Nathan Price And The Hidden City

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Nathan Price And The Hidden City

Disclaimer: Alright, this story is not to be read by anyone under 18 (or in some certain doomed places) 21. If you get caught jacking off by your mother/father/auntie/uncle/Grand Parent. Keep in mind it’s not my fault! Please send me constructive criticism to my e-Mail address at: [email protected]. (Yes that’s a zero, the word porn isn’t allowed on Hotmail. Also remove the nospam part, so I don’t get any junk mail.)

Author: Pendulum

Celebrity: Hilary Duff, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ashley
Tisdale, Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Codes: MF, FF, Cons, Oral, Bond, Viol, Death

Author’s Note: Alright. First off, big thanks go to: rupert and ByD. Rupert helped me better the lesbian scene and ByD was just a fountain of suggestions when it came to the story. Secondly, the story may be a little low on the detail before the lesbian scene. Not giving away the personal details but I had some time off and before the break I wasn’t quite myself. Thirdly, the bondage is very, very, very light. Fourthly, the death and violence is not included in any type of sex but simply in the story. Anyway, on with the story!

“Back in black!
I hit the sack!
I’ve been too long I’m glad to be back!
Yes, I’m let loose!
From the noose!
That’s kept me hanging about
I’ve been looking at the sky
‘Cause it’s gettin’ me high!”

Brian Johnson’s gravel-like voice assaulted our ears as my boat kicked to life, the sound of it starting signified the start of our journey. To my left side, sat at my boat’s spare front seat, was Sarah Michelle Gellar, the customer funding my latest expedition. Her long brown hair cascaded down her beautiful body, running onto her white dress. It was a long flowing piece of clothing that must’ve kept her cool in the warm Hawaii weather. She was slowly leafing through a archaeology magazine that I couldn’t see the title of.

Sat behind her were two young, beautiful students of archaeology, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Ashley was a blonde bombshell and had on a mint green coloured top with white pants that cut off at her knees, she also had on a pair of white pumps. Vanessa’s jet black hair had been tied back into a ponytail which showed off her pretty face well. She was clad in a tight fitting white shirt with an orange skirt with black shoes on, accompanying her right arm was a golden bangle that she claimed belonged to one of her ancestors who was a treasure hunter. Both of the young students were looking outside the windows admiring the lovely view we had. The sun was setting lazily while the water rippled fiercely as my boat pushed its way through.

And that leaves me. My name is Nathan Price and I am a treasure hunter.

Standing at six foot exactly and weighing nearly one hundred and seventy five pounds I’m not exactly an intimidating dude. But pass me a 9mm pistol and I’ll even the odds. Dressed in a white top, that seemed to be a lot tighter than I last recalled, and a pair of jeans that had most definitely seen better days. I’m twenty six years old and have been hunting treasure for nearly my entire life. My father was a treasure hunter and his father before him was too. I ran a hand over my jaw. Feeling the freshly acquired stubble, I sighed quietly, hoping no one would hear it. I was wrong.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked. She hadn’t changed from her original position of leafing through a magazine.

Closing my eyes lightly, I spoke softly.

“Nothing… Well, something doesn’t feel right… You know what? Ignore me. I’m sure it’ll clear up soon.”

I reached over and cranked up the AC/DC as we gained speed. My GPS system beeped to life as we made our way forward. Sarah’s numbers had better be right…

Two Weeks Earlier

“Rico, another scotch when you’re ready, bud,” I said to the Peurto-Rican barkeep, placing my glass on the counter. He nodded his head as he served another customer. The hotel’s outside bar was a nice enough place, it was one of those tourist friendly things. You know the type, looks like it’s made of straw and bamboo, a Hawaiian sheet hung over the canopy making it look complete.

Looking up in the top corner of the bar, there was a small television showing a strong woman competition. God, they looked like freaks with their muscles bulging like that. I winced in disgust and was joined in my disgust by a surly drinker behind me.

“Jesus. Turn that crap off!” The voice called out, a young waitress nodded and hurried behind the desk, switching it over to a old Western movie. Couldn’t tell you which one it was, but it looked violent. I smiled and looked around, turning at the bar so I was resting against it with my back to it.

“Mister Price? Your drink.” Rico said softly, I turned and smiled. Digging into my jeans pocket, I scooped out my wallet and pulled out a fresh, crisp note. Placing the note in Rico’s hand, I turned back around and spoke.

“Keep the change buddy.” Rico smiled and thanked me for the extra change. Scanning the scene, I saw Ashley and Vanessa enjoying themselves by the poolside area. I smiled as I sipped at my drink, looking around, it was always the same this time of year. Princes, millionaires, movie stars, musicians, people with too much money basically. They littered the bar and with their usual racist views bossed around the poor bar staff like they were slaves. Unfortunately, I needed a job and would have to find one of these bastards to give me a job.

I looked back over to Vanessa and Ashley, the latter meeting my eye. With that, I simply nodded my head, closing my eyes ever so slightly. Giving the impression I was looking off into the distance. Ashley nodded her head and leant in to talk to Vanessa, cupping her right ear, Ashley whispered to Vanessa who in turn looked over at me. She too nodded her head and the pair made their way over.

This is how things like this normally go. I would prop the bar up, when one of the two would come over and make a big scene about me being a famous treasure hunter. Perk the ears up. You know? Then, the other girl would be playing the part of a princess/heiress/movie star (Depends on the crowd) and claim that I did a job for her Father. Once people are listening, I play down my role and then the icing on the cake. The girl says I worked for only thirty two thousand. Which is a lot, but to these guys it’s barely anything and all I have to do is bring them back a measly trinket and suddenly they’re Indiana Jones.

Looked like Vanessa was going to spot me this time. I prepared myself when the goddess stepped in front of me. Dressed in a short black dress with matching high heels, her hair was loose and hanging over her shoulders. She also had on a pair of large black sunglasses that kept the sun from her eyes.

“Evening,” she said simply, looking at me with a smile.

“Evening,” I matched her phrase and looked over at Vanessa who was standing still, mouth agape. I crooked an eyebrow when the brunette spoke again.

“So, what’s a lady got to do to get this sort of attention?” She asked, passing me a copy of the latest ‘Archaeological Times’ magazine. I took it from her hand and looked over the cover, it was slightly faded but it featured me on the front cover. I read the front cover aloud.

“’Nate’s after Marco Polo!’ Jesus, this is already out? I don’t think I’ve got the royalties yet,” I said, leafing through the magazine quickly.

“It’s not out yet. Daddy owns the factory, I got an advance copy.” The brunette said, lifting her large black glasses up. “My name’s Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mister Price… I have a request of you.”

I raised an eyebrow, looked over to the girls who had made their way back to the pool. What the hell? I looked back at Sarah and nodded. “OK, what’s the job and how much?”

“Straight to the point, I like that in a man! The job… The job is a real wild one, I’m not sure if you’ll take me seriously.”

“Look, Sarah, please carry on. I’ve had requests to find and skin Bigfoot before, nothing surprises me anymore,” I said, looking into her eyes.

“Atlantis,” Sarah said simply, looking at my face fall.

Shaking my head, I took a sip of my drink, looked at Sarah and again shook my head. “Atlantis is a myth. A fairy tale. A story… It‘s not real. A city under water? Come on.”

Putting my finished drink on the bar, I got ready to leave when Sarah kept my attention. “What if it’s not under water, but underground? Mister Price we‘ll pay you one million dollars plus a bonus of three million if you find it.”

If they could, cartoon dollar signs would’ve popped up in my eyes with a comical ‘Ka-Ching’ sound effect at the mention of those words. Looking into the distance, the wheels in my head started to turn. Looking at Sarah, who seemed completely serious. I sighed cautiously. “OK, I’ve bit. Do you have any serious evidence to support this?”

The excitement on Sarah’s face was barely contained as she nodded and dived into her black leather handbag. Pulling out a large clear file, she opened it up to the middle page where there were several print outs of a jungle area. She passed me the small pieces of paper, no bigger than a Polaroid print-out. I looked over each of them, they showed off a jungle area with a large stone wall poking out from behind the moss and weeding.

Shaking my head lightly, I spoke. “What am I looking at?”

“That is an area in coastal Thailand, discovered by a British agent we have. Miss Knightley found it earlier this week. She also found this.” With that, Sarah dived back into her bag and grabbed hold of something. Pulling it out slowly, Sarah didn’t expose it fully but from what I could see, it looked like the head of a trident…That or it was an extravagant gardening fork.

“So, you think that’s where Atlantis is?” I asked, ignoring the fork for the time being.

“We think that could be an entrance to it. It’s possible that it has several entrances, especially when Miss Knightley also discovered these co-ordinates.” Sarah then passed me a piece of A4 paper that had three different sets of co-ordinates on them. Two of which had been crossed out.

“So, you want me to investigate this possible entrance.” I said, assuming I knew the answer.

Sarah smiled and laughed lightly.

“Sort of. I’m coming with you.”

Well, that’s a first. I looked at her, my eyebrow raised in surprise.

“You’re coming with me? What makes you think you can?”

“Well, for the amount me and Daddy will pay you I think its fair that I come along to watch our investment in action.”

“Suppose there’s some sort of a fight?”

“I have a gun licence and own two 9mm pistols. I can probably out shoot you.”

“Doubtful. Alright, can you scale walls?”

“As long as there’s a lip to it yes.”

I had to give it to Sarah, she seemed determined to come along. In a decision I would come to regret, I nodded my head.

“OK, fine. When do you want to leave?” I asked, leafing through the pages of photographs again.

“How does Sunday in two weeks time sound?”

“Perfect. I have two Archaeology students with me. They’ve wanted to be out in the field for quite some time now. Are they OK to come with us?” I asked, passing the papers back to Sarah.

“I don’t see why not. Are they going to be able to handle themselves?” Sarah asked, looking into her bag as she put the kit away.

“Of course. I’m their teacher, why wouldn’t they?” I asked, a little apprehensive about my girls.

“Oh, no reason. I just want to come out of there alive that’s all,” Sarah said, as she put her hand up, motioning for Rico.

“Yeah, well don’t you worry about them. They’ll be alright, I assure you.” I said, as I requested another scotch. “So, why come down here just to meet me?” I asked as my drink was topped up. I passed Rico a note which was a bit more scruffy and collected my change. Sarah took her drink and we both sat down at the bar.

“Honestly? I think I wanted to look you in the eyes and see you for myself.” Sarah said with a shrug.

“Did I disappoint?” I asked, masking the hope in my voice.

“Not really. You’re every thing I thought you would be. Mister Price…”

“Nathan or Nate, please,” I interrupted Sarah with a pearly white smile. Sarah matched my smile. Jesus, she was beautiful.

“Nathan, what do you expect from our expedition?” Sarah asked as she sipped at her drink.

“Well, I think we’re going to have an experience at the least. Whether we will find Atlantis or not is another story. From those pictures, the temples seem to be either Incan or possibly older. We may not find Atlantis, but we may find something notable,” I answered honestly. I had no real reason to lie at this point in the arrangement.

Sarah went to say something but was beaten to her comment by Ashley and Vanessa who made their way over.

“Nate, what’s going on?” Ashley asked, as the two subtly checked out Sarah.

“We’ve got a job girls. Two weeks time we’ll be setting off, Miss Gellar here will be coming with us too,” I answered as Sarah politely made her way out of the conversation. Vanessa leant in and whispered to me.

“Can we trust her?”

“I think so. Ron’s still in Russia though, so I’d like to have someone who’s handy with a gun watching my back. You two going to bed?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Yeah. What’s the plan for tomorrow?” Ashley asked, running a hand through her blonde hair.

“Well, I’ve got stuff to do. Set the boat up for the trips, get supplies et cetera, et cetera. So, you two can enjoy yourselves, just keep your cells on you.” I said, still their teacher. The two nodded their heads and said goodnight to the two of us. Sarah then spun back around.

“Those your students?”

“That’s right. Vanessa’s the one with the black hair and Ashley is the blonde,” I said, sipping at my scotch.

“Are they lesbians?” Sarah asked, unsure of the unusual closeness.

