Random Sex 2

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Celebs of choice in this story are Kate Hudson, Jordan Hinson, Vanessa Hudgens, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato. The codes are (MF, FF, cons, oral, anal). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

The AIR scene was a bonus scene tacked onto the end of chapter 18 that was never released to CSSA. And since I’ve been cleaning out the closet, so to speak, I figured I could slip it in here with some more sex scenes that probably wouldn’t make the light of day in a regular story.

Random Sex 2

By voodoojoe

Adventures In Radio #18

Mark and I were walking past one of the bedrooms in the house when Mark started laughing. I was on one side of the hall and he was on the other, looking into rooms with open doors to see if we could see Matt. So far we hadn’t had any luck, but we were running out of places to look, even in a house as big as the one we were in.

“What?” I asked Mark.

“Someone’s getting laid,” he responded, motioning for me to come listen. When I got to where he was I could definitely hear soft moans coming from behind one of the closed doors up ahead.

“Come on, let’s find Matt so we can leave,” I told him.

However, when we walked past the closed door with the moans behind it, I heard an “oh Matt” coming from inside. Stopping in my tracks I pushed the door open to take a peak and make sure what I was thinking was happening wasn’t actually happening. When I poked my head through the door though I saw Kate Hudson lying on the bed stark naked while someone wearing the exact same shirt Matt had been wearing was busy with his head between her legs.

“What the fuck?” I demanded, pushing the door the rest of the way open. Matt’s head popped up and he had that deer in the headlights look on his face as he realized he’d been caught.

“I-,” Matt started, but I cut him off.

“Fucking idiot,” I cursed as I stared at my friend.

All the evidence Sarah would need to accuse him of cheating on her was smeared across his face like a neon sign announcing his guilt. I hadn’t seen him happier in a long time yet here he was, apparently willing to throw it all away so he could get a taste of movie star pussy. That may sound slightly hypocritical coming from me, but at least I managed to stay faithful when I was in a serious relationship.

I was about to unleash another volley of profanity but I stopped when I felt a tugging on my belt. When I lowered my head I realized just how focused I’d been on Matt because a naked Kate Hudson had crawled off the bed and made her way over to me on her hands and knees without me noticing. My wondering how that kind of thing could have escaped notice didn’t last long though because Kate quickly got my belt undone.

I was suddenly in a quandary. If I let Kate continue then I really couldn’t do anything about Matt, but if I left and took Matt with me I’d miss out on seeing exactly what Kate was capable of in the sack. In the end I made the same choice almost any guy in my position would’ve made.

Reaching down, I grabbed Kate’s hands and pulled her to her feet. A puzzled expression crossed her face at the unexpected move. It turned into an outright look of bewilderment when I turned and walked toward the door.

I grabbed the door and glanced back as Kate bent over to pick up her clothes off the floor. Rather than walk through it though I shut it and gave in. Why fight against a cute girl that wants to get slutty? Even if she’s married like Kate it’s still a virtually impossible proposition. You might as well fight the impulse to breathe.

When Matt saw me close the door instead of leaving he grinned as if he knew it was coming, as if he knew I was too weak to resist. And of course he was right I am weak. I’ve never been able to turn down pussy and as much I should’ve, I wasn’t going to start now.

I kicked my shoes off and began finishing the job Kate had started on my belt. When I started getting naked Matt followed suit and from the rustling behind me I could tell that Mark was as well.

While Mark and I were stripping Kate moved over to Matt to help him. I don’t think she had counted on three of us being there but she didn’t seem to mind the extra people. When she started fiddling with my belt though I think she’d made the decision to get really freaky. Mark being there simply meant there was one more cock to take care of.

By the time I got down to my boxers Kate had already gotten Matt’s pants down. She was on her knees stroking his cock so I motioned for Matt to move over to the bed. As he moved toward the bed Kate crawled with him on her knees, clutching his dick like it was her connection to reality. When Matt sat down on the bed he began sliding back so he could lie down. When he came to a stop Kate crawled up and crouched between his legs on her hands and knees.

Moving in behind Kate I let my hands run over her bare butt. The index finger of one hand trailed down the crack of her ass until it reached the crevice of her pussy. I nestled my finger in there feeling the heat and wetness of it. Bending my finger I pulled it back until found her hole and then extended it into her cunt.

As Kate moaned at the penetration I leaned to one side to watch as Kate licked the underside of Matt’s cock. While she took the head of Matt’s penis into her mouth I began sliding my finger in and out of her. She was already more than wet enough thanks to Matt’s oral ministrations but she wasn’t exactly complaining either.

“Go for it Mark,” I told my nephew when I finally pulled back from her.

“Okay,” Mark said, though he didn’t sound completely convinced that he should.

That didn’t stop him from coming up behind her and Kate didn’t object as he lined his cock up with her pussy. He even seemed to give her a second or two more to do so than I would have before beginning his journey.

Any hesitancy Mark may have had was gone by the time he bottomed out. He grabbed onto her hips and began fucking her at warp speed. I had to grin at his exuberance but I also knew that he’d blow his load within thirty seconds if he kept it up. At seventeen he wouldn’t have any trouble getting it back up but you never want to come that quickly no matter how quick your recovery time.

“Slow down there,” I told Mark. “Remember the story about the turtle and the hare. You keep going like that and you’ll be done before she is.”

Taking my advice to heart he slowed down. He was still going a little quicker than he should, but I remember being seventeen with little experience when it came to sex. I thought I knew everything and I was probably lucky he was even paying as much attention to me as he was. The only one whose opinion might’ve mattered at the moment was Kate’s and her mouth was too busy to give out pointers.

Sure enough, after only a couple minutes Mark was already grunting like he was about to come. His pace had started picking back up right after I’d told him to slow down and he was back to giving her everything he had. The moans Kate was making around Matt’s cock seemed to indicate she was enjoying the pace but she wasn’t anywhere near climaxing.

“Make sure to pull out before you come,” I told Mark. I wasn’t about to going swimming in his spunk and I doubt Kate wanted the three of us taking turns seeing which one of us could give her child number two.

A couple pumps later Mark pulled out of her pussy. He gave his cock a couple quick strokes and his cum erupted out. Several spurts hit Kate ranging from the crack of her ass to the middle of her back and began trickle down and pool along her spine.

Not really wanting to look at the pool of sperm I grabbed a towel that had been sitting on one of the tables. I daubed at it with the towel until I got as much cleaned up as possible. Tossing the towel on the floor with one hand I pulled off my boxers with the other. I moved up to take my place behind Kate but she started moving before I could get there.

“Turn around,” I told Kate as she moved up Matt’s body and went to mount him in the cowgirl position. If she was going to fuck Matt I figured I should at least get some oral action out of the deal and Matt probably didn’t want my balls bouncing off his forehead while I got it.

