knees, holding her jugs. She slowly rubbed his dick with each breast, letting the cockhead brush over each nipple, and then clasped the cock between her boobs and pressed the flesh over it, before starting to move her breasts along the trapped rod. The oldest man gripped her shoulders as he felt the warm flesh massaging him, wishing that she could just go on and on forever.

Ford was feeling likewise as Jessica Simpson slowly drew her head back from his shining, thoroughly-lubed cock. “There you go, all ready,” she smiled, kissing it before getting up and turning around. He reached around to feel her swaying breasts as she bent over, grinning widely when he felt them; he had nothing against fake tits at all, but touching genuine funbags like Miss Simpson’s… oh MAN, this was the way to go! Jessica gasped as he played with them while moving his cock along her crack, squashing and kneading them and grinding on her.

“C’mon, fella,” Jessica begged. “Stick it in me…”

Ford pulled himself back and clapped his hands on her cheeks. Perfect and full, he waited no longer to spread her asshole wide open and thrust – Ford grunted with glee as he plunged inside her, slamming against her prime Texas seat meat and listening to her gasps and cries as she thrust back against him. As Ford pumped in and out of her tight back alley, he grasped her breasts again and resumed his fondling. Man, why did Nick want to leave such a fine piece… then he remembered; the whole no-penis thing. His loss. Jessica and Ford pumped in harmony as she relished having a man up her, and he in turn enjoyed this stunning lady letting her enjoy someone like him…

“Fuck, Jessica… you’re better than Lindsay Lohan EVER was! Better than all of ‘em…!!!” Ford gripped Jessica Simpson’s tits harder, loving her panting as he felt himself about to shoot into her – again sooner than he’d planned. But at least this time it was going where he wanted it to go, and the way she was wiggling against him he couldn’t have held out anyway… Ford flung his head back and let it out as Jessica howled, slamming harder against her as he flooded her asshole. As Jessica shuddered and screamed against him, he glanced at the oldest guy, already spent and looking down at Jennifer Love Hewitt with bliss in his eyes.

She, meanwhile, smiled up at him as she used the semen that had sprayed between her tits to moisten them. So much better than L’Oreal.

* * * * * * * * * *

“It’s gotta be five minutes now!” Jennifer Love Hewitt said pointedly.

When the guys had come down and dressed, they’d warned the ladies to wait at least five minutes before continuing onto the ranchhouse. It was, in fact, considerably more than five minutes later – thanks to Jessica Simpson.

“Give the girl a break,” Jessica Alba told her. “You know better than any of us that it takes a while to get over it, Little Anal Annie.”

“It’s okay…” Jessica Simpson said, finally getting to her feet. “I guess I should be glad he left a feeling.”

“Size queen,” JLH sniggered as they left the stable, feeling a hand slapping her ass.

“Hey, c’mon guys!” she laughed. “Time for that later….”

“Like the girl at the start of ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ I don’t want to wait…”

The warmth that had filled the three women vanished when they realised who’d spoken; they turned to face the new arrival.

“Welcome back, ladies,” Corliss Culhane chuckled.. “I was wondering when you’d show up. The foreman was getting worried about his guys – I watched the whole thing on the security cameras; I thought I’d wait ’til you were about to finish before telling him where they were. No one likes to ruin a good time. Not even me. And don’t worry, the guys won’t be punished for what they did… I told Flanagan to send them around to me. They could do with a bit of helping the aged…”

“I thought you said they won’t be punished!” Jessica Alba quipped.

“Always a comedian, ain’t you? Anyway, you couldn’t have gotten this far without help. Tom gave good intel, didn’t he?”

“He’s a nice guy… wait, how’d you know…”

“Oh yeah, that reminds me – happy early Christmas, Alba.”

Corliss gave Jessica a small box, the kind that might have had a diamond or necklace of some kind in it. It was the same one that Arthur had asked about en route to the ranch, like the nosey old bastard that he was.

“Relax, if it was going to blow up I wouldn’t be here,” Corliss cackled.

Jessica shrugged and opened the box – and stopped dead. Her mouth sagged, and her eyes widened in shock as she struggled to find speech. With shaking fingers she slammed the box shut before the other two could ask what was in it, and threw it aside with an anguished howl.

“YOU FUCKING HEARTLESS BITCH!!!! You… you cut off your own son’s…”

“You seemed to like it when it was still part of him,” Corliss pointed out. “I thought you’d appreciate the souvenir. It’s not like I left much else…”

“You are SO FUCKING DEAD!” Jessica howled, and ran at the woman, leaping up and getting ready to scratch her eyes out. Or her face off. Or something… she didn’t care what she was going do, Corliss was going to bleed tonight… The woman grabbed Jessica’s arms, but she kicked out – Corliss was strong, but Jessica was fast, and Simpson and Hewitt were running forward to help her.

Had Corliss not gotten Jessica’s neck in a rapid lock and swung her forward with murder in her eyes, it might have gone differently.

“STOP RIGHT THERE, WHORES!” the woman snarled. “Unless you want me to snap Alba’s pretty little neck…”

Jessica Simpson and JLH stopped, gaping at their friend’s plight while she tried to break free from Corliss. “Now we’re going to go inside very calmly, and when we get there one of two things is going to happen next, and I’ll give you girls the choice. You three play doctor with each other… and with me… and we all have a wonderful time. Or you get all ageist on my ass – and you all die. The Dark Angel I take care of now, you two when I tell my special boys… you can run, but you’ll never leave her alive.”

Jessica gurgled against Corliss’s iron grip as her friends looked helplessly at each other. “Over the river and through the woods…” Jennifer sighed.

To grandma’s house they went.

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