Jailbait: Chapter Two, San Diego

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Disclaimer – This story is entirely fictional and does not reflect any of the celebrities involved in its’ true personalities or sexual nature. It’s sole purpose is entertainment, so enjoy! Also, scientists have recently discovered that individuals under the age of eighteen show an increased risk of contracting masturbation induced blindness, therefore anyone under the age of eighteen SHOULD NOT READ THIS!!!!
Two of my biggest loves have always been hot girls and music, and I thought it would be fun to combine the two for my newest series. I’ve included a list of songs at the end that kind of form a soundtrack to
the chapter (You’ll have to do the work of locating them). I’d almost be as interested to hear what you think of the songs as much as the story. I say almost, because these stories really can be time consuming to write, and getting feedback is the main thing that keeps myself and most other authors writing them. So if you loved it or hated it or fall somewhere in the middle, I’d love to hear your opinion. Please send any feedback, suggestions or requests to [email protected] or post them on the message board.
I sincerely hope everyone enjoys this series, it really was a labor of love,
The Squad Leader

Author’s note – For the purposes of this story, Cindy Margolis is Hayden’s mother. Again, everything about this story is fiction, so I figured why the fuck not?


Everything in its right place
In its right place
In its right place
In its right place”
-Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place

“So, what do you think this is all about?” Lacey asked as we approached the conference room.

“Not sure babe” I mumbled, as I took a drag off of my cigarette. Although I had my suspicions, I didn’t think it necessary to worry her.

“C’mon Steve-O” she replied, picking up on my nervous vibes. “Don’t go all ‘knight in shining armor on me.’ I’m a big girl, I can handle it.”

“I’m not trying to protect you Lace” I answered. “I just don’t want you getting all worked up about nothing. That’s all.”

“Well when Wayne Leshand calls and says he wants to meet with just you and I it’s a little tough not to get all worked up.” She said. “Do you think he’s pissed off about the two of us seeing each other?”

“Oh, so we’re seeing each other now?” I teased, giving her a sideways glance. “I thought you said, and I quote “It is what it is.”

“Stop teasing me you jerk” she laughed, adding a playful punch to the ribs. “I’m serious, do you think that’s what this is about?”

“Only one way to find out” I answered as we entered the conference room only to find Wayne and Stephanie Romanov already inside.

“Mr. O’Reilly, Ms. Chabert, please have a seat” Wayne said with his patented cheesy smirk. I’d seen that smirk many times over the past few weeks and I knew that it could only mean bad news. I glanced over at Stephanie to see if I could pick up any clues from her body language but she didn’t seem to want to make eye contact with me.

“What’s all this about Wayne?” I asked, doing my best to sound friendly and casual as I nervously shifted in my chair.

“Well, we’ve been doing some market research” he began. “And the corporate team and I have come up with some exciting ideas that we feel will help to make Jailbait a more marketable band.”

Now for those of you unfamiliar with the terms ‘market research’ or ‘corporate team’ let me sum up what that involves. Generally, it involves a team of highly trained (or at least moderately trained) chimps such as Wayne Leshand and company who are locked in a room for several hours together. Within the confines of this room they have a fantastic chimp party involving the standard chimp favorites. Activities such as eating bananas, throwing feces at one another and randomly pressing keys on a computer are conducted and when they emerge, the computer screens are printed out and an action plan is put into place based on those printouts. Many governments operate in a similar manner, but that is a story for another time.

“So what kind of ideas are you talking about?” I cautiously asked. “The last time I spoke with you, you told me that you liked the new single and that the shows in LA were a good start.”

“The single is acceptable” he replied which I took to mean he loved it but wouldn’t admit as such since I wrote it. “However after careful consideration, we feel that if we’re going to call the band Jailbait that we really need to go with a younger lineup.”

“Are you firing me?” Lacey asked in astonishment and I could see the tears beginning to well up in her eyes.

“Well, I wouldn’t put it that way” Wayne replied, still smirking. “We just feel like a roster change is necessary at this point and time.”

“Bullshit!” I yelled, pounding my fist on the table. “Lacey is the best musician in the band. Not only that, but she’s co-written at least half of the songs with me. Without her, Jailbait is nothing! Besides, Michelle is only a few years younger than Lacey and she isn’t being replaced. Be honest Wayne, you’re only doing this out of spite because of her relationship with me!”

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the tiniest hint of a smile from Lacey when I used the word relationship.

“C’mon Lacey, don’t be cute” I thought. “It makes it tougher to argue with this asshole when you do that.”

“Now that is just preposterous!” Wayne replied, feigning shock. “Your accusations are completely unfounded and inappropriate. And need I remind you who the boss is around here?”

“Not anymore” I roared back. “If she goes, I go!”

“Then I guess I’ll accept your resignation!” Leshand answered with a mad grin on his face.

“That’s fine” I said. “But if I go, I’m taking all of the songs I’ve written with me including ‘It Is What It Is.”

It was so rewarding to see that grin get wiped off of his face when I threatened to take the music with me. It looked like someone had punched him in the stomach.

“Guys, Guys!” Stephanie finally interjected. “Isn’t there some kind of a compromise we can come up with?”

“What would you propose?” Wayne asked.

“How about if Lacey stays on as part of the songwriting team but we get another drummer for the actual band?” She offered.

“Out of the question” Wayne immediately answered. “We’ve already got Hilary’s sister on the tour in addition to the band. I’m not gonna turn this into some fucking traveling circus!”

“We’ll take it” Lacey quickly said.

“What?” I answered looking at her. “May we have a minute?”

“Fine” Leshand replied.

“What are you doing?” I asked once Wayne and Stephanie had moved to the other side of the room.

“I don’t want you to lose this opportunity over me” Lacey said quietly.

“Lace, don’t go all knight in shining armor on me now” I replied as I wiped away one of her tears with my thumb. “I’m trying to keep you in the band here.”

“I know and I appreciate it” she replied with a little smile. “But he’s got his mind made up, you can see that. This compromise is as good as we’re going to get.”

“Are you sure about this?” I asked.

“Of course I’m sure” she replied. “And thanks for lying about me writing half of the music.”

“Don’t thank me yet” I answered. “Because if he accepts this you’re going to have to start. And I’m not the easiest person in the world to collaborate with you know.”

“Well I think we collaborated quite well together the other night” she said with a wink and a sexy smile.

I looked back to the corner of the room where Stephanie and Wayne seemed to be having a very animated conversation as I resigned myself to this new fate.

*Ahem* I coughed, getting their attention.

“We’ll take the deal” I said as they came back over. “Lacey stays on tour and helps me write the songs with full royalties or I walk and take my songs with me.”

“Fine” Leshand finally relented after a lengthy pause. “But if I’ve got two songwriters I’m going to expect twice as much new material.”

“Fine” I answered, and shortly thereafter the details were finalized and we were on our way down to the recording studio to meet up with the rest of the band.


“That blows!” Michelle sobbed as she hugged her best friend around the neck.

“It’s cool Michelle” Lacey replied. “I’m not dying, I’m just not gonna be in the band anymore. Besides, I’m still gonna be here with you girls, just not on stage with you.”

Michelle didn’t seem convinced, but she finally realized that there really wasn’t anything that could be done about it. As for the other two, Hayden didn’t say much, she just merely stared down at her feet. Meanwhile Hilary looked indifferent about the whole situation.

“Jailbait’s just not gonna be the same without you Lace” Michelle continued.

“Oh, you’ll be fine” Lacey quipped. “It just means that when you guys get really famous that I’ll go down in rock history as the new Pete Best.”

“Who’s Pete Best?” Hayden asked.

“He’s the guy that got all those hits and got kicked out of baseball for betting dumbass!” Hilary sneered.

“Actually, that was Pete Rose” I said. “Pete Best was the drummer for the Beatles until Ringo joined the band.”

Hilary just shot me an evil glare before saying “Whatever!”

She then rounded on Hayden as though it was her band mate’s fault.

“Too bad it wasn’t your slutty ass they kicked out of the band!” She said.

“You know you’d better start being a little nicer to me!” Hayden shot back. “I could really make your life a living hell if I wanted to!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Hilary asked. She still had no idea that it was Hayden who had been in her dressing room that night and who had stolen the tape of her tryst with the fans.

“Keep pushing me” Hayden shot back. “You’ll see!”

“Whatever bitch!” Hilary said as she wheeled around and stormed out of the room.

