Waxing Love

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Title – Waxing Love

Author – TNP

Story stars – Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt

Story codes – FFF, cons, oral

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Disclaimer: This is an erotic story. As always YMMV. You must be 18 to read this story, be able to read erotica in your community and not be offended by the contents of it. If you are not 18, live in an overly repressed community, or are easily offended, move on. This is not for you.

This story is fiction and as such
is protected under the first amendment. The people referred to in this story do not behave this way in real life, this is a fantasy and any resemblance to real people or situations is merely a coincidence. Any copyrighted names, works, etc. remain property of their respective owner(s).

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Feedback: This is one of my, all too numerous, never-ending stories. Now I don’t mean the story itself has no ending, only that I’ve been working on it, on and off, for about 5 years. Not consistently of course. I’d start it, drop it, go back to it, drop it again, must be close to ten times now in those 5 years. So the lesson for everyone is – don’t hire me to paint your house. Unless you’ve always wished you could hire Eldon from Murphy Brown. Then I’m you’re man. Except without Eldon’s artistic talent. But if you want your walls, and maybe part of the floor, painted white, and you want it to be like painting a bridge, then e-mail me and we can talk.

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Programming Note: This story is set sometime during the filming of season 5 of Buffy. This isn’t of critical importance for your enjoyment of the story, but it will explain why I don’t take things in a certain direction when the opportunity arises. You’ll probably know it when you read it.

And now the story –

Waxing Love

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FFF – conc, oral

* * * * * * * * *

It all began with a knock on the door to Sarah’s trailer.

“Who’s there?”

“Hey. It’s me.”

“C’mon in Love.”

“The door’s locked.”

Sarah’s makeup artist Nicole went to the trailer door and unlocked it, opening it to let Jennifer Love Hewitt enter, then locking it again to ensure that no one else could get in unannounced. Turning to go back to her makeup work Nicole barreled into Love, who had come to a full stop and was staring at her friend in the makeup chair, her mouth hanging open in shock. Staring, because the blonde girl was slumped down in the chair, her ass hanging more than halfway off. Mouth hanging open because Sarah was also completely nude from the waist down with her legs sticking straight up in the air but bent at the knees so that her heels were beating against the backs of her thighs, leaving her bald twat completely visible and looking a little bit red.

“What? Isn’t this how you have your makeup done?”

“Wha… How… Wh… Huh? What the heck’s going on?” the brunette sputtered.

Sarah laughed, responding “Relax Love, Nicole is being a pal and giving me a Brazilian. Don’t you like it?” spreading her legs as she spoke, giving Love a bird’s eye view of her freshly waxed muff.

Nicole looked at Love, so eager to hear the young girl’s opinion that she completely passed on Sarah’s less than refined display. It wasn’t how Nikki behaved when around her own friends, but she knew Love and Sarah were very close, and, being actresses, perhaps they were just more used to being naked around other people. Nicole hadn’t been doing makeup work very long, but she’d been at it long enough to learn that actors were not like other people. They were a bit on the unusual side. But right at that moment all that was irrelevant. The only thing that mattered was what Love thought of the job she had done. This was the first time she had done this for the pretty blonde actress, and she was hoping it wouldn’t be the last. A positive review from Sarah’s best friend would go a long way toward making this a regular gig.

However, if Nicole was looking for a quick endorsement from the new arrival she was in for a bit of a letdown. Love simply didn’t know how to respond. What she wanted to do was drop to the floor between her lover’s legs and soothe the reddened flesh with her tongue, until she caused the young TV star to orgasm and thereby flood her mouth with fresh cream. That’s what she wanted to do. And she almost started to move towards her best friend’s newly bare beaver before catching herself. Oops. Almost slipped up there. That could have been a real problem.

Love knew that Sarah considered Nicole a good friend but she also knew for a fact that the makeup artist was unaware of the special relationship the other two occupants of the trailer had. The Hollywood starlets walked a fine line between their personal escapades and their public lives, they had to be very careful when it came to letting someone else in on their secret. Not that Love considered Nicole to be that much of a risk. She obviously adored Sarah and would do nothing that might cause her harm, but the two lovers had learned that it paid to be cautious. Trust had to be earned. At least that’s how it had been so far. Given the current circumstances it looked like things might be about to change where Nikki was concerned.

Not knowing what else to do Love turned to Nicole and said “You did that? Wow, it looks really good. Did it hurt much?” This last was to Sarah, who was regarding the bouncy brunette with a knowing smirk on her face.

“No, not at all, and you know it usually does sting a little. She’s really good at it. Hey, wanna give it a try?”

“What? Me? Oh, no, I couldn’t! I… uh… I just shaved this morning, don’t even have a 5 o’clock shadow, besides it wouldn’t be fair to Nicole. She’s your makeup artist.”

Before Sarah could respond Nicole jumped in, “I don’t mind. I mean, if you want to, it’s okay with me.”

Love was on the fence, Sarah could see that, and when Love was undecided there was one sure way to get her to give in and do what her blonde lover wanted, “Just try it Love. Please? Do it for me?”

That got Love’s attention. Most people would probably think it was Love who could manipulate a person merely by asking them to do something just because she wanted them to, and, in fact, she sometimes did, it all depended on her relationship with the individual. But few would guess that Sarah was equally as good at influencing people, often with just a simple please. Especially if the person being manipulated was Love. The two lover’s just couldn’t say no to one another. Particularly if the request was even remotely sexual. And having what little bush she had completely waxed off by Nikki while Sarah watched would definitely qualify in Love’s book as sexual.

Love was ready to cave, Sarah’s please had had its intended result, but she required one last push and she would be off the fence. Plus she really didn’t want to cause any trouble for her best friend.

“Are you sure it’s okay? I mean, Joss won’t be angry if I, you know, take time from one of his people?”

“Don’t worry about Joss” Sarah answered, “I’m not needed for any more scenes today, maybe some blocking but that won’t be for hours, and Nicole only does my hair and makeup, so she’s free too. And she really doesn’t mind, do you Nikki?”

Seeing her opportunity to make this a recurring thing she quickly responded “Nope. Fine by me. Really. It’ll give me another chance to practice, that is, if you don’t mind me experimenting on you?”

Sarah responded for Love, “She trusts you. You trust her don’t you Love? Of course you do. Now c’mon let’s get you naked!”

Nicole looked at Sarah curiously, a sense that there was something going on that she was unaware of beginning to build in her. Was the blonde just a little too excited about this? Nah, she had to be imagining it. If anything, she was the one who was excited by the prospect of waxing Love. Why was that? Why was she so anxious for this to be more than a one-time thing? She had felt it from the beginning with Sarah. The thrill as she watched the blonde undress, the heat she had felt as she had trimmed the dark pubic hairs before applying the wax, the electricity that had run through her when her fingers made contact with Sarah’s skin, and the initial flood of cream that had soaked into her panties as she spread the wax onto the puffed labia. Nikki was licking her lips as she remembered the feelings that had threatened to overwhelm her while she worked on her friend. The whole thing had bordered on sexual. No… it was sexual. That made Nikki’s eyes go wide and she quickly turned her back on the others, arranging the things she would need if she was going to work on Love. Okay, she had to calm down. She couldn’t be sexually excited about this and she certainly couldn’t let Sarah and Love see that she was. Sarah would flip and she’d probably lose her job. Besides she wasn’t into girls, she had a boyfriend that she loved, and he loved her. Yeah, he was on the dull side, especially in bed, but that was to be expected when you had been together as long as they had. The important thing was they loved each other. Sex wasn’t everything, and she certainly wasn’t a lesbian.

So why was she practically soaking wet?

Lost in thought Nicole didn’t see the rapid, but mostly silent, exchange between the other two girls. When Sarah told Love to get naked the brunette considered the situation between her own legs and quickly shook her head no. She didn’t want to take off her jeans and have Nicole see how wet she had become from the mere sight of Sarah’s bald privates. And Nicole would see. How could she not if she was going to be removing the hair from the very area that Love knew was a dead giveaway of her aroused state?

Catching the nervous look on Love’s face, and seeing that Nicole was pre-occupied Sarah mouthed, “What’s the problem?” to her recalcitrant friend.

Love mouthed back “I’m wet!!”

Sarah just rolled her eyes, while out loud she said “C’mon, let’s get these clothes off you. I’ll help.”

Love’s eyes went wide as Sarah left the makeup chair, still bottomless, and came to her side. Staying between the aroused brunette and Nicole she began unbuttoning her friend’s jeans while Love worked at her shirt. Dropping the jeans to her ankles Sarah surreptitiously grabbed Love’s thong panties and pulled them up into her crotch, the fabric slipping in between the puffy pussy lips and absorbing some of the fluids. The older girl then reached down and with her index and middle fingers she pushed the fabric deeper into Love’s snatch and wiggled it around a bit, soaking up even more of her younger lover’s juice and getting a very soft gasp to boot.

With her fingers knuckle deep in Love’s muff Sarah was forced to concede that her friend was indeed excited. Perhaps not quite as excited as Love imagined herself to be, but excited enough that it was sure to be noticed. She met Love’s eyes and with a devilish smile she stuck her tongue out at her lover and fluttered it quickly then waggled her eyebrows at the increasingly turned-on brunette.

Love’s eyes went even wider and she shook her head no once more, again mouthing her words silently, “No. We can’t!”

The rest of their conversation took place without even the benefit of that form of communication, Sarah’s tilted head and raised eyebrow asking as plain as if she had spoken it ‘Why not?’ while Love’s own raised brows and jerked thumb in Nikki’s direction asked ‘In front of her?’ To that Sarah gave another wicked smile, her own eyes going wide as she nodded her head yes as decisively as Love had shaken hers no just moments earlier. Love looked quickly over to the older girl and then back to Sarah. She then moved her index finger in a loose circle indicating the three of them, the unspoken question this time being ‘With Nikki?’ An even more decisive nod of the head from Sarah.

All this had taken place while Nicole fiddled with the wax and applicators and with Sarah’s fingers still nestled in her lover’s twat. When she wiggled them inside Love’s tunnel once more the younger girl gave up trying to resist her friend any further. It was tough enough for Love to do it under normal circumstances, but trying to do it when she was already sexually aroused and getting more so with every passing moment, well, then it was damn near impossible. You might as well ask gravity to stop working while you were at it, your chances of success were about the same. Nodding in defeat Love’s eyes closed and she had to bite her lip to avoid moaning as her favorite playmate’s thumb began to brush the cotton of her panties over her already swollen clit. Sarah was pleased that she had persuaded her lover to her way of thinking but she also wanted to remind the dark-haired girl that this was not just about winning or losing an argument, this was ultimately about sex. Hot, sweaty sex. In Sarah’s opinion one of the few things in life really worth arguing for.

Removing her fingers at last from Love’s cunt the light-haired girl then dropped to the floor and helped the brunette step out of the jeans. Once the denims were out of the way she leaned in and inhaled deeply, drawing in the fragrance of her girlfriend’s arousal, then with another playful smile directed upwards to the already stimulated actress, Sarah closed the last remaining distance and placed a quick kiss followed by a flick of the tongue directly on Love’s still panty-covered clit, causing the younger girl to whimper quietly and produce yet more cream. Not wanting to get carried away so soon, and thereby blow any chance she had of getting Nikki involved, Sarah stood up again and turned back to her makeup artist, leaving Love to finish undressing without further assistance. Taking off her shirt Love then removed the panties from her crotch and slid them to the floor, feeling a little self-conscious as she did.

Love stood there in only her bra, not quite sure what to do with her hands, as Nicole called back to her, “Why don’t you sit down and we can get started, okay?”

“Umm, yeah, okay.”

