The Meds Made Me Do It – Part 3

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Story title: The Meds Made Me Do It – Part 3

Story by: Money

celebs in story: Shakira and Rachael Taylor

Codes: MFF, FF, lesbian, oral, anal, foot fetish, fantasy, threesome, mast, ATM.

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Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened. This is total fiction I’m sure the celebs don’t act like this in reality. Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily
be offended stop reading now please. Any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] that being said I would like to thank Kash the Priest for his help on this project I am grateful for his help.

Authors note: I do not hold a medical degree this is a parody of the recent steroids in sports stories I’m just having some fun with the concept and a sense of humor all hate mail will be deleated from my inbox.

Rachael Taylor and Shakira arrived the next morning both at the same time. Rachael was first to recognize Shakira but Shakira needed a little boost before she recognized Rachael.

They were both in pretty good spirits, the headaches had subsided and the pills seem to be doing the job, so I decided not to tell them that I had fucked up. They didn’t need to know that considering what I gave them did the job.

Shakira was so happy she gave both me and Rachael backstage passes and tickets to her concert tonight. I figured hell yeah, she was someone I would go see live and I would be going with one hot celeb chick what’s not to love?

After I got off work early for the concert I picked up Rachael at her hotel that’s when things got weird I knocked on Rachael’s door and she opened it.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

“Shakira and I can’t make it she had to cancel her concert tonight.”

“What?” I was disappointed. “Is Shakira here?” I asked, hearing moaning in the background.

“Shakira came around complaining about her stomach. Both of us are having stomach trouble and a burning sensation in our chests.” Rachael said, rubbing her chest.

Shakira was on the bed, her jeans on the floor as she lay there in a red shirt and a tiny pair of red thongs, moaning in Spanish when she started rubbing her chest then my eyes got real wide and my jaw dropped as Shakira’s shirt got stretched to near porn star status then continued finally giving way after her chest had expanded past the 42DD limits of the shirt and kept going while Shakira kept moaning in Spanish in a state of euphoria when her chest finally stopped at what appeared to be 50FF.

Rachael let out a beastial roar when her chest started doing the same as Shakira’s. I was torn who to help first Shakira’s condition seems to have stablized while Rachael’s chest was up to 45EE in about two minutes and getting larger by the moment I went for a med kit checking both women’s vital signs and doing an evaluation of the current strange conditions we found ourselves in.

“Shakira can you move? are you alright?” I asked.

Shakira just rubbed her chest for a moment then rolled over getting a good look at Rachael’s huge chest it was also 50FF.

“When I was a teenager, I always thought my tits were small and I wanted a boob job.” Shakira said staring at her massive tits. “So this is what they feel like.”

“Shakira says you fucked her up the ass in exchange for her meds yesterday.” Rachael said as the two seemed normal now.

“Yeah.” I said not knowing what she was getting at and surprised at how Shakira disclosed this piece of information to someone she just met, but at the same time not so surprised. After all, she did have anal sex with someone she just met just minutes after.

“I let you fuck me up the ass too but you charged me!” Rachael said in her thick Austrailian accent. Shakira started laughing behind me.

“I have to cancel tonight. No way can I perform looking like this.” Shakira said.

“That’s true.” I said turning around to face her, hoping to avoid Rachael’s statement.

“I think the three of us should just stay in and have a threesome.” Shakira said casually.

“Hands up if you want a threesome.” I said, expected to be the only one with my hand up.

Rachael’s hand immediately shot up from her hypersexual form. I was still standing in shock, taking all this in, frozen on the spot and not able to move. Shakira’s hands went up immediately.

“Well your outvoted um…what’s your name?” Shakira asked.

“Money.” I said realizing that even though I had fucked both of them, neither of them actually knew my name.

“And I’m not voting against this.” I added.

“You didn’t put your hand up.” Rachael said. “Well Money looks like you just hit the celeb lottery.” Rachael added, laughing.

“Ok.” I said. “How should we start…” Before I could finish, Shakira was on the floor, unbuttoning my pants, her tits were so big that they were pressed against the top of my thighs when her face was about a foot away from my crotch.