Glancing over her shoulder she saw me standing there with my pecker flapping in the breeze. Shifting around on top of Matt Kate turned so she was facing me with her back to Matt. As Matt held his cock straight up for her she grabbed hold of mine as I climbed up to stand on the bed. The ceiling was right on top of me so I had to duck my head slightly but I felt it was worth it.

“Mmm,” Kate moaned as she sank down on Matt. She closed her eyes and seemed to forget me.

Burying my fingers in her hair I held her head steady and gave her cheek a light smack with the head of my cock. When she opened her mouth I put the head of my cock on her tongue and waited for her to take over.

As she began to rock on top of Matt Kate closed her mouth around my cock. She wrapped one hand around the shaft while her other went down to rub her clit. Her head began moving forward as she sucked more of me into her mouth, her tongue darting around to caress different parts of my cock as she went. When she got to where her hand was she stopped for a moment before applying suction as she went in reverse.

Looking down I could see Kate’s finger stroking her clit as she began bouncing on top of Matt. Every so often her fingers would move down to rub against Matt’s cock as it moved in and out of her. Matt had a hold of her ass and was helping to lift her up.

After a few minutes I could tell that Kate was more interested in Matt’s cock than mine so I pulled out and climbed down off the bed. She didn’t even seem to notice I was gone because she went right on bouncing on top of Matt. Her bounces stopped though when Matt’s finger found the rosebud of her ass. Her body froze for a second in midair as he rubbed her asshole.

Matt’s finger left her anus since she didn’t seem to like it and moved around front to her stomach. He applied pressure to her stomach and pulled her back so that her back was against his chest. As he began thrusting up into her pussy Matt moved his hand down to join Kate’s as she began frigging her clit again.

Deciding to join in again, I climbed back up onto the bed. I straddled both of them and squatted so my cock was resting in the valley between Kate’s tits. She was blessed enough in that department to wrap around my cock but Kate got the hint. Lifting her head she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock.

Grabbing the back of her head again I began fucking her mouth in time with Matt’s thrusts into her pussy. With Matt’s hand on her pussy Kate moved hers away and put both hands on my ass.

“Fuck me,” Kate told Matt, taking her mouth off my cock before taking it back in.

Doing as he was told, Matt began thrusting into her with even more zeal. Her whole body bounced with each thrust and she was issuing a stream of moans around my cock. She was quickly coming up on her orgasm and it was looking it was going to be a big one.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth so she wouldn’t have to worry about it while she came. I was climbing down off the bed when her body shuddered with pleasure. With a loud screech she closed her eyes and came like a freight train. Matt kept slowly fucking her and every thrust brought another squeal as her orgasm prolonged itself.

When she’d settled down some, Matt rolled her onto her stomach and began hammering into her. His own orgasm was close by and was taking it by the horns. Kate started to respond underneath him and raised her ass up off the bed slightly.

With a grunt Matt finally pulled out just as Kate brought her knees under herself. It elevated her butt so he nestled his cock in between the globes of her ass and used his hands to press them together. After a couple strokes between her ass cheeks he came and drenched her back just like Mark had.

Kate must have thought she was done because she rolled over onto her back and sighed. She wasn’t done though and she seemed to realize that when I grabbed her legs. I pulled her to the end of the bed and lined my cock up with her pussy.

Before she could tell me not to I went ahead and plunged into her. Since I’d already come twice with Ashley I wasn’t worried about coming too soon so the moment I was all the way in I started fucking her. She was drenched thanks to her orgasm so there was no shortage of lubrication and I didn’t need to worry about being gentle.

“Uhh,” Kate grunted, meeting every one of my thrusts with her hips.

After several minutes of fucking her I moved my hands down from her thighs where they’d been. They each grabbed an ass cheek and lifted her up so I could get a better angle on my thrusts. Kate seemed to like the new angle because she moaned and one hand moved to her chest. It pinched and pulled on a nipple while her other hand moved down to her pussy. I could feel her fingers brushing against my cock as I pumped her.

Since Matt hadn’t gotten anywhere with his attempts at her backdoor I decided to see if I could. My right hand started inching across her ass until my fingers found the crack. I kept moving my hand until my index finger found her asshole. Once more she seemed to freeze up but she didn’t have the horrified look on her face this time.

Her juices were running a little river down from her pussy and there was more than enough of it that my fingers were quickly soaked. Using the juice as lube I pressed my finger against her asshole and when it popped past her sphincter Kate moaned and pressed against my finger. Taking that as a good sign I began fucking her asshole with the tip of my finger in time with my thrusts into her pussy.

Since she wasn’t putting up a fight against the finger I decided to see if she’d let me fuck her ass. I pulled out of her pussy but before she could figure out what I was up to I was already pressing against her asshole. As I pushed forward she seemed to panic.

“No,” Kate said. Her fingers stopped rubbing of her clit and her eyes had a look of shock in them.

Paying her little heed I continued to push until the head of my cock parted her anus. I gave her a moment to get used to having my cock in her ass and when I felt her start to relax I began stroking in and out, pushing a little more into her ass each time. By the time I was all the way in her fingers had started working on her pussy again and any pretense of resistance was gone.

“Hey Matt,” I said as I began fucking Kate’s ass with half my length. “Think she wants to get really slutty and go for two?”

“I don’t know,” Matt said.

“Think you can handle it babe?” I asked Kate.

“Uhh,” Kate moaned, her eyes wild with the knowledge of what she was doing. She nodded her head slightly. “Yeah.”

“See, now get over here,” I snapped.

I buried myself into her to the hilt before rolling her over onto her side. Keeping myself firmly seated in her ass I lay down behind her and lifted her top leg. When Matt lay down in front of her I draped her leg over my legs to give him some extra room.

As Matt pressed his cock against her pussy Kate stiffened up. When the head of his cock passed her entrance she whimpered slightly as she was stretched out around two cocks. By the time Matt was halfway into her she’d pressed herself against him and was biting his shoulder. When he was all the way in she went limp and tried to get used to having both of us inside her.

While I waited for Matt to start moving in her I took a moment to soak in the utter tightness of her ass. It had already been like a vise but with Matt’s cock taking up room on the other side of the membrane separating her holes her anus suddenly felt like a rubber band wrapped too many times around my dick, cutting off the circulation.

With Matt’s first small thrust Kate moaned and pushed against him. As Matt began giving her more of his length I started fucking her ass in alternating strokes. When we had both settled into a nice steady rhythm Kate started humping back against us with more enthusiasm.

“Get over here Mark,” I hollered between thrusts. “Her mouth is free if you want it.”