She sat in the chair so recently occupied by her friend and tried not to look too uncomfortable. Judging from the laugh Sarah gave out when she turned and saw her sitting there she wasn’t successful.

“C’mon Love, relax, would ya. She’s not going to bite you. Nikki, tell her you won’t bite.”

Over her shoulder Nicole responded, “I won’t bite.”

“See, it is not to worry. Now relax, you’ll love this, trust me.”

Nicole still had her back to the others as she got the materials she would need ready. Sarah looked at Love and gave her a little wink, then blew her a kiss.

Love looked at Sarah skeptically, “Why do I get the feeling you’re going to like this more than I am?”

“Oh you’ll like it, don’t worry. It’s positively… orgasmic! I guarantee it!”

Again Nicole was struck by how excited Sarah sounded about what was to come. Dismissing the thought as a projection of her own enthusiasm she turned to the others and prepared to give Love Hewitt a bikini wax. The mostly naked brunette was sitting in an upright position in the chair, which was fine for conversation, but lousy for the purpose at hand. Assuming you could get past the mostly naked part and get on with the conversation part. When talking about Love that was not as easy as it sounds, not even for another woman.

“Umm, Love, could you slide forward a bit? I need to be able to, umm, reach, down there.”

“C’mon Love, you saw how I was sitting didn’t you, I mean my pussy was staring you in the face! I’m sure you must have noticed. You’ve gotta sit like that. Now slide forward and lay your legs over the arms of the chair.”

Nicole got on her knees in front of the chair as Love reluctantly moved into position, her ass sliding forward and her pelvis tilting upward as she raised her legs and spread them, allowing the necessary access to her muff that the stylist would need. However, as the seconds passed, it became obvious that Nikki was not taking advantage of said access. She was sitting on her haunches in front of the chair, mesmerized by the vagina before her, absorbing the sight and fragrance of Love’s all too obvious arousal.

She had no idea how much time had passed when she heard Sarah calling her name “Nikki? Nikki! Hello, Earth to Nicole! Anybody home? YO NIKKI!”

Coming to with a start she felt a deep blush cover her face as she stammered a reply “Sorry, sorry, I umm… I was just… Umm, I was thinking… I needed… Umm…”

Giving up trying to explain herself further, and failing miserably at it, Nikki set about giving Love a wax job similar to Sarah’s. For a while she was able to work on autopilot, cutting the dark pubic hairs, applying and removing the wax, and then cleaning up the excess, repeating as necessary, until, at last, there was nothing more to remove and Love was now as bald as her best friend and lover. Seeing as how the wax job was supposed to be a Brazilian the makeup artist then spent the next few minutes searching for any missed fur between Love’s legs. Searching rather… diligently. So diligently that she again did not respond when Sarah called her name.

Sarah and Love exchanged an amused look over Nikki’s single-minded absorbedness in the brunette’s twat. Figuring that this was as good a chance as any to put her plan into action Sarah gave her friend another wink then leaned in from Love’s left, coming in under her lover’s raised thigh and bringing her head into Nicole’s field of vision, and coincidentally placing her mouth within inches of the dark-haired girl’s vulva, “Gorgeous isn’t it?”

“Huh? What? Oh, yes. I mean, it’s very… nice?”

Sarah began rubbing her cheek against Love’s now hairless skin, “Know what else it is?”

Nicole swallowed audibly, her heart pounding in her chest so hard she was sure it could be heard miles away, “Smooth?”

Sarah turned her head, placing her lips a fraction of an inch above Love’s clit, which was rapidly re-filling with blood and pushing out of its hood, “Tasty!”

So saying the blonde stretched her tongue out and began flicking it softly back and forth over the engorged nub, getting a long drawn out moan from both of the other women in the trailer. Nicole’s heart was beating so hard she thought she might pass out even as she watched the erotic display play out in front of her eyes. She couldn’t be seeing what she thought she was seeing. She couldn’t really be watching Sarah Michelle Gellar licking and sucking another woman’s clit. Could she?

She leaned in closer, letting the scent of Love’s arousal wash over her, thinking she had never smelled anything better in her entire life, never seen anything hotter. There was no doubt about it, she was watching Sarah eat Love’s pussy. Nikki watched Sarah’s tongue as it passed slowly back and forth over Love’s nerve bundle, watched the skin of the dark-haired girl’s abdomen jump whenever the pleasure got a little too intense, suddenly wishing that it was she in the chair having her bud licked. She let out a little whimper as Sarah’s tongue curled around Love’s tender clit, getting another moan from the girl in the chair, this one completely uninhibited. Love had already moved well beyond her concerns over letting Nikki witness the two of them making love.

Seeing the look of rapture on Nikki’s face Sarah backed away from her lover, much to Love’s obvious frustration, and asked “Want a taste?”

Nikki looked up at her, eyes gone round “Oh, I couldn’t! I mean… I couldn’t… well, I’ve never… Well, I, umm…”

“Go on, just a quick peck.” This might prove to be easier than Sarah had originally thought.

Nikki cast a quick look up to Love, then over to Sarah, “Umm, okay, I guess it wouldn’t…” she was leaning closer and closer, her lips a hairs breadth from Love’s clit, until there was no space between them and she brushed them against the swollen nub, quickly leaping back as if shocked by an electrode. She covered her face with her hands and blushed fiercely, taking on the shade of a ripe plumb. If the earth had opened up and swallowed her at that very moment she would have been eternally grateful.

“Oh God, I can’t believe I did that! Oh God!”

Sarah had leaned back over and was again tonguing Love, “Why not? Didn’t like it?”

“No, it’s not that, it’s… I have a boyfriend!”

“So what? You think it’s cheating?”

“No that’s not it, I mean, well yeah kind of, but, well it’s just… I’m not gay!”

“S’okay, neither am I. Love, are you gay?”

The dark-haired girl moaned, disturbed that Sarah kept interrupting her licking to do all this talking “Unnnggghhhh, what, yeah, whatever. Lick me!”

Nicole wasn’t really listening to Love anyway, she was watching Sarah suck and lick as much of Love’s pussy as she could reach from her current position, which was quite a lot actually. The blonde had abandoned Love’s clit in favor of her lower cavern, apparently determined not to let any of the juices now flowing freely from the brunette’s cunt go to waste. The kiss from Nicole had Love flowing like an open faucet and Sarah had to work quickly to bring the stream under control.

Nikki was struck by how much what she was seeing resembled a gay act, yet Sarah denied being gay. She sure did eat pussy like a veteran though. Nicole imagined what it would be like to feel Sarah’s tongue running across her slit like that, teasing her clit and sucking her lips. The images playing in her mind increased her own flood of juice soaking her further, and she began to rub her clit through her panties. She returned her attention to the pair in front of her. It sure did look like they were both enjoying themselves, in fact, she was unsure which of the two was enjoying it more. Would she enjoy it as much if she was the recipient? Sure, she liked it when her boyfriend went down on her, that is when she could get him to do it, and for the brief amount of time he would stay down there. Now that she thought about it, Sarah had already spent more time eating Love out than her boyfriend had ever spent munching her. The blonde certainly didn’t seem put off by what she was doing. If she didn’t like the taste or smell she couldn’t possibly be this eager about the act, could she? Nicole knew Sarah was a very good actress, but she didn’t think she could fake this. So she must really like it. And if Sarah liked it, and Love liked it, would she?

Sarah continued lapping at Love like a cat at a milk bowl, content to let the older girl work through things at her own pace. She saw Nikki slide a hand between her legs, her eyes glued to Love’s snatch and the tongue that was busily working it. Gotcha! Time to take this to the next step.

“Want to try again?”

Nicole tore her eyes from Love’s twat, “Umm, no, that’s okay, I don’t think I… I mean, I don’t think I’m ready to do that yet. Again! I mean again!”

Sarah smiled to herself. Yet, huh. Well we’ll have to work on that. Out loud she said, “It’s okay. We’ll take it slow.”

She then took two fingers and ran them over Love’s pussy, stroking the lips and working them into the younger girl’s folds. She began to work them in and out, while circling the clit with her thumb.

Love voiced her appreciation, “Oh yeah. Now that I like. Don’t stop Sarah, that feels so good.”

Anyone else might have misunderstood and taken Love’s comment to mean that she hadn’t enjoyed being licked out by Sarah. But the green-eyed girl had more than enough experience with her best friend and lover to know that this was not the case. In fact, there wasn’t a whole hell of a lot that Sarah did to Love that the dark-haired girl didn’t like. When it came to sex, Love was pretty easy to please. Actually, when it came to just about anything Love was pretty easy to please. It was one of the many things Sarah loved about her.

Sarah continued to finger fuck her lover for a few minutes until she was satisfied that Love was properly lubricated. Removing her fingers, and gathering up a fair amount of pussy cream as she did, she held them out to the watching Nicole.

“Suck.” she commanded.

Nikki hesitated slightly. Leaning forward and bringing her nose closer to the outstretched fingers, she inhaled deeply. Not sure of what she expected to detect she was pleased to find that there was nothing more than the same pleasantly musky scent she had smelled rolling off Love before. Still, this was all very new to her, and she was not quite ready to dive in just yet. With the first hurdle cleared, she girded her mental loins and prepared for the next, giving Sarah’s fingers a tentative kiss, then backing quickly away. Sarah waited patiently for Nicole to get comfortable with things, not pushing for fear of scaring the slightly older girl off. Love waited also, but not as patiently. She had just begun masturbating when she quickly noticed that Sarah was only using one hand to entice Nicole, the other one was just sitting there uselessly at the end of her arm doing absolutely nothing. Love grabbed Sarah’s right hand and pressed it to her pussy, using the blonde’s fingers to rub her clitoris instead of her own. Sarah took the hint and began stroking and rubbing Love’s organ with her thumb, hearing the sigh of contentment, but not turning around to see the matching look on her lover’s face.

The quick peck Nicole had given her co-worker’s fingers had provided a very small sampling of the treasure awaiting her, not even enough really to tell if she liked the taste. She still had not encountered anything that would turn her off, and the stream dripping out of her own pussy was proof enough that she found this all incredibly exciting. Meanwhile, Sarah was looking at her, waiting for her to decide if she wanted more. She leaned back in and this time used her tongue to gather up more of the cream that coated the fingers of her friend. Savoring the fluids in her mouth, Nicole tasted a mix unlike anything she had ever tasted before. It was earthy. There was something very basic about it. And a little bit tart. She liked it. Actually, she really liked it. Again she returned to Sarah’s hand, this time taking hold of it with one of hers, she proceeded to lick and suck every drop available, continuing until there was no trace left.

When Nicole released her hand Sarah said, wryly “Guess you liked it, huh?”

In response, and in a rather poor English accent, Nicole asked, “Please ma’am, may I have some more?”

With a laugh Sarah replied “How about a variation on the theme?”

Nicole watched with a confused look as Sarah took the hand so recently embedded in Love’s twat and pushed it between her own legs. A light bulb went on over Nikki’s head when she realized what the light-haired girl was doing and an eager look appeared on her face as she waited for Sarah to deliver a handful of her own creamy goodness. She didn’t have long to wait before Sarah was again holding out two fingers coated with juices, freshly harvested from the blonde’s own pussy.

“This is what I taste like.”

Nicole took Sarah’s hand by the wrist, and, with as much sensuality as she could muster in her supremely heightened state, licked and sucked the cream held there. The taste was much the same as Love, a bit tart and a bit salty, maybe a tad more tart and a smidge less salty, but she found it delicious nonetheless. Sarah raised a single eyebrow as she watched her friend and co-worker devour her fingers. As Nicole finished feasting on Sarah’s digits she sat back on her haunches and licked her lips.