“I’m sorry about your situation” Hayden said quietly to Lacey before she too stormed out.

“And I thought I had issues” Lacey quipped, breaking the silence.

“They just need to fuck and get it over with” Michelle joked, to which we all had a good laugh.


Lacey, Michelle and I were the first to arrive at the studio parking lot that Wednesday where we were supposed to pick up the tour bus and finally hit the road.

“Holy Shit!” Michelle exclaimed when she saw the tour bus. “We are rolling in some serious style!”

She was definitely right about that one. The bus was actually a modified RV which slept 10-12 and had all the amenities one could want including a mini-recording booth in the back. We were so busy gawking that we almost didn’t notice the stretch limousine pulling into the lot beside us.

“Great, here comes Mr. Rock and Roll” I said sarcastically as Wayne Leshand emerged from the limo wearing a pair of plaid shorts and a polo shirt. The girls started to giggle but their laughter was soon cut short as Stephanie emerged from the limo along with a pretty young girl with long wavy brown hair. I had to hand it to Wayne on one point, clad in tight jeans and a tee shirt and looking barely eighteen, she was the very definition of Jailbait.

“Must be the new drummer” Michelle said idly before turning to whisper to Lacey. “I’ll be a bitch to her if you want me to Lacey.”

“Nah, that’s okay” Lacey responded. “I’ve seen Hilary’s jealous act. Not pretty.”

“Morning ladies” Wayne said cheerfully. “How are you today?”

“Does the bus have the jar full of green M&M’s I requested?” Michelle asked in a bitchy voice.

“M&M’s?” Wayne asked. “I didn’t get a memo about any….”

“I’m just kidding Mr. Leshand” she laughed. “Like the prima donna rocker. Get it?”

“Oh……I see….um” He mumbled. Clearly he didn’t get it.

“In any case” He began “I’d like you to meet Miss Emma Watson. She’ll be the new drummer for Jailbait.”

“Hello” Emma offered meekly. She seemed keenly aware of the underlying tension even if Leshand pretended not to notice anything.

Now I hate to admit it, but I really thought things were going to get ugly. I mean, Hilary and Hayden already hated each other and the last thing this band needed was more infighting. But Lacey, being the kind of person she was wasn’t going to let that happen. She stepped forward gracefully and decided to make nice with her replacement.

“Cool shirt” she said, noting the Stone Roses tee which Emma was wearing.

“Thanks” she answered. “Everybody loves them in Manchester where I’m from.”

“Sounds like a cool town. Maybe you can show us around if we ever tour there.” Michelle added.

“Absolutely” She smiled and with the immediate crisis averted, we started to make our way towards the bus.

As we approached the bus a tall black man wearing a tye-dyed tee shirt approached us. He had his long hair pulled up under a Jamaican style hat and almost always had a large grin on his face.

“Ey now! You mus be da managah!” He exclaimed in a thick Jamaican accent as he extended his hand.

“Yeah, Steve O’Reilly” I said, shaking his hand. “And who are you?”

“Me real name be Danny Martin” he said. “But me friends call me Dr. Spliff. I’m jah driver, jah confidante and professor of all tings herbal!”

“Well, sounds like you’ll be a good person to have around” I quipped. I liked him already.

“And deez must be some of da band girls” He said as he kissed Michelle, Emma and Lacey on the hand.

“Well, Michelle and Emma are in the band” Lacey replied with a sigh. “And I was until Leshand shitcanned me the other day. But at least I get to work with Steve-O here writing the songs.”

“Ah, Leshand” Dr. Spliff said as he glanced over at the buffoon unsuccessfully trying to check an e-mail on his Blackberry. “He is a mother-fucker! But I wouldn’t worry bout heem none. You are far to beautiful to worry bout anyting. Come, let me get jah bags on da bus and den we smoke some of Dr. Spliff’s personal stash.”

“I’m loving every bit of that plan” Lacey replied as the three girls raced on board to claim their bunks.

A few minutes later, the Duff sisters arrived and began to unload their bags from their car. After some hellos from Wayne and Stephanie and a quick introduction to our new driver, Dr. Spliff invited them onto the bus to smoke out with the other three girls.

“Um, no thanks” Hilary said quickly as she rolled her eyes.

“Suit jahself” He answered as he carried their bags away towards the bus.

“Like I would want to hang out with that creep” Hilary said to her sister as soon as he was out of earshot.

“Come on Hil, he seemed cool” Haylie replied.

“Whatever” she replied.

“She uses that word so much, she should get it tattooed on her forehead” I thought as I followed the sweet smell of grass onto the bus.

“Oh look, here comes the bitch” Haylie pointed as Hayden’s car pulled up. “And isn’t that cute, she had her mommy bring her the first day.”

They watched as Hayden’s mother Cindy helped her unload her suitcase from the trunk of the car.

For a woman in her early forties, Cindy was still stunningly attractive. She was a former model and though she didn’t work much anymore, she still liked to keep herself in fantastic shape. A true California girl through and through, Cindy like her daughter sported long, platinum blonde hair and seemed to have a year round tan.

She was so good looking in fact that everywhere she went, men would constantly gawk and attempt to hit on her. This was a fact which mortified Hayden more than anything else in the world and it would have been a larger issue had she not recently started getting more attention than her mother. Other than that little hiccup, the two were about as close as a mother and daughter could possibly be. But Hayden, like all people had her secrets and right now one of them was approaching.

“So nice to finally meet you” Cindy exclaimed as she shook hands with Stephanie. “Hayden’s told me so much about you. She says you’ve been quite a mentor to her.”

“Well your Hayden is truly an exceptional and talented young lady” Stephanie replied with a twinkle in her eyes. “I’d have to say that she’s one of the most eager to learn young ladies I’ve ever worked with.”

Hayden turned a shade of scarlet when Stephanie said this as she recalled being fucked every which way by the older woman. Yes, the sooner this little encounter was over with the better as far as she was concerned.

“You should totally go punk her out in front of her mom” Haylie said to her sister with a laugh when Stephanie finally got back in the limo and left with Wayne.

“Actually, I think I’ve got an even better plan” Hilary answered. “If you really want to get back at someone, you’ve got to hit ‘em close to home. That’s where it really hurts!”

“What are you talking about?” Haylie asked.

“I’ll explain later” she said. “But right now, just follow my lead.”

“Whatever you say sis” Haylie answered as they strode over towards Hayden and her mom.

As Hayden glanced over and saw the Duff sisters coming towards her a knot formed in her stomach. Her mother was very protective of her and if she thought that she wasn’t getting along with her band mates, it would worry her to death.

“What’s the matter honey?” Cindy asked, noticing her daughter’s tenseness.

“Oh…….nothing” Hayden said as she prepared for the oncoming storm.

But as Hilary and her sister got closer, Hayden saw an expression on their faces that she had never seen before……sweetness.

“Hayden, sweetie, I’m so glad you’re here.” Hilary beamed.

“Uh…..th….thanks.” Hayden replied, waiting for the inevitable punchline. But it never came.

“Hi, I’m Hilary” Her rival said in a sugary sweet voice as she shook Cindy’s hand. “You must be Mrs. Panetierre.”

“Actually, it’s Mrs. Margolis” She said. “I remarried a few years ago.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that” Hilary answered, seeming genuinely interested. “I haven’t really heard Hayden talk too much about you.”

“That’s because we don’t really talk at all” Hayden said quietly, unable to keep her tongue. She wasn’t sure what Hilary was playing at, but she didn’t like it.

“Well, regrettably that’s true” Hilary answered. “Your daughter and I had a bit of a competitive rivalry at first when she beat my sister out for the last spot in the band. And to be honest, I wasn’t the nicest person to be around. But I got to thinking about it and I realize now how wrong I was. The better musician won fair and square and I genuinely want us all to be friends.”

“Well that’s very sweet” Cindy replied. “Hayden’s a good girl and I’m sure you two will get along just fine.”

“Well, I certainly hope so” Hilary said. “So are you going on tour with us?”

“Oh, no sweetie” Cindy answered before turning to gush over her daughter. “But we live in San Diego, so I’ll be at next week’s show. I just drove up here to see my little girl off. I can’t wait till you’re home sweetheart. Even if it is only a week from now.”

“Mom” Hayden implored, not wanting her to say or do anything embarrassing, especially in front of Hilary.

“Well it was nice to meet you and hopefully I’ll see you at the show” Hilary said with a grin and a subtle wink that Hayden failed to notice but which didn’t escape Cindy’s eye. “Can I help you with your suitcase Hayden?”

