The Little Girl And The Two Monster Cocks

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Charlotte reached up and knocked on the door. At first there was no reply
then a face called "come in". She tried the handle and the door opened.
She stepped inside and closed the door behind her.
"Hello" she called
"In the kitchen" the voice replied
Charlotte headed down the hall and into the kitchen. Seated at the table
was Mr Ross and another man she had never seen before. She saw him
watching her as she came in.
hi" Mr Ross smiled at his daughters 14 year old friend
She smiled back "Hi"
Mr Ross indicated the other man "This is jack"
"Nice to meet you" he said smiling at her.
"Julie isn’t in at the moment, but you can wait a while if you want"
"Thanks Mr Ross" she said sitting down at the table with them
Jack put his cup on the table "I bet being famous can be tiering" he asked
"Some times, but Im getting used to all the travelling" she answered
"I bet you have lots of lads after you"
Charlotte smiled "Not really"
He faked suprise "What a sexy young girl like you"
Charlotte was suprised by that comment. Jack turned to Mr Ross
"What do you think steve, Isn’t she the sexiest young girl you’ve ever seen"
"She shure is" He answered he turned to Charlotte "Havn’t you ever thought
about what it would be like to be with a man he asked her"
Charlotte coud’nt belive it, she never new that Mr Ross thought about her
that way and know he was actually telling her.
She looked at the two men, she had know Mr Ross since she was small and
new he wouldnt hurt her, so she decided to be honest.
"Sometimes" she told them "I do think about it"
"Well" Jack spoke up "You have two men here willing to give you first
hand experience"
Charlotte didnt know what to say, she was only 14 years old and there
where two men over 40 offering to have sex with her.
"What do you say" asked Mr Ross
Charlotte was a bit scared, after all they where grown men and she was
only young. But she was wondering what it would be like. She new she
shouldnt but she looked at both men and nodded her head.
"Ok but you will be careful won’t you"
"Of course we will darlin" Mr Ross told her "Let’s go into the living room
it’l be more comfortable"

The three of them went into the lounge. As Jack and Mr Ross drew the
curtains Charlotte sat on the couch. When the two men turned they
stopped and took in the site before them. Charlotte was dressed in a tight
top the showed of her young tits well and a tight pair of jeans that both
men had noticed made her small ass look tight. Both men sat on the sofa
either side of Charlotte. Mr Ross reached out and stroked her cheek
"Don’t worry we’ll try to be as gentle as we can"
She smiled "Ok"
She felt Jack’s hand on her leg. He gently moved his hand from her knee
to her waist and the slid it between her legs. As he rubbed her pussy,
Charlotte actually began to relax, it felt good. Mr Ross’s hand turned her
head to him and he pressed his lips to hers. Charlotte had never been
kissed before and the feeling of a mans tounge in her mouth was odd.
He kept kissing, moving his tounge around her mouth and she started
to move hers to. As she kissed Mr Ross she felt Jack take one of her
hands and place it on his cock. She slowly began to rub his semi hard
cock, moving her hand up and down. He let out a low moan.
"That feels good" he told her
She moved her other hand and started to rub Mr Ross’s cock in the same
way. Both guys sat back and just enjoyed the feeling as Charlotte
rubbed the cocks.
"Hey Charlotte why dont you use your mouth" Jack suddnely asked her
"Ok" she said, she removed her hand from Mr Ross’s prick and turned
slightly to face Jack. She undid his pants and reached in and pulledout
his hard cock. She was suprised at the size of it, it was like a small cucumber.
She leaned in and slowly put her lips to the head off his cock. She took
the head into her young mouth and began to suck. As she did she
gently moved her hand up and down his length.
"Ohhhhh Shit" moaned Jack "This is good"
Charlotte continued sucking him moving her hand down to play with his
balls. Meanwhile Mr Ross had removed his trousers and shorts and his
cock stuck out before him.

"My turn" he announced taking her hand. She turned from Jack and took
Mr Ross’s prick into her mouth. She began to give him the same treatment
that she had given Jack. He to groaned with pleasure as she sucked his
cock. Charlotte still couldnt quite belive what was happening. Half an
hour ago she had been coming to see her friend and now here she was
sucking on her dads cock.
After a few minutes Mr Ross stopped her sucking and stood up.
"Are you going to fuck me now" she asked
"Soon" Jack answered "first we want to see those tits"
He reached out for the bottom of her top
"Lift you arms sweetie" he told her. She did and he pulled her top of
over her head. Her tits bounced slightly as they where freed.
"Wow" said Jack "they are grea tits Charlotte"
She smiled "Thanks I’m glad you like them"
"I bet they taste good to" Said Mr Ross "Take you bra of darlin"
She reached behind her a undid her bra as both men kneeled before her.
When her tits where exposed the men leaned forward eagerly. There
tounges licked her young nipples and the began to harden. Mr Ross took
one of her nipples into his mouth and began to suck on it. Jack did the
same with the other. Charlotte moaned loudly. It felt great having her breast
treated like this. As Mr Ross continued working on her breasts Jack reache
out and startd to undo her jeans.
"Lift up" she did and he quickly removed her jeans. He stopped for a
minute just taking in her young body. She was now only wearing her pink
cotton panties and white cotton socks. He used his hands to open her
legs, the reached in and pulled the crotch of her panties which was fairly
wet aside. He quickly pushed his face in between her legs and started to
go to work on her pussy. Charlottes moans became louder as his tounge
probed overy inch of her wet snatch. Charlotte could feel the sensation
in her pussy growing and she new that she was about to have her first
orgasm. She held back a scream as the orgasm shook her young body.
Jack looked up from between her legs smiling. Her juices where all over
his face.
"Time to fuck her" he announced. Both he and Mr Ross stood