“Yeah. Have been since they came out of college,” I looked at Sarah who was transfixed with the pair as they left. “That a problem?” I asked, knowing how people around here got.

“Not at all. I support gay rights and I think it’s really cool that you work with them.”

“Well, they’re good kids and they’re passionate too. Any way. What‘s your story? You don‘t seem the type to be interested in missing cities or lost treasure more…” I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but couldn’t say it without sounding like an asshole. Fortunately, Sarah beat me to it.

“Fashion shows?” Sarah suggested, saying what I didn’t want to say. I deftly nodded my head as Sarah smiled, flashing her pearly white teeth to me. “I tried to get into that scene but the idea of finding things untouched for centuries just seemed too intense to not investigate.”

Nodding my head along, I watched as Sarah sipped at her drink. She seemed to be genuine enough.

I then knocked back my scotch and looked to Sarah who finished her drink. “I’m going to hit the sack, I think. Got a lot to do now that I’ve got a job.”

Sarah then said something that surprised me.

“Want some company?”

I turned and looked to Sarah. “Wha-” Sarah took my head in her hands and shoved her tongue down my throat. I soon retaliated by wrapping my arms around her small frame and pulling her in closer. Breaking for much needed air, Sarah looked at me with heavy, lust filled eyes. Her hot breath coursing over my lips.

“Nate, I want you. I have seen I first laid eyes on you. Come with me to my suite.” Sarah then kissed me so passionately on my lips again, moaning as my hands cupped her small ass. We broke the kiss and I simply nodded, my cock was rock hard and I hadn’t got laid in a good while now. Sarah squealed with delight and took me by my hand, leading me from the bar and into the hotel lobby.

Walking through the lobby, me and Sarah made a beeline for the elevator, placed at the back of the large ball room. We were such a rush that I failed to notice a rival hunter, Hilary Duff, propping up a wall near the entrance. “Well, well, well, Mister Price. What are we doing here with Miss Gellar?” Her words were quiet, her partner in crime barely noticed them.

Stepping into the empty elevator, Sarah pressed the button for the top floor. Once the doors closed, Sarah spun around and we quickly embraced in another passionate kiss. Wrapping my arms around her body, I moved her up against the elevator wall and pressed her against it. Moving my hands down her body, I felt her soft thighs through the fabric of her dress and lightly squeezed them, making her moan through our kiss. I broke off and started to kiss her neck, brushing her brown hair away first.

Sarah gasped and shut her eyes tightly as I kissed at her soft flesh, her arms wrapped around my neck and tugged together tightly. Pulling me into her embrace, Sarah moaned as I flicked my tongue against her neck. Fumbling towards the electronic door panel, I found the ’Emergency Stop’ button. Pressing it, the elevator reached a stop giving me more time to work with.

Kissing my way down Sarah’s body, I kissed at her neck before slowly making my way down to her marvellous breasts. Reaching her cleavage, I lightly pulled away Sarah’s left sun dress strap, then quickly matching the other. Sarah’s breasts fell into the cool air of the elevator, her nipples had hardened at our antics.

Sarah leant backwards so she was pressing against the wall of the elevator, I leant down slowly and lightly sucked on her right breast making her moan in appreciation. Moving my right hand up her body, I lightly fondled her left breast, rubbing my thumb over her nipple Sarah moaned again, her head leant fully back staring towards the sky. I wanted to stay there. Really I did, but I was needed elsewhere. I pulled my head away from Sarah’s magnificent chest, and lightly sucked her other nipple before moving down her body.

Dropping to my knees and ignoring the arthritic pain, I ran my hands up and down Sarah’s legs before slowly moving her skirt upwards. Her wet pussy was exposed to me, the fact that this woman had neglected to wear any form of underwear made me wonder if she wanted this all along.

Bringing my finger up, I lightly ran it along her pussy’s lips catching some of her moisture. Taking it in my mouth, I sucked at it lightly as Sarah started to breathe heavily. Well now, on to the main event. Leaning in, I put my face inches away from Sarah’s wet cunt and lightly flicked my tongue against it.

Listening to her breathe slowly, I slowly began to lick in a circular motion around her wet snatch. When Sarah arched her lower body, I smiled to myself and placed a hand on her stomach to keep her from grinding her pussy against my entire face. It had been a while but I still knew all the tricks of the trade. I spread her pussy open with two of fingers from my right hand and slid my tongue just inside of her. Sarah gasped lightly and tilted her head back towards me to watch what I was doing.

“Ohhhh… Nate… ” Sarah moaned as she started to slide her hands through my jet black hair. I slowly moved my tongue in and out of her pussy teasing her with every move. I lightly wiggled it against her clit before I started sliding it along her slit. Taking a chance I looked up to see Sarah’s expression change from surprise to pleasure, which only encouraged me to move my tongue against her pussy faster. Sarah gritted her perfectly white teeth, gasping aloud in the confines of the elevator. “Ahhh… Nate… I want you…”

Hearing that, I lifted my head up and smiled. “That can be arranged…” Standing up, I held Sarah’s legs apart while I unzipped my jeans. Just as I was about to push my way in, the intercom buzzed, breaking the sound of Sarah’s panting.

“This is hotel maintenance, what seems to be the problem?”

The man spoke with broken English, typical of this hotel‘s staff. Looking up at Sarah, I grinned and pressed on the large red button to reply.

“Uh… Hi… This is Nathan Price and I’m here with Sarah Michelle Gellar. No need to worry my good man, we’ve got it sorted now.”

“Yes sir, thanking you.”

Laughing to myself the elevator kicked into gear as Sarah pulled herself away from the wall and rearranged herself. Looking at Sarah, I grinned and pulled her towards me. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I planted a kiss on her lips which she gladly reciprocated.

The disappointing ‘ding’ of the elevator doors opening made us break our embrace. Sarah was wobbly on her feet from our embrace and needed help getting to her room. We stepped out of the elevator and walked down to the end of the long corridor, Sarah took out her key card and clumsily let it slip into the door’s lock.

Practically falling through the door, both me and Sarah stumbled into the lush, luxurious hotel suite. I barely had time to examine my new surroundings before Sarah had pushed me to her bed and was already tackling my jeans belt buckle. Unhooking the iron clasp, Sarah pulled the leather strap apart and soon had unzipped my pants fly. Reaching her hand in, Sarah pulled my boxer shorts down and exposed my cock to the cool air.

Breathing heavily, Sarah eyed up my piece with lust in her eyes. Her warm emerald green eyes locked with mine as she opened her mouth and moved her head forward. Taking my cock deep into her mouth, Sarah never once moved her eyes from mine. She slowly sunk her lips together, applying light pressure to my dick.

Sarah slowly extended her tongue and let it bash against my dick. Groaning, I titled my head to the ceiling, it had been a while since I last got laid and Sarah was simply a Goddess. Almost immediately, Sarah started to bob her head up and down on my pole keeping me locked into the room. Putting her hands either side of my legs, Sarah pushed herself up from the bed to give herself a better position. Taking in only half of my dick, Sarah would bob her head down to halfway on my shaft and then slowly pull herself back up towards the tip. Drawing out the feeling, at an antagonising rate.

Sarah let out a low moan as she sucked at my cock, her moans vibrated around the room as she bobbed her head. Taking my right hand, I slowly brushed it through her soft brown hair, moving it from in front of her pretty face. Sarah moved her right hand from the bed and slowly wrapped it around my cock’s base. Pumping away at my cock as she bobbed her head up and down, Sarah moved her body up a little to give herself better leverage.

Slowly pulling herself up off of my dick, Sarah resumed pumping away at my cock. Every so often looking up at me, while I had my eyes shut tightly. Sarah leant in and planted a soft kiss on my cock’s head, she then care-free opened her mouth again and swallowed half of my cock. Bobbing her head up and down, making it slick with her spit, Sarah moaned lowly around my dick. Sarah let her tongue travel from inside her mouth and let it bash against my dick’s underside playfully.

She stroked away at my stiff pole with her tongue as she continued to bob her head up and down on it. Sarah then dragged her mouth up to my dick’s head and slowly let her tongue flick against it with ease. My groaning obviously encouraged her as she carried on with this action, making me move up off of the bed forcing more of my dick past her mouth.

Sarah seemed to be in complete control of the blowjob, she obviously had experience beforehand and was using it expertly. Sarah easily slid up and down my shaft, merrily sucking at my cock. She gave no signs of whether my dick was the biggest she had, or whether she was just that good. Sarah smiled and opened her mouth, my dick falling from her mouth freely.

Beaming up at me, Sarah then opened her mouth and leant forward. Her lips enveloped my member’s head, which was all she seemed to want to take. Her tongue then started to tap lightly against the head, her lips forming a smile as I moaned.

Sarah’s left hand then moved upwards and cupped my sac lightly, her hand resting with my nuts on its base. Sarah lightly squeezed them, before she moved her head off of my member. Sarah looked up at me and smiled sweetly. Leaning in past my spear, Sarah planted a kiss on my nuts before she took my cock back into her mouth. Wrapping her lips around my head again, Sarah dropped her mouth so she had half of my member in her mouth. Her tongue moved to the underside of my member, the soft spongy organ dragged along the under vein. Evoking yet another moan from me, Sarah smiled and let herself bob up and down on my member at a steady speed.

Dragging herself off of my member again, Sarah took her hand off of my sac and using said hand, she pushed my cock upwards so it was pressed against my chest. Sarah smiled and lightly licked her way up from my base to the head, reaching the purple helmet, she licked her way around the head. Jerking my cock steadily, Sarah leant in and spat on my cock, her sweet saliva splattering against my cock.

Groaning and having had enough, I took Sarah’s hands in mine and pulled her upwards. Sarah quickly broke away from my hand and peeled off her dress, ditching it on the floor she turned around and hopped onto the bed. Taking a few moments to drink in the sight, I watched as Sarah moved up the bed and parted her legs. Breathing slowly, Sarah looked at me and smiled. “Come and get it Nate.”

Smiling to myself, I nodded and knelt on the bed. I gripped Sarah by her petite waist and aimed my cock with my free hand at her warm, tight cunt. Both of us gasped at the same time. Me, due to her insane tightness and I’m not sure why she gasped, but I’m glad she did. Obviously means I did something right. Her legs smoothly fell to the bed before they wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer into her. Still kneeling, I placed both my hands on her hips and started to fuck her.

Sarah’s eyes were half open in lust, as she started to roll her hips towards my member. I put my right hand up on her magnificent chest and lightly squeezed her left breast making her moan aloud. My left hand was pressing on her bed sheets as a base for my thrusting. I started to pull my member out and slam it back in at a rough pace, withdrawing about three quarters and burying half of the member back in.

I wanted to change positions, so I unhooked her legs, keeping them in the same shape, I lightly rolled her over and managed to keep myself buried in her. Pressing myself over her, in essentially a reverse missionary position, I could hear Sarah gasp at each thrust I took. Close to cumming already? I kind of hoped so as I carried on fucking her at the same brutal pace. A wicked grin then flashed over my face. I took hold of her hips and pulled them up so we were in a doggy style position.

Mustering up some strength, I gripped hold of her hips and pulled her upwards so her legs were off of the bed sheets. Then, quick as a flash, I pulled myself forward, burying my dick inside her and got myself a better grip of her small body. Gripping hold of her by her thighs, I started to slam myself forward and a relentless pace. Sweat was already starting to drip off of me, this position was a classic endurance tester.

Sarah seemed to get with the programme rather quickly and propped herself up on her elbows, shifting all her weight so that it was at the top of her body. Sarah’s head fell forward so it was resting on her pillow, letting me do all the work, Sarah simply moaned into the pillow.

As I fucked her cunt, I could hear Sarah starting to breathe heavier. Good. I was close to cumming but could hold out if she came first. The sweat was rolling down my face and starting to sting my eyes, I couldn’t keep up this position for much longer. Sarah was still on the bed, so I just let her legs drop down into a standard doggy style position. Sarah gasped aloud at the sudden drop but was back into the action of being fucked. Putting my hand on Sarah’s hips, I pulled her upwards so she was off of my dick at a two o’clock position. Wrapping my hands around her waist, I moved my hands up to her large breasts and lightly cupped them, rubbing my thumbs over her nipples. Sarah gasped aloud before her breath started to get shorter.