“Um, sure” Hayden answered warily. “Bye mom, love ya.”

“I love you too sweetheart” she replied as she hugged her daughter.

As the two embraced, Cindy glanced over Hayden’s shoulder at Hilary and her sister walking away. She couldn’t help but noticed the way her jeans hugged her curvy body. Was that wink something sexual or was it just her imagination?

“Gotta go now mom, but tell Kristen I’ll be in town next week” Hayden added as she hurried off. “I haven’t gotten to hang out with her in a while.”

“I will honey, bye” she answered with a faraway look in her eyes.

“And I want you here with me, darling I need you
Can’t you see I got the yearnin’
We’ve all day, I want your love – your special way
I love, I love your smile
Oh darling don’t you drive me wild
Oh baby what I would do for one minute alone with you
You got me trembling way down inside
And your love I just can’t hide
Darling I need you, woohoo!
Darling I need you”
-The Black Keys – Yearnin’


That first week on the road was fairly uneventful. We started the tour by going north to hit San Francisco and Sacramento before making our way back down the coast to San Diego. The shows were progressively getting better and we were starting to get some buzz on the internet about ‘It Is What It Is.’

Life on the bus itself wasn’t too bad other than some of the music I was forced to listen to. We each got to take turns choosing the music which wasn’t too bad if Lacey or I were the ones doing the choosing, but when the other girls had their turns you had some really horrible stuff thrown into the mix. Put it this way, I now know exactly how many times a person has to hear Justin Timberlake or Nickelback before they’re legally brain dead…….once. On the plus side, I really enjoyed it when Mr. Spliff got to pick the tunes as we were generally treated to some Jimmy Cliff or other old school reggae artist.

I was also pleasantly surprised with how well the girls were getting along. Hilary appeared to have turned over a new leaf with and was treating Hayden and everyone else with genuine respect. She and her sister still kept to themselves mostly but no longer were they the royal cunts that they had been back in L.A.

As for our new drummer Emma, well everyone seemed to love her. Maybe a little bit too much.

I remember one night on the bus myself and all of the girls except Hilary and Haylie were sitting down to one of our legendary Texas Hold ‘Em games when a very intriguing challenge was issued. Emma, as usual had just finished kicking our asses (she really is quite the poker player) when her phone rang.

“Hullo” she answered. “Oh, hi mum……..No, I’m just playing cards with the girls”

“No, they’re quite easy to beat really” she said with a little wink.

Lacey and Michelle just shook their heads and laughed. There was no use denying it, Emma was the Jailbait poker champ.

“I’m gonna sit this next game out if you don’t mind so I can take this call” Emma said to us with her hand cupped over the phone.

“Sure thing sweetie” Michelle replied as Emma headed off to her bunk.

“Man, she sure is a cutie pie” Lacey remarked once Emma was out of earshot.

“Yeah, and she seems so innocent” Michelle added with a devilish grin. “I sure would love to be the one to corrupt her.”

“Never happen” I said flatly. “I’m the only one who would even have a shot.”

“Oh really?” Lacey asked. “And who are you, God’s gift to women?”

“Well I don’t hear you complaining” I teased. “And while I may not be God’s gift, I can certainly hold my own. Besides, the rest of you don’t have what it takes to bed a girl like that.”

“Yeah, and what’s that?” Hayden asked.

“Well, to put it crudely, a dick” I answered.

“So you don’t think one of us could make that happen?” Lacey asked.

“Well I’ve never gotten the impression that she’s into girls.” I said. “Have you?”

“No, but that doesn’t mean that with the proper, um persuasion, that she wouldn’t” Michelle added.

“I’ve got fifty bucks that says I could fuck her before you could” I replied, not really expecting Michelle to accept.

“You’re on” she said without hesitation.

“Hold on a second, I want in on this action” Lacey chirped.

“Fine” I replied. “Hayden, you in?”

“Ummmm, I……” she hesitated. She wasn’t sure she wanted the others to know she was into girls just yet.

“Well, I’ve never done anything like that before” Hayden lied. “But if it’ll take Mr. Ego here down a peg then I’ll take one for the team.”

“It’s set then” I said. “Fifty bucks each and the first one to get into that girl’s pants wins the money.”

“You’re so gonna lose this bet” Lacey said with a laugh as we all shook on it.

“Not likely” I laughed. “This’ll be the easiest money I’ve ever made”


“I’m just so happy you’re going to get to spend a few days in your hometown” Hilary beamed as Hayden laid down in her bunk.

“Yeah, it’s gonna be so much fun” she replied.

“So what are you going to do tomorrow when we get there?” Hilary inquired.

“Well, I’m supposed to meet up with my friend Kristen around noon and I think we’re gonna spend the day at the beach” she said with a curious little grin on her face. “We’ve been best friends since we were little and we haven’t seen each other in a while so I can’t wait.”

But Hayden wasn’t telling the whole story. She had always harbored a secret crush on Kristen even if she wouldn’t admit it to herself, but her shyness and lack of experience had always stopped her from making any kind of advances. But no longer was she the innocent virgin that she was when she had last seen her friend several months ago. Stephanie had seen to that, and after her relationship with the older woman and the things she had seen Hilary doing in her dressing room she was emboldened to the point where she was going to try to take her relationship with her friend to the next level, consequences be damned! Her day at the beach was not so much a fun day out but a carefully orchestrated seduction that made her wet to even think about. She was so fucking horny that she knew there was no chance for sleep that night.

“That sounds like fun” Hilary replied as Hayden told her about it. “But aren’t you going to stop by your mom’s house?”

“Of course” Hayden answered. “I’ll end up crashing at home that night, but I probably won’t get there till after dinner.”

Hilary seemed genuinely interested, but in reality she was merely distracting Hayden while her sister snuck in behind her and stole her cell phone.

“Yeah, you definitely can’t skip town without stopping in” Hilary said when the task was completed. “You know how mom’s can be.”

“Trust me I know that all too well” Hayden laughed. “I’d never hear the end of it.”

“Well I’m sure it’ll be quite a night” Hilary said with a strange little smile. “Good night Hayden.”

“Thanks” Hayden replied. “And Hilary?”

“Yes” she replied.

“You’ve been really cool to me these past few days and I really appreciate it” she began. “I’m so glad we were able to be friends.”

“Me too!” She answered genuinely. But as she turned around a wicked grin crossed her face.

“Payback time bitch!” She said quietly to herself as she walked to the back of the bus to finalize the plan with Haylie.


“Got a hot date or something?” Came the young woman’s voice.

Hayden glanced up into the mirror of the RV’s bathroom where she was applying her makeup and found Emma standing behind her smiling.

“No, why?” Hayden replied nervously. “I’m just hanging out with one of my friends.”

“You just seem to be getting awfully slutted up is all” Emma teased.

“Oh no, it’s nothing like that” Hayden lied before quickly changing the subject.

“Hey you haven’t seen my cell phone anywhere have you?” She asked as she delicately applied the mascara brush to her eyelashes.

“No, I sure haven’t” Emma answered. “You want me to help you look for it?”

“Oh, that’s okay” she replied. “I guess I don’t really need it tonight. Besides, I don’t want to be late.”

“For your non-date?” Emma joked.

“Like I said” Hayden retorted, slightly annoyed at how close to the truth this girl was getting. “I’m just going to hang out with my friend Kristen.”

“Oh, my bad” Emma said, backpedaling. “I didn’t realize your friend was a girl. I feel kind of stupid now thinking you were going on a date.”

“You never know” Hayden replied with a wink. “Some girls are into that kind of thing.”

“Ewwww, gross!” Emma snorted, her face turning red. “How could any girl want to sleep with another girl?”

Seeing her new band mate’s reaction, Hayden couldn’t resist having a little fun with her. It was also a chance for her to get the first word in in the ‘Get into Emma’s Pants Derby.’

“You sure it’s gross?” Hayden teased as she finished putting on her peach lip gloss and blew herself a little kiss in the mirror. “Cause I thought I caught you checking me out in the dressing room the other night.”

“Wh-what? I n-n-never. I mean I wouldn’t…..” Emma stammered. Her cheeks were now on fire but she couldn’t think of any reply.

“Don’t worry” Hayden said in a sexy voice as she backed Emma up against the wall and whispered in her ear. “I’ve got somewhere to be today, but I’ll be here when you get tired of all the little boys and decide you want to get fucked properly.”

