Emma’s Torment – Part 1

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Emma’s Torment – Part 1
By Killzone21
Celebs: Emma Roberts, Hilary Duff
MF, MMF, Ff, nc, bdsm, rape, viol
DISCLAMER: Nothing that is written here actually happened. It is all FICTION!

Emma Roberts was walking down the street holding her latte and reading
over her script. She was taking a break from the new movie she was
co-staring with Hilary Duff as the lead. As she was walking and
reading, she lost track of how far she was from the set. It wasn’t too
long before she looked around and realized that she was lost. “Shit!
How the hell did I end up here?”
The set was on location near East LA,
reason being that the movie was a crime drama and Hilary Duff plays a
rich girl who gets kidnapped by a Mexican gang for ransom and Emma
plays her little cousin who takes matters into her own hands in
looking for her.

It was noon and she found herself in a ghetto looking neighborhood
with old torn up looking houses and small yards. She was wearing blue
jeans that molded into her skinny legs and a yellow number 8 Kobe
Bryant Lakers jersey that was a little too big for her small and tight
figure so when ever she lifted her arm you can see the side strap of
the white sports bra that covered her A cup size chest. She also had
on a pair of Chuck Taylors and a white head band holding her jet black
hair back. This was what she was wearing in the movie. The 17 year old
teen star was trying to retrace her steps and find her way back to the
set. When she rounded one corner she saw about 6 guys playing
basketball. These guys did not look too friendly at all. Just about
all of them had on tattoos that they probably got from prison or from
their respective gangs. All of them looked Mexican and dangerous.

Emma thought to herself that asking them for directions is definitely
a bad idea but if she doesn’t, she might end up in a far worse
situation. “I can’t believe I forgot my purse in my trailer! It had my
phone in it!” She spitefully said to herself. She built up some
courage and slowly approached the strangers. But the closer she got to
them the more frighten she became and had second thoughts. One of the
guys must’ve been at least 6’5″ and 350 pounds of fat and one of the
others about the same height but had a muscular built. The other four
were average height and skinny. She took one more step forward. None
of the gang members had noticed her yet. She changed her mind and
instantly turned around to run away discretely as possible but she hit
a wall face first which knocked her back on her ass causing her to
spill her latte on her jersey and her script of papers flew

When came back to her senses she looked up and realized that the wall
she hit wasn’t even a wall. It was a man who stood almost 6 ft tall
and must’ve weighed at least 300 pounds wearing thuggish clothing
looking down at her with the biggest grin you can imagine. “What the
fuck do we have here? Hey little girl are you lost?” Emma looked up at
him bright eyed, afraid to say anything. “My name is Big Mike, what’s
your name sweet thang?” Emma still on the dirty pavement softly spoke”
Emma”. “Well Emma, we are having a little party at my house to my left
after my homies finish playing ball and I would love it if you would
join us.” Emma was so focused on Big Mike that she didn’t realize
that the other men stopped playing and surrounded her. She stood up
very slowly. ” I’m sorry, I would like to, but I have to be somewhere
right now and I was hoping if you could tell me where…… and before she
could finish the sentence someone from behind punched her in the
stomach and all of the oxygen in her lungs seemed to disappear which
made her unable to scream. Then another punch connected with the back
of her head and everything went black.

Emma slowly opened her eyes, still dazed and confused. She had a
nasty taste in her mouth and her body felt so week. All her clothes
were still on but she felt damp all over and the smell and taste of
urine consumed her. She stood up but she couldn’t move. Looking down
she saw that her left ankle was handcuffed to a ring that was screwed
to the concrete floor. She looked around and saw that she was in a
large shower room and a water hose was on the ground. Video cameras
were in all four corners of the room pointing straight down at the now
shaking teen. The room was dark and frigid and so silent. The young
girl started to cry and she fell to the ground in a fetal position
crying into her arm.

That’s when the door opened and a sharp blinding light blasted
through the room. When Emma looked up to see who was there she
automatically closed her eyes again as she felt her retinas burning
from her eye sockets. Then she heard the door close and the light was
sucked out of the room. She slowly looked up again and barely could
see three large shadowy figures at the door. Tucking her head between
her knees again she prayed that this was a dream. The footsteps of the
large figures were getting closer and she just waited. Suddenly she
was brought back to reality as she felt the extremely cold water
smashing against her back. “Ahhhh! What are you doing? Stop! Her
pathetic pleas fell on deaf ears as her whole tiny body was blast with
the water hose. “I’m sorry honey, we need to clean you up before we
can have a little more fun. Last night was great! All of our gang came
by and took turns just pissing on your pretty face and all over
clothes! It was great cause we video taped everything!” said a guy’s
voice. Still crying and screaming Emma tried to get out a few words,”
why are you doing this?” That’s when the hose was turned off as they
finished cleaning her. And a man started to speak again, “My little
niece loves your little TV show. She watches it every day! So I just
had to take the opportunity that you gave to me when I saw you just
trotting down the street. I also have to tell you that I love to watch
your show too and now you are going to make my own fantasy come true!”
Emma’s head was still tucked between her knees hearing all this.

