Rehab From Hell: Shakira And Emma Watson

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story title: Rehab From Hell: Shakira & Emma Watson

Story by: Money

Celebs in story: Shakira and Emma Watson

Codes: MFf, Ff, lesbian, oral, anal, threesome, mast.

Sex scenes by Mocker Tricksterson

Feedback: Yes

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened. This is total fiction I’m sure the celebs in this story doesn’t act like this in reality.
Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please. Any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] that being said I would like to thank mocker tricksterson for his help on this project I am grateful for his help now on with the story enjoy.

I went to the reception area with my clipboard in hand. “Let’s see who we have this trip.”
Looking down the names I checked for the discipline coaches names as well I looked around the celebs sitting in the seats waitng for someone to claim them I looked and found my name next to my next case.

“Shakira!” I said looking around for my favorite South American vocalist. She stood up and came forward boy she was a bit shorter than I thought I was nearly a foot taller than her towering over her.

“Emergency!!” came the call from the receptionist. I swung my head around. “What’s the trouble?”

“Lock breech in the jailbait wing it’s….Emma Watson.”

“I gave her a puzzled look, “Why is she here?”

“Contract dispute with the studio.” She shot back.

“Who’s her discipline coach?” I asked.

“You are now!”

“Dammit, a double jeopardy deal.”

“Shakira, follow me to your room.”

“What about Emma Watson?” the receptionist asked with increasing tension in her voice.

“Have security bring her to Shakira’s room and get a locksmith to repair the door.’

I got Shakira into her room and waited for security to deliver Emma into my hands. When she arrived I took control.

“All right you two. since we have a communication problem let’s get something clear. I’m in control here. Now let’s start figuring out why you are both here.” I looked at my paperwork.

“Allright, Shakira you are here because you have a bad habit of walking around barefoot, we can fix that quick but I’m concerned about your love of chocolate, it might affect your figure later in life.”

“So why am I here?” Emma asked looking impatient.

“You are here because the studio has a problem with your contract stipulation about snogging your co-stars.”

“I’ll cut you both a break and deal.” Now I had their attention

“You both sign this blank paper at the bottom and I’ll have a rehab contract for you in the morning all you have to do is fulfill the deal and you will be out of here quick.”

They both signed and I turned to leave.

“I’ll leave now you girls get some sleep and we’ll continue this tomorrow.

After the discipline coach left Shakira talked to Emma. She had noticed the bulge in his pants as he’d spoken to them, not to mention how he ran his eyes over both of them and a lightbulb had gone off in her head.

“I have a plan to have a little fun at Money’s expense are you up for it?” Shakira asked.

“What did you have in mind?” Emma asked looking curious.

“Did you see his package? He has to be really big.”

“I couldn’t tell from my angle I thought you were paying attention.” Shakira said.

Shakira motioned Emma over and whispered her payback plan to Emma they would start first thing in the morning Money would never know what hit him.

After a minute or two of waiting Shakira got bored enough to ask, “So, what snogging contract stipulation was he talking about?”

“I wanted it in my contract that all my major co-stars had to make out with me at least once. Dan and Tom objected.”

The Latina diva ran her eyes up and down Emma’s slender form which wasn’t hard to appreciate since, like Shakira herself, was only wearing a thin hospital gown which, furthermore, in her flight Emma hadn’t bothered to retie.

“Are they nuts? Or just gay?”

“The latter. I was willing to turn it into a threeway but they were all ‘Ooh, icky girl cooties!”. Anyway they diagnosed me as a nymphomaniac and here I am.”

The older woman gave the younger a speculative look and said, “So, the co-stars you wanted to snog, was it just the boys?”

Emma returned her look and smiled. “Hell no. And I got absolutely no grief from the girls, might I add. Katie, Bonnie, Evanna, they were all ready and willing.”

Shakira edged closer on the table they were sitting on until their sides were touching then put an arm around the nymph’s shoulders. “I can see why.”

“Oh really?’ said Emma, turning to face the Latina hottie and moving in so that their lips were less than an inch apart. instead of speaking Shakira simply replied by closing the gap and sending her tounge out to probe the younger girls lips which quickly and eagerly opened. Soon their tounges were dancing and sliding against each other in a sensual ballet.

When they broke off the English tart said, in a breathless voice, “Maybe I really am a nympho.”

“You know, chica, I really don’t have a problem with that,” her diminutive partner said as she pulled the hospital gown off Emma’s slender form then pushed her down onto the bed.

“Neither do I,” the younger female said, frantically undoing the knots of Shakira’s gown as the other woman got on all fours, straddling her body. The Latina bent her head down and sucked at her pale brown nipples while Emma’s hands moved to stroke and pinch at the older woman’s tits. At the same time she spread her long, shapely legs and maneuvered them so that shakira was on the inside.

“Very flexible,” commented the Columbian diva admiringly as she kissed between the English girls breasts and then worked her way down, kissing and licking as she went.

“Thank you,” Emma said, as she put her handsin the other woman’s golden mane of hair. She arched her back as the other woman reached her trimmed light brown bush and started licking.

“Ooooh, niice. Swing over so I can return the favor.”

This was a bit awkward and both of them almost fell off the bed trying to accomplish it but soon they were in a sixty-nine, Shakira’s shaved pussy was over Emma’s face and her tongue diving deep into the English girl’s muff. Soon Emma’s tongue was also buried deep and her hands clutching the firm round ass of the Hispanic diva. Those fingers dug ever deeper as her orgasm approached. Shakira’s hands meanwhile stroked and caressed the soft, smooth skin of her legs while her tongue found and licked her clit. Soon both women were shuddering and moaning as they came.

Shakira rolled off, almost collapsing onto the floor as she did so. Once Emma’s mind cleared she helped her up. Leaning against the younger, yet taller, woman Shakira raised her hand in a high five, which Emma joined.