“Fuck… Nathan I’m coming!”

Just what I wanted to hear. I nodded silently and moved my head around, reaching Sarah’s face we kissed again. Our tongues clumsily bumping into each other as Sarah started to cum. Breaking the kiss, Sarah threw her head back, her brown hair throwing itself against my chest as she came over my dick, her screams bouncing around the room.


I wasn’t far behind her and started to pump faster, taking my hands away from her chest, I pushed the dazed Sarah down and carried on fucking her from behind. Gripping hold of her hips, I carried on pounding away at her until I felt my balls tense up. Keeping hold of my self restraint, I called out to Sarah.

“Sarah, I’m going to cum!”

“Not in me… On my ass.” Sarah let out, her body almost in a state of shock as she simply shook with each pounding I delivered. Nodding to myself silently, I pulled out at the last moment and shot my wad all over her small ass. My strands sailed through the air and hit her skin with a light ‘smack’ sound. I breathed deeply as I shot several strands out, decorating her ass. We were still for a moment, before Sarah rolled over, my cum staining on her sheets.

“That… Was probably a mistake…” Sarah said looking up at me from her bed. I looked at her and nodded.

“Yeah, I’ve never done that with a client before.” I thanked my lucky stars, the majority of my clients were miserable old men too racist and sexist to care. Chuckling lightly, Sarah broke the temporary silence.

“You should probably go… I’ll get in contact with you later on tomorrow.”

Nodding my head lightly, I pulled on my jeans which were mere inches away from the bed. Grabbing my shoes and shirt, I made my way over to the door. Pulling my shoes on, I tucked my shirt under my arm temporarily.

“I’ll be at the dock all day. Lot number 34. You can meet me there if you’d like?” I half asked, half said as Sarah pulled the bed sheets over her. Sarah barely acknowledged me as she nodded half heartedly. Shaking my head, I opened the door and walked out into the hallway. Looking down the corridor, I could’ve swore I saw someone I didn’t want too.

Walking down the corridor, I reached into my pocket and pulled out nothing. Fuck. Where was my knife? Finding the stairwell, I opened the door and stepped out into the stairwell, keeping my wits about me. With the door still open, I took my hand off of it slowly and looked around. What was about to happen, struck me off balance. The door was kicked back into my face, sending me crashing to the floor.

Yelling in surprise, I put my hands up to guard my face when a big boot was delivered to my gut. Dangerously close to the stairs, I reached up for the rail to pull myself up, but was hit by another big fist. Teetering on the top, I reached up again when a voice spoke up.

“Clive, that’s enough.” Shaking away the tears in my eyes from being hit in the face, I saw my attacker was Clive Owen.

“Clive? Who let you off your leash?” I retorted, still trying to find the source of the voice.

“Fuck you, ya cunt!” Clive said in his strong British accent, he towered over me and had what seemed to be nearly double my strength. Gripping me by my neck he threw me across the floor, I hit the opposite wall with a thud. Pressing at the floor, I pushed myself up where I came face to face with the last person I wanted to see.

“Hello Nathan.”

“Hello Hilary. What do you want?” I spat, pulling myself to my feet.

“Just a chat,” Hilary said, keeping her voice calm and collected.

“I’d prefer a piss off.” Always quick to retort against my rival, I looked around and only saw Clive with her.

“Ha ha Nathan. Ha ha. Now, what were you doing with Sarah Michelle Gellar? Don’t even try and deny it either!” Hilary said, her voice raising at the end of the sentence, almost as if it was a question.

“Sarah? Heh, can’t two people just meet in a room to have fun with each other?” I said, tempting fate as Hilary’s face contorted at the image. “What’s wrong Hilary it wasn’t so long ago that we were doing the same thing. Remember? Before you stabbed me in the back?”

I should explain… Years ago, Hilary was in a similar position to Ashley or Vanessa. A student of archaeology, only thing is… So was I. We were barely out of college when we got roped into searching for a golden idol in Alaska…

“Goddammit! I knew it would be cold. But this is taking the piss!” I cursed, slamming the Ice Truck’s door behind me, startling Dizzy, the driver, and my two fellow students, Paris and Hilary. “How much further Dizzy!?” I shouted, still fuming about the situation we had been landed with. Our employer, Malcolm McDowell, head of McDowell Industries, had sent us out here with little more than the bare essentials.

Dizzy was a sturdy man, late forties with long gray hair, tied back into a braided pony tail. He had a big bushy beard that had specks of snow on it from when I opened the door. Dizzy peered out of his window and back at the map, then he looked at me. “’Bout thirty more minutes that way.” Dizzy said, pointing in a north-ward direction.

I nodded my head silently and slumped into the tatty, yet comfy chair. Looking behind me, I saw Hilary and Paris curled up in each others arms trying to keep themselves warm. I gave them both a small thumbs up sign to try and keep their spirits up. They simply nodded their heads with a defeated look in their eyes.

“What the fuck are we doing here?” I muttered to myself as the engines roared to life, taking us back on our trip out to a frozen hellish landscape. Dizzy chuckled to himself and changed the gear on his freakishly large gear box. Closing my eyes, I silently prayed to whomever was listening that we could all get out of here in one piece. What I didn’t know was that only two of us would, and only one of us intact.

The roaring engines stopped and Dizzy nudged me, waking me up. Rubbing at my eyes, I saw the large abandoned science post that we were sent to investigate. I shook my head silently and pushed myself out of the chair. Dizzy spoke in his thick Texan accent. “You say there won’t be much in there?”

“Can’t see why there would. When the local police came they would’ve removed anything that looked like evidence. This thing wouldn’t, we should be ten minutes tops.” I answered grabbing my fleece and bag of equipment. Waving a hand in front of Hilary and Paris, the pair stirred, looked up and saw what we saw. The two then pulled themselves out of their seat and joined us in the cockpit.

“Should we get going then Nate?” Paris asked, struggling with her large bag. I silently nodded and opened up the side door and jumped down to the snow. Looking around, there was no sign of life, obviously this thing had been dead for years. Apparently, this golden idol we were sent to look for had magical powers. Caused a group of scientists to go mad when they had it in their possession, so why Mister McDowell wanted it in his is beyond me.

The four of us walked forward into the building, stopping at the main doors, I peered up at the corner and saw a broken down video camera staring straight at the door. It captured everything that occurred that fateful night and even some of the strange aftermath. Just as soon as we saw it, it fell off of its placing and hit the floor with a crash, circuits shooting out everywhere. I looked over at Dizzy who looked back at me with a similar look in his eye. Persevering, we made our way into the building. There were scorchmarks all over the place, tables, computer desks, chairs, computer screens every where.

We took a few more steps in before I turned around and spoke. “Alright. Let’s find this thing and get the hell out of here. It should be behind a picture of the team that was here. If it hasn’t been burned down that is…” I said that last part to myself as we made our way into the complex. The building itself was tiny and didn’t really seem like a top scientific facility. It was the most rectangular building I had ever seen in my life. Right at the start of the facility you could see the end of it, in the middle there were two frozen pillars with glass casing wrapped around them. Weird.

Looking around, I saw a black box, with a padlock on it. Pulling my .38 out of my pocket, I held it by the barrel and smashed at the padlock. Loosening it, seeing Hilary behind me I passed it to her. “Can you hold onto that for me Hil?” I asked, opening up the box. Inside the box were various floppy discs each marked with dates and times. I picked up the box and scooped it under my arm, turning round I saw that Hilary had wandered on. My gun still in her possession. Shrugging, I set off just behind her, looking around.

“Hey! We got it here!” Dizzy shouted as he unhooked the painting, placing it down on the floor beneath where it was hanging. I ran around the long way, retracing my steps from the inside and down to where Dizzy and Paris were. Right enough, just behind the picture was a golden box with various jewels on the front. Dizzy grinned a toothy grin and pulled the box out, opening up the box, Paris pulled out the small golden idol. All of our faces made big goofy grins as we looked over our objective.

“Fantastic! Now, let’s…” BANG! My gun went off smacking into Dizzy’s big head. His brains splattered against the wall, Dizzy fell to the floor in an lifeless heap. My jaw dropped and Paris screamed at the sight, turning around I saw Hilary holding my gun pointing at Paris. The smoke rising out of the barrel it raised to the sky lightly as Hilary smirked from behind it.

“Pass me the idol Paris and I won’t hurt you.” Hilary said with a smirk on her face. I looked over at Paris who looked absolutely terrified, sure enough she complied and took a few steps forward, holding the Idol out in front of her. Hilary grinned and snatched away the idol, looking it over Hilary shrugged and placed it on the floor. “It’s ugly. God knows why Fox wants it.”

That was it then? She’d double crossed us and she held all the cards. Looking around, there wasn’t much to escape to, I stepped forward and spoke softly. “Hilary, I’m not sure what this Fox told you, but this really isn’t helping. Why don’t you give me the gun and we can talk about this.” Never works in the movies, maybe it would in real life.

Hilary looked at me and smirked. Nope, not in real life either. Remorseless, Hilary pulled the trigger blasting Paris in her chest. The petite blonde fell to the floor, gasping for air. Hilary then spun and shot at me, just missing my leg as I darted backwards. I took off towards the ice truck Dizzy had parked at the front, the keys were still in the ignition and I could surely get out of here if… BANG! The second shot aimed at me caught me in my thigh, dropping me instantly. Falling to the floor, I crawled towards the door, hoping to escape the mad traitor. Hilary’s footsteps weren’t far behind me as I clawed at the grating on the floor.

“Nate, stop crawling. You’ll make a mess.” Hilary scolded me, as if she cared. Looking around, I was getting nowhere fast and needed cover. With a last burst of energy, I pushed myself into a cubicle next to me just as a shot sailed through the air. That was four shots, she only had one left, and that one had to have my name on it. Looking around in the cubicle, as potential weapons I saw a fire extinguisher and a stapler. Not exactly an armoury then. Grabbing the fire extinguisher, I waited for Hilary to walk into swinging distance. Pressing myself up against the cubicle wall, I waited patiently, when I saw a better idea.

I was right in front of the frozen walls of ice in the glass tubing. Eyeing it carefully, I saw that I could easily drop to the next level and escape from Hilary. Making the decision, I threw the extinguisher at the glass shattering it instantly. Pushing myself out of the cubicle, I fell to the next level hitting it with a thud. Hilary peered down over the glass and aimed a shot at me, desperately, I pulled myself back, ignoring my new surroundings. Finding a new cubicle, I pulled myself around it, and held myself up against the wall. Praying, Hilary would just give up on my case.

My breathing was slowing unconsciously and I couldn’t see straight, gasping for air, I clawed at the wall before my eyes shut into what I could only assume was my death.

Blackness. Do you know how boring it is? There’s like… Nothing there. Only sounds. Sounds? That can’t be right. Dead people can’t hear things can they? Opening my eyes, I could only see a bright white light. There were voices speaking a foreign language. Russian? Polish? Hell, could be French I’m so delirious. Trying to speak, a cold hand went over my face and cupped my mouth. A sudden pain hit my thigh as the hand held itself over my face. Just as soon as it was there, it was gone. The pain disappeared and blackness soon reappeared.

Blackness. Do you have any idea how boring it is? Well, now you do. It’s boring! Opening my eyes, I looked around at my new surroundings, and they were different. I was in some sort of hospital, with modern technology around me. I was filled with tubes, running in and out of my arms, I could hear the ‘Beep. Beep. Beep.’ noise registering my heart beating. So, I’m not dead?

There was a faint male voice in the corner of the room, he was speaking with another female voice. In a moment of dumbness I called out to them.


The voices then died, and there was a sound. The two stood and walked over to me, unable to move myself they peered over me. One, was a tall man, with short black hair and a chiselled jaw. He had a shit-eating grin on his face and looked like a dude you did not want to mess with. There was a blonde with him as well, staying just out of my sight, the man looked at me and spoke. “You’re lucky Mister Fox has let you live. He arranged for you to have a… holiday in Egypt. You’ll be there for three months before you come back to a job in Barbados taking tourists around the local hotspots. Understand?”