And with that she took Emma’s cheeks in her hands and planted a long wet kiss on her lips.

At first Emma resisted. She wasn’t into girls, was she?

But Hayden’s lips were so soft and wet and sexy that Emma let her arms go limp and started to return the young blonde’s kiss. She felt Hayden slip her tongue into her mouth and hungrily met it with her own.

“Is this some kind of rookie hazing?” Emma thought. “Maybe she is a dyke. Maybe I am too.”

Emma got so lost in the kiss that when Hayden finally pulled away, her eyes were still closed and her lips still puckered. She could taste the sweet and salty mix of peach lip gloss and saliva and clearly she wanted more.

“Gross, huh?” Hayden teased before giving Emma a wink and a girly smile.

“That money is as good as mine” Hayden thought as she swept out the door, leaving the young Brit to her muddled thoughts.


As Hayden left the bus to get into her friend Kristen’s car, Hilary decided the time was right to put her plan into motion.

“Give me her phone” she said to her sister.

“That bitch is gonna be sorry she ever joined this band” she said as she used Hayden’s phone to send her mom a text.


Hilary and Haylie waited nervously for the reply. If this plan didn’t work it would be back to square one.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity the phone vibrated with the reply.


“It is so on!” Hilary and Haylie giggled. They were soon laughing hysterically and doing a funny little dance/hop as a Fergie song thumped in the background.

Dr. Spliff looked up from the joint he was smoking in the driver’s seat into the RV mirror and shook his head.

“Crazy beeches!” He laughed. “I got to find out where dey get dey weed from.”


“So she was having a gang bang right there in the dressing room?” Kristen asked in astonishment as Hayden finished recounting what had happened the night of their first show.

“Can you believe it?” Hayden laughed. “And the best part of it all is that she still has no idea that it was me and that I have the tape.”

“Oh, that’s too funny” Kristen giggled. “So what are you going to do with the tape?”

“Well, that’s the thing” Hayden replied. “She was such a bitch to me that I was going to threaten to send it to the press if she didn’t leave me alone. But I felt really bad even then about doing something like that.”

“Yeah, I’d say so” Kristen agreed. “That’d do some serious damage to her career, especially with her claiming to be a virgin and all.”

“No doubt” she responded. “But like I said, I haven’t done anything yet and besides, she’s been pretty cool to me here lately. What do you think I should do?”

“That’s up to you” Kristen answered. “But if it was me I’d destroy the tape. Once something like that gets out, there’s no going back.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Hayden agreed. “Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow when I get back to the bus.”

“Good girl” she said and gave her friend a little smile.

Hayden returned the smile and gazed longingly at her friends beautiful face and into her bright blue eyes.

“God, I could get lost in those eyes forever” Hayden thought as Kristen looked back at her with a puzzled expression.

“What?” She asked as she noticed Hayden staring.

“Oh, nothing” Hayden muttered, chickening out again. “I just realized that I’ve been rambling on about myself this whole time. What about you Ms. Bell? I want to know about you, so how about we go down to the beach and get some sun and you can tell me all about what’s new in your life.”

“That sounds fantastic!” Kristen laughed as she went upstairs to change into her bikini.

Hayden poured herself a glass of water and quickly gulped it down as she glanced around the kitchen at all of the little knick knacks and decorations that Kristen’s mother had put up. It was like the television had malfunctioned and The Martha Stewart show had exploded all over the place.

How many times in her life had she stood in this same spot waiting on her friend? How many times had she stood and listened to the big grandfather clock down the hall which now seemed to be keeping time with her pounding heart? Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock. Could she really go through with this?

But Hayden knew that if she didn’t do it today, she may never do it and her life would be filled with regret and what ifs.

“But what if her parents come home?” Some panicky part of her brain asked.

Even though she was a few years older than Hayden, Kristen still lived at her parents’ home while she finished with school. And while it was located on a wonderfully secluded and private beach, that didn’t mean much if Mr. or Mrs. Bell came home to find their daughter getting her pussy eaten by another woman.

“Fuck it!” Hayden finally said out loud to herself. “It’s now or never!”

As she waited for Kristen to come back downstairs, Hayden slipped out of her own clothes and into the dark blue bikini she wore underneath. Her stomach was still in knots as she chewed on her fingernails and waited for what seemed like an eternity. What if Kristen rejected her? What if their friendship turned weird and she was never comfortable around her again? Or worse, what if she didn’t even want to be Hayden’s friend anymore? She was just starting to talk herself into calling the whole thing off when Kristen walked into the room wearing a barely there pink string bikini and Hayden’s lust came back stronger than ever. There was no turning back now, she was going to fuck her friend or die trying.

“What’s the matter with you?” Kristen asked. “I thought I heard you talking to someone?”

“Is that new?” Hayden inquired about her swimsuit and ignoring her question.

“Oh, yeah” she answered. “I’m trying to catch Bobby’s attention with it. You know the guy I’m talking about? He’s that new lifeguard over at the public beach.”

“Huh, oh yeah” Hayden responded blankly. She had no doubt that if the bikini had a tenth of the effect on Bobby that it was having on her that it would definitely catch his attention.

“Are your parents coming home today?” Hayden blurted out of nowhere as she continued gawking.

“Nah, they’re away on business” Kristen answered as she glanced down self consciously at her swimsuit. Was there a tag sticking out or something she wondered.

“I swear Hayden, you are acting so weird today. What is with you?” She asked.

“Nothing” Hayden answered. “Let’s go get some sun.”

Kristen offered her arm to Hayden which she happily accepted and the two strode arm in arm down to the beach where they spread out the beach blankets.

“Would you be a dear and put some suntan oil on my back?” Kristen asked innocently in the cheesy fake British accent she sometimes used when they were goofing off.

“But of course my love” Hayden replied with a big smile, mimicking her friend.

At that moment, Hayden was just thankful that her bikini was dark blue. If not, she worried that Kristen would see the damp patch from her wet pussy and freak out.

“I’ll tell you what” Hayden offered. “Why don’t you lie on your stomach and I’ll give you a nice massage while I put the oil on?”

“Oh, that sounds wonderful” Kristen replied. “I’ve heard those magic fingers of yours are simply magnificent.”

“You don’t know the half of it sister” Hayden thought as she bit her lip to suppress a little giggle.

As she laid down, Kristen felt Hayden sit down squarely on top of her ass and heard the squirt of the suntan oil bottle before Hayden’s hands began to slowly knead the muscles in her shoulders and back.

“Mmmmmm, that feels really good Hayden!” Kristen exclaimed, unaware of how every word sent tingles down her friend’s spine.

“I’m glad you like it” Hayden cooed. “Let’s do something about this top though. You don’t want to get any tan lines do you?”

“I suppose not” Kristen replied. But before she even got the words out, Hayden was already untying the strings of her bikini top.

She couldn’t help but let out a soft moan when Hayden pressed her hands down hard into the small of her back, loosening up the muscles and releasing all of the tension before running them up the length of her bare back to her shoulders.

“Ohhhhhh, Dear God that feels good” Kristen moaned, driving Hayden absolutely mad.

“I’m just getting started sweetheart” Hayden replied innocently enough.

“So, are you seeing anyone?” Kristen asked casually as Hayden lightly traced the tips of her fingers along her friend’s sides causing her to shudder involuntarily.

“Kind of” Hayden admitted. She knew that after this little bit of conversation that there would be no turning back.

“What do you mean kind of?” Kristen inquired. She was starting to feel a little bit nervous about the way Hayden was touching her.

“Well, we’re not really seeing each other. We’re really just fucking around.” Hayden replied as she lifted Kristen’s long blonde hair away exposing the back of her neck.

“Good for you girlfriend!” Kristen exclaimed as Hayden gently massaged her neck. “Little Hayden’s finally getting some!”

Being a couple of years older than Hayden, Kristen had lost her virginity several years ago and Hayden was forever asking questions about what it was like etc... It was good to see her friend finally join the “Yeah I’ve Had Sex” club.

“I’m so happy for y…..” Kristen started to say but stopped when she felt Hayden lean down and lightly brush her lips across the back of her neck.

“Did she just kiss my neck?” She thought.

“So how was it?” Kristen asked, dismissing the kiss as her imagination.

“It was so fucking good” Hayden gushed. “I mean, I knew it would be. I remembered all of the things you told me, but the things we did were just sooooo fun and soooo dirty. The only bad thing about it was that I kept thinking about someone else every time we fucked.”

