What If Celebs Were Pornstars: Jennifer Aniston

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What If Celebs Were Pornstars: Jennifer Aniston

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Author: Pendulum
Celebrity: Jennifer Aniston
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Exh

Sitting at home, downing
yet another glass of expensive, red wine. Jennifer Aniston was a shell of her former beauty. Publicly embarrassed when her former husband had dumped her for trout pout Angelina Jolie. She had been tormented by weeks and weeks of footage from the press and her best friend, Courtney Cox, was away on vacation.

She sighed heavily and looked at the nearest tabloid that didn’t feature her. It read on the front. ‘Turning celebrities into porn stars one movie at a time!’

For some reason, this grabbed Jennifer’s attention. She could use this. All the time people had been claiming that Jennifer couldn’t fulfil Brad’s sexual desires. This could be a chance to show them up once and for all! She found a website at the bottom of the page.

Jennifer looked around and found her brand new laptop. Opening it up, what had been her background of her and Brad on honeymoon was now a picture of US rock group the Foo Fighters. She opened up her browser and logged onto the web page. Looking over the tabs, she saw one for ‘Submit Application Form’. She clicked it. Filling in the standard form, she found a set of checkable boxes indicating the sexual acts.

Seeing nothing too disgusting or vile, she simply ticked the box that was marked ‘All’.

A few days later

Jennifer’s cell phone rang as she was in the kitchen. Running over to grab it, she flicked the phone open and answered.


“Hello is this Jennifer Aniston?”

“May I ask who’s calling please?” Jennifer said, she couldn’t be sure if it was a Paparazzi trying to get a new scoop.

“Miss Aniston my name is Lacey Chabert and I’m calling on behalf of Dark Stone Productions for your part of your recent application form to our site.”

“Oh right! What can I do for you?” Jennifer said, her voice lifting a little.

“Well, we have a part for you. You’ll be playing the part of an MMA agent. Are you familiar with MMA? Mixed Martial Arts?” Jennifer made an approving noise as Lacey continued.

“You’ll go to a fictional rival company to sign their heavy weight champion with sex. The guy you’ll be starring with is Jack ‘Pendulum’ West,”

“Why’s he called ‘Pendulum’?” Jennifer asked.

There was a brief set of laughing on the other side of the phone. “You’ll see why when he’s in the flesh. We’re good to film on this Thursday if you are?” Lacey said as Jennifer looked at her calendar. She had nothing to do.

“That sounds fine. Where is it?”

Lacey then read off the list and things she needed to bring with her.

Shooting Day

Jennifer walked through the building wearing a long trench coat and big round glasses to disguise herself. Inside the building, there was a big round table and a very cute young girl behind it. The girl looked up and saw that Jennifer was here.

“Ah Miss Aniston! So glad to meet you… Of course, I’m Lacey. You already know that I work with Daniel and Kash. Follow me please” Lacey was clad in a business suit with a very short skirt on. The pair of beauties walked down a long corridor before arriving at their destination.

There were several sets built up in the large set. It looked like the inside of an airport hanger, the pair walked over to Daniel and who must’ve been Kash.
The two were peacefully arguing with one another as friends. Seeing Lacey and Jennifer watching the action, Daniel stopped and turned to the two. He walked over to Jennifer extending his hand. “Hello Miss Aniston, I’m Daniel. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise” Jennifer said, shaking his hand.

“OK, ‘Pendulum’ is on the set and ready to go if you are?” Daniel said as the three walked over to the set.

“Absolutely, I’ve read the script and think I’ve got it. It’s not like it will matter if I mess up though right?”

Jennifer then removed her glasses and her trench coat, revealing she was already in costume. “Oh fantastic… Lacey, would you mind grabbing them for her?” Daniel asked as Lacey nodded and grabbed them, in turn passing them to an assistant.

“OK, so if you’re ready to go? Jennifer I want you sitting down on the steel chair behind that wooden table, then ‘Pendulum’ will walk in as Jeff Mercury. OK? All right then! Places people and… ACTION!”

