Lily Allen’s – Lessons In Bondage

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Lily Allen’s – Lessons In Bondage

by Snakeguy

With some inspiration from stories on the net

MF, NC, Humil, Bondage, Rape, Inc

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Lily Allen’s – Lessons in bondage

by Snakeguy
MF, NC, Humil, Bondage, Rape, Inc

Lily Allen was bored and being bored was not a good thing as far as Lily was concerned, when she was bored she tended to do some mad stuff.

Lily was 15 years old and has discovered since the departure of her mother from the house, she was all pretty well free to do what she wanted. Her dad the actor Keith while loving her left her free to her own devices…

Vice.. Lily laughed that’s a good word….

Lily could cut school, her Dad didn’t care or notice, she could bring guys home from school give them a handjob in the hall, then the minute they’d come throw them out of the front door, with Lily nearly pissing herself laughing watching the guy trying to get his jeans and cum covered boxers up before anybody noticed them.

During all of this Lily had never stripped for a guy, yes she tease, give glimpses down her top, but she’d never actually removed her clothes for any guy…

Maybe her father knew what she’d be doing, they’d developed this routine of looking at each other, smiling then just walking away, as if there was a line of knowingness that they never crossed.

Freedom… thought Lily, was overrated…

She had the freedom, but nothing to do with it, she’d had grown tied of stripping guys and throwing them out of the front door, yes she enjoyed checking out the variety of different sized cocks, she’d enjoyed the feeling of a cock growing in her hand and the look of the guys face, completely helpless and lost in his lust…

But there must be more….

It was a cold November day, a school day, but Lily wasn’t at school she was at home.

Sitting on the edge of her bed. Lily looked at her newest treasure.. a pair of cold steel handcuffs, she loved the feeling of the cold metal against her skin, she looked at them with a feeling of awe, a new toy, a new challenge…

She had loved making her away on the London Underground in her school uniform, teasing city businessmen on the way to work by opening her legs, resulting in the city types nearly rupturing themselves trying to look up her school skirt under the illusion that this schoolgirl wasn’t aware that they could see up her skirt, but Lily knew exactly what she was doing.

It was all about being in control.

Control… that’s another good word thought Lily.

She arrived at Oxford Circus underground station and made her way to Soho.

She paused outside the adult bondage shop, making sure people could see this schoolgirl waiting outside, as she entered the shop, all the shops punters (mainly old guys or tourists) eyes glued to her, like flies to shit thought Lily.

She made her way around the shop checking out the different devices….

This wasn’t the first time she visited here, on her last visit she’d brought a spiked dog collar that she worn with a school uniform, that had proved a huge hit until it was confiscated as not being part of regulation uniform.

Lily had thought maybe she’d buy a PVC school uniform and wear it to school and then see what they thought of regulation uniforms…

Then she saw it in the cabinet… cold steel shining back at her, it spoke to her…

“Buy me Lily” It said.

That’s what Lily did, but not before pausing in the shop to lock it to one of her thin wrists, the shops punters thinking all of their Christmases had come at once.

Lily then made her way back through the streets of Soho to the underground, her head held high wearing her school uniform, the handcuff hanging from the left wrist, the cold steel catching the glint of the sun.

Her legs were closed on her journey home, but she loved the attention it brought her.

The sight of the handcuffs sitting in the lap of her school skirt, she loved being in control.

This was going to be fun, thought Lily, previous to this there had been the dog collar, then putting first clothes pins, then small bulldog clips on her nipples nestled in her bra under her school shirt, then setting out though the streets in the morning to school and being a good girl for her Dad who she kissed on her head as she made her way to school.

She’d loved being in school with this feeling of slight pain and discomfort, something that even other girls sitting next to her didn’t know what she was up to, Lily smiled to herself on that underground train thinking of the rush she got getting home from school locking her bedroom door and throwing herself onto her bed and hand straight into her panties as she wanked her finger deep in her and the bulldog clips biting into her very hard nipples.

Lily was currently naked, she shivered, but not from cold, it was more than warm enough in her bedroom, but from the excitement, the feeling of being in control.

She was on her knees, the naked teenage looked out of her bedroom window into the London street below her.

“Little do they know what I’m up to”.. thought to Lily to herself and laughed.

Lily had seen on the net, pictures of women tied up and helpless, she had this fascination with bondage, of feeling of being helpless but in control and she loved that.