She wondered what he meant by that. That’s when she felt someone grab
her hair and yank her head back with one nasty jerk that almost broke
her neck. When she opened her mouth to yelp it was silenced by
something that was forced down her throat. That’s when the light
turned on and Emma looked up and saw Big Mike’s evil grin as she
realized what was choking her. Big Mike had his enormous 10 inch cock
half way down her throat. He grabbed both sides of her head and
viciously began face fucking her. This automatically induced her gag
reflex and she started vomiting, mostly through her nose as he began
to gain speed. And after every thrust his cock fell deeper and deeper
down her throat. Sometimes he even held all 10 inches in her throat
for long periods of time causing her to choke violently. It was
almost impossible to catch a breath as her own vomit was forced back
down her throat and some into her lungs. After almost 10 minutes of
the most brutal abuse she ever had in her life, she again passed out.
Big mike continued to fuck her face with an incredibly fast pace for
another minute until he finally shot his load into her belly. He
dropped her limp body back to the dirty floor, and then checked her
pulse. “Still alive, good.” he said to himself. He got the hose,
turned it on and sprayed her once again. This automatically woke her
up as she began squirming and again began screaming, “ah stop! Leave
me alone! Someone help me!”

The cold water was turned off. “Scream all you want little girl, no
one will hear you down here!” Emma just started sobbing and whimpering
for her mother. “My homies over here are going to help me with a
little task that I set up for you that I’m going to totally enjoy
watching. Don’t worry, they have been instructed not to fuck you
unless I tell them. My little niece is upstairs in my living room and
I told her that you are here to visit her and she can’t wait to see
you! But first we are going to have to change you out of those nasty
clothes and wash you up again and give you something else to wear. And
if you give any single hint that you are a captive in my basement I
will tear out your guts and choke you to death with your intestines.
Do you understand?” Big Mike said with a very eerie casual smile. Emma
has never been more petrified. She was already broken and fight less
and was already scared into to do anything he says. She just looked
down at the floor in shame as the water drips down her beautiful face.
I’m going upstairs to tell my niece you are on your way, my two
associates are going to help prepare you. I’ll be back in 20 minutes
with a little surprise that will make your visit with her more
enjoyable for me. And just like that he was gone.

Exactly 20 minutes past and the basement door opened and Big Mike
came in, he looked so enthusiastic and he had something in his hand.
In the middle of the room he saw Emma standing with her head down. She
was wearing a tiny blue jean skirt that barely went past the bottom of
her small butt cheeks. The white T-shirt she was wearing appeared to
be way too small for her as it hugged her braless chest forcing her
nipples on her small perky tits to bulge out through the thin cotton.
She also had on a white baseball cap that was cutely turned slightly
to the side. Her tennis shoes were pink and she was wearing knee high
white socks. Big Mike walked over to his beautiful captive, still
looking at the ground with tears in her eyes. He reached down and
using his big finger, lifted her chin up. “Ok, you are going to have
to stop crying. This is going to be your chance to practice your
acting skills. My niece is 10 years old and she is in love with you so
you better look like you are happy to see her and you better pretend
that you are having fun hanging out! And to make things a little more
interesting I have something that will definitely test your acting
ability!” With that he revealed what was in his other hand. She looked
down at the object kind of confused, and then it came to her. Her eyes
grew wide and she looked up at Big Mike with the cutest pout on her
face you will ever see.