Scene: Wiping some sweat away from his face, the current heavyweight MMA champion of the ‘Golden Fighter’ league, Jeff ‘The Astonisher’ Mercury walked through to his locker room. The offset heavy metal music that was presumably his theme playing in the background. Opening the door to his locker room, he could see that a face was already in the locker room.

Top talent scout, Jennifer Aniston was sitting at a foldaway table, with a briefcase opened up. Looking up at Jeff, Jennifer smiled and stood up. “Hi, I’m Jennifer Aniston with the ‘Phoenix Fighting League’. I’m sure you’ve heard of me.” Jennifer said cockiness in her voice.

Daniel looked up from off screen and smiled as her surveyed the action in front of him.

Jeff grabbed a steel chair and opened it up; he then lay his golden belt down on the table and sat down.

“Yeah, I’ve heard of you. Look, I’m sorry you’ve had a wasted trip, but like I told your bosses. I’m ‘GFL’ to the core; I’m not going to turn my back on them like that.”
Jennifer smiled and leant forward, running a hand over Mercury’s belt.

“Look, Jeff… Why don’t you forget about this belt and just look over the contract? Your legal team has said it’s very flattering.” Jennifer then reaches back into her steel briefcase and passes it over to Jeff.

Jeff also leans forward, looking at the piece of paper. “Oh yeah… This looks very nice, but like I’ve been telling your bosses. I’m just not interested. Did you know movie companies have been after me? They want me for the new season of American Gladiators too. I can see a clause that would stop me from doing that right here.”

Knowing this to be true, Jennifer sighs and folds her hands. “Jeff… Why would you possibly want to do that second rate show when you could be headlining Pay per View events? Look… I’m sure we can work this out so both parties are happy.” Looking through the briefcase, Jennifer smiles while looking up at Jeff.

Jeff has a look on his face that says he isn‘t impressed. “But Jeff…” Jennifer says leaning forward again in the cold blue steel chair. “I’m sure there’s another agreement we can come to… You know? A professional… agreement…”

Jeff raises an eyebrow. “What do you have in mind?”

Jennifer laughs a bit and gets up from her chair “Well… Jeff…” Jennifer says as she begins to walk around the table, slowly unbuttoning her jacket top as she went. Jeff turns a bit in his chair to watch Jennifer walk around the table.

“Yeah… What?” He asks with a curious look on his face.

Jennifer finishes her walk around the table, she sits down on the edge of the wooden table and leaves her legs open as she sits. We can see a teaser of what’s up Jennifer’s skirt as she looks at Jeff. “You’re a handsome guy…right?”

“Yeah… I like to think I am…” Jeff smiles as he looks at her. “But… What’s the point of asking me that?”

“You’re young and strong… Probably sex craving too, right?” Jennifer asks raising an eyebrow.

“Of course…” Jeff answers as the camera moves in closer to Jennifer and Jeff. “But I don’t see what this has to do with an agreement…”

Jennifer holds up a hand to silence Jeff‘s interruption.

“Let me finish.” Jennifer then clears her throat and presses her large chest out lightly. Her tits pressing against the shirt that’s two sizes too small. “And… I’m sure those socialite whores you sleep with do what they want but after one orgasm they’re out. Nowhere close to what you want…”

“Ha, well you’d be surprised Jen! … But I have worn them out a few times, yeah.”

Jennifer smirks as she unbuttons the top button of her shirt. Jeff’s eyes widen as the camera moves in closer. “Unlike…your lovely… Girlfriends…” Jennifer rolls her eyes as she says that, implying that she‘s better than them. “I… have a tremendous sex drive.”

Jeff nods his head as he catches on to the star-turned pornstar. “All right Jennifer, I’ve bit… What’s the offer?”

Jennifer’s eyes slowly cloud over with lust “Well Jeff… My offer is simple… You sign up with PFL and I become you’re personal agent.” Jennifer says as she inches her face close to Jeff’s face. Jeff smirks. “I have to say… I’m very willing… and able…”

Daniel rubs his hands together lightly as he, Lacey, and Kash see Jennifer unbutton her shirt. “OK, they have some foreplay on the table before Jennifer sucks him off. Let’s get that camera in nice and close to get all the action.”