Rachael came up beside me and started to kiss me, grinding her body all along the side of me, her crotch against the side of my hips, her tits against my arm as she leaned her head forward and started to kiss me, pushing her tounge into my mouth that I hungrily accepted.

I broke the kiss and looked to see Shakira had already pulled my dick out and was teasing the tip with her lips which gave me an instant hard on. She let my pants and boxers fall to the floor.

“Fuck!” I moaned, holding my breath as I waited to feel the warmth of the Latina’s mouth on my sensitive cock head. Shakira looked up at me, mesmerizing me with her beautiful eyes.

I let out a deep breath as I watched her open her mouth and force her small mouth over my large, swollen cock head. I closed my eyes and let out a loud grunt as Shakira sucked my cock head.

I opened my eyes as I felt Rachael’s large tits against my arm and I opened my eyes and looked at her, seeing that she had stripped off down while I was fixated on Shakira giving me fellatio and didn’t notice her get undressed.

“I’m getting so wet watching her suck your dick.” Rachael moaned, pressing her body against mine, my arm going in between her large mounds while her pussy rubbed against my hips. She wasn’t kidding when she said she was getting wet from watching Shakira go down on me, I could feel how wet she was.

Rachael pulled my t-shirt over my head, leaving Shakira as the only one dressed in the room.

“Looks like you’re the only one dressed.” Rachael said looking down at Shakira.

“Looks like we’ll have to remedy that.” I said reaching down and pulling her t-shirt over her head, I struggled a bit when I tried to get them over her massive tits. The t-shirt was a perfect fit for her normally small breasts, but now that they ballooned in size, her t-shirt was wrapped around her tits tight.

Once I got her t-shirt over her head, she stood up and pulled her thong down, lying down on the bed.

“Fuck my tits!” She said, her accent sounding quite thick now. I quickly got onto the bed and straddled her stomach, placing my thick cock in between her now huge tits. Rachael quickly got on the bed, on her knees beside Shakira and pushed her tits together, clamping my cock in between them.

Shakira’s tits were so big now my large member was buried in between them with her soft lady bumps around them.

“Come on! Fuck her huge tits!” Rachael ordered me and I instantly started to thrust up and down in between her tits, my cock head popping out at the top and hitting Shakira on the chin.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Shakira moaned. “That feels so good! Having a big fat cock in between my tits!” I continued going up and down in between her tits, but with her tits around my shaft tight and no lubrication, I wasn’t going as fast as I would’ve liked to.

Rachael looked up at me and somehow, she could sense this. She let go of Shakira’s tits, revealing my thick shaft in between them and for some reason, this sight turned me on so much that some pre-cum spurted out. Rachael quickly lowered her head and took my cock head into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” She let out a long moan as she sucked at my pee hole hard. She took her mouth off and spat on the top side of my shaft, rubbing my dick on Shakira’s tits as she continued to spit all over in between Shakira’s tits, using my cock head to spread it around.

I placed my cock back in between Shakira’s tits and Rachael held them together as I started thrusting up and down in between her large mounds.

“That’s more like it!” I said as Rachael’s saliva allowed my cock to glide up and down more easily. Shakira was moaning louder and louder with every thrust and Rachael was watching with keen eyes as she bit her bottom lip harder every time my dick poked up at the top of Shakira’s tits.

“Fuck!” She moaned. “Your cock looks so good! I wanna feel it deep inside me so badly!” She moaned with desperation in her voice. Shakira moved Rachael’s hand off her tits.

“Ok! Your turn now!” She said as Rachael lay down on her back. I got off Shakira and in between Rachael’s legs and I pushed my cock head against Rachael’s already moist cunt, getting my full length into her in one hard thrust.

“UUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Rachael screamed as I pounded into her pussy as fast as I could instantly.

Shakira lay beside us, as she rubbed her own tits, she seemed fascinated by them and couldn’t keep her hands off them.

I pounded Rachael’s pussy hard and fast, watching her tits bounce up and down, repeatedly hitting her on the chin, which caused her to hold them down with her hands. Shakira saw this and seeing as though how Rachael helped her out when I was fucking her tits, she decided to repay the favor by giving her a hand or should that be foot?