“Really?” Kristen asked, still clueless as to what was going on. “So does this boy have a name? Your first I mean.”

“Here goes” Hayden thought to herself.

“Well her name is Stephanie” Hayden said after a deep breath and a pregnant pause.

“Her name?” Kristen exclaimed, tensing up as once again Hayden leaned down. Only this time there could be no mistaking what she was doing as she kissed the back of Kristen’s neck and ran her tongue up to her earlobe.

“Hayden, honey what are you doing?” Kristen asked with a note of panic in her voice. Was her best friend really coming on to her?

“You know exactly what I’m doing” Hayden whispered into her ear. “Who do you think it was that I was thinking of all those times when Stephanie was licking my hot little pussy?”

Kristen shifted uncomfortably under Hayden’s weight as she let what her friend was saying sink in. Hayden had her wrists pinned down and was still sitting on top of her but Kristen wasn’t so much trying to get loose as she was trying to sort things out in her head.

“Hayden, sweetie I think you’re just confused” she said, but at that moment everything seemed confusing.

“I’m not confused” Hayden answered as she began lightly rubbing her still clothed pussy on Kristen’s ass. “Wanting to fuck you is the only thing I’ve been sure of in forever.”

“I…I don’t know what to say” Kristen mumbled. Her brain was spinning a million miles an hour while her friends grinding caused her to accidentally let out another soft little moan.

“Don’t say anything” Hayden hissed into her ear. “You are so fucking sexy! Please! Please just let me make you feel good.”

She started to lay down flat on top of Kristen’s body and eased her left hand off of Kristen’s wrist and down the front of her panties.

“Doesn’t that feel good baby?” Hayden asked. “Don’t you love me playing with your pussy?”

“I….It….It” Kristen moaned. Hayden could feel that she was so close to giving herself over completely.

“I…..No!....Please stop!” Kristen said as she pulled Hayden’s hand out of her pants and flipped over on her back.

“I just wanted to make you feel good” Hayden exclaimed as her voice cracked with emotion. “I’ve always felt this way about you, can’t you see that? Please don’t hate me!”

Kristen could see that her friend was close to bursting into tears and was about to explain that she would never stop being Hayden’s friend but that she just didn’t feel that way about her. But something changed when she looked up into Hayden’s eyes and saw the lust in them and saw her beautiful body glistening with some of the suntan oil. At that moment she realized that she felt the same way about Hayden and then she did the last thing she would ever have expected from herself.

“Please make me feel good!” Kristen cried as she grabbed Hayden by the front of her bikini top and pulled her down for a passionate kiss. The two rolled around on the blankets kissing like long lost lovers as their hands roamed one another’s bodies for what seemed like an eternity.

“Please, I need you inside me!” Kristen moaned as Hayden planted long wet kisses on her neck.

“I need you to baby!” Hayden whispered as they frantically kissed.

Needing no more encouragement than Kristen’s heavy breathing, Hayden thrust her hand once again down the front of her friend’s panties and inside of her wet pussy. Kristen let out a soft little squeal as Hayden eased two fingers into her slippery snatch.

“Ohhhhhhh Fuck!! Ohhhhhh Fuck!!” Kristen screamed as Hayden hungrily slurped away at her pert breasts and rubbed her thumb on Kristen’s clit.

“Please fuck me Hayden!! Please Fu….” Kristen tried to get out but was silenced with another long juicy kiss from her friend.

“You’re gonna come for me baby!!!” Hayden demanded as she continued to furiously rub her friend’s clit. “You’re gonna come for me so fucking hard!!!!”

“Ooooooooooohhhhh Yessssssss!!!!” Kristen moaned. “I’m gonna come for you. Please Hayden……make ………….ooooohhhhh……me……..cooooooommmmmmeee!!!”

As her pleasure washed over her, Kristen bucked her hips high in the air and released her juices all over Hayden’s hand.

“Fuck, I’ve never come so hard in my life” Kristen panted.

“Mmmmm, Yummy!” Hayden exclaimed with a smile as she pulled her hand from Kristen’s panties and licked the come from her fingers.

“Let me taste it baby” Kristen cooed as she helped lick her juices from Hayden’s hand and sucked on her friends tongue in a deep kiss.

“Mmmmm, my turn now” Hayden giggled as she gazed into her friend’s eyes and saw the desire in them.

“That’s right” Kristen said as she grabbed Hayden by her ankles and quickly pulled her onto her back. “I’m gonna eat that sweet little pussy of yours now!”

“Yes please” Hayden said with a smile as Kristen pulled her young friend’s bikini bottoms off and tossed them to the side.

“Such a pretty little pussy” Kristen teased as she lifted Hayden’s legs and spread them open, exposing the shaved cunt that was waiting for her.

“Who’d you shave that little pussy for?” Kristen teased as she slid her hands down Hayden’s legs almost to her ass cheeks.

“I shaved it for you baby” Hayden moaned. “It’s all for you.”

Kristen looked down and let a long string of saliva drip down to her friend’s waiting cunt.

“You don’t have to do that” Hayden laughed. “I’m so wet for you already baby, please just fuck me with your tongue.”

Finally giving in to her friend’s begging, Kristen spread open Hayden’s pussy lips with her fingers and hungrily worked her tongue inside.

“Ohhhhhhh, my fuckkkkinggggg Gooooodddnneesss!!!!” Hayden wailed as Kristen gave her long deep laps with her tongue. “Ahhhhhhhh, F-F-FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!”

“Mmmmm, you like that baby don’t you?” Kristen asked as she pinched Hayden’s little clit and flicked her tongue over it rapidly.

“I do…..I love you fucking me!!!” Hayden panted. “Please don’t stop!!!!”

“Oh, I’m not gonna stop!” Kristen assured her. “I’m gonna bury my tongue in that tight little asshole of yours and make you come as hard as you made me come!”

“PLEASE DO!!!” Hayden begged as Kristen worked her tongue into her puckered asshole. “LICK MY ASS BABY!!!! OHHHHH, PLEASE YESSSS!!! OHHHHHHH, YOU’RE SO FUCKING DIRTY!!!!!”

By this time Hayden was bucking her hips so high that she was balancing on the blanket on her shoulders and Kristen had the flexible little cheerleader’s legs pushed all the way back to where they were touching the ground on either side of her head.

She took her mouth temporarily away from Hayden’s ass so that she could suck on the young girl’s clit. But she was far from done with her friend’s derriere. Instead, while she sucked away at Hayden’s clit, she eased one of her middle fingers inside of her pert asshole.

“Ooooooohhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkk!!!” Hayden screamed so loud that if anyone had been within a half a mile they would have heard it. “FUCK MY ASSHOLE YOU DIRTY SLUT!!!! FUCK IT SO HARD!!!!!

“Come for me sweetie” Kristen coaxed. “I want to feel your juices explode all over my face!!! I want to lick every last bit of your sweet come up!!!!”

“OHHHHHH BABY!!!! I’M COMMMMMINNGG FOR YOUUUUUU!!!” Hayden screamed as her orgasm washed over her young body.

“That’s it baby, lick that come up” Hayden moaned as she tried to catch her breath. Kristen meanwhile was ready for more. She crawled up to Hayden’s mouth and planted a long deep kiss on her, letting the little blonde taste her own pussy and juices.

“You are so sexy!!” Hayden whispered as she gazed into Kristen’s eyes and basked in the afterglow of her own orgasm.

“No, you are sexy” Kristen whispered as she lovingly nuzzled Hayden’s ear.

“I just want to fuck you forever” Hayden said as they kissed some more.

“You better get these panties off of me then” Kristen teased and before she knew it, Hayden had them untied and flung to the side along with her own top.

“Come here girl” Hayden demanded as she spread her legs and pulled Kristen’s pussy up against her own.

“MMMMMM…….FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD!!!!” Kristen cried as they grinded their muffs hard together.

“PLEASE JUST FUCK ME FOREVER!!!” Hayden cried as they continued rubbing.

“FOREVER BABY!!! FOREVVVVVER!!!!” Kristen moaned.

“I have to taste that sweet pussy” Hayden moaned softly as she and Kristen laid on their sides and positioned themselves into a 69.

“MMMMM, Soooooo Sweet!!!” Hayden cooed as she got her first taste of Kristen’s dripping wet snatch.

“OOOOOHHHHHH PLEEAAASSSEEE!!!” Kristen begged as she had her pussy eaten by a woman for the first time in her life. “BABY YOU”RE SOOOOO GOOOOODDDD!!!!”