In his hand was a red 7 inch long vibrating butt plug. He grabbed
Emma’s neck, turned her around and bent her over. He pulled her Barbie
designed panties to the side slightly to reveal a tight pink anus and
right under that the smallest pussy lips he’s ever seen on a teen
girl. He brought the plug over in front of Emma’s face. “Spit on this
you little cock tease!” he ordered. It took a while for her to respond
but she finally gave in and dribbled some saliva on the object. He
took the plug in his other hand and pointed it at her little asshole.
Emma cringed as she felt the plug beginning to gain entrance to her
rectum. The pain it was causing made Emma squeal hysterically. Big
Mike had to cover her mouth with his free hand to silence her. “Shut
the fuck up stupid girl, the door is open and my niece will hear you!”
After some extra effort he finally got the whole butt plug in. He
pulled her panties back and stood her straight up. Emma couldn’t stand
too straight as her body was so tense due to the pain in her bum. “Ok
here’s what’s going to happen, you’re going to go upstairs and
introduce yourself and spend the whole day with my niece in my
presence.” Big Mike explained. He reached into his pocket and pulled
out what looked like a small remote. “See this? This will control the
vibrations of the butt plug in your asshole. You will only know when I
turn it on when you feel the sweet vibes.” He released her ankle from
the cuffs. “Ok now start walking! I’ll be right behind you. Remember,
if you do anything other than what I told you, consider your life
over!” Emma made the effort to walk, but the way she was walking made
her look like she shit her pants.” Ha ha! You look hilarious! I love
it!” Big Mike screamed.

When she reached the top of the basement, she opened the door to what
looked like the living room. She took a few steps forward and peered
off to the left. She saw a cute little Hispanic girl sitting on the
couch. She had such a bright smile on her face, seeing her teen idol
standing right in front of her and wearing her clothes. “Hi! My name
is Samantha. How do you like my clothes? I hope they are not too small
my uncle said that yours got all dirty from falling into a mud puddle
on your way over here so I let you borrow some of mine.” Emma looked
so sad. Big Mike walked up behind her. He pressed a button on the
remote. In a hesitant sigh she blurted out, “I love your clothes!” and
she fell to her knees. Samantha ran to her aid, “are you ok? Do you
want me to help you to the kitchen; do you need something to eat? Emma
looked at her with a tear coming down her cheek and a forced smile on
her face, “I’m fine, please lead me to the kitchen, I’m kind of
thirsty.” Samantha took Emma’s hand and lead her to the kitchen and
helped her to the seat at the breakfast table.

Big Mike took a seat at the end of the table to observe the two
girls. Emma tried to sit up as straight as possible but her body was a
little contorted due to the discomfort in her rectum. Samantha was
wearing a colorful flowery Sunday dress, tiny white socks and black
and shiny Mary Jane shoes. Her long brunette hair was held back by a
pink bow on top. She served Emma some fruit loops and sat back down
next to her hero. “So what is like being a celebrity? You must have a
lot of boyfriends’ right?” she eagerly asked. Emma paused for a
moment, “it is great, I get to travel the world and meet cool people.
But no I’m not allowed to have boyfriends; my mom said I’m too young.”
Samantha looked confused, “wow that’s weird, I’m allowed to have
boyfriends and I’m only ten! Unky Mike is my boyfriend!” she said with
a big smile. Emma looked to her left at the end of the table to give a
disgusted look at Big Mike. He just coldly smiled at her and pushed
the button again causing Emma to almost fall out of her chair. “Are
you ok?” asked Samantha. “I’m fine; I just have a stomach ache.” Emma
started to eat some cereal, she was happy to get some of the nasty
taste of urine out of her mouth. But just about every other bite she
would take, Big Mike would push the button causing her to cringe and
spill some on herself. And both Big Mike and Samantha would just laugh
every time. The little girl thought Emma was playing around. “I love
your show Unfabulous, I watch it every day!” Emma just smiled and
continued eating.

So for the rest of the day Big Mike tormented Emma while hanging out
with the two young girls. Every time she would get out of line or just
to get some amusement he would push the button causing Emma to fall to
the ground or cringe in her seat. After a while her pain was causing
her to have some unwanted pleasure from the vibrations she was feeling
and at times the vibes would cause her to wet herself uncontrollably.
At times her pussy juice would just run down her inner thigh and
Samantha would see this and would ask if she peed herself. Emma would
just tell her that she had a bladder problem that she was trying to
get over and they could both hear Big Mike just laugh his ass off.

Finally at the end of the day Emma and Samantha said their goodbyes
and Samantha was sent to bed. Big Mike grabbed Emma by the arm and
took her back downstairs into the basement and re-shackled her ankle
to the floor. “People are looking for me! You can’t keep me here
forever!” She screamed. “Oh I know that miss Roberts, that’s why I’m
going to have the most fun with the little time I have with you. You
and me are going to have one long night! And when I’m done, my buddies
are going to have their fun too. And then I have a huge surprise at
the end! Ok I’m going to shut up now, lets begin!” Big Mike said with
a sadistic smile. He grabbed Emma by the neck with one hand and with
the other he reached up her skirt and tore off her wet panties. He
then stuffed them in her mouth. ” keep these in your mouth or ill
choke you to death with them!”. She just nodded in defeat.