Shakira re-positioned herself as she placed the soles of her feet on Rachael’s tits, getting her nipples in between her toes and squeezing them hard which caused Rachael to let out even louder moans.

The meds seemed to have made her tits very sensitive cause once Shakira started fondling them with her pretty feet and squeezing her nipples with her toes this seems to make Rachael not only get louder but her pussy felt tighter.

“FUCK!” Rachael screamed out loud as I felt her pussy tighten even further around my cock. “I’M GONNA CUM!” She yelled as her pussy just loosened around my shaft as her juices flowed out the sides of my cock. I slowed down to a stop, pulling out of her as she lay there panting, gasping for air. I was just surprised at how quickly she came.

I looked at Shakira as she lay there smiling, her feet rubbing down Rachael’s body, rubbing the balls under her toes on Rachael’s wet cunt, getting them wet before lifting them up and placing her feet around my shaft as she started to stroke my cock with her feet, her soft soles pleasuring my shaft.

“Fuck that feels good!” I moaned as she continued to stroke me getting faster. It was just amazing how she could pleasure me with any part of her anatomy.

Rachael sat up in front of me with me still up on my knees, my legs in between hers with her legs on the side of my legs and my cock in front of her face. She watched Shakira stroke my cock before she pushed her chest forward toward my cock. Shakira let go of my cock as Rachael put my dick in between her tits and started to push her chest back and fourth as she masturbated me with her tits.

Shakira let her heels rest on top of Rachael’s tits and as I started to thrust back and fourth and fuck her tits. Rachael stopped moving her chest as she let me do all the work and she started to lick the sole of Shakira’s foot, licking from her heel up to her toes before taking them into her mouth.

I started to get really turned on that I could feel my orgasm starting to approach from a mixture of fucking Rachael’s tits and watching her suck Shakira’s perfect toes. But cause I had cum two times in a row like half a day ago, my orgasm was taking it’s time.

“Fuck!” I grunted as I continued and both Shakira and Rachael looked at me and it was as if they had a sixth sense and they could tell I was getting ready to cum.

Shakira pulled her feet away and sat up as they both pushed me back so that I was flat on my back. They quickly went on either side of me and pushed their tits together and lowered them down onto my cock.

“HOLY SHIT!” I moaned as the feeling of having both of them with both their tits on my cock was unbelieveable. They both let out a little laugh as they rubbed their large tits up and down my shaft pretty fast. I felt myself not able to hold back and I started to thrust my hips up and down, getting more pace added and as my orgasm approached, my hips started to buck really fast as my cum shot out of my balls.

“I’M CUMM….” I didn’t even finish my words as my cum shot up my shaft and in between their tits, working as a form of lubrication as they continued to masturbate my dick with their tits, my cum shooting out in in torrents in betwen their large lady mounds.

“Fuck!” I moaned as I felt my cock quiver from their tits touching my sensitive cock head causing my whole body to spasm.

“Look at those huge beautiful tits covered in that gorgeous cum!” Rachael moaned as she lowered her head and started sucking on Shakira’s nipple hungrily, opening her mouth and trying to fit as much of her boob as she could into her mouth, quickly switching to the other boob, flicking her nipple rapidly with her tounge, causing Shakira to moan.

I started to feel my cock get really hard again very quickly as I watched the two suck each others tits and I started to stroke my cock to keep myself hard.

Shakira buried her face in between Rachael’s tits, getting my cum all over her face. Rachael pulled her up so they were face to face and the two kissed. Rachael started to move her lips off Shakira’s and worked her lips around her cheeks and chin as she licked my cum off her face.

“Wow!” Shakira said staring at my cock as Rachael continued licking and sucking my cum off her face.

“Look! Our studs already hard and ready to fuck again.” Shakira added. Rachael looked over at my hard on as I continued to jerk my cock, making sure it doesn’t get soft.

“Crikey! That’s what you call a real man!” Rachael said.

“Well, now it’s my turn to get fucked by this cock.” She said crawling towards my cock while she was on all fours, taking my cock head into her mouth as she worked her mouth up and down my shaft, twirling her wet tounge around the head.