Hesitantly Mark got up from the chair he had been sitting in and moved over to the bed. He climbed on and moved to the head of the bed. Matt and I both scooted our upper bodies away from her so he could get in there on his knees. Kate opened her mouth and let him present her with his cock.

As Matt and I really began fucking Kate Mark started thrusting in and out of her mouth. Three cocks fucking her at once must have appealed to her more than she’d thought it would because it wasn’t long before a steady stream of moans were being muffled around Mark’s cock. Grunts and cries of pleasure greeted every thrust we made into one of her holes.

“I’m getting close,” Matt mumbled after a few more minutes of the spirited triple penetration.

He gave her a couple more thrusts before pulling out. Stroking his cock he got up onto his knees and moved up Kate’s body. My own climax was approaching and I was going to keep fucking her ass but decided to get further out of the line of fire if Matt decided to give her a facial.

“In my mouth,” Kate said, rolling onto her back as I withdrew from her as well.

She propped herself up on her elbows. Matt grabbed her head and aimed his cock at her open mouth just as the first spurt gushed out. It landed on her tongue and she quickly closed her mouth around his manhood. The only movement was the slightly humping motion of Matt’s hips and Kate’s throat as she swallowed.

When Kate had finished with Matt he sat back on his feet for a moment. After he’d rested a moment he moved down the bed. He put his hands between Kate’s legs and pulled them apart. With her legs spread he let his fingers explore the folds of her pussy.

“Who’s next?” Kate asked, turning her head back and forth to look between Mark and I.

When Matt’s finger found her clit she moaned and her gaze shifted to him. Her eyes closed and one of her hands left the bed to grab the back of his head as he leaned in use his tongue. The way she was reacting to Matt’s ministrations I could tell that she was on a hormonal high and that she’d probably be able to come if a light breeze hit her the right way.

“I am, I think,” Mark replied; moving over into the spot that Matt had just vacated so he was next to Kate’s head instead of behind it.

Kate turned her head but before she could get to him Mark’s come sprayed out. The first shot hit her on the bridge of her nose almost between the eyes. The second one hit her on the cheek next to her mouth and left a trail as it streaked across almost to her ear. The third one hit her right under the chin and splattered her neck.

Just as Mark was finishing up Matt must have hit the right spot because her body started shaking in release. The hand that had been holding onto his head clenched and she caught a big chunk of his hair in her fist. Her head titled back slightly as she shuddered in pleasure.

When I was ready to blow she still wasn’t done coming. I grabbed the top of Kate’s head and started turning her to face me but didn’t fully make it. The first burst hit her along her jaw and the second splashed against her upper lip before I was drained. Each spurt seemed to drive her to still greater heights of pleasure as they hit her.

I clambered over her and off the bed when I was done. Since Matt and Mark were already getting dressed I grabbed my clothes as well. By the time we started getting dressed Kate had recovered and was using her fingers to scoop the goo off her face.

When I put my pants on I felt my cell phone in my pocket and thought momentarily of using it to take a picture of Kate sucking our come off her fingers but thought better of it. As much as I would’ve loved to have that picture I didn’t want the evidence laying around in case someone got hold of my phone that shouldn’t.

+ * + * +

Secret Order of the Jailbait

Robed figures lined the walls of the dimly lit room. A smooth stone table sat in the middle of the room and the flicker of candles cast shadows. Silence descended as the naked blond was led blindfolded into the room; the only sound the jingle of the chain that connected her hands. When she reached the center of the room she was hoisted onto the table and the chain was attached to a hook above her head. One by one her legs were spread and fastened to restraints.

One of the robed figures stepped forward and approached the table. Waving his hand inside the voluminous sleeve of his robe the two figures that had led the blonde into the room were dismissed. They moved away from the table and took their places with the rest of the robed figures along the walls.

Jordan Hinson squirmed on the table. She tugged at the restraints finding that she could move a little but she was bound tightly enough that she couldn’t escape. Her teenage breasts jiggled with her movements and only served to give the audience a more enticing view.

The lone figure left standing next to the table reached up and pushed back his hood. He had short brown hair and the stubble on his face had a light dusting of gray, making him look older than he was.

Turning to face Jordan, Allen let his hand rest on Jordan’s thigh. After a moment he moved it upwards until his fingers found her pussy. His index finger dragged along the length of Jordan’s slit, finding it already wet from anticipation.

“She’s ready,” Allen announced to the crowd as he withdrew his finger from her crotch and started to lift his robe until he pulled it off over his head. Kicking of the pair of sandals on his feet he stood before the crowd fully naked.

As a slow chant of gibberish rose from the assembled perverts, Allen climbed up onto the table. Positioning himself between Jordan’s legs he grabbed his cock and aimed it towards her waiting pussy. He dragged the head along her slit a couple times before slowly easing into her.

With just the head was inside her, Allen stopped to relish the feeling of her teen pussy gripping his cock tightly for a moment. When Jordan started to move underneath him he put both hands on the table on either side of her and resumed pushing into her. As he neared the halfway point he began to rock his hips, slipping another fraction of an inch into her snatch each time he pushed forward.

“Uhh,” Jordan moaned, trying to lift her hips and get more of him inside her.

Finally bottoming out inside her, Allen began to work half of his cock in and out of Jordan. As she started to get used to the dick inside her she loosened up marginally. It still allowed Allen to lengthen his strokes and soon was slowly working almost the full length of his penis.

Lifting his right hand from the table he picked up one of the nipple clamps that was sitting on the table next to her. Bringing it to her chest, he attached it to her nipple slowly releasing the clamp to gauge her reaction until finally letting go. When she didn’t voice any complaint about it hurting too much he picked up another clamp and repeated the process with her other nipple.

Jordan’s eyes were wide as saucers under the blindfold. The clamps hurt, but on such a sensitive area they also sent an equal mix of pleasure through her young body. She wasn’t sure she completely liked it, but she definitely didn’t completely hate it either.

There really wasn’t any set initiation ritual to get into the Secret Order of the Jailbait. The only rule was that it had to take place in front of the group, but the one being initiated, usually the girl, got to pick how she was initiated.

Jordan had been intrigued by bondage ever since finding one of her dad’s fetish magazines when she was fourteen. As a result she’d chosen to be blindfolded and bound, but could call it off at any time by using the safe word if it went a little too far. She was sure she wasn’t going to use it, but it was nice to know that she had some sort of safety net just in case.

Deciding to see how into it she was Allen started tugging on one of the clamps each time he thrust his cock into her pussy. By the moans that started erupting from her throat he figured she at least sort of enjoyed it. They weren’t even the strangled moans of pain but the guttural moans of someone thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Feeling her start to respond to his ministrations Allen decided to see if he could get Jordan off quickly. If he could then he had a chance of moving on to grander things while he still had something left in the tank. If he couldn’t, then he’d probably wind up blowing his load before he got the chance and that would just be wasteful on his part.