His large hand returned to her hairless cunt, violently rubbing
between her tiny wet folds. She tried her best to squirm out of his
grip but he was just too big and too strong. She weighed no more than
95lbs and was only five in half feet tall. His middle finger started
guiding its way into her tight opening. “Holy shit you’re tight! Well
not for long” Big Mike said with a sadistic smile on his face. He
pulled his finger away and reached for the shackle and released her.
“Let’s see how you taste!” With that and while still standing he
flipped the tiny starlet over up side down so that her cunt was
literally in his face. He wrapped his huge arms around her skinny
waist and started to go to work with the sweet flesh. Her pussy was so
smooth and so sweet that he attacked it with such extreme ferocity it
caused her to scream through her Barbie gag. Her creamy smooth, skinny
legs were kicking angrily as his tongue dug deeper into her cunt. He
then reached down with a free hand and unzipped his pants, letting 10
inch monster flop out and hitting Emma on the nose. “Spit those
panties out and keep that cum bucket open you little cunt!”. She
instantly did what she was told. She knew she had no chance against
his size and brute strength. Big Mike grabbed Emma’s pony tail and in
one big thrust he slammed his whole cock down her throat until his
balls slapped against her small nose. Vomit spewed out automatically
after his first pull back but he just continued to fuck her face as
spit slime and puke was running down going up her nose and into her
eyes. This sudden onslaught was causing her to choke on her own puke
after every time he choked on his cock. This went on for almost 20
minutes. After a while Emma began to gain control of her gag reflex.
Big Mike, on one final thrust, held his dick in her throat for almost
20 seconds shooting cum into her tight belly. Her whole body was in a
spasm and she tried to wiggle her way off but it was too late and she
passed out again.

Emma awoke again with the same taste in her mouth, the taste of urine
and vomit. But this time she was on a bed and happy that the big butt
plug was out of her. She tried moving again but realized that her
wrists were tied to the bed post. She tried moving he legs only to
find out they were spread eagle and tied to the post as well. She was
completely naked this time and she was ball gagged. She looked around
the room and saw very bright rainbows on the walls and they had
shelves that were stacked with dolls, Barbies and pink teddy bears. On
the ceiling was flower pattern paint with a very bright light in the
middle. “This must be Samantha’s room.” She thought to herself. She
struggled to get free but it was no use. Then she heard some giggling
coming from under the bed. She knew who it was immediately but then
she heard anther voice, one that was familiar too.

Samantha finally popped her head out and Emma saw her smiling between
her skinny legs. “Hi Emma, I’m so glad you woke up finally!” She hoped
on top of the bed with Emma wearing a loose white lace dress that went
down to her knees and also her black mary janes with knee high white
socks. “We’ve been waiting for hours, just playing over your pretty
body and taking pictures. My unky and his friends was playing with you
for hours too. (5 hours earlier: After mike was finished with her he
took his cell out and called his friends. No more than two minutes
went by before six of them came strolling in. They were all large men
and all black. They quickly removed their clothes and started to get
to work with the limp skinny body. “Do what ever you want with her but
don’t hit her! We need her to look perfect for when Miss D gets home!
Big Mike stated. All the men agreed with wicked smiles on their

My Unky said I could do whatever I want with you but we would have to
be done by midnight. That’s my bed time. But anyways I brought
someone, someone you might know! She’s my daddy’s little cousin and
she couldn’t wait to see you again!” Emma was in tears one again, she
didn’t know how to feel at that moment. Then to the right of her when
she turned and saw who Samantha was talking about, her eyes almost
shot out of her sockets. It was Hilary Duff! She laid her face right
next to Emma’s until there noses touched. “Oh poor Emma, your spoiled
ness has finally caught up to you! Yum you smell good. My cuz must’ve
marinade you with his piss, did he? I will never forget that feeling!
She stood up and walked to the end of the bed. She was wearing really
short camouflaged cargo shorts that molded her perfectly tight ass
like a glove, and a white tank top that showed off her sexy toned abs
and pierced belly button. Her dirty blond hair was in a pony tail that
went down to her mid back. She wasn’t wearing any make up and her
natural beauty didn’t require any of it. Her slender 5’3″ 100lb frame
leaned against on one of the bed post as she started to tickle one of
Emma’s bare feet. The little tied up teen was squirming for her to
stop. Hilary retracted her claws and then seductively licked the bed
post slowly from bottom to top never breaking eye contact with Emma,
“now we can really get this party started!” She then started
unscrewing the bed post, to be continued …………..

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