Daniel says to the crew as the workers nod their heads and move in closer.

Jennifer gets off the edge of the make shift negotiation table and folds her arms, pressing her large breasts upwards. She looks at Jeff and licks her lips. “Well then… Let‘s get to it.”

Jeff gets a big grin on his face and looks up at her, getting more comfortable in the steel chair he is sitting on. He looks up and down Jennifer‘s body, until she moves up off of the desk and then sits on his lap. Her crotch is now resting on his lap, with her large breasts hovering in front of Mercury’s face. “I see you really want to… negotiate…” Jeff says, playing on his words, teasing Jennifer.

Jennifer laughs at the bad joke and places her right hand against Jeff’s muscular albeit sweaty arms. “Jeff… Have I ever told you how strong and sexy you are?” Jennifer asks as she moves her hand down his arm then cross over to his stomach, heading down towards his waist.

“You just did…” Jeff replies as he looks down at her hand as it makes its journey downward. He looks up at Jennifer and smirks at the hot babe in front of him. “Well… You’re not too bad yourself…”

Jennifer smirks and flashes her eyelashes as she wraps her arms around Jeff’s large neck. “Oh, I can be bad if you want me to?”

Jeff ponders the offer for a brief moment before answering. “How could I pass up that?”

Jeff answers as his cock starts to come alive within the confines of his pants and boxer briefs. Jennifer makes an ’Oh’ noise as she moves her hand down to his pants and slowly loosens the string on his fighting shorts. Reaching a hand in, we can see her rubbing a hand against his very hard cock.

“Mmmmm….” Jeff lets out a moan as he reacts to how Jennifer is groping him.

“Yeah… That’s good. Rub that dick baby!” Jeff moves his hands down to Jennifer’s ass and lightly cups her cheeks, suddenly standing up. Jeff walks over to the table and sits her down, looking into his eyes; Jennifer pulls him into a passionate French kiss. Jennifer starts to run her hands through Mercury’s hair, as Daniel calls out from offset.

“Jeff, feel up her tits. We want to get a close up clothed shot of them.”

Jeff does exactly that, bringing his hands up from her perfect ass. Jeff roughly palms at Jennifer’s large chest, making her moan through the kiss. Jennifer pulls down Jeff’s fighting shorts and his cock springs out in a hardened, solid, stiff state. Jennifer grins, takes Jeff’s cock into her left hand, and begins to slide her hand up his shaft. She lowers her head and opens her mouth engulfing the large cock into her warm mouth. She wraps her soft lips around his cock and begins slowly bob her head on his massive cock as she works her tongue around the massive shaft of Jeff.

Jeff moans slightly as he runs his right hand through Jennifer’s hair, pushing it back in order to he can see her sucking his dick. “Guess you can’t wait to get me signed up…” Jeff says cockily.

He closes his eyes and leans his head back as he feels Jennifer’s saliva drip down his cock. Jennifer moans softly against Jeff’s massive cock as she begins to bob her head quicker on his cock, lap her tongue and saliva around his shaft as she sucks.

“Son of a bitch… I bet no one gets away from you…”
Jennifer lifts her head up from Jeff’s cock with a smirk as she stands up.

Jennifer laughs heartily. “You sound surprised. I am the number one business agent.” Jennifer replies as she leans against the wooden room table, she removes her business jacket and begins to unbutton her white blouse as Jeff looks at her amazing body.

Jennifer then slides her hands against Jeff’s impressive, muscular chest. She licks her lips. “Mmmm… damn…” She opens up her blouse revealing no bra underneath, just her perfectly large chest. She tosses her blouse to the floor and slides down her skirt.

“Oh damn…” Jeff matches as he places one of his large hands on Jennifer’s chest to feel how big her breasts are.

“Alright, Jeff squeeze her tits then put her up on the table so you can fuck her.” Daniel calls out from the set as he takes a quick swig of his beer.

Jeff nods his head and after placing a hand on her hip, Jeff pushes Jennifer up onto the table with ease. Jennifer leans forward and softly kisses Jeff’s lips before she breaks the kiss. “Give it to me like a cage fighter champion would do!” Jennifer exclaimed as Jeff pushes her to lie back on the table. He spreads her legs open and then wraps one hand around his dick. Jeff simply nods as he pushes his cock into her hairless, wet pussy.