“You, come here,” he said, pointing at a short figure leaning against the wall. “Make her eat your pussy while you play with her nipples.”

When she pushed back her hood Allen was pleased to see that he’d picked right. Vanessa Hudgens clambered up onto the table and pulled her robe enough for Allen to catch sight of her shaved pussy as she straddled Jordan’s head. Unfortunately, as soon as Jordan’s little pink tongue made contact with the golden skin of Vanessa’s pussy the robe was dropped to cover the action.

“Dammit, take the robe off,” Allen snapped, desperately wanting to watch Jordan lick Vanessa’s pussy.

Grinning at his impatience Vanessa reached down and slowly lifted the robe. It took agonizing seconds but soon enough the sight of Jordan’s tongue dancing along Vanessa’s pussy came back into view. Then in short order the piercing that adorned Vanessa’s belly button came into view, followed by her perky breasts before the robe was discarded entirely.

When it came to eating pussy, Jordan was in the dark, both literally and figuratively; literally because she was blindfolded and couldn’t see what she was doing and figuratively because she’d never tasted another girl’s pussy before. She was just sticking her tongue and moving it back and forth hoping that whoever was straddling her face would figure out the rhythm and move accordingly.

Other than the problems with the situation, Jordan had to admit that she liked it. She’d licked her fingers after masturbating or those of her ex after he’d fingered her so she wasn’t a complete stranger to the way pussy tasted, but the pussy she was currently licking had a slightly different taste. Not enough to discourage her, but just enough to intrigue her and make her want to taste more of it.

At first Vanessa couldn’t tell what the hell Jordan was doing with her tongue. Occasionally she’d hit a good spot but then it’d veer off and it took a few moments to figure out that Jordan was working blind. So she reached down and held Jordan’s head still while she moved her pussy against Jordan’s tongue.

When they’d figured out what to do Vanessa finally got to the task that she’d been brought in for. Moving her hands from Jordan’s head she grabbed hold of the nipple clamps and started to tweak them in a random pattern. Sometimes she’d tug on one and then the other and other times she’d tug on only one. A couple times she opened them a bit to relieve a bit of the pressure or even tighten them up until Jordan groaned from the pain.

“Gonna come,” Jordan announced, the combination of pleasure and pain putting her on a fast track towards climax.

Hearing Jordan’s proclamation, Allen reached down and rubbed her clit with his thumb. At the touch on her sensitive nub Jordan arched her back and bucked her hips as much as she could with her limbs bound. The move caused Vanessa’s fingers to tweak one of the clamps a bit harder than she otherwise might have, but Jordan was too far-gone to notice.

With a cry that was muffled by Vanessa’s pussy Jordan flooded Allen’s cock with her cream. She had trouble catching her breath as pleasure wracked her body and sent tremors through her muscles.

Once Jordan’s pussy had clamped down Allen had stopped moving for fear that he might lose the battle if kept going. When she finally settled down he pulled out and moved off the table.

“Get the ball,” he told Vanessa. As Vanessa rushed off to comply without bothering to put her robe back on, Allen motioned for Jordan to be moved.

When Vanessa returned Jordan’s feet had been anchored to the floor. Vanessa placed the large Pilates ball in front of Jordan and she was then bent over it with the restraints on her wrists secured to a small hook in the floor in front of the ball. It left Jordan defenseless with her ass in the air.

Stepping up behind Jordan, Allen knelt behind her. Grabbing one of her butt cheeks in each hand he pulled them apart so he could lean his head and lick at her asshole. Jordan moaned and writhed under the new form of attention she was receiving, but it felt so dirty to have her ass licked that she loved the sensation.

Once satisfied that Jordan’s butthole was sufficiently coated with his saliva Allen stood up. Grabbing his cock he pushed it into her exposed pussy to lubricate his cock. After burying his cock in her snatch with a couple quick thrusts, he pulled out and shifted it up to push against her ass.

Jordan had never been fucked in the ass and the idea scared her more than a little. She thought about using the safe word but it vanished from her head before she could invoke it. Was it kook? Cuckoo? Cuckold?

By the time she remembered what it was the head of Allen’s cock had already popped past her sphincter. She’d been distracted enough trying to think of the safe word that most of the pain failed to register. There was a still a bit of a sting as her ass protested being stretched, but it was far less than what she’d been expecting.

Once Allen started pushing the shaft into her the pain started to subside to a more manageable throb. Compared to the sudden stretching of penetration it was a piece of cake to take the rest. In fact, it was somewhat pleasurable, even the small amount of pain was turning her on in the same way that clamps on her nipples were.

As he moved in small increments, slowly working more of his cock into her ass Jordan found herself pushing back as much as her position allowed. Her tits pressed against the ball and with each movement the nipple clips twisted slightly, sending waves of pain pleasure through her upper body.

By adjusting the angle of her hips she discovered that she could press her pussy against the surface of the rubber ball, creating much appreciated friction against her clit that further increased her satisfaction. She would’ve preferred to frig her clit with her fingers, but with her hands unavailable it gave her another option.

“Fuck my ass,” Jordan said when she felt Allen start to pick up speed.

Putting his hands on the cheeks of her ass Allen lightly pushed down to get a bit more leverage as he set out to do just that. Her asshole was gripping his cock so tightly that he wasn’t sure how long he could hold out and wasn’t sure if he should even try to extend it out. She seemed be enjoying it but that didn’t mean she wanted him spending all night plugging her ass.

Deciding that being selfish might also be selfless; Allen started pumping into her ass as fast as he could go. The tightness of her ass kept him from going full bore, but it was more than enough to get his orgasm revving up.

Jordan couldn’t quite believe it, but as she felt Allen start to really fuck her she felt her own orgasm start to build. The pressure on her clit from the rubber ball was rapidly working her into frenzy and a steady stream of moans started flowing from her mouth.

“Your ass is gonna make me come,” Allen warned Jordan as he felt his body approach the point of no return.

“Come in my ass,” Jordan said, panting as she rubbed her pussy against the ball.

A couple quick thrusts later Allen felt the come rise in his balls. Shoving his cock into her ass as far as he could he felt his cock pulse and he let out a strangled cry. Gritting his teeth he exploded, basting the inside of her ass with spurt after spurt of his jizz.

“Oh God,” Jordan moaned, feeling her orgasm hit as his come erupted inside her. It felt so warm and nasty that it easily pushed her over the edge.

When he was sure he’d pumped as much of his semen into her ass as possible, Allen gently extricated himself from Jordan. His cock came out of her ass with a popping sound and he reached out to steady himself against the edge of the table as his legs threatened to turn to jelly underneath him.

