What’s Really Behind The Music 2: After The Video: A Private Affair

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Story: What’s Really Behind The Music 2: After The Video: A Private Affair

Author: Tricksterson

Celebs: Ashlee Simpson, Christina Applegate, Christina Milian, Eva Longoria, Feist

Codes: FFFF, Anal, ATM, cons, BDSM (mild), exhib, F-mast, inter, oral,

Disclaimer: Although this happens after an actual event, the making of Jessica Simpson’s “A Public Affair” video, what happens in this story is complete and total fiction. I’m sure, unfortunately, that none of the women portrayed here act anything like the way they’re protrayed in the story. So bugger off and stop
annoying me, I’m too poor to be worth harrassing anyway. Find a useful hobby, like hunting the elusive Crumple Horned Snorkack.

Note This occurs before Ashlee’s hookup and subsequent marriage and impregnation by Pete Whatisname, also before Christina A.s mastectomy.

All right, bye now, have fun,” Jessica Simpson said to her frriends and co-stars in her recent “Public Affair” video. She and they, “they” being Christina Applegate, Christina Milian and Eva Longoria shared air kisses as she climbed out of the limo they had been sharing and went up the stairs of her house where her father was waiting. The eyes of the other women, as well as the driver, lingered on her shapely ass as she went in.

“Pity she’s exclusive with her dad,” Christina A. said, wrinkling her nose prettily. The other two made expressions of mild distaste. Exclusive relationships weren’t unheard of within the Church of Fucking but the certainly weren’t encouraged.

“The least she could have done is give us some tongue,” said Eva, shaking her head and then proceeding to do just that to the blond Christina.

“Well, at least it’s her dad she’s fucking,” said the other Christina. The other two again agreed and would have said so if they weren’t exploring each others tonsils. most members of the Church who had, like Chrissy A and unlike Eva and Christina M., been raised in the Church had lost their cherries to family members. Those that hadn’t were encouraged to seduce their family as soon as practical. Thus did the CoA grow.

“So, just the three of us then?,” asked Eva. The other two were only half listening because now they were kissing but when they came up for air Christina A said, “I have an idea.” She took her cell phone out of her purse and made a call. When the other side picked up she said, “Ashlee?”

When she made her proposition the answer was tinged with bitterness. “What’s the matter, Jessica turn you down?”

“We didn’t even ask her.” Which was technically true if only because they knew what she would have said. “We thought of you first.” Not completely true but not a complete lie either.

“That’s because her heart belongs to Daddy.” This of course was the root of Ashlee’s anger. Oh, her father had popped her but he had made it quite clear he was just going through the motions and her mother wasn’t any better. She could understand, she desperately wanted to fuck her sister too but for some reason Jessica only responded to their father. But that’s another story. A story involving genetic manipulation, dark magic and rhubarb pie ala mode.

In this story Christina A. made her proposal to get together for an after video fourway and, despite still feeling like the second choice Ashlee accepted., agreeing to meet them at The Club in Hollywood. She sighed as she hung up. It was something she was used to and why she had had her nose fixed, hoping to look more like her sister. Still she looked forward to a bout of vigorous lesbian fucking.

Of course the Club didn’t look like a club, none of them did. Until you stood on the right section of flooring and said the right words it looked like a semi-abandoned sound stage. If you did this and Eros, the AI that ran, among other things, the network of Clubs scattered throughout the world, recognized your voiceprint the floor opened up in front of you and you went down the stairs into a different world entirely, a world of hedonism and self indulgence where the only rules were “Feel Good”, “Force Nobody” and “Harm None”.

Ashlee gave Eros a list of her intended hookups and asked if their room was ready.

“It’s being prepared, Miss Simpson. The others are in the bar. Would you like to join them?”

“Sure, why not.”

When she entered the lounge area, after putting on the electronic bracelet that would signal anyone watchin her that she was already engaged and the ear bud that would let Eros talk to her over the noise of the crowd she found the other three watching the lounge act, Feist performing a “special” version of her one hit. The first part of the special was that she was naked and sitting in a chair facing the audience with her legs spread wide open and the hand that wasn’t holding the microphone was playing with her tits. The second part was the lyrics.