“How about that? Like that as well?”

Nicole nodded eagerly, resembling Love when she was begging for something.

Sarah laughed then asked “Think you’re ready now for something a little more direct?”

Again an eager nod.

“Okay, watch me first.”

Another nod.

“Have you lost the ability to speak?”

Nicole shook her head, and then stuck her tongue out, showing Sarah the small amount of cream that she had not yet swallowed. Sarah broke into laughter as Nikki downed the remaining dollop.

Turning back to her soon-to-be lover she kissed her on the lips, whispering, “Don’t worry there’s plenty more where that came from, and you want to know the great thing about it?”


“We can always make more!”

Love had watched Sarah guide Nicole through the first steps on her path to some serious lesbo loving through hooded lids. Sarah’s thumb had beat a gentle rhythm against her clit throughout, but now the main event was about to begin and she had a ringside seat. She had no idea that Sarah was heading in this direction when the blonde first broached the idea of waxing her bush, but she had always trusted the other girl’s instincts, and in the long years since they had become lovers those instincts had never failed her. So when Sarah turned back to her younger friend she was greeted with a charming smile, one that she echoed immediately.

“How about you Sunshine? You ready too?”

Love wriggled adorably in her seat, responding in a sultry voice “See for yourself.”

A quick look to Nicole and a reminder “Watch what I do.” and Sarah was off. Spreading Love’s lips with one hand she started with a long, slow lick from the bottom of Love’s snatch all the way to the top, ending with a lick and peck on her clit. Then she wormed her tongue into Love’s pussy, swallowing as much cream as she could while there, backing out and sucking first one lip, then the other, into her mouth, then releasing them only to start the process over again. Sarah tilted her head, ensuring that Nicole had a good view of what she was doing. The makeup artist was perched to her left, eyes fixed on Sarah’s tongue, mouth parted and breathing heavily. Every few seconds she would lick her lips, attempting to taste something that wasn’t there.

Glancing up at Love, whose own eyes were tightly shut, an intense look of concentration on her face, Sarah decided the time was right to switch places with the newbie. If she waited much longer Love would go off like a Roman Candle, and while the sight would be impressive, Sarah wanted Nikki to be the one who launched her. After all, she could cause the younger girl to blast off anytime. With a final swipe of the tongue on the sensitive clit of her lover Sarah backed away, the look on Love’s face morphing quickly from concentration to displeasure, but her eyes remaining closed.

Turning to Nikki she said, “Okay, I think it’s time for you to give it a try. Whaddaya say?”

Suddenly hesitant again, “I’m not sure if I can, I don’t want to do it wrong.”

“It’s not really something you can do wrong Nikki. I mean you do know where the clit is don’t you?”

“Of course I do!”

“Well okay then, you know where everything is, you’ve seen me perform the basics, the rest is just finesse.”

“What if I don’t, you know, what if she doesn’t cum?”

“Would you relax, you’ll be fine. Seriously Nikki, there must be like 50 different ways to lick a lo…” Sarah’s jaw snapped shut with an audible click, “I will not finish that!” Then speaking mostly to herself, “Dammit. I hate that song!”

Inspiration struck suddenly and Sarah continued. “Look do what just about every guy on the planet does.”

“What’s that?”

“Just think of your tongue as a pencil.”

Nicole was growing increasingly doubtful about her ability to please the woman who was soon to become her first female lover and try as she might Sarah was not helping. Think of my tongue as a pencil? Is that another way of saying put some lead in it? Am I supposed to make it stiff? That never worked on her. She much preferred it when a lover kept his tongue soft. No wonder the BF doesn’t want to do this much, it’s too hard.

“Nikki. Just take your tongue and try to draw little shapes with it.”

Ohhh. That’s what she meant. What kind of shapes?

“What kind of shapes?”

“Shapes. You know. Squares, circles, plus signs, little hearts. Spell out your favorite song if you want. Shapes. Nikki, trust me. Anything you do Love is gonna like. Believe me, you couldn’t find someone easier to please than my Love here.”

Nicole still had some doubts about her ability to satisfy the woman that was waiting patiently for her on the chair, but she did her best to suppress them as she prepared to eat her first pussy.

“Um. Okay.”

“Relax would ya. Remember what I said, remember what I showed you, and most of all remember what you like when someone’s eating you out. Do that and I guarantee you’ll get Love off. Okay?”

With something finally bordering on confidence Nicole nodded once and replied “Okay.” Then a new thought popped into her head. “Um, you’re um, not going anywhere, right? I mean you’ll be here?”

For some strange reason having a third person in the room while she performed her very first same-sex act made it seem less… there simply was no other word for it… gay. Nikki honestly did not have any problems with anyone who was gay, defending herself, to herself, with the by now clichéd response that some of her best friends were gay. Not to mention that in her job a bigotry like that would be a big problem, but she just wasn’t ready to think of herself in relation to that word. This was all too new, and as far as she was concerned, it was only going to be a one-time thing. An experiment. If Sarah left the trailer, left Nikki alone with Love, well then it would be a whole lot harder to see it that way.

“Oh I’ll be here all right. If I can’t be shoving my tongue into Love’s pussy then I’m going to go for the next best thing.” Nicole looked puzzled once again and Sarah jerked her head in the direction of the brunette’s bra-covered chest. “I’m gonna play with those.”

The puzzled look cleared up immediately. Now this was something Nikki could understand even if she hadn’t been about to lez out for the very first time. Love Hewitt had the kind of tits even the straightest of girls would want to touch. She made a mental note to spend some time with her new friend’s sweater puppies just as soon as she was done licking her twat. Then she blushed fiercely. A few more thoughts like that and it was going to be impossible to keep thinking of this as nothing more than an experiment!

By this time Sarah had finished moving out from between Love’s upraised legs, leaving Nikki kneeling alone on the floor. The blonde stood by the side of the chair to Love’s left and leaned down so that they could kiss, coincidently letting the brown-eyed girl get a taste of the remnant of her own pussy juice on Sarah’s lips. The slightly older actress had been perfectly honest when she said she wanted to spend some time fondling her friends much larger breasts, but first she was going to take a minute or two to reacquaint herself with Love’s northern-most set of lips, one of the very few things that she enjoyed even more than eating her lover out. They kissed softly for a bit and then Sarah pulled back so that she could gaze into Love’s beautiful eyes, seeing the passion and love she was currently feeling reflected right back at her. She was just about to dive back in for round two when she realized that her friend was not showing any sign of enjoyment from the tongue that she assumed was now quite busily working over the younger girl’s box. Glancing quickly to her left it was easy to see the reason why. Nicole was still exactly where Sarah had left her, kneeling on the floor with her head between Love’s thighs, but she had yet to close the distance between her face and the freshly waxed beaver in front of her, sitting there instead, staring at the bald labia, a mixed look of desire and apprehension adorning her features. Sarah rolled her eyes in exasperation and reaching down with her left hand she placed it on the back of Nikki’s head and pushed, getting a small squeal from the girl on the floor and a somewhat larger gasp from the brunette in the chair.

“Do I have to keep my hand there?”

With her mouth pressed to Love’s lips and her nose rubbing against the smaller girl’s clit, Nikki met Sarah’s eyes and shook her head from side to side, getting a nod of approval from the blonde and a short giggle from the girl whose pussy she was now mouthing. A giggle? Intrigued, Nikki shook her head again, procuring another giggle for her effort. Now her eyes darted from Sarah’s face to Love’s and back again, both of the other women watching her, waiting to see what she would do next. She pulled away from Love’s muff just the tiniest bit and tentatively, even more so than when she had given the brown-haired girl’s clit a quick peck earlier, she stuck out her tongue and took her first lick of the slit in front of her. Hmm. That wasn’t bad. Actually, it was pretty nice. There was the same slightly tart, slightly salty taste Nikki had sampled earlier, only this was direct from the source instead of from Sarah’s fingers, mixed in with the just washed flavor of Love’s skin. Nope, not bad at all. With a lopsided grin Nikki leaned back in and took another lick of Love’s snatch.

Love and Sarah watched Nicole’s transformation from dubious to budding zealot with interest and, in the blonde’s case, mild amusement. In a reprise of their earlier silent communication Sarah turned back to Love and gave her a knowing smirk that the brown-eyed girl had little trouble interpreting. Told ya. Well it was true. Not in so many words perhaps, but Sarah had told Love that she felt Nikki could be persuaded to join them in their Sapphic play. And Sarah was not above a little friendly gloating when she was proven right. Now it was Love’s turn to roll her eyes.

“Oh shut up and kiss me.”

Sarah didn’t have to be told twice. She applied her lips to Love’s and the two Hollywood starlets started to make out once more. Nikki had heard Love command the woman who was technically her boss but didn’t quite understand it. Shut up? But Sarah hadn’t said anything. Not that she had heard anyway. Rather than continue to dwell on it she returned her focus to the beaver in front of her and resumed her licking.

Nicole had had her doubts at first, although that was putting it a tad mildly, but she’d worked through them and was now eagerly drilling her tongue deeply into Love’s nether folds. If the taste of the buxom starlet’s juices and skin had been the initial attraction it was the feel of Love’s lips and the soft, pink flesh between them that kept Nikki going back for more. As the owner of a vagina of her own the makeup artist was intimately familiar with the organs, but, never having seriously considered what it would be like to go down on another woman, she was totally unprepared for how much pleasure could be derived from swirling her tongue in, out and around someone else’s cunt. It was amazing! So unlike, obviously, anything she’d ever done before. And to think she’d been reluctant to try this. Well not anymore! All thoughts of this being nothing more than an experiment were quickly tossed out the mental window. Nikki didn’t know if she would ever be capable of initiating an encounter like this on her own, but she knew that if Love and Sarah ever wanted a repeat performance she would be ready, able and, now, more than willing.

While Nikki came to terms with her newfound appreciation of Sapphism, Sarah and Love continued to kiss softly above her. When they finally did part again it was not because either of them had grown bored with what they were doing but because Nicole’s attentions to Love’s twat were finally beginning to take their toll on the normally bubbly brunette. Sarah had started to notice that her friend and lover was not quite as responsive as she had been a few moments earlier and when Love started to moan into her mouth the green-eyed girl knew it wasn’t really because she was such a good kisser. Not this time anyway. When she pulled back and Love didn’t open her eyes or smile up at her the blonde’s suspicions were confirmed. Which was okay with her. Sarah had no desire to sidetrack her younger lover while she was taking pleasure in the mouth working over her pussy. The TV starlet had always planned for her trip to Love’s lips to be something of a detour, and now that the brunette was distracted from their kissing she was free to move on to her original target. Love’s Titties.

Moving down the required few inches from Love’s mouth to her chest Sarah stopped to consider the harness that was concealing two of the most perfect tits known to man. And woman. Luckily for all of them Love’s bra was the kind that clasped in the front so Sarah didn’t have to risk interrupting her friend by trying to reach around to her back to get it undone. She released the clasp and pushed the cups to either side, then leaned down and took the nearest nipple into her mouth, sucking and licking at it lightly, while her left hand reached over and manipulated her lover’s right breast. Mmmm. Love’s tits never failed to please.

Sarah continued to work over her friend’s boobs for some time, switching from left to right then back again, licking and nipping and nibbling and sucking as the mood struck. She could tell when she was doing something that Love particularly enjoyed because the brunette’s moans would momentarily become coherent and Sarah could hear something close to her name in them. But most of the time it was tough to compete with the girl kneeling between Love’s legs and doing her damnedest to make the brown-eyed girl cum. Sarah was good, and no one knew how to fondle and lick Love’s tits better than her, but even she wasn’t up to the challenge of besting someone who had their tongue buried in her well-stacked friend’s tasty twat.