Lily was being careful, very careful; she’d read stuff about people who had played bondage games alone, and ended up in some really embarrassing or fatal situations.

Lily had no intention of letting herself get trapped that way, naked and needing her Dad to help her.

These handcuffs were she decided were very safe, there she even had an extra key that she had hidden in her computer desk drawer.

Lily kissed the handcuffs, smelt the handcuffs (she thought she could smell herself, but that might had something to do with the fact she just rubbed them against her now very wet pussy) she snapped shut one of the handcuff steel rings around the bar of her brass bed.

She looked at her wrist (Lily thought, “My wrists are really small and thin”, she slowly closed the other side of the handcuff around her wrist.

It was like she’d just connected herself to the mains, a shot of adrenalin shot through her body, her pussy got even wetter, she looked down at her open legs and could see her juices on the cover of her bed, that vision made her heart jump.

“YES” Lily thought I’m now handcuffed to my own bed!

Lily laughed wickedly as she wondered what her Dad or her brother Alfie would say if they came home and found her like this.

It was then fate changed the course of Lily’s day..

A smoke alarm outside her bedroom door detected the smoke from her chain smoking and shattered the silence of her bedroom, the sudden sound make Lily jump and try to stand up, forgetting for one second she was attached to her bed, her handcuffed arm caused Lily to be thrown sideways, the handcuff key flying from her free hand.

“FUCK!” Shouted Lily to herself the sound of the smoke alarm hurting her ears, before finally after a few minutes stopping.

Her ears buzzing from the smoke alarm, the naked teenager looked around her bedroom, Lily couldn’t see where the key had landed.

Her heart beating faster than ever before, she said to her… “It’s not meant to be this way”

Frantically, Lily visually scanned every inch of the bedroom carpet, hoping beyond hope that it was close enough so she could pull it towards her with her foot.

She spend the next 30 minutes looking, but the key was nowhere to be seen.

“The computer desk!” Lily tried to stretch far enough to reach her computer desk.

She could feel the socket in her shoulder beginning to pull, but she was not even close.

She tried to lift her bed, but the brass bed was far too heavy for Lily to drag closer to her desk.

Lily tried to force herself to calm down, she felt sick and she thought she’d vomit there and then, her shoulder hurt and the cover under her felt damp from her pussy juices.

“Not now” shouted Lily to herself, I haven’t got time to be turned on, here she was naked cuffed to her bed and unable to escape.

She thought I still have hours left before her Dad or Alfie get home.

She sat back down on the damp bed cover, her cuffed arm crossing in front of her.

Lily started breathing slowly, telling herself to “Stay calm, don’t panic”.

Carefully, Lily sitting on her bed, looked at every inch of her bedroom carpet.


“Where the fuck could it have landed?”

Lily tried to slip her hand out of the cuff, but the fucking cuffs were closed too tight.

She could see her wrist turn red, then blue, then purple trying to pull her hand out of the cuffs, there was no way she thought that she could remove it without breaking her hand.

Her brother Alfie would be home first, he’d come home and find his sister, nude and handcuffed to her brass bed.

Suddenly the ultra confident Lily began to vanish, her lower lip started to quiver, she was on the edge of crying.

Lily got angry, she had to snap herself out of this self-pity, she needed to think!

She looked around her bedroom again, not for the key this time, but for anything else that might help her.

She could reach her mobile phone! Oh, yea, but who in the fuck was she going to call?

The Police… “Hey I’m naked and I’ve cuffed myself to my own bed and I can’t reach the key, can you help?”

Firemen? Fuck no, they would come screaming to the house with their sirens blaring, alerting every papparazzi on the street and wouldn’t they love to find a celebrities naked teenage girl in handcuffs, then the newspapers would get to hear about it because of her Dad being who he is.

Lily wasn’t worried about getting raped, (things like that don’t happen in real life like this do they) but wouldn’t they take their sweet time getting a good look while they got her out of the fucking handcuffs and one of them would be bound to take a picture with his mobile phone.

How about a girlfriend from school? Fuck no, it would be all over the school, and everybody in school would know about it, she’d never live the humiliation down.

Then Lily’s heart skipped a beat.

There was one person she could call, the guy she used to hide out with when she was in trouble with her Mum & Dad, the guy she bummed cigarettes off of, the guy who gave her, her first shot of vodka, the most laid back and was the coolest guy.

Her “Uncle” Ian

Actually, he wasn’t really her uncle. He was their neighbour, he was a musician friend of her Dad’s and really trustworthy, he’d lived next to her parents before she was even born, he’d always been there as she grew up.