“It comes from weeks of practice” Hayden joked as she hungrily lapped away.

“YOU EAT MY PUSSY SO MUCH BETTER THAN ANY MAN COULD!!!!” Kristen cried as she felt the heat rising in her stomach. “PLEASE MAKE ME COME AGAIN!!!”

“Not till I get a taste of that sweet ass!” Hayden said as she repositioned Kristen to where she was on her knees with her face down on the ground.


Hayden didn’t waste any more time teasing her friend as she buried her tongue at least an inch deep into Kristen’s asshole and slid her hand underneath to furiously rub her clit.


As Kristen finally climaxed, the two collapsed on top of one another as they tried to catch their breath.

“Fuck that was so good” Kristen said through her jagged breath.

“Eh, it was okay” Hayden remarked casually.

“Just okay!!!” Kristen exclaimed as she looked at her friend with wide eyes.

“I’m just kidding ya” Hayden chirped. “That was fucking nuclear sex!”

“That’s what I thought” Kristen laughed as she kissed her lover lightly on the lips again.

“And you want to know the best part?” Hayden asked.

“What’s that?” Kristen replied.

“I didn’t tell my mom I’d be home until around 8, so we’ve still got like 6 hours left!” She beamed.

Kristen saw the devilish grin on Hayden’s face and the two naked girls raced laughing up the beach and into the house together.


“You got a lotta nerve to say you are my friend
When I was down you just stood there grinning
You got a lotta nerve to say you gotta helping hand to lend
You just want to be on the side that's winning
You say I let you down, you know it's not like that
If you're so hurt, why then don't you show it?
You say you lost your faith but that's not where it's at
You had no faith to lose and you know it”
-Bob Dylan – Positively Fourth Street


“Remember” Hilary said to her sister as they pulled up in front of Hayden’s house. “Wait for like 20 minutes and then send the text.”

“I got it” Haylie replied impatiently. “It’s not like it’s that fucking complicated.”

“I know, I’m sorry” Hilary answered. “I just want everything to go off smoothly. This may be my greatest trick yet.”

“Have I ever told you how evil you are?” Haylie asked.

“No, but that’s so sweet” Hilary answered as she hopped out of the car and headed up the walkway. “Bye now, sis.”

Hilary’s heart fluttered in nervous anticipation as she strode up to the door and rang the bell.

“Perfect timing” Cindy said to herself as she heard the loud chimes of the doorbell ring. She had literally just taken the casserole she had prepared for dinner out of the oven and was washing her hands.

*Ding-Dong* came the doorbell again.

“I’m coming Hayden, hold you horses!” She called as she dried her hands.

“I swear girl did you forget your house key ag…..” She began to lecture as she opened the door.

But instead of finding both her daughter and her friend, she found only Hilary standing there clad in a pair of short red booty shorts and a sports bra/workout top. She had a pillow under one arm and a gym bag slung over her other shoulder.

“Oh, I’m sorry Hilary” Cindy apologized. “Isn’t Hayden with you?”

“Oh, that’s okay Mrs. Margolis” she said. “Hayden called me about an hour ago and told me to meet her here at seven so she should be here soon.”

“Well come on in sweetie” she said as she led the young blonde into her home. “And I hope you’re hungry. I made a lot of food.”

“Oh, dinner’s already made?” Hilary asked with a slight frown.

“That’s okay isn’t it?” Cindy asked.

“Well it is” Hilary began hesitantly. “It’s just that Hayden said you guys had a treadmill and one of those nautilus machines downstairs and that we could get a workout in before dinner. That’s why I’m dressed like this. It’s so tough to keep a regular exercise routine while you’re on tour, you know?”

Hilary knew all about the mini home gym at Hayden’s home because she had been pumping her for information the whole week.

“I’m sure that would be difficult” Cindy agreed. “By all means honey, go ahead downstairs and use whatever you need.”

“Thanks Mrs. Margolis” Hilary beamed. But as she reached the top of the stairs she hesitated and turned around.

“What’s the matter?” Cindy asked.

“I’m sorry to be a pain Mrs. Margolis” Hilary began. “But it’s just that Hayden was going to help me with my stretches and she’s running late. I don’t mind waiting for her to get here or anything, but I would just hate for all the food you made for us to get cold.”

“Well, how about if I help you with your stretches?” Cindy offered helpfully.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind” she asked.

“No, not at all” Cindy answered. “Just let me go change real quick and I’ll meet you downstairs.”

“Excellent” Hilary said with a big smile as she bounded down the steps. This was going more smoothly than she could have hoped.

“Wow, you really keep yourself in great shape Mrs. Margolis” Hilary remarked when Cindy strode down the stairs a few minutes later clad in pair of sweatpants and a tank top.

“Why thank you Hilary” she replied as she took a seat on the small couch across from where Hilary was starting to stretch.

As Hilary turned around and faced the opposite wall Cindy noticed for the first time the word Jailbait printed on the ass of her shorts.

“Oh that’s cute” she casually remarked. “You’ve got the band’s name printed on your little shorts there.”

“Yeah, that was Wayne Leshand’s idea” Hilary replied with a little half smile. “He eventually wants to put out a whole line of Jailbait clothing.”

“God, those things barely cover her cute little butt cheeks” Cindy couldn’t help but think to herself. “And that tight little body……….mmmmmmmmm!”

“Oh for God’s sake, she’s Hayden’s age!!” Her logical self scolded.

Cindy was no stranger to sex with another woman after having experimented a few times in college, but it was quite another matter to be checking out a teenage girl.

“Yeah, but that didn’t stop you from thinking about her the other night after she winked at you when you had that dildo up your twat!!”

“Everything all right?” Hilary asked as she bent over at the waist to touch her toes, giving Cindy a fantastic view of her ass. “You’re awfully quiet.”

“Make small talk, make small talk.” Cindy thought. “And stop all of these perverted thoughts before you scare the poor girl to death!”

“Oh, yeah, everything’s fine” Cindy said as naturally as possible even though she could feel a little bead of sweat run down her brow. “So you’re working on the lower body today?”

“Yeah, legs and butt” Hilary said, smiling to herself as she glanced back and caught Cindy staring at her from between her legs.

“Please Hayden, get home soon” Cindy thought to herself as Hilary now sat on the ground with her legs spread and leaned all the way over to grab each ankle in turn.

“So you rub one out occasionally thinking about your daughter’s friend” She thought. “What’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is that it’s fucking twisted!” Her brain told her. “Whether she’s got the hottest little ass or not!”

“Okay, here’s where I need your help” Hilary said, snapping Cindy back into reality.

“Sure, what do you need honey?” Cindy asked.

“I just need you to brace me while I put my foot on the wall behind you” she said. “You can stay seated.”

And with that, she lifted one of her legs up and balanced her foot on the wall just above Cindy’s shoulder.

“Just hold onto the back of my thigh here with one hand and balance me with the other” she instructed.

“Like this?” Cindy asked, clearly distracted by the fact that Hilary’s pussy was mere inches from her face.

“Perfect” she cooed.

“Hilary, who taught you these kind of stretching techniques?” Cindy asked. “I’ve never seen these be…..”

“Mrs. Margolis can I ask you a question?” Hilary asked, ignoring Cindy’s query.

“Sure honey what is it?” She replied.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” The young blonde asked as she switched positions again, this time lying down on the ground on her back.

“Well of course I do” Cindy answered earnestly. “Why on Earth would you ask me something like that?”

“Oh, I don’t know” she answered hesitantly. “It’s just that sometimes I don’t feel very pretty.”

“Well I think you are a very sexy girl” Cindy replied, trying to cheer her apparently insecure new friend up. “In fact I was just remarking to myself a minute ago about what a hot body you have.”

As Hilary laid on her back, she had Cindy lift her leg back and practically lie on top of her as she stretched out her hamstrings. Their faces were only about 6 inches apart as they continued their conversation.

“Oh, so you were checking me out huh?” Hilary asked with a wink.

“What, oh, heavens no!” Cindy backpedaled as her face reddened. Did Hilary know what she was thinking about? God she hoped not.

“I was just thinking about how jealous I was.” She said, hoping the conversation would end.

“Why would you be jealous of me?” Hilary asked as Cindy stretched out her other leg. “I mean look at you, you’re twice my age and you’ve got such a hot body. I just hope I’ve got a rack like yours when I’m your age.”