“One, two three, four,
I’m a dirty little whore”, she crooned followed by
“Five, six, seven, eight,
Watch me while I masturbate.” which she proceeded to do, using her free hand to spread her pussy lips and inserting a finger.

Ashlee snuck up on her orgy mates as they watched the stage show.

“Maybe you’d rather have her?”

The other three starlets looked up and Christina A shook her head wearily.

“Stop being bitter, come over here and kiss us.”

She came around the semi-circular plush couch that Clubs used instead of barstools (which are hardly conducive to making out) and sat in between Eva and Christina M. for a long, threeway kiss, that Eva then passed on to the blond Christina while the darker one continued kissing and groping Ashlee. Just as they all came up for air, although Christina M’s hand was still inside Ashlee’s blouse, Eros told them that their room was ready. As they left Feist was moaning into one end of her microphone while working the other end into her pussy.


Like most of the club’s Orgy Rooms (although technically you needed at least five for an actual orgy, they were just a fourway,) the area they entered didn’t have a bed. Rather it *was* a bed A thick waterbedlike matress formed the floor although the substance filling it was thicker than water, a semi-solid gell. The walls had handles that participants could brace themselves against or be tied to and they also had a variety of paddles, handcuffs, whips and sex toys mounted on them.

They had all worn more or less ordinary street clothes coming into the Club but it kept a wide variety of clothing and costumes for it’s guests. Eva was wearing a gold lame halter top and matching booty shorts, Christina M. had decided to stick with the basics, a lacy pink bra and matching bikini-cut panties. Ashlee was wearing a pair of shorts every bit as tight as the blond Christina’s but of black leather with a matching corset and carried a whiplike device that had a handle like a whip but whose “lash” was broad and beltlike. She was carrying a truckload of anger around tonight and the other women had agreed to let her work it out, within limits. Christina A’s costume was a sheer, white harem girl costume consisting of a filmy, gauzelike material so that every inch of her body could be seen, albeit through a haze. It looked rather as if she was wearing a cloud that left her washboard stomach bare.

Ashlee licked her lips as the other three all kneeled in front of her. Since she had been in such a bad mood the others had volunteered to be her “slave girls” to cheer her up. That Eva in particular liked playing the role was just a bonus. She strutted in front of them from left to right, Christina A. to Eva, tilting their chins up with her whip as she passed. Finally she stood in front of the darker Christine who was in the middle.

“Take off my shorts…with your teeth.”

“Yes, Mistress.” She leaned forward and put her hands on the other woman’s hips to brace herself and, taking the shorts zipper between her teeth pulled downward. Eva and the other Christina looked a bit dissapointed that they hadn’t been chosen but of course said nothing.

“Undress her, ” Ashlee commanded the other two.

Since all Christine M. was wearing was bra and panties this wasn’t very difficult. Christina A. took off the top and used this opportunity to grope the other woman’s spectacular breasts while Eva removed the botoms and the put her hand between Miss Milian’s legs, rubbing at her moist pussy.

For her part the bronze beauty had Ashlee’s shorts down and was licking her shaved slit while the blond dominatrix wannabe braced herself against a wall and moaned softly.

“Now… both of you…strip,” Ashlee grunted harshly, fighting to keep control over the sensations pouring into her from her crotch.

The two women stood up and Eva. took a the top of Christina A.’s garment off and then pulled off the harem pants, under which she had gone commando, after which the blond hottie twirled in place and showed off a few belly dancing moves to her fascinated and horny audience then kneeled down at the gorgeous Latina’s feet and peeled the tight gold shorts off her while Eva took off her halter top then reached down and pressed her head between her thighs.

Ashlee pushed the other Christine away from her crotch roughly. She wan’t quite ready to come, not yet. Instead she reached along the wall and took down a large, flesh colored strapon.