He had always been there to help her out when she got into trouble.

She could call him; he would come to the rescue yet again.

BUT, he had never rescued her while she was handcuff and stark naked.

He’d known me since I was a little girl.

But now I’m 15, a teenager and fucking naked on my bed.

“I can’t do it, I can’t ask him,” shouted Lily.

Lily tugged and tugged and pulled on pulled at the handcuffs, she stopped at the first sight of blood on her wrist, there was just no way she was going to slip through them.

She would have to call Ian.

Awkwardly, Lily turned and twisted till she was able to reach the mobile (Cell) phone.

With one hand trying to hold it and the other to press the buttons, it took a couple of attempts before she got the number right.

Ian answered on the 4th ring! Lily’s heart was in her throat and her mouth dry.

“Uncle Ian… Ian I need your help.”

There was a sigh, and a short laugh. “What trouble are you in this time, Lily?”

“I’m… Well, I’m… fuck can you just come over and help me? Please, before my Dad or Alfie get home?”

She heard a sigh at the other end of the phone, a sigh she knew well, the one he gave every time he silently agreed to help her, agreed without saying it. “I’ll be right over.”

“Thanks, Ian I fucking love you! the back door is open, just walk in.”

It was just a short walk for Ian, but for Lily, it seemed to take forever.

“Fuck this can’t be happening!!!” Lily yelled.

Lily loved to be in control, she loved to pushed things, to tease others, to dare, but as she sat there naked, she felt totally humiliated at what Ian would shortly see when he got to her.

“FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK” Lily yelled, pulling on the cuffs causing her wrist to bleed some more, she swore to herself, once she was out of the cuffs, she would NEVER fool around with this bondage stuff again.

Lily heard the back door open, and heard Ian walk in.

“Lily!” Ian shouted out, “Where are you?”

A tear rolled down Lily’s cheek, a tear of shame.

She really, really, didn’t want to answer, but Lily had no other choice.

“Ian I’m upstairs, in my bedroom.”

Ian was the bottom of the stairs and shouted up…

“Well, come on down and tell me what the problem is.”

The naked teenager with tears in her eyes shouted back, “I can’t, you have to come up here.”

Lily heard Ian’s foot steps on the stairs, she was looking at her bare legs and feet could not look at the door.

Then the handle on her bedroom door turned and her door opened.

“LILY! What the fuck?

How in the fuck did she get handcuffed your to the bed, was it some guy from your school, I’ll kill him” shouted Ian.

He stood there for a second, not quite believing what he was looking at, he’d know Lily since she was a child, but here she was a teenager and handcuffed naked to her own bed before him.

Ian reached for a blanket off the chair by the door to cover Lily, he sat on the side of her bed, gently cupping his hand under her chin and lifting her head, looking at her tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Who the fuck did this to you!” Ian asked

“It wasn’t a guy from school, I did this to myself.”

That stopped Ian dead in his tracks, “What do you mean, did it to yourself?” Ian stood up the corner of the blanket in his hand, exposing Lily’s shoulder to him.

Lily thought she was going to die when she had to explain it to Ian, but instead of explaining it clearly, it seemed with him standing there looking down on her, her words came out in a jumble.

“I found some sites on the net, about… bondage, and stuff, with… pictures.” I wanted to… see what it was like, so I bought these hand cuffs, in Soho, I just tried them out, but I dropped the key, and I didn’t see where it went, it’s got to be on the floor here somewhere.”

“There’s a spare key in the computer desk drawer.”

“I’ll get that one” Ian turned and in the same action pulling off the blanket covering her naked body off her.

“Ian what the fuck you do that for?” Lily shouted, Ian smiled turned and went to the drawer, it was then Lily realised, the key was not the only thing in that desk drawer!

Lily’s face went bright red.

No stop” shouted Lily, “Just find the key on the carpet”, “Why Lily, its easier to find it in the” …with that Ian opened the drawer, and picked up Lily’s vibrator.

Lily wished the floor would open up and swallow her, nobody was meant to see that, let alone an old guy like Ian, he was old enough to be her Dad, he knew her Dad, they drank together.

Ian put the vibrator back and didn’t never saying a word, but he couldn’t stop the small smile.

Then he found the key.

He turned and looked at the naked Lily.

“Ian stop the fuck looking at me, put the cover back on me I’m fucking naked here” Lily shouted.