Besides, Sarah had been good. She had done the hard work of getting both Love and Nikki comfortable enough so that the former could enjoy what the latter was currently doing. And after getting Love into a not-so-figurative lather she had willingly moved aside so that Nicole could reap the rewards. In Sarah’s book that meant she was owed. And if Love got to go first when it came to being on the receiving side of Nikki’s first girl-on-girl encounter, then it stood to reason that Sarah should be the first to shove her tongue in the makeup artist’s girl-virgin snatch. Fair was fair after all.

Still, it was with some reluctance that Sarah abandoned her friend’s chest, and with a last kiss to Love’s nipple she started to pull away. Only to find her hand grasped by the younger woman in the makeup chair, her eyes now open and looking up to her lover in question.

“Hello beautiful.”

Love tried to form a complete sentence, but her newest lover had recently remembered some of Sarah’s sage advice about nibbling and sucking the brunette’s clit every so often and she was putting her new knowledge to good use. Unfortunately this was making it very difficult for Love to put words together in a comprehensible string.

“Wha… Where…”

But Sarah had been on both the giving and receiving end of similar endeavors herself, many of them with the pretty brunette now holding her hand, and she had no trouble understanding what her friend was trying to ask her. She took a quick glance down to the older girl whose head was still buried in Love’s cunt, then turned back to face her lover.

“Nowhere. I just thought a change of scenery was appropriate. And since my usual place is occupied…” She left the rest of the sentence unfinished as she and Love shared a wicked grin. “Don’t you just love newbies!”

Sarah would have to take it as given that Love shared her appreciation for neophyte lesbian lovers, the brown-eyed girls attention once again fully commanded by Nicole’s eager tongue. She leaned back down so she could whisper in her companion’s ear, stealing one last kiss before releasing Love’s hand and moving behind Nicole.

Once there Sarah got down on her knees and placed her hand on Nikki’s right leg, just above the knee, then started to move it upwards along the outside of the older girl’s thigh. Nicole was wearing a daringly short skirt with a sizeable split on the right side and Sarah let her hand travel all the way up, stopping just below the makeup artist’s waist.

“Nikki, lift up.”

It was impossible to tell if the words actually penetrated the sexual fog surrounding the other girl, or if she was just responding to the pressure of Sarah’s hand on her right hip. Either way Nikki lifted her butt off her heels and adjusted her position so that she was now up on her knees, all without ever once removing her mouth from Love’s muff. Sarah maneuvered her soon-to-be lover’s legs apart, getting the older girl into the best possible posture so that she could start to do to Nikki what Nikki had been doing to Love for what seemed like forever.

When Sarah had the stylist arranged to her satisfaction she began to run her hands up both of Nikki’s thighs, gently stroking the flesh with the backs of her fingers. After a minute or so of that Sarah opened her hands and started to caress the incredibly soft skin with her fingertips, moving from the outside of Nikki’s legs to the back, careful to keep her touch light, but not so light as to tickle. That would be too distracting and judging by the increased volume and frequency of Love’s moans the last thing Sarah wanted to do was to divert Nikki’s attention away from the pre-orgasmic brunette in the chair. So she let her hands glide gently over Nicole’s flesh, letting the taller girl grow accustomed to her touch, before taking the next step and allowing her fingers to slip under the miniskirt and on to the well formed rump it barely covered.

Except for the slightest lurch forward Nikki didn’t even blink. She couldn’t. Her eyes had gone comically round and she couldn’t shut them.

Which neither Sarah nor Love could see of course. Sarah because of her position at Nikki’s rear and Love because she was having the exact opposite problem. She couldn’t get her eyes open. Not that she would have cared that Nicole’s expression now made her look like a candidate for the female lead in a Hentai anime, not so long as the makeup artist kept doing exactly what she was doing with her tongue.

To her credit Nikki did continue to bathe Love’s snatch with her tongue even as she tried to adjust to the feeling of Sarah’s hands on her ass. It wasn’t so much having her posterior touched by another female that had grabbed Nikki’s attention, although this was not exactly a normal occurrence for her, it was the knowledge of what was sure to come next. It was a pretty safe bet that Nicole was about to have her pussy licked by another woman for the very first time any minute now. And now that she was thinking about it, the idea was starting to get her excited again. Very excited. And juiced. The stream of fluids that had incongruously slacked off some while she had been actively drilling her tongue into a vagina for the first time was starting to flow again. And Sarah was going to be the unsuspecting beneficiary.

And speaking of streaming fluids, it was slowly dawning on Nikki that Love appeared to be, so far as she could tell, getting even wetter than she had been when this all started. Nicole was no longer poking her tongue willy-nilly anywhere in Love’s twat in search of newly formed cream to swallow. Now she was taking long licks of the younger girl’s slit, starting at the very bottom and ending up with a soft swipe over the brunette’s clit, the steady and consistent stimulation pushing Love further and further along the path to orgasm. When Sarah had moved away from Love’s chest to begin laying the groundwork for the eventual assault on Nikki’s own muff, the adorable starlet had used one hand to start squeezing her tits and the other she placed, lightly at first, but as her excitement grew she was pressing down with ever increasing pressure, on the top of the older girl’s head. In addition, Love was now rocking in the makeup chair, her right hip surging upward then returning to where it started with each stroke of Nicole’s tongue along her pussy and her moans were becoming ever more pronounced. Love was about to climax right on Nikki’s tongue.

“Unh. Unh. Unnhh. Unnhh. Unnnnhhhh. Unnnnhhhh. Unnnnhhhh. UNNNNHHHHH! UNNNNHHHHH! UNNNNNHHHHHHHHH!!”

In retrospect it was probably the makeup chair itself that saved Nikki from a wrenched neck as Love was constrained from rolling too far to her left. But her thighs did clamp down on either side of the taller girl’s head as her orgasm struck, pinning Nicole in place while she rode out what even Sarah could see was a pretty powerful climax. Not bad for a newbie.

Sarah had seen Love’s orgasm coming long before Nikki caught on, and had modified her caresses accordingly. But she did take advantage of the older girl’s obvious absorption in her first lesbian lover’s climax to push Nicole’s skirt up to her hips and untie the strings holding her bikini panties in place. Convenient that. But Sarah wasn’t one to look a gift… err… pussy in the… uh… pussy… or maybe it was… whatever. She stopped trying to figure it out when said gift pussy was actually staring her right in the face.

“Wow! That was intense!”

As soon as she finished speaking Nicole started to laugh, a release of all the tension that had built up since Love had entered the trailer and the three of them had started down this path. She was giddy with relief and excited by what she had done and she was so focused on Love as the brunette’s climax crested and waned that she had almost forgotten that Sarah was still somewhere behind her. Until, that is, she felt the blonde plant a firm kiss on her left butt cheek. A cheek that should have been covered by Nikki’s panties. Had Sarah pulled her panties to the side? Or… she removed them!?! Without her knowing?!? How had she missed that? She was just about to turn and make a comment when she felt Sarah place another kiss on her flesh. Somewhere just slightly more intimate. And this wasn’t just any kiss, this was, as the Brits say, an Aussie kiss. Same as a French Kiss only down under.

Before putting her lips to either Nicole’s butt or areas more private Sarah had paused for a few moments to admire the view. With Nikki’s derriere raised and her legs spread the blonde was able to get an incomparable view of the older girl’s twat. And Sarah most definitely liked what she saw. Love wasn’t the only girl in the trailer to exhibit her arousal once her panties were off.

Nicole’s dark bush was neatly manicured, the hair above her lips shaped like a teardrop, while the hair on her vulva, which was a surprise in and of itself, Sarah had just assumed that since Nikki was into the whole wax thing she would at least keep her lower lips bare, but that was obviously not the case, short and sparse. The green-eyed girl didn’t mind a little hair down there, even though she and Love usually preferred the bald look for themselves. In fact, Sarah was happy when a new lover had a different style. Variety and spice and all that. As long as things were reasonably well kempt Sarah could deal.

It was after this rather close inspection of Nicole’s privates that Sarah placed her first kiss on the butt that was waving slightly in front of her. When she didn’t get a reaction she moved away from the soft but firm flesh of Nicole’s bottom and on to the sticky-sweet main attraction. Now, to be fair, Sarah probably would not have stopped what she was doing even if Nikki had responded. She had considered giving fair warning as to what was about to happen but had rejected the idea as too risky. If Nikki didn’t know what Sarah had in mind when the light-haired girl settled in at her rear then she would soon figure it out. Meanwhile, there was no sense giving the girl another opportunity to have second thoughts.

“Oh God! Ohhh. Unnhh.”

Once again Nikki lurched forward when Sarah touched her, only this time she didn’t have her face nestled in Love’s snatch as the blonde initiated contact in her own. The bump of Nicole’s head against her belly stirred Love for the first time since her orgasm struck. She looked down to see Sarah’s friend gripping the seat of the chair she was on with both hands, while the girl who’d been her lover longer than any other pushed her face into Nikki’s crack. Love had no trouble imagining exactly what Sarah was doing to their friend, having been in the stylist’s exact place many, many times before.

“She’s good, isn’t she?”

Fortunately, Love really didn’t need any response to her question, she already knew the answer. So when Nicole tried to reply, only to give up after stammering out a few syllables, Love was not upset. Quite the contrary, she was grateful to the older girl for rousing her. Like most other people Love liked to take some time after an orgasm to enjoy the afterglow. But, unlike most other people, when Love and Sarah had sex it was often a marathon event that could go on for hours and hours. And Love had learned from experience that when she fell into that dreamy after-sex daze she ran the risk of missing out on some damn good follow-up nookie. The only time this wasn’t an issue was when she and Sarah were making love alone. Then it was easy to convince her friend to take some time to cuddle, each of them getting almost as much pleasure from simple strokes to the arm as they did from more intimate touches. Still, Love did not rush to join Sarah as she jammed her tongue into Nicole, even though the last thing the green-eyed girl whispered to her earlier was an explicit invitation to come play when she was ready. Sarah had mostly sat off on the sidelines while Love and Nikki fooled around and now it was the brunette’s turn to sit and wait. But not for too long.

Happily, Love did not have to wait all that long before she saw Sarah’s head lift up and her smiling, and somewhat juice glazed, countenance beamed up at her.

“Hello sweetie.”

The green-eyed girl’s smile grew even wider. “Hey beautiful. You just about recovered? Seemed to me you almost blew a seal there.”

Predictably, Love blushed. And giggled. Her two most natural states whenever she was around the pretty blonde. But she surprised her friend and lover with her next line.

“No, no seal. I was just eating ice cream.”

Sarah’s eyebrows went up to her hairline at Love’s borrowed joke. The brunette had a sex drive second to none in Sarah’s experience and she was the most thoughtful lover the older girl had ever had. There was absolutely no doubt she was comfortable with her own sexuality. But the one thing that Love normally could not bring herself to do was tell a sex joke. She just got too flustered. Comply with a request to stick four fingers in Sarah’s pussy or deep-throat some guy until her nose was tickled by his pubic hair? Sure, no problem. But tell a harmless but slightly off-color joke? No way. That would just get her tongue-tied like a schoolboy at his first dance. Until now.

Her eyebrows still raised in disbelief, Sarah barked at her friend in mock exasperation, “Would you get over here!”

Love stuck her tongue out playfully at her lover then started to extract herself from the makeup chair. She was pinned in by Nikki, who still had a death-grip on the seat of the chair to either side of Love’s butt and whose head was resting lightly on her belly. She’d have to do something about that before she’d be able to get out of the chair. Of course Sarah wasn’t helping matters any as, now that she was done talking to Love, she had gone back to work with her tongue on Nicole’s box. But, after some gentle coaxing, Love managed to get Nikki to lift her head and release the chair with at least one hand, then scooted off the seat to join Sarah at the older girl’s backside.