No. “Who are you?” I asked, defiant and wanting answers.

“I’m Mister none of your fucking business, and this here is my associate Miss go fuck yourself. Understand? You’re going to Egypt as soon as you’re out of here, then you’ll come back and live a quiet life in Barbados. We won’t tell you again.”

With that, the two disappeared as a blonde nurse walked into the room. “How are we feeling Mister Price?” She asked, her voice sounded like she was from California. “Did your two visitors get a chance to see you? I normally wouldn’t let them in, but when the blonde said she was your partner, well I just had to let them in.”

Fuck! A partner? Who was that blonde woman? “Nurse, what exactly happened? I’m kind of fuzzy on the whole twenty four hours…” I asked, looking up at her.

“Well, you were shot in your leg and you’ve lost a lot of blood. You seem to be fighting fit now though. Do you remember where you were?” She asked, as she walked next to the bed, fiddling with the controls.

“Alaska?” I took a shot, I remember it was freezing cold.

“Alaska? Well, we found you on our doorstep. Sir, have you taken any drugs recently?”

Shaking my head, I was clean and knew it. “No, I’m positive it was somewhere cold.” The Nurse made a ‘whatever’ noise and walked towards the door. “Oh, just one more thing. Some of your other friends left you this note for when you were feeling better.”

That’s weird, the nurse handed me the note to read. Lightly tearing open the envelope, I pulled out the piece of paper as the nurse made her way out, explaining that a doctor would be in shortly.

‘Nathan Price, you may not remember us but rest assured we will help you. We belong to a small group known as ‘Lyon’s Pride’. We aim to preserve the secret of the Travelgates and with your help we can. The people who tried to kill you are very dangerous and belong to a group who want to exploit the Gates. Take their offer and leave the country. I can only assume that they will send an assassin after you. It would be best if you stayed away. I will put you in contact with an associate who will look after you. Godspeed Nathan!

Sincerely Jade Lyons.’

What? Travelgates? Sounds like a Sci-Fi novel. Grinning to myself I threw the note over to the trash can in the nearest corner and waited for the doctor. That explains that, now back to a worse situation.

Hilary shook her head lightly and laughed. “Nathan, please I never had any intention of sleeping with you. Not when I’ve got Clive here.” Hilary said, trying to coax me into something I’d regret. Not taking the bait, I looked over at Hilary and grinned.

“Fox still got you working with this chump then?”

Clive looked ready to make a lunge at me, but Hilary kept him in check. “Yes, now what’s the job?”

Laughing aloud, I took a moment to savour her brashness. “Come on Hil, you really think I’ll tell you that? You should know how this works by now. You set Clive on me, I refuse to talk. You try to seduce me, I still refuse to talk, you call me a homo and storm out. Then you follow me and I beat you to the treasure, claiming all the rewards and all the glory.”

Hilary looked fuming and stormed out up the stairs, stopping only for a moment to call Clive up after her. I wiped away some of the spit I’d dropped from the assault and watched the two climb the stairs. What have I gotten myself into this time?

Present Day

As ‘Back In Black’ finished Sarah rummaged through my CD collection.

“Do you not have anything that isn’t classic rock?!” She half asked, half exclaimed as she reached the end.

“What’s wrong with classic rock?” I asked, as the ship went along faithfully. The girls in the back giggled together before Ashley suddenly announced.

“That’s right!” Both me and Sarah turned to look at the two, who were giggling at each other.

“What is?” Sarah asked, with a smile.

“I’m pretty sure there’s some other music in my bunk. Vanessa, you mind helping me look?” Ashley said with a mischievous grin. Putting two and two together, I nodded and pointed towards their bunk underneath the ship’s main deck.

“They’ll be a few hours.” I explained to Sarah as she put the maths together herself and nodded.

Below Deck

Walking to their room, hand in hand, Ashley and Vanessa were an endless source of giggling, constantly cheerful, they seemed to brighten up the crappy underbelly of the boat. They eventually reached the room and quickly got in, before Ashley turned to Vanessa and spoke.

“I kind of lied before. I don’t have any CD’s here.”

“You lied? But, what are we supposed to do, now that we’re here in our bunk. My lesbian sense says that you had an ulterior motive in bringing me here!”

“And what kind of motive would that be?” Ashley asked, her giggles now dead, only sexual tension walked with her as she took one step closer.

“I think that you want… Me” Vanessa said and closed the distance between their

At first their lips barely touched. The two women weren’t new to this but they knew what it was like on the boat. It could be action stations at any moment. They were very careful and slow in their movements, desperate to preserve it. It wasn‘t long, barely more than a peck, but it was a special one since it was their first at sea in a long time.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Vanessa said, her breath warm on Ashley’s cheek.

“What? Making out? We’ve made out before.” Ashley said, teasing her exotically beautiful lover.

“No, not that! I can’t believe we’re doing it on Nathan’s boat! When we’re so close to our first official treasure hunt too!” Vanessa said, with a squeal of excitement.

Ashley simply grinned as she initiated another kiss. Ashley slowly pushed Vanessa backwards to the rather large attempt at a double cot by Nathan. One last push towards the bed got Vanessa on to it. Ashley, with a grin, simply fell down next to her, lying next to her lover for a brief moment.

Ashley started to feel her way around Vanessa’s loose fitting shirt, her hand roaming over the soft fabric before settling on each side. She lightly tugged it up to reveal Vanessa’s gorgeous flat stomach underneath. She then let her hands gently caress her soft skin. Vanessa took a deep breath and relaxed under Ashley’s light touch. Ashley hovered over Vanessa for a brief moment. Moving her face closer, their lips met in another brief kiss.

Ashley’s touch felt wonderful and Vanessa wanted to give her partner all the access she needed. Vanessa moved like a cat as she rose up and pulled away the shirt, over her head. It was quickly thrown to the floor and Vanessa was down to her white lacy bra.

“Yummy.” Ashley simply grinned as she savoured the sight of Vanessa’s magnificent form. Smiling, Ashley moved in and started to place kisses in the valley of Vanessa’s cleavage. At the same time she let her right hand fondle the left breast through the bra. Ashley kissed her way upwards and another kiss was initiated. This kiss lasted longer as they grew more confident that they wouldn’t be disturbed. Vanessa fumbled with her lower half of clothing, feeling overly dressed for the occasion. She arched her back so that she could get rid of her skirt. Sliding it down, Vanessa managed to get it halfway down past her tight, firm ass when Ashley noticed her struggling lover.

“Oh please… Allow me.” Ashley said, a mischievous grin creeping over her face.

Ashley then moved down and pulled the skirt off, dumping it with Vanessa‘s shirt. Her panties, just like the bra were white and lacy. Just from looking, Ashley could see that Vanessa was wet by the way they clung to Vanessa’s pussy. Running a hand over her body, Ashley‘s hand hovered over Vanessa’s cunt. Smiling, Ashley couldn’t help but feel Vanessa’s hotness.

“My, my. You seem to be ready for this already.” Ashley remarked.

“You can’t believe how ready I am. I love you so much.” Vanessa said, lust taking over her senses.

“Well… We don’t have much time… You can owe me one later.” Ashley said, a smile creeping over her already smiling lips.


“Yeah.” Ashley was blunt and honest with the answer. Her loving hands swept over her lover‘s young, fit body. Ashley’s beautiful eyes were almost glowing with desire as she admired her lover.

“You really are beautiful.” Ashley whispered in a low voice. It was an exclusive sentence, meant for the two lovers. Ashley and Vanessa each had relationships before they met but nothing quite as deep as their love for one another. Ashley was often the bolder of the two, so when she lowered her voice, it was always meant for someone. That someone was Vanessa.

Opening her half closed eyes, Vanessa looked at her blonde lover and for once, she didn’t know what to say. They had been intimate before but when Ashley said it, it seemed to mean something more… Unsure of what to say back, Vanessa flashed her a dazzling smiles in gratitude. Ashley let her roaming hands stop on Vanessa’s tits. Using her magic touch, Ashley started to carefully massage them through the bra. Writhing, Vanessa couldn’t stand the bra blocking out Ashley’s loving hands. She again arched her back and unhooked the bra ready to discard it.

“Please… Allow me.“

Ashley said with a grin as she moved her hands in under Vanessa’s arms to reach the bra, before she took it completely off. Taking a moment to simply drink in the sights of her lover’s tits with her erect nipples, now proudly on display. Ashley took a long lick of her lips and moved in for the kill. Ashley started slowly sucking on the right nipple when Vanessa started to encourage her.

“Yessss.” Vanessa hissed, encouraging Ashley to continue.

Changing paces, she moved over to the left nipple. Repeating the slow, arduous task of taking all the nipple in her mouth. Ashley opened her lips just the slightest and latched on around the hard nub. Lightly suckling at it, Ashley smiled and playfully flicked her tongue against the nipple. Damn, she tasted good. Ashley lightly sucked on the nipple, not putting too much pressure on it, but enough to make her presence known. Ashley opened her eyes and looked over at the now exposed right nipple. Damn, she wanted that one too. It stood to attention like a castle on top of a glorious hill. Vanessa had a fantastic set of tits, even covered up she attracted attention. The nipple looked extra inviting by itself and Ashley wanted it.

On the other hand, she wanted the one she had now. God, this was tough. Deciding on a compromise, she settled for a system of switching back and forth. As she started this process, Ashley’s eyes flickered towards Vanessa, who looked back at what Ashley was doing.

“Ashley, seriously now… Can you eat me out? You’re making me so god damn wet!” Vanessa moaned.

Ashley didn’t say a thing. Instead, she moved her hands that were lying on either side of her lover and let her right hand sneak down her stomach. With no resistance, the blonde’s middle finger then pushed its way inside her lovers panties. Without remorse, Ashley then slid two other fingers in, feeling all of her soft folds.

“God…” Vanessa moaned in a sea of ecstasy.

Ashley then got a wicked idea, she slowly broke away from sucking Vanessa’s nipple. She Kept her hand in Vanessa’s pussy until she had Vanessa writhing in pleasure on the cot. Then she did it. Ashley removed her hand from her lover‘s pussy. Vanessa’s eyes flashed open in horror, it was all Vanessa could do to not scream in despair.

“No!” Vanessa complained, her eyes opening up at the sensation.

Ashley smiled and brought her very wet hand up to her mouth. Then, she very seductively licked it clean of Vanessa’s juices. Then, she simply pulled her shirt over her head to reveal a plain black bra underneath.

“I would have dressed in something sexier. But I didn’t know we were going to do this…” She began to explain when Vanessa shushed her.

“I don’t care. I’d rather have you naked anyway.” Vanessa answered, her voice matching Ashley’s confession from earlier.

Ashley flashed a pearly white smile and nodded her head. “Good.”

Ashley had been wearing her three-quarter length shorts for the first time in a while, she quickly pulled them down to reveal the black panties underneath. Vanessa sat up and moved in for another hot and passionate kiss. As she did this she also moved her hand around Ashley’s back and unhooked the bra.

“Well, let’s get rid of this.” Vanessa said with a grin as she threw the bra on the floor. “I’m looking forward to trying out that new Strap-on…” Vanessa said, drinking in the sight of her lover.

“Yeah… I’m looking forward to it too. But, we’ve still got to get you off haven’t we?” Ashley said as she hooked her thumbs in Vanessa’s panties. She then slowly pushed them down to reveal the pussy she had tasted earlier.

“When did you get this waxing?” Ashley half-observed, half-questioned.

“That salon in the hotel was great!” Vanessa said with a cheeky smile on her lips.

Matching her smile, Ashley took a good long thought on how she was going to get her lover off. After moments of contemplation, she decided to move around on the cot so that she could see her lover from behind. Vanessa’s tight ass looked so inviting for a rim job and that made Ashley’s decision for her. She gently pushed Vanessa forward so that she got the idea and was on her hands and knees. Ashley moved in started to lap up and down the pussy from behind.