Cindy gasped as Hilary actually reached out and squeezed one of her breasts.

“Well thank you for saying so” she stammered as she stood up and moved back over to the couch. She was getting more and more uncomfortable and turned on as the conversation progressed and Cindy thought the best move would be to get away from this little vixen even if more than a small part of her wanted to stay.

“Are you done with your stretches sweetie?” She asked.

“Yes thank you” Hilary answered cheerfully. She sensed that the time to strike was now.

“I’d better get on with my workout now” she said. “Even if it is of the no fun variety.”

“What do you mean by the no fun variety?” Cindy naively asked.

“Well they say that sex is actually the best workout you can get” Hilary replied matter of factly.

“Yeah, I’ve heard that to. Too bad there isn’t anyone around here to do it with” Cindy replied quickly, trying to dismiss the comment. God this girl was turning her on.

“Oh, I don’t know” Hilary said mischievously as she slinked over to the couch and sat down next to Cindy. “I mean there are two of us here and the last time I checked, that was all you needed.”

“Hilary, honey what on Earth are you talking about?” Cindy asked with a gulp. Her head was swimming as she desperately tried to buy time to think of an escape plan.

“I’m talking about you and me FUCKING like there’s no tomorrow” Hilary said, looking directly into Cindy’s eyes and walking two of her fingers up the older woman’s thigh like a pair of little legs. “I’m talking about us getting sweaty and naked and me letting you do whatever you want to my hot little body!”

“That’s uh…….That’s not going to happen honey” Cindy gasped as she moved Hilary’s hand away from her leg and inched as far over to the edge of the couch as she could. But it was no use. Hilary scooted over right along with her and pressed her body up hard against Cindy’s.

“Aw, C’mon Please!” She whispered. “It could be our little secret. I know you want to fuck me. I’ve seen you undressing me with your eyes all night and getting all hot and bothered when you touched me. Why not take me upstairs and do what I know you want to do. My pussy is sooooo wet for you! Here touch it.”

She took Cindy’s hand and guided it down the front of her shorts, allowing her to feel the wetness of her snatch.

“I……I…….can’t” Cindy said quickly as she jerked her hand back. “Like I said, even if we wanted to…….even if I wanted to…….which I’m not saying I do……….we just can’t.”

“Why not?” Hilary pouted.

“For a thousand reasons” Cindy began. “Starting with, it’s wrong. I’m your mother’s age for another and most importantly, Hayden is going to be coming home any minute, what would she think if she caught us?”

“You’re right” Hilary finally conceded. “I wouldn’t want your daughter to come home and catch us fucking. But let me ask you this, if she wasn’t coming home, would you? I mean I’m right aren’t I, you do think I’m sexy don’t you?”

“You are definitely sexy” Cindy admitted, unable to suppress her smile.

She desperately wanted to get out of this sticky situation before Hayden got home and so, more to end the conversation without hurting Hilary’s feelings (or so she told herself) than anything she said “And yes, if she wasn’t coming home tonight I’d probably take you upstairs and fuck your little brains out.”

No sooner had Cindy said this than her cell phone beeped with an incoming text.

“Perfect timing Haylie” Hilary thought as she smiled to herself.

Cindy flipped her phone open and read the text.


At first, Cindy’s body went numb, but a few seconds later she couldn’t wipe the smile from her face.

“What’s it say?” Hilary asked when she saw Cindy’s expression.

Cindy tried to keep her composure as she showed Hilary the text, but she couldn’t help but melt inside when Hilary started giggling.

“So?” Hilary asked with hungry eyes.

“Fuck it!” Cindy finally cried after a lengthy pause, tossing her phone to the floor and pouncing on the young blonde.

“OH, I knew you wanted this!” Hilary managed to gasp as Cindy smothered her with long kisses.

Cindy had Hilary’s hands pinned up over her head as she forced her tongue out into the younger woman’s mouth. Hilary happily accepted her tongue, greedily sucking on it as she thrashed her legs about on the couch in ecstasy.

“I do want you” Cindy moaned as Hilary’s chest heaved. “I’ve wanted to fuck your hot little ass since you winked at me that day I met you. I thought about you that night in bed while I played with myself, and now I’m gonna eat you up little girl! You got that missy, you belong to me now!”

“Yes Mrs. Margolis” Hilary replied in a sweet voice as Cindy sat up and peeled her top off.

“You don’t have to call me that” Cindy insisted as she tossed her bra to the floor.

“What should I call you then?” Hilary asked as she stared at Cindy’s ample breasts. Never before had she seen such a marvelous pair of hooters.

“I think you’ll be calling me mommy by the time I’m done with you” Cindy teased as Hilary squeezed her tits together and suckled on them.

“Ooooh, I like the sound of that!” Hilary moaned as she gave one of Cindy’s nipples a playful bite.

“That feels so good sweetheart” Cindy moaned as Hilary greedily slurped away. She had her lips wrapped tight around one nipple as she pinched the other one with her thumb and finger, lightly rolling it between them.

“You’re sooooo good at that!” Cindy squealed in delight. “How’d you get to be such a bad girl?”

“Mmmmmmm, lot’s of practice with sexy ladies like you mommy” Hilary cooed. “But that’s not all I’m good at, wanna see?”

“Yessss!” Cindy hissed. “Show me how nasty you are baby.”

The young blonde maneuvered herself into a sitting position without ever taking Cindy’s breast out of her mouth. From there she slowly planted kisses down the sexy older woman’s chest and stomach before sliding her sweatpants down exposing the neatly trimmed pussy beneath.

“¿Usted quiere su gatito comido, Mami? Hilary asked. She knew some Spanish and liked to mix a little bit of it into her talk dirty sometimes during sex.

“Honey, I don’t know what that…..” Cindy began but was cut off as Hilary swooped in and began to hungrily lick her clit.

“I’ll take that as a yes” she teased as Cindy dug her fingernails hard into the couch cushions. Hilary was taking her breath away as she knelt in front of her new lover and slurped away.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck you dirty girl!!!” Cindy moaned as she writhed in pleasure beneath the expert tongue of her daughter’s friend. “Fuck my pussy with that sweet tongue of yours!!!”

Hilary gently worked two of her fingers into Cindy’s slippery cunt as she pinched her clit with her other hand. All the while, she ran her tongue over the sweet folds of flesh as Cindy moaned in delight.

“Please don’t stop baby!!!” Cindy cried as she raised her ass a little, desperately trying to get closer to Hilary’s hungry mouth. “Please DON’T FUCKING STOOOOOPPPPPP!!!”

“I won’t stop till you come for me!!” Hilary promised.

Faster and faster she worked her fingers into Cindy’s cunt as the sweat glistened on both of their bodies.

“OOOOOHHHHH, YESSSS BABY!!! I’M COMMMINNGGG!!” Cindy screamed as her body violently shuddered in orgasm.

“How’d you get so bad? How’d you get so bad?” Cindy kept repeating as Hilary lapped up her juices.

“If I’m so bad then why don’t you spank me?” She teased as she pulled herself up face to face with Cindy and stuck out her tongue playfully.

“Mmmmm, come here you naughty girl” Cindy laughed as she pulled Hilary’s face towards her and planted a long wet kiss on her lips.

But the kiss didn’t last as long as the earlier ones as Cindy abruptly pushed Hilary away.

“Now then, get those little shorts off and get over here!” She demanded.

“Yes Mrs. Margolis” Hilary said in a sad little voice. She turned around with her back facing Cindy and lifted off her top.

“Are those little nipples hard for me?” Cindy asked sternly.

“Yes Mrs. Margolis” Hilary repeated as she glanced down at her bare breasts and saw that they were indeed jutting out.

Then Hilary turned her head and gave Cindy a big grin before she bent over at the waist and ever so slowly peeled off her shorts to reveal the tiniest of black thongs left to cover her body.

“Now get that sweet ass over here!” Cindy demanded. “It’s time for your punishment!”

“Yes ma’am” Hilary said as she slowly made her way over to the couch and laid across Cindy’s lap with her ass in the air.

“You’ve been a bad little girl haven’t you? Cindy asked as she gave Hilary a sharp little smack on each ass cheek with her bare hand.

“Yes Mrs. Margolis!” Hilary cried as another smack landed on her tight ass.

“Coming over here and seducing a woman twice your age!!” She teased and gave her butt an even harder smack.

“But I knew you’d like…..” Hilary started to say, but the hardest sting yet came abruptly in the middle of her sentence.