"Lie down on the floor" Mr Ross told her
She did as she was told lying down on the carpet. Mr Ross dropped to
his knees between her legs. He reached for the waist band of her panties
and slid them down her perfect legs. When they where of her postioned
himself and used his hand to guide his cock to her pussy. He slowly push
the head against her pussy lips. At first there was some resistance. But he
kept trying and eventually the head of his cock popped into her pussy.
"Ohhhh god" Charlotte moaned "It feels so big"
"Jesus Jack" Mr Ross " said "It’s so tight"
He was still for a moment and then he slowly began to move his cock in
and out. With each stroke he tried to push more inside of the young girl.
After a few minutes he had about half of his length inside. He looked
down there was a cross between pleasure and pain on Charlottes young face.
"I’m going to fuck you now" he told her
"Ok Mr Ross" she replied
He started to move his cock in and out again this time getting faster with
each stoke. Soon he was fucking her good and hard. Charlotte moaned
beneath him. The pain had gone know and she waas starting to enjoy it.
Mr Ross was now pounding away at her pussy, he leaned down and
kissed her and charlotte kissed back. After a few more minutes Mr Ross
pulled out of her pussy and before she had a chance to get her breath
back Jack was on his knees between her legs pushing his cock to her pussy.
Jack wasnt as gentle as Mr Ross, he slid his cock as far in her as he could
and started to pound away. Charlotte was moaning louder now and she
screamed as a second orgasm ripled through her. Charlottes tits where
wobbeling madly as Jack continued to fuck her.
Suddnley he stopped and pulled out. Charlotte look up to see what
would happen next.
Jack looked down at her "I want to fuck your ass sweetie" he smiled at
Charlotte was shocked getting her pussy fucked was one thing but her
ass. They had had a hard time getting there cocks into her pussy and
her ass was a lot smaller.
"Ill be careful I promise" Jack told her
"Ok just go slowly"
He nodded and ordered her to her feet. He got her to bend over with
her hands on the couch to balance herself. He got to his knees behind
her and started to lick her pussy and her ass. As he did Mr Ross sat
on the couch in front of Charlotte.
"Play with my cock while he fucks you" he told her
Charlotte reached out a hand and began to gently stroke his big dick.
Behind her Jack had now got to his feet.
"Im going to fuck your ass now" he told her

He began to push it in. It was hard going but eventually the head of
his cock was in her tight little ass.
"Ahhhhhh" Charlotte yelled as it popped in. Mr Ross moved her
hand where she had tightened her grip on his cock.
"Are you ok" he asked "Do you want him to stop" Charlotte shook
her head. Jack began to push again trying to get more of him up her
ass. He got a couple more inches inside and then pulled out so just
the head was in. Slowly he started to push in and out of her. Every
know and then a but more of his cock would sink in to her. He picked
up some speed and was soon fucking her ass good. Charlotte was
moaning and moaning. The cock in her ass hurt but it also felt good.
He didnt stay in her ass to long as he didnt want to cum yet. When
he pulled out there was a squelch noise. Mr Ross looked into
charlottes eyes.
"It my turn now sweetie, I want to try that hot ass to"
"Ok shall I stay here"
"No you get on top of me"
He put his legs together and Charlotte with her back to him stood over
them. He helped guide her to his waiting cock. She pushed slowly
down as he held it in place. When the had was in he moved his hands
and just leaned back to watch Charlotte slide on to his dick. Jack was
also watching from across the armchir across the room.
Bit by bit Charlotte slide down Mr Ross’s cock.
"Keep going" he told her "You can get it all in"
She lifted and then went down again to help it go in. Eventually she
felt her ass touch his belly. She couldnt belive it she had all of his cock
in her. When the pain subsided she began to gently rock on his cock.
Mr Ross was in heaven the sight of the young girl totaly impaled on
his cock was driving him wild.
Charlotte lifted her legs and placed her feet on his legs to get better
As she rode his cock Jack stood and came over. He stood over Mr Ross’s
legs and began to guide his cock towards her pussy. He started to
enter her pussy
"Ah ah ah" Charlotte groaned as he went deeper. When he was half
way in he stopped for a moment to let her get used to the feeling.
Charlotte just breathed slowly amazed by the situated, she had to cocks
in her the feeling was amazing.
Jack had now began to fuck her again. Each stroke of his prick moved
her on Mr Ross’s cock two. Jack sucked on one of her tits as he fucked
He didnt stay in her for to long and when he pulled out he told her to
lie on the floor again. Charlotte slowly pulled herself up of Mr Ross’s
cock and lay down.
Both men kneeled either side of her head and started to jerk themselfs
"Where going to cum all over that angelic little face" Mr Ross told her
Charlotte watched as they jacked of as fast as they could
Jack suddely groaned and a jet of cum het her in the cheek, then another.
A groan from Mr Ross let her now that he was going to cum to.
Both men shot squirt after squirt of cum onto her face and into her mouth.
She swallowed as much as she could. When they stopped cumming they
leaned back against teh couch to get there breath back. They looked
down at Charlotte as she lay there her sweet little face covered in cum.
Charlotte just smiled at them and stuck her toung out to lick up some
of the cum.


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