Ashley had established a simple rhythm of licking up and down constantly. Assaulting her very favourite wet snatch in front of her, Ashley couldn‘t help but smile. In order to aid with the licking, Ashley lightly held on to Vanessa’s tight ass for support. Of course, Ashley didn’t really need a reason to touch her ass like that but it helped to justify it in her head.

“That’s right. Right there. You’re so good at this Ash,” Vanessa encouraged her lover. Ashley considered stopping her licking to respond but opted against it. Confident in her eating ability, Ashley dived in deeper.

With every quick licking assault Ashley made, her tongue came in contact with Vanessa’s clit, she then moved along the slit. While she added some variation in how deep she pushed her tongue, Ashley opted to keep the basic pattern the same with every lick. It was a simple technique, but it worked. Having been with Vanessa for a long time now, Ashley knew all of Vanessa’s personal bulls eyes.

“Ahhhaaaa. So good Ash! You’re so good. Ohhh Ashley, that’s it! Yes, Ash! That’s it!”

‘Random babblings, must be doing something right!’ Ashley thought to herself as she decided it was time to step things up and opted for some intense
work on her beautiful lover’s clitoris. Ashley moved her mouth around the love button and started sucking and rapidly swirling her tongue. Ashley held on to Vanessa’s hips when doing this and focused on just the clit. The position meant that Ashley’s nose was pretty much buried in her lover’s wet folds. Not the worst place to be all things considering.

“Fuck yeah! Yes! Suck my clit Ash!”

Vanessa’s breathing was getting harder as she felt the inevitable orgasm building up. Ashley had been doing a very good job and this increased effort on the clit had Vanessa on the ropes. In a state of constant bliss, the sensation consumed her completely and soon her impending orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks.

“FUCK!” Vanessa screeched and rocked quickly back and forth as the orgasm overwhelmed her. It sent shockwaves throughout her entire body. Vanessa
slumped forward on the bed, she closed her eyes briefly to gather herself and then she opened them she was face to face with a very happy Ashley.

“I told you I didn’t have any CD’s down here!” Ashley said.

The two lovers laughed and fell into each others arms as they giggled at their silliness. Spoiling the moment, Nathan’s voice came on over the boats dodgy P.A system.

“Sorry to interrupt your… Searching… But no need for a new CD. We’re here. Get up here as soon as you can.”

Vanessa looked to Ashley who smiled and playfully rolled her eyes. The two then reached over for their clothes to get changed.

Back On Deck

I unhooked the GPS system as we pulled in closer to the bay. Peering out at the large ominous island, I took a cartoon gulp. If there was ever an island that screamed out ‘Don’t come here for the love of God’ it was this one. I looked over at Sarah who had a similar look on her face. Reaching up above my head, I grabbed my gun and tucked it into my pocket, carefully folding my shirt over it hiding it from view.

We were joined by Ashley and Vanessa who both in turn made confused faces at the sight of the island. I dropped the anchor, locking the boat in place as Vanessa spoke up.

“It’s supposed to be in there?” Vanessa said, straightening out her top as they stepped closer to the front seats. Ignoring the smell of sex, I nodded and stood up.

“Let’s get the landing boat prepped. We need to be there ASAP.” I then took a step out of the cabin and moved to the back of the boat. Seeing the white smaller boat swaying dutifully, I said a silent prayer and threw my bag into it. I was quickly followed by my female companions who in turn threw their bags in as well. I then climbed into the boat and helped the ladies into it too. As soon as they were seated, I spoke again. Hopefully keeping the tension from my voice. “Alright, let’s go.”

With that, I pulled on a lever and the boat plummeted to the crystal clear blue water with a splash. I pulled on the ripcord for the mini propeller at the back of the boat and guided us to the shore. It was a short trip that we made in a flash, the boat lodged itself on the sandy beach as we climbed out.

Grabbing the GPS from my pocket, I pressed the big green ‘power’ button and the machine dutifully whirred to life. Taking a moment, the red LED arrow on the screen pointed us in the right direction. Looking up, I saw what appeared to be a pathway. I looked at Sarah and asked. “Which way did your explorer come in from?”

Sarah reached into her back pocket and pulled out the notes of A4 I saw earlier in the month at the bar. Finding the answer, Sarah spoke again. “East.”

“Right, well, we’re on the west coast. Looks like she came in the wrong way. Let’s head on that path and see where it takes us.” I hiked my bag up onto my shoulder again and led the way. The girls followed me from behind as we walked up the path.

Just as I was about to put my foot on the stone path a searing pain hit my forehead. Stumbling forwards, I fell to the ground, succumbing to the pain.

Several bodies stood above me, mumbling incoherently. I tried to speak but was shushed silently. There were five bodies, two on either side of me with one in the middle. The leader? They turned and looked down on me. The largest one in the middle spoke in broken English. “Lyon’s Pride?”

Lyon’s Pride? Where had I heard that before? That was when it hit me. Those crackheads from earlier! I nodded my head and tried to speak but was again shushed. The bodies seemed excited, when the leader lent in.

“We like Lyon’s Pride. You have safe passage.”

My vision then faded to grey. Blinking furiously, I awoke to see Sarah, Vanessa and Ashley hovering around me. Each with a look of worry in their faces.

“I go somewhere?” I asked, pulling myself up to my feet.

“Almost. You blacked out on us Nate.” Vanessa said, putting a reassuring arm around my shoulder.

“It’s weird, but if anyone asks… We’re with Lyon’s Pride. Got it?” Seeing that they thought I’d finally snapped, I had to reassure them. “Just… Just do it OK?”

We then continued up the path, that lead us up onto a hill. As we reached the top, the sight that befell us, simply blew us away. There were several broken down statues, each which seemed to have possibly stood at well over thirty feet. They were snapped at their stomachs and the top halves were nowhere to be seen. Looking at where our path would lead us, I could see a small opening in a stone wall. “That must be the entrance,” I said to myself as we snapped out of our awe and carried on.

After several moments, Sarah spoke up. “Nate, what do you think did that?”

“Did what? To those statues? Could’ve been anything. Out here the storm’s are particularly fierce. Could’ve been a lightning storm?” Fat chance, but it felt good to lie to myself. I honestly had no idea what caused that but I was intent on finding out.

As we walked down the path, we were several feet from the doorway when I felt a huge sting in my head. Stopping on the spot, I turned around and looked for a cause, suspecting a native booby trap. Seeing nothing, I carried on, ignoring the glances from my female companions.

We reached the stone door way with relative ease and inside the door frame was a large statue of what myths depict as Poseidon. The God of the sea. The statue was roughly the same size of me, head to feet and it was carved out of stone, except for a large trident which was made of gold. According to folklore, Poseidon carried a large trident which this one did in fact have. Only the very tip was missing. Looking at the empty head, I peered into the nothingness, expecting to find the answer.

“Do we take the trident out Nate?” Ashley asked, joining me, into peering at the statue’s emptiness.

“No, according to Nathan’s Law… My law… That would mean the whole place would come down… Wait a minute! Sarah, do you have that fork head?”

Sarah threw her bag over her shoulder, landing it on the floor. She opened up the top of the bag and reached in, after several seconds of fumbling around, she came up triumphant with the head. Passing it to me, I thanked her and looked at the staff. The head wasn’t made out of gold, but stranger things have happened. I took a deep breath and placed the fork on top of the incomplete trident.

It stuck there, within seconds the fork began to whir and as if by magic, the hand that was extended fell backwards and then rotated. The trident was now at an angle across Poseidon’s chest, when the door whirred to life. Pulling itself backwards, a massive cavern was opened up to us. Stepping into an ancient cavern, you get hit by a smell that’s kind of hard to explain. Imagine changing your baby nephew for the first time and you don’t know what to expect, then multiply that by ten.

Sarah recoiled at the smell, but I simply ignored it. Both of my students were putting on a brave nose too as they made their way in. Looking around, there was no plausible way in or out except for the door we came in. Was this a burial chamber? No. There were no bodies, there were however, several discarded helmets and backpacks. Walking over to the neat pile in the corner, I rummaged through the top back pack. Finding a large journal, I flipped open the page and saw it was in Spanish.

Reading aloud, translating it for the group, every one stopped to listen. “We were not expecting this. The head is the key to the Gate. Imagine our surprise when we entered in through… Uh… Sun… Land? and came out in… Snow Land… I think.”

“What does that mean?”

Putting the journal down, I reached into my back pocket and pulled out the tatty note. Considering I believed it to be bullshit, it’s strange that I kept it for all these years. I then read aloud the letter to the group.

“I think we may’ve found a Travelgate. Sarah, can you grab the fork head please?” Sarah complied and picked up the head. As she did, the door began to close trapping us in here.

“Nate…” Ashley said, fear in her voice.

“Just relax Ashley.” I said, calming her down, or at least… Attempting to anyway. As the door fully shut, the wall opposite the door that let us in, began to tremble and quake. Surprisingly, it also opened up, letting us in like the earlier door did. Peering in, I saw a massive circular object that was easily thirty foot high. Looking up at it, we all made our way closer towards it. It seemed to be made of stone, yet had metallic parts attached to the top. Looked like it was locked in place.

Everyone was quiet for a few moments before Sarah spoke up. “Nate… Did you know that would happen?” I knew better than to answer that, luckily Ashley did it for me.

“Nate tends to fly his own way. Best not to get involved really.” Sarah made an ‘Ah’ sound as I looked up at the large circle. Running my hands over the stone, it had a warm feel to the touch. That was especially weird. The cogs in my head turning, I looked back at Sarah who was holding the fork’s head.

“Sarah, can I grab the head again please?”

Sarah nodded and tossed the fork’s head to me. Catching it, I self high-fived and started to look for an opening. The ring was attached to the wall, so there was no way out of the back. Looking at either side, I saw a small slat in the wall, which seemed to be able to fit the head in. Walking along to it, I let my free hand drag along the wall, feeling the very weird touch of the warm stone. Reaching the slat, I silently prayed it would work before slotting it in.

By a sheer miracle, the trident clicked into place. It seemed to be some sort of lever, tugging on it slightly, we all waited for something to happen. Stepping back and joining the girls who were talking amongst themselves, the chatting soon stopped as the gate started to almost cough and splutter.

Then, something that will stay with me for the rest of my life happened. The stones in the middle of the ring started to separate. All of our jaws dropped at that exact moment.

“Nate…What’s going on?” Vanessa asked, the fear obvious in her voice.

“Nate, should that really be happening?!” Sarah shouted, as the noise grew bigger and louder.

“Fuck me running,” was the only thing Ashley could offer as the bricks disappeared from view. Behind the bricks was a clear, water like substance that behaved like water but couldn’t be. It was three dimensional so it wasn’t trapped behind a wall of glass and how the hell would it stay vertical like that?

“I… I… I honestly have no idea what that is,” I said, bluffing wasn’t exactly the best option facing that. Me and Vanessa each took a step forward and looked at the circle. Behind the ‘water’ was what appeared to be a laboratory, both me and Vanessa looked at each other and then at the wall. I looked back at her with a mischievous grin. “Want to go in?”

Vanessa looked back at me with that same smile that drew me to her back when she first left college. “Abso-fucking-lutley.”

“Why don’t you two stay here in case we can’t make it back. There must be another exit on the other side, so… Lock the door behind us. If we’re not back in say… Half an hour. Re-open the door and come and find us. OK?” I asked, looking at the two remaining members of the party. Sarah nodded her agreement while Ashley was a bit more vocal.

“Look after her OK Nathan?” Her concern was obvious, Vanessa smiled and jogged down to see her lover. Lightly pecking her on the lips, Vanessa gave Ashley a nice big hug.

“I’ll be fine, we’ll be sipping margarita’s in no time at all,” Vanessa said with a grin, before coming back up after me. We turned back to face the gate, Vanessa’s hand came out searching for mine. I lightly squeezed her hand as we walked through the gate together.

Passing through the gate was weird, it felt like we’d gone on a long journey but had gone nowhere. There was a sense of exhaustion to us, but we persevered. Setting the time on my watch to go off after thirty minutes, we took a few steps in. Looking at Vanessa, I could see the sleep in her eyes.