With Allen out of the way, three figures left their spots along the wall. Two were wearing robes and they quickly unbound Jordan from her and helped her to her feet. The third was a still naked Vanessa carrying a robe like the rest of them wore.

“Welcome to the club,” Vanessa said, grinning a she held out the robe when Jordan removed her blindfold.

“I take it you were the one?” Jordan asked, her eyes roaming over Vanessa’s naked body. “Was I any good?”

“We’ll have to work on your technique, but not bad for a beginner,” Vanessa said.

“You know what they say, practice makes perfect,” Jordan said, really looking forward to the training sessions.

+ * + * +

The Lawnmower Man

Kelly Clarkson’s eyes snapped open as the sound of a lawnmower starting up outside intruded upon her slumber. As her eyes tried to focus through the fog of sleep her first reaction was to be mad at being woken up in such a rude manner, but when she turned her head and looked at the clock her anger eased seeing that it was after 11.

She’d had a long night in the studio and the sky had already started to lighten up when she’d gotten home. But she also realized that just because she’d pulled an all-nighter didn’t mean that the rest of the world had to stop and wait for her to get her beauty rest.

Figuring that she wasn’t going to get any more sleep she got out of bed. Normally she liked to walk around the house naked whenever possible, especially when she first got up, but with someone pushing a lawnmower around her lawn it probably wouldn’t have been the smartest thing she’d ever done. As a result she threw on a pair of pajama bottoms and a Mets tank top she’d picked up on one of her first trips to New York after Idol and headed downstairs to make some coffee.

With a cup of coffee in hand Kelly went out back to the patio. One of the reasons she bought the house was because of the great view it had from the backyard and even the sound of a lawnmower couldn’t encroach on the peace she felt when she sat on the deck.

Hearing the sound of the lawnmower coming around the corner of the house Kelly looked over and was surprised at what she saw. Instead of the fortyish guy with a large belly from too much beer and not enough exercise riding on the mower, Kelly saw a young shirtless guy with a finely toned upper body. He wasn’t ripped, or really even chiseled, but he had nice definition in his muscles and a nice rich tan.

Catching herself staring Kelly averted her eyes and mentally scolded herself for it. He looked like he was sixteen or seventeen and there wasn’t any point in looking at eye candy if touching the eye candy would make you a sex offender.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think anyone was home,” the kid on the lawnmower said, cutting the engine when he spotted Kelly sitting on the deck. “I can come back later if you want.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Kelly said, idly wondering if she could make him a man.

At the thought Kelly scolded herself once more for her inappropriate thoughts. She’d just gotten so busy lately and it was the drought she was going through that was making her think like a horny teenager, she told herself. If she just ignored him she might get through it without thinking about having him on top of her.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Kelly asked him, ignoring her own thoughts rather than him.

“No thanks,” he politely responded. “I’d like to get the lawn done before it gets really hot.

“If you want something when you’re done just knock on the door,” Kelly said, smiling as he restarted the mower.

When he started mowing the backyard Kelly took another moment or two to watch him before she went back in the house. She had more important things to do than look at teenage boys, and they weren’t as likely to make her feel guilty.

Kelly was just finishing up a small workout when she heard the mower shut down. It wasn’t anything too strenuous, just some light calisthenics and a few rounds on the stair master, but she still had a healthy sheen of sweat on her when she went grab a bottle of water.

Grabbing two bottles she opened the door and walked out onto the deck just as her nameless lawn mower man approached. She took a moment once more let her eyes wander before she held out the second bottle for him.

“Want something to eat? I’m sure I could find something if you’re hungry,” Kelly said.

“No thanks ma’am, I’ve got lunch in the truck,” he responded, making Kelly wince.

“Don’t call me ma’am,” Kelly groaned. She knew he was just trying to be polite and all, but no woman likes being called ma’am, especially when they still considered themselves young.

“Sorry miss Clarkson,” he apologized.

“You know my name, do I get to know yours?” Kelly asked, taking a seat at the table.

“Doug,” he replied, sitting next to her at the table.

“So, how’d you get conned into doing Pat’s job?” Kelly asked, invoking the name of the guy that normally took care of her yard.

“He’s my dad,” Doug said. “I’m working for him for the summer before college in the fall.”

“Oh really? Where are you headed?” Kelly asked, suddenly feeling a bit less guilty about ogling him if he was old enough to be going off to college.

“USC,” Doug answered.

“Oh, so you’ll still be close by,” Kelly said, smiling as she took a sip of water. A little bit dribbled out of the corner of her mouth and trickled down her chest but the cold water felt good against her skin so she didn’t bother to wipe it up.

“Yeah, get to live at home while I go to school,” he said, his eyes following the water as it made its way its way into her cleavage.

“I wish I’d gone to college, but I guess it worked out,” Kelly said, feeling pleased that even though he called her ma’am he still thought she was hot enough to check her out.

“I can’t sing, so I guess I need to go to college to get a house like this,” Doug said.

“Go to business school and become an agent or something. Then you can take ten percent of what other people make,” Kelly joked, reaching over to touch his knee as she did so.

Feeling her touch on his knee Doug was torn. He was definitely picking up signals from her, but he wasn’t sure if he should act on them. If he was wrong he could wind up in a heap of shit if she made a complaint to his dad. Losing a customer was bad enough, losing a customer because he tried to put the moves on her was something his dad wasn’t likely to stand for.

“I guess I could walk onto the football team and hope for a career in the NFL,” Doug said, deciding to play it cool and see if she kept flirting with him. “I hear they make a little money.”

“A little money, that’s a good one,” Kelly said, laughing as she pressed the cold bottle against her throat.

That sealed it for Doug. His joke hadn’t been very funny yet she’d laughed like it was the best line in an Adam Sandler movie. On top of that, she’d kept her eyes on him as she rubbed the bottle against her neck. He was certain she was flirting with him and was willing to risk his father’s wrath if he was wrong.

When Doug leaned to kiss her Kelly was shocked. Sure she’d been flirting with him and had entertained a few less than clean thoughts about him, but she really hadn’t expected anything to happen. It was mostly harmless fun for her, but now she was being forced to choose whether to follow through on her flirting or go with it.

Her first impulse was to push him away but her body ignored the impulse and responded to his kiss. It had been too long since she’d even kissed a guy that her body took control away from her mind and took it a step further by pressing her tongue against his lips.

Feeling her tongue slide into his mouth Doug leaned back in his chair and pulled her toward him so she was straddling his knee and her chest pressed against his. Pushing the envelope he let one hand slide down her body to rest at the top of her ass. When she didn’t object he moved it a little further down and squeezed her ass.