When the brown-eyed girl got there Sarah once again pulled her tongue out of Nikki’s pussy and Love quickly moved in for a kiss and a speedy cleanup of the juices covering the lower half of her face.

“Mmmm, tasty!”

“If you liked that you’re gonna love it straight from the fountain! Want to share with me?”

It was a rhetorical question of course. Neither Sarah nor Love were the type of lovers to hog a girl for themselves. Not with each other or a select circle of friends anyway. Sharing with each other was just about half the fun. And if Sarah had been like that then she would never have been so insistent that Love join her, instead expecting the younger girl to sit out this round while it was her turn to play. So it was no surprise when the bubbly brunette licked her lips and nodded her head eagerly. But first there were still some logistics to be worked out.

“So who gets the top and who gets the bottom?”

The two lovers shared a wicked grin. Tag-teaming and/or double-teaming a new conquest was one of their favorite pastimes.

But Sarah had something extra in mind for the latest inductee in their very exclusive club, “Actually I was thinking that maybe this time we’d go for the triple-play.” She waggled her eyebrows to go along with the devilish grin she was still wearing.

Love looked down at Nicole’s beaver, seeing the hand that Sarah was using to keep the older girl in the mood rubbing up and down the dripping slit. Since this was her first real glimpse of Nikki’s pussy it was also the first time she noticed that her new lover still had hair there but she didn’t let this distract her. Glancing back up to her best friend Love lifted the index finger of her right hand and waved it in a tight circle. Sarah’s grin grew even more evil and she responded by lifting her unoccupied hand, the fingers closed in an obvious fist. Love’s eyes went round, mildly shocked by what Sarah was suggesting.

Again words were not necessary to communicate Love’s surprise at her friend’s plan, the wide eyes and raised eyebrows saying all that was necessary. Really? Her first time? Sarah just shrugged in response, conceding with that casual gesture that her plan might be too much too soon for the girl kneeling on the floor in front of them. They wouldn’t know until they tried.

“We’ll see. Let’s play it by ear.”

All of this had taken only a few seconds of course and Nikki had absorbed it all while only partly understanding. Top? Bottom? Bottom was easy enough to figure out, she assumed that meant one girl or the other was going to continue to eat her out, but did top mean someone was going to play with her tits at the same time? Nikki liked the idea of that, but then she heard Sarah say something about a triple-play. What the hell was that? The TV starlet was obviously not talking about baseball. And what did she mean, play it by ear?

“We’re going to need more room.”

Now they really had her attention.

Just as Nikki was lifting her head from its resting place on the chair she heard Love say “I got it.” then, addressing her for the first time, “Nikki? Sweetie? We need you to scoot up.”

Scoot up? Did she mean closer to the chair? Not really knowing what Love wanted distracted the makeup artist from the plotting of the other two occupants of the trailer. She moved forward a little more than a foot, ending up with her knees still on the carpeted floor of the trailer and her upper body supported by her elbows on the chair seat.

“That’s it sweetie. Now lift your right leg and put your knee on the edge of the chair…”

“Oooh, good call!” Whatever Love had in mind Sarah seemed to approve.

“That’s it honey… Perfect! Now stay just like that!”

“But wha… unnnhhh…” Nicole didn’t get to finish her question as Sarah took advantage of her new position to resume licking her pussy, her raised leg allowing the blonde even better access than before. Now Nikki understood why Love had her put her knee on the chair. The two younger girls apparently had the extra room they wanted, but what were they going to do with it?

As was becoming the norm for her first Sapphic tryst, Nikki was going to find out in stages.

The first stage started when Sarah began drilling her tongue back into Nicole’s twat. She was quickly joined by Love, who wriggled into a half-laying, half-sitting position that allowed her to mold her lips and her own pink invader to Nikki’s clit. This was another brand new experience for the older girl, as not only was this her first time with other women, it was also her first threesome. So feeling one tongue in her pussy while another one caressed her clitoris was one of the most intensely pleasurable moments in her life.

“Ohhhh! Godddddd!”

Sarah and Love knew exactly what kind of an affect two tongues were having on their friend. This wasn’t exactly their first rodeo. But as had happened so many times already that day neither of them had any need to speak, or even actually look at each other, to understand what the other girl was thinking. Sarah lifted her right hand up to touch Love, the appendage landing as if it was laser guided on the bosomy brunette’s left breast. She gave it a firm squeeze, feeling almost as much as hearing the resultant moan. Heh heh. Works every time. For the next several minutes Sarah’s hand remained on Love’s tit, gently fondling it, until she deemed it was time to move on to the next part of her plan.

When Sarah once again extricated her tongue from Nikki’s muff the older girl could not help but feel a little disappointed. It wasn’t entirely fair to compare, after all one guy vs. two girls, each of whom probably had more experience at eating pussy than Nikki’s boyfriend, wasn’t exactly apples and apples here. So saying that this was the best head she had ever had was pretty much stating the obvious, and given a choice she would prefer that both women continued to service her. However, Love was still busily working her own tongue over Nicole’s clitoris, so it was not exactly a total loss of stimulation. In fact, with Sarah’s tongue momentarily out of the way, Love took advantage of the opportunity to bring her mouth closer to Nikki’s opening and take her fill of the overflowing fluids she found there. That proved to be relatively short lived however, as Sarah took the hand she had been using to knead Love’s boob and brought it back up to her newest lover’s cunt.

Love knew from experience exactly what was going to happen to Nikki next. And it wasn’t just the fingers that Sarah was about to slip into Nicole’s snatch. The blonde paused briefly with the back of her hand resting lightly against the taller girl’s pussy as she let Love’s tongue get the digits ready while the brunette continued to lick Nikki out. Sarah figured that Nicole was probably wet enough and really didn’t require any extra lubrication, but the whole purpose here was to give the makeup artist the best possible first time they could, not chance causing her discomfort by sliding dry fingers into her twat. Okay, good enough. It was time. Let the second stage begin.

Nicole grunted in pleasant surprise when Sarah’s finger penetrated her. The new devotee to lesbian loving was already a big fan of girl-on-girl muff diving, both giving and receiving, but if there was one thing that she would have said was missing from it all it would have been the feeling of having something inside her. And now Sarah had gone and taken care of that. It was like she could almost read Nikki’s mind.

Of course Sarah couldn’t read minds, but she did have an almost uncanny feel for what would take perfectly good sex and turn it into mind-blowing. Male or female, the green-eyed girl just knew what her lovers wanted. Part of it was simply knowing what she herself liked and doing that, but part of it was an almost magical intuition. Taken together they added up to some phenomenal encounters. A description Sarah was determined would be applied to Nikki’s time with her and Love.

If, however, it had been Nicole with the ability to read minds, she might have been a little concerned when she discovered what Sarah’s full intentions were. But, since she also was not a mind reader, she would have to wait until the blonde tipped her… hand to find out.

For the first few minutes Sarah basically slid one finger in and out of Nikki’s cunt while Love continued to lick her clit. But this was just the warm-up and after a brief time doing that the green-eyed girl paused for just a split second to add a second digit. Two down, three to go. Nicole grunted in pleasure as she felt her pussy stretch just a bit to accommodate the two fingers.

Jeez, Nikki’s about as tight as Love. Maybe this isn’t going to work after all.

Of course it was only Sarah’s plan to fist Nicole that looked unlikely to work. The intent behind it, to give the older girl an especially memorable experience for her first time was still very much alive. Not surprisingly, Sarah had something else in mind that would allow her to accomplish that.

But Sarah wasn’t ready to give up quite that easily. As might be expected, the longer she sawed her fingers in and out of Nikki’s cunt the easier it was getting. Partly because Nikki was still quite wet and partly because as tight as the taller girl might be, two fingers didn’t exactly max her out. However, even if they didn’t fill her to the brim, they, along with Love’s ever active tongue, were starting to get the job done.

So Sarah gave it a couple of minutes more before she tried adding a third digit to the mix. She could hear Nikki’s moaning increase as she and Love continued their combined efforts, but in Sarah’s seasoned opinion it would still be some time before her new lover erupted in orgasm. That third finger however, well that might do an awful lot to help move things along. It was worth a try.

Pausing again for just the briefest of seconds Sarah tried to work the ring finger of her right hand into Nicole’s snatch along with the others. It was certainly more difficult than for either of the first two digits, but after a very short struggle she felt her finger slide inside Nikki’s pussy and start to rub along the rippled walls of her tunnel. Nicole gave out her loudest moan of pleasure yet.

With three fingers in place Sarah was forced to admit that she was not going to be able to fulfill her desire to fist Nikki. Not this time anyway. She still thought it was doable, but it was going to take more effort than she had thought and it wouldn’t be fair to Nikki for her to do that without at least discussing it first. But three fingers was nothing to turn a nose up at. And judging from the increased volume of Nikki’s groans of delight she seemed well pleased with the situation. Sarah briefly considered trying for a fourth digit but since that would most likely require her using both hands she abandoned that idea as well. If she was going to go for the third part of her triple-play she was going to need that other hand for balance.

Every so often Sarah could feel Love’s tongue on her fingers as the brunette momentarily strayed from Nicole’s clitoris. The blonde was extremely happy with her lover, she had played her part flawlessly so far. Of course with Nikki on her knees Love’s position at the older girl’s clit meant the brunette was perfectly placed to harvest all the juices that were streaming out of her snatch so why would any girl that loved eating pussy as much as Sarah’s best friend did even want to move? But that was beside the point. Love’s job was to keep Nikki stimulated without overdoing it. And this she had done. This allowed Sarah to finger-fuck the makeup artist for all these minutes without worrying that Nikki would cum too soon, or try to rabbit if she couldn’t handle it. At least not before Sarah moved on to stage three.

When Nikki’s cries started to blend into one another with no obvious end to one before the next began Sarah knew that the end was near. It was time for something that even she and Love had only done a few times, but always with spectacular results. Sarah just hoped that it worked as well with Nikki. And that no one was standing outside her trailer if things went as she hoped. But first, some misdirection.

Mentally crossing her fingers Sarah leaned forward and brought her face to within centimeters of her new lover’s butt. The blonde’s fingers were taking up most of the space in Nikki’s muff, and Love was of course even now orally massaging her clit, but there was still some small room at what would normally be the bottom of the older girl’s vagina. Right by the perineum. Sarah extended her tongue and started to lick her friend there, getting her own, albeit smaller, share of the flowing juices. As she expected Nikki pitched forward at the additional sensation. But as quickly as her friend pulled away Sarah placed her left hand on Nikki’s hip to pull her back. You think that’s something, just you wait.

Actually, it was Sarah who was waiting. Waiting for Nicole to settle down again so she could complete the triple-play. And when the older girl did…

Sarah’s tongue danced across Nikki’s taint and pressed into her butthole.


Once again Nikki tried to escape all the activity going on in the vicinity of her back door but Sarah was even more prepared for this getaway attempt than the first one. She had taken her left hand and wrapped it around Nicole’s upper thigh, using her arm to hold the stylist in place while still allowing her to keep her balance. And all the time she continued to rim the older girl’s asshole, her tongue poking a little deeper when Nikki rocked back into place.

Fingers in her pussy, a tongue on her clit, and now another one pushing and licking at her butt… it was all too much for the girl who had barely even kissed another woman before today.

“Oh Fuck! Fuck! Oh God! Sarah! Oh FFUCK! FUCKKK!!!”