Ian sat down on the bed next to Lily, the handcuff key in his hand, but making no attempt to either cover or free her. “Lily, its natural, teenagers get curious about life, and I’ve known you since you where a kid, I bathed you when you were little, so there’s no need to be ashamed about naked, that is until it gets you into trouble.”

“You mean like getting yourself handcuffed naked to your own fucking bed?” Lily laughed, stressing that she was still naked.

“Yeah Lily, like getting handcuffed naked to your own bed, you know that bondage games should never be played alone, it could have been much worse, but I’m sure you’ve already had enough of imagining that.” Ian said.

“Ok thanks Ian, enough of the lecture, unlock me and let me getting dressed, I’m still fucking naked here, you’re not meant to see me like this” Lily said.

Ian stood up, smiled and walked out bedroom, leaving her there handcuffed naked to her bed.

Lily was totally confused…. She shouted, “Ian this is not the time to go to the bathroom and have a wank”..

There was no reply, Lily pulled on the cuffs again, only resulting in making her wrist even bloodier.

Ian re-entered Lily’s bedroom, “Lily anybody tell you that you have a big mouth”

“What?” Lily said.

Ian without saying a word, he went to Lily, grabbed her free wrist and using one of the parcel ties her Dad used, tied the tie around her wrist and quickly tied Lily’s arm to the other side of her brass bed.


Ian stood there and laughed, looking at her nude, teenage bound body as Lily turned and twisted, fought with the parcel tie on one wrist and the handcuffs on her other.

Ian had tied it so the more she struggled, the tighter it got.

Finally, worn out, Lily just dropped down and lay there on display.

“You know Lily, I don’t think there’s also no point in telling you to stop your fetish for bondage, because you aren’t going to. This afternoon might put it on hold for a little while, but I’m positive your curiosity will get to you again, and you’ll just start all over again and next time you could really get into trouble”.

“LOOK YOU FUCKER LET ME GO!!!” Lily shouted.

Ian looked at his watch “Now Alfie won’t be home for say another two hours and your Dad, well that depends I could phone him and meet him for a drink or two”

Ian went to her laptop on her desk and opened it, then took her drawer and emptied it out onto her bedroom floor.


Ian crossed over to Lily, went close down to her face and said… “Shut up.”

Lily was shocked, Ian had never behaved like this, this was not like the man she’d know from a child. He picked something up from the contents of her drawer n the floor and sat in her chair, looking at her laptop.

“Can you at least COVER me then?” Lily said.

“You wanted to be naked and handcuffed, well, you’re naked and cuffed.” Ian laughed.

Lily was in shock, in all the time she’d known him, he had never acted like this.

She was now totally nude on her bed, unable to get up and he was just ignoring her.

Lily turned and saw what Ian was looking at on her laptop screen, he’d found the pics, the ones that Lily had “Photo-shopped”, putting her own face on pictures of women tied up in all sorts of positions, naked and most with spread open pussies.

A lot of women being spanked or punished too, in all of her 15 years Lily had never thought it was possible to be this embarrassed and still not die.

“I was right, you aren’t going to stop. You are a lot more into this than just ‘curious’ aren’t you?” Ian said, Lily didn’t reply, “Lily those photo-shopped pictures are very good, you want to experience bondage, i assume the pictures of you are faked?”


“Well, before this is over, there may be some real ones of you, I’m sure we can do better…

With that he produced her digital camera from behind his back…

“No” said Lily, “Please no Ian not that just let me go”.

With that Ian started taking pics of Lily, a long shot of the bound teenager on her bed.

Lily trying to kick at him, in doing some exposing her teenage pussy to the camera.

A lose up of her pussy, still damp with her juices and a light dusting of brunette pubes.

“Lily you’re damp,” said Ian, “Don’t tell me you’re enjoying this” he laughed.

A close up of her small but growing teenage breasts, her nipples pink and erect.

A close up of her handcuffed wrist, now complete with a thin line of blood where the cold steel had eaten into her wrist.

“All these photographs are a little safety policy for me, just in case you where foolish enough to tell anybody about this afternoon, it seems you’re not going to stop, and I’ve already told you it’s not safe to play bondage games like this alone. So, the best solution is to help you.” Ian said.

“Yeah Ian” Lily said trying to humour him, “That’s why I called you, help me out of these handcuffs!”