“I need a shower,” Kelly said, breaking the kiss and trying to regain some of her composure and control.

“So do I,” Doug said, pulling her back into a kiss when she made no attempt to actually pull away from him. A year ago he would’ve let her go and lamented how close he’d been but in the past year he’d learned to close the deal; to keep going until the woman either told him to stop or until she was screaming for more.

“Inside,” Kelly said. Her hormones were getting the best of her, but so much that she’d want any of her neighbors watching as got fucked by a strapping young teenager.

Before she could reconsider, Doug kept one hand on her ass and put the other on her back as he stood up. She had some meat on her small frame, but he picked her up easily. Her legs hooked around his waist as he took her inside the house.

“Couch,” Kelly said, pointing to the couch in front of the TV in a room just off the kitchen.

With her legs wrapped around him she could feel his cock standing at attention and pressed against her crotch. It had been so long since she’d felt the sensation that it was driving her crazy and she rotated her hips, rubbing her pussy against the lump in his pants.

Finding the couch, Doug knelt down to set Kelly on the couch rather than dropping her. He straightened up on his knees to remove his shirt as she scooted back a bit on the couch. Leaning over her he grabbed hold of her shirt and pushed it up her stomach until she sat up so he could pull it off over her head.

Licking his lips at the sight of her bare tits he quickly latched his mouth onto one of them. They weren’t huge by any stretch of the imagination, but he’d been more of an ass man and Kelly’s among the best around, if not the best.

The foreplay was nice for Kelly but she needed more than a little tit sucking. Her pussy was on fire and the only thing that could help at the moment was a nice hard cock. She needed to be fucked and fucked immediately.

Putting pressure on the top of Doug’s head Kelly pushed him down. Taking her cue he kissed his way down her stomach until he was at her belly button. Grabbing the waist of her sweat pants he tugged them down already knowing she wasn’t wearing panties underneath them.

“Don’t bother,” said Kelly when Doug started to move further down to lick her pussy.

“I don’t mind,” Doug said, letting her know he was more than willing to do it.

“Maybe later,” Kelly said, pulling on his shoulders. “Right now I need something bigger.”

“You asked for it,” Doug said, reaching down to undo his belt.

Kelly stretched out on the couch as she watched him take off his pants. When he straightened up she sat up and grabbed him, pulling him down on top of her.

As he pushed into her Kelly moaned and arched her back to meet him. It had been way too long since she’d felt her pussy being stretched around anything other than one of her toys and she was determined to enjoy it.

With his cock fully embedded in her Doug extended his arms and pushed himself up. He took a moment to take in the sight of her heaving chest and her closed eyes before pulling back to give her the fucking she so obviously needed.

“God that feels good,” Kelly moaned as he started to fuck her with a nice steady rhythm.

With her seal of approval in hand, Doug couldn’t believe his luck. Not only was he was balls deep in a gorgeous older woman, but she was also one of his first celebrity crushes. He’d fallen hard for her when she was on American Idol and now he was being given the chance to fuck her like he’d dreamed about for so long.

As Doug fucked her Kelly humped her hips, meeting each of his thrusts. Grabbing her chest, she played with her nipples trying to squeeze out a little extra pleasure just in case. From her experience, young guys had lots of energy and never seemed to go soft, but they also tended to lack the experience that kept them from blowing their load before they got anything accomplished. At the moment Doug seemed to be getting the job done just fine but that didn’t mean it couldn’t change at a moment’s notice.

“Harder,” Kelly moaned, wrapping her legs around Doug’s waist to pull him deeper inside her.

Starting to feel a little winded after mowing the lawn Doug wasn’t sure how much he had left in the tank. Straightening up he slipped his hands under her ass and lifted her lower body up, changing the angle of penetration just enough to hit some new spots inside her.

“That’s it,” Kelly moaned, tweaking her nipples with her fingers as her eyes rolled back in her head.

Hoping he was reading the signs of her orgasm right, Doug increased his speed. If he was wrong he ran the risk of overheating before she did, but if he was right then he hoped to run out of steam just as she was hitting her peak.

“Oh yeah, fuck me,” Kelly gasped, working her pussy against his cock as her orgasm rapidly approached.

Seeing that he’d been correct, Doug put all his energy into pounding her like he’d always wanted. Sweat beaded on his forehead and dripped into his eyes from the exertion but he knew it would be worth it to see Kelly Clarkson coming all over his cock.

“So close,” Kelly said, biting her lip as she felt her orgasm just out of reach.

With his hands on her ass, he slipped a finger between the cheeks and into the crack. Finding that the area around her asshole was soaked from the juices seeping out of her pussy, he traced his finger around her anus.

“Oh yeah, I like that,” Kelly moaned as she felt his touch on her back door.

She’d always liked having her asshole played with and being on the verge of orgasm already, it did nothing but push her even closer. When he pushed his finger into the center and she felt her anus start to part to accept his digit it pushed her over the edge.

“Fuck me,” Kelly hissed as her body went rigid in the throes of orgasm.

Trying to hold off as long as he could, Doug gave her a couple more quick pumps. But her pussy clamped down on his cock so tightly that he couldn’t hold out any longer. Gritting his teeth he slipped his cock from her pussy and let the shaft rest against her mons as he let fly.

Kelly moaned as first spurt of his hot jizz arced through the air and landed next to the piercing in her belly button. He continued to thrust his hips, sliding his cock along her slit as the second spurt erupted and landed just above her waist.

“So good,” Kelly said as Doug collapsed onto the couch beside her.

“Tell me about it,” Doug said, exhausted.

“You look tired,” Kelly said, rolling onto her side and pressing her body against his.

“I am,” Doug sighed even as his body responded to the feel of her.

“Don’t tell that to him,” Kelly said, pointing at where his cock was rapidly re-inflating.

“The flesh is willing but the spirit is weak,” Doug said, playing off the old refrain.

“Too bad because I was kind of hoping a young guy like you would be able to go more than once,” Kelly said, reaching down to stroke his cock. “You sure there’s nothing you want to do to me before you call it a day?”

“There’s lots I want to do but I don’t know if I have it in me and you probably wouldn’t even want to do it,” Doug responded.

“You’ll never find out if you don’t ask,” Kelly said, feeling his cock stiffen further in her hand.

“You wouldn’t be into it,” Doug insisted even as he felt his energy levels start to rise from the small rest.

“Now you have to tell me,” Kelly told him. “It doesn’t involve leather and candle wax, does it?”

“No,” Doug said, shaking his head. “I’ve just always had a fixation on your ass.”

“You want to fuck my ass, is that it?” Kelly asked him.

“A little,” Doug admitted. “Well, maybe more than a little. More like a lot.”