Any hope Sarah held that no one would hear Nikki scream in pleasure flew out the window right behind the sound of her orgasm. If a girl cums in a trailer and no one is around to hear it did she really climax?


So much for being careful. Oh well, too late to worry about that now.

Love felt, as well as heard, Nikki’s cries of pleasure. In fact, she was willing to bet half the Mutant Enemy studio lot had felt and heard them. She would have wondered if the girl was always that loud, or was it due to the novelty of the situation, or was it just that they had been that good, but, having been on the receiving end of the young Ms. Gellar’s talented tongue and fingers many, many times, Love knew that the blonde was indeed, that good. Just as she knew from the many times she had made Sarah scream in pleasure that she was also, that good. Yes, the newness of it all probably enhanced Nikki’s enjoyment a little – Okay, a lot – but Love was also willing to bet that a good portion of the volume was simply because this was one of the most intense orgasms of Nikki’s life. Something the older girl would confirm, repeatedly, in short order.


Meanwhile, outside the trailer, Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter were giggling like a couple of schoolgirls. They had met, ostensibly to discuss the script of a future crossover episode, but in reality, to visit Sarah’s trailer for a little girl talk. The pair had arrived outside the trailer as Nikki’s first moans began to fill the air. Neither recognized the source of the moans though both had become quite familiar with Sarah’s over the course of the last several months and knew that she was not the originator. Nor did they belong to her favorite playmate, of this they were sure. That meant that Sarah was with someone new, to them anyway, though both were quite certain they knew all of the women Sarah usually cavorted with. At least they thought they did. The two TV stars stood idly by, talking to keep up appearances, but neither really paying attention to the conversation, instead focusing on the sounds coming from the trailer, hoping to determine who Sarah was trysting with this time.

It never occurred to either of the two auditory voyeurs that Sarah might not even be in her trailer, and someone else might be responsible for the passionate sounds they were hearing. Once the veil of secrecy surrounding Sarah’s private life had been lifted both had discovered first-hand just how big a libido their young friend actually had. Alyson had always had a bit of a reputation as a party girl, completely at odds with the character she played on the show, whereas Charisma was more reserved. She kept her private life private, much like Sarah, and both she and Aly had thought the green-eyed girl was a little prudish at first, her opinions on sex and nudity in film getting a lot of press as every magazine on the planet labored to get her to pose for, or interview with, them. Therefore, both were surprised when the blonde revealed a decidedly nympho side to her personality. Her “friendship” with Jennifer Love Hewitt was a well kept secret from all in Hollywood, except those in her inner circle, and this included Alyson and Charisma, who had been aware of it from almost the beginning. Privacy was one of the most valued commodities in the young star’s life, and the people she chose as friends were both very loyal to, and protective of, her, and they guarded her privacy as jealously as she did. So there were no worries that anyone would leak anything to the media about the Sapphic affair going on between two of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

But Sarah was nothing if not an equal opportunity nympho. And what had surprised both Aly and Charisma even more than learning the pair were lovers, was the discovery that Sarah and Love, while very much into spending quality time with each other, were both open, almost aggressively so, to inviting others to join them in their play. Aly had jumped at the chance naturally, but Charisma had been a little harder to convince. She was curious, but she was also concerned that she wouldn’t like lesbian sex and that she could damage her personal, not to mention professional, relationships with the other women. As it turned out she need not have worried. Charisma liked fooling around with her friends only slightly less than she liked breathing. And now it appeared that there would be a new playmate for them to enjoy. Once Sarah got through initiating her that is.

Aly and Charisma continued to loiter outside Sarah’s trailer, not sure if they had arrived at the end of the revels, or had simply caught the tail end of an opening act. They got their answer some minutes later when a new set of moans wafted out to meet them. These they recognized as Love, having heard them often enough and even having caused them on more than one occasion.

As Love’s mating call continued to grow Aly heard a voice call her name “Hey Aly, Watcha doing? Hi Charisma.”

“Oh, hi Michelle. Doing? Nothing, nope nothing. As a matter of fact we were just going over to the commissary, isn’t that right Charisma?”

“Yeah, want to come Michelle?”

A particularly loud groan was heard from the direction of the trailer, “Is your stomach bothering you again Charisma? Gas.” This last part was an aside by way of explanation for Michelle. The dark-haired woman with the sudden case of indigestion understood what Aly was trying to do, but the look she shot her friend made it clear she wished the redhead had come up with some other way to do it.

Michelle Trachtenberg looked at her colleagues strangely, “That wasn’t Charisma, it came from Sarah’s trailer.”

“What? No it didn’t!”

“Sure it did. It sounded like Love. I saw her arrive on the lot earlier. She and Sarah must be boinking again.”

Alyson and Charisma exchanged an alarmed look, “What? No, why would you think that? Sarah and Love, no, they’re just friends. Maybe Love’s not feeling well. I think I heard her say she had fish for lunch. That’s it. The fish must have been bad.”

Michelle rolled her eyes at the barrage of denials. Grownups. They were clueless, always treating her like a know-nothing kid in need of ‘sheltering’ from adult things.

Another low moan, quickly rising in volume was heard and Aly continued, “See, the poor thing’s sick as a dog. We should go, let her suffer in pea…”

She was interrupted by Love’s scream “OHHHHH! SARAH YES! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! GOD, I’M CUMMING! YES! UNNNGGHHHH!!!!!”

Aly turned beet red, Michelle stood there smirking.

Charisma just sighed and turned to her friend, “Busted.”

Aly regarded the smug teen, “You can’t say a word about this, okay? It will be very, very bad if this gets out.”

“Yeah, okay. I won’t talk.”


“I promise. Look I’ve known about those two for weeks now and I haven’t gabbed yet. I’m not going to now, I swear!”

“Okay, it’s just that it’s real important. If this leaks out it could ruin Sarah’s career, as well as Love’s, and not coincidentally our show. So it’s real important that we don’t ever say anything to anyone else about this, okay?”

“I said okay. Look I get it. Someone blabs and Sarah gets hurt. I wouldn’t do that to her, you know that. I love her.”

“All right, thanks Michelle. Didn’t mean to get all crazed with you. I trust you, it’s just we gotta protect Sarah, right?”


Charisma chimed in with “And if the opportunity to tease her mercilessly should happen to present itself while we’re busy protecting her, well so be it. Right?”

This was greeted with chuckles all around and a resounding “Right!” from the teenager. Aly continued, “C’mon let’s go to the commissary. I think the show is over anyway.”

As the trio moved away from the trailer Michelle asked “Hey Aly, in between the teasing and the protecting, do you think we could fit in a little small scale blackmail?”

“Aw Dawnie, we’re supposed to use our powers for good!!”

“Oh, c’mon Aly! Please! My birthday is coming up, and I’ve been trying to convince Sarah to let me spend a weekend with her and Love, and this might…” Michelle’s words trailed off as the group of friends moved further away from Sarah’s camper.


Back inside the trailer, Nicole was staring at Love with an incredulous look, the brunette goggling right back, a look of disbelief on her own features. Sarah was pitched forward, one hand raised to cover Love’s mouth and her face turned towards the floor. For an entire minute nobody moved. Then, with a heavy sigh, Sarah lifted her head and chuckled lightly, closing the remaining distance in a flash to kiss Love on the tip of her nose.

“I can’t believe you did that. Hell, maybe we got lucky. Nikki, be a pal and see if anyone’s out there, wouldya.”

Nicole started to get off the floor to move over to the window, saying as she stood, “I was not that loud.”

Sarah rolled her eyes and retorted, “Please, I’ve been to quieter shuttle launches.” then continuing to Love in a softer voice, “She was kinda loud, wasn’t she.”

Knowing she had been forgiven Love morphed from distraught to relieved in a heartbeat, and she giggled underneath Sarah’s hand. When the blonde still did not uncover her mouth she stuck out her tongue and gave the extremity a quick lick, ignoring the fake look of outrage from her best friend. It worked however and Sarah removed her hand from Love’s mouth only to replace it instantly with her lips.

When they parted Love gave the green-eyed girl a sad look and whispered “I’m sorry.”

It had been meant to be a joke. A not so real impersonation of Nikki during her first climax at the hands, and tongue, of another woman. Or women to be precise. Love wanted to imitate the older girl’s orgasm, not necessarily eclipse it in volume. This Sarah knew. Just like she knew that Love wasn’t the only one who occasionally forgot that they weren’t exactly isolated when they were in her trailer.

“I know. Don’t worry about it. We both know I’m as guilty as anyone of forgetting we’re not alone here. Anyway, we can always say I was helping you run lines. C’mon, let’s see if there’s even anything to worry about”

They joined Nikki by the window closest to the door and looked out at the space between Sarah’s trailer and the next nearest. “Anything?”

Nikki shrugged, then said “I don’t think so. I saw somebody turn the corner down there but I think they would have been too far away to hear anything.”

“Well that’s a relief.” turning to Love she continued, “C’mon Sally, let’s see if we can’t find you a muzzle.” before moving back to the trailer’s living area. When she sensed that the other two were not following her she turned to face them again, correctly interpreting the puzzled look she found on both. “Sally? As in, ‘When Harry Met’?”

“Ohh.” Understanding dawned and this time when Sarah turned to move back to the center of the trailer the pair joined her.

Feeling a need for something cold, and assuming her friends felt the same, Sarah went over to the mini-fridge and got a bottle of water for each of them. They sat on the floor in a circle and spent a few minutes relaxing and chatting, Love still fully nude and Sarah clad in only her shirt, but neither of them even mildly concerned with their state of undress. As they talked the conversation, inevitably, turned to their just completed sexual encounter.

“No, never. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some great sex in my life but I’ve never cum that hard before.”

“Or that loud.”

Nicole shot Love a look at that but the brunette just stuck her tongue out at the older girl and giggled. It wasn’t often that Love was on the giving end of the teasing, that was usually Sarah’s job, and she was going to enjoy it while she could. Not that Sarah wasn’t doing some teasing in her own right. She had just set her sights on Nikki as well.

“It’s too bad Love got out of the chair then. Otherwise your tongue would’ve been so deep in her pussy we wouldn’t have heard a sound from you.”

At the reminder of her first foray into rug munching Nikki blushed a fierce red and hid her face in her hands, “I can’t believe I did that!”

“Hey! Hey! None of that! I won’t have anybody being ashamed of what we do in this trailer. That’s the rule in Sarah-land. Anything goes as long as everybody agrees and no one gets hurt. Right?” this last to the brunette sitting next to her on the floor.

“Right!” Love agreed.

Turning back to the still flushed makeup artist Sarah continued, “Now c’mon, we all had fun right? Love, didn’t you have fun?”

“Heck yeah!”

“And what about you, you liked it didn’t you? I mean it sure sounded like you enjoyed yourself.”

Nikki blushed again and nodded, “Yeah, I did.”

“Then where’s the bad? Love liked it, I liked it, and half the lot knows how you felt about it…” The older girl’s face disappeared behind her hands once more, and Sarah stood up and reached down to grasp her by the wrists, pulling the taller girl upright as Love rose to join them.

“In fact…” Sarah lifted a hand to push the hair away from Nicole’s face, “I think it’s time for you to show me just how much you enjoyed it.”

The blonde leaned in and gave her new lover a kiss. Not too demanding but definitely not the kind you would normally see between two friends. When it ended Sarah pulled back and looked over to Love. The brown-eyed girl smiled broadly then faced Nikki with one eyebrow lifted in question. The stylist blushed again, but more lightly this time, and gave the shorter girl a quick nod, ducking her head to meet Love’s lips. This kiss lasted somewhat longer and when they parted Nikki lifted her hand to Love’s mouth and softly brushed her fingertips along the brunette’s lips.