Lily hadn’t realised it up till now, but her pussy was sopping wet, she was even more embarrassed than ever, knowing he could probably smell her wet teenage pussy.

Lily could see Ian was back looking through the contents of her draw on her bedroom floor, she head him chuckle.

He got up and held up two bulldog clips in front of Lily’s face.

Lily didn’t think it was possible, but her teenage face burned even redder, her shame and humiliation grew.

Ian walked around her bed, Lily tried to twist away, but there was no turning with her hands tied wide apart to the brass bedposts.

“Now Lily, what do you possibly use these for?”

Ian was standing above her, pressing the clips open and letting them snap closed, and was looking down at naked her.

Lily had her eyes closed and her mouth closed.

Ian reached down and pinched her nose closed lightly, not enough to hurt, but enough to stop her breathing through the nose.

Lily finally had to open her mouth to breath.

“Lily I asked, what do you use these for?”

Her voice was barely a whisper as she answered. “I wear them sometimes.” She knew he had all ready guessed where she wore them.


Damn the fucker, he was going to make her tell him, probably make her tell him everything before he’d uncuffed her. “I put them on my…”

“On your what, Lily?”

“My nipples, it hurts, but its good hurt.”

“Well, then, let the hurting begin”, Ian put the bulldog clips carefully on her nipples; she twitched a bit, but started breathing faster.

Ian left Lily there, and went back to her desk, she didn’t believe it, he walked away from her!

Ian took her vibrator from the desktop, and held it up looking at it, running his finger lightly over the edge.

Ian was smiling was he returned to the naked, bound 15 year old. ” And Lily what’s this for?”

He was toying with her, teasing her, they both knew what the vibrator was for, Lily did not want to admit it.

“What is this for, Lily?”

“I play with myself with it.”

“Play with yourself Lily? Where? Your nose?” He lowered the vibrator and began running it around her nose, Lily could smell her own dried juices on it, as he turned it on and ran it over the delicate skin between her pert teenage nose and upper lip.

She twisted and turned to get away from it, but there was no escape. “No”, Lily gasped out, “not my nose”.

“What do you use it then? I can keep this up until you do tell me, your choice.”

The teenager felt like she would rather die than admit this. But she had put herself in this spot, and he was the only way out.

“I play it over my nipples, and my…” She could not say it, at that moment Ian said.

“Like this?” He began to run the silver vibrator very lightly over her teenage breasts, just barely making contact with her skin. Already turned on by the situation, Lily’s pussy began to juice up, her teenage nipples thicken and extend.

After spending several minutes, Ian let the feather gently slide down her tummy to her

teenage pussy, he stopped where her pubes began, he began to run it over them, then down the inside of her thighs.

In seconds, Lily was gasping for breath, her heart was slamming in her chest.

In automatic response, she thrust her hips into the air, pushing her tight arse up off

the bed.

Lily was so close to cumming, she had never realised it was possible to cum without even having something touch or enter her pussy.

Then Ian stopped and walked away, he dropped the vibrator on the floor and went back to her desk and laptop!

Lily did not believe it, she was right on the edge, he couldn’t just stop now!

Her teenage pussy screamed for release, for satisfaction.

Ian laughed. “I’d teaching you a lesson, about getting yourself into situations you shouldn’t and because i felt like it, and because there isn’t a fucking thing you can do about it.”

Ian picked up the vibrator off the floor, he held them a moment.

“Lily you know what? I’ve noticed this seems to be coated, or perhaps, “glazed” with something”.

Lily wanted to die, then Ian sniffed it.

“So let’s continue where else does this go” as he waved the vibrator in front of her face.

Suddenly, Lily’s temper flared. She had called him to help her, not to have him tie her to the bed and go through her personal things.

“ I WANK WITH IT, masturbate with it, there, is that what you wanted to hear?” Lily shouted.

Ian didn’t answer her question; instead, he got up, went to her fitted wardrobe and got out of her wide leather belts.

Lily was watching him the entire time; she continued to watch as he moved close to her. He lifted her head with one hand, slipped the belt under her and then wrapped it around her, blindfolding her.

Lily heard him walk out of the room.

Here she was tied and naked, blindfolded and at the mercy of the man she called to rescue her!

She jumped when she felt the light touch of the vibrator on the side of her neck.

She had been concentrating on her situation and never even heard him enter the


Her body was immediately covered in goosebumps as the vibrator buzzed its way down her side, over her rib cage.