“Shit!” I moaned closing my eyes and then I couldn’t feel her mouth on my cock anymore. I opened my eyes to see that Shakira was on all fours, her back to me, her hands reaching back and spreading her butt cheeks apart that her tight butt hole was looking at me.

Rachael spat on Shakira’s ass hole and I pushed my dick against her warm hole, pushing past her tight ring feeling it gape around my shaft as it loosened around my thick shaft allowing me to get my cock deep into her asshole very easily.

I went to pull back and I felt her ring tighten and hug my thick shaft tight.

“FUCK!” I moaned as I struggled to drag my cock out of her asshole.

“You like my fucking tight asshole?” Shakira asked her accen sounding thick.

“YES!” I replied as I started to work my dick in and out of her asshole faster and faster with every thrust. Her ass was so tight I felt like I was going to cum again really quickly despite having just orgasmed.

“Shit!” I moaned as I stared at her thick butt cheeks as I continued to pound her asshole as fast and as hard as I could. Shakira started to thrust her ass back against me, getting me deeper into her bowels.

Rachael went under Shakira, getting into a 69 position without interupting the flow that me and Shakira had. They instantly started to eat each other out and I could feel my balls hit Rachael on the chin everytime I thrust forward,while my groin slapped against Shakira’s incredibly large, toned butt cheeks for as long as I could.

“FUCK!” I’m gonna cum!” Rachael moaned out loud after what seemed like forever as Shakira lapped away at her cunt. Hearing Rachael moan and curse as she climaxed turned me on a lot and made me fuck Shakira’s ass even faster, her Austrailian accent turning me on so such.

Shakira started to thrust her hips back against me really fast as she started to scream, moaning in Spanish as I felt her asshole contracting around my cock. I started to feel my cock throb so hard inside the confines of Shakira’s tight rectum and felt my balls start to tighten and as Shakira got louder and louder moaning some more in Spanish, I thrust deep into her bowels as she thrust her hips back hard, her butt cheeks smacking against my groin hard one last time as the sound echoed over both of our screams as we both climaxed simultaneously.

I felt like I had shot out a gallon of cum into Shakira’s tight ass. I pulled out of her asshole slowly and expected my cum to flood out of her asshole, but she clenched her butthole tight, keeping my cum locked in her tight orifice.

I felt Rachael’s mouth on my shaft as she sucked my dick clean of any cum while tasting Shakira’s ass at the same time. Once Rachael released my cock from her mouth, I collapsed on the bed, laying on my back.

Shakira lifted one of her legs up as Rachael got out from underneath her. Shakira put her leg down so she was still on all fours as Rachael got behind her on her knees and pulled Shakira’s butt cheeks apart. I could instantly see that even though she was clenching her asshole, my cum was still poking through.

Rachael licked her butt hole which caused it to gape and my cum started to flow out. Rachael had her tounge out, waiting and as her mouth filled with my semen she closed her mouth and swallowed as the rest flowed down in between Shakira’s legs and down the side of her thighs.

Rachael lowered her head and licked up and down Shakira’s thigh, getting them clean of any cum. Shakira turned around and saw Rachael with a mouthful of cum and opened her mouth. Rachael moved her mouth off Shakira’s and opened her mouth and let my cum flow out into Shakira’s, some spilling out of her mouth.

Rachael started to lick off whatever didn’t go into Shakira’s mouth while Shakira’s looked at me with a seductive look as she looked like she was chewing my cum just before she swallowed.

Once the meds wore off the next day Shakira and Rachael had to get going on their tours.

“I can’t go on tour looking like this I can barely stand without knocking over a lamp.” Shakira said.

“At least you can cancel tour dates I have to appear at a comic book convention like these are my regular boobs.” Rachael said.

“Look! They’re returning to normal.” I said.

“Hey Money?” Rachael said.


“Could you make more of those pills for later?” Rachael and Shakira both gave me a wink.

“Hey that’s classified and you can’t bribe me.” I said.

“Come along with us on tour we’ll take very good care of you. come on we want your foot long jackhammer along for the road trip.” Rachael said.

“What the hell let’s roll.” I said

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