“Do you want to rest Vanessa?” I asked as the gate shut on us. She shook her head defiantly.

“No, let’s go.” We made our way into this frozen lab, when suddenly another flash of searing pain hit me. Rubbing my temples, we carried on into it, when I saw something that brought this place back to me. Running over to a torn to pieces cubicle, I saw scorch marks on either side of the cubicle, there was a pool of blood in the middle and an empty bullet shell near the pool.

“Nate, what’s wrong?” Vanessa asked, putting her hand on my shoulder.

“This is where it happened…” I said, falling to my knees. “This is where I was drafted into Lyon’s Pride.” Rubbing at my face, trying to make sense of things, I looked up at Vanessa who had a strange look on her face.

“Nate, can you smell that? Smells like… Roast chicken?”

I sniffed the air, she was right there was a tint of roast chicken in the air. Looking around, I saw a pale green light blinking against the cool wall. Walking over to the light, I pressed at it lightly but didn’t get a response. I shrugged my shoulders lightly and walked around. This was definitely the second level of where I was double crossed. Peering up through the broken glass tubing, I could see that the laboratory roof had caved in and snow was falling.

“Vanessa, can you see that?” I asked, pointing up to the ceiling. She looked up and had a look of wonder in her eyes. She mouthed the word ‘wow’ as she looked up. I smiled and leant back in to the building. Looking around, I couldn’t spot any stairwells to let us up another level or down another level.

Taking a chance, I shouted. “Lyon’s Pride!” Nothing. Of course, because nothing opens up to the crazy shouting man. There was something about that flashing green light that ticked me off. Looking at the light it seemed to be frozen in something, Vanessa joined me in looking at the light.

“Looks like a computer screen.” Vanessa said, as she placed her hand on the cool ice wall.

“Yeah, but how do we get to it? I said, thinking to myself.

“Could always burn our way to it.” Vanessa added helpfully.

“Genius! We’ve got some of those firelighters on board the ship. Just make a couple of trips here and back and we can get there!” Just as I said that, the beeping of my watch indicated that we were needed back at the gate. Walking back, the two of us could barely contain our glee. As the gate opened up, I could see Sarah standing in the middle of the hall. We walked out with big grins on our faces when Sarah simply apologised.

“Sorry for wha-uh!” I was hit from behind, and fell to the floor. I could hear Vanessa scream from behind me. God, they can’t be here! Turning around, surely enough Clive Owen, Hilary Duff and several other mercenaries were standing next to the gate. Clive had his typical shit eating grin on while Hilary was holding onto Vanessa by the arms.

“Well, that is amazing Nathan. You managed to teleport! Clive, imagine what Fox would pay us for this!”

“No!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, lunging towards Hilary, she coldly tossed Vanessa in front of me. Sending us both crashing to the floor.

“Clive, get the grunts to set up the tent. I’m want to find out what he knows. You two, tie them up.” Hilary motioned to two masked guards who nodded in silent agreement.

Looking around, Vanessa couldn’t spot her love Ashley. “Sarah, where’s Ashley?” She asked, panic in her voice. Sarah simply sighed a heavy sigh and started to explain.

Fifteen Minutes Ago

Ashley held onto the head near the gate, waiting patiently as Sarah chatted to her incessantly. Ashley was waiting for the call to tell her what to do. Suddenly, her pocket vibrated, fishing it out of her pocket. She opened her cell and read the instructions. Ignoring Sarah, she ran over to the door they had entered and opened the door. As Sarah ran over to her, Ashley slipped through the door and quickly shut it locking Sarah in by herself. Then, the door whirred to life again.

“Ashley, where’d you go?” Sarah called out, and as she did Clive Owen charged through the door. Pushing Sarah to the floor, Hilary and the grunts poured in after him.

“Hello Miss Gellar.” Hilary said coldly, as she walked in. She stopped to admire the gate for a few moments before turning to look at Sarah. “When are they coming back?”

“Fuck you bitch!” Sarah spat out at Hilary, who simply laughed it off.

“Ashley, when are they coming back?”

Ashley reappeared from behind the door with a new jacket on. “About fifteen minutes Ma’am.”

“Ma’am!? What the hell is this?” Sarah asked as Hilary whispered in Clive’s ear.

“Never you mind, just stay there and act like we’re not here.”

Present Time

“Fantastic…” I said to myself as we were tied together. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a large medieval looking chair being dragged into a large tent tucked away at the corner of the room. Shaking my head, I had heard about what Hilary did to people with that and I’d bet my bottom dollar it was going to happen to me. Hilary looked over at me and nodded her head. Both of the mercs walked over to me and untied me from the group, but kept me tied up.

As I was being dragged to the tent I could feel the gun tucked away in my belt. God, these guys were dumb. They pushed me into the tent and spun me around, strapping me into the chair. They tied two leather straps across each of my wrist and one around my waist, they then tied two around both of my ankles keeping me secure. They then attached some form of head to the top of me, I could feel a steel bar inches away from my larynx. I could feel my gun was still secure, as long as no one had the bright idea of taking my pants off I’d be fine.

The mercs left and walked out into the room, just as they had left, Hilary walked in. She eyed me up and down before smiling. “You know Nate… I really thought you’d be smarter than to team with another set of partners. After I fooled you earlier.”

“You didn’t fool me Hilary. You did what you do best. You screwed me.” I spat back at her, she seemed unaffected by it and moved further in the tent. Closing the door behind her.

“Oh Nate… Remember when I gave you a blowjob back in College? You weren’t so nasty then.”

“Maybe I should’ve,” I said, uninterested in her actions. Hilary then took on another sultry look. She slowly snaked her way towards me before stopping just in front of me.

“Oh Nathan… I wish we could just put this behind us… You know what I like to do? Give lap dances… Clive loves them.”

“I’m sure he does. I bet he loves meeting someone as man-ish as he is.” Hilary laughed a fake hearty laugh before she sat on my lap. Her back facing me, she lightly pressed her ass onto my cock. Fighting all my intentions, my cock started to harden. Hilary made a light ‘Oh’ noise as she felt my dick harden.

“Well, well Nathan. You like me, you really like me.” Hilary said, with a tint of glee in her voice. “How about I take off your pants and my pants, and we crank this up?”

Taking a few moments to decide I told her where to take her lap dance. “How about you go fuck yourself.”

“Oh no Nate. You’ll be the one doing that. Only if you tell me what’s behind that wall.”

“What wall?” May as well play dumb, its what I do best.

“Oh Nate… Don’t make me do this.” Hilary warned, in her sexual husk of a voice.

“Go… Screw yourself.” Defiant to the end, I wouldn’t let her win.

“Fine, you want to play it like that? Fine!” Hilary then reached behind me and found something. Turning a wheel, the steel bar started to advance, pressing against my throat. Gasping for air, a strand of spit shot out from my throat, sailing past Hilary.

“Ha.” Hilary laughed coldly, as my shortness of breath seemed to help her get off. Hilary climbed off of my lap and mercifully let go of the wheel. She then turned around and sat on my lap again, opening her legs and sitting on either arm bar. Her legs resting on top of my arms. Hilary leant in, inches away from my face, she coldly kissed me on the lips. Taking a chance, I knew I had to be rid of her and get to go toe to toe with Clive. I opened my mouth, insisting Hilary did the same. Hilary smiled in the kiss and opened her mouth, taking my chance I then bit down as hard as I possibly could on Hilary’s bottom lip chewing at it like I was Mike Tyson and she was Evander Holyfield.

Letting go, Hilary jumped up from the lap dance, Hilary turned and looked at me. Shaking her head, she slapped me as hard as she could in my face.

“Clive! It’s your turn!” Hilary then stormed out of the tent. I could see Sarah and Vanessa briefly who seemed to be afraid for me as Clive’s frame filled the entrance.

“’ello Nathan.”

“Hello Clive,” I said coolly. I wasn’t afraid of what he was going to do. I knew how to push his buttons and could have him getting me out of here in an instant. Clive grinned and moved around to the back of my chair, he then slowly released the bar pressing against my throat.

Clive then pulled back and threw a hard right hook at me, I could feel a tooth come loose as my head rocked backwards. Clicking his fist, Clive then hit me again with a left hook, cleaning my tooth out of my jaw. Spitting the tooth out, Clive let out a sadistic smile as he watched it fall to the floor.

“That all you got?” Time to get out of this chair then.

“What?” Clive said, genuine disbelief in his voice.

“I’ve been hit harder by crack addicts!”

Clive was fuming at that, he looked at me and spluttered out another answer.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! No one’s said that!”

“Well, it’s easy to tie me up and beat the crap out of me. But both me and you know if I was out of this chair, I’d kick your ass all the way back to Britain.” That’s got to do it! Clive looked at me with disbelief and shook his head. Clive reached into his pocket and pulled out a large blade that was roughly three inches long with a serrated edge.

Clive then coldly slit away at all the straps keeping me tied down. Pressing the blade against my throat, he then flipped away the head of the twisted torture device. Clive then threw away the knife and tipped the chair over. Falling through the air, I hit the floor with a thud. I pushed myself up to my feet, keeping the gun hidden from his view. Clive then delivered a bull rush and slammed me up against the closest wall. Pressing his right arm up against my throat, I struggled to breathe as Clive got in close to my face.

“You know why you didn’t fuck Hilary? ‘Coz you got not balls!” Clive taunted me, spitting his words like they were venom.

“I’ve got something you don’t…” I said coldly, between gasps of much needed air.

“And what’s that?” Clive said, his eyes locked with mine.

Taking a moment to answer, I fumbled with my shirt, flipping it over my pants. Reaching in, I hooked my fingers around the base. Slipping it out, I aimed at Clive’s chest. “A gun…”

BANG! BANG! BANG! Three shots tore into Clive’s chest, making the Brit drop to the floor cold and dead. I could hear the girls screaming outside and heard Hilary order the grunts in after me. Running to the entrance, I scooped up the knife and tore open the sheet that had closed the tent off from the chamber. Placing the knife next to my gun’s handle, I aimed two shots and dropped both of the grunts in quick merciless moves.

I could see both Hilary and Ashley’s jaws drop in shock as I emerged from the tent. Holding my gun up, I ignored the smoking barrel and spoke swiftly and sharply.

“You two, untie Sarah and Vanessa.”

“Nate please. My mother’s sick… “ Ashley started to plead with me but I wasn’t interested.

“Shut up, just shut up! Untie them now!” The two nodded and ran over to the captives. Untying them, Vanessa and Sarah both made a beeline for me. They both stepped behind me, for safety when I looked at Ashley. “Go. I don’t expect to see your face again either.”

Ashley promptly nodded and escaped through the door which had now been jarred open with various tools. Looking at Hilary, she had the same look of fear in her eyes that Paris did, all those years ago. I wouldn’t let myself fall back to her level though. Walking up to her, I saw a flare of cockiness in her eyes as we met eye to eye.

“You going to shoot me Nathan?” she asked me, her fear coming through as I looked at her.

Sighing heavily, I shook my head. “You already know I’m not going to.” With that, I grabbed my gun pistol whipped her. Dropping to the floor like a sack of potatoes, Hilary fell away to the land of unconsciousness. “Sarah, Vanessa… You two OK?” I said, turning around to face my companions. Vanessa looked like she’d been crying and Sarah had an arm around her, comforting her kindly.

“Nathan, can’t we just get out of here? I really want to go home.” Vanessa said, her emotions crackling through her voice as I checked Hilary’s pulse.

“If you two want to leave, go ahead. I need to check out that cavern again,” I said as I ran over to a small pile of supplies the two mercs had brought in. Rummaging through, I found a small barrel of gasoline. Licking my teeth, I found an emergency flare. Tucking it into my back pocket, I grabbed the rusty small barrel and moved towards the Travelgate. Finding the trident’s head just next to the gate, I slit the trident in and waited for the gate to open. Looking behind me, I saw Sarah and Vanessa at the bottom of the ramp.