Ian sat on the bed and trailed the vibrator down her side, down her thigh, over her knees, leaving Lily gasping for breath.

Then Ian stopped, not touching her anywhere, not making a sound.

Then she heard the vibrator being turned on again, it touched her pubes, Ian then played it down, barely touching her pussy lips, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body.

Then Ian stopped and moved back from the bound teenager.

“NOOOOO, don’t stop!” cried Lily, “Not now, I need to cum, you can’t leave me like this! PLEASEEEEE, I HAVE TO CUM!!”

Then Lily let out a scream, her back and hips arched up, as he thrust the vibrator into her pussy, he pulled it out quickly, Ian then leaned forward and began to lick her pussy.

His stubble tickled her inner thighs at the same time his tongue probed deep inside her; his nose was grinding into her pussy lips.

Lily’s orgasm tore through her teenage, when it finally drifted away, she dropped back on the bed, spend and exhausted.

Her naked body was soaked with sweat, her pussy flooded with juice, even the sheets were soaked, through the belt she could see the flashes of her digital camera as Ian took picture after picture, but Lily was now too weak to resist.

Ian untied her Lily, got the spare key and unlocked her from the handcuffs.

As he removed the belt from her eyes, he could see he was standing there smiling, her bottle of vodka and two shot glasses in his hand.

“I gave you your first drink of vodka; I thought it only fair to drink to you growing up” he laughed.

Lily gave a half smile as she pulled her legs up under her as Ian sat on the bed and poured her a shot glass of vodka; she downed it quickly, to be followed by a second then third glass…

Lily’s entire body was buzzing, party from her orgasm and partly from the effects of drinking one shot after the other, she looked over at Ian, Lily wondered what was going on in his perverted little mind?

Ian leaned forward and kissed Lily, not the kiss on the cheek she had always received from him, but a full kiss on the mouth as he did so pressing into her bed.

“I have to go Lily, it wouldn’t be good for your Dad or Alfie to get home and find you and me like this on your bed” I’ll leave the key on your desk.

“One for the road” he poured another shot and Lily downed it right down, “Now go and get a shower and get dressed before Alfie gets home” Ian said, Lily could hear him laugh, but couldn’t understand why he was laughing.

Lily sat on her bed, looking quite glassy eyed, eagerly taking another shot and drinking it.

He watched Lily as she tried to focus on the bottle of vodka placed on her bedside table, she took another drink and most of it spilled most of it on her naked teenage breasts and thighs.

Lily looked down at her thighs, then she looked up and couldn’t focus…

Lily tried to get up, but stumbled backwards onto her bed.

Lily lay there, breathing heavily and laughing to herself, she was buzzing, her bedroom was buzzing, her pussy was buzzing, Lily laughed her blue eyes glassy and unfocused, laying on the bed trying to rationalise what had just happened to her.

She felt a small wave of nausea rise and she rolled onto her back.

The next thing she knew she felt, the unmistakable feel of another person lying on her bed, Lily felt a hand on her shoulder….

“Iiiian” Lily slurred her eyes trying to focus.

Lily felt hands caressing her shoulders, the caresses grew larger, the hand ran over her tight little arse squeezing each cheek in turn, he pulled her arse cheeks apart, revealing both her holes; a pink little rosebud and a juicy glistening teenage slit.

Lily was on her back, her feet hanging off the edge of her bed.

Then she felt a hand where it shouldn’t be, instinctively she tried to close her legs.

Then Lily heard the sound of a jeans zipper opening, he slid his hands back down over Lily’s arse, Lily opened her eyes, but everything was unfocused.

“Iiiian whattt you doing” Lily slurred

Lily felt a smooth chest against her teenage breasts, she felt as he started biting her neck.

She could feel him moving, climbing off the bed, she felt him grab her ankles and pull her towards the corner of her mattress, stopping just as her pussy was right at the corner of the bed. He then spread her legs to each side and stepped between them.

He could feel his orgasm coming; he used his thumbs to spread her arse cheeks, Lily felt his cock slip out of her, he held Lily’s cheeks open with one hand he placed his cock head on her sweaty tight arsehole.

He pushed hard and the head of his cock popped into her ass, Lily through her drunken state could feel after a few minutes him cumming in her arse.

Lily tried to open her eyes, she tried to close her legs, but she couldn’t, he was standing over her, she tried to focus…. Her eyes made out the naked form standing in front of her, the still hard cock dripping cum, she opened her eyes and finally focussed on…


The End

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