“She’s a really good kisser, isn’t she?” Nicole smiled shyly but nodded her head in answer to Sarah’s question, giggling as the blonde continued, “And you wait, you think you were loud, just wait until this one really get’s going!”

“Hey! I’m not that loud! I bet no one even heard me before! And besides Nikki was way louder than me!”

As she had earlier Sarah rolled her eyes as one of her playmates for the day denied being responsible for any excess noise. Then, directing her reply to Nikki, she jerked her head towards her best friend, “Not that loud. Love stayed at my place the other night and when we were finished I got a call from the neighbors, asking me to keep the noise down. They said they couldn’t hear the train-wreck going on outside.”

Nicole and Sarah shared a laugh while Love tried to look mad but failed. When that didn’t work she settled for giving her lover a spank on the blonde’s conveniently bare bottom. The laughter wound down and Sarah rubbed her butt in a somewhat delayed reaction.


“Oh baby, did I hurt you?”

“Yes! Look, you left a mark!”

“Let me see. Oh, you’re right! Here let me kiss it and make it better.”

Love knelt behind Sarah and began stroking and kissing her abused flesh.

Sarah reached out to Nikki and pulled the older girl to her, saying “And what about you? Do you want to kiss it and make it better too? OWWWW!” as Love gave her ass a sharp nip. The blonde glared down at her friend but was blithely ignored by the busy brunette. Looking back up to Nicole she continued, “I’m sorry, but I’ve just been informed that there’s only room for one at my ass at the moment. Let’s try and find something else for you to do.” Love released the pinched flesh she had been holding between her teeth and resumed her licking and kissing.

Back up top Sarah and Nikki started a gentle exploration of each others lips and mouths, taking their time and getting used to each other. Neither was in any rush, the taller girl still tentative about the path she suddenly found herself on, and Sarah afraid to push and cause her friend to hare off. They continued kissing and gently stroking each other until Nikki pulled away.

Frowning, Sarah asked, “Where are you going?”

Gesturing at her still mostly clothed body Nikki responded “Umm. I was just going to, ya know, take some stuff off. I mean, we are going to, umm, well…”

“That’s a great idea! I should take off this top too! Love why don’t you…” She glanced down at the fully nude girl who had moved from caressing her cheeks to rimming her asshole, “Oh, right, you’re already naked. Funny how that works out. Well, good, you just keep doing… Unnnnnhhhh” as the brunette’s tongue took its first swipe at her overheated slit, “that. Oh yeah, keep doing that!”

Nikki removed her remaining clothing and came back over to where the blonde was standing, eyes closed tightly as she enjoyed Love’s initial invasion into her dripping snatch. She hesitated briefly, then with a silent ‘Fuck it!’ she reached out and cupped one of Sarah’s breasts, rubbing her thumb over the swelling nipple. A groan greeted her advance and she continued to squeeze the breast in her hand while she sorted through her options. There was no longer any doubt in her mind that she was going to play this out wherever it led. It was a little late to back out now, after all she had already brought Love to orgasm with her tongue, and then rode both the other girl’s fingers and tongues to the best climax she had had in, well there simply wasn’t another time when she had cum so hard. So the wallflower act was over, it was time to get busy and enjoy the nubile bodies of these goddesses. Sarah still had her eyes shut, so she did not see Nikki lean forward to suck her unattended nipple into her mouth, her only warning coming when the girl’s lips closed over the erect flesh.

If Nikki had required coaxing and coaching during her first adventure in pussy eating, she needed neither in her efforts at nipple sucking. The girl was a natural. At the first sign of suction Sarah’s eyes flew open and her hand landed on the back of Nikki’s head. The older girl was sucking like a hungry newborn, only releasing the nipple to flick her tongue back and forth across it then quickly applying suction once again.

Against the soft sounds of Love’s slurping and Nikki’s sucking Sarah could only repeat “Oh God! Oh God!” over and over.

The trio continued like this for several minutes until Love noticed that Sarah’s legs were beginning to tremble.

Sarah noticed it too, and tapped her lover’s on their respective heads, “We… Unnnnnhhhhh… We’d better… Oh God that feels good! We’d better stop for a second, I’m too close. Love stop.”

The brunette moaned a protest into the snatch she was buried in. She knew why Sarah wanted to stop, but she was so close to being rewarded with a fresh load of pussy juice. It wasn’t fair that she do all the work and Nikki get the prize!

“C’mon Love stop.”

No response.

“Please? If you stop you can have your way with Nikki. Just think of all the things she hasn’t had done to her!”

Love pulled back, but only an inch or so, “You won’t make me stop again before I’m finished?”

“Cross my heart honey.”

“Well. Okay. But tonight you’re all mine!”

“That’s a promise!”

Nikki released the blonde’s breasts and stood up straight, waiting to see what Sarah had in mind.

“Tell you what sweetie, since you were deprived, why don’t you choose what we do next? You don’t mind if Love chooses, do you Nik?”

The makeup artist shook her head in response. Mind? Someone had to make the decisions here and if Sarah wasn’t going to then it might as well be Love. Nikki sure as hell wasn’t going to. For the moment she was just along for the ride. When she had a little more confidence in what she was doing, then she’d have a better idea of what the options were. But until then…

“Daisy chain.”

Did she just say that? Judging by the surprised look on Sarah’s face she must have. Where did that come from? Nikki glanced over to Love, expecting to see the usually happy brunette looking somewhat miffed, but instead she had a huge smile on her face and she was bouncing a bit in place, hanging on to Sarah’s hand. Nicole watched as Love’s impressive rack jiggled up and down. How the hell does anyone ever get any work done around her?

Even though she’d had her choice pre-empted before she could even voice it, Love was anything but displeased, and with a delighted smile she turned to Nicole to explain “I love daisy chains! They’re like, my eighth favorite position!”

Eighth favorite? Nikki looked to Sarah to explain further but the blonde just shook her off, “Don’t ask. She has a list.” then turning back to Love, “Okay sweetie, how about you decide where…”

Without even waiting for Sarah to finish Love blurted out “The bed!” and started to pull the blonde away.

Nikki followed, eyeing their destination with some doubt. Could they all fit? But Love, followed quickly by Sarah, climbed onto the bed and started to play director.

“Nikki since you’re the tallest why don’t you lie down on that side with your head up top there. Yeah, like that. Then I’ll move over here, and Sarah you’re over there.”

Since it was only the three of them, by the time Nicole had gotten into the position Love indicated and the brunette had settled on her left side with her head placed by the older girl’s crotch there was really only one rather obvious choice remaining for Sarah. But the blonde withheld comment as she moved to complete the human triangle. There were a few moments of fine tuning but when everyone finally came to rest Nicole found herself facing the very muff that had started them down this road in the first place. Only this time, unlike when she had waxed her friend’s lips, she could stare at Sarah’s pussy as openly, and for as long, as she liked.

If Nikki was the base of the triangle then that would make Sarah’s tongue in Love’s snatch the apex. And up at the point the blonde was wasting no time in going to work in said snatch. They had been lovers for years now, and Sarah couldn’t have said with any precision just how many times she’d buried her tongue in Love, but that didn’t mean that she was jaded by it all. Quite the opposite in fact. Every time they were together she still experienced the same thrill she had felt the first time they made love. Some of it was because they were frequently having sex as part of a group, and some of it was because they tried to add someone new to their circle as often as was practical. And some of it was because they were who they were and she knew just how sensational it would be if word of what they were doing ever got out. But much of it, and this went for both of them, was just because they loved each other. Completely. So whenever Sarah had the opportunity to demonstrate that in a physical way she did not hesitate. Of course at that particular moment it also helped that Sarah had had to give up her place between Love’s thighs earlier and she’d been feeling a bit randy ever since. Sarah drove her tongue deeply into Love’s canal, initiating the process which would ultimately end with the brunette moaning in orgasm and the green-eyed girl’s face covered in cream. How could anyone ever grow bored with that?

Meanwhile, at the other end of the triangle’s base, Love was acting more like Nikki and less like her first female lover. But this wasn’t because the brown-eyed girl wanted to take the time to gaze upon the makeup artist’s vagina, this was because Love wanted to give Nikki as much time as she needed to get to work on Sarah without distracting her. And if that meant Love had a chance to gape at her newest lover’s twat then so be it. Suppressing a giggle the brunette concentrated on Sarah’s tongue and waited for Nikki to make her move.

Nicole continued to ogle Sarah’s cunt, getting a better, and even longer, look at it than she had at Love’s. And she probably would have continued to gawk if not for the fact that while she was staring she could see Sarah’s beaver start to cream. Without her having done a thing, and just because the blonde was already licking out Love, Sarah started to get wet all over again. That reminded Nikki about how good Love had tasted and she instantly wanted to know what Sarah was like direct from the source. She bent her neck and inserted her tongue in the green-eyed girl’s gash.

“Unnhhh. Oh fuck Nikki! Just like that!”

Love giggled quietly at the vibrations coming from between her legs. Sarah hadn’t bothered to lift her head when she cried out but both the other girls were able to understand her anyway. Nikki was happy that her initial offering had been found so pleasing but other than a mental pat on the back she gave no indication she had heard Sarah. The hair stylist knew she still had a long way to go before she paid Sarah back for the pleasure she had found at the end of the blonde’s tongue. With an ample amount of help from Love of course. She spent a few moments letting her pink appendage gather as much of Sarah’s cream as was currently available, reveling in the flavor, before moving away from her friend’s juicy opening and spending some time sucking the younger girl’s labia. That was something Nikki loved when it was done to her and she hoped Sarah would enjoy it as well.


Bingo! And she hadn’t even touched Sarah’s clit yet!

By this point Love was tired of being the only one that wasn’t filling up on pussy juice and just about the time Nikki started to suck Sarah’s inner lips the brunette slipped her own tongue into their new playmate’s twat. Mmm. Yummy.


The daisy chain was now complete, all three women tongue deep in one of the other’s cunt.

Under any other circumstances it would be understandable if Sarah was the one to climax first. After all she was the only one of the trio that had yet to have an orgasm that day. And given how much time she had spent, and was continuing to spend, with her tongue implanted in someone’s box, it would be easy to imagine her excitement building until the blonde reached her own personal paradise before either of the other two. Not to mention how close Love had already brought her before they moved the party onto the bed.

But that would discount the exhilaration that Nikki continued to feel as part of what was, after all, still her first lesbian encounter. One orgasm didn’t even begin to blunt the excitement of something this momentous. So it would come as a surprise to no one if it was Nicole that climaxed before each of the others.

And finally, there was Sarah’s competitive spirit. The blonde was fond of telling any of her friend’s, those that already knew of her relationship with Love that is, just how effortlessly she could bring the younger girl to the edge of orgasm, then send her spiraling over or ease her back just to bring her to the cusp once more. And there was some truth to that. Sarah did sometimes find it relatively easy to make Love cum. However, most of the time it wasn’t quite as simple as the TV Slayer made it out to be. Love had learned a few tricks over the years and could now forestall her climax with the best of them when she put her mind to it. And Sarah would have had it no other way. It would be no fun for either of them if the buxom brunette came any time someone touched their lips to her clitoris. Which didn’t mean Sarah wouldn’t be trying to finish Love off quickly. Sarah wouldn’t be Sarah if she didn’t at least try.

Unfortunately for Nicole this still left her at a distinct disadvantage. Both Sarah and Love were far more experienced at making love with other women. About the only things Nikki had going for her was the reality that she was so inexperienced, and therefore she was every bit as excited by the presence of her tongue in Sarah’s pussy as she was by Love’s tongue in hers, and the fact that the blonde was hell-bent on making the brunette cum first. The extra effort Sarah was putting into her oral gymnastics did have a tendency to distract Love from her task from time to time. Even so, Nikki was the odds-on favorite to cross the finish line first.