“Too bad you’re so exhausted,” Kelly said. “Because I might not be as against it as you think.”

“Really?” Doug asked, not sure if he could believe what he was hearing.

“You’re not the first guy to ask for it,” Kelly said, sitting up. “I’ve only let one guy fuck my ass before, but I kind of liked it.”

“I’m sure I could find the energy if you’re willing,” Doug offered, his cock lurching at the thought of taking Kelly’s ass.

“Better get me ready then,” Kelly said, moving onto her hands and knees with her ass in the air.

“What do you want me to do?” Doug asked. Even though it was one of his fantasies, and largely inspired by watching Kelly’s ass on tv, he’d never found a girl willing to let him fuck her in the ass before so he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Lick my ass and get it nice and wet for your cock,” Kelly said, waving her ass in the air slightly.

Not wanting to give her time to back out, Doug moved behind her. Putting his hands on her ass he pulled her cheeks apart and looked at her anus winking at him. Not quite sure how it would taste he leaned in and gave her asshole an experimental lick and tasted the juices that had leaked out of her pussy.

Finding that it wasn’t so bad he gave her asshole another lick. When she moaned he got bolder and let his tongue swirl around the puckered hole. As she pushed her ass back against his tongue he pressed the tip of his tongue against the center and felt it start to enter.

Remembering that she said she liked having a finger in her ass he pulled back and pressed his finger against her back door. As he pushed, her anus relaxed and he was able to work his finger into her. Slowly fucking her ass with his finger he let some spit drip off his tongue that he used to help lubricate her.

“I’m ready,” Kelly announced, steeling her nerves for the penetration she knew was coming when she felt the couch shift as he straightened up behind her.

Gripping his cock with one hand he used the other to spread her butt cheeks. Aiming his cock at her asshole he gently pushed until he felt her asshole start to give way under the pressure. When her asshole opened up to swallow the head of his cock he instinctively start to push forward some more but Kelly reached back and put a hand on his stomach to hold him steady.

“Give me a moment,” Kelly gasped, her eyes narrowing as she tried to adjust to the cock in her ass.

As he stood there with the head of his cock engulfed in the tightest opening he’d ever encountered, it felt like forever before Kelly finally moved her hand. When Kelly pushed back slightly he took it as a sign to continue.

“Go slow,” Kelly said when he tried to push a little too much into her tight asshole a little too fast.

Gritting his teeth he tried to take her advice. Her asshole was so tight around him that he figured going slow was probably for the best or the vise like grip of her anus would cause him to blow his load long before he wanted to.

Gripping her hips Doug slowly worked inch by agonizing inch into her bowels. When he finally felt his pelvis bump against the cheeks of her ass he took a deep breath and began to slowly pull out.

Taking it as slow as he could Doug gently thrust back into Kelly’s ass. She wasn’t moaning as he began to fuck her ass in long slow strokes, but she wasn’t whimpering in pain and yelling at him to take it either, which he took as a positive sign.

As he started to pick up a little speed, Kelly reached back between her legs and rubbed her clit with her fingers. The pain from the initial penetration was ebbing and as she stroked her clit pleasure started to take its place.

“You like fucking my ass?” Kelly asked, pushing back against him.

“Oh yeah,” Doug said, his eyes riveted on the sight of his cock plunging in and out of her asshole.

With Kelly pushing back against him Doug naturally increased his speed a little more. Soon he was drilling into her with enough power to cause the cheeks of her ass to ripple and jiggle each time his pelvis smacked against them.

“Fuck my ass,” Kelly moaned as she frigged her clit in time with his thrusts into her ass.

Letting his hands stray from her hips Doug palmed the cheeks of her ass. Pulling them apart he got a better view of her fingers as she furiously stroked her pussy. As he pierced her asshole over and over he watched her diddle herself and had to slow down for fear that he’d overheat too soon.

“Not much longer,” Doug said through gritted teeth as the tightness of her ass took its toll on him.

“Almost there,” Kelly said slipping a finger into her pussy and fucking it while her knuckle rubbed against her clit.

In the hopes that not watching his dick plunge into her ass would help stave off his orgasm for a bit longer, he closed his eyes. It helped a bit but he could still feel Kelly’s finger rub against his cock on the other side of the membrane that separated her holes as he fucked her butt.

“Fuck my ass,” Kelly said; hoping the dirty talk would spur her on as well as him.

Feeling his orgasm coming rapidly whether he wanted it to or not, he moved his hands from her ass. Leaning forward he cupped her swaying breasts in his hands and caught the nipples between his fingers.

“Oh God,” Kelly moaned, the extra bit of stimulation from his hands on her tits pushing her right to the brink.

“I’m gonna come,” Doug warned as he felt the jizz start to rise in his balls.

“Come in my ass,” Kelly said, so close to her own orgasm that she wasn’t ready to have him pull out quite yet.

Burying his cock in her ass with one last thrust Doug practically growled as he felt his cock pulse inside her ass. As the first jet of come erupted out of his cock and into her ass, Kelly moaned and lowered her head. When the second shot exploded inside her, it was enough to push Kelly over the edge.

“Fuck,” Kelly moaned as her body went taut with her climax.

As her asshole clamped down even tighter around his cock to milk the last of his come out of him, Doug grunted and pulled her up onto her knees so her back was against his chest. The action caused his cock to slide even further into her ass and Kelly shuddered as it caused her orgasm to intensify for a moment before starting to taper off.

“Feel like mowing my lawn again sometime soon?” Kelly asked in a bit of a daze as they collapsed onto the couch.

“I’m sure I could talk my dad into letting me work a few extra shifts and then arrange the schedule however you wanted,” Doug said suddenly remembering that he needed to get back. He’d started early enough in the day that Kelly was his last stop for the day so he wasn’t keeping other customers waiting, but he still didn’t want to have to explain to his dad why he’d taken longer than he should have in finishing up his day’s work.

“I won’t be home next weekend, but if you were to show up the weekend after that I could find some yard work for you to do,” Kelly said, rolling over onto her back and giving him a nice glimpse of her naked body as he collected his clothes.

“I’ll make sure to let my dad know I’m willing to work that weekend,” Doug said, wanting to drop his clothes and give her another round but resisting the idea.

“Or you could drop by even when you’re not working,” Kelly suggested.

“I won’t know when you’re around, so I guess you’ll just have to call me,” Doug said, jotting his number down on a pad of paper he found by the phone.

“I just might do that,” Kelly said, finally sitting up so she could put her clothes back on.

“I guess I’ll see you next time you call,” Doug said, grinning as he took a moment to watch her get dressed before slipping out the back door to head for his truck.

+ * + * +

She’s Only Seventeen

“Guess who?” Demi Lovato asked, sneaking up behind Selena Gomez and putting her hands over her best friend’s eyes.