“On your hands and knees!,” she barked at her sex slave who happily complied. She turned her head to the other two participants and said, “Put on a show for us. I want to watch you while we’re fucking.”

Christina A. and Eva were of course more than happy to comply, quickly arranging themselves into a sixty-nine with Eva on top. Echoing each others movements the blond and latina beauties licked their ways up from each others knees to the throbbing centers of their pussies. The delicate flesh of their thoigh trembled at the touch of skilled lips and tongue, Christina A. being the first to gasp as her partner’s tongue stroked down the center of her slit and flicked across her clitoris.

While this was going on Ashlee maneuvered her own hot little sexpot so they could both get a good view and then pushed into her from behind.

“Unnnnnnhhh,” Christina M. moaned, and reached down to rub her clit. Her mistress reached out and pulledher head back by her dark hair, bringing another moan.

“You like that, don’t you little bitch?”

“Yesss, Mistress, youuu hurt me soo goood!” As she pumped away at the bronze beauty in front of her Ashlee felt her own orgasm rising from the short but thick cunt plug in her own pussy and speeded up her rhythm. In front of them she could see the other Christina and Eva approaching their own climax as their muffled moans and groans grew louder and more frantic and their hands started clawing at each others shoulders and thighs.

She pulled harder on the hair of the woman before her and bore down harder, pushing the artificial cock ever deeper into Christina M’s cunt.

“Beg for for it bitch!,” she snarled.

“PleaseMistress, pleeease! Fuck me! Fuck your little bitch ’til she comes! OHHHHHHHHFUUCCCCCCK! CUMMMMING MISTRESSSS! CUMMMMIIINNNNG!”

Ashlee had no sooner pulled out than she decided who her next partner would be. She pushed Christina M. down on her stomach and walked over her, pausing to grind the other woman’s face into the matress-floor with her foot, to Eva and the other Christina.

“Now do me,” she said to the other blond, taking off the strapon and handing it to her. Christina A. smiled. She had an idea of what Ashley was really looking for and had every intention of giving it to her. She stood up, put on the dildo, then struuted behind Ashley. She pulled her head back by her hair and reached her other arm around to stoke Ashlee’s tits, rolling and pinching the nipple between her fingers while her tongue licked at the other woman’s neck.

“Just what do you want me to to do, ” Christina purred then dropped her voice to whisper, “…little sister?”

“Fuck me,” was the equally soft reply.

“Who do you want?”

“You Jessi, only you,” said Ashlee, closing her eyes, completely wrapped up in the fantasy.

While this interplay was going on Eva got on all fours and crawled over to the other Christina who was sitting up now, took her head in her hands and started kissing and licking her face and neck culminating in a torrid tongue kiss. By the time they broke off the two dark beauties were facing each other on their knees, stroking eeach others breasts.

Eva gave her partner one more quick kiss, smiled and said, “Stay here,” then got up to get another strapon from the wall.

While she did this Christina A. had put her “sister” on her knees and was letting her lick and drool over it.

“That’s right little sister,” she cooed. Get it nice and moist because it’s going into your ass.” Her answer was a big grin and a preorgasmic moan.

Eva had seen what she was doing and was inspired to do the same, positioning her partner so that she and Ashlee were facing each other as the Hispanic MILF and blond seductress entered the asses of their lovers simultaneously. The two ladies being fucked reached out to support each other, kissng and fondling each others fronts even as their backs were being filled with artificial cock.

“Ohhhyesss Jessicaaa,” Ashlee moaned as Christina A, playing her “sister” rammedthe artificial cock into her ass and Christina M. licked and sucked her tits. “Fuck your little sister, fuuuck herrrr!” Her fingers dug into the smooth, soft, bronze flesh of the woman before her as she came. Christina was coming too, eyes rolling up in her head and a long wordless moan coming out of her mouth. Soon both women collapsed into each others arms while their partners pulled out, then exchanged dildoes and licked them clean.

Hours later, after being dropped off amid a bout of passionate kisses Ashlee sunk into her bed naked. If only her real life sister had been there. Still it had been nice. Very nice.

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