So the threesome went to work, the moans emanating from each of them a tribute to the girl parked between their own particular set of legs. As the minutes passed and things progressed the moans grew louder and the breathing shallower. Nikki remembered many of the things Sarah had told her when she was just starting to go down on Love, and what she didn’t initially recall she had brought back to her by the younger woman now snuggled up to her own groin. So by nibbling and licking and sucking, little by little, Nikki started to slide Sarah towards her climax.

However Sarah was not travelling that path alone. She knew Love’s body almost as well as she knew her own and she was taking every advantage of her intimate familiarity with the dark-haired beauty to try to bring her lover to orgasm before surrendering herself. With Love there was no one single way to make her cum, any more than there was only one surefire way to make Sarah cum, but there were things each had learned to do to the other that were normally quite effective. And Sarah had immediately set about putting her knowledge to work, using a combination of her tongue thrust deep in Love’s cunt and a thumb rubbing lightly against the brown-eyed girl’s clit to try to get the younger girl off.

And then there was Nikki. By any measure the novice lesbian was doing a remarkable job of staying with her more experienced partners, lasting much longer than anyone would have guessed. But, Sarah and Love would certainly have to qualify as experts when it came to eating pussy, and Nikki was after all still quite green. A break in Sarah’s all-out assault on Love’s muff while the blonde harvested the cream she had created allowed the brunette to concentrate for a moment on her selected victim and with several back-to-back slashes of her tongue across Nikki’s clit the older started to peak, her cries of passion mostly muffled by the position of her mouth still glued to her own target’s snatch.

That was just enough for Sarah. She tried, she really did. And if she had started off on an equal footing with the other two she probably would have been able to hold out for a few minutes more. Long enough for Love to cum before her anyway. But it had been a long afternoon for the Hollywood starlet, most of it spent in a state of constant arousal, and when Nikki started to climax she somehow still managed to return her lips to Sarah’s clit, sucking on the bud with just the right amount of pressure to send the blonde spinning out of control. Oh well. Things might not have gone exactly the way Sarah wished they would, but when you were spending a good part of your afternoon with your tongue in Love Hewitt’s snatch while another beautiful woman licked you to orgasm it was kind of hard to complain.

But even as Sarah came her partner in lust was not forgotten. Nikki wasn’t the only girl in the room that had the ability to keep her wits about her while caught up by her climax. As evidenced by the thumb that continued to fly over Love’s clitoris while Sarah cried out in pleasure. And so it was a little more than a minute later that Love followed her friends across the threshold, although, in spite of Sarah’s statement to the contrary, the brunette barely made a sound as she came. However, it was going to be quite some time before the imprint of Love’s teeth disappeared from the inside of Nikki’s thigh.

For several minutes after their successive culminations the three women lay there on Sarah’s bed in a post-orgasmic haze. Every few seconds one or another of them would rouse themselves just enough to take a lick of the pussy in front of them, helping themselves to whatever fresh cream still remained. Love was the first to move, reversing her position and bringing her head up to Sarah’s so they could kiss. This caused the green-eyed girl to roll onto her back, for the time being depriving Nikki of any additional chances to drink from Sarah’s snatch. But the makeup artist was content, and after waiting for Sarah to settle she made herself comfortable with her head resting on the blonde’s upper legs.


In the meantime, outside the trailer once again, Alyson, Charisma and Michelle were returning from the commissary just as Sarah began shouting her orgasm out.

Michelle turned a smug look toward Aly while Charisma rolled her eyes and said “Now that’s definitely Sarah! Don’t those two ever get tired?”

If Aly had an answer to that she didn’t voice it, and Michelle was much too busy listening to Sarah wail in ecstasy to even hear the older girl. Between the sounds currently emanating from the trailer and those earlier and all the time she’d spent thinking about them in between Michelle was feeling horny. The events of the day had given her some new ideas about how to convince Sarah and Love to let her spend time with them some weekend. They had also given her wet panties, as she grew more aroused with each cry of pleasure. Suddenly the teenager felt a serious need to get to her own trailer and exchange her panties for a clean pair and masturbate furiously. Not necessarily in that order.

Unable to think of an excuse, she chose to forgo one, saying “Umm, I’ll catch up with you guys later. I’ve got to… umm… See ya.”

“‘Bye Michelle.”

“Later.” Charisma cast a knowing look at Aly as the young girl took off, “I hope she has fresh batteries.”

The TV witch giggled, “Do you think we should go bring her some? I always keep spares handy.”

“Aly! C’mon. She’s like sixteen!”

“Your point? And besides, she’ll be seventeen in a couple of weeks.”

“Yeah, well she’ll still be jailbait.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Besides, you know she wants Sarah to be her first. We’ll just have to settle for seconds!”

“Can we have thirds? and fourths? and fifths?”

“You are the greedy slut. Now c’mon, all this sex talk is getting to me. Let’s go talk to Marti so we can get out of here and fuck!”

“You are so on!”


Inside the trailer Nikki was watching Sarah and Love as they kissed. When the pair parted Love leaned closer to Sarah and whispered something in her ear. Whatever it was brought a big smile to the older girl’s face and she reached up with one hand to stroke Love’s cheek.

“More and more, every day.”

After holding the brunette’s adoring gaze for a few moments more Sarah lifted her head to give her lover one last lingering kiss. When they parted this time the blonde looked down to the woman partially draped across her lower limbs, who was gazing at the pair with a tender expression on her face. Which Sarah, fighting back a blush, chose to ignore completely.

“So, was that what you thought it would be?”

“I… had no friggin’ idea! I guess I can admit it now, but when I did think about what it would be like… not even close! God! Who knew a woman could taste so… so… fantastic!”

Love and Sarah were sitting upright on the bed with legs crossed now and they exchanged a look at Nikki’s enthusiastic responses, “Well, we did for starters.” the brunette answered, “and believe it or not there were others before us.”

“Oh I believe it. Shit, if you told me 90% of the women in Hollywood knew about this I’d believe it! And if they don’t we should tell them!”

Sarah rubbed her jaw “Welllll, I don’t know about 90%, but I do know it’s more than anyone thinks. You’d be surprised at the number of actresses that… indulge. Would you like to meet some of them?”

“Would I! Are you serious? You bet your beautiful ass I would!”

Sarah and Love exchanged another look and laughed.

“Score!” Sarah chortled then gave Love a high five.

Nikki giggled a little saying, “You make it seem like you just got another member for the club.”

Deadpan, Sarah responded, “That’s what it is. I get a $10,000 bonus for each one I bring in.”

Love objected to the exclusion, “Hey! What about me? I helped!”

“Of course you did sweetie. I meant we. Of course, if we split Nikki we’ll still have to bring in another by month’s end to meet our quota.”

“We’d better start looking right away. There’s not much time.”

Nikki watched this exchange incredulously “What? Are you serious? Is there really a club?”

The pair exploded with laughter, falling into each other’s arms for support, then falling onto the bed when that failed.

Their laughter finally wound down and Love looked over at the bewildered girl, “No honey, we’re just messing with ya. There’s no club of lesbian actresses in Hollywood. At least not that I know of. But, you know, now that I think about it maybe we should OWWWW!!”

That last after Sarah had pinched the butt of the young brunette lying next to her, “Don’t even think about it missy! You’re mine and I’m very selective about who I share you with, so watch it!”

Love’s look of outrage, fake as it was, softened immediately, charmed as she always was by Sarah’s possessive streak, “Oh baby, I know that. I was just kidding. You know I couldn’t be with just anybody.”

Totally delighted by what she was witnessing, Nikki chimed in “You’re picky huh?”

Turning to look at Sarah’s makeup artist Love responded “Absolutely. I have excellent taste in lovers. Not everybody’s up to snuff.”

“So no airheaded tarts or club hopping bimbos for you huh?”

“Nope. I have better taste than that.”

Sarah started to travel up Love’s exquisite body, a smile beginning to show on her face, until she had drawn even with her lover’s face, and they stared into each other’s eyes, “You do, do you?”

“Oh yes, much better. In fact, I’m renowned for my taste in lovers.”

“Oh really? Renowned by who?”

“Everyone. Everyone knows I have the best taste in lovers in Hollywood, bar none.”

“That’s funny, cause I always thought I was known as the one with the best taste. How could both of us have the best taste in lovers?”

Love just had time to get out “It’s a mystery.” when their lips touched and further conversation was halted while they started to kiss again.

When they parted this time they paused for a second to smile at each other and then, again proving their ability to communicate without uttering a word, both girls launched themselves across the bed to where Nicole was still lying. The suddenness of their attack gave the older girl no time to fend them off but when they both started to kiss her softly, first together, then by turns, she realized that the last thing she even wanted to do was defend herself.

“Oh shit! What time is it?”

It wasn’t how anybody would have asked for the kissing to end, but the thought had popped into Sarah’s mind unbidden as she remembered that she still had some work left to do on-set.

“Almost 4.”

“Crap! Where are my clothes?”

“Shoot! I’ve got to get going also!”

In a flash the girls were pulling on their clothes, a brief comical interlude interrupting them when Sarah grabbed Love’s bra by mistake. The dark-haired girl looked somewhat baffled by the situation but Sarah just burst out laughing.

“Shit, I’d have to smuggle cantaloupes to fit in that thing!” She handed the undergarment back to her friend as they continued to dress, Love getting another laugh from the blonde when she offered up her thong a few seconds later. “Wiseass.”

And then they were finished dressing and getting ready to head out the trailer’s door, but not before they had each taken a moment to give Nikki another kiss, and to make at least tentative plans for a repeat performance.

“We’ll do this again, right?”

An emphatic nod of the head from Love, “Right!”

“I’d really, really like that! I mean…”

Love cut Nikki off with another kiss, then pulled away and said “Believe me, we know exactly what you mean.”

And with a final “Goodbye!” they were out the door.

Leaving Nikki to stand there, still completely naked, while she came to terms with the afternoon’s events. She’d had sex with a woman. Two of them. Two beautiful, scorchingly hot, women. And she’d loved it. At least now she understood why Sarah and Love didn’t consider themselves gay. Having sex with them, now and in the future, had nothing to do with Nikki’s appreciation of men. Especially her boyfriend. In fact, it might be possible, at least in Nikki’s case, that this would end up being good for her and the BF. She’d have Love and Sarah and maybe some others to play with, and she’d have her boyfriend for all of her other needs. In fact, she wouldn’t be at all surprised if this made her a better girlfriend. And lover. This was about as win-win a situation as Nikki had ever heard of.

And it had all started with Sarah, and waxing Love.


Now all she had to do was figure out how to explain the teeth-marks in her thigh to her boyfriend. With a quick giggle the stylist started to dress, hurrying to join Sarah on the set.

* * * * * * * * *

Okay, so another one bites the dust. Given the age of this story is it any wonder?

If someone had asked me a month or so ago if I was still writing I’m pretty sure my answer would have been No. I couldn’t quite get myself to admit it, but I was starting to think I was “retired”. After all, it’s almost 2 years since I posted my Harry Potter story on TSSA. And since that time writing had become a real chore for me. Not the fun hobby it was supposed to be. But then I sat down and reread some of my earlier stuff, and that gave me a few ideas, and one thing lead to another, and suddenly I had an idea about how to make this story work, and, well, here we are.

I had to rewrite more than half of this to get it to a point where I wanted to post it, but for the first time in years the words came easily. I don’t know if this is going to last or not. But while it does I’m going to enjoy it.

Up next – Hell NO! I’m not even going there. What happens, happens.

Until next time,


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