“Katy Perry?” Selena asked, grinning as she turned around to give Demi a hug.

“I wish I had boobs like Katy,” Demi said, grabbing her own, more modest chest.

“I don’t,” Selena said, licking her lips. “I think they’re perfect just the way they are.”

“None of that until tonight,” Demi said, shaking her head at the lascivious way her friend was looking at her. “Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get to ravish me whenever you want.”

“Then what good is it to have a birthday if I can’t unwrap my gift all day long?” Selena asked, reaching for Demi.

“Not until later,” Demi insisted, backing away.

“But I want you now and later,” Selena said, stalking Demi like a hunter trying to take down a deer.

“Your mom will be home soon and you don’t want her to catch us,” Demi said, her will weakening as she continued to elude Selena’s grasp.

“I don’t care right now,” said Selena, one thing on her mind and that was getting her tongue on every inch of Demi’s skin.

“She could always join in,” Demi offered, hoping that might throw a little cold water on Selena’s libido long enough for her to escape without being molested.

“If that’s what it takes, then sure,” Selena said, too horny for Demi to let anything get in her way.

“Really? You’d let your mom join us?” Demi asked, stopping in her tracks as the idea of being with both Selena and her mom took hold in her brain.

“Gotcha,” Selena said, wrapping her arms around Demi.

Pushing Demi down onto the ground in the living room, Selena didn’t take any chances on her friend escaping. Keeping her weight on Demi she slid her hands under Demi’s t-shirt and pushed the shirt up Demi’s stomach.

“You sure you don’t want to go to your room?” Demi asked as her shirt was pulled off over her head.

“And let you get away? I don’t think so?” Selena said, kissing her friend on the lips as she fondled Demi’s tits through her bra.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Demi said, proving it by pushing Selena off and then climbing on top of her lover.

“Ooh, I like it when you take control,” Selena said, her hands going back to Demi’s breasts.

“You got me, now what do you want me to do?” Demi asked, a wicked smile on her face as she straddled Selena’s waist.

“Fuck me,” Selena said, reaching behind Demi to unhook her friend’s bra.

“You want me to fuck you, but I’m the one losing clothes,” Demi said as she let her bra slide down her arms to expose her breasts.

“Then strip me naked and fuck me,” Selena said, reaching down to grab the hem of the blue top she was wearing.

“Let me,” Demi said, sliding back to sit on Selena’s thighs as she grabbed Selena’s top and pushed it up her friend’s body.

With every inch of skin that was revealed Demi’s lust and love for Selena increased. She considered herself the luckiest girl in the world that a goddess like Selena wanted to be with her, and it sent shivers through her to know that Selena felt the exact same way.

“I love you,” Demi said, kissing Selena as she tossed the top aside and unhooked her bra.

“I love you more,” Selena said, wrapping her arms around Demi and pulling her close and letting their tits rub together as they shared an intimate moment.

“We’ll see,” Demi said, breaking the kiss so she could set about granting Selena’s birthday wish.

Kissing her way down Selena’s body Demi made sure to lavish a little attention on Selena’s breasts. Some may prefer larger breasts, but to Demi Selena’s were perfect mounds that made her want to cry in joy every time she got to touch them.

“You want me to lick your little pussy?” Demi asked as she unzipped Selena’s shorts.

“Uh huh,” Selena answered, nodding her head.

“What about my fingers? Do you want me to work a finger or two inside your pussy while I lick it?” Demi asked as she pulled Selena’s shorts and panties down her perfectly shaped legs.

“Yeah, lick me and finger me. Fuck me until I can’t take any more,” Selena begged, kicking her legs to help Demi rid her of her last remaining articles of clothing.

“Just what I wanted to hear,” Demi said, lying down on her stomach between Selena’s legs.

“Then do it,” Selena said as Demi kept her waiting just a little bit longer than Selena’s patience would allow.

“If you’re going to rush me, maybe I should make you wait after all,” Demi said, smirking as Selena gritted her teeth.

“Please fuck me,” Selena begged.

Selena knew that Demi was just teasing her, but she still couldn’t stand the thought of Demi walking away at the moment. She was too aroused to even think of having to use her own fingers to achieve satisfaction when it would feel so much better to have Demi do it.

“Since you asked nicely,” Demi said before diving in.

Knowing that Selena’s mom would be back soon Demi didn’t waste any time. Flicking her tongue against Selena’s clit, Demi felt a sense of pride as Selena moaned and bucked her hips. It always made her feel like the queen of the world when she heard Selena moan under her ministrations and it was no different this time around.

“Moan louder,” Demi told Selena. “I want to hear you scream how good it feels.”

“It feels so good baby,” Selena said as Demi got back to work.

Dragging her middle finger along Selena’s slit, Demi got it nice and moist before pushing the tip inside. Selena moaned and pushed against it trying to get more inside her but Demi wasn’t quite done teasing her yet.

Pulling the finger out of Selena Demi pursed her lips together around Selena’s clit and sucked. The loud gasp that escaped Selena’s mouth let Demi know it was doing the trick. As she sucked on Selena’s clit Demi pushed the finger back into her friend’s pussy, this time up to the second knuckle.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Selena hissed. “Fuck me with your finger while you eat my tight fucking pussy.”

Hearing Selena’s dirty talk spurred Demi on. Pulling the finger out until just the tip was still inside Selena, she added pressed her index and middle fingers together and started working both of them into Selena’s pussy.

“Oh yeah, you know what I like,” Selena moaned, bucking her hips against Demi.

Fucking Selena with two fingers Demi flicked her clit with her tongue. They’d been together long enough that Demi knew what buttons to push and could tell when Selena was getting close without having to be told. And at the moment she could tell that Selena was rapidly approaching her climax.

“Come for me babe,” Demi said, curving the fingers in Selena’s pussy so she could bump against that special spot that never failed to send Selena over the moon.

“So fucking good,” Selena moaned as her body convulsed in the early stages of orgasm.

As Demi sucked on her clit Selena shook in ecstasy as the muscles in her body clenched and tightened. Her back arched and she screamed in bliss as Demi prolonged her peak as long she could.

“Totally what I needed,” Selena panted as she started to come down from her orgasmic high.

“Shit,” Demi said as they heard a car door in the driveway.

It wasn’t the first time they’d gotten frisky in the living room so they knew their parts of the drill without having to be told. Demi gathered their clothes while Selena grabbed the can of air freshener that was lying around and sprayed some in the air to cover the scent of sex.

With their clothes in hand and their tracks hopefully covered, they scampered naked up the stairs as the garage door opened. By the time Selena’s mom announced that she was home they were already getting dressed in Selena’s room.

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