“We’re coming too Nate,” Sarah said coolly. “If we don’t find Atlantis then I’ll have some serious explaining to do.” I smiled and as the gate opened up we each took a step in. Sarah’s first trip in was an eventful one, she screamed for the full thirty seconds and looked like she was ready to throw up as soon as we were on the other side.

Vanessa and I looked at each other, I grinned but Vanessa didn’t seem to see the funny side. Shaking my head lightly, I moved over to where the green glowing light was. Tipping over the fuel barrel, I poured a small trail from the light all the way to where the blood stained cubicle was. Gripping the flare in my right hand, I placed my left on top of the tip and twisted, the immense heat started to come through the top of the flare.

“Alright girls… Stay back,” I warned, before tossing the flare down to the floor, igniting the fuel. Squinting lightly, I watched as the fire ignited all the way to the pool at the frozen wall. Opening my eyes slowly, I watched as the frozen wall, slowly started to melt away. Sure enough, just behind the wall was a door that had been frozen away, hidden from sight. As soon as the wall had been melted away, the ice water fell to the floor, seeping over the exposed flame. It became extinguished, allowing us to step closer.

Sarah had since gained her feet so she and Vanessa joined me at the door. Looking at the door, I could see the green light we thought as a computer screen was in fact some sort of monitor. Looking at it, it suddenly whirred to life, a grainy picture on it. Inching closer to the screen, a booming voice bounced through the room.

“Are you loyal?” It asked me, obviously testing me.

“I am loyal to Lyon’s Pride… I… Uh…” Recalling what the voice in my earlier blackout said, I added some extra wordings. “I require safe passage!” There were several other voices that we couldn’t quite hear. The same voice from earlier came on and spoke in an excited voice.

“We appreciate Lyon’s Pride. You shall pass!”

With that, the steel door opened up. With an almighty creak and a groan, the door slowly withdrew from it’s locked position. As the door opened, we stepped over the pool of water and into the large corridor. This room was not made of stone like the earlier ones. It looked like it was made out of metal, almost like the boarding ramps you see on airplanes. Taking a few steps in, me and the two beauties behind me looked around. The door behind us then shut, and we felt the room start to shake. It felt like it was being spun around on an axle, moving us to a new location.

It slowed and we found ourselves facing a new steel door, looking at the door, we stepped forward and as we did it flashed open. Almost as if it was functioning with a motion sensor, as the door flashed open what we saw shocked us to our cores. Inside this new room were several small chimpanzees, all wearing a strange helmet.

Looking around the room, we could see that this particular room was a dome shape. The top had small plates locking together in a tessellated pattern. Inside the room were several cubicles, similar to the ones at the frozen science lab. One chimp made its way towards us and smiled.

“Hello!” Wow! This monkey could talk!?

“Uh… Hi…” I said, looking back at the girls who had a similar look on their faces.

“My name is Jade Lyons… Of Lyon’s Pride?” ’She’ said. Extending a hand for us to shake. Shrugging, I extended my hand and offered it as a shake.

“You sent me the note when I was in hospital. I remember. What’s going on here? Some sort of an experiment?”

“Ha ha! No, not that no. We were all scientists who were working at the science lab when we were attacked.”

“I thought you killed each other?” Sarah interrupted, as ‘Jade’ offered us to walk a certain path.

“Not quite, ‘The Father’ insisted we fake that so we could be born again. That‘s when we were taken down here and had our bodies transported into these animals.”

“Why?” Vanessa asked, as we walked to the bottom of a high stairwell.

“Because humans can’t sustain this type of pressure for long enough to do any good. ‘The Father’ has asked to speak to you, and will relieve the pressure for the duration. Please go upstairs to the forbidden chamber.” ‘Jade’ then pointed up to the top of the stairwell.

Nodding, we each took off up the stairs. As we walked, we started to talk about what we saw in a hushed state.

“What do you think Nathan?” Sarah asked as we reached what must have been our third set of stars.

“It sounds like a cult. This ‘The Father’ figure sounds like some sort of lunatic. The way she spoke it sounded like they were going to another planet or something.” I said, peering over the railing at the chimps who had now stopped their working and were watching us climb.

“I know. It’s crazy! How deep in the earth do you think we are?” Vanessa asked as we hit the last flight of stairs.

“Can’t be too deep… A couple of hundred feet maybe?” I guessed as we found a soft silk curtain blocking off the door frame. Just as I was about to raise my voice a mechanic groan spoke to us.

“Enter.” It barked, nothing more. Nothing less. We looked at each other and nodded, I put my hand behind my back and kept my hand on my gun just in case. Shock number three.

Inside the room was a large, overweight man, bald and nearly devoid of life. There were several tubes running in and out of his body, shooting fluids from one point to another. The man wheezed with every breath he took, his eyes seemed to follow us as we walked in. Looking over the figure, I went to speak but was cut off by the man.

“I… Am ‘The Father’… What… Do… You… Wish… To Know?”

“What is this place?” Seemed to be the burning question, so I asked it.

“This… Is… A facility… We… Watch over the world… We… Ensure it runs correctly…”

“Like the Illuminati?” I asked as I looked around the chamber. It was cold, with frozen walls, similar to the science lab. It looked like the room had been bored out of nature.

“Illuminati? No… We… Are The Maintainers… We… Are.. Gods…” ‘The Father’ said with a taunting, raspy metallic voice.

“Gods? I only see one of you! Where are the others? Dead?”

“Dead… No. On… Another… Plane…” The body said cryptically.

“Another place huh? So they are dead. Look. You’re going to die soon, why don’t you explain to us what these Travelgates are.”

“The Travelgates… They are the last… Of an ancient technology… We… Are not the first… Of this planet…”

“What? You‘re saying that‘s extra terrestrial technology?”

“That technology… It is not extra terrestrial… It is of my people… Gods…”

“Gods? Impossible.” I retorted, as Sarah and Vanessa tugged at my arms, begging me to leave. Pulling my arm away, ‘The Father’ laughed a hearty laugh.

“You… Should choose your words… Wisely… Nathan Price…”

As I went to reply, Sarah spoke above my voice. “Does Atlantis exist?”

‘The Father’ looked to Sarah and seemed to smile. Nodding his head lightly, ‘The Father’ spoke again, his raspy voice filling the small chamber. “Yes… Speak… To… Jade and she… Shall send you there…”

Sarah nodded and tugged on my arm again. “Let’s go Nate!” Sarah said, with a sense of urgency in her voice. Taking one last look at ‘The Father’ I stepped back and turned on my heel. Walking back, we walked through the curtain and saw that the chimps were playing with each other, acting like… Well, animals. A throbbing pain hit me in the forehead and it seemed to also hit Sarah and Vanessa who stumbled forward in pain. We held our heads in pain until suddenly the pain stopped, looking around we saw the chimps stop playing and moved back to working.

“Pressure must be back to normal then?” Vanessa said, as we climbed back to our feet.

“Yeah, seems like it. Alright, let’s get to Jade and find Atlantis!” I said with a tone of happiness in my voice, I just wanted this to be done with. We slowly climbed down the stairs and found Jade. Just as I was about to speak, Sarah beat me to it.

“Jade, do the computer connections work down here?”

“Oh yes, would you like to use one?” Jade asked, as we walked towards a cubicle.

“Sarah, what are you doing?” I asked, pulling her to one side for a moment.

“Transferring your money. I’ll put in two million dollars now, and the rest once we’re back on land. That sound OK?”

Like that was needed to be asked! I could already see Vanessa rubbing her hands together in my peripheral vision. Swallowing that lump in my throat, I nodded “That sounds fine.”

Sarah smiled and nodded, as Jade showed her the internet connection. Several moments and millions of dollars later, Sarah stood up.

“There, it’ll be there by tomorrow US time. Now let‘s go!” Sarah said, a hint of excitement in her voice. I looked at Vanessa who looked exhausted, and who could blame her. She had been through so much this trip and we hadn’t even finished yet. Putting an arm around her, I squeezed her lightly as a reassuring hug.

“We’re almost done V. One more trip then I promise I’ll take you to Paris sound good?”

Vanessa couldn’t help but smile as Jade and Sarah stood in front of a Travelgate. Walking in front of it, I looked through it and saw a deserted city. We each shared glances and walked through the gate, Jade just behind us. Stepping onto a stone floor, we all looked at our new surroundings. The corridors were long and curved, essentially we were walking down a long pipeline. The walls were transparent, made of obviously a stronger type of glass, in the middle of the tubing was a long golden strip that ran lengthways down the tube.

“Jade, how old is this place?” I asked, as we walked down the tubing heading towards a large circular complex.

“We aim it to be roughly 2000 years old. Although we don’t know how long it’s been since someone has lived here.” Jade answered, walking down the hall with us. “We’re about to enter the main chamber, this is where we believe town meetings or events would occur.” She added as we stepped through to the large room.

“Wow.” Vanessa offered as we looked around. The room was close to thirty feet in the air and was built in a dome shape. In a pattern similar to the previous base of operations, glass frames were moulded together in a tessellated pattern.

“Do you have any idea what happened to the people here?” Sarah asked as we walked towards a large bench that was in the middle of what seemed to be a public garden. Sitting down, we looked to Jade who seemed content to sit on the floor.

“As far as we know, it was some sort of virus. It swallowed the colony whole and left no survivors… Or bodies for that matter. We always wondered what had happened to them.”

Knowing something wasn’t right, I looked at Jade. “Any idea where something like that could happen?”

Mulling it over, Jade put one of her ape digits to her mouth to illustrate she was thinking before answering. “I would imagine it could be the control room. No one could figure out how that would happen though.”

“Where is the control room?”

Jade pointed to a circular lift tucked away in a corner. The design of the lift was in a pattern similar to the tubing. “Up in the elevator for three floors. That will take you straight to the room.”

“Do you mind if I check it out?” I asked, standing up and moving towards the elevator.

“Be my guest. Would you like us to join you?” Jade asked as she motioned to the group.

Thinking it over, I answered. “No, why don’t you take Sarah and Vanessa on a guided tour? That sound OK girls?”

They both nodded their heads in a hint of excitement. Jade nodded her head and stood up. “OK, girls if you would like to follow me?” The two girls stood up and started to walk with Jade down the corridor.

“Meet back here in half an hour.” I shouted after them as I set off towards the elevator. They shouted back their sounds of approval as they looked at things Jade pointed out to them. Stepping into the elevator, I saw four large white buttons. Jade had said the room was on the third floor, so I pressed that button and made my way up to the third level. The elevator slowly whirred to life and slowly moved up towards the floor.

Gripping my gun in my right hand, I pulled it out of my pants and gripped it by both of my hands. Steadying my aim, should it be needed. The doors opened slowly, giving me plenty of time to spot the surroundings. Seeing nothing, I stepped out of the tube, checking both of my corners as I went. Nothing. At ease, I let my right hand hold the gun, lazily at my side as I walked through the room. It was off a similar pattern to the floors below, although the ceiling was metal. Looking around, I saw an old computer on the desk, it was flickering with life. Amazing, even with all the time that had passed it still managed to keep up. Even more amazing was that it was around in that time.

Putting my gun down next to it, I pulled up a chair and looked at the screen. It was coated with dust, suggesting it had been here for a good long while. Wiping away the filth, I could see that some one was in the middle of a journal entry.

‘I can’t believe it! We have found Atlantis! The commander has suggested that we set up base here in this control room while we find out what happened to the previous inhabitants. Strangely enough, everyone has been smelling roast chicken since we got here. I smelled it a couple of hours ago, and it’s weird, but the guys who smelled it first have became violently ill. Mere hours after they smelled it, I hope the same doesn’t happen to me! Although I have been getting stomach cramps…’

The journal ended there and then. Looking at the time of entry it was 12:05 PM, so theoretically he smelled it at 10:05. I rubbed my hand among my chin, pondering the answer when an horrible smell hit my nostrils. Looking down at my fingers I could see they were stained with something. It looked like it was something liquid which had dried up. Investigating the keyboard it looked like that was the source. After many a night out with Ron Perlman I knew exactly what that was. Vomit. Had the typist coughed up his guts? If so, was this going to happen to me and Vanessa? We had both smelled the roast chicken earlier, I looked at my watch and saw that it was nearly an hour ago from when we had smelled it. My thirty minutes were up too, walking back to the elevator, I got ready to ask Jade about it.