“That’s no excuse!” Cindy exclaimed with another loud *thwack*. “Is it?”

“No ma’am” Hilary moaned. “I was a naughty girl and I should be punished.”

“Hmmmmm, but how to punish you?” Cindy wondered aloud as she gently worked her fingers underneath Hilary’s thong and massaged her anus with her thumb.

“I…..ohhhhhh……I….have an idea ma’am” Hilary squeaked as Cindy eased one of her fingers into the young girls sopping wet pussy.

“What’s your idea?” Cindy asked. “How should I punish you for being so bad?”

“I brought some toys with me, you could use one of them on me” Hilary offered meekly. “That is if you want to…….ma’am?”

“Get the bag and let me see” Cindy instructed.

She couldn’t help but laugh, noticing how red Hilary’s butt cheeks were as she grabbed her gym bag and brought it over.

“Now let’s see what we have here” the older woman mused.

Her jaw dropped when she unzipped the bag and saw its contents for the first time. Inside were all manner of lubes, massage oils, dildos and other sex toys. But one item in particular caught her eye.

“I think this will teach you a lesson don’t you?” She teased as she pulled out an eight inch long strap on dildo.

“Yes ma’am” Hilary answered as Cindy attached the device to her waist. “But if you want to fuck me with it you’ll have to catch me first.” And with that, she ran giggling up the stairs with Cindy right on her heels.

Hilary ran straight for Hayden’s room and made it inside just in time for Cindy to tackle her onto the bed. They laughed themselves silly for a moment before passionately kissing once again.

“Come on” Cindy asked after a few minutes trying to take Hilary by the hand. “Let’s go to my room.”

“But isn’t it more dirty to do it here on Hayden’s bed?” Hilary asked, fluttering her eyelashes.

“Ooooohhhhh, you are a bad girl” Cindy teased. She was a little weirded out but more than willing to go with the flow.

“Now let’s get those panties off of you, you nasty little girl.” She said, yanking Hilary’s thong off in one quick motion.

“I’ve wanted to fuck a dirty girl like you for so long!” She whispered huskily.

“I bet you have!” Hilary teased. “I bet you think about lots of Hayden’s friends when you play with yourself late at night don’t you?”

“I do” Cindy admitted truthfully. “Kristen and Lisa and all of the rest of them. But none of them are as sexy as you, and now I’ve got you and there’s no escape for you!”

She bent down and slowly licked Hilary’s slit as she cupped both of the young blonde’s ass cheeks in her hand.

“Coma mi gatito, Mami” She cried as Cindy focused on her ultra-sensitive clitoris. “That feels so fucking good!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!”

“That’s what you get for teasing you hot little slut!!!” Cindy teased as she slurped away at Hilary’s pussy. “You get your little brains fucked out!!”

“Ohhhhh pleasssssseee!!” Hilary screamed. “I deserve it!!! Make me fucking come for you!!!”

“Oh no” Cindy said, abruptly stopping as Hilary panted for more. “That’s not how you’re going to come!! You’re going to come with this plastic cock up your ass!!! Now get on your hands and knees!!”

“Yes Mrs. Margolis” Hilary obeyed.

“Mmmmm, you want this thing in that tight little butt of yours don’t you?” Cindy asked as she licked the young blonde’s asshole.

“Yessss!!!” Hilary hissed. “I want that so fucking bad!!!”

“Then beg me for it” Cindy demanded, rubbing the tip of the strap on in circles around her anus.

“Please fuck my ass Mrs. Margolis!!” Hilary cried. “Please fuck me here in your daughter’s bed!!”

“Is that what you really want?” Cindy teased, easing the tip inside before cruelly taking it away.

“YES!!! I WANT IT!!!” Hilary screamed. “I WANT YOU TO POUND MY FUCKING ASS!!!”

Then, slowly at first, Cindy eased the dildo inside while Hilary reached back and rubbed her clit.

“OH FUCK!!! OH FUCK!!! OH FUUUUUUCCKKKKKK!!!” She moaned as Cindy grabbed her hips and pumped away, harder and harder.

“FASTER!!!” Hilary begged. “FUCK ME FASTER!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!”

Soon, Cindy was fucking the younger girl as fast as she could, burying all eight inches into her ass as she slapped her ass.

“COME FOR ME YOU DIRTY SLUT!!!” Cindy yelled as she pumped away. “COME FOR MOMMY!!!”

“OHHHHH, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!! FUU…….UUUUUUCCCKKK!!” Hilary screamed as she finally climaxed, her juices flowing out all over the bed.

They collapsed onto the bed in a sweaty sticky mess and laid there with their chests heaving for what seemed like hours before either one said anything.

“Don’t think your punishment is over just yet” Cindy teased as she kissed Hilary. “You’re going to have to spend all night working this one off.”

“Mmmmmm, yes ma’am” Hilary cooed sexily. “I guess I deserve…..”

But before she could even finish her sentence, the door flew open and there stood Kristen and a wide eyed Hayden.

“Mom!” She screamed in horror. “What the fuck is this?”

“I…..uhhhh….I….” Cindy stammered. She had no earthly idea what to say to try to explain.

Hayden hadn’t even realized yet that the other woman was Hilary, but when she finally did, the warning siren from Kill Bill whenever Beatrix would spot an old enemy of hers went off in her head.

“Ummmmm, I can see you two have some stuff to work out” Hilary said meekly. “I’ll just see myself out.”

Hayden just stared blankly as Hilary slinked away. But when she got to the door she turned and said “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Haylie found your phone. You really should be more careful with your stuff from now on.”

Hayden didn’t have to see the evil grin on Hilary’s face as she grabbed her clothes and crept out the door to realize what had happened. She had been played. She had let her enemy get close enough to really hurt her and the folks she cared about.

“Hayden please let me explain” Cindy begged but Hayden spun around to leave the room without saying a word.

“You okay?” Kristen asked gently as she walked past.

“Fine” Hayden said calmly. “But you know what they say. Payback’s a BITCH!!!”


I can’t say that the San Diego show the next night was the worst one we ever did, but it was certainly the shortest.

The tension between Hilary and Hayden seemed to be running high, but they seemed to have been able to put all of that aside while they were together on stage. Then after about three songs Hilary grabbed the mike to talk to the crowd.

“In honor of the wonderful treatment shown to us by Hayden’s family last night, we’d like to do a cover of Sister Sledge’s ‘We Are Family.” She said. “Cindy I know you’re here tonight, so this one’s for you.”

But before the song ever got started Hayden stormed off the stage and out of the club, leaving us to cancel the show and refund everyone’s money. And from somewhere far away, I could hear Wayne Leshand screaming in terror.

A few minutes later Cindy arrived backstage looking for her daughter.

“Where’s Hayden?” She asked.

“I’m not sure, she freaked out on us and left” I replied. “Is everything okay?”

But Cindy never got a chance to answer me because Hilary walked by and pulled her into a private office to talk.

“Look” Cindy said. “We need to talk.”

“Back for another go eh?” Hilary teased.

“No” Cindy began. “I just came by to apologize for what happened and to say that what we did was wrong.”

“Oh really?” Hilary asked. “Cause it didn’t seem like you thought it was wrong last night.”

“Well….it was” Cindy said before pausing. “It was a lot of fun, but it was wrong.”

“You know” Hilary said completely ignoring what Cindy was saying to her as she pressed the older woman up against the wall. “It doesn’t look like Hayden’s going to be staying at home tonight and we don’t leave for Vegas until tomorrow afternoon. I could stop by for some more…….punishment, if you’d like.”

Cindy took a deep breath and paused. Her daughter was so pissed off right now that she wouldn’t even look at her let alone speak to her and it was all because of this devious, devilish, rotten…….sexy, great in the sack………evil, devious girl. She knew she should just tell her no and be on her way.

Instead she found herself saying “I guess I’ll see you tonight around 11, you already know the address” and handing Hilary a key to her house before kissing her hard on the lips.

“And Hilary?”

“Yes ma’am” she replied.

“Please don’t tell Hayden” she answered.

“Of course not” Hilary said with a big smile. “What do you think I am, some kind of home wrecker?”

The soundtrack for chapter two of Jailbait is as follows:
Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead
She Bangs The Drums by The Stone Roses
The Harder They Come by Jimmy Cliff
Yearnin’ by The Black Keys
Positively Fourth Street by Bob Dylan
We Are Family by Sister Sledge

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