Jennifer lays her head down on the wooden table as the camera moves up to see her moan at it. “Ohhhhh….” Jennifer moans as she gently wraps her legs around Jeff’s waist as he begins to thrust into her hot pussy. Jeff is pacing his thrusts, keeping them even and quick. The sheer force of his driving was increasing with each thrust though. Jeff suddenly slams his cock sharply into her making Jennifer arch her back in response. Jennifer moans as Jeff continues drilling her pussy with his hard cock. Jeff leans forward so his chest is pressed down against hers.

Using all of his weight Jeff slams his entire cock in and out of Jennifer’s cunt at a ferocious pace. Jennifer simply moans again as she pushes back against Jeff’s cock, grinding her pussy sharply. Jeff delivers another hard thrust to Jennifer’s warm cunt, causing her to dig her nails into Jeff’s back “Ohhhh fuck!”

“Alright, let’s get ready to swap positions. Jeff, I want Jennifer bouncing off your dick while you’re against the table. Then we’ll get to the anal scene.”

“Shit…” Jeff groans as he grabs both of Jennifer’s previously outstretched arms to pull her up into a sitting position. He then does as he was told and lifts her off the table to bounce her easily on his cock as he turns around to lean against the table himself. Jennifer grits her teeth as she begins bounce on Jeff’s cock with her own momentum as rocks back and forth. Jennifer leans her head back and groans.

“Ohhhh Jeff…Yeah!” Jennifer begins to sweat as Jeff then lies back completely on the table and she begins to ride his cock. Jeff places his huge hands on Jennifer’s waist to control how she’s coming down on his thick shaft. He closes his eyes and pushes up into her occasionally just to break Jennifer’s momentum.

Jennifer comes down on Jeff’s cock, moaning as she goes. “Ohhhh shit…” Jennifer moans, she then bucks her hips and begins to bounce quicker on his cock “Ohhh…. Jeff… You’ve seen my ass haven‘t you?” Jennifer asks, breathing hard with sweat dripping off her tanned body.

“You never forget an ass like yours…”Jeff grunts as he then sits up, pressing his large sweaty frame against her body. Jennifer slows her speed down and rocks gently against his cock, however slamming down harder each time.

“Alright, let’s swap over to the anal, go to the ATM and then the facial finish.” Daniel calls out from behind the camera as the two stars continue their brutal riding session.

Jeff catches Jennifer when she rises up on his cock and lifts her off. Switching his position Jeff then stands up and pulls Jennifer to her feet. “Bend over the table Jennifer.

“I’m going to tear your ass apart.” He says as he slaps both of Jennifer’s ass cheeks with his dick.

Nodding, she turned around and bent over the table, gripping the opposite side of the desk. Jennifer licks her lips, awaiting the attack. “Oh… I’d love that Jeff…” Jennifer moans as she turns her head around to look at him.

Jeff wipes some sweat from off of his face with the back of his left hand that he then places on Jennifer’s hip. Jeff guides his cock to the entrance of Jennifer’s asshole, pressing the head against it. After releasing his dick, Jeff places his hands on Jennifer’s hips and roughly pulls her backwards, impaling her ass with his monstrous cock.

Jennifer grits her teeth as her eyes roll to the back of her head. The camera moves in closer to the action as a shot of Jeff’s dick entering Jennifer’s ass was captured.

“Ohhhh…” Jennifer groans as she slowly pushes back against Jeff’s dick. Jennifer’s soft-skinned back sparkles with sweat.

Jeff doesn’t thrust his hips at all to fuck her, instead he pushes and pulls Jennifer back and forth. The camera can pick up that both participants are sweating heavily from all the physical activity they’ve been going through. Jeff grunts as he finally begins pumping his dick in and out of her asshole with all the force he can gather. Jennifer moves her hips around on Jeff’s cock as she begins to slam back against his cock, driving his cock deeper and deeper into her asshole.