“To us!,” the little English slut said.

“To fucking Money!,” Shakira replied.

“To fucking over Money!”

When I arrived at the room my two subjects shared I was surprised to see them with their clothes off and their arms and legs wrapped around each other, not to mention their mouths clamped together.

“Ok you two break it up.” I ordered.

I pulled on Shakira but she wouldn’t let go of Emma. I knew they were playing with me. I pulled Emma’s arm away from Shakira only to have emma pull it away and go back to it’s original place around Shakira’s waist.

Starting to get irritated I drove both hands in between them at the chest pushing with all my strength on their tits so as not to hurt them, finally driving them apart only to have Emma latch onto my right leg like a child and not letting go and then Shakira wrapped herself around my torso in a vice-like grip whispering in my ear, “Deny me my chocolate? Bad move. I’ll take the creamy center out of the foot long white chocolate bar between your legs.” While she was saying this Emma had reached up and unzipped my pants then letting go of me had gotten behind me and leaned against my legs while Shakira pushed. Tiny as she was I was off balance so went down onto the floor.

I I thought of calling for assistance but two things stopped me : The idea that I really didn’t want to have to call for help against two women, one of them not even a woman legally, who put together probably didn’t weigh as much as I did and the thought that what they seemed intent on doing was fucking me and why would I want to stop that?

As soon as they had me down they pulled my pants down around my ankles.

“Madre de Dios,” said Shakira as they looked at my massive tool.

“We’ve hit the bloody mother load,” agreed her Brit roommate. The two o them then took up positions on either side of me and started licking my cock up and down. After a few licks they both moved, Emma straddling my legs while the tiny Columbian squatted on my chest, both still licking away. The weight of Shakira on me was more than compensated for by the sensation she was producing. Especially when she took my cock inside her mouth.

I decided to reward this behavior and remove the pressure at the same time by taking her legs and moving them to around my head which put her shaved twat in easy reach of my tounge. As I licked up and down her crack she procedded to deepthroat me, something I wouldn’t have thought possible from such a small woman. At the same time I could feel Emma’s oral attention switch to my balls. The feeling of her sweet litle mouth sucking at my testicles combined with Shakira’s sucking made me spasm and come. At the same time it also made me drive my tongue deep into the Latina’s cunt. Her head came off my cock and she let out a wolf howl while my spunk covered her chin, neck and chest.

Emma looked up, dissappointed. “Bloody premature ejaculator. I was looking forward to a good rogering.”

“And you’ll get one. I still have plenty of spark left in my battery, don’t worry.” My erection showed no sign of going down, in fact it perked up as Emma scooped my cum off her partner in sex’s chest and they both ate it. My only dilemma was who to fuck first. Okay, time to man up. I opted for Emma first because I just wanted a piece of that tight little cunt. I got behind her, put my hands on her hips and pushed in. Shakira crawled underneath her and and tounge fucked her at the same time. In a moment my cock and the pocket Venus’s tongue had established matching rythems and Emma’s screaming was vibrating off the walls.

“Me now,” demanded the Latina diva as I pulled out.

“All right but i’m running on empty. I’m going to need something to motivate me.”

“How about if I let you fuck me in the ass?”

That perked me right up.

“Wait! You need some lube!” said Emma who provided it by sticking her fingers into her pussy and taking out a mixture of her juices and my sperm then rubbing it round Shakira’s bumhole. Then she inserted a finger in and said “How’s that feel?”

“Great! More por favor?” The English wench complied adding a second finger pistoning in and out of the diva’s ass then adding her tongue.

“Ah! Oh Dios mio!,” the miniature blonde screamed.

Watching this had gotten me as hard as when we’d started and I was eager to add my twelve inches into the mix so i took Emma by the shoulders and moved her aside then pushed my cock in prompting another scream from Shakira. Soon I was hammering my meat into her ass at full force accompanied by moans and shouts of ecstacy while Emma masturbated. Soon I shot my load and the Latina hottie collapsed to the floor, my dick still in her.

I don’t remember much after that intense threesome I had worn myself out keeping up with both Emma and Shakira it was rather taxing for me shakira maintained a good pace and rythem for her age and very tender, on the other side of the coin though Emma was like a rechargable bunny her youth served her well going for multiple sessions in an hours time I had yet to find her off switch to catch my breath.

“Almost there, Almost there,” Emma was pounding away on top of me after Shakira had finished Emma wanted another orgasm and she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

I decided to have a little fun at her expense.

“Who’s the best sausage jockey?” I asked Emma

“I…” she said while bouncing up and down.

“Come on I can’t hear you.” I teased.


I slapped her ass. “WHO’S THE BEST??!!”

“I…AHHHMMMWWWAAHHHH.” Emma collapsed after a mind blowing triple orgasm.

Finding a moment of peace after emma’s latest orgasm I turned to Shakira.

“How did you two come up with this plan I have to know who’s behind this?” I asked.

“I am.” Shakira said.

“I do have an IQ of 140 after all, Emma just came along for the ride so to speak.”

My jaw just hit the floor gathering my wits I sat down at the table looking over the contract they signed.

“Well now, let’s see how you two have done fulfilling your contract with me. Emma to show me your not worried about kissing your co-stars again make out with Shakira.” very nice.

“Now since you suffer from two different addictions Shakira I’ll let you pick, do you still want to walk around barefoot or are you giving up on chocolate?”

“I’ll give up on chocolate since your dick is so much better and more filling with that creamy inside.”

“I’m ready for more sex!” Emma called out from on the bed.

“Your going to be the death of me.” rolling my eyes as Shakira pulled me back over to the bed and I nuzzled in between them.

“God I love smart women!”

The end

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