The elevator took me down to the ground level again, where the girls and Jade were waiting. Stepping out of the pod, I walked up to Jade and tucked away my gun. “Jade, what does ‘The Father’ know about his place?”

“Oh he knows everything. He discovered it.”

“Right, girls we’re leaving now. Come on!” I said as I took off sprinting down the hallway. The girls shared a worried look and made their way down with me, reaching the Travelgate, rather than waiting, I just jumped straight through it. Taking off up the stairs, the girls and Jade were just behind me. Ripping through the curtain, I walked up to ‘The Father’ and grabbed my gun. Placing it against his head.

“Tell me about the disease. The roast chicken!”

“Ha… Ha… You know of that?” He rasped, taunting me.

“Yes, me and my friend have been infected we want to be cured!” I spat back at him, venom in my mouth.

“You… Shall… Be cured… For… A Price…” ‘The Father’ said, his cold, dead eyes tracking me.

Shaking my head, I didn’t want to take it but had to. “Name it… How much?”

This caused ‘The Father’ to laugh harder. “No money… Oh no Nathan… I want information.”

Crooking an eyebrow, I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant. “Information? What type?”

“What do you know of ‘The Three Kings‘? Mister Price?” ‘The Father’ said, his voice still rasping as he looked me dead in the eye.

“Only the bed time stories. They were three men back from biblical times. They were originally hailed as Holy men but eventually just became tagged as charlatans. They had technology that was centuries ahead. They appeared in three separate lands… Uh… England… America and…”

“Russia,” ‘The Father’ added as he saw me struggle.

“Thanks, yeah. So, the three Holy men walked around those countries, claiming to perform miracles. Standard biblical stuff like making people who were blind be able to see again and turning water to wine. Although, I heard a legend that while they were Holy men, they also had… Like a second form… A protected transformation. England’s King was into a knight. Supposedly his armour was white, claiming his purity. His sword was close to five foot long but it moved like a rapier. America’s was into a cowboy type character. Had the most steady hands in all of the land. Apparently he could curl his bullets around a figure, defying physics. Russia’s was a good one. He could turn his physical form into a bear, while keeping his human mind alive. He could do that at will.”

“Correct… I have reason to believe that these three Kings may hold the cure to this disease… Do you recall what the leading theories were on ‘The Kings’ Mister Price?”

Pondering it for a moment, the only real ‘explanation‘ was that they were aliens. “As soon as ‘alien abductions’ happened in the 50‘s scientists considered the kings could be aliens. They were meant to be executed, but every so often another story would rise up when they were supposedly sighted. Of course it’s all bullshit.”

This got a good laugh out of ‘The Father’ who shook his head as well as he could.

“Not quite Mister Price. I have two of the three kings locations. I want you to find the third location. Collect all of the King’s bodies… Then you will be cured.”

“No deal, how do I know you just won’t kill Vanessa and Sarah?”

“Because, I am also infected. Once I have the third body, you would not believe the things we could cure. Cancer would be a thing of the past. This cure would relieve me of my aching. Do you know how old I am? I don’t. I lost count after the second century that passed. Mister Price, how could I give you some insurance that I am being truthful? Ask me a question. Anything and I shall answer it.”

I don’t know why this came to my head, but I asked it any way.

“Where is Excalibur?”

“It does not exist… Excalibur was a myth to install faith in King Arthur… Merlin designed an enchanted sword that would repair itself after every battle. Are you satisfied?”

Truth be told, I was. I figured the story was a crock of shit, and here was the proof.

“I am. So, what exactly do you want me to do? Find the bodies, bring them back then loiter around until your people have fixed the cure?”

‘The Father’ thought for a brief moment before answering.

“Yes, that is exactly it.” Huh, should be easy enough. “But…” Of course there’s something else. “’The Kings’ did have… Followers… They know of my desire to find the bodies… They will try to stop you…”

Great. Followers. I pray they’re nothing like Scientologists. “Right. What can I expect from them?”

“To be violent… They will protect the bodies at all costs… Even if it means killing you…”

Great. “So, can I hurt them?”

‘The Father’ let out a bellowing laugh. “You may kill as many as you like… They cease to exist on records… They are ghosts… They shall not be missed.”

Right, lethal force allowed. Awesome! One snag hit the plans though.

“That’s great. Of course in a few hours, I will be dead, so unless you know exactly where I’m to go. I’d like to see how you plan on me completing this quest.”

‘The Father’ slowly lifted his right arm and motioned towards the nearest wall. At the wall was a large clear tube that had a fizzy blue liquid in it. Gripping it lightly, I swirled the tube around, trying to identify it.

“That is what keeps me alive… It shall keep you alive for at least 1 more year… It should be more than enough time for you to find the body… You simply drink the liquid and wait for one hour, it will dissolve into your blood stream.”

“Right. What about Vanessa and Sarah?”

“They can stay here… This location is gifted… Due to the unique placement, the virus slows to an almost dead pace… They can assist the Lyon’s Pride.”

Well… It all seemed kosher I guess. “Alright… But I’ll need a new team.” I said, looking at ‘The Father’.

He simply nodded towards the door. Turning around, I saw standing in the frame were two very familiar faces. Ron Perlman and Natalie Portman. “Ron… Nat?” I asked to either party.

“Are you willing to go?” ‘The Father’ asked, as I looked at his body. Looking to the floor for a mere moment, I answered by popping off the lid of the tube and downing the liquid. It reeked of sick but I swallowed it any way. Huh, that’s what my first girlfriend said.

“Let’s go.”

“Wonderful… You may leave the way you came… Your boat has been preserved at the beach head… Speak to Jade… She shall give you the details to the bodies…”

Nodding my head, the fizzy blue liquid tickled and temporarily swirled the blood in my head. Kind of like when you’re drunk and you try to walk up a spiral stair case. Keeping my balance, Ron threw a large arm around my shoulders and helped me out of the room.

“Good luck… Mister Price…” ‘The Father’ called as the three of us made our way down to where Sarah, Vanessa and Jade were waiting. Seeing Ron, Vanessa’s eyes lit up.

“Ronnie!” She called out, as he steadied me on my feet. Ron grinned and wrapped her up in a huge hug, lifting her off of her feet and spinning her around.

“Hiya V!” Ron said, his dark New York accent bellowing out into the busy workstation. Setting Vanessa down, Ron looked over at Sarah and nodded his head. “Miss.” He said politely.

Sarah smiled and returned the nod, looking to me for answers. “Nate, what’s going on?”

I looked at my two previous companions, then at the floor.

“OK, this is a long story but I’ll try to condense it. Me and Vanessa have been infected with a virus. It will kill the both of us in two hours if we leave this workstation. I have been drafted by ‘The Father’ to find three corpses and bring them back here within the year. You two have to stay here as collateral while me, Ron and Natty-Kat look for the corpses. Questions?”

Sarah raised her hand. “Yeah, umm… Why do we have to stay here?”

“Simple. Vanessa will be safe and I need you to look after her for me. I trust both of you, but I’d sleep better if the two of you were together. Anything else?”

This time it was Vanessa. “Infected?” Was all she said, looking at me, uncertainty in her eyes.

“Yeah, remember when we smelt roast chicken? It was some sort of airborne virus. It wiped out the Atlanteans and nearly killed ‘The Father’. He seems to think that these bodies may help him cure it. Anything else?”

No one seemed to have any questions, so we said our goodbyes.

Vanessa’s eyes were welling up with tears. Embracing her, I held her tightly while whispering soothing words. Breaking the hug, I held her in my arms for a moment, before lightly kissing her on the forehead. “And look after Sarah for me?” I joked, making her crack a smile. God, she looked so distraught.

Hugging Sarah tightly, I whispered the same things to her, while feeling the sensation of her body pressed up against mine. That was something I was going to miss. “And for the love of God look after Vanessa for me. Her dad would kill me otherwise!” Sarah grinned and flashed her pearly whites at me. She nodded as Natalie tapped me on the shoulder.

“Nate, we should get going…” She said quietly, not wanting to break the moment. I nodded before lightly kissing Sarah on the lips, she reciprocated and opened her mouth, kissing deeply for a brief moment. I couldn’t tell if it was a kiss of good luck or goodbye. Breaking the kiss, Sarah’s eyes also started to tear up as I walked away. Ron, Natalie and Jade were waiting by the door we had entered. On one knee, Ron was talking to Jade who handed him a tatty piece of paper that looked ancient.

“We’re set.” I said bluntly as Ron shook Jade’s hand and stood up. Jade looked at me and smiled.

“Thank you, Mister Price. We will not forget what you are doing. Could you please lock the temple after you leave though?” Jade asked, looking up at me with big brown eyes.

I nodded my head. “Of course I can Jade.”

This caused Jade to laugh heavily. “That’s not my real name. My real name is.” She then motioned for me to crook down on one knee. “Jessica McDowell.”

My jaw dropped. Malcolm McDowell had a daughter? “As in daughter of Malcolm McDowell?” I asked, thinking back to the white haired business man who had hired me for my first trip.

“Quite right. Although he was a monstrous man. I like to think that I have more of my Mother in me. The last I heard he sent out some students of archaeology to find me. His tolerance for failure is not very high. If they ever showed their faces, he would have them killed.”

Jesus. H. Christ. What have I gotten myself into? He’s still looking for me? So, of mortal enemies I now have two very powerful figures against me. Malcolm McDowell and the mysterious, Fox. I smiled and nodded my head. Shaking hands with Jessica/Jade, the three of us walked through the door into the small room. With Ron’s hulking frame it was a tight fit, but steadily the room started to shake like earlier. Spinning round, the room stopped at the cold ice lab and let us out. Walking out of the room, Natalie looked up at the broken ceiling.

“What happened here?” She wondered aloud.

“Me, now let’s get moving. I’ve only got a year to get this done.” I said rather bluntly. We walked to the gate in silence, stepping through. It seemed weird that my other two companions weren’t fazed by this.

“Have you two travelled before?”

They both nodded their heads. “Yeah, we were both caught in Russia. There was a Travelgate there which we were put though and taken to ‘The Father’. He drafted us to Lyon’s Pride there.” Natalie explained as they looked over the unconscious body of Hilary Duff.

“Ignore her. Ron could you grab her please?” I asked as I yanked the fork’s head out of the Travelgate controls.

“Sure… But what the hell happened here?” He asked, surveying the dead mercenaries and the dead body of Clive Owen.

“Complicated. But I’m sure they can get cleaned up once I’m fully healed. We’ll drop Hilary off at the nearest town and then head off OK?” It wasn’t a question. More of a statement, that sounded like a question. Ron shrugged and threw the petite blonde over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes.

Walking through the cavern, I kicked away the blocks that stopped the doors from closing, the large doors slamming behind us. Stepping out into the open, cool air breeze of the island, I took a deep breath before walking down the path towards the beach.

Mere feet away

Ashley tried to scream for help, but a powerful hand clamped down on her mouth. Silenced, the powerful tribal man watched Nathan, Ron and Natalie leave before looking down at Ashley. Lust in his eyes…

The Boat

Climbing out of the smaller boat, we reattached the boat to it’s hooks before walking into the cabin. Amazingly, pirates hadn’t robbed us or boarded us waiting to attack us. Looking around, I smiled wearily. Natalie and Ron looked at each other, then at me. “Nate, why don’t you go and get some rest?” Ron said, his voice, while powerful, was softer than usual. Exhausted, that seemed like a good idea.

“Alright. Call me when we get near?” I asked as Ron strapped Hilary into a free chair near the back.

“Of course, get some rest.” Natalie said practically pushing me, below deck.

Walking into my cabin, I opened the door and fell to the bed. Exhausted, I closed my eyes, sleep overwhelming me. I thought to myself. This is going to be a long trip.


Nathan Price will return in: Nathan Price and The Conspiracy Of The Three Kings

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