Jeff slows his thrusts down and backs almost completely out of Jennifer, leaving only a few inches of his man-meat inside her. He takes a deep breath and proceeds to ram his cock forward with full speed into her asshole, making Jennifer almost fall face first onto the table.

Jeff snarls as his member saws in and out of Jennifer Aniston’s ass. His breathing starts to get fast and in short breathes as he is obviously reaching his point of no return. Meeting Jennifer’s one orgasm minimum rule, Jeff pulls his cock out of her ass and rather forcefully parts her legs. He then slams his massive member into her cunt.

Jennifer’s eyes shoot open at the feeling of being filled up again, taking a few more drives into her. Jeff grabs his steel chair and pulls her down with him sitting on it. With her body at a two o clock angle, Jeff drives his dick back into Jennifer making her moan aloud again. Jennifer jerks her head back as she begins to cum.

“Ohhhh fuck!” Jennifer moans as her warm cum drips out of her pussy and down his cock as he tries to outlast her for a few moments more. Using his incredible upper body strength, Jeff wraps an arm around her waist and lifts her up so she’s inches above him. He then slams her back down onto her dick, the camera moves in so that we can see that his dick has gone back into her ass.

Jeff then gabs hold of her thighs and starts to slam her up and down on his lap at a ferocious pace. Grunting, he knows that he’s just about ready to cum. Letting the staff know, he calls out. “Fuck, going to cum!”

Daniel, who is still offset hears this and calls out. “Alright, Jennifer… climb off his dick and get on your knees. Suck him off and then he’ll cum on your face.”

Jennifer nods her head and climbs off his dick. Getting down in front of him, Jennifer wraps her hand around his dick and starts to jerk him off. Leaning forward, she opens her mouth and starts to bob her head on his large dick, as she used her hands to rub his large ballsack.

Daniel saw that and nods his head. “OK Jeff, just give Jennifer some warning before you cum so she can get a good shot.

Seconds pass before Jeff rises up from his chair.

“Fuck! Going to cum!” He repeats as Jennifer stops sucking and takes her soft lips off his dick. She then starts pumping away at his cock, jerking it like her life depended on it. Jeff let out a loud grunt and started to cum.

Several strands shot out of his dick and sailed towards Jennifer. Splattering against her face, Jennifer gasped lightly at the sight of his thick, jets of cum.

After close to sic shots hit her in the face, Jeff slumps back down in the chair and watches as Jennifer scoops up the cum with her fingers and slowly sucked it clean.

“Shit… After that… Where do I sign!?” Jeff exclaimed after watching Jennifer lick away all his cum.

“Cut! That’s a wrap!” Daniel shouted from off-screen as various assistants ran over to Jennifer with her cell phone and a robe to wrap herself up in.

“How did I do Daniel?” She asked as she tied the robe shut and walked over to him.

“You did fantastic. I think Pitt will be kicking himself. You know… I could talk to Angelina’s people to see about setting up you grudge-fucking her?” Jennifer shook her head adamantly.

“No way! I do not want anything to do with that bitch! Anyways, when do you think this will come out?”

“Depends… We need to put it onto DVD and set up the marketing… I would guess … close to a month. Of course you’re advanced copy will be the better part of a week.”

“Awesome. Thanks so much guys I feel much better! I’ll have to tell my friends about this place!”

Daniel looked over at Lacey and grinned eagerly. Kash stared at Aniston’s backside, as she was going to her dressing room. He thought of something.

“Hmmm… Angelina here… with us… I should make that happen in the future,” he thought.

“Hey Kash… you thinking of Jack over there” Daniel laughed.

“Oh brother” Lacey mumbled to herself.

“Whatever… but seriously, Jennifer did bring up a valid point about Angelina,” Kash said.

“You mean either you or me fucking her on camera?” he said.

“Well, I was thinking me by myself. Either that or I could bring an old friend of mine in” Kash said to him.

“Well, let’s not worry about that for now. We still have others to get through,” Daniel said, as he and Lacey walked towards Jennifer’s dressing room. Just then, Daniel started to shiver. He felt like something was going to happen in the future cause of this but could it have been a normal shiver or an omen